March 08, 2010 - Msg 78109:
Hello porch family. glad that you're feeling so good now. God is so good to us!

Spot.....I've got local dates coming up for the next couple weeks so I get to be home a good bit for a little while. I try and schedule it that way each year because it gives me more time to work in the studio. missed a good race. A couple tempers were flairing up but it was a good race.

possum.....pray your dentist visit goes well tomorrow.

I ask you to pray for my mom. She tripped over a vine yesterday and broke her wrist. Now they have to go in and put some pins in. She sees the surgeon tomorrow and they will decide when they will do it. She has a hard cast on it now.

Well you folks have a great night's sleep.
My love and prayers are with you all.

March 08, 2010 - Msg 78110: Good sweep - Rev but you missed the dust bunnies under my rocker. . .


March 09, 2010 - Msg 78111:
I thought that was "dust kids" under your rocker HM! ha (:

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78112: Hey, HM, are you sure those aren't real bunnies? I thought I saw one of them move!

REV, I'm sorry about your mom's fall and broken wrist. Bless her heart, she must be about my age, or close anyway. She didn't need a broken wrist. Prayers for her, indeed.

Boo, you're right, my dad was a patient man, but he always felt that he was not. He did have a quick temper, as I do, but he tried hard to keep it in check. Still, it would flare, he would explode and it would be over quickly, and then he'd be very sorry and wish it hadn't happened. Again, just like me. My mom knew exactly how to handle him. He'd flare up and go off ranting about something, and she'd just stand and look at him, with a patient, weary expression. He'd notice her, and just gradually wind down, and finally start laughing at himself. They were a sight, those two. Married for 63 years when my mom passed, and still were deeply in love.

Speaking of long marriages, today Dale and I would have been married 52 years, if he had lived. It's been a bit of a blue day for me, but really not so bad. Toye Starr has kept me laughing, bless her little elfin self. I've finally reached the point where I can just be grateful for the 38 years I had with him. Some don't get that much, and for some the years they do have are not happy ones. I count my blessings.

Boo, I'd like to have that cranberry chicken recipe. I loooove cranberries, in just about any form, and they're a natural with poultry, so it just has to be good. Just email it to me, if you will.

Did I tell you all about the live webcam site, where you can watch the little hummingbird on her nest, as she lays her eggs and raises her little broods? It's fascinating! Go to: The larger view that opens up is live, and right now it's dark, or course. It's located in California, so lightens a little later than it does where most of us are, but you get the idea. There are smaller thumbnails below the bigger view. Click on them and just follow the hints you'll find on the site. Tonight I watched Phoebe (the mama bird) lay her second egg, which took place in January, I think. Those clips of big events are kept available, but it's also fun just to watch the live cam during the day. It's a great way to just relax and unwind.

Well, guess I'll head for the ironing board. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78113: Mornin' y'all! Well,well,the dawg is back! It's about time-ha!

Rev,prayers for your Mama. Hope she manages alright with that wrist.

Yep,it's the dentist today.Thanks for the prayers,Rev. I think I'll come thru it okay.Just aking sure to steer clear of the one Spot went to- pulled all his teeth & he still hasn't got his new choppers yet!

Ok,I'll leave ya alone Spot- it's just that you're so much fun to pick at- LOL

Y'all have a good day & I'll try not to holler too much in a few hours!

possum under a rock

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78114: That's 'making' sure

possum again

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78115: ASA....where are you?!! Check in, please.

Prayers for your mother, REV. May all go as smoothly as possible and may she heal quickly.

I don't really have an official recipe for the chicken, Ro but its really simple. You can use any kind of chicken pieces, with or without skin, whatever you prefer. I use skinless, boneless breasts but use what you like. Put them in a baking pan and mix together a can of jellied cranberry sauce (with or without whole cranberries), a pkg of Lipton beefy onion soup mix, and about 1/4 cup of brown sugar in a bowl. I microwave it all for a few minutes so I can spread it over the chicken. Pour it over the chicken in the pan and bake it uncovered as long as it takes to cook the chicken. I ususally give it a little extra time to be sure a nice thick gravy gathers in the pan. I expect that if you use dark meat, it might be thinner, more fatty but it is probably good anyway.

Ro, I understand about your dad. Bruce doesn't flare up in anger, he kind of simmers but it is unpleasant. It doesn't last long, though and he never holds a grudge....except this one time that I am sure I told you all about.. Pretty funny story that happened when we were newly married and I was pregnant with Sean. Bruce was acting aloof one day and seemed to be upset about something and I had no idea what. Finally that evening I asked him what was wrong and he said, "You know what you did to me". Huh?..I had no clue so I told him that and he had better tell me what he was upset about. He said, "Last night, when you shot the finger at me. Why did you do that?!"....once again, "huh?"...I had no clue again. He said, "You got out of bed last night stood at the foot of the bed and gave me the middle finger, then you went into the living room and sat in the recliner". I did all of that in my sleep and had no recollection of it! Of course, it was funny after that.

Ro, it is comforting to hear you say that now you can be grateful for the 38 years you had with Dale. How fruitful those 38 years were and how much a part of you Dale still is. One day you will never have to part again. :-)

Good luck at the dentist, Possum....speaking of, wonder if SPOT got his new "choppers" yet?

Better get Erin up and going.


March 09, 2010 - Msg 78116: Ro, thanks for sharing the hummingbird site. How neat! Forgot to mention that I am staring to grow my flowers, finally. I wanted to plant some sunflowers out by the barn, so I started them inside and will transplant them in the next few days. How fun it was to see those little green plants start to poke up through the soil. They are growing FAST. I guess I had better tranplant them soon. I read something in a book once that sounded like fun. You draw out a square on the ground (about 6 by 6') and plant your sunflowers around the square, leaving an opening for a doorway and as the sunflowers grow, they make the walls of a sunflower house for kids to play in. I think it's a cute idea, might do it.


March 09, 2010 - Msg 78117:
Morning porch family.

Thanks for the prayers for my mom. I'm sure she'll go through it fine. She's strong.

Ro....Thanks for sharing this special day with your porch family. You and Dale's marriage is a treasure to hold.
Also Ro you mentioned about my moms age....she will be 71 on the 17th of this month.

You all have a great Jesus filled day!

My love and prayers are with each of you!

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78118: Hey Folks I have not posted for some years. However, I called myself Blonde from a bottle. It is good to see most of you are still here and blessed. Pray for me! lots of love
Blonde from a bottle.

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78119: Good morning, porch! Boy, do I feel better today! The sky is clear as a bell, sun is bright, so many birds are singing that occasionally I can hear them in this closed-up house, and the backyard is full! There are three squirrels, and I couldn't begin to count the birds, but they've found the feeders I filled last night and there's a little birdie convention out there. Such fun! It's still too chilly out there to open windows, but soon.....

Boo, that chicken sounds wonderful, and I'll be making it soon. Since I do love dark meat, I may have to put a few thighs in there as well. You didn't mention it, but do you brown the chicken pieces a little first? I would think a quick browning in a little butter or olive oil would give a nice flavor.

That sunflower house sounds like a great idea! Kids would enjoy it for sure, and as a matter of fact, I think it would be fun to put a comfy lawn chair in the enclosure, and take a book and a big glass of tea into that colorful little retreat!

REV, your mom is about four months older than I am. I'll be 71 on July 24. Please tell her for me that I'm sorry she hurt herself, and I'll be praying for her recovery. We old gals have to stick together!

Well, Eloise just called, she wants to go poke around in some shops and go to lunch somewhere. Sounds like a perfect thing to do on a perfect sunny day. Later, taters! --Romeena

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78120: Well, hello there, Blonde from a bottle! Loooong time no see! Please don't just hit-and-run, so to speak. Move back to Mayberry and stick around. It's nice when folks come back home. --Romeena

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78121: Me again. I checked out Phoebe the hummingbird, and the webcam view is great today. Bright sunshine where she is, a gentle breeze (the rose cane her nest is attached to is swaying a little) and little Phoebe is all settled down over her eggs. The note from the site owner says the eggs should hatch about March 14-15. That will be worth watching! Anyway, if you want to watch Phoebe for a while, go to the link in @78112. It should work. Beautiful little bird. The chat in the right sidebar is interesting, too. I learned that a hummingbird is a "colibri" in Spanish. Didn't know that, but now I do. Little Phoebe is so pretty, and so patient. Check it out - it's a great way to unwind. --Romeena

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78122: Good grief. That was supposed to be "the link in #78112", meaning the message of that number, of course. Stiff old fingers! --Romeena

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78123: Y'all wanna know what "torture" is?? Driving all the way to the dentist (35 miles) and the dentist isn't even there today! So... I go back in the morning.

Who asked about Spot's choppers? I can answer for him-he is still chopper-less. He goes back soon,I believe.He just e-mailed me about an upcoming visit. I think Spot's about to the point to make himself a set of wooden teeth,like ol' George Washington had!

I will have to check out the hummingbirds,Ro. Thanks!

Y'all have a good day!

possum again

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78124: Good afternoon, porch. Eloise and I had lunch at P.F. Chang's, in Grapevine - a really great place for Chinese food. Huge portions - I now have my supper in a little box, just waiting for tonight.

Boo, I believe I'd make a point of calling that dentist before going over there, and when they answer, just chirp brightly "just wanted to make sure you were there today!" Ha!

Homemaker, and Ky Girl, would you mind emailing me, so I can get your address? I had it, but had acquired it after my backup was made, so it was lost in the computer crash. The addresses I have apparently are old, because the Mailer Demon keeps sending things back to me. Thanks!

Well, I need a nap, and Toye Starr has been asking for one for about twenty minutes now. Every day at 3 p.m. is our nap time, and she doesn't let me forget. So, away I go. Gotta love that puppy! --Romeena

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78125: You know what, Romeena? That is exactly what that cranberry dish needs. I never even thought about that but it would make is so much better. By all means, brown the chicken first. I will do it that way next time.

Yep, i think I might just make a sunflower house with my sunflowers. :-)

Hey, that doesn't sound like torture to me, sounds like RELIEF! ;-) I asked about SPOT's teeth...thanks for the update. That is a LONG time to do without your teeth!

Well, I could call the dentist for Possum, RO, but it might be better if she calls him herself...teehee... ;-)

Hello to Blonde From a Bottle. I remember you! Come back again soon.

Well, got the chicken casserole done, baked a cake, cleaned up, changed sheets, cleaned floors, took care of Emily, and now will collapse! Cousins should be here anytime now.


March 09, 2010 - Msg 78126: Boo, you reckon Ro and MDC have been in the mulberry squeezins lately? MDC moved me to NORTH Carolina & Ro's got you phoning MY dentist! LOL

possum again

P.S. Boo, it's not relief,because I have to spend a whole other night thinking about that dentist's drill! It could've been all over by now.

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78127:
BTW, what happened ro ALBERT? Come on down! And sterling, asa, auh20 and others.
Possum, well, you could have had Gomer drive you to the dentist, and got barney's shorts in a bunch! ha
Boo, if my wife did that to me, she would be sleeping on the recliner for a good looong time! ha Just kidding. How's rehab night going these days?
Ya all have a good evening,

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78128:
OOPs, did i say NORTH Carolina? What was I thinking, how about having my "ham and eggs in plain ole Carolina!!" haha

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78129:
Hello porch family.

It has been so nice, warm and sunny here today. Rain comes in tomorrow for a few days.

Ro....I passed your message on to my mom. They did the pre-op today and she'll have the surgery Thursday.
Thanks everyone for your prayers.

Blonde from a bottle.....good to have you here again. Sure do hope you'll pull up your ole rocker and join in often.

Spot....I know you're ready to get those teeth all fixed up. Hopefully it won't be long brother.

Possum....praying things work out a little better for you tomorrow at the dentist.

Well let me get busy finishing some phone calls.
Love and prayers!

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78130: Sorry Possum, wish the dentist was done and over with for you.

You know what I was thinking? Remember how we used to do this little quizzes or share memories? I looked back at the archives when we are asking things like: "If you could spend an evening with any 5 people alive or dead, who would they be?"...that was fun. We should try something like that again. How about favorite memories of Easter, since that is almost upon us? What are some of your family traditions surrounding Easter or maybe childhood memories and so on...


March 09, 2010 - Msg 78131: I will tell you this one thing...back when i was in elementary school and we had egg hunts, they didn't have all these plastic eggs like they use now. You colored boiled eggs and hunted those and I HATED boiled eggs (still do). I always gave all of mine away...usually to a boy named Roger Leech, as i recall (he loved 'em). I did find the golden egg one year and got a bunny sucker as a prize (2nd grade).


March 09, 2010 - Msg 78132: My stars! What was I thinking? I agree, it's probably better if each person calls their own dentist. Besides, Boo, you've got enough to do without taking on that responsibility as well. I'm sure Possum is quite capable of calling her own dentist. Again, what was I thinking? Must have been tired!

Easter memories, huh? Oh my, yes. My cousins and I used to go out in the pasture and gather grass to make nests for the Easter eggs. The yard was mowed, so offered slim pickings. We'd go into the pasture where the grass was long, soft and a beautiful dark green. We'd gather big piles of it, then take it back to the yard and fashion it into little round nests, all over the yard. Of course, that perverse bunny wouldn't just fill our nests, he'd leave eggs in all sorts of places, and we'd have to hunt them up. A favorite trick was to put a few into the nest boxes, under the hens. I don't know what the rooster thought about those bright colored eggs, but the hens seemed to like them and would peck the daylights out of us as we tried to get them. Hens can be hateful, did you know that?

Then after finding the eggs, we'd get all dressed up in our new Easter clothes (usually a frilly, scratchy organdy dress for me, which I hated) and my cousins in "sissy" suits and too-stiff shoes, and off to church we'd go. We could hardly wait to get home and out of those clothes. We'd wolf down the carefully-prepared Easter dinner, and bolt outdoors with our baskets of eggs, where we'd hide them from each other over and over, and over again. By the end of the day, they were cracked and dirty, and some had suffered ant attacks, but we would brush them off, remove whatever shell might still be clinging, and eat them. I loved boiled eggs, still do, and I know it's my imagination, but an Easter egg tastes better than a plain old boiled egg any day. Makes no sense, but it's true. I still decorate Easter eggs every year.

Well, guess I'll go heat up my leftover Chinese, rewind the last two eps of TAGS that TVLand just ran, and watch them while I eat. I love technology! Be blessed, all. --Romeena

March 09, 2010 - Msg 78133:
Easter memories......Always had to get a haircut and wear new clothes which I hated. Got some candy and hunted "real" boiled eggs. Of course when we were dying them I always had to take the last egg and dip it in all the colors to make a "special" egg. It was always the ugliest one of all but it was special to me:)

And Ro I agree.....Easter eggs do taste better and we also still dye eggs every year.

Great memories!

Love and prayers

March 10, 2010 - Msg 78134: Oh my! REV, I also remember dipping the last egg in all the colors, and you're right - it always turned out the color of mud. Ug--ly! But still I did it, and so did my kids! By the way, do you dye white or brown eggs? I do both. I buy cage-free brown eggs all year for cooking, but at Easter I buy white ones as well (still cage-free). I used to have a source for double-yolk eggs, which are a lot of fun when boiled, but can't find them anymore. You get a whole different spectrum of colors from the brown eggs, with the same dyes. The white ones give pretty pastel colors, and the brown ones turn out with rich, jewel-tone colors. Fun! I usually dye about five or six dozen eggs. We make some up into deviled eggs for Easter dinner, and then I carry them to work, have them for lunch, chop them into potato salad or tuna salad, and generally get very creative for about the next week. The local grandsons like them, so they help me eat them up. Wow! It's almost that time, isn't it? Guess it's time to get all my little Easter decorations out and put them around the house. I love this time of year - such a happy time! --Romeena

March 10, 2010 - Msg 78135: Well, gonna try for the dentist again this morning,and I'll phone 'em myself before I go,Ro!

Yeah,I did the ugly Easter Egg too! Remember those little wax crayons that came with the dye kis? They were the sorriest crayons ever- couldn't write or draw with them! I can smell the vinegar & see those little colored tablets fizzing in the cups right now!

Ok, y'all hold down the Porch while I'm holding down the dentist's chair- catch ya later,I hope!

possum under a rock

March 10, 2010 - Msg 78136: That's KITS,not kis.

possum again

March 10, 2010 - Msg 78137:
Hey Folks

It has been so sunny here the last few days and in the 50's, dropping into the 20's at night but very, very, nice.

MDC-I here, been lurking a bit myself but I'm here.

REV- On my start-up page I have a Bible verse of the day and today's made me think of you and your kind, thoughtful, and instructional posts. Thanks for those BTW.

1 Peter 3:15

“But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,”


March 10, 2010 - Msg 78138: Hey Rev..yea to the tooth doc next tue...hope he will turn me loose for my teeth!...hey auh20,Boo,Ro,Possum,asa,Lucy we are getting the rain aint we well back to work the phone is raining...Spot

March 10, 2010 - Msg 78139:
Hello porch family...rainy day here in SC.

auh2o.....AMEN...I love that verse. I pray that I can live up to it and "always be prepared", but yet when I do stumble, my sweet JESUS will pick me up, dust me off so that I can continue on with HIS call.

Ro.....we use the white free-range eggs also. We've never bought the brown eggs. And like you, we made devil eggs out of a lot of them. We also like to make egg salad. Good stuff!

Possum.....yep I've used the wax pencils to make all kinds of markings.

You all have a great day and stay close to Jesus...because He's always in the right place:)

Love and prayers!

March 10, 2010 - Msg 78140: Howdy, porch! It's beautiful here today, at least at this moment. Half an hour ago, it was raining buckets. Now the sky is clear, the sun is shining, and everything is so clean and fresh! The walkways are still wet, and steaming a little. Lovely!

My pansies, which looked so pitiful last week, apparently were just waiting for a chance, because they're coming on strong now. I have hyacinths blooming - did you ever see a golden hyacinth? I've got one! There are little clumps of daffodils nodding their little sunshiny heads everywhere. I declare, I don't remember planting all of those! I think I've had help from Mr. Bushytail. I know they move my bulbs at times. I know daggone well I didn't plant a red and white striped tulip right in the middle of my rose island. One tulip? No way. However, I guess I should be grateful he moved it, and didn't eat it.

REV, ditto to what auh2o said. You're a treasure, and I don't know what this porch would do without you. I hereby nominate REV as the official chaplain of the porch.

Spot, I'm glad you're getting your choppers soon. Life can be difficult for a toothless hound dog, I'm sure! I don't suppose you'd have much use for a ham bone right now, would you?

Well, time for some lunch, and then a nap, since I have to work tonight. If you all get bored in the middle of the night, come on by the hospital and bring me something tasty to eat. Our cafeteria is closed at night, and we either brown-bag it or buy a stale sandwich out of a machine. I usually just take some fruit and nuts or some such, and make it through with that.

Gosh, the view out this window is pretty. The grass is emerald green, such a vibrant color. Just sets those cheery flower colors off so nicely. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

March 10, 2010 - Msg 78141: Supper menu: baked whole chicken,rice,greenbeans,maude slaw,Boo tea,brown gravy,rolls,green onions...ready at 6:30 est..SPOT

March 10, 2010 - Msg 78142:
Spot....praying that you get things rolling next Tuesday brother at the dentist.

March 10, 2010 - Msg 78143: are such a sweety!

March 10, 2010 - Msg 78144: Hey there, REV. Didn't see you when I was posting. Yep, I've used free-range eggs for years. They used to be hard to find, but it's getting easier. I guess I use brown eggs because that's what I grew up with. We had white ones too, because most of our hens were White Leghorns, but my grandma favored the brown ones and always made sure she had some Rhode Island Red hens. She would bake with the white eggs, but for frying and scrambling, she used the brown ones. She said they had a richer flavor, and at least in my imagination, they do.

I love deviled eggs, but have never been a big fan of egg salad. Hated it as a child. Maybe I should try it again, I might like it. Just about everything I thought I didn't like when I was a kid is now on my list of favorites. Prime example is guacamole, or anything having to do with avocados. When I was a child, I thought anyone who would eat one of those nasty green, slick-tasting things just had to be insane. Now I love them. I wouldn't touch a bell pepper, regardless of color, nor would I eat a salad that had at any time contained a small piece of a pepper. Now, I'll buy colorful peppers and slice them up and use them for dippers with a good sour cream dip, or better yet, a spinach dip. Had a plate of peppers and spinach dip for dinner one night last week! Funny how our tastes change. Yep, I guess I'll try some egg salad. I'll wait until Easter, because there will be plenty of eggs to experiment with then.

OK, this time I'm really gone. --Romeena

March 10, 2010 - Msg 78145:
Hey to all, just a quick Eliz Crowley fly by!
Call your congressperson! Stop the craziness.

March 10, 2010 - Msg 78146: Arrggh! I turned on the TV in the living room this afternoon, and nothing happened. It made the little "deedle-deedle" sound, but no picture. Nada. Just black. Turned it off and back on, same thing. No picture, just a little green light blinking where "Lamp" is stamped on the control panel. So I called Best Buy (where I bought it, um, seven years ago) looking for someone to come out and fix it, and got nowhere. The idiot girl I was talking to said it sounded like the lamp was burned out, (really?) and did I have a new one to replace it? Noooo, I didn't. Well, she would order me one, and I could pick it up in about three days, and then the Geek guy would come out and install it for me. I'm supposed to go buy a $250 lamp, bring it home on the admittedly reasonable chance that the lamp was indeed the problem, and then the guy would come out. If the lamp wasn't the problem, too bad, I just bought myself a fancy light bulb, because they're not returnable. Scream. She was snotty and hateful the whole time, too. So -- I called Mitchell TV Repair (on Ted's recommendation). Hmm. Sounds like the lamp, ma'am, tell you what. I'll send Nick out within the hour and he'll bring a lamp with him. If that fixes it, fine, if not he'll fix whatever the problem is. And that's what happened. Very nice Christian guy showed up, replaced the lamp, TV is working fine and all is well. Oh yes - I wrote a detailed email to the Customer Service department at Best Buy's main office, suggesting that they let the girl keep her job, but offer her some additional training in the art of customer care. Also, I suggested they fine-tune their TV repair procedures. I let them know that the TV was fixed and working within an hour of my conversation with Best Buy. Grrrrr!

And now, with my newly-brightened TV working so nicely, I have to go to work. Haven't told Toye Starr yet, she's going to be a sad puppy. Oh well, gotta pay for the TV repair somehow. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

March 10, 2010 - Msg 78147:
Ro- REV, has my vote for Porch Chaplain.

Rev-That verse really does fit you. A gentle, yet firm, nudge to do the right thing.

MDC-I can't call my Congress-person. He's the one that just got the boot for tickle fighting/groping/horse play, ... yeesh!


March 10, 2010 - Msg 78148:
Hello porch family....well sitting here watching the color TAGS on TVLand.

Thanks're so kind. Is your snow getting away any yet? I think I saw where it's been pretty nice up that way the last few days. I'm sure you're ready to see some "green".

Ro.....sorry you had to deal with the problem at Best Buy but glad you got it all fixed up. Is it a Plasma? Have a good night at work.

MDC....I watched a little bit of the AZ pre-season game today man that weather out there sure looked nice.

I have been so busy latety in the recording studio and on top of that still doing my concert dates that we just haven't had much time. So my wife and I decided this weekend since I have it completely free that we would go up to Pigeon Forge, TN and just chill out together. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon and come back Sunday. It will be really nice. Nothing really planned....just being together.
So I may not get to check in for a couple of days. Just depends on the service where we're at. But if not my thoughts and prayers will be with porch family.
Remember.....Jesus loves you!

March 10, 2010 - Msg 78149: Glad you are going to "chill" for a couple of days, REV. Wise thing to do. :-)

Been busy with the relatives and their two , active, cute-as-can-be little boys (2 and 5). The house is wonderfully chaotic and I am enjoying being with my dear cousin so much. Stayed up way too late last night talking over old times, though. Hope I will have to discipline to turn in early enough tonight but when you haven't seen someone in so many years and you live so far apart, you want to talk about things. John is the son of my mom's only living relative and what a sweet man he is. He is kind of a gentle giant of a guy and such a kind and patient father to the boys.

Well, better get out of here and check on everyone. Talk to you all later!


March 11, 2010 - Msg 78150: Evening Family:
Just stopping by to say Hi and read up on the postings.
Opie is in Mayberry (Mt. Airy, NC) for a few days of touring and getting away from the cold here. He called and said that they were having a good time. ALWAYS!!
Gotta get to the ironingboard. I'm tired. Good night all...~New Neighbor

March 11, 2010 - Msg 78151:
AUh20- Washington-land seems more like Rome everyday! Lord help us. We really need to pray
and, if your congressman hasnt resigned or been booted out, call !

March 11, 2010 - Msg 78152:
): that was me, ole MDC

March 11, 2010 - Msg 78153: hey work teaching today...prayers..SPOT

March 11, 2010 - Msg 78154: Good Thursday morning porch, hope all is well today.

Update on Belle our four legged daugther... took her back to the vet yesterday to have the stitches removed and she did fine. The mass they removed from her leg was some type of non cancerous fibrous cyst. Apparently very common in dogs. The vet said she had removed 3 from 3 different dogs last week. So Miss belle is back to her usual self and we were happy to get the good results!

It is about 50 degrees today, cloudy and rain expected later today with rains moving in from the storms in Arkansas.

Breakfast menu will be: french toast, maple syrup, jelly, bacon, sausage, eggs, fruit. coffee, tea, chocolate or white milk!

better get busy with my day.

Prayers and blessings to all

Big Maude

March 11, 2010 - Msg 78155: Thanks for breakfast,Maude! Glad to hear the good results regarding Belle.

Rev,enjoy the mountains!

Dentist only x-rayed yesterday. Going Monday to have the work done,so keep a good thought-thanks!

See y'all at Big Maude's for breakfast!

possum u.a.r.

March 11, 2010 - Msg 78156: Good morning, porch! Just got home from work, actually had a very decent night, patients were all nice folks, and a pleasure to take care of them. I'm really glad to be home, though. Will eat a bite, then hit the ironing board so I'll be fit to return tonight.

No, REV, the TV isn't plasma, it's a DLP. I didn't realize how old it was, but found out it was bought in 2003. Considering that I was told at the time of purchase that those lamps usually last about 5-6 years, I guess I got my money's worth. I wanted a plasma set when I bought this one, but they were higher than a cat's back at the time, and I couldn't do it. Now they've come down some, and probably will continue to drop, so maybe the next time this one gets sick I'll just replace it with a plasma set. Should have several more years in it, I hope, before that has to be done.

Hooray for Belle! I'm glad she came through her surgery with no bad news. Makes you feel good, doesn't it? Gosh, I was just thinking - Sugarplum would be about fifteen now, if that cancer hadn't hit her. I still miss that little girl. She was something special.

Well, my back is breaking, guess I'd better eat and get to bed. I've got to find a good chiropractor. Four MDs haven't been able to help, so maybe it's time to pursue another avenue. Be blessed, friends! --Romeena

March 11, 2010 - Msg 78157: Hey yall - Ro, I use cage free eggs too, cept mine come Casey's chickens. So they are really really fresh! We have brown, green, and cream colored eggs. We will use those for Easter eggs too.

It is raining here today - we had 70 degree weather yesterday. I really liked that weather.

So glad Belle is doing well - isn't it amazing how much love our fur kids get on the porch. . .

Well - time to get back to work. . . .


March 11, 2010 - Msg 78158: Happy to hear a good report on Belle! I know how you can love those little critters. I don't know if I mentioned that we adopted 2 pups from the pound who were facing euthanasia. They are lab/shepherd with some touches of white. They are litter-mates and a boy and girl. I am having much more fun with them than the kids are, I think. My goodness, how sweet they are. I am especially fond of the boy, Hank. He has a great personality. Well, they both do. Sean and Bruce named the girl "Madea" from the Tyler Perry movies (Diary of a Mad Black Woman, etc.). The name will fit, I think. She is black, fiesty and likes to boss her brother who have seen the Tyler Perry movies will know what I am talking about. :-)

Better scoot...the company is out of the house for the day to go to the aquarium so I am doing some cleaning up while they are out. You know how it is with four kids in the house and two of them under the age of 6.


March 11, 2010 - Msg 78159:
"He buttered her up and shee egged him on!" (:

March 11, 2010 - Msg 78160:
Hey Folks

Rev-It's been real nice here, sunny and in the 40's & 50's for almost a week. We still do have a pretty good snow base. In our backyard it just below 2 feet deep, I'd guess. Our youngest is starting cross-country skiing in gym class tomorrow . But, we our gonna finish the year below the 200 inch mark for the first time in quite awhile.

MDC-My Congressman was Massa. He's the clown that been doing the talk show bit this week. Here's is quote from the Glenn Beck Show, Massa: "Now they're saying I groped a male staffer. "Yeah, I did. Not only did I grope him, I tickled him until he couldn't breathe and four guys jumped on top of me."
That's one of the reason's I don't want the "It Takes A Village" crowd speaking for me.

Boo-I'm gonna make your "Cranberry Chicken" tonight. It sounds good to me.

Hey to spot, Big Maude, possum, Ro, Rev, MDC and HM.


March 11, 2010 - Msg 78161: HAHAHA...that is too funny (and yet sad;) Auh2o~

Hope yout like the cranberry chicken. I think the key is letting cook uncovered long enough that the gravy isn't watery. We are having leftover lasagna tonight. I made it yesterday and it was very, very good.


March 11, 2010 - Msg 78162:
I had been calling my congressman after-hours and leaving a message. Now it always says "mailbox full." So either he is getting an awfully lot of calls or they just left the mailbox full on purpose.
I have a feeling that it's the latter.
Crazy times at Capital High!

March 12, 2010 - Msg 78163:
Sweet dreams all!

March 12, 2010 - Msg 78164: Good morning. Lovely morning here on my end of the porch. sunny and cool with lower humidity. We have been waking up to fog the past few days but its clear now. Beautiful.


March 12, 2010 - Msg 78165: Bad storms headed for ga..possum they may get you too...busy here at work..SPOT

March 12, 2010 - Msg 78166: Lets grill the dog house...SPOT

March 12, 2010 - Msg 78167: Oh, boy,Rusty Burgers again! No wonder we've been going to the dentist,spot!

Yeah,Spotty, I think the storms are gonna hit us later this afternoon.

Hey Boo! Oh, what's the latest on Jubi?

I guess Tom went off looking for Asa. Now he's missing too! Y'all fellers get back home to Mayberry!

See y'all at the GA doghouse later!

possum under a rock

P.S. Happy Birthday, JT (James Taylor)- 62 today!

March 12, 2010 - Msg 78168: The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time
Any fool can do it
There ain't nothing to it
Nobody knows how we got to
The top of the hill
But since we're on our way down
We might as well enjoy the ride

The secret of love is in opening up your heart
It's okay to feel afraid
But don't let that stand in your way
'cause anyone knows that love is the only road
And since we're only here for a while
Might as well show some style
Give us a smile

Isn't it a lovely ride
Sliding down
Gliding down
Try not to try too hard
It's just a lovely ride

Now the thing about time is that time
Isn't really real
It's just your point of view
How does it feel for you
Einstein said he could never understand it all
Planets spinning through space
The smile upon your face
Welcome to the human race

Some kind of lovely ride
I'll be sliding down
I'll be gliding down
Try not to try too hard
It's just a lovely ride

Isn't it a lovely ride
Sliding down
Gliding down
Try not to try too hard
It's just a lovely ride

Now the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time ...

~ James Taylor " Secret O' Life "

March 12, 2010 - Msg 78169:
"You've got a friend"

March 12, 2010 - Msg 78170: Sorry about your tv troubles, Ro.
Those Best Buy guys don't know much. I'm not sure they are even real geeks. ;)

Have you heard of the LCD screen tvs? If you have your tv where there is a lot of sunlight, you may want to consider one of those over a plasma, else it can be hard to see the screen. The picture on an LCD can also be seen better from a side angle, unlike a plasma which can look darker on the sides if you are viewing it from either side of it.
I'm really not an LCD tv salesman, but I was going through these comparisons when we were trying to decide between buying an LCD or plasma.

Boo, you are such a good soul, adopting those little doggies. We have been looking at shelters for dogs as well. The only rule I have is that it has to be the kind of dog that I want. Since I will probably be the one who will end up taking care of it. :)

Sterling Holobyte

March 12, 2010 - Msg 78171: Good afternoon, porch. Goodness, it's beautiful here today. Eddie has been and gone, yard looks marvelous, all green and freshly mowed and trimmed. He does such a good job. He does this huge yard - 176 ft x 66 ft, minus what the house sits on - with all the walkways, flowerbeds, four flower islands and a pond, for $50. That's mowing, edging, blowing the driveway, porch, arbor, patio and walkways clean. If the garage is open, he'll blow the leaves and stuff out of it too. I insist on a mulching mower, which of course is fine with him because he doesn't have to catch and dispose of clippings, but still it's a lot of work for fifty bucks. And he does it with a big smile. You can't beat that!

Sterling, I have heard those objections to plasma, and they influenced my decision to get DLP instead, though I have to admit the high price was the main reason. I've also heard that plasma will "bruise" if struck by something, like a kid's toy or whatever. It will leave a dark spot on the screen that doesn't go away. Light isn't a problem, as that room is in the center of the house, which is basically three rooms wide and three rooms deep, with the living area in the middle. No outside light comes in, at least not directly. You can see outdoors from that room, but you have to look through another room to do it.

I do know the LCD screens. My son has one, and my friend Eloise does too. They're very sharp and clear, and I like them. My choice to go with DLP over LCD was based on some research I did, that indicated that the LCDs, over time, will lose their sharp resolution and may darken a little. When this happens, there's no fix to bring it back to top performance. The DLPs will darken very slightly, but that's about the time the lamp goes out, and it can be replaced, which restores it to like-new function. It did, by the way. The DLPs also offer wide-side view, just like an LCD. It was pretty much a tossup at the time, and they were running a loss-leader discount on the DLPs, so that's what I bought.

Well, my little "spitting fish" at the pond isn't so much spitting as he is drooling, so guess I'd better go see what ails him. He should be spitting water out about four feet, into the middle of that end of the pond, and he's just barely getting it over the side. Pump must be clogging. They do that a lot!

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

March 12, 2010 - Msg 78172: Looks like I will have to look into the DLPs, as I have never heard of them. We have bought two LCD tvs, plus the ones we bought for Kai's school, and I don't think I read about them losing resolution over time. But I hope that is a rarity. If I would've known about the DLPs, I would have included them when I was doing my researching.
You know, you really can get an education on this porch! Thanks, Ro!

Kai and I have been getting some early bike riding in on our tandem bike with this nice weather we have been having. Well, actually it is a tad rainy, but it was pretty dry - just overcast - today.

Tomorrow we head down to Naperville, IL for an Up With People concert, and then Sunday we have my mom's(and my old one) church's St. Patrick's Day carnival which Kai loves to go to and will bring a friend this time, as her cousin can't come up and win all the cakes on the cakewalk as she likes to do. Plus I also have to work Sunday, so I have to try to figure out how I am going to work all this out. Busy weekend though!

-Sterling Holobyte

-Sterling Holobyte

March 12, 2010 - Msg 78173: That extra 'Sterling Holobyte' there was for those of you who like to watch things in stereo. ;)


March 13, 2010 - Msg 78174: Sterling, Napierville was the hometown of an old boyfriend of mine- LOL! And Tommy James (singer of "Crimson & Clover") came from there as well. I told y'all about getting Tommy getting bombed by tomatoes in a parade there after he dissed Napierville on national televison!
Well, the Italians (in laws) are coming to visit,so I'd better scoot. Y'all have a great weekend!
possum under a rock

March 13, 2010 - Msg 78175: Good morning, porch! It's so beautiful here today! I'm heading over to John's garden center, to get a flat of petunias. It's still a little early, but I just want to ramp up the color out there a tad. The pansies are trying, but they're not very robust for some reason, and I want to boost their impact. One flat of 6-pack size petunias will do it. They're small, lots of them in a flat, and in a week or so they'll be blooming beautifully. That is if it doesn't freeze again, which it could. Until the wily old mesquite trees leaf out, anything can happen. If it freezes, all I've lost is one flat of petunias. After I'm sure it's safe, I'll put in about eight more, and a bunch of impatiens along the back fence.

Honestly, the nerve of some people! There is a tree growing right on the property line between my house and my neighbor's. I even had to have a little "side-step" put in the fence when it was built to accommodate the tree. It's a mulberry, makes a big mess, but the birds love it. Also, it shades that side of my sunroom, so I love it. However, it was dragging on my neighbor's roof, and I think she was concerned about the fence, so unbeknownst to me, she arranged to have it cut down. First thing I knew, this morning I heard all this racket out there, and thumping around on my roof! I went to investigate, and found a guy standing on my roof, chainsaw in hand. whacking away at the tree. He wasn't tying anything off, and one limb had already hit my gutter and put a big crimp in it. I told him I would have appreciated being asked for permission to get on my roof, and also would prefer that there be no more damage to the gutters. That's when I learned he speaks no English (naturally) so I switched to Spanish and told him the same thing. He very wisely chose not to laugh at my Spanish, and apologized. I guess I made the point, because just now he rang the doorbell and asked permission to open my gate to get inside and pick up the fallen limbs. My neighbor would not be pleased if she knew about this. However, she's out of town. Her husband is at home, but he's in a wheelchair and has no idea what's going on outside. No real harm done, I guess, but still, the guy shouldn't have been on my roof without my permission. Hahaha! Just had a thought - I wish I had carried the Judge out there with me when I went to investigate. I'll bet that guy would have left town! As for the tree, I'm about 75% sorry to see it go, and about 25% glad it's gone. Still, it was more on Diane's property than mine, so it was her choice, and I don't blame her for wanting to get it off her roof. Going to make my sunroom warmer, though. At least it's on the morning side, not the hot afternoon side.

Where is Tom? He has been AWOL for a while now. Check in, my friend! We miss you!

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

March 13, 2010 - Msg 78176: Oops, I meant "Naperville", Sterling.

I wondered about Tom yesterday,Ro. Sure wish the missing Porchsters would surface!

Your neighbor & her tree cutting fellow get both get a "RUDE" from me,Ro! As Barney would say, "Of all the nerve!" You should plant another tree-on your side of the fence!

Ro, you wanna go over to Mt.Pilot for Chinese tonight? Looks like it's just you & me!

possum again

March 13, 2010 - Msg 78177: I know, Possum. Lots of folks missing and I wonder if there was a moulage that I don't know about or something. Hope we didn't offend anyone without knowing it!

Bette scoot...gotta get Erin to a friend's house and more housework to do. The visiting relatives are gone and the clean-up has begun. I must say it was a pleasant visit (nothing like Uncle Ollie and his bunch). The little boys were a handful at times but little boys are supposed to be. Cute little guys! We had a family B-B-Q out here yesterday evening and it was a wonderful time. The weather was perfection! I hid a bunch of plastic eggs for the kids to give them all a little entertainment, and after dinner we made a fire in the firepit out back and they roasted some marshmallows. It was just a perfect, clear, cool night and not a bit of wind. You could see all the stars out. Just beautiful..wish you all could have been here, too. We had fajitas with all the trimmings, baked beans, potato salad, pasta salad, chocolate cake...good eatin' for sure.


March 13, 2010 - Msg 78178: Well hey gang...RAIN here....mercy..hey Romeena,HM,possum,asa,Rev,sterling,auh20....hey yall got a big pot of beef stew simmering in the BIG crock pot...will someone make a pone of cornbread....ok...back to house cleaning....smells like pine power in here!...hey Maude......SPOT

March 13, 2010 - Msg 78179: Good evening, porch. Possum, I didn't mean to make my neighbor out as a villain. Actually, we had talked about that tree a year or so ago. I knew she was thinking about cutting it down, and as I said, it was 90% on her side of the line, so she had the right. It had outgrown the adjustment in the fence, and I was about to ask Ted to enlarge the area that accommodated the trunk, so I guess in the long run, I'll be glad it's gone. Truthfully, compared to the last two people who have owned that house, Diane is a blessing! As for the guy who cut it down, yes, it was rude not to ask permission to get on my roof, but I'll chalk it up to ignorance, considering who he was. He just didn't know any better. He does now!

Boo, it sounds like you're really enjoying the new house, and the outdoor spaces. I'm so happy for you! A firepit is so much fun. Heather has one at her place in Fredericksburg, and Robbi has a chiminea. Both are so nice, really a great place to just sit and chat and toast your toes along with the marshmallows. I don't have one, and really just don't have room for one. I definitely couldn't have an actual pit, the kind dug into the ground. Joe and Ted could collaborate and build a stone platform, about a foot high, and sink a metal bowl in the middle to be the fire holder, but I just don't know where it would go out there. You need a large area so there's room for chairs and people around it. I had such an area, but recently plopped another flowerbed in the middle of it. Oh well, maybe I'll just get a chiminea.

Guess I'll go hunt up some supper, and watch TAGS on TVLand. BE blessed, everyone. Don't forget church in the morning! --Romeena