February 27, 2010 - Msg 77970: Yep,coming at you right from my "rock", Ro! All the time,every time.

possum again

February 27, 2010 - Msg 77971: Even spot's tail don't get the corners like I do! Thought we could use some tidying up!

possum u.a. r.

February 27, 2010 - Msg 77972: Hey, who's been messin' up the bulletin board?
- Hazel

February 27, 2010 - Msg 77973: Hazel, where ya been? We miss you.

Ro, thanks for that warning concerning the hawk. I was thinking about that today. I know some of the birds around here are protected so shooting it is probably not an option. Life has been interesting with the new dog! For one thing, the poor thing is, how should I say it...not the brightest crayon in the box. Of course she has been raised in a cage and has not been exposed to much so she has alot to learn. I don't want to call her stupid but she is pretty "blonde". We decided that Gracie didn't reallu suit her and changed her name to "Barbara Jean", after the hilarious, not so bright, blonde in the sitcom "Reba". If you watch Reba you will know who I am talking about and its a perfect name for her. The dog doesn't seem to know the difference between yard and concrete and will often squat right in the middle of the driveway (I don't get it). She got up on the porch and couldn't figure out how to go back down the same steps she had come up and instead tried to push her big self through the porch spindles. I was trying to pull up the driveway and she just stood in front of the car. I drove slowly closer...she stood there....closer...closer..still stood there...finally moved enough for me to get by. Today when we left to run an errand, she followed us out to the gate and after we left, she got out somehow and when we got back home, no Barbara Jean. I went out driving and looking for her but couldn't find her. Then a caring neighbor brought her home in the back of his truck. He said he found her running up the street toward the highway. I guess I will have to pin her up or tie her when we leave until she gets used to being here. I hate to do that but I don't want her to end up dead on the highway. It's like I told the kids, pups are a big responsibility and alot of work, especially at first, but if you give the time and attention, and are willing to work with them and be patient, it is worth it. She is already doing much better today and she will have a companion soon.

Better get my shower and get ready for bed. Preachin' tomorrow! :-)


February 27, 2010 - Msg 77974: Ro, I admire those who have pets (large and small) in their homes but I just can't seem to do it. We have Tigger in the house, but I don't think I could have a large dog in the house. I just cant's stand the smell. When we were looking at some of the animal shelters in the area, most were very clean but as we walked along looking at the dogs, I just got so sick at my stomach I was gagging. Everyone else said it wasn't so bad, but the smell of the dogs had me really sick. I have always been that way my whole life and when i was growing up at home, mom always had a dog in the house, some were big smelly dogs and I would shut myself in my bedroom. I just couldn't stand it. The dogs were bathed but it didn't matter, an hour after a bath, I could still smell them. I guess I just have an over sensitive sense of smell or something. Even when Gizzy was living with us, i would bath him often but his smell still bothered me and he was a chihuahua.


February 28, 2010 - Msg 77975:
Thelma Lou: But barney, Andy's gonna talk to the HAWK. (:

February 28, 2010 - Msg 77976: My apologies for popping into the porch unannounced, but I have been following (I think you guys call it lurking) since I stumbled across this site the first of the year. I have gotten many chuckles from the conversations. Ro, you seem to be the mother of the hens (and roosters). I have admired your way of looking at things from all angles. That shows signs of a good leader. I have never posted on this forum before, have only watched from afar, but something or some force has made me feel the need to put my advice in at this time and only hope it is accepted as true sincere neighborly advice. Otherwise, please just overlook my ramblings.

Like I said earlier, I have been a lurker. I don't really know any of you very well (only what Ive read and thanks for the laughs). I have noticed some hurt in posts here lately and wanted to offer up my advice. Hopefully it is welcomed.

I'm a 62 year old woman that has seen her fair share of family problems. With 4 sisters and 2 brothers it's been one thing after another. Years have passed when some of my siblings go without even a simple phone call because something has caused frustration in the family unit. Life is too short for such nonsense. I hate to single any one person out, but Possum under a rock you seem to be at a crossroads with your family and that is not a fun place to be. When I first began reading the porch chatter, you seemed to have a good relationship with your siblings. I believe you have one that you spoke highly of for stepping in helping with your parents. There is usually one in every family that is, I believe you called it , the golden child. In my family it was my youngest brother. Is your golden child the youngest? I'm not sure if there is something to do with the placement of the child in the family lineup or just coincidence. After reading what your mother is capable of, I think you described her as a spiteful woman trying to "get back" at those that hurt her and didn't you say she cut you out of her life once? Well, I have been there too through the years and that is no picnic. The feeling of lost of family is an awful place to be. By what I gather both you and your sister have been there for your mother (not certain about another sibling). What I am not understanding is how did this helping sibling go from golden child to doing these terrible things she is now doing. There must have been some kind of love for your mother from her. My brother (our golden child) did a lot for so many of us in our family. We never gave him credit that he deserved, realizing that after we had turned our backs on him foolishly not knowing what he was going through personally. We later found out that he was dying of cancer & boy did that put things into a new light. What I am saying is - Please look deep before jumping to conclusions. Sometimes in life we get angry with those we love yet we really don't know the reasons that led us to that point. Didn't you say your sister was seeking medical help? Maybe there is something you do not know. I just wish you and your family luck. Please don't allow yourself to follow the road I did and one day realize it is to late to reverse the damage. My brother died a loner. It was so unfortunate since he came from such a large, loving family.

I hope I have not overstepped. Just felt compelled to tell my story. If my brother's death can help restore someone's family then I think that was God's purpose in taking him from us. Good luck to you and all the other porch people. May God always bless you & your families.

February 28, 2010 - Msg 77977: Bonnie, I am sorry for the loss of your brother and appreciate your concern & prayers. However,I have decided to no longer comment about my family issues here. I will e-mail my Porch friends privately if I feel the need to vent or ask for advice.
God Bless you too.

possum under a rock

February 28, 2010 - Msg 77978: Nip it in the Bud!

I think we need to follow Hazel's lead ( Hey to Hazel!) and get back to TAGS. Perhaps a quote-a -thon is due?

" All God's chillen got a uvula!"

possum again

February 28, 2010 - Msg 77979: Well Golly: Morning Porch Family:
What a blessed Sabbath day! The sun is shining, the birds are singing...NOT!!! The snow is falling (again) and the wind is starting to stir... come on spring, mamma needs some warmth.
Going to church to get the warmth of the SON there! Check in later. Love you guys. ~New Neighbor

Hey- Where's my manners? Welcome Bonnie. Pull up a chair and rock a while.

February 28, 2010 - Msg 77980: Very sad concerning your brother, Bonnie. There is certainly a lesson there.

You can email me anytime, Possum. :-)

Mornin' NN. I have to go get ready for preachin' too but wanted to check in. Looks like we are going to have a beautiful, sunny day here...wish I could send you some.


February 28, 2010 - Msg 77981:
Hey Folks

We had a about a foot-and-half of snow the last couple of days, not bad at all. However, we have about 3 feet on the roof and it is getting heavy. Haven't seen the yard since last December but I'm pretty sure it's still there.

Bonnie-Welcome, good to have another Porcher. Thanks for sharing your story but I very seldom (maybe never have)comment on others personal issues. I've prayed for possum and all the others that share here but I've truly tried not to comment on family matters, which is strange. Because, I think, over all, my commenting on other issues has cleared the Porch, and chased others away, on more than one occasion. I'm working on that.

Boo-We have some very large hawks around here but I've never heard a story like that.


February 28, 2010 - Msg 77982: Good afternoon, porch! Bonnie, you are very welcome here. Thank you for your heartfelt comments, I'm sure Possum appreciated your concern. Your counsel was sound, and I know will be well-taken. Sometimes when you see someone else walking a path that you've also walked, it's just natural to warn them about the pitfalls. As for responding, I think Possum's decision to keep the situation offline is a good one.

Cloudy and breezy here today, 57 degrees and gray skies, a bit gloomy. I've been struggling with this computer, trying to rebuild some of the things I lost, and I'm about tired of it. I think I'll head for my big chair in a minute, and watch some TAGS DVDs. That should brighten my day!

auh2o, trust me - those hawks can do some incredible things. Some years ago, my daughter was living on some country acreage, and had chickens and peafowl. She had three beautiful blue peac0cks and one white one, and several peahens. One of the peahens was a regular pet. Blind in one eye from an injury when she was a chick, but she managed. She was my daughter's favorite and followed her around like a dog. Well, a hawk moved into the area. I don't know what kind, but it was pretty big, bigger than a redtail hawk. It nested nearby and raised one chick to adulthood. That's when the problems began. Apparently, mama hawk was teaching the young one to hunt, and my daughter's chickens became the target. Now I realize that predators have to eat, but with the abundance of mice, rats, smaller birds and such around there, why the chickens? Because they were dumb and slow, that's why. And here's the clincher. They wouldn't eat them! They would swoop down, grab one in their talons, bite the back of its neck to paralyze it and stop it from flapping, then drop it to the ground and fly away, because a five or six pound hen is too heavy for them to carry all the way back to their nest. They took seven of my daughter's hens, and she was pretty upset about that, especially when she usually had to go out and finish off the poor hen, which wasn't killed outright, just paralyzed. However, one day mama hawk made a big mistake. She grabbed my daughter's little half-blind peahen, her pet. Bit her and dropped her, half-paralyzed and flopping around, right in the middle of the back yard. The hawk flew off and lit in the top of a dead tree about a hundred yards away. My daughter marched into the house, got a rifle, went back outside, sighted on the hawk and blew the thing out of the tree. Illegal, but she had had enough. Then she had to finish off her little pet peahen. Apparently the juvenile hawk got the message and left for parts unknown, because he/she was never seen again.

So yes, hawks can do some outrageous things. One nearly flew into my windshield up on the highway one afternoon, while chasing a smaller bird. The smaller birds are very aware of them, too. We have been troubled with pigeons, starlings and grackles around the hospital. They roost on the rafters in the parking garage and the floor gets pretty nasty, not to mention the cars. They roost in the trees beside the entrances to the building - same problem. The problem has been solved, however. Administration had recordings of the shrill cries of a hawk installed on the roof of the building, and they're played every evening. You can hear them a block away, and there are now very, very few birds roosting around the hospital campus.

Well, guess I'll head for that chair. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

February 28, 2010 - Msg 77983: Hey gang what a race today race fans...Jimmy is on a roll....hey possum,Ro,Rev,Mavis,hazel....ok work at 6 am in the morning "Yawn"...Asa lets take this bunch to cracker barrell in the morning...yall better get up early!...prayers ..SPOT

February 28, 2010 - Msg 77984:
Hello porch family. Just got home from my weekend concert tour up in NC. It was great and had great crowds. Thanks for your prayers!

Welcome Bonnie.....so good to have you with us here on the porch. Hope you decide to join us often. Some wonderful folks here. What part of the porch are you rocking from? I'm from SC....when I'm not traveling around the country:)

Spot......yep, Jimmie is picking up where he left off last year. Didn't get to see the race but caught the highlights when I got in tonight.

I am very tired so think I'll hit the ironing board early. You all have a good night and remember Jesus loves you!
Love and prayers

March 01, 2010 - Msg 77985:
Andy: Miss Peggy, if the two of us hold on tight to one'nother, maybe that hawk wont carry us off!

Hey all, I think today I watched the best TV hockey game ever, and almost commercial-free and fight-free too.
Too bad we lost, but h-e double hockey sticks, Canada invented the game, so I guess i'll let them have this one!
Night everyone! Prayers,

March 01, 2010 - Msg 77986: Good morning everyone. That is quite a story about the hawks, Ro. Late afternoon yesterday, one of the hawks swooped down pretty close to Sean. Crazy things. Oh, well, better just get used to them, I guess. I never planned on getting any chickens so I might not have any further problems with them and that darned cat is getting too fat for a hawk to carry.

I don't like to ask prayers for myself but I would like to ask you to please pray that I get rid of these headaches I ahave been having for weeks now. They feel like migraines, usually on side of the head or the other and sometimes I feel them in the back of my neck like tension headaches. I have a long history of headaches, sometimes every day for weeks at a time but I am jsut having a tougher time this time because I can't take medicine because of my stomach troubles. You moms know how it is...you just keep on going and doing even when you don't feel like it. My blood pressure has been a little elevated so maybe that could be making them worse, i don't know. Thanks for the prayers!

Better get Erin ready for school. Be back later!


March 01, 2010 - Msg 77987: Prayers,Boo. I still say we need to take our girl's trip to Jamaica! Try to relax- bet a lot of it is coming from stress & tension. Love you,girl.

Ok, well, Boo's not cooking breakfast,so let's go to the diner & let Olive wait on us. Rev,ya got a quarter for the tip? See y'all there!

possum under a rock

March 01, 2010 - Msg 77988: Good Monday morning porch, hope everyone is doing okay today.

Back to work this week, working way back to full time within the next couple weeks. Feeling good overall, still struggling with this incison issue.

Welcome to Bonnie, good to have you.

Possum, I am ready for that trip to Jamaica! let me know when we are leaving!

Lunch menu will be: Grilled cheese sandwhiches, tomato soup, pickles, chips, little debbie cakes.

everyone have a blessed day. Prayers all around.

Big Maude

March 01, 2010 - Msg 77989: Thanks, Possum! You are probably right.

Morning Maude. I forgot to mention that I hope all goes well with the incision. Prayers for you. :-)


March 01, 2010 - Msg 77990: Boo,prayers for your headaches,yep,I know what you mean,I've had many tension headaches and they are miserable.I will pray for you.Email me sometime-ky girl

March 01, 2010 - Msg 77991: Thanks kygirl. :-)


March 01, 2010 - Msg 77992:
Boo- just wondering, have you ever had an MRI to make sure there isnt a growth in there that may be causing the headaches? Just a thought. may be worth checking out, but indeed my prayers are with you!!
have a good day all, and welcome bonnie, aka Ed sawyer! ha

March 01, 2010 - Msg 77993: Good morning, porch! Drizzly, cold and nasty here today. A good day to stay in. Maudie, those grilled cheese sandwiches sound great - it's just that kind of a day. The tomato soup is a winner, too. Comfort food!

Boo, I'm sorry about those headaches. I remember a period of about three years, when I was about your age. I had headaches every day, some of them so miserable they just stopped me in my tracks. I could usually bring them down to a tolerable level by taking two Advil (with food) and some Pepsi or some cola drink. That wouldn't help much, so two hours later I would take two Tylenol ES, again with a cola and a few crackers. That second round usually worked, but if it didn't, I'd repeat the Advil in another two hours, and that would almost always knock it out. The Tylenol alone wouldn't work, it had to be combined with the first dose of Advil. The real key seemed to be the cola drink though, because without it, nothing worked. I'm sure coffee would have done the same thing, but I don't drink coffee, can't stand the taste. I know your concerns about the Advil, but usually if you take it with a fair amount of gun-wadding in your stomach, it's harmless. I wouldn't do it every day, but now and then should be fine.

The good news is, one day I realized I hadn't had a headache in a couple of weeks, and that stretched into months, and then years. I really can't remember the last time I had a headache. They just seemed to run their course, and went away. Hormones, maybe? Or the lack thereof??

Another thing - a few years after those headaches left, I began having bouts of a stiff neck and shoulder, and it would sometimes extend up into the side of my head. It wasn't really a headache, I could tell it was originating in my neck, but it sure did hurt. I put up with that for several years, and then about seven or eight years ago I realized my mattress was 35 years old, and worn out! I replaced it with a Tempur-Pedic bed, and the very first night I could tell the difference. No stiff neck the next day, and none since. I love that bed!

Well, guess I'll go get a few chores done. Got to work tonight, so a nap will be in order this afternoon. I sure do have a good day for it! I love a nap on a rainy day! Be blessed, friends! --Romeena

P.S. homemaker, please send me an email so I can get your current address. Since the crash, all I have is your old one. In fact, anyone who has changed your email address since November of 2008, please send me the new one. My backup was that old, but I'm thankful I at least had that! Once burned, lesson learned!

March 01, 2010 - Msg 77994: Yes, I have had these same types of headaches in the past. They would come on (seemed to be hormone related) for about 2 weeks and then would go. I think that they probably are hormone related since there has been some changes in my cycle the past two months. Guess I could check with my gyn if it continues. I know that what you are saying really works. I have often used a combination of tylenol/advil along with some type of caffiene and it works wonders but the older I get the more touchy my stomach is, even if I take meds on a full stomach. Today has been pretty good. You know, something else I am considering is my eyes. My eyesight is getting old along with the rest of me and that could be part of it, too. Seems that when I look at certain things or read for long, my head hurts. I have an appointment to see the eye doc for a check up this week. Also, I have been sleeping on the same pillow for years and am wondering if I need to move on. I have tried others but can't seem to find one I like as well as the old one. It may be time to try again, though. I do sense alot of tension in my neck, shoulders and even my jaw muscles often ache, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised by headaches.

Better go..time to get Erin from school.


March 01, 2010 - Msg 77995: Maudie, you're welcome to head to Jamaica with us! We're waiting on kygirl to finish up with her studies, then the 4 of us will make our getaway plans,ok?! And we've gotta make sure Boo is feeling ok-we can't have headaches in Jamaica. Boo, if you're getting hormone -related headaches, I feel for you. I used to get those one-sided (felt like it was behind one eye) headaches at certain times. Nothing but time would make them go away-I tried just about everything- over the counter meds, caffeine, rest.Had one last for 3 days straight once & had to run a Payless Shoe Store all by myself- the lone employee! Praying yours ease up. Oh,you ain't preggers,are ya? Maybe that's got something to do with your headaches! Ha! It's about time to get that rumor going again- LOL!

Hey MDC -where are you hiding all the other fellers?

Let's go to Spot's doghouse tonight and have him grill some of his famous "rusty " burgers!

possum under a rock

March 01, 2010 - Msg 77996: No Possum, I'm NOT pregnant but someone told me you might be. ;-)


March 01, 2010 - Msg 77997: Well, you all just run off to Spot'sdoghouse and have burgers tonight, see if I care! I'll be working. (sniff)Somebody has to pay the bills!

It has rained all day, never really heavy, just a slow drizzle. That's the best kind, of course. No runoff, it just soaks in. Wish I had known it was going to do that. I ran the sprinkler through five of the twelve zones yesterday. I hate that I wasted all that water, especially since it will count against me all year on the sewer and garbage pickup part of my water bill. Oh well. I'm still well below last year's usage, so should have somewhat lower bills for the rest of the year.

Well, gotta hit the shower. Have a great evening, everyone. I'll work tonight, then am off until Thursday night. Be blessed. --Romeena

March 01, 2010 - Msg 77998:
I'm not pregnant either! teehee

March 01, 2010 - Msg 77999:
Possum, Can't speak for the other fellas.
Maybe their all over at Walker's Drugs showing off their big muscles and flashy eyes, etc! haha

March 01, 2010 - Msg 78000:
Hello porch family.....Rain coming in tomorrow with a little chance of some white stuff. Maybe a dusting but that's it.

MDC.....I'm surely not "with child" either:)

Ro.....hope you have a easy night at work tonight.

Boo....prayers that you are feeling better.

Possum....I'll be at Spot's place for the burgers. Sounds good. Just in case he's not there do you know where he keeps the charcoal?

Well me and Jake are about to have a "fight" on the floor. He's pawing me wanting me to get on the floor with him to fight. He's a trip:)

Love and prayers!

March 01, 2010 - Msg 78001: Thank you for those prayers, today was a much better day. No headache and not as tired today. I tried to take it easy and only did three loads of laundry and went to the store. I bought one of those rotisserie chickens so i didn't have to cook besides putting in some rolls and boiling some ears of corn.

I have Emily tomorrow so it will be a busy morning. That little tike will make a mess for sure.

See you all later,

March 01, 2010 - Msg 78002: Nah, it ain't me,Boo! And we can rule out Rev & MDC - y'all are a mess, you know that?! LOL

Must be Myra Koontz from the lingerie shop!

I need to take my time & read each post very carefully- I thought REV meant that him & spot were gonna get into a fight on the floor- ha! Well, it COULD happen.. especially if Spot gets into that jug of mulberry squeezins!

Glad you're feeling better,Boo!

Goodnight,Mayberry- love to all ♥

possum again

March 01, 2010 - Msg 78003: Possum got left over rusty burgers for yall lunch tomorrow!"BOO PREG?...oh my I do need to read!..hey possum,Rev< Romeena dont work to hard tonight...hey MDC,hazel...reading back so who besides BOO is Preg?...Maude lunch was great....ok I think I need go go read...got to buy porch newborn baby clothes I Guess....but let me tell yall I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH all this camotion.....;)SPOT

March 01, 2010 - Msg 78004:
Well just dropping by to say "good night" to all the porch family. Sleep good and give Jesus a big ole hug! HE sure loves you!

Love and prayers!

March 01, 2010 - Msg 78005: Thank you all for the warm welcome. I should have chimmed in a long time ago instead of being shy & lurking. Can certainly feel the great southern hospitality coming from you nice group of folks. I apologize for not responding sooner since I did post. My job keeps me jumping around quite a bit and I don't get settled in too long of a spell before I'm off hoping to another town on business. Thank the good Lord that I get to keep my feet planted in the south. Not quite Mayberry, but yes, I too am in South Carolina. From what I have picked up on there seems to be several Carolina (North & South) and some Georgia if I'm not mistaken.
Possum, I respect your desicion to remain behind the scenes with your personal information. Hope I didn't offend you by putting my two cents in. Just been there darlin. It ain't an easy place to be. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Cannot be an easy thing for any of you.

To all other porchsters, thank you again for the warm welcome. I was hesitant regarding sharing my personal story but felt that sometimes good things can come out of bad situations. If telling how my ignorance towards my brother (not to mention the ignorance of most of our family towards my brother prior to his death) can help someone in a bad place realize how precious time is, well I guess I have done the work the Lord has placed upon me. Again, I hope I did not offend anyone. Nice of you all to give me such a warm welcome. God Bless and Protect you all!

March 02, 2010 - Msg 78006: Good morning, Bonnie. I am on the Texas gulf coast, Corpus Christi area. We have a few Texans here on the porch. I was born and grew up here so I guess I am here to stay, although, I would prefer to live north of here, Colorado, for instance. Love it there. You know how it is, though, family comes first and all of ours is here in this area. With parents getting older and needing more help, this is the place to stay right now. My husband has a job here, too, which is a big reason to stay these days! ;-) You mentioned your job; what do you do, if you don't mind sharing. Tell us more about yourself...kids? married? pets?..anything you would like to share. I guess from reading the posts you know that I am married to Bruce and have 2 children, Sean 14 and Erin 8. I am a retired-by-choice RN and now a stay at home mom. I homeschool my son who has Tourette's syndrome and a few other issues, I attend a Baptist Church, volunteer at a local drug rehab for teens where I teach a bible study on Monday evenings and I have 2 elderly parents who need help and attention, so I stay fairly busy. Guess those are the highlights.

Well, Erin woke up with a bad cough and a fever so she is staying home today. Think I will kick back and relax for a few minutes before "Emily the Toddler" shows up! Emily's grandfather calls her "Sweevil" because she says she is both sweet and evil at once. ;-) I swear she sounds like Big Maude when she talks. She has a deep, gravely voice already!

Better git!

Relax, SPOT. We are all too old to be pregnant...no offense Possum.


March 02, 2010 - Msg 78007: I mean, "Emily's grandfather calls her sweevil because HE says...", not "SHE says"... hehe


March 02, 2010 - Msg 78008:
Morning Folks

It's a bit warmer here today, about 30...ish. But, it feels damp.

Romeena & Boo-Those hawk posts are something else. We've had a bit of interesting news on this end of the Porch, animal-wise. There is some quite compelling evidence that a few mountain lions have wondered into the area. A bit disconcerting.

Bonnie-Glad to see ya stopped back. I guess, I'm the big mouth Yankee on the Porch. I live in Western New York (the Great Lakes side). I'm married and have two girls who are as smart and beautiful as their mother which, of course, leaves me defenseless.


March 02, 2010 - Msg 78009: Good morning, everyone. Just got home from work, thank the good Lord. It was a very easy night, actually, got pretty busy for the last hour, but still got off on time.

Bonnie, put your mind at rest and don't worry about whether anyone took offense. No one did, I can assure you. Your words were kind, and obviously carefully chosen. You offered gentle counsel and I promise you, it was well taken. Our little Possum doesn't offend easily - in fact, I don't think anybody on the porch does. You're welcome here, and we're glad to have you.

To introduce myself - I'm probably about the oldest, if not THE oldest porchster, at age 70. I'm an RN, still working (NOT by choice!) but I only work two nights a week, twelve hour shifts. Believe me, two nights a week can roll around right often! I have four children (all adults, obviously) and ten grandchildren, ages 2 1/2 through 30. I live in Irving, a suburb of Dallas, have been here since 1973. Born and grew up in the countryside around San Antonio, so have pretty much been a Texan all my life. Two brief stints living in Missouri, but always came back home. I was widowed in 1996, so at home now, it's just me and my totally spoiled little Maltese dog, Toye Starr. Please don't tell her I called her a dog, because it would offend her terribly. Almost all of the porchsters have pets, mostly dogs, but there are others. Good people and animals just seem to go together, don't you think?

Well, I'm beat to the socks, think I'll tuck in for a little nap, then get up and enjoy the rest of the day. It's as beautiful today as it was dreary yesterday, and I'm loving it! It's chilly, at 39 degrees, but there's no wind, it's dry and sunny and should warm up nicely. A few days like this, and the iris buds will begin to rise up among the "swords" and soon I'll have iris blooms everywhere, the pretty things. The already-sprouting roses that Joe whacked almost to the ground are still in a snit, and haven't decided to try again, at least not just yet, but they will, and they'll be all the prettier for the pruning. My pansies suffered a bit in the snow and ice, but they're perking up. Snapdragons are bushy and full, and setting buds. Should be lovely in a couple of weeks.

Well, once again - I'm off to find that nap. See you folks later. --Romeena

March 02, 2010 - Msg 78010: Hey there, auh2o, quit callin' yourself names! Next thing you'll be hollerin' at yourself in the looking-glass, and putting your hat on backwards! As for the gender wars in your household, I heard a great summary the other day, and I guess it's pretty much true. It's this: "Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should just relax and get used to the idea." Ha!

G'night! --Romeena

March 02, 2010 - Msg 78011: Hi All.
Boo send me some more warm weather you are having! hehe
Can not waite for the warmweather this weekend we will be in the high of 40 to 50 by exte Monday.
I just fine out about one of my brother had ben beating himself up inside everycents our mom pass away. So say a little prayer for him ( RICHEARD).

When life becomes a burden,
And nothing seems worthwhile.
I ask the Lord to help me
To walk the extra mile.
No problems are too great for Him,
No worries are too small.
He never turns away from me,
He always solves them all.
His helping hands are outstretched
To guide me on my way
And make my life more beautiful
With the dawning of each day.


March 02, 2010 - Msg 78012: Good Tuesday porch. snowing today on my end of the porch, not much accumulation just a dreary cold day.

please pray for our four legged Belle today. She is having some surgery to remove a cyst from her front let. It is only been there for a few weeks but looks red and irritated. the vet said it is not a wart, not sure what it is but needs to come off.My husband took her at 8:30am and we pick her up by 4:30pm unless directed other wise. Pray that all goes well. Thanks

Lunch menu will be: chicken with crusts, SLAW,
potato wedges. brownie pudding for dessert. tea, kool aid to drink!

better get to work. have a blessed day.

Big Maude

March 02, 2010 - Msg 78013: Thank you for the poem, TOM..very encouraging. I wish I could send you some warmer weather. It is windy and in the 40's right now but I think it will warm up nicely today.

Prayers for little Belle. Let us know how it goes, Maude.

Ro, I meant to ask you, was it Heather that shot the hawk?

Ro, I forgot that you had turned 70...well, you know they say that today's 70 is yesterday's 40. I do wish you could retire, though. I know you sometimes have post surgical patients who need help moving about and I know it must be difficult for you at times. The truth is, though, that you will probably do better than most because you are still working and very active. You have had some really tough physical setbacks over the years but you are still going strong. You are one tough cookie and a wonderful mentor to us porch women. :-)


March 02, 2010 - Msg 78014:
Speaking of birth pangs...I have been praying for the people of Chile. my oh my, Lord be with us.
Boo-Highlights? If I had that many highlights, I think I'd be in the looney bin! (: I dont know how you do it!
TOM- Richard is indeed in my prayers! You bet.
R)- my wife and i sometimes go to a little club where a band plays 50s music (no, not the tigercats! ha) but anyway, it is funny to see the "oldtimers" (like what? I'm not one? ha) dancing to "Shake, Rattle and Roll" or other such songs. But, we're as young as we feel, and young at heart, so why be glum, eh?!
Bonnie, I'm in Phx, AZ and
Spring Baseball is underway here!! Woohoo!!!
Prayers for all!
MDC (that's for Mr Darlin's Cuz)

March 02, 2010 - Msg 78015:
"R" should have been RO

March 02, 2010 - Msg 78016: Hey y'all! Bonnie, you're as welcome on the Porch as any of us are & like Ro said already on my behalf- no offense taken. By the way, what part of SC are you from? I live near Charleston.

Speaking of "offense" -Boo, I take NO offense about not being preggers! LOL

Tom, Richard will be in my prayers.And thank you for the poem.

Maude, let us know how things go with Belle. Prayers,friend.

LOL at Ro's message to auh2o!! Love that saying!

Boo, I second what you said about Ro- our Mother Figure. Yes, a wonderful mentor indeed.
Oh, and I hope that Erin feels better.

VICKS! Somebody HAD to say it!

Y'all take care now.

possum under a rock

March 02, 2010 - Msg 78017:

Ro- Hey! I resemble that remake!


March 02, 2010 - Msg 78018: Oh MDC, you would be able to do it, too. The Lord would help you. :-) I forgot to add hawk-watching and puppy patrol to my list. I cleaned up alot of poo these last few days. ;-)

Forgot to say prayers for Richard.

Got your email Possum. Speaking of VICKS, I thought of you all last night. Erin had a bad cold and before bed I rubbed VICKS on her feet and put some warm socks on her. She slept well all night. Gotta love VICKS.


March 02, 2010 - Msg 78019: Hey Y'all!
How's everyone's end of the porch this Tuesday? It's Snowing here in the Georgia end! Fabulous isn't it, Spot? With trowing up a bit more North it is so nice to see it for the 3rd time this winter! Woo Hoo! I wonder if all of my exclamation points will ignite the censor thing.

Welcome Bonnie, glad you can visit with us. I hope we make you feel right at home.
Boo- I get those stinking hormonal headaches every so often myself. Caffeine and Tylenol does the trick for me as well, Ro.
Maude- Keep us up to date.
Auh20- You're funny about your yard. I'm sure you'll see it eventually.
Tom- Nice poem, as usual.
MDC- That sounds like such fun! The Mr. and I went to a club/bar about a month ago and we were like, okay, I'm glad this part of our lives are over!
Ro- I thought about you and your love of critters today as I have been watching the squirrels jump from tree to tree in the snow. So cute, so Tasha Tudor!
Rev- Thanks for the reminder friend. I know Jesus loves us, but sometimes when things are rough, being sinners and all, you tend to wonder where Jesus is hiding. It's good to be reminded.
Where's Me-They, Poor Horatio, and AFD?
I finally finished the child support paperwork and figures, now to fold the laundry before the children come home.

"When a man carries a gun all the time, the respect he thinks he's getting might really be fear. So I don't carry a gun because I don't want the people of Mayberry to fear a gun. I'd rather they respect me."


March 02, 2010 - Msg 78020: By the way, I think it's sad so many have left such as Mrs. Wiley. I really enjoyed her posts. Anyhoo.

March 02, 2010 - Msg 78021: Hello porch family. Snowing and sleeting here in SC. Hope it doesn't do much!

Maude...prayers for your little doggy.

Tom.....thanks for the poem. You're special to us buddy. You always have the RIGHT poem for the RIGHT time.

MDC....I'm ready for baseball season. What are they saying about your DiamondBacks this year?

Ro....hope you got some rest. I'm sure Starr is glad to have you home.

Hey Lucy.....good to see ya. Your snow has moved into my part of the porch.

Well gotta go for now. I'll try and get back by here a little later.

Love and prayers!

March 02, 2010 - Msg 78022: No snow in this part of SC, Rev. Just cold drizzly rain.

Just wanted to send some love to the Porch- ♥ ♥ ♥

possum under a rock

March 02, 2010 - Msg 78023: Hi Lucy, great to hear from you. You know I was thinking, I guess Jesus never hides from us, but we can sure try to hide from him sometimes. It reminds me of those prarie dogs that stand real straight like sticks, thinking they can't be seen. So funny.

Well, I ended up having to take erin to the doctor this afternoon. She was really sick and had a fever of 101.3. I thought I had better take her because she seemed to get really sick very quickly. The doctor tested her for flu and said it was negative but when she listened to her chest, she said she could already hear that she had congestion in her lungs so she said she didn't trust the test and put her on Tamiflu and an antibiotic. Poor baby really feels terrible. If you don't hear from me for a couple of days, you can assume that I have the same crud she has I guess.

Better get off this thing. Talk to you all later. Snow in SC and Georgia?! I'm jealous.


March 02, 2010 - Msg 78024: Good afternoon, porch. I got that nap, and feel - what was it my dad used to say? Oh yeah - "I feel a lot more like I do now than I did a while ago." He would say that around a group of people, and about five minutes later somebody would look puzzled and ask "What was that you just said??" Too funny!

You people flatter me, with all that "mentor" talk and such. I appreciate it, but the truth is old, I'm just older, and have a lot more mileage on me than most of you.

Boo, it was Robbi who shot the hawk. She's like me, she doesn't like to hurt anything and tries to give even predators room to be what God made them to be, but when that hateful bird took her little pet peahen, that did it. Goodbye, hawk!

On Sunday evening, I cooked a pork tenderloin roast, and it was so good. I didn't do traditional roast and gravy. Instead I salted and peppered the roast, put it in a shallow pan and baked it at 400 for about an hour and a half, until it was almost done. This wasn't one of those skinny little tenderloins, about the thickness of your wrist - this was a hefty roast, about three inches thick and five inches wide. Anyway, when it was almost done, I cut a slit down the middle of it, about 1 1/2" deep, and made t-bars across the ends of the slit. That let me sort of pull the two sides back, making a shallow trench down the middle. Into that I spooned a can of cherry pie filling! Of course it ran over and spilled down the sides, but that's okay. I just stirred the runoff into the pan drippings. I baked it all about another half hour at 300. Don't let the cherries burn! I made some garlic-seasoned rice, and served the cherry/pork with the rice and it was wonderful! Got just enough left over in there for supper. Yum!

Again on the subject of cooking - my daughter sent me a link to a Youtube thing with Dawn Wells (Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island) and she shows you a wonderful way to peel boiled potatoes. Just go to Youtube and search for Dawn Wells Irish Potato, and you'll find it.

Well, Toye Starr is asking for attention. Guess I'd better go throw some toys for her, the sweet little old thing. Love that puppy! --Romeena

March 02, 2010 - Msg 78025:
Rev - in a word...rebuilding. But, we've been 'rebuilding' for the last 9 years!! ha
LUCy- good to see you. Prayers that Jesus will
be there for you in your time of need.
RO- I wonder if she learnt that from the professor! haha TATERS!! (:
Game hens for us for dinner tonight. Just sprinkle with pepper, put in the showtime and set it and forget it. Steamed veges on top!!
RO- Yours sounds like pure gala! Did ya light candles too? MMMM
Prayers for all missing porchsters!

March 02, 2010 - Msg 78026: You people are making me hungry. I had to settle for tuna sandwiches for supper. It was NOT "pure gala".

Erin is doing lots better already. I gave her some Advil and now she is up playing and watching movies.


March 02, 2010 - Msg 78027:
Hello porch family.

Boo....so glad Erin is doing better.

And I agree with Boo....ya'll are making me hungry. Guess I'll have to wait for breakfast now. Where we gonna meet? Let me know and I'll get there early to save us a table.

Have a blessed night and sleep good.
God is so good....all the time!
Love and prayers

March 02, 2010 - Msg 78028: I'm glad Erin is feeling better, Boo. Just watch her though, sometimes that flu can seem like it is going away but then comes right back. Not trying to scare you, just saying to not let her get too rambunctious yet. But you probably already knew that, being the good mom you are.

Mary Ann giving cooking tips?! I'm there, Ro! :) That seems just like the sort of thing she would be doing.

-Sterling Holobyte

March 03, 2010 - Msg 78029: Hey, all. Just passin' by, heading for the ironing board. It's early for me, but I'm tired, and tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Will be mousing around with Eloise part of the day, lunch and all, then Eloise and Jerry, and Dave and Brittney and the boys are coming over for dinner. I'll probably fry either steak or pork chops, and make milk gravy and noodles, and maybe some biscuits. Personally, I prefer mashed potatoes to noodles, but David loves noodles, so he shall have them. By the way, I diced up some of that pork roast, added it to the leftover rice and stirred in some of the cherry stuff and heated it in the micro. Goo-oood! Now I've got enough for another similar meal, but am out of rice. No problem, I'll cook more. Then there will be about enough roast left for a good sandwich. Let's see - $9 roast, four meals out of it - not a bad deal.

Boo, I'm glad Erin is feeling better. I just hate it when little kids are sick. They just wilt, and are so pitiful. Then about the time you're really getting worried, they bounce up like rubber balls, and all is forgotten.

They remind me of hydrangeas. You know how they can wilt down and you think they're nearly dead, until you water them and in an hour, they're perfect again. I remember once when Heather came up from Fredericksburg for Mother's Day, and brought me a beautiful hydrangea plant. It wilted terribly during the car trip, and she was literally in tears when she carried it in the house. I just sat it in the sink and poured tepid water in the pot until the soil was well soaked. It perked right up immediately and was just gorgeous. She was one happy gal!

Well - having chased that rabbit clear out of town, I think I'll go to bed. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

March 03, 2010 - Msg 78030:
Floyd: Every head a walking testimony."

RO, I saw that the Progressive Insur-ance Lady wants YOU in a commercial with her! Go to
Really, but also haha, cute!
Sterling- good to see ya. How goes things?
Nite everone!

March 03, 2010 - Msg 78031: Hello to everyone on the porch.It's snowing here in NC tonight. Hopefully it won't get too bad.

Boo, hope Erin recovers quickly.

possum...I hope you and Laci are doing well.

MDC...The 50's music club sounds like fun! Those songs are classics!

Hope you all can join me at Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

Prayers for all the porch family.

C Darlin'

March 03, 2010 - Msg 78032: Morning porch, just stopping by for a minute to update you on our four legged family member. Belle did fine with her surgery yesterday and seems to be doing well. They shaved about a 3-4 4 inch place around her leg and removed the cyst. She has about 5 or so stitches and will have them removed next week. She is moving around fine, eating well etc. They sent the cyst off for biopsy (sp) so we should hear something in a few days about that. Will let you know when we hear something. thanks for your prayers and concerns.

C. Darlin' see you at Cracker Barrel.

Have a blessed day everyone.

Big Maude

March 03, 2010 - Msg 78033: Thanks! Erin seems to be fever-free at this point but she was up twice last night crying and talking about seeing things like, "shapes coming out of the walls towards her". It really scared her. She didn't seem to have a fever at that point so I don't know if was a reaction to some of the meds I gave her or what. There have been several times when she was sick in the past when she would wake up in the night, crying and afraid but couldn't explain why. I guess the same thing was probably happening then. Last evening she had xithromax, tamiflu, and I gave her a dose of advil right before bed. Strange. Anyway, I didn't get enough sleep and the darned cat jumped on my bed early to wake me up, as usual. Maybe I can catch a nap later.

No headache this morning, but head feeling kinda fuzzy...hard to explain...I feel sort of like a "cotton-headed ninny muggins" (you "Elf" fans will understand that one). ;-)

SPOT, are you watching American Idol this season? I have caught it a couple of times and it is boring me. I was hoping Ellen Degeneres would add some humor to it but she is playing it pretty straight (no pun intended). Anyways, I am not really a fan of the show anymore. I have a feeling it is on it's way out, especially with this being Simon's last season.

Better go...I'll be back to jaw later.

MDC, I LOVE that quote by Floyd! That's so funny.


March 03, 2010 - Msg 78034: Oh hey Maude. Thanks for the update on little Belle. I was thinking about her when i was in the dr's office yesterday. They had wallpaper with pictures of Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" on it and I said a little prayer for her (and you). Hope all continues to go well.


March 03, 2010 - Msg 78035:
C Darlin'--yes it it, especially to see gray-haired folks trying to dance to "Great Balls o Fire" by jerry lee lewis! ha But they also do slow tunes like "Earth Angel", "taers on My Pillow, 16 Candles,etc. Ha, i sound like a commercial!
Well, ope you all have a great day. Prayers!