November 03, 2009 - Msg 75916: Asa what have you been up to BUD?....oh-my...well lets have bisquits and gravy with sausage pattys this morning....getting started here at work...hey possum,Boo...SPOT

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75917: SWISH and away we GO....SPOT

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75918: Mornin' Y'all! Hey Spot! Breakfast sounds good-thanks!
Well,we'll have to have another World Series Party over at Mama Possum's tomorrow night-the Phillies rallied and are still in it. Go Yankees!

Speaking of Mama Possum- today is her 78th birthday! Doubted she'd make it a few short weeks back. She is really coming along well. Thank you all for the prayers.
Have a good day-love to all!
possum under a rock

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75919: Great news about your mother, Possum.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying this fall weather. It is even slightly cool here in south texas.

So much to do this week and decisions to make concerning the inside of the house. I am having a really tough time deciding on lights and paint...decorating is not my thing, but it won't be long until it is done and over with. I think they start painting the barn today...I think, anyway.

Well, time for school...


November 03, 2009 - Msg 75920: Morning Dears.

Nice sweep Spot. And pay no attention to N.N.,s question. She has been known to medicate herself in the middle of the day you know.

Possum, I'm so happy your Mom is doing better and hopefully reducing your stress. Did your Daughter get over her flu ok?

Ky girl, glad your son is better. So much news going on about this swine flu, I'm not sure how much to believe. I know things get hyped up in this day and age of "instant news". It has it's pluses and minuses I guess. Has anyone gotten the H1N1 immunization yet? My wife was finally able to get it last week because she is a very high risk with her compromised immune system. But a lot of folks here say they will not get it, even when it becomes available. Any thoughts on that you nurses?

I hope Newton Monroe ain't your painter Boo, and Henrey Wheeler ain't your roofer. And Gomer ain't running your gas lines. hee hee hee.

Mavis, sure good to see you. Just cause your "Skins" toilet dwellers ain't no cause to hide in shame. LOL

It's supposed to be real nice weather here all week. Temps in the low to mid 60's. Pretty good for November in Northern Utah.

Auh2o, I hope Hoffman can do it today. I can't believe that RINO woman pulled out and the endorsed the Democrat. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise though. RINO's being what they are.

MDC, I see a plane headed from Phoenix to Slat Lake had to turn back to Phoenix yesterday after hitting some birds and sustaining some damage. Glad it wasn't worse.

Hope y'all have a good day. I better get going.


November 03, 2009 - Msg 75921: Good morning, porch! Wow, is it ever beautiful here today. 55 degrees, clear blue sky, the slightest little breeze. Leaves are turning (and falling), newly-planted fescue grass is peeping up through the St. Augustine, and the remaining weeds are trembling at their roots, because Joe and Jorge are on their way here, and will be dealing very severely with those dratted weeds. I think we're also going to create a new bed back there, which I will plant with re-blooming iris. I have about ten rebloomers growing now, and have a box of 18 new rhizomes, waiting for a home. I thought I'd put all the rebloomers in one bed, instead of having them scattered around the yard, where their impact is mostly lost. There's one huge white one blooming right now, but one lone flower doesn't show up like a whole bed full. The problem is finding a place for that bed! As Joe says, I just need to move, I've run out of dirt around here.

Boo, it just amazes me that your SIL dares to sit in judgment on what you and Bruce do with YOUR money. I'll guarantee you, she's upset because you're building a new home, spending money that you could have given to her. Fact is, you earned it, it's yours, and if you want to go stand on a bridge and see if the money can fly, that's your privilege. She's not helpless, if she's needy it's her own fault, and in spite of that you've helped her in the past, so the best thing for her to do is say thank you, close her mouth and walk away. I'm sorry, but people like that just get on my fightin' side. Bless you for what you've done for her in the past, but you are under absolutely no obligation to continue to give her money. Do NOT let her "guilt" you.

Oh, BTW, regarding paint and lights for the house - I was having rigors over those decisions when we built this house. My dad helped me by saying, "Honey, remember that if you just don't like a color or a fixture after it's done, you can always change it. Doesn't cost much to paint a room, light fixtures are just wired in and are easy to change." He was right. After that, I just relaxed and had fun, and guess what? We didn't change a thing!

Well, I'd better get moving, or there will be two men walking around in my back yard and I'm sitting here at this window in my nightshirt! Blessings, all. --Romeena

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75922: Forgot to tell you all that I was in Home Depot the other day and there, sitting in the middle of the isle, was a toilet. Well, I looked around and then sat down on it in honor of The Porch...some of you will appreciate that (you know who you are);-).

I also forgot to tell you that I was sitting out on my new back porch on Friday, when about 500 feet to my right, a small plane went down and caused a big brush fire. Luckily the wind was blowing in the opposite direction of the house. I felt so bad for the people in the plane.

Good advice (about the lights and paint)...why didn't I think of that?! haha...thanks for the kind words concerning our problems with SIL. The matter has now been complicated by a back injury that is keeping her from working. Now she has an excuse to pour on the guilt, even though I fully intended to help her. She is moving in with my MIL and I had offered to help pay their expenses since SIL can't work. Bruce and I also talked about paying off her car for her that is about to be repossesed (sp?). Now we have this nasty email and while we know she is in a difficult situation, its hard to want to help her. I offered to help MIL who will be footing the bill for food and lives off of a small savings and social security. The truth is that the main reason we helped SIL in the past is that we knew that MIL would give her money that she needs to keep to take care of herself. SIL can't seem to see that, either, and thinks because MIL is her mother, she owes her. I'm not feeling guilty, though. If I choose to help her, it will be because I want to, not because of manipulation. I took Bruce out of it months ago when he was under so much stress and was having the chest pain. I asked Vicki not to ask Bruce for money again, but I would be handling things from now on. She pretended to be understanding and concerned about her brother, while making sarcastic remarks to other family members behind his back. What is funny is that she acts very humble and sweet when she is with you, but wow, what she is saying about you when you aren't around! I am not bitter and I do forgive her, of course, but it is hard to trust and want to give again.

Better go..I have Emily today, that little nut. She is so cute. :-)


November 03, 2009 - Msg 75923:
Asa- no Hudson River to land in here! ha
Glad everything was OK.

GO PHILLIES!! (Sorry Possum, but a good bro has his own loyalties! ha)


November 03, 2009 - Msg 75924: Man-Zierre! Who'd have thunk it? A Phillies fan? Arrgh!! Well... ok. Hey,if they win,I will let you sit on top of my rock again-how's that?! Nobody's gonna call possum a sore loser. Not that we're gonna lose-ha!

Speaking of sitting,oh,Boo, we'll have to crown you Miss Toilet Sitter USA or something! I am proud.I am SO proud (That's me taking off on Ernest T!)Ha!
Asa,I got the regular flu shot.Not going to take the H1N1 shot. I understand your wife's situation & I think it was wise she got an H1N1.Laci falls in the high risk group too (cerebral palsy) but my daughter has been told by 2 different health professionals not to let Laci have the H1N1 shot. They say too many kids are suffering with bad side effects. They said to just give Laci the regular flu shot.She got a little sick following that shot,so who knows how the H1N1 would affect her? With my daughter having had H1N1,and Laci being exposed,perhaps she has built up some immunity. Sure hope so.
I also heard that us older folks (did I just say older?!) may have some immunity against H1N1 because swine flu (H1N1) has been around since the 1970s.
By the way,did you give New Neighbor's pink undergarments back to her yet? Y'all are getting about as bad as ky girl with those earrings! How about we all just wear our own clothes for a change? LOL!
Boo,you enjoy Emily & get your mind off of that SIL for a bit!
Thanks for the well wishes for my Mama. She is having a nice birthday today.
Y'all come over to the rock for supper-it's good! Cubed steak,homemade mashed potatoes with milk gravy,butter beans,and apple turnovers for dessert!
possum again

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75925:
Hey Folks

possum-I afraid I'm siding with the Phillies also. But, in my defense I did have Bret Gardner on my fantasy baseball team this year.

Asa-I feel the same way about the RINO's. BTW, we're having some of that cold air here today that was out your way last week which is causing some big beautiful snow flakes to fall this afternoon. However, we're gonna get that warm air, you're having today, this weekend. They are calling for sunny and in the 60's for Sat & Sun.


November 03, 2009 - Msg 75926: Et tu,auh2o?? LOL Well,Gardie made a great catch last night,anyhow!
That Utley guy on the Phillies team..he scares me! He can really knock that ball outta the park.

We'll see... perhaps you & MDC both will be sitting atop my rock in full Phillies regalia.
Or,maybe not!
possum once more

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75927: Thank you for responding to my question Possum. I've heard simialur things mentioned about side effects and all. Just not sure what to do for myself. I think I will get it (providing it ever becomes available to the general public) just to minimize any chance of getting my wife sick. She had hers last week as not had any adverse reaction, at least not so's you can tell. :) And the only reason I grabbed them undies was to tack them on to a long piece of lumber I was transporting in my truck. You know, how they make you put a flag on it if it's hanging out to long. They was pretty worn out so I figured she was done with em anyway.

Auh2o, yea, when we are warm you guys are cold and when you are warm we are cold. Funny how that works out.

I don't follow baseball much but it sounds like they are ganging up on you Possum, so I'll hoot and holler for the Yankee's.


November 03, 2009 - Msg 75928:
Possum, do you take off on cary Grant too? ha

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75929:
Asa- when they get that 4th out in the bottom of the 5th period, THEN you can hoot and hollar. ha
Love my base-a-bol, love it! Let's see now of 9 games in the third fisbin...

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75930:
Auh20- hope hoffman gets hillary's seat!

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75931:
Boo- have fun with Emily.

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75932:
Ro- are you going to put up pictures of the cruise?

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75933:
STERLING- Where are you??

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75934:
all by MDC (:

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75935:
PS: NOW I know why I saw a pair of pink undies flyin' by me on the freeway! ha

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75936:
PPS: Prayers!

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75937: Good evening, porch! MDC, I'm sorry to say I didn't take any pictures this year. I took my camera along, but for some reason just never remembered to take it when we left the room, and that ship is so big, it can be a looooong way back to the room to get a camera. I'm pretty sure Floyd and his dear wife (what a sweetheart she is!) took some though, so maybe he'll post them.

Speaking of the cruise - they're already taking reservations for next year. You can send in a $75 deposit now, and pay a little along through the year, and it's practically painless. Eloise and I are going, of course Floyd and his wife will be there, and I really hope some other porchsters will make the effort and go too. This will be the 50th Anniversary of TAGS, so that will make it very special. Spot, is that a "yes" I hear from you?? Anybody else??

Well, I now have a large new flowerbed out back, about the size of a small bedroom, roughly heart-shaped. So far, it's just a dug-out area, sod all removed and shared with a neighbor. Tomorrow the compost and mulch comes in, and we'll get the irises planted. That's what the bed is for, to put re-blooming irises in. I think I already told you that. It won't look like much right now, but come next year, it should be a pretty sight. Those irises will bloom in the spring, and again in the late summer and fall.

Boo, you have more patience than I do, and a more generous heart. I'm sorry SIL is sick, and I understand how she uses the threat of burdening MIL to make you fork over the money. I suppose in the same circumstances, I'd try to help too, but I surely wouldn't be happy about it. I'm afraid I'd have to ask her, in front of MIL, if she planned to return to the people she has whined and complained to, and tell them that you gave her the money, just to set the record straight. I would definitely let her know that I knew she has done that.

Well, I'm off to feed Toye Starr and myself, then to bed. Joe will be here around 11 a.m., compost and all will be delivered by noon. We went to the rock yard and I chose three pretty boulders to "anchor" the bed. The location of this bed is such that when I take the garden hose to the pond, it will drag right through the middle of the bed. With the boulders strategically placed, they'll act as guards and deflect the hose. Besides, I love boulders!

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75938: Asa- you owe me a new pink pair of unmentionables!! Neighbette had a very teary time with the MRI. The Vali*um they gave her made her VERY emotional, but they got the test done. PTL. Now to wait for the results. Thanks for all the wonderful prayers and mentions of her. I'll keep you posted. ~New Neighbor (why they censored that drug is beyond me!)

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75939:

Asa-I know it's about 10:30 in the PM here but it looks like maybe NJ has us thinking it's "Morning in America" again.


November 03, 2009 - Msg 75940: Well, you who are on facebook have already heard this but I am telling the tale her on the porch, too. Tonight, I accidentally went to the men's room in Jalisco's Mexican restaurant. Didn't even have clue...went in, wee wee'd, and on my way to the sink to wash my hands, I spied the urinal!..What a ditz. I hated walking out in front of all those people. The waiter saw me, so I had to explain to him that I accidentally went to the men's room..well, i didn't have to explain but I was flustered and was babbling by then.

STILL didn't decide on the wood flooring for the house!!! GRrr.


November 03, 2009 - Msg 75941: Oh, come on, Boo, tell the truth. You just wanted to know what the inside of the men's room looked like! (heehee)

NN, most of those strange censoring events can be traced back to a time when we were invaded by unwelcome visitors. Some of them were obscene, of course, but some were intrusive ads for ins@urance, various drugs, whatever. The ads would be pages long, and would appear repeatedly. So, our friend Floyd set the censor so it would catch and prevent them from appearing on the porch. Believe me, it's worth the occasional inconvenience when the censor blocks a word. Some of the stuff was annoying, but some was downright filthy.

Prayers for Neighbette's test results, that all will be well. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

November 03, 2009 - Msg 75942:
HA, boo, you had me LOL tonight!
Reminds me of the time I was in a men's room at the Phx zoo, and a lady came running in yelling "I can't hold it any longer!" Went right for an empty stall. We men were all so shocked, we were speechless. Found out that there was quite a line at the ladies room, so she just did what she had to do! ha

Auh2o- did conservatives sweep?

Night all,

November 04, 2009 - Msg 75943:
Morning Porch

It is really, really, sunny on the Great Lakes end of the Porch... yes it's only about 25 degrees but hey.

MDC-Nope, the Conservatives didn't sweep, they lost in the Adirondacks. We win the governorships in NJ and Va and tiny little Plattsburgh, NY is the bellwether yeesh... go figure. hehe

"I know in my heart that man is good. That what is right will always eventually triumph." Ronald Reagan.

Peace friends,

November 04, 2009 - Msg 75944: Morning friends.

Hey Auh2o, MDC, Looks like the Jersey Governor's race went GOP. That is huge, politically speaking, ain't it? Sadly Hofmann loses, but just barely. Virginia swept with the GOP. It's funny to listen to both sides try to spin it. I just hope it's a true reflection of folks in the country.

N.N Glad your young-un (is it Grace) survived the testing. Now prayers for good results for her. As far as your "foundation garments" are concerned, I'll buy you some new ones. I hear Weavers is having a sale on them. :)

Spot, what's your plans for our lunch today buddy? I have to spend all morning in the bucket truck changing light ballasts, so I suspect I'll have a powerful hunger going on about noon time. Whatever it is, please don't conceal it in a heavy sauce. I just hate that.


November 04, 2009 - Msg 75945: Whoops, you snucked in on me Auh2o. Hey to ya.


November 04, 2009 - Msg 75946: Hey Y'all- Oh my,Boo! LOL! What is it with you and toilets lately?!

Asa, thanks for being in my corner. Go Yankees!

NN,praying for good results from Neighbette's tests.
What are we doing for lunch? How about we go to that Chinese place in Mt. Pilot. We'll have them send the bill to MDC (take that,you Phillies fan! Ha!)!
Spot, gas up your truck and go get everyone,ok?
possum under a rock

November 04, 2009 - Msg 75947:
hey possum, I read about those shootings in Mt Airy. Very sad. Crazy!
Hope you all have a good day.
May God bless,

November 04, 2009 - Msg 75948:
Psuum, you sneaked in there.
Big game tonight, Go Phillies! ha
Can I bring my own bottle to the chinese place . Let let me do it at Morelli's! ha

November 04, 2009 - Msg 75949: Why go all the way to Mt. Pilot for Chinese food? Jack and Charlie put out a very good meal at the place they bought from Aunt Bee, and the special is only $1.65. Good, if you like fried rice.

Well, the truck is on the way with the compost and mulch and my boulders, and Joe will be here shortly. Guess I'd better get moving. At least I'm dressed - just need to tidy up the kitchen a bit. Be blessed, friends! --Romeena

November 04, 2009 - Msg 75950: Good Wednesday Porch friends, I am back to work today trying to get back into a routine and get my mind working. Been a stressful and tiring few days. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, continue to remember us. There will lots of personal business for my husband and his 2 brothers to attend to as my brother in law was never married and had no children and with no will there will be lots to take care of on his behalf. Thanks again for all your support!
Big Maude

November 04, 2009 - Msg 75951: We will be thinking of you Maude...hey Romeena,Possum,MDC Asa lets you and I split the porch and gather up everyone and head to Mt Pilot with possum to eat chinese....SPOT

November 04, 2009 - Msg 75952:
Hey Porch

Could I ask you good folks for some prayers. If ya have the time, it would mean a lot.


November 04, 2009 - Msg 75953: You got em Auh2o. Prayers going up buddy.

Hey Spot, I'm good with that. We will split the porch and go up to Mt. Pilot for some of that groovey rice. Then lets trip over to Possum's pad and check out the ball game on her tube. Can you dig it? :)

You and yours are still in my prayers Maude.


November 04, 2009 - Msg 75954: Evening Family:
Thanks Asa, I'll be expecting them "shortly".
Prayers for auh2o. Unspokens welcome here too!
Well, off to see what's for supper. ~New Neighbor

November 04, 2009 - Msg 75955: good evening porch, jist stopping by before bedtime. Thanks again for the prayers and support this week. Prayers for Auh2o. Thanks for the trip to Mt. Pilot and the fine chinese dinner. I got 2 fortune cookies. Bedtime snack will be: graham crackers with peanut butter and cold milk.
Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

November 04, 2009 - Msg 75956: Thanks for the snack Maude..hey NN!...prayers auh20...hey Asa...Possum thanks for the chinese dinner idea..yer the cats!Mavis check in and Lucy...well the news today is Miss Sherry made the deal on a New 2010 Red Chevrolet Camaro! int...she traded her truck in on it...want be till the 28th when it gets here..loaded..sun roof too...Im proud for her she works hard here at the Power Company...well let me get ready for that snack from maude...I need a BIG class of that cold milk...sports fans look like its gona be the Yanks winning the world we have anybody from NY here on the porch...I cant remember.....SPOT

November 04, 2009 - Msg 75957: Hi All
Will just watch a good game and the YANK WIN IT


November 05, 2009 - Msg 75958:
Well, possum, Tom, and asa, looks like the Yanks made up
for 2001 and ought3!! Congrats!
Boy, possum's rock is a mess. ha
Ya all have a good night.

November 05, 2009 - Msg 75959:
But i still cherish my D-back win in 01. (:

November 05, 2009 - Msg 75960: Good Morning Gang!...breakfast menu:3 eggs your way(poached,scrambled,fried or boiled) grits,hashbrowns,thick sliced bacon,sausage links,bisquits and gravy,toast,grape jelly,oj,milk,coffee....come early...prayers...SPOT

November 05, 2009 - Msg 75961: Thanks for breakfast SPOT, but I gotta run. Appointments today for Neighbette. Later ~New Neighbor

November 05, 2009 - Msg 75962: Morning. Hey Spot. Breakfast sounds fantastic. I'll eat N.N's serving seeings how she's on the run this morning.

Boy, ol Possum takes that baseball serious. She went quite wild after that win. MERCY!!!

Spot, that sounds like a sweet ride Miss Sherry is getting. Is she gonna let you drive it sometimes, or you gotta sit in the back? You know it's important to keep them loads balanced.

Gonna be in the low 70's here today. That's great for us in November. SWEET!

Well better get. Got a meeting in Mt. Pilot this morning (blah) but we always finish it up on our way back to Mayberry with a stop in Elm City and hit the salad bar at Sizzler. (yay)


November 05, 2009 - Msg 75963: Prayers for AUH2O.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity so didn't check in. Sounds like you are all doing ok.

Need to get Erin to school but will have time today to check back in later.


November 05, 2009 - Msg 75964: What's Miss Sherry getting?...I thought she just bought a new truck or am I think of someone else?


November 05, 2009 - Msg 75965: Mornin' Y'all! WHOO HOO!!! Yankees win!
No Spot, I'm not from NY,but one of the Yankees is from my hometown-Brett Gardner. From the sandlots of a small Southern town to the World Series- unbelievable. We are PROUD down here!
Now y'all get over here and help me clean up Mama Possum's house! Somebody left a pair of raggedy pink undies over here. Asa! Good grief! LOL

Continued prayers for Maude & family.


Y'all have a good Thursday-love to all!
possum under a rock

November 05, 2009 - Msg 75966: You know the term "TMI" Possum? Too Much Information....don't really wanna know about Asa's pink underwear.;-)

I'm worn out today...would really love a day off but that really isn't possible today. I don't think I have ever in my life had a bigger pile of dishes in my sink...horrors! Anyone work cheap??


November 05, 2009 - Msg 75967:
Hey Folks

Thanks...thanks for the prayers. That has always been one area in "my walk" that I've had trouble with, asking for prayers. I don't know why. Again, thanks.

possum-Yankees Win! Yankees WIN! BRAAA HAAA HA Yankees Win! That's my best John Sterling (Yankees announcer) impression.


November 05, 2009 - Msg 75968:
Phillies put up a good fight, but the Yankee bats
were just too much.
Prayers continue for auh20 and ya all.
APB for Lucy, Sterling, Mrs Wiley, and all!
God bless,

November 05, 2009 - Msg 75969: Asa in the New Camaro my long legs wont fit in the back seat...ha ha..she better let me drive that new ride when it gets here...but you can bet I want to get to solo with the 426 hp beast! way..well lunch at olive garden..aint been there in a while...NN have a good day you and possum...its just 8hrs for me today...2 to 10.hey MDC and congrats Yank fans.....will holler from work....SPOT

November 05, 2009 - Msg 75970: va-a-a-a-a-a-r-r-r-o-o-o-m

November 05, 2009 - Msg 75971:
"Speed, speed, speed, that all that Gilly, er..miss Sherry, knows!" ha
Ya gonna take that camero apart and put it together again in the courthouse!? ha
(thank possum for that idea!)

November 05, 2009 - Msg 75972: Afternoon porch, a beautiful cool fall day on my end of the porch. working today and trying to stay focused. SPOT you will have to send pics of Miss Sherry's new car, maybe she will take us to Myers lake for a picnic, sure hope she did not buy it from Mrs. Lesh! Ya'll have a great day.

Supper menu: BBQ, baked beans, SLAW, potato salad, home fries, chocolate pie, tea, kool aid to drink. come about 6pm. will have to go boxes.

see you at supper.Prayers and blessings to all

Big Maude

November 05, 2009 - Msg 75973: MDC yer a hoot!...yea she cant wait till the 28th for the new ride...I will at least have to get her to let me pose by it for a Romeena Album pic! that BBQ pork or beef Maude? makes no never mind to me!..I like them both!...Rev we will get ya a plate on the way...ok...back to work..APB,Lucy,hazel,gizzmo....SPOT

November 05, 2009 - Msg 75974: Hey MDC. My guess is if Spot even tried taking it apart Miss Sherry would take HIM apart. Just a guess though. :)


November 05, 2009 - Msg 75975: my pray out to everyone rhere in text from the shotting today.


November 05, 2009 - Msg 75976: That was me.
It was to say that me pray go out to the family and friend there at FORT HOOD,


November 05, 2009 - Msg 75977: Such a tragedy, TOM. I have a nephew that graduated from Fort Hood a few years ago. Death toll is at 13 now.


November 05, 2009 - Msg 75978:
Yes it is justhorible. I have my thoughts on it, but will resist saying it here on the porch, but Lord help us! Now they are saying that the shooter is alive.
My goodness, I just dont get it.
God bless you all, and prayers for all in Texas and for our country.

November 06, 2009 - Msg 75979: Hi all,
Don't want you to worry none. Sorry if you have.

You know, I was just looking at a wallpaper we have on our computer - a picture of the earth. And what struck me as I looked at this beautiful, blue planet with clouds swirling around, was how stupid people can be. Even me, because I once held to the notion of the "big bang", evolution, and what-not.
But the question rose in my mind, of why, in our huge galaxy and known universe, is our planet the only one that supports life? I mean, there are hundreds, if not thousands of other planets; millions and billions of stars and moons floating around here. Yet there is only one little blue planet where we humans live with our animal, insect and plant neighbors. Why is ours the only planet where anything lives?
Oh, they have been searching for life on other planets, for sure, but they haven't found any. They think they might have found ice on mars. Well, woop-dee-do. Space is a mighty cold place. What do they expect to find, palm trees? The rings of saturn are made up of ice, too, why is it such a big deal to find it on mars?. There's nothing living in it. We'd have heard about it by now if there was.
And why isn't there? You'd think there would at least be some kind of bug that could withstand the cold on mars or the heat on mercury. "But those planets don't have an atmosphere like we do" some might say. So what?! You'd think in all the "billions" of years of evolution something would have crawled from the minerals on those planets able to exist there. Or some kind of plant life. Heck, that dang crab grass can live anywhere.

I think if someone doubts God's existence, just show them a picture of the earth, and ask them how, does this one little planet, full of life, exist in the middle of nowhere.
God's truth is there, and we have been living on it the whole time.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 06, 2009 - Msg 75980:
Hey Folks

Sterling good to see ya. Nice post. Even Darwin had, at least, some doubts about evolution. He focused on the eye.

Darwin: "To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree."

He did try to reconcile how evolution could overcome this leap of faith, so to speak. However, the self-doubt is evident.

Tom-Yes, prayers for those brave soldiers at Fort Hood.

Oh yeah, it's sunny-sunny here again this morning.

Thanks friends.


November 06, 2009 - Msg 75981: Wonderful to see you, Sterling! I am enjoying the conversation this morning. I like what both of you are saying. The other day i caught a little of a program on Discovery about our so-called primate this is what really gets me. It's not just the eye that is amazing, but the human brain/spirit and ability to even conceptualize God at all. I don't think for a minute that this is do to natural selection. Sometimes I think those who are determined to prove that God does not exist have the "can't see the forrest for the trees" thing going on. The bible does talk about "strong delusions" that come upon people who refuse to believe sometimes.

Better get Erin going. Busy day...dr's appointment, trying to decide on lights for the house and THE COUNTRY PEDDLER they have that in your areas?


November 06, 2009 - Msg 75982: Good morning, porch. Sterling, it's great to see you, friend, and you have been missed. Your post above is an example of why we've missed you. What a lovely way to start the day, contemplating the mystery of God's creation. I'm so glad to hear you say you "once held" to the notion of evolution, etc.

May I submit that many people confuse "evolution" and "adaptation", and use the latter to try to prove the former? That's what confuses a lot of people. I accept adaptation, but not evolution. An individual in a given species may adapt to its surroundings (the snowshoe hare, the arctic fox) or the species may adapt generationally, like those moths in England, or a species may respond to genetic manipulation (compare Toye Starr to a wolf) but one species does not change into another species. Starr and wolves are very different, but both are still canines. She leads a very comfortable and pampered life, almost like that of a cat, but she's still a dog. Dogs will never become cats, no matter how comfortable and appealing a cat's life may appear to some dogs. And there you have my two cents' worth.

Well, gotta get dressed and get moving. Busy day today. Have to be at the hospital at 9:30 for my annual performance evaluation (hope I still have a job!), then home to meet Joe and Jorge and get down and dirty as we get some color planted out back and some final pruning and clean-up done. Also, gotta get that nearly-invisible net over the pond, or I'll be fishing leaves out on a daily basis and the water will get scummy from the sappy exudate off the leaves.

I love this time of year. It reminds me of spring, because even though it's about to get cold, still we are planting pretty blooming things that will be nice right on through the winter. Pansies, snapdragons, and dianthus mostly, but the roses are blooming again (they love the cooler weather) and many of my shrubs will have bright-colored berries all winter long. I planted those for the birds, and they do eat them. If you provide food, water and shelter, you will have many little visitors to amuse you and keep you company all winter. I always have birds and squirrels out back, and their antics are so entertaining.

Be blessed, friends! --Romeena

November 06, 2009 - Msg 75983: Well, Romeena, it about that time to begin hanging the lights and pulling out the tree....remember how long it took you last year to get it decorated. Maybe you should start now. ;-) I won't be able to do anything until the last minute. Folks, I have been stressed! Still decisions to make, on top of all the everyday stress I already deal with. It will be over soon, though. They painted that barn yesterday and that dang thing is RED. Man, it's like a beacon. People passing by the house, slow down and stare at funny..especially men; they seem to have some sort of "barn radar". The red is very red but it will fade some. You can see the thing from every room on the back side of the house so I guess whatever i choose for paint should mix with it somehow!

Better go..


November 06, 2009 - Msg 75984: Oh, and I know I keep promising pictures and I just bought a new camera and will have Bruce help me send some...soon.


November 06, 2009 - Msg 75985:
Prayers continuing for all in Texas.
Sterling- good to see you!
Hope we see some other porch dwellers too.
Have a good day,

November 06, 2009 - Msg 75986: Mornin' Y'all! Hey to Sterling- good to see ya!
Yes,prayers indeed for the Fort Hood TX family.

Well Boo,Santa won't have trouble finding your place this year-he'll just land on top of your barn! Ha! I'll bet it'll fade & turn into a very nice shade of red,so don't stress too much.

Miss Laci received an award at school today- most achieved in her class.Go Laci! I'm a proud possum.

Well, let's head over to the Diner for lunch. Asa,you got a quarter to leave for the tip?
possum under a rock

November 06, 2009 - Msg 75987:
hey Boo- maybe you could cheer us all up by
breaking out your Goodyear Christmas Album!

November 06, 2009 - Msg 75988: Hi All.
Boy all the unhappy stor this week from Cleveland 11 black women found in a man house and now from Fort Hood tx a shooting .
My heart go out to family and friends who are waiting to know if its A LOVE ONE
wILL I'm working on my christmas card list to see how min I have to git to up date it to.
Do we have som new one for are card list this year?


November 06, 2009 - Msg 75989: I was thinking about our Christmas Card list just the other day,Tom. I hope we'll get some other Porchsters to join in. We'll have to see if Romeena is willing to compile/update the list this year for us. It sure was fun receiving cards last Christmas,wasn't it?

Is anyone experiencing "weirdness" when you go to Google? Yesterday,I had Big Bird from Sesame Street as part of the Google logo,but no place to click on. Today,it's Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street and no place to click on. Strange.
Did somebody throw a Sesame Street virus/attack at Google? I just did a virus scan on my computer,got the all clear. Anybody having "googling" problems? Strange!

Hey Spot.. I'm cooking a MEATLOAF for supper! Come on over and bring your Porch friends!
possum again

November 06, 2009 - Msg 75990: Of course I'll do the Christmas card list. Anyone wishing to participate, just email me your snail mail address. I have many of them, but if you know you've had a change, send me an update. Not right now, but when I have more time, I'll list everyone whose address I have, and will include a short identifier (like the house number) so you can tell if I have it right or not. Anyone object to that?

Well, gotta run. Joe and Jorge just arrived, got lots of color to get in the ground. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

November 06, 2009 - Msg 75991: Ok,I figured out the Google thing.Did some checking around and found out that It is the 40th anniversary of Sesame Streer,hence the different SS characters in the Google Logo.
I typed something in the search box,and because there is no little gray box underneath like there usually is,I decided to click on Bert & Ernie. Bingo- it worked!
Wondering what in the heck is possum talking about?! Just go to Google-you'll see!
possum once more

November 06, 2009 - Msg 75992: You know what would really simplify things? Just everyone who wants to join in - send me your address whether you think I have it or not. I think that would be easier and faster. --Romeena

November 06, 2009 - Msg 75993:
Possum, you are too funny! Yup, google has been doing that sort of thing with their logo lately.
can you imagine getting PAID to come up with that stuff!'ha

November 06, 2009 - Msg 75994: Yay Laci!

Funny you should say that, MDC. I found some great old Christmas records at the thrift store yesterday but have been too busy to play them yet.

I have some great news, Possum. Jubi's CT scan was cancer. Praise the Lord!

We are a bit nervous tonight because our dear kitty seems to be sick. He had been sleeping more than usual for a couple of days and then yesterday night began coughing. I thought he was trying to cough up a hair ball but now he just looks sick and is laying around all the time. He is still eating some, so hopefully he will be ok, but his respirations are fast and he seems to be using his stomach muscles when he breathes. I will have to find a vet open tomorrow to take him to if he isn't any better. Please pray for our Tigger if you feel led. The kids are so crazy about him I really would hate for something to happen to him. Thanks.

Better go to bed. Been a long day.


November 06, 2009 - Msg 75995: Hi All
Will it look like a cold night, but a warm day tomorror.
Romeena- how did your evaluation meating go today or are you out of a jok?

Sometimes I stand in silence,
Sometimes, in awe, I gasp
Atthe wonders of creation
Too great for a mind to grasp;
Oh, the mighty and the fagile
God's creative hands have made.
How carefully we should keep them.
What trust on us is laid!


November 07, 2009 - Msg 75996: Hey gang ...just been busy...back at work now...hey Romeena,Asa,Possum,TOM,Boo,Rev,MDC...Possum I brought some of yer leftover meatloaf for lunch today....GOOD...breakfast will be at Cracker Barrel on Asa and I..Boo bring a paper ok...well let me get started here and will holler after breakfast....prayers....Mavis you and Lucy check in....SPOT

November 07, 2009 - Msg 75997: Mornin' y'all!

Thank the Lord for the GREAT news on Jubi!!!

Hope Tigger gets better,Boo.

That meatloaf turned out quite good,if I may say so myself.Enjoy,spotty!

Yeah,y'all get your addresses to Ro if you want to receive cards from a possum,a talking dog,and all other sorts this Christmas!

Man,that "Jubi" news has really made me happy! Thanks,Boo!

Somebody swing by my rock & pick me up for breakfast,please.
possum under a rock

November 07, 2009 - Msg 75998: I know, Possum. I was so happy to hear it yesterday.

I'll pick you up. Where we goin"? Cracker Barrell?


November 07, 2009 - Msg 75999: Sure Boo...we pray for our animals also!..prayers for Tigger..Possum when you turned yer coffee over at breakfast all over my paper....well...Lunch will be leftover Possum meatloaf sandwiches,bbq chips and coke...Hazel,Lucy,Mavis,gizzmo??...well slow here at work right a couple of things going on...Possum Toast my sandwich breas please and a smear of Mustard....Thanks...SPOT

November 07, 2009 - Msg 76000: Well, Tigger got an antibiotic shot and some antibiotics to take at home. The little old doc we saw was such a nice man. We went to him because he was open on Saturday and I was glad we went. You could tell he genuinely loved animals, bless his heart. He had to be in his 70's and was crippled with some sort of scoliosis. He was a little slow getting around and even hard of hearing but i just loved him. Tigger is already doing much better. Thanks for those prayers.


November 07, 2009 - Msg 76001: That's about it, Tom. In awe. Love the poem.

Hope your kitty gets better, Boo.

Thanks for the Gladasya's! You may remember that as Phil Silvers' production company name that he took from his catchphrase "Gladdaseeya!" . I don't remember it from that as I didn't really watch his show, but I just know it from Russell Johnson's(The Professor) book where he talks about when Phil Silvers was on Gilligan's Island. ;)

Take care all.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 07, 2009 - Msg 76002: Oh, you must have posted when I was writing, Boo. Glad Tigger is feeling better!


November 07, 2009 - Msg 76003: Good for Tigger! Glad he's gonna be okay.

Spot- you and that danged newspaper! Yes,I spilled coffee on it- I was trying to see who was coming into Cracker Barrel with that dish towel salesman. Your ol' paper got in my way,though and now I'll never know if it was Mavis or Myra Koontz with him! You know I've got to dig up some good dirt for my "Mayberry After Midnight" column! Now all I've got is Asa and his pink undies! Not gonna sell many papers with just that- Ha! Well,at least you'll buy a copy,won't ya,spotty?! Never seen a dog like newspaper as much as you-LOL!

Hey to Sterling.C'mon over and grab yourself a meatloaf sammich before Spot eats 'em all!
possum again

November 07, 2009 - Msg 76004: Possum are we gona have to go to the dump to find the rest of the Mayberry After Midnight papers?...Asa and those pink undies...oh my I laugh out loud every time!...well the meatloaf was great...tonight lets all meet at the dog house for a big cook out 70 and sunny here!..we will do it all,Chicken,smoke sausages,steaks,dogs,burgers and all the trimmings!!...I get off at 6pm so I will fire the grill up as soon as I get home....yall bring what ya want too..Rev some upsets in collage ball today and Kyle has won the truck race yesterday and the nationwide race today...he is going for the sweep tomorrow in Texas...that aint never been done!...ok ok...see ya all in a bit....SPOT

November 07, 2009 - Msg 76005: Thanks, Tom, for asking about my evaluation - and I don't have an answer. Would you believe I got all dressed up and went up to the hospital, only to be told that "something came up and the evals are canceled for today". Hmm. So glad I got up early, changed my arrangements with Landscaper Joe, and made a trip up there. Oh well, if that's the worst thing that ever happens to me, I'll be okay. I just went down to Employee Health and got my seasonal flu shot while I was there, so it wasn't a total loss, and I only live about ten minutes from the hospital. No harm done. I still haven't decided about taking the H1N1 shot - I have reservations about that.

OK, folks - get those addresses to me. Tom sent his, but he's the only one so far. My email is Romeena at tx dot rr dot com. Just put it all together, you know how. Once I have them, I'll put them in a single file and email it to all participants as an attachment.

There is a fairly large swarm of honeybees around the remains of my hummingbird feeder. The hummers have been gone for a couple of weeks, but I haven't taken their feeders down. The bees have discovered them, and have about emptied one of them. I think my neighbor about five houses down keeps beehives, so I imagine that's where they're coming from. Fine with me - I'm in favor of supporting our honeybees, since they seem to be under some sort of attack, from disease, fungus or whatever it is that is killing off whole hives. That problem needs to be solved, because we need our bees, just like we need the bats. The bees are the planet's chief pollinators, and the bats keep us from being up to our hips in insects. Long live both of them!

Be blessed, porch. --Romeena