December 08, 2009 - Msg 76516: Back at work will read in a bit....rain...SPOT

December 08, 2009 - Msg 76517: SWISH..and away we go..SPOT

December 08, 2009 - Msg 76518:
Good sweep spot. Now let's hang some garland of freshly cut evergreens, add some lights and red bows, and the porch will be ready for Christmas!

December 08, 2009 - Msg 76519: MDC

December 08, 2009 - Msg 76520: I wish I had some freshly cut evergreens! About the only evergreen that grows around here is cedar and arborvitae, and the occasional long-needle pine. Once I stopped by one of the tree lots to see if they minded if I picked up some of the loose twigs and pieces that were lying around. They DID mind, but they would be happy to sell me a scraggly, raggedy-looking "wreath" that they had obviously twisted together from some of those same sweepings, and they wanted $25 for it! The nerve! It didn't even have a bow on it. Needless to say, I didn't buy it, I just laughed and walked away.

Boo, to what MDC said - ditto. I realize I pretty much unloaded, and maybe shouldn't have, but it just hurts me to see you beating yourself up over this girl, when she is determined to bring as much grief on herself as she possibly can. You offered her help, and if she blows her chances, that's her fault, not yours, and God will not hold you accountable.

Well, I got a lot of shopping done. Eloise and I went and had lunch at Corner Bakery (yum) then went to Wal-Mart and I did some power-shopping. Got the three youngest grandkids completely finished. No clothes, not even underwear or pajamas - just toys! As for the older ones, I think I'm going to give them money and let them choose their own gift. I have no clue what to get for teenagers these days. I'll give them the money with instructions that it is not to be spent "wisely" but rather to be spent on something wild and fun, and they must report to me about what they bought. It had better not be anything sensible. Parents are for paying for sensible stuff - grandmas are for fun. I almost bought them each a camera, but at the last minute I called their mothers, and got a guarded response from both of them, and a reminder that they have cameras on their phones. Ha. Yes, they do! So OK, back to the money plan. It's easier anyway. I also learned that granddaughter is taking a photography class as a college freshman, so she probably wouldn't have wanted the friendly little digital camera I was looking at. She's going to want a big scary one. Maybe she can put her Christmas money toward such a camera. I'll accept that, it that's her choice.

Well, I'm ready to get comfortable, get in my chair and cuddle this little fluffy white thing that runs around on my carpets. I think she's just about over being mad at me for leaving her.

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

December 08, 2009 - Msg 76521: Busy here at work?..rain and storms...Supper?....SPOT

December 08, 2009 - Msg 76522: Ro, I always appreciate the honest concern of my dear friends here. I thank you (and MDC) for sharing it. I understand where you are coming from and feel much the same way. I have also had experiences helping people like Michelle that have turned out to be useless and I stopped. The reason I wanted to help Michelle is because she not like the others. Let me explain what I mean. Yes, she had a terrible past but she has been on her own since 13 and is a surviver. What she has been through I can't even share here on the porch and yet there is something about her that is different and if i didn't believe that she genuinely wanted to change I wouldn't help her. When I think about a girl like michelle who was used and abused s#xually by mom's boyfriends or husbands, I think such emotional and mental damage is done to some girls that they are not able to function normally and so when I see her doing most things right, I am thinking she is doing pretty well. What should happen to girls like her that are damaged because of the horrible things and h#ll they were put through? I think there is no way that those of us who have not been used in that way to comprehend what that would do to the mind and heart and what it would take to even want to go on living each day. When her mom died and she was at her lowest, she turned herself in for treatment and I have watched her trying to make it. I believe she was sober for 4 months before she messed up a week ago. I never saw her high in the times I have seen her. I know she rode the busses daily searching for work, putting in applications for any sort of job, fast food or otherwise and did work a very difficult part-time job before she moved to Dallas. Since she came back, they haven't called her with any work. She contacted job corps and has done all that herself and is sticking with what they have asked her to do. She goes to church every sunday and asked to be baptized. I did make the mistake of not telling her that I wouldn't help her if she used again but I have done that now. If I ever find out about her using again, that will be the end of it. I am trying to help her get to san marcos into a program that is suited to help people like her, as you both mentioned. There are organizations that can help her and she is trying. She has an anxiety disorder that makes her feel pretty desperate at times and I think that she probably panicked and drank the bleach water. It was a stupid thing to do but she really needs to be under the care of a pych doctor and get back on her meds. She is waiting for her medicaid for the month and she went and checked on that today. So, what to do? I don't feel in my heart that it is time to give up yet so I can't. Call it a feeling, but I think this girl can make it with a little support. If she wasn't trying, I wouldn't be either, but I am keeping my eyes open and paying attention to what she is doing and it may be that she is going to continue to mess up and nothing I can do will benefit her. If so, so be it. I will do what I should do. I know you all probably think of me as naive but I'm not, I have been through these kinds of things several times before and I will promise you that I will make every attempt to do what is best for myself and my family because I know you care about me. Thank you for being such loving friends.


December 09, 2009 - Msg 76523: Good Morning gang ..prayers Boo and all in need..well STORMS hit here in Ga at about 3:30am...had been raining but thunder and lightning a bit after a good bit going on but crews on the way in...I should be able to leave at 6 and turn it over to the next control techs...well Brackfast will have to be quick this morning I got to be back at 2pm till 6 pm then its off to the the to wash and pack tonight then Miss Sherry will sport over in that new red Camaro in the morning at about 8 and we are off!...lets swing by I-Hop (I know I know) some dont like it but they have those big curved tables!..and I will buy...Boo bring a paper if ya will and possum I will come by and get you and dont wear your robe!....your porch dog SPOT

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76524: OK, SPOT. I'll bring the paper. You will be off to the mountains in a new red Camaro? I wish I could be you for a day, SPOT. You really know how to have fun and enjoy your life.

It is cool here this morning but not cold really. Still foggy, though. I think I will hang around home today and get the laundry caught up, among other things. I did manage to do alot of the christmas shopping the other day and have even wrapped them. I wanted to pass on a tip...I had a coupon for one of those Scotch paper cutter kind of looks like a toothbrush without bristles and has a razor tucked into one end. All you do is run it along the paper and it cuts it in easy and cheap, too. It made wrapping presents easier than ever. It cuts ribbon, too. Get one, you will like it.

The coffee is finished and its time to get Erin out of bed. Be back later to chat between laundry loads.


December 09, 2009 - Msg 76525: By the way Ro, I forgot to mention that enjoyed reading the story about your pastor friend. I don't think you ever told it before. I think it says alot about him that he went to those that so many other pastors never seek out. He had empathy for the suffering because he had suffered, too. That's what is so great about someone who has been through it to be converted. God can use them in so many ways that most of us just wouldn't understand.


December 09, 2009 - Msg 76526: Morning porch, hope all is well today. just stopping by for a but before my day at work starts. I'm having a hard time getting started today. Our power at home went off about 10:45 last night. I woke up about 12:30am and realized that men from the power company were in my back yard with flashlights. Guess they were trying to deterine which transformer in the neighborhood had blown. We had a lot of rain and wind last night so that's probably what caused the outage.
Anyway, it is hard to sleep with all that going on! We heard chain saws, and other noises as well. Didn't see any signs of trees down though this morning. Anyway, they finally got it back on around 1am or so. At least we had power when it was time for us all to get up about 6 am to start showers and such. I appreciate those power men coming out at that awful hour in that awful weather, but I sure am sleepy this morning!

Glad your shopping is going well Ro. I have a few more things to buy, then wrapping some more stuff and will be done with the gifts, The I can concentrate on the grocery shopping for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Better get to work folks. Blessings and prayers to all.

Lunch menu will be: tacos with all the fixins, spanish rice and refried beans. tea or raspberry leomonade to drink. see you at lunch.

Big Maude

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76527: Hi All. Will the rain came last night the wind today and tonight the snow will be here, :(
I will like everyone to prayer for TYLER PERRY who mom pass away yestday.
I git a EMAIL from him. He is know as the acter MADEA.


December 09, 2009 - Msg 76528: Good morning, porch. It's 25 degrees here this morning. BRrrrr!! Bright and sunny, but cold! Thank goodness my pond fountains are working! How those fish live in that icy water, I don't know, but they do. They just hang out in the deepest part, and maybe the water is warmer at that level, I don't know, but they seem to make it okay.

There is one fluffed-up dove on the big feeding stone, pecking at seed I put out yesterday. I'm sure more will come in later, but right now, that one has stationed itself in the middle of a pile of seed, fluffed its feathers around its feet, and is just pecking away, not even having to move. I'm sure glad I thought to put that seed out.

Boo, well said, and your comments are well-taken. I should be more careful with my opinions. You're in the middle of the situation, you understand it and see things that I don't, and I know you let God lead you. All I can say is, just continue to let Him lead, and don't pay any attention to me. Sometimes I let my concern for you get in the way, and I shouldn't. You're a big girl, and if God is leading you, you don't need interference from me.

I received this in an email, and will be forwarding it so some of you will get it, but wanted to put it here as well. It's powerful.

This morning I heard a story on the radio
of a woman who was out Christmas shopping
with her two children. After many hours of looking at row after row of toys and everything
else imaginable, and after hours of hearing both her children asking for everything they saw on those many shelves, she finally made it to the elevator with her two kids.

She was feeling what so many of us feel during the holiday season time of the year.
Overwhelming pressure to go to every party,
every housewarming, taste all the holiday food
and treats, getting that perfect gift for every
single person on our shopping list, making sure
we don't forget anyone on our card list, and the pressure of making sure we respond to everyone who sent us a card.

Finally the elevator doors opened and there was
already a crowd in the car. She pushed her way into the car and dragged her two kids in with her and all the bags of stuff.

When the doors closed she couldn't take it anymore
and stated, "Whoever started this whole Christmas thing should be found, strung up by the neck, and then shot."

From the back of the car everyone heard a quiet,
calm voice respond,

"Don't worry. We already crucified him."

For the rest of the trip down in the elevator,
it was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.

Don't forget this year to keep the One who started
this whole Christmas thing in your every thought,
deed, purchase, and word. If we all did it, just think of how different this whole world would be.


"Dear Lord, please help us to keep Christmas in our hearts, as we go through the motions and follow our traditions this year. Amen."

Be blessed! --Romeena

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76529: Oh Romeena, I don't see it as interference, but as the loving concern that it is. To tell you the truth, I am much the same way with the people I love. It's very easy to do when you care. Please don't stop speaking your mind; good or bad, I can take it. ;-)

It is not really cold here today but it is kind of windy and is supposed to get colder. Ro, your description of those poor fish kinda makes me feel sorry for the little critters! ha Soon enough they will be more than warm enough with our Texas summers, though.

Wow, thanks for sharing that story, it is a great message.

Better go put the fabric softener in the wash!


December 09, 2009 - Msg 76530:
Hello porch we had the rain last night!

You know as I read the post concerning the problem Boo is facing with this young lady, I'm reminded of how much love this porch has for each other. That's what makes this place so special. I think Mayberry would be this way. and Miss Sherry have a great time in the MTNs brother!

Well gotta meet my daughter so I better get out of here. Have a blessed day and be sure to tell someone about Jesus.
Love and prayers!

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76531:
Andy: Barn, see this foot. Please explain to me how I managed to fit this whole thing, all of it, in my mouth!

Boo- you are indeed an angel of mercy. And of course you know her situation much better than any of us.
I forgot about all of the s abuse etc, so surely those scars would affect her judgement. Please accept my apology. My prayers are with you.
I'll just stick to those concerning her situation! (: Thank you for what you are doing for her.

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76532: Christmas greetings to everyone - the house is as decorated as it is going to be and the tree has been up since the day after Thanksgiving. We cut it at the same farm we always do and the price was the same - $15.
Christmas shopping has begun but not completed. We are taking our little Maddie (the Boston Terrier) to see Santa on Saturday. Getting her picture taken helps the local animal shelter. Not a bad Christmas gift for the shelter.
We had about two-three inches of rain last night. Right now it about 40-50 moh wind gusts, sunny and the cold is a coming. They say 12 in the morning. I am so thankful we have a warm house and not depending on the wood stove. We do have a fireplace but we haven't used it yet - we are wanting to put an insert in before we do.
Going to do Christmas cookies this weekend - peanut butter and Mexican wedding cookies. Yum

Well - i think I have yacked enough this morning -


December 09, 2009 - Msg 76533: Oh, homemaker! Thanks for reminding me about taking the furkid to see Santa. Our local PetsMart usually does the same thing, with benefits going to the shelter. I had Sugarplum's picture made there once, and I guess now it's Starr's turn. She has a little Christmas collar - real cute, red velvet sewn into little points like a court jester, tiny gold jingle bells on each point and white fur around her neck. She wears it without protest - wore it all evening the night of the bunco party. I like the bells, because she's easy to keep track of and doesn't get stepped on when there's a crowd. The Plum had a Santa hat, and was very good about wearing it, but it's too big for Starr. Just about everything is too big for Starr. The Plum had a lot of hats - a "Minnie Pearl" straw hat complete with flowers, a red visor hat, a white satin angel bonnet with a halo attached and holes for her ears to stick out, and a few others. All her hats had holes for her topknot as well. If they didn't, I made one. Starr is not as cooperative about hats, but she'll wear collars and sweaters.

Well, gotta get busy. My carpet cleaner friend just left, so my bedroom is now free of the evidence of Starr's indiscretions, at least for a little while. I don't know what I'm going to do with that little brat. She has her potty box, complete with a stack of pads, and she knows to use it, because she does - most of the time. It's those other times that cause a problem. Brad says the carpet will take a few more cleanings, and then it's going to start separating from the backing. When that happens, I'll have to do something else, and I'm not putting down more carpet. I hate that, because I love the warmth and comfort of carpet, but she'd just ruin it too. I'm thinking maybe a nice 16" tile, and take it on into the bathroom as well. It's already tiled, but it's small and it wouldn't be a problem to take up the old tile and put down the new. I don't know, gonna have to think about it. I'm good for another six months now.

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76534: Hey y'all- just popping in. I've been a little under the weather (and still under my rock) lately,but feeling better today. Just wanted to say "HEY!" and hope everyone is ok.
I need to read over the posts,but can't focus the way these sinus meds make me feel. As Otis would say... "I'm in the Twilight Zone!" LOL

Y'all take care-love to all!

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76535: Sorry your ailing Possum. You want some soup? Or fried chicken?
Sorry I've been awol. I threw my back out several weeks ago and stayed close to bed. My Doc who does manipulation along with being a regular MD was out of town so it was a week or so before I could see him. Anyway, he got my pelvis back in place, but it has taken some time to heal. Finally feeling better, but swamped at work because I was off for a week or so.
My Daughter gave birth the Monday before Thanksgiving to a 6.5 pound boy named Cache. (pronounced cash) Although healthy he has struggled with Jaundice and has had to spend a considerable amount of time under "billy lamps?" Anyway, his numbers were quite high but have finally come down and is doing well now.
Anyway, I had a few minute at lunch and thought I better pop in and say hey. I haven't had time to read any archives so I hope all is well with everyone. Will try to check in later.


December 09, 2009 - Msg 76536: Waiting for the up date card list for I can git this out .


December 09, 2009 - Msg 76537: Asa! So glad you to see you back on the Porch! We were wondering if something had happened to you-sorry about the back trouble you've been experiencing.

Congratulations on baby boy Cache!! What a cool name! One of my nieces was jaundiced like that,Asa. You're talking about bilirubin (sp?) levels-I know what you mean by the "billy lamps". They sent my niece home with one.If y'all were in a warmer climate,some would suggest to put Cache out in the sunlight.Don't go doing that during a Utah winter,though! I wish Cache a healthy,happy life.

Tom,you'll have to check with Romeena about the updated Christmas Card list. If you are sure of a Porchster's address(meaning,they haven't moved or changed address) I guess you could go ahead & use their address from last year. I sent a few out that I was sure of-like spot,for example.Pretty sure that Rev's,spot's,and Ro's haven't changed- mine hasn't either. Just not certain of the others.
Tom,do you have the same address as last year? Let me know-I will send your card out tomorrow!

Again, welcome back to Mayberry,Asa! We've missed you! Feel better,friend.
possum again

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76538: Thanks Rev we are gona leave at about 8 in the morning for Gatlinburg..ZOOM in the Camaro (hope I get to drive some);) a nice motel down town with an indoor pool!...still cleaning up form outages from high winds here..not bad but a few still out..Im leaving (prayers) at 6pm I hope to go home and get wash!..get Rev"s DVD"s ready for the trip!...well will holler in a bit...may take lap top and stay in touch if motel has internet...dont know yet...ok...supper at olive garden on possum and I...hey Boo,Romeena,TOM...SPOT

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76539:
ASA! See, I TOLD you not to do those Elvis impressions on the weekends! ha
Seriously, glad you're OK and improving.
CONGRATS on baby Cashe!! woohoo!
Hey GANG, I just had an idea. If you have email addresses for any missing porchsters, like AFD, Chuck,Adelle etc, let's email em and invite em back to the porch for Christmas! I have Irishster's, for example, so I'll drop him a note. Just a thought.
HM, glad the new place is nice and comfy. I bet you are glad to not have to chop wood! Only, now, I'll be able to finally beat you at arm wrestling!! haha

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76540:
Hey Folks

Well, the big storm hitting the country is just now touching this end of the Porch. They say we should get a couple feet of snow out of it, which won't be too bad. But, that darn wind is gonna cause some trouble. It's always the wind and ice that make it rough.

Asa-There you are buddy. Sorry to hear about your back but glad to hear the new youngin's doing well now.



December 09, 2009 - Msg 76541: Yes Possum - it the same as last year.


December 09, 2009 - Msg 76542:
Hello porch family.

possum.....hope you are feeling better. Prayers!

Asa.....glad to see ya back. Prayers for your back.

I'll check back in later.
Love and prayers!

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76543: I'm sorry, folks. I almost wish I hadn't started this Christmas card list thing. I've only heard from eight people, and I know there must be more of you who want to participate. So, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to use last year's list, and compare it to the addresses I've received this year, make any corrections, and send it out. I suppose if someone sent me the address last year, that permission should be good this year as well.

I have to leave in a little while and go to work, and will need to sleep tomorrow so I can work again tomorrow night, but over the weekend, I'll get the list done. Sorry it has taken so long, but I'm just waiting to hear from some of you.

If you weren't on last year's list, and you haven't sent me an address for this year, then you won't be on the list. No one will be left off intentionally, but I can only provide what I have.

Asa, it's good to hear from you. We were getting worried. I love the baby's name, and Possum is right about sunlight lowering bilirubin levels. It does! At home, if you can find a sunny window, just strip him down and hold him so he's exposed to the sun for three or four minutes, several times a day. It does wonders. Also will kill a yeasty diaper rash, by the way. I'm sorry about your back, that can really put a hitch in your get-along. Wish sunlight would fix that, too. Hmmm. Can't hurt??

Now I'm off to work. Sure would rather stay home, but bills must be paid. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76544:
Andy: Darlene, the kitchen's that-a-way, if that's what yer a-gropin' for.

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76545:
Barney: You're the limit, you know that Ben.

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76546: Well, what a surprise, I was watching Asa on tv earlier, and got to wondering about our Asa and here he is! Sure hope your back gets better, you know you are always welcome to use the ASD2K. Had some wicked bad weather the past two days, finally it's settled down tonight. Hope you all have a good night, and safe travels to Spot. I just love goin over to TN this time of year, the lights are just beautiful over there. Ro, I've been through my lists and cant find your email addy, but I'm guessing you still have my info from last year, and you are welcome to use it again. Love and prayers to you all-Salty Dog.

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76547: If anyone is interested, you can watch the Walton's Christmas movie "The Homecoming" on YouTube. It is in installments of about 10 minutes each. Click on the first one by retrovison and go from there-enjoy!

possum again

P.S. Hey to Salty Dog! I'll send ya a Christmas card tomorrow when I put Tom's in the mail.

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76548: Oh,type "The Homecoming Waltons" in the YouTube search box to get started!

possum once again

December 09, 2009 - Msg 76549: Boo are we doing to used your old address gorthe chrisymas card list


December 09, 2009 - Msg 76550: Well, TOM, I had not contacted Ro but had mentioned earlier that she could just leave me off the list because I didn't know where I would be, but I think I will participate anyways. I should get them at my current address, so yes, go ahead and use the address on the list, please.

ASA, ASA, poor dear. That back sure gives you some fits sometimes, doesn't it? Be careful with it and get the rest you need. Congratulations on a new baby GRANDSON!!! You are in for a real blessing.:-)

Can you all believe all the hoopla in the news about Tiger Woods? C'mon! Why do I need to know about how many mistresses he had? Ridiculous. You would think he was someone really important but he plays golf. Big deal.

Better get to bed.


December 09, 2009 - Msg 76551:
Ohhh F-F-F-fudge.

what movie?

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76552: That's an easy one, MDC! Don't use such language on the porch so early in the morning..hehe. Let me finish out that quote: "Only I didn't say fudge. I said the big one, the mother of all dirty words...the F, dash, dash, dash..."..Ralphie in "A Christmas Story".

Here's one for ASA: "NOT A FING-UH!"


December 10, 2009 - Msg 76553: Ok, how about this one, MDC..."He's making violent love to me, Mother!"


December 10, 2009 - Msg 76554: "Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra...ra-ra-ra-raaa"

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76555: Hey Porch. Morning all. It's dang cold on my porch this morning. 8 below to be precise. We had about 8 inches of snow yesterday, then it cleared out. This morning the stars are bright and the snow crunches when walking or driving on it. Pretty to look at but dang hard to work in. Oh well, this to shall pass.

Thanks for all the well wishes and congrats for the new Grandbaby. He is so tiny. But Mom says he eats like a bear so I suspect he'll grow out of it. His daddy is about 6'5" and 270 pounds. All muscle. I tell him that anyway. From the tips of his toes to the top of his head, one big muscle. Good thing he can take a joke.

Oh boy, I love the Christmas movie quotes. The making violent love to me Mother is from it's a Wonderful Life Boo. I'm guessing the phrase back then had a different meaning to it than it does today. hee hee hee. Otherwise, it's not fitting the show to well.

Not a finguh is from Christmas Story. I think Romenna said she has never seen that one. We need to chip in and buy her it. I'm betting she'd love it. Remind her some of her childhood I bet.

How about this one? "It's not convinient. And it's not fair! I suppose you'd feel your self ill used if I was to dock you half a crown. I suppose you better have the whole day though. Be here all the earlier the next day!"

Glad you don't have the swine flu Ro, and pray you are feeling better.

Hey Salty, so good to see you dear. I may have to break out that ASD2K. It might work. Yea, but it might not. :)

Well better go see what's not working this morning. Nothing brings out mechanical problems quicker the these frigids temps.

Possum, are you feeling any better dear? Get plenty of rest and drink lots of juice. Simply Orange with the high pulp is my favorite this time of year.


December 10, 2009 - Msg 76556: Oh, that would be "A Christmas Carol" of course.

Asa, I thought the same thing about the making violent love quote...probably meant something different back then or maybe they weren't as puritanical as we thought they were. I remember that we all got into a conversation about this quote a few years ago and that's when Ro brought up the thing about the board they used to put in the middle of a bed to seperate boys and girls who had to sleep in the same bed. Remember that?

If I see a copy of A Christmas story out there, I will pick it up for Ro and mail it to her...if I can find her address. I will ask her to send me the card list. I would send her mine but something is wrong with it and you can't hear any sound on the things.

Do any of you have Kitchen Aid mixer? I have wanted one for a long time but didn't want to spend 3 or 4 hundred dollars for one. My sis-in-law used to own a cake shop that went out of business and she recently gave me her kitchen aide mixer that she used in the shop. It's bigger than the usual home model but after cleaning it up, it looks like new. Its kind of a funky gray/green color but it works. The problem is that it needs a replacement beater and bowl and I am trying to find them. They are available out there on line but the model I have is about 15 years old and it is hard to find anything for this particular model. I am going to keep up the search, maybe email the company. It would be worth it because they thing is in really good shape.

OK, here's another one: " taught me everything i know about exterior illumination..(sniff)".


December 10, 2009 - Msg 76557: Good frosty morning, all. It's 24 here in north Texas, and for us that's COLD! Lots of critters hanging around my feeders. One pigeon in particular had better quit eating while he can still fly! I never such a portly bird.

Asa, that quote, of course, is from Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." Spoken by the irascible old Mr. Scrooge.

We had a very slow night at work, so I used the time to go online and get some CEUs. There are several websites we can go to and read articles, then take a test, submit it for grading, and receive CEU certificates in a printable form, all right there online. Since we have to have 20 units to renew a license, those sites come in handy.

Well, better go see about my breakfast. I've got a little pot of steel-cut oats cooking. With a bit of butter, some brown sugar and some cream - yum! Should help me rest well, so I can return to work tonight. Then I'm finished until next Wednesday night.

Be blessed, friends, --Romeena

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76558: Oh, hi there, Boo. Very kind of you to offer to send "A Christmas Story", but really, don't bother. I'm sure it will be on TV, and if not, I'll just rent it. BTW, I still have that copy of "Magdalena" to send you, have been waiting for an address confirmation. So you think I can just use your old one? --Romeena

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76559: Morning porch, cold and windy again this morning. at work today and hopping folks keep their appointments.

I use online sits for CEU credits too Romeena. I have to have 15 per year and 3 have to be about
ethics so I am looking for conferences to attend as well as online CEU's throughout the year.

Your oatmeal sounds yummy Romenna.

Better get to work, see you at Red Lobster for lunch!

Prayers and blessings to all

Big Maude

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76560: OK Boo. That is Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation.

BESURETODRINKYOUROVALTINE. (I know. Too easy but my brain is frozen)


December 10, 2009 - Msg 76561:
Boo, asa, I always wondered about that line also.
Seems weird to be in a 1940s movie, unless they were going after the idea of the teenager shocking her mother?
Wow ASA, your hen house themometer says 8 below!? Even the county nurse would be shocked. I have heard that the whole midwest and east are snowed under.
Fellow Pochters, Please, call your senators today if you want any voice in this HC bill! Now REALLY IS the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country! If this thing goes thru as is, and we didnt speak up, then... !
If it goes thru AFTER we speak up, then at least we can say we tried to keep our government of the people...They are trying to get it thru while everyone's thoughts are on shopping etc. The senate switchboard is 202-224-3121.
OK, back to our regularly scheduled porch. Thank you & prayers.

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76562: Hey Y'all- speaking of "A Christmas Story",did anybody see on the news where a kid out in Idaho or Iowa,maybe-(I forget) got his tongue frozen to a pole? Firefighters poured warm water on his tongue to loosen him from the pole. The kid says his tongue is sore & numb. Guess he was "TRIPLE DOG DARED to do it! LOL

Asa, it comes and goes. Today I feel sickly. Thanks for the care & advice. I DO need to drink more fluids-and rest!

Hope everybody is doing ok.Tom,I put your card in the mail today,buddy.
Y'all take care-love to all!
possum under a rock

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76563: G?? Where did that 'G' come from in my last post?

possum again

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76564: You know what, Romeena? I think it might be better to hold off on sending Magdalena until we change addresses, just in case. I will email you my new address so you will have it when I get moved.

MDC, from what I can figure out from watching ALOT of old movies, "making love" back then proably meant what "making out" means to us today. If not, there are alot of inappropriate "making love" remarks in old movies!

Hope you feel better very soon, Possum! Don't stick your tongue on any flag poles...

Here's another quote: ..."Do you mean the one that is bigger than I am?!"


December 10, 2009 - Msg 76565:
"My name? Clarence, angel second class."

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76566:
"Merry Christmas you old building and loan."

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76567: just a quick pop in to say hello. possum- my prayers are with you. well i am starting to get settled in. the weather is frightful, snow, ice wind and 45 mph in a 30 zone wind. where is barney fife when a ticket needs written. mdc- how is the weather your way? asa- they found you my friend. hey to rev, salty dog, spot, romeena and everyone. has everyone got there christmas shopping done? hi tom- have you posted any new poems lately? auh20- how are things your way? homemaker- i will take 3 dozen each type of cookies. well mayberry tree is lit and the mayors daughter has song some carols. oh beautiful mayberry seemed to be popular this year. pappa bear

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76568: Thanks y'all- it comes and goes. I am taking Doc Asa's advice & resting.

Got an e-mail from our traveling dog.Spot said to let everyone know that he and Miss Sherry made it up to the mountains safe & sound.Guess Miss Sherry drove! LOL

Well,back to the old' ironing board to get some more rest.Y'all have a good night!
possum u.a.r.

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76569: Now how did that accent mark get on 'old' up there??? First a 'G' and now this- is the Count about??

possum again

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76570: Are drinkin' too much Nyquil, Possum??


December 10, 2009 - Msg 76571:
Barn: Oh look Andy, we got a card from the Hubacher brothers.
Andy: How nice, where are they now?
Barn: Up at State Prison

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76572:
pappaBear- we will not sing! ha
(unless it's Merry Christmas Darling!) teehee
Must be the maple syruple.

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76573: Good evening, porch. The hospital called and offered me cancellation for tonight, and I didn't even stutter when I accepted it. With a little warm puppy nestled against me, and knowing there were four gyn surgeries scheduled for today, it didn't take much to convince me to stay home. So I should be getting that list done at least tomorrow, if not tonight.

Boo, that line was said by the little boy outside Scrooge's window on Christmas morning, referring to the turkey Scrooge had just instructed him to go and buy. The next two, posted by anonymous, are from IAWL.

I will be so glad when this crud leaves me. I can't laugh or even take a deep breath without setting off a prolonged coughing spell. I cough until I can't get my breath sometimes. Very annoying. Also, whatever this bug is, it has found every arthritic joint I own and set up camp there. Ankles, knees, fingers, neck - all are sore to touch, let alone move. Also very annoying. However, as my dad would have said, I woke up above ground today, so it's a good day.

I'm sitting at my window, looking out at the pretty scene in the back yard, and knowing I can go get back in my warm bed whenever I choose tonight, (no "ringing call bells" to worry about) and I just have to say, it is indeed A Wonderful Life. No "Bah! Humbug" here!

Possum, with all the strange appearances in your posts, I was wondering - do you have a hangnail? (heehee)

Be blessed! --Romeena

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76574: Well,if it ain't the Count,it's got to be me! No hangnail or Nyquil- ha! My danged right ear is all clogged up and I get all "swimmy" headed.Been going on for days now.

I was going to put a Christmas movie quote up there earlier,one I think I've used in the past,but this year the censor got me! I'm going to try,with a bit of "trickery"-ha!

Here it is & don't take it personally!..

" Aww,you're all a bunch of pi$$ants!"

possum under a rock

P.S. I double dog checked over this before I hit the "send" button,so if anything strange shows up THIS time,blame it on Count Istvan!

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76575: I'm EPT! LOL

possum again

December 10, 2009 - Msg 76576: You got it right, Ro...that quote was from the little boy in A Christmas Carol. I thought that would be a hard one but you got it right away. Glad you got to stay home tonight and cuddle with Starr. Thanks for the replacement website you sent to me. I will take a look at it tomorrow.:-) Don't forget to rub on some VICKS before bed...maybe on your neck and feet with some warm socks.

Took the folks to look at some Christmas lights tonight. They wanted to go although I thought it might be to cold for mom, but she braved the weather and went for a drive. She didn't last long but at least she went. There doesn't seem to be as many lights out this year as usual at this point. It is still a little early so maybe there will be more to look at by the end of the weekend.

Think I will curl up in bed with a book. I am sleepy tonight. See you all in the morning with my coffee...I'll share with anyone that is there. I've got some great peppermint mocha CoffeeMate.


Here's another quote: "Good morning Miss Sheilds!"...

December 11, 2009 - Msg 76577: trouble check

December 11, 2009 - Msg 76578:
"If you're looking for trouble
You came to the right place
If you're looking for trouble
Just look right in my face"


December 11, 2009 - Msg 76579:
Hey Folks

Right now we're getting slammed by this storm. It took a little longer to find us but we got about 8 inches of snow during the night, with another 14 expected today. Winds peaked out at about 70 mph now there down to about 30. Thankfully, Bumbles bounce.

Boo-I'd love some coffee, as black as night, thank ya.

I been line the Christmas quotes!!

possum-I got that one, "The Walton's Homecoming." At the time that line seemed so scandals to me.

Asa-I was thinking about ya yesterday. One of the radio guys here said the Great Lakes hasn't seen wind like since the Edmund Fitzgerald sank.

"The wind in the wires made a tattle-tale sound
and a wave broke over the railing.
And ev'ry man knew, as the captain did too
'twas the witch of November come stealin'"

Christmas on the Porch, don't love it!


December 11, 2009 - Msg 76580:
Christmas on the Porch, don't YA love it!


December 11, 2009 - Msg 76581: Here's your coffee Auh2o....scoot over here and I'll share my blanket with you. Sounds like it is REALLY cold on your end of the porch. Mercy! You be sure and wear some thermals if you go out in that stuff today. I do love Christmas on the porch, too. :-)

It's pretty cold here, too. So far this has been the coldest December I have seen since I was in my teens and I am loving every minute of it. So Christmasy! I did get pretty cold putting gas in the car last night, though. The wind was really kicking up and felt like it was cutting right through you.

Well, guess what?? Two things: my laundry is caught up and I now have toilets.:-) Ro, the toilets are those kind that sit up a little higher so guess I will have to get used to them!

Quote: "...had to put a plastic plate in my head. I used to have a metal one but everytime the wife turned on the microwave I would forget who I was for three days..."...not sure if that is exact but some of you will get it right away.


December 11, 2009 - Msg 76582: Mornin' Y'all! You got it,auh2o! Guess the censor thinks it's scandalous too- I couldn't put that word in,so had to get creative with it! You can send a teeny tiny bit of your snow down here to me-don't want much!

Boo, that sounds like Cousin Eddie (Griswolds)-am I right?

Well,feeling crummy or not,I am going out to do a little Christmas shopping. I'll take it easy & rest once I get back to the rock. A possum's gotta do what a possum's gotta do-Christmas will be here before you know it. We have to get a package out to Wyoming.
Y'all have a good day. If I see Santa,I'll tell him we've been good Porchsters all year!
possum under a rock

December 11, 2009 - Msg 76583: That's the infamous Cousin Eddy, Boo. He mentioned how when she'd fire up the microwave he'd pee his pants also. Good old Eddy.

Auh2o, That storm is a global warming buster, ain't it? We got up to a balmy 22 yesterday for our afternoon high. Only minus 2 this morning. They are actually calling for a west coast storm to come in here over the weekend and warm us up all the waay to 40. That will feel like summer to us.
How'd you know I love Gordy? I must have mentioned it before.
"The Captain wired in he had water coming in
And the good ship and crew were imperiled
And later that night when the lights went out of sight
Came the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"
(not sure if thats right. It's been a few years since I listened to it)

Hope Possum and Ro get better quick.

MDC, let's pray for our elected leaders to do the right thing concerning healt care, rather than just empower themselves. Sarah Palin was in Salt Lake two days ago for a book signing and drew a huge crowd. There were folks camping out in line overnight in sub zero weather to be the first in line. She seems to have a real connection and ability to speak to many Americans. More interesting to me though is how she has the main stream news folks going crazy. They hate her.... which causes me to love her even more. I wonder how long it will be before someone in the media suggests she had a fling with Tiger Woods. :)

OK, Here's a quote that'll tax yer brain cells.
"WOW!, What a hole!"


December 11, 2009 - Msg 76584:
Boo-Thanks for the joe.

possum-I love the "The Homecoming."

Asa-I think you folks got hit by this storm quite a bit harder than we did. The news coverage of it, when it was out your way, made it look like there were no survivors. The whole "global warming thing" make's me sick. Don't ya just love it when someone wants to take your money to save someone else. Under population, over population, deer ticks, swine flu, bird flu, famine, aids, global warming, global cooling, acid rain, paging Chicken Little.


December 11, 2009 - Msg 76585: Hi All.
Just 20 deg to start off the day.
I'm going to save up money to help pay off this winyer heating bills.
I have heard of gaming for the game of feetball, but last night in Cleaveland game forgit wind the game startit it was 16 deg now tgat czary fan, who love the game.

Search Every Heart.

Search the heeart od every man,
Try to see and understand.
See the pain that can't be told,
The hope, te fear, in every soul.
Offer love, do not condemn;
What you give comes back again!
Good orbad can both be sown,
Search every heart- first your own!


December 11, 2009 - Msg 76586: If anybody sees Rudolph this Christmas, please tell him Olive says she's sorry.

December 11, 2009 - Msg 76587: TOM, you won't believe what I was meditating on in my quiet time this morning...I was thinking on the verse that says, "Grow not weary in well-doing for in due season you shall reap if you faint not". I was thinking about how it is hard sometimes to keep giving and doing the right thing but the rewards are worth it. "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man what things God has prepared for them that love Him." Thanks for that poem!

I am still thinking about that quote Asa...don't have that one yet...hmmmm.


December 11, 2009 - Msg 76588:
OK, soapbox sliding out for a sec. It sure is ironic that BO and party fly three huge jumbo jets to this so-called conference whilst two thirds of his own country is buried under the worst snowfall in decades! His 'footprint?'and 'where's the warming?' ha Meanwhile, he will be signing over our sovreignty to international law. OK, box back under porch,
but please transport me back to an Andy Williams Christmas Show of the early 70s!! Lord, I miss those Christmas variety shows!!
God blee you all, prayers,

December 11, 2009 - Msg 76589: Good morning, porch. Everyone - seriously pray for this "conference" that our Dear Leader is attending, and pray that a bolt from the blue will strike him and he will stop and think before he signs this country's sovereignty away, under pressure from a flawed and completely bogus premise. Even now, the reports are still flying about how much of the data that "supports" the whole global warming notion was fabricated, outright lies. No one has come forward to refute those reports, either. So - I guess now we'll see whether there is a brain in Dear Leader's head, or whether it's solid wood, like most puppets.

Possum, I love that scene from "The Waltons Homecoming." It was a teachable moment, and Mama Walton didn't fail. As I recall, Elizabeth went crying to her mother because the others called her a "pi$$ant". Mama simply asked her, "So, ARE you a pi$$ant?" Elizabeth replied that she didn't feel like one, and Mama told her that in that case, she wasn't and she was not to let the name-calling bother her. Something like that, anyway. I've used that with my grandkids over the years, "So, ARE you a dumb doodoohead?" Child: "No!" Me: "Then don't worry about it. His calling you that doesn't make you one, so forget it." Kids!

I'm feeling better - still have a terrible cough, which will probably hang on for weeks, and my head feels like it's full of glue, but other than that, I'm okay. The sore throat is gone, just sore ribs from all the coughing. Possum, you be careful driving if you're "swimmy-headed!" We don't want to find our little possum in the road somewhere!

Here's a quote that's not Christmassy, but I like it: "Geez, that stuff's TERRIFIC!"

And now, I'm off to the grocery store. Maybe get some baking done this weekend. Be blessed, porch. --Romeena