June 23, 2009 - Msg 73490: Thanks, Maude!

I was planning to sleep in because Erin is spending the night with her cousin, but my eyes popped open bright and early...

Ro, sounds like Starr is a smart puppy. So funny that she moves her toys into the living room when you get home! I remembered yesterday that you had a granddaughter in the area, so there you go, you can kill two birds with one stone and visit up both.

Better finish my coffee and get on with the chores. Be back later...


June 23, 2009 - Msg 73491: Good morning everyone. It's another beautiful day here (meaning no rain) but you can feel the humidity creeping up. They claim it'll be dowenright balmy by Friday.

ROMEENA: The Mrs. sometimes wears her uniforms, but usually prefers the hospital's scrubs. Since she's on nights, she's not really "seen" very much. Although now being in the NICU she sees a lot of parents. One plus with the hospital's scrubs is that they do the washing!

BOO: "The Bad Seed" is a movie made in the 1950s about a child who is born sociopathic (an homocidal). She kills several people, the central one being a little boy who won the medal she wanted at school. You never actually see anyone being killed. It's more a psychological drama. It's extremely well-acted. It was nominated for best picture and the cast won several Academy Awards. It's pretty intense. You can read more about it IMDB or Wikipedia.

HAZEL: PBS is showing two more Poirots and the three Miss Marples over the next five Sundays on "Masterpiece Mystery." It's playing at 9:00 p.m. my time (EST) on my local station. It may be re[peated on another night, so look up your local station on the internet. You missed a good 'un! My only disappointment was no Chief Inspector Jappe, Miss Lemon, or Captain Hastings. I enjoy it when the whole gang is there.

ASA: I have only watched Rumpole a few times, but my aunt has them all on DVD so maybe I'll borrow them sometime. I never enjoyed the Jeremy Brett "Sherlock Holmes," but was a bit fan of Inspector Allen and some of the other British detectives. Wonder why they make the best detectives? Must be the accent.

Did you ever catch the "Nero Wolfe" that played for a few seasons on A&E several years ago? It starred Timothy Hutton as his assistant. I never caught them the first time around, but my dad got them on DVD and they're really, really good. I love those period detective shows. I think Nero takes place in the 1940s or 1950s. He's a character, that's for sure!

MDC: You can call me cream puff, just don't me late for dinner!

Thanks for all your prayers. I have to admit I've been getting increasingly nervous--much more so than the others. I think I've been listening to too much news involving tragedies with children.

That's led me to think a lot about a friend of mine I lost touch with years ago. We went to school together, and ended up waiting tables in the same restaurant back in the early 90s. She had a son (she was divorced out of the army) who was four, who was the same age as my niece, so we took them to the movies, etc. from time to time. Sadly, her son was killed in a bizarre accident at daycare (where his grandmother worked). (He climbed up on a statue of the Virgin Mary, which was pulled off its stand and fell on top of him.) As you can imagine, she wasn't the same after that and gradually we lost touch. I often wonder what happened to her. I had heard she had finished nursing school (which she was attending at the time) and intended to become a midwife to poor families somewhere in Appalachia. Anyway, care to join me in a little prayer?

I can't leave on that sad note! How about we all sing a round of "Row, row, row, your boat?" Ladies you start, and we men will come in next...


June 23, 2009 - Msg 73492: OK..."Row, row, row your boat..."


June 23, 2009 - Msg 73493:
Ed McMahon passed away?
Hope all porchsters are OK.
Yes, I forgot LUCY in my APB.
Me-they--did you see my 4-5-6-7-8-9 date thing?
Have a good day all,
back later,

June 23, 2009 - Msg 73494: WE WILL NOT SING! (:

June 23, 2009 - Msg 73495: Oh, I forgot to mention that yes, I did, MDC. If that happened, it would please my wife to no end. She has a thing with numbers and a great memory for them. She can remember everyone's birthdays and phone numbers. She freaks our friends out when she can give their parents, brothers and sisters birthdays off the top of her head. She still remembers every one of the phone numbers of her childhood friends. All I know is I better never forget our anniversary!

I think we have picked out a name. This is the hardest time that we've had yet. I can't tell you what it is (in case we don't use it), but the first name is old fashioned and the middle name relates to my favorite book and movie (no, it isn't Scout!).

Take care, and add AFD to your APB.


June 23, 2009 - Msg 73496:
How about Barney FiSe, or Hoggette, or
yellow-bellied turncoat, or Hody Snitch,
or Johnny Paul, or Charlene, or Dud,...
all wonderful names! (:

The Mystery Baby-Namer

June 23, 2009 - Msg 73497: Hey again y'all- yes,Ed McMahon passed away.I heard it on Headline News this morning.
Thanks for breakfast,Maude.I knew you'd come through for us hungry buzzards!
Prayers please for my mama. She just found out that she has the flu- Types A and B. It puzzles me how the flu is still going around here,with this hot summer weather. I hope I don't catch it from her.I took her to an appt. yesterday,so obviously I have been exposed to her. Whatever will be,will be. Perhaps me being younger (a YOUT!) it won't hit me as hard if I do. Anyhow,I am praying she gets over it quickly and with no complications.
Continued prayers and good wishes for the upcoming arrival,Me-They. Can't wait to hear that your little girl has arrived! Curious about the name as well.
Well,y'all stay safe & well. Love to all!
possum again

June 23, 2009 - Msg 73498: Boy, you got me thinking on that one, M-T. Wasn't Scout's name "Jean Louise"? I hope you aren't calling her middle name "Boo"!..or "Radley"! ;-)


June 23, 2009 - Msg 73499: Forgot to mention that I took the kids on a little historical field trip yesterday and it was interesting. There are lots of old ghost towns all over Texas and several in my area. I am discovering some of thme and yesterday we visited an old cemetary and church in what used to be Gussettville, TX. It was a little town started by Irish immigrants in about 1800. I saw some very old graves and interesting headstones. I just love exploring old graveyards....call me weird. On some of the markers, it would have the date the person was born and the name of the town in Ireland where they came from. This little cemetary was way out off the main road and out in the middle of nowhere and nobody around, so it was a little creepy and there was the white church house right in the middle. Anyway, I got out of the car and it felt like it was about 110 degrees in the middle of the day, very still and quiet. As I started exploring, I noticed a man on the far end of the cemetary, dressed in old clothes and a straw hat, carrying a pitchfork. I thought it was odd because there wasn't a car or house in site....you all know where this is going, don't you? Well, I watched him for a minute and then went about my exploring, but when I looked for him again, he had vanished! I thought maybe i had seen a ghost from the past but then Sean told me a car had pulled up and the guy got in it a left! Oh well, not so mysterious afterall. This little old cemetary had the most amazing statue of Christ on on the cross, done in bronze. It had to be 15 feet high and was just amazing. It was dedicated to someone's wife and i couldn't help but wonder where in the world it came from....unusual thing to see out there in the middle of nowhere in an old cemetary.

Well, the chores await! Break over...


June 23, 2009 - Msg 73500: Well, you haven't hit it so far, and I'll tell you it ain't Atticus.

Glad your trip went well, BOO. Prayers for your mom, POSSUM.

The Mrs.a nd I are going out to dinner (alone) this evening. We're farming out the kids to grandparents. This weekend it hit us that if we wanted to do it we'd better this week since soon we won't be going anywhere by ourselves, at least for a few months. What do you think, the Diner or Morelli's? Maybe Paddy's Place?


June 23, 2009 - Msg 73501:
Wedding last Saturday, Goat Show on Sunday and now getting things ready to head to TX. No time for flowers for this homemaker!

Boo - how exciting - my kids would love that kind of trip.

Well - on to start supper for the hubby. Grilling burgers and brats - ya'll come (you can't can you!)


June 23, 2009 - Msg 73502:
Boo- are you sure you weren't around the remshaw place? ha
It's still kind of creepy that a man with a pitchfork would be out there in the heat of the day. Strange indeed.
Prayers for possum's mom and may Ed Mcmahon RIP.

June 23, 2009 - Msg 73503: How about "Finch", M-T??

Homemaker, there is a neat old cemetery (finally spelled it right) called Bushdale Cemetary 58 miles NE of Austin, if you feel like taking a little drive there. I read about it on a great little site. Go to www.texasescapes.com and click on ghost towns. You can see just where those old towns and cemetaries are located and some might be along your route as you travel. Unfortunately there don't seem to be many near Austin.

MDC, I was nowhere near the Remshaw place, but I think I may have seen Mr. Remshaw carrying a pitchfork. ;-)


June 23, 2009 - Msg 73504: Hello everyone. It's been a few months since I last posted. I only read the postings on this page so I'm not up to date on what's been happening with you folks.
Nothing new and exciting happening in my life.

Boo, your cemetery experience got me to thinking about the opening scenes in the movie "Night of the Living Dead" where the brother and sister visit a cemetery in the daytime. Off in the distance is a lone elderly man who seemed to be preoccupied with his own business. When the brother noticed him, he began to tease his sister about monsters. In the background, you could notice that man seemed slowly to get closer and closer. Eventually, he turned out to be a zombie who attacked both of them. How would you have liked that to happen on your visit?

poor Horatio

June 23, 2009 - Msg 73505: Welcome back, poor Horatio. Are you still commuting back and forth between Canada and Chicago? (I think it was Chicago) I hope everything is going ok.
Me They, thanks for the info on when the Poirot shows come on, and the Miss Marple. I have read every Agatha Christie book, more than once. Are these shows a take off on any of the books? I think I've seen one of the Miss Marple movies before, I think it was "Halloween Party". Anyhow, it was great, and kept to the book pretty good. My first Agatha Christie book was "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" (not sure how Ackroyd is spelled) I think a lot of people started with that one. My favorite Miss Marple is "What Mrs. McGillicudy Saw". Sometimes I think I would be a real study for a psychologist (not sure how that's spelled either). I really don't like to read new books by an author I haven't read before. I would rather read a book I know I like, rather than start one I'm not sure of. I can go back and read a favorite book many times. Maybe not right after I've just finished it, but certainly every couple years or so. Like Asa, I'm a fan of the "All Creatures Great and Small" series. I've read every one of them many times. Same with Agatha Christie. And "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom. Maybe it's not so strange afterall; when you think that many of us can watch the TAGS shows over and over.
I love to visit cemetarys too, Boo. I find them very peaceful. And interesting! One time when my daughter was about 12 I took her to our local cemetary. Our family was always big on card games, and the kids were taught to play as soon as they expressed interest. Anyhow, we were at the cemetary, and I was visiting my Grandpas grave, my Dads grave, and my sisters grave. Which are all in different spots in the same cemetary. I made the comment that I wished they were all closer together, and my daughter said "yeah, but this way it's like they're playing 3-handed pinochle". She had just recently seen some of us play that at a family function. It made me laugh.
10-4, over and out,

June 23, 2009 - Msg 73506: Hey gang ...sorry about the NON post but been at the lake all day.work the next 3 days so I should be able to catch up....ha ha...hey hazel,Ro,,,possum check yer mail....back in just a bit...hey Maude...SPOT

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73507: Oh, thanks for creeping me out late at night, Poor Horatio!! (Good to have you back, though) ;-) I sure am glad that I didn't think of Night of the Living Dead while I was out at the cemetery. If I had I would have taken one look at that guy and run to the car. I will never forget seeing that movie for the first time. My mom took my sister, one of her friends, and me to the drive-in to see it and I sat out alot of the movie in the floorboard of the car, too terrified to watch. I must have been about Erin's age at the time...maybe a little older and I remember very well tht during a very nerve-wracking scene in the movie, a friend of my sister's snuck up and yelled "boo!" into one of the car windows. Scared me to death.

Funny story, Hazel. Kids are so funny.

I used to have an aunt and uncle that lived in east Texas, in a cabin. It was a very small, old town called Mt. Enterprise and they lived out in the country, sort of tucked away in the pines. On the old country road you drove on to get there, there was a very old cemetery and I used to love to spend time reading the old headstones. Only problem was that there were gophers on the place and it seemed like every step you took, you felt like you were sinking into the earth...not a pleasant feeling to have while in a cemetery. hehe.

Guess I will go to bed. Hope I can fall asleep after this creepy conversation.


June 24, 2009 - Msg 73508: Creep Boo SPOT

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73509: Spot,are ya calling Boo a creep? Does that mean she can't "run with" us anymore on Saturday night? Ha Ha
Thanks for the well wishes & prayers for my mom. As of yesterday afternoon,she was doing ok for somebody with 2 types of flu. I have to go out of town & check on her throughout the day,so I'd better cut this short.I'll pop in later. Love to all!

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73510: Good morning everyone.

HAZEL: No problem. I’ve read most of Christie’s Poirot books, too, but haven’t read any Miss Marples. Like the books, I can watch David Suchet in those movies again and again. The movie last Sunday was based on “A Cat Among the Pigeons.” It’s amazing that after all these years there still are stories that haven’t been part of the series yet. Christie sure was prolific. Of course, some of the shows are based on short stories from the anthology books.

BOO: Sorry, it’s not Finch. Another hint: you’re thinking too “literal.”

You would have fit right in the 19th century with your cemetery fascination. I was reading not too long ago that at that time cemeteries were typical and respectable places for all sorts of family gatherings, social events, picnics, and such. In many places, cemeteries functioned as the local parks. At least one local cemetery here had to pass rules of conduct in the 1870s because Sunday picnickers were being too rowdy. We all still cash out at some point or another, but I think because death was so much more a part of life then it was natural that cemeteries weren’t the spooky or socially off-limits places many regard them today. Anyway, there’s interesting information on the internet on the subject of cemeteries in the 1800s if you are interested.

Wow. You saw “Dawn of the Dead” at age 9? I still remember being frightened by the Wicked Witch of the West at that age. No wonder you’re the way you are (just kidding!).

Continued prayers for your mom, POSSUM.

See ya’ll at lunch. (Hear that, SPOT?)


June 24, 2009 - Msg 73511: Morning Porch, just checking by for a minute.
HOT here today, around 90, not much humidity though. working today as usual.
Prayers for everyone, especially Possum's Mom,
M-T and family, ASA and his wife.

Hey SPOT! hope all is well with you and yours.

Lunch menu will be: roast beef or chicken salad sandwhiches,chips, SLAW, nutty buddy ice cream cones, kool aid to drink. see you all at noon.

take care, prayers and blessings to all

Big Maude

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73512: Am I interested?..you bet, M-T. I will look it up as soon as I have an opportunity. That is really interesting about how things have changed. I would love it if it were still that way, but thanks to Hollywood (Dawn of the Dead, etc), embalming and funeral home practices, we have a wrong view of things now, and yes, I was probably 8 or 9 when i saw Night of the Living Dead, I was a little older when I saw Dawn of the Dead (probably 12).


June 24, 2009 - Msg 73513: I guess I got my "dead" movies mixed up. Either way, yuck!

If you decide to look up some info, besides the normal key words you might use try Googling "garden cemetery movement."

Thansk for lunch, MAUDE. Here's my quarter.


June 24, 2009 - Msg 73514:
B00-What was your mom thinking?

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73515:
Oh ROmeena, someone here at work said that when
they were growing up a "black cow" was a float
with CHOColate ice cream. I could see that because
my mom always used to kid that chocolate milk came from brown cows. ha
Anybody ready for a watermelon seed spittin' contest, or a run down the Slip 'n' Slide??
Or maybe just a good game of Red Rover?
BTW, I talked to PAPPAbear on the phone yesterday.
He is doing well, but Lincoln, Ill has been in a heat wave- 105 plus 90% humid, and most there have no AC, His "shower" is walking from the car to the house! (an abbreviated 'ha').
Hang in there folks!
Words for today: wet sheets! (:

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73516:
Oh, and to M-T,
Here's the full name that they called Barney:
Of course, there's also Andilina! teehee

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73517: How'd I miss HORATIO's post? Welcome back!

MDC: Sorry, I don't we could fit all that on the social security number request form. However, I'm not sure why we will bother filling the thing out anyway. What are the chances there will be any money left by the time she is eligible to collect? And just Andelina doesn't put a twang in my buds.


June 24, 2009 - Msg 73518: MDC: If you can figure out my last post, you get a cookie.


June 24, 2009 - Msg 73519:
Hello porch family......Still on the road and VERY busy. Sure miss you guys but just haven't had the chance to check in. Hopefully I can get by here more often by next week. But as always....you know that you're in my heart and prayers.
Love you guys!

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73520: Hi porch friends!I finally have few minutes to sit and talk.I have missed all of you.Boo,I'm with you,I love to walk through old cemetaries.Also,you were talking about the Night of the living Dead,I have friends who were in the remake movie.It was filmed not too far from where I live here in PA.One of my friends was the first "Zombie" you see in the movie.He was in other scenes as well.His brother was in more of the outside shots.He said he had to sit in makeup for about 4 hours and it was very hot those days.It was filmed in a local country cemetary.The old farmhouse they used was acutally about a mile away from the cemetary.I will look up that link on the internet also.Possum,prayers for your mom.A friend of the family just got out of the hospital with double pneumania.She went in with it in one lung and the next day she had it in both.Spot,how was the lake?I haven't made it to Amish country in Ohio yet,still want to go before my break is over.MDC,I coudn't remember Barneys full name,thanks for the info,haha!Glad to hear pappa bear is doing o.k. .Maude lunch sounds good.Well,I had something else I wanted to add to this post,but,I can't remember what it was,so guess I'll close for now.Prayers for all-ky girl

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73521: Hi Rev ,you slipped in while I was posting!-ky girl

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73522:
Hey to Ky girl. That is what the "guys" called
Barney when he signed Ellie's petition. (:
Speaking of movies, did ya all know that you have
a camera lens if ya put your two thumb tips together! ha I watch Mayberry Goes Hollywood
last night! So, I'm gonna go to Floyd's "Tonsoral Parlor" now. ha
ME-THey- I got your drift, whew, did I EVER get
your drift! ha You say "by the time she is eligible," hey, what about YOU!? I can barely count on it, as the lockbox is basically empty!
In fact, they never did put a lock on it! :(
God bless,

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73523: I checked out the garden cememtery movement on Google Me-They.It is very interesting.
Boo-If you haven't read any of it yet,I think you will like it.

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73524: MDC,I could have used those wet sheets a couple of nights ago,oh the humidity and heat were suffocating.And hardly any breeze blowing.I tried sleeping on the porch for awhile.It helped a little.-ky girl

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73525:
Ice cold lemonade, or a mint julip sure sound mighty good about now!
Sounds like there is a real humid heat wave going on, kinda like the opening to TKAM, lets see now,
what was the name of that town...

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73526: No, not mdc (:

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73527: Hi All.
It was hot 00 some!
At night I will sit outsizd to cool off and water the plant.
Never saw a horror mover.


June 24, 2009 - Msg 73528: 90 g


June 24, 2009 - Msg 73529:
110 degrees here today TOM.
Want some Phoenix heat?
Low humidity tho. (:

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73530: Good evening, porch! Poor Horatio, it's good to see you - about time you came back around. We've missed you. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Hazel, your literary tastes are very close to mine. I love Agatha Christie's books, have a drawer full of them (paperbacks)and often drag one out and re-read, like you said. I've probably read TKAM about eight times, GWTW at least five times, and since I first read "Little Women" when I was eight or nine, I've lost count on that one. As you observed, we watch TAGS over and over. The first time, we just enjoyed the show and laughed at the funny things. The more you watch, though, the more you appreciate the fine writing, the subtle jokes and references, and the skillful delivery of the actors. I almost always see a new detail I had missed before, and find myself watching for special things I've seen in the past. It's the same with a good book. First time - the story. After that, I savor the good writing and mull it over in my mind, almost tasting the well-turned phrases, and admire the skill of the writer as he or she develops and reveals the characters and the intricacies of the plot. Wonderful stuff! If it's good, it's never tiresome.

As for James Herriot, I read the comment of one critic who described his books as "entertaining, but he's no Hemingway." Well, thank heaven, that's true. I can't think of a single Hemingway book that I've read more than once, and I've read all of Herriot's stuff at least half a dozen times. I don't know whether that speaks of Herriot's skill or my taste, but I don't care. I know what I enjoy.

I see I'm in good company. I enjoy old cemeteries too. Dale first introduced me to that. We actually used to take our kids and go to little old, tucked-back-in-the-sticks cemeteries and have picnics! We would play games, such as seeing who could find the headstone with the oldest birthdate, or the longest lifespan. The winner would get to choose the flavor of the ice cream we'd make back at home. As Boo said, There are many such tiny, forgotten cemeteries in Texas. I think taking our children there now and then gave them some sense of connection with the past, made them aware that the world did not begin with their own birth. I hope it also helped them to understand that the world does not end when someone dies. You may feel as though it did, but it does go on.

Hot and humid here, upper 90s today, with humidity around 50%. It could have been worse.

Possum, prayers for your mom. I hope she can throw that stuff off, the flu can be very nasty.

Well, guess I'll go cut a watermelon, and have that for supper. Too hot for anything else. I hope it's a good sweet one. If it's not any good, I'll chunk it up and put it out for the critters. They love it! Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73531: Rev,ya might wanna stay on the road a bit longer-oh,the things going on with our governor! In case y'all haven't heard the breaking national news,the governor of SC went AWOL this past week-nobody,including his staff, knew where he was. His family didn't know where he was,there was no transfer of power to the Lt. Governor,he missed Father's Day with his 4 boys. His staff "thought" he could be hiking the Appalachian Trail,because he mentioned he "might" do that.Well,it turns out that he flew to Argentina,where he'd been having an affair! Ok,I'm climbing up on the soapbox now: The affair is between Governor Sanford,his wife, and God.I have my thoughts on it,but won't go there.That is really not MY concern. But he took an oath to serve this state and he basically ran out on us South Carolinians. I never thought he was very stable,and his antics just reinforce my beliefs. He is a known tightwad( oh,he has money!) and I am anxious to find out if WE footed the bill for his escapades. I know it has been proven that he took off alone in a SLED (SC law enforcement) SUV for the ride to the airport.What made him think he had the right to do that,I wonder? That vehicle belongs to ME,REV,and all residents of the Palmetto State. It was wrong for him to use it in that manner. If it comes out that SC paid his airfare,hotel expenses and so on,then I say he needs to pack up and vacate the office of Governor! He has really done a number on this state. My heart is with his family and I will pray for the man. Ok,I'm off of the soapbox.
On a nicer note,thank you all again for the prayers for my mama. She is doing ok,not as sick as one would think with two different flu strains.She is resting a lot,not much more you can do with the flu but ride it out.Thanks again,y'all.
Prayers for South Carolina & the Sanford family.
possum under a rock

June 24, 2009 - Msg 73532: MDC, you're too old to play on the slip-n-slide. You'll rupture your aorta!:-) To answer your question about my mom, she wasn't thinking! I know I have talked about how she took me to some awful movies as a child. She has issues...I never have let my kids watch scary movies. The worse I have ever let them watch is "The Birds" and that scared Sean at age 13. My mom used to make us watch scary movies...bizarre, I know. She used to get some sort of kick out of scaring us (and others). I will never forget the first sleep-over party my sister had. I was 5 and Susan was 10 and we were living that big, scary house I mentioned not long ago. After all the girls settled in the den on the floor in sleeping bags, and the lights were out, my mom snuck downstairs with a stocking over her head. She was wearing a cape that covered her head and all you could see was that face covered with the stocking! She walked slowly past the arched opening and made a moaning sound. To say that room erupted in screams would be an understatement. It scared those poor kids so badly that some of them couldn't be consoled and their parents had to be called to pick them up! I remember it all fondly, though, because I was accomplice and not one of the victims...hehe.

Interesting about the movie, KYGirl...creepy, but interesting...I had to drive to San Antonio again today to pick up Dad and bring him home and on the way back, I noticed a very old cemetery that I had not even noticed before, just off the interstate...guess I will have to check it out soon. It was about an hour south of San Antonio. RO, it was 102 degrees in San Antonio today! I stepped out of the car and felt like I had stepped into an oven. We ate at the alamo cafe again but it wasn't great this time. I had something called "panchos" which was just a glorified nacho with bean, cheese, guac and fajita meat. It just seemed lacking this time...not spicy enough or something. Anyway, I always think of you, Ro, when I am in your home town.

Well, M-T, I am still thinking...can't wait for that baby to come so I can find out what her name is. Could the middle name be "Justice"?

Howdy to REV. We love you, too!

Wet sheets for everybody!


June 24, 2009 - Msg 73533: Hey Possum. Yes, i heard the news concerning the Governor. Interesting how these public officials feel they can get away with such things without being discovered.
Glad your mama is doing better!

Good lessons you had for your kids, Ro. So Dale liked old cemetaries, too. Tell me about some you all went to.

Well, I think i will watch Too Kill A Mockingbird tonight and see if i can get any clues about Little Hogette's middle name... ;-)


June 25, 2009 - Msg 73534: Good morning everyone. It's goping to be in the low 90s here today and probably quite humid. Around here, you hear a lot of, "It's not the heat--it's the humidity!"

I believe the hottest day I can remember experiencing was in your neck of the woods, ROMEENA. We were visiting my aunt, who then lived in Plano, something I did every summer for years and years. She decided to take us to Six Flags. I can't rememember what month it was, but the All-Star game was to be played across the street at Arlington the next evening. So, as you can imagine, Six Flags was quite crowded with out-of-towners killing an afternoon before the game. It was, as they say, close. I remember being astonished at watching the thermomemter hit 106. Every once in a while we'd be able to stand under a tree. Even then, you'd sweat just standing there in the shade.

At least it was a dry heat. That's one thing I remember about Dallas when I'd visit in teh summer; it was usually a pretty dry heat. You were hot, but not miserable. I'll take 100 degrees at 50% humidity over 90 at 75% any day!

BOO: Well, if you are watching the movie for hints, better make sure you catch the credits...

POSSUM: Another one bites the dust, as Freddie Mercury used to say. I just don't get these politicians. It says something about their character that they can't seem to control themselves. It says something about their powers of reason and intelligence that they believe in this day and age that they won't be caught. Are they that deluded or just incredibly stupid?

It just goes to show, Democrat or Republican, liberal or social conservative, no group has the corner on virtue. It is a real shame that the governor added ammunition to the arsenal of those on the extreme left. It's been a tough few years. From Limbaugh's drug use to Gov. Sanford's infidelity, I'm thinking that Republicans are their own worst enemies.

Speaking of crazy politics, things sure are lively in Albany, AUH2O!

See y'all at lunch.


June 25, 2009 - Msg 73535: Mornin' Y'all! Yeah,Me-They,I agree with you on these politicians.The media has pulled up a news clip of Sanford during the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal (Sanford voted to impeach Clinton,BTW) in which he says something to the effect that "once trust is undermined,there is nothing left". Ok,Mister "Pot Calling the Kettle Black",your own words made my mind up for me. YOU undermined South Carolina's trust,it is broken,Get out!
To quote Ol' Forrest Gump: "That's all I got to say about that."
Just checked on my mom-she's in bed resting,running a low grade fever,but I still think she's making out pretty good with the "Two Flus".
Gotta go to dentist later-what fun that will be!
Y'all have lunch on me somewhere.I doubt I'll be able to join ya,but enjoy!
possum under the rock

June 25, 2009 - Msg 73536: Oh, would you ever be miserable here on the coast in south Texas, M-They! All summer, month after month the humidity is high, without a break for months. It is in the 90's everyday and humidity in the 90's most of the time, too. We live indoors during the summer months. The late evenings are usually pretty tolerable with the breeze, but the humidity is always there in the summer.

You know, one of my earliest childhood memories are of Six Flags in the summer. I was about 4 and all can remember is this orange tower-thing and those big crepe paper flowers in bright flowers that seemed to be everywhere.


June 25, 2009 - Msg 73537: "bright colors..", that is.


June 25, 2009 - Msg 73538: I'm sure I would be, BOO. Especially since you're so close to sand. Yuck! Sand! I hate the beach.

I saw a bumper sticker today that I thought was pretty simple but profound: "What this country needs more of is clean minds and dirty fingernails." I think that's a pretty astutue observation and agree with it--at least the idea. (I really don't like dirty fingernails, especially on kids. Call me wierd. I didn't mean to really call me wierd!).

POSSUM: Bet he wonders, "How did this great big foot, all of it, fit in my mouth?" When I was in high school I was in the play, "The Unsinkable Molly Brown." I still remember a line of one of the female characters, which she introduces herself. It was ironic but I've found can be applied to many things: "I'm Virtue, the easy kind."

Who's fixing lunch today, anyway?


June 25, 2009 - Msg 73539: Hey gang its me....double at work today and tomorrow so I will catch up.....been a lake person this week....SPOT

June 25, 2009 - Msg 73540:
Boo- Looks like "Pancho" got his "reveng." ha
So, can I run thru the sprinkler and then have
a big slice of watermelon?
M-T--Then why did Dem. Gov Jefferson's million dollar freezer money get pushed under the rug? hmmm
Oh, and ya see now how BO is back pedaling and spinning his speech line from January about how you could "keep your current health plan and keep your current doctor period." He had to really step around that in his "conference" with the news.
But, MT, you are still a bird in this world!
Possum- so now the saying is "Who's the GOV'nor runnin with?" teehee Such goings on, such goings on!
This is right up there with the Myra Koontz rumor!ha
Hey to Rev, prayers for all, especially Possum's mom!

June 25, 2009 - Msg 73541: I heard that it was "Mayberry After Midnight" that broke the Sanford story.

MDC: I'm not sure Jefferson's actics did get swept under rug. I sure heard a lot about it, but I do listen to and read a lot of news so maybe that's not typical. Anyway, if you took my comment to imply that I felt one side had some sort of moral superiority over the other then I guess I wasn't clear. There are many good people, great patriotic Americans--some registered Democrats and some Republican. But I wouldn't give you two hoots for either party as they are embodied by their leaders. Yep, there are good on both sides of the isle. But I believe any virtues they (the leadership) might have are in spite of their corrupt parties, not because of them.


Just joking there. Anarchy is much too disorganized for my taste.


June 25, 2009 - Msg 73542: Rest in Peace Farrah Fawcett

June 25, 2009 - Msg 73543:
Hello porch family.......another hot one on the road.

Possum.....my daughter called me about the news of Gov. Sanford. That is really a "sick" situation. The sad part is he has always talked about moral values and family. I pray for our state and of course his family.
Prayers for your mom!

Spot....don't work so hard that you forget to send me some UPS meals.

You all have a great day and be sure to tell someone that Jesus loves them along your way.
Prayers and love....-REV.

June 25, 2009 - Msg 73544: Howdy, porch. Been sitting at this computer for about two hours now, reading email, chasing a couple of rabbits, and now I've finally come to the porch. On the political comments - I agree. Throw 'em out, the whole lot of them, both sides. Creeps.

I can only hope that our humidity will remain around 50%. Unfortunately, it often gets a lot higher, and coupled with high temperatures, it can be miserable. In the metroplex, we usually manage to have several fatalities each summer. Mostly elderly folks, but not always. Often it's someone who doesn't have a/c, or who has it but can't afford to run it. Sometimes it's someone who just doesn't understand what's going on.

I remember an event shortly before my dad moved from his home to assisted living. I called him one afternoon to check on him, because I hadn't been able to go over there that day. His little voice was so weak, and he wasn't really coherent, just mumbling something about "hot". I dropped what I was doing and rushed over there.

I found him sitting in his shorts in the middle of his living room, pale as a sheet and sweating profusely. He had opened some windows and hot wind was blowing in. (It was 101 outside.) His a/c was turned off, the furnace was turned on, and the thermostat was pushed as high as it would go. Fortunately, it was so hot in the house that the furnace wasn't running, but it would have as things cooled down a little in the evening.

My dad had wanted to turn the a/c a little cooler, and did everything wrong. The hotter it got in the house, the higher he pushed the thermostat, thinking that would make the a/c come on. I know, it doesn't make sense, but it did to him, with his Alzheimer's condition. When nothing worked, he opened the windows. That's probably what saved him.

I shut the windows, turned on the a/c, pushed the thermostat way down, and gave him a glass of cool water. I gave him a washcloth wrung out in ice water, and he put it over his face. Within about twenty minutes, he was fine. His voice got strong again, his color returned and he quit sweating. He couldn't tell me why he turned on the furnace, I don't think he even knew he did it. So, I set the temperature at a level that would be comfortable day or night, and taped a sheet of paper over the control, with "Don't touch" written on it. He thought that was pretty funny, and said "Maybe even an old crazy man like me can remember that now." It worked, he didn't bother it again. Bless his little heart, he tried so hard to cooperate, and never lost his sense of humor. God was good to us.

Well, guess I'll go scare up some lunch. Have a great day, friends, and be blessed. --Romeena

June 25, 2009 - Msg 73545:
MDC- You are 100% correct. A hypocrite is a hypocrite it doesn't matter which Party. However, the way the press is in bed with Liberals is sickening. Jefferson's situation was in the news for about a minute. And, I don't ever recall it being the lead story all ALL of the networks. For example, how many people know that Harry Reid gave campaign funds, as bonus's, to the people that run one of his condos. I bet the McMedia does. Of course, that's how Liberals my donations, with other peoples money.

I'll that being said, Sanford's a disgrace and needs to go.


June 25, 2009 - Msg 73546:
bonus's??? Sorry but I'm spitting mad.


June 25, 2009 - Msg 73547:
Oh yes, I also (message 73542 was first) just read
that Farah Fawcett has passed to glory.
Bless her, she sure tried everything there was to try, so painful too! May she rest in peace.

June 25, 2009 - Msg 73548:
Maybe Sanford was gonna vote to keep the cannon! (:
BTW, wasn't it interesting that both Andy and Barney
wereon the town council; after all, they were already elected officials. hmmm

June 25, 2009 - Msg 73549: I might be AWOL from the Porch tomorrow,and NO,I won't be "runnin' with" the Governor in case I'm spotted in the Columbia area! I have to go have a back tooth surgically removed tomorrow. The dentist I saw today referred me to someone in Columbia,so off I go. If y'all see me riding with someone,again,it AIN'T the Governor- mr. possum's driving me in case they have to sedate me. We have enough problems in SC without a dopey possum behind the wheel!
I'll check in when I can.Wish me luck.

May Farrah Fawcett rest in peace. What an icon of the 70's she was!
possum under a rock

June 25, 2009 - Msg 73550: Hello to all the porchsters; hope everyone is having a blessed day. MDC, I know I'm late, but Happy Aniversary. Been busy lately; prayers to all of you. MDC, again, Happy Anniversary. Talk to all of you soon.

C' Darlin'

June 25, 2009 - Msg 73551: Michael Jackson RIP

June 25, 2009 - Msg 73552: Hey brother Rev ..will keep the food comming your way...Farrah and Micharl....wow ...what a sad day...prayers for the familys..hey Possum!..Boo...Romeena..have yall eat yet?..been busy here at work....any leftovers?..hey Maude,M-T,auh2o,Lucy,Ky,MDC and all...FOOD!...nate pike dont know everything....SPOT

June 26, 2009 - Msg 73553: Michael Jackson passed? See, that's what I get for watching Hallmark all the time - I never see the news. Guess I'll hit MSN on this here machine, and see what they have to say. --Romeena

June 26, 2009 - Msg 73554: Yep, looks like he's passed, sure enough. Guess there's really not much to say, at least nothing helpful at this point. He was one weird dude, but God is his judge, not me. May He have mercy.

Well, guess I'll turn in. Toye Starr has been hinting for some time now. She's one for naps and decent bedtimes, that puppy. Sweet little old thing! --Romeena

June 26, 2009 - Msg 73555: Good morning gang...well its home foe me to sleep aand back at 2...Dennys for b-fast on Asa and I this morning....possum you bring a newspaper....SPOT

June 26, 2009 - Msg 73556:
Hey Folks

Sorry about stopping by just to blow off steam yesterday. But, I get so sick of the McMedia. Then Jacko dies. Yeesh. Like Romeena said, it's not for me to judge.

In the interest of full disclosure, the first record I ever bought was "Rockin Robin" by the Jackson 5. I think I was about 10 years old.

Spot-Breakfast sounds great and Asa flipping the bill makes it even better. I noticed you asked how the girls are doing a while back, they're doing great. Both of 'em made the honor roll again and our oldest offered and opportunity to travel and study a bit in Europe next year. I can't tell ya how proud of her (both of them) I am and how much I hate that idea.

MDC-Do you ever listen to the Dr Ray Show on Catholic Radio? I listen to him instead of Rush Lambaugh.

Peace friends,

June 26, 2009 - Msg 73557: Good Friday Morning all.
Whew, been a busy week. Glad it's Friday though.
Good to see you Auh2o. Sounds like some wonderful children your raising buddy. I don't think anything feels as satisfying as having good adult children who are true to the principles they were taught. I have two daughters that fall into that category. And a son who has brought me much sadness and grief. I only pray that someday soon he will get back on track. Nothing serious like drugs or booze mind you. But not living the principles he was taught, and having to pay the price for it.

I'm buying breakfast? Good grief, we better do a buffet then. I know hoe Spot eats, and I've heard rumors about Romeena;s appeti-te. :)

Very troubling about Gov. Sanford Possum. I really liked his stance on this bailout money. I hope folks don't judge him to harshly. Heck, if he were a Democrat, this would be a badge of honor for him. Personal life and activities are of no import... right? That's what I remember them all telling me during the Clinton debacle.
As Gomer would say, there seems to be two sets of rules. One for the poleece and one for the other folks. Don't get me wrong. I do not condone what he did, but I get irked with the media response to it. I am glad the right has some sense of decency and will take out their own on these type of things though.

So sorry about the loss of Farrah. What red blooded American male didn't like her? HA!
Sorry about the Jackson family and their loss. I never got into his schtick at all, abd he seemed bent on self destruction in recent years. So very sad to see the first songs The Jackson 5 came out with, and then to see how he seemed to do the things he did to himself in later years. And all the questions about what was going on with some of the children. Very sad indeed.

I wonder if Possum dentists have more schooling than regular dentists? Just something to wonder about today.


June 26, 2009 - Msg 73558: Good morning everyone. It's back to hot and downright muggy here.

AUH2O: Feel free to blow off steam. You know what happens to a pressure cooker that has its regulator off. Plus, even when I don't agree with you, which is less than you might imagine, I am alwasy entertained by your amusing turn of phrase.

ASA: I agree. Va-va-va-voom! I remember first seeing Farrah in the movie "Logan's Run." Remember that chestnut? I never had he poster (which would not have been permitted in our house) but I did "admire" her. As Andy said about the manicurist, "Nature's been awful good to you." Later, I thought she acted very well in several tv movies. She was very good in the movie "Extremeties," too. He TV Land show was a train wreck, from what little I saw of it, but she seems to have fought her illness with grace. I pray that she was right with the Lord and that her troubled family is okay.

I was never a big Michael Jackson fan, and didn't really care for the "Thriller" album (though I did like the "Off the Wall" album quite a bit when it came out). Even when he was at the height of his fame in the mid-80s and was making money and hits as fast as you could count, I always felt really sorry for him. He just seemed like a lost, really damaged, individual. I pray that he made his peace with the Lord, and for his family, espacially his kids. What a life they must have.

If ASA's buying breakfast, I'll have two.

BOO must be sleeping in today.


June 26, 2009 - Msg 73559: AUH2O: I try to stay away from the McMedia: high fat count that'll give you heart attack later.

ASA: About Sanford, I'm not sure what's worse, someone who does something and has no bones about it (wears it "like a badge of honor"), and someone who condemns that person's action and then turns does the exact same thing. I believe that the Lord punishes those who know and understand the evils of their sin worse than those who are ignorant of it. If Sanford singlehandedly fought the invading hordes and cured the common cold, what he did is just as condemnable as the lowest of the low who cheat on their wives, and in the process, God.


June 26, 2009 - Msg 73560: I don't either MT. Could be they are both equal in God's eyes. I'll let Him make that call. My point is, once again the way the media handles it.

Did someone tuck Boo's bed covers under her bed? She's usually here by now. Maybe she gave Possum a ride to the dentist office.


June 26, 2009 - Msg 73561: Well stated, Me-They. "To whom much is given, much is required." I believe that refers as much to those who know the truth and are aware of God's laws as it does to anything else.

Well, TVLand has finally done it. There are no TAGS episodes scheduled at all for the next ten days, which was as far as my guide would go. So, I'm done with them completely. No TAGS, no me. I'll have to check out the other stations and see if anybody else is showing them. I know, I have the DVDs, but somehow it's more fun watching the telecast shows, because I can imagine that others of you are watching too. Pass the popcorn!

Wow, auh2o, there's a Catholic Radio? I think that's fine, but am wondering how the ACLU has missed that one! Enjoy it while you can.

Well, gotta go clean out that (word, word, word) pond filter again. The wretched thing is wearing me out. Also, Eddie is here to do the yard, and I need to tell him about a couple of things that need doing. He'll probably see them, but just in case....

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena