September 07, 2009 - Msg 75009: Thank you for those prayers, MDC...they are more precious than gold and you are very generous with them.:-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACI!!:-):-):-) I'll bring the sweet tea!...(Asa uses sparklers in his act??...where does he put them? his toolbelt, I guess). ;-)

Happy Labor Day...


September 07, 2009 - Msg 75010: BTW, I noticed that when they showed the TAGS mini-marathon last night, they did the same thing as last time...showed a few episodes and then started over with the same one again! There is supposed to be a TAGS marathon tonight at 7pm, will be interesting to see if they do it again. I have drug rehab tonight so I will miss a couple hours of it, but maybe some of you will watch it from the beginning.


September 07, 2009 - Msg 75011: Happy birthday big girl!!! Your adopted aunties and uncles love you!!


September 07, 2009 - Msg 75012: Happy Labor Day and Happy Birthday Laci.
Yes Boo, Sparklers are part of my act. Don't ask! :)

Thanks for all the concern over my back. It's feeling a little better this morning. This time it has felt more like a muscle issue rather than a spine problem. A nice ddep massage sounds good. I miss not getting the Tends massage at PT. That always felt good.

Ro, you asked earlier about ceiling fans. I swear by them. I have one in each bedroom and a larger one in the family room. I have found by using them I can set the thermostat on my a/c a little higher and be very comfortable. The one in our bedroom gets turned on low speed at night. Can't hear it at all and gives just a gentle air movement to keep me comfortable.

Well I am going to cut down my old corn stalks today, at least the first planting. They are done producing. I give them to my daughters and neighbors who use them for decorating around the house for fall. Anybody wants any? Come get em.

Picked my very first peach off a new peach tree I planted 2 years ago. Good stuff. Very juicy. Need to pick those today as well. Tomater plants are producing abundently now. Anyone want a nice fresh tomato?

Well better get to it. I wanna get done so's I can relax later with a nice ice cold glass of limeade.


September 07, 2009 - Msg 75013: You really are into that limeade, aren't ya ASA? I think I might have to try it again...

Be careful with those sparklers!~

That's great about your peach tree. I can't wait until I cans start planing some fruit trees on the place. I LOVE fresh plums off the tree, and peaches and especially pears. We used to have a pear tree when I was a kid that gave the sweetest pears, but the squirrels got to most of them before we did.


September 07, 2009 - Msg 75014: Good afternoon, porch. Asa, I'm glad your back is doing a bit better. Back pain can sure put a hitch in your get-along. Wish I could get some of those cornstalks, and especially some of those 'maters! There's just nothing else quite so delicious as a home-grown tomato.

My pear tree was absolutely loaded this year - branches drooping nearly to the ground. I ate one and my grandsons each had one or two, but they weren't fully ripe. The rest went to the squirrels. There is not a pear left on that tree, and I might add, not many leaves, either. They knocked them off as they stripped the pears. I would look out the window and see one branch just thrashing wildly around, leaves flying, and then a squirrel would leap over to the fence, pear in mouth, and away he'd go. The little pests. God knew what He was doing when He made them so cute. Otherwise they'd never survive! I wish He had made them so they would eat those little green beads that turn into cotton on cottonwood trees. That would save me about $300 a year.

Happy Birthday to Miss Laci!! What a thrill, to be a big old grown-up six year old. Give that baby a hug from her Auntie Ro, Possum, and a little slurpy kissy from Toye Starr.

I'm off to Eloise's house - Jerry (her husband) has smoked a brisket and some sausage, and believe me, that boy knows his way around a smoker. I have to work tonight, but they're planning to eat around 2, so I'll have plenty of time. Toye Starr will go with me, and will have a good time playing with Bentley, my son's furkid. They're the best of friends, and so cute together. Starr weighs 4.5 pounds, and Bentley weighs 45, so you can picture it. He's so good to her, though - very careful with her.

Boo, I got your email, probably won't try to answer until tomorrow. Lots to think about there. I'm honored that you would value my opinion - thanks!

Well, I'm off. Have a great Labor Day, folks, and be blessed! --Romeena

September 07, 2009 - Msg 75015: Thanks,Y'all- Laci had a nice party and is tickled to be six. I got the best present though- a great big hug from her. We haven't seen each other for two weeks,which is a long time for us! I was feeling the love,believe me.
Speaking of love,thank y'all for being a part of Laci's family and loving & caring about her so.
Anybody wanna go to Mt.Pilot later? I think "The Monster That Ate Minnsota" is playing at the picture show. I'll spring for the popcorn!
possum again

September 07, 2009 - Msg 75016: I'll Go! I've seen that movie before, but what the heck...
Oh, Possum, here's your post from 6 years ago: (I guess I just had a whim to read it.)

September 08, 2003 - Msg 15573: Hi Y'all! I'm a grandma! My daughter had an emergency c-section Sunday morning-not for the preeclampsia but the placenta was tearing away! God was watching over her-she had a bad headache,got up and checked blood pressure & it was high,so they went to hospital. Baby was premature at just 34 weeks,3lbs,15 oz.,they put her on ventilator,she is breathing on her own today! There is concern that she keeps her hand closed (contractures)most of the time,and they are bringing in a genetics doc to look at her because they think her ears & eyes are smaller than most preemies.My daughter has small ears & her husband's folks have small eyes,so we hope it's just that and nothing terribly wrong.Doctors so far have told us that they aren't thinking that she is brain damaged or anything,so I hope they are being straight with us. I would appreciate knowing Romeena & Boo's thoughts on this-don't worry about scaring me.I have been through something these past days with all of this-talk about scared! Anyway I would like for all of you to PLEASE keep Laci Camille in your thoughts and prayers.My daughter is doing fine & is so hopeful.I am really worried about this beautiful little baby girl and am hoping for the best.She is in the Medical Univ. of SC's neonatal intensive care unit-best in the state and one of the top in the USA. She is getting the absolute best care,so that is a comfort.
Sorry to take up so much time talking about non-TAGS stuff,but y'all are so special to me and I had to share this.
possum under a rock (Laci's grandma

Happy Birthday to Laci!
- Hazel

September 07, 2009 - Msg 75017: Oh, thank YOU for sharing Laci with us, Possum.

So sweet of you to post that, Hazel...nice to see how far God has brought Laci and how He had His hand on her all the way!

You're something special, Hazel.

Had a wonderful night at the rehab tonight. Those girls are such a blessing to me. I felt like I received much more love that I gave tonight. God is certainly at work in that place, touching hearts and changing lives, but mostly just loving them. Thank you for your prayers for the girls. I had an unusual experience there tonight because I usually can keep my composure no matter what is said or done, but tonight we were with a group of girls who love us and want to be there. At the end of our time together, we joined hands in a circle, which is our custom, and we pray around the circle. As the girl who was to my right reached out her hand to me, I noticed the long scars on her forearms, from cutting herself in the past and was reminded of the emotional pain she must have endured in her 15 years. When it was her turn to pray, she prayed for ME and then for my Dad because she remember that I had mentioned the spot on his lung last week. After she prayed, she squeezed my had tighter and laid her sweet head on my shoulder for several minutes. I reached down and kissed the top of her head and thanked her. Others continued praying within the circle, and thanking God over and over for giving them another day and sending people to share His love with them. One girl asked God to take all of her pain away and then I just couldn't stop the tears. At the end of the prayer several of the girls just held on to me and I don't know that I have ever felt more love from any human being than I did tonight. I just wept in their arms. They have been through so much that they so appreciate anyone who would reach out to them. What sweet, precious young lives, that without God, would have no hope. I am so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to be there each week. He is so good to me. The interesting thing is, that while that girl's head was on my shoulder, it was as though I could hear God saying to me, "Thank you for letting me love them through you". I didn't know that God had plans tonight to love ME through THEM. I am so blessed tonight.

Sweet dreams!


September 07, 2009 - Msg 75018: And sweet they shall be, Boo, after reading your precious post. Thank you for sharing that with us. I pray for you, as I'm sure we all do, and it's lovely to hear how those prayers are answered, because you surely were given a blessing tonight. --Romeena

September 07, 2009 - Msg 75019:
Hello porch family....been really busy the last couple days. My concert last night in Pigeon Forge, TN went great. Had a great time. Heading up into KY this week.

Now I've gotta read the archives to find out what's been happening.

Love and prayers for all the porch family! Jesus loves you.....HE sure does!

September 08, 2009 - Msg 75020:
Boo, my eyes are all welled up and i can hardly see what keys I'm hittiog! It takes a lot to get that out of me, but that post just struck me to the core. GOD BLESS YOU!
Hey hazel, I just realized that I had message 75000! WooHoo foir me! ha
Maybe I'll go to DE-troit to celebrate with O'Malley! Let's see Al, let's get some gas...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY miracle girl LACI! Darn archives hold a wealth of info!
Did ya all like the double pecan fudge ice cream? ha
So you got a little sugar on the jaw possum? cool.
Congrats to Laci.
I watched the opening of the Telethon last night and they did a very nice tribute to ED McMahon.
He will indeed be missed. As a kid, I used to do an MDA carnival in my backyard each yearfor several years.
Prayers ans sweeet dreams!

September 08, 2009 - Msg 75021:
Boo.....that is such a touching story. What a ministry!

Happy Birthday Laci!

Ro...that brisket sure sounds good. Tell Jerry to ship me some:)

Night all and prayers for you all.

September 08, 2009 - Msg 75022: Okay the barnyard is growing - the boys added a new rooster (the other one was taken out by a raccoon - we think) and two more hens plus two turkeys! The turkeys (unknown if male or female) - but one is named Clyde! They other may be Bonnie?! The rooster is Alfred! HA HA My kids beat all!!

Jesse is finally back in school for today. He missed 3 1/2 days last week to sore throat, body aches, fever, headache and stuffy nose - but according to the flu test - he didn't have the flu! Go figure

Asa - my goats and pigs would love your corn stalks - but I guess decorating would be more pretty. Glad your back is better.

Well I need to act like somebody!!


September 08, 2009 - Msg 75023: Morning Porch.

What a heart warming experience Boo. Thanks for sharing it with us and thanks for sharing yourself with those girls. We all benefit from your efforts in more ways then one.

Hazel, that was a nice post you made too. I love to go back and read the archives. Wish I had more time to do it.

Well my Daughter called me yesterday terribly sad, and yet grateful at the same time. She and her husband and girls had gone to the local park for a Labor day activity. One of the activities is a candy drop into the park from an ultrlight plane. I don't know if you have seen these things. They are all the rafe out here. They look like a go kart with a small engine on them and a large propeller on the back. A parachute type thing is attached to it. Basically the kart, powered by the engine, hangs from the chute. Anyway, it was one of these machines that was doing the candy drop when it lost power and crash landed in the park, hitting a number of people. 2 children were airlifted to Primarys Children Hospital and 4 others were taken to area hospitals by ambulance. Thankfully none of the injuries were life threatning. All will survive. It missed my Daughter and her family by just a few feet. Very scary. If you go to you can read the story and see some video someone took of it as it happened. You just never know.

Well I best get going. I took an extra day off work today. Trying to get some things done. T'all be good.


September 08, 2009 - Msg 75024: Well, you are all welcome. Thank you for your prayers for those girls! You are a part of this thing, too, that's why I share things with you.

Wow, that's pretty scary, ASA. You know, Corpus Christi having a naval base, has a Blue Angel's airshow each year out there and the few times I have been, I was always just a little nervous about it. I don't go anymore because the noise is so loud it hurts my ears, even with earplugs and I figure at my age I had better conserve whatever hearing I have left.

Better get Erin off to school. I am already tired and will be keeping Emily today...Lord, give me strength.;-)


September 08, 2009 - Msg 75025: Mornin' Y'all. Thanks,Hazel for pulling up that post of Laci's birth. That was sweet of you.Gave me alot to reflect on-she has come so far!

Boo,your post was very touching.God bless you and those girls.

Asa,I am grateful that your family didn't get injured- how terrible. Prayers for the injured.

Homemaker,love those turkey names! Hope Jesse feels better.There is some viral thing going around down here that mimics the flu.My daughter had it and that's what she was told by doctors. Perhaps that's what Jesse had.
Hey to Rev,Ro,and MDC!
Well,I've got a few chores to do,so I'd better get busy.Y'all have a good day-love to all!
possum under a rock

September 08, 2009 - Msg 75026:
Boo- I forgot, in my emotion last night, to tell
you that I am behind ASA 100% regarding ceiling
fans. Even if you just put up the bracing and the
wiring now, then take time to find the right ones for each room you will be well ahead of the game!
Most have remotes now, so just get the basic
wires in to save crawling thru the attic later.
Wire each room for sure. Just a thought.
They are wonderful.

September 08, 2009 - Msg 75027:
Possum, was that the dish towel salesman with you
at the labor day pic-i-nic? tisk, tisk! haha

September 08, 2009 - Msg 75028: Thank you for the tip, MDC.

I just read a post from MAVIS on facebook and she is on her way to the ER. She thinks she might be having a heart attack. Please pray hard for Mavis (Angie). She has been having some major stress lately.


September 08, 2009 - Msg 75029: Oh my! Prayers for Mavis, indeed! How frightening - let's all pray it's just indigestion or something equally harmless.

Hazel, that was such a sweet gesture, reprising Possum's post about Laci's birth. You are such a kind and thoughtful person, and have such creativity.

Hm, I love the poultry names, too. Alfred? I can just see that rooster strutting around - Alfred is just perfect! My son and DIL have two cats, named Lucy and Ricky. The names fit them, too. Lucy is sweet and loving, and likes attention. Ricky is gentle but a bit pompous and impressed with himself.

Asa, thanks to a loving God for protecting your daughter and her family during that freak accident, and certainly we will pray for those who were injured. Of all things!

Well, got to go to physical therapy in a bit. I don't think it's helping, but there's still time. Maybe it will.

REV, the next time you're in town maybe I can get Jerry to do a couple of briskets for us. He really does do a good job. The sausage he smokes in with it ain't too shabby, either. He loves doing it, and it pleases him when somebody enjoys it.

Well, off I go. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

September 08, 2009 - Msg 75030: Prayers for Mavis -


September 08, 2009 - Msg 75031: Prayers for Mavis -


September 08, 2009 - Msg 75032: Oh my gosh- Prayers for Angie/Mavis. Boo,PLEASE keep us posted.
possum under a rock

September 08, 2009 - Msg 75033: I will, Possum, as soon as I hear something.


September 08, 2009 - Msg 75034: My prayers for Mavis/ Angie. I'm sad to hear she's ailing.


September 08, 2009 - Msg 75035: Hey gang im still here just been at 10 tonight will catch up then....supper?...SPOT

September 08, 2009 - Msg 75036: Hey to all you porchsters! Boo told me on FB that she was going to post over here so I knew I better get over here & let ya'll know the deal. First off though, I want to say I'm sorry for not being around much, we are FINALLY at the new house! Not in it, but staying in the motorhome!
So as for the possible heart attack, it wasn't a heart attack, but all the symptoms were classic & I thought better safe than sorry. They did an EEG, an EKG & I think an ECG, along with bloodwork & a CT scan. Everything looks normal except my sodium level is way down & I'm anemic. Also he doesn't see anything on the CT scan, but wants someone more in the know to look at the scan just to be sure I don't have a tiny vessel leaking. He was very concerned when I told him that Mom passed away from a brain aneurym & that I suffer from migraines. He was also concerned that my eyes seemed to have problems following his movements. I couldn't notice anything different, but he saw something. So as it stands now, I go to my regular doctor for the follow up, wait on test results & someone else to read the CT scan & I'm to do nothing stressful until then. He also put me on Antivert for the dizziness. I really appreciate the prayers folks, I love you all dearly & I know I can count on you! While you are asking for prayers please include Jake in those, he is going through some rough times & needing them as well, he's the reason for all the extra stress last week, but more of that later.
Thanks friends & I will be back when I read all that I have missed.
Prayers for those who need them as always, I may not stop in but I do pray for you all everyday.

September 08, 2009 - Msg 75037: make that aneurysm up there missed the 's'

September 08, 2009 - Msg 75038: Mavis,thank you for checking in. We have been very concerned about you. I am relieved to know that you didn't have a heart attack. Things still sound rather serious though,so please take care and know that the prayers continue- for you and for Jake as well.I love you,Mav. God Bless,my friend.
possum again

September 08, 2009 - Msg 75039:
Hello porch family. glad it was not a heart attack. You better take care of yourself. Praying for you. And prayers for Jake also.

Asa...I just thank the Lord that your family was not hurt. I'm sure that shook them up.

Ro.....that sounds great. yummy!

Spot....don't work too hard tonight brother. I'll bring you a plate over.

You all have a great night. Love and prayers to all the porch family!
Oh, and don't forget....Jesus loves you!

September 08, 2009 - Msg 75040: Hey Rev. Good to see you.

Thank goodness your ok Mavis. We have been worrying about you. Hope everything else is ok and I will add Jake to my prayer list.

Well off to the ironing board for me.


September 08, 2009 - Msg 75041: Thanks for giving us a report so soon, was very thoughtful of you to know we were anxious. Sounds like you might be in for a little "forced" R&R, Dear. Get some rest...there is nothing you are doing that is more important than your health (I'm preaching to myself here);-) My prayers for you and Jake.

So tired tonight. Just been one of those go-go-go kind of days.

Think I will shower and hit the ironing board, too ASA.


September 09, 2009 - Msg 75042: Mavis you got my home phone # so if ya need anything just call me...prayers and Slow down!...hey Asa, a new man here at work on the graveyard us time to Slow down!..Rev thanks for the plate....Romeena you working any nights?...well break time is over back to training....snack in just a bit...SPOT

September 09, 2009 - Msg 75043: Hey SPOT...hope you are home in bed by now. It is raining cats and dogs here and it is GLORIOUS! I was awakened by thunder this morning and that has not happened in a very long time.

Better get Erin up and back later when I have some time.


September 09, 2009 - Msg 75044: Well, I'm back...where is everyone else??

The rain has stopped now, but it was enjoyable while it lasted. I went out to the house to sit on the porch and watch the was very peaceful out there. They only got little more than half the roof on yesterday, which is too bad because we are expecting more rain and who knows how long it will take things to dry out. I like the shingles. It took awhile to pick out the right ones. I wanted darker, Bruce wanted lighter (more efficient in the summer), so we decided on somthing in the middle. the color is called "Pewter" and it looks nice; sort of a medium gray but almost looks like it has a hint of light blue in it, which will look nice with the white exterior, I think.

Well, I talked to dad last night and he doesn't want to go to the lung doctor. He says that if he has Mesothelioma he doesn't want to know about it. I think all of his friends who were exposed to asbestos on the job have died already (did I already tell you this?)...anyway, he says there is nothing they can do for him if he has it and at his age he would refuse treatment, anyway. I don't know what to do. He has a good point, but maybe it's not what he is dreading and he can put his mind at ease.

Well, better get back at it.


September 09, 2009 - Msg 75045:
Boo- In all that is happenning with him, i think youshould bring up the matter of his salvation.
Not sure how to say it, but just plain bring it up. Pray about it and go for it. I'll be praying for you and him that the Lord will guide you.
Glad you got rain! It is so refreshing huh?!
Prayers for mavis!
Spot did you see Kasey Khane's victory?
APB for MD and MeThey and AFD and all missing.
Have a good day!
Andy:(to the hawk)Now watch your language, there's ladies present!

September 09, 2009 - Msg 75046: MDC,this is up your alley- what is significant about today?
Nobody else guess until MDC has a chance to figure it out,ok?
I'll check back later & give ya the answer if you haven't come up with it.
possum under a rock

September 09, 2009 - Msg 75047:
Well, it is 9-9-9 today!
Is that what you were looking for possum?
But is there also some special significance?
At least it isn't 6-6-6!! (:
In fact, I just looked in the archives
and we didnt even say anything about that date!

September 09, 2009 - Msg 75048: Possum - I don't think that MDC knows it's my sister's birthday? She is alot older than me but I'm much funnier.

Do you know some animals won't eat clowns?


September 09, 2009 - Msg 75049: Yep,that's it,MDC- I knew you were "ept" when it comes to dates & such!
Hey,I was at the grocery store once and when the cashier totaled up my order,it came to $6.66! She was obviously bothered by that number because she wouldn't even tell me how much I owed-she just kind of stood there waiting for me. Sensing her discomfort,I said something about that not being such a good price,she laughed nervously,and so I gave her $6.67 and told her to keep the change!
Nah,he didn't guess your sister's birthday,did he,hm? Maybe he ain't so "ept" after all! Ha!
possum again

September 09, 2009 - Msg 75050: Yes, do pray for dad MDC. We have talked about his salvation but should continue, thanks.



September 09, 2009 - Msg 75051:
Possum, along that same line, in our hymnal at
church there is a hymn with that number,
and it's a good one, Wonderful Jesus, I think;
but whenever we do use it, you can tell that
the organist is very hesitant about announcing that number!
Andy (to hawk over Peg's house) Go get your own date.

September 09, 2009 - Msg 75052:
Happy Birthday HM's sister! mdc

September 09, 2009 - Msg 75053:
Happy Birthday HM's sister! mdc

September 09, 2009 - Msg 75054: MDC..Im around reading the post daily ,just havent posted recently...Kahne did a good job

September 09, 2009 - Msg 75055: Some animals don't eat clowns because they taste funny!!

Really aggrivated with my son's school - he was absent for about 80% of the week and they expectecd all of his work completed by the day he returned (yesterday) which was his first day back. One teacher "got all over him" because he two assignments out - please give me a break. I am a teacher - these teachers are out of touch with reality in this building. The momma claws are coming out!


September 09, 2009 - Msg 75056: Whoa there Momma...pull them claws in. ;-) That is pretty crazy. If he was ill, how could they expect him to do all the work he missed in one day? You know how schools are these days...push, push, push...where can I sign up Sean? (jk)...sort of.


September 09, 2009 - Msg 75057: For a small, country school, one would think that they would be in touch with the community. Not one teacher nor principal asked how he was, etc. This used to be a caring school but now it is like every other school I go to and that isn't how it is supposed to work. The total number of students k-6 maybe tops 550. That is the total.
So anyway, they have this homework policy about missing assignments. They will be zeros and then, he would get an afterschool detention. Geez - the kid was sick and had been to the doctor twice last week and once the week before with an ear infection.
Anyway - that is why I am miffed with them.


September 09, 2009 - Msg 75058: And I would be, too. Tell them net time you'll bring a little cot and set it up in the classroom so he can "keep up" and get his work in on time. The teacher will be expected to monitor his medications, and if he infects her and the rest of the kids - oh well!

You do know what the flap is all about, don't you? With him out all those days, the school lost a significant amount of money, as they're paid by the government for every student in attendance, every day. That's why they come down so hard on missed days. Pitiful. So - just go on to school sick, make everyone else sick, and they can all miss. Lots of money lost, and wouldn't it be sweet revenge?

Be blessed! --Romeena

September 09, 2009 - Msg 75059: That's "next" time, of course. --Romeena

September 09, 2009 - Msg 75060: That makes me really mad, HM! You would think they would lighten up, especially with the swine flu threat. They should be encouraging parents to keep their sick children at home, not making it unbearable to do so. Terrible. That's not a bad idea that Romeena suggested....might try it... I think I would. Just carry the boy up there with a fever, bring a blow-up mattress, pillow and blanket and leave meds and instructions with the teacher.


September 09, 2009 - Msg 75061: Evening family:
Just reading up on the archives. Sure have been missing out. We have been so busy on this side of the porch. The hay making is in full swing, cutting corn and filling silos, next thing will be shelling corn. That's not mentioning the garden!!! But please pray for Opie. He left this morning on a 7:30 flight for Kansas to join the mid-west harvest! It has been a dream of his since he was old enough to sit on a potty chair and look at the farming magazines of all the combines harvesting. He will be traveling West of the Mississippi to East of the Rockies, North to the Canadian border to Southern Texas...he may be in your territory! Pray for his safety and the team of men working with him... Thanks! I have had MANY "mommy moments" today. Well, off to the ironingboard. Too tired to think. God bless. ~New Neighbor

September 09, 2009 - Msg 75062: Boo I did make it home before the rain...and it did come one here at about noon...miss sherrys mower broke so I carryed her one of mine for now...mowed while I was there and she cooked us a good hers in the barn for repairs....Mavis you rake care hun..hey there NN,HM,Ro,MD,MDC,Possum and all ....will send ya a plater of Miss Sherry vittles Rev...snack in just a for now....SPOT

September 09, 2009 - Msg 75063: Hey Ro, does that mean that taking Kai out of public school and putting her in private school is actually costing the public school system money?! Woo hoo! I don't have a problem with that. There are just too many things I would rather not be paying for in that system. Oh well, they'll always have my taxes which go to the schools(still think people who pay to send their kids to private schools should get a pass on that portion of their taxes, but that's just me).
That is just despicable what that school is doing, hm. You have a darned good right to be miffed!(I like Romeena's idea about the cot, as well)

Possum, maybe you should have mentioned to that cashier that you were Christian, and that might have made her feel a little more comfortable. She might have thought that you were the devil himself/herself, coming to her store because he/she ran out of devil-dogs and deviled ham. ;)
Oh, and can't forget the devils food cake for dessert. ;)

Prayers for Opie and his team on their travels, New Neighbor.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 10, 2009 - Msg 75064: Wahe up gang!...its the old Cracker barrell this morning on Possum and I...Boo bring a paper ok...Asa...I will come by and get you...Romeena did you work last night?..if so will send you and Rev a plate....heading out at 7:30....SPOT

September 10, 2009 - Msg 75065:
Hey Folks

New Neighbor-ya should be proud of your Opie, which I'm sure you are. How exciting for him. I hope it's everything he has dreamed of. What a good mom ya must be to help nurture a dream like that. I'm sure it's something he'll remember for ever.

Spot-Cracker Barrel sounds great.

The Public School System... yet another reason not to trust the "village."

I read through the archives and prayers for all.

Asa-Thanks for your concern. You are a kindred soul.

Here's one vote for Joe Wilson (South Carolina)


September 10, 2009 - Msg 75066: Well I wrote the teacher a letter saying that I thought that her chastisement of my son was little much. Then I went on to say that compassion must be lacking due to the fact that it is not on the State Standards list for education. The handbook says that work must be made up in a timely manner - all but two assignments were completed for all the teachers. Not one teacher said welcome back to him or are you feeling better. . .
Yep - compassion 101 is what they need.

I really don't like this group of teachers (5-6th grade) - they want all the students to be mini adults and mature on their time line, not on the student's time line. It is very infuriating at times. They say they are toughening up for the jr high and high school - those teachers have been very compassionate with us especially when Uncle Ray passed.

Okay - enough griping for today.

NN - that is great about Opie. He will grow up a lot before he gets home again. But what a wonderful way to see God's country!


September 10, 2009 - Msg 75067: Well, I don't know how it works in your state, Sterling but here in the state of Texas, the state loses money for children that attend private school or are homeschooled. Sometimes the state (Child Protective Services) will come after people to try and scare them into putting their kids in public school. Sounds crazy, but it happens and it's about money. I am a member of something called "The Homeschool Legal Defense Fund", which are attorneys in Washington,DC that defend families of homeschoolers that are being harrassed and brought into court by CPS. I pay a yearly, small due and if I ever need them, they are there. It is a group of Christian men who become attorneys for this sole purpose and they win their cases, believe me. They instruct members that if a caseworker ever shows up at your home to ask if they might come in and talk to you about your homeschooling practices, don't even let them in the house, just call us and hand them the phone. You would be very surprised at the number of court cases fought between the goverment and people who choose to homeschool, and in the vast majority of the cases, it has nothing to do with the quality of the education they are getting...we all know stats confirm that kids that are homeschooled score higher in college entrance exams, overall.

Sterling...we have a country road in my area that is out in the middle of nowhere, called Coutnry Road 666...lots of goings on there on Halloween. haha

NN, if Opie is going to be in south texas at some point, he will probably be near either me or DES. Let me know where he is when he gets here. I could always check on him for you or cook him a home-cooked meal.

I'm bring the paper, SPOT. See ya at Cracker Barrell...


PS-It's STILL can just hear the earth around here going, "Aahhhh"!

September 10, 2009 - Msg 75068: I turned around and what did I see, but AUH2O in front of me!! Great to see you, friend. Don't be such a stranger.

Glad you are not taking it sitting down, HM...that is something needs to be confronted and you are the mom for the job.


September 10, 2009 - Msg 75069: Good morning everyone. Rainy and chilly here, but still nice. Hope everyone is doing well. I only read over the last couple of posts, so if someone is in need of prayers know that you always are included in mine.

In Maryland, public schools are paid for through property taxes levied at the county level. Some state money comes as well, but the bulk of it comes from county taxes. The amount schools get has no corrollation to the number of families that homeschool or attend private schools.

NEW NEIGHBOR: Sounds like a grand adventure for Opie!

Y'all take care and have a great week.


September 10, 2009 - Msg 75070: I forgot...HOMEMAKER: You go girl! I feel for you 100%. Also, I am 100% against homework. Check out the book "The Homework Myth."


September 10, 2009 - Msg 75071: I think I have read that one, M-T and am inclined to agree. I kids are spending 40 hours a week in school, why should school feel it can take up my family time when the kids come home? If I'm already giving them my child for 40 hrs per week, why should I give them hours of my evening, too? Seems like I read that homework made no difference in test scores. The way our school system works here, is that instead of teaching the kids a love for learning, they are burning them out with heavy demands because they want the kids to pass the state-mandated testing...the more kids that pass the test, the more money the school receives from the state. There is not room at all for individual differences in the kids, it's all about passing the test, no matter what. It takes the joy of of learning AND out of teaching.

Better go. I am taking dad to the lung doctor to see about that spot on his lung this morning...just a little nervous for him.


September 10, 2009 - Msg 75072: Hi All.
Just a nice day, had some rain.
HM- Why did you not go to the school and git all the assignments he had to do wined he was sick.
Some school would send it home for thim and wind he retrue he can have it .


September 10, 2009 - Msg 75073: Good morning, all. Wow, it's good to see auh2o after such a long absence. Don't make yourself so scarce, friend! We miss you!

Homemaker, you stick to your guns. When you're sick, you're sick. I understand what Tom is suggesting, and maybe you did that, since he had a lot of the work ready to turn in. However, if a child is sick, they aren't always up to doing homework. When the school secretary calls in sick, I'll bet they don't take her computer and her backlog of work to her home and expect her to do it. No, like Boo says, here in Texas it's money-driven. We pay school taxes too - very high ones, I might add. My tax bill on my home and the two rentals comes to around $14k a year, and the biggest share of it is school taxes. However, how that money is allocated to the individual schools is tied to daily attendance, and I think that's nutty. It should be based on the number of students registered.

Well, gotta run. Have to go buy a new flag for tomorrow, am cooking a meal for Fay and Tom and have to take it to them (she's doing great, thank you for your prayers!), Ted is coming to install a new TV in my bedroom - the old one "passed away" and I bought a replacement yesterday, Eddie will be here to mow and always has questions and needs a little direction, and the list goes on. You know, if I had a full-time, daytime job, I just don't know how I'd ever get it all done. Yet I used to work full-time and raised my family and took care of my husband at the same time. How did I do it?? With a lot of help from him, of course, but still....

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

September 10, 2009 - Msg 75074: Mornin' Y'all! Boo,hope things go well for your dad today.
Homemaker,do I need to come up there or you got it? Ha! I get my possum fur ruffled up whenever someone's not treating kids right! You sound like you've got it-You give 'em HECK, my friend!
Hey to everybody-y'all have a good day!
possum under a rock
P.S. Where ya at,Big Maude??

September 10, 2009 - Msg 75075: I had all of his assignments but he really didn't feel up to doing his work. After both doctor's appointments last week, I offered to get him a milk shake or slurpee for his throat - "nah, I just want to go home." If you knew Jess, that means he is sick.
The school principal knows me very well because she was once my boss. A couple of years ago, Casey had problems with one of "Her" teachers - she has her picks you know, and well, I made mince meat out of both of them. So - she knows that I won't put up with stuff.
I help pay her salary. The funny thing is - she is very female dog like and unfortunately - most female principals are. Nuff said.

Thanks for all of your support. It just gets under my skin when teachers act like that.


September 10, 2009 - Msg 75076: Possum - I'm glad you got my back!


September 10, 2009 - Msg 75077:
RO, sterling, Possum- I just sent a nostalgic
email to you 3. Feel free to send to any other porchsters you may think may enjoy it.
You may have to move your mouse to the bottom left corner to have the "next" arrow appear, or right click.
Possum- better watch it, Larry Mondello may show up! HA!
Well, I didnt watch the talk last night, but will read it in the paper today. Strange times.
hey to tom, Auh2o, NN , MT and all!

September 10, 2009 - Msg 75078: Thanks, MDC, I got the email and have already viewed the powerpoint. It's great! I'll be sending it on to friends and family.

I didn't watch the lecture either. I started to, then realized I just couldn't tolerate that arrogant, pompous, nose-in-the-air person for that long. I, too, will read it in the papers. It has been interesting to watch him though, in these past weeks. He just can't believe that Americans are actually standing up to him and pushing back, specifically on his healthcare debacle. I mean, God Jr. is speaking, how dare we resist? One of these days, he just might stamp his foot like Rumpelstiltskin and self-destruct! Troublous times, friends, troublous times.

Well, on that happy note, I'm going to hit the shower. I've been working on the pond, reconfiguring pump arrangements, trashing one and replacing it, cleaning filters - I'm a sweaty, smelly mess! I hope those silly little fish appreciate it.

Also got to finish the pork potroast and veggies I'm cooking for Fay and Tom. It's about done, just need to thicken the gravy a bit. Sure smells good! Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

September 10, 2009 - Msg 75079: Pow, Pow, Pow!

September 10, 2009 - Msg 75080: You e-mailed Larry Mondello to me,MDC? Wow! I'm off to check my e-mail!
possum again

September 10, 2009 - Msg 75081: Man,those were the good old days1 Thanks,MDC! Saw everybody BUT Larry Mondello- no,wait! Perhaps that was him getting a spanking in that one picture-guess his father finally came home from Cincinnati! LOL
possum under a rock

September 10, 2009 - Msg 75082:
Romeena-Ya know, I'm not so sure these are troublous times. I had thought so a while back but now I'm not so sure and it's because of the "pushing back" that you mentioned. B.O.'s poll numbers have been falling faster than W's did, and that's saying something. The reason W's number fell, in my humble opinion, is the same reason this guy's numbers are collapsing, arrogance. Now, I'd side with W before I'd give B.O. the time of day. But, W lost his way after 9-11. I was never a big fan of the Bush's (though I do like Jeb quite a bit). However, W stood tall after 9-11 and simply did the right thing. Then, everything went sideways, no veto's, doing everything Rumsfeld wanted, not finishing the job in Iraq (that must be something in the bloodline). So, the people pushed back and in B.O.'s case it is a full two-handed shove. What I'm hoping is W is to Nixon what B.O. is to Carter so we can have ???? is to Reagan.
Like most of my posts I'm sure this makes very little sense.


September 10, 2009 - Msg 75083: Can we reincarnate Reagan - please! Someone who will enough guts to do what is right!


September 10, 2009 - Msg 75084: Hey Ro - John Stossel is coming the Fox News Network! hm

September 10, 2009 - Msg 75085: Well, dad's appointment with the lung dr was interesting...the doc looked at the xrays and asked, "No why did they say he needed to see me, because I don't see anything alarming on this cat scan.". He even compared it to a scan dad had done 3 years ago and there was no significant change, which is very good news. Anyway, all is well. Thank you for your prayers!


September 10, 2009 - Msg 75086: Hi friends.Just passing through,I'm at school,supposed to be studying for a test,but,I missed you all so much,I had to sit for a minute.Prayers for you all-ky girl

September 10, 2009 - Msg 75087: Thanks for the paper this mornig Boo..hey HM,auh20,possum,NN,Ro....willbe back in a miniute waiting on the roof man to be here any second to give me a price on a new roof.....supper?...maude?...prayers Mav and all in need....SPOT

September 10, 2009 - Msg 75088:
Mr Wheeler is at Spot's? Maybe he'll need some lemonoade! ha
Possum- You sure you want Larry Mondello? he's kinda creepy, ya know. ha
Now Lumpy, there's a hunk! LOL
What possum and ro are commenting on is an email that I sent them of nostalgic photos, mostly 50s-60s vinnettes.
AUH20- I'm with ya on Joe Wilson. This was not a state of the union, this was a political speech, and we need a little dissent from this group of people who make the laws that govern over 300 million people! Much more debate is need on this thing.
KYGirl- good to see ya- prayers for you too, thanks.
Floyd: ....and soon your mailbox will read "Mr and Mrs Andrew Taylor..."

September 10, 2009 - Msg 75089: Well, I have supper done and everyone's eaten but now I have to face the clean up! Been a long, busy day. This evening, Bruce, Mike the builder and I met with the cabinet maker and I think it went well...just wondering what it will cost!

I have a funny/cute story to tell you (and it has nothing to do with my dad and his testicles, you will be happy to know)...Today I was doing some shopping in a rather busy strip mall. As I was driving past one of the busier stores, I saw a man who appeared to be wanting to cross, so I motioned for him to go ahead. Instead, he began walking towards my car with a huge smile on his face. Now you have to picture this man...he was a middle-aged black man, with a huge, toothy smile and a hairdo like Buckwheat. I rolled down my window and he started a very cheerful conversation with me, beginning with (in a Jamaican accent), "Hey, Mama. How you doin'?". He had a childlike quality about him and i didn't feel threatened in any way. My only concern was that I was kind of blocking the flow of traffic in the parking lot. It didn't seem to bother him, though, and occasionally, he would direct some car to just go around him. He was clean enough but I could tell he was on the streets. He talked about construction jobs he had done in the area and seemed very proud of that. I wanted to give hime something, so I reached in my bag and gave him a little something, and he took my hand and kissed it. I told him that Jesus loved him and did he know that Jesus died for his sins? He said that many people had told him the same and were praying for him, then he lowered his head, pressed his forehead against my hand and prayed some sort of prayer for me that I couldn't quite make out. When he lifted his head, I could see that he had tears in his eyes. When I looked him in the eyes, I saw sincerity. He continued to cheerfully engage me in conversation as we held hands, then I told him I was sorry but I had to move on because we were blocking traffic. He said goodbye and gave me that big smile, as he let go of my hand. I told him i would probably see him again. As I was driving away, I could see him in my rearview mirror and there he was, kneeling on one knee with his arms in the air and that huge smile on his face, looking like something out of Shakespear. I threw my arm out of the window, waved grandly and yelled, "Be blessed!"...So, if any of you are ever in south texas and see a middle-aged black man with a graying beard, wide smile, and Buckwheat hair-do, tell him I said, "Hey, Papa!"...

Better go clean the kitchen!