October 06, 2009 - Msg 75480: Ha! I thought so. I had read, or heard, that Sheriff Joe's recidivism rate was lower, and after seeing that show last night, I would certainly expect it to be. I think their report that it's about the same (I think they said 60%) is not correct. I cannot imagine why anyone would risk going back to that place. They all looked pretty funny, sitting there in their pink underwear, griping about the heat. Sheriff Joe wastes no sympathy on them, and neither do I. While they're sitting in pink shorts in 120 degree heat, our troops are sitting in full battle gear, with sand in their drawers, in 120 degree heat as well. So, sing me no sad songs. The troops did nothing to deserve their miserable situation except sign up to defend their country. The inmates were convicted of a crime, and nobody is shooting at them, so their whining just doesn't reach me. Regarding your brother, hooray for him, and praise the Lord. Sounds like he got the message.

Well, the pond filter is clogged, so here I go. At least it's down to every five or six days now, and will get even better as the weather cools down. We supposedly have a cold front coming in tonight - I hope so!

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

October 06, 2009 - Msg 75481: Just thought I'd dust the porch off a little before going out to the pond. (You're welcome!) --Romeena

October 06, 2009 - Msg 75482: Good point about the troops, Romeena. I would think that Sherrif joe's methods would prevent some from being repeat offenders but unfortunately, there are so many who won't be stopped by even the harshest punishment. Of course if it keeps even one person from comitting an act of violence against another, it's worth it.

Wish it would cool off here...it is absolutely sweltering! The weatherman said the temps are above normal for this time of year and more like July temps...groan. I want some fall weather...I would even love snow. If it snowed here I would be outside in my flip flops and underwear, rolling in it.:-0


October 06, 2009 - Msg 75483: Sherrif?...someone call the spelling police!


October 06, 2009 - Msg 75484: Asa - you are wanted! Boo needs some help with spelling.


October 06, 2009 - Msg 75485: OK, I'm back. My son took me over to the DFW Gun Range and let me get comfortable with my pistol. I've had it for some time now, and had never fired it. It was an experience, let me tell you! That thing has quite a recoil, but I managed to give a good account of myself. I hit the target every time, not always exactly where I wanted to hit, but a hit nevertheless. Got two full face, several chest and belly hits, and a couple of nicks. I only fired it about 8 or 10 times, no use wasting ammo. It's expensive. My son fired a few too, and did well. The main thing is, I know what to expect from the weapon now, and know that I can hit what I need to hit. That's all I needed to know.

My next step now is to sign up for the CHL class. I may not go on and get the license, but I'll learn a lot. David wants me to get the license, so maybe I will. We'll see. I can't believe I own that monster, and can actually use it effectively. As long as my Dale was on this planet, it would never have entered my mind to get a handgun. Now that I'm alone here, it's a different story. I have it, and would definitely use it if I was threatened. I just pray it never comes to that.

Boo, I'll be glad for you when things cool off down your way. It's very pleasant here right now, at 70 degrees. Looks like we're going to stay pretty much in the 70s range for a while. Sure is a welcome relief. It will get down to you too, eventually. Maybe if I set up a box fan out back and point it your way???

Well, be blessed, friends. Toye Starr says how-do. -- Romeena

October 06, 2009 - Msg 75486: Hey all...hey Romeena,MDC,Possum...got the camper all tucked away...going again in 2 weeks...ok...let me get this fire put out in the barrell at the barn...back in just a bit...hey Asa.....SPOT

October 06, 2009 - Msg 75487: Yes, send some cool air my way, Romeena!

HM, do you really think ASA is the one that can help me with my spelling? (remember "fott")?

Been a tough day. Having one of those days that feels like a spiritual battle and I am getting tired. I think I will retire to bed and do some reading. Do you all remember a week or so ago when i told you that I woke up in the middle of the night hearing these words, "If you are going to fight the good fight of faith, you need to sharpen your sword"?...Well, I should have sharpened mine and I didn't...Guess I will try to do that now.;-)


October 07, 2009 - Msg 75488: Morning all- Let's all head to Wafflehouse. I'll pay. Spot- check to see if we need to send out any plates.
Boo- "read on!!" The story gets better!
Off to work. Have a blessed day. ~New Neighbor

October 07, 2009 - Msg 75489: Morning dears.

Sorry Boo, but a cool 34 degrees on my porch this morning. Will get up to low 60's this afternoon. Not bad a-tallll. Wish it could stay like this until spring. Oh well, there I go again, bellyaching about the weather. When will I learn to just appreciate and be happy with what the Lord has blessed me with?

Thanks for the confeedance in me with my speeling HM. I no I cood learn thees fooks a thing or to! :)

Gosh MDC. That was a good trivia quiz. I just ain't as ept as I thought. Give me another one.

Hey Spot, whats cooking buddy?

Auh2o, how you doing?

How's the house coming Boo? Are they mudding yet?

Guess I better get going. Everything I'm hearing concerning our "economic recovery" suggests it ain't over yet by a long ways. They are predicting a dreaded W recovery instead of a V. And the suggestion is we will really see it in the 4th quarter of this year. Hang on to your testimonys friends. I think we are in for a rough ride.


October 07, 2009 - Msg 75490: Mornin' y'all- Haven't read posts from yesterday. Hope all is well.Busy with my Mama-they discharged her yesterday from hospital-we thought she'd be in several more days,have been trying to find a caregiver,but BAM.. she's home and guess who is "IT"? Yep,me.
Luckily,no amputation,surgery,etc. Thank God!
She has a diabetic boot she has to wear when she is mobile,then get fitted for an orthopedic shoe.
I spent last night over there,probably tonight as well-no computer.Nothing but being a caregiver-no time to even breathe,it seems!
I am not even going to begin to say how I am feeling.I am not going into my husband's antics & drunkeness all over the neighborhood last night.Nope.I will crack up if I get into it all. Let me just say that I am as close to Hades as I ever want to get,friends.
I appreciate the prayers so much. Pleae keep them coming-they are what is carrying me through this mess.
I'll be here when I can.Gotta get back over there.Love to you all.

October 07, 2009 - Msg 75491: Hi All.
Boy it cold on this end.
That is a bad week not a thing going rigth and this Friday will be 7 year that mom pass away.
To everyone who can used thim Prayers going up.
My neighbor is going to wite to next year befor she mover and is thinking about builing a home or gitting a mob home .
Hrs son have some land that she can have for it .
Stepdad is o k now, but now he goinng to drivr me nut from to spring for he can start fishing!HELP

These simpleword, commonly heard,
Bring hope to those storm-tossed, windblown:
"Birds of a feather flock together,
But an eagle soars alone."
Content to fly a solitary high,
I come by myself to God's throne,
Receiving His peace, the spirit's release,
Where His amazing love is shown.
To hear more clearly. follow more nearly,
I seek man's approval no more;
It's important to trust, by faith I must,
Eager to see what's in store.
Every new day,I learn to obey,
His friendship's my only desire;
It's Jesus and my, for eternity,
By His grace alone, I'll fly higher.


October 07, 2009 - Msg 75492:
OK, Ro, remind me to always stand BEHIND you! ha
Hey to tom and Possum.
Prayers for a double portion (of God's gifts) for you possum!
Now I have to go run a "mar-a-berry!" ha

October 07, 2009 - Msg 75493:
Of course, hey to everyone else too!

October 07, 2009 - Msg 75494: Imy nieces laptop-never used one before,so pardon the mistakes. I'm hanging in there-keep the prayers coming please.looks like I'm with Mama again tonight.So tired.Bless you Boo,i see what you go through with your folks.

October 07, 2009 - Msg 75495: Imy nieces laptop-never used one before,so pardon the mistakes. I'm hanging in there-keep the prayers coming please.looks like I'm with Mama again tonight.So tired.Bless you Boo,i see what you go through with your folks.

October 07, 2009 - Msg 75496: sorry-possum again

October 07, 2009 - Msg 75497: Hey possum,Boo,Ro,asa,MDC,Rev and all...gosh gang I promise everything is just fine here at the dog house....just been getting caught up from camping...grass mowing and everything....I go to woek tonight at 10 so I PROMISE I will catch up.....grilled burger and dogs on me tonight..maude slaw...possum mail me with whats all been going on ok.SPOT

October 07, 2009 - Msg 75498: So sorry things are so tough, Possum. I know they must be really bad because you are pretty tough. When it gets bad think of Jesus being with you and your friends thinking of and praying for you. You are loved.

My folks are not as difficult as your mother seems to be (most of the time anyway). Dad is getting better in many ways.

ASA, don't you dare complain about your weather! I had a flat tire in town this afternoon at 2:30 and it was so hot in that parking lot, getting out the jack, etc. It was 94 degrees! Bruce showed up and changed the tire for me and is presently buying a new one.

Hey, I as I am on the computer, I hear the TV...Erin is watching Scooby Doo and I hear someone in the cartoon saying something about Wiccan religion and the occult! What?! I made her change the channel. Why put that stuff in kid's cartoons?

Gotta go get ready for church tonight. I am looking forward to it because i haven't been able to go on Wed night for a couple of weeks, except to help out in the youth department. Talk to you all later. :-)xxxx


October 07, 2009 - Msg 75499: %)

October 07, 2009 - Msg 75500: Hey again y'all.Trying to get the hang of this laptop.We may have help on the way-tomorrow,hopefully.I just cannot be Mama's caregiver.Thank you Boo.I got so frustrated yesterday in the hospital parking lot that I approached a woman,told her my name and asked her to pray for me! I'm calling on the Lord VERY often.Mama is actually being nic-not moody and nasty.She knows I am all she has at the moment.IF she snaps,I might really snap! I spelled nice wrong up there-laptops are hard! spot,what's going on is my mom was in hospital,got out before we expected,I am staying with her until we find a caregiver.no time to e-mail you,YOUT,but I hope to be back in touch soon,ok? I am having it rough.Let me see if I can get her to bed.Y'all have a good night-love to all!
possum at mama's rock

October 07, 2009 - Msg 75501: Oh, so sorry Possum. Wish we lived near each other so I could come have a little prayer meeting with you. How about we just have a little prayer right here? Dear Lord, I thank you for being there for us when the going gets tough. Your word tells us to cast all our cares on you because you care for us. I ask that you remind Possum to cast her cares and rest in you throughout her hectic days and nights. Give her the strength she needs to do the tasks ahead and keep her healthy. Give her your peace that passes understanding and help to rejoice even in these tough trials. Bless her life as she works to serve others under such difficult circumstances. May she have a very strong sense of your great love for her. We ask your mercy upon Possum's husband and that you bring him to rock bottom and show him his great need for you. Bless little Laci and her mom and bring healing to Possum's mother. I ask these things in the name of our Lord Jesus, Amen.

Hope you can get some rest and feel better tomorrow.


October 07, 2009 - Msg 75502: Amen

October 08, 2009 - Msg 75503:
Amen and Amen! Beautiful boo!
Peace of the Lord to possum and all of us.
God bless,

October 08, 2009 - Msg 75504: Amen Boo,,,SPOT

October 08, 2009 - Msg 75505:
Amen! Very nice Boo.

possum-Continued prayers.


October 08, 2009 - Msg 75506: Boo and Possum - you both are treasures!


October 08, 2009 - Msg 75507: Boo,thank you sweetie. I needed that lovely prayer. My sister burned up the phone lines yesterday & we have found several good caregivers,we think. So,perhaps I will get back home today/tonight. They can start ASAP.
I will really need some down time,some "me" time. It has been almost more than I could take. the Lord has carried me through,along with your prayers. Thanks,y'all.I love all you Porchsters so much!
Will try to update later.

October 08, 2009 - Msg 75508: Now dad-burn it, I had a post typed out & I don't know what I hit, but the whole thing went crashing down Let's try this again.....
Good Morning Porchsters! possum I'm sorry you are having to go through these troubles, I can read your frustration in your posts & how I wish I could do something to help you friend. I pray one of these caregivers works out & you can get some much needed rest. Girl, get in that car & head north to TN for the weekend, you can lay on my couch & watch tv or sit on the back deck & watch birds & squirrels or whatever you want to do. I'm a little less than half mile back in the woods, on top of a little ridge & talk about peaceful! You take the notion, you know you are welcome anytime. Just don't expect a spotless house cause most of our stuff is still in boxes. :) Boo what a beautiful prayer. Thank you for posting it, like hm said yer both treasures. Tom boy have you got your hands full with your step-dad. Finally get him feeling better now all he wants to do is go fishing! I hope you can get his mind on something else for the winter, so he'll slow down a little more. auh2o where you been? I was beginning to think you had run off with that dishtowel saleswoman that came through here a while back. APB for Me-They! Well, best get off here a bit, got alot to do today which includes going into town to run some errands. Y'all have a wonderful, Mayberry kind of day.

October 08, 2009 - Msg 75509:
Mornin' porchsters. God's peace be with you.
"...for God is not a God of disorder, but of peace..." 1 Cor 14:33

October 08, 2009 - Msg 75510: Good afternoon porch people. Prayers for everyone today. still dealing with my toothache issue and have an appointment on Friday at 3:45. I hate going to the dentist so I must be suffering if I MADE an appointment to go. I only hope it is something that will be relatively easy to treat and does not break the bank.

Lunch menu: potato soup, grilled cheese for lunch. little debbie cakes for dessert.

nice cool fall day outside. I took a little stroll during my lunch break. now back to work.

Prayers and blessings to all!
Big Maude

October 08, 2009 - Msg 75511: Okay Mavis - still waiting for the crock pot potato soup recipe. . . .don't make me come and find you!!

The rain has come and we are expecting about three inches. We are high enough that we won't flash flood but I know the creeks (cricks, as I call em) will be full.

Got the sweet tea brewing for hubby and trying to figure out what to have for supper. I know it won't be crock pot potato soup - hint, hint!


October 08, 2009 - Msg 75512:
"We will NOT sing!"

October 08, 2009 - Msg 75513: Well hello gang...Maude thanks for lunch..I will get supper in just a bit...Possum my friend prayers hun...hey HM..Rev...our camping trip was one of the best ever...good friends (lots of them) and good food...!..allready got a weekend bood mid Nov..all of us...hey Mavis yall got the new house in order?...Boo how is the house coming?...should start Monday I hopw weather permiting on my new roof....well let me get things rolling here at work....once again prayers to all....SPOT

October 08, 2009 - Msg 75514: OK supper time menu: Cube steak with gravy,bisquits,corn on the cob,greenbeans,boiled cabbage maude slaw...Boo I done got a newspaper..possum come early and we can chat...SPOT

October 08, 2009 - Msg 75515:
ok, but no hm meatball ! (:

October 08, 2009 - Msg 75516:
Any one here on facebook?
I just got on recently. Those that have my
email can see my name. Stop by and say HEY!

October 08, 2009 - Msg 75517: Evenin' Y'all. Again,the prayers are so appreciated. Y'all don't know. Mavis,I might take you up on that one of these days,friend. Can't right now. Besides Mama,I am helping my sister who had foot surgery a week or so ago and can't walk for at least another week. Her husband works out of town,gets home late,so I'm "It" for her as well. Running errands,picking her kid up from school,etc. So basically,I have 3 households to deal with for now. Someone told me that God is testing me. how many "pages"long IS this test?!
Well, we got a blessing tonight- we have a lady staying with Mama at night for right now. As it turns out,she is the sister of a former co-worker/friend of mine.I have been trying to get in touch with HER to see if she knew someone we could get to care for Mama & as fate( the angels!) would have it, it turns out we got her sister! Good people y'all. I can sleep peacefully tonight in my own bed. But tomorrow it's run,run,run,again.
We may end up getting a daytime caregiver as well,we just have to take things as they progress.
I miss having free time and being able to rock on the Porch or just do whatever the heck I want. But.. for now,it is what it is.Y'all keep praying. I'll do my best.
Gonna turn in early & will check in when I can. Niece's laptop is at my mama's house,so unless she takes it home (I think I can bribe a 9 year old to let me use it!) I'll be able to get to the Porch every now & then.
Maude,hope you get that tooth taken care of.That's a terrible feeling.
Love you all- I really do. Goodnight friends.
possum under a rock

October 08, 2009 - Msg 75518: So you are finally on facebook, MDC? That's great. I recently found an old friend that I used to go to school with and it has been such a blessing finding her again...we used to be best buds in junior high. She is disabled from a bad car accident and living in south carolina. I have wanted an opportunity to share my faith with her so I am excited about it!

Things are tough for you now Possum, but they will get easier...and just think was this trial is doing for your character and for your faith! You will reap the benefits in time and the Lord will reward your faithfulness to your family.

Possum, I talked to my sister (susan) today and she is having a really rough time. She was babysitting Emily and trying to deal with my parents who seemed to kind of be on a rampage today. Mom was yelling at her about something and dad was trying to go outside in the backyard and dig up one of her palm trees for some reason..poor susan. I am going to encourage her to take a couple of days off and go out of town and i will take care of the folks. We'll see if she'll do it.

I heard from Michelle (the girl from the rehab) and she is doing better. She found another group home to live in that is in a much better part of town and nicer. She is still waiting to hear if she got the job at the omni and has 2 more interviews tomorrow. She wants me to pick her up again for church on sunday so we can "spend the day together again"..isn't that sweet. Now when she calls me, she always says, "Goodbye, I love you".

Well, it has been a very busy day today and I must admit very trying. Been a couple days of some tough spiritual warfare but it won't last forever.

I will be back tomorrow. I think I might end up going to visit mom and dad and help my poor sister out some....by the way, she had the endometrial biopsy yesterday so prayers for the results, please. I love her so much and want everything to be ok.

Goodnight friends and we love you too, Possum-WE REALLY DO! xxxx


October 08, 2009 - Msg 75519: OK MDC, I sent you a friend request on facebook.:-)


October 09, 2009 - Msg 75520: MDC im on facebook also along with Boo,Lucy,Floyd and a few more...hum...dont really no how to find you...hey Boo shoot me a message with some info...nothing really good on the tube tonight...watched Londsome Dove again...let me get some midnight reports ran...back in a bit..watching "There"s something about Mary"....SPOT

October 09, 2009 - Msg 75521:
Possum- remember the days when being "it" meant you were in a game of tag? ha My how times change! Now multiply your past week by 7 years
and you know how long the "test" was for me!
When my mom went home to Jesus two years ago,
I think He gave me about a B+ . (ha)
Hang in there dear one! Every morning I would cast my cares upon Him.
OK, boo, you're in!
Sweet dreams all!

October 09, 2009 - Msg 75522: Hey SPOT. I recently watched part of Lonesome Dove again and it was so sad I just had to quit watching. Very interesting, though. The other day I actually watched all of Pale Rider with Clint Eastwood and while I thought it was pretty strange in some ways (the weird love triangle between Preacher, Mom and Daughter), it was pretty good...typically Clint Eastwood, for sure.

MDC, at his point, I think I have about a "D" when it comes to my parents. I need to step it up and give Susan a break.:-)

I have a case of the sniffles but nothing can get me down today because we are getting a COOL FRONT...all the way down in the 70's, which is a big deal for us. It was 95 here yesterday, whew.

Have to tackle a semi-huge pile of laundry since I put it off for a couple of days, but at least it won't be so hot out back where the washer is.

I have decided to get involved with Gospel For Asia again, by letting Sean do a volunteer project for them. He will be giving out some free copies of KP Yohannon's book "Revolution in Foreign Missions", which is an incredible book. If any of you are interested in a copy, you can go to the Gospel or Asia website and they will send you one for free or get in contact with me and I will mail you a copy. It is really a life-changing book.

Well, better get my Erin up for school. Will talk to you all later.

SPOT I will contact you and let you know how to find MDC.


October 09, 2009 - Msg 75523: Morning Folks:
Just stopping by on my way to the vacuum. I just sent a bunch of Facebook requests, so if you see them, they're me!!
Got the day off, but by far I'll still be working! Check in later... got apple dumplings to make for the weekend. Love you guys! ~New Neighbor

October 09, 2009 - Msg 75524: Just got your request and confirmed you, NN! Being seeing you.


October 09, 2009 - Msg 75525: Where's Romeena??...must be working. Where is everyone else for that matter?


October 09, 2009 - Msg 75526: I'm ri'chere! Yep, I worked Wednesday night, stayed up all day yesterday getting errands done (and lunch with Eloise) and by bedtime last night I was practically comatose. Fell into bed and slept really well. I feel like a new person this morning. More errands today, including getting my shaggy hair cut, finally!

Eloise and I leave early Sunday morning for Jacksonville, will be on the "Fascination" when she sails Monday morning. We'll visit Nassau and Key West, and will return to Jacksonville on Saturday morning. We have a flight out for home that afternoon, so will be home by Saturday night. I will be out of touch for the week, obviously.

Possum, just keep on truckin', friend - one day at a time. Nothing is forever. Hooray for you, for getting a caregiver to help out. That was a very smart move, and I'm so glad you did it. Your sister needs to finish the course with her foot, and let it heal completely. Your own candle is burning a bit short, too. Both of you need the rest if you're going to continue at all. Just hold on to Jesus, and don't let go.

Boo, do you think you and St. Susan would benefit from getting someone in to help now and then? Even just one or two days a week, to free you completely to get errands done, or just to sit and stare at a wall if you want to! To both you and Possum I would say - there is no law, not even God's law, that says you have to do everything for your parents with your own two hands. Your responsibility is to see that they're cared for, and if at times you arrange for that care to be provided by someone else, there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's often the best thing you can do, for both you and the parents. Everyone needs a little relief.

We had quite a storm last night, I guess. I never heard it, but there are several limbs down in my back yard - haven't seen the front yet. Lots of rain too, evidently. Water is still standing in the low places out there, even though I have a drainage system that pumps it out. Apparently there was quite a bit, and the pump is still working on it.

Well, guess I'd better go feed my fluffy little friend. I stopped off at the computer on my way to the kitchen, and she has tapped my ankle several times, to remind me that she's here and hasn't eaten yet. Sweet little thing!

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

October 09, 2009 - Msg 75527: Sorry I was late getting here Boo. I've been passed out on the floor since early this morning after hearing who won a peace prize. Let's see... the names have to be turned in by Feb 1st.... in which case BO had been in office for 10 days. My goodness, who'd a thunk it?!

Hey Sandi, I'll take one of them apple dumplings if your being generous. I ain't shy.

My prayers continue for you Possum, and for your Mom and Sister.
Also for you Maude. Dentists can be a real pain, huh?

Hope you are all having a great Friday.


October 09, 2009 - Msg 75528: Morning y'all- Thanks for all of the encouragement.Taking it minute by minute. MDC-7 years? Bless your heart,dear friend. I hope you had some help during that time. And prayers for your sister,Boo.It is not an easy task.
Ro, I hear you. I told Mama that family doesn't need to be the caregiver-let us be family,do what we can & let somebody else be the caregiver. She is hung up on wanting one of her daughters under foot. I told her that tomorrow I would like to go grocery shopping for my house (not that I will be home to cook & eat,but still,I need to get groceries-cupboards nearly bare.)and get a haircut & get a flu shot,before I get sick & will be no good to anyone. Well,she gave me one of those "sour looks". I just said " I want somebody to tell me that I cannot do things for myself,things that I need to do. I just WANT somebody to tell ME that." That would have been it,folks. My patience would have flown out of the window. She let it go.
I mean,I'm talking about 2-3 hours,and my niece can sit with her while I'm gone.She can run get a neighbor if something happens.Give me a break!
Mama is a hard nut to crack,when it comes to what SHE wants. She's in for a rude awakening once surgery sis gets better,because she has seen the light and is no longer going to let Mama rule her life. She's not taking mine.We will do what we can,see that she's cared for,just as Ro said.
Sorry to go one & on.
Let me leave today on a funny note: Boo,your sister should've told Dad to leave her palm trees alone & go sit on the toilet and worry about how to keep his "stuff" out of the water!!
Ok,I've got that" moulage" rolling again- have fun! Ha! Ha!

Love you all.Thanks for being here for me.
possum under a rock

October 09, 2009 - Msg 75529: "...sit and stare at a wall.."..sounds pretty good right now, at least for a little while, Ro. haha..actually we do have a very good caregiver that comes in a couple of days a week but it is usually when Susan is at work so it doesn't fee her up much. It certainly is a help, though, because she helps mom with her shower, does cleaning, laundry, etc. She is priceless and really loves mom and dad. You know what's funny..I remember when mom and dad used to say that they didn't want to be a burden to their kids...boy, that ain't been said around here in a LONG time! hehe

Passed out on the floor, ASA? haha...I didn't take the news quite so hard I guess.;-)

Hang in there Possie Girl. Great idea about my dad (I'll share that with Susan)..hahahahaha!


October 09, 2009 - Msg 75530:
Asa- A bunch of Socialists gather to pick a winner, B.O. seems like the perfect fit, unaccomplished and full of ... hope.


October 09, 2009 - Msg 75531:
AUh20 and asa, same here! Tho shock may not even describe it! Strange stuff!

October 09, 2009 - Msg 75532: Hi All.
Just gitting cleans efor the 23 st come.
I will have some nice photo of everyone and will send somee to the photoalbum.


October 09, 2009 - Msg 75533:
Hi Tom, where is everyone tonight?
Keep well my friend.
Ro must be getting ready for the cruise.
Prayers and what I can give continue
for Philippines and Indonesia!
It is still bad there but no news carries it!
Just BO and the nobel award.
Lord help us!
Have a good evening all,

October 09, 2009 - Msg 75534:
Hello porch family......been a while since I've been able to stop by. Missed you folks.
Just glanced over the archives and wanted to let you know that I'm praying all the needs listed.

Home now for a few days before heading out to TX. Gonna miss seeing you Ro this year. But I know you'll have a great time on the cruise.

You all have a great night sleep and wake ready to tell someone that Jesus loves them!
Love and prayers

October 09, 2009 - Msg 75535:
Hey Rev

MDC-Yasser Arafat is still my all time favorite Nobel Laureate. Now there was a peace maker.


October 09, 2009 - Msg 75536: Wow. MDC, you really put the spotlight on the subject. Names turned in by Feb. 1, huh? I guess I didn't know that. Glad I do now, though. So our Dear Leader had been in office ten days. Good grief. Actually, he had accomplished quite a few "feats" in those first ten days, but by no stretch of the imagination could one say they had anything to do with promoting peace. Do we smell a put-up job here? How long, oh Lord, how long?

Possum, my dear, you just hang in there. I'm glad you stood up to your mom's sour-faced attempt to put you in your place. That's the only way you're ever going to know any peace.

Boo, it's good that you and St. Susan have some help. Sounds like things generally go fairly well, with just an occasional uprising from the folks. Stand your ground.

REV, I'll miss seeing you, too. I leave here Sunday morning, and will be back in town on Saturday, the 17th. Will you be in the area anytime after that?

Tom, you get those pictures and send them to me, and I'll get them in the album for you for sure. I hope your stepdad isn't giving you too much trouble. Maybe the weather will ease up and he can go fishing one more time before winter sets in.

Well, guess I'd better mosey along. I'm still not packed for the trip, but everything is clean. Won't take me long to toss it in a suitcase. I tend to pack light, and just about everything I own is travel-worthy. No wrinkles, etc. If a garment has to be ironed, it can't live at my house. As far as I'm concerned, an ironing board is for sleeping. I do own a nice steam iron, but am not sure where it is. (heehee)

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

October 09, 2009 - Msg 75537: Asa im with you on the peace prize winner...I was driving home from work this morning at about 6:30 and heard the news and started swerving all over the road...hey Romeena ...cant rock long ...line of storms are moving across us now and we are getting lots of outage calls...hey Rev.."on the road again"?...MDC and NN I will hunt ya on facebook tomorrow night...be watching for me..hey auh20,TOM...hey any supper leftovers?..possum..you doing better?..I will mail you...Boo I will send you a facebook message tomorrow....FOOD....SPOT:)

October 10, 2009 - Msg 75538: This may not be the forum in which I should express these thoughts, but I'm going to do it anyway. Here it is. I'm so everlastingly sick of the playing of the race card. I'm tired of it. Give it a rest, already! (In case you're wondering what brought this on, it was a letter to the editor in our local paper, accusing anyone who isn't in love with Obama of being a racist.) Excuse me? I believe there might have been some black people who weren't crazy about George Bush. Does that make them racist? No, it doesn't. There are a lot of people, me included, who aren't in love with Obama, but that doesn't make us racists, either. Isn't it just barely possible that we disagree with his political views? Can't we wonder about the things he has so carefully locked up and hidden about his past life, especially when what we do know screams of thuggish associates, known terrorists, Marxists, radicals, and Muslim ties? Does race just have to be involved?
Frankly, I would feel no differently about him if he were white, pink, brown, yellow or purple. His skin color is absolutely immaterial to me. In fact, I would have welcomed the election of a black man to the office, had it been someone of known solid American background, a patriot, a supporter of the Constitution and someone with recognizable American family values. The election of a man like that could have healed a lot of old wounds and brought us all closer together.
Unfortunately, we didn't have a man like that on the ticket, and the one we did have rode in on a tide of racism that absolutely defies description. I've quoted this before, but here it is again. Overheard on the cruise ship last year, spoken by a pretty, young black woman - "Well, I voted for him because he's black and he's cute, and that's enough for me!" So, there you have it. If that's not racism, then kindly define it for me.
The right man could have helped this country a lot. The man we got, with all his shenanigans, is going to push us farther apart, and that's a crying shame.

Be blessed, friends, and please pray for our country and our world. --Romeena

October 10, 2009 - Msg 75539: I agree completely Romeena.Yea,I'm sick of the race card too.I can't sleep,I am sneezing and having hot flashes,or maybe it's a fever coming on,I don't know,I just know I can't sleep.Prayers for Possum and Boo,taking care of parents can be tough.Thank God my parents are fairly healthy and pretty much able to do things for thierselves.They do make me laugh though.My dad and mom have been seperated for about 25 years,live in two seperate houses next door to each other.My dad comes down to my moms 3 or 4 times a day just to talk to me or see what the kids are doing.One day I was out running errands and my mom said my dad walked in just wearing his underwear and a tshhirt and a pair of bedroom slippers.She said he came in and sat down,said he didn't feel good.She asked him if he knew he didn't have any pants on,he didn't realize it until she said it,and hurried home to get dressed.And,don't even get me started on the conversations they have about BM's!And,they feel the need to share it with anyone who will listen.Prayers for all on the porch,I sure miss you friends.Just real busy at school right now.Take care-ky girl

October 10, 2009 - Msg 75540: and,I'm just curious,has anyone ever heard of having a guinea pig neutered?I'm not kidding,there is a woman in my class that says she has a friend that told her she had her guinea pig neutered-ky girl

October 10, 2009 - Msg 75541: HA! ky girl. An indepth discussion on BM's? Are you talking about what I think you're talking about? Hoy! That's funny.
And I have never heard od a guinea pig being neutered, but I reckon it could be.

Auh2o, yea, B.O. is in some good company and fellow socialists now. I don't remember her name but wasn't there a woman a few years back who won one of these who earlier had stated that she had visions or dreams of killing George Bush? I may be wrong on this but it seems that was the deal. Really causes one to wonder why all the hoopla about this meaninless award anymore.


October 10, 2009 - Msg 75542: Mornin' y'all. I will blow a gasket if I talk about the Peace prize winner-let me keep it zipped on that subject! Spot,don't you run a wreck because of Obama!Good grief,the things that man is doing (or not doing) to us all!
I AM going grocery shopping & getting my haircut. My sister,shouldn't have,but she got over to Mama's house in a wheelchair. She'll sit with her today. Heaven help 'em,but I can't do it all & I need a break! The lady at night has surely been a blessing.
Gotta go-love to all!

October 10, 2009 - Msg 75543: So SPOT, Obama's award almost caused your death, huh (swerving all over the road)? Glad you made it home ok. ;-)

HAHAHA...I feel your pain, KY Girl! I didn't tell ya'll about the conversation my mom had with me in the recovery room of the hospitol when they were waiting to do her pacemaker (I don't think I told ya'll..if I did, sorry). It was a fairly small room and her bed was about 10 feet from the nurses desk, where three of the nurses were seated, doing some paper work. The curtain was closed and I was sitting next to her stretcher. Now mom is very hard of hearing so when she speaks it is ALWAYS about a million decibels louder than anyone else in the room. So, I am sitting there with her and she says (loudly), "I haven't been in this hospital in a long time. This is where you and susan were born. Did I tell you that Dad wanted me to go to his doctor when i was pregnant but when I went to his office he kept feeling my breasts!" Now, at this point, I am shushing her with gusto, but to not avail...she continues, "I went to Dr Moody instead and he told me that he didn't want me to breastfeed because I had such beautiful breasts that he didn't want me to ruin them"...well i am shushing her frantically by this time and I hear the nurses laughing at the desk. I tell mom, "Mom you are talking too loud, please!", and she says, "There is something wrong with your hearing! I'm not talking too loud". Later when I left, one of the nurses said to me, "I really got a kick out of your mom!". It was pretty embarrassing, but I should be used it, I guess. It is always something. Then Dad starts making cracks about the male philippino nurse mom had! I got out of there and stayed in the waiting room until i had to come out.;-)

A guinea pig neutered? No, but I have heard of a constipated squirrel (I think I shared that story already).

Better scram....


October 10, 2009 - Msg 75544: Just checking in real quick before heading out with the wife for the day.

Ro.....AMEM...I fully agree with you on the race card and B.O.. I'm sick of it too!
And no, I'll be leaving out of your area on the Saturday you return. Will miss ya but maybe next year.

Spot.....nope, not on the road right now. Will be home till Thursday then head out for a month tour. I'll let you know so you can send my grub:)

Well wifey is waiting so I better go.
Love and prayers

October 10, 2009 - Msg 75545: Possum.....still praying for you. You take care of yourself too!

October 10, 2009 - Msg 75546: Oh my stars, Boo! How funny! Hearing problems can cause all sorts of strange situations. My parents used to sit in church and talk to each other. Neither could hear really well, and their comments would get quite audible. They thought no one else could hear them, but their voices carried for a couple of rows! We told them, but they didn't believe us. Finally, one Sunday I was seated about two rows down in front of them, and I could hear them clearly. So, at lunch I began to relate the conversation back to them, and boy, were they ever shocked! Problem solved.

A constipated squirrel? I don't recall that story, but it sounds funny. First question - how did you know? Second - what happened? This sounds like a story I would want to hear.

Regarding the guinea pig, I suppose if I had more than one, and they were opposite gender, I'd want to neuter one or both. Otherwise, I could easily be hip-deep in guinea pigs by Christmas. Guinea pigs are delightful little animals, and make really nice pets. I like 'em!

Ky girl, that's funny about your parents. You say they're "separated" - I gather that they're not divorced, just living separately? And they spend a lot of time together? My gosh, why don't they move into one house, rent out the other, and save a lot of money?? I'm sure they have their reasons, and it's none of my business, but one wonders.....

Well, I've got to get away from this window and get busy. I still haven't packed for the cruise, and there is some housekeeping that must be done before I leave here. Got to clean the pond filters too. Thank goodness the algae has slowed down, and they're good for several days now. Ted will come on Tuesday to clean them again. I wouldn't ask my friend Deanna to do that. If she'll just stay with my little Toye Starr and give her lots of love, that's all I ask.

REV, I'm sorry I'm going to be gone - would have loved to hear a concert or two while you're in the area. Might have even made you a homecooked meal, and had my son and family over. I'd love for them to meet you. Eloise and Jerry would have come too - you met them last year. Well, maybe next year.

Ok, much to do - later, taters. Be blessed! --Romeena

October 10, 2009 - Msg 75547: Rainy day here on my end of the porch, anybody got an extra umbrella? hm I sent you that potato soup recipe in your facebook email. DO NOT put any meatballs in it, you'll mess it all up. :)

October 10, 2009 - Msg 75548:

Boo, LOL at your mom/breast story! (..."shushing her with gusto" ROTF!) She sounds like a character - much like my own mom. :-)

Prayers still going up for you, possum.

Ro, have a wonderful trip! I'm soooo jealous. :-)

*Mavis, I can't even find my own umbrella. We've been in a drought for so long, now that we're actually getting rain, all the umbrellas have apparently jumped ship. Can't find a one of 'em. That's Texas for you: we're either in a drought or we're flooding. Oh well, it makes for entertaining weather.

About this President Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. Oh my. My conservative friends are furious, and my liberal friends are curious. What in the world did that man do in those two weeks to be nominated for the NPP? Don't get me wrong; I support my president, just as I try to support all my presidents, but this is a head-scratcher. God willing he will wind up doing something to warrant this honor, but it ain't happened yet. I, and a number of my friends, believe this was clearly a jab at President Bush, and if that's the case, it severely compromises the integrity this honor once had.

Prayers for all! I'm going outside to enjoy this wonderful cool weather we're (finally) having. Sometimes I envy you folks north of here.


October 10, 2009 - Msg 75549: So you wanna hear the squirrel story, Ro? Well, there used to be an old country doc in my hometown named Doc Lewis. I was visiting with him during some kind of local government meeting when my dad was mayor and he began telling me a story about of friend of his that gave him a call one day...the friend had a pet squirrel that was in distress after eating an entire biscuit that had been put in his cage. The squirrel just lay there on his back, with his now large belly protruding into the air. The doc said..."Sounds like he is constipated and needs to get rid of the bisquit. You'll have to give him an enema"....(silence on the other end of the line, I'm certain). The friend brought the squirrel into the doc's office and the doc rigged up a type of squirrel enema and administered it to the squirrel, which the doc reported, "Died anyway..". Now, aren't you glad you asked me to tell you that story?;-) I guess you see why I never forgot it even though it was told to me over 25 years ago. The first time I told that story to anyone it was when I was working nights in the labor unit and when I finished the telling of it, my friend Gloria started calling me Betty White (after Betty White's character in Golden Girls..the one that told those ridiculous stories).

I sort of like the idea of living in seperate houses when Bruce and I are older...I would, however require that he keep his pants on at all times (snicker, snicker).**

Better go veg before getting back to the chores...


October 10, 2009 - Msg 75550: HEY DES!!..."all the umbrellas jumped ship..". That's too funny!


October 10, 2009 - Msg 75551:

They did, Boo. My umbrellas have left home.

A squirrel enema?? Heck, I'd have checked out, too. Did I ever tell you the story about my squirrel, Willie? I think I have. Willie was a great squirrel, happily inhabiting a domicile whose charges would never conceive of giving him an enema. :-)


October 10, 2009 - Msg 75552: yes Asa,what you think BM means is what it means!And,what's even more disturbing is that they know about other people's thier age and me and my older kids get to hear all about it!Ro,that was the other puzzling part about the guinea pig,it was the only guinea pig they owned,in a cage by itself.It's not like stray guinea pigs just wander aroung loose like cats .Yes,Ro,you are right,they have never got a divorce,they are seperated,the reason they can't live in the same house is the reason they seperated,my dad has never felt the need to give up dating other women,even after he got married.But,on the flip side,my mother refuses to get a divorce,says she took a vow and she is sticking to it whether he does or not.And every August she will remind me "She" has a wedding anniversary!My dad still has his girlfriends come to pick him up at his house(he doesn't drive).He refuses to get a divorce because he doesn't want to spend the money he says.So,they are both as stubborn and nutty as bed bugs on this subject!And on plenty of others!A constipated squirrel Boo? That's too funny!Talk to you all later-ky girl

October 10, 2009 - Msg 75553: How many folks are going on the Mayberry cruise? I'm looking forward to seeing Romeena as I understand she's going. I hope others are able to make it. Be sure to tell me "hey."

October 10, 2009 - Msg 75554: Ok gang just a quick trouble check....got CATV hooked up in the barn!...Fla. & LSU on...Rev our dogs got stomped by tenn....ok back in a bit...SPOT

October 10, 2009 - Msg 75555: Hey y'all- thanks for the prayers.I just cannot thank y'all enough. I know where my strength is coming from & I do feel the prayers & love-from you all and the Lord.
Today was good,tonight was bad (hubby) but things are peaceful now.

Love these stories! Constipated squirrel,hard of hearing mom. I've got one of those too- mom,not a constipated squirrel! LOL
My mama is hard of hearing too,and I think she feels at her age,she can just say anything,anywhere. Not always due to her hearing-she'll just blurt out anything she feels. Here's what happened to my sister recently:
She was in a doctor's office with Mama when they noticed a roach crawling on the floor. Mama started speaking up,trying to get someone to kill the roach. My sister was shushing her,telling her it's ok- Mama just kept on about the roach & singled out one particular man who walked past her. She told him to "kill the roach." Well,the man paid her no mind and kept walking & my sister said Mama blurted out "Wimp!" I know my sister wanted to vanish into the air! Ha!
Well, possum is tuckered out,so I'm gonna hit the ironing board. Y'all take care-love to all!
possum under a rock