May 26, 2009 - Msg 72917: Well guess what, the Discover Channel (TV) just came up and done a special here at work!...a small airplane got tangled up in our power lines back in 2002 and we cut the power and had a non injury rescue. They had been to the fire dep to get some footage and came here to get some of us in the control center..our Supervisor new they were coming (flew in from L.A.)..kinda cool all the lights and Big Camaras..want air till 2010 though..had to sign a release for the show....they had been to the local TV station to get the retro footage of the accident night for the show...neat!..ok any supper left Mavis or Possum or anybody...prayers for Kai..maybe Sterling will check in...Ky been looking for mail?..and you too YOUT..will go by tomorrow and check on your movie...I get off in the morning and off till next wed!...I love my job...gona work the garden and put chips out ...SPOT

May 26, 2009 - Msg 72918: swish!..."Dog shaking dust going everywhere"..

May 26, 2009 - Msg 72919: Guess we'll have to ask spot for his 'pawtograph'? hehe

May 26, 2009 - Msg 72920: Hello again.
You people are the cats(I hope that is meant in a good way on TAGS, I forgot), you know that?! And I appreciate every one of you!

I walked my mom back over to the hotel, so I thought I would pop in and update you all.
Kai's surgery went really well, and went quicker than we, or the doctors, had anticipated. She is still in the ICU, but she is talking(quietly) after having the respirator thingy removed from her throat(she didn't like when it was removed, of course, but she did know to expect that, and that it wouldn't take very long).
She has an appetite back, though she has only been having ice chips and popsicles because her tummy isn't used to working yet after being asleep for a while, but she did just manage to down a whole popsicle without throwing it back up this time.(sorry, hope you are not eating) ;)

It has been nice because she is smiling again, and it is nice to see her smile.

Speaking of smiling, who was it who said they looked at the pics of Kai in the hospital, with the look on my face? Possum?
Well, I probably had that same look when she smiled again now. In fact, if you look closely at that picture, you can see Kai's sweet smile, when we were told to expect her to be ornery, but that is how she woke up then. She didn't quite wake up smiling this time, but it was nice to just see her open her eyes.

Have to go, will write more at a later time.

But Kai is doing well. She had some slight fever, but the nurse said it is not unusual for what she just had done.

Thank you so much for the prayers and concern!

-Sterling Holobyte

May 26, 2009 - Msg 72921:
Wow,spot, very cool!
I have to go read the archive.

May 26, 2009 - Msg 72922:
PRAISE THE LORD Sterling. That is such great news. You have made my day by checking in and informing us. Still praying.

May 26, 2009 - Msg 72923: Sterling I am eating a slaw dog here at work but dont bother me one bit just glad she can keep popsicle down!..prayers work gang!...we love that little girl...that made my night!..and yea M-T it was cool to have the TV crew guy seemed to be in charge..he was dressed up and talked important...but anyway anybody want a late night burnt split open ball park frank?..SPOT

May 27, 2009 - Msg 72924: Mornin everybody, so glad to hear about Kai. Got woke up awhile ago to the sound of what I thought was an explosion or something, now I'm wide awake!! I hate it when that happens. Still dont know what that was. Of course the hubby slept right through it. I'll go ahead and start the coffee, and be real quiet so I wont wake anybody else. See ya'll in a bit--Salty Dog

May 27, 2009 - Msg 72925: Morning Salty! get the coffee and I will whup up some breakfast...Explosion?..mercy...get off at 6am this morning and off till 2pm next wed! that big Bike Ride for Cancer Sat and its suppose to be purtty and sunny!...gona have music and food along the trail heads...will be about 30 miles...Radio stations and all that stuff..cant wait...ok possum you go by and get Asa and make sure he is "Ready" for breakfast...Romeena if you worked we will just see you at lunch..Maude you and Boo all kind of eggs every which a way..bisquits and gravy,country ham,flappy and crisp bacon,grits(my YOUT friend),hashbrowns with cheese,fried apple rings,Salty Dog coffee,h20,milk(cold) and a tear from my roll of paper towels!...YEA Kai!and hope everyone has a great mayberry day..Rev look for the UPS truck for your meals...SPOT

May 27, 2009 - Msg 72926: Morning Spot! Glad you've got a few days off. Man what a breakfast!! Yeah, I dont know what that noise was, but it sure woke me up. I went ahead and cooked the hubby breakfast and I think he was wondering if he woke up in the right house hee hee. Well I best get back and clean up the mess I made this morning. I hope you all have a wonderful day--Salty Dog

May 27, 2009 - Msg 72927:
Sterling- Like Rev said, "PRAISE THE LORD!" That is great news about Kai.


May 27, 2009 - Msg 72928: Morning.
Sterling, that's wonderful news about Kai. Many prayers have been answered. I hope and pray her recovery will be quick and uneventful.


May 27, 2009 - Msg 72929: Mornin' Y'all- GREAT news regarding Kai! God is good ALL the time! Thanks for letting us know,Sterling.
I'll make sure Asa is properly attired for breakfast-no open robe or chance of him going commando on my watch! Ha! Heck, to be on the safe side,I'll make him put on a 3 piece suit!
Spot,you ain't headed out to Hollywood to become the next Lassie,are ya? Don't go getting uppity now that you're a tv star! Hee Hee! I hope you find a copy of the movie for me- keeping my fingers crossed!
Salty,you got any loaded goats running around up there in your area? Maybe one of 'em went BLOOEY! Wonder what exploded?! Hope it wasn't anything serious.
Well,I'd better get going around here. Sure wish Sean could come over-the place needs vacuuming. He could knock it out in no time,I bet!
Y'all have a good day!
possum under a rock

May 27, 2009 - Msg 72930: Good morning everyone.

Great news about Kai! Prayers continue for her and STERLING's whole family.

SPOT: So you're gonna be a tv star, huh? You'll still talk to us little people, won't you?

AUH2O: So, it appears that you're checking in, at least from time to time, but rarely posting. Do we smell or something? I--and I know I'm not alone--miss hearing from you more regular, and more than just a drive-by. Please consider jawing when you have have the opportunity. Same goes for you, HAZEL.

Loaded goat? Hope it's not one of HOMEMAKER's.

Where's BOO this morning? And who's making the coffee?


May 27, 2009 - Msg 72931: WOOHOO!! Great news about Kai! Thank you so much for checking in and letting us know Sterling! What a great way to start the day! Me-They I think Salty made the coffee this morning since she was blasted outta bed. Wonder what causes that? Spot how cool! Yer gonna be a star! possum I bet Sean would do a great job too, if we were closer, he wouldn't have to worry about starting a business, he already has one, vacuumin all the porchsters places. :)
Well, got 1 dog to groom today and then off to the grocery store to get some coffee and things like that, later taters

May 27, 2009 - Msg 72932: I'm here, M-T..just running behind schedule this morning.

Thank you, Jesus, for taking care of Kai. I am rejoicing this morning! Sterling, thank you for sharing those very touching words with us. Love you, Sterling.


May 27, 2009 - Msg 72933: Wooohoooo! What a great day! Wonderful news about Kai, Sterling, and thank you so much for taking the time to let us know. With all you've got on your mind right now, we feel really honored. Praise the Lord!

The word on Joe is that he's still in ICU - it's been a week - but he expects to move to a room today. He kept having some heart rhythm issues, but they're bringing it under control with medication. God is good, indeed.

Hey, Spot! What fun, with the movie thing and all. Be sure to let us know when it's being shown - we want to see it. Hope you'll still talk to us after that!

auh2o, it's good to see you. Hazel just runs by now and then too. Hmmm. Is there a story there? I think I'll alert "Mayberry After Midnight" and see if they can get an investigative reporter on the trail.

Salty, we had a big old boom here in my town a while back, and it was some lady's house that had a gas leak and had blown up. She wasn't home, fortunately. Hope it wasn't something like that - at that time of night, folks would probably be home. Scary.

Well, gotta run. Eloise is here, and we have some mousing around to do. Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

May 27, 2009 - Msg 72934:
P-r-a-i-s-e the Lord!!
I think sterling and i posted at the same time
up there, that is why I didnt acknowledge his
post about Kai.
BTW, Pappabear says "HI" to all.

May 27, 2009 - Msg 72935:
"What about these cottonpickin' ROCKS!"

May 27, 2009 - Msg 72936: Hey guys, I think I'm finally over my waking up this morning lol. I'm starting to think it was either a transformer, or a vehicle backfiring. Still thinking about Kai, and Sterling. Thats so wonderful. Well I'm gonna give Spot the night off, I've got some bbq slow cooking, squash casserole ready to go in the oven, and getting ready to make some slaw so ya'll come on over. Love and continued prayers--Salty Dog

May 27, 2009 - Msg 72937: Hello friends,

Kai was moved to her regular room today. The walk from the bed to the chair to the wheelchair, and then back to her new bed, really wore her out, poor thing. She was soon sleeping like a rock.

Salty Dog, I sometimes wake up to what I think is a loud explosion as well. I'm thinking maybe I am not all the way asleep and one little noise can sound really loud when you are in that state. Anyway, that is my unprofessional hypothesis.

Then again, we do live near an Army base, so I guess some artilery could have gone off course and wiped out the neighbor's house. ;)

Will let you know more about Kai later, but have to get back to the hospital. Just stopped by to pick up some of her things for her room.

-Sterling Holobyte

May 27, 2009 - Msg 72938: Have you ever been awakened by your own sneeze? That happened to me once, and it's a really weird sensation, believe me! Actually, it took me a while to figure out what had happened. Scared me at first. You know the puff of air that they hit your eye with to check for glaucoma? (I haaaate that!!) Well, it felt like that, only more intense and it felt like it hit the whole middle of my face. Actually, I didn't figure it out myself, it was Dale who suggested that it might have been a sneeze. Once he said that I knew he was right.

Well, gotta run. Toye Starr is ready for her nap, and goodness knows, we can't deny that small request. Rotten little thing. --Romeena

May 27, 2009 - Msg 72939: Kai ROCKS!...ok I got to mow..and Mavis dont know about a movie star dog ;)...well let grill some chicken on the gril,some bbq and some lemon pepper,cream taters,green beans,maude slaw...I got to mow grass during this rain break.....SPOT

May 27, 2009 - Msg 72940:
I guess you could say that Kai is "sittin on top of the world," and that she's "only just begun.."!!
(Just don't say it to BOO!) ha
Thanks for the update Sterling.

May 27, 2009 - Msg 72941: You know I'm gonna a say it, MDC! "Tick-a lock", Amigo! ;-)

Thank you for the update, Sterling. Sounds like things are going just wonderfully. When you can comfortably do so (she might be sore for awhile), give Kai hug from all of us. :-)

Gotta go take a Yukon full of young'uns to church.


May 27, 2009 - Msg 72942:
Hello porch family.....It has really rained here today. I'm still in the Pigeon Forge area.

Sterling......continuing to praise the Lord for the news on Kai.

My wife and I just got back from Cracker Barrel. Goooooood!

You all have a great night sleep. Prayers for all the porch family.

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72943: Praise the Lord Sterling!So glad to hear that Kai is doing well.Spot,I will get some mail to you soon.Just haven't had time to do very much on the computer lately.Romeena,did you get the picture I sent you by snail mail for the album?If you mentioned it before,I'm sorry I didn't read it.Well,gotta get some sleep,prayers for all-ky girl

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72944: Goodnight!


"Andy's got hot knees!" :-)

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72945: Wow. Am I the first one on the porch this morning? What is this world coming to?

THat's great news about Kai, STERLING. PLease keep us posted. How about we head over to teh diner for breakfast?


May 28, 2009 - Msg 72946: I guess everyone else is sleeping in, M-T. It is already 8am here!


May 28, 2009 - Msg 72947: Oh, did I miss breakfast at the diner or are we going how...I'll pay this time. You can leave the quarter tip, M-T.


May 28, 2009 - Msg 72948: Nope, the car's still idling in the driveway.


May 28, 2009 - Msg 72949: Let's go...


May 28, 2009 - Msg 72950: toats please

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72951: Y'all will have to go to the diner without me this morning. I hate to miss it, but I've got too much going on right now. Jorge is here weeding and trimming hedges, and will plant some petunias later. Eddie is here to mow and edge and blow the porches and sidewalks clean. Ted is coming later to help me make some adjustments and improvements in the pump and filter system in the pond. And, I have $4 in my wallet! So, I'm off to the bank. These hardworking guys are going to expect more than a heartfelt "thank you", I think. Also, I need to get out there and help.
I told Jorge I'd handle the rose island. The bushes need pruning, and I'll just weed it while I'm at it. That will be at least a two-hour job.

The mosquitoes are just terrible, so I made everyone line up and get sprayed - they didn't object, believe me. I hate using those repellent sprays, but the wretched little biters are just in clouds out there! Yes, I've tried the Bounce sheets, and Avon's Skin So Soft, and nothing works when they're this bad. So, I also called Johnny, the young man who sprayed an organic repellent in the shrubbery before the wedding. It worked, we didn't see a single mosquito, but he can't come until next week. So, Off! it is for now.

Well, here I go. I'll see you good folk this evening. --Romeena

P.S. - What do you think of the way Obama and Sarkozy planned the D-Day commemoration - totally snubbing Queen Elizabeth, she's not even invited. If it's true, and I hope it isn't, but am afraid it is - then this is the most egregious stunt he's pulled yet. God help us.

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72952: I hope everyone had a great memorial day. just a quick check in as my schedule has been busy.hello to each of you. your in my thoughts and prayers. mdc- received a letter from cowgirl and wrote back. she is in need of prayers and worried everyone turned their backs on her. i reassured her not case. you might want to contact her. have a great day. pappa bear

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72953: Hey there PAPPABEAR!

ROMEENA: If you want to start taking care of the mosquito problem yourself, this stuff works:

TOM: Butter, jelly, or both?

WE got the kids season one of Gomer Pyle, USMC earlire this week and they love it. I'm enjoying it much more than I thought I would. I know I've seen most of them, but it was so long ago I don't remember any of them.


May 28, 2009 - Msg 72954: Me They, you left the car idling un the driveway? I'm telling Gore and Co. You will be punished!!! :)

Hiya pappa bear. Godd to see you posting more.

Sterling, I pray your little one is still doing good and getting stronger.

We recieved a call Monday night concerning my wifes brother. He's in the hospital and will not leave under his own power we are told. He has end stage liver failure and is bleeding internally. 52 years old and has drunk himself to death. So very sad. So we are trying to help out with funeral arrangements. My MIL is 83 and not in good health. This will be her 4th child she will bury. Keep Margie in your prayers if you would please folks.

Well gotta get.


May 28, 2009 - Msg 72955: That's so sad,Asa. Prayers,indeed.

Hope Kai and Joe are both doing well today.

Hey to Pappa Bear! Cowgirl? Is she a Porchster? I'm not sure I know who that is. I've been here almost 7 years and don't recollect anybody by that name.Well,she'll be in my prayers regardless,since you asked. Do any of y'all know who Cowgirl is?

Me-They- Season 1 of Gomer Pyle is great! Lots of actors from TAGS are in most of the episodes.See if you can spot Mrs. Lesh, Romeena,and one of the Fun Girls,just to name a few.
Speaking of Romeena and Fun Girls,I counted 4 gentlemen over at her place today! Good thing we know they are only there to do yardwork. We wouldn't want any stories to get out,like the one going around about Myra Koontz! Ha!
Spot,how about surprising us all with lunch today- just come pick us up and take us to an eatery of your choosing,ok? Just remember- I ain't eating with no Martians (remember that incident?!)!!
See y'all..
possum under a rock

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72956:
Asa-prayers for all, including you, in such a
situation. So sad especially when it was preventable. May God be with you all.
RO-I also see that N.Korea's little dictator
declared the 1953 treaty null and void! He also threatened the U.S., so what does hillary do? She ran to the UN. Sorry for the
soapbox, but we need to blow those missles right off their launchpads! Our aegis defense system
could do it in a NY minute!
OK, back to tags.
HI pappabear. Thanks for the info.
Earnest T: Did ya catch the glare as my mouth kicked open?

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72957:
Oh Possum, Cowgirl is one of the posters at the
Rifleman/Westerns site that pb and I also
frequent. (on the southside!) ha

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72958: Ok,thanks,MDC. I just couldn't place her.Hope things get better for Cowgirl.
Hanging out on the Southside,are ya? Should we call you "Fun Guy"? Ha!
I think I'll give up waiting on Spot to come by and get me for lunch.Gonna open a can of soup. Not much,but y'all are welcome to join me- we can fill up on saltines!

possum again

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72959: Just a quick stop by..prayers Asa..had a meeting this morning at work.thanks for lunch possum...SPOT

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72960: How very sad, ASA. Your family will be in my prayers today. So sorry you and your dear wife have to go through something like this. Dying at 52 is just something that shouldn't happen. Alcoholism is such a terrible thing for those trapped in that addiction (and for the people that love them). I have cared for patients like your brother-in-law and I know what it can be like. God be with each of you.


May 28, 2009 - Msg 72961: ASA: Prayers for you and your family. So sad.

POSSUM: I've already seen Mrs. Lesh, Mr. Foster, Inspector Case, and many others. Funny thing was that the actress who played Mrs. Lesh (can't remember her name--Grandma Walton) also played a con artist criminal in Gomer Pyle. And another character in that episode was the same old lady who played the lady selling the car to Barney at the end of that TAGS episode.

Well, I'm going to be off the porch until June 9. WE are getting ready to go on our yearly family vacation to Chincoteague. We're going a little earlier than usual this year since the Mrs. is due July 8. We don't want to cut it too close.

Anyway, please keep us in your prayers as we travel (and I spend a week living with my kids AND my parents), and I sure will keep you all in mine.

BOO: Don't go cluttering up my Facebook wall too much while I'm gone. As you know, rule number two states, "Don not write on walls, as it takes a lot of work to erase writing off of walls."

Take care and God bless!


May 28, 2009 - Msg 72962: "Don not?" Who am I, Charlie Chan?


May 28, 2009 - Msg 72963:
Have a great trip Me-They. Your chair will be here for ya when you get back. Take care of
the missus! Prayers.

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72964:
Hello porch family....checking in real quick. My wife and I are meeting some friends for dinner tonight so can't stay long.

Asa....prayers for your family my friend. have safe trip buddy and we'll keep your rocker dusted off.

Spot...thanks for the UPS meals.....They've been right on time.

You all have a blessed day and tell someone about Jesus.
Prayers for all the porch family.

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72965: M-T, you know I have to write on's a "compleeshun". Have a great vacation..prayers for your safety.

I gotta go, too. My nephew and his wife invited me to go with them to their church to hear some comedian, so I have to get ready for a night out without kids! Later, I might share something with you that happened today that made me laugh more than anything has in many's a conversation with my dad that is just hilarious.


May 28, 2009 - Msg 72966: Good afternoon, friends. It's 3:30 p.m., and the last worker bee just left. He would have stayed and kept working, but it's just so hot out there I couldn't go any further myself. I just couldn't come in the cool house and leave Jorge out there sweating and toiling away, so I gave him the option. I told him I was going in the house, I'd had enough. Told him he could keep working if he wanted to, or come in the house and have a cold drink, then come back in the morning and finish when it's not so hot. He didn't hesitate for long! We sat in the sunroom and had a good conversation and a cold drink, and he will be back at 8:30 a.m. Between my execrable Spanish and his rapidly-improving English, we had a good little talk. We teach other words in our respective languages, and we both benefit. For example, I now know that the joint in the middle of one's leg is a "rodilla", and Jorge knows that it is a "knee".

Me-They, thank you for that link! I went there, poked around a bit, and will definitely go back. Lots of interesting stuff there. The mosquito repellent would work. It contains garlic juice, white pepper and citronella. If I was a mosquito, I know I'd leave! I have a sample of some stuff sent to me by my new grandson-in-law, and I'm going to try it first, then will probably order some of the repellent from that site you recommended. What the kids sent is some dried and powdered bat poop. Yep, bat poop. You mix it in 32 oz of water in a trigger sprayer, and spray the foliage in the yard. A quart of the stuff won't do but about a fourth of this yard, but I'll be able to see if the shrubbery in the sprayed area is mosquito free. The stuff has the added benefit of being a foliar fertilizer, so we'll see.

Just spoke with Joe, he's out of ICU today, in a step-down monitored room, and doing very well. He should go home in a few more days. Then it's going to be a challenge for his wife to keep him at home. I just know he'll try to go to work.

Prayers for all - travelers, sick ones, worried ones - whatever the need, God knows it, and He is good. Be blessed! --Romeena

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72967:
Rev- good thing those meals aren't send DHL or
they'd be a Day and a Half Late!! haha

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72968: Romeena I'm going to send you back all this rain .
M-T have a good time and we will keep you in prayer.


May 28, 2009 - Msg 72969:
That's funny MDC....sounds like you've had a bad experience with DHL.

Tom....hope you get a break from the rain.

Ro....sounds like Joe keeps getting better and better. That's great.

Gang I may be asking a crazy question but I keep hearing the term "twittering" being used. What is "twittering"? I think it's something to do with texting or emailing.

Well I'm gonna head to bed here in this motorhome and crash out. You all have a good night. Prayers for all the porch family.

May 28, 2009 - Msg 72970: I really don't know what it is, either,REV.

Well, I had a pretty good time tonight. My nephew and his wife go to one of those super-mega churches in Corpus Christi. It has seating for thousands...and the chairs have those drink holders in them like at the movie. "For what?" you ask...for the coffee they serve on Sunday morning. Anyways there were having something called, "Thou Shalt Laugh" and they had 4 pretty well-known commedians who were funny. One I had seen before on television (forgot his name). John Tesh was MC of the event and tried to be a commedian (he should stick to playing the piano, believe me).

Well, I am pretty tired so I think I will go to bed. Hope you all have a good night's sleep.


May 29, 2009 - Msg 72971: Hi folks,

Had a scary moment today while my wife and I were trying to gently help Kai back into bed. She was just starting to lay down on her side so we could swing her legs over the bed, when she started crying. So we had her stand up again and moved her to her chair instead, where it is easier to get up and down. Well, she started crying there too saying that it hurt.
In the meantime the nurse came in and was checking Kai over, when Kai was crying louder. It was almost a yell and it was heartbreaking.
We thought it might have been something we were doing wrong in how we set her on the bed before, like we possibly hurt her breastbone or something where the incision was, but the nurse kind of made a comment of how it was kind of a delayed reaction from when they had taken out her chest tube and her "neck tubes", because all that went fairly smoothly. At least the chest tube did, but she did cry a little when they were taking the thing out of her neck, but not much. That's why the nurse made the comment about the delayed reaction, because Kai did so good when all that was going on before.
Well, she brought in some liquid Tylenol and some other pills she wanted Kai to take, and Kai managed to take them.
It kind of made sense about why she was in pain when I remembered that Kai was refusing pain medication when the nurse would ask her earlier in the day because she said she felt good. I had to remember what she was in the hospital for in the first place, and then it felt pretty normal for her to be in some pain(especially without painkillers), so I was less freaked out then.
Well, after Kai took the medicine, the nurse helped us get Kai back into bed, because we were scared to do it alone again, and she said Kai will sleep now. And she was right, because Kai was out after that and slept fine and woke up fine.

The nurse was very reassuring, but she was still firm in a nice way, saying Kai could nudge herself up on the bed to get in a good position, as long as she doesn't put pressure on her arms trying to lift herself of course.

Whew, what a day. Actually the rest of the night is going smoothly so far. Kai is taking walks and going to the bathroom now that the catheter is out. It is nice to not have so many tubes and things hanging off of her.

Since they discourage two people staying in the room with Kai due to space, my wife is staying with Kai, as she did the night before. I am staying for a while after Kai goes to sleep, then usually leave to go back to the hotel, which luckily is right across the street, at about 11:30 or 12, depending on how calm things are.

Will write more later, but I have to get to bed so I can be there in the morning.

Asa, so sorry about your wife's brother. I hope God can bring her and her family some peace and comfort.

-Sterling Holobyte

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72972: That must have been very hard, Sterling. I am so glad that Kai is doing well and sleeping now, bless her little heart. Thank you for being so kind in giving us updates on her. Prayers for her tonight that she would rest well and be relieved of any discomfort. May tomorrow be a much better day for all of you. I know I have said it before (and so have others), you are really a great dad.


May 29, 2009 - Msg 72973: Well, looks like I'm the first one up this morning. Slept like a log, but woke us too early. Have a tummyache for some reason.

I think I will try to lay back down while the kids are asleep. Hope you all have a good morning.


May 29, 2009 - Msg 72974: Morning Boo. Morning porch.
Thank you for all the prayers for our family. They surprizingly sent my BIL home from the hospital yesterday, because they can offer him no more help. They gave him the choice of staying there, or going home, and he chose home. So he is being set up with Hospice. I don't think he will make it through the weekend though. He's in really bad shape.

Sterling, I am so happy that Kai is doing well. I can't imagine what you guys must be going through. I'm sure your stress level is through the roof right now. I would like to say that through your posts it is evident you have a great love for your Daughter. I applaude that. I wish there were more devoted parents like you in the world.

Rev, I can't help you either buddy. Twittering used to be something the birds did, but it has some new meaning today dealing with computers and texting or something I reckon. I just don't know where folks get all this time to do all this stuff. I feel good if I can get here on the porch once or twice a day.

Have fun in your travels MT. Hope you survive the visits. :)

Think I'll mosey on over to the Diner and have some breakfast. I'm famished. Spot, where are you?


May 29, 2009 - Msg 72975: Morning, porch - Asa, Boo, (with a little nod) - Mr. Schwump. I'm up early, had my shower, shampoo, am all dressed and waiting for my son to come take me to the pain management clinic. I'll get that little epidural steroid injection done, and maybe, just maybe, I'll be rid of this chronic pain that has bothered me for the last five years or so. I finally got enough of it and sought help. Just a stubborn old lady, I guess, thinking I can handle things myself.

It's absolutely gorgeous out back this morning. There's a brilliant red cardinal and his less-brilliant mate sitting on the fence. I think they have a nest in the shrubs just below where they're sitting. A mockingbird flashes through frequently, pursuing some careless insect. The hydrangea is just heavy with blooms, and my precious "Angel Face" rose is blooming again! I just love that fragrant little rose.

Jorge will be here shortly, and will finish up what we started yesterday, while I'm gone to the doctor, and Eddie will be coming back to finish mowing. He didn't mow the back yesterday, because of the mess Jorge and I were making with our weeding. Now Eddie will mow, and it will all smooth out. I am so fortunate to be surrounded with helpers whom I can trust. God is good.

Well, off I go. Got to get Toye Starr fed before David gets here. Be blessed! --Romeena

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72976:
Hey Folks

Wow, thanks for the caring and kind words. I won't bore ya'll with my problems but I trying to deal with something I should have many moons ago. But, my life is good, I am blessed.

Asa-Like others have said it is heartbreaking news about your BIL. Prayers for him.

Sterling-As another guy that loves his girls more than I good ever say, your posts are very touching. Kai is a blessed little girl.

Rev-My understanding about twittering is that people, often celebs, can post short comments about their day, whats going on at that moment, perhaps. And, others can ask questions to people they are following on twitter. I'm following a couple of people Newt Gingrich and a few others like that. For example, I could post a question to Newt and if he wanted to answer it it would appear on his twitter page. I think someone, such as, yourself would be wonderful at twittering. Rev and singer, it could be another ministering tool for ya. If ya ever do choose to twitter, please let us know.

Me They- I bet ya won't see this before ya take off but I hope ya have a great va ca!

Hazel- You have to post more even if it's just a quick HEY!


May 29, 2009 - Msg 72977: Dont really know here Asa..just got an early jump on my bush hogging today...still got a bunch to do...possum guess what?...hee it for you...hey auh20,Boo,Tom,sterling...well let me get back on this tractor before it gets to hot...Lunch?..yall holler at me in the feild...SPOT

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72978: Hey friends. Just an update. My wife just called to inform me that Ron passed away a few minutes ago. I'm glad he is out of his misery, but my poor Mother In Law is a disaster. Today is her Birthday of all things. How sad is that?
Thank you for your prayers. You are such sweet and wonderful folks here.


P.S. Auh2o, prayers for your situation brother. I don't know whats going on, but He does, and He will heal. Please feel free to E-mail me if you need to chat.

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72979: Hey Rev auh2o is right, you would be great for it, you could post where you were at the moment, where you will be next & folks that are "following" you would get it right there on the Twitter page. I'm on there, so if you decide to sign up, let me know. Sterling what awesome news about Kai, like the others, I do so appreciate you keeping us updated. Since we can't be there to sit with you guys & help, it's the next best thing. Hug her from Aunt Mavis when she is not so sore. Romeena you do have some wonderful friends & helpers AND unlike alot of folks, you KNOW it! :) Tom hope your rain has stopped. Asa prayers for you & yours friend. Well, I'm off here for a bit.

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72980: So very sorry and sad for you mother-in-law, ASA. I cannot even imagine the kind of pain she is feeling after already losing other children. God be with her and comfort her as only He can, and may those around her speak only words of healing. May she rest in you as you carry her through this, Lord. Prayers for your wife and family members, also.


May 29, 2009 - Msg 72981:
ASA- My heart and prayers go out to you dear friend! May the Lord bless and keep you all.
Boo-what was that other story you were going to tell from the other day?
Sterling- I wonder if Kai's catheter tube got pulled when you were laying her down the first time? that can be very painful.
I see that BO is telling Israel what to do again.
This is not good.
Prayers for all,
Take care, and tell someone that Jesus loves 'em!

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72982: Well, MDC, I thought maybe i shouldn't share that story. It concerned my dad and one of his "personal problems". It really wasn't appropriate for the porch (I know you are all thinking, 'Well, when did that ever stop you before?'), but it is best left untold. You would have laughed if I could tell it, though.

It was very nice to see Auh2o on the porch.


May 29, 2009 - Msg 72983: Asa,I echo the sentiments that have already been posted here. My deepest sympathies to your mother in law and entire family. God Bless,friend.
Yes,Rev would be a perfect candidate for Twitter. I signed up,but don't really care for it. Think I have tweeted once. Mavis and auh2o explained it quite well.Only thing I can add is that you are limited to what you post (tweet). I think its something like a limit of 50 words-something like that.
Sorry to hear of Kai's discomfort. I'm sure she'll start feeling much better soon.Kids have a way of bouncing back!
Spotty!! You got me a "my Cousin Vinny" dvd??! Bless your heart! You are the best dog buddy a possum could ask for! Thank you- YOUT!! Ha!
Again,Asa,my prayers to you and yours.
possum under a rock

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72984: I have a story to tell you that might lighten the mood a little. I visited my mother-in-law today and she told me this story: She told me that she was in the grocery store the other day and was looking for HEB fruit spread (HEB is a grocery chain we have here in south texas). Well, she looked in the jelly section and couldn't find it anywhere. A store employee approached her and asked if he could help her find something, to which she replied, "Yes. I have looked and looked...WHERE is the HEB fruit spread?!"...The employee said, "This is Walmart, ma'am and we don't carry HEB products."..haha..poor MIL is losing it. She told me three different stories today that she has told me before. One of them I heard for the third time. I am concerned about her memory loss and I am going to suggest that she ask her dr for some Aricept.

Better go...chores to do.


May 29, 2009 - Msg 72985: Good afternoon, dear porch. My son brought me home from the little procedure just before noon, then went and got lunch for me and Jorge (a burger for me, chicken for Jorge) and then went on back to work. I'm feeling okay, no pain, just very tired and sleepy. Time will tell whether the procedure worked to solve the problem or not.

Asa, my prayers for your family, especially your MIL. I can't imagine losing a child, that has to be so very difficult. We all expect to lose our parents. We all know that out of any couple, one is eventually going to lose the other. But you just don't expect to lose your child. It just doesn't seem right somehow.

auh2o, I hope whatever is troubling you is soon resolved, and you can be your old fun self again. Sterling, prayers continue for sweet Kai, of course.

I don't know one tweet about twitter!

Jorge has finished and just left, the yard looks wonderful. Yes, Boo, I definitely do know how blessed I am to have the people around me who help me maintain this place. They all charge gently, they're completely trustworthy, and I consider them all to be blessings sent from God.

Now, a nap is reeaallly calling me. My orders from the doc were to go home and "sleep it off", and I think that's exactly what I'm going to do. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72986: Funny story, Boo, and it does sound like your MIL might benefit from Aricept. However, I hope she has good prescription coverage, because that stuff is priced like gold. Also, in the years that my father took it, I couldn't really tell that it was helping him much, but maybe I just don't know how bad he would have been without it. Who knows? BTW, does she take Gingko? Supposedly, it helps a little, but again, who knows? --Romeena

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72987: OREGANO! (:

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72988:
Boo, that's ok on the story. i understand.
Everyone have a good weekend.

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72989: Possum got ya covered girl...will be shiping soon...heck I got it playing in the DVD right now..not yours my copy...prayers ASA...hey MDC,Romeena,Boo,Mavis...hey yall let me get this tractor put up...back in just a bit....SPOT

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72990: MESSAGE REMOVED

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72991: MESSAGE REMOVED

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72992: MESSAGE REMOVED

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72993: MESSAGE REMOVED

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72994: Well welcome to the porch Mac....SPOT

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72995: MESSAGE REMOVED

May 29, 2009 - Msg 72996: Who said that?....SPOT

May 30, 2009 - Msg 72997:
Hello porch family. heart and prayers go out to you and all your family.

Thanks everyone that posted info on Twitter. I had no idea.

Prayers for all the porch family.

May 30, 2009 - Msg 72998: hello

May 30, 2009 - Msg 72999: hello

May 30, 2009 - Msg 73000: Morning gang...ham and bisquits this morning...light b-fast for me ..11:00 Miss Sherry and I are off to the Big Cancer Bike ride..hope we make the 30 miles...ha ha...Sunny and going to 83 today here in Ga...Kai ROCKS...prayers and will catch ya this afternoon....SPOT

May 30, 2009 - Msg 73001: I guess I know who posted "OREGANO"...does it help with memory, MDC?? BTW, I forgot to tell you that I used about 5 drops of oregano oil in a little juice and I thought it had burned out my esophagus! Guess I didn't dilute it about hurt. That stuff is pretty potent.

Took the kids to see Night at the Museum last night...funny! I really liked it.

Poosum and SPOT...I really can't quite figure out your obsession with Cousin Vinny...Do the two of you have some sort of "Compleeshun Complex"?...there are support groups for that and they can be very "therapEtic" (according to Barney). ;-)

Better get on with the chores..


May 30, 2009 - Msg 73002: Have fun on your ride Spot Sounds like ya'll have a full day. Sstill thinking of Kai today, wish I knew where to send her something, I would love to send her a little get-well gift of some kind. Welcome to the porch Mack! Well, I got lots to do today, haven't been feeling well all week and I've put off alot of things that need doin, I keep waitin on Sean to show up, but...:)

May 30, 2009 - Msg 73003: POOsum?!...sorry about the typo, Possum.


May 30, 2009 - Msg 73004: Didn't see you there Boo top of the morn to ya!

May 30, 2009 - Msg 73005: 'Morning, porch. Er, I think perhaps a little caution is in order, and I'll write Floyd. Message 72990, 72991, 72992, 72993 and 72995 were all written by the same person. Mack, if you're genuine, you should be aware that most folks don't welcome themselves to the porch, they wait to see if the porch just might do it. And most folks don't start out with a commercial, so you might want to reconsider your approach.

Hope everyone is doing well this morning. I think Joe is going home from the hospital today. Every time I've talked with him, he has asked me to tell you all how much he appreciates your prayers. He was in serious, bad shape when he went into the hospital, and now it looks like he's got a future. God is good.

Well, got things to do - guess I'd better get busy. Still taking it a bit easy after yesterday's procedure, but I can at least clean up the kitchen. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

May 30, 2009 - Msg 73006: LOL@ POOsum! I don't know,Boo- Spot & I just started catching "My Cousin Vinny" on tv at the same time,began talking about it,and the next thing you know we're calling each other "YOUTs" like in the movie and carrying on to beat the band! Perhaps we DO have a Compelsion Complex. Think maybe we ought to go get ourselves inarculated? That might help!
Thanks,Ro,for e-mailing Floyd.Thought for a minute that Barney had brought George the tv repairman to the Porch!
" Now you're not no account, Ernest T.,you're not no account,you're just... IGNORANT.
possum under a rock

May 30, 2009 - Msg 73007: Yes, should definitely get inarculated. ;-)

Great news about Joe!


May 30, 2009 - Msg 73008: Hey Mavis and possum,Kai,Boo and all...whow what a ride today...a total (what we rode ) was about 32 miles..the old dog will be sore tomorrow but guess what ...Miss Sherry and I are gona go for a ride tomorrow too...gona get the boat out and clean it up tomorrow and put it at the marina tue...well prayers gang...Kai ya porch...gona check my mail...SPOT

May 30, 2009 - Msg 73009: MESSAGE REMOVED

May 31, 2009 - Msg 73010: Possum and yall where yall at?...SPOT

May 31, 2009 - Msg 73011: Hey yall...b-fast at waffle house on Asa...Race tomorrow at the monster mile Dover...SPOT

May 31, 2009 - Msg 73012: Good Sabbath morning my family, continued prayers for Kai, and for Asa's family too. Especially his MIL how sad for her. Spot I'll meet you at the waffle house, I picked up a paper we can read the comics while we wait for the others. Hope ya'll have a wonderful day, I best get ready for preachin--Salty Dog