May 19, 2009 - Msg 72753: Well Hello Floyd!..And yea Boo I think Adam has won Idol BUT where are the Danny Gokley voters gona go?..with Kris or Adam?..hum...interesting..Romeena dont work to hard..possum?..Mavis?..Lakers are on sport fans..4:00 to go down by 4...Rev you hit the road yet?...well I missed supper so I guess I will grab a can of potted me and some crackers! all night..back in a bit...SPOT

May 19, 2009 - Msg 72754: swish!..(Picture).."dog shaking tail wildly with dust going everywhere"......SPOT

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72755:
Hello porch family.....windy day here in SC.


Possum.....the news stand across the street was called "Johnny's News Stand". He had the best homemade doughnuts and every comic book avaiable. I've spend alot of time in there reading. Great memories!

M-T....I had forgotten about the Grit newspapers. I had a friend that sold them.

Spot....I don't leave out till Thursday. I've got a concert in Pigeon Forge this weekend.

Prayers for all the porch family. Have great nights sleep and remember Jesus is watching over you.

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72756: I have totally missed American Idol this year. Guess I'll try and watch the finals tomorrow night. Rev, hope everything goes well with the concert this weekend. I love Pigeon Forge we go there several times a year. Spot, I got some leftovers if you are interested.--Salty Dog

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72757: Thanks Salty..Rev where up there in Pigeon Forge are ya gona play?..I too love gatlinburg and PF..Tom?..Ky?,hazel?,Thomas M?...hey auh20,Asa my budy...ok its almost 6am wed and im off till tomorrow afternoon at 2pm..gona try to get the garden worked out today and some things done around the farm..breakfast will be at waffle house on Asa and me ...SPOT

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72758: I had not thought about the Danny voters, SPOT, and I think there may be alot of people who won't vote for Adam because of his openly gay activity, unfortunately. We will see what happens...

See ya'll at Waffle House.


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72759: Good morning:
How do you join a chapter?
I would like to join a chapter in Olivet, MI

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72760: Good morning everyone. Another beautiful day here. Hope it is where you are, too.

Kindergarten graduation last night was cute. They sang some songs and looked spiffy in their caps and gowns. Chad was bummed he had to go to school today (three days left).

BOO: Adam is gay?!?

Well, gotta run this morning but I'll be back later. Save a spot on the swing for me.

And now, let me transport you to the land of pleasure. This one's for you, BOO...

"It's yesterday once more, shooby-doo lang lang..."


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72761: I'm right here Spot,just trying to get awake!Thanks to the Good Lord and all your prayers,Jamie got to come home yesterday.I will have more of a chance to sit and rock later,have a great day all-ky girl

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72762: Well M-T, not sure if he is bi or gay, but I have seen pictures of him on the internet kissing men and cross-dressing (sorry to even speak of it). It was disturbing to say the least. I'm afraid Adam has some serious "issues".

Good news, KyGirl.

You can stop singing now, Me-They...I've had just about enough...


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72763: What's all the hoopla about this monkey they found with long fingers and toes?!


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72764: My comment about Adam was a joke. Not too many straight men I hang out with wear eyeliner and a rub-on tan, not that there's anything wrong with that.

And, I may have long arms, but my fingers and toes are proportional and I resent being called a monkey.


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72765: kill me, Me-They.

I thought you were serious when you asked about Adam because I didn't know if you were really an Idol watcher. Uh, maybe the straight guys you hang out with don't wear eyeliner and self-tanner, but they do here....(well, a few of them). ;-)


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72766: MDC, if you are out there, I have an Oregano question...I am feeling a bit under the weather so I wanted to take some of the Oregano oil, but they don't tell on the bottle how much you should take. I put 4 drops in some juice. Do you think that's enough? The bottle says that the oregano is already diluted.


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72767:
Every sha-la-la-la, every whoa-o-o-o0-
still sings, it's yesterday once more...

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72768: STOP IT, Me-They, or I'm gonna start singing Muskrat Love!


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72769: That wasn't me, BOO. But I am on top of the world, looking down on creation...

Next thing you know, Kramer and Frank's manzier (or bro) will come into fashion.


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72770:
Boo- I usually do about ten drops, but I've been
taking it for a while.
What "brand" did you get?

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72771: We,ve only just begun, white lace and promises...

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72772:
Wow Rev and possum, of the 6 billion people who could have visited the front porch, you two, who patronized the same small news stand years ago,
happened to have done so; and actually found out
thru the porch that you even did that!
That's pretty amazing!

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72773: You could even say, "That's Incredible!"


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72774: And we watched movies in the same theater as kids,MDC! Yeah,what are the odds?
By the way,I don't recall eating any doughnuts at Johnny's News Stand,but I DO think I remember Rev now- he was the kid who kept getting crumbs on all of the comic books! Ha!
To the person that's looking to join a local TAGs chapter,I'm sorry I don't know how you would go about it. Perhaps you could e-mail Allan,who runs this site.Click on the link at the bottom of this page-" Let me know if the porch needs a sweep" and e-mail him there.
Oh,how's this MDC? A long time ago I walked into a shop in Tucson AZ.Got to talking to the proprietor.Found out that he was once engaged to my grandfather's sister!
And another time,out in the middle of Texas,I stopped for gas on my way to CA and ran into some folks that were coming from CA and heading to my hometown!I didn't know them,I knew the woman's father though.
True stories,both of 'em!
possum under a rock

P.S. Can I join the Carpenter's Fan Club? That girl could sing!

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72775: Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down...

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72776:
OK, M-T, we now know what pushes Boo's buttons! ha
Now just add some ABBA and some Barry Manilow,
and the poor gal will end up in a padded cell!
MDC (-:

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72777: To send her over the top, we could all sing
achy breaky heart! teehee

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72778:
Possum, those stories are amazing!!
It IS a small world after all..
Disney's been tellin' me that for years!
Do you ever play the lottery? ha
One thing that happens to me a LOT is a "word" thing...seriously. I do a lot of typing at my job, which nowadays I guess they call "keyboarding," (comma, parenthesis), and I listen to the radio at the same time; and very often I will be typing a word that is also being said on the radio at that same EXACT moment!
Freaky huh? So I won't go near the Remshaw place! ha (At least not with my keyboard!)hee

PS- to the one wanting to join a tags chapter,
go to

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72779: Speaking of Disney and a small world, about 5 years ago we were at Disneyland in California. My wife and daughter wanted to browse main street, so I found a park bench in the shade and told them I'd wait there for them. I just enjoy people watching anyway. So I'm sitting there, watching tons and tons of folks walking by, and I see this couple down the street a ways, and think to myself, self I says, that looks like the Talbots. (They live right behind us) Although they were quite aways away, I chuckled how much they looked like them. Well as they got closer and closer the resmblence was unreal. It wasn't until they were 10 feet away from me that I realized it really was them. The wife saw me first and her eyes about dropped out of her head. We both piped up, "what are you doing here?" Neither of us had a clue the others were going to be there that week. I jokingly told them I went 900 miles to get away from my neighbors, and look who I bump into. We all had a good laugh about it, still do to this day in fact. They are wonderful people and good friends.


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72780: Yo Taylorites, This is Matlock fresh back from the 4/$1 hot dog deal at the gas station by the courthouse. They were aged 7 weeks until they reached perfection. I dripped some of the natural green hot dog juices on my white suit. Help!!

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72781: I'm a parrot that does Nicholson impressions. Wait till they get a load of me if I don't get a triscuit,sqwawk!

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72782:
Asa- there's another funny thing--just my mention
of the name Disney, made you think of the talbot story! As MT and Fran tarkinton would say: "That's Incredible!"

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72783: Hey, Matlock. Maybe if you spit on your hanky and rub the spots real hard before they get set in, most of it will come out. I'm not sure I'd be eating any hot dogs that emit green juice, though. Aren't hot dogs usually kinda pink?

Asa, a few years back I went to San Antonio with some family members, and we were riding on the boats that tour the downtown San Antonio Riverwalk area. I kept hearing a voice that sounded so familiar, but couldn't place it, until the woman finally laughed at something, and then I knew. I turned around, and sure enough, seated directly behind me was one of the night supervisors from the hospital where I work! When I turned around, she said, "Lanni, it IS you! I kept hearing a familiar voice, but couldn't place it." Same thing I had been experiencing. When you get people out of their natural habitat, and especially if you're used to them being in a uniform, it takes a while to make the connection.

What's that about six degrees of separation? I do think there's something to that. We're all interconnected more than we realize. That's why pyramid sales schemes, and those awful email "petitions" won't work. Very quickly, it involves all the same people. On the petitions, if you do the math, you can quickly figure out that by the time the petition contains 1000 names (the usual target figure) there are millions of the lists circulating, and they all begin with the same name! If there really was somebody at the other end to receive the "completed" list, heaven help their inbox!

I'm not good at math, would never survive as a bean-counter, but even I know that the things can't work. I have one acquaintance who called me a party-pooper, and implied that I was not patriotic because I wouldn't send one of those petitions to my address list. I'm sure we've got some highly-qualified bean-counters on the porch who could back me up, right?

Well, enough of that. I'm still waiting to hear how Joe came through. Actually, I think he's still in surgery, as they didn't take him until around noon. Keep praying, folks. This is a big surgery, on a weakened heart.

Be blessed! --Romeena

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72784: Hey, I just finished counting a can of red kidney's, and I have two more cans of limas to go before I can leave, so I don't have time to participate in your ciphering there, ROMEENA.

MDC: I consider myself more of a John Davison type. Except the nice hair. And the singing voice. Well, at least I'm not the Cathy Lee Crosby type.


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72785: ROMEENA: Sorry for that misplaced apostrophe there. It's the beans.


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72786: M-T, you are something else!...full of beans, for sure.

Really neat about Possum and REV. Romeena, DES and I know and visit some of the same places, but we live in the same state.

MDC, the Oregano oil is made by a company called NOW foods.


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72787: Rev & I live in the same state too,Boo.We grew up and live about 2 hours from each other. We both have a connection to Newberry,SC. He lives nearby and my mom is from a town that's also close to Newberry. Some family still lives there. I spent a lot of summers up there and my aunt would take us into Newberry- to the movies and news stand. Rev & I are the same age,so who's to say that we didn't cross paths?
Nah,it don't work the same with me and the lottery,MDC. Believe me,I've tried!
Neat stories,Asa & Ro. I ran into my high school band director in Charlotte,NC one night! There's a funny story there,but it's too long to get into right now.I'll save it for later.
Boy-Arizona,Texas,California,North Carolina.. And let's not forget Newberry,SC!I sure got around in my day,huh? Ha! My travels are a story in itself!
possum again

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72788: Hey to the porch! I'm still here, sorry to worry you Spot we had our dog show this weekend, the one I'm the parking chairman (or should that be chair-woman??) for and we've been trying to recoup ever since. We managed to get 71 motorhomes parked in that fairgrounds! My Bullie boy really showed his hiney and I ended up not taking him in the ring, by the time Sun rolled around I was way too tired to have him make a fool out of me and be able to do anything about it. haha
Anyways, I'm here, tired, but here. Be back later, gotta get supper fixed.

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72789:
This may sound a bit corny; but, when we get to heaven, I have wondered if God would let us look back at our life on earth in a type of video and see things. (I know we will stand before Him and have to make accounts, so there will be something like that.)
But anyway something like where possum could ask to see if rev and her ever reached for the same comic book at that news stand whilst they stood there eating homemade doughnuts, and she could watch it take place. I know it seems a little kooky, like the old Star Trek where there is a library of history and a portal, but who knows.
(Of course, maybe we won't even care about such things there.)
BTW, which TAGS ep is the only one to use the word "kooky?"

prayers for all, have a good evening.

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72790:
Oops, sorry there Mavis, did I rock on yer toes?

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72791: Yes, I meant to ask you what you were doing in Texas, Possum..where were you, exactly? Well, Ro and I have some things in common because I am fairly close to San Antonio, her hometown. We also went to the same campground in the Texas hill country growing up, and she has kids in Fredricksburg, which is a favorite spot of my husband and mine.

Wow, sounds like you had quite a task this weekend, Mavis! Glad you are home safe and sound in and in your right mind...

Gotta get ready for church prayer meeting tonight. We are supposed to be praying about putting in a new parking lot (we are running out of space for folks to park...not a bad problem to have, though). It is going to cost more than you can imagine just to lay some asphalt!

SPOT....PRETTY PLEASE, let me know who wins American Idol tonight!


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72792:
"Sing, sing a song,
sing out loud, sing out strong.
Sing of good things not bad,
sing of happy not sad..."

mystery lyric-person strikes again

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72793: Thank-you for the suggestion. re: but it does not give a POC or any number.
I have emailed Mr. Newsome and he gave me instructions but the chapter I want to join is in Olivet, MI and Poc is
Thank-you for any more suggestions.
Please help.

Kelley S.

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72794: Sorry, Kelley S., I guess I'm just not all that ept. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Friends, the last word I had on Joe was that they were halfway through the operation, at about 4 p.m., and things were going well, but I haven't heard anymore. Getting a little concerned. Please keep praying.

Be blessed. --Romeena

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72795:
Ro, I am praying indeed! All my best to you and Joe.
Kelly- Floyd is the web guy for both websites.
I sure hope he can steer you right.
Evenin' all,

May 20, 2009 - Msg 72796: Prayers for Joe...let us know as soon as you can, Ro.


May 20, 2009 - Msg 72797:
Hello porch family.....It's been a busy day....but not too busy to pray for my porch family. Been getting everything aroumd here ready for me to leave out for my tour.

Spot....In Pigeon Forge I have concerts in serveral churches in the area and Knoxville. I also will be doing a concert at the Riverbend RV Park.

Possum....I didn't think anyone saw the grease on the comic books......shhh...don't tell. Mr Johnny won't let me back in if he finds out:)

Boo...hope you're not coming down with something. Take care of yourself. Prayers!

MDC....that's a neat thought about heaven. We will know one day...Praise the Lord!

Ro.....still praying for Joe!

Kelley....good luck on your search.

Well I've to get a few more things done before I can hit the bed. You all have a good night's sleep.
Prayers for all the porch family.

May 21, 2009 - Msg 72798: Mornin Porch,hope everyone is doing o.k. today.It is in the 60's here supposed to go in the 80's ,woohoo,another beautiful day!Talk to you all in a little bit-ky girl

May 21, 2009 - Msg 72799: Well, it looks like America selected the clean-cut, Christian kid as the next American Idol. Imagine that. Adam is a better singer but I guess Kris was more of the total package. I heard a video clip on Youtube of Adam singing in a play and it was beyond great. He really has an incredible voice. I'm sure we will be hearing about him for a very long time. I hope he will grow up some.

Hope Joe is doing ok..

I can't believe it is about 60 degrees outside this morning...very rare this time of year for us. I love it...wish it could last but, alas, tomorrow will be much warmer as the wind shifts back to the southeast and we get those balmy breezes off the water.

Tommorrow is the last day of school for Erin...yippee (I think). She will be bored but it will be nice having her around and we will come up with some things to do.

Oh, almost forgot...some advice from some of you parents (Maude, maybe you can help). Well, last weekend, Baby Emily and her family were with us when we went to the reunion. I saw a side of Emily I had NEVER seen before when she was with her mother. That child could throw some temper tantrums like I have never witnessed...and often. When I have her at my house, she is perfect. Never a tantrum and she minds me very well, but when mom is around (or my sister), any time anyone tells her no about something, there is a major tantrum. Her mom told me that the tantrums can last for almost an hour. Mom says she doesn't give in to her and just ignores the tantrums or puts her in her room, but I suspect she gives in to her after a point. My sister tries to bribe the child into submission, which never works with a child her age and is ridiculous anyway. Emily is still very young, not even two yet, so spanking isn't a viable option, in my opinion. Any advice out there?? Maybe it is just a stage she is going through, but she gets very upset and even bites herself on the arms and hands when she is angry.

Better get ready to take Erin to school...


May 21, 2009 - Msg 72800: Morning all.
Hope and pray Joe did ok. Romeena, please update when you can. It's funny, I have never met the man, but just reading Ro's posts about him over the years I feel like I am praying for a dear friend. Ain't this porch a blessing?

I have not watched a single American Idol episode.... ever! It's not for any reason other than I just don't watch a lot of tv, but it sure is interesting to see how so many really get into it. I was listening to some talking heads on the radio driving into work this morning and they were going on about how this was more about one being gay, and the other being Christian? Is there anything to this, or is it just mindless babble? I know nothing about the show, how it is judged, and on what merits folks are judged by. But the impression I was getting from the talkers is the loser was much better a singer than the winner, but lost because he is rather flamboyent with his gay lifestyle. Any watchers of the show have any thoughts about it? How is it judged? If the audience calls in and judges (I guessing that's how it's done) how far was the point spread? Reading between the lines (cause I really don't know much about any of this) I hear some folks upset that one was a loser because of his lifestyle, buy I almost feel some of the same folks saying he should have won because of his lifestyle. And are upset because the winner is a Christian and involved in music with his church.
I'd love to hear some comments from any of you who have watched this show this year. I think I see a moulage on the horizon. Not here on the porch, but nationaly.


May 21, 2009 - Msg 72801: Whoops, didn't see you there Boo. Morning.


May 21, 2009 - Msg 72802: Good morning everyone. I don’t know what we did to deserve yet another beautiful day, but I’m gonna enjoy it.

ASA: Once to get to the final ten on Idol, “America” does the voting. Anyone can vote, as many times as they like, by calling in. Each contestant has their own phone number. I don’t know if people did or didn’t vote for Adam (who is gay) because of his lifestyle. I’m sure some did. But that’s the thing about any democratic process. People can vote whichever why they want for whatever reason they want. We do the same thing for political elections—how many votes one way or another in the presidential race not necessarily based on perceived ability but on ideological issues? Yeah, the best singer should win, but when I chose an entertainer to see I base my decisions on the “whole package,” so to speak.

All that said, Adam has been in the top since the beginning, so he obviously has a following. But no one “stole” the top spot from him. Most people simply chose the other guy as their favorite. At least those are my thoughts on the issue.

Prayers for Joe, ROMEENA.


May 21, 2009 - Msg 72803: While we're discussing national moulages, I heard on NPR that for the first time is years, it seems the majority of Americans polled consider themselves pro-life. That's an encouraging trend.


May 21, 2009 - Msg 72804: Yes it is encouraging, and I think the moral tide is beginning to turn in some ways. People with Judeo-Christian values are beginning to be heard.

I have watched alot of American Idol this season and think that Adam, absolutely is the most talented singer, but I remember that in the beginning, Idol was careful about the image that the American Idol set. There were singers who were disqualified for questionable activities/pictures on the internet, etc., so while Simon Cowell keeps saying, "We have to remember that this is a singing competition", the producers seem to have been of the philosophy that the person's character did matter. Maybe they have changed their tune or are afraid of what they would face if they stood their ground concerning someone who is gay...what a backlash they would get for that! As M-They said, the majority voted, and it is their decision. I think someone here mentioned that Kris may have gotten the votes from the voters who had been voting for Danny. Danny was voted off 2 weeks ago and he was known to also be a Christian, song leader in his church, etc. It's very possible that the large group that supported Danny would then give their support to Kris instead of Adam. If voice quality is all that matters, then Adam should have won, but I think America is saying that it's not all that matters. Just my thoughts on things...

Chores to do...!


May 21, 2009 - Msg 72805: HulkLock Hate American Idol. Hulklock not worship idol. Idol cause problems in Bible in now too. Also, 1998 last year HulkLock like music. Life too weird now, even for a half Hulk/Matlock creature. If worship idol, hand will wither like Jeroboam. HulkLock no want that.

May 21, 2009 - Msg 72806: Uh, 72805, you onea ours?


May 21, 2009 - Msg 72807: No me Not Like AmERIdol, I one of myselfs. No like keriss of adam. My like rafe holistOr and aNdy sinG Midnite special. barney not good as he thinks. it really gomer or anothER gy. Crophone not really on. speak soft, crophone very sensitive. Me just realize anDY a big liar. He li alway to make barney feel like BIgShoT. Puny Barney. SMASHHHHH!

May 21, 2009 - Msg 72808: Hey ya'll - I was glad that Kris won last nite. Don't watch Idol faithfully but my sil keeps me up to date.
Adam will have a gig on Broadway and with his theatrics - he will be a hit.

Going to the lawyer tomorrow about the house and the perimeter drain. That will be a fun time.


May 21, 2009 - Msg 72809: the big freeze on?
MT, Boo, tho I have never really watched AI,
maybe this vote results were because of the Miss California USA situation, if you know what I'm
driving at. Just a thought.
BTW- the only tags ep to use the word "kooky" was Prisoner of Love where the femalae inmate says:
"Well, this is kind of a kooky jail."
Prayers continue for Joe. have a good day all,

May 21, 2009 - Msg 72810: The word Kooky was used when Barn didn't want to share his Mr. Kooky Bar with that dawg. MatLock.

May 21, 2009 - Msg 72811: I was just thinking the same thing,MDC- BIG FREEZE is on!
Boo,I was just passing thru Texas on I-20 many moons ago.
Whether Adam won or lost last night,he definitely has a career ahead of him.Something tells me he's not too upset that he is runner up.
Prayers for Joe.
Y'all take care!
possum under a rock

May 21, 2009 - Msg 72812: Good morning, porch! I have wonderful news! I just received a phone call from none other than Joe himself!! He sounds wonderful, a trifle hoarse after being intubated for so many hours, but he sounds strong, and very upbeat. I couldn't believe it when he called. He says he's very sore, but other than that he feels just fine. He'll be in the hospital for about a week, then will complete his recovery at home. He had been trying to call his wife, couldn't get through, so wanted me to call her for him and have her call him. I did - delighted to be able to help even in such a small way. They're good people. Thank you so much for all the prayers. If anyone would like to send a card (he'd be so surprised, and would get a real kick out of it), just email me and I'll send you his snail address.

MDC, I often have similar thoughts about heaven. I imagine the wonders of heaven will be far beyond anything we can imagine on this earth, but still it's fun to think about the things that we CAN imagine, and how fun those things would be. One thing I envision is sitting in a group of family and friends in a back yard on a summer evening, and reminiscing about old times back on earth! Everyone would be there - beloved family members who passed many years ago, even some I never knew, like my dad's father. What a pleasant dream!

Well, guess I'd better go. We have a unit conference at the hospital at 2, so I'd better get in the shower and get ready to go.

REV, prayers for you in your travels, as you spread the Good News through your music.

Be blessed, everyone, and thanks again for the prayers for Joe. God is good! --Romeena

May 21, 2009 - Msg 72813: One more thing - I'm not an American Idol watcher myself. Like Asa, I've never seen it at all, so I can't make any observations about who won or didn't win. I can only offer this - voice quality isn't all of it. There are other things - stage presence, charisma, composure - that influence our impressions of a performer. If it was all about voice quality, Satchmo would never have made it. Yes, he was a fabulous horn player, but I think most of us know him for his gravel-voiced singing as much as his trumpet playing. His voice was not pretty, but he surely could sell a song! --Romeena

May 21, 2009 - Msg 72814: Alright, the Big Freeze IS on like Al Capone. I sure would like to see the face of the poor sap that is on the receiving end of the big freeze. He must be a real maroon. Well gotta goe eat with my fellow Atlantian Lewis Grizzard. MatLock

May 21, 2009 - Msg 72815:
Well friends, Memorial Day is almost
here. I'm sure that pappabear will again be
decorating the graves of our veterans who gave
their lives for our freedom. I am thankful
to each and every one of them, and I pray for
their families. Personally, I and my family knew two soldiers who "laid down their lives" for our country!
May we always remember.

May 21, 2009 - Msg 72816: Amen, MDC.

Ro, I often wonder if I will finally meet my dad's father in heaven. I certainly hope so. It has been a very long time since I have seen any of my other grandparents, also. At 46, I feel like I already have many loved ones on the other side.

Great news about Joe, thank God!

Good luck in court, Homemaker...BTW, were you the masked Carpenter-singer yesterday???

Back to the laundry (sigh).


May 21, 2009 - Msg 72817:
Boo- that was me, I confess. I was going to include some Barry M and some ABBA, but didnt want to send you over the edge! ha
So are they going to pave the parking lot?

May 21, 2009 - Msg 72818: Hate to knock your church Boo, but Lake Charles church black topped their parking lot 3 years ago!


May 21, 2009 - Msg 72819: Oh boy, are really asking for it....I am going to have to start singing the songs you hate! ;-)

I don't get it, ASA....explain, por favor....


May 21, 2009 - Msg 72820: Well Boo, I was trying to be funny. Remember the episode where Uncle Ollie comes to Mayberry, and Andy is showing him and Nora around town. Andy stops and points and says all this is new, to which Nora says what, I don't see anything. Then Andy tells them they had just paved the parking lot for the workers at the gas company. Then Ollie says, hate to knock your town Andy, but Lake Charles paved around the gas works 3 years ago. Whew, guess I ain't any good at this if I gotta explain it. HA! Am I getting through to you now Boo?

MDC, Auh2o. Did y'all hear Cheney's speech today? The man made me proud by golly. It's sure good to here somebody telling both sides of the story. But he will be the target of much dissing by our SCM (so called media) over the weekend. He ruffled many feathers no doubt. I hope he, and others will not remain silent. There is to much at stake.


May 21, 2009 - Msg 72821: Boo, he's referring to the visit of Aunt Nora and Uncle Ollie, when Andy showed them the paved parking lot at the gas works (I think it was) and Ollie told him theirs had been paved several years ago. --Romeena

May 21, 2009 - Msg 72822: Wow, Asa, we must be sitting at our keyboards at the exact same moment! I had just walked onto the porch, read about the last four posts, and replied, and you popped in ahead of me. Makes ya thank!

Just got home from church. We had our usual JOY group dinner and entertainment. (Sorry, Daphne, I didn't email you because I figured you weren't up to such as that right now.) Anyway, the guest is a fellow who has researched all the past presidents and their favorite hymns. Very interesting! He was so funny! When someone asked why he didn't have the information on our current president, he just smiled and said, "I got lucky. The book was already in print when he was elected."

Well, guess I'd better go feed my tiny friend. She has tapped me on the ankle several times, and is now resorting to soft little woofs. I guess I know what that means, and after all, her dinner is about an hour late. Mom is well fed, and Toye Starr is hungry, poor baby!

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

May 21, 2009 - Msg 72823: Wow, you Romeena have a good memory, ASA...I just saw that episode last week and don't even remember that line. Thanks for expaining.


May 21, 2009 - Msg 72824:
Well porch family just checking in real quick.

Ro....great news on Joe! God is good!

Spot must be on the lake with Miss Sherry for the weekend.

I should have internet service most places that I'm going to be so hopefully I'll be able to check in.

You all have a blessed night and sleep good. Prayers for all the porch family.

May 22, 2009 - Msg 72825: Morning...I have to drive my sister and BIL to Houston this morning to pick up their new car, so you won't be seeing me on the porch today..I'll check in tonight when I get back..prayers for a safe drive, pretty please? :-)



May 22, 2009 - Msg 72826: Good morning everyone.

Is someone making whoopee on the porch? Bad form.


May 22, 2009 - Msg 72827: "You gotta get yourself a room!"


May 22, 2009 - Msg 72828: Ok gang im stil days from work are just busy here..going on a 25 or 30 mile bike ride today...hey Boo,Rev,Mavis....SPOT

May 22, 2009 - Msg 72829: Mornin' Y'all! Gonna get busy around my rock later today- Laci is coming to stay a few nights. I think y'all know that she has CP and hardly talks.I have always told her that anytime she wants to come to my house,to tell Mama by saying "Oma" (rhymes with Zoo-ma") which is what she calls me. I was informed that she has been calling my name a lot,so apparently she wants to come to me.
Spot,be careful on your bike ride.Pace yourself-you ain't the YOUT you think you are! Ha!
Well,better get going. I'll pop in when Miss Laci "allows" me to!

May 22, 2009 - Msg 72830:
Boo, how about I buy you a WhatABurger to make
up for my "singing!" (:
Congrats to all graduates! Miss crump done good
on yer edge-u-ca-shun! teehee
"Surprise, surprise, I can see it in your eyes!"

Barn: "Any conflicting conflicts that you might
Asa- I just saw some pieces of it, and I do believe that the OB "honeymoon" is over!! You betcha!
I'll be pretty scarce the rest of the long
weekend. fly a flag, say a prayer, hold a
loved one, and remember that freedom is never "free!"
Prayers and God bless,

May 22, 2009 - Msg 72831:
FYI: A short History of Taps:
Taps is played by the military at burial and memorial services, and for many people tears well up in their eyes whenever they hear them.
TAPS is based on a French signal to end the soldier's day, the melancholy bugle call now is heard at U. S. military burials and memorial services.
The 24-note bugle call is thought to be a revision of that french bugle call. It was sounded one hour before the call that brought the military day to an end by ordering the extinguishing of fires and lights.
The word “taps” is an alteration of the obsolete word “taptoo,” derived from the Dutch “taptoe.” Taptoe was the command -- “Tap toe!” -- to shut (“toe to”) the “tap” of a keg.
The revision that gave us present-day taps was made during America’s Civil War by Union Gen. Daniel Adams Butterfield, heading a brigade camped at Harrison Landing, Va., near Richmond. Up to that time, the U.S. Army’s infantry call to end the day was from the French final call, "L’Extinction des feux.” Gen. Butterfield decided the “lights out” music was too formal to signal the day’s end. One day in July 1862, he recalled the taptoo music and hummed a version of it to an aide, who wrote it down in music. Butterfield then asked the brigade bugler, Oliver W. Norton, to play the notes and, after listening, lengthened and shortened them while keeping his original melody.
He ordered Norton to play this new call at the end of each day thereafter, instead of the regulation call. The music was heard and appreciated by other brigades, who asked for copies and adopted this bugle call. It was even adopted by Confederate buglers. This music was made the official Army bugle call after the war, but not given the name “taps” until 1874.
The first time taps was played at a military funeral may also have been in Virginia soon after Butterfield composed it. Union Capt. John Tidball, head of an artillery battery, ordered it played for the burial of a cannoneer killed in action. Not wanting to reveal the battery’s position in the woods to the enemy nearby, Tidball substituted taps for the traditional three rifle volleys fired over the grave. Army infantry regulations by 1891 required taps to be played at military funeral ceremonies. Taps now is played by the military at burial and memorial services and is still used to signal “lights out” at day’s end.

Above information from the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs


May 22, 2009 - Msg 72832: This morning I went to, and found their "contact us" link. That opened a window where I could write a message to them, and I did. Here's the text I used:

"First, may I say that your current TV commercials are very well done. They're cute, funny, imaginative, and the enthusiastic little black-haired girl is delightful. Keep them coming.

However, you might want to reconsider spending whatever it takes to run them on TVLand. Your advertising dollars might be better spent elsewhere, as TVLand is rapidly becoming a wasteland. It was originally designed as a retro station, running all the good old family shows, sitcoms mostly, but all clean and suitable for the whole family.

Lately, that's not the case. Most of the people I know have quit watching it entirely. The only thing that draws me there occasionally is "The Andy Griffith Show." When I get busy, and forget to change channels, the garbage that I finally realize is playing in the background is just appalling, and I can't get to the TV fast enough to turn it off or change channels. Please - if you have any influence with TVLand - clue them in!


I can't help but think (hope?) that email such as this would receive some attention, especially if there were a lot of them. I'm going to keep a log of the commercials I see on TVLand and send a lot more of these. I'm even going to watch a few episodes of the more annoying shows, just to be sure I'm targeting the right advertisers.

I hope all of you will do the same thing, and let's see if we can shake TVLand up just a bit. They won't pay any attention to us, but if their advertisers start asking questions, they will listen to them.

Be blessed. --Romeena

May 22, 2009 - Msg 72833: On second thought, I won't watch those shows, I'll record them. Then I can fast-forward through the show, and just watch the commercials. How's that for a switch?? Hahahaa! --Romeena

May 22, 2009 - Msg 72834:
Good idea Ro, but actually that black-haired
progressive girl bugs the be-geebbies out of me!
Ha, sorry,

May 22, 2009 - Msg 72835: Awww. I think she's cute! She's just so bubbly and enthusiastic. Compare her to some of the sullen, pouty, sour-faced people who try to avoid helping you in some of the stores you visit, and maybe you'll see her differently. --Romeena

May 22, 2009 - Msg 72836: Well, I guess I'm outta here until Tuesday. You folks take care and have a great weekend.

Here's a trailer for a movie I want to see:

Hope it doesn't start a moulage ;-).


May 22, 2009 - Msg 72837:
Good point RO! (But I'm like let the poor guy
finish his thought! ha
Well,I guess I'm outta here too. Hopefully i'll say
hi from the library this weekend, if not,
have a safe one!!

May 22, 2009 - Msg 72838: Hey possum what do you mean I aint the YOUT I used to be?...ha ha...rode about 18 today...tomorrow Miss Sherry and I are gona take her grandson Mr. Cayden and My daughter Kelsey...will just have to slow our pase a little but thats Cool with me!...ok any supper leftovers?....gona go build shelves in the barn....SPOT

May 22, 2009 - Msg 72839: Yeah,yeah,Spot- taking the kids along to slow your pace,huh? You know I'm just kidding ya,you big YOUT!! 18 feet? Yards?? Did you mean MILES??? Ha!
I hope the little YOUT that's spending part of the weekend with me is settling down to go to sleep! Talk about not being a YOUT anymore! She wears me out!
Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

May 22, 2009 - Msg 72840: M-T, maybe you don't use the word "Whoopee" as an exclaimation of joy in the North...but let me assure you, there was nothing out of the ordinary going on here this morning. ;-)

I'll remember that, MDC. Maybe one of these days, if you are ever down south or if I am out in Arizona, we can meet for a Whataburger.

M-They, I watched the trailer for the movie and it WILL be something I will go to see. I just hope I am tough enough if they show many seens of abuse to animals. I remember watching "Super-Size Me" and I (or my children) have not eaten a chicken nugget since! Please let me know how it is when you see it.

Houston was pretty easy to drive today, never ran into any bad traffic and used the toll road (make it easy). It's kind of a long day though, driving 3 hours up and then turning around and driving 3 hours back again. My sister bought a Mercury Milan..small, mid-sized car with good mileage. It is pretty, sort of sporty. Anyway, I am glad to be home, showered and in my jammies.

Romeena, I wanted to ask you if you have ever eaten at Heinzes Barbeque in Wharton..(about 30 minutes south of Houston..just north of El Campo)? It's supposed to be one of the 5 best in Texas and has been there for many years. They cook everything over mesquite wood and it is really good. It's one of those places where the side orders are as good as the barbeque. We always stop there on our way home. Just curious if you had ever eaten there. It seems to be a Texas landmark to some folks. We were there around noon and it was loaded with people but we still got our food quickly.

Well, time to take a break.


May 22, 2009 - Msg 72841: "seens"??? I must be bleary-brained from all the driving. HA! I mean "scenes", of course!


May 22, 2009 - Msg 72842: Good evening, all. Just got home from going out to eat with a couple of friends. Stopped by the home of one and met her new dog. He was a rescue, appears to be a beagle/border collie mix. He has the perfect markings of a border collie, but is very short-haired, and has the waving, upright tail of a beagle, with the white tip and all. He's taller than a beagle, about the size of a border collie. He's about a year old, wild and rambunctious, but very sweet. If she can calm him down and teach him some manners, he'll make a great dog companion. He was all over me, and Toye Starr knows it! She has not stopped sniffing at my ankles. I haven't picked her up yet, don't want her to know he has been in my lap as well. I was just sitting, minding my own business, when he came sailing through the air and landed with a big kerplunk, right in my lap, and had completely washed my face before I could get control of him! Such exuberance!

No, Boo, I've never eaten at that barbecue place. Actually, I don't think I've ever been in Wharton. I have a cousin in Houston, and one in Pearland, but really don't have any occasion to be in the towns around Houston, especially south. Mesquite smoked barbecue, huh? Would have to be wonderful, unless somebody just doesn't have a clue.

Well, tomorrow promises to be fun. Our kids gave Eloise and me tickets to see a production of "Fiddler on the Roof" at the Fair Park Music Hall. Brittney and her sister are going with us, we'll have lunch at the fabulous buffet they present out there, then go to the matinee performance. I love "Fiddler", and the best part is, Chaim Topol himself, who played Tevye in the original movie production, will be reprising the role. It's going to be a real thrill to see him on stage. I can hardly wait!

Well, guess I'd better go feed this little Starr baby and give her some reassuring cuddles. She really hates it when I come home smelling like some other critter. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

May 22, 2009 - Msg 72843: Possum Im gona gey ya girl!..18 miles!...gona ride in a cancer ride next sat....Big Ride along the silver comet trail..Food,Music and for a good cause.....SPOT

May 22, 2009 - Msg 72844: Ro, you and Eloise have fun tomorrow! You do so many fun things, it seems, and I am so glad you do.

Speaking of dogs, the smiling dog next door has been barking alot less because his owner has been letting him off the chain at night. I don't think he ever leaves the yard, so he is fine. It has been great not getting awakened at night by barking.

Did any of you happen to see 20/20 tonight? They had a special on children with Tourette Syndrome and it was good. Some of those kids had to go through so much and I was remembering how things used to be for Sean from about age 7 to 12. We had some very tough times because sometimes his tics were very severe, as some of you may recall because I would come here for moral support and you would pray for Sean and for me. There were those times when the jerking would get so severe that he was hurting himself and begging me to do something. It was so emotionally trying and just exhausting. Being able to come here and find kind words and prayers helped me get through it and I just want you all to know that your prayers have been answered in so many ways. It seems that he is in the 30% if children who outgrow their symptoms (or most of them). All he has now is an occasional eye twitch and I am very thankful. Tonight, while watching 20/20 I was reminded of how hard it used to be and how far God has brought us.

Well, I am off to bed. I was up around 5am and it is now 11, so it's time! Goodnight Mayberry!