October 17, 2009 - Msg 75659: now why on earth would I say, "they absorb the heat from the father?"...how strange...I meant "heat from the shower" of course!!


October 17, 2009 - Msg 75660: I swept with that?


October 17, 2009 - Msg 75661:
Good sweep boo! Welcome home Ro! I told asa to clean up that mess! ha Better not keep the key under the mat anymore! haha
Prayers for possum and all. I guess we all need to remember that we too will be OLD someday too! (:


October 18, 2009 - Msg 75662: Hi, porch. Just checking in before collapsing in MY OWN BED with my little puppy cuddled close. Sounds like a little slice of heaven. The shipboard beds are quite comfortable, but there's nothing like the old familiar ironing board. I admit I'll miss the gentle rocking of the ship, though.

Possum, that sounds like very good news, if your mom doesn't change her mind. I do agree with Boo, it's not likely that you're seeing the end drawing near, but rather just the fatigue of illness and all. It is possible though, which is why I said what I did. Possible, but not likely.

Boo, I think glass block is a very nice idea. It will add interest, and I think it's beautiful. My son uses it a lot in the houses he builds in Florida. He tries to put the kitchen on an outside wall, and incorporates glass block in the backsplash along countertops. Admits light and really dresses things up. Pretty stuff.

Well, I'm about pooped. If I'm to make it to church at 8:15 tomorrow, I'd better hit the hay. Be blessed, friends, and have a lovely Sabbath. --Romeena

October 18, 2009 - Msg 75663: Well good Sunday morning to all...quite at the moment here at work....leave at 6am then home to snooze a little then back at 2pm...will have to catch a sermon on the tube....Race fans Now THAT was a race last night...I think JJ is on his way to this 4th straight Championship...Ga tech,Ga,Alabama,Florida all won in Football...good day for the south!..Falcons play tonight on Sunday night football....well hope everyone slept well and wake up refreshed...will leave breakfast on the stove for yall....prayers...will holler when I wake up....SPOT

October 18, 2009 - Msg 75664: morning y'all. Mama is still sleeping at 9 am-went to bed around 6 last night. this is very unusual. i just searched "dementia"-all i will say is oh my.you hear what i'm saying. will do what we can concerning care facilities,tests,etc. tomorrow. thanks for being my sounding board and my good friends. love you all.on laptop-excuse lower case and all.brain drain-ha!
possum under a rock

October 18, 2009 - Msg 75665: Ro, that boy of yours sure comes up with some good ideas. That countertop/backsplash idea is awesome. I have never heard of it but can just imagine how much light it would provide...probably looks wonderful, too.


October 18, 2009 - Msg 75666: Possum & her problems again. Something is wrong with Mama,she woke up slurring words,seeing objects tat weren't there,could not move,hold her head up,kept falling asleep.Yet,she remained stubborn as anything! We checked her BP- it was 96 over 41,pulse rate 56,I think. We FINALLY got her to agree to go to hospital about 2 hours ago. We have done all we can,my sister & I. Will post when I can. love,possum
Pray... thanks.

October 18, 2009 - Msg 75667: Good morning, porch. Yep, Boo, he's pretty creative. Has very good taste, and together with all his ideas, he has built some really beautiful homes. He mostly builds in the $3-500K range, but he also built over a hundred homes that sold for about $150k, and he incorporated a lot of his trademark ideas in those smaller homes, just to prove it could be done. They were stunning, just as pretty as the big homes, just smaller. He favors built-in niches in the walls here and there, and lights them. Some have down-lights, some have up-lights, larger ones may have both, but there are always lights. Really shows off a painting, a beautiful vase or other pretty objects. The lights are on rheostats, of course, so you can control the intensity. Very pretty. On the plans, he's meticulous about line-of-sight, balance, perspective and other details like that. He can visualize it on the plan, and in the finished house you always just see beauty and symmetry. Oh, about the glass block - in the guest bathroom, the tub and shower are on an exterior wall, and it's made of glass block. Just beautiful! The glass distorts, of course, so no one can see in and all you see outside is a shimmery, swirly mix of green plants and light. It's really quite pretty.

Possum, we're praying for you. I can't imagine trying to deal with your problem with your mom, and the difficulties at home at the same time. What you need now is a solid base to work from, and you don't have that, at least not with your husband. You do have the Lord, though, and He's enough. I have the impression that you aren't willing to fight both wars at once, and you're probably right. Just sidestep the issues at home as much as you can right now, until things eventually resolve with your mama. Then deal with Mr. Helpful, once and for all. Dear girl, you are going to come out on the other side of all this one of these days, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, free of constraint and able to live your life in your own way, as you choose. We will continue to pray you through to that day.

Well, guess I'd better get my luggage unpacked. Won't take long, I just took one suitcase and a small carry-on. The carry-on is already unpacked - just need to unpack the clothes. Since most are dirty, it will be easy. Just toss 'em in the hamper! I'll worry about laundry another day. (heehee)

Be blessed, dear porch. --Romeena

October 18, 2009 - Msg 75668: Oh my goodness. Possum, of course you have our prayers. Sounds like a stroke in progress. I know from things you have said that you have a lot of love for your mom, and a lifetime of good memories. Perhaps God has decided to close the book now while the current situation is just a footnote, rather than letting it become a whole unpleasant chapter. He did that with my mom, and I've always been grateful. It was hard to give her up, but the tough times were brief, a mercy to her and to us as well. Stand firm, and remember - joy comes in the morning. --Romeena

October 18, 2009 - Msg 75669: Good Sabbath Porch. I hope you are all having a good one. And welcome home Romeena. I declare, I was just trying to have a quiet little social at your house to keep Starr entertained and these folks went crazy. Such goings on. Tsk tsk tsk! I tried to keep them in check Ro, but they just wouldn't have no part of it. Anyway, glad you had a good time and are home safe.

Possum, I'm so sorry for what you are going through. It sure seems like everything is pounding on you. I pray for the Lords hand in your situation with your Mom. It sounds like maybe she has given up. Hard to say. But prayers for the both of you during this trial.
And the same for Jubie, Boo. I pray the cancer has not returned.

MDC, Don't you be playing so innocent in all this. When you took off on Tom Jones singing and the women went wild, was when we lost all control of things! :)

Sure a pretty day on my porch. Temps in low 70's. Partly cloudy. The tree's are in full splendor with their fall colors. Just perfect. Think I'll go sit out on the patio and enjoy it. We ain't gonna get to many more like this one, this year at least.
Peace friends.


October 18, 2009 - Msg 75670: Hey Asa here in Ga its Cool...high in the low 50"s right now...going up to 62 tomorrow....I GOT to get some firewood cut....roof should be finished and painting the porch is next..hey possum we are praying...Good football on today...Mavis aint heard from you..Lucy?..hazel?...Romeena know you are glad to get home...Maude lets cook up something to eat and send Possum and her sis a plate and the Rev...I will bake some chicken and corn on the cob...you roast some taters and slaw...tha should do it...Boo will you make some tes..both un and sweet..I got to where I drink unsweet now....when out at a fountian I mix it half and half...un and sweet...well back to football...My Atlanta falcons come on at 8....prayers....SPOT

October 18, 2009 - Msg 75671: Thank you all. Latest on Mama is that they ruled out a stroke,but it IS something neurological.The 1st doc that saw her said we have a serious problem.I am home,my sister & daughter at hospital,I just could not go. Although it may be her time. I told her I loved her,she said the same to me-we have made our peace regardless. Wyoming sis asked me if she needs to come. Ijust do not know.I can't make that call. Things ar still unanswered.I'm so tired. Then I find out that the problem might be that although I was monitoring all of Mama's meds,she was doing well,getting the right amount,she had elapril (spelling?) a blood pressure med in her purse,which she ordered me to let her start taking again. She already takes a beta blocker,I take one as well,so I have some knowledge of the implications & I BALKED about her taking two- told her that would knock her pressure down low. She's a nurse,she gave me total "you know what" about it,she'd "always" taken both, Doctor "Who" told her she could,all that jazz that I listened to Mama and added it to her daily meds. They say that could have done the damage. Then again,they say because the last time she took ANY medicine was over 24 hours, that might or might not have caused it. Everyone is telling me to not beat myself up over it,but it is hard. Real hard. I know I'm not at fault,deep down,though.
There is still the possibility that she had something hidden somewhere,and because she finally knew she was going into a nursing home,she took something forbidden to her.I don't know WHERE she could have hidden it. We'll get the answers once doctors do what they need to do.We want a full evaluation. Enough is enough. Not to mention she is still mending a broken foot. She's where she needs to be-a hospital.

Ro,"Mr. Helpful" HAS been kind & helpful lately. That's because a day or so ago I gave him a talking to like you would not believe. I know it is just a temporary band aid on a gaping wound,but I hope it holds while I am dealing with all this Mama stuff.Bought myself a little peace anyway. But.. his day is coming.Trust me. A promise I have made to myself. The butterfly analogy was beautiful. Yes,it WILL happen. Free!!
Gonna try to take a nice warm bath, and relax.
Love to all- continued prayers for Jubi. Will post when I can.

October 18, 2009 - Msg 75672: Oh, she only doubled the BP meds once or twice. She even told me one time to skip the elapril (don't know how it's spelled) because she thought it may be making her feel bad. She did not take this dosage for days, or weeks,but it may have done damage regardless. She has a pacemaker as well. Just wanted all the facts out there.
Thanks for following my "saga". Geesh!

possum again

October 18, 2009 - Msg 75673: Hi All.
Spot I watch a good game pitt and cleve,
Clevevland have a not to good team.
The high was 45 and low will be 37 but the high tomorrow will be 50 .
Possum my pray are what you, and I have ben thinking about my mom and how she act at the end of her time,
The night befor her surgery, she was going a little crazy said thing and seeing thing.
Wind I told her that sis was comming in , she said that she will be in a car that was hit. , the day of surgery she cry out and the last thing that Sara and mon do was prayer and win it was time go in her sleep.
It ben sever year now and I do think about it on the date that she pass on!

Will it time for the game.


October 18, 2009 - Msg 75674: Hey, Spot. You and Miss Sherry sure missed a good time on the cruise. You would have loved it! Now, the good news is, there's another one next year. I hope you'll start planning on it right now, and will join us.

My Angel's Trumpet plants (brugmansia) are blooming. The yellow one is in full bloom, and the pink one has buds forming, should bloom in a few days. They're just spectacular when they bloom - big old trumpet-shaped flowers about a foot long, hanging straight down in clusters, about 25-30 blooms, at least. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow. I've never noticed a fragrance around the pink one, but in the evening, the yellow one releases a delicious fragrance, like warm vanilla sugar.

Asa, don't play the innocent with me! Remember, that was your toolbelt hanging from my ceiling fan. Admit it, you people just went wild and had a party while I was gone. (I think I missed all the fun!)

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

October 18, 2009 - Msg 75675: Wow! A lot of people showed up on the porch while I was posting. Tom, I can't believe it has been seven years since your mom went to be with the Lord. It doesn't seem like that long. I know you still miss her. Isn't it wonderful, knowing that you'll see her again?

Possum, don't you dare punish yourself about that medication. I know how hard it is to refuse someone like that, particularly a parent. Even as adults. we still have the "mind your mother" habit ingrained in us. Also, as you noted, she may have had some hidden away and would have been taking it anyway. She may have been a nurse, but now she's a patient, and somewhat confused, and her judgment is impaired. Just keep hanging in there, dear girl. Joy comes in the morning.

Well, I'm sitting here with shaking hands, guess I'd better go check my blood sugar - I'm sure it's too low. I haven't eaten anything but a little piece of cheese today, guess I'd better have some soup or something. After all the eating on the ship, I just haven't wanted anything.

Prayers for all the needs. --Romeena

October 18, 2009 - Msg 75676: Evening Family:
Ro: Just let me start by saying that Asa headed the whole party thing. I stopped by to make sure the filter in the pond wasn't clogged and he zipped past me in your car so fast it blew my lampshade off...I mean hat. Blew my hat off...
Possum: dear dear possum: you have NOTHING to punish yourself about. You have put up with more than most people would have. Sometimes the end comes unexpected, other times the Lord allows us to slowly release our "grip" on the loved one. You have been given a wonderful opportunity to tear away all the pretense and clear the slate either for final days or new days coming... May the Lord help you through this process.
I am so glad Ro is back. The porch seemed a little empty for a while. Safe trip Rev. Blessings for those you minister to.
Tom: thanks for the lovely poem. I needed that one today. See ya tomorrow. ~New Neighbor

October 18, 2009 - Msg 75677: Very encouraging words to Possum, Romeena, thank you for sharing them.

I have just one thing to say to you, ASA; "KISS-UP!". Blame it all on us, will you?!;-) Seriously, though, thanks so much for your prayers for Jubi. I will let you all know how things go with her as soon as I know something.

Oh Dear Possum, I am so sorry that you are going through all of this but I know God is bigger than the situation and He loves you so much. May he give you His great grace to sustain you each day. Prayers continue for you, your mom and family. We love you. {{{HUG}}}


October 18, 2009 - Msg 75678: What a beautiful day it was today. Cool and sunny, just perfect again. Will be warming up and the humidity will return tomorrow as the wind shifts back to the southeast. Sat outside at the homestead for hours this evening and had some family out for a bit. I made a fire outback and we made grilled cheese sandwiches and smores! I made something different...I called it "A Black Forrest Smore" and it was so good. I melted the chocolate on the graham crackers and then put one a spoonful of cherry pie filling. Man! It was great but messy. Everyone else used roasted marshmallows, though...not as adventurous as I am.;-)

They started painting the exterior of the house and let me tell you, painting it white was no mistake. I love it.

Better get Erin to bed..


October 19, 2009 - Msg 75679:
"She's a lady, woo, woo, woo, she's a lady..." er, what? , no that wasn't ME!! haha
Possum- prayers continue for you and yours.
hey to Tom and all.
Boo- that sounded like fun!
have a good Sabath evening,

October 19, 2009 - Msg 75680: Good mornin' y'all. Hope you all don't get tired of me thanking you for the prayers,sweet words,etc. I cannot stress enough what you folks mean to me or how I draw strength from you. So.. thanks once more. I'll keep you posted on my Mama.
In case any of y'all didn't know it already-Ro is my "Mother Figure." Now,if she thinks she can handle more of us "wild children" here, I'm willing to share her as my mother figure. But for now,she's "Mine,and no one else's "- or however Ernest T. said it! HA! By the way, I've also already claimed MDC as my "brother figure"- right BRO?!
Tom, I think I understand how hard it was for you to lose your mom. Sorry it still hurts you so. Thank you for thinking of me,my friend.
Hope today brings blessings to us ALL. Love y'all.
possum under a rock

October 19, 2009 - Msg 75681: Ro - it was all Asa's idea. . .he made us do it!

Glad you are back, safe and sound.

It's a busy week for me - going to the National FFA convention for most of the week. I will be busy busy busy!!


October 19, 2009 - Msg 75682: The FFA hm? What's that, the Future Fabricators of America? What an unbelievable fabrication you just told Ro. I made you do it?! I am the innocent victim in all this. Boy oh boy. :)

Possum, we won't get tired of your requests. You have a full plate right now and we are happy to be able to do what little we can to help you lighten your load. I'm sure I speak for all when I say I wish there was more I could do to help. But I do believe prayer is a strong elixir to our many trials and tribulations. So I don't mean to dismiss what we do in praying for you.

Boo, you call me a kiss up? HA! You're the queen of kiss up. I'm gonna buy you a case of chapstick for your birthday in fact. So neeer to you! :)

So it looks like that ballon thing was a big hoax. I declare, what some people won't do for attention. What a doughhead.

Hope you all have a good Monday. Hard to believe we are half way through October. Christmas will be here before we know it. HO HO HO!


October 19, 2009 - Msg 75683: Hi All.
Just wiat a minit here Asa , I think all your friends here has true on you.
Asa may said a party at Romeea house and everyone like the idea of it, but no one STOP IT from going.
Possum- pray that you have a good day.



Hey thanks for making me laugh out loud on the FFA thing! HAHAHAHA.

Told you the father of balloon boy was a nut...you heard it here first, people!

HOHOHO? I feel nauseous..

Possum, thank you for keeping us updated and we do care very much. Don't hesitate to ask for our prayers and support.


October 19, 2009 - Msg 75685: Amen Boo - to your kingly comment. What Asa won't do not to take any blame. Do you think he helped the kid hide in the balloon hoax? With his handy dandy tool belt - he could have created an attic space for him! :)


October 19, 2009 - Msg 75686:
Out of the mouth of babes..."daddy, you said it was all for a big show..." (6 year old tells all! ha)
Tom got it right, Asa told us where the key was! ha
Possum, I like "man-zierre" better than "bro." LOL
Just trying to cheer you up. But, yes indeed. been there with my real bro, as you know, and feel your pain. Jesus loves you. Let Him give you a big hug!
Hope your mom is doing better.
Hey to all!
Praying for sure.

October 19, 2009 - Msg 75687: Ro,I was in on the party at your house too.Just curious how are the fish in your pond?No reason in particular I'm asking,just wondered;) Prayers for you Possum,bless your heart,I know you have your hands full.I want to add another name to our prayer requests.My friend Lisa and her son Craig.I won't go into the details as there are alot of them,I'll just say that the are both facing lifethreatening situations.Thanks friends-ky girl

October 19, 2009 - Msg 75688:
Can't stay but a sec.....Left Tx and now in La. Gotta run for now. Prayers and love for all the porch family.

October 19, 2009 - Msg 75689: "Hey to Goober"

October 19, 2009 - Msg 75690: Hey again y'all. No real news on Mama, lots of tests,nothing conclusive yet. They were thinking blood clot in lung,but that's been ruled out. She does however have C-diff, y'all nurses know what that is. If you're curious,Google it. Not for the weak of stomach. Enough said.
Should hear tomorrow if she can get into a specific nursing home/rehab place we like. Think positive,y'all! We can't put her in a bad place and sure can't care for her ourselves anymore. Hope the timing is such that she goes right from hospital into a facility.
Well,about the party.. I told Ro we'd try to behave while she was gone,but a certain toolbelt wearing mullet man said he had plans to run wild through Mayberry ,and suddenly there's a big party at Ro's! So.. I was gonna be a good little possum,but just couldn't pass up the fun.I was gonna get to be a PIP & even planned to whiz around town in Ro's caddy with spot.(NOT like "piddling in the barn" just remembered that)-LOL. But,I didn't make the party because of the Mama ordeal.But I would've been right in there with Asa & the gang-and that's the truth!
MDC,I ain't calling you "man-zierre"! LOL I'll stick with MDC, but you'll still be my brother figure.How's that? Since you know that from Seinfeld ,how about me just screaming "SERENITY NOW!" Maybe that'll help some!
Tom,thank you- my day was better than yesterday.
Safe travels,Rev.

Prayers for Lisa and Craig. And Jubi... always. Again, I thank you all for the prayers.
possum under a rock

October 19, 2009 - Msg 75691:
ha ha ha, possum, you had me LOL with the "SERENITY NOW! SERENITY NOW!" We might as well go all
the way and get a "festivus pole too!!" teehee(:
Will be praying that your mom to SNF transition
goes smooth. A quick story... when that time came for my mom, we had pre-arranged everything, but when we got there nobody had anything about it!!
We were like "What?", but then they said that
another lady had just been discharged 10 minutes before, and that we could have that room!
Prayers were indeed answered big time at that moment. So hang in there 'sis,' God's plan will
unfold for you all! God bless,
MDC aka "man-zierre" haha

October 19, 2009 - Msg 75692:
Oh Boo, do you think you'll be in the house by Christmas?

October 19, 2009 - Msg 75693: Christmas party at Boo's this year - mistletoe and eggnog!!


October 19, 2009 - Msg 75694: Don't mention "poles",MDC-ASA might revive his act! Ha!
Oh,your story about your mom scares me.No more than it frightened you,I'm sure! Thank the Lord that woman got discharged.
My "scary " thing is that I want to go see Mama in the hospital tomorrow,but tomorrow is Tuesday,and the LAST time I went to visit Mama in a hospital on a Tuesday (Oct.6th) she ended up being DISCHARGED & I had to bring her home & do all the caregiving! So.. I'm hesitate to go tomorrow-really! It's like I'm cursed- I need an incant from the Darlings!
Ok, MDC,I'll call ya man- zierre,but just this once!
And so spot doesn't get his feelings hurt.. YOUT!!!
Y'all have a good evening!
possum again

October 19, 2009 - Msg 75695: Evening porch family, just stopping by for a minute tonight. doing some laundy and I "hope" do do some walking on the treadmill. Been a busy few days around my end of the porch. Cold this morning, about 30 degrees with frost on the pumpkins! supposed to be cold in the am as well.
Prayers for possum. KY girl and friends and everyone else as well. Bedtime snack will be oreos and milk! see you in the am hopefully. Breakfast tomorrow will be at my place: waffles with maple syrup, apple butter, toast, eggs your way, hasbrowns, bacon, sausage,country ham, french toast, fruit cups (gotta have a little dose of healthy), coffee, tea, chocolate or white milk. be here early!

sleep well my porch friends!

Big Maude

October 19, 2009 - Msg 75696: Just a quick trouble check..Roof is ON and looks great....thank you Lord...Maude I cant wait for Breakfast!....wowo I will be there first if I can beat Asa...ok...let me get the barn shut down...hey Ro,Boo,Possum,auh2o and all...Rev watch for the fex x truck for your meals brother...SPOT

October 19, 2009 - Msg 75697: Evening Family:
As always, prayers for the family! There are so many standing in the need of prayer, as we're on our knees for them...
Big Maude- breakfast sounds delightful. Give me a reason to get up tomorrow with a smile.
Oh my possum! Not the dreaded C-Diff!!! Every caregivers nightmare. Triggered by high doses of antibiotics and poor hand washing. RUN FOR THE HILLS! Have they started her vancomycin?
Just a quick prayer request on my side of the porch-- Neighbette is going to be going to John's Hopkins on Wednesday to be seen by a Vascular Specialist. She's 17 and been having problems with her legs since she was 12. This will be the 5th Dr. that has "evaluated" and studied her case. It's now time for answers. I'll fill you in later. Thanks. ~New Neighbor

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75698: Morning Porch.
Will offer up your young-un in prayer N.N. as well as Lisa, Craig, Jubie, Possum, and any and all who need em.
Maude, did you have that root canal done yet? Breakfast sounds good.

Spot, glad you got your roof done. Thought I was gonna have to call Mr. Wheeler to come give you a hand, but wasn't sure if you had enough lemonade in the house.

Boo, how did things go last night? So we are having a housewarming party for you in December? I can hardly wait. :)

Thanks Tom, for your support. I'm glad you have my back buddy. :)

KY Girl, did you ever find them earings? Them things sure do get around.

Well think I'll go watch some FOX NEWS and get the REAL NEWS.


October 20, 2009 - Msg 75699: Morning Y'all- NN,I don't know how they are handling the C-Diff,only that all caregivers dealing with her have to be in masks & gowns-very contagious,as you know. I'm sure they are on top of it.Yep,antibiotics caused it..She's been on 4 or 5 rounds of antibiotics ( maybe more),back to back over the past couple of months. They had her on heavy duty IV drip ones in hospital for her foot,then sent her home with 2 more. She popped Immodium like candy while taking them,which played a big part in it all.
Still nothing conclusive on what happened to her Sunday morning. I'll call & check on her today.Not going to hospital,for many different reasons. Mainly,I am traumatized by what happened Sunday. Woke up last night about 1:30 and literally wanted to RUN out into the night. That ain't me,folks. I spent a few hours writing it all down instead.Guess that helped.Just need to de-stress.
Ok,to Mayberry now.. I'm wondering about your tooth,too,Maude. Has it been fixed? Still hurting? Take care of yourself.Thanks for breakfast!
Spot,with all the rain that's come through your area lately,it must have been a nightmare trying to get that roof on- glad mission has been accomplished! Can we have a 70s Disco party there soon? I don't think we can wait til December for Boo's Christmas party!
Well,friends, I'd better get some chores done around the rock & get to making my phone calls. Will keep you posted. Hope everyone has a blessed day -love to all and prayers for all our loved ones/friends who are in need.
possum under a rock

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75700: Late Breakfast?...SPOT

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75701: Mmmm..maple syr-ple!

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75702: Goof moyninh, poyvh. HA! That's what happens when you have one hand a little too far over on the keys. It looked so funny I thought I'd leave it. Should be "good morning, porch."

NN, prayers indeed for Neighbette. I hope they get quickly to the root of the problem, and find it to be something simple and easily remedied. By the way, your words to Possum up there were so sweet, and well said.

Possum, it sounds like you've discovered one of my secrets for dealing with stress. When it gets to be more than I can handle, I write. I have a journal, begun right after my husband passed away, and I have continued to visit it now and then. Have thought of turning it into a little book one day - we'll see. There were times when I'm convinced it saved my sanity. I could tell that journal things I could never say directly to anyone, lest they lock me away.

Well, Eloise is waiting for me, we're going to go mousing around for a couple of hours, and I just MUST go to the grocery store. When you find yourself eating a can of tomatoes for dinner because there isn't even any soup, it's time to shop for groceries. Yep, a can of tomatoes and a handful of peanuts and a piece of cheese, that was dinner. Not too bad, actually - I like 'em all!

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75703:
Morning porch. Thanks for breakfast Big Maude.
Goo-o-o-o-d! I appreciate it!
Prayers continue for your whole situation(s)
Possum. More than any possum should have to go thru. You must feel like Earnest T is after you with his stick! (:
Asa- I hear ya. Here's what i don't get: The prez on down have said how "fox is a wing of the republican party," why has no republican said CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS are ALL wings of the democrat party? It's like no one wants to counter their talk. I don't get it. Did all the R spines take a hike to siberia or something?? OK, bluey goes my soapbox.

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75704:
Oops, didnt see ro there. Hey to Ro.

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75705: I am feeling a little emotional right now because a friend of mine has a 20 yr old son at Texas Tech, who fell from a three story building yesterday and sustained a terrible head injury. They are taking him off life support this afternoon and praying for a miracle. Please pray for Randy and for his mother, Mandy. Thank you so much.


October 20, 2009 - Msg 75706: I'm sorry to read that Boo. I will lift up Randy and Mandy in prayer. How very sad.


October 20, 2009 - Msg 75707: Oh,Boo,that is so sad.Will be praying.
NN,prayers for your girl as well.
Ro,I might have to keep journaling,like you said. Either that or I MIGHT just run out into the night and seeing as how I live right across from the Police Station, I might get myself "inarculated"-ha!
I did grocery shopping in a town about 15 miles over,as my cupboard was bare too,but wasn't down like you- peanuts,cheese,and a can of tomatoes?! Good grief! The gang really cleaned you out when they tossed that party at your place,didn't they??
Anyhow,it was good to do the grocery shopping,because it put me back into the real world. The closer I got to home though,the stress came back.I feel like I felt after Hurricane Hugo-shell shocked, bit of post traumatic stress after what I saw & did with Mama Sunday morning.Fighting it as best I can. That's why I came to rock on the Porch a bit.
Mama update- I phoned, she told me that she has been turned over to the neurologists.They took her for another CAT scan of head, & were doing a carotid artery ultrasound.Said they are concerned because she is still slurring words. Of course,I heard her telling the staff that came to get her ready to go down for the tests that she was talking like she always does. Miss Retired Nurse/Patient Know-it-all! See how headstrong she can be?! But,she was going for the test. She did sound a bit "slurry" to me.
Well,I'd better go for now. Again,Boo,you, Randy,and his mom are in my prayers. Hoping for a miracle. God Bless.
possum again

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75708: Oh,thank the good Lord! Just got a call from my sister. Mama has been accepted into the care cility we hoped she'd get into! This place is wonderful -my daughter did her clinicals there,have heeard first hand how good it is. She will go right there into the rehab unit when she is discharged. God is good! I know y'all prayed-bless you all.

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75709: Well,we're not putting her in a "cility"- meant FACILITY. Just so grateful I can hardly type!
possum again

Boo, hold on to hope. You see??

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75710:
Possum, just like there's 'lectric shavers, there's also 'cilities! ha
Praying that the 'cility has all the info for YOUR mama ready to go when she gets there!

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75711:
"Now is the time for all missing porchsters
to come on back and say 'hey.'" (:

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75712: Good evening, porch. Just heard from the hospital, they offered me cancellation for tonight and I took it. I need the money, but I'm really tired and could use the night's rest as well. We've been trying to put the yard to bed for the winter. Eddie came early today and mowed it three times, setting the mower lower each time. The third time left it less than an inch long, with small patches of bare dirt here and there. The clippings are just piled up in the arbor, where they'll compost for a couple of weeks, then will go in the flowerbeds as mulch. Joe and Jorge came yesterday and sprayed RoundUp on a particularly stubborn patch of weeds that has completely taken over my big flower island. I hate using RoundUp, but this is beyond hand-weeding. It's mostly nutgrass, and pulling that stuff just spreads it. So, as a last resort, we sprayed it. It'll knock it down in a few days, and then we'll pull it. Today they spread fescue seed over the whole yard, and rain is expected tomorrow, so that's good. The fescue will come up pretty and soft and green, and I'll have a green lawn all winter. In the spring, as soon as it starts getting warm, the fescue will die back, compost in and the St. Augustine will love it. It will come on strong, as it always does and I'll have beautiful turf all summer.

Possum, thank the Lord things are working out to get your mom placed where she can get the care and rehab she needs. Whatever the outcome, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you did all you possibly could to help her.

Boo, that's awful about the young man, Randy. Certainly will be praying for him and his mom. Bless their hearts!

Well, I'm beat. I've had about all of that yard I can stand today. I'm headed for my big old deep chair, with my sweet little furkid in my lap, and watch a little TV, with a big glass of tea beside me. I never did make it to the store, but tht's okay. The cupboards aren't as bare as I made it sound - I just didn't feel like cooking when I ate the tomatoes and cheese. I'm deliberately trying to get the pantry emptied out, will finish up by putting everything in a box and taking it to the local food pantry, and start over fresh. I do that about once or twice a year - just empty the shelves completely, wipe them down and start over.

Have a peaceful evening, friends. --Romeena

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75713:
Wow, Ro you have st. augustine? So do i. I have to power rake it about every three years to bring things back to almost nothing, and then it grows back like crazy the following spring!!
BTW I can send ya a case of pickles! ha
BOO- Prayers for sure. Do you know how such a thing happened?
Folks,I don't political too often, but please also pray for the
continued soverignty of of our nation! Things coming up in the next month or
so could jeopardize it tremendously. Thanks.
God bless,

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75714: Hey gang!..gosh just been busy here at the dog house prayers possum and ll in need....will read when I put Otis up....sorry about not cooking....any leftovers?...anything?...SPOT

October 20, 2009 - Msg 75715: Hey, MDC. Oh yes, St. Augustine grass reigns supreme in this part of the country. I guess Bermuda would come in second, and a lot of people favor a mix of the two. I don't especially like Bermuda by itself, but don't mind if some of it grows in with my St. Augustine. It does soften the turf a bit. As a rule, nothing is necessary with St. Augustine to refresh it around here. Most people just let it go dormant, and in the spring it comes on like gangbusters. I only scalp it down in the fall because of planting the fescue, and that's just a personal preference. I like having the green lawn through the winter, and the fescue feeds the St. Augustine when it dies down in the spring.

You are so right. If that Trojan horse, the "climate control global governance treaty" goes through, and Dear Leader signs it, the U.S. will no longer be a fully sovereign nation. Sadly, probably nine out of ten people don't even know this treaty is about to be signed, and of those who do know, only a small percentage have a clue what it really means. We are like lambs being led to slaughter. God help us.

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

October 21, 2009 - Msg 75716: Had to go back a read what I missed yesterday and will now comment. :-)

I have not heard anything further concerning my friend Mandy and her son. thank you for the prayers on their behalf. I did find out that he fell from an apartment balcony very late on Saturday night which makes me wonder if therewas alcohol involved....such a senseless accident, if so. Very, very sad.

Prayers for Craig and Lisa, Ky girl.

Just for the record, I think I would like calling MDC "Man-zierre"...I think it's catchy.;) Yes, MDC, we will be in the house by Christmas...projected date of finish is december 1st and we should make it. I went out to the house yesterday and they have almost finished painting the exterior and I love the white (did I already mention that?). The house reminds me of an old church house, somehow. Anyway, it is just the look i was going for. They have already put primer coat on the interior walls and will start the tile work this week. The barn roof is supposed to be done today but looks like we might get some rain. The builder told me that he thought the cabinet maker would have had the cabinets here by now so we are moving right along. All the major work is done, now its mostly the cosmetic stuff. Bruce and I changed our minds about the wood floor we had picked out because they brought a sample of it to the house and it was too orange-y. We are looking for something more mahogany-like and will have to make a decision by next week. Bruce has been in North Dakota this week (work-related project) so I guess we will do that when he gets back. I did finally make a decision on the tile and we will use the same tile in all tiled areas. It is a very neutral tile that has the appearance of stone but is porcelain. We will do some stone accents in the showers and along the back of the tub area. I am going to have the builder use smooth stones in the shower floor because they hold the heat and feel good on the feet (sound like a slogan?). In the bathroom that the kids use, the stone is little stone squares of various colors...really pretty. Enough of that. Thanks for asking.

OK, Christmas party at my house this year...why not?

"C-diff...RUN FOR THE HILLS"...funny NN. Prayers for you daughter...may they find out what the problem is once and for all.

Asa, I wasn't able to go to the rehab last night due to mom's needs but can't wait to go next week...kind of you to ask. Now, as far as the house warming, you will only be admitted wearing a tool belt. ;-)

So glad things are working out for your mom, Possum. I know it is a huge relief for you.

Yes, God help America.


October 21, 2009 - Msg 75717:
Yes porchsters, if you Google "climate control global governance treaty" you will get an eyeful!
Under the guise of "climate control via the UN" BO's signature in December would allow "world government" to supercede our constitution!Really!
This may not be porch material, but it is very real. We need prayer and letter-writing!
OK, sliding the soapbox back under with the spiders!
God's peace to you all this day,
Barn: Yes Floyd, you're looking at the next sheriff of Greendale. I'll clean up that town.

October 21, 2009 - Msg 75718: Oh, happy day! We got all that fescue seed spread yesterday, and this morning there is a slow, gentle rain falling, and you can bet those little seeds are just loving it! It's 64 degrees, so still warm enough to encourage the seeds to sprout, and with all that moisture, I would bet there will be little roots probing into the soil within a few days. Conditions are just perfect, thank you Lord.

Boo, how exciting about the house! What fun it will be to be in that beautiful new home for Christmas! You'll have to take lots of pictures and send them in. It all sounds just lovely - particularly the use of stone. There's nothing prettier, in my opinion, than natural materials, like stone and wood.

Why can't this country ever reach a point of moderation on any issue? It seems like it always has to be all or nothing. I'm referring specifically to gun control right now. I know, that's a volatile issue, and there are valid arguments on both sides, but if we could just meet somewhere in the middle, it would be great. Just for fun, Google "HR 45", and see what you find. It's scary. It's a "termite" plan, that will eventually result in the disarming of law-abiding citizens. I'm always amazed at the mentality that thinks you can prevent something by making it illegal. Marijuana and other drugs? Illegal, but thriving.

When it eventually becomes illegal for citizens to own firearms, I won't have my pistol, but the guy who breaks into my house will most definitely have one. It's illegal to break into a house, but it happens all the time. Why would anyone think that the guy will think to himself, "OK, I'm going to break into that house and steal, rape, whatever - but it's illegal to own a firearm, so I'll go in unarmed. I'll just grab a knife out of the kitchen." Good grief.

As for the heavy-duty stuff - assault rifles and the like - I think there's no reason why anyone needs one, and the more of those that can be taken off the streets, the better, but that's a tall order. The kind of people who own those things aren't going to be affected by law anyway, so I don't know how you manage to restrict them. What a mess. I just know that a totally disarmed citizenry is unconstitutional, and the people are helpless. Thoughts, anyone?

Be blessed! --Romeena

October 21, 2009 - Msg 75719:
Hey Folks

The snow we had last week knocked a lot of the leaves off of the trees. Hey, does that rhyme?

It can surprise too many the way these Democrats are acting and if it does you shouldn't be voting. This is not our fathers Democratic Party. Well, my Dad was never a Dem but I think you get my meaning. Just read Orwell's "Animal Farm." B.O. is absolutely one of the pigs.


October 21, 2009 - Msg 75720: Hey there, auh2o! I hear what you're saying. My grandparents were Democrats through and through, and never had to apologize for anybody or anything the party did. My parents started out as Democrats, but toward the end, they had jumped ship. My husband voted his convictions, regardless of party, because it finally came to that. As you implied, the Democratic party has changed so much as to be unidentifiable. My grandparents would never recognize it, but I'll bet Karl Marx would. I feel like we're on a roller coaster ride to oblivion these days. So sad.

Oh, and no - I don't think that rhymes! (heehee) --Romeena

October 21, 2009 - Msg 75721:
Ro, the good thing about a roller coaster is that it also goes UP! So even if BO signs away the country in December, congress hopefully will not be able to drum up the 3/4 need to RATIFY it, so we may "swoop back up" from the current "downslope." 2010 elections the right MUST get out in phenom numbers to vote however.
Plato said it best, and I paraphrase: You got what got because you're too darn lazy to get off yer butt and DO something about the situation! ):
Prayers continue.
Hope Possum checks in today.
Andy: Barney, sheriffin' aint the same a deputin'.

October 21, 2009 - Msg 75722:
Judge: "I said you may step down."
Barney: "You can say that all you want to but I 'aint steppin' down. This is
a hearing, 'aint it? Well it seems to me you oughta' hear everything."
The truth is,
sometimes I get carried away with myself. When I was talkin' with the young
lady there I... well I got to braggin' a bit. I guess that's one of my
faults. But I sure didn't think it was gonna backfire and be used against
Andy. Why Andy's the best friend I got in the whole world. And as far as
I'm concerned he's the best Sheriff too. All them things I said - for
example his usin' the squad car for personal reasons - sure, he was
deliverin' groceries to Emma Watson because she was too sick to get down to
the market. And that's just one example of the things Andy's done for the
folks in this town. I could give ya a lot more. Ya gotta understand this is
a small town. The Sheriff is more than just a Sheriff. He's a friend. And
the people in this town, they 'aint got a better friend than Andy Taylor.
But that's because of something that he's been tryin' to teach me
ever since I started workin' for him - and that is, when you're a lawman and
you're dealin' with people, you do a whole lot better if you go not so much
by the book... but by the heart."

October 21, 2009 - Msg 75723:
Good quote above, and on mine I meant to write
"AS sheriffin'."

October 21, 2009 - Msg 75724: Hey Y'all. Boo, I was wondering about Randy's condition. Still praying for him.
Ready for the latest in "As The Possum Turns"? It's a doozy...

Mama was going to be discharged today & in the rehab place by 2pm. Around noon, a doctor phoned to say that was not being discharged today,as she was in A- Fib and they had to check it out.
My instincts tell me that the A Fib was triggered by the stress of her knowing that she was "going into a nursing home." Truth is,she is only going into the REHAB unit,to get help with her broken foot,heal,and come home.I know her-she is stressing over Wyoming sister,trying to die over that,and her heart was fine until a few hours before she was to enter the Rehab. The fact that my sister said her pulse was way up and she began stroking Mama's arm & it dropped... well,what does that tell you? Nurse Boo? Ro? NN? Oh,and the cardiologist had yet to come check her as of 4pm. Hmmm..

I feel such a rush of different emotions- frustration & anger, sadness for my Mama,aggravation, uncertainty,you name it-possum probably is feeling it about now.
So.. I guess they will try to stop her A- Fib, then when she's doing fine,they'll tell her she's being discharged,she'll stress out & the A- Fib will start again??? Lord help us. Friends,keep praying.
A good thing- one,she did NOT have C-DIFF after all,so all those runners can come down from the hills! Ha!
No dementia either-that's a blessing.

I REALLY feel like living up to my name- possum UNDER a rock!
Thanks for letting me vent,friends. Love to all~
possum under a rock

October 21, 2009 - Msg 75725: Gang SORRY...just been super busy at the dog house...possum I will mail you girl...hey R,Asa,hazel,auh20,Rev,Boo,MDC and all.....let me get things closed up around here....back in a bit....leftover supper?....SPOT

October 21, 2009 - Msg 75726: Hello Family:
Just getting back with Neighbette. They ran soooo many test on the poor kid, she was exhausted. They have found that some of her veins and valves in her legs are not working correctly. (No surprise there) so now they have sent her home after 6 hours testing and waiting and will order am MRI of her veins and circulatory system. "You have to take care of your circulatory system" (quote from Steel Magnolias). Thanks for praying. The 2 hour trip down, 6 hours testing, waiting and 2 hour return wore these gals out. So I'm off to the ironingboard.
Possum: remember your mom is playing the system. We will continue to pray for YOU and her. The more havic she can cause (yes, A Fib) the more attention she receives. I love you!! Good night. ~New Neighbor