November 27, 2009 - Msg 76309: And Boo sits on the toilets at Lowes and thinks about all of us- LOL! That's nice,MDC. Next time I'm at Cracker Barrel I will think about you!Glad everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Getting ready to take Laci home-it's been fun but I am tired! Will rock with y'all later-love to everyone!
possum under a rock

November 27, 2009 - Msg 76310: That's right, Possum! hahaha...I forgot about that. I have to choose toilets this week so you all will be on my mind alot! ;-)


November 27, 2009 - Msg 76311: Oh, Boo! When you're choosing those toilets for the house, please do what I wish I had done here. Get the ones that are a little bit taller than standard. It's amazing what a difference that makes. If you're wondering, just use the handicapped stall in a public restroom some time. They're usually the taller ones, and it is so much better. When I was hobbled with my knee surgery, getting down and then up again was not easy. You can also get the idea by closing the lid on your toilet at home and trying it out. The added height sure makes it easier. You young folks on the porch are probably thinking it's a minor thing, but just wait - one of these days, you'll find yourself agreeing with me.

Well, I got cancelled at work last night, and happily stayed home. Now I'm rested and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning. I'm going to get the rest of my ground lights out today, and then this evening will start preparations for the meal I'm cooking tomorrow. Had a good time at Brittney's sister's house yesterday, wonderful food and good fellowship, and now we'll run it through again here tomorrow. Two Thanksgivings - can't beat that!

Boo, about the pictures, I'll try to get some, and will look forward to the ones you'll be sending as well. Spot, I love the idea of the crosses on your fence. In fact, that inspired me last year, and I ordered a 5-ft white lighted cross (from the American Family Association, I think). It stands in the front yard, fairly close to the house to reduce the chance of vandalism, but it sure does look pretty out there. And MDC, you're so right - you just can't separate the birth of Christ from the cross - it all blends in together, all part of The Plan.

Well, gotta get busy. I love you all! --Romeena

November 27, 2009 - Msg 76312: (laughing) Boo sitting on toilet seats at Lowes..well hello Romeena bet your cross looks some campings pics to send ya for the album ...will send tomorrow night..well slow here at work..get off at 2...well I guess its left overs for lunch!..someone left a pecan pie on the kitchen table here at work and I had a piece mid was it a good one....well like I said Pop and I got my crosses up and gona start on my house lights in Ga I had frost on my windshield this morning!.....SPOT

November 27, 2009 - Msg 76313: Hi, porch. Just taking a breather. I got 400 white twinkle lights put out, just a tiny start. I have a lantana next to the driveway that just went berserk this summer, and has sprawled out onto part of the driveway and part of the sidewalk from the drive to the front door. It covers an area about five by eight feet - ONE plant! I covered it with white lights, and it should be very pretty after dark. After the lights come off in January, I'll prune the thing back almost to the ground, and will try to keep it better contained next summer. It just got really rowdy this year.

It didn't take me all this time just to put out those lights. David had swept my roof off when he put up the roof lights on Wednesday night, and all the leaves and twigs were in a big pile in the courtyard and on the front walk. I got all of that up. He was going to do it, but I made him quit and come in the house and eat the pork chops I had made for him. Anyway, the perimeter of the house is now clean, and I'm headed back out to put out some more twinkle lights. I like to just fill the shrubbery with them.

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

November 27, 2009 - Msg 76314: Boo, when you are trying out those toilets, try not to get too involved, you know what I mean?! ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

November 27, 2009 - Msg 76315:
Hello porch family

Boo trying out all the toilets at that's an image in my mind:) mentioned the raised toilet. Well in my motorhome, that's what come in it and yes it does make a difference. Unless you have really short legs then your feet dangle...hehe

Well football fans it's going to be Florida and Alabama in the SEC showdown.

Spot.....nope I didn't fight that Black Friday crowd. Wifey and I will go out tomorrow to get some things done.

Well you all have a great night and know that I'm praying for you! Be sure to share Jesus with someone that you meet.... the benefits are out of this world.

November 27, 2009 - Msg 76316:
Hey Folks

A couple inches of snow on this end of the Porch so if ya deep southers wonder up here for some rockin ya may want to throw on the thermals.

Rev-I hope I don't cause a ruckus but I've been a Bama fan for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure why but I believe it has to do with Bear Bryant being George Blanda's college coach, at Kentucky. At one time I was a big Raiders fan.

Lyric Man inspired, anyone remember this?

"I got silly and I found a frog
In the water by a hollow log
And I shook it at her
And I said "This frog's for you"


November 27, 2009 - Msg 76317: Im behind ya auh2o "Bama"..course im a Ga fan but want Bama to go all the way...they scared me today!Romeena when (before I finished reading) that you said a "Latina"next to your driveway that went berserk!..oh..the mental pic of that!...butI read on....possum?...SPOT

November 27, 2009 - Msg 76318:
Yea auh2o...I kinda want Alabama to take it too even though I like the way Teebo stands for Christ in his walk. I really think he's a great young man. But should be a good game.

And yes I remember "Spiders and Snakes" by Jim Stafford.

November 27, 2009 - Msg 76319:
That was supose to be Tim "Tebow" not Teebo. My daughter is over here making fun of my spelling.

November 28, 2009 - Msg 76320: Thanks Sterling...I'll try to control myself, although the older I get, that harder that can be (especially when laughing or coughing);-)

Thanks for the toilet advice, Ro. I will certainly consider that, BUT (no pun intended), my dad had toilets like that and I had a hard time getting used to relaxing while sitting up high like that. Strange, I guess, but that's how it was.

Yes, REV..some mental image, but unfortunately, there was only one toilet on the ground at lowes! They were all up on a shelf. I guess i will have to go to Home Depot to do any toilet-sitting. :-(

SPOT, you're funny...a "Latina" going berserk next to Ro's driveway!

Well, Bruce has been painting the living room and kitchen at the house and I'm not pleased with the color. It is darker than i wanted it to be but I will have to learn to live with it.

Think I will turn in...I'm pretty tired. See you all in the morning with my coffee!


November 28, 2009 - Msg 76321: And Spot is making fun of mine, and I'll just have to suggest that he clean his glasses, because I clearly wrote "lantana", not "Latina". For northerners, and any also any Texans/Southerners who don't know, a lantana is a flowering plant. It's not exactly a shrub, because it does have a sprawling, spreading habit, but its stems can get an inch thick and very woody, with more tender twigs growing from them, from which the blooms arise. It can be very pretty, and comes in lots of colors. It works well in xeriscape gardens, as it tolerates dry conditions nicely. It does like sun, and that's what's wrong with my "latina" - it doesn't get much sun, which has caused it to really get leggy and sprawly, trying to get more light. Poor thing.

Regarding the virtues of taller toilets, I have two questions. First, why don't they just make them ALL taller? Second, why on this green earth would a hospital install low toilets, when it's a sure bet they will be used by people with mobility problems, who will definitely require assistance to get up, for cryin' out loud??

I got a lot done this evening. I finished all the lights out front, except one small stand of shrubbery that needs twinkles, but the mosquitoes got so bad I had to give up and come in the house. Miserable little things, I just despise them. So, I got busy in the kitchen. I've got all the fruit drained for fruit salad, got my cranberries cooked into sauce (I love homemade cranberry sauce) and made two pumpkin pies. I wish I could drink my fill of the juice off that fruit - I love it, but it would send my blood sugar into the stratosphere. It's in a pitcher in the fridge though, the grandsons will enjoy it, and I might sneak a little bit of it.

Well, I'm off to bed, so I can get up early and start cooking. Got a turkey and dressing to make, fruit salad to finish, sweet potatoes to bake, a couple of veggies to "do", and another pie to finish. It's a caramel pie, and I boiled the Eagle Brand milk tonight, it's cooling now. Tomorrow all I have to do is open the cans and dig the brown caramelized milk out and spread it in the crust, which is ready. Served in very small slices, with sweetened whipped cream, it will knock your socks off. Gooo-ooood!!

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

November 28, 2009 - Msg 76322: Oh hi, Boo. I didn't see you there. Since you posted between me and REV, perhaps I should explain that up above I meant that Spot was making fun of my spelling, as Erica was making fun of REV's.

Sorry about the paint - but maybe when you get furniture in the room, and accent lighting, it will be more like you wanted. If not, well, it can always be repainted.

OK, I'm off to bed too, for sure this time. --Romeena

November 28, 2009 - Msg 76323:
Sounds like y'all been samplin that cooler water over in the courthouse!! haha
Can you imagine a first-time reader on the porch today?? ha Everything from toilets to football to Jesus!
This year's scene at my house is the Peanuts characters "as the nativity scene." ie: Lucy as Mary, Charlie B as Joseph etc.
The kids love it and it also shows what Christmas is all about.
BTW...if ya ever need to talk to someone about Jesus or for prayer,etc, try 1-888-NEED HIM.
I think it's run by the Baptists, but i have called it a few times to ask for prayer. Good folk.
Have a good weekend.

November 28, 2009 - Msg 76324: auh2o, I think I'll stick with Bud.
Tell me if you get that(but it has to do with those lyrics you posted).;)

Had a nice time helping out at the church, getting the "ghost of Christmas present's" robe ready for her debut on the church's Christmas parade float. Had to help my wife sew some tinkle bells on the robe. Or rather, she had to help ME sew them on, as the only things I've sewn are buttons every now and then, and then I apparently don't do it right, based on the way she showed me to sew the bells on.
The church is putting on "A real Christmas carol" in a couple weeks, with the head pastor as Scrooge. I don't know exactly how they are going to incorporate the church's message into the play. Though the original story itself is pretty much about redemption and rebirth, so they probably won't have to change much.
Then we took my brother and niece, who are up from southern WI, to the parade. It was chilly but nice and not too long, thankfully. I think Kai got more candy than she would have gotten had she been able to go out for Halloween(she was sick on that day).

I love Peanuts characters nativity idea, MDC. I always think about Linus'es recitation, and how sublime but simple it is.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 28, 2009 - Msg 76325: Good morning, porch! It's chilly today, about 52 degrees, but supposed to get up in the mid-60s. I've got to get out there and clean out the filter on one pond pump, then replace the other two pumps. One is a little cheapie I bought at Harbor Freight, and I don't like it. It's weaker than it advertised itself to be, and it clogs daily. It powers my pretty spitting fish that Eloise gave me, and mostly he doesn't spit, he drools. Gonna fix that with a nice strong Beckett pump. The other one is another off-brand, though it cost a bit more. It's not worth what I paid for it. Actually, it's strong enough, but it has a built-in filter system that clogs daily, and since it's just powering a little umbrella fountain, it doesn't have to be filtered that closely. So, both of them are outta here! I'll keep them for back-up, but that's all.

I've got to bake an angelfood cake - David loves them. Got dressing to make, turkey to stuff, and all the other sides to pull together. If I get the turkey in the oven by 11:00, it should be done at least by 3:00, and I'll just turn the oven off and let it rest there until we're ready to eat about 4 or 4:30. I learned long ago to let a big turkey rest a while. If you try to get into it right away, the dressing is so hot you can't deal with it, and when you try to carve the turkey, all the juices run out. Let it rest, and everything goes much easier and the turkey is delicious.

Well, I'm off to play in the water. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

November 28, 2009 - Msg 76326: Romeena, I think you should look into getting a job as a spokesperson for high toilets....maybe you could contact "American Standard"??

Yes Ro, the walls will probably be fine when the floors are down and furniture is in place...I hope, because the paint we chose for that area was expensive...if I repaint it will be with the cheap stuff that doesn't clean as well. I think I will just have to learn to love it. What's funny is that we used the same yellow paint in Erin's room and last night, Bruce was in there finishing up and I left to go home. As I drove by the house and could see into Erin's window from the street, wow...looked like a giant canary threw up in there! What have I done?! No body ever accused me of being Martha Stewart. :-(

Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving dinner with your family, Romeena...sounds like alot of fun. You will have to give me your recipe for the cranberry sauce, i have never made it.

Thanks for the tip, MDC. I wanted to ask prayer for a little boy named Nathan who is 9. He is the cousin of a friend and on thanksgiving a heavy fence fell on him and he is in a coma with a bad head injury and collapsed lung. The docs are very guarded about his condition. Please send up a prayer for Nathan and his family. Thanks. Oh, and I got a call from Michelle yesterday and things aren't working out so well for her in Dallas. The cousins aren't being very good to her and she is having trouble finding work. She sounded so beat down on the phone and was crying. It just broke my heart. I am going to work at trying to get her into the Teen Challenge program and see if they will take her. I told her i wouldn't let her end up on the streets again. She is only 19 and she never asked for the life she got. She tries so hard and has to walk everywhere to apply for jobs. She told me that she has been running into some of the old characters she knew before and that is a concern. What she really needs is for someone to take her in, give her a chance to get her GED and her nurses aid training and help her out until she can stand on her own. If Teen Challenge can't do that, I am praying about taking her in myself. At this point I am not sure what the Lord has for her but please pray with me that we would know what to do for her. As i said, she is only 19 and still very much a child in many ways, even though she is very street wise. Thanks, friends.

I can't really decorate anything until we get into the new house so I put up a little 2-foot tree (sad) haha. It looks like a charlie brown tree but its something.

Think I will go over to the house and see what the yellow paint looks like in the morning hours...mercy!


November 28, 2009 - Msg 76327: Hey Y'all- Busy putting my Christmas tree up today. What is it about those danged Christmas lights?! They never last from year to year. Every year,I have to go buy a couple of extra strings of them. Well,anyhow,lights are on-taking a breather before I put my zillion ornaments on it!
Speaking of lights makes me think of Asa (his Griswold lights!)- has anyone heard from him since he told us about the grandbaby?

Prayers for Michelle & Nathan,Boo.

Y'all,I'm laughing too at spot and the "beserk Latinas in Ro's driveway"- LOL!! Might I point out that our talking dog will be hitting the BIG 5-0 soon and perhaps his eyes are already starting to go?!! Hee Hee!

Well,better get back to the tree trimming. Have a great Saturday,all!
possum under a rock

November 28, 2009 - Msg 76328:
Hey Porch

Rev-You sure do make a good point about Tebow. He does look like a special guy even without the football.

Sterling- I'm stumped. Bud? Does it have something to do with one of his other hits? Maybe "Wildwood Weed."

spot & Rev-I love the SEC. Great Conference.


November 28, 2009 - Msg 76329: "And I said "This frog's for you""

Just made me think of that Budweiser slogan, "This Bud's for you".

That's horrible about Nathan, Boo. Praying he gets better.
9. That's Kai's age. I can't imagine.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 28, 2009 - Msg 76330: I know, Sterling..hard to imagine. I know God can help them by His grace, though, especially when we pray heart-felt. Being parents of young children, we can intercede for them.

Hey Possum! Good luck with that tree and the lights on it. I will probably have to buy all new ones because I don't even know where to look for the old ones and they may not work anyways.

Had a photographer relative in town today and we all went out to the beach to take some pics of the kids. It was pretty crazy...there were about ten kids running in every direction, getting wet and sandy! Got some good pics, though, so it was worth it. Actually, it was really enjoyable...just a beautiful but not cold and a gorgeous sunset. I will try to send some pics to Ro. I thought about all of you and how you would enjoy the beauty of the shoreline. Amazing how good it is for the soul. I was pretty tense and stressed on my way there and after being out there for an hour, I was very relaxed and at peace. Guess it was "thera-ped-ic".;-)


November 28, 2009 - Msg 76331: Yeah,I finally got the tree done,Boo. It looks pretty nice. I hope you send some of those beach pics to Ro for her album. I need to get some in myself. I'll have to send Laci's kindergarten pic- it's cute!

Boo (and anybody else),thought you might like to hear what a good Christian friend did for me on Thanksgiving. I belong to a Physical & Emotional abuse support group. (I'm not physically abused- but emotionally). Anyway,she took a trip up to the Tennessee mountains and held a prayer ceremony for us. We wrote down our prayers,our hopes and wishes,the painful things in our lives that we wanted to turn over to the Lord,and she held a prayer ceremony,read from the Bible,prayed for each of us and buried our "pain" on the mountaintop. I mean,she literally took our lists, and buried them.She just e-mailed me pictures of the site and it was quite awesome- all of our lists gathered together,she had a little heart-shaped stone for each of us that she held when she prayed,she put little red mountain berries on the burial site-I mean,it was a very spiritual thing she did. Since then,when I feel like I want to get worried and stressed over things,I feel such a sense of peace wash over me. I know God heard the prayers from my friend on that mountaintop.
Just wanted to share. And no,she's not related to the Darling Family! That was the first thing that crossed my mind when she told us what she intended to do on Thanksgiving- ha!

Prayers continuing for Nathan,Michelle,and Ro's nephew.

Where is Spot? Out looking for "berserk Latinas"? Ha!

Still hoping to hear from Asa soon!!

Y'all have a good night-love to all!
possum again

November 28, 2009 - Msg 76332: Hey Possum and all ...yea im over at Ro"s looking for "berserk Latinas"...oh my...I did think that before I read it RIGHT!...could just picture them running around in circles in her frone yard.....oh gosh...well just a quick trouble tomorrow at 2 then Monday Miss Sherry and I go pic up her new Camaro!...ZOOOM...gona ride to N. Ga in it to get some apples....well chili tonight for all who wants....auh2o its a GOOD Ga and Tech game on right now...well bowl of chili with cheese and back to the game.....SPOT

November 28, 2009 - Msg 76333:
Spot-That does sound like a good game but I have two kids down and out tonight. One fell asleep in our bed and the other is racked out next to me here in the family room. We're watching some Charlie Brown movie. I think this is gonna be one of those long, long nights. I'll check back at ya in a while.


November 28, 2009 - Msg 76334:
Hello porch family. Just got in from my shopping day with the wife. We had a great time together. Suprising it was not real busy or as busy as I thought it would be. heart and prayers go out for Nathen and for Michelle.

auh2o.....yea the SEC is a tough conference. Some good games. And speaking of Tebow, did you see where he had the CBS Commentator quoting Hebrew 12:1-2? I didn't get to see it but I was told about it.

Spot....the Gamec@cks whipped the (#18)Clemson Tigers. Of course that's our in-state rival.

Well gang I'm heading to bed. You all have a great worship day tomorrow. I have a concert tomorrow so I'll be pretty busy. May not get to check in till late.
Love and prayers for all the porch family!

November 28, 2009 - Msg 76335: Spot, that "berserk Latina" comment is as funny as the time you asked us if we wanted to " eat with Martians"- remember that one?! You later explained that you had typed wrong-you meant restaurant called "Martins"!

Next time Ro has berserk Latinas in her driveway,you just go round them up and take 'em to eat with Martians- that'll fix 'em! LOL

Speaking of ballgames- way to go,Carolina!

possum u.a.r.

November 28, 2009 - Msg 76336: Hey Rev- I see you beat me to the cheers- yay Carolina!

possum again

November 28, 2009 - Msg 76337: Hey,auh2o- you snuck in on me!


possum once more

November 29, 2009 - Msg 76338:
Good evening, porch. It's not quite midnight, so I can say that. Dave and Brittney and the boys just left, everyone else left a couple of hours ago. We had a huge meal, waaay too much food (I just can't help it, I always cook too much) but I sent something home with everyone, and a lot with Dave and Brittney, so what's left here will make a couple of meals for me and then will be gone. It was all sooo good. I cook a mean turkey, believe me, if you'll allow me to brag a bit, and my dressing is pretty darned good, too.

Brittney had to attend a baby shower for her niece, so Dave came here just after noon, and bless his sweet heart, he put all my deer out for me, while I was busy changing out two of the pond pumps. I got tired of messing with the little wimpy pumps I had, so the ones I've got now are doing their job! Anyway, all that's left in the light department is to put out some twinkles in the back, and I can do that in about a half hour. Just before he left just now, he got my tree out of its closet and brought it to the living room. Even with the top section off, the thing is a monster and would probably beat me up if I tried to move it, but it's ready now. I haven't even untied it or removed the sheet it's wrapped in, because if I did, I'd stay up all night working on it, and I don't want to do that.

You all mentioned fighting with the tree lights, and I used to do that - one of my least favorite things. I think I mentioned this last year, but if not, here goes. There's a tool called "Light Fixer Pro" and you can get it at Lowe's, Home Depot, or just about any good hardware store. I don't know how it works, but trust me when I tell you, it DOES work! Icicle lights with sections out? Hit 'em with the little gun. Section out on tree light strand? Shoot 'em! If the whole string is out, it may or may not fix it, because it's probably a fuse. However, if it's a section of a string, then about 95% of the time, the gun will fix it. The gun costs about $20, and you'll say it's the best $20 you ever spent, believe me. It will keep you from throwing away lights that were fixable, and it will save you untold frustration and wear on your nerves. Check it out!

Well, I'm off to bed. Be blessed, neighbors. --Romeena

November 29, 2009 - Msg 76339:
"Light Keeper Pro" -three little words to help you keep your sanity concerning Christmas lightsI Ro mentioned it last year, so I got one. A real help! No more trying every bulb etc. I think i got mine at Walgreens last year.
"What do you get when you cross Ernest T. Bass with a berserk Latina!" A rock-throwing crazy possum! "I thin so Lucy!" Just razzin ya possum.
Boo, I will be praying for both Michelle and Nathan.
God bless folks!

November 29, 2009 - Msg 76340:
HA! Ro, I guess we were both posting at the same time, and apparently on the same wavelength!!
Too funny! But it DOES work!

November 29, 2009 - Msg 76341: Yes, it does, and thank you for correcting my mis-quote on the name. I came back by to make the correction, and there it was, all done! It is "Light Keeper Pro", not Fixer, though it does. Fix 'em, that is. Thanks again. --Romeena

November 29, 2009 - Msg 76342: Good deal Rev Gamec@cks were on...and what about the GA Bulldogs whupping #7 Ga tech!..It will be My Tech yellow jackets and your Clemson Tigers in the Chsampionship game!well its Falcons and Bucs all tied at 10 ..Matt Ryan for Falcons is out with a stubbed toe...Redmann doing good as back up...well trying to keep the Church lights on for eats and night till 6am then home to snooze till about noon then its Camaro time!..well had some Capt. D"s fish for lunch...(yall didnt miss much)...ya know its getting ridiculous...stoped by on the way to work just to get fish and shrimp dinner and a extra piece of fish (all was small and non-meaty) gave them a 20 and got back a 10 and 11 cents...can yall believe that...fries and slaw...NO drink...bologna and a loaf of bread looking better and better...well enough of my fast food bashing....back to the game....hey possum,Romeena Asa,TOM,MDC,auh2o and the berserk Latinas running around Ro's driveway!....oh-my;)...SPOT

November 29, 2009 - Msg 76343:
Just checking in real quick before the concert.

Ro and MDC.....I need to get the Light Keeper Pro. Had two problems already this year with lights.

Spot....Ga played a good game. And as for Tech and Clemson....Tech I think will take them.

Prayers for all the porch family!

November 29, 2009 - Msg 76344: Slow porch did the concert go Rev?..and yea I thought Tech would handle Ga but...well...may be a good game between Clemson and Tech..where is everybody?..yall still eating turkey...?...gona make me a sandwich...yall want one?...its slow here at work....SPOT

November 29, 2009 - Msg 76345:
Got my Peanuts scene up. I'll see if I can get a pic for Ro's album.
Hope everyone is well. Praying for all the situations.
God bless,

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76346:
Well I'm from the concert. It went great. Now I'm heading to bed. I'm bushed. You all have a great night and I'll chat with ya tomorrow.
Love and prayers!

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76347:
Well I'm from the concert. It went great. Now I'm heading to bed. I'm bushed. You all have a great night and I'll chat with ya tomorrow.
Love and prayers!

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76348: I guess I thought you needed to hear that twice...hehe

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76349: Good evening, porch. I spent a restful, do-nothing, peaceful, non-productive, thoroughly enjoyable day. Ate leftovers, so no cooking. (I love my microwave!) I did get the tree untied and the branches shaken down. Plugged everything in, and it had dark patches everywhere. At least eight sections of lights were out. Got my little red gun (Light Keeper Pro) and in about three minutes, all lights were on except one strand in the top section. It wouldn't be hard to convince me that the inventor of that little device was divinely inspired. I hope that's not sacrilegious, but one wonders! When I think of years past when one stubborn section not working would have almost reduced me to tears, let alone eight, I can't help but give thanks. At that point, I probably would have trashed the whole thing and started over. As for the little gun, to quote my son - "I have no idea at all how the thing works, but it does, and that's all I need to know." With that one section on the top, I had the top lying on an ottoman, and after the gun wouldn't fix it, I ran the line visually until I found - yes - an empty socket! Shook the little limbs and a light fell out. Plugged it into the socket, and voila! The lights came on! I was so happy I set the whole thing aside, got a big piece of pumpkin pie and settled down to watch "The National Tree". Actually, a pretty good movie.

It's getting cold here - down to 45 right now, very windy and blustery out there. Wind right out of the north, and feels like nothing between us and the Pole but a bobwire fence, and a strand of that must be down! (That's an old Texas saying.) And yes, I know it's "barbed wire", but you say that around here and people look at you funny. Matter of fact, I'd feel a little funny just saying it.

OK, I'm getting goofy, think I'll head for bed. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76350: Hope you slept good Romeena and all the porch!...well its almost quiting time for me (6am) till 7am tomorrow..gona go home and nap till noon or so then go with Miss Sherry to get her new car...rain here this morning but clear by noon I hope..think we will cruise up to Jasper Ga (about 45 min) to get some apples...well lets hit the good old waffle house this morning on Asa and I..Possum you ride with me and Boo bring a paper ok...well see yall at b-fast and will holler at the ones that cant make it this afternoon...prayers...hope you got some rest also Rev....SPOT

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76351: Good morning,porch. Yes, I slept very well, thank you, Spot. I trust you're doing the same. You and Miss Sherry have a fun afternoon planned, sounds like. What variety of apples do you get in Jasper? My current favorite is the Honeycrisp, but I think they come out of Michigan - not sure. They're absolutely wonderful - snappy crisp and crunchy, and tart but very sweet at the same time. I just love them. A honeycrisp apple, a couple of slices of cheese and a handful of pecans - makes a great snack, or even supper if you're not very hungry.

Well, back to the tree. I hope to get at least half of the ornaments on today, before I have to go to work. That sounds simple, but there are hundreds, so it's a pretty big job. Be blessed, porch. --Romeena

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76352: Hi All.
It raining here and it going to start gitting cold to. :(
For the family eunion, it became a big miss. :(
My BIL did not want to be partof the family photo,so everyone was made about that.
Had a friend due the photo for us that cost $50.00 for it all, will two of the pich was not on the cd, so I had to heard about thatbecause it was not set up the way everyone want it to be.
This family is driving me nut.


November 30, 2009 - Msg 76353:
Ah, TOM, almost sounds like an Adam Sandler movie!(:
But, prayers for you my friend. Hang in there.
RO- your "bobwire" comment reminded me of when I was growing up,
for years it thought the line in Jingle Bells was
"...bells are 'bout to ring..." ha
I heard from PappaBear. He made his move and started his temp job with the VA, so he won't be coming west until March.
Hey, let's all take a ride in miss Sherry's new camero
and see if we can smell gas! ha

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76354:
RAFE: I ain't never been to a doctor in my life. When I was born, I had my mamma.
When I die, I'll have the undertaker. I don't see no sense in clutterin' things up
in between.

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76355: Hey Y'all- Been feeling sick since Sat. night. Did we have a party or something?! My head &stomach feel like I ate too many of hm's meatballs! Or had way too much mulberry squeezins!
Anyhow,just checking in to wish y'all a good day-have fun Spot!

Rev,you're STILL chewing your cabbage twice, I see. Maybe we ought to get you to Big Maude's dentist-he might can do something about that!

Y'all take care-love to all!
possum under a rock

RAFE: I don't wanna be a dead hero! I wanna be a live ME!

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76356:
Postum--you been drinkin from that water crock
again? Or did you find the Hollister still? ha
Prayers for ya! Get well. MDC

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76357:
PS, I'm working on my 12 days of Mayberry.

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76358: Hello everyone.

TOM, that is funny about how your family is driving you nuts when it comes to posing for pictures. Although I do pose occasionally for photos, I don't enjoy it since I don't like the way I appear in photos.

Boo, after reading about your experience meeting your childhood friend Donia after a 30 year separation, it brought back a similar memory for me. Unfortunately, mine was not as pleasant as yours.
My closest childhood friend moved to Germany with his family when we both were in elementary school. Although we kept in touch for a while through letters, we eventually stopped all contact. Then about 30 years later, I wrote a letter in English to his last known address in Germany. When I didn't receive a reply, I paid a translator to compose a letter in German, hoping to get a response from the current resident. My letter was returned stating that family did not live there and no forwarding address was known. I then learned through a German registry office that the family at that address, who had the surname that I was looking for, had supposedly moved to a city called San Jose, but no state was given. So I contacted everyone with the same surname in every state that had a San Jose city in it. But I had no luck locating them. Frustrated, I gave up. Then a few years later, in a chance conversation with an employee from the city where I live, I learned that my childhood "friend" had attended high school in the same USA city that I lived in, and that he also lived somewhere nearby, although his exact address was unknown! At first, I was excited. That quickly changed to disappointment when I realized that although I was still living at the same address and had the same telephone number as when he left, I never received any contact from him. We had grown up on the same street, just seven houses apart. As a result, I lost interest in trying to identify his exact address. What a depressing and painful memory for me.

from Poor Horatio

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76359:
PH- so sorry your search did not pan out. That is so strange that you were so close, yet "so far!" It makes me want to go meet my neighbor seven houses down!
"Sure mary, I'll lasso the moon."

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76360: That is indeed disappointing, PH. Can you think of any reason why he wouldn't want to contact you again? Did he do or say something way back there that he might be embarrassed about now?

Several years ago, I became curious about a first cousin whom I hadn't seen in probably thirty years at least. With the advent of Google, new doors were opened, and I started a simple search. Just entering his name turned up five email addresses, and I wrote them all. Two didn't answer, two answered saying they weren't the one, and one - yep, one wrote back saying he was indeed that cousin, and thoughtfully giving me a few details that proved it, so I wouldn't be afraid to continue the contact. His parents died many years ago, he went into the Marines, and just lost touch with the family. Since the initial contact, he has been down here to visit many times, and we enjoy a lively email correspondence. In some of the forwards I send out, the "Thanks, Lonnie" is to him. We have another male first cousin who is a few years older than we are (Lonnie is a year older than I am) and they have become good friends again too. If it weren't for email, I would probably never have found him, but I'm surely glad I did. He's really a neat guy, and like almost all of my family, he's an animal lover. His friend is a cat, because he travels a lot and cats adapt better to their human leaving them with someone to check on them, but he loves dogs as well. He was pretty upset over the loss of Sugarplum - he really liked her.

Well, got an errand to run. Off I go. --Romeena

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76361: Happy late Thanksgiving my family, I hope you all had a wonderful day. Seems like it's been forever since I've posted, but this time of year the hubby hunts every chance he gets, and I enjoy getting to go camping with him. I dont hunt, I just enjoy the relaxation and quiet time I get out of it. Now, that it's behind us, gotta get thinking about Christmas shopping. Gonna go back and get caught up on my reading for awhile now. I didn't notice if ya'll had supper yet or not, so I have country fried steak, gravy, mashed potatoes and biscuits at my place, ya'll come on over. I've missed it!! Love and prayers to all--Salty Dog

November 30, 2009 - Msg 76362:
Howdy porch family.

Good to see ya Salty Dog.

Tom....sorry things didn't go the way you hoped for during your family gathering.

Spot.....can I ride in Miss Sherry's new car and sniff that new car smell?

Possum.....praying you feeling better.

Let's all go to the diner in the morning. Spot I'll get there early and save us a table.

You all have a good night. And remember Jesus loves you more than you can imagine!
Love and prayers to all my porch family!

December 01, 2009 - Msg 76363:
Morning Folks

It's a cold an snowy morning here but it looks Christmasy.

Yes, it is good to see ya Salty.

Both of my punks are still under the weather. One of them did get up and walk-about yesterday for a couple of minutes.

Rev-Breakfast sounds great, it really does.

PH-That is a sad post. Ya never know why people do the things they do. Heck, I wonder why I do some of the things I do and I'm the one doing it. Maybe, in his mind, he wasn't trying to be mean or anything. I can remember for our, me and the Mrs, 25 years class reunion I bumped into one of the gals organizing it. She asked if we were going and I sad no. I told all of the "cool" probably think their "cool" adults now and I just didn't want to be bothered with it. Then she said, I thought you were one of the "cool" kids. Well, the Mrs was laughing so hard she nearly wet her pants. I wasn't one of the "cool" kids. I guess my point is, it's a matter of perception. Maybe your friend made a mountain out of a mole hill over some minor issue you can't even recall. I'd keep those good memories of your friendship. Life too short.

peace friends,

December 01, 2009 - Msg 76364:
Wow, I should have signed that Dr. Phil. Hope that didn't come across as anything but friendly, PH.


December 01, 2009 - Msg 76365: OMGOSH, SALTY DOG, is that really you??! We miss you Salty..please come by more often. Great to hear from you. :-)

PH, so sorry that your experience trying to locate your childhood friend was a painful one. That's really too bad for your friend because he is missing out on a great friendship with a very nice person. :-)

Ro, I think I mentioned that I also reconnected with a first cousin in Michigan that I was close to as a child. What a blessing that was! Her husband is a truck driver so it is possible that i may get to see her because he drives down here now and then. I told her to drive down with him the next time and we would get together. I want the chance to sit down with her and talk to her about what the Lord means to me. She was raised by parents who never took her to church. Her poor mother was was mentally ill from abuse in her childhood and was addicted to pain meds. She died early and her dad sold drugs illegally, I think. So, he influences were not the best but she was near my grandparents and that helped, I'm sure. She is about the sweetest person you would ever want to meet and I remember her mother being just that way, too, bless her soul. I hope she found her peace before she left this world. It is so unfair that so many children suffer for life over the abuses done to them. Speaking of, I picked up Michelle at the bus stop last night and she stayed here last night. Hopefully we will get that appointment with the director of Teen Challenge today and they will take her in. Please pray that she is willing to go and follow the course. It is one of those rare opportunities to get the help she needs. They will house and feed her, help her get her education and a job, and help her reach her spiritual goals as well. It is quite a place if any of you are familiar with the organization. Ro, I know they have some in the Dallas area but I think they are for men only.

I had a talk with Bruce last night and he is stressed out trying to finish what he needs to finish with the house so we can close before Christmas. It wouldn't be much of a Christmas if he ends up having a heart attack so I am trying to get him to let go of some things. If we are in the house before Christmas, great. If not, still great. It will be ok. Please remember Bruce in your prayers today, too. He has that type A personality and worries about many things. I don't quite understand it but i guess i worry, too, only over different kinds of things.

Well, I had better get Erin going. I know I have not been on the porch as much as usual but we have just been so busy around here. I will try to drop in more, though.

Ro, good luck with that tree and those hundreds of ornaments! Have you heard anything more about your nephew we have been praying for?


December 01, 2009 - Msg 76366: Snow, Auh2o?? Lucky!....prayers that your kids are well soon. You're funny...loved the thing about Dr Phil. I thought your post was very nice, very friendly. I especially liked the part about your wife laughing at you...just kidding. ;-) I'll bet you were a cool kid. I think I was a cool kid but not a really popular one. I was the kid sitting in the back of the room doing my own thing, not trying to prove myself to anyone. I had friends from among the cool, the uncool, the nerdy, and the pot heads...I guess you could say I had an ecclectic taste in people. :-) The only really drawback was that I was in band and no matter how cool you were, if you were in band, you had a certain level of un-coolness, know what i mean? ha


December 01, 2009 - Msg 76367: Oh, one more thing...(where's Asa)...I think in honor of December first, its time for the Christmas movie quotes. Can anyone guess where this one comes from?: "Mom....Don't move!!"


December 01, 2009 - Msg 76368:
Boo-Is that from "The Walton's Homecoming"?

MDC "snuck" in a quote on the 30th, "Sure Mary, I'll lasso the moon."


December 01, 2009 - Msg 76369:
Poor Horatio, so sorry to hear about your old "friend." You just never know about people. For years, I've been trying to locate an old friend from high school, but to no avail. Of course, it doesn't help that his name is Charles Jones. LOL

Prayers for all needing them. Please send updates on Nathan, et al.


December 01, 2009 - Msg 76370:
Did anyone see "Find My Family" last night?
It was a really moving show where a lady found her
brother and a sister she didnt know she had!
AUH20- Yup, I did indeed sneak in that quote from IAWL.
Hope ya all have a great day in the Lord.

December 01, 2009 - Msg 76371:
Oh Boo, prayers for Bruce, your house situation and Michelle!

December 01, 2009 - Msg 76372:
Oh DES, I have a Gold membership on
If you like, tell me the HS and grad year and I'll see if he's listed there. Could be.

December 01, 2009 - Msg 76373: Hey guys! Hope ya'll have had a good day so far, woke up to 20 something degree weather, now it's a balmy 50 something. Been interesting so far, I managed to drop a case of eggs at work, not the most fun thing in the world to do but it happens I guess. Hopefully this afternoon will go better. Love and prayers to you all Salty Dog

December 01, 2009 - Msg 76374:
Aunt Bee's butter and egg man would not be pleased Salty Dog!! ha
"Do you know me Bert?"

December 01, 2009 - Msg 76375: No,that's not from "The Homecoming",auh2o. I don't know WHERE it is from,but I know it's not Walton's related-plus,they called her "Mama",not Mom!

Has anyone heard from Asa? Wondering about his daughter & the baby.

Also wondering if we're getting a revised Christmas card list or if we should go with the one from last year? Did anybody move or change addresses? I know Pappa Bear did-I can send his new address to Ro. He was on the list last year & I'm sure he'll want to be included this time.
Anybody NOT on the list that wants to participate? I'd suggest getting your address to Ro ASAP. C'mon people-it's already December! Move it,move it! Ha! (Did I sound like Sgt. Carter yelling at Gomer? That's who I was "taking off" on!)
Let's all go over to Salty's for supper- she's gonna scramble up some eggs! LOL

Have a good evening-love to all!
possum under a rock

December 01, 2009 - Msg 76376: Good afternoon, porch! Just got back in the house after putting out the twinkle lights in the back yard. Just as I finished up, it began to rain - perfect timing. Now I have to wait until 5:30 to see if everything comes on as designed. I hate when it rains, because it usually manages to short something out. I have a bunch of little green buckets that I turn upside down over the power posts and timers, but all those thousands of little light bulbs are vulnerable, and the end-to-end connectors are not covered either. So - we shall see.

I just spoke with my sister-in-law, and they got a CT report back on my nephew. Nothing unusual seen in his abdomen, but they still don't know why that node is swollen. The doctor was very positive and reassuring, but I think they're going to get a second opinion anyway. I would!

"Do you know me, Bert?" That's from IAWL - and would be Jimmy Stewart (George) speaking to Ward Bond (Bert, the cop.)

As for "Mom, don't move!" - I have no idea.

Well, guess I'll go tackle that monster tree. I've got about 25 ornaments up on the very top - I always get the top done completely, while the tree is out in the middle of the room and I have space to put the ladder. Then I do the back side, which will be in a corner, and then I slide the tree into its permanent position and finish the part that actually shows. Having it out in the room for the teetery part surely does help.

Eloise and I had lunch at a Brazilian restaurant today, little hole-in-the-wall place and the food was wonderful! Small salad bar with neat stuff like hearts of palm, marinated yellow bell pepper strips, unusual stuff. Then the hot food bar had fried bananas (good!) an eggplant casserole (I don't generally care for eggplant but that was great!), sauteed green beans and other stuff. The meat is served at your table, continuously. About every five minutes, a waiter appears with a big old skewer of chicken, pork, sausage, or beef, nicely roasted. You tell him how much you want, and he just carves it off for you. You can have any or all, as much as you want. Toward the end of the meal, he brings out a whole skinned pineapple, which has been rolled in cinnamon and brown sugar, and roasted. He will slice off strips for you, and it's absolutely delicious. The whole meal was just under $10. At night, it's $15, but they have bacon-wrapped filets on the skewer, shrimp, and other pricier items. I'll have to try it at night sometime. Anyhow, it was really very good.

OK, this time I'm heading for the tree. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena