May 08, 2010 - Msg 79014: Oh, absolutely Romeena. If the public schools just taught "read'n", "rite'n", and "rithmatic" like they used to, instead of all this behavior training nonsense, I wouldn't have a problem with them.

You're lucky then, auh2o, if your school is like that. I remember going to Kai's "Christmas" programs in the public schools. Not one mention or song of the true meaning of Christmas. I clapped in all the right places, but it always felt like there was something missing and was pretty meaningless.

-Sterling Holobyte

May 08, 2010 - Msg 79015: Sterling-Don't get me wrong, the public school here is not a perfect fit, not by along shot but it's good. They do a lot of activities in conjunction with the local Christian school which is near by. The thing that aggravates me the most is the pseudoscience that usually is taught, not way of the classroom but, by teachers espousing opinions regarding global warming or any number of tree hugging beliefs. However, I know many Christians that have been duped by the sky is falling crowd. So, I guess it's like you just mentioned to Romeena just teach the 3 R's.

Boo-I just can't believe the state of the media today.

Speaking of Global Warming, it is snowing here like nobody's business right now, we're only suppose to receive about 2 or 3 inches but this little part of the globe is not warming.


May 08, 2010 - Msg 79016: Snowing?! Man, I am so jealous... I would love to see some snow right now. Stay warm, Auh2o.

Tired...lots of work today and now have to do some cooking. Wish I could take a long bath, watch the Everybody Loved Raymond Marathon and let the world go on by but that can't happen unless I want to get up really early tomorrow morning.


May 08, 2010 - Msg 79017: Hello to everyone on the porch. Just stopping by to say hi and wish all the mothers a Happy Mothers Day. Hope all of you have a blessed Sabbath Day. Prayers for all the porchsters.
C Darlin'

May 08, 2010 - Msg 79018:
Hello porch family.....feeling a little better from all the head crud. asked about the company that I use in Nashville. I really haven't heard how they weathered the floods. I'm going to try and contact them Monday.

Ro....continued prayers for you. Praying for those test results.

Sterling.....thanks for trusting us to pray for you and this situation. My heart and prayers go out for you and family.

Spot....watching the NASCAR boys fight the "Lady In Black" here in SC.

Wishing all the moms here a BLESSED MOTHER'S DAY tomorrow.

Love and prayers for all my porch family!

May 09, 2010 - Msg 79019:
Sterling- my prayers are with you buddy.
I was away from the computer so didnt get a chance to comment, but i think everyone has said
what i would say, so just know that your situation is in my prayers to the True Living God! and BTW, good sweep!
C. Darlin' thanks for checking in.
Rev- sure hope the CDs are ok, but am also praying concerning all the humanity involved.
Ro- I hear ya! And i know I havent said anything
about the new az law her because of trying to keep things more "mayberry", but sometimes these things just need a comment. I just wanted to say that I hope you all realize that unless you live here, you dont know how bad the situation has become, and has been growing and growing...kidnappings, shootings ete has REALLY been BAD!
So anyways, that's that and hopefully things will change. It is NO MORE than a mirror of the federal law.
Well, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY and God bless,

May 09, 2010 - Msg 79020:
PS: Rev, I always enjoy the Darlington Race!

May 09, 2010 - Msg 79021: Good race gang....I will have breakfast for you good people when you awake!...getting started here at work...SPOT

May 09, 2010 - Msg 79022: Happy Mother's Day to all the Porch mamas!

Love from possum under a rock

P.S. Laci says " Happy Mother's Day to her Porch Aunties!"

May 09, 2010 - Msg 79023: Happy Mother's Day moms! Thanks for breakfast SPOT.

(((HUGS))) for Laci.

Got to bed too late, had trouble falling asleep and was up at 3am putting the briket in the oven to slow-cook...I'n not exactly feeling chipper but maybe the coffee will help. It may be Mother's Day, but Mother's work is never done, especially when her mom and mom-in-law will be here today. Thank God we still have them. How blessed we are (and I'm NOT being sarcastic);-)

Sorry to hear about your area, MDC, but I'm not surprised by it. Here in the Corpus Christi area we are seeing alot of those same things. Still, most the crime here is still gang-related.

As I mentioned before, when i first started working in the labor unit at the hospital in '85, I was very shocked at the number of teen, unmarried, low-income moms, with no support, no man around to help, etc. and I knew then that many problems would occur when those babies were grown and we have certainly been seeing it. Corpus Christi was highest in teen pregnancy, and has now been voted the most obese city in the nation...ha!..I can testify to that.;-)

Well, the coffee is done...and it's time to start getting ready for preachin'...Erin is being baptized today so its a special day! Later, all the family and some friends will arrive and we will enjoy being with them...the only thing that would make it better is if all of you were going to be here. Well, if off!


May 09, 2010 - Msg 79024: Hi All.
Just a little cold today going to be in the 50deg. HAPPY MOTHER all the Mayberry mom.
Boo we are there in prayer for you.


May 09, 2010 - Msg 79025: Happy Mothers Day to all my "Mother Figure" Moms on the porch!....God bless you all!....SPOT

May 09, 2010 - Msg 79026: Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom's, grandmothers, aunts on the porch!

Big Maude

May 09, 2010 - Msg 79027: Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, and those who serve as moms when needed. I had three beloved aunts, one on my mom's side and two on my dad's, who fit that description for me. I would spend weekends with one of my dad's sisters now and then, and we would have loads of fun. She broke all the rules, let me eat cookie dough, stay up very late, and would tell me hair-raising tales of things that supposedly happened when she was a little girl. My dad later told me she made it all up, but it sure sounded like adventure to me! His other sister and her husband lived with us for a while after we moved to the country, lived in an apartment that was part of the "compound" as my dad jokingly called it. My parents were working very hard in those days, and traveling quite a bit, so my aunt and uncle were there for my brother and me.

My mom's sister lived in the country when I was small, and I stayed out there with them a lot. That's where the horse ran away with me when I was about eight or nine. That knot-headed mare got the bit in her teeth, and I had no control. She ran over a mile through fields and pastures, cleared a couple of fences and finally stopped when she was confronted by a fence with a ditch on the other side and a paved highway on the other side of that! She wisely decided not to jump that fence. She dropped the bit, I yanked it into the back of her mouth and was once more in control. I turned her around and marched her back toward the house, over the fences she had jumped, and was less than half a mile from home when I met my dad, driving his car through the field! He had cut a wire fence and driven out into the pasture to find me, thinking I was probably dead or badly hurt. Instead I rode up on that miserable horse, reins so tight her chin was practically against her neck! She wasn't going to run again, thank you! I was scratched up some where she had carried me through brush and tried to scrape me off on mesquite tree limbs, but I wasn't hurt. I rode her again the next day, and she was meek as a lamb.

Well, that was free, and totally unrelated to anything else. Sorry!

Anyway, I started out to say that you don't have to give birth to be a mother. I'll bet most of us have women in our background who played the role of mother from time to time. Hey, I even know some guys who have been pretty good mothers, if you get right to it. We have some on the porch! If you have loved a child, wiped their tears, changed their little bottoms, combed their hair, laughed at their little jokes, corrected and forgiven their mistakes, fed them and taught them to pray, then in a very real sense, you have "mothered" that child. That's my take on it, anyhow.

Well, off I go. Carol and I are going to meet my David and his family and go have dinner at Eloise's other daughter's home. It will be a nice day. Happy Mother's Day, all. Be blessed! --Romeena

May 09, 2010 - Msg 79028: Thanks TOM! Wish you could have been here with us. Bruce baptized Erin and it was very sweet! She was all smiles from start to finish.

I just sent all the relative on their way with leftovers from lunch. I am pooped! Really enjoyed being with everyone and got a special surprise from my buddy, all remember Keith as you prayed for him and his wife Linda before she died 4 years ago with the terminal lung disease. Well, last Christmas we were at Keiths' house and he had the neatest-looking retro chair from the 60's...I just loved it and sat in it all evening. I told him, "Please, if you ever decide you want to get rid of this chair, please let me have it!" He told me that it was Linda's favorite chair and they had it for many years. Well, I invited him to eat lunch with all of us today (since his dear wife had passed on and so had his mother, I knew he might spend today alone). He showed up with something covered up in the back of his truck and guess what? It was the chair. He brought it to me as a gift and wanted to give it to me on mother's day, emphasizing that it was Linda's favorite chair. I was so just blessed my heart so much that he would give it to me. What a sweet brother in the Lord he is. I'll keep it forever, you can be sure.

That was some story about the horse, Ro, and you were only 8?! It must have scared your poor dad to death. You handled yourself, though...sounds like you have always been strong and "saucy"...well, you know what I mean. :-)

The kitchen is clean enough and the kids are visiting cousins so I think i will take a nice warm bath and soak my aching legs, then have a little nap. Sounds good to all you moms, eh? Better scoot...


May 10, 2010 - Msg 79029: Oh, Boo, what a sweet story, and so kind and thoughtful of Keith to give you the chair. I can see several things at work there. The presence of the chair might have been painful for Keith at times, but he couldn't just give it away to any old body. Giving it to you probably made him very happy, because he knows Linda would approve, you will cherish the chair, and he no longer has to see it sitting in his living room, empty. What a happy solution! I know about those empty chairs.

Congratulations on Erin's baptism. I can't think of anything more wonderful than that, especially on Mother's Day. What a gift!

Well, it's very late, and we're getting up early in the morning. Eloise and Carol and I are going out to the Dallas Arboretum, to enjoy the gardens, and have a nice lunch somewhere.

Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

May 10, 2010 - Msg 79030: I had not thought of that, Ro...the chair must have been a painful reminder at times. It is also a little symbolic because he told me yesterday that for the first time since Linda died, he has found himself interested in a Christian woman he works with. He never thought he would ever feel that way again about anyone, so maybe he is moving forward in his life and letting go of some things. Unfortunately, though, the woman he is falling for is divorced and SHE thinks that because she is divorced, she can never marry again with God's blessing so she pulled away. Maybe she's not the one for him but at least now he knows that he is ready to love again if he meets the right woman. What I am wondering is, if he does marry again, how is he going to make ME his best man? Is their such thing as a "best woman"?

Hope you have a great time today, Ro.

I am going to take it easy today since I nearly worked myself into a coma the last few days!

Better get Erin up for school.


May 10, 2010 - Msg 79031:
Morning porch family....feeling good here in SC.

Boo....I'm sure that chair will always have a special place in your house and heart.

Rodeo what an amazing ride:)

Erin.....congrats on your special day. Thank you for letting your salvation shine through your Baptism!

You all have a Jesus filled day today and know that you're in my heart and prayers!

May 10, 2010 - Msg 79032:
Morning porchsters! looks like porch moms had great days. My, such stories however, from runaway horses to beautiful chairs!!
Have a super day in the Lord!

May 10, 2010 - Msg 79033:
Oh and i almost forgot, congratulations to ERIN on
becoming an adopted daughter of the Most High God! WooHoo!!
hey to TOm, spot, C Darlin', and ALL!

May 10, 2010 - Msg 79034: Thank you for those congratulation for erin REV and MDC!

Guess what I did today??...I went back to bed for a nap at 9am! It was like a little taste heaven curled up under my comforter, with the drapes closed. I slept for two hours. I have decided that it is time to take better care of Julie and rest when I need to rest...and ENJOY it instead of feeling guilty. What good is this new house if all I do is WORK in it? My bedroom is a cozy little haven of earth tones, deep reds and is the perfect place to take a nap in the daytime!

Well, think I will get up from this computer and see what I can do now...I still have lots of leftovers from yesterday so don't have to cook (BIG SMILE):):)


May 10, 2010 - Msg 79035: If you could all remember Casey - I would appreciate it. ..he has had much pain with his foot today. He really overdid yesterday. We see the orthopedic doc tomorrow. Thanks ya'll.


May 10, 2010 - Msg 79036: z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z -YAWN Oh yeah, much better! (:

May 10, 2010 - Msg 79037:
Just stopping by to say good night porch family.
Love and prayers for you all!

May 11, 2010 - Msg 79038: God works in mysterious ways, but he does work.
My wife even went to church Sunday morning(I have to work then so I usually go to the late service). She was babysitting a niece and nephew during the weekend so I figured that it would be her excuse for not going this week(as I have said she is less than thrilled with this church lately and hasn't been going for one reason or another). But she went, with the little ones and all.
Pleasantly surprised.

Tomorrow I am going with Kai's class to an old time school house, where they will have class. Though I hope it is warm because they don't have heat(it's not warming around here either, auh2o). Should be fun. And I love that era. Little house on the prairie-ish. :)

Congrats Erin(and Boo, Bruce, and Sean) on your baptism!

Well, I better get to sleep or I will be falling asleep at the little old schoolhouse and I will be sent to the corner. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

May 11, 2010 - Msg 79039: Goodnight Rev, and thank you for the prayers.

-Sterling Holobyte

May 11, 2010 - Msg 79040: Good evening, porch. Boo, I'm proud of you. You actually set it all aside and just took a nap today. Smart girl! Do a little more of that now, please. It will make the time when you ARE working much more productive.

The Arboretum was just beautiful. We walked through part of it, then caught one of the little trams and rode the rest of the way. It was just Eloise and Carol and I, and the driver, and he stopped a lot and shared a lot of information. The place is gorgeous, flowers absolutely everywhere, water features, specialty gardens - something interesting everywhere you look. We had lunch there, in their tea room, and had a great meal. Reasonably priced and very good food. Eloise and I WILL be going back!

That dadburn egret came in this morning, just before we left. He actually stepped down into the shallow end of the pond and was walking around in it, fishing! I scared him off, and before we left I put up a "scarecrow rabbit." It's a stuffed rabbit figure, about five feet tall, mounted on a stick. It's wearing clothes, an apron, and a big hat, and has long floppy ears. It's actually intended as an Easter decoration, I guess. I bought it at Garden Ridge a couple of years ago, and it's been in the garage ever since. I stuck it in the ground beside the pond, and am hoping it will keep the egret away. I'm pretty sure he has gotten at least one of my fish. The small ones are too numerous, I don't know if any are missing, but I had one about six inches long, with distinctive markings, and I can't find it. It may be there, there are hiding places, but I haven't seen it in a couple of days. The two big ones, 8-inchers, are still there. Dratted bird!

Sterling, that's encouraging. I hope things continue on a positive path. Keep us posted.

Well, I'm going to bed. Carol and I have been sitting up until the wee hours every night, and I'm exhausted. She has gone to bed, and I'm about to do the same. We have big plans for tomorrow, of course.

Be blessed, friends! --Romeena

May 11, 2010 - Msg 79041: Encouraging news, Sterling....keep praying and believing. :-) Have fun at the ol' schoolhouse...wish I could go!

Thanks Ro, I am trying to get the needed has become very obvious lately that I know what's coming...."NO SPRING CHICKEN!" ;-) Hope the big stuffed rabbit keeps the egret away. Hey, that's a random-sounding comment you don't hear every day.

That Arboretum sounds wonderful...go back often and enjoy it!

Stayed up too late watching the end of a mystery on TV last night...had to find out if the bad guy was gonna "git it" in the end...and he did...

Better go get Erin going.


May 11, 2010 - Msg 79042: Oh...almost forgot...prayers for Casey, HM, please let us know as soon as you find out something from the doctor.


May 11, 2010 - Msg 79043:
Morning porch and cloudy hear in SC.

Sterling.....keep the faith as we keep praying!

HM....Prayers for Casey's foot and for the dr appointment.

MDC.....just to update you on your question.... the company that does my CD duplications in Nashville weathered the storm with no problems. Talked with them yesterday. Also got my new CD in yesterday. Was really glad to get it in before leaving out on my summer tour. That way they don't have to drop ship it to me on the road.

Well let me get busy getting some things done around here.
You all have a Jesus filled day!
Love and prayers

May 11, 2010 - Msg 79044: We have been sent on to another specialist - this one deals with foot and ankle issues. We are looking at surgery. Casey is now on Vicodin for pain - his x-rays showed things worsening and of course the pain increasing. Thanks for the prayers in advance.


May 11, 2010 - Msg 79045: Hey gang!..prayers HM..any leftoversw from lunch?..busy here at work....SPOT

May 11, 2010 - Msg 79046:
My prayers going up for Casey homemaker.
God blees 'im, hope the vicodin doent make him all "loopy."
Too bad M-T isnt around. I actually MICROWAVED
something for lunch yesterday! ha
I heard that Possum is buying at cracker barrel tonight. Last one in a rocker there is a rotten egg! (Remember that saying?)
REV- thanks for the update on the new CD. In the meantime, I'm still "on board" with your "Get On Board" CD.
RO- question-before the fall of man, would egrets still have eaten fish or would they all be plant eaters? ha If i read the Word correctly, man would have eaten only plants, so i may have answered my own question.
Well, I have to go see my bookie barber tonight. (:

May 11, 2010 - Msg 79047: Prayers for Casey.
You're mighty generous with my money, MDC! LOL Ok, i'll buy. Just don't act like a bunch of hungry buzzards once we get over to Cracker Barrel or else I'll be in back washing dishes to foot the bill!
See y'all there!
possum under a rock

May 11, 2010 - Msg 79048:
Possum, just like the government, i love to spend your money! haha
All these hungry buzzards and not a Don in the bunch! LOL
Next time ya all watch the bookie barber, note that it is good ole SARAH who actually solves the case!
Well, GTG,
MDC pryrs bng sd fr all

May 11, 2010 - Msg 79049: Good evening porch family, just winding down from a loong day today and making my way toward the ironing board. left work at 5:15 and then Beth and I had haircut appointments at 6:15, back home by about 8pm. makes for a tired Maude.

Leaving after school on Friday to take 5 16 year old girls and 2 19 year old boys to Pigeon Forge for the week end. celebrating Beth's 16th birthday. maybe O'Malley will let us borrow his cabin, Emma can bake pies and Aunt bee will send some fried chicken. Teen agers can surely eat! Anybody want to join us?

Bed time snack wiil be: cheese toast with a glass of chocolate or white milk, or a arm cup of tea.

see you all in the am.

Blessings and prayers for all!

Big Maude

May 11, 2010 - Msg 79050:
Hello porch family....well me and Jake sitting here watching the Braves. Well I'm watching the Braves and Jake is sleeping in my lap. He's wishing I would get off this computer so that I can get back to rubbing his tummy. Spoiled mut:)

MDC......glad you're "on board" bro!

OK Possum.....I'll order something small....a country dinner, lemonaide and a strawberry shortcake.

Spot....I'll drop by and bring you a plate. Don't work too hard.

Let me get back to the game.....and tummy rubbing.

You all have a great night and ask yourself this when you wake up in the morning: If I was all God had today to share His love, would I make a difference?
Love and prayers!

May 11, 2010 - Msg 79051:
Hey slipped in on me there. Get you some rest. Have fun in Pigeon Forge. I'll be in Pigeon Forge for a concert Memorial day weekend.


May 11, 2010 - Msg 79052: An "arm cup of tea" Maude?...that don't sound good...

Good news about the CD, REV...

I am going to go hang out with Erin for awhile before bed. She needs a little mom time.


May 12, 2010 - Msg 79053: Where is everybody this morning? is getting cold...


May 12, 2010 - Msg 79054: Thanks for the plate Rev...hello Boo,Ro,possum,Tom,HM,MDC,sterling....Maude good one O"Malleys cabin...good one.....ok its work for me tonight at 10 and for the day its yard work at Mom and Pops.....lets me at Burger King for those double whoppers ....SPOT

May 12, 2010 - Msg 79055:
Well boo, now we know what happened to the golden arm! haha
Sittin' here listen to Rev's Taylor guitar and his platinum pipes! smooth. (:
This gulf spill is getting scary. Seems like they cant get the thing capped and there's a lot of blame going around. My prayers for that whole situation!
RO- what is the address for the photo site? I forgot it. thx
ASA- a little political shake up in Utah!!
Have a great day.

May 12, 2010 - Msg 79056: Good morning, porch! Just passin' by, Carol and I are headed over to pick up Eloise, and go get some good Mexican food at El Fenix. Love that place!

MDC, the address is romeena dot my photo album dot com. Just run it all together.

Hazel, if you'll send me those pictures again, I promise I'll get them in there this time. I still don't know how I lost them. Just getting old, I guess. I'm so sorry!

Well, gotta run. Eloise called, wondering where we are! Be blessed, everyone. --Romeena

May 12, 2010 - Msg 79057: They still haven't capped the oil spill?? I haven't been watching the news MDC. If I watch it, I have a hard time staying at "pax", if you know what I mean...the oil spill, the volcano in Ireland, the economy, floods, name it. This old world is in alot of unrest these days. Hopefully the beginning of the birth pains that lead to the new world.

Better go clean the kitchen.


May 12, 2010 - Msg 79058: Gosh, where is everybody? Hope all are safe and having a good time somewhere...did you all forget to invite me to the party? ;-)

Had a nice evening at church...we have a group of about 8 to 10 that meet in the church prayer room on wed evenings for an informal bible/prayer time and it has always been my favorite worship time during the week. People share their joys and sorrows and LOTS of laughs...and we all know that laughter is good medicine for the soul. Tonight we read from Nehemiah and talked about his prayer when he asked God for favor with the King of Persia because he wanted to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the city walls. Nehemiah had alot of faith, compassion, and talent...and wasn't afraid to use them! One man on God's side can accomplish mighty things.

Well, think I will get myself to bed after I read a story to Erin. A very good friend sent her a copy of a child's version of "Pilgrim's Progress" this week as a momento of her baptism. What a sweet friend to do such a thing. :-) We will be reading it together starting tonight.


May 12, 2010 - Msg 79059:
Hello porch family.

MDC....thanks for the kind words!

Spot....well the Braves had a sweep up north with the Brewers.

Boo....glad you had a nice group for prayer time and fellowship. Those are some God filled times that gives us strength.

Well I'm heading to bed before midnight tonight so you all have a good night and see ya tomorrow.

Jesus loves you.....and so do I!

May 13, 2010 - Msg 79060: Just stopping by for a late-night post.Hope everyone here on the porch had a blessed day. Hey to MDC-have a blessed Thursday
Sterling-still praying for Kai's school situation...
Prayers for all the porchsters.
Where is Mavis? I haven't seen her post in a while. I hope she is okay.
C Darlin'

May 13, 2010 - Msg 79061: Kai is reading "Pilgrim's Progress" in school, Boo. Actually, that is part of her homework.

Had a great time at the old schoolhouse! The kids learned some games that they used to play in those days, and even got a lesson or two, how it would have been taught. They all did some things from their spring program, and the (ex)teachers who take care of the place were mighty impressed. And we had our sack lunches right at our desks. Pretty fun!

After that we went down the road to a grotto that a couple had built back in the 30's. They built a small church, an outdoor pulpit, a ship, and many other things, all out of cement and glass from broken bottles and jars. I was expecting the glass to be kind of set flat into the cement, but nope, it was all set straight up and jagged. Luckily everyone of those kids listened and nobody got cut.

It was a rainy, cold day, but I think everyone had fun and enjoyed the day.

My good day was tempered somewhat after I came home. My wife finally brought up the financial aspect of sending Kai to the Christian school. I was wondering when that would happen. I just told her that you don't have to pay the whole thing all at once like we have been doing(when we had more money).
She seems to be pulling out all the stops against sending Kai there. Tonight she brought up that the school secretary had invited her and other some other women from the church out for a movie on Saturday. But she said they have to go to a late show because the secretary signed a contract with the Pastor that she wouldn't go to any movies. I don't know if I believe the part about "any" movies, maybe racy ones that wouldn't look good for the school if she was seen going to them. My wife says it reminds her of "Footloose" where the preacher wouldn't allow anyone to dance anywhere. She tends to bring that movie up alot.
Of course, then that drifted into talk of what she heard at the women's conference she went to, what some speaker said about "if you don't spank your child you are sending them straight to h&ll" and then to talk about sending Kai, or not sending Kai rather, to the school. She said she wouldn't be heartbroken if Kai didn't go back to it.

I think she probably took that comment out of context. But she tends to latch onto one negative part and dwell on it. She had even said that after she heard that, she blocked out the rest of the speakers on every night she was there.

I don't know. I don't know what to say to her, that I think Kai going to this school right now is important. After she gets to 6th grade and is ready to transfer to the middle school, we can talk about it then. At least, I thought that was the plan after what she had said before.
She used to want Kai to have this foundation. Now, she seems to want only what the world has to offer her.
She also brought up that we will be getting a new principal, though we don't know who it is, and that she would rather wait and see what he is like before sending Kai there again.
Yet, she doesn't seem to care what Kai teachers or principal would be like at a public school. I guess if they are all politically correct, they're ok.

As you can see, I still need some prayers. Because this apparently isn't settled.
I think I also need some good points for argument to keep Kai in for at least these two years before middle school, because my wife just keeps on throwing more wrenches in.

Well, I best get to bed. Talk to you all later, and thanks for listening.

-Sterling Holobyte

May 13, 2010 - Msg 79062: C Darlin, you snuck in there on me, and with a totally appropriate comment that I needed to hear. Thank you!

-Sterling Holobyte

May 13, 2010 - Msg 79063: Sterling, I wish I had a chance to sit down with your wife and talk to her about what she is thinking/feeling. When you mentioned the thing about the secretary signing a contract not to see movies, I know that sounds far-fetched but back in the early 80's when I joined the As$embly of God church, they required the same thing to join. I was so young I didn't question it, I just signed the thing. So, it is not unheard of, although, I think it is ridiculous. As I grew in my faith and in grace, I realized that I had my own convictions to follow. Having come out of an experience of being in a legalistic church, I understand your wife's concerns. I dn't know what her motives are or if she is just trying to find things to use to get what she wants or if she is genuinely concerned but I have some of the same concerns with Erin's "fundamental baptist" school. The good thing is that they don't seem to be teaching "rules" to the kids...I do expect that as she gets older we may have to make a change, though.

I want to suggest a book for you to read and share with your wife before making a decision about sending Kai back into public school. I have read the book and suggested it to others. I wish every parent would read it. It's called "The harsh Truth About Public Schools" by Bruce Shortt...his credentials are listed in the forward of the book and he backs up everything with stats, etc. You can read something about the book and find out how to get it if you go to:


May 13, 2010 - Msg 79064: Oh, just a warning Sterling; what you find in the book is to put it mildly, shocking. It is very graphic in parts and holds nothing back. If you decide to purchase the book, be certain there is no chance that it would get into Kai's hands.


May 13, 2010 - Msg 79065: PS-I would mail you my copy, Sterling, but I lent it out and never got it back. :-(


May 13, 2010 - Msg 79066: Sterling, I sure feel for you over the division between you and your wife about Kai's education. I may sound too conservative, but I don't see any positive reasons to send a child to public school. Case in the point, the young girl who committed suicide because of bullying. And that is not an isolated problem. Bullying goes on in every school every day all day long. I read an article in the May 12th edition of the Charlotte (NC) Observer about a third (yes,THIRD grader!) that brought a loaded gun to school and fired it off in the classroom. Check out for the story. I'm not trying to sound like an alarmist, but the public schools do not protect our children like they should. And I'm sure the book that Boo is suggesting would also help convince your wife to have a change of heart. I will keep you and your wife in my prayers. Didn't mean to start a moulage. Hope all of the porchsters have a Christ-filled day.
C Darlin'

May 13, 2010 - Msg 79067: Good morning, porch. Sterling, I'm so sorry you're still having to deal with this problem. What I'm hearing is that your wife is concerned about the possibility of extreme, restrictive religious teaching in the private school, and certainly that can be a problem. Some religious schools, like some churches, are based on legalistic teachings and seem to forget that we're under grace. However, I think I'd almost rather deal with that problem than with the "anything goes", permissive attitudes in the public schools today. As I've probably said before, my concern with public schools is less with what isn't being taught (religious education), but rather with what IS being taught - that anything Bible-based is to be viewed with suspicion and even with disdain, that any attitude with a moral base is wrong because we must accept all "lifestyles" - well, you know the drill. It has been a growing problem for a number of years, and now with the liberal, openly gay Kevin Jennings in place as the "Safe Schools Czar", it's definitely not going to get any better. There is an agenda in the upper levels of government, and Jennings will see to it that it is carried down to the classroom level. I firmly believe that our kids are under open assault in the schools, and the best defense is a strong offense. A solid Christian foundation at home, bolstered by supportive Christian teaching at school, is the best thing we can offer, to give them the strength to withstand the constant attack. If the Christian school at times leans a bit too far to the conservative side, well - maybe that's okay. I'd prefer to err on the side of caution. Well, that's my advice. It's free, and free advice is usually worth just about what you paid for it.

Well, gotta run. Things to do, places to go, people to see! Be blessed, my friends. --Romeena

May 13, 2010 - Msg 79068: You're right about the bullying, C Darlin' but my son was even bullied in a private Christian school...the difference was that there was absolutely no tolerance for it and the offending student was permanently expelled for calling my son a "que*r".

You make some really good points, Ro, which are adressed in the book I suggested. I always remember a quote I heard once years ago when I made my decision to homeschool Sean...I don't even remember who said it but it was, "What is the wisdom in sending my impressionable child to a government institution for 40 hrs a week in which Jesus was forbidden?". Made sense to me. You know, the verse about the fear of God being the beginning of wisdom is true. If a man gains the whole world (in knowledge) but loses his own soul, what is the profit in that?


May 13, 2010 - Msg 79069:
Ditto from me sterling. Once again I agree. I taught for 15 years, but many years ago and in small districts. We had the backing of the administration and kept on top of things like bullying. But that was then. Things are much different now.
Prayers continue for all.

May 13, 2010 - Msg 79070: Hey gang busy here at work ...will someone send me a supper plate over?....SPOT

May 13, 2010 - Msg 79071: Sure SPOT, got some bbq on a bun, homemade green beans, mac and cheese and homemade banana pudding...will that do?


May 13, 2010 - Msg 79072: I want one ( a plate) too,Boo! Don't pile Spot's plate up so high & leave a little for me,ok?

possum under a rock

May 13, 2010 - Msg 79073: That hit the "SPOT" Boo...possum you can have some oof mine too.....ok....just a busy day here at work...and Rev the braves just need to keep it up....SPOT

May 13, 2010 - Msg 79074:
Hello porch family....been getting the motorhome packed for my weekend run. Concerts through Sunday night then next week the wife and I are taking 5 days (Wednesday - Sunday) and heading to the beach for a vacation. Everywhere we go it's ministry which I'm so thankful for but this trip is just me and wifey with no schedule! We are so looking forward to it. We haven't done this in years and really need it. After that, I head out for my summer tour which is over a 2 month run. Will not see my home state for over 2 months. A very long tour so this vacation will be great for us.

My daughter just walked in so let me get off this computer and get a great big hug from her.

Love and prayers for all the porch family!

May 13, 2010 - Msg 79075: There's plenty for everyone, Possum...that's what so great about cyber-supper!

Sounds wonderful, glad you and your wife are taking a vacation for yourselves. :-)

Been visiting the folks at St. Susan's..needed to go over Dad's financial situation which is not looking so hot. Turns out he has some credit cards he raked up 20,000 dollars on and had been forgetting to pay them off. My brother-in-law stepped in and is trying to keep track of things now and I am watching his money market accounts. Things are getting tough with him and his memory is worse.

Well, I need to go get Erin to bed.


May 13, 2010 - Msg 79076: Evening folks:
Just happened to stop by for a quick read- and stumbled into the discussion of school. Private,public,home... Just to put in my 2 cents... we put our 4 children through a private Christian school. let me tell you, it was not easy, not was it cheap. There were times when we stopped the local newspapers, cable tv, ran second-hand cars and ate boxed mac and cheese, but it was worth EVERY penny!!! Sure, there were times when I had to go in and let remind them that they were being held accountable to me and the Lord. I had entrusted my children to them... and as a testemony to the education...they have all graduated (the last one will be the end of this month) with honors, and have gone on to college, graduating with high honors. They are grounded in their faith, have a desire to serve on the mission field, and are good citizens with strong opinions on current events. (I still think after 23 years at the school, I should have a wing named after me or something!!!)
That's just my take on it all... Middle school change over to public, well, just take them out to the interstate and throw them in the path of on coming traffic! Ok enough said!! love you guys! ~New Neighbor

May 14, 2010 - Msg 79077: Stopping in for a late-night post again..Hope everyone had a good day. New Neighbor , I admire your dedication to educating your children in a Christian school. I am sure you are proud of the way they turned out. A Christ-centered education is the best investment.
Boo, that's horrible that Sean was called that name in a Christian school. It makes you wonder if the offending child's parents were raising him or her in a Christian environment.
Prayers for homemaker's Casey.
Prayers for all the porch family, have a blessed Friday.
C Darlin'

May 14, 2010 - Msg 79078: Congrats on being able to send your kids through the Christian school, New Neighbor. I am struggling just to send Kai there for just two more years. It would be ideal if she could go all the way through, but I figure it is two more years for Kai to gain additional armor needed for the onslaught of deception permeating the public schools these days.
I just pray that my wife can see the wisdom of it again, somehow.
Boo, I really appreciate your advice about the book, but I think it I gave that to her to read, it would just trigger her defensive measures, and would confirm even more her idea that I am "too conservative". I really don't know what I should do. But I do know I cannot give in on this. Kai is too important. I don't think two more years is too long to be in that school, I just have to make my wife see that.
I really think her beef is more with the church. So if she wants to look at other churches, I have no problem with that. As long as Kai can stay at the school. That may be a compromise I may have to make for Kai's sake.

Thanks to you both for the "free" advice, Romeena and C Darlin. :)
I unfortunately am too well aware of the agenda of err that is in the public schools. I remember too well my trips to the schools to find out what their "parental notification" letters were about for that particular week. I really don't want to go back to that.

I like that quote you posted, Boo. That is something I can tell my wife to appeal to her Christian side. I am just hoping some of it still exists and isn't all diluted by political correctness.

Prayers to you all, and my thanks for the advice.

-Sterling Holobyte

May 14, 2010 - Msg 79079: Wonderful testimony, NN...God bless you for the sacrifices you made to give your children a christian education...I see He already is.:-)

Prayers continue, Sterling. Prayers that you and your wife will get on the same team, so to speak, for Kai's sake. I don't know about Kai, but if Bruce and I were at odds in our philosophy, Erin would try to take advantage of that and play us against each other. We have to stand in agreement on everything. I can see a potential problem as Kai nears her teens, if you and the wife aren't a "united front", so to speak. If you are morally strict, but wife isn't, I mean. Prayers, prayers. If there is one thing I know to be true, its that while we can't change people's hearts, God can. Be patient and have faith. Changing hearts sometimes takes awhile. ;-)


May 14, 2010 - Msg 79080: APB for ASA...

May 14, 2010 - Msg 79081: I enjoy a delicious chicken sandwich.

May 14, 2010 - Msg 79082:
Wow, heavy stuff. Prayers for you and yours sterling.
REV- all the best for a good weekend, then a good vacation!
Can i come along? I'll bring my bongo drum! I love moz-z-zerella! haha I watch the 3's a crowd ep with the "other" Mary county nurse. Let's all sing "Seeing Nellie Home" teehee!
God bless you all, have a great weekend.

May 14, 2010 - Msg 79083: So how do you get a 'possum to come out from under a rock?

May 14, 2010 - Msg 79084: Well, before I went to bed last night(very late), I read my Bible and prayed for an occasion to bring up sending in the reenrollment papers at an appropriate time. This morning God gave me that chance, so this time I took it.
We kept Kai home from school today due to a sore throat(which she left school early yesterday for), and before I went to pick up Kai's homework, my wife asked me to fill out Kai's summer school classes and bring them in to the middle school. So I brought up bringing in her reenrollment papers for the Christian academy as well since I read that they were hoping to have the paperwork returned today, and surprisingly she didn't have a problem with it. She just said I may have to fill some of the papers out as she didn't fill some of the spots out(I hadn't even known she filled any of it out).
So we put Kai in some fun classes(well, except maybe beginning piano, but even I thought that would be good for her) for summer school after she goes to the camp that our church helps put on.
So glad to have this off of my shoulders, for now at least. Hope and pray it keeps up.

Ok, I am going to stop taking over the porch with my problems. I see nearly half of this page is filled with it.

-Sterling Holobyte

May 14, 2010 - Msg 79085: Sterling, you " take over the Porch" as much as you need to- that's what we're here for,and heaven knows I've done my share of "Porch taking over." Most of us have at one time or another,so quit yer fretting about it! We love you,friend.
Glad things seem to be working out with the school situation. I will keep y'all in my prayers.

Hey Boo- wanna run with me & spot tonight? Word has it that Miss Sherry ain't around! Ha Ha We'll swing by & pick you up in a little bit. I'm thinking we'll head over to the Gigolo Club and catch the floor show. What do ya say??

Y'all have a good night and about me & Boo running with spot.. TICK A LOCK! LOL

possum under a rock

May 14, 2010 - Msg 79086:
Hello porch family....getting ready for an early bed time tonight. Got to leave out early in the morning for my weekend concerts. Won't be back till late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

MDC....bring the bongos and we'll hit the tour.

I will be gone till Monday so someone needs to keep an eye on Possum, Boo and Spot:)

You all have a blessed weekend and will chat with you Monday.
Love and prayers!

May 14, 2010 - Msg 79087:
I didn't read my post till after I posted it. Did I use the word "Monday" enough? lol

May 15, 2010 - Msg 79088: Good evening, porch. Sterling, that's wonderful. Just leave it with the Lord, He'll handle it - and He did. I'm just wondering..... is it possible that you might overreact a bit when maybe your wife is just thinking out loud? Or is it possible that she just enjoys yanking your chain a little? Or maybe it's a little of both? Since obviously I didn't hear the actual conversation, I may be way out of line here, but it really doesn't sound like she actually intended to pull Kai from the school. Sometimes past experiences can make us a bit gun shy, and can cause us to read more into a remark than was intended. As I said, just wondering....

Well, my friend Carol left this morning. We got her car all loaded up, she set her GPS, had her little Mapquest map and directions from me to get out of this immediate area, and off she went. I stopped and pulled a few weeds on the way back into the house, and when I got inside, there were her hanger-type clothes, draped over the back of a chair! I immediately called her cell phone, and caught her while she was still in an area where it was relatively easy to turn around. However, Carol being Carol, she missed the Y back into Irving, and soon called me from Stemmons Freeway, halfway into Dallas. I was able to talk her through doubling back and getting off the highway at the proper place, and she made it back here. She got her clothes and I saw her off once again. Then I came back in, plopped into my chair and promptly fell asleep for about an hour! It has been a fun week, but I'm pooped!

I'm staying up very late tonight, will sleep very late tomorrow, then have to work tomorrow night. It helps if I start getting the day/night thing reversed now.

Well, guess I'll play a little Mah Jongg for a while. Not much on TV. Carol and I watched "The Blind Side" on PPV one night - very, very good movie. Heartwarming! I really enjoyed it.

Be blessed, my friends. And yes, just where is ASA? He's been gone too long! --Romeena