December 15, 2009 - Msg 76675: OK, porch. Check your email, everyone - the Christmas card list has gone out to you. Some of you will receive it who didn't necessarily request it this year, but here's why. I have been receiving an email from someone almost every day, including today, so I figured that word is slow in getting around, and if I sent it only to those who had requested it this year, I'd be re-sending to late-comers for another week or so. Also, I reasoned that if it was okay with you last year, it would probably be okay this year as well. Sooo - I took the confirmations I got this year and checked them against last year's list, updated where needed, added any new ones, and didn't delete anybody. Then I used the list to fill out my address lines, and away it all went.

It comes down to this - if you got it and didn't want it, accept my apologies and delete it. If you wanted it and didn't get it, it's because I didn't have you on last year's list and didn't get a request this year, so let me know and I'll send it. So far the Mailer Demon hasn't bounced anything back to me, so I'm guessing everyone's address was still good.

Now I have to go check on my cake, which should be about ready to come out of the oven. I hope it's edible. It does look a lot like my mother's cake, but we'll see. It has to cool in the pan until morning, so I won't know just yet.

Merry CHRISTmas, everyone --Romeena

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76676: Good grief. All that address list work, and baking a cake and everything else, and I still had to sweep? Oh well, the porch wasn't very dirty. Spotty, just swish your tail in those corners over there, and that'll do it. --Romeena

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76677: I got the porch corners Romeena...gona go check my mail...have already sent some cards out...back in just a second....SPOT

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76678:
But Boo, did he have a "trav'ling salvation show?" ha Did you pack up the babies, and grab the old ladies, and eveyone went? ha
PS: Well my Cards got crushed by the Niners!
But I still say Fitzy had possession on that TD!

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76679: Good Tuesday Morning gang!...FOG here and warm at 62 degrees...well its home and back 2 to 10 today...breakfast menu: eggs all ways,bisquits and gravy,country ham,sausage,toast,apple butter,grits,hashbrowns....mix and match and get a belly full to start your Mayberry day...prayers...Possum get betteer ok...SPOT

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76680: Good morning everyone. My name is Olive, and I'm looking for Rudolph. I want to tell him how sorry I am. You see, I'm the one from the line in the song, "Olive, the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him (Rudolph) names". So if anyone sees Rudolph, please tell him I'm looking for him. Merry Christmas.

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76681: Introduce your real self, Olive...

Morning everybody. God my card list..thanks, Ro. Guess i will be doing my cards today or tonight. I will certainly find the time to send my Christmas greetings to my porch buddies. :-) It just may take a few days.

Supposed to get cold her again to day and especially tomorrow. This has been a great fall/winter so much Christmasy weather. We are usually sunny and in the 60's to 70's this time of year. I could do without all the rain but I love the cool temps. You should see the drive way at the new about muck and mud! We seriously need a few days of sunshine to dry it up. We won't be concreting the long driveway until after the first of the year so will be dealing with it for a little while.

Well, coffee is finished and I need to get dressed before Emily Dear gets here. She was out at the house yesterday after her bath and went directly to the dirt piles out there and got covered with sand and dirt. She just loves playing out there and getting dirty.

Be back later...


December 15, 2009 - Msg 76682: Mornin' Y'all- Prayers for Hudson. Hope he's well in time for Christmas.

Thanks for the Christmas card list,Ro. Like spot,I've sent a few out already-will see who I missed and write some cards out while I'm inside recovering from whatever this crud is that I have. The doc will fix me up in a few hours-have a 10:30 appt.

Y'all take care-stay well!
possum under a rock

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76683: Morning dears. Morning honeys.
Boy I've been busier than a cows tail in fly season and as efficient as a one legged man at a butt kicking contest. Involved in a big job that seems to be possesed by demons. Anything and everything that can go wrong has gone wrong and most likely will go wrong. Arghhh! Some jobs are just that way I guess.

Welcome Olive. I'm glad you explained that Olive the other reindeer joke. Good one.

I'm not at my home computer so I can't check my e-mail, so I'm not sure if Ro included me or not on the list. I didn't send her anything because although I love getting cards I'm terrible in sending them out, and I always feel guilty about it. So if I'm not on the list I hope everyone understands. It's not you, It's me. I ain't ept.

MDC, I agree with what Gruden said last night. What constitutes a catch anymore in this game. He has possesion all the way till he is on his back, with two defenders hanging on him. And that ain't a catch??? I don't think it was a touchdown as they all three slid into the endzone after going down but at the very least would have been a first and goal inside the two yard line. Could have really changed the momentum of the game me thinks.

Boo, I'm sure them floors will grow on you. Just give it time. It sure will be a blessing for you when it's all done. I have motion sensors on all my outdoor lights also because we are out in the country. I really like them except when they go off from a stray cat or dog or some other wild critter visiting. The back one is visible from my bedroom and it's startling to wake up and see the light on. So you jump up and peek through the blinds and see a cat wandering around. Your relieved it's just a cat but your hearts pounding for a few minutes now anyway. :)

Well better go spend another day trying to work on this thing.
Y'all be good and act like your somebody today.

Possum, hope the vet can make you better quick.


December 15, 2009 - Msg 76684:
Cute one Olive! (: Your originality is beyond compare! Welcome to the porch, set awhile, join in the fray! ha

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76685: I'm back from the vet (LOL@ Asa!)- I have a bad sinus infection w/fluid behind the eardrum. He put me on antibiotics and some cold/allergy medicine.Ought to be feeling better soon. He told me to rest & drink a lot. You reckon he meant mulberry squeezins? Maybe I'll just stick to orange juice.I'm dizzy enough!
Y'all take care!
possum again

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76686: Sorry about your troubles, ASA, but you are SO funny! No Asa, you aren't on the Christmas list Ro sent out. "Get to it!"...I want to send you a card.

Your description of the motion sensor lights sounds kinda awful...maybe I will just close the blinds and take my chances! ha I plan on having a couple of dogs outside so they will be setting off the lights all the time. I think I will train one to sleep on the back porch and one to sleep on the front.

Well, I am waiting for Emily's mom to pick her up. She has been so funny today and pretty easy to care for. She even curled up on the couch to watch cartoons for about 20 seconds (that's a record for her!);-) She is very active and very bright....I'm not just prejudiced, she really is. She is also very opinionated and a bit strong-willed, which is a problem for her mom and for my sister but she is always good with me. I try not to give in to her demands and she accepts that from far anyways. She is the cutest thing and I just love her to pieces!...better go...she is standing over the cat with something in her hand and his tail is flipping..(you cat people know what that means):-)


December 15, 2009 - Msg 76687: I guess MDC can't send Christmas cards like Asa. He said his Cards were crushed - that is too bad, getting your cards crushed like that. Especially by nine year olds! For shame, for shame.

Thanks Ro - like some of the others, some are sent but now that I have the "official" list - I can finish the porchsters!


December 15, 2009 - Msg 76688:
I put a motion sensor on our backyard light, but we also have a big elm tree. The lightest breeze
gets those leaves moving, and blink! that thing comes on! have it set to the shortest time setting of one minute, so that helps!

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76689: Im here at work.......possum hope you feel better...Im busy right now....supper time??..Olive Garden?..sounds good to me..SPOT

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76690:
Yup, HM, all my cards are crushed! humbug! ha
possum, hope that "oj" helps that "infection"!
ha. Seriously...prayers and soup for you!

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76691: Last night I received 2 gifts from a "secret Santa" at a workplace Christmas party. One was a eight pound institutional size can of Acme pork and beans and the other was a half case of Miracle Salve.
I'm willing to share the salve with anyone here that might have a case of the mange or who might want to save the tins to put buttons, beads, or spare coins in.

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76692:
Hey Friends

See ya'll in the morning.


December 15, 2009 - Msg 76693: Good evening, porch. I just got home from the Deacons and Wives Christmas party. I was picked up by one of the deacons and his wife (who happens to be my SS teacher) and taken to the party. The food was absolutely delicious, best catered food I've eaten in years. The entertainment was a family - dad, two daughters, one son and one son-in-law - who form a bluegrass band, and they were great! The youngest daughter, who is still in high school, played the "fiddle" and she flat-dog wore that thing out! Her dad said when she was six, they bought her a violin and started lessons. After a month she said she didn't want lessons anymore because "I can play better than that guy and he just gets in my way." Leave it to a six-year-old to tell it like it is. Anyway, they stopped her lessons and she just took it from there. The kid sings too, has a great voice for bluegrass/gospel music.

Anyway, after it was over, we widows of deacons were each presented a beautiful poinsettia plant to take home, and then my escort brought me home. It was a lovely evening, and I enjoyed it very much.

Tomorrow Joe is coming to install metal edging around the perimeter of the new flowerbed we built a few weeks back. Jorge will be with him, so I need to get into my closet and sort out some more clothes for Jorge's wife. She can wear them, I never will be that small again, and there's no use in them just hanging there. They're all gently worn and in excellent condition, and I'm delighted that she can use them.

Also, I have the stuff for an ornament-making project I was going to do, never did and never will. I think I'm going to give that stuff to Jorge too, and let his three little daughters make the ornaments. They'll have a ball! They'll need a little guidance from their mom, so it makes a great family project. And - a little less clutter in my closet. Jorge has been kind to me, I'm glad if I can pay it back just a little.

Well, Toye Starr is about over her "snit" at being left at home, and is coming around seeking some cuddle time. Guess I'll cooperate. I'm ready for some sweet-puppy time myself. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76694:
Hello porch family.

Ro....what was the name of the family Gospel group? Glad you had a great time!

My daughter was coming home last night and a dear leaped out of the woods and she hit it. When it leaped out, it landed on the windshield and it just shattered it. I just thank God she was not hurt.....scared her to pieces but not hurt.

Gonna read the archives and then head to bed. You all have a great night sleep.
Love and prayers to all my porch family!

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76695:
That was supose to be "deer"....hey I'm tired:)

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76696: Good night family:
Just stopping by on my way to bed. Thanks for sweeping Ro, and for all your hard work on the Christmas Card list. Now I HAVE to get to getting!!!
Asa-Give your better half a hug for me!! (that would be your wife)
Possum- Think I'll come over and share a little bit of your "fluids". I've been feeling poorly lately!
Good night . ~New Neighbor

December 15, 2009 - Msg 76697:
Rev- Thank God for safety glass! Glad she is OK!

Night everyone, including the miracle salve poster. I'll take 3 jars.

December 16, 2009 - Msg 76698:
Morning Porch

3-4 inches of snow and colder, about 17 degrees. The roads were very slick running the girls to school this morning.

rev-Yes, like MDC said, Glad your daughter is ok. Boy, ya just never know. Really glad all is well.

Romeena- That sounds like a great time.

Boo-Thanks for your kind words the other day.

I'd like to second MDC's ABP for Me-They ( where are ya buddy?) and I'd like to add PH, Hazel and so many more.

"Peace on Earth, can it be
Every child must be made aware
Every child must be made to care
Care enough for his fellow man
To give all the love that he can," David Bowie an Bing Crosby.

I wish you folks could see this snow falling, very nice.


December 16, 2009 - Msg 76699: Well I lost my christmas cards...must have packed them away in one of these many boxes in my living room! Guess i will buy more today.

It's COLD here and rainy this morning...we don't need rain today!! This will slow down work on the house. It doesn't look like we will be in the house for christmas and that is dissapointing. I am praying that we will, but if not, that's ok, too. I've waited this long.

Hey come you didn't tell Possum "OREGANO"?

Oh my, REV! Thank God your daughter wasn't hurt. I have a friend who recently hit a cow and the same thing happened. She ended up with cow entrails in her lap and a cow part-way through the windshield but she wasn't even hurt. Can you imagine...and its the second cow she hit this year!! Bad karma or something...

Better get ERin up...


December 16, 2009 - Msg 76700:
yeesh, no wonder I can't find 'em APB not ABP.


December 16, 2009 - Msg 76701:
Oh! Hey Boo.


December 16, 2009 - Msg 76702: Oh, hey there're welcome.

That song you quoted from is one of my very favorites...a great duet between Bowie and Crosby (an unlikely duet but beautiful).


December 16, 2009 - Msg 76703: Morning Porch friends.
My gosh Rev, Praises be your Daughter was not injured. We get a lot of that in our neck of the woods this time of year when the deer come down lower for food. They can do some real damage to both car and driver.

Ha! Thanks for clarirying who my better half is N.N. and I'll be sure to give her a squeeze from you. Hope you get feeling better soon. Maybe you should go see Possum's vet. :)

How much snow have you got Auh2o? We have about 18 inches down here. The ski resorts have about 4 feet, even more on the tops. But our temps have warmed greatly from last week. We got up to 40 yesterday. It felt like a summer day after the highs of teens and low twenties of last week.

You're right about trees setting off them sensors MDC. Even my sprinklers will in the summer time, although I've adjusted the sensitivity down to a point where it isn't to big a problem now.

Well I get a break from this job today. I have a staff infection.... uh... I mean staff meeting to go to in the big city. You know it's bad when you're looking forward to staff meetings. I feel like Otis. "What a mess I've made of my life!" (jk, I'm blessed and grateful for it)

Hope you all have a good and safe day.


December 16, 2009 - Msg 76704:
Boo-Yes, I love that also.

Asa-We had about 3 feet the other day but then we got some rain. So, were down a bit but we had a bit of "lake-effect" last and this morning so that usually falls pretty fast. I know you folks have been quite a bit colder than us. This is our first cold day.


December 16, 2009 - Msg 76705:
Hey? 3 feet? That's the same amount of feet I have when I've tried to dance. It's been about a quarter of a century since I have tried but that's what I recall the Mrs saying.


December 16, 2009 - Msg 76706: Good morning, porch! It's 31 here, sunny and dry, no wind, just cold! I envy you folks with your snow and all - it would be such fun for Christmas. However, by the middle of January, we'll be feeling sorry for you who are still contending with it, and will be glad we don't have it, most likely.

REV, I'm so glad your daughter wasn't hurt. The same thing happened to me many years ago. I was about a month away from having my first child, Dale was in Korea and I was living with my parents in the country. I was driving to my job at Randolph AFB about 6 a.m., and a deer did exactly what you described -just came flying out of a mesquite thicket, tried to jump over the car and didn't make it. It crashed into the fender, flipped up onto the hood and all I saw was hooves and antlers coming at me. It hit the windshield, but didn't break it, just put a huge dent in the fender and scraped the hood of the car. The deer fell off and ran off into the woods, so I don't know how badly it was hurt. I called the highway department and reported it, gave them the location number off the nearest utility pole. Poor thing, I hope it wasn't hurt too badly.

The family that performed last night are the Dussins, out of Bowie, TX. Enthusiastic, talented dad, very talented little high-school age daughter on the fiddle and singing, older daughter on the bass, son-in-law on guitar and he sings a great bass, and one teenage son who is v very good on the banjo but looked bored, like he'd rather have been on a date. His dad shot him a couple of looks, so I can imagine there might have been a conversation on the way home last night! I guess kids are all the same.

Well, I'd better get busy. I've decided to take my Christmas cards to work with me tonight. If we're not busy, I'll get them done. If we are, I'll just bring them back home and do them tomorrow. Be blessed, everyone --Romeena

December 16, 2009 - Msg 76707:
Auh20--I took down every push pin and fingerprint card during you "All Bulletin Points!" (ABP)haha
Asa, our "SnowBowl" near Flagstaff has four feet of snow!! That's waht's cool about az, you can go from desert to snow in a 2 hours drive!

December 16, 2009 - Msg 76708: gosh snow auh2o..Rev glad your daughter is we see deer tenderloin in the freezer?;)...hey Romeena,Boo,TOM,MDC..possum you feel better?....well Maude I will grill us up some ribeyes if you and Boo will get the rest for supper......SPOT

December 16, 2009 - Msg 76709: Ribeyes? My favorite cut Spot. Just enough fat in it to make it tasty. Count me in.

I have to travel 5 hours to get in some warm weather here MDC. 5 hours due south. St. George Utah down near the Nevada- Arizona- Utah border. It's only about 2,000 ft above sea level so it stays warmer there. Hey, we are a balmy 42 right now. This is nice compared to last week.

I'll send some your way Auh20.


December 16, 2009 - Msg 76710: Supper time Asa and all....aint heard from Maude so I chunked some taters in the coals rolled in sea salt wraped in tin foil..SPOT slaw(ok dont make fun)...broccoli cheese casserole,rolls,Boo tes and My evening paper....Rev will send you one med cooked...SPOT

December 16, 2009 - Msg 76711: SPOT SLAW? Gee, I ain't ever gonna get well if I eat that stuff! Ha!

Hey y'all! Hope everyone's well. Haven't read latest posts,just noticed Spot's menu posted up there.

Speaking of Spot,we need to throw him a BIG 5-0 birthday party this coming weekend! Only 6 days to go,Spot,old dog! Where do y'all think we should have the party? There ain't too many places left that'll allow us in anymore! Heck,let's have it at my Rock! No,that might not do-I live right across from the Police station! LOL
We'll have it up at O'Malley's cabin-he's gonna be in DEE-Troit over the holidays,so I've heard.

Okay, Spot's birthday party-Sat. night at O'Malley's cabin-be there!
possum under a rock

December 16, 2009 - Msg 76712:
He's in orthopetic loafers, ya know!

December 16, 2009 - Msg 76713:
Hello porch family.

Just got in from a Christmas gathering and now it's time to head to bed.

Spot...thanks for the steak. It was just right!

Possum....I'll be at O'Malley's for the big birthday bash!

Everyone try to stay warm. Gonna be a cold one here in SC (or at least cold for us).
Have a great nights sleep and praying for you all!

December 17, 2009 - Msg 76714: Well, I would have to travel to the other side of Texas to see any snow. Probably all the way to Dalhart...Ro knows where that is. It is STILL rainy here. It didn't stop raining for one minute yesterday. The weatherman said it was the most rain recorded in December, ever. My place is a mucky mess. They are talking about laying the driveway on the 23rd so we won't be moving in until after Christmas, which is ok.

Possum good idea about O'Malley's. We can have a SPOT turns 50/christmas party all at the same time. Possum, you bring the mistletoe.;-) What should we get SPOT for his birthday? Some Geritol? Prune juice, maybe? Depends?

Ro, we are having our deacon's thing on Sunday evening, following our sunday school party and carolling...gonna be a busy evening! I think this year will be very low-key and we will just be having dessert and coffee at the pastor's house for the deacon's thing...there are only 6 of us and that is including the deacon's widows (all 2 of them). Should be a nice time, though. It's a fun group to get together with and talk and laugh. Keith and me are also having a party for the kids at the rehab on Saturday afternoon. A large church in Corpus offered to do a party for the boys and the girls and give out gifts so I am really looking forward to it!

My friend Michelle ended up moving up to the houston area to care for a Grandmother who just had a stroke and needs someone to care for her. She is still waiting to hear if she is accepted into job corps. At least she has a place to live for now.

I am trying to decide when to watch the TAGS christmas episode....been wanting to see it but the timing has to be right... ;-)

Been hearing from Mavis on facebook and she is kind of down this time of year and missing her mother. Remember Mavis in your prayers.

Better get going..


December 17, 2009 - Msg 76715:
Hey Folks

Stilling snow but nice.

MDC-Ever since I was a kid I thought the climate in Arizona was amazing. The highs and lows for the deserts are pretty impressive.

Asa-Thanks, I think we did warm up a touch.

I don't know if anyone cares but here are a few pictures of "lake effect snow" moving into to the city off of Lake Erie, from a while back. I think there neat.

See ya'll later,

December 17, 2009 - Msg 76716: Wow, neat pictures, Auh2o.


December 17, 2009 - Msg 76717: Cool pics Auh20. We get lake effect here, but nothing like you folks I'm sure.

So Spots hitting the big 5-0 huh? Well good for him. I thought I saw a little gray in his snout, but he assured me it was dried up milk from breakfast. :)


December 17, 2009 - Msg 76718:
AUh20- It looks like one of our desert dust storms! ha
And yes, we can have 75 during the day and dip to 35 at night in the desert.
But we can also drive from Phx to Flagtown (about a 2 and1/2 hour drive) rise 6000 feet and bingo!SNOW!
Have fun and then drive home! (:

December 17, 2009 - Msg 76719: INTO MY HEART.
Come in-to my heart, bless-ed Je-sus, Come in-to my heart , I pray;
My soul is so troub-led and wea-ry, Come in-to my heart to-day.
In-to my heart, in-to my heart, Come in-to my heart, Lord Je-sus;
Come in to-day, come in to stay, come in-to my heart, Loed Je-sus.

How singthis for the lord to heard you.


December 17, 2009 - Msg 76720:
Tom- I got a card out to you yesterday.
Thank you for your address, I lost it a couple
years ago.
Thanks for thre prayer too!

December 17, 2009 - Msg 76721: OK-OK Real funny yall-real funny-...;)..O"Malley"s huh...good out for con"s...;)..ladys wear yer best dancing shoes cause its gona be a wing ding!..i will pull the camper for the overflow...what we gona eat?...I can bring the smoker and put some butts on and have bbq...well we will worry about that sat night...its off the read too ao NOISE want matter!well as for tonight: Grilled chicken,mash taters,greenbeans,corn on the cob,Maude Slaw,sweet onions...prayers and Rev you in town?..if ya aint look for the UPS truck...SPOT

December 17, 2009 - Msg 76722: fat paws "Its off the road too and NOISE want matter"..

December 17, 2009 - Msg 76723: Hey Y'all- Thanks for the hymn,Tom.That's a good one.

Boo,I will bring the mistletoe.Somebody make sure to bring the mulberry squeezins'- I mean ,eggnog.

I'll see if Clifford & Opie's rock & roll band will play for us Saturday night. If not,we'll get Carl Benson and the Wildcats.

Snow?? What's THAT?!

Y'all have a good evening-love to all!

December 17, 2009 - Msg 76724:
OK, here is my 12 days of TAGS for this year...
"On the 12th day of Christmas, Mayberry gave to me,
12 gals for Jeff Pruitt,
11 tipsey ladies,
10 jars of pickles,
9 carp a leapin'
8 Tucker spark plugs,
7 merry men,
6 singin' Darlin's
4 calling Juanitas,
3 baby birds,
2 fun girls,
and a sheriff with his de-pu--teee!

(or alternate..."and a mayor stuck up a big treee!") haha


December 17, 2009 - Msg 76725: Oow,spot! watch where you're rocking! Possum's have tails,ya know!

possum again

December 17, 2009 - Msg 76726: Bravo,MDC! Good job!

possum once more

December 17, 2009 - Msg 76727: Hey Y'all!
I only got a second but I wanted to stop by for a quick rock. It's sad, but I'm just done with this Christmas rush and stuff. Nobody is courteous this time of year and I'm in the South. Anyway, I am ready for everything to calm down next week and just enjoy. Okay, sorry for the rant.

I really like your song MDC!!

Y'all take care now, ya hear?!


December 17, 2009 - Msg 76728: Hi All;
Now Boo you can keep the rain there becaues wind it leaver you it going this way as of snow and it will start tomorror and stop on Sundaynight.
I will not be there for your party Spot.
Thank You, Lucy and Homemaker for the Christmas Card.

December 17, 2009 - Msg 76729: Big Maude is now working the swing shift at O'Malley Burger up in Dee-troit. It is heartwarming to know that she is on the straight and narrow these days and that her talent with a spatula and fry pan will finally be recognized.

December 17, 2009 - Msg 76730:
Hello porch family.

MDC.....good singing there!

Boo...yea I know what you mean about the TAGS Christmas. I normaly wait till Christmas eve.

Spot....I'm home till the first of the year. Got a concert next Sunday (27th) but it's not too far from here so I'll be back home the same day.

Possum....they are saying we may get a little winter mix in the morning. I'm sure it won't get over your way but we may get a little in the midlands.

We folks I'm heading to bed early for a change.
Love and prayers for all my porch family.

December 17, 2009 - Msg 76731: Evening Family:
SPOT--the big 5 0!! Well, I'll be!
Party at the cabin. Possum- let me know what I can bring.

Cold here on this side of the porch, calling for SNOW!! Glad my college Neighbette is on her way home and will get here by 1am. Then, let it snow.
Check in later. ~New Neighbor

December 17, 2009 - Msg 76732:
Thank you, aren't ya kind, aren't ya KIND!

December 18, 2009 - Msg 76733: Please remember to pray for my mom (Carol) in the morning. They are doing here cardioversion. I am kind of concerned because of her age. Thanks.


December 18, 2009 - Msg 76734: Hey NN,Boo,Possum..glad yer at home for CHRISTmas and the hilodays Rev...good deal...Tom you not gona be able to make it to the cabin for the party?...well let me get the daily reports ran here at work...back in just a bit...SPOT

December 18, 2009 - Msg 76735: Good evening family, cold and calling for snow on my porch tonight. They weathermen seem pretty sure of themselves this time around, was hoping for another weekend of rain. But they are calling for nearly 6 inches of that stuff. I"m sure thats like a frost for some of you. Got my cards mailed out today, I just love getting them from you all. Hope you all have a warm safe night, love and prayers too everyone-Salty Dog

December 18, 2009 - Msg 76736: Well good morning gang..Lucy good to hear from you...COLD 40 degrees here in Ga this morning...headed home at 6 and back at 2 for 16 more...gona be a good weeks work for me..after working 16 today (off weekend) with people taking off for the Season Festivities I will end up with 24hrs OT this week covering some extra shifts..The co-worker im working with right now Im gona cover his shift tonight,he is headed to the Hostital this morning to be blessed with his first grandchild(girl)...Sure helps out right here at CHRISTmas!$$...well enough of rambling...Breakfast:pancakes with fresh maple syurp,sausage links,scrambled eggs,oj,milk,coffee...and Boo hun will you bring a paper?...possum if ya are still feeling poorl let me know and i will run yay a plate over ...prayers...SPOT

December 18, 2009 - Msg 76737: Good Friday morning porch. One week till the big day. Oh how I love Christmas. Although theory's abound and many agree that it is unlikely that December 25th is the actual day of the Savior's birth, It is wonderful how most Christians will use that day as at least a day of recognition and celebration of the birth of the Lord.

Boo, prayers for your Mom this day as she goes through the procedure. What is the conversion process? I think I know, but maybe not. Anyway, she will be in my prayers.

I always enjoy your 12 days of Mayberry song MDC. Thanks.
And always enjoy your poems Tom. Always uplifting and wonderful.

I'm bringing my bongos and toolbelt to the party, so be forwarned any and all. Got my back cracker on standby cause I plan on going all out. I mean a dawg only turns 50 once.:)
Well better go see what the day has in store for me.


December 18, 2009 - Msg 76738: Good Morning porch folks, just checking in for a minute from work. Going to be here for a while this am and then off with the kids to do some shopping.

Prayers for everyone today.

Been busy the past few days, and since I have added that extra job working swing shift at O'Malleys Burger Bar flipping burgers I have no time to get into trouble or even to dance with Al! :)

I'd appreciate your prayers please, having some tests ran and may need some surgery after the first of the year.

The weather people are calling for snow, sleet and ice this week end around my end of the porch,guess the grocery store and stores will be packed today as folks round here tend to panic and tend to all rush out at once "just in case".

Lunch menu will be: potato soup, broccoli cheese soup, crilled ham and cheese sandwhices, chips, SLAW, chocolate cake, tea, kool aid to drink.

Looking forward to the party!! Can't wait to dance with AL.
Better get busy
Prayers and blessing to all

Big Maude

December 18, 2009 - Msg 76739: Mornin' y'all! New Neighbor,bring the egg nog ("doctor" it up a little,if you catch my drift!) and I guess we can get Maude to fry up some burgers. Everybody else just bring a dish and a present (old age related!) for Spot!

I've been keeping an eye on the weather,Rev. It looks like y'all might get something besides rain.All we get is cold old nasty rain down here. So thankful that your daughter didn't get hurt by that deer!

Asa and his bongos? Oh brother! Tom,you've gotta come to the party! Asa's gonna play some Christmas carols on his bongos!

Lucy,we are supposed to be the Land of hospitality down here,aren't we? Guess folks have forgotten their good Southern upbringing-I've seen a lot of rude goings on myself.

Well, better go grab an umbrella and head to out to check the mail. I'll catch y'all later!

Boo,prayers for your mama. Let us know how things turn out.

Prayers for you as well,Maude.

possum under a rock

December 18, 2009 - Msg 76740: Good morning porch, woke up to about 4 inches of that blasted white stuff, and more falling. Now it's just a rainy/snowy/slushy mess and calling for more this evening. Hope it dont cause us to cancel the party. Ya'll stay warm today--Salty Dog

December 18, 2009 - Msg 76741: Good morning, porch! Boo, prayers for your mom, that the cardioversion goes as planned, and she feels much better afterward. Maudie, you keep us informed now - praying that all goes well.

The weather is beautiful here today. 46 degrees, sunny, light breeze. However, the squirrel critters are dashing madly about - one little goofball is even burying SHELLED pecans! They're sitting around the feeders just stuffing themselves, and hauling off anything they can. That's usually a sign it's going to "come a something", as my dad would say, meaning bad weather was on the way. Squirrels are unusually fluffy right now too, wearing extra-heavy coats. You half expect to seer little mufflers around their necks. I get such fun out of watching all the busy-ness in the back yard.

As for rude Christmas shoppers - just smile at them and wish them a Merry Christmas. Some will give you a sour look, some will harumph at you, but most will break down and give you a weary smile and return the greeting. It's always worth a try. Besides, you never know what somebody may be dealing with at home or on their job, or if they even have either one.

Well, I've got to get busy. Still have a few packages to get in the mail, and then out to Grapevine to sit with my sister-in-law as my nephew has some minor day surgery done. He has a recurrent cyst in his forearm, should be easily removed and no problems. However, he also has a swollen node in his neck, and the doctor is concerned about that. Apparently it's a "sentinel node" for certain types of cancer. So, the first step is to analyze this cyst or tumor or whatever it turns out to be, and then proceed with investigating that node. Prayers, please.

Toye Starr says Merry Christmas! --Romeena

December 18, 2009 - Msg 76742:
Merry Christmas!

December 18, 2009 - Msg 76743:
OK, in what movie did our own TAGS "mayor Pike",
yell from his from porch: "Well, why don't ya KISS her, man!" and then muttered to himself,"Why is youth wasted on the young!"

(I love that last part!)

December 18, 2009 - Msg 76744: I got cousin Goober a real nice gift the other day for his birthday. Not easy though buying something for the man who already has everything.
I up and got him a gold tone tire pressure indicator that's engraved "Goober". Now he can take out Lydia and impress her to no end. A man's suit pocket should be more than a holding place for a hankerchief.


December 18, 2009 - Msg 76745: Good evening, porch. I just got home after having dinner out with some friends. There's a new restaurant here that serves wonderful food, Brazilian style. There's a salad bar with some great stuff on it - hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, roasted and marinated red and yellow peppers, a terrific chicken salad and lots of other stuff. After you fill your plate with that, they start bringing skewers of meat by your table - there are eight different kinds of meat. If you want what they have at that moment, they slice some off for you and move on. It's all grilled, and it's all delicious. They bring side dishes as well, including fried bananas (yum!) and fried yucca sticks, which are a bit like a french fry, only slightly sweet and a bit starchier. When you think you can't eat another bite, they bring out a whole pineapple on a skewer. It has been roasted, and rolled lightly in brown sugar and cinnamon. They slice it off, long top-to-bottom slices and you have little tongs to catch it with before he completes the slice. The slices are thin, so there's still a lot of pineapple on the skewer. He takes it back to the kitchen, and in a little while the slightly slimmer pineapple reappears, freshly sugared and roasted, ready to be pared down again. It is just unbelievably good! I'm so full!!!

MDC, that line would be from "It's A Wonderful Life", with Mayor Pike yelling at Jimmy Stewart. That was Dale's favorite movie of all time.

Well, got gifts to wrap, and a Toye Starr to cuddle, as I've been gone all day and she's in a bit of a snit. She'll get over it.

Be blessed, my friends. --Romeena

December 18, 2009 - Msg 76746: Salty a little snow aint gona stop the party...we will just get ropes and plywood and 4-wheelers out...sled everyone there!hey Gomer,MED,Possum...Rain here at 36...hum...sleet?..maybe..hey Maude...Romeena that sounds like my kind of place to eat! what a yuck night here at work but its slow so far...well let me gat my reports ran...any leftovers?..Rev how is yalls weather?....SPOT

December 18, 2009 - Msg 76747: Thanks for the prayers on mom's behalf. She did beautifully and shocking her heart got it back into a normal rhythm. She was in and out and back home much quicker than we expected and it was easy on her this time. She will be evaluated about in a month or so and if she still isn't feeling better, they will do the pacemaker. The doc said that she has a leaky valve in her heart but that her heart is very strong.

Prayers for your nephew, Romeena. Drive safely.

Well, I am pooped and ready for bed! I'll be back to chat more tomorrow.


December 18, 2009 - Msg 76748: SNOW ANOW we are git it by Sunday we may git about 5'99''.
'Sorry no see for your party.
Boo how your mom doing tonight and Rom your grandson to .
My oray to thim.


December 19, 2009 - Msg 76749:
Hello porch family!!

Boo....praying for your mom.

Ro...prayers also for your nephew. for the weather here, it's been raining like crazy all day but not freezing. It's been just warm enough (37) not to freeze. I think it's pretty much moved out now.'re such a nice cousin:)

Well it's getting late so I better get to bed.
Love and prayers for all the porch family! Jesus loves you!

December 19, 2009 - Msg 76750: Boy all the mis spel here. Snow,Snow we are gitting hit by it andbySunday we will have about 5''-9'':((, sorry can not show up for the party.
Boo that good new on yor mom and Rom how your nephew. Don was here Wed to see my and he say Mery Christmas to you.


December 19, 2009 - Msg 76751:
Gomer, nice, real nice!
Well, I jumped thru about 20 hoops to get to
Miss Crump's bulletin board to invite some of them over here for Christmas, so we shall see
if any stop by.
As Rev would say, it's all about Jesus! he is the reason for the season! Alleluia!

December 19, 2009 - Msg 76752: Well thats good news Boo..prayers..he MDC,TOM and yea Rev it rained possums and racoons here allday today.slacked off is my little farm ever WET...cut a bunch of green about 2 days ago...get off in the morning at 6 and off till 2 mon...gona have CHIRSTmas feast and gathering Sunday at Mom and out good with Miss Sherry and the Kids..I have to work Most of the Day Christmas day this year...well let me find me a snack....SPOT

December 19, 2009 - Msg 76753: Thanks for the prayers and kind words for mom. You are all such good and true friends.

Did I tell you that I ended up letting Sean talk me into buying a 15 dollar tree for the apartment? We really didn't get a tree up to that point because the place is full of boxes and so on. Well, Zach was over the other night and he and Sean wanted to go get a tree. I didn't think there would be any left but we found a few rejects left over at Walmart. Hey, it wasn't bad for 15 dollars and it worked out kind of like the Charlie Brown tree. Once we got it decorated it looked pretty good. After Zach left, Sean and I were the only ones home and we did the decorating. It was a very nice evening, some real quality time with him. At one point in the evening he had tears in his eyes and when i asked him what was wrong her said, "I'm just happy". It is rare to ever hear that statement from Sean. Funny how it is the simple times spent with the ones you love that bring the most joy. I was thinking about how the kids would be dissapointed if we weren't able to spend Christmas in the new house and it turns out they don't care a bit! That makes me happy.

They are laying the forms for the driveway from the street to the house today, so we should be able to drive on it by christmas. Bruce went out and bought Erin a basketball thing (I don't even know what its called...the thing with the hoop on it?) and a new basketball and she will have a real blast playing with it out there on the carport. He is so excited to give it to her. Sean is getting the IPOD he has been wanting for so long.

I'm not even sure what we will be doing for Christmas. I know we are going our church's christmas eve service at 6pm, then to Susan's house, then I will attend the late candlelight service at the old Methodist church I grew up in at 11pm. Not sure yet what we will do christmas day.

Well, the coffee is finished and I am getting kind of cold sitting here so I think I will get dressed for the day. I think I will be trying to finish up the painting in Erin's room today. I am painting the cherries that she wanted on her wall.

Be blessed!


December 19, 2009 - Msg 76754: Morning Porch.
Dang foggy on my porch this morning. Can't hardly see 20 feet in this stuff.

Boo, so glad your Mom came through the procedure ok. Hope she will not need the pacemaker, but what a blessing it is to have the technology available if she does need it. Remarkable and blessed times in which we live.

Ro, prayers that your Nephews tests come back negative and normal.

Also prayers for Maude and whatever it is you may have to have surgery for.

Hey to Gomer. Best to you and yours. (felt good to get it in first for a change, HA)

Question of the day.
What is the name of the Lone Rangers nephews horse? (Boo should know this one)


December 19, 2009 - Msg 76755: Good morning, friends. I've got just a minute before Jorge and Maria arrive to help me do a little cleaning. We aren't going to do a lot, it's still pretty clean from when they came last month. The guest rooms, in fact the whole front part of the house, is clean - just a little clutter from where I was pulling Christmas stuff out of the closets. No problem - I'll stuff all that back in! We just need to dust and vacuum the main living area, which includes the den, dining room, sunroom, office and maybe my bedroom. And the kitchen, of course. It really sounds worse than it is, shouldn't take but a couple of hours. Also, I've gleaned more stuff out of closets and cabinets that I'll give to Maria if she wants it. I'll tell her if she can't use it, maybe she knows someone who can. She'll probably take it all. I hope so. This house is bursting at the seams. I've lived here 36 years, and have decided everyone should move every five years to avoid getting crushed under an accumulation of stuff. When you pack to move, you sort and discard, but when you stay in one place it just piles up.

Thank you all for your concerns and prayers for my nephew and grandson. Nephew is apparently doing fine. Doctor said the tissue he removed appeared to be just scar tissue from a previous surgery, but it's going to pathology anyway. As for my knot-headed little grandson, with his 105.3 temp and diagnosis of BOTH kinds of flu - by evening after he saw the doctor, he had no fever, felt fine, and has been fine ever since. They did put him on Tamiflu, but I'm not even sure he needed it. They couldn't get it until the next day, and he was already feeling great by then. Kids!

Good news about your mom, Boo, and prayers for you and yours, Asa. Hang in there.

Well, I think I hear Jorge's car - later, taters. --Romeena

December 19, 2009 - Msg 76756: "Victor...his name is Victor"...A Christmas Story, of course. :-)

Great news about your nephew, Ro!


December 19, 2009 - Msg 76757: Rat
Boo,Romeena and Spot going to send you all this snow.
It had not stop from lastnight to this morning we have a good two feet and are calling for more
Now just to git my stepdad to stay in the house and the door closed.


December 19, 2009 - Msg 76758: Did I hear something about a birthday party Spot?=ky girl

December 19, 2009 - Msg 76759: Well, Jorge and Maria have come and gone, and my house is clean. They brought Erica, their 13-yr old daughter, who was a lot of help as well. The house is shining, and all I have to do now is bake some more cookies and finish wrapping gifts.

They also brought me a dozen homemade tamales, and they are absolutely delicious. So good, in fact, that I ordered five dozen from them to be used at Christmas. I love tamales, and believe me, I know good ones from not-so-good ones. These are good!!! They were still warm when Jorge handed them to me. Apparently they had stayed up all night, making tamales, and then came here to clean this house. I can't speak for all immigrants, but believe me, this couple has a work ethic that would put the rest of us to shame.

Well, I'm off to wrap presents, and maybe grab a short nap before I start the cookies. They're labor-intensive, the kind you roll out and cut, so I need to "rest up" before starting them.

Tom, we'll take all the snow you can send. We Texans would just love to have a white Christmas. Doesn't happen around here very often - like never.

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena