November 18, 2009 - Msg 76166:
Thanks for breakfast spot! good dog!


November 18, 2009 - Msg 76167:
Good sweep AUh20! you gonna get Sarah's book?
Boo- wow, that is great that you have all that support for the rehab Christmas. My word of caution is "dont over-do it." Showering them with too much can have a negative affect. A nice party with one nice gift for each girl is the best route. I've helped in similar situations, and have seen first-hand.
As to the house, I'm glad that you two worked it out, but I just want to say that remember that he will be living there also. Seems like it would be reasonable for him to have a few touches of his own here and there. Just a thought.
Prayers continue and for sterling's church family too.

November 18, 2009 - Msg 76168:
Opie: (afer Barney shows him how to hold a football.) But Barney, Johnny Unitas of the Baltimore Colts holds the football at the end.
Barney: (quietly) Well, ever'body has their own system, I guess.

November 18, 2009 - Msg 76169: Good morning, porch! Boy, do I feel better after a good night's sleep! What a great time we had last night. Such a fine group of women, and many of us have been friends for more than thirty years. We've watched each other's kids and grandkids grow up, supported each other in grief and sorrow, and rejoiced in the good times. Whoever coined the term "church family" said a mouthful.

We're a diverse group - mostly WASPs, but not all. We have a woman from Morocco (who makes a chicken dish that's to die for) a couple of Hispanic women, an Asian woman, we had a black woman but they moved away, and we have a range of ages. Most of us are 60-ish and above (believe it or not, I'm not the oldest at 70, but I'm close) and we have three who are under forty. They said age doesn't matter, they like our class philosophy, and we have fun! We are the go-to class for the church. If there's a job to be done, or a need to be filled, the word is "ask Pat's class!" We consider that a compliment, and believe me, Pat never hesitates to commit us to a job, then tell us about it later. We try not to let her down.

Our church has an "internationals ministry", meets every Wednesday morning at the church. They have a crafts class, a sewing class, and a little grou0p that just practices the skills needed for shopping in a supermarket in the U.S. Many of these women have never shopped anywhere but in an open market. The main endeavor, though, is a class in English as a second language. That class is big! Naturally, the majority of the teachers in this ministry come from Pat's class! I've never gotten involved, because I almost always have to work on Tuesday nights, and know I wouldn't be able to give 100% on Wednesday morning. However, I'm thinking about trying it anyway, and see if I can change my schedule, at least most of the time. I did it for last night, but that was just one time.

They always serve food, mostly provided by our class, but sometimes other classes help out in that area. And the most fun - sometimes the class women themselves will bring food from home, some dish from their culture, and it's always a hit. Believe me, our class is a blessing to a lot of people, but to ourselves most of all. The opportunities for service are so many!

Well, guess I'll mosey along. I'm about ready for some lunch, got a few things to do, then have to work tonight. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

November 18, 2009 - Msg 76170: Ha! I don't know what a "grou0p" is, but it might be fun!! --Romeena

November 18, 2009 - Msg 76171:
Here's a good one, a few weekends ago I was at an estate sale, and i was looking at an old Royal upright typewriter. It was black/grey, and the keys had those raised, silver borders on them.
Anyway, a boy who was about 10 came up and looked at it too. He then proceeded to tell me that it was a "code-writer" from the "old war." I started
LOL, and told him no, it was a "TYPE-writer."
He went "Wow, what's a typewriter?" Suddenly, I felt very OLD! ha
Ro's typo made me think of it, because if you did hit two keys as Ro did, only one would end up on the paper, or the key "arms" would get "hung up" on each other. Remember that? (:
Have a good day,

November 18, 2009 - Msg 76172:
"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

November 18, 2009 - Msg 76173:

November 18, 2009 - Msg 76174:
For Possum...

When I hit the door I was making tracks
And they were just taking my car down off the jacks
So I threw the man a twenty and jumped in and fired that mother up

Mario Andretti wouldda sure been proud
Of the way I was movin when I passed that crowd
Coming out the door and headed toward me at a trott

Now I guess I should of gone ahead and run
But somehow I just couldn't resist the fun
Of chasing them all just once around the parking lot

I had them all out there steppin and fetchin
Like their heads was on fire and their asses was catchin
then I figgered I had better go ahead and split before the cops got there

When I hit the road I was really wheelin
Had gravel flyin and rubber squeelin
And I didn't slow down till I was almost to Arkansas

I think I'm gonna reroute my trip
I wonder if anybody'd think I'd flipped
If I went to L.A., via Omaha


November 18, 2009 - Msg 76175: Ha! You are too much,Lyric Man!

How'd you get "@sses" past the censor? LOL

Funny about the boy & the typewriter! This past summer,I was talking to a 20-ish cashier who had never heard of a pay toilet! Don't ask how we got on the subject- (I don't even recall),but y'all should've seen the look on her face as she tried to wrap her brain around that one!
See ya later "BRO" man and all the other Porchsters!

possum under a rock

November 18, 2009 - Msg 76176: For MDC...

" The road is long
with many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where,
Who knows where...
But I'm strong
Strong enough to carry him
He ain't heavy...
He's my brother "

From: Lyric Woman AKA "Little Sis"

November 18, 2009 - Msg 76177: hope everyone is doing well ,prayers for those in need ..MDC good racing in your neck of the woods this past weekend ...everyone take care

November 18, 2009 - Msg 76178: hi mayberry how are all of you on the porch gizzmo......

November 18, 2009 - Msg 76179:
Hey to Gizmo, possum and all porch creatures!
God bless! I appreciate it and good night!

November 18, 2009 - Msg 76180: Evening Porch Family:
Just a quick stop by to say Hi, and prayers for the church family as they lay their Youth Pastor to rest.
Had a VERY productive day here. Got a lot of cleaning done! Asa- can you help me do the windows? You can be on the outside on the ladder...then again I better rethink this! Blessing all ~New Neighbor

November 19, 2009 - Msg 76181: Thanks MDC, New Neighbor, and everyone for the prayers!

The funeral was today, and though it was sad of course, it was also rather, hopeful. There were tons of people there, many of them pastors from other churches. The church was full, so my wife and I sat in the fellowship hall, which was set up with chairs from wall to wall.
I'd like to add something here, and I don't know, but it may be a proof of God's plan. You see, last month, we had donated a few big screen tv's for the school because I had found a flyer in our papers where the youth pastor(who was also principal) had made a list of things needed for the school. Among those things needed were 3 bigger tv's than they had, and dvd players(the school uses a dvd based teaching system, along with actual teachers in the classroom). So we decided to just buy the tv's and dvd players, because we wanted to help the school.

While walking around the school, with the youth pastor/principal happily showing me where the tv's would be going, I noticed that there were some other classrooms in the school that could also use some newer and bigger tv's, so I asked if they would like to redo those classroom systems as well. He said he didn't want us to overreach our finances, but accepted my offer when I assured him it was ok(we are not rich by any means, but my wife did receive some of her dad's benefits after he died, and we thought it would be nice to use some of the money for a good use).
So, they had some of the more mechanically inclined(I was not one of them) members of the church, install some of the tv's, but they still had a couple that they had not set up yet.

Those two tv's had still not been set up when our youth pastor/principal was killed last week.
They expected around 300 people at the funeral, so they set up those two tv's on the wall in the fellowship hall so that everyone could see the service going on in the church.
Now, they could have used the older, small screen tv's to broadcast the service on I suppose, and I don't think anyone would have complained about it.
But it is just weird how things work out sometimes.
God IS in control.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 19, 2009 - Msg 76182: Hey gang...slow checking in sorry...still doing yard work and cleaning the camper....hey sterling,Rommena,Possum,Asa,Boo....hum I see a Little Sis on here?....well Maude and healing NN lets have some breakfast in the morning...Maude eggs and NO slaw,NN fried thing sliced pork chops,Asa grits,possum(hum well lets dont go there),auh20,bottled water,Romeena (some kinda seeds cause of yer yard stuff),Hazel...(naw forget it)( now you are with us to eat but just dont bing nothing)hee hee...ok...Rev you just bring grace...ok...and we will send you a plate....prayers ...SPOT

November 19, 2009 - Msg 76183: That is so neat, Sterling. Isn't it amazing how God can take the things we give out of our love for others, and use them in ways we can't even imagine. I was reminded of the little boy with the 2 fish and 5 loaves (i think) and how he gave them to Jesus and saw a miracle that he could have never imagined. That is my prayer, that I would be a cheerful giver and that when giving from the right motive, God will use it in amazing way for His glory. Surely you never expected that by donating those TVs, you would be comforting your church family in their time of grief. Last night at church, we talked about the parable of the man who tore down his barns, built bigger ones, stored up grain for a lifetime and said, "Soul take your ease, eat drink and be merry"...maybe not in that order but anyway, he met his maker that night. Jesus said it would be that way for those who are not "rich toward God". I think it is a good thing to ponder what it means to be "rich toward God" and consider not only the eternal consquences but the present blessings that come from loving generosity. What that rich man missed out on! I often tell myself, "Things are things; people are people". Remember what really matters to God. Investing in people is being rich toward God, I think.

Well, didn't mean to preach a sermon, I am just blessed and inspired by Sterling's story. It makes me want to do more and watch God in action.

Better go get Erin up for school.


November 19, 2009 - Msg 76184: Hi All.
Just a gray day going to rain .grr
Dear Lord, I come toYou on my knees
Asking for guidance and help...hear me please.
Give me faith to believe, I do trust You so;
Lead me and show me which way to go,
Life is full of decisions to make;
Carry me when I am ready to break.
Help me to trust and give into Your care.
Why do I doubt? I know You are there.
Through trials, triumph, and life's ups and downs
You always guide me-Your power has no bounds.
Lift me up high no matter what life brings;
Guide me and teach me wonderful things.

November 19, 2009 - Msg 76185:
Good one Tom! Hope you and Gizmo and all make it thru the rain, and please send some our way...83 days with no rain right now.
Sterling- my prayers continue, and if I may just add a bit of jocularity, my "classrooms" could use a few new TVs as well. (:
That is pretty amazing how "all things work together for good..." May the Lord be with you.
RO- is your ministry part of the shoebox ministries that Franklin Graham does or just your own thing? Either way, that's great. Yesterday afternoon, the company that I work for helped out at a local food bank.
OK, one soapbox comment if I may...I read that now BO has bowed a very pronounced bow to the emperor of Japan. I am so tired of him bowing to
other countries etc. Chaps my hide. OK ..bluey goes my box.
Have a good day,
PS: Possum, there's a rumor goin' 'round that you were seen with Orville Hendricks, the egg man! teehee

November 19, 2009 - Msg 76186: Well MDC, I look at it this way. B.O. ain't bowing. He just ain't got no spine. Pretty hard to stay upright if you're lacking spine. That makes sense, doesn't it?


November 19, 2009 - Msg 76187:
Asa, you are a pip! ha I didnt think of it that way!
I'll have to call up the fun girls and have us a real party in the courthouse! Oh, I'll invite Bernie too! (:

November 19, 2009 - Msg 76188: hi i am new are u my sister gizzmo about mayberry kitten

November 19, 2009 - Msg 76189: Good afternoon everyone. It's rainy here today, but we've been enjoying a run of warmish weather.

Prayers for all who need them. STERLING, that was an amazing story. Sorry to hear about your youth pastor. BOO: Nice sermon, too ;).

MDC: I wouldn't worry too much about that bow. He's not the first prez to do it. It's just a sign of respect. "When in Rome..." Japan is one of our closest allies. Plus, they know we could cream 'em ;). I think humility and civility are greater signs of strength than obstination and posturing. Jesus, the king of kings, washed feet.

That shoebox ministry is a great one. We put some together each year. The Lord has really touched a lot of lives through the Graham family.

Our little Lila was baptized last week. She sure is cute. She's four months now but still only 9+ pounds. No problems evident, she's just "petite." Anyway, the doc and the Mrs. have decided to try her on cereal. It's be a couple of days and she's taken to it well.

Y'all are in my prayers regularly. Have a great Thanksgiving!


November 19, 2009 - Msg 76190: kitten is new to mayberry it is my sister this me gizzmo i hope you will welcome her to mayberry ok and happy thanksgiving to all of you in mayberry gizzmo

November 19, 2009 - Msg 76191:
WooHoo, MT, always game for a good moulage.
Not sure which other
presidents have bowed, if any, but I think that all changed on Dec. 7, 1941 anyway! Then, after the war that they started,we helped re-build Japan for 8 years after the war, got them on the road to democracy and allowed their imports to our country to help them out. As far as the "It's customary" or "when in Rome" bit, I don't buy it. How many foreign leaders "bow" to our customs when they are here?
Do they weare regular business suits, for example, when they are here? After all, that's our custom.
As for humility, when it comes to a country on the world stage, I say no thanks! With the likes of North Korea and Iran out there, I like the position of strength much better than that of this milktoast humility business.
OK sliding box back under the planks.
You have a happy Thanks giving too.
God bless,

November 19, 2009 - Msg 76192:
HI to Gizmo and kitten!

November 19, 2009 - Msg 76193: Good evening, porch. I'm through working for this week, and am back in my computer saddle, as those of you who get my emails are already aware. (Sorry!)

On the most current question, I think I'm going to stay in the middle. You all know I wouldn't want America to be anything but strong and proud, and would suggest to other nations that they show respect to us. However, I have no problem with BO making a formal bow to the Japanese emperor. They bow to everybody, there is no physical contact, it's just a bow. It's more like a handshake to them, so I didn't read anything into that particular bow. Now bowing over the hand of the Saudi king - that was another story, and spoke volumes in my opinion. There was, what's the word? Obeisance? (By definition - A gesture or movement of the body, such as a curtsy, that expresses deference or homage.) That one made me feel a little sick. By the way, Asa, I like your version. Kinda like my bacon - it bends at the waist. Hmmm, I wonder if Mr. O eats bacon? OK, I'm rambling. Must be tired.

Our shoebox ministry is part of the Samaritan's Purse effort, and we've done it for several years now. It's always fun. Along about September or October, we all start picking up little things in the dollar stores, and by "shoebox time", we have tons of stuff. Those boxes were heavy!

Hey to Gizzmo and kitten. Say hi to Tom for us - he always brings us the nicest poetry.

I had my annual performance eval this morning - it was painless, I still have a job, and got a 2.25% raise. Not much, but I've been there so long, and am so near the top of the "matrix" (whatever that means) that they have to shrink the percentage each year in order to leave room for something next year. Once I actually topped out, so to speak, and just got a bonus instead. Now and then they expand the matrix, and then I can start getting larger raises again. Actually, a raise doesn't mean a whole lot to me now, at this stage of the game. It was the raises I got thirty years ago, when I first started that mattered, because they're still with me, in every paycheck. The ones I get now aren't going to mean much for too many more years. Oh, I appreciate it, but right now, benefits mean more to me, and I'm happy to say that we do have a good benefits package.

Well, I'm off to make a little dinner, then a little TV, then to bed. I slept a couple of hours after I got home, but bedtime will be welcome. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

November 19, 2009 - Msg 76194: Just a quick dinner trouble check and I will be back in a bit...hey Romeena,possum,auh20,Asa,Boo and all....supper kinda late but here goes...yall can carry leftovers to work for lunch....I will leave some paper plates and tinfoil...baked pork chops,garlic butter potatoes,fresh greenbeans,corn on the cob(half ears)maude slaw...prayers...spb Lucy?...SPOt

November 19, 2009 - Msg 76195:
Hello porch family.....working around the yard today getting things done before more rain.

Boo....well put!

I saw a bumper sticker today that read...."Pray for Obama, Psalms 109:8".
When I got home I looked it up and it reads, "Let his days be few and let another take his office." I couldn't help but crack up:)

Ro....I'm sure they appreciate you so much at work.

Spot....I get the check for breakfast at the diner in the morning.

Prayers for all the porch family. Have a good night!

November 19, 2009 - Msg 76196: Hey y'all! Thought I'd better check in since MDC has it out that I'm "running" with the butter and egg man! There's not a word of truth in that,not a word of truth-LOL!

Asa,laughing at your comment about spineless B.O.!
Oh,Rev,I've seen that bumper sticker too- I wish I had one!

Hey to Gizzmo and kitten. Nice poem,Tom!

Sterling,thank you for sharing that about your church donation with us. You are a blessing.

Are there any pics of Lila in Ro's album yet,Me-They? She sounds like a dollbaby!

Well,gonna get ready to hit the old ironing board.Hope I can sleep. There has been sirens and helicopters in the area for the past few hours.Not sure what has happened but obviously an accident of some sort. Or somebody( convicts at large?) on the loose- helicopters seem to be flying low & highway patrol cars are whizzing by.My daughter and Laci had been visiting earlier,so it concerned me quite a bit when I heard the commotion. Checked with them and they are at home & Laci is asleep. Thankful that I know my loved ones are safe tonight.Thank you Lord.
Hope all of you and your loved ones are safe tonight too.
possum under a rock

November 19, 2009 - Msg 76197: Possum you BETTER not be running with the butter and egg man....Im jealous!...hey Boo, Rev breakfast is on you brother..Asa be sure the tag on your shirt is in the back this time!;)...ok (laughing about the tag in the back thing)gona go put Otis up and work tomorrow at 2 pm for me...will check back before bed...gona hit facebook....SPOT

November 20, 2009 - Msg 76198: Hi All.
My half sister is asking for pray for friend of her, The Edge ( step sister) Kim Smith and Worley ( cousin) Nancy Cobb are two woman from the imperial Ave killing in Cleveland Ohio.
Now for Kitten and Gizzmo I do not take or heard from thim at all.


November 20, 2009 - Msg 76199: Hey, Me-They! Good to see you here. I was just about to send you a facebook message to see if you were doing ok. Glad you enjoyed the sermon. ;-)

Welcome to Kitten!

Well, all I can say is that if I had been in Japan, I would have bowed....just sayin' is all....maybe I don't have a spine, though, so perhaps ASA's theory is correct.:-)

TOM, I really loved that poem. Thanks for posting it!

Thanks, REV. That was really funny (about the bumper sticker)!

Well, I had an interesting evening. I went to a concert with the church youth group and heard Casting Crowns, which was nice, but what is interesting is that it was in an outside amphitheater and it was raining cats and dogs. We carried out umbrellas, only to be told at the gate that umbrellas weren't allowed. We got rained on for nearly 2 hours before the concert actually started. Now, please don't think I am completely crazy. It was warm enough outside that we didn't get cold, so it didn't bother me. I am one of those wierdos that likes playing in the rain. I am pretty tired and should turn in now. See ya later!


November 20, 2009 - Msg 76200: I hadn't heard of that killing in Ohio, Tom, but I will pray for all involved. May God have mercy on whoever did it. Because I would have a harder time doing that I think. Especially if it was someone I knew.

Hope you are getting some sleep, possum. Maybe it is bank robbers. I remember once when I lived down in Indiana, there was a bank robbery that took place near the offices where I worked. And they had helicopters buzzing around looking for the perpetrators, and they had our offices on lock-down. I'm just glad that didn't happen during the later part of my work day, because I think I would rather have risked running into the robber(s) than spend more time at the office if I didn't have to. :)

I decided to buy a card for the family of the pastor killed last week, and I am trying to write a note in it. The associate pastor was asking people at the service to write something on little sheets to the wife and family about what her husband meant to them, or a story of him, etc. But he also said we could write them a card later. I didn't write mine at the time because I couldn't remember all of what I had thought about earlier about my experiences with him.
I know basically what I am going to say, but I am having real trouble with how to start off the letter/card. I mean, how do you start for something like that to the family, about someone you knew for a relatively short time, and only recently began to really converse with and know them?

If you have some suggestions, I would really appreciate them.

Better go to bed. Kai has school pictures taken tomorrow.

Boy Boo, I think if it was raining cats and dogs and they told me I couldn't take an umbrella, I would've turned right around and went home(don't like rain). :) Have a nice night!

-Sterling Holobyte

November 20, 2009 - Msg 76201: That's how I would start out, Sterling, just like you said to us, something about how you were just beginning to really know him and regret that you didn't know him sooner or something.. maybe tell something about him that blessed you. I think honestly sharing your feelings would be best. You are the kind of guy that won't write the wrong thing.

Sterling, I have this about rain. I really love it and don't mind getting wet as long as it isn't cold, and its not here right now. I had on my flip-flops so I didn't have to deal with having my feet in wet socks and shoes, that's the main thing. Having wet feet is nothing, but having them in wet socks and shoes, no way.

It is still raining heavily here and I was just reading the local news man's weather journal on the website. He says this will be the coldest, wettest winter in a very long time here, so yay! It barely got cool last winter. I am looking forward to actually getting some use out of the fireplace. Of course to you Northerners, our lows would probably be laughable. Overnight lows are expected to be below 30, which will probably kill about a million Texans. ;-) hehe

Gotta get Erin going and go to the store, of all things. She is having her annual thanksgiving lunch at school and she needs to bring 2 pumpkin pies and 3 pkgs of rolls. I forgot about the rolls :-(! The pies got made yesterday, thanks to St. Susan.

Gotta run.....taking an umbrella this time.


November 20, 2009 - Msg 76202:
Morning Friends

Well, it is with a heavy heart, that I must report, it is not sunny sunny here today. It is gray gray... and very wet.

MDC-No, I'm not gonna read Sarah Palin's book. To me, she's a breath of fresh air but, other than that, she just doesn't seem like a leader. And, we already have one of those.

Me-They Do my eyes deceive me? Should I go get the calf? Yes, P-H, M-T, and Gizzmo back rockin' now that's a party, I'm getting calf. Someone needs to tell Hazel there's a party on the Porch.

Sterling-That's a great post about the TV's.

M-T Glad to hear all is going well on the family front.

"But, every now and then, some hiker'll come by
And like you, Big Joe'll give 'em a ride
Here, have another cup and forget about the dime
Keep it as a souvenir, from Big Joe and Phantom 309!"


November 20, 2009 - Msg 76203: Mornin' y'all! Now,spot,don't go getting all jealous- you know I don't "run" with nobody but you! (Where's Miss Sherry? Uh-oh! Ha!)

Sterling,things quieted down not long after I posted. Not sure what happened yet.I pray no one was injured-I saw ambulances heading down there.
I'm with Boo-start your note out with a few words about how you were just getting to know the Youth Pastor. You have a gift for putting the right words together. Your note will be just right.
Tom,are you referring to the Cleveland serial killer/murders? That is so terrible. Prayers to the victims and loved ones.

Boo, glad you enjoyed yourself at the concert.The Casting Crowns have some good praise songs.

Krispy Kremes and a pot of coffee are on the Porch- help yourselves!
possum under a rock

November 20, 2009 - Msg 76204: Hi All
Possum- yes I'mthat one from Cleveland!
I have ben gong from there now for 6 year now.


November 20, 2009 - Msg 76205:
G'day porch. Just a quick hello.
I wonder now-a-days if pounding one's shoe
on a table to get one's way and attention would be accepted as customary. OK, I'm being obtuse
and I know no one likes it when I'm obtuse! (:
Good to see you all on this fine day in the neighborhood.
Sterling, my prayers continue, buddy. As posum said, just let the words flow. God will guide you.

November 20, 2009 - Msg 76206: Prayers headed to work...will holler from to hurry!..Lunch?...what chall think?...SPOT

November 20, 2009 - Msg 76207: Chicken & dumplings and CORNBREAD,Spot!

Ha! Did you get my cornbread recipe I sent ya, spotty?
possum again

November 20, 2009 - Msg 76208: Porch Family:
Party at New Neighbors...Hamburgers and Hot dogs on the grill. Birthday cake for the birthday boy and hayride in the COLD. Bundle up. Bon Fire and Hot Chocolate with smores afterwards. Starts at 6. Hop on board. Asa- I'll be IN the heated cab of the tractor!!! ~New Neighbor

November 20, 2009 - Msg 76209:
Havent been to a hayride in years! Sounds like fun.
Possum- "He buttered him up and she egged him on. haha Did you say cornbread? mmm

November 20, 2009 - Msg 76210: Hay ride! setting with the women....SPOT

November 20, 2009 - Msg 76211: Well,you can sit with us Spot,but the first time you try to get NN to head down one of them dirt roads, I'm jumping outta the wagon! Rather take my chances riding on back of the mule pulling the wagon than go down a dirt road in the back of a haywagon with a good ol' boy from GA! LOL!
Watch out,ladies!

possum under a rock

November 20, 2009 - Msg 76212: Hello everyone.

Welcome to kitten and gismo. Read through the older messages to learn something about the people who post here. Then respond to a few with your own comments. Also, post your own questions about any topic and we can try to offer some answers for you. Don't bee shy. By posting messages, you will feel like being a part of our family here.

And hello to Tom. Sorry to hear about your half sister's friend. I will offer prayers.

MDC, your story about the old Royal typewriter made me recall some of the old contraptions I still own.
I also have one of those Royal manual typewriters that is mechanically sound. However, I suspect that the ink ribbon has dried out.
And I still have a rotary dial telephone mounted on a wall in my house that works. It's hard wired and has no connector so it can't be easily removed.
I also have a 1959 portable black & white television that receives only VHF channels 2 through 13. Although it still works, I would need a converter box to receive the current digital broadcasts of today.

Boo, regarding that outdoor concert where you were rained on, I can understand the no umbrella policy. With everyone sitting so close together, imagine how opened umbrellas would block the view for the people behind you. Next time, bring up one of those hooded plastic ponchos that you can fold up and carry. I always keep a small umbrella and a folded rain poncho in my car.

MDC, as for our President bowing to foreign dignitaries, that is just a courteous way of showing respect for tradition. If others choose not to follow our example, we can make it known if it offends us, or ignore it if it doesn't offend us. Adopting the same practice is not a sign of a respectful leader.

auh2o, "get a calf?" in honor of P-H, M-T and Gizmo? Could I have the cash equivalent please?

Sterling Holobyte, the most common way to begin a sympathy card or letter is to simply acknowledge the loss and refer to the deceased by name. Use something like
"The Sterling Holobyte family was saddened to learn of the passing of Youth Pastor (insert name)."

from Poor Horatio

November 20, 2009 - Msg 76213:
Hello porch family. I pray you all had a great Jesus filled day.

Tom....prayers for the needs you posted.

Boo....sounds like you all had fun at the concert dispite the rain.

Poor your old rotary phone one of those thick black phone?

Oh man....Gotta go wash my hands. I just put my hand in my pocket and forgot that I sneaked one of Possum's Krispy Kream in there:)

Love and prayers for all the porch family! Have great weekend and tell someone about Jesus.

November 20, 2009 - Msg 76214: Hello everyone -
Welcome to Gizzmo and kitten - hey to Tom too!

I am glad that Boo painted PH - what color did he end up being (or was that PH painting Boo?)It was my goof - I should know or not know.

I wish I could afford a Krispy Kreme (how many weight watcher points are they?) I am looking forward to a piece of cake on Thanksgiving (an anniversary cake for my parents - celebrating 63 years). As of today - I have lost three sacks of potatoes at 10 lbs a sack - your algebra problem for the day.

Got my shoebox ready Ro for Sunday. We chose to do an older boy. Found the neatest Superman ballcap! to put in.

Hey to everyone -


November 20, 2009 - Msg 76215: Good evening, porch. It's good to see so many porchsters popping in and out. Are we still having the hayride? It's a bit damp and chilly in these parts, but if the hay is deep enough, and we bring a few blankets, it'll be okay.

The new flowerbed we made for the reblooming irises is really looking good. Of course, it's full of pansies right now, as I can't even get a good supply of irises until spring, but the pansies are so pretty, I may just manage to have "bloomers" in there all the time, along with the irises. Ted came today and installed low voltage lighting. He placed the fixtures exactly right, so the boulders in the middle of the bed are highlighted, and they are just beautiful.

As for the bowing thing - I think a lot hinges on the customs of the culture involved. The Japanese bow to everyone - like I said, it's their equivalent of a handshake. If I were introduced to a Japanese dignitary, or a Japanese housewife for that matter, I'd probably make the little quick and stiff bow that they seem to use all the time. However, under no circumstances would I bow low, or indeed at all, over the hand of the Saudi king, and I resent the fact that our Dear Leader did so. He certainly didn't bow to the Queen of England, one of our allies. Oh no - instead, he displayed an appalling lack of respect and common sense, and insulted her with his paltry gift of an iPod and some old footage of one of her visits. No class, no taste, no respect. OK, that's just my opinion, and in the grand scheme of things - to bow or not to bow, is not really the important issue. We have much deeper concerns with him, the bowing is just a symptom.

Well, guess I'll mosey. What time is the hayride, and can Toye Starr come along? I'll put a collar with a blinking light and a bell on her so we don't lose her in the hay. --Romeena

November 20, 2009 - Msg 76216: Ro, I don't know why in the world i didn't think about a plastic poncho (until I got there, of course). I'll know the next time! It was funny anyways and one of those things we will laugh about in years to come. It;s like I told someone yesterday, you don't remember the things that go smoothly, but you remember times like these.

Well, Hurrah!...I got all the paint selected and bought! What a relief to have that done, and I also ordered all the lights, interior and exterior thanks to a very saavy woman at the lighting shop named Kathleen. She was a huge help. So, I feel like I can finally breathe for alittle while. Bruce opted to do the painting of the walls himself rather than pay a painter to do it. We had painters do all the cabinets and trim work, though...a really great couple of guys who were both pastors of spanish-speaking churches in the area. They were great. Anyways, what's left to do is easy, especially since the floors aren't in yet and we won't have to tape down drop cloths. The tile is in, but I'm not as concerned about that. I was worried about my choice of tile when it was delivered. It looked one way in the store and then another way in the house (as usual), but now that it's down it's just right. I spent about 4 hours in Lowe's today getting paint samples and then paint. I think I could work there now, if I wanted to. I know were everything is from toilet seats to tape measures!;-) If anyone is interested in the paint colors I chose I will tell you about it but i won't get typer's cramp if not.:-)

What is everyone planning for Thanksgiving this year. I already told that I would be at St. Susan's house this year, so I'm not cooking the turkey this time. :-):-):-) I am going to make some of the easier stuff and enjoy Thanksgiving for a change, Chickies.

Did someone mention a hayride?? Count me IN!!


PS, Homemaker, PH didn't get to paint me...I ran.

November 20, 2009 - Msg 76217: Hey all was busy at work and its 11 now and a quick turn around for me back at 6 in the morning..hey Rev you on the road?..hey NN,PH and all...possum I left ya a mail gitl...well its McDonalds for a change for b-fast ok....there steak and egg and cheese bagles are good...Boo bring a paper ok.....peace out ....prayers...SPOT

November 21, 2009 - Msg 76218:
If it's raining during the hayride, waht will Boo do? ha
Nite all,

November 21, 2009 - Msg 76219: Got a sack full of McDonalds breakfast food....swing by and get what ya want...fresh coffee....SPOT

November 21, 2009 - Msg 76220: If it rains, I'll be just fine.:-)

Thanks SPOT, but I'll pass on the McDonald's. I just had a piece of toast. I'll have some coffee, though and we can visit for a little while.

Better get moving...busy day.


November 21, 2009 - Msg 76221: Good morning, porch! Boo, that was Poor Horatio who suggested the poncho. I would probably have stood there in the rain too.

I'm glad you finally got the paint all settled. That's a big decision, because the wall colors are the background for everything else. I wish I was more adventurous, but most of my walls are a vanilla color, and each bedroom has one wall done in an accent color. I'm not happy with the wall in one of the guestrooms - it looks like Scope mouthwash. One of these days, I'll do it over.

That brugmansia out back (Angel's trumpet) is blooming again. The yellow one is in full bloom, and the pink one has buds. They just bloomed a few weeks ago, and now they're doing it again, after sitting there bloom-less all summer. Silly things. I guess they heard me tell Joe I was thinking of digging them up!

Well, gotta run. Toye Starr is hungry, and so am I, so had better make my way into the kitchen. It's unfortunate that my desk and this computer are between my bedroom and the kitchen, because I always get sidetracked. Oh well, who cares?

Oh, I watched "Dennis the Menace" on TVLand last night, and it's funny. It's pretty much another version of "Home Alone", but with the added twist that the little kid has no idea what he's doing, he's perfectly innocent while the bad guy is getting beat up. I think my favorite scene was when he had Mr. Wilson's dentures, holding them in front of his own mouth and moving them around. The little actor was so natural, so fresh in that scene - it was exactly what a 5-yr old would do. I can just picture our Hudson doing that! Of course, Matthau was hilarious with the two big chiclets in place of his teeth. Hudson would have done that too, to try to fix what he broke.

Well, this time I'm really gone. Starr is going to scratch a hole in my ankle if I don't get moving. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

November 21, 2009 - Msg 76222: Oh, sorry PH...I have been so busy lately that I get confused easily. I thought I had lost my wallet today and was turning the house upside down only to discover it sitting on a shelf in the bookcase...I put it there but didn't remember it!

Scope mouthwash, eh?...oops. I bought alot of those little sample cans and tested paints on the wall before I bought it in gallons. It was a long process but I hope I will be happy with the results. I chose a color called "butter", which was one of the designer colors from Valspar (lowe's) and it is a very mild yellow, just about right. Not bright, but warm and looks good with all the white trim. The kitchen, living room, and laundry room will all be that color. The office will be a greenish color that I can't really describe, I will have to send pictures. I am using that same green in a little bit lighter shade in the kid's bathroom. The guest bath has white beadboard up the wall about 3 feet and above that I am using a lighter shade of yellow that blends with the yellow in the kitchen because when that bathroom door is open, you can see the wall in there. Erin wanted the same "butter" in her room and will have a few cherries painted on it (did I already tell you this?). Sean's room will be kind of a dark taupe-y color. For our room Bruce wanted a warm, golden color and the bath will be the same with an accent wall of a shade called "Bangkok red", I is a bit of a rusty red. Very warm, comforting colors.

The masons are there today putting the stone on the fireplace and so far it looks very nice. Bruce has been putting painter's tape around all the doors and windows and should start painting today.

Is that the first time you saw Dennis the Menace, Ro? I thought it was really cute, especially the chicklet part and the kids and me love when the ball of paint ends up in the BBQ grill and when Mr. Wilson sits down and takes a bite of steak, he says slowly, "Tastes like...paint"...haha.

Better go..


November 21, 2009 - Msg 76223: ahem, the kids and "I"...sorry.


November 21, 2009 - Msg 76224: Hey Boo...NN,Possum,Romeena and starr...nice hay ride NN!....COLD but nice real nice...Possum you and Boo did behave this time..Asa you wanting to drive the tractor thru the my....well tonight lets hit Apple-B"s for the Ga. Kentucky or Ga Tech Vandy game....its on me ....they do have good food ...hinda pricey but good....well let me get things cleared up here at work ...get off at 6...Rev you and Maude and Mavis try to show up Alabama won BIG (but playing chatanooga?)..Fla won big too...well see yall after while..its just jeans and tennis shoes..and yes I mean shoes Asa!...prayers to all....SPOT yer talking dog!

November 21, 2009 - Msg 76225: Yep, that's the first time I saw that movie, Boo, and I enjoyed it. I'm usually a couple of years behind on movies, for some reason. I very rarely go to a theater, and don't even catch them on TV very often, as I just don't sit still that long.

Your colors sound delightful. I love color! I'm not happy with my Scope green guest room, but in my bedroom, I have a really pretty, suede-y buckskin color on the wall behind the bed, with the other walls being a soft ivory, or vanilla color. The window treatment is two lengths of different fabrics, a russet red and a beige/gold. It's draped and swagged so it frames the head of the bed, and the bed comforter is a patchwork of light brown, dark brown, beige and gold, in ultrasuede. The accent pillows are in shades of russet, brown and gold. I've sewn bead trim on the ends of the window fabric, and have some lamps with beading, and a deep red velvet throw with bead trim that just lies across the corner of the bed. It all has sort of a Casbah look, and I love it. Dale would have hated it, but would have put up with it for my sake.

Well, back to my warm chair, my cuddly puppy and some taped reruns of "Barney Miller." I just watched "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year", with Henry Winkler. I remember it from last year, and it's a good movie. One of those feel-good things.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

November 21, 2009 - Msg 76226: Is that the one where Henry Winkler befriends a guy at the airport and invites him to stay with him at his niece's place for Christmas? If that's the movie you're speaking of,Ro,you're right-it is good! I'll have to try to catch it this year.Hallmark Channel,right?
Another good Christmas movie is one with Katherine Hepburn and Ryan O'Neal. It's called "The Man Upstairs." If anybody sees that it is being broadcast this year,please let me know. Thanks!
Have a good night,all!
possum under a rock

November 21, 2009 - Msg 76227:
Hello porch family....Just got in from a shopping day with my wifey and dinner at Olive Garden. I am so full. Man I love this time home. Got a concert tomorrow night but it's only in the next city over so I'll be home after the concert.

Boo.....I know the house is really looking good and I know you are so ready to get in. mentioned you pretty much stick with vanilla color....I'm the same way. I like other colors but for some reason I go back to the same color schemes.

Spot....since I've already eaten, I'll just drop by Apple Bs and have a cup of java and chat.

You all have a good night and a blessed worship day. Love and prayers for all the porch family!

November 21, 2009 - Msg 76228: Good evening, porch. Yep, possum, that's the movie, and it's really a lifter-upper. I enjoyed it last year, and enjoyed it again this year. Good family values in it. I'll have to try to catch the one with Katherine Hepburn - I always liked her work.

I am just so pleased with the way the new flowerbed turned out. I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm sitting here looking at it right now, with the lights on the boulders and the little pansies showing up so pretty - it really turned out much better than I expected.

Well, guess I'll mosey. I may try to go to bed early tonight, since preachin' is at 8:15 in the morning. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

November 21, 2009 - Msg 76229: Rev pull up a chair and I will order the java...Good Georgia game...can you believe Miss beat LSU?,,, gona get some more hot to make it a early night 4:30 am work in the morning...possum you and boo get away from the juke box....SPOT

November 21, 2009 - Msg 76230: Almost forgot - REV, I'm glad you've got some time at home. You need that - you gotta keep your own batteries charged, you know. You mentioned Jake a few days ago - is he still with you? I presume Erica was home, therefore Jake was too. I think it's great that you enjoy that little feller so much. I'm reading "Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates" right now, and it's really interesting. I think I mentioned it earlier, but truly, the writer makes a very good case for the idea that animals aren't just throw-aways in God's eyes, that there is a future for them as well. I won't get into a debate about it here, but would suggest that anyone who is interested should pick up a copy of the book and read it. He stays with scripture, debunks a lot of "evolution" stuff, and even disproves the new "theistic evolution" theory, which has been pretty easy for a lot of Christians to accept. I'm about half through the book, and still haven't found anything objectionable.

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

November 22, 2009 - Msg 76231:
Evenin'-- Cecile and I were at Cracker Barrel tonight, and I about fell off my rocker when I saw their new promotion---It's called "Front Porch Friends!" Really! It is one of those "rewards" cards that build up discounts etc when your purchase meals and merchandise. It's almost like them CB execs secretly visited our front porch to get a program name! ha
Lookin' at my "front porch friends card" right now.
God bless and Good Sabbath to all!

November 22, 2009 - Msg 76232: Looks like we better attatch some seat belts to MDC's rocker. We don't want him sustaining a serious injury to himself falling off his rocker. (or maybe he's trying to tell us he's off his rocker). HA! Just pickin at you MDC. Maybe we can Charge Cracker Barrel royalties for the name.

What are everyone's Thanksgiving plans? I am pleased to announce thet my Daughter will enter the hospital tonight for preperations to deliver her 3rd child tomorrow. This one is a boy. She and her hubby are so excited, as is the rest of the family. Any prayers y'all would send up would be appreciated. This idea of "starting a delivery" rather than letting things go normal seems odd to an old school feller like me, but I guess it's pretty standard now days. Beats that middle of the night rushing to the delivery room trip I suppose.

Me and the Mrs will be tending Mariah and Amy tonight and tomorrow. That will be fun.

Well better go rustle me up some breakfast seeings how Spot ain't up cooking yet.


November 22, 2009 - Msg 76233: Good morning, porch! Asa, I'm with you. I don't see why there's such a push to induce delivery these days, but it's nationwide. My four came when they came, labor wasn't too difficult, deliveries were normal, and not a c-section in the bunch. Induction is the norm these days, but I still don't understand it, and I work in the department! Congratulations on the pending arrival, praying that all goes well.

So Cracker Barrel now has "Front Porch Friends". That's pretty funny. I like Cracker Barrel, but don't eat there often enough to make it worthwhile to get a membership. Oh well.

I'm off to church - gotta go feed Toye Starr and get dressed, and then I'm gone. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena