June 30, 2010 - Msg 79737: You mean "Mary Grace" don't cha MDC?

Thanks for the warning, Possum. This particular storm seems to be different from some in the past because it is already giving us some winds and very heavy rain. I got caught in some of it this morning and was trenched in about 5 seconds!
I am prepared for what comes. I even bought this nifty little lattern from Coleman that has an LED light, FM radio and phone charger all-in-one.

Speaking of VICKS, Possum. I think I found another good use for it...the pups have been chewing on my new rocking chairs so bruce is going to rub vicks on them to keep the dogs away...I think it'll work, too.

I had a good visit at the doc's..labs were all good. Cholesterol was 140, which is excellant for me, triglycerides were good, as well as LDL...now the HDL needs improvement which means excercise, or possibly Niacin. My sugar was also good. I was not anemic but could use a little bit of iron, couple of times a week she said. So, thank the Lord for another good report and may he help me to continue to make some good changes and lose weight. This Santa Claus gut is about to drive me over the danged edge!~

Very sad about the mall, Romeena. Things have not gotten that bad in Corpus, thankfully. Guess its a matter of time. Glad to hear your son is doing well...those boys have really been through some things lately, haven't they? Seems like your family has had to deal with some tough stuff.

Better finish the coffee...breaktime is over...


June 30, 2010 - Msg 79738: Though I'd sweet before the storm hit, and remove any hazardous objects from the porch. ;-)


June 30, 2010 - Msg 79739: trenched?...what the heck does that mean?

Ro, I am sending you an email about a great bumper sticker I saw today...I think you would get a kick out of it.


June 30, 2010 - Msg 79740: oh brother.."sweet" the porch...I had better give up and SHUT up.


June 30, 2010 - Msg 79741: My goodness Boo. It sounds like you visited that feller peddlin the Elixir. LOL
Hope you don't get stormed on too bad. And prayers for your Dad that he might find some joy in life still. You surely do keep a full plate dear.

Ro, your description of going to the Mall is kind of depressing. I know we are not that bad here.... yet. But I suspect we are not far behind. What on earth has become of our Country? And what is it going to be like for our children and grandchildren?

Sorry you're ailing Possum. What a crazy time of the year to get bronchitis.

Hope the Rev is sfae and sound in his travels.

Gotta get.


June 30, 2010 - Msg 79742: Yep, I was kinda talking to myself up there wasn't I? Thank you for your prayers for Dad, Asa. I really appreciate it.

Asa, if Possum would stop smokin' them cheap cigars, she wouldn't get bronchitis in June!


June 30, 2010 - Msg 79743: Hi All.
Just stop be to wish MAVIS A HAPPY 3ANNIVERSARY.


June 30, 2010 - Msg 79744: Hey gang...back aty work till morning....Maude have you and Possum been cooking?...well Im gona lite the grill for ribeyes...Boo will you make a salad?...Rev watch for the truck...meed some taters too...ok...lets get started...SPOT

June 30, 2010 - Msg 79745:
Come on home, it's your anniversary! men are circling the globe, internation TV has been developed! we love to have ya back!

June 30, 2010 - Msg 79746:
and yes, I meant Mary Grace! we have a friend named Mary Rose. ha

June 30, 2010 - Msg 79747: Well, I got the compelsion when it comes to them cheap cigars- what can I say? Ha!

Not sure if it's bronchitis- we've been getting a lot of rain lately & sometimes the dampness and mold spores get me feeling poorly. I'll VICKS myself up and hopefully feel better.

Thanks for sweetening up the Porch, Boo! ♥
possum again
P.S. Got meatloaf for ya, Spotty!

June 30, 2010 - Msg 79748: Happy Anniversary to Mavis!!!

possum once more

June 30, 2010 - Msg 79749:
TOM, since I saw your Happy Anniversary to Mavis posting, that got me wondering. When I searched through the archives, I noticed that Mavis has not posted since March 26 (Msg 78411).

mmmmmm, I smell meatloaf. Yum yum.
That's how my chili turns out when I make it too thick.

from Poor Horatio

July 01, 2010 - Msg 79750:
Anyone have Mavis' e-mail addres and could
contact her?

July 01, 2010 - Msg 79751: Yep, I have it, and just sent her a message. --Romeena

July 01, 2010 - Msg 79752: Morning dears, just stopping by for a minute. At the office and trying to get my brain off the pause button. seems like that takes a little longer these days.

A lovely cooler morning today. felt pretty good to step out doors and not have 75 degrees at 7:30 am and the humidity has really dropped. We desperately need rain. Many of the farmers are having a hard time with their crops due to the drought.

Patrick and Beth are going with their youth group tomorrow to help with a really cool program. Our community as established a lunch box program for needy kids. Of One Accord Ministy has raised money and has purchased used school buses and converted them into lunch buses. The lunches are prepared and then the buses are taken to 2 local parks, one of which is located near some low income housing. Any child who needs or wants a free lunch, boards the bus and is feed a nutritious lunch free. Many of the church youth groups participate in the serving the meals. Many of the children who show up have parents who work or usually rely on the free or reduced lunch programs during the school year and may not have resources for lunch during the summer. Seems like a great ministy.

Well our lunch today will consist of: cranberry chicken salad sandwhiches, pickles, chips and little debbie cakes with iced tea lemonade. see you at lunch.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

July 01, 2010 - Msg 79753: Mavis is on facebook throughout the day. I will ask here to check in here on the porch.

Hey that bus lunch ministry is really neat, Maude! Great idea.

Well, some wind and rain woke me at about 1:30 last night but that was the worst of it for us..no loss of power or anything, thankfully. The skies look much less menacing today but it is still overcast. I hear the waters in the gulf are very warm already and the meteorologists are predicting a very busy hurrican season, unfortunately. Oh well, what can you do but be prepared...or move, which really isn't an option right now.

Better get out of here and do something that needs doin'.


July 01, 2010 - Msg 79754:
Boo, when you posted about Mavis being "on Facebook throughout the day", that made me think. Could it be that some of our missing Porchsters have switched to these social networking web sites? Facebook offers some live reality games for all members. My wife participates in Farmville, where members experience running a simple farm and interact with other members. She also participated in running a restaurant (the name escapes me). These are very time consuming activities. So after a few hours of this, you probably don't have time or interest for other internet activities.

from Poor Horatio

July 01, 2010 - Msg 79755:
PH- exactly why I havent gotten into those.
There's another one about mafiawars that evyone
was into, but I draw the line ther! (:

July 01, 2010 - Msg 79756:
But I should have at least proof-read! ha

July 01, 2010 - Msg 79757: Could be, PH. I check in on facebook about three times a day just to see if anyone has left me any messages but I don't play any of the games. I'm just not someone who likes to play games on or off the computer for some reason. Also, I am just too busy for it.

MDC, I am doing going with the TV thing. Certainly have not watched any at all today...been doing household chores, you know the dusting and such, three loads of laundry, cleaned out the silverware drawer, cleaned out the microwave, changed the linens on the bed, went to the feedstore for some feed, helped Erin make some cupcakes, made dinner, unloaded the dishwasher and refilled it, cleaned the kitchen AGAIN, straightened the living room, dust mopped, went to the store for milk, looked over some lesson plans for Sean, looked into renewing my RN license which is in inactive status, yada..yada..yada.....I just listed all of that to make you men feel guilty about all we women do during the day without vacations. ;-)

Seriously I am going to renew my license because I want to do some part-time work to help pay for the water well and grass for the yard, etc. I also want to put some away to help Sean get some extra help for school. The drug rehab where I volunteer is wanting to hire me for some part-time work so that is probably what I will do. It would take alot of the stress off of Bruce if he didn't have to pay for everything with just his salary right now. He is up for a bonus soon so I pray he gets that. It would be big help right now.

Well, that's my update for this afternoon!


July 01, 2010 - Msg 79758: Oh, I do know why I don't like games...it taxes my brain too much! Yes, I have a lazy brain and I actually bought a big jigsaw puzzle the other day and am forcing myself to work on it to give my brain a little exercise...yuck.


July 01, 2010 - Msg 79759: Hey Y'all- I am with you on the Facebook thing, Poor Horatio. Not too long ago when we were discussing our missing Porchsters, I offered up my theory that Facebook has taken some of them away from here.

Boo, good to hear that Alex wasn't too rough on you. Let's pray we don't get slammed this hurricane season.

We have been getting a lot of rain lately,that's for sure. Well, we need it here.

Y'all have a good evening. Let's go to Morielli's for pounded steak tonight!

possum under a rock

July 01, 2010 - Msg 79760: Hey "sweet" Boo,Possum,Romeena,Maude,PH,MDC thanks for the meatloaf possum....was a good lunch sandwich..Rev look for the truck....Maude Moriellis it is ...yall swilg by work and get me...SPOT

July 01, 2010 - Msg 79761: "Hey" SPOT. Hope you are hving a good day.


July 01, 2010 - Msg 79762: swilg? by work?..."swing'...

July 01, 2010 - Msg 79763: Good afternoon, porch. It's been a lazy day around here on my end of the porch. Boo, enjoy those busy days, because the day will come when you won't be so busy, and you'll be fine with that. Oh, there are times I wish for the old busy-ness, but I stand still and the notion passes on by. Around here, I do about three loads of laundry a WEEK, and sometimes not even that much. The kitchen stays pretty clean because when I use a dish, I just rinse it and put it directly into the dishwasher. I run it about twice a week, empty it and gradually fill it up again. None of those "weedy dishes" that just seem to sprout and appear in the kitchen when there are other people around. Even dusting isn't needed as often. With just me and Toye Starr to stir it up, I can dust every couple of weeks and it's enough. I vacuum when it looks like it needs it, and I have the little Swiffer/vac for the kitchen. Works great! I just buzz through the work area with that every three or four days, and it stays presentable.

Well, I'm working tonight, so guess I'd better put on my monkey suit and hit the road. I can think of several things I'd rather be doing tonight, but one does what one must do. If Starr and I are to keep our happy home, one of us must work, and it surely isn't going to be her! Lazy little thing!

Blessings! --Romeena

July 01, 2010 - Msg 79764:
Gee possum under a rock, I must have missed your posting speculating about Facebook being a possible cause for missing Porchsters. We must think alike.

Boo and MDC, I don't participate in Facebook because I don't like posting detailed personal information on the internet. I'm always worried about someone using something I posted against me. Although I can't stop certain agencies (like the Department of Motor Vehicles) from selling personal information about me, I can control and restrict the information that I post about myself.

Boo, it seems like after I read many of your postings, I'm exhausted. Where do you find the energy to perform all those errands, chores and activities? Are you on steroids?
As for mind exercises, I enjoy working Sodoku puzzles. I carry a book of them around to use whenever I end up having to wait somewhere. I even keep a book of them in the bathroom when I'm on the throne!

Romeena, I was shocked to learn how that mall in your area has deteriorated. Back in the late 1980's and early 1990's when we used to shop there, it was always a pleasant experience. How sad things have changed for the worse.

from Poor Horatio

July 01, 2010 - Msg 79765:


from Poor Horatio

July 01, 2010 - Msg 79766: HAHA...no steroids here, PH...just another average day in the life of a stay-at-home mom, I assure you. :-) Oh and Happy Canada Day!

Romeena, I sometimes wonder what I would do with myself if I was living alone again. I am sure I would be out having some fun like you do! You must have had some busy days raising four kids like you did...and working...mercy! You know, I have to do at least one or two loads of laundry most days and the dishwasher runs most days...sometimes every other day, depending. I like to keep plastic cups and paper plates on hand to help with that and it does make a difference. As far as dusting, this house gathers dust like you wouldn't believe! Something about these wood floors everywhere that seem to need alot of dusting. I can dust my bedroom with the dustmop and within two days you can see a layer of dust again under the bed and furniture. Drives me nuts. The kitchen is a constant source of work most days...I probably spend on average at least 1/3 of my time in there everyday. If not cooking, cleaning up, feeding kids, cleaning up, unloading dishwasher, cleaning up..you get the picture and those quartz countertops show alot of smudges. Oh well, we all have hard work to do..some at home..some on the job and in Bruce's case, some in both places!

I am tired. I had one of those episodes where I was seeing "auras" and part of my vision was missing today before I started getting a bad headache. I took the migraine medicine and it never got very bed but I feel like I am kind of cotton-headed, if you know what I mean (no snide remarks, people!) ;-)

Better hit the sack.


July 02, 2010 - Msg 79767:
Ph- You're like barney in the hotel--incognito! ha
OH Canada!
PH- I gained a new and lasting respect for our northern neighbor during the hostage crisis of 1979!
I will say one thing about OUR very first Phoenix mall that opened in 1961, it was going that way, but they recently
fixed it all up, and it is really beautiful,
even with the new clientele, which leads back to my
earlier comment, that ALL can appreciate a nice place!
Boo- some day you will meet my mom and you can as her
how she did it with EIGHT kids! Ha But I will say that we
sure pulled our weight with the chores, and I am
a better man today for experiencing that work! (:
God bless

July 02, 2010 - Msg 79768: Happy Bastille Day everyone! Be sure to visit the Morrison Sisters for all of your holiday elixer needs. Remember, it's not for just plain guzzlin'!
Jennifer and Clarabelle
Also, If you have need of some special flowers from our flower makin' machine, we are the ladies to help!

July 02, 2010 - Msg 79769: Good morning...I think! ;-) I had one of those difficult nights, tossing and turning, waking up 20 times, headaches. I don't think I mentioned that I am going to a sleep clinic tonight to find out what is going on. Have any of you had that experience? It sounds interesting but I don't know how I am going to fall asleep in a strange place with electrodes on my head! hehe I'm pretty sure I have a case of sleep apnea, though and it is causing me lots of sleep problems. Sleep apnea is nothing to play around with and with my blood pressure increasing lately, I need to take care of it. Still trying to cut back and lose some weight. I am walking up and down the driveway to start with and trying to take the stairs in the house. I can't believe in all my busy-ness that I have let myself get in such terrible shape! At least its something I can do something about.

Yes, MDC, I look forward to meeting your mother when I am done here on earth. I'll bet she has some interesting stories to share about being a mother to 8!...mostly boys, right?...it looked like that in your pictures, anyway.

Boy, did we get alot of rain yesterday! It stopped and is just cloudy this morning but I haven't seen rain like that in years. Luckily our sand just soaked it up eventually. This place isn't ever going to flood unless God wills it so!

Hope you all have a good morning. I will be back later. I have to make sure my SIL gets to her appointment with MHMR today. She has been doing alot better since she got off those sleeping pills but is still pretty fragile and says she can't sleep at night. She has been able to sleep during the day, though, so I guess she will make it. No real emotional breakdowns in a couple of days, so that is good. In other words, for those of you who are concerned for my welfare, we are doing ok. SIL is actually going to be going to spend some time with a pastor friend for a week or so to do some counseling with him and then will be going to her son's wedding.

Well, better finish the coffee and start the day!


July 02, 2010 - Msg 79770: Good Friday morning gang. And the Friday before a three day weekend for most of us.
Happy Independence day, although a real effort is under way to make Dependense day instead of INdependence day. I'll fight that thinking to the end. I hope we can all take some time this holiday and reflect upon the blessings of living in this great land, and recommit ourselves to making the tough choices to keep it free for our children and grandchildren. Many sacrificed everything.... including their lives for us to enjoy what we have today. What legacy are we leaving our posterity? At best a financial debt that will burden them for generations. At worst, a Nation in shambles because it simply will not be able to hold uo to the fiscal and moral corruption we have allowed to be heaped upon it. (Sorry, I'm done with my rant)

Boo, I have done the sleep study thing. And I was told I had serious sleepapnea. I don't know how they could determine that cause I don't think I slept more than 20 minutes the whole night. What with all the electrodes hooked up to you, and a camera watching your every move. But I wear a mask faithfully every night, because you're right. Sleep apnea is nothing to trifle with. I have a cousin who at 52 years of age has been diagnosed with Congestive heart failure. The reason.... because she was told 10 years earlier she had severe sleep apnea, but she refused to wear a mask. Very sad. So I'm glad your gonna get it checked out if indeed you think you may have it.

Happy Cananda Day to you P.H. I don't do facebook either, mainly because I already spend to much time on the keyboard. But what you wonder about could have merit. I do hope Mavis will pop in and say hey to us. Along with so many others who we have not heard from for a while.

Ro, you mean to tell me the Starr refuses to work? Of all things. LOL

Hey MDC, The heat (from the immigration law) is cranked up, but you're Gov. is spot on I believe. I hope she keeps up the fight.

Speaking of Spot. Where's breakfast. That dog ain't been cooking much as of late. What will we do?

Y'all have a blessed day and weekend and Holiday.


July 02, 2010 - Msg 79771: Asa, hope you check back in because I have a question you may be able to help me with. Something really funky is going on with the electricity in this house the past couple of days. Bruce is contacting the electrician today about it. A few times in the evening, I heard a humming sound and the lights would dim, then brighten. Each time they did, I heard the humming, which sounded like it came from the air conditioning unit outside, to me. Its making me very nervous and frustrated because, darn it, this is new house. You know, last night my new Samsung dryer started squeeling, too! I have too repair men scheduled to come out...one for the stove, one for the dryer, and maybe one for the electical problem!! It's crazy.

Thanks for the encouragment concerning the sleep apnea and there is just no way I wouldn't take care of it because i just don't have the time to mess around with not sleeping. I have too many people to take care of and have to function. Very sad about the cousin with CHF. I was reading some interesting info on sleep apnea and stats...it can really cause some serious problems, heart failure included. I have had episodes of waking up with discomfort in my chest because I wasn't breathing. Not a good feeling in the middle of the night.

ASA, the STARR thinks Manual Labor is the president of Mexico. ;-)

Better git!


July 02, 2010 - Msg 79772: Good morning, porch! Had a decent shift at work, too many C-sections, our percentage is much too high, but from what we're told, we're about on the national average. It's not all the MDs fault, either. We have women who walk in, announcing they "need" to have a C/S because of timing, afraid of labor, their sister told them to, you name it. Crazy! Also, hardly anyone just goes into labor spontaneously anymore. They come in to be induced (at their convenience and the convenience of the doc) and surprise! The induction fails, and they end up getting cut. Why does it fail? Because they're trying to pick green fruit, that's why. I contend the kid will come when it's ready, and the mother's body is ready. Trying to force it beforehand is just not smart. Now before any of you C/S moms on the porch jump up to straighten me out, let me say that I know there are legitimate reasons in some cases. Baby in distress and needs to come out, disproportion between baby and mom's pelvis, previous C/S which usually requires that subsequent deliveries be the same, and other reasons. Still, when I looked at our board last night, and realized that of our seven patients, six were sections and one was a "regular" delivery, I just had to wonder. If that percentage is normal, and necessary for the life of the mom or baby, then before sections were safe and practical, how on earth did we survive?

Hey, PH, you've shopped in our Irving Mall? At the intersection of Hwy 183 and Beltline Road? Well, imagine that! In that case, you'll be glad to hear that I got a pleasant surprise the other day, when I went in there to get my soap stuff. It was the first time I've been in that mall in about two years, and there has been a little improvement. The nice stores are still mostly gone - Dillard's is now an outlet for the chain and looks like a DAV store. Macy's is hanging by a thread, Penney's is gone, Sears is there but deserted and the stock looks old and shopworn. However, there is a very nice Barnes and Noble bookstore, the food court no longer looks like a dump, and the gangs of thugs are no longer hanging around. For the last couple of years, our mayor and city council have been taking action against the rougher element that had been invading. There has been a serious crackdown, and I'm told that the word on the street is "if you ain't legal, stay out of Irving." Maybe it's starting to help a little.

Boo, that's "La Starr", and the word "entitled" was coined to describe her. Spoi-oiled. (And that's pretty funny, about Manual Labor.) I'm glad you're getting that sleep apnea thing checked out. You're absolutely right, it's dangerous.

MDC, I think Arizona is very brave, your governor is courageous and right, and when I told another friend that I thought the people of Arizona were pretty brave, he said, "Not so much brave as just plain fed up." I think that says it all. I think the rest of the country, especially the politicians, would do well to refrain from judging what you folks do in your state, until they have walked in your shoes.

Well, I'm beat, and I need to go lie down. Blessings, friends - see you later this evening. --Romeena

July 02, 2010 - Msg 79773:
Boo- from hearing my lineman brother talk from time to time, it sounds like your AC is drawing too many amps when it turns on, thus causing the
lights to dim. then once it gets running the
lights go back up. The humming is probably a bad relay on the compressor not kicking in, causing the humming and the extra boost needed to get things going is causing the dimming.
That's a layman's thoughts on it.
But ya Better CALL THE MAN! (:
Happy 4th,

July 02, 2010 - Msg 79774:
Asa, you brought up some great points. Your "Dependence Day" remark made me laugh. It also made me think about "In Dependence Day" as opposed to "Independence Day". LOL.
When I think about all the expensive activities our country (USA) is involved in, it frightens me to wonder where is this money coming from to pay for all this? Is the cash being appropriated from other programs or is it all credit? I feel so sad for the next generations who will have to deal with these obligations.
So sorry for bringing up politics. But at least my opinion was expressed in a civil manner.

Boo, I also have participated in two overnight sleep studies. The worst part was the extremely firm mattresses I had to sleep on. The second study was so uncomfortable that I had to terminate the test in the middle of the night. Luckily they had collected enough data for a proper evaluation.
Also, regarding your electrical humming problem. Because so many appliances seem to be affected, the FIRST thing I would do is to contact your electrical utility company to have them check your electrical service coming in to your main breaker panel.

Romeena, many years ago when my sister lived in Grapevine and her husband worked in Irving, we used to shop in all the area malls.
Also, I think your problem with your pet is that you named her Starr. Her name has gone to her head. She really thinks like a star now and expects to be pampered. She is no longer your pet. You are now her servant.

from Poor Horatio

July 02, 2010 - Msg 79775:
Good one PH (about Starr!) Ha
Also, just like Andy to ole Ben, yes "You've been nice. Hasnt he been nice barney?"
Barn: "Oh yeah, a real sweetheart!" ha

July 02, 2010 - Msg 79776: Hahaha! You're right, PH. She is a bit of a primadonna, but the sweetest one you'll ever see. She's tiny, cuddly, affectionate and just so, well, sweet! She is very spoiled, but she's spoiled to being loved. Also, her name was very prophetic, though I didn't know it at the time. Toye Starr is perfect for her. She is the most toy-oriented furkid I've ever seen. She has at least forty-leven toys, and they're everywhere, all the time. I've given up trying to put them away, because she just gets them back out again. If I put them where she can't get them, she sits at the site and mopes, and I can't stand it. I pick them up when company is coming, and then she provides entertainment as she fulfills her mission of getting them all out again! She has three favorites, but they all receive her attention at some point. She is rarely to be seen without a toy in her mouth. You'd think her little jaws would get tired!

Boo, on the electrical thing - you've gotten some good advice. Call the man! A slight dip when the a/c kicks on is normal, but it should be very slight and very brief, almost not noticeable. Again, call the man!

Well, I guess I'll go feed La Starr and myself. I was so tired, and hurting a lot when I got home, so slept most of the day. Now I guess I'll be up all night. Oh well, who cares? Not I.

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

July 02, 2010 - Msg 79777: Thanks MDC and PH..pretty good assessments. We did call the man and as it turns out, the electric company that laid all the lines used a cable that was too small and is going to pull it and use a larger one or some such, so yes, the airconditioner was pulling more power than the cable could handle.

PH, I hope I don't have to try to sleep on a firm mattress!! I will never be able to.

Ro, I agree completely with your feeling concerning c/section rate. I, like you, feel that much of it is caused by early induction...crazy. After working L&D for 14 years I knew I never wanted to go that route if I had a choice. Labor without Pitocin is so much better..just letting nature take its course. Both of my labors were easy and I went into early labor with both but with Sean, my water broke and labor just came right along but with Erin water broke but labor wouldn't get started good so I got Pitocin; it was definetly easier without it, mainly because I was able to get up and I walked alot with Sean but once that Pitocin starts, you are a slave to the fetal monitor. I think most people don't realize how much easier (and safer) it can be to just have normal labor and they get impatient and just want the baby to come "now". Nature's way is the way to go whenever possible. I guess if you think about the changes in society over the last 50 years, its understandable. More lawsuits, so Docs do more c-sections, more impatient mothers who are used to getting everything instantly, thus more c-sections. I'll tell you one thing, giving birth naturally is much easier in the long run. I hopped out of bed right afterward and even changed the linens on my bed. Can't see doing that after a c-section. ;-)

Better get ready for my night at the sleep clinic...(sarcastically) fun.


July 02, 2010 - Msg 79778: Boo, at least you're lucky enough to be able to stay home during the day to get all that stuff done! Many of us have always had to have a job, and have to try to get all those chores done in the evenings and weekends. It can be very hard to squeeze it all in. My husband is and always has been a big help, but still, there is nothing like someone being home during the day. To get the homework started, some of the laundary done, start some dinner. (Can you tell I'm tired of working?)
I do the facebook thing too, but never the games.
Did I mention before that I've become "chat" friends with a friend of Millie's? She was a close friend of Millie's and is a really sweet and fun person.
over and out,


July 02, 2010 - Msg 79779: Evening Porch Family:
Just stopping by to say Hi and say how much I love you guys. You truly are my family #2. My first is starting to gather at the house for the 4th of July!! Only one more to show up. Can't wait. I so love when they are all here. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Please be careful out on the roads. ~New Neighbor

July 03, 2010 - Msg 79780: Hello all,

Well, another 4th of July is right around the corner. I hope I can keep my mind on what it means as my work tries to deny its existence. It's getting pretty ridiculous. For those who don't know, I work at an Indian casino. I don't know when it happened, but they started having a holiday honoring a certain Indian hero, and they have this holiday on and around the 4th.
And every 4th of July there is this "don't mention Independance Day" vibe around here and they only mention their holiday, on every form or computer calendar they have.
I even have proof, in the form of emails, and I wish I could post them, but that could get me into alot of trouble. But what happened was that a company-wide email was sent out, stating that one of the offices was going to be closed certain days, and in closing it mentioned the 4th of July.
Later that same day, another email was sent out by the same people. It was the SAME email, had the same info and the same attachment, but this time in closing the "4th of July" part was taken out, and "holiday" was put in it's place(it's beginning to look alot like Christmas).
In fairness, they did keep the flyer/attachment which told also which days they would be closed and which mentioned both the 4th and this "other" holiday. Which actually surprised me they kept it in that one, because there are online calendars and other emails which only mention their holiday. It drives me crazy.
I mean, I understand they helped the British because they were promised they would help drive the colonials from their land. And they believed them?? The Brits didn't just want to get the colonists out, they wanted the spoils of this rich, new land for themselves. And I'm sure the Indians would've loved living under British rule. /sarcasm.
If you don't want to celebrate the 4th, then don't. But this "holiday that shall not be named" stuff is pretty stupid and petty if you ask me.
I still wonder how the patrons would like it if they knew that was going on at the casino. Then again, greed can make people go along with anything. I am still amazed at how many people were there gambling on Easter Sunday. Our Savior died and rose again, and they're there praying to the god of money. Pretty sad.

There, I just had to vent that. Now hopefully I can enjoy my 4TH OF JULY holiday.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 03, 2010 - Msg 79781: No Hazel, you never mentioned the friend of Millie's. That's great. Does she stay in touch with Millie's family?

Wish you didn't have to work, Hazel. It is a blessing to be able to stay home and get the work done for the family. I don't know how some people do it with full time work outside the home, too.

Hey there Sterling..Happy "Some Indian Hero" Day! hehe...and Fourth of July, of course. ;-)

Well, the sleep study was no fun but its over. It took an hour to hook up all the wires and junk, and trying to sleep with it on was pretty tricky. I did manage to sleep off and on for a few hours, at least enough to complete the test. Think I will go try to get some more sleep in my own comfy bed. :-)


July 03, 2010 - Msg 79782: Lets sneak over to Boo's and tuck her bed sheets under her bed legs and watch her try to get out.

Boo, Barney was right. All it needs is bigger wires huh? lol So are you talking the main service to the house was undersized? Or just the feed to the a.c. unit?

Hey Hazel. Nice to see you. How's things in Boise? Been a cool spring here but summer has kicked in now.

Better go water my corn. That way the soil is nice and soft for later when I weed.

What a nice thing to sat N.N. Glad you have all your family with you.


July 03, 2010 - Msg 79783: Have a great time with your family, NN. Your porch family loves you, too.

Right Asa, we need bigger wires! haha..I'm not sure if it is the feed to the airconditioner or the main service, as usual, I probably wan't paying attention to everything my husband was telling me about it (sheepish grin):-)

Bruce took the kids to buy a lawn mower for the place...either a Dixie Chopper or a "Bad Boy"...those big zero-turn things, so I managed to take a nap and got a shower to wash the glue out of my hair..yuck. Seems to have come out easily, though. Now, for a cup of coffee and then some cleaning up around here...I'm away one night and it needs cleaning up already!


July 03, 2010 - Msg 79784: Wow. This is weird! I had written a post, would have been right after Asa's post above. Now it's not there! Either I forgot to mash the "post" button, or The Count is active again.

Anyway, I wanted to ask Hazel to ask Millie's friend about Miller. I think of that child often - such an articulate, sensitive and sweet boy. I wonder how he's doing? PH, could you use your magic search machine and find the comments Miller posted here? I could go back through the archives and eventually find it, but if memory serves, you have all the archives in one document, which surely facilitates a search. Pretty please?

TVLand has been running TAGS all day - sure has been nice. I have a question, though. Actually, this may have been discussed before, but my leaky memory - well, you know. Anyway, in the ep where Malcolm Merriwether comes back to town - in the scene where he and his bicycle end up on the hood of a car, you can see a sign on a window in the background, which reads "Hotel - Bar and Restaurant." Since Mayberry was a dry county, how is it that there's a bar in the hotel? Apparently it was a multi-use set, and no one caught that little detail. Interesting!

Sterling, that has to be difficult for you. I think we're all facing similar frustrations, especially in the workplace. I work for a faith-based hospital system, which comprises about ten separate entities, but we are pretty much muzzled as well. We have to walk very softly and guard what we say, whether it be religious or political, lest we "offend" someone from a different culture. Religious or patriotic symbols on our person, such as jewelry or pins, must be very small and discreet, and preferably should not be worn. I don't wish to stir up a moulage, but quite honestly, I'm flat sick of it, and "up to here" with apologizing for being a Christian and an American. To those who are offended, I would say, "I promise I'll stay out of your country, but you're in mine now, so get over it or go home, and God bless you!" Actually, of all people who might be offended by the 4th of July, I would say our Native Americans come closest to having a legitimate reason. After all, they WERE here first. Again though, it is what it is, so it's best to get over it and enjoy the benefits.

Well, I'm going to my grandson Landry's 9 1/2 year birthday party tonight, at a water park. He wanted a swim party, but his birthday is in the winter, so that wouldn't work. So, his resourceful mom just had a little family party for him on his birthday, and made a reservation at the water park for a bigger party now. It's not one of the huge parks, more of a local thing, but nice, and our reservation is for after-hours, so we'll have the place to ourselves. Should be fun. His little baseball team will be there, and some of his friends from school, and some neighbor kids.

Well, guess I'll run along. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

July 03, 2010 - Msg 79785: "RACE FANS START YOUR ENGINES"..Its Daytona under the lights!....hey to all...hot wing snd pizza!...SPOT

July 03, 2010 - Msg 79786: Ro, I had was watching an episode on TVLand today..the one where Aunt Bee gets a job with the guys who are printing counterfeit money...well, in the end scene whe the crooks try to speed away, Andy takes what I think is Barney's gun and shoots up the street in the direction of a pedestrian, shooting the tire on the car and causing it to run off the road. Now, I think this is the craziest scene in the history of the show...that would never, ever have happened in mayberry. I mean, can you imagine Cool-headed Andy Taylor shooting a gun up mainstreet in the middle of the day with people on the streets?! That would have never happened. Those last season episodes just get pretty ridiculous and just aren't the same Mayberry that we all love.

Well, I think I will be able to sleep tonight (I hope). Took a long hot bath and now I am pretty groggy. Talk to you all tomorrow...see you back here with my cup of coffee.


July 03, 2010 - Msg 79787: Hi, porch! Home from the birthday party, and was it ever nice! The water park is actually a city-sponsored public pool/park. It's beautifully designed, with a wade-in beach at one end, progressing very gradually to 2 1/2 feet in that section. Another section is connected by a narrow pass-through, which has a lifeguard sitting directly above it. That section slopes from 2 1/2 feet to 6 feet, and includes a circular slide. The shallow section has a smaller slide, an umbrella that water runs off of constantly, and most fun of all, there is a big bucket, about 50 gallons, that fills from a spout and when full it tips over and dumps the whole load into the pool and onto whoever may be below! It hits a ledge on the way down, so gets spread out a bit, which softens the blow a little, and the kids absolutely love it. They line up to see who will get "dumped on". The weather was perfect. Cloudy, only 78 degrees, and just so nice. We had pizza and birthday cake, and a wonderful time was had by all. The park closes to the public at 7:30, and we had it from 7:30 to 9:30, complete with lifeguards.

I think I'm going to go to bed early for a change. All that fresh air made me sleepy! Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

July 03, 2010 - Msg 79788: Oh, hi, Boo. You sneaked in on me! That was Warren's gun Andy used, and I have wondered about that too. I watched a little more closely this time, and decided maybe there weren't any people in the line of fire. (I'm trying to give Andy the benefit of the doubt!)

I did get to see The Cow Thief ep today. While it may not be my favorite episode, that scene with the cow wearing the shoes is my absolute favorite sight gag of all times. That was just inspired. The way the cow walks, picking her feet up real high and slapping them down - it's just too funny! The music doesn't hurt the scene any either - it's perfect. Funny stuff! --Romeena

July 04, 2010 - Msg 79789: Romeena, as you had requested, you can find Miller's postings at
February 01, 2007 - Msg 49222
February 01, 2007 - Msg 49224
February 01, 2007 - Msg 49227
February 02, 2007 - Msg 49249
February 02, 2007 - Msg 49250
February 02, 2007 - Msg 49253
February 02, 2007 - Msg 49259
February 02, 2007 - Msg 49262
February 02, 2007 - Msg 49264
February 02, 2007 - Msg 49265
February 02, 2007 - Msg 49269
February 02, 2007 - Msg 49271
February 02, 2007 - Msg 49273
February 02, 2007 - Msg 49275
February 02, 2007 - Msg 49280
February 03, 2007 - Msg 49285
February 03, 2007 - Msg 49287
February 03, 2007 - Msg 49297
February 03, 2007 - Msg 49301
February 04, 2007 - Msg 49325
February 04, 2007 - Msg 49327
February 04, 2007 - Msg 49328
February 04, 2007 - Msg 49341
February 05, 2007 - Msg 49361
February 05, 2007 - Msg 49366
February 06, 2007 - Msg 49386
February 13, 2007 - Msg 49679
February 14, 2007 - Msg 49710
February 15, 2007 - Msg 49735
February 15, 2007 - Msg 49738
February 22, 2007 - Msg 49877
March 06, 2007 - Msg 50151
March 13, 2007 - Msg 50357
April 15, 2007 - Msg 51382
April 26, 2007 - Msg 51719
April 28, 2007 - Msg 51775
May 21, 2007 - Msg 52549
June 04, 2007 - Msg 53101
June 10, 2007 - Msg 53303
June 12, 2007 - Msg 53352
August 16, 2007 - Msg 55014
September 19, 2007 - Msg 55979

from Poor Horatio

July 04, 2010 - Msg 79790: Hazel, I hear ya about how difficult it is to run errands, perform chores, and participate in activities when you are employed.
There was a time when I worked a full-time job and two part-time jobs, while taking care of a handicapped parent who I was living with.

Sterling Holobyte, that is strange that the Indian casino will not recognize a federal holiday, yet they have no problems accepting money from gamblers that is printed by the federal government.

from Poor Horatio

July 04, 2010 - Msg 79791:
RO- maybe that bar just served shirley temples! haha
BOO- green ink, nice! ha
Take a melatonin and call me in the morning! teehee
Happy 4th of July sterling and all!

July 04, 2010 - Msg 79792: ** Happy 4th of July, y'all! ***

God Bless the USA!

possum under a rock

July 04, 2010 - Msg 79793: Good morning, porch - and Happy Birthday, America!

My stars, PH, I am so sorry! I had no idea Miller had posted so many times. I would have guessed no more than ten or so. I'm on my way to preachin' right now, but later I'll go through those posts and find the one that just tugged at my heart so much. I would just love to know how that child is faring.

Well, gotta run! Don't want to be late. Now where did I put those dangly earrings? --Romeena

July 04, 2010 - Msg 79794: Well, dirty me, I'm disgusted with myself! I didn't say thank you! So thank you, PH. Even with your magic searching machine, that was still a LOT of work! Thank you so much!

The biggest, brightest, reddest cardinal I think I've ever seen is perched on a feeder bracket outside my window, and even with the house closed up, a/c running and the TV on, I can hear him singing! What a beautiful creature! Thank you, Lord! --Romeena

July 04, 2010 - Msg 79795:



from Poor Horatio

July 04, 2010 - Msg 79796: Today I watched a television program that touched me deeply. The speaker was Dr. Stanley from the InTouch Ministries.
At the end of his sermon, he issued a special challenge for everyone to pray everyday for the next 140 days requesting spiritual guidance for our country and our leaders. I'm taking him up on this challenge. How about you?

from Poor Horatio

July 04, 2010 - Msg 79797: I neglected to point out that the sermon that I viewed on television can be viewed by anyone visiting Dr. Stanley's web site at http://intouch.org/. The sermon's title is TURNING THE TIDE. At his home page, click on the WATCH VIDEO link. I suspect this link will only be active this week.

from Poor Horatio

July 04, 2010 - Msg 79798: Wow, can those lil gals belt it out or what?
Thanks, PH. Will check out the Dr.Stanley sermon too.
think of Miller from time to time, too, Ro.

Ok, almost time to fire up the grill- whatcha cooking, Spotty???

possum again

July 04, 2010 - Msg 79799: Yep its about that time Possum!..Happy Birthday America!..Ok its a BIG cook out at the barn!Burgers and hotdogs..all kinds of fixings..Maude Slaw,tater salad,sliced peppers,lettuce,fresh tomatoes,greenbean casserole,swill and American cheese,grilled mushrooms,sweet onions,baked beans with bacon strips on top,chips (all kinds).sweet and un sweet tea,kool-aid for the kids,vollyball net set up and horse shoes,badminton,4-wheeler rides,will have the sprinklers set up running to cool off,apple cobbler with homemade ice cream...it all starts at 7:00 est!...Boo will you bring the evening paper please...Rev will ship you the works for the whole band!...peace and Love to America....SPOT

July 04, 2010 - Msg 79800: Sorry for my sparse-ness. . .making all those meatballs to send to Asa - well it has been pretty time consuming!! I am not sure what he wants all the meatballs for - he said something about gopher bait... not sure what my delish meatballs could do for gophers!!

My hubby and I celebrated an anniversary last week - number 16! (I think?) Nothing special - went to a goat show with a horrible judge and a very hot day!! The humility was unbearable - and I mean un "bear" able!!

I admit I play the games on FB - love them - it is a good reality escape and I have caught up with some old friends and some new ones that do goats. I have been spotty on there this last week - hubby has been on vacation so we have been trying to get things caught up.

We are heading to NC this weekend for a goat show (Shelby). Hope we do well!! My hubby said he has had enough of Cracker Barrel so I am making a picnic lunch for our trip down. They have a very good Golden Corral so we will hit that for breakfast on Saturday.

Ro - I think of Millie's children and how I wish I knew how they were doing. My grandpa died when my mom was 16, she is 86 now - she has lived a long time without her dad and you would think he died yesterday. She misses him so - I know that they will be together soon and I am glad that I have had my parents for so very long. My mom is slipping - she is very forgetful and my dad is wonderful to her. Sometimes he puts another knot and the end of his rope and just holds on. God bless him.

Well - I have rambled on enough. Everyone be safe and happy and may God find enough grace for the US to help us get out of the mess that we are in!


July 05, 2010 - Msg 79801: Good point, PH.
I had an enjoyable 4th anyway, even though I worked today. But the sermon our pastor gave tonight was very thoughtful and poignant, on the freedoms we have in this country. He talked of being, well, slapped upside the head by the Lord, is how he kind of put it, when he was feeling down about where our country was going, but he was reminded of how worse it could be, and actually was bad in long long ago days of old, and how good we still have it now.
Well, he is a much better speaker than I, and he put it better. But what he said kind of struck me as well, because I have been known to think of the worst happening, rather than praise God for what we do have.

Happy anniversary, homemaker!
Our anniversary(11) is this week, or whenever the 9th is. I still haven't thought of what I can do for it. The pastor called us out about it tonight at church. Maybe he can think of an idea for me. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte