February 05, 2010 - Msg 77578:
Well, I'd tell ya all the Phoenix weather, but I'd probably get pelted with snowballs!! ha
On second thought, they'd probably melt on the way over! 70 farenheit will do that. Pow, pow, pow! (:
But where ever you are, may the Lord bles you!

February 05, 2010 - Msg 77579:
There we go! I shoveled all the snow off the porch! But that's ALL I'm doin'. (:

February 05, 2010 - Msg 77580:
Hello porch family

MDC...you see what you did.....just the talk of that Phoenix weather melted all the snow on the porch:)

M-T....praying you all get feeling better real soon!

Boo.....have a safe trip and hurry on back!

Possum....been raining here in the midlands all day. I'm sure you guys are getting it also on the coast.

OK gang....since I'm not on the road this week,I'm home all weekend so if you want to come over and watch the Super Bowl....come on over!

Love and prayers for all my porch family!

February 05, 2010 - Msg 77581: Rev,it hasn't started here yet. You can keep it if you want- LOL!

May I just say what a brave soul you are,offering your home to US on Super Bowl Sunday- haven't you heard about our parties,Rev?? Hee Hee

possum again

February 05, 2010 - Msg 77582:
Now where are those earings...? haha

February 05, 2010 - Msg 77583: Howdy, Friday porchers!
Chilly and drizzly day out my way and are expecting some bigger rain a bit later in the afternoon. Been busy all this week w/lots of part time job stuff to bring in some extra $$$ to put in the ol' sugarbowl (and from there, to pay all sorts of bills). Still hoping to win big in the SuperLotto... (and I'm running out of evening stars to wish upon for that wish to come true!).
Going with the Saints for the win in Super Bowl XLIV. Y'all take care now!


February 05, 2010 - Msg 77584: Hey MDC. I'm gonna heave a leg og lamb at you!

Get better quick Boo and have a safe trip.

Good to hear from you Ro. You are missed.

Uh-oh, Possum's looking for them dreaded earings.

Albert, stay dry. They are still needing a glue dipper at the furniture factory. Or a brine tester at the pickle plant. You could try selling vacuums door to door, but beware, they do enforce the Green River Ordinance here pretty close. And sorry, but no opening for Falcon Keepers, but if that becomes available I'll let you know.

Where you at Salty Dog?

Have fun N.N. with all that snow. :)

Now has anyone seen my earplugs? I need a nap.


February 05, 2010 - Msg 77585: Super Bowl party at Rev"s!..yes sir...we need lots of velvetta sausage dip!...Im wearing my jersey!...Race fans shootout tomorrow!..man-o-man Im glad that Nascar is back..and Race fans its gona be a heck of a super speed way track season ..watched practice and they can run where they want with the new larger restrictor plates..well grilled cheese for supper and soup (homemade veggie)....ok the rain has stopped here but the wet ground has made a mess with trees falling...prayers to all....SPOT

February 05, 2010 - Msg 77586: All this talk about Super Bowl. Am I the only Hoosier who isn't the least bit interested even the though Indianapolis Colts are participating? Sorry Colts, but if you want me in there cheering for you, contact me to negotiate a fee.
I just learned that there is a NFL cable channel that will be broadcasting an 8.5 hour pre-game show before the Super Bowl! YIKES. If I watched all the pre-game stuff, I'd be asleep by game time.
I'm sure there will be some televsion program marathons on that day that can entertain me more than football.

Hey auh2o, that link you provided about western New York's blizzard of '77 reminded me of the '67 Chicago blizzard. I remember building igloos that we could stand up in, and walking up a snow bank to the roof of our house. Also, my dad was stranded at work for two days because he couldn't get home and relief workers could not get to work. It was so strange walking down the middle of streets without having to dodge moving vehicles.

from Poor Horatio

February 05, 2010 - Msg 77587: Spot,I think it's your turn to wear ky girl's martini glass skirt- it'll go good with your football jersey!

PARTY! You want me to make one of my famous meatloaves,spot?

Hey there, PH!
possum under a rock

February 05, 2010 - Msg 77588: That wasn't me looking for the dangly earrings,Asa.

I think maybe it was Rev. Reckon since he invited us over to his place,he plans on slicking down and getting spiffy!

possum again

February 05, 2010 - Msg 77589:
OK porch family......survey......which soda do you want for the Super Bowl Party......Pepsi, Coke, Mt. Dew, Dr Pepper or Sprite?

February 05, 2010 - Msg 77590: MEATLOAF Possum....Hey Poor Horatio!..Possum dont know about the dress..ha ha..we will see by halftime!...has anyone heard from Mavis?...well let me get back to some paper work...SPOT

February 05, 2010 - Msg 77591:
All you Middle Porchers stay safe and warm this weekend. I do believe this end of the Porch will be sitting this one out.

Poor Horatio- It sounds like a blizzards a blizzard, no matter the location. I can vividly recall the empty streets. Even though the roads were closed here for about a week the plows were still out. They'd keep the main intersection in town pretty clear so we'd play street hockey there all day. I think I already said this but it was scary and fun all at the same time.

Rev-Classic Coke for me, thank you.


February 05, 2010 - Msg 77592: Hi All.

February 05, 2010 - Msg 77593: Hi All.
Will the blizzard snow storm had start for tonight will not stop to Saturdaynight about 10' of snow.
Spot Mavis is o k for now i git a email from her.
For the game Sunday I;m going what colt to win,


February 06, 2010 - Msg 77594: auh2o, I just remembered one more fact regarding the '67 blizzard. To get all of the streets cleared, the city brought in front end loaders and back hoes to pile up the snow in the local parks. Would you believe we still had snow piles in the park until early June of that year? It took that long to melt.

Hey to possum under a rock and Spot.

from Poor Horatio

February 06, 2010 - Msg 77595: Well gang slow here at work...watching some movie called "Whisper"...scarey movie....well I go back to the oral surgeon Monday!..hope he turns me over to a dentist for my teeth...has been a little over 6 wks now...sure could use a good ribeye!!...but will probably even if he turns me loos another two weeks for the making of them....but enough about that rain is gone and gona be nice tomorrow and for Rev"s Superbowl gathering Sunday...Racing tomorrow evening and night....well will say hey to auh20,hazel,lucy,Romeena,PH,possum,salty Boo,albert,asa.Mt,MDC....well back to this low budget spook movie....prayers...b-fast on me at waffle house...will let yall sleep in...meet at 9...Boo bring a paper hun...SPOT

February 06, 2010 - Msg 77596: Mornin' Y'all! Spot,you're gonna wear that skirt. It's a Porch tradition-we pass it around to everybody.YOUR turn! LOL

Ok,I'll bring a meatloaf and some sweet tea,as I'm not much of a soda drinker. MDC is bringing the mulberry squeezins!

Tom,you take care up there in that blizzard,ya hear? Hope Me-They and the kids are faring well.

Hey to auh2o and Horatio!

I'm heading to Waffle House before Asa cleans 'em out of waffles-see y'all there!

possum under a rock

February 06, 2010 - Msg 77597: Hi All,
Will I'm snow in here /
The storm drop 8" of snow and its snow right bow,


February 06, 2010 - Msg 77598:
Morning porch family

Thank the Lord the rain is gone from here. Sun....YEA

Tom....you stay inside and stay warm buddy!

Hello W.....are you new here?

Spot....booooo.....just trying to scare you brother while you watch that scarey movie...hehe

Well the wife and I have to do a little shopping today and then a dinner date tonight! Not sure where she wants to go to eat yet but where ever she wants to is fine with me.

Be sure to share the love of Jesus with someone today and watch them smile:)
Love and prayers for all my porch family!

February 06, 2010 - Msg 77599: Criminy Me-They, where does your wife work, in another state? I can't imagine being stuck somewhere for 2 or even 3 feet of snow. But then, our road crews are pretty good around here. They're used to it. Prayers that your wife makes it home.

Boo, good to see you.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 06, 2010 - Msg 77600: REV have to stay in, but I can not see the top
of the step.


February 06, 2010 - Msg 77601: Good Saturday porch family, just stopping by for a minute. Good to see everyone today.

I am doing pretty good, still moving slowly and still some pain but mostly taking over the counter meds for the pain now.

a cold and cloudy day for us but no snow which is a good thing.

thanks for all the warm wishes and prayers.
Possum, thanks so much for the get well card, made my day yesterday!

lets have supper at Olive Garden tonight. been watching tv today and those comercials look pretty tasty.

have a blessed week end.

blessings and prayers to all.

Big Maude

February 06, 2010 - Msg 77602: Oh boy am I tired. We have 36" inches of snow and the sun is finally shining. It is pretty. I'm tucked in by the fire enjoying the children and cooking up a ...never mind. I was going to say storm, but changed my mind!! I'll let that one rest. Hope everyone is safe from the Mid-Atlantic storm. Haven't seen husband for 2 days. Stuck in the storm with the milk truck somewhere around Baltimore. Later...~New Neighbor

February 06, 2010 - Msg 77603: New neighbor,wish I could say I was at home tucked up by the fire,but,I can't say that.Our electric went out last night about 11pm and didn't come back on until today at 3:00 pm.But,praise the Lord for that because some folks still don't have electric.I am at a friends house ,the roads are terrible and me and my mom and my kids had to get to where it is warm,so we got here this morning.Well,Spot,I see you are going to be wearing the martini glass skirt at half time so I can't wait to see that!We have 13 inches of snow here, and a skirt is a little to thin for me to be wearing in this weather,so,spot,I will gladly share it!lol!I could use some of those squeezins to stay warm,so I'll look forward to that!Big Maude,send a care pkg.to me from the olive Garden,maybe I can shovel a parking space for the ups truck!Take care you all-ky girl

February 06, 2010 - Msg 77604:
Hello porch family.....the wife and had a great time out together tonight. Ended up eating at Olive Garden.

ky girl.....so glad you had somewhere to go. You be safe on that road.

New Neighbor.....prayers for your husband to get home safely.

Maude.....you may be moving slow but at least you're again.....Praise the Lord!

Tom....glad you're safe and warm buddy. Hopefully the snow won't last long and you'll be seeing your steps again soon.

Well I'm heading to bed. You all have a blessed night!
Love and prayers!

February 06, 2010 - Msg 77605:
Oopps...that's suppose to be "the wife and I...."

February 07, 2010 - Msg 77606:
Been praying for you all caught in all that snow.
I heard DC is snowed in, but they showed BO's motorcade going thru with it's own snow plow in front!!
Just remember to pray for me when it's 118 in the shade this summer! ha

February 07, 2010 - Msg 77607: Mornin' y'all. Thanks for checking in with us,NN & ky girl. I have been wondering how y'all were dealing with the snowstorm. Tom has popped in to tell us how things are where he is-waiting to hear from Me-They now. Y'all take care,and stay safe & warm!

Hey Maude! Glad the card lifted your spirits- take care.

Rev,did y'all sit with Big Maude at the Olive Garden ( see msg 77601)?

Ok,y'all remember.. PARTY at Rev's place! See y'all there!

possum under a rock

February 07, 2010 - Msg 77608: Wish I had a nickel for every ' y'all' I used in my last post- LOL!

possum again

February 07, 2010 - Msg 77609: Good Sabbath morning everybody. Asa, I'm right ch'ere. Well if the 13 inches of snow last weekend wasn't enough, just as it started melting decently we got whalloped with 10 more Thursday, then rain and ice on top of that. Weatherman kept saying we "might" see 2 inches of snow, I swear where do they go for school for that stuff? Hope you all are doing ok. Spot, you still skeered over that movie? I'm glad racing is back too man, cant wait for next Sunday to see what is gonna be in store for us this season.

REV--Are you sure you want all of us to come to your house tonight for the super bowl? We can get kind of rowdy sometimes. But I'll bring wings, and sausage balls if that ok. And I prefer Mt Dew if ya have it. Ya might want to hide those lampshades before we get there. Asa has been known to wear them home before. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Best get off to preaching, working every other weekend sure makes you miss it. Love ya'll--Salty Dog

February 07, 2010 - Msg 77610: Salty,when they say might,it's been my experience it's almost guarnateed you will get it!lol!-ky girl

February 07, 2010 - Msg 77611:
Hello porch family......Super Bowl countdown.

Salty.....I've got all the lampshades hidden. Just keep an eye on Asa for me. Looking forward to those wings and sausage balls. And yes I've got MT Dew for ya.

Possum.....nope I didn't run into Big Maude at Olive Garden last night. It was so packed that we probably just missed each other.

Well me get things ready for tonight. You guys should start arriving soon. Wear your favorite team jersey.

Love and prayers!

February 07, 2010 - Msg 77612: Hello folks.

I'm taking advantage of the TAGS marathon on TVLand. Earlier I saw Opie's Charity where they discuss my namesake Poor Horatio. It's hard to forget a half a boy.

Welcome back to Big Maude. Was your surgery handled on an out-patient basis?

Tom, New Neighbor, ky girl and Salty Dog, so sorry to hear you all got hit hard by the snow storm. Here near Chicago, we got some of the wind and snow flurries, but most of it has melted.

from Poor Horatio

February 07, 2010 - Msg 77613: PARTY! Where's spot? Conme help me carry in the meatloaf and all the other fixin's. MDC, hide the mulberry squeezin's behind Rev's Lazy Boy- he might not look back there.Ok,are y'all ready for some football?! Let's PARTY!!
Poor Horatio, hang with us and we'll have you feeling like a WHOLE boy- have a swig of the squeezins! YEE HAW!!

possum under a rock

February 07, 2010 - Msg 77614: Hey, ever'body! Just Gomer popping in to say hello. Sorry it's been so long. I see that a few people from Frank's old site are still around.

Poor Horatio, I don't think I've seen you in ages. And I *think* MDC was also a member of the original porch, but it's been so long that I may be wrong about that.

It is great to see that so many nice folks have joined the group over the past few years. I don't get by nearly as often as I wish I did, but I still think this is one of the best sites on the internet.

Best of luck to you and yours!


February 07, 2010 - Msg 77615: Hello to the porchsters. Hope you had a blessed Sabbath Day. Went to Best Buy to buy a new computer...the store was crowded..computers sold out. Will try again tomorrow. Prayers to all.
C Darlin'

February 07, 2010 - Msg 77616:
Wow.....how bout them Saints! Good game!

By the way....whose squeezins is this I found behind my chair? And don't say it's used for communion because I know better.

I also got a phone call about someone outside my house with a lampshade on their head. Where's Asa?

Hey there Gomer.....Glad you stopped by. Be sure to come by more often. We keep your rocker dusted off.

Well let me get back to picking up all the cups and paper plates:)

Love and prayers!

February 08, 2010 - Msg 77617:
"Who Dat? Dat who!! Dem Saints!"
Hey Rev, the punch-soaked napkins on the
ceiling is all possum's fault. ha
Porr Horatio- 3 cents?! I mean really! ha
Good to see C darling and Gomer.
I have been here 5 or 6 years Gomer.
Boo's Erin was a two-year old toddler when I
found the porch.
APB for HOMEMAKER and others.
God bless,

February 08, 2010 - Msg 77618: Hi All.
Will longtime no see Gomr and C Darling.
REV yhe game was o k but some of the messup at the endzone for the saint.

February 08, 2010 - Msg 77619: Aw...really MDC? Erin is now 8 and a half! She is growing up fast. When I read Poor Horatio's post about watching something other than the football on superbowl day, I was remembering a superbowl sunday when I was getting ready to go to my in-law's house for a party and there was a TAGS marathon on that day. I wanted to stay home and watch it so bad because it was on TBS and during the commercials they had commentators making really funny comments about the episodes like they do during football games. Anyways, it seems like that was yesterday and I was pregnant with Sean at the time so it had to be 14 years ago. Time certainly does fly!

Well Women's retreat was nice this year but didn't seem to have as much fun as usual...more restful, though. We usually only take about 25 women and this year we had 58, so it was different. The facilities were wonderful, though and the scenery beautiful. They had rockers and porch swings all over that place so you could just sit and admire the nature. I was still feeling a little dizzy so didn't swing but am doing real well now. Must have been some strange virus because now Erin is complaining of something similar. I started wondering if it might be something in the house that is making us feel this way but Sean and Bruce are ok.

Well, would love to stay and chat longer but need to get Erin out of bed. "Ya'll" have a nice day...(Possum, you say more "ya'll's" than I do and I'm from Texas);-)


February 08, 2010 - Msg 77620: Mornin' y'all! WHO DAT

Uh- oh,Rev found the squeezins! Umm.. we only use it for medicinal purposes,Rev. Like snakebite or something!

Oh,by the way,Rev- I think I saw your lampshade running round & round down at the traffic circle. You might wanna head down there and see if Asa is under it!

Spot,take that martini glass skirt in to Mr.Goss before you hand it back to ky girl. We can't let her go to preachin' on Sunday with onion dip all over her skirt-I TOLD you not to sit in that bowl!

Hey to Gomer & C Darling!

Well, let's go to Waffle House for breakfast after Rev catches Asa!

possum under a rock

February 08, 2010 - Msg 77621: Hey Boo- didn't see ya there! Yeah,we say "y'all" a lot down here- LOL!

possum again

February 08, 2010 - Msg 77622: Morning all.

Boy Rev, you sure know how to throw a party. Mercy sakes, I hope you don't have to replace that carpet. Sorry.
And it wasn't me who done grabbed your lampshade. I think it was ky girl using it as a skirt after Spot started wearing her martini glass skirt. And Possum with them dangly earings... mercy, all I can say is what a mess I've made of my life!

Glad your retreat went well Boo. It's always good to recharge the batteries.

Hey to Gomer and C Darling. It has been a while.

Well I was pulling for the Colts, but I wasn't pulling very hard (kinda like Opie pushing the squad car in front of the fire plug) so I wasn't to disappointed. New Orleans certainly played great.

Any commercials stick out for anyone? I didn't see them all, but the one with the dog taking it's shock coller off and putting it on the guy who was tormenting him had me rolling.

Well better go see if I can get that stain cleaned out of the Rev's carpet before his Mrs sees it.


February 08, 2010 - Msg 77623: Morning porch, posting from home this week as I continue my recovery.

Poor Horatio, I spent from Monday til Wednesday in the hospital last week and doing well with the recovery at home. My only compliant is that the roofers showed up at 7:15 this morning to start on the roof! We were not expecting them today but with all the snow and bad weather we have had recently I guess we had better be glad they are here and can get the job done before the next weather front moves through. All I hear is beating and banging and it is 9:45 am est. I may try to do some laundry but that is about all I can do at this point. going to the doctor on Wednesday for staple removal. Hopefully he will okay me to drive!

well, guess I had better mosey back upstairs for a while.

lunch will be: grilled burgers with all the fixins, french fries, SLAW, baked beans. chocolate chip cookies for dessert. tea, kool aid to drink.

hey to Gomer and C.Darling, Possum, ASAm Rev, SPOT, BOO,MDC and TOM and everyone else around here.
Prayers and blessings around/
Big Maude

February 08, 2010 - Msg 77624:
Hey Folks

New Neighbor- You got 36" of snow, that's 35 more inches than we got this weekend.

Glad to hear the Mid-Porch made it through the storm alright (at least what we've heard so far).

I'm in Poor Horatio's camp with regard to Super Bowl viewing, I've missed 27 in a row now. Wow, that's the first time I've actually counted them (I think) didn't realize that its been that many.


February 08, 2010 - Msg 77625: another balmy day on my porch- 14 degrees , wind chill-9. on top of the 3 inches wen have we are suppose to get another 5 to 7 inches in the next 24 hours, then 25 to 35 mph winds the next day. can you say shovel? a big hello and prayers for everyone. next sunday is chineese new year. a happy valentines day to all our ladies. see yopu in the springt. pappabear

February 08, 2010 - Msg 77626:
Hello porch family....just a quick check in.

Asa....the Mrs didn't see the carpet stain so you did a good job cleaning it.

Tom.....I agree with you on the game. But the Saints pulled it off in the end.

Boo....So glad you had a good time and a restful time at the retreat.

Maude....thanks for lunch......it was great

Spot...where you at bro?

Stay warm Pappa bear!

Well gotta go for now. Ya'll have a Jesus filled day!
Love and prayers!

February 08, 2010 - Msg 77627: SHAKEDOWN!

February 08, 2010 - Msg 77628:
Woohoo, Saints Win, NASCAR's back, Pitchers report soon,
and Jesus' return is closer too!
Life is good.
Praying that you all are OK in the global arming snowstorn of 2010.
God bless friends,

February 08, 2010 - Msg 77629:
Haha, had to laugh at myself for not proofreading!
"Global arming" should be global warming, tho
I guess either one may be true!

February 08, 2010 - Msg 77630:
Possum may indeed be hiding under her rock with THAT statement!! (:

February 08, 2010 - Msg 77631: You aiming to jab at me with one of them long poinky sticks,MDC?!

possum again

February 08, 2010 - Msg 77632:
Goodnight porch family. Have a blessed night and I pray that when you wake up in the morning you will be ready share the Love of Jesus with someone!
Love and prayers for all our porch family!

February 09, 2010 - Msg 77633: Asa, the commercial with all those men in briefs, walking through that field was memorable...sickening and memorable. I forget what the commercial was for. Don't misunderstand me, it's not that I am opposed to men in underwear and sometimes find that part pleasant, but it all depends on the man. These guys were...let's say, not so pleasant. ;-)

Well, it is downright cold and blustery here in south texas. I think I will stay inside in front of the fireplace today since I am dealing with a cold. Hope you all stay warm.


February 09, 2010 - Msg 77634: Yea Boo. There were a couple of commercials with men in underwear. A couple to many for me. Seems like they were on back to back too. Go figure. Sorry your ailing with a cold.

HA, MDC. I had to go back and read what Possum had said. That was funny. :)

Auh2o, you gonna get any snow with this next storm? Sounds like it might be headed your way. Our winter thus far has been cold but somewhat dry. Our snow pack is below average for the year. But February can be quite white here so we will see.
BTW, Auh2o. I pick up a New York tv station on my satellite system. I have seen some of these commercials with Joe Kennedy and Citgo. Have you seen these? What gives with them? The stories are heartbraking if true, but it seems like making a deal with the devil is what is going on. Why is Chavez concerned about US citizens comfort? These really bother me. Can you shed some light on it? The New York station is the only one I have seen these ads on is why I ask you.

Well all this talk of underwear reminds me to have no whims today. Yep, I'm wearing clean underwear. Whatta ya think of that?


February 09, 2010 - Msg 77635: Good morning everyone. Busy as a one-armed paper hanger this morning playing catch-up.

We got about 28 inches of snow Friday through Saturday. The Mrs. was on mandatory "lock-down" ;-) and couldn't leave until Sunday afternoon. She worked last night and again tonight. Since we're supposed to get another 12-18 inches tonight, I propably won't see her again until Thursday. At least her check will be good; they have to pay her even if she's off duty and sleeping if they require her to stay. And, since she's picking up shifts she wasn't scheduled for to cover, that's time and a half. I try to think of that when I'm stuck at home alone with all the kids...

Actually, we had fun, but my cough sounds like a 60-year Pall Mall habit. I just can't shake it. And my back has been better with all this shoveling.

If we get what they expect tonight, we'll hit our second snowiest winter since at least 1890. This past weekend was our third deepest "snow event." I thought Obama's snowpocalypse comment was funny. Maybe snownami?

Well, I just wanted to say hello and say you all are in my prayers. Back to work!


February 09, 2010 - Msg 77636: ASA: I think it's Venezuala's way of trying make us look like we can't take care of our own. I've read that Chavez talks this up in his own country all the time. They had this program last winter as well.


February 09, 2010 - Msg 77637: Hey M-T right there with you. Better get prepared -- we're gonna get it again! We had 36 inches here. Gotta go take care of my elder folks before it starts. Check in later. ~New Neighbor

February 09, 2010 - Msg 77638: Wow, Gomer made an appearance here. A blast from the past. Yes I am one of those old-timers you remember who first showed up here back in the 1990's when Frank hosted the Front Porch. But I also have been known to disappear now and then. I started showing up more after Don Knotts passed away.

MDC, don't forget that you could mail a postcard for 3 cents back in the early 60's. Today, I would not even bend down to pick up three pennys. My how times have changed.

Welcome to C Darlin'. I don't recall ever seeing you post before.

Boo, I'm glad to hear you are settling in to your new house. But that is strange about how you and Erin are experiencing the same physical symptoms.
Moving into a new house involves getting used to multiple smells such as carpeting, adhesives, furniture, and paint. I hope you are not allergic to that house.

possum under a rock, that had to have been Asa under that lamp shade. That dress he was wearing was a dead giveaway.

Big Maude, so sorry to hear that you had roofing noise to contend with during your recuperation at home. Glad to see you persevered.

auh2o, so you haven't seen a super bowl in 27 years? The last one I watched was back in 1986 when the Chicago Bears won. Today, I don't watch sports on television anymore. But if I'm passing by some amateur game and I have some time to spare, I'll pull over to watch. However, I'd rather be participating than watching.

papabear, that was a bleak weather report for your area. Hang in there cuase spring is around the corner.

Asa, your comment about a Joseph Kennedy/CITGO commercial interested me. So I searched YouTube and found the following videos that deal with this subject:

from Poor Horatio

February 09, 2010 - Msg 77639:
Hey Folks

Asa-We're not gonna get much snow, over the next couple of days, I guess we're suppose to get about 10 or 12 inches. I just checked our local snow fall amount for the year and it was 119 inches so we're down quite a bit also.

Asa-As for Kennedy and Citgo, Me-They's right. Chavez loves making the USA look bad. And, Joe Kennedy, being a Kennedy, doesn't mind pimping for Chavez. I mean, look how the Kennedy's made their fortune. It always makes me laugh how "Limousine Liberals" love bashing capitalism AFTER they've made theirs.


February 09, 2010 - Msg 77640:
Oh Hey! P-H. Yup, the last one I saw was Raiders-Redskins in '83, I believe. I can watch baseball pro or little league from day until night.


February 09, 2010 - Msg 77641: I'm in favor of clean underwear over whims anyday, Asa.

Thanks, PH, we both seem to be doing ok now so I think we had some sort of virus. Hope so anyways.

M-T, sorry about your wife being stuck like that. Must be very hard on both of you. You be sure and take a night off and both of have a night out when the weather allows it. Do you have someone to watch the kids for an evening? Wish I was there to do it for you.

Gotta run...mother-in-law coming over for some reason and I am sitting here in sweats, no make-up, messy hair and a cold...well, who cares, right?

Where is Romeena?


February 09, 2010 - Msg 77642: Hey y'all! Boo, Ro's computer fizzled out on her.She's trying to get back online-shouldn't be too much longer. She checks in every now & then from a friend's or relative's computer.

Where is our talking dog?

Well, Me-They,I hope Round 2 doesn't beat y'all up too badly. Thanks for checking in-been wondering how the Me-They family weathered Snowmaggeddon.

Y'all take care- stay warm!

possum under a rock

February 09, 2010 - Msg 77643:
Fireplace? Wow, boo, you have a fireplace at the new house? Gas or wood burning?
Romeena has been having computer problems. her hard drive fried. She should be back up next week at her latest word.
Anyone seen homemaker or have her email to check on her?
Prayers all,
Culverized MDC

February 09, 2010 - Msg 77644:
oops, hey there PUR!

February 09, 2010 - Msg 77645: Hey Man-Zierre!

Culverized? Well,I guess that's better than being

Pulverized! LOL

PUR (my new streamlined look!)

February 09, 2010 - Msg 77646: Thank you Possum for looking out for me wearing a skirt with dip on it!lol!I haven't had a chance to read all the posts,just skimmed through them.I did catch Boos post about being sick,prayers for you , and about alot of men in underwear in commercials during the superbowl.I had a superbowl party,but,I didn't watch the game.Me and my daughters and some other lady friends played cards ,the kids watched movies ,and the guys watched the game.I did cook,so,I was useful at some point in the day!I'll stop by later-ky girl

February 09, 2010 - Msg 77647: Thanks Possum, I knew about Ro's computer but forgot for some reason. Hope she is up and running soon.

I have a wood burning fireplace, MDC and lot of wood to burn. I just finished setting up the wood in the fireplace to light later this evening. It is really beautiful...will get some pictures to Ro soon.

Hey Ky girl...speaking of superbowl, my pastor-friend Mark was over watching the game and we were waiting for "The Who" to perform during half-time. I said, "Well, I certainly hope there are no 'wardrobe malfunctions' with these old guys. That could really be gross". Funny thing was that all during the performance, the lead guitar (sorry you rock fans but I forgot his name) kept exposing his little pot belly when he played. Any-hoo...Roger Daltry sure got old and looked like something out of the Brady Bunch. At least he can still sing, I guess.


February 09, 2010 - Msg 77648:
Whew, boo, not so sure that they can still sing! ha
During the whole show I kept thinking, man these guys are OLD! Then I thought, hey I'M old! ha
One more thing, all the big anti-hype about the tim tebow commercial, and it was great.
What was the big anti-Focus all about?
I guess just that, anti-Focus on the family.
BTW boo, I hope you told them this year that what
happens at retreat STAYS at retreat! ha
God bless and keep and out of the snow!

February 09, 2010 - Msg 77649: FREE SNOW-- YOU HAUL ~ New Neighbor

February 09, 2010 - Msg 77650: haha!MDC,I like that ,what happens at retreat stays at retreat!Well,we are getting a few more inches of snow.What is a few more inches on top of the 18 we already have?!lol!Talk to you all later-ky girl

February 09, 2010 - Msg 77651: Hi All.
Boy this is going to be a lone night from now to thursday monr we will be gitting rain and snow and some winde.
I know win springtime come there will be more clearup in me yare.


February 09, 2010 - Msg 77652:
Hello porch family

Boo....I'm sure you are enjoying that fire place now with that cold weather.

Missing Ro.....hurry back!

MDC.....I think the anti's were against anything Tebow would have done because of his Christian stand. Period! Now they are saying that it was too violent......can you believe these people?

Spot....where you at bro?

Everyone have a great night's rest. Jesus loves you!
Love and prayers

February 10, 2010 - Msg 77653:
Ha Rev. So slamming Betty White and Abe Pagoda
to the ground was fine, but not Mrs Tebow!?
We know they were all fake anyways!
Shows that they are also fakes.
Well, take it easy all.
Prayers abound,

February 10, 2010 - Msg 77654: Morning all.

Rev, MDC, I agree. The Tebow commercial was so tame after all the hype the opposition gave it. It was almost funny really. I am glad there are people like the Tebows willing to take a stand on what they believe, in spite of all the opposition out there.

Thanks for those YOUTUBE links PH. I don't get what motivates this Kennedy guy to be selling his soul like this.

Me They, N.N. just think how big and strong your arms are gonna be after all this snow heaving is over. Y'all gonna look like popeye.

Maude, I hope your recovery is still going well. Did you get your staples removed?

Hey Tom, hope you are staying dry and warm buddy. Spring can't get here soon enough for me either.

So Boo, you prefer clean unerwear to a whim? Come on, live a little. :)

Ky girl, how's your Mom doing? Better I hope.

Well better go see what the day has in store for me.


February 10, 2010 - Msg 77655: Oh, BTW. A heart wrenching story from my end of the porch.
Last friday a family in a nearby town hired a pest control company to deal with a mouse problem in their home. The company tech. buried some rodent poison outside around the perimeter of the home. Well that night some of the family memebers started feeling ill. By the next day they took their 4 year old to the Doctor, who put her in the hospital. She died that night from heart failure. Then the 15 month old sister was admitted yesterday, and she passed away last night. It would appear that the pellets used by the exterminator created a phosphorus gas, that somehow leached into the home through the foundation. Very sad story. I just share it so folks will be careful with something that seems so simple.
Please keep the Toone family in your prayers as they have lost two sweet precious girls this weekend.

February 10, 2010 - Msg 77656:
Prayers indeed!mdc

February 10, 2010 - Msg 77657: I mispoke. Not a phosphorus gas but rather a phosphine gas.


February 10, 2010 - Msg 77658: Our prayers are with that dear family.
Still shoveling--no change that. Not shoveling until this stops!!! Help, we have 24 more inches and it's still snowing!
Oh well, wasn't planning on going anywhere anyway. ~New Neighbor

February 10, 2010 - Msg 77659: Hi All.
Just a snow day ;-(.


Give me strength, oh precious Lord;
Uplift my soul today.
My heart is full of sadness, Lord,
And painful is the way.

Give me strength, oh precious Lord;
Come fill my life with hope.
Bestow on me Thy gentle faith,
And elp me, Lord, to cope.

Give me strength, oh precious Lord,
My life I give to Thee.
Hold me, dear Master,in Thy hand,
And set my spirit free!



February 10, 2010 - Msg 77660: That is so very tragic, Asa. Prayers for that family. I'll bet that exterminator is feeling pretty devastated, too. Such an accident is so unthinkable.


February 10, 2010 - Msg 77661: Yea,N.N..we got more too,along with the freezing rain.Couldn't get to work today.Asa,thank you for asking about my mom,and thanks to all of you for praying for her.I'm thankful to say,she is doing better.She is up and around more,and eating and feeling better.Our God is awesome!Tom ,beautiful poem.So sorry to hear about that family ASA,you just never know with poisons what kind of effect they can have.Prayers going up indeed.Yep,I miss Ro's posts,hope she gets a new computer soon!-ky girl

February 10, 2010 - Msg 77662: Hey y'all- That is just terrible,Asa. Prayers for that family,and yes,the exterminator too. So,so sad!
The wind is whipping like crazy outside of my rock,but at least we're not in the middle of a blizzard like Me-They and the Mid-Atlantic Porchsters.

That's great news concerning your mom,ky girl!

Late lunch at the Diner- I heard that the Special is something concealed under a heavy sauce. We'll just have to take our chances!

possum under a rock

February 10, 2010 - Msg 77663: hello to everyone. prayers for all in need. here on the central porch we are having so much fun-- 14 inches of snow on the ground.question: how many snow cones can i make out of two blocks of snow? in nortern illinois they had an 3.8 earthquake about 40 miles west of chicago. see how much fun we are having? ha. have a great valentines day sunday and a happy chineese new years sunday. pappa bear

February 10, 2010 - Msg 77664:
funny pappabear, because at the fair this summer you will put precious money down for a cool snow cone! ha
Ya all keep warm.
(And for your information, it's raining here today!) ha

February 10, 2010 - Msg 77665: Live from blowing snow, drifting driveway Indiana - we ended up with about 12 inches of snow and there has been no school or work for my hubby for the last two days. We are currently under a level 2 snow emergency which means essential travel only. Last nite, we were under a level 3 - which means no one should be out unless you are the abonmible snowman. I appreciate the APBs out for me - it is nice to missed. I think it is only my meatballs that you miss but I did get some stored away so there is plenty for everyone. We are expecting some baby goats soon - so we need to be able to travel by Friday. Girl Scout cookies come in on Friday too - I have an extra box to share - you have to beat the boys to them.

Jess has been down the last three weeks with whooping cough. We finally have him over the worst of it. He got one day back to school before the big snow storm.

Big news at my hubby's work is that he is training a new guy named - Mr. Wylie! He said the first thing that went through his mind was = How do you do Mr. Wy - - - -lie!!!

I am so sorry for the family with that had their house exterminated. Who would have thought. How very very sad.

I'll try to be better at getting here - got a little addicted to farmville on facebook. Please accept my apoogies!! And thanks for keeping my rocker dusted off!


February 10, 2010 - Msg 77666: Hey there HM .
Iseeb you on favebook and you have no wall to right on or I will keep you up dree here.
I was going to called you if you did not come on.


February 10, 2010 - Msg 77667: Thanks for taking care of me Tom - I always need a friend like you to take care of me!!!


February 10, 2010 - Msg 77668: you welcome hm

February 10, 2010 - Msg 77669: Gosh gang im still here!...been busy here at the dog house...I go back to work tomorrow at 7am so I promise I will catch up...got left over beef stew...GOOD..carry some for lunch...hey Rev,Ro,MDC,Possum,TOM,hazel and ll....ok will check in before bed....SPOT

February 10, 2010 - Msg 77670:
Hello porch family.....no snow here but cold and windy.

Asa...that is so sad. My prayers are with that family.

Spot.....good to see ya brother.

HM.....good to see ya back in your rocker too.

Everyone stay warm and remember to share God's love with someone.

Love and prayers for all the porch family!

February 11, 2010 - Msg 77671: Well the Chicago area finally got some significant snow. And combined with the wind, we had some knee high snow drifts.
Plowing through those drifts with an under-powered push blower was difficult. And on top of that, it conked out for me approximately 30 times. So my arm is sore from pulling the start cord multiple times for each start. And after doing my property plus the neighbors on either side of me, I was exhausted.

Asa, that was a horrible news story you related about the accidental pest control poisoning. I am very interested to learn how the toxic effects of the poison entered into the house.
I would be afraid to use powerful chemicals to solve a rodent problem. The strongest chemical I own is bug spray. For any larger pest, I would use traps.

pappabear, tremors from the northeastern Illinois earthquake were supposedly felt up to 100 miles away, but I didn't feel anything (maybe because I was asleep).

from Poor Horatio

February 11, 2010 - Msg 77672: I'm with you, PH, I wouldn't use poisons for rodents, either. This story is just a terrible example of how dangerous these chemicals really are. When we had rats in our attic years ago, we used cage traps. In my first house, we had a big field behind the house, with a drainage ditch and rats would come up to the house and get into the attic somehow. It was a nightmare. One died up there once in the summer and I had to move out for a week until it was found and disposed of. Horrible!

It's still pretty cold here but no snow to deal with. We haven't seen much of the sun for days, though. I have been enjoying the cool weather because I know summer will be here before long.

I have been watching the color eps of TAGS on TVLAnd this week and have actually been kind of enjoying them. Yesterday Sean told me, "I have a special place in my heart for TAGS but I just never liked it after Barney left".

Well, lots to do today. Laundry is getting piled up but it sure is alot easier to do now that I have a laundry room inside (finally). :-)

I will be back later during my coffee break or something. Are we going somewhere for lunch? Wonder if Maude is up to going to Olive Garden or something...


February 11, 2010 - Msg 77673: Thanks for all the prayers for the Toone family everyone. They are people of faith, and are doing remarkably well. The funerals will be Saturday'

PH, To answer your question it would seem, at this point in the investigation anyway, that the technician who applied the product may have used to much (that's still being looked at) and definatly buried it to close to the house. The poison manufactuer states no closer than 15 feet to and building occupied by humans. Some of this was done within 3 fet of a garage and 7 feet of the house. The thinking is this product, when it gets wet will form the phosphine gas. They figure because to much was used, and placed to close to the home, some of this gas entered in from a crack in the foundation wall. Although the family has requested that no charges be filed, authorities are considering doing so anyway. Just a heart breaking story if any of you have seen the pictures of these two sweet little innocent angels. I can provide a link to the local media story if anyonr is interested.

Good to have you back Homemaker. I love you in spite of your meatballs, not because of them. :)