May 04, 2010 - Msg 78947: Sorry MDC, I meant "pots" not posts..


May 04, 2010 - Msg 78948: Well, I guess i wasn't too tired to sweep.


May 05, 2010 - Msg 78949:
Like cool man, like that nedi pot is like righteous stuff man. (: Sorry, couldnt help myself! lol
Ya all have a good night, and good sweep boo.
Looks nice, real nice.

May 05, 2010 - Msg 78950: (:

May 05, 2010 - Msg 78951: Happy Birthday Big Maude!

Sure hope you feel better today, Maudie - it's no fun being sick on your birthday. Just checked with O'Malley, and he's headed up to DEE- Troit again,so he said we were welcome to have a party for Maude up at his place. Let's all meet up there later this evening -everybody bring a present for Maudie and a covered dish.I'll see if I can book Carl Benson and the Wildcats or Clifford & Opie's Band. I think MDC would prefer Clifford & Opie- those guys sure play some "righteous" tunes- Ha Ha!
See y'all there!

possum under a rock

May 05, 2010 - Msg 78952: Morning porch, just checking in before my work day begins.

thanks for the Happy Birthday Possum and the card, You are such a good friend! I am all ready for the party at O'Malleys, got my dancing shoes ready to go.

Will check back later today.

Big Maude

May 05, 2010 - Msg 78953: Hi All.
Will it look like a day today.
Maybe I can git thing clead up outsizd .


May 05, 2010 - Msg 78954: Happy Birthday Maude - I just saw we were having a party at O'Malleys - is he in Chicago again. . .I'll bring a loaded goat until Boo gets hers!


May 05, 2010 - Msg 78955: Oops - he went to Dee-troit, how stupid am I - Chicago, Detroit - it's all Yankee country!! :)

May 05, 2010 - Msg 78956: O'Malley's?...I'm THERE!


May 05, 2010 - Msg 78957: Good morning, friends! Wow, what a night! I never knew that twelve hours could last a week, but they did last night! I'm surely glad to be home, and I'm going to get horizontal and get some sleep here, very soon.

Boo, I'm glad things are easing up a bit for Sean, bless his heart. He probably doesn't remember me, but tell him I said hi, and hope everything gets back to normal real quick.

I guess I'll never have a roadrunner in my yard, but if I did, I think I'd put out some mealworms for it. I actually don't know what they eat - bugs or seeds - but if you saw one catch a lizard, then obviously they don't eat seeds. I'll just bet a pan full of mealworms would be a big hit. You can get them at most pet supply places. I know woodp#ckers like them, because I buy them now and then for the ones around here, and they just inhale them.

Don't you just love it when animals of different species form friendships like that? I just think it's the sweetest thing! Cats and dogs are supposed to be sworn enemies, but you see them buddy up all the time. My granddog, Bentley, lives with two cat buddies. Oh, they spit at him now and then, and slap, but never hurt him, and then you'll see the three of them cuddled up together napping.

And soon you'll see me napping. 'Nite, all. --Romeena

May 05, 2010 - Msg 78958: Thanks Ro, I will give Sean your message...oh, he remembers you and we speak of you often around here. He remembers little Sugarplum, too.

Mealworms, eh? We'll see about that. I have been very pleased at the wildlife I have been seeing out back because seems like we didn't see anything for a long time but I guess they are settling into the place like we did. You know I actually saw a flock of flamingos flying over the other day...had to rub my eyes and look twice.

I wish my cat and the dogs got along better. Hank goes after Tigger the second he goes outside and tigger hisses and slaps at him and then the chase is on, ending with Tigger up a tree somewhere. He will eventually come down and they will get along but I wish Tigger would show Hank who's boss so Hand would leave him alone. Bruce did catch the donkey and both dogs sleeping together in the front yard the other evening. There was Thelma Lou, lying down for a nap in the sand, and both pups laying beside her! I hope Thelma bonds with the goats that way.

Better git...plenty to do.


May 05, 2010 - Msg 78959:
Romeena, here is what I learned about roadrunner diets:
Source 1 - "Roadrunners are omnivorous, although diet is primarily (90%) animal food. A variety of arthropods, lizards, snakes, rodents, bats, birds, eggs, and carion have all been taken as food. Grasshoppers comprise an important source. Fruit and seeds are consumed with seasonal availability."
Source 2 - "Their diet normally consists of insects (such as grasshoppers, crickets, caterpillars, and beetles), small reptiles (such as lizards and snakes, including rattlesnakes), rodents and small mammals, tarantulas, scorpions, centipedes, spiders, small birds, eggs, nestlings, and fruits and seeds like sharp pointed pear cactus and sumac."
Regarding roadrunners and raising their young, "Roadrunners have bi-parental care. Both the male and female incubate the nest and feed the hatchlings, but males incubate the nest at night. For the first one to two weeks after the young hatch, one parent always remains at the nest. After the hatchlings are two to three weeks old they leave and never return to the nest. For a few days thereafter, the parents and young forage together."


from Poor Horatio

May 05, 2010 - Msg 78960:
RO- I will never understand why they make medical personnel work such long hours!! Would you take your CAR to a mechanic who said he had been "working 11 hours, but sure, I'd be happy to install new BRAKES on your car." I wouldn't let him within 10 feet of my wheels, yet we expect humans to work these 16 hour shifts at care facilities and are we are just suppose to put our elders into their care. To me it is just plain crazy. There arent even laws to determine a patient to caregiver ratio! No other industry works like that, but resident doctors are expected to be super human? I don't think so. If I am in a hospital, I always ask the doctor how long he has been up. OK, there i spoke my piece!
Soapbox sliding back under the porch.
God bless all, and have a wonderful, Jesus-filled day,

May 05, 2010 - Msg 78961:
Didnt mean to start a moulage, but when "12 hours seems like a week," I just wonder why places are allowed to put good people thru that on a regular basis. It worries me.

May 05, 2010 - Msg 78962: Hey, good info Poor Horatio! So, the roadrunner I have been seeing is quite possibly the male of the couple since I am seeing him in the middle of the day. Great to know that rattlesnakes are in their diet..they are good to have around!...BEEP BEEP! (clever)

You are right, MDC, and the long hours and work conditions must certainly account for many of the medical errors that take place in hospitals. As a nurse who worked in busy hospitals for 15 years, I can tell you it is really a problem. I still wonder why I did it for so long (well, there is always the paycheck). Hospitals pay more than office or most other work for nurses but it's not enough, I can tell you that. I routinely worked 12 hour shifts without breaks, even without food. Oh, we all complained like crazy but nothing much changed. New nurses would be hired, trained and then they would leave because of the conditions on the job. We could never get ahead. I can remember working many times under great stress with high-risk patients, being physically and mentally exhausted, hungry, bladder ready to burst, and really angry. I would finish my shift and then have to take hours to finish up the needed paperwork that couldn't be done while caring for the patients with such short staffing. I would go home and cry some days. You're right, its crazy but it also depends on what area of the hospital you choose to work in. Some are much tougher than other and when I chose to work in a very busy labor and delivery unit, I was biting off alot more than I realized. I did like the challenge of it and I was good at it and made some lifelong friends that I loved working with...that's what kept me going so long. PS-it is impossible to uphold a pt-nurse ratio when there are continually patients in need of care and fewer and fewer caregivers. The average age of the nurse force in this country is 55, last I is not a profession that the younger generation is running to, that's for sure, and with the baby boomers getting older, and life expectancy increasing, well the problem is just getting bigger. One thing that is causing some of the problem is that there aren't enough schools of nursing because there are not alot of trained nursed willing to be college teachers because of the low wages. They can make twice working in a hospital as what they would make being a nursing instructor. My understanding is that there are many would-be nurses who are being turned away from nursing schools because there is not enough resources to train them. I know back in 1980 when I applied to nursing school, there was a list that I was fortunate enough to have gotten onto right away but of those accepted many were eliminated within the first year due to ridiculous training practices and a few inept instructors. It is a multi-faceted problem and no easy solutions. I think it is going to be more important than ever for each of us to, no 1, try to avoid being in the hospital by taking care of ourselves, and educate ourselves about our own healthcare. New assume healthcare givers are always have to be your own advocate, and if you are ever in the hospital, ask questions, make sure anyone coming into your room to do anything for you has washed their hands before they touch you and always know what treatments, meds they are giving you and ask about them...side effects, etc.

Well, better get back to the chores...hope you enjoyed your little inservice on the problems with hospital staffing and patient safey...hehe


May 05, 2010 - Msg 78963: WOW...sorry about that.


May 05, 2010 - Msg 78964: Thats, "NEVER assume healthcare givers are always right...


May 05, 2010 - Msg 78965:
Boo and MDC, I hear both of you. My sister left full-time nursing when her kids started elementary school. But now that they are in college, she does not want to return to nursing because of all the stress and overwork conditions she experienced in the past.
Also, when my mother was in the hospital about a decade ago, I was surprised to see a lot of female hospital employees working on her floor dressed in those pretty flowered tunics and white pants. Naturally, I assumed they were nurses. But when I asked many of them, it turned out most were nurse assistants. This shocked me since they are much more limited than nurses as to what they could perform for the patients. I find this also happening in doctor's offices as well.
A few months ago, I watched a documentary that followed interns and residents as they obtained on the job experience in hospitals after graduating with their M.D. degrees. I was so shocked to learn just how many hours they are required to put in. How do they expect these new doctors to learn and make critical decisions if they are not at their mental peak? Thankfully, they were supervised by more senior and qualified doctors who would oversee their interactions with the patients.

from Poor Horatio

May 05, 2010 - Msg 78966: Wow! Very articulate and passionate discourses on the nursing question. I agree, yet still I'm there. I do feel compelled to add that very difficult shifts such as I experienced last night are not the norm, at least not in my department. I don't mind the twelve hour shifts because I have to work fewer of them in order to get my hours, but for those in ICU, ED and other high-pressure areas, twelve hours is always a long time. Tonight will probably be a bit easier. The problem last night was one neurotic hypochondriac who also happened to be very sick. She wasn't my patient, but she took both of us nurses to manage her, was on her bell again before we could even get back to the desk, and she wasn't even appropriate for our department. We had inherited her because the rest of the house was full. She was very likely moved upstairs today, so tonight should be a lot better. Also, I had three fresh gyn surgeries in my own slot last night, and tonight they'll be feeling much better, IVs gone, etc. Yep, tonight should be an improvement. MDC, your point is well taken, but at least in my department, with good prioritizing skills and a willing heart, it's do-able.

PH, thanks for the roadrunner info. Your education was worth every penny!

Well, gotta run. One thing I just refuse to do is arrive late, because you never, ever catch up. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

May 05, 2010 - Msg 78967:
Hello porch family......I'm kinda feeling yucky today. All stuffed up and feeling blah. But just wanted to stop by and say:
Love and prayers for you all!

May 05, 2010 - Msg 78968: Ro, I am very glad you posted what you did because I was concerned for you..I am glad to hear that it is do-able and most nights are ok for you. I can remember working post-partum a handful of times when we were slow and they needed help...(makes sense that once all the babies are delivered, then post-partum will be hopping)...the pace was slower and less stressful HOWEVER, I can remember how hard it was to make those new mothers happy...some were real divas and then there were the ones who seemed to put on an act to get attention! Hard to stomach sometimes. Most were ok, though, and did alot for themselves. Seems like I remember giving out alot of Darvocet and making sure bladders were getting emptied and babies being fed.

PH, I can't figure out the purpose of putting the residents through that...some have said it is to give them a tolerance for the stresses of being a doctor...I say "bunk"! If anyone needs "stress training" it's nurses. ;-)

Sorry you are stuffy and blah, REV. Hope you feel much better tomorrow...prayers.

Better shuffle off to bed...busy day tomorrow.


May 05, 2010 - Msg 78969: Well, it's me again. I brought some extra fudge over from Thelma Lou's house. Gomer's not feeling good tonight, so she gave me a pan of fudge to give to him. We watched some monster movies and drank cream pop to settle his throat. I can't stay long, so please send Gomer somethin' to drink down. Give him some advice on how to prevent from getting sick again, 'cause he sure is an ill one!

~Meg, Ernest T.'s partner-in-crime and professional brick thrower

May 06, 2010 - Msg 78970:
And he makes one heck of a house guest! ha
Prayers for REV and RO, night,

May 06, 2010 - Msg 78971: Mornin' Honeys. Anyone want some coffee? It's not great but it will do, or we could run on over to the courthouse for some of that Sanka Andy is always advertising (yuck!).

Busy day today..have to do the food shopping and go to Sam's club for some things. Will check in later...


May 06, 2010 - Msg 78972: Hey Y'all!
I told Tom on Facebook that I'd stop by to let y'all know I'm alive and well.
Welcome Meg!
Ro, you take it easy there!
PH, you're always full of so much info!
MDC, ya you're a known moulage starter, ha.
Big Maude, Happy Belated Birthday!
Possum- Let me know how the party was ;0).
Hope all are well!
We're hanging in down here trying to stay cool It's so hot! I can tell it's going to be a warm summer.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

May 06, 2010 - Msg 78973: Good morning, porch. Just got home from that second twelve-hour shift, and it was a doozy. I think demons were conspiring to give me a hard time, but the good Lord got me through it. Would you believe that the IV pump in one room failed (dead battery, even though they were plugged in) not once, not twice, not even three times, but four times! Yes, I put four (count 'em, four) pumps in that room last night. I even checked the plug with a little electric fan to be sure it was live. It was. Needless to say, the patient grew tired of the chirping alarms, which progress to screams if you don't get to them immediately, but she was no more tired of them than I was! She was nice about it, didn't blame me, but she didn't get much rest. Still, it's over, and I don't go back until the 15th.

Got a doctor's appointment at 10, to see about this renal failure thing, then a haircut apointment at 1:30, then my friend Carol will arrive probably around 5. I won't see my bed until late tonight, but I'll be busy, so it's okay. As long as I don't get still, I'll be fine.

REV, don't you go getting sick on us. We need our porch chaplain to be healthy at all times!

Meg, it's nice of you to take that fudge over to Gomer. I hope he gets to feeling better too, along with REV.

Well, gotta run. I don't dare be late for this doctor appointment - it was hard enough to come by. If I hadn't known the doc for the last 25 years or so, I would have been waiting until June. Would you all help me pray that he finds nothing wrong with my kidneys, and that the high creatinine levels were a one-time thing? Thanks!

Be blessed, all. --Romeena

May 06, 2010 - Msg 78974: Good Thursday porch, hope all is well today. had a good birthday yesterday, thanks for all the wishes. You gusy are great.

prayers for Romeena today!

Better get back to work.
Blessings all around!

Big Maude

May 06, 2010 - Msg 78975:
It's still 97 percent caffiene-free, and made from a special blend of the finist aromatic coffees...(:

May 06, 2010 - Msg 78976:
"Nate Pike says that a penny struck by lighting is worth six cents!" (:


May 06, 2010 - Msg 78977:
cousin to lyric-man (:

May 06, 2010 - Msg 78978: Like those quotes!

Prayers for you, Ro...may those creatinine levels be normal and remain that way! You know, I had to chuckle at your post about the pumps...BOY, can I feel your pain. I have been in that situation many times, and it seems to happen at the worst possible time because when we got super busy and were using lots of pumps, that's when they would start acting up. It is beyond aggravating. You hate it, the patient hates it, their family members complain and you are running yourself ragged trying to fix things when you have a long list of things to do already. I can remember trying to induce patients and couldn't find pumps that worked and I was already trying to beat the clock and prevent a c/section, and then there were the pre-eclamptic pts on mag sulfate who you were trying to prevent from having seizures. Speaking of, did you ever have to give those deep IM, Z-trac mag injections like we used to give in the old days. Boy, that was really something! Awful.

Just finished cleaning the frige and had some lunch. Cleaning the frige is a job and mine wasn't even that bad. I am good about throwing out things before they go bad but every now and then you just have to take everything out of there, including the shelves and give it all a good cleaning. I think I am going to wait until later to go to the store. Maybe late evening so there won't be any crowds of people and Bruce can watch Erin. She gave me a tough time in Walmart yesterday and I really wanted to grab her and wear the tar out of her but I'm afraid to get on the kids too much in a public place. She was wanting me to buy her a craft that cost 10.00 and when I said "no", here came the "But, but, but..."...she didn't want to give up so we left. I just couldn't believe she was acting that way at 8. She hasn't done that in a very long time. I sent her to her room and told her she couldn't go to an activity she wanted to attend that evening. I knew that would hit her where she lives, and it did, but we'll see what happens. What bothers me about Erin is that she has lots of excuses and wants to be right. I didn't have that problem so much with Sean. He had a soft heart and was pretty easy to reason with. She is much more strong-willed. I was looking at her this morning when I went into her room to wake her and she looked so angelic and sweet lying there sleeping (don't they all) and I love her so much but I couldn't help thinking about how quickly she is growing and how I have got to be sure I have a handle on things with her or we are going to have one rough ride through adolescence! I am really hoping she isn't going to be boy crazy.

Better get back to work...I sure have been long-winded lately but it seems like there is just lots of room for conversation on the porch these days with so many missing.


May 06, 2010 - Msg 78979: Afternoon gang ...yall eat yet? some fried bologna sandwiches made....get a lot of yard work to do todah in the 89 degree heat!...Rev you on the road...aint had much time to read....hey Boo,Ro,possum,MDC,auh20 and and yard work...thats it eat and yard work....SPOT

May 06, 2010 - Msg 78980: Yea, its hot here, too SPOT. I am NOT ready for the summer is already getting into the 90's here. Bruce took off work today and has been moving on his tractor in this doesn't seem to bother him, but I hate it.

Just finished going to the grocery store to buy what we need for the family supper here on sunday. I bought a couple of briskets that i am going to slow cook for hours and making my own marinade/bbq sauce to go with it, and real homemade macaroni and cheese, and orange salad. Have some others bringing side dishes and desserts. Now I have to figure out how to keep Thelma Lou the donkey off the porches and out of everyone's hair on sunday...guess i will have to tie the poor dear up. This morning she stood right in front of the back door and I had to push her out of the way to get outside! We still love her and she is still making us laugh but she can sure be a nuisance, too....kind of like the kids!

Break over!


May 06, 2010 - Msg 78981: "moving on his tractor in this heat.." HAHA...that sounds funny...I meant "MOWING" of course!


May 06, 2010 - Msg 78982:
Boo-a slow roasted beef brisket..mmmmm good!
I think you mentioned that erin was baptized last week, so you could always say (when she acts up in the store) What would Jesus think of the way you're acting?) Worked for my mom when we were kids! :)
MDC 98 here today!

May 06, 2010 - Msg 78983: Hey Y'all! It's hot here too! Got up around 92 today.

Sorry you're ailin' Rev. I tried to tell you not to dance with Big Maude at the party! We all know she's been sick- guess ya went & caught whatever she's had.Hope you feel better soon!

MDC, my Mama used to say " God don't like ugly." Did they go to a special school to learn that stuff? Ha!

Let's go over to Mt. Pilot for Chinese tonight. We can all sit around and practice saying "Egg Foo Yung"- LOL!

See y'all there. Spot, come pick me up,but clean your truck good- I ain't riding in a dirty truck!

possum under a rock

May 06, 2010 - Msg 78984:
Possum, you are the cats! Next thing ya know, you'll be waxin' the steps at the old folks home! ha
REV- did the CD plant that you use in nashville get flooded? My oh my, I saw video today and things dont look good!
Prayers for all.

May 06, 2010 - Msg 78985: On my way in a clean truck Possum...but be at the curb...its dutch...SPOT

May 06, 2010 - Msg 78986: Mt. Pilot for chinese food, Possum?...I'm in! I wanna drive, can ride shotgun and SPOT can ride in the backseat (sorry SPOT)...if you feel sick, just hang yur head out the window. I hear there's a good George Raft movie at the picture show in Mt. Pilot so maybe we can eat and catch a movie. How about that?...I could make some cashew fudge and sneak it in the movie.

MDC, Erin is being baptized this coming sunday, but yes I sometimes talk to her about how God wants us to obey his word if we are Christians.

Got those lovely briskets marinatin' and boy, they smell good already. Can't wait to try them on Sunday. Better go get some things done. I am babysitting Emily and her older sister tonight and she and Erin are trying to keep Emily busy, but I hear Emily calling...."Ju-Ju!"


May 06, 2010 - Msg 78987: Ok, Boo, you drive! I don't trust ol' Spot. Wait by the curb?? Yeah, and Spot will come along and hit a puddle and then it's muddy possum!

possum again

May 06, 2010 - Msg 78988: Evening Family:
Just stopping in to say Hi! and head out the door early in the morning to drive to KY for daughters' college graduation. Thanks for all the prayers . Blessings to you all. ~New Neighbor

May 07, 2010 - Msg 78989:
Hey Folks

Sunny here, about 35 degrees and a little snow on the way for Mother's Day, at least early in the morning.

New Neighbor-Congrat's to you daughter. Have a great day!

We have some mighty fine kids on the Porch.

Asa-Hope you stop by soon.

Me-They I'd love to hear from ya.


May 07, 2010 - Msg 78990: Congratulations, New Neighbor! College graduation already? My, how time flies...

35 dgrees, Auh2o?! Wow, it is plenty warm down her in the south.

I'm feeling old this morning...did alot yesterday and babysat Emily. I enjoyed her being she can be so much fun but I'm wore out.

Better get Erin going...


May 07, 2010 - Msg 78991: Good Friday porch, working this morning and then off to belated birthday lunch with my good friend Terrie. looking forward to spening time with her.

Busy week end ahead, Patrick is taking his girlfriend to her senior prom tomorrow night and I am going to go pick up some hanging flower baskets for my Mom for Mothers Day.

a beautiful day on my end of the porch, sunny and warm already. looking forward to being outdoors and away from work.

Anybody heard from Romeena since she went to the doctor yesterday?

Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

May 07, 2010 - Msg 78992: Good morning, porch! It's beautiful here, too. I can't imagine that some of you are still getting snow, of all things! It will probably hit 90 here today.

Yes, auh2o, we do have some great kids on this porch. Smart, too! Congratulations, NN. You must be so proud - and just think of all that tuition you won't have to pay now!

I saw Dr. Walker yesterday, still don't know anything. He drew some bloodwork, but don't have the results yet. My prayer is that the creatinine level will come back in the normal range, and he'll tell me when I see him in two weeks that there's nothing wrong, and to go on about my business. I actually enjoyed the visit with him - I've known him since he came to America and to our hospital from the UK in the mid-80s, but haven't seen him much since I left the med/surg floors. He left England to escape the socialized medicine, and is appalled that we're even considering such a thing here. As he said back then, he couldn't stand having to tell one more person that they couldn't have life-saving dialysis because they didn't fit the criteria - they were too old, or had other problems that disqualified them. So basically, just go home and prepare to die. Well, that's another story.

Anyway, it was nice to see him. He still has that lovely British accent, and is just as warm and real and gentle as he always was, a very kind man. I was very fortunate to get an appointment with him. He owns the dialysis clinic now, doesn't see a lot of personal patients, but oversees and serves as resource for the other docs there. So, we'll see what he finds.

My friend Carol got in yesterday evening, and we sat up much too late talking, but it's fun. We have always gotten along so well, and I'm looking forward to a great visit. For now, I'd better get off this porch and go see if she wants any breakfast. Probably not, she's like me, not a big breakfast person, but I'll ask anyway.

Be blessed, porch! --Romeena

May 07, 2010 - Msg 78993: Ro, what you just shared about Dr. Walker's experience in the UK just chills me to the bone.

What the heck happened in Grece yesterday and what happened here with the DOW thing dropping so low? Guess they still don't know exactly what caused it? Boy, a person could get really anxious knowing what is going on in this world and feeling helpless to change it. It's that feeling you get when you get on a bad roller coaster and are clicking your way to the top of a huge drop.

Better go...break over.


May 07, 2010 - Msg 78994:
Hope you all had a chance to pray yesterday on the national day of prayer. I did, but I do everyday, but did so especially yesterday to be of one accord. It was a wild day on wall street, but my "treasure" is not there. Have a good one in the Lord.

May 07, 2010 - Msg 78995:
Boo- I wonder if the Greece thing is a microcosm
of the great tribulation?! And this is real, not a novel or a movie! Can you imagine a worldwide financial collapse? It's closer than most people think. They are saying that one typo may have set off yesterday's situation. Very strange.
BARNEY: Well, where's Aunt Bee with lunch? She's usually here and gone by now.
ANDY: She's a little late.
BARNEY: Well, I'm hungry, Ange.
ANDY: She'll be along in a few minutes. Relax
BARN: Well, I happen to have this low sugar-blood content, and if I don't get my
lunch by noon then I get a headache and I'm no good to anybody.

May 07, 2010 - Msg 78996: Strange indeed, MDC.


May 07, 2010 - Msg 78997:
BARNEY: Yeah, well, we told a few people but we didn't want to make a big "moulage"
out of it.

May 07, 2010 - Msg 78998: Possum you and Boo make me laugh out loud!!..Msg "86 abd 87"...oh my...well gang ran to the camping store with a buddy of mine today...just along for the ride....yall had supper yet? to put wheat straw around the mater plants in just a bit...whew its hot here to 90 in the morning at 6....well I see Pop out there in the garden better get out there before he cuts my pay....SPOT

May 07, 2010 - Msg 78999:
BARN: Go ahead, ask me anything!
ANDY: Okay, uh... What was The Emancipation Proclamation?
BARN: You kiddin'? Everybody knows that.
ANDY: Well good. It ought to be easy for you then. Go ahead. Tell us about it.
BARN: Oh, you're kiddin'. That's one of those most famous proclamations in history.
ANDY: I know.
BARN: I bet you even Opie knows that one. Go on, tell him Ope. Tell him about
The Emancipation Proclamation.
OPIE: I never heard of it.
BARN: Never hea... I don't know what they're teachin' 'em these days! You tell him
Aunt Bee.
AUNT BEE: Me? I wasn't there. LANDS SAKES!
ANDY: Well, I guess it's up to you, Barn. Listen to this, Ope. You might learn
somethin'. Go ahead, Barn.
BARN: Well... The Emancipation Proclamation... Well,... how do ya like that. A
spot right there on my uniform. Guess I oughtta' be sendin' this out to the
cleaners. ...Now uh was askin' about the uh...
ANDY: Emancipation Proclamation.

May 07, 2010 - Msg 79000: Hi friends. Needed some prayers so I thought this was the place to come to.
I know sometimes it seems like I just come here when I have a problem, but I do come here and just visit without posting sometimes.

But my heart is feeling pretty heavy right now. I am arguing with my wife, who wants to take Kai out of her Christian school next year and put her back in public. She talks alot about how it is a burden on my parents who will pick Kai up from school on days when I and my wife work(when she gets a job again), and how it is more convenient; how much she is missing from not going to public school, etc.
I told her there are more important things than convenience.
I personally don't think she is missing anything from not going to public school. But I do know what she would be missing by GOING to public school.

Anyway, so we are going back and forth. But one of the worst parts is that I know this is really because of me. My wife thinks I am too conservative(as if that is a bad word or something), and has commented several times about what I read, watch, or whatnot. It is getting so that if I want to read stuff from a more conservative view, and not with the usual left-wing slant, I have to do it in private and hide that I actually did it, which shouldn't be.
The last thing that set her off was because I didn't want to buy her a dvd of Avatar when it came out. And I made the mistake of telling her the truth of why I didn't want to buy it, when she kept prodding me to do so.
I told her she could buy it, but she wanted ME to buy it. So when I didn't, she proceded to tell me how narrow-minded I am and how she is not going to church anymore(because she thinks the church is too conservative and that I am being influenced too much by them). I told her I was conservative before we even started going to that church and don't appreciate her not thinking that I don't have a mind of my own. I mean, I do have conservative views, in that I believe in Christian moral values, along with family, faith, personal responsibility, and the principals put forth by the founders of this country when they founded it. Now, I don't know why anyone would find those things to be bad, but they apparently do. I know alot of people on the left do, but I was hoping my wife wasn't that far left. I mean, I was her idea to send Kai to this school in the first place to help her get a good foundation. I just happily went along with it. Glad to be out of the government school system and having to run to the school all the time to find out what they were trying to indoctrinate my kid with next.

My wife said her original plan was to have Kai go to the Christian school until middle school, and she is afraid when that time comes I will not want her to change schools. But I knew of this plan and, while I told her that yes, I would prefer Kai would go through all grades in this school, I always knew that was the plan. But at least she would change over at a time when alot of kids start going to middle school. Because Kai has had a lot of changes in her little life already.
She is excited to go to this school next year, and I still think it would be better for her.

I don't know, I just feel like I am fighting with more than my wife here in this battle. What does it say, "...principalities of darkness", or something like that?
My wife seems to be more concerned with what the world thinks than what God thinks right now. And I thought we were heading in the right direction.
She has asked me if we can change churches, and I finally asked her what I had been thinking when she brought this up before, which was if she wanted to find a church that says what she wants it to say. She said "yes" half-joking. That's pretty sad to me, and I don't know what I can say to her to try to soften her heart against this church and against God, because I feel she is not rebelling against the church only, but also against God.
I don't agree with everything this church says either, but I don't think running from it is the answer. Though I may be open to "exploring" another church. Maybe one that isn't so fundamentalist, but it would have to be a Bible-believing church, and not one where they preach that "everything and everyone is permitted in Heaven because Jesus loves you" kind of place.
I don't know, I think she is going to have some problem with any church unless they are totally saccharine and luke-warm with regards to preaching. Because no church is going to be a totally perfect fit for an imperfect people.

I am just praying, and would ask you to pray also, that God would soften her heart on these matters, and let her see the importance and benefit Kai gets from going to her present school, and to help her not feel so rebellious against God's word, as preached by God's men.
This especially wears on me, because I am not worried for me, but for Kai. As well as for my wife.

Thank you for listening. And I will try to be more cheerful on my subsequent posts. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

May 07, 2010 - Msg 79001:
Meg, you can pass the fudge, but keep those bricks.

SPOT, I know about these contests that you attend as a judge, but I'm curious to learn what the competition is all about. Do these lineman race up poles or something like that?

Boo and MDC, that was quite a scare with the DOW this week. But was it related to the situation in Greece or was it purely co-incidental?
In the meantime, we should invest just like Barney and Floyd did ... in the music recording industry. Hey REV, are you selling any stock?

from Poor Horatio

May 07, 2010 - Msg 79002:
Sterling Holobyte, you snuck in there when I was composing my previous post. I'm so sorry hear about this confict that your family is experiencing.
One thing I have learned in life is that if you listen to just one side of an issue, it is easy to be swayed. To be fair, I should hear both sides of this issue from both parties. But that would be impractical here. So my initial reaction is to recommend that both you and your wife consult with a family counselor. This way, both sides can be discussed in detail, thereby minimizing the chance of any misunderstandings.
Another thought I had is that even if Kai attended public schools, there are ways of supplementing her education with religious instruction. Observing your own examples and Sunday school are two that I can think of now.
Allow me to ponder this a while and see what else I can come up with.

from Poor Horatio

May 07, 2010 - Msg 79003: True, PH. You don't know my wife's side of the story. I can only tell you what is happening as honestly as I possibly can, and I will always try to do so.

I don't know if counseling would work. Anytime we have ever tried anything like that we always ended up not going through with it for one reason or another. I guess I would think of bringing that up in this instance as a last resort.

I keep thinking of how much time would be spent in the public schools, though PH. 8 hours a day. 7 days a week getting secular instruction, with probably a left-wing slant to that. Vs an hour or two at church, plus a few church activities. Then you have the media onslaught to contend with, that we are contending with already.
No easy answers, it seems, unfortunately.

Thanks for the reply, PH. I respect and appreciate your opinion.

-Sterling Holobyte

May 07, 2010 - Msg 79004: Sterling, I believe you have a good grasp on what is really going on. Before I even finished your second paragraph I was thinking "this is definetly a spiritual battle that Sterling is waging.." Sterling, I know you remember that we prayed Kai into Christian school and now we can pray that God's will be done in her life. I know how much you love her and want that for her and God sees it too. My prayers for you and your family...may God guide your decisions and soften your wife's heart to His will. I thank God that He is with you and will strengthen you though this. Please don't stay away so long because we care about you, Sterling. If I might just say one more thing, it is that you are right, there are no perfect churches but there are well-balanced churches that teach the truth. A church that is too legalistic often neglects the teaching of God's love and grace and tries to live "under the law", so to speak. Not that I am describing your current church, I'm not, just expressing my opinion that it is best to find balance in a church...and I am not talking about tolerating sinful lifestyles, just focusing on how God's love and grace changes us and we desire to do good because we have been changed. My friend Mark often says from the pulpit, "Changing what we do can never change who we are, but changing who we are will always change what we do"...a church with a legalistic, judgmental view can really bring folks under condemnation...I guess I am just wondering if this could be happening to your wife. Just a thought.

By the way, I agree completely on your feelings about the influence of the public school system.

Hang in there, Brother.


May 07, 2010 - Msg 79005: Sterling, I am really sorry to hear about the conflicted situation between you and your wife. I think there are times that Satan purposely causes this type of strife in families because he doesn't want us to share the Gospel or the importance of knowing Jesus Christ as our personal Savior with anyone. I admire you for sticking to your Christian convictions. I home-schooled my children because of the anti-Christian things they were being taught. I will pray for you and your wife that God will guide you both so that you can work it out for Kai to stay where she's at. God bless you.
C Darlin'

May 08, 2010 - Msg 79006: Thank you very much for your replies, C Darlin and Boo.
Keep the prayers coming. They may be working already. My wife was on her facebook page tonight, responding to some of the ladies' of the church(and some other ones) expressions of regret that she was debating whether to keep Kai in the school or not and thanking them for their advice, and she wrote right in front of Kai and I that it looked like Kai will be going to the academy(Baptist) next year. Now if we can get the enrollment papers filled out before she changes her mind.

Boo, the church isn't all "fire and brimstone". I may have made them sound that way. The pastor is a very good speaker with good messages and also a good sense of humor. Though he doesn't shy away from talking about things that may be tough to talk about in this politically correct world.
He just happens to believe in the inerrant truth of the Bible. Which is why I think this kind of a battle for my wife between that truth and what we all have been conditioned to believe and think by society. And I pray for the Lord to show her the true light. Real enlightenment.

C Darlin', when Kai went public school she actually wanted to be homeschooled. I personally think that homeschooling or being in a good Christian school is the only way to go nowadays.

-Sterling Holobyte

May 08, 2010 - Msg 79007: Horatio yes.speed climbing,transformer change out,pole construction(building poles with cross arms and switch change out...all based on no mistakes and can go to GLRA web site and see some pics....also International Linemans Rodeo web page....neat day and good people and food.....speaking of food...breakfast menu:3 eggs your way,grits,bisquits and gravy,hashbrowns,country ham,bacon,toast and jelly oj,milk,coffee...ready at 8:00 est....prayers...getting started here at work..SPOT

May 08, 2010 - Msg 79008:
Hey Folks

It is cold and blowing here this weekend, snow, rain, and wind.

Spot-I know your counterparts up here are gonna be buy today.

As for the fear of "current events" I'm not fretting what's going on these days. We've had periods much rougher than these, just during my lifetime. The current administration is no different then those of the late 70's or early 60's. The main difference, I believe, is the media, what a bunch of chumps left and right. CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, MSNBC all dog and pony shows, not worth anybody's time.

Sterling-Heartfelt prayers for your family. I am surely not sticking up for Public Schools but the experience our girls are having here sounds much, much different from your local schools. During the holiday season here the concerts, plays and presentations, Jesus is always part of the event. There is even after school "Religious Education" offered in our public school. I know you know what's best for Kai and I pray for that out come.

Just as I was about to post this I heard the TAGS Theme whistle, VW is using it in a new commercial for mini-vans, pretty neat. Yet, another example that things are not so bad.


May 08, 2010 - Msg 79009:
Spot-Sorry, I meant gonna be busy today.

May 08, 2010 - Msg 79010: That's great about the school your girls go to, auh2o. I am sad to say that is not the normal experience here. In fact, this past year the high school stopped observing their "moments of silence" time in the mornings..stating separation of church and state as the reason, according to the kids I asked. They were blaming obama's administration for it somehow but the obviously don't really know what the constitution allows. How ridiculous is that? They weren't even praying out loud or telling kids to pray to God. I smell a moulage?...

You are so right about the media, Auh2o and what a bunch of chumps Americans can be for eating up all the nonsense. Yesterday Sean and I were talking about how people get so worked up over i really care if Brad Pitt leaves Angelina and goes back to Jennifer? Why is that news worthy?...Isn't it true that the media is all about money and they are giving the public what they think it wants to hear/see according to their sponsors? What has happened to the majority of minds in this country if that is what the majority wants? knew it was coming...I'm gonna say it...the majority of Americans are products of the public school system! HAHAHA....just kidding...trying to get someone's dander up. We certainly can't blame public school for all of America's moral failings, can we? It is interesting, though, if you real the stats about what began to take place when prayer was removed from public schools in the 6o's...interesting reading.

Better go clean the kitchen..


May 08, 2010 - Msg 79011: Rev,Mavis,Mdc and all race fans the monster mile race tonight...Mcmurray on the pole and Jeff on the outside...good nationwide race last night..Kyle just couldnt catch Kenny...well lets have meatloaf sandwiches for lunch...chips and tea...slow here at work....well gona go check my e-mail....SPOT

May 08, 2010 - Msg 79012: Thats "Denny"...duh...SPOT

May 08, 2010 - Msg 79013: Good afternoon, porch! Sterling, I'm so sorry to hear about the conflict you're experiencing right now. You've had good answers, wise counsel and good advice. I would add only one thought, and it has been touched on as well. I would not be terribly concerned with the fact that Kai would not be getting religious instruction in school. I'm sure you and your wife can and will take care of that, and you have her in church. No, my chief concern is more with what she WOULD be taught. These days, in most public schools, it's all about teaching tolerance, inclusiveness, cultural sensitivity (I hate that term), acceptance of "alternative lifestyles", etc. A little of those things goes a long way, and unfortunately, our kids aren't getting a little, they're getting a lot. They're being taught that anything goes, if it feels good do it, and everybody is okay. Just pray, my friend, try to avoid argument and always take the high road. Your primary concern has always been Kai, and God will bless that attitude. He loves her, too.

Now, I doubt this will start a moulage, because I suspect we all feel the same way - but to clarify my remark about cultural sensitivity up there, it's not so much that I don't think we need to be careful of the feelings of others - I think we should. However, cultural sensitivity works two ways, and here in America we have a culture too. We're not just a bunch of empty slates. It's my opinion that when someone from another culture is so unhappy at home that they make the choice to come here to live, then it's incumbent upon them to assimilate into OUR culture, and not to try to change us to fit their customs. Learn the language. Accept that we're going to want your driver's license to show your face, not just your eyes. Control your expression of horror when someone at the next table orders pork chops. Realize that when an American gives you a "thumbs-up" sign, it's a friendly affirmation, not an insult. Neither is it an insult if someone hands you something with their left hand, because in this country, we wash our hands, especially after personal hygiene, so neither hand is considered to be "unclean." We will allow you to practice your customs, so long as they don't infringe upon ours. Since you are in our country, we will expect you to respect our culture. When we visit your country, we will remember these same guidelines and will respect yours. I really don't think that's too much to ask, so I would appreciate it if our own government, schools and employers would stop shoving "cultural sensitivity" down our throats. OK, soapbox back under the porch.

Those three little runt squirrels are in the yard today, along with a normal sized squirrel. Seeing them together, I can see just how much smaller the little guys are, and they're a LOT smaller than regular squirrels. They look exactly like them, they're just tiny. Very strange. Sure are cute, though.

My houseguest, Carol, just left to go to the wedding of the daughter of a friend over in Allen, so she won't be here this evening. I may pick up Eloise and go watch our grandson play baseball, or I may just make a big glass of tea and settle in for some much-needed rest. Or I may sit here at this window and watch the circus out there. Birds splashing and pushing each other out of the birdbath. Pygmy squirrels crawling all over the bird feeder. Fat pigeons strutting and trying to impress potential mates. A whole flock of doves cleaning up the cracked corn I scattered on the feeding stones. A sassy mockingbird swooping in and annoying everyone. A bossy bluejay dropping like a blue stone from the sky, scaring everyone off the tray feeder and grabbing a peanut. A lovely little downy woodp#ecker working away on the suet feeder, and a red-bellied woody doing the same. In the middle of all this two pair of cardinals make bright splashes of red as they come in for sunflower seeds. All this against a backdrop of brilliant multi-colored roses and gently swaying iris foliage. Just keeps me mesmerized. I could sit here for hours, and sometimes do.

Well, enough. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena