March 12, 2009 - Msg 70907: MDC, I don't think that complicates my argument so much, as it proves it. We are on such a slippery slope that even parts of the church (the body of Christ)itself are falling away. We have allowed the line to become so weakened and blurred that many people no longer even know where it is. The worst part is that those who still know the difference are shushed into silence by our laws. You can't protest filth in the entertainment media, lest you be accused of censorship. You can't decry lewd and immoral behavior, lest you be called "judgmental". You can't protest the invasion of our country by those who wish us dead, lest you be called racist, and accused of religious bigotry. And leading us in all of this, we now have a narcissistic egomaniac with a messianic complex. Seventeen "executive orders" in five weeks? I rest my case. --Romeena

March 12, 2009 - Msg 70908: I only wish I could sweep up the problems in this country as easily as I swept the porch. --Romeena

March 12, 2009 - Msg 70909: Oh great, I think I will crawl under the bandstand with the spider....or move to Canada.


March 12, 2009 - Msg 70910: Good afternoon everyone. Been busy at work the last few days. Today is my current bosses last day, so we’ve been transitioning.

Regarding the topic du jour, you make a persuasive case, ROMEENA, but I’m going to have to agree with AUH2O on this one. As a historian, I do not believe that the current (modern) view of separation of church and state is inherent in our Constitution, or, for that matter, espoused by our Founding Fathers. When Jefferson talked of separating the two, I believe he meant it just as I think AUH2O probably does: the state should stay out of the church because the latter exists on a higher, less general plane. A country can withstand, even thrive, on diversity in many areas. A religion—any religion—by its very nature is exclusive. (Any religion that welcomes whatever comes down the pike ain’t worth anything. If everything is true than nothing also is true.)

It sounds all well and good to some of us when we think of the church mobilizing politically. However, I know few of us would hold that perspective if a non-Christian religion became the majority religion here and tried the same thing. In a democratic republic you have to be careful; what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. For example, several years ago I lamented the extraordinary powers being wielded by Bush in the name of rooting out and stopping Islamic fundamentalism. My argument against such an extension of power at the time was that, while under the present circumstances it might seem okay, what happens if we ever have a liberal president, who would then enjoy such powers, and decides that conservative Christians are a “threat?”

No, we have to be careful about what liberties we willingly give up. After all, when it comes down to it we were not handing them to a Christian guy named George Bush who was looking out for us, but an office, a government headed by that particular man for a finite time. Eventually, someone whistling a whole different tune may be holding those liberties we so freely offered up in the name of keeping ourselves safe. His (or her) ideas of “safety” may to take guns, or root out “extreme” groups like the Young Republicans or pastors who preach against homosexuality. Then who would we have to blame? We offered it up on a silver platter. I have some conservative friends who didn’t give a second thought to the possibility of Bush’s administration stockpiling their internet searches or reviewing their library records. A few of them have thought a little more about it now that the Obama administration can do the same thing. One administration’s possible troublemaker list may include people buying “How to Build a Bomb in Ten Easy Steps” or looking to travel to Saudi Arabia. Another’s may include people who read Ann Coulter or order an “Abortion is Murder” bumper sticker.

Anyway, my faith always trumps my patriotism. In that respect, I do keep them separate. If I’m a Christian who likes the idea of socialized medicine (not saying I do), that doesn’t necessarily conflict with anything in my Bible. Faith informs all aspects of my politics—but individually. If I want to hand out fliers for Lyndon Larush, great. But I don’t want my church taking out ads on why the bailout is bad. I want my church concentrating on leading souls to Christ. If it accomplishes that, the rest all works itself out. The church needs to keep standing firm on Biblical principles. If it does that, it won’t need to muddy itself in politics.

And, for all the church may think it is doing by getting in there and slugging it out, I can name scores of people who resent, dislike, or even hate the so-called Religious Right because of the mobilization of organized religion in politics. If we save the country but lose the souls, who exactly does that serve?

HOMEMAKER: Congrats!

SPOT: Prayers for your friend.

BOO: Prayers for Bruce. Having some major bumps here at work myself, I have a taste of how he is feeling.

Prayers for the rest of you. See you tomorrow.


March 12, 2009 - Msg 70911: BOO: Can I ride shotgun?

ROMEENA: Executive orders in theory don’t bother me as particularly what they are. After all, old TR himself created most of our national monuments over one weekend.


March 12, 2009 - Msg 70912:
I'm hungry. Spot, what's cookin' for supper?

Thomas A. Moody

March 12, 2009 - Msg 70913: I'd vote for ya, Romeena, if you ever want to sweep up the countries problems.

Me-They, it sounds like you are comparing apples and porcupines.
"what happens if we ever have a liberal president, who would then enjoy such powers, and decides that conservative Christians are a “threat?”"

The difference is that conservative Christians don't cut your head off if you don't believe as they do. You think the liberals secular-progressives now in power don't know that?

Glad everything is going great, hm!

-Sterling Holobyte

March 12, 2009 - Msg 70914:
Me-They- interesting points, but i know that this isnt really the forum for me to respond to
your "deducing", as Andy would say.
I suspect that Ro will place a response on her blog.
Good to see you back on the porch, however.
Same with sterling. Those G-men up in raliegh
got right on my APB.
Have a good evening everyone!
God bless ya!

March 12, 2009 - Msg 70915:
Opie: Mary Wiggin's got freckles and braids and a bandage on her knee, and a tooth out; and all the boys in the first grade are crazy about her.
Andy: She sounds wild!

March 12, 2009 - Msg 70916:
Gomer: " Oh,Barney didn't tell me. I got it from Laura Lee Hobbs up at the dime store."
Andy: "Laura Lee Hobbs?!! ...Yeah, it looks like it leaked out all right."
Barney: "Well who can ya trust these days? Who can ya trust?!"
Andy: "You tell me."
Barney: "Well not Gomer! That's for sure! ...Andy, this ain't good! This
thing's got outta' control! You better call it off!"

March 12, 2009 - Msg 70917: "It was your hort speaking to my hort,and now my hort is answering... Miss Bee, I'm declarin' for ya!"

March 12, 2009 - Msg 70918: Hey gang just a check point chickie..thanks yall...went to see my friend Kenny and he is doing fine....and bet yer bottom dollar your prayers WORK! un load leaves I raked from miss Sherrys....back in a bit,,,SPOT

March 12, 2009 - Msg 70919: Hehehee...loved that quote!! "Hort"...that's funny.

Good to see a long post from you, Me-They. Welcome back...sorry about the job situation.

Hey to Sterling. Wish you could spend more time on the porch these days. How is Kai?

Well, I don't know how to comment on the posts concerning politics and relgion (ya'll sure can come up with some moulages!). :) I will keep quiet for now.

I will get on my soapbox about something else, though...some dear friends lost their little dog today after it was attacked by 3 pitbulls outside of their apartment. The dogs were loose and jumped the little dog while out for a stroll. My friend was able to beat the pitbulls off his dog and had to literally take a broom and beat off the pitbulls as they rushed to the car to take their beloved pet to a vet. The vet took the little dog immediately in for surgery but they weren't able to save him. My friends are devastated. I am so very tired of hearing of pitbulls attacking people and other animals. It was only a few months ago that another friend lost a cat to two pitbulls that wandered into her yard and tore the poor cat in half. It just makes my blood boil. Something has got to be done.

I'm finished.


March 12, 2009 - Msg 70920: Perhaps I missed something, Me-They, but I have the impression that you think I'm not in favor of the separation of church and state. I don't know what I said that gave that impression, but it's not true. The church should not wallow in the political mud, and most of all, government should stay out of religious things. Christians are being silenced left and right, by laws that were never intended to be used in that way. Pastors are afraid to open their mouths to speak against the evils that are rampaging across the country. However, there is one area that concerns me greatly, and I really don't know how we're going to reconcile the problem. It's no secret to anyone that I consider the encroachment of Islam in America to be one of the greatest threats to our way of life that we've ever seen. I realize many do not recognize it yet, but you will, maybe sooner than anyone thinks. How we're going to combat that, and still maintain "freedom of religion", I don't know.

As for the blog, right now I'm too tired and yes, maybe too discouraged, to even try. Peace, friends. --Romeena

March 12, 2009 - Msg 70921: Good grief, Boo, that's just awful! I cannot imagine how those folks must feel. That's one reason why I don't take little Starr out for walks, and never took the Plum, either. You never know when some irresponsible idiot is going to let his dogs loose. My neighbor used to have a big Doberman, seemingly a sweetheart of a dog. You may remember I told of how she crashed her own fence down and ran to me and my daughter one night, cowering behind us, terrified by some fireworks. Yet, when Mark walked her, he had a control collar on her, because she hated smaller dogs and would have destroyed anything she could get hold of. Incidentally, note that I said she tore down her own fence. It was a solid wooden fence, and she body-slammed it until she crashed several boards loose and could get through. In that case, it was terror that drove her. It could have just as easily been a rage to get to some smaller dog.

I don't know what the answer is. I do not want to see breed-specific bans take place. If pit bulls are banned, some will still exist in the world of people like Michael Vick. If the ban is effective, then the fighters will just turn to another breed, and will breed selectively until they develop a line of aggressive fighters that will be just as much a threat as pit bulls can be today. Eventually, I suppose they'll be fighting with pomeranians!

The best answer I can come up with is, first of all, lengthy jail terms and horrendous fines for anyone convicted of dog-fighting. I don't mean the piddly 23 months that Vick got, either. Ten years would be a good start. License breeders of any breed of dog, with reasonable oversight of the operation. This would eliminate puppy mills, which are a boil on the backside of the country anyway. Then, and maybe most important, make it a mandatory huge fine for the owner of any dog that attacks a person or another animal unprovoked. I'm not talking about a dog that snaps or nips. I mean a full-scale attack, resulting in injury or death. There could be a weight-range specified as well, such as a dog over twenty pounds, or whatever. Nobody was ever dragged down and mauled to death by a five-pound poodle. A second offense could carry a lengthy jail term. I think this would go a long way toward eliminating those "status" dogs - you know, "My dog is meaner than your dog" - that kind of nonsense.

But you're right, Boo. Something has to be done. On Feb. 22, two people here in Dallas were sent to the hospital with injuries, when two pit bulls escaped their yard and went to a nearby market, where they stood outside the door and attacked everyone who came out. They bit several people who managed to get away, but got two people down and inflicted injuries sufficient to require hospitalization. At about the same time, across town a 12-yr old boy went into a neighbor's yard to retrieve a ball (dumb kid) and was attacked by the pit bull mix who lived there. Granted, the kid should have stayed out of the dog's yard, but still, 12-yr old kids are known for doing stupid things.

This I know. I love dogs, everyone knows that. However, let a dog of any breed jump on my little Starr and injure or kill her, and it will be that dog's last act on this earth.

So, for the people who own dogs who are capable of such things, let them keep their dogs where they absolutely cannot get loose. One offense should be enough to warrant removal and disposition. We're all in this thing together, and no one has the right to maintain an animal that can and will do harm to another, unless they can guarantee that it won't happen. How that's to be done, I don't know. I'll never forget when Peyton crashed through her fence. My daughter and I thought she was coming to shred us, but the poor thing only wanted protection from the fearsome fireworks. However, had Sugarplum been with us, it could have been a very different story.

Sorry for the length of us. It's a question about which I feel very strongly. --Romeena

March 12, 2009 - Msg 70922: Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Romeena. I am very frustrated by this. I don't understand why when a chimpanzee attacked a woman (which is a very rare thing), it was all over the news and everyone was screaming that all chimps should be returned to the wild, but nobody seems to care very much about this problem with dog attacks. It's crazy to me. I feel helpless to do anything about it, though. Remember a few years ago I found a female pitbull (across the street)that was so emaciated that I don't know how she was standing. She was a beautiful honey and white dog and very sweet, but there she came out of her yard and she was so skinny that she could easily step through the bars of the fence. Luckily she jumped right in the car with me and I took her to the shelter. She was very young and still a pup, really. They were training her to fight by starving her and I turned them into the police. Not sure what happened but there are no dogs over there now. It is very scary to think that someone was raising pitbulls for fighting so nearby...what if one had gotten out and killed one of my children? It is a real threat these days because the kind of people who would be so careless and heartless to raise dogs for fighting are the same kind that can't be trusted to keep their dogs from getting loose and killing. I think you are right, Ro..those kind of people need to be hit where it hurts with big fines and jail time. I just can't keep thinking about my young friends tonight and how they must be grieving over their dog (Banana). They are a young couple and have no children yet, so Banana was their baby. Somebody should have to pay for what they are putting them through.

Well, the old back is starting to hurt so I guess I will take an Advil and retire to the heating pad and perhaps dream a dream of Mayberry, where people treat people according to the golden rule and there is no dog fighting (Andy would never allow it!) :)


March 12, 2009 - Msg 70923: One more thing...I forgot to tell you. Remember when I was still living with my parents a year or so ago and I posted about a huge, vicious pitbull that was chained in a yard down the street? It would go crazy when the kids rode or walked by on their bikes and I was afraid it would break it's chain and kill someone. We moved soon after but the dog was still there. Back in December, the owner of the dog shot and killed himself in his home and then last month, while his wife was going through some of his things, she found explosives in one of his coats. Well, the bomb squads came out and closed off the street and surrounding block and searched the premises. They found additional explosives in the garage and think the man may have been planning on taking out alot of people with him. He only lived a few houses down from my parents! I don't know what happened to the dog, but everyone living in the house packed up and moved away. You should see the place...old junk cars still in the overgrown yard. It is a real sight. Anyway, just wanted to give you "the rest of the story".


March 13, 2009 - Msg 70924: Hey yall...possum check yer mail...SPOT

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70925: Kai is doing well, Boo. Thanks for asking.
Though she does have her heart checkup this Tuesday which I am not thrilled about. Around this time I always get a little on edge. Probably moreso this time because her last checkup the doctor said there was some progression in the narrowing of her artery.
And I am not looking forward to when she has to have an operation. I was always hoping that it would clear up on its own or something.

Other than that, she loves her school, and is doing well there. One of her favorite times is when they have chapel on Fridays.

Well, I'd better get to bed. Even though I don't work tomorrow, I'll still be up with the roosters(or since we live in town, the wailing alley cats) getting her ready for school.

Have a nice night everyone.

-Sterling Holobyte

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70926: Well porch family just wanted to check in real quick. I've been in the recording studio for the past few days (and nights) so I haven't been able to visit. I'll catch up on the archives later. I'm off to bed.
Praying for you all!

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70927: Glad Kai likes her school, Sterling! Erin still is loving hers, too (especially chapel day). I will be praying for Kai and her check-up on Tuesday. God has been very good and is taking care of her. Have a good day off, Sterling.

Hello to REV. Hope all goes well with the recording.

I talked so much yesterday that there isn't much left to say...the kids start spring break this weekend, so I am looking forward to not having to get up before dawn and drag Erin out of bed. It will be a nice week off.

Where we goin' for breakfast?...I would cook, but you all know I don't usually do the cooking around here. How about I pick you all up and we go to Cracker Barrell? Who wants shotgun (I'll pick you up first)?


March 13, 2009 - Msg 70928:
Hey Folks

Sunny, sunny here today and guess the next four or five will be the same.

Me-They I'm glad you agreed with me on the church/state topic however I didn't feel that Romeena was in support of any type of theocracy. My main concern about Christian groups getting involved with politics has to do more with the Party's involvement and with being able to except the end result of an election. I guess the old saying, when you lay with dogs you get fleas, comes to mind. Also, I'm not sure anyone here would put country over faith, at least I never got that impression.

Sterling-Prayers for Kai.

Boo-I'll sign up for some Cracker Barrell.


March 13, 2009 - Msg 70929: Ok get shotgun.

I don't know...kind of seems like to me that if more Godly, truly patriot men were elected to office, things would change for the better. I would much rather have Christians representing me in congress, than non...and by that I mean actual Christians, not the ones who claim to be to get votes. Men who show their character by their record. Just my thoughts....I'm not very ept when it comes to politics....guess I should educate myself.


March 13, 2009 - Msg 70930: more thing. Someone made a good point earlier (Me-They, I think), that the sharing of the gospel is what will change men, thus changing our country, but if some day we are not free to share that gospel in our own country, it will be a real shame. Of course, the gospel will always be shared and the church will always triumph, but we take for granted the incredible freedom we have to evangelize. It's something to think long and hard about.

Better get Erin ready. I do enjoy our discussions here on the porch. I think Andy and Barney would be discussing these very things on their porch if they were both in Mayberry today.


March 13, 2009 - Msg 70931: Mornin' Y'all! Hey Boo,swing by my rock-I wanna go to Cracker Barrel too. Move over auh2o, I'm sitting in the middle!
Supposed to rain all weekend down here.Maybe I'll find a good book & stay inside for the duration.
Spot,I just checked my e-mail. How'd you figure out my nickname? My family has called me that for years.Well, you're like family,so you can call me that too. No,it ain't "Dummy!" Ha! I'm not telling-keep it to yourself,spot! Just don't start calling me by my middle name.I'll make sure that doesn't get out!( P.S. I'll e-mail ya back later.)
Well,I need to go pay my water bill over at the Town Hall before they cut it off- nobody wants a dirty possum hanging around! Boo,go ahead & pick up the others & I'll be ready by the time you get here.
See y'all later..
possum under a rock
P.S. Boo,the "hort" quote came from me. Don't ya just love to hear Briscoe talk?

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70932: Good morning everyone.

Well, it seems that my weeks of scarce posting and not thinking too much about things like I discussed yesterday (because of more immediate concerns) caused me to spout off. Rereading my post, it sounds like I was throwing up thoughts. It actually was pretty rambling and covered several topics, not diurectly addressing ROMEENA's. Sorry about that. That's why we need CHARLOTTE to get back here and start editing.

Anyway, I agree that Islam is a threat. I never meant to imply ROMEENA advocated a theocracy. My main points were that (1) as Christians we need to be involved in the political process as individuals, and not necessarily as a corporate body, and (2) we have to be very careful about our rhetoric because whatever arguments or laws we use to restrict real threats now (radical Islam) may very well be used against us later. Wow. I guess I could have said in two sentences what I took four paragraphs to say yesterday.

All in all, as I've said before, my political differences may stand out here sometimes, but if you put all our ideologies on a sliding scale, I bet you'd be hard pressed to see daylight between us.

STERLING: Glad Kai likes school. Prayers for her her check-up.

Again, sorry if I was not clear yesterday. Sometimes I'm such a Barney.


March 13, 2009 - Msg 70933: Well, we like Barney!


March 13, 2009 - Msg 70934: Good morning, porch. Me-They, I agree. We're much closer together than it appears at times. You stated my feelings precisely when you said whatever arguments or laws we use to restrict real threats now (radical Islam) may very well be used against us later. Those laws and restrictions will only work if they actually do work! I mean, if Islam still gains a strong foothold at some point, and it's well on its way to doing exactly that, then those laws designed to protect us will be used to restrict us. My goodness, the very laws we have now, upon which this country was founded, designed to protect all of us, are being used against us today. Those laws were written to protect us against a theopolitical (is that a word? Somehow, theocracy doesn't quite say it.) government - the Church of England, that didn't allow any other interpretation of the Christian religion. This was Christians limiting other Christians!

No one ever foresaw the threat that is looming now. Islam was as foreign and strange to us as voodoo, certainly not something we'd ever have to deal with. Now, here they are. Our generation will probably only have to deal with the more annoying aspects of their presence - trying to get a driver's license picture while wearing a burqa, coming in to have a baby and refusing to allow any male personnel in the room, including the doctor, insisting on wearing that scarf thing into banks that don't even allow a man to wear a baseball cap because of the danger of a hidden weapon - and of course, the occasional bombing, little "annoyances" like that. That's about all we'll have to deal with, but mark my words, for our children and grandchildren, it's going to be a different story.

I wish I had an answer, but the questions are too hard. All I can come up with, and I know I sound like a broken record (anybody old enough to remember that figure of speech?) but the best defense is a strong offense. The only way we will defeat them is to so strengthen our Judeo-Christian position that Islam cannot find a home in anyone's heart in this country. I say Judeo-Christian, not just Christian, because the Jews have as much or more invested in this battle as the Christians do. They have fought them for centuries, suffered much at their hands, and have lived and prospered in this America of ours from the beginning. We're in this thing together.

Pray, friends. Pray, America. --Romeena

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70935: FYI, vinyl is making a comeback as nostalgia merchanise so your broken-record expression still has traction.


March 13, 2009 - Msg 70936: Thanks, BOO. Like Barney, sometimes I just let my mouth out before my brain but I'm well-meaning, if "nave."


March 13, 2009 - Msg 70937:
OK, looks like we are being civil. Great, because we have to remember that Floyd is still our "boss" here, and we dont want here what
happened over at miss Crump's.
Let me encourage all to read Romans 13:1-6. I believe the Bible to be inerrant, so it is only with that premise in mind this this will this make any sense.
Verse 4 is especially poignant. It basically is saying that ANY government is the servant of God.
Re-read verse 3 several times. "Do what is good" is what Paul is saying to the Roman CHRISTIANS. So to write a letter to tell a government what they are doing WRONG in God's sight, and not being threating, but rather expressing a "holy anger" is doing GOOD as I see it. And for us here in the U.S.A., it is our right of "redress of grievances,"
As our first amendment satates: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
Just some food for thought.
Also, just in case the Spirit moves you:
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington DC 20500
Have a good day.
God bless,

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70938: Really, Me-They? Old records have some value? Wow. I have two boxes filled with 33rpm albums! Some belonged to Dale and me, some belonged to my dad. There are several Elvis Presley albums, though alas, none are on the Sun label. I wish they were! I wonder what all those records are worth? I even have one entitled "Suddenly, it's Gogi Grant!" (Good grief.)

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70939: So, MDC, it's possible that God will use the current government to chastise America for her godless behavior? I think we do have to interpret that verse to include that possibility. Otherwise, we would have to say that Hitler's Nazi regime was ordained by God, and I find that a little hard to swallow. Personally, I take that verse to mean that God will use a government, just as he will use an individual, to bring about his purposes eventually. I think it also includes an admonition to us to behave peaceably, and to the extent possible, to live within the law. However, if Islam should ever become the law of this land, I cannot imagine that God would expect us to convert and adhere to Islamic law. Think it can't happen? Look at the rest of the world.
We are in perilous times, my friends. --Romeena

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70940: ROMEENA: I don't know if old records have any value (anyone want to buy a Bachman-Turner-Overdrive?) but there are small companies that have started to manufacture them again with new music. Seems that those crackles and swoops that CDs were supposed to eliminate actually are preferred by some people who find it "warms" the sound. Don't think we'll ever see the return of the 8-track, though.

MDC: I'm going over for tea later. I'll drop your name ;).


March 13, 2009 - Msg 70941:
Ah, 8 tracks, I played all the "magnetic rust"
off those babies!' ha I took an old "Bread" record album to a record reseller. He gave me three bucks for it. I later saw it there marked $20 !
RO- I think what it is saying is that God ALLOWS governments to exist, not that he ordains them. Look at what Jesus told Pilate when pilate said that he had the power to crucify him. If the Germans of the 1930s had stood up and began with "writing some letters" instead of being caught up in the euphoria of climbing out of a depression no matter what, perhaps doing that GOOD would have changed the course. But to sit and do NOTHING means that we will get whatever the current gov is putting out, thus leading to what you indicate.
Actually, I did not even use the word "God" in my letter, rather i just said that what he is doing is "wrong," and WHY I thought it was wrong according to our 3 branches of government etc.
heck, that is how OUR government got started!, not necessarily with letters, but with some actual acts, such as the tea party!
MT- when you go for tea, drop a case in the bay for me! ha
Prayers continue for Kenny and all ailin'.

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70942: Well, I LOVE my old Firestone Christmas Albums! Just looking at the covers takes me back to a simple time, when things were so much less complicated (because I was a child). The only thing that I don't like is that I had forgotten how soon you have to turn the record over to hear the other side. It sure is Christmasy to listen to Johnny Mathis, Carol Burnett, the Lennon Sisters, Bing, Nat King Cole, etc, crooning those Christmas songs.

M-T, I remember my sister having an album of Credance Clear Water Revival and we played that thing to death. I sure wish I still had it. We also liked to listen to Grass Roots (on 8 track), Tommy James (Crystal Blue Persuasion and Crimson and Clover!), Bad Company, Alice Cooper (Welcome To My Nightmare...gross!), Three Dog Night, Rolling Stones, Herman's Hermits, Beatles, Monkeys, etc...Wish I had all those old albums now!!

Deep discussion here on the porch today, whew! I don't know what to say except, Lord have mercy on America.


March 13, 2009 - Msg 70943:
Boo- I have several Credance records, Cosmos Factory, also one with the guys silohettes cut out, but i cant think of the name and a few others.
MT- yes, TURNTABLES are starting to be made again!! can you believe it?
"I'll have to talk to Johnny Paul Jason about this."

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70944: I bought a new turntable a couple of years ago when I started collecting the firestone albums.


March 13, 2009 - Msg 70945: MDC, I think you're spot on. God allows a lot of things to take place, not necessarily because it's what He would have chosen for us, but because we have brought it upon ourselves. Our current situation is a case in point. As a nation, we asked for it, or at least so we're told. The voting statistics do not bear that out, but that's another moulage. Anyway, I think you and I are saying the same thing. Maybe if things get bad enough, America will return to her knees and seek God's help. If that does happen, we will get that help. He promised that in II Chronicles 7:14, one of my favorite scriptures.

Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70946:
APB for Hazel, New Neighbor, Idelle, and others.
We'll have to get Ernest T to dip some napkins in the punch bowl and throw em at the ceiling! Why?
I have no idea, ask him! ha Just keep that rock for evidence.
Have a great weekend all, prayers for you all,
and may the peace of Jesus inhabit your soul.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70947: Is it time yet for 14-A ?

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70948:
(With apologies to Sarah Palin.)
BARNEY: Sure you have, Andy. You just forgot. That's Baked Alaska. It's that new dessert that come out since it became a state.

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70949: What are we having for supper (besides Baked Alaska)? Spot,what's cookin'?
If he doesn't rustle up something,y'all come over to the rock & have some leftover meatloaf.We'll make sammiches!
possum under a rock

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70950: "I've got a uvula. You've got a uvula. All God's children got a uvula"....

It sure is cold and rainy here in South Texas and I am running around in short sleeves trying to soak it up to prepare for summer...sort of like a camel drinking water before crossing the dessert.

Just been visiting with my brother and his wife from California. They like to come out to Texas every year at spring break since Dave is a college teacher. When he gets that week off, he likes to come see dad and mom, which is very nice. My other brother doesn't even call them and shows up about every 10 years. Those two guys are as different as night and day. Funny how that happens. Two kids raised in the same house and so different in personality.

Not much very interesting to say tonight but am in the mood to chat. Too bad it's the weekend now and there are so few on the porch. I really miss some of the missing porch friends, like Hazel. I would also love to hear from DES, fungirl, Mary Wiggins, Mrs. Wiley, Charlotte Tucker, Dixie Belle, Bulbsnatcher, and so many others that used to come around.

Think I will retire to the couch and see if there is anything worth watching on the tube.


March 13, 2009 - Msg 70951: Hello Porch Family:
Just dropping by for a quick minute to let you know that I am still around, just in short supply. I was recently injured at work and am now slated for surgery on March 23. I have to have shoulder repair done, as a patient seperated my shoulder. There are torn ligament, tendens, and some other things going on in there that the MRI and xrays don't quite tell. Until then, I am in consideral pain, and with workmens comp, MUST work, even if it's "light duty". And Ro can tell ya it's NEVER light duty! Well off to bed with my little friend- pain med- Thanks for the prayers. New Neighbor

March 13, 2009 - Msg 70952: Sorry your injured N.N. I pray you get better soon. Are you walking crooked? You have my prayers.


March 13, 2009 - Msg 70953: Oh no, New Neighbor, that is just awful. Prayers for you! You are right, there is no such thing as "light duty" in nursing. That just sounds so painful.


March 14, 2009 - Msg 70954: Mornin' Y'all. Sorry to hear about your injury,New Neighbor. Hope the surgery goes well & you get to feeling better SOON!
Let's head over to the Diner for breakfast.If we hurry we can beat the rain that's coming in.Asa,you leave a big tip now,since you eat the most! Ha!
possum under a rock

P.S. Boo,I'm with you.. I miss those "missing" Porchsters too.

March 14, 2009 - Msg 70955: OK Possum. I'll leave the tip, but Spot has to pick up the check. (burp)

I've been reading the thoughts expressed by many of you concerning the things we are facing. I think for me, the greatest challange is feeling like things are spinning out of control, and there is nothing I can do about it. That is when I have to step back, get on bended knee, and ask for the Lords blessings. And you know what? It works. These are troubling times no doubt. And we must all do what we can to make out little corner of the world as good as possible. But at the end of the day, the Lord is in charge, and He will bless us as long as we are truly doing His will. I'm noy trying to sound apathetic. We should all do what we can, be it a letter to the President, a blog devoted to speaking truth, working a youth minisrty, whatever it may be the Lord leads us to do, we need to do it. I have as of late been doing some studying in the Parables. Just this morning I was studying the Parable of the Talents. Hopefully we will not bury our talents, but rather discover what they are, exercise them, perfect them, magnify them, and put them to work for Gods glory. And then, if nothing else, at the end of the day the Lord can tell us well done faithful loyal servant. Enter in to the Glory of God. I know He will bless us if we are doing His will.
Romeena asks us to pray for our nation and our leaders at he end of many of her posts. That is certainly something worth doing. Prayer, combined with faith will move mountains friends.

Well now, who's got lunch covered? After that little sermon, I find myself with a powerful hunger.


March 14, 2009 - Msg 70956:

Heya, Boo. I've been working all week - and what a week it was... whew. Haven't had time to pop in. I'm working today, too, but don't go in until late. What's with this weather? But then, I guess I shouldn't gripe too much; our friends in the north have had it a lot worse.

Hope everyone's doing well!


March 14, 2009 - Msg 70957: Hry gang im still here!..been over at Miss Sherrys doing yard work...will read in a bit...yall been eating good?...prayers...SPOT

March 14, 2009 - Msg 70958: Good morning, porch! Asa, that was beautifully expressed, and you are so right. God's still in control, He still answers prayer, and He still inhabits our praises.

I'm in the middle of a letter to the editor of the Dallas paper. We have had two more cases of big dogs attacking, in these cases they attacked tiny dogs on leashes, not the humans who were walking them. One little dog had his front leg torn off, among other injuries, and had to be euthanized. Another is fighting for her life after being mauled, bitten, and shaken. She is not really expected to make it. All of this happened while the owners stood there, paralyzed with fear and shock. Can you imagine? One attack was a pair of dogs, a pit mix and a lab mix. The other was a chow. Once again I say, this won't stop until the owners face huge fines and lengthy jail terms. Suddenly the fences will get stronger, the gates will not be left open, and people can go out without fear. Personally, I'm seriously considering getting a handgun, and getting it licensed for concealed carry. Due to the changing demographics in my town, I've come to the conclusion that I need to do that. Others are doing the same thing. The dogs are not the reason, but once it's done, just let a few of these blood-crazed animals get shot down in the midst of their attack, and that will strengthen some fences as well. The dogfighters don't want to lose their valuable animals.

And yes, it can happen right here on my street. I think I told the porch about finding a half-frozen pit bull on my front porch late one night. The poor guy was scared, cold, and probably lost. He was battle-scarred, no question that he had been fought. I called animal services to pick him up, but he left the porch before they got here. Too bad. Still, I know now that he lives somewhere around here. He showed no aggression toward me, but if I had been carrying the Plum when I came home that night? Different story, most likely.

If you get a chance to lobby for saber-toothed laws regarding people who fail to control their dangerous dogs, please do so. Ownership of one particular breed or other is not the problem, or the question at all. It's a matter of taking responsibility for making sure that one's dog doesn't get out and harm someone, or someone's pet. If you can't do that, then don't have the dog.

New Neighbor, I'm so sorry to hear about your shoulder injury. Let me guess - a heavy patient was about to fall, and grabbed your arm or shoulder and yanked on you? That's how it usually happens. It's never happened to me - I've had a couple of back injuries, but they healed with time. Please keep us posted on your progress!

Well, guess I'd better go to bed. I worked last night, am pooped, and haven't been to bed. Got to put a pot roast on to simmer first, though. I'll take most of it over to Eloise and Jerry, and keep enough for my own supper, I guess. Eloise is home, and doing just great!

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

March 14, 2009 - Msg 70959: Very, very well put, Asa...maybe one of your talents is to admonish and encourage.

That just goes to show you that any dog can be unpredictable. My lab, Leah, can be very vicious to other dogs and she stays confined to the backyard. I never knew that labs could be that way, but she really is. I think she would try to harm someone who tried to enter the yard while the kids or I were out there, too. She has gotten so big, too, that she could do some major damage to anyone. She must weigh 80 lbs. I would never, ever assume that she wouldn't do harm to someone or another pet.

Glad Eloise is doing so well.

Well, have a family fish fry to go to for lunch...better get going.


March 14, 2009 - Msg 70960: Oh, forgot to say that is is great to see you, DES! Sorry you are having to work so much but check in when you can.


March 14, 2009 - Msg 70961: Well gang I will just have to read later...sorry...headed out to eat and to the Elton John,Billy Joel ya porch...pray for us a safe night....SPOT

March 14, 2009 - Msg 70962: Have a good time at the concert & be safe,Spot.Roads are gonna be wet in Georgia-hasn't rained here yet,but it's coming.
Miss Laci is spending the night.Did I tell y'all her top front permanent teeth are coming in? So cute! Baby is growing up.
Thanks,Asa,for leaving the tip,and I'm not just talking about over at the Diner. You said some good "stuff" up there.
Well,better check on Miss Laci and maybe hit the ironing board early myself. Y'all take care-love to all!
possum under a rock

March 15, 2009 - Msg 70963: Have fun SPOT.

You, too, Possum. Yes, these little ones are growing up so fast we should try our best to enjoy our time with them.


March 15, 2009 - Msg 70964: Well, it looks like I am the first one on the porch this I sit with my coffee and nobody to talk to...well, that never stopped ME from talking :)!

It's still cool and cloudy here in South Texas but a little warmer than the last 2 days. These Texans around here have been walking around like it's 10 below. So many folks down here hate the cold and like to complain about it. I am the opposite and complain about the heat (ya'll knew that, didn't you?).

Stayed up too late last night watching "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" with the kids. Boring, but Erin enjoyed it.

The fish fry went well yesterday. I am not really a seafood person but my nephew (Emily's dad) worked in a popular area seafood restraunt for years as a cook. It was one of those fancy, expensive places that I never went to! Anyway, he did the cooking and fried the fish and fresh gulf shrimp and I must say, it was the best seafood I have ever had. We even had homemade red sauce and tartar sauce. I don't know how he seasoned up those shrimp, but they were outstanding. Wish you could all have joined us.

Better finish up the coffee and get ready for preachin'. See ya later.


March 15, 2009 - Msg 70965: Hi All. Jt was a brr day and rain to.
Stay ihdoor and whach dvd forthe day


March 15, 2009 - Msg 70966: hey gang , been out of touch for the last week and a half ,PCwent down and I got it back yesterday ,got to catch up on what has been going on ..everyone have a blessed evening

March 15, 2009 - Msg 70967: #70966 was by MAYBERRY DEPUTY

March 15, 2009 - Msg 70968: Well gang its ME..just been busy..willread in a bit...the (for you ones that are fans) the Elton John and Billy Joel concert was fantastic!..the old dudes still have it!...Great retro show...on been at Miss Sherys wirning bedroon fans....gosh she wants them in every room!...ok prayers...I got to shut the barn down.....prayers...any leftovers?...hey possum,Boo,Ro,ky...SPOT

March 15, 2009 - Msg 70969: Hey SPOT, Tom and Mayberry Deputy..!

Sure a slow weekend on the porch. Hope that means everyone is having a good time.

See ya'll in the morning.


March 15, 2009 - Msg 70970:
Hello porch family.....I finally have a minute to stop by and say howdy. I've been so busy and have another busy week in the studio coming up. So I may continue to be scarce for the next week or so.

Spot.....glad you enjoyed the concert. I'm sure they put on a great concert.

Boo.... had to laugh at your above post 70964. But it's ok to talk to yourself as long as you don't start a argument with yourself. Then we would start worrying about you:)

You all have a great night's sleep and know that I'm praying for all the porch family.
I'll check back when I can.

March 16, 2009 - Msg 70971: Hey Y'all- prayer request for my family please. Last night,mom taken by EMS to hospital-heart trouble,going in & out of A Fib & SVT's. You nurses know what that is. She had mild heart attack few yrs. back. Then,I have been keeping Laci-daughter sick w/ flu AND strep throat. Laci fell face first from high chair. Right after all this happened with my mom. In my anxiety,I think I didn't have tray on properly,she leaned way over-bam.So scary. I was only a few steps away,could not stop it or catch her in time.I took her to MUSC children's emergency because mouth wouldn't stop bleeding.I couldn't see well enough to check her mouth-she's mean when something's wrong with her! She has split her inner top lip,but bleeding is coming from her permanent tooth,got knocked loose. She is sleeping,me onlyabout 2 hours,checking onher thru night-blood oozed all night on pillows,bed.Sorry,to be gross. This morning,have to get her to her dentist. Oh,I pray they can save her tooth.I feel so bad y'all that my baby got hurt on my watch.Poor thing.They kept my mom overnight,switched beta blockers,that's all I know. My sister is dealing with her,I'm dealing with Laci & trying to keep it all together. I will say my husband helped a lot-drove us in middle of night to MUSC,home to help today.I need to get moving,try to get Laci up & to her dentist.don't know when I'll be back online,but wil try to update later this evening. I know y'all will pray-sorry this is so scattered.Love to all.

March 16, 2009 - Msg 70972: Good Monday morning folks.

Goodness Possum, what a weekend you had. Prayers for your Mom and for Laci. Don't go beating yourself up about her falling now. I know you feel bad, but it is something kids do. They are resilient. Much more than us older folks. You have my prayers.

Sounds like things are going well for you Rev. How's that new gee-tar working out?

Boo, it was indeed a slow weekend. With spring coming on, I suspect many were outside enjoying it. I know I was, sore back and all.

Spot, I've installed many a fan. They can be a pain to do, especially if you have to replace the mounting box and add control wiring. But they sure are nice when they are done and working. One of my favorite things to do with Barney (he's our minature Doxie) is lay on the floor under the fan in our family room, and throw his rubber hamburger up in the spinning fan. Then when one of the blades sends it flying, he chases it down and brings it back to do all over again. He loves this game. I think he'd do it all day if I could.

Tom, spring showers bring May flowers. I still have a little snow on the north side of the house and tree's, but it is supposed to hit mid 60's today so I think it'll be gone soon. Time to dust off the riding mower and get it ready for the season. Change the oil, change the blades, new plugs, grease and oil the moving parts, and best of all, put the snowblower away for the summer. Change the oil on it, add a liitle fuel additive to it and then run it for a while. I love the spring. But it can be busy, and with my back being so sore this year I hope I am up tp the task. My garden may be sparse this year.

Romeena, Is Eloise still doing well? You're a good friend.

Where's Mavis? I hope she ain't be drinking rootbeer and getting all bubbly wubbly again. She knows she can't handle the stuff.

Hope you all have a good day, and hope all is well with you and your Mom and Laci Possum