June 12, 2010 - Msg 79464: I'll respond, C Darlin'. Sorry that you have felt shunned and that you believe that only MDC has ever responded to your posts. Out of curiosity I randomly clicked on an archived page a moment ago and saw with my own eyes that's not the case,though. I read a post of yours and also noticed where someone other than MDC acknowledged you after you posted that.
So..again, I really am sorry that you feel the way you do. Perhaps you'll change your mind and decide to stick around. I hope you'll remember that "talking" here isn't like sitting around on an actual porch, seeing everybody face to face. I'm sure every Porchster will agree with me that not only have we overlooked somebody's comments every now & then, but we have each posted something that may have been overlooked. That's just the way it goes around here sometimes! It's not intentional. And I'm not trying to be rude,nasty, start a moulage or anything of that sort, but please don't say only one person here has ever replied to you, because,well, it's just not so.
I think we've all said enough about visitors and offered explanations about the dynamics of the Porch until we should all be blue in the face! Let's just enjoy one another- what do y'all say?
You take care and God Bless you too, C Darlin'.

possum under a rock

June 12, 2010 - Msg 79465: C Darlin', I'm very sorry you didn't feel welcome when you posted here before. As possum mentioned, thisroom is a bit different, in that it's not instant chat. Factors such as the time of day or whatever can influence the responses. It all depends on how often people stop by. As far as I'm concerned, you're as welcome as the flowers in May, and I'm sure everyone else agrees. Please feel free to stop by anytime and say whatever's on your mind. I'll give you a little heads-up here, though. Don't expect too much response to what you just posted. It's a weekend, and things are usually pretty slow around here on weekends. Come back on Monday and you might be surprised.

So - what would you most like to talk about? We're listening!

Blessings! --Romeena

June 12, 2010 - Msg 79466: Hi All.
C Darlin where are you from?
Boy was the last two of was a bad one for mystepdad was in the hosp for two.
Two day go a big tree fall in the year.
So I have my hanhy full for now and going crazy at the sometime!


June 12, 2010 - Msg 79467: Wow, I'm glad to see so many people responding with their thoughts and perceptions about this place. I'm saddened to hear more than one of you feel that you have to leave or stop posting here to improve things.
I have posted some controversial topics because I still believe adults can have polite and constructive discussion about them.
I also have been ignored here. I've posted questions that have gone not only unanswered, but also not even acknowledged.
And although I have been shocked at some of the comments here, nothing so far has offended me. Please realize that some of us don't post that often. So when we do, we may not have time to read some of the past messages. Or if we do have the time, just how far back should we go to make sure we won't hurt someone's feelings?
I'm willing to change and I'm staying right here to do that.
I offer these comments with love because I care about you folks and enjoy your company.

from Poor Horatio

June 13, 2010 - Msg 79468:
Hello porch family....had a good time at the concert tonight in Pigeon Forge, TN. But it was outside and man was it hot. Tomorrow night in Dandridge, TN.

Many times when I'm on the road I don't have the time to read very far back in the archives so sometimes I miss post. I surely don't mean to ignore anyone. You ALL are very special friends to me and are ALL a part of this forum.

It's late so I gotta get some sleep. That bed in the back of the motorhome is calling my name.
Love and prayers for ALL the porch family!

June 13, 2010 - Msg 79469:
It's only 'leven o'clock here, so it's still the 12th!
OK, here's the deal, after some pretty good looks at the archives, I think we do a pretty good job with newcomers, in fact, Romeena is usually the first one to say welcome aboard!
I think C. Darlin' tends to rememmer me answering more is because we "shared" the same name, tho I could be wrong. Could just be my good looks too! haha lol!
One thing I know is that this has sure INCREASED the porch sittin'! ha Funny how it does that. If we all threw our "2 cents" in a jar, it'd be overflowin'! (: and we could all head down to Cracker Barrel!
Sterling, your comments totally cracked me up, because you mention so many various domestic issues, that you are more of a jennie boone than jennie boone is! haha
RO- I hear ya and I'm a runnin with ya!
MT- Welcome back, no matter how long you stick around, welcome back.
I think there have been very valid points made,
and I decided that if my little zingers now and then 'offend' anybody, then
as barney would say, que sera sera. (:
I love ya all, now let's get to some serious donkey and goat talk.
But first, TOM, so sorry about your stepdad.
My Prayers are with you buddy.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

June 13, 2010 - Msg 79470: "Pull up a chair! Have a sit-down an' shoot the breeze with us. Later on, maybe we'll go down to the drugstore to get a bottle of pop . . . maybe see what's showin' at the Grand . . . . What you gonna do tonight, Barn?"

June 13, 2010 - Msg 79471: Glad you decided to stay MDC (you 'ol rebel);-)

Ro, I noticed that no one responded to your post concerning "sensitivity training"...bet folks were afraid of stepping in that moulage at this point. ;-) When I read it, I thought of how I would feel if made to attend similar "sensitivity training" at work...and I am surprised that you did not end up being carried out by security after going beserk and getting "all up in someone's face', as the saying goes....hehe I think I would have lost it and gotten fired or something. Enough said.

Hey, C Darlin', wanna know the truth? I have responded to one of your posts I'm sure but when I see one I am always thinking, "Now, who is C Darlin'?...I can't remember...wish she would stay longer and share something about herself". If you would let us get to know you more and come by more often, it would help us to be more aware of your presence here I think. Maybe you already did and I have a short memory, but tell us more about yourself...where you from, children?...work?...I would love for you to be a regular member of the porch here.

Hey to REV. Thank you for those prayers. Hope things go great in TN.

I ended up staying home from preaching due to a nasty cold but hopefully will be well soon.

Goat and donkey talk, eh?....well, I think my female goat (Strawberry) is actually pregnant. She is certainly growing around the middle and now seems to have some milk in her already. We'll see..should would be fun to have some babies but the dogs are digging under the fence and chasing the small goat around from time to time so we will have to remedy that somehow before September comes. Thelma Lou the Donkey is doing pretty well. I thought she would be pushing down the fence by now but she is behaving.

Well, better get outta here...see you all later.


June 13, 2010 - Msg 79472: Hey folks. I was skimming through my tv guide thing on my satallite just now and noticed TV Land has TAGS on for most of the day today, until about 6 tonight. It starts here at 11:00. Lets see, from 11 till 6.... thats 7 hours. So with TV Lands commercials.... gosh, that might be 4 episodes. :) Anyway, I thought I would pass that on in case someone wanted to see it who doesn't have the dvds.
Now as far as recent talk here is concerned, and I haven't read to far back into the archives so I don't know what started it, but you folks really take the cake. And I mean that in a nice way. It seems every so often we do a self introspection of the porch to see if we can do better at being nicer, or friendlier, or kinder, or whatever it may be we feel we are lacking. It really is interesting to watch, because there are so many kind and caring folks here who really do worry about being inclusive. Y'all are special. I love you all.
With that being said, please, if there are any here whom I have offended or have felt ignored by me, please note it has not been intentional. Please forgive me if that has ever been the case.
I would like to echo Boo's comments above about jumping in more often and letting us know more about you. I think it really will help.
And MDC, don't you even think about leaving. I enjoy your posts, ALL of them. You are obviously a devoted Christian and Patriot, who loves your Country and feels the need to express that in some small way here now and again. Not a thing wrong with that as far as I'm concerned.

Now, I'm sorry I've not been here much as of late. I have been going through a lot, with my wife's illness, and the things I've seen going on, not just in our nation, but around the world.... well I have just let things get to me. I guess I've been depressed and didn't want to come here and depress you all. But I am trying to get over it all. I have been doing some deep soul searching, and connecting with my Heavenly Father. I know He's in charge of all this and if I just remain true and faithful to Him, all will be well. Sometimes that is hard to do, when you THINK you're in charge. But I know this flight is in better hands when I give the controls over to God and take a seat in the c0-pilots chair. So that's what I am trying to do.... yet again.
Thanks for all the prayers and shout outs and well wishes.
You all are in my prayers. We are all in this together, so we might as well all hang on tight...be it a rough ride, we can all help one another absorb the blows.


P.S. MDC, don't make me travel south and kick your hiney brother. I'll do it. :)

June 13, 2010 - Msg 79473: Good afternoon, porch! Asa, it's great to hear from you. I do hope and pray that things are improving, or at least "holding" with regard to your dear wife's illness. I prayed for her today, as I often do, and will again. There is no describing the power of prayer. I'm glad you dropped by - hope you'll do it as often as circumstances will permit.

C Darlin', I hope you're still out there, listening. We truly want you to know you're welcome and wanted here. You've probably told us before, but my memory is leaky, so please tell me again - what part of the porch are you sittin' on? (Where are you from?)

Boo, I'm sorry you're feeling bad. A cold this time of year can really be miserable. Drink lots of juice, get as much rest as you can, look as pitiful as possible and milk it for all it's worth! (hahaha)

Tom, I'm so sorry about your stepdad. I hope he's doing better now. As for the fallen tree - do you have someone who will cut it up and haul it away? If not, put a sign on it that says "Free firewood - you cut, it's yours." You'll get takers.

PH, you speak the truth. I too have been surprised at times, and a few times I've been horrified to learn that I had offended someone, because it was never intentional. Well, that's not entirely true. There was old George, back in '07, and I meant every word of what I said to him. He was beggin' for it. If I could have nailed him with a spitwad right then, I'd have done so!

MDC, I'm glad for your company, but be aware that "runnin'" with me can get you into trouble. I'm old, and outspoken, and not too bright - so be warned.

REV, I pray things continue to go well with the concerts, and that God's name will be lifted up, and His word will be proclaimed through your music.

Well, gotta work tonight, so I think I'll go catch a nap. Blessings, my friends. --Romeena

June 13, 2010 - Msg 79474:
Hello porch family....another hot day here on the road.

Boo....praying you are feeling better.

MDC....what's the temp out there in AZ? My wife says its been 103 for the last two days back home in SC.

Tom.....prayers for your stepdad.

Spot....you been spending time on the lake fishing lately?

Asa....so good to see ya back in your rocker.

You all have a Jesus filled day!
Love and prayers!

June 13, 2010 - Msg 79475: Rev dont you tell me the night of June the 12 you were in Piegon Forge.say not....we were there from the 9th till today Sunday afternoon....knew you were gona be there sometime but the WEEK weee were gona be there...oh my...well anyway we are back safe and sound the water park was great...got to unpack...oh my Rev yer post says the 13 which is Sunday (today) but I bet it was after Midnight and you were there LAST night SAT!...we went to see a local girl sing at some campsite....well sure am sad if I missed you...oh my...back in a bit...possum I mailed you....will read after dark...SPOT

June 13, 2010 - Msg 79476: Congrats on your future kids - if her udder is beginning to get fluid, they will be here before September.

Please keep my niece in law Jennifer (lupus) in your prayers. It is a difficult situation and she is not doing well. thank you in advance

A lazy Sunday afternoon. . . .


June 13, 2010 - Msg 79477: Thanks everyone, I feel kinda miserable, but as Romeena said, I am milkin' it for all its worth. I just finished a nice, long soak in the tub with Vicks...not to be confused with Vick....well, you know the routine. I got in a real warm bath, after applying Vicks to my chest and it really helped open up my nose. Of course, I had to shower and wash it off after the bath or my husband would have left home. ;-)

Nice to hear from you Asa, and very sorry for your difficulties. I am rejoicing, though, that you have put yourself in God's hands and are trying to give him the controls. You hang in there. Sometimes its hard to see a bright future, but I promise you it will be there in time.

Prayers for Jennifer, HM. Please keep us informed.

Better go find something to drink.


June 13, 2010 - Msg 79478: Sorry if the above post was a little too visual. When I read it back it didn't sound quite right...don't want to sound like the porch PREvert, as Archie Bunker would say. ;-)


June 13, 2010 - Msg 79479:

June 13, 2010 - Msg 79480: evening porch, stopping by to say good night to everyone. been a lazy sunday , went to s.s. and church this am, out to lunch at Texas Roadhouse and then back home for the afternoon. i did manage to walk on the treadmill and do a little laundry but other than that, haven not accomplished much.

back to work in the am so I will check in from there tomorrow.

Bedtime snack will be: cheese on ritz crackers, white or chocolate milk OR a piece of homemade apple carmel cake. Beth made a cake (her first from scratch!) yesterday and it is mighty tasty! let me know which one you want!

Prayers and blessings to all. feel better BOO! Prayers for Jennifer too .

Big Maude

June 13, 2010 - Msg 79481: Evening Porch Family:
Just stopped by to say a quick Hi, and see if Big Maude can spare a piece of the Apple Carmel Cake. That sounds like a winner!!!
Asa- I picked up the phone several times tonight and was wanting to call and check on you...thanks for checking in with us.
Feel better Boo! The miracle Vicks should help. Too bad you can't rub it on your feet and wear a pair of socks to bed...you'd be cured be morning.

Going to bed now. Have a good night. ~New Neighbor

June 14, 2010 - Msg 79482: Who said, "Woohoo"?!...

Thanks, Maude and New Neighbor. :-)..NN, maybe I will wear the vicks and socks to bed...Bruce is already asleep and won't smell it! I took some of that TheraFlu stuff and it makes most people sleepy...works the opposite on me so here I am up at 12am. My nose is a little bit less stuffy but I told Bruce an hour ago that it felt like I was wearing nose pinchers...yuck. Don't you just hate a stuffed-up nose? Hope I can sleep tonight.


June 14, 2010 - Msg 79483: Wow- what a lively conversation we have about why or why not the old timers do or do not visit here often. I may be wrong, but the most recent dialog began with a question that Ro (may I call you that?)posed about what we could do to make it more fun here and bring back some of the past visitors.. 79402. Boo was thinking of ideas..then, brought up a good suggestion about people posting about past vacation experiences. (I'm sure after she put a bucket on her head) (it works!)79412.
Then, I posted my comment....79430. Some started to say they were leaving..shazam! (Happy birthday to Gomer BTW- I got to meet him once and he autographed my thank'n bucket)This is NOT what I intended. So anyway..,I asked about the vacation that someone took to Chincoteague, Virginia. IGNORED!..(haha a little humor there)
By the way, I went to that art retreat that I mentioned and made a cow mosiac just like Otis'. Now I need to find someone to give it to so they can hang it over their fireplace. I digress.
Romeena, I can see how frustrating some of the things spoken about in your sensitivity training must have been frustrating to you. We just never know when we might OFFEND (slippery word)someone these days. I just think using the kindness of Jesus should cover us in about every circumstance. (I'm not saying you don't- I'm just saying..)It is however, interesting to learn about other cultures.
The best idea that anyone has had so far was posted by hm.
Asa, I'm sorry about your situation with your wife. God is with you.
To everyone else- even if I don't post very often- get ignored or not..when do stop by, I see the posts and say a little prayer. I'm not an eloguent writer- I cannot speel well.
To quote Barney, "One thing I am not is "SENSITIVE"! That would be a heck of a thing to get spread around town!
jennie boone

June 14, 2010 - Msg 79484: What ya doing up, jennie boone?...did you take some TheraFlu, too? Yep, you know only one person responded to my suggestion about summer vacations...I should be offended!!...but I'm not. I've got kids; I'm used to being ignored. ;-)

Where's the Vicks?


June 14, 2010 - Msg 79485: Okay - here is a summer vacation story for you Boo - when I was 6 years old, my family and I went to Colorado Springs to visit my aunt. We were packed in a station wagon - me at 6, a brother at 13, a sister at 16, and a brother at 18 and mom and dad. Things started off well - the fried chicken was in the cooler and the thermos was full of coffee for mom and dad. Then the trouble began. I was in the back of the station wagon and my brothers and sister broke it to me that I was "adopted" from Korea and that I was really being taken back to my real parents. Well - I am not Korean but according to the story - my parents had been missionaries and I was adopted out. I was 6 - I didn't know any better. I cried from Illinois to Colorado. My parents would get me settled down and then the siblings would start in again. So, that is my vacation story, and no I am not adopted from Korea but a corn fed Indiana girl with silly brothers and a sister.

Sending the vicks your way!!


June 14, 2010 - Msg 79486: RIP Jimmy Dean

June 14, 2010 - Msg 79487: Morning all.
Thanks for all the well wishes from everyone. I.... we really appreciate the prayers and ggod thoughts.
HM, Prayers for Jennifer. That is so sad.

Boo, hope you get feeling better quick. Glad you bathed with VICKS and not with Vick. Bruce wouldn't like that (ya nut lol)

Good to hear from you Rev. Drive safe and keep up on your larnyx exercises.

Tom, prayers for you and your situation. Is your step father home yet?

N.N. I wished you had called. Ain't spoken with you for a good long while. How's things? How's Courtney doing? I think of you all a lot.

Big Maude, you better not do to much walking on the treadmill. You might pull something important, you know?

Jennie Boone, I sure wish you'd post more. You sound like a real nice person with a lot of wit. I know you'd fit in well here. Why with your wit and my wisdom..... there ain't no telling how far we might go. (YOU OLD FISHWIFE LOL)

Romeena, how is your health doing? So your running with MDC now I see. Be careful. He will be slipping oregano into your coffee when you ain't looking. Thank you for your wisdom and uplifting e-mails Ro. I surely do appreciate you.
And thanks and hello to anyone I may have missed.
Gotta get to work.


June 14, 2010 - Msg 79488: Land sakes it's Asa - I am so glad you got finished polishing your bullets. It wouldn't take so long if you used proper bullet maintenence. :)

Thanks for praying for Jennifer. A little about Jennifer and Chad. Jennifer grew up in a home where mediocrity was a way of life. She aspired for more and got herself a college education and became a nurse. Chad (my sister's son) never had much of a father figure other than his uncles and grandpa. His dad (after divorcing my sister) went on to marry his ex-sister-in-law (his brother's ex wife). So Jennifer and Chad have dedicated themselves to each other and to their child. They are deeply committed Christians and believe that the Lord will give them nothing they can't handle. (Chad is a seed geneticist in KY - he graduated from UK). They are a special couple. Shortly after they were married, Jennifer was diagnosed with lupus. Now, in her last report, Jennifer is limited on speaking because it is hard to breathe and talk at the same time. Thank you to all for the prayers.

Asa - I think of you and your wife. MS is such a terrible disease (like lupus). Many prayers are sent your way too.

Prayers for all who are in need today. It is a rainy day here in Indy.


June 14, 2010 - Msg 79489: Good Monday porch family. Here and work and I'd rather be somewhere else today. I keep reminding myself that I am blessed to have a job, a job that compliments who I am and a job that allows me flexability to take care of my family when needed. However, there are days that I would rather be doing other things (not sure what but other things). Anyway enough complaining from me today. Guess we all have those days.

Not and humdid on my end of the porch. It was 77 degrees at 7:30 this morning. We will probably have thunderstorms this afternoon.

Better get to work. Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

June 14, 2010 - Msg 79490: Morning Y'all! George?? Oh boy, now that's a "blast from the past", Ro! LOL He was something, wasn't he? I think he's in the "Porch Visitor's Hall of Fame", right along side ol' Dud- ha ha!

Hey Asa! Good to have you rockin' a bit more. Continued prayers, my friend.

Prayers for Jennifer, Tom, and Boo as well. LOL at your "Prevert" comment, Boo! Gotta love that Archie!

Rev & Spot, I realized that y'all were in Pigeon Forge at the same time but had no way to contact you. Talk about a missed opportunity!

Y'all stay cool- it will be 110 here today according to the heat index- that's HOT!!!

Take care & love to all.

possum under a rock

June 14, 2010 - Msg 79491: Good morning, porch! Just got home from work, had to stay for a meeting after my shift, but finally made it home. Beat to the socks, but I'm off now until Friday night.

Jennie boone, of course you may call me Ro. Why not? Everyone else does! As for the sensitivity thing, yes, it's very frustrating at times. I can't help but wonder just how many languages we're going to have to learn? Spanish is only the beginning, and actually is not a problem. We have more than enough Spanish speakers on staff to handle that, and others of us speak a passable form of the language. It's the Asians, Arabs and Africans that are difficult. Dozens of different languages and dialects, we just can't cover them all.

I mentioned learning some of the customs and cultural taboos of Mongolia before I went there. That was one country, so it was do-able. As I said, our hospital gets people from many different countries, and it's just not possible to know all of their do's and don'ts. So, some man gets offended because the nurse dared to look him in the eyes when she spoke to him, or he was horrified when he saw the nurse hand his wife something with her left hand. It's gonna happen.

You would not believe some of the customs. A few years ago, a couple from some obscure Asian area had their baby with us. The father would hide in the bathroom when the baby was with its mother, because their customs had not been satisfied, and he could not allow the baby to see him. Seems there was a ritual involving a coconut, and it was December in Texas. He left the hospital, was gone for hours (middle of the night, yet) and finally returned with a coconut and a hammer. He must have driven all over the metroplex. Anyway, he cracked the coconut with the hammer, managed to salvage some of the coconut milk, and then had the baby brought in. A priest or whatever he was from the man's country also arrived, and dipped his finger in the coconut milk and rubbed it on the baby's head. OK, all done! Baby can now see his father! It was vital to them, very important, and we tried to help, but there wasn't much we could do. He needed that coconut!

That's really no worse, though, than the thoroughly American family who tried to insist on a king-size bed being brought into the new mom's room because "we practice the 'family bed' at home and we'd like to have our children (3 of them) sleep in with us and the baby while we're here." Needless to say, that didn't happen. So, weird expectations are not confined to foreigners. It just takes patience, and sometimes that runs in short supply.

hm, how mean of your siblings! Kids can be just awful. My son told his little sister that she was really a princess from a foreign country, but gypsies had stolen her and left her on our porch, so she would never get to live like a princess, she was stuck with us! She cried for days! The mean thing, he teased her all the time, but she was just so tease-able, I guess he couldn't resist.

Thanks, Asa. You're a treashuh! I'm feeling fine, nd as for the kidney thing, I see the doc tomorrow. Am trusting there will be a good report.

I've got a couple of vacation stories to share, but am so tired right now the screen is all blurry, and this is too long anyway. See you folks later. Blessings! --Romeena

June 14, 2010 - Msg 79492: Isn't the porch nice and full?! I love it!

My Dear Maude, I think you need a few days off, Love; "Not and humdid"?? ;-)

Great to have you back, ASA!! You are such a sweetheart and I miss you when you are gone.

HM, prayers continue for Jennifer. Thanks for sharing more about her life. Sorry about your bad vacation experience! Its really too bad because you could have had such a good time in Colorado Springs. Did your folks take you to The Garden of the Gods or the indian ruins? Did you stay in one of those neat little travel court lodges? BTW, my own dad used to tease me by telling me he bought me from the "hot tamale man" (whoever that is)!

Woo, Possum! 110 degrees?...stay cool somehow.

Ro, the coconut thing is a new one on me! I had a muslim couple once who had some pretty strict religious practices, one involving keeping a pan of dirt at the bedside for washing (?). No men allowed in the room at anytime, either. PS-that "family bed" thing...PU-LEEZ!


June 14, 2010 - Msg 79493: Boo -I remember Garden of the Gods and it is the first place I ever went to a Burger King!! I also got a new doll because my siblings were so mean. I think I still have her somewhere. We also went to abandon gold mines and found gold pieces. My uncle worked on the Air Force Academy chapel so I remember going there too.

Now - what's everybody else's story!!


June 14, 2010 - Msg 79494: Well, since you asked -- one of my stories took place when I was about thirteen. My brother was around four, and my parents took us, and my grandparents, on a driving tour through the western states. I don't remember exactly where we were, but it was getting late, everyone was tired, and my dad had a certain destination in mind to spend the night. Roads back in those days weren't as plentiful as they are now, and certainly not as smooth. My mom was the navigator, and on the map it appeared that we still had about three hours to go, because we had to travel north for quite a way, join up with another highway, then travel back south for a long distance to reach the town Daddy wanted. Daddy remarked that it surely would be nice if there was a road cutting across that stretch of land between the two highways, a distance of about 25 miles. My mother looked at the map, said she believed there should be one, and she took a pen and drew one on the map. My dad just laughed, but she said, "No, it will be there. It makes no sense that there wouldn't be a way across there." Sure enough, when we reached the little one-stoplight burg where she had started her "road", it was there!! Daddy turned, we drove the few miles, and came right into the area he had wanted to reach. My family laughed about that for years. --Romeena

June 14, 2010 - Msg 79495:
Prayers for Asa's wife continue and for all who are ailing. PRAYERS FOR OKLAHOMA too.
Asa- I blew coffee thru my nose when i read the oregano comment. great stuff! As for that "vulger' term "running with" (ha) I meant regarding the diversity training, not as andy meant it! geesh! (:
Jennie boone, hold onto those plates, and give sterling some adviCe. (:
possUM- SO you GOT OUR 110!! iT WAS ONLY 95 HERE THE LAST FEW DAYS! Thanks, you can have it! ha
I got a letter from pappabear. he is still hole' up in indiana, cayuga to be exact.
Summer stories? hmmm So many. But i have determined that i come from a pretty boring family. 7 siblings, but we were pretty nice to each other, all but one still (pretty happily)married, only one bro who got 6 month in jail for dui, but is now sober 10 years, all believers, so i have determined that we are just plain BORING compared to some of you alls goings on!! haha
To anyone who i may have inadvertently forgot,
please dont be OFFENDED!! teehee, love ya all!
PS: and HAPPY FLAG DAY, LONG MAY SHE WAVE OR'r THE LAND OF THE FREE, except for Dearborn, but that's just one of my "zingers!" (: (:

June 14, 2010 - Msg 79496:
Oh, BTW, I was watching Prisoner of Love, and looked up the actress Susan Oliver who played the
lady prisoner, and it said she died in 1990!
I also had forgotten that she played Kirk's "green woman' on StarTrek ! In showing her cinematography, it didnt even mention the TAGS show.

June 14, 2010 - Msg 79497: Afternoon Porch Family:
The porch sure is good and full!!! It's nice when we can all get together for a little chat.-Asa- I may still give you a call this evening. The two girls have taken off for a road trip to KY and Opie is in OK heading for KS. Still doing the harvest. (That boy) The oldest is in Vet school...I'll fill you in on her, Asa.
It was hot and humid here, but now there are thunderstorms rolling through. Hope it cools it down a little bit!
I'll check in later. MDC- got my flag out- flying proudly. ~New Neighbor

June 14, 2010 - Msg 79498:
Hello porch family.....made it home this morning at about 2am. Great concerts....thank You Jesus. I get to be home for a few days then head back out for the rest of the summer. Didn't think I'd have these days home but a couple changes allowed me to swing through SC for a few days:)

Asa.....keeping those vocal cords in shape....thanks!

Spot....man I can't believe we were both in Pigeon Forge at the same time and not know it. And yes I had a concert there Saturday night (12th). I was over in Dandridge, TN last night for a concert. I was in Pigeon Forge the whole week (7th - 13th).

We hit 105 here today.

You all have a blessed night!
Love and prayers for all the porch family

June 15, 2010 - Msg 79499: Thanks for the well-wishes for Kai and the compliment, C Darlin!

I remember that "green woman" always at the end credits of Star Trek, MDC. :)

Have a good night, folks!

-Sterling Holobyte

June 15, 2010 - Msg 79500: Speaking of Star Trek, that is something we did in the summer when I was young. We always watched Star Trek (in syndication) at 4pm every afternoon. It didn't matter how many times I had seen an ep, I still watched it again. Loved the original but never cared for the next generation ones. I'm not a science fiction kind of person but I loved the old Star Trek.

Keep those summer stories coming, I am enjoying them! Funny one about your mom, Ro. I'm trying to think of something but it seems like I have shared all of my stories with you all. I am remembering a camping trip to Garner state park when I was about 10 and had just gotten a short haircut. I was your typical, round-faced pre-adolescent and probably resembled Wayne Newton at age 10...anyways, I remember my sister and I going to the little snowcone booth and after getting my snow cone, the lady asked, "Is that all young man?"....oh boy, did my sister laugh at that. She poked fun at me over that for a long time. hehe Yes, we call her St. Susan but she was no saint at age 15! hehe That was a strange camping trip because a cold front blew in in June or something and we almost froze one night. My sister also insisted on renting a tandem bike, which I couldn't ride with her and she whined at my mom until she consented to try it...mistake. Poor mom. She took off on that thing with Susan and proceeded to fall over and get scraped up. There's a lesson for us parents; "No" means no.

Well, better finish the coffee and get some chores done around here.


June 15, 2010 - Msg 79501: BTW, Possum, I ran into Jubi at the local Dairy Queen on Friday and she was doing great. Her latest scans were clear and she was getting ready to go on a mission with the church youth group to Dallas area this week. They are going to help build houses or something. Sean didn't want to go this time but it would have been a good experience for him. Maybe next year. Usually the youth kids just go to a summer camp for kids each summer but this year the youth leader decided it was time to serve instead of receive. The kids were getting spoiled, like they often do in this society. Anyway, I was glad Jubi was going even though it will be a difficult trip.


June 15, 2010 - Msg 79502:
Danke Schoen, darling Danke Schoen.
Thank you for seeing me again.
Though we go, on our seperate ways, still the memory stays, for always, my heart says, Danke Schoen.


June 15, 2010 - Msg 79503: Hi friends!I am reading the posts and realize even more how much I miss all of you.Things are going good just really busy with the new job.Prayers for each and every one of you hope to get to stop back by soon-ky girl

June 15, 2010 - Msg 79504: Oh Auh2o, you're too much! hahaha

We miss you too, KYGirl...find some time for us in your busy schedule, friend. :-) I wanna hear more about the new job. I still have the same email address (hint hint).


June 15, 2010 - Msg 79505:
Well, everyone knows about my bee stories from 6 to 16 when about every summer we would travel to my uncle's in Minnesota and help with the honey harvest. (Pix on RO's site)
(BTW I hope ME-THEY's bees are still doing OK.)
So I'll tell one what we did other days of the summer. Other than ride our bikes to the library about a mile away, we would also collect empty pop bottles to get 25 cents for admission to a
privately owned "public" pool, about a mile in another direction, and ride our bike there. (we were lower middle-class, but, yes, mom would sometimes have the 25 cents to give us! ha) Anyways, the pool, Nelson's Pool, did not have a filter, rather it had water continuously running thru it,
and therefore not much chlorine either. (It is long since closed, and the property has been re-used.)
But the water was ice cold, which felt great on a 110 day! Wikipedia has it this way:
"Defunct site of privately owned swimming facility. Opened to public. Pool was continuously replenished from a ground water well,
with overflow draining into the adjacent canal. Circa '50s, 60s and 70s. Featured cold, clear
water, high diving boards, giant floating truck tire inner-tubes (upon which teen guys would "fight" fiercely to be "King of the Tube". Performance shows at night of diving skills and water ballet. Also a small cafe. A very popular place to cool off and hang out "in the day"!"
I loved that place, and also first began to "notice" girls there when i was about 12! ha Nothing earth-shattering but it was where a girl and I first held hands! Wow! OK, nuf said about that! ha
Pryers. Hey to rev and all.

June 15, 2010 - Msg 79506: hot rod otis

June 15, 2010 - Msg 79507: Sounds like a great place, MDC...thanks for sharing but too bad it's not still in operation. Here in Texas, well North of where I live, there are some great pools and springs that are fed from cold springs coming straight out of the ground. Talk about feeling great during the Texas summers! I know what that's like. Must have been great fun for you as a kid!


June 15, 2010 - Msg 79508: This is for you, MDC. Nelson's Pool:

June 15, 2010 - Msg 79509: From Boo (forgot to sign)

June 15, 2010 - Msg 79510:
Today's water parks cost about $20 a day for basically the same thing, getting wet in water! ha
Do you remember collecting pop bottles for 2 cents each?

June 15, 2010 - Msg 79511:
Anyone remember those big book check out machines
at the library?

June 15, 2010 - Msg 79512: Howdy, porch. Just got back from spending the afternoon at the surgery center with my son, where the doc attempted to reattach his bicep in his right arm. Unfortunately, it was not successful. The injury was too old, and the muscle had retracted too far, was atrophied, and the ligament that would have been reattached to the bone was too shriveled and hardened to be usable. Cadaver graft was not an option, as there was no satisfactory way to attach it to the muscle where it would stand the strain. So, it was not done, and it makes me sick. There is a reason why it was not done sooner, but it's too controversial to be discussed here, so I won't. Grrrrr!

Boo, you sound like you're referring to Barton Springs in Austin. Beautiful natural pool, spring-fed, cold, clear and just generally wonderful. It was a very popular site for high school senior picnics. Camp Warnecke in New Braunfels was another great place, though the swimming area was much prettier in Barton Springs. Good memories, both places.

Well, I'm tired, and disappointed, and grumpy. I think I'll go make a big glass of tea and settle down with some TAGS DVDs. That's about all I'm good for right now. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

June 15, 2010 - Msg 79513:
Hello porch family...another hot day here....106

Ro.... so sorry to hear the surgery on your son didn't go good. We can still pray!

MDC....that kinda reminds me of the public pool we had in our little town growing up. So much fun. I remember thinking it was a big deal to have enough money left over to get me a snow cone.

auh2o....you are a trip....lol

kygirl.....good to see ya! We keep your rocker dusted off for you so come on by every chance you get.

Another summer memory for me.....I was raised in a mill village where each village had a park. In the summer they would have a lady to attend the park. I remember they would have a BIG box full of toys and games like horse shows, etc.. I would be there early in the morning so I could get first pick. ALL the mill hill kids would be there all day long. If parents needed their kids for any reason, just walk down to the park and you would find them. There was a creek running through the middle of the park and we kids would dam the creek and have water everywhere. We even had the city police come by one time and made us break the dam because some folks up stream were complaining:) Oh my those were some great times.

Well I better get making some return phone calls. You all have a good night and a blessed day tomorrow!

Love and prayers for all my porch family!

June 15, 2010 - Msg 79514: Hey C ,,,and YES Rev we were both there...MY GOSH..I would have bought you and the gang lunch!...Told Miss Sherry (which she stole some of your CD"s from me) we could have met a star!...hey Maude,possum,Boo,Romeena ky girl!!,auh20,MDC,hm,Tom,NN my facebook gal....and all..prayers...any leftovers from supper?...storms here.....off work till thu morning....well let me try to read some archives....back just after dark...SPOT

June 15, 2010 - Msg 79515: Very sorry about your son's arm, Romeena. Its very discouraging. Prayers for him and you.

Yes, Barton Springs was one of the water holes I had in mind, Ro. Krause, Hamilton Pool, Hippy Hollow, just to name a few. I have never been to Barton Springs but always wanted to go...might make that trip this summer. Would also like to try Concan again this year.

Well, I finally ordered and received the 5th season of TAGS (what took me so long, right?), so plan on having a marathon tonight!:-)

Homemaker, I took a good look at Strawberry today and her abdomen is very much wider and their is milk in her udders. I put my hands on both sides of her and could actually feel what I think are kids moving inside her. I am thinking she may be much further along than we first thought. Let's see, I know she was bred 2 weeks before we got her which would be...well, I am going to have to look back at the archives to see for sure. One problem I wanted to ask you about is the small goat that we have that is still trying to nurse on her is certainly trying now that there is milk to be had. What should I do? Should I build her a pen for when the kids are born and keep them seperate from the other goats? Strawberry doesn't seem to be trying very hard to wean the current kid for some reason. Not sure what to do.

Better go get a shower...I probably smell like donkey, goat AND dog.

I sure am loving these summer stories!


June 15, 2010 - Msg 79516: HM, I looked back at the archives and saw that we picked out Strawberry on April 28th and she was supposedly in heat them. The owner was supposed to breed her right away, so that would be about 6 weeks along. Now sure what a 6 week pregnant goat is supposed to look like, though. Also, should I be feeding her something special while she is pregnant?


June 16, 2010 - Msg 79517:
C. DARLIN' - tell us a good summer story, please!
Boo- looks like you need to look up some info on animal husbandry! (: (and quick!)
One time we had a local dairyman run for office and his clever signs said "This time vote FOR the 'udder guy'"! ha 10 years later i still remember his sign. and he won! councilman.
Well, have a good evening. Looks like were all
watching tags. I'm gonna watch Hot Rod Otis!

June 16, 2010 - Msg 79518: Morning gang!...lets meet at waffle house for a late breakfast...Prayers Romeena..hey Possum,Rev,MDC,Boo,NN and all..well another HOT one here in Ga...thunder storms and mid 90"s...back in a bit...SPOT

June 16, 2010 - Msg 79519: Good Wednesday porch, hope all is well today.

Hot and humid again today (same as yesterday). My end of the porch got a bad thunder, lighting and rain storm just as I was driving home from work. Pretty amazing (but scary) lighting bolts shooting across the sky.

My favorite summer memories are going tent camping with my family. My dad would load everything we needed in a travel trailer and drive to Myrtle beach. We always camped at Lakewood Family Campground and usually some of the same folks from different places would show up the same time every year. We became vacation friends with their families. We sat up our tents, had coleman stoves and coolers of food. We took our bikes as well and would ride all over the campgroud. Back in those days, our parents could let us come and go as we pleased as long as we checked in now and again. I remember sleeping on an air mattress (that doubled as an ocean flotation device during the day) in a sleeping bag on that soft sandy ground. My dad usually did all the cooking while we were on vacation. We would wake up to the smell of bacon frying outside the tent and scrambled eggs and biscuits he made in some sort of baking pan made for grills. I don't think we left the campground all week as all we needed was there. What fun!

Well, better get back to work.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

Big Maude

June 16, 2010 - Msg 79520: Hey y'all- I've had 2 days & nights with the little girl who will not slumber! I am tired beyond words! Keeping her because their A/C is on the fritz. They called the man & hopefully he is fixing it right now & Laci will head back home soon. then it is a long nap for possum- gonna hibernate,even though it's summer! LOL
Anyhow, hope y'all are staying cool & doing well. Will catch up when I can.
tired possum

June 16, 2010 - Msg 79521: Good morning, porch! Absolutely beautiful here today. Gonna be hot, I'm sure, but it sure is clear and pretty at this moment. Joe and George didn't get finished in the yard yesterday, so are coming back this morning. Sure does look better out there, though. I need to run over to John's garden center and get another flat of sun impatiens. I got one flat yesterday, but it wasn't enough.

I can see six squirrels right now, and no telling how many more are in the trees. You should see my front yard, it looks like a tornado blew through. A squirrel is trying to build a nest in one of the trees, and she keeps cutting twigs for it,but keeps dropping them. The yard is just covered with twigs, all about a foot and a half long, the stem end chewed, fluff of leaves on the other end. She won't come down and pick up what she dropped, she just cuts another one! Messy little thing, and she's a terrible construction engineer. And to think, I feed the little nuisances!

C Darlin', did you tell us where you're from and I missed it? I'm in north Texas, though I'm originally from San Antonio, in the southern part of the state. Boo is from even farther south, around Corpus Christi. There is at least one other Texan here, but we don't hear from Rafe much anymore. Wish we did, he's always fun.

Well, I've got to get dressed, as there will be a couple of men walking into my back yard shortly (Joe and George) and I'm sitting here in my nightshirt! This window is always my first stop in the morning, though, even before I go to the kitchen to feed little Starr. She just hates it!

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

June 16, 2010 - Msg 79522: You forgot to mention DES in San Antonio, RO. BTW, wonder where she is...haven't heard from her in months and I miss her. DES check in...
ro, had to smile at your comment about sitting there in your nightshirt because right now that is exactly what I am doing. I always get my coffee and head for the computer first thing in the morning. My blinds are closed, though, so no worries.

Love the memories, Maude! That made me think of some of the times we had camping. I remember the very first time we went and it was miserable. I was in grade school and all we had was a little pup-tent which I guess my folks decided was all we needed and they could sleep outside. We went to a small campground near a dam with a swimming hole. Well, it was so hot and humid that night that nobody could sleep. I remember taking a walk with my dad in the middle of the night, just wishing we were home in our own beds. I can also remember trying to fall asleep perched on the hood of the car with a windshield wiper in my back. Not a good trip but they got alot better when my dad figured out what gear to take and sometimes we stayed in cabins, which was even better.

Well, this stupid cold has now traveled into my chest and become a cough, darn it. I feel better but not back to norm. I don't have alot to do today because I did alot of work yesterday so maybe I will watch some TAGS and kick back for most of the day. I wanted to suggest a movie to you all to view this summer. I got it on DVD and it is one of the kid's favorites. Have any of you seen "The Long, Long Trailor" with Lucille Ball and Desi? Mad in the 50's and is vintage eye candy, plus is pretty funny at times. Find it, watch it, and you won't be sorry, I promise. :-)

Better git.

Hope you get some sleep Possum.


June 16, 2010 - Msg 79523: Okay Boo - here is some goat education that I am going to share with you and the rest of the porch. Go to the back end of the goat. The right side of the goat will have the babies and the left side is the rumen. The rumen moves all the time because goats have a 4 part stomach. So, if you think you felt babies on the left - it was the rumen, on the right - could be babies. Now - that being said, how old is her kid now. If it is more than a month old (which I know it is) - she could have had a quick breeding which means, she was bred right after or shortly after she kidded. If he had the goats separated (bucks from does) this probably didn't happen but bucks have been known to breed through the fence. Next, you don't have to separate the goats when they kid. All of our kids are born in the pasture with other does and even the buck being present. They know how to care for the kids and how to have them without being separated.

Let me know any more questions - I will try to answer them. Send me your snail mail and I have some info for you.