November 08, 2009 - Msg 76006: Gang hope all Church lights are on...Lunch:Sunday Fried Chicken,garlic roasted red potatoes,greenbeans,corn on the cob,maude SLAW,Boo tea,rolls and me a news paper....Asa dont rock back in yer chair it will get the legs loose...SPOT

November 08, 2009 - Msg 76007: Swish and away we go!SPOT

November 08, 2009 - Msg 76008: Hey, Spot. Our church lights were on, but suddenly went out just as our SS class was finishing up. The KidStuff group down in the basement was still in full swing, so I expect they had to switch to generator to get them out. Don't know what happened, but it appeared to be a general blackout in the area. Traffic lights weren't working for at least three blocks around, businesses were in darkness. The hospital is about a half mile to the east of the church, but I couldn't tell whether it was affected or not. If so, the generators kick in about a second after the power is interrupted, so everything keeps running. I don't know what happened, but it had to be something major. I didn't hear any sirens or see any accidents, so guess it wasn't somebody hitting a pole. I suppose we'll find out on the news.

Cloudy and cool here today, not raining but sure looks like it could. I need to prune my roses, but the silly things are blooming! Guess I won't prune just yet, will probably wait now until February.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some lunch. I'm not very hungry, maybe just a can of soup. Take care, friends. --Romeena

November 08, 2009 - Msg 76009: romeena are you on the computer this is michelle know as gizzmo.....

November 08, 2009 - Msg 76010: Hey Spot. That's two sweeps in a row for you buddy. You not only keep the lights on, but you cook and you clean. Whatta pup!


November 08, 2009 - Msg 76011: how do you get on your email.....gizzmo

November 08, 2009 - Msg 76012: Gizzmo, you can reach me at my name at tx dot rr dot com. Just put it together in the usual format. I don't do that here because of the bots that crawl the net, skimming addresses for the spammers. --Romeena

November 08, 2009 - Msg 76013: Or - you can ask Tom. He has it. --Romeena

November 08, 2009 - Msg 76014: Race is on and Jimmy has falcons are looking good ahead by 14....lets order pizza...possum you and asa wana come over?...SPOT

November 08, 2009 - Msg 76015:
Good Sabbath to you all.
Sound like good news with Jubi and other
praise reports.
Hi to Gizmo, spot, ro ,possum and all.
Have a good day.

November 08, 2009 - Msg 76016: Spot,I'll come over with Asa as long as he promises not to wear his pink undies!
Pizza sounds good! I'll even bring a movie (no,not Vinny this time)but how about "Raising Arizona"?

"Son,you've got a panty on your head." LOL
possum under a rock

November 08, 2009 - Msg 76017: And before the rumor mill starts,I don't wanna hear nothin' about possum over at spot's in the dark (if he'll turn Sunday school lights off in Texas,then who knows what he'll do right there in Georgia!!) with a fellow that wears pink panties!
possum again

November 08, 2009 - Msg 76018:
Possum, what you sayin about Arizona??
Boy you may be cruisin for a bruisin sayin that about ASA! But heck, on the other hand, all the county inmates here
wear pink undershorts! ha

November 08, 2009 - Msg 76019: Asa- Can I PLEASE have my pink unmentionables back? It's bad enough that you stole them off my clothes line, now you have paraded all over town with them on. Never mind- you keep them... ~New Neighbor

November 09, 2009 - Msg 76020:

Hey, all. Just slithering by to see what's up. This is the first time in about a week that I've felt like something. I've had the miseries something awful - the sickest I've been since the last two times I had the flu. This was very similar, but something about this was different. I can't put my finger on it, but I'm glad it seems to be on its way out. Please keep a good thought!

Was shocked to hear about the Ft. Hood shootings. My dad was there for a couple years in the '70s and I know a few folks there now. Just horrible.

Raising Arizona was a great one, possum. We watched "Monster in Law" last night. I'd never seen it. Silly, but entertaining.

Gotta hit the ironing board now. It's late. Later, gators!


"Do these balloons blow up into funny shapes?"
"Well, if round is funny..."

November 09, 2009 - Msg 76021: Mornin' Honeys! Sounds like you all are doing well but I think I've heard just about enough about Asa and his underwear!

Ro, it rained here yesterday from sun-up to sundown. Just drizzled and rained the entire day without stopping. I don't mind a bit after the horrible drought we had during the summer. It's messy but will dry out soon.

Hey DES, glad you are beginning to feel better. Its great to hear from you. I tried to watch Monster in Law once but it just didn't hold my interest. I watched The Green Mile last night...had never seen it before....pretty intense. Have you seen that one, Romeena? I think it is the kind of movie you might like...especially the way the bad guys get "punished" by John Coffey.

Better get moving. I have to get Erin off to school and then make some decisions. All final decisions concerning the house must be made in the next couple of weeks. Paint colors by next week. We finally settled on a wood floor before I filed for a divorce! Bruce we about to drive me nuts. Now if we can get through all the other decisions! We still have to decide on lights, hardware for cabinets, doorknobs, faucets, light fixtures (indoor and outdoor). I finally found a kitchen sink. I had been looking for a cast iron white, single bowl sink and finally found one at a reasonable price. Gotta run...


November 09, 2009 - Msg 76022: morning porch friends, hope everyone is well today. working today after a busy week end that seemd to fly by. wonder what causes that? sounds like the house is coming along nicely Boo.

lunch menu will be: grilled cheese, tomato or potato soup, chips, pickles, little debbie cakes.
tea, kool aid to drink. have a blessed day and see you at lunch.

Big Maude

November 09, 2009 - Msg 76023: Good morning, porch! Dež, it's good to see you - sorry to hear you've been sick. Do you think it was the swine flu? A dear friend of mine has it right now - very sick. She was with a group from our church that went to Branson last week, woke up with fever on the day they were to return home. She rode nine hours on a bus with 40+ other people, feeling just horrible. Now her seatmate is sick, as are half a dozen other people from the bus. That stuff must be pretty contagious. The doctor has restricted her to her home for nine days from the onset of the fever, and no one is to be allowed in to visit. I talked with her husband last night, he says she's a little better, but still very sick. Prayers for Donna, please?? And a prayer of thanksgiving that Dež is feeling better.

Does anyone else ever watch "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe? I know Mike can get a bit "earthy", shall we say, at times but the show is interesting. I watched one yesterday where he was joining a crew cleaning the windows on a 45-story glass building in Hawaii. He was scared, and it was plain to see - he made no effort to hide it. The thing I really enjoyed though - just before the first man was allowed to climb over the side, the crew chief had everyone
stop, join hands and kneel. He then prayed a very direct prayer for the safety of the crew, and ended it "in the name of Jesus Christ." I was impressed - not only impressed that he did it, but that the show execs permitted it and didn't edit it out. Maybe there is a tiny ray of hope??

Well, Joe will be here shortly. Last Friday there was a large boggy area near my east fence. There's a sprinkler line buried there, and either it's leaking, or my neighbor's pool is/was. They had been working on the pool earlier, so Joe is pretty sure that's the source of the water, but we can't be positive. He turned my sprinklers off at the main valve because it was late and he didn't have time to pursue it. This morning we'll turn them back on and then check the main meter to see if water is running anywhere. I hope not. I sure don't want him to have to dig and work over there, but on the other hand, I'm not thrilled with the idea that it might have been chemical-laden pool water running into the yard, either. Oh well.

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

November 09, 2009 - Msg 76024:
My friends, America is changing rapidly before our eyes with the vote saturday. Hopefully it will not get out of the senate, but it pains my
veteren father that we are "that" close to socialism. Lord help us as we appoach veterans day, and pray that so many did not fight in vain
for what is happening, PP in every public school
etc all under the guise of healthcare.
Lord help us and be with us during these days!
God bless, and many prayers,
and get well DES!(:
Have a good day.

November 09, 2009 - Msg 76025:
My box is back under the porch! mdc

November 09, 2009 - Msg 76026: Ro, I caught about 5 minutes of that episode of Dirty Jobs and that is all I could take! I felt like my toes were curling up and I was starting to panic. How on earth they did it, I'll never know! What a job!


November 09, 2009 - Msg 76027: What is "PP" in public schools, MDC? Yes, our nation certainly needs our prayers.


November 09, 2009 - Msg 76028:
plannedparenthood. It's in the house bill that just
passed. I hope it will die in the senate,
but you can bet that it will raise it's head again
and again. These are trying days for our republic. Our prayers are good, but calls to your
senators are also good .

November 09, 2009 - Msg 76029:
ANDY: But there's nothing wrong with your eyes, Goober.
GOOBER: How do you know?
ANDY:'Cause I'm the Sheriff.

November 09, 2009 - Msg 76030: Hello folks.

I watched the Jim Bakker show today and saw Rodney and Beverly Dillard perform. They even played highlights of the Dillards performing on The Andy Griffith Show. That made me think of you all. So I thought I'd drop by and say hello.

I haven't had the chance to read through some of the archives yet. I just returned from Canada. We are still stuggling and that is testing our faith. For those who have prayed for us in the past, thank you. Unfortunately, although our situation has not worsened, it has not improved.

I hope you all are well and living comfortably.

from Poor Horatio

November 09, 2009 - Msg 76031: Evenin' Y'all- Hey to Poor Horatio,gizzmo and Dež.Long time,no see! PH,will keep you in my prayers.Dež
,hope you feel better soon.
Woke up with a headache that I've had all day.Think I'll go relax & watch tv or something & hope it eases off before I hit the ironing board.
Y'all have a nice night-love to all!
possum under a rock

November 09, 2009 - Msg 76032: Good evening, porch! PH, it's good to see you, my friend. Prayers for you and yours, indeed. While we don't know what the situation is, it doesn't matter, because God does. Praying that things improve dramatically, and soon.

Possum, could you be needing a bit of caffeine? Sometimes if you're used to a certain amount, and for whatever reason you don't get your usual "dose", it can definitely cause a headache. Also, even if you don't usually get much caffeine, sometimes you can break up a headache by ingesting some. I used to get migraines years ago, and I could take two Advil, wait half an hour and take two Tylenol with a Pepsi or Coke, and the headache would go away. The painkillers alone wouldn't work, but adding the caffeine did the trick. (I don't drink coffee, don't like it.)

As for Planned Parenthood, they are the largest provider of abortion services in the nation. For that reason, I do not contribute to United Way, since they are a major supporter of PP. The hospital does an annual drive, with the goal of having each of us sign up for a payroll deduction of an amount of our choice each pay period, for United Way. I don't do it. In order to support the "participation percentage" for my unit, I give a one-time gift of $10, but no payroll deductions. It annoys me to give even that, but I try support my unit wherever possible.

Well, off I go. Starr is hungry, and so am I. BE blessed, friends. --Romeena

November 09, 2009 - Msg 76033:

Thanks for the prayers and kind words, all. I'm slowly getting better every day, thank God. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out I had swine flu, Romeena. It sounds exactly like everything I've read about it. I'm just ready for it to go away!

Prayers for all needing them.

~Dež~ (duh.. ye olde character map. *slaps forehead*)

November 10, 2009 - Msg 76034: Morning gang..Ida has come to visit us...Raining all day and heavy...just hope no floods again....let me get started here at work....have yall eat?....SPOT

November 10, 2009 - Msg 76035: Morning all.
Stay dry Spot. We don't need a smelly wet dawg on the porch. :)

Good to see you P.H. and prayers for your situation.

Hope your headache went away Possum. Did you try some HEAD-ON!?

Sure sounds like the swine flu Des. Glad you are starting to feel better.

MDC, I sense you are anxious about our current state of affairs, and I certainly share your anxiety. It would seem to me that our Nation is at a very real crossroads. I will join with you and others in prayer that wise and prudent leadership will prevail. I know that we all want and desire the Lords influence and direction to lead our Nation. I'm just wondering though, how much can really be expected when it would seem that we have turned away from His counsel and commands in the past. I'm not expressing any limits to what God can do, but rather perplexed as to how so many seemingly have in the past turned away from Him and His "Light", but be confused as to why they walk in darkness.
Challanging and troubling times, to say the least.

Well off to work.


November 10, 2009 - Msg 76036: Mornin Y'all and thanks- headache eased up a lot. I had my caffeine fix,Ro,so don't think that was the problem. I attribute it to allergies or sinus trouble.Anyhow,feeling better,and no Asa, I didn't try HEAD ON.That stuff don't work!
Perhaps what triggered my headache was seeing you over at Spot's the other evening in your pink drawers! LOL
I can't even begin to comment on the state of our Union these days-I'd use up all of Floyd's bandwidth or whatever you call it! I would break the Porch down! Folks,we just have to be vigilant and PRAY.

Spot,Miss Ida is knocking at my door too. I know y'all are sick of the rain in GA-we can use some here,so I'm glad she's come to call.Sorry she wreaked havoc down in El Salvador though.
Did anyone mention breakfast? Dig out your umbrellas and galoshes and meet me & Spot over at Waffle House. We'll get him to pay!
possum under a rock

November 10, 2009 - Msg 76037: morning dears- possum great seeing you here. spot what a sweep the porch is so clean. possum- i am on my way to waffle house what great food. asa- i think you hit the nail p on the head, our nations have so many times turned there faces from god and some day god will have to show us who is in charge. hey to romeena, poorharato, dess, and everyone. my prayers continue for everyone. i will be traveling again leaving on the 18th nov probably noy be back until after christmas. hang in there . pappa bear

November 10, 2009 - Msg 76038: Good morning, porch. It's a beautiful day here this morning, but my yard which was so pristine yesterday afternoon when Joe and Jorge left, is now littered once again with leaves. Will they ever stop falling?? Three cottonwoods out back and one sycamore. One cottonwood is almost done, another still has about a fourth of its leafload, and the biggest one has about half. The sycamore hasn't dropped a leaf yet. It waits until everyone else is done, then drops its whole load in about a day, the hateful thing. Two big cottonwoods out front are still fully loaded. Looks like I'll be blowing leaves out of my Christmas lights!

Eloise is trying to make a turkey suit for our grandson for the kindergarten Thanksgiving play. She was looking for ideas, so I searched out the episode of "Golden Girls" where they did "Chicken Little", to get a look at Dorothy's costume - she was Turkey Lurkey. Not much help there, but I sat here and laughed out loud at that ten-minute youtube clip. Rose, of course, was the airheaded Chicken Little, and Blanche was perfectly cast as Goosey Loosey. The lyrics of the songs they sang, the costumes, their physical portrayal of their characters - just so funny. I know, a case can be made against the show for the moral values held by the characters, especially Blanche, but I can't help it, I think it's hilarious. The writers did a masterful job, the casting was perfect, the situations often painfully real but handled with such finesse - especially when the girls were dealing with choices made by their own children. We've all been there - if you haven't, you will be, just wait. Anyway, I like the show, and the "Chicken Little" episode is one of my favorites.

Asa, well said. It's really pretty presumptuous of us to expect God to "bless America" when we have kicked Him out of just about every aspect of our lives. As the old saying goes - "When you no longer feel God beside you, who moved?"

Well, I need to go out to Sam's - am out of trash bags and several other things, so off I go. pappa bear, you be careful out there. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

November 10, 2009 - Msg 76039:
Last night on PBS I watched a show call "Freedom Isn't Free" or something like that. It was VERY well done. A WWII vet takes his grandkids on a tour of Normandy, and all the graveyards etc over there. Then the kids, in turn, went to their schools in the US and told there classmates about it. If you all have a chance to see it, please do. PBS often repeats shows and I bet it will be on again on Wed, Veterans Day. To see that sea of crosses throughout France and Belgium is very moving!
Asa, possum and all, yes indeed, we are right in the middle of historic, prophetic times!
Have a good day all! Guess i'll be seeing pappa bear soon. My first meeting of a cyberspace person!
Asa, you bet I am anxious

November 10, 2009 - Msg 76040:
Just looked up the show- It's called "Let Freedom Ring." Excellent!

November 10, 2009 - Msg 76041:
Hey to Poor Horatio! I did some APBs for you
but i guess they didn't reach into Canada!
Hope you are well!
SPot, REV, MD- Racing in Phoenix this week!
Come on down and we'll head for PIR!
I'm not working consessions there anymore, but
it was fun to do it for a few years.

November 10, 2009 - Msg 76042: Yea MDC Jimmy better get up on the wheel the next 2 races or Mark is THERE...hey asa,Boo,Romeena...possum my good friend...well Ida is herre (rain that is)...local flooding again but praying it want get as bad as 6 weeks ago...good here at the house...just go home from work and back at 6am...yall got any leftover supper vittles?....I will try to cook breakfast in the morning....rain will be out in the morning and Sunny days thru the weekend...leaving for camping noon thursday till monday....gona be Great weather....high 60 and lows in the 40"s....ok...let me get some things done aroung here....Im Hungry.....prayers....SPOT

November 10, 2009 - Msg 76043: Amen to your comments about our troubled times, everyone.
Yet we have to work to see that WE are not troubled. For these things must come to pass. We all know this.
It will be a real test of all of our trust in Him, to be sure. I guess that is why it is called faith.

Took the Kai and a friend of hers to see "A Christmas Carol".
No, I didn't read the reviews beforehand. I should have, I guess. I just figured, a computer-animated Christmas Carol; with Jim Carrey playing almost all the roles, what could go wrong?!
Well, a warning to those with small kids: It was pretty spooky and scary. I even thought it was scarier than the other Christmas Carols I have seen with live actors.
I think the first ghost of Jacob Marley was the scariest. At least that is the one Kai spoke most about, after telling us for the umpteenth time how scary the movie was. I would've thought that the ghost of Christmas yet to be would be the scariest(it usually is, and I was waiting for this one to be really scary based on the first parts of the movie), but it was more of a shadowy figure in this. The black horses that tried to chase Ebenezzer(don't know if that is spelled right) down seemed to scare her more than the last ghost.
Don't get me wrong, I am not giving it a negative review, as I thought it was really well done, but just not for young kids. At least not in a theater. It would probably be better on a dvd at home, where the kids would be more secure(and the screen not as large)(and the sound not as deafeningly loud).

Talk to you all later.

-Sterling Holobyte

p.s. You can tell I am not from the South, or I would've said, "Talk to Ya'll later." :)

November 10, 2009 - Msg 76044: p.p.s. Actually, that would probably be, "Jaw with ya'll later" wouldn't it?! ;)


November 10, 2009 - Msg 76045: Evening folks:
Just stopping by to day Hi, and prayers for all the porchesters.
It's always wonderful to stop by and see familiar faces, with encouraging words in troubled times. Later ~New Neighbor

November 10, 2009 - Msg 76046:
Well hello porch family. Made it back home safely and sure enjoying it.....even in the rain.
I get to stay home for a little while now...yeehaw!

MDC....keep those race fans in control out there this week. Are you going to it?

Spot....enjoy your trip this weekend. We're getting the rain now that you guys had.

Let me go and read the archives. Love and prayers for all the porch family.

November 11, 2009 - Msg 76047: Miss Peggy
Charlie (Waxxman)
I lost your email adresses due to corrupt files during Windows 7 Upgrade.
Please write me.


November 11, 2009 - Msg 76048: That should read:
Miss Peggy, AND,
Charlie (Waxxman)
I lost your email adresses due to corrupt files during Windows 7 Upgrade.
Please write me.


November 11, 2009 - Msg 76049: Morning gang ..yea Rev rain slowing down now and headed your way...canit wait till tomorrow...suppose to be nice and sunny for at night and 60"s in the daytime...perfect...hey Otis! Otis (lab) says hey!..well lets hit the old waffle house..let me get started here at work....SPOT

November 11, 2009 - Msg 76050:
Hey Folks

Well, let me tell ya, there is a frost on the ole pumpkin this morning.

Poor Horatio-Prayers offered friend. I was think about your post this morning while I was making some coffee.

Sterling-"Yet we have to work to see that WE are not troubled." I like that, thanks.

Rev-Good to see made it back and that you get to spend some time at home. You surely are a force for good, probably more than you'll ever know.

Has anyone here on the Porch heard Tim McGraw's new song "Southern Voice" I think of the Porch every time I hear it. I think it's a good one.

PH- And, all the other Porchsters who have served, Thank you! MDC-Give your Dad a pat on the back for me.

"These are the boys of Pointe du Hoc. These are the men who took the cliffs. These are the champions who helped free a continent. These are the heroes who helped end a war." Ronald Reagan speaking on the anniversary of the D-Day landings / 1984


November 11, 2009 - Msg 76051: Sterling, I have never said "JAW with ya'll later"....although I am now considering it.;-) Thanks for the warning. I was planning on taking Erin but she has been going through a stage of being afraid when its time to go to bed at night, so maybe i shouldn't take her.

Wonderful to see Poor Horatio! So sorry that things are tough for you and your's. Prayers, my friend.

Hey Auh2o...nope, never heard the song but will look it up on youtube.


November 11, 2009 - Msg 76052: The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
Thank you Veterans of all generations. You sacrifice and service is appreciated and honored in my house.


November 11, 2009 - Msg 76053: Good Wenesday Porch, and thanks so much to all Veterans and their families for the sacrifices that have been and are being made.

Hope everyone is up and ready to face their day. A rainy and somewhat blustry fall day here in Northeast Tenn.

Lunch menu will be: homemade vegetable beef soup, grilled cheese, chips. pumpkin chess bars. tea, kool aid to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

November 11, 2009 - Msg 76054: Good morning, porch, and a huge "thank you" to all the Veterans of our wars. We are determined that your service, dedication and sacrifice will not be forgotten. Though some may, for whatever reason, offer apologies for America's imagined "sins" - we who love her will do no such thing. We will, however, offer our thanks to you for what you have done to keep her secure and forever deserving of the title "Land of the free, and the home of the brave."

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

November 11, 2009 - Msg 76055:
Happy Veterans Day!
Auh20- yup, going in to see pop today.
I found a book on amazon all about his A-20 plane.
He will go nuts because it is the most info and
photos ever put together on it. Hard cover, many rare color photos too, well done.
I have heard the song "Don't apologize for me" that is very good, but not sure who sings it.
REV- I dont think I'll make the race. Have been to several however. If you "google map" Phx International Raceway, you can see a good aerial of our track in the desert.
It was 91 here yesterday. 87 today. About 20 degrees above normal for right now!
Hey to Otis! I bought Windows 7, but am afraid to install it because when I tried, it said I would lose my Dell modem diagnostic program. What a rip off for $100 investment!
Big Maude- the soup and sandwich sounds good!
Prayers for all!

November 11, 2009 - Msg 76056: Sterling,I'm afraid I'm with Boo- I never say "Jaw with someone",though I have "chewed the fat" with 'em! Don't think that (chew the fat) is exclusively a Southern thing,though! Let's ask Mavis,Maude,Ro, Spot & Rev if they have ever "jawed with someone-you've got me curious about it now! Ha!
Maude,that lunch was perfect. Homemade soup & grilled cheese hits the spot! (sit back down,spotty,ain't nobody swatting at YOU! LOL)It's a nasty,rainy day here,thanks to "Ida".
MDC,the guy that wrote & sings "Don't Apologize For Me" is from Texas and his last name is Pillow. Can't recall his first name- James? David? You can find him on YouTube. Search for the song title- GREAT song!

Happy Veteran's Day. Thank all you Porchsters who have defended our country. God Bless our Veterans!
possum under a rock

November 11, 2009 - Msg 76057:
I know that Andy says "jaw" a lot on the show, and also for kissing, he'll say things like "right square on the jaw" etc. Maybe that's where Sterling picked it up!
Well, heading over to my pa's to say hey to
my 91 year old veteran pilot dad.
Big party that is being put on by the folks at his Rock!
Take care and God bless,

November 11, 2009 - Msg 76058: Yea MDC. I remember when Nurse Mary kissed him on the jaw and Barney was giving him a bad time about it and Andy saying "it felt better than a mules nose." Ha, that line always cracks me up.


November 11, 2009 - Msg 76059: Good evening, porch. Just stopping by on my way to work. Poor little Toye Starr is a sad puppy - she just hates it when I leave.

As for "jawing", in Texas the term is heard now and then, but usually it's a pejorative term, as in "aw, they're just jawin'", or a husband might say about a nagging wife, "she's been jawin' at me all day!" As I recall, Andy used it primarily to refer to the actual physical jaw, as Asa referenced. Most American sub-cultures would say "cheek" - "she kissed him right on the cheek" - but in some Southern locales, and in Texas, it would not be unusual to hear "jaw" used instead. Also, in my extended family, a sassy child (or anybody else getting too uppity) would be warned about "getting your jaws slapped."

Well, off I go. Poor little Starr. If anybody is passin' by this way, drop in and play with her for a bit, okay? Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

November 11, 2009 - Msg 76060:
Hello porch family....Hope you all had a blessed Veteran's Day. As a veteran myself, my prayers go out for all the military.

Possum..... yep we have used the term "chew the fat" some.

MDC...please shake your dad's hand for me and tell him "thank you" for his service!

Well still raining here in SC and chilly. Love and prayers for all the porch family!

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76061:
Hey Folks

Sterling the first thing to pop into mind was Churchill's famous quote, "It is always better to jaw-jaw than to war-war." I have heard jawing, used in place of talking, around these parts. And, "chew the fat," I could be wrong but I think that's quite common. I like that one.

Me-They Drop by and rock a spell buddy. We miss ya.

Prayers for our President.

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76062: ...or when referring to getting hit in a fight, one might say, "I got busted in the jaw!";-)

Another busy day. Went to Lowe's yesterday and got those little cans of paint you can buy to test on your walls to decide on what color you want. Guess i will be doing that today. They started the tile work in the showers today, have about finished all the priming...almost and will begin actually painting the cabinets and trim work. Things are shaping up! Yipee. i can't believe how time has flown by since we started building. I hope our poor builder decides. Yesterday when he was crafting the mantel for the fireplace, I mentioned that Bruce would probably think it was too high. Mike said, "Well, since working with Bruce, I have learned that I usually have to do everything twice"...I said, "Welcome to my world, Baby". Bruce is such a perfectionist...wonder how on earth he married me. They say God puts opposites together many times and I'm no perfectionist....I am more of a 70's hippy, go-with-the-flow person. "Live and let live". One thing I hear Mike say to Bruce now and then is, "It is what it is Bruce" other words, "Live with it".;) Better get Erin going...


November 12, 2009 - Msg 76063: Wonder where that "chew the fat" saying originated?...what on earth?! Gross.


November 12, 2009 - Msg 76064: I meant to say, I hope our poor builder "survives'!

Oh, and I may be a hippy but i DON'T wear Birkenstocks (that;s in case Me-They is reading).


November 12, 2009 - Msg 76065: Morning all.

All this "jaw" talk has me wondering about another line I heard on the show. The first episode, when Aunt Bee shows up, and Andy tells Opie to "give her some suger. Give it good." I have always fancied that term "sugar" (in reference to a hug or a kiss) and use it now all the time. When the grandkids come over I always tell them to "get over here and give me some sugar." My question is that a common southern expression? I have a BIL from Alabama and he's never used the term, nor really heard it used in that manner. Anyway, It's one I've picked up and enjoy. So either way my Grandkids are probably going to here it for years and years. HA!

Auh2o, Have things calmed down for you? Hope so buddy. We are supposed to get snow on Saturday so I reckon it might find it's way to you by the middle of next week or so. Not sure if it will get that far north or not. I do believe you are much further (or is it farther) north of us.

MDC, Please praise your Dad for me. And thanks Rev, for your service. I didn't realise you were a Veteran.


November 12, 2009 - Msg 76066: Oops. My Grandkids will HEAR it, not here it. (SHEESH)


November 12, 2009 - Msg 76067: Good morning, porch. Just got home from work, tired to the bone. It wasn't a particularly hard night, I just wore out too soon. I'm planning to get some real solid sleep today.

Boo, I'll pass along something the stonemason told me when he was building my fireplace about 36 years ago. I made reference to the "mantle", meaning the shelf above the firebox, and he informed me that was the "mantleboard", that the mantle is actually the entire rock (or brick or whatever) face of the fireplace. I don't know, that's just what he said. I still call the shelf the mantle.

I did a bit of Googling regarding "chewing the fat" and found no real answers, just a lot of pseudo-scholars, presenting explanations that were mostly ridiculous. The best one, IMHO, was a reference to the custom of the Inuit people to offer chunks of whale blubber to guests. This is considered a delicacy, and presumably one could spend a whole evening chewing on one rubbery chunk. Now how that would have trickled down to the lower 48 to become a "saying" is beyond me. And yes, the term is familiar to me, heard fairly often around these parts.

As for "sugar", I thought everyone used that term, in the context of a show of affection. My family always dives into a baby's sweet little neck, "stealing sugar". My DH would often end a disagreement between us by saying, "Aw, don't be mad, just come and give me some sugar." Now who could resist that?? Laaww, I miss that man!

Asa, the only explanation I can think of for your BIL not knowing that term - he must be a city boy. Colorful expressions tend to originate with country folk, and city folk (or city folk wannabes) very often discard them on their "upward" climb. I'll bet your BIL never heard "Well, don't just stand there like a duck lookin' at thunder, get moving!" either. (heehee)

Well, I'm off to have a bowl of cereal and blueberries, feed Starr, and then we're going to snuggle up and sleep this day away, since I have to return to work tonight. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76068: Yep,the best "sugar" in the world can be found on a little one's neck! I tell Laci all the time that I am "gonna get all your sugar" and do the "neck dive" that Ro mentioned up there! Sweet!
Boy,this IDA has been one nasty,messy storm. Hope y'all don't get beat up too badly in the Northeast-she's moving in on you!

I noticed something in a TAGS ep last night.We have talked about how "grumpy,mean,etc. Andy seems in some of the color episodes,right? Well, he was off the chain in the one where Opie joins the rock band! When he met up with Aunt Bee coming home with her groceries and she told him that Clara was over at the house talking to Opie,he had a meltdown right there on the sidewalk!
"Get in the car!"- then he puts Aunt Bee in the BACK of the squad car! Aunt Bee should have "slapped his jaws!" LOL Anybody else notice how angry he was? He took it to the extreme,in my opinion.

Well,guess spot went camping,so we're on our own as far as vittles go. Let's HEAD ON over to the Diner for brunch-see y'all there!
possum under a rock

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76069: Good morning Porch honey's and dear's - this is the meatball lady. My computer has been attacked with a virus (I seriously believe it is a deviation of the H1N1 - but I can't prove it).

Trying to catch up a little - good to see you PH. Have fun painting Boo - saving that job for summer break!


November 12, 2009 - Msg 76070:
PH is going to paint Boo?? haha Sounds funny when one reads it. (:
Asa-Farther has to do with distance, further is more subjective. ie: Now that he lives farther away, I won't deal with him any further.
REV- thanks for your service also buddy!
Ro- I agree with your "chewing the fat" explanation. (the blubber thing)
B00- any house pics yet?
Did you get the kitchen cabinets fixed?
Possum- I didnt see that one but have in the past. I guess that is one reason i dont like the color eps much. With only a straight man, the show just didnt click like it did with barn in there.
Especially when 'color' Andy got together with pms Helen, the sparks really began to fly! haha
Y'all have a good day!
hey to HM.

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76071:
"I don't like chit-chat or the guitar..."

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76072:
ANDY: .....I now pronounce you man and wife.(Dud and charlene embrace.)
BRISCOE: All right everybody, back on the truck.......How much do I
owe you Sheriff Justice?
ANDY: Well, usually it's two dollars, but I'll settle for a song!
BRISCOE: Gooood! How about something nice and sentimental for a
ANDY: Good idea!
BRISCOE: All right boys, let's do "Keep your money in your shoes and
it won't get wet" and a-one and a-two and a-.......
CHARLENE: Oh no, paw, that 'un makes me cry!
ANDY: How about "Cindy"?
(Andy and the Darling's begin to sing and play "Cindy")

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76073:
"Git out the way, ole Dan Tucker..."

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76074: Aw, Romeena you made me cry a little with what you said about Dale. Yes, sugar is a very common way to refer to affection here in Texas...heard it all my life but never really used it....maybe I will start. I use the word sugar as a term of endearment often, though.

Well Possum, I guess Andy spent so much time with Helen by the color eps that some of her PMS rubbed off on him (Aunt Bee had it coming since that "Call the Man" episode, anyway);-)


November 12, 2009 - Msg 76075:
Boy, that is so true Boo. That "Call the Man" ep rubs me wrong like sandpaper underwear would do! ha (And memo to possum, that's plain white, not pink! ha)
ASA- "for it was Mary, Mary..."
Yall come back now, hear,

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76076: Well come on then. Someine give me some sugar! (Spot and MDC are excluded) :)

Boy Possum. I could not agree with you more concerning grumpy Andy in the episode you cited. And the way he demanded she get in the back seat and all, very un-Andy like. The very first color episode when Andy gets mad because Opie is late coming home for dinner. He really kinda gets in Aunt Bees face and the way she cowers back away from him is kind of disturbing. I know it was never intended to look like it, but you would almost think Andy was about to give her a knuckle sandwich. Sorry, I don't mean to speak so badly about the show or Andy, but a couple of them color scenes really are out of character, at least IMHO.

Well thanks for the grammer lesson MDC. Your ejukashin was worth every penney. So would the phrase "the farther I go, the further away you become" be right? Or would it be "the further I go, the farther away you become? I'm so confused! :)


November 12, 2009 - Msg 76077:

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76078: OK Asa, sit back there with Ernest T. Bass and listen. No Mr. Bass, you may NOT write your sen-tence! MR BASS, please, take your seat! I don't care about that possum under a rock!
OK, here we go...
Objective: By the end of this lesson you will be able to:
1. Differentiate between the words 'farther' and 'further'
2. employ the correct usage of the words 'farther' and 'further'
Do you have to read further in the book or farther? Do you further your edukation? Let's take a look at the meanings for these two words. MR. BASS, stop jabbin' that stick!! Geesh, somebody get mea Midol already!

FARTHER denotes physical advancement in distance.

FURTHER denotes advancement to greater degree, as in time.
The correct answers to the above examples, then are as follows:
It is farther down the road. (For distance physically traveled.)
You read further in the book. (To a greater degree than where you are now.)

You further your education. (To a greater degree than what you have now.)

MR BASS, for the last time take your seat!! (:

MDC (aka Miss Crump)
(and with help from Google and the TAGS episode, "The Education of Ernest T. Bass")

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76079:
So Mr. Asa, what do you now think is correct?

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76080: Hmmm, the farther I dig into this the further I seem to be lost! :)


November 12, 2009 - Msg 76081:
Too funny Asa!
A few other hints. When using further, you should be able to substitute "furthermore" or "additionl(ly); when using "farther" you should be able to substitute "more miles". So with your sen-tence in question, the correct word would be "farther" in both places, because you could say "The more miles I go, the more miles away you become."
Now, smoke out that possum from under rock!
And get me another Midol! haha And also,
when i get engaged, I'd like to be the FIRST
to know mr. Taylor!! teehee
Have a good evening,

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76082: Asa & MDC- Y'all fellers are kooks! LOL

possum again (put those poinky sticks away!)

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76083: Whew...long day but got some things done. Hope you all have been behaving since I was away.

I agree that andy is different in the color eps...wonder what changed? Did they get a new director or something?

Asa, that "Call the Man" episode drives me crazy. I just want to tie up Aunt Bee, put a gag in her mouth and make her listen to some sense! Oh, and here's the sugar you asked for...stand still ((BIG SMACK right on the JAW)).


November 12, 2009 - Msg 76084: Just wanted to check in with the porch. As some of you have heard I was out last night burning trash in our burn ring, (playing clean house) and I didn't know the girl helping me has placed an aerosol can in the one bag. I thought she had placed it in the one to go to the dump. Well... I was stirring the fire to get all the old receipts and paid bills to burn and all of a sudden...a fire ball and explosion that knocked me to the ground. The Lord protected me in that I only had 1st degree burns on my face and forehead ( like a severe sunburn). I did go to the ER to make sure that there was no damage to my lungs etc. The Dr. said that actually the wet, cold rags that I put on it immediately was the best, and the damage minimal. Praise the Lord.
When I came in the house, I looked in the mirror and my hair was standing straight up and I had white powder on my face . I looked like one of the cartoon characters. If you've ever watched cartoons, you have seen it. Well, enough. gotta run Thanks for the prayers and concern. I'll run after putting the bags on the fire!!
Can I be in charge of the fireworks this year? ~New Neighbor

November 12, 2009 - Msg 76085:
Wow new neighbor, prayers indeed! You bet you got 'em.

November 13, 2009 - Msg 76086: Sorry NN but your description of your appearance after the fire is hilarious. Glad you are doing ok, though!;-)

Hey ASA, I was just thinking that it will be time to start the "Christmas Vacation" quote-a-thon soon. Are we doing "A Christmas Story" too?


November 13, 2009 - Msg 76087: Goodness, New Neighbor, glad you are all right!

Friends, today Kai doesn't have school, but it is not for a good reason. I received a phone call early this morning from the school to tell me that our youth pastor, who was also principal of the school and son of our church pastor, died in a car accident last night. Kind of hit me like a ton of bricks, as this is a very small school, and I knew him as a very nice guy. He was also pretty young, in his 30's.
I can't imagine what his wife and daughters(one who is in Kai's class but is younger than her), as well as his parent's, are feeling right now or what I could do to help them at this time. Prayers for his family, please.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 13, 2009 - Msg 76088: My goodness - lots of need for prayers today. Sterling, that's terrible about the young man - I'm sure he will be sorely missed. My heart just breaks for his wife and children. They must be just devastated. How can you help? Trust me - you can't, not really. Only God and time can help now. Briefly contact the wife, express your sorrow and regret, and suppress the urge to give "Christian advice" at this time. You know what I mean - "God's will is always perfect" or "We just have to trust Him", or worst of all, "He's in a better place now." I have said all those things, and after they were said to me, I vowed I'd never say them again. A simple "I'm so sorry" and a heartfelt assurance that she can call on you for anything she needs will mean a lot. Go by and mow her lawn, take her car and fill the tank and have it washed, drop off a big package of paper plates and cups. Pick up a few gift certificates to a local fast food place. These are tough times for her, and really all you can do is - be there.

New neighbor, what a scary thing! Thank God you weren't hurt any worse than you were - it could have been tragic! Blindness comes to mind - and more serious burns. Trash burning is so dangerous. We did it for years when I was a kid, and my horse got scared out of his hide one day, nosing around the trash barrel, which was still smoldering. A can blew up inside the barrel, you could hear the "bang" for miles, and he ran clear to the back fence and wouldn't come back up to the house for hours, because he didn't want to pass that barrel!

And now, teacher MDC, perhaps you'd like to compare "affect" and "effect" for us?? Very commonly misused, but a simple rule will solve it. Also, does everyone know there is "a rat" in "separate?" (See, I'm still hesitant about enclosing punctuation in those quotation marks.)

Well, guess I'll go feed myself and this little dancing furkid. She's so glad Mommy's home - and so is Mommy. Be blessed, all. --Romeena