March 28, 2009 - Msg 71374: Maybe we should start calling him "HOT SPOT"...;)


March 28, 2009 - Msg 71375: What a way to sweep...

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71376: Really enjoyed your new pictures, TOM. It was nice to see a picture of the little boy we have been praying for.


March 29, 2009 - Msg 71377: Well, looks like I am the first one up and my coffee is almost finished. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


March 29, 2009 - Msg 71378: Morning Boo. Kinda quiet and peaceful here this Sabbath morning on the porch. Well other then Rafes snoring. Mercy, I thought somebody had a chainsaw out cutting wood. :)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Been pretty good here thus far. The Mrs. had her another birthday yesterday abd we are having our kids and grandkids over after preachin for a b.b.q. Took her out to a nice dinner last night then came home and watched a movie. We had a pretty good time me thinks. Next week will be our 31st anniversary, and I still like her pretty fine, and hopefully she still likes me.

I guess I better go look at the album and see all the updates. Thanks Ro, for doing that.

Y'all's have a great Sabbath.


March 29, 2009 - Msg 71379: Hi All.
A wet day here and a little cold.
Sorry I forgit to give the little boy name, is Gabriel.
He like playing in the water that sit in the street by my home.
So ROM maybe you can fix it where his is what the pictre.


March 29, 2009 - Msg 71380: Good Sabbath morning porchsters! Tom, it's wet and cold here too, wonder what causes that? Asa Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to the Mrs! Those pictures are great in the Vintage album! I'll have to see what I can come up with here to send in. Not sure how much luck I'll have since, like I said, most of those are at my mother's house. Now, got a question for all you cooks out there, what sides go with frog legs? I found some frog legs at the grocery yesterday and I couldn't resist! I love fried frog legs! So Mr. Neff and I are having those today, but we can't figure out what we should have to go with them. Well, I'm off to get some more coffee. Y'all behave! Oh and welcome to the new poster!
eatin' speaks louder than words

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71381: Good morning porch, hope everyone has a nice day.I just read the archives, and, I'm gonna throw my 2 cents in on the question Romeena had about the period and the end of a sentence with quotations. Only reason I'm saying anything, that was another thing I did in typing class, and when I put the period outside of the quotations, at the end of a sentence, it was marked wrong.According to this typing program, the period goes inside the quotation marks.Maybe that's a new thing too, I don't know.Romeena I'm feeling for ya on the grandchildren wearing you out.My six year old granddaughter wears me out more than her 18 month old brother. He is really just at the stage where he wants to get into cupboards , play with pots and pans, throw things in the garbage(that doesn't belong there) or the commode,(he likes to throw cell phones and remotes in there).But, the granddaughter, now that is a whole other bundle of energy and opinion!She has an opinion on everything, not in a bad way, she just loves to talk. She weighs about 50 pounds is petite as can be, but, mercy she can be loud.My daughter jokingly says when she is old enough to be on the cheerleading squad, they will then find out that she is the head cheerleader, because she will tell them in the nicest way!She can be very persuasive, especially with children her own age.Sometimes she reminds me of Angelica off the rugrats cartoon!Have a great day everyone-ky girl

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71382: oh, just one more thing I wanted to ask. Has anyone seen someone that has thier lips tattoed? I don't mean on the inside of thier mouth, on the outside? Very unusual.I better not speak too loud on that sunject,my oldest daughte might just walk in here and anounce she is going to have that done!No, I'm just kidding. But,she does have a couple of tattoos. One on her lower back, it's like a string of butterflies, and one on her hip, a small shooting star. But, a couple of weeks ago, she and her husband went and had thier tongues pierced. I know thats been around for a long time, I just wish she hadn't done it.I know it's in her mouth,but,I just don't understand wanting to do that. Guess I'm old fashioned.Talk to you later porch-ky girl

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71383: The above was supposed to say "subject" and "daughter"-ky girl

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71384: Well thank you Boo!..but remember that pic was 33 yrs ago!welcome stranger!..Im SPOT the most of the time cyber cook here...its almost RACE time gang...let me get Otis fed and will be back..hey dy,possum,mavis,romeena and all....lets order pizza and hot wings....signed:SPOT

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71385: Hey Y'all!Just wanted to check in,taking it easy around the rock now that Laci has gone home I can rest a spell.
Mavis,I've never had frog legs,but maybe you ought to serve up some of Maude's slaw with them- it goes with everything! Maybe some hushpuppies too?
Yeah Boo,Spot looked good enough to take to China Town,didn't he? I can't get my scanner to work right,so I might just snail mail my old 70's pics to Ro this week.
Ky girl,I know how you feel about tattoos.I don't care for them,but have a few family members with them.Never seen the tattooed lips,except I think some of those celebrities have done that. Do you ever notice in magazines when they show the "before & after" photos of celebs,they always looked better BEFORE they had plastic surgery? None of that (not that I could afford it) junk for me either.I'll just sag & wrinkle naturally,thank you!
Happy belated birthday to Mrs.Asa! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary as well.I guess she's gonna keep ya,huh,Asa?!
Welcome to the stranger and I keep meaning to welcome Rafe back too.So,welcome Rafe!!
Oh,Mavis,I could just picture you as a young girl chasing those chickens up a hill! Ha! Never heard that saying before!
Well,gonna check e-mail & then get some more rest.Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71386: Race fans its a good one...back to the race....SPOT

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71387: Good afternoon, all. Just got home from church, then out to lunch with Eloise and family and the grandsons. Good Tex-Mex food (not the best in town, but good) and pleasant company. Now we're home, Bentley and Starr are very happy, and so am I.

Ky girl, thanks for the input. I've always been confused by that. I know the period goes inside the quotes when the entire sentence is inside, such as when you're quoting dialog. I've just never known what to do when just the last word or even two or three words are in quotes. Does the period still go inside the quotes? That doesn't seem right, but it may be.

Well, I need to get out of my church clothes and into some jeans and a t-shirt (my uniform). I'd love to go sit in the swing with a book, but the boys would give me no peace. I'd also love to take a nap, but noooo waaaaay can I do that with them here, so guess I'll just stay busy until their parents come for them. Oops, the little one almost fell in the pond. Guess I'd better go round them up. Later, taters. --Romeena

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71388: I'm back, the kids are in the house, and everyone is still dry. No pond casualties.

Mavis, I would have no idea what to serve with frog legs. That might be because I'm not about to cook frog legs! I tasted them once, and yes, they taste like chicken. I just don't see the point in paying a lot of money, to say nothing of wasting the whole frog just to get his legs, when chicken is cheap and you pretty much use the whole chicken. I guess even the feathers are used in pillows and such. So, when it comes to frog legs, I'm a non-participant. But you go on and enjoy yours now, hear? Don't let me stop you! (heehee)

Be blessed! --Romeena

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71389: Oh, if those were crab legs you were cooking, it would be a whole different story! Now that's good eatin'! --Romeena

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71390: Mavis, I don't know what you serve with frog legs either. I'd think just like possum said, some slaw and hushpuppies, maybe some potato and some macaroni salad.I can't recall ever tasting them. I've seen them after they are fried.Possum, I had the picture in my ming of those kids chasing those chickens up the hill trying to get them to run backwards!Mavis,what good memories you have.We used to play dolls in the barn where the chickens were. We tried to get them to play tea party with our dolls and set at our little table. Those chickens just weren't into tea parties.One of my aunts had them in her barn, and,we just thought they should be like the puppies and play dolls.The puppies weren't too happy about being dressed up and pushed in strollers,but they were too little to jump out, so they had no choice.Possum, I agree, those celeb photos always look better before.Hello Rafe Hollister, nice to see you.Spot,those wings sound good,pass some this way. Ok, gotta jump off here, talk to you all later-ky girl

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71391: sorry, that was supposed to say "mind" .-ky girl

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71392: SPOT...some good racing today
Hope everyone has a good evening

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71393: O.K. seems like everyone went to the lake after preaching today, or just sittin in the rocker relaxing. Prayers for all-ky girl

March 29, 2009 - Msg 71394: Good evening, all. Son and DIL have come and gone, taking kids and dog with them. Sure is quiet around here. My son brought me a new chargeable battery for my cordless drill. I had fried the two I had by leaving them in the old charger. Bought a new charger last week, the kind you can leave a battery stored in, but it wouldn't charge the old ones. That's how I know they were fried. The new one charged just fine. So now my trusty drill is operational once again. Goody! You never know when you'll need a drill around here.

ky girl, about the tattooing of lips - yes, I know a woman who had it done. She had her lips outlined pretty heavily in a sort of neutral red, with a less dense fill-in over the rest of her lips, and then augmented a little with lipstick to vary the color. It looked pretty good when she first had it done, but after a couple of years, the middle has almost faded away, the outline isn't as sharp and clean, and the outline color is fading. Personally, I wouldn't do it. Besides, with the 24-hr lipsticks available today, who needs tattoo?

Well, guess I'll go have a quiet cuddle with little Toye Starr. She's feeling a tad lonely without Bentley and the boys. She's so funny, such a little bitty old thing and she just hangs in there and plays as hard as anybody else.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71395: You mean you don't know what to fix with frog legs, Mavis??...why, Hoppin' John, of course! :)

KYGirl, those tongue piercings look so painful that I just can't imagine. I have been told that many people do it for reasons that I can't share here on the porch but if you google it, you can probably find out...might not want to, though. I have never heard of lip tatoos, but I did learn recently of eye tatoos...yep, you read right. The way it's done is that that take the die and inject it into one place on the cornea and from there, the dye usually will spread across the entire cornea, turning the white part blue or black. Sometimes it doesn't work as it should and the corneas look blotchy, or in rare cases, it can cause blindness in the eye. For that reason, they will only do one eye at a time to be sure there is no reaction. Now can you imagine anything more foolish that trying something like that with the eye?


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71396: I shouldn't be posting this late...I make no sense.


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71397: You make perfect sense to me, Boo. Only you could have shortened it to, "Don't go pokin' yourself in the eye, there..." :-)

I'm headin' out the door to work, so I'll post more later. Good morning to the Porch, and y'all have a blessed, Mayberry day!

I'll see ya.
Rafe Hollister

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71398: Or, "You'll shoot your eye out!"...right, Rafe? Have a great day.

I am tired. I went to a Third Day concert with a group from church last night and it was really good. The weather was perfect for an outdoor concert, cool and dry. Really had a good time but didn't get home until 11pm.

Well, I had better get Erin up for school. Another day...another list of things to do. Thank God I can still do them.


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71399: Mornin' Dears & Honeys! Hope everyone had a good weekend.Ro,I'm glad nobody ended up in the pond! Get some rest,I know the feeling after babysitting!
Spot,are you gonna treat us to breakfast? If not,let's head over to the Mayberry Diner.
See y'all later!
possum under a rock

P.S. I found some pics of myself for the vintage photos,but can't get my scanner to work properly.Ro,I may just put them in the mail to you,ok? I will enclose a stamped return envelope so you can mail them back to me.Is that ok with you?

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71400: Good Morning Porch! We never fixed the frog legs yesterday, Mr. Neff was feeling pretty crummy so we decided to wait until today. I think it's some 24 hour thing, he's feeling better today (and the first one that says it was the thought of eating frog legs is gonna be in trouble!!) ;)
Wanted to post real quick before heading out to work, gotta pick up a couple of dogs and bring them back to the shop to groom, then back here to work on my stained glass some more.
Later taters,
It's the liver, she looked right at it and cried

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71401: Morning porch, hope all is well today. Been busy with work and other obligations so I have not had time to stop by. Looks like the porch has stayed nice and full though.

My kids are out of school on Spring Break this week. I am going to take off on Friday so I can hang out with the family. We will probably take a day trip on Sunday. Patrick still has his dual credit class at the college so we could not really go anywhere but getting away for the day will be good.

Boo, My kids heard Third Day at the youth conference this year. They loved it. Our church along with another one in the community is sponsoring a youth event the end of April called
"United for a Revolution" They are having 2 Christian rock bands and a speaker for the event which will last Friday night and Saturday night as well. The kids are looking forward to it

Mavis, not sure I can handle those frog legs. I stepped on a frog when I was a very little girl and scared me to death. Since then I have not been too fond of them. I hear they taste like chicken but so sure I want to find out. You are welcome to my slaw to go with them though.

Since I missed breakfast I will do lunch: fried chicken, broasted potatoes, green beans, SLAW. warm chocolate chip cookies. tea, soda pop, kool aid to drink.

Prayers and blesssing to all today.

Big Maude

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71402:
Morning Porch

We had four inches of heavy wet snow last night. The Goldfinches don't know what hit them.

Gotta lot to do today so I'll check back later.

Mavis-Wow, that is exactly what I was thinking. Amazing! How many fingers am I holding up?

Sure am glad I missed the grammar discussion. I never done good at that type of think.

B.O. fired the CEO at GM? Man, I guess the Village has spoken. Read "Animal Farm" and tell me this lot in the White House isn't what Orwell had in mind.



March 30, 2009 - Msg 71403: Good morning everyone. Hope you all are doing well this morning. Things are fine at the Me-They house.

Wow. Iím not sure if I should post or not with all this grammar talk. Iím probably the guiltiest here of abusing the English language and rules of grammar when posting. Would you believe that in my job I write and edit a Newsletter, edit a biannual historical journal, and periodic publications? And Iím pretty good at it. Like ROMEENA mentioned, I just donít pay a whole lot of attention to my posts and rarely proofread them. Most of my mistakes are due to errant fingers and thinking faster than I type (five fingers). Since I post at work on breaks and at lunch, I try and do it as quickly as possible. Iím usually not at a loss of things to say and have to cram as much as I can in just a few minutes. So, there you have it--my excuses. The defense rests. Or should I say, ďrestís?Ē

ROMEENA: I write/edit material to the Chicago Manual of Style. According to that, apostrophes are verboten after years (e.g. 1960s). And quotation marks always are outside other punctuation. As far as spliting infinitives and ending sentences with prepositions, I'm uncomfortable with both but they now are (or should I say "are now") commonly accepted.

My pet peeve in the ďreal worldĒ is the misuse of the semicolon. Oh, the poor semicolon! How you are abused. Generally there are two kinds of people: those who avoid semicolons like the plague because they donít know how to use them, and those who overuse them and do so incorrectly. Semicolons are used to join two independent phrases that continue a thought. Both must be complete and able to stand on their own. I suppose my other pet peeve would be run on sentences and there are some writers out there who just donít know how to break up their ideas into manageable pieces and simply string them all together, never stopping to take a breath, and doing a fair imitation of Ernest Hemingway, who could runs sentences into paragraphs. Oh, I guess overuse of commas is right up there, too. Of course Iím speaking of other people; my own overuse of commas is perfectly okay! (See, I used a semicolon correctly there.)

As for my spelling, well, my elementary school was not hooked on phonics.

We have a staff member here who has a bad habit of overusing exclamation points. In formal writing, exclamation points should be used sparingly. Not only does she use them all the time but in multiples!!! Good thing Iím perfect, huh?

While I write sloppy here, please donít take that to mean that my conversation with my friends here are unimportant to me. If it helps, though, Iíll try and write gooder.

Disclaimer: Iím not proofreading this post, either. So níyah.

See yíall at lunch.

"Look paw, there's another grown up lady in trousers!"

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71404: AUH2O: But if the government does all this for us us, we can relax and stop all that hard thinking and stuff.

About the youth corps, I haven't read up on it but isn't it geared toward 18 year olds and not young kids? If so, it may be similar to what Isreal requires of its high school graduates. I'm not commenting to desirability, though.


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71405: And I like Warren! There, I said it and it felt good.


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71406: Okay, I admit it...I avoid semicolons! (Sobbing) I feel so much better after getting that off my chest! I also overuse periods.....See! (sniff)

Me-They you are something else. Funny! I always enjoy your posts and I am not surprised that you write and edit. You are very good at expressing your thoughts and have a terrific sense of humor. I read a quote by actress Celeste Holm, "We live by encouragement and die without it-slowly, sadly, angrily." So, there is some encouragement from me today.

Better get moving in the direction of the washing machine. Toss me your shorts, Buddy.


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71407: Okay, I read up a little on the Youth Corps thing (both sides of the coin, so to speak). Here's my take: a little concern is justified, while all the Nazi comparisons are over the top.

For one thing, the bill now proposed only "says the aim is 'to establish the Congressional Commission on Civic Service to study methods of improving and promoting volunteerism and national service, and for other purposes.'" (That's from Worldnetdaily, a Christian news site.) So basically it's to fund a study. Now, I have basic objections to funding studies but that's another argument entirely.

So, while I believe we need to carefyully watch how the government proceeds, studying how we can encourage all levels of society to volunteer to help others and their nation hardly seems evil on the surface. No one is ordering any uniforms yet.

When they do, I wear a large, please. (Long arms.)


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71408: BOO: Thanks. INCOMING!


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71409:
M-T- did you miss the word "mandatory" in there?
How do you have "mandatory volunteerism?" (:
And note that question mark is inside the quotation mark. ha
Also, this government firing of the GM ceo is proof positive of what we will be seeing more and more of unless the people stand up to it! WE are the
government. (of the people, by the people and for the people)
Case in point. Our church hall is used for an after-school program. The "government entities" told us to take down all crosses and other religious art etc whaile the hall was used by them. As i am on the parish council, i told them "NO." You are using OUR hall and you will not tell us what can or cannot be on its walls.
I was the only member of the council to stand up to them. All the others would have "caved" to their demands. People, this is what it takes.
I may have back problems, but i still have a BACK-BONE! GM is just the beginning unless we say "NO."
Also, two articles in our paper yesterday were also unsettling. Senator Judd Gregg explained why he pulled his name from Commerce nomination--he foresaw the hard left turn.
The other article mentions that hundreds of Muslims are sending in resumes to the administration. While I am not against this in principal, I will be if an inordinate number are hired. Romeena's prediction coming true?
Well, prayers for ya all. God bless,
have a good day.
Minuteman MDC

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71410: MDC: I'm with you on the church hall thing. And I would have stood right there with you, shoulder to shoulder ("We will NOT move! We will NOT move!").

However, as I understand the GM thing the administration "pressured" the company to fire its CEO. Evidently, they did so because the billions (with a "b") that the nation already has shoveled at GM was not being used wisely. So, the adminsitration said that before we give you more you are going to have to make some changes in leadership. To me, that sounds emminently reasonable. If this private company expects the government--us--to hand it cash to survive, they've gonna have to answer to the government--in this case our democratically elected representative. We may not like the man, or agree with his policies, but he was elected to represent us. Sorry, but if I was the prez and this came back asking for more money for his company, I'd have demanded he pack up his office, too.

Now, that said, I'd have never bailed out the auto industry in the first place. We can't keep handing money to losers. That's the way I see it. Change is hard. Just ask carriage makers and people who make ladies hats and gloves.


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71411: Thanks for lunch Maude...i have been busy..hey Mavis,Boo,asa,Rev,Tom an to get back outside...rain again tomorrow...SPOT

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71412: Boo, I've heard of other reasons for getting those tongue piercings. I don't ask those questions if you know what I mean.Yes, I've heard of the eye tattooing. That is just too much,if you ask me.Me-They I'm with you,I wouldn't have bailed out the auto industry either.I'm glad that CEO was fired.I'm sure there are quite a few in many companies that need to be fired. Maybe by this example, the others will start being more concientious of thier decisions. MDC, good for you for standing up for what was right.O.k., I hate to get out of my rocker,but I have housework to do. Catch ya'll later-ky girl

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71413:
"General Motorsís CEO was FORCED to step down, while the Obama administration set strict new deadlines.." That's a quote from fox news.
Remember, those were loans, not bailouts. That was very clearly stated at the time they were given, just like the money that was loaned to Chyrsler in the 80s.
If you have a government loan, student loan or whatever, what sudden demands could they make on you if this presedent is set? No, this is very scary stuff that needs to be thought thru. That's why senator John Kyl put the brakes on the senate regarding the 90% tax for the bonuses that the house passed. If suddenly the government can, on a days notice, vote in any kind of tax that it desires, that is shades of fascism. That is abuse of power.
"Your bonus will be taxed at 90, yours at 80, yours not at all, now all go away and leave us alone." No sirrie, not this boy! Sorry, Kabluey goes my soapbox!
"everybody take a bite out of ole Barney."

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71414: MDC: Okay, I typed the post above before I went to lunch but over lunch ruminated about it a bit. Specifically, the part I agreed with you about. I got to thinking, while you are abolsutely right and completely justified in expecting them to deal with your church's (apostrophe used correctly) symbols in their own hall, what would drawing that line in the sand mean? Maybe it would mean that the ridiculous school administrators would back down (yeah!). Perhaps it would mean that they would find someplace else to have the after-school program (that's okay, too). But maybe it would mean they'd just cancel the program. If that's the case, it's the kids that benefit or need those programs who end up suffering. If this last scenario is the case, then I could see a very persuasive argument for doing something for the "greater Christian good." It may be more important to make some concessions and act to help the kids, rather than draw a line and not. It's not fair that we are forced to make stupid concessions, or even suffer for the stupidity or stubborness of others, but He never claimed it would be fair.

There you go. Two for the price of one.


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71415: I wouldn't ask, either KYGirl. Let's both get back to the housework...."1..2..3...out of the rockers!"


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71416: Wow. Thoughtful conversation here today. Regarding the GM thing, it just proves the truth of the concept that dependence upon anything or anyone gives them control.

As for the "youth corps", I'm all in favor of volunteerism and the good that can be done by an unpaid work force , assisting in areas where no funds exist for a payroll. The concept works. Just ask Sheriff Joe Arpaio out there in Arizona - he puts his prisoners to work and lets them earn their keep. I suspect his recidivism rate is pretty low, a little added bonus to the plan. Seriously, I think it's folly to take young people, just trying to get their lives established, get their education, start their careers, etc. and put them in a volunteer force for any length of time. If they're engaged in productive pursuits, leave them alone. I submit that we have a huge, untapped "volunteer" force on the welfare roles. Now, as I've said many times in other discussions, I'm not talking about the elderly, the disabled or the ill. I'm talking about able-bodied people who sit on their tails and whose greatest expenditure of energy is to walk to the mailbox to collect their check. There's your "volunteer work force." Want your check? Go pick up trash along the riverbanks. Go work on a county road crew. Clean graffiti off walls and bridges. I promise you, after a few weeks of that, a lot of folks would decide they could be drawing a real paycheck for less work, and will go get a job.

Here's another bone to chew on. Not enough jobs available for those who want one? Require corporate America to hire American first, and stop this nonsense of "out-sourcing". I'm sorry, but I believe all but the dimmest of bulbs can be taught to answer a phone and read a scripted response to a caller with a question. That's all you get when you get India on the phone anyway.

Ideas, anyone? --Romeena

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71417: Hey KY-GIRL! I missed you there.

MDC: Yes, he was forced. But in this context, forced meant "you leave or no more money." No one from the adminsitration showed up at his office with a gun and took his keys.

No, I don't think this is like the Crysler loan of the 80s (no apostrophe). For one thing, even adjusting for inflation this is way more money. For another, the economy wasn't the wreak it is today. And, finally, as we all see that was money really well loaned, wasn't it? Chrysler is in worse shape than any of them.

I agree with you about the tax thing, though. It's reactionary. The founders knew that the people's mob (reactionary) mentality would effect the Congress directly. After all Congressmen have to keep their fingers to the public wind since they run continuosly--I mean every two years. That's one of teh reasons why the Senate was "insulated" from it by having Senators serve six year terms.


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71418: ROMEENA: Hey to you, too. I think MDC said that mandatory and volunteer are not synonyms. While I am against "mandatory volunteerism" (prisoners excepted), I'm not sold that mandatory public service is a bad idea. It very well may be a bad idea, but it does seem to work for Isreal, where every able-bodied young man and woman must give two years service (civilian or military) to the state (I can almost imagine Gomer saying that).


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71419: ROMEENA: Only one problem with the whole banning of outsourcing scenario: we (Americans) are not about to pay for it. If my cell phone company asked me whether I'd like my current low price with outsorcing or a much higher price to employ Americans, I'd like to say I'd choose the latter. I'd like to, and probably would in this one case. But what if everything started going up? Most of us want our cake and eat it, too.


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71420: My goodness, I'm so sorry I put that silly comment about the misused apostrophe on the porch a while back, in 71323. I never meant to be critiquing anyone's grammar, spelling or punctuation. I just thought it was interesting, the way the little old 'postrophe wanders around and pops up in unexpected places.

I'm guilty of many offenses, such as using dashes when probably a semi-colon would be more proper, and using too many exclamation points. I think we all use the form, style and marks that feel right to us as we type, that fit with the way we hear what we're saying in our own head, as we're putting it on paper, so to speak. That's what makes this forum fun. It's very conversational, colorful, and free.

I make no claim to be any grammatical authority, have no credentials in that area at all, while many of you do. I just thought the little gypsy apostrophe was funny - and I still do. (Dash is probably out of order, but I don't care, so nyah!! !! !!)

Me-They, I've tried to figure out a way to agree with you in 71414, but I just can't. I hear what you're saying, and to some extent DO agree, but I guess I'm just tired of the church always having to step aside and accommodate the world. We can't pray, or post the Ten Commandments, or display any religious symbols on the world's turf - okay. Well, by golly, in our own buildings, paid for by our own funds and no government funding used, I think we have a right to be who we are. Why should we apologize and remove a cross or a painting from view on our own property, as though it were something shameful, lest someone be "offended" when they're using our facilities? Sorry, but THAT offends ME! --Romeena

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71421: Will it look like this porch all trun me away from what all this new. that why I stop waiching t v .

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71422:
"Any able-bodied man between 18 and 35..."

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71423:
To 71421... set for a bit and get to know everyone. We discuss everything under the sun, yet keep it civil and mayberry oriented.
Grab a bottle of pop and join in. Life is life!

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71424: Your point is well taken, Me-They, but I still have to wonder. Suppose that corporate America could "sign up" to offer a certain number of jobs, the kind that are generally out-sourced, at a wage that's comparable to the welfare rate? I have no idea what a welfare check translates to in terms of hourly rate, but I'm sure some bean counter somewhere does know. Let's use $5 an hour for round figures. So, XX manufacturing company is allotted 100 sponsored jobs. Local welfare recipients are given the choice of taking one of those jobs or not getting a check. Most will take the job, rather than starve. A bonus to them, the job pays $6 an hour, $1 more per hour than they were getting in their welfare check, and they have benefits. Now, the government pays XX company $4 per hour, instead of sending the worker a welfare check at $5 an hour. The XX company now only has to pay the extra $2 an hour and pick up the cost of benefits. I suspect that might be a better deal for XX than the out-sourcing thing. If it's not, then tweak the numbers until it is. It looks like a win-win-win-win to me. The government ends up paying out less, the XX company has the convenience and ability to supervise a local work force, the workers make more, the consumers still get a good deal, and everyone should be happy. All but the workers, who would prefer to be sitting home smoking weed and watching TV, but in the long run, I can't help but think they'll be happier too. I read about a postal worker in New York, married and father of five, who works a second job in order to bring his income UP to what he could make if he went on welfare. Bless him! Who can put a price on self-esteem?

I know it's tough out there, jobs are scarce, and I do believe there are a lot of people on welfare who would gladly hop off the train if they only had a safe place to land. I think that a plan like this, or some variation, could work. We probably couldn't get everyone off the roles, but anything would help. Somehow, we have got to end this growing welfare dependency. We have multi-generational welfare families, and many of them, especially the younger ones, are so accustomed to it that they absolutely do not understand that it can't continue to work. Sooner or later, there's going to be one last remaining worker, and I just don't think he or she will be able to support the entire nation. (Don't you just hate it when I get facetious?) --Romeena

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71425: Well, I applaud MDC for standing his ground about something he felt strongly about. I wonder how I would have handled something like that. I know that the thought of taking down the religious symbols would have felt like an offense and I think it is very innappropriate for any organization to ask such a thing. I would have probably wanted an expaination as to why they would require such a thing and inform them that there are certainly no legal reasons to do such a thing (you would be surprised at the rampant idiocy of people who go to extremes about the separation of church and state). If they insisted, I might tell them that they could take down the symbols if they felt they must, but they would be responsible for caring for them and putting them back the way they found them or they would have to compensate the church. If they thought they had to fool with it, they might just change their minds and decide it wasn't such a big deal. Just my thoughts...worth about a nickle.

Back to work!


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71426: ROMEENA: I'd vote for you if you could take that from idea to practice! But do you expect the career politicians in office now (from both parties) to wrap their heads around that, put it in the hopper, and have it come out as efficient as you explain it? I know that you don't. It's a shame, isn't it?

And as far as agreeing with me about the situation MDC described, I was just pointing out that I could see the validity of the argument under very specific circumstances. I'd still likely say "Heck no!" But, then, some have said I'm a contrarian.

Good to see you, #71421. Got a handle?

I am too gabby today. I've been here since the crack of dawn and will be here late this evening working on an important project. Stopping by for a minute here and there is providing much needed "stress relief." Thanks!


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71427: BOO: QUARTER!


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71428:
Me-they- this was the city government of the town in which i live. They were looking for a place to have their program, would pay rent for use of the hall, (and ajoining playground. All fenced in)
That is when they brought up about the crosses etc. So, if they turned away after my stance, I'm sure they would have found somewhere else.
But even if they didn't, and we all gave in to ther demands, I, like Ro, think that first sends a message that says wewill give up the symbols of our faith to make money, and secondly, it tells the city that we are easily manipulated, sort of "their command" would simply be done.
Instead, for 2 years now, public school kids are bussed in for the program and these kids see these symbols of faith, and who knows, some may actually be positively affected by them!! (2 exclamation points)
Also, for some reason, Ben Franklin's quote comes to mind, tho i realize that it doesn't necessarily apply directly to this situation.
"One who gives up rights for temporary safety, deserves neither."
RO- I think MT was just funnin' with you about his apostrophe notations, as I was doing with my exclamation points above! (:

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71429:
Boo- I'll sell you a rare buffalo nickel for
a mere 75 dollars! ha

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71430: I haven't forgotten about my vintage photo, I just have been too busy to have Bruce show me how to scan and send it. It probably won't get done today, either since I have the drug rehab tonight.

Well, I have a cleaning tip to share with all of you busy people. It will make your life a little simpler. The BEST way to clean a microwave oven: First take a bowl and fill it with about 2 cups of tap water. Squeeze in the juice of one lemon and then put it in the microwave on high power for about 5 minutes. The water and the lemon juice will begin to steam and will loosen that dried on food that is so hard to get off, and the lemon juice will cut through any grease on the glass. Carefully remove the bowl of steaming water and wipe out the microwave with a sponge dipped in the hot water. It works like a charm and is natural so you won't have any chemicals to deal with. I try to use this method a couple of times a month and it keeps it pretty clean so that I never have to work hard to clean it. I am forever telling the kids and Bruce to cover their food before they nuke it, but I still get messes.

Gotta go.


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71431:
Boo- You'd make a great billy Mayes! ha
Thanks for the tip. I'll tell my wife. ooooo (;
Prayers for rehab tonight.

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71432:
"Mule, mule, you kicking mule..."

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71433:
My prayers go out to all at the NC nursing home
and their families, as well as everyone in Fargo ND. Lord be with us.

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71434: I second those prayers,MDC.

Meatloaf for supper! Y'all come on over-better get here before spot does,or there won't be any left!
possum again

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71435:
possum-I love meatloaf, save some for us spot.


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71436: Yall better hurry...what else we having possum?..I will bring a jar of hot pickeled peppers....hey m-t,mdc,ro,boo,asa,Tom,Rev,auh20,ky,mavis and all...possum holler LOUD when supper is ready im going back to doing yard work...SPOT

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71437: Third on prayers for BOO, and third on meatloaf. Pass the ketchup AUH2O...


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71438: Oooo - meatloaf! I love it, and for some unknown reason, almost never make it. Save me some, too!

MDCand Me-They, I know everyone is just pickin' at me. Nothing taken seriously at all. I know I'm among friends! (exclamation point)

You all get those vintage photos to me, hear? Email them if you can, if not then prints by snail mail are fine. I have a great scanner, and it's no trouble at all to scan them. Once done, I'll mail your prints back to you.

I wish everyone could see what I'm looking at right now. The irises are blooming like mad. Sure do wish they'd slow down, I'm so afraid they're going to be finished before the wedding, and I was really counting on them to decorate the yard. There are plenty of other flowers, of course, and the roses are setting lots of buds that should be opening at about the right time, but I really want the irises to put on a show. There's one called "Supreme Sultan" that's blooming now, and it's just gorgeous. The falls (the droopy lower petals) are a deep, rich burgundy/purple, and the standards (the petals that stand upright) are a rich peach color. Striking - so pretty. The azalea beside the arbor, where the ceremony will actually take place, is also in full bloom. I'm very much afraid it will finish before the 11th. Everything is blooming about two weeks earlier than it did last year (naturally!), so I guess we'll just have to take what we get on that day.

Well, I need a nap, so I can go to work this evening. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71439: Hope you have an easy night, Romeena.

Thank you for those prayers, MDC and Me-They. They are a blessing!

Well thanks Possum, but I already have my dinner made....burgers on the Foreman grill, fried ocra and mixed vegetables...and sweet tea, of course.


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71440: Did I hear the dinner bell??..I have worked up a powerful hunger...Boo can I swing by and get some of that Boo tea?...Romeena we will fix you a plate to carry to work...and I love meatloaf sandwiches for lunch at work tomorrow...and Maude slaw...not ready yet??..ok holler again when its ready possum...back to the burn pile...hey possum Pop is helping me burn brush can he eat with us?.....SPOT

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71441:
ut oh! spot has a "powerful hunger." Now you be a good dog with that meatloaf. possum asked us all over.

Ro-You have a good shift at work. What you need is a web cam for that window of yours. As I look out my window everything is white, again. But, as Asa pointed out the other day Spring is just here and gone.

I'm gonna go check out Ro's vintage album, anyone wanna grab a pop and tag along?

M-T Oh yes! Ketchup, or as we call it, the secret sauce.


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71442:

oops, I told ya'll I hated grammar stuff. That should have read, Spring snow is just here and gone.


March 30, 2009 - Msg 71443: spring snow is just indian reverse! ha

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71444: me MDC

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71445: I think I'd better make about 5 more meatloaves! Gluttons,gluttons! Ha!
Spot,of course Daddy Talking Dog is welcome to join us for supper-bring him with you.Wanna take a plate home to Mama Talking Dog?
Back to the kitchen I go-see y'all later!
possum under a rock

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71446: Yea, heck possum the whole dog family will show up...Miss Sherry too..I will leave Otis in the back of the truck....ok..big fire here at the dog house...better pay attention...auh20 we just type (or at least I do) and for the most part people can figure things out :)...ok dont want to burn the farm down..want be but about 2 weeks before getting the garden turned and ready to plant...cant wait...ok got to go...SPOT

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71447: There you go, Spot! we just type (or at least I do) and for the most part people can figure things out :) That's the spirit! For some of us, it's natural to proofread and be particular about it, but that's who we are. Others just hit the keyboard and let 'er fly, and that's fine, too. As you said, we figure it out. It's like speech - some are more "proper", others more "downhome". Some have a Southern accent, some a Yankee clip, and some of us have a Texas drawl. It all works. That's what I love about the porch - we're a good old mix of Americana, and aren't we glad?

As you have probably figured out by now, I didn't go to work. They were well staffed for a change, I have a lot of PTO time, didn't feel like going, and just took the night off. I don't work now until Wednesday night. Goody, goody.

Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

March 30, 2009 - Msg 71448: Bible study at rehab went really well tonight. One of those times when you feel like you have really had church. We spent about 45 minutes visiting with one girl who is 14 and trying to follow God. Hearing her story was hard and one would never imagine her being only 14 because she seems much older. She began using alcohol, cocaine, heroine, you name it so long ago she doesn't even remember. Both of her parents were drug addicts, so it was just natural I guess. She has been through so much but she has a mature attitude about sobriety and changing her life. Please pray for Ashley. She told us that she thought that what she had done was unforgivable because she had been been intimate with boys. She seemed to have so many regrets at the young age of 14 and just doesn't understand that God loves her and forgives and that if s#xual sin was unforgivable, not one of us could stand. Bless her heart. She said she has been having dreams of being in h#ll and she shared with us that she has had 2 drug overdoses and the last one nearly took her. She said that she remembers being in the back of the ambulance and praying to God to forgive her for what she had done. She said that a police officer that was nearby said, "It might be too late". Can you imagine? Thank God she is still among the living and is getting the message of hope that God wants to give her. May she have spiritual understanding of God's great grace and love for her. Also, please remember Paula, who is being discharged tomorrow. She has been in rehab for 9 months and we have gotten to know and love her. She is ready to go, but is very nervous about returning to society. She really wants to make it but knows it won't be easy. Thank you for listening and for your prayers, my porch family (I love you so!).

Better go to bed, I'm beat.


March 31, 2009 - Msg 71449:
Well hello porch family.....Looks like I better go back to my old school books and study before I post today. Heehee

Well my north Ga. concerts went great. We had some wonderful services.

I've got to get over to the photo album and check out the vintage pics.

Spot....didn't get to see the race Sunday. I caught the highlights on the news.

Well gang it's getting late here so I'm heading to bed.
I saw a church sign the other day that read, "Put on SON block, it will keep you from burning."
Thank You Jesus for providing "SON block!"
Prayers and love for all the porch family.