July 12, 2010 - Msg 79865: Hi Possum! Good to see you this morning while I am having my coffee. Yes, I guess my friend had enough. She never really talked to me about and while we keep in contact now and then, we aren't as close as we used to be so I had no idea. I was really very surprised. The guy really blew it because Elizabeth is a very special person...she is a beautiful little petite thing with so much energy and talent and has always given so much to her family. She homeschooled her girls and they are such sweet girls, too. She is tough, though, and independant and will be ok...it's her husband that won't. What's sad is that she was raised in a home with an alcoholic dad and it was a rough life growing up. Her husband was not a drinker until six years ago when he lost his job and went through some tough times. Things got better, but I guess he already had a drinking problem. I suspect things must have gotten pretty bad in those 6 years for her to leave him. They've been married since they were teens.

Lots to do today...the store, the laundry, cleaning, packing for my trip, ordering meds for the folks, etc. Better finish up the coffee and get after it.

Hope more folks show up today and hope MDC is enjoying his vacation in California...maybe catching some waves and hanging ten or somethin'.


PS-Yes, I won at checkers.

July 12, 2010 - Msg 79866: Good afternoon, porch. Boo, that's so sad about your friend's marriage breaking up. Alcohol strikes again. I never cease to be amazed at how alcohol almost always turns up at the bottom of a problem, if you dig deeply enough. I grew up in a tee-totaling home, so I have a pretty narrow view, I'll admit. However, I have tried to think of a situation, any scenario, in which alcohol would have improved things. However, I can rattle off a long list of situations in which the presence of alcohol has made things worse. It never, ever helps. It always causes harm, to varying degrees. It may be as simple as an unguarded, hurtful word or foolish or inappropriate comment. It may be as severe as someone flying into a rage and injuring or killing someone. Whatever the circumstances, booze just never helps. From what you have told us, it sounds like that marriage would still be on solid ground without the eroding effect of the booze. What a pity.

I just got home from a funeral at church. My SS class brought and served lunch for the family. It was a beautiful service, held for a remarkable man. His wife has been my friend for years, and I hate to see her hurting so, but she's strong, and she'll be okay. She's leaning on the Lord.

Well, I think a short nap is in order. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

July 12, 2010 - Msg 79867: I'm waiting for you to play yourself a game of ping-pong, Boo, because that I got to see!
Good luck on your travels tomorrow.
- Hazel

July 12, 2010 - Msg 79868: HAHA...yep, I'll let you know Hazel...great line from TAGS, wasn't it? Thanks for the well-wishes. :-)


July 12, 2010 - Msg 79869: Very sorry for your friend's loss, Ro. I am glad she has loving friends to comfort her and a God to sustain her.

Yes, alcohol has been the reason for many sorrows. I won't judge anyone else for drinking responsibly but I made a decision years ago that it would never be a part of my life again. I was raised in an alcoholic home and began to have a drinking problem myself at a young age. When I found myself turning to alcohol to drown my sorrows, I said "enough" and never picked it up again.


July 12, 2010 - Msg 79870: Agreed, Boo. I don't judge another person's decision to drink responsibly either. I may wish they didn't, I may see problems coming down the line, but it's their decision, not mine. As for drinking irresponsibly, I don't judge that either. I don't have to. The law will do that, sooner or later.

My own decision was exactly that - my own decision. As I know I've told you all before, there were several cases of "problem drinkers" in my dad's family, and as a child I saw the heartbreak and the shattered lives, so the decision came easy for me. Then when Dale and I were first dating, he ordered a beer one night at a burger drive-in. I may have looked a bit startled, and he asked if I'd prefer he didn't drink it. Well, since he was driving if for no other reason, I said that yes, I would rather he didn't. He called the carhop, asked her to take it away and bring him a root beer. That impressed me. Then later he said, "So, I guess you'd never consider marrying a man who drank, even just a little?" I told him he was right, and he dropped the subject. That was it. He never touched another drop, and the subject was never discussed again, until much later, after we were married. At that point, I found that he was in total agreement, the decision was his own, and while it may have been triggered by my initial response, the decision was still his. That's the only way it can work - each person must decide for himself or herself. I can only thank my parents for shaping my life in such a way that I was willing to refuse, and absolutely must thank God for giving me the support to stick with my decision. I'm convinced that if I was a drinking person, losing Dale would have pushed me over the edge, and I might not even be here today.

It wasn't always easy. I have been teased, made fun of, cut off by "friends" who decided to go the other way, and accused of thinking I'm "too good", when I haven't said one word beyond "no, thank you." It seems that the drunker somebody gets, the more it irritates them for someone else not to drink. I wonder what causes that?

Here's a funny one. When Dale was in Korea, there was a little guy in his barracks, named Mike. Now you all know that Dale was a big bear of a man, and here was Mike, about 5'3" and maybe 115 soaking wet. Mike liked to drink, and being small, it didn't take much to get him roaring drunk. When he got drunk, he got mean, and he thought he was ten feet tall. Dale was a favorite target. Mike just couldn't resist picking on him, daring him, trying to provoke a fight. He wanted to show everyone he could take on "the big guy." Now naturally, Dale wasn't going to get in a fight with Mike, but Mike sure did make it hard sometimes. One night, he got a snootful and started in on Dale. The other guys could see that Dale was getting tired of it, and they tried to warn Mike to leave him alone, but he persisted. Finally, Dale stood up, picked Mike up and pushed him back against a bank of lockers. Holding Mike by the shirtfront, he drew his fist back and unleashed a straight forward punch. If he had hit Mike, he would have killed him, but he didn't. He hit the locker right by Mike's head, caving the door in completely. Then he said very quietly, "Now, leave me alone." From that day forward, Mike left him alone, and in fact they became very good friends a little later. I think if Dale had been drunk that night, Mike would have died.

Well, enough of that. I don't know about the rest of the porch but around here, it's hot! It's 88 degrees at 10:38, and soooo humid. I went to carry the trash out just now, and was just dripping wet when I came in. Running ceiling fans helps a lot. I've got one located above most of my nesting places, so I can keep the a/c set a little higher and still be comfortable. Just step outside for a minute, though... Wow!

Well, guess I'll turn in. Or not. Maybe I'll read for a while. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

July 13, 2010 - Msg 79871:
HI Gang, just a quickie from my motel in Santa Barbara! Boo, I was hanging out somethin but I dont think it was ten! ha
No one's buying my ship in a bottle! haha
We are having a great time, great wedding of my niece, and now enjoying SB! Beautiful.
Prayers for boo's friend and all involved.
God bless ya all. "See" ya soon!

July 13, 2010 - Msg 79872: MDC...cowabunga, Dude! So you were hanging something out? That can get you arrested even in California, man. ;-)

Great story, Ro. Good thing Dale wasn't a drinking man or he could have spent the rest of his life in jail!

Better hit the hay..


July 13, 2010 - Msg 79873: Not if he was hanging out marijuana to dry, Boo. I don't think that's even illegal there anymore. ;)

Hope you are having a good time, MDC. But not so good that you can be arrested for it.

Well, we got Kai sent off to camp. I spoke to one of the guys that organized the trip there. I wanted to tell him about Kai's situation with the swimming thing, but since he wasn't going there except to pick them up to come home, I figured there wasn't much point in that.
So I went directly to the source, and emailed a message to the staff on the website. If they think I am an overprotective parent, so be it. I would rather embarrass myself than get a sad call from them later on.
No, actually it was a pretty rational email I think, so I don't think Kai would be embarrassed that I did that. In fact, we told her to remind them that she can't swim so many times that when they were in the van and I asked her what she is going to tell them, she bursted out loud to the whole van, "I can't swim! I know, daddy." :)

Still missing her though. I prayed tonight that the Lord will give her comfort, as I am sure she misses us too.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 13, 2010 - Msg 79874: Morning all.

Just thought I'd pop in and now I see Boo is going to play herself in a game of ping pong. This should be fun to watch. Safe travels Boo. Heres a penny for good luck.

Hey MDC, sounds like you're having a good time. Santa Barbara is a beautiful place ain't it? But don't come back leaning to the left. It's pretty prevelant there. We always hole up in Ventura which is just 30 miles south of you. In fact if you are heading back to L.A. you most likely will be on the 101, or Ventura Highway. When you get to Ventura you will see a Crowne Hotel right on the beach front. It's on the same exit as the Ventura Pier. You can't miss it. 26 stories tucked in between the freeway and the Pacific ocean (formerly known as Old man Kelsey's ocean) Anyway, thats our hangout. The we go further north up to San Louis Obispo/ Pismo Beach for a few days.

I'm sure Kai will be safe Sterling, and have a wonderful time. The Lord is looking over her.

Well summer finally made it here. In the upper 90's today, 100 by the weekend. My corn is responding accordingly. I think it grows 6 inches a day. Corn likes it hot. Still a few weeks till harvest though. The cool wet spring delayed my planting and slowed down the growth. I would usually be getting some of my early planting coming on by now. Oh well. Still will enjoy when it's ready.

I better get going. Want to try and get some outdoor duties done before it gets to hot.


July 13, 2010 - Msg 79875: Morning Asa and Sterling.

Well, you did it Sterling; you made that first big step of sending your child to summer camp. I'm proud of you because I know it's not at all easy. Prayers for both of you. :-)

Ventura Highway??...sound like a song...wait...it IS a song. Don't ask me who sang it, though. That sounds like a great little vacation spot, ASA. The Pacific coast is amazing!

Lots to do, better scram!


July 13, 2010 - Msg 79876: America sang " Ventura Highway" Boo. Good song!

Relax a bit, Sterling. You got through the leaving for camp day- I'm sure that was hard. Trust that Kai will be fine- the angels are watching over her.

Not gonna comment on what MDC may be hanging out- LOL! Hope we don't have to send a Porchster out to CA to bail him outta the clink!

Loved the Dale story, Ro! He "nipped it in the bud", huh?!

Spot is back, but he didn't go to Murphy! He was off trout fishing though, so I told y'all half right! I can't keep up with that roaming ol' dawg!

Ok, it's getting on lunchtime. Spot, you out there?? Cook something!

Y'all have a good Tuesday- love to all!

possum under a rock

July 13, 2010 - Msg 79877: Good morning, porch! I hope MDC will be careful, and will behave himself out there in California. I'm not exactly sure what he was hanging out, but I hope he's careful!

Sterling, I'm so proud of you, and am sure Kai will be just fine. We've all sent our little chicks off to camp or somewhere, for the first time, and it's never easy. However, it's necessary, or the chicks grow up to be neurotic and dependent. That's not going to happen to Kai, obviously. She's going to grow into a secure and confident young woman, who can ride a bike, swim, eventually drive, and think for herself. Good for you, dad.

I have the most beautiful flower in the front yard. It's a "surprise lily" and it's well named. Last year I had Joe and Jorge plant a bunch of them around the yard, and I didn't watch. You might remember when I did that, I think I told you that Joe said he felt like a big goofy Easter bunny. I didn't want to know where they were planted, so they'd truly be a surprise when they came up. Most of them were the red "firecracker" variety, but there were a few called "Pink Lady" and that's what has come up and bloomed. It's more of a traditional lily form, with trumpet shaped flowers, colored a pale shell pink, four blooms atop a long straight stem. Typical of surprise lilies, there's no foliage, just a stalk coming straight up out of the ground! Just lovely! The real surprise here is that they don't usually bloom until sometime in September! What this one is doing blooming now, I don't know, but there it is. So pretty.

My back yard is full of birds this morning, and several squirrels. I just love it when there's a lot of traffic out there - it's like watching a never-ending circus. I refilled all the feeders yesterday, and that's all it takes. Fill the feeders with seed, and put just about any discarded foodstuff on the stones, and it will be eaten. Stale bread, crackers, cereal, aging fruit and raw veggies, even the harder bits of kibble that Toye Starr can't eat and scatters on the floor around her bowl. They'll eat it all. An overripe banana will attract a bunch of butterflies, if the birds don't find it first. I just unzip the peel down one side and lay the whole thing out there. After the butterflies and birds eat the banana, something carries off the peel at night - probably a raccoon.

A couple of my fish are missing, and I'm pretty sure that miserable great egret got them. They were beautiful, a blend of orange and cream, red and blue and silver, with pretty fins. I had raised them from less than two inches to about five inches and they were really getting pretty. That dratted bird, I wish he'd go fish somewhere besides in my little old pond. And to think I was so thrilled and felt so "honored" when he first stopped by! My "scare-egret" doesn't seem to be working anymore - I think he's figured it out. There are all sorts of devices designed to scare off wildlife, but am not sure they'd work on huge birds, and I don't want to discourage my other visitors, so I really don't know what to do. I guess I'll get a few more multi-colored fish and try again. I hope he enjoyed his lunch, the wretch.

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

July 13, 2010 - Msg 79878: Bet 'Ol MDC's face is all shades of red by now.

Ro, you are so right...I've got a neurotic and dependant first-born (I was over-protective) and an independant, strong second-born and that is much better, believe me.

I'm off to take mom to her dr's appointment and then I will be heading for Houston and Louisianna later in the day. Please remember us in your prayers, for safety while traveling and for the kids who will be staying with St. Susan for the week. Love you all.


July 13, 2010 - Msg 79879: Well, it's not hard to figure out. I've always believed that there are lessons to be learned from the wild things. God teaches them, and gives them the instinct to do the right thing at the right time. Parenting pretty much follows a standard plan in nature. Tender protective care while the young are helpless, gradually teaching them what they need to know, progressing toward independence as the young ones gain strength and ability, and finally - a push out the door, to fend for themselves. The parents usually hang around for a few more days, and provide encouragement and sometimes a little help, but mostly, they let the kids make it on their own. You can't imagine the things I see from this window. Lots to be learned, out there.

Well, gotta run. Eloise and I are going to hunt up some lunch, then I may go to her house and build a wreath for her front door. We bought the makings for it a few days ago, and she could do it herself, but she doesn't think so. For some reason, she thinks I can! I have no talent, but I do enjoy trying, so I'm willing. We're using a braided grapevine as the base, and have some lovely foliage and stuff to work into it. A little crafter's wire, a pair of small needle-nose pliers with a cutting base, and I'm good to go. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 13, 2010 - Msg 79880: Hey gang im back from lake burton camping fishing!..great trip...good food and friends..hey possum you and maude been feeding this bunch?..hey Romeena,MDC,horatio,Tom,Rev,Boo,hm,Lucy,mavis...ok work for me tonight......will read and holler then...prayers.....yaaa-hooo...im home ....SPOT

July 13, 2010 - Msg 79881: Welcome home, Spot! It's about time you came back. We were beginning to think you had decided to become a stray dog.

I finished the decorative wreath for Eloise's front door, and it looks pretty good, if I may brag just a bit. Well, really - you put some pretty red silk roses, some bluebells and some white snowdrops and daisies on a pretty braided grapevine wreath, with a bit of greenery added for effect, and it's hard to go wrong. Let's see... red, white and blue - yep, those colors go pretty well together, don't you think?

Well, off I go, to scratch up something to eat. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

July 13, 2010 - Msg 79882: Did someone say "Ventura Highway"?
Let us all reminisce together.

from Poor Horatio

July 13, 2010 - Msg 79883: Romeena, regarding your missing fish, I searched the internet and discovered there are pond protector nets you can purchase to protect your fishes from predators.

Sterling Holobyte, I remember the first time I attended boy scout summer camp. By the end of the first week, I became very homesick and didn't want to stay for the second week.

Welcome back SPOT

from Poor Horatio

July 13, 2010 - Msg 79884: Luckily, Poor Horatio, the camp Kai is going to is only for one week.
She comes home Saturday afternoon.
I don't think either of us could stand two weeks. :)

Your story, Ro, about pushing the kids out the door, reminds me of a Mama's Family episode where Mama is talking to her 40ish son Vint-who lives with her btw-when Mama just lost her first job and Vint said he warned her that it was a jungle out there.
And Mama says to him, "Vinton, you remember those animal shows where the mama bird cares for her young until she feels they are grown up and healthy enough to be on their own, and then she gives them a little shove out of the nest, and if they can fly, they fly away and never come back. But if they can't... SPLAT!
And Vint says, "What you are trying to say, Mama?"
Mama: "Vint, don't ever climb a tree with me!"

-Sterling Holobyte

July 13, 2010 - Msg 79885: I forgot to say that Vint kind of helped Mama lose her job, by calling her constantly and getting her riled up.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 14, 2010 - Msg 79886: Morning all. Hot and dry on my porch today.

Possum, or anyone who wants to play.... name this tune and artist.
You took a fine to leave me __________
with 4 hungry children and a crop in the field....


July 14, 2010 - Msg 79887: Whoops, that should read you "picked" a fine time, not "TOOK". At least I think that's how it sings.
(sheesh, maybe I better stick with something I know) :)


July 14, 2010 - Msg 79888: Morning porch, hope everyone is doing okay this Wednesday morning. getting my work day started and thought I would stop by for a quick rock.

Been busy lately and not had time to check in.
I was summoned for jury duty and had to report for the initial session on Monday. I learned that it is for circuit court and not criminal court jury duty. I have not been called for several years so guess I should not complain. I did learn that in my county circuit court jury duty is for a 6 month period (apparently they have such few cases that it saves the county $$ to do it this way). They pay a whopping $15 a day for service and apparently buy your lunch if the case goes all day. It does not sound like it will be a big deal as the judge said there are no "jury" cases on the docket until Novemeber and even then those could likely settle out before then. Apparntly most of the circuit cases are for monetary or property disputes/damages.

We were abe to find a car for Beth so she is a happy camper and getting comfortable in driving it before school starts in about 4 weeks.

Getting ready for our annual community celebration Fun Fest. 2 weeks of activities planned with the majority of things on 2 consecutive week ends. Fun Fest as it called has been going for about 30 years. We will probably participate in a few activities but not a lot. Guess I am getting old because once I get home and settled in for the evening I hate to get back out and go anywhere! We will probably go to the parade this Friday and then do the concerts and fireworks on the last day. If interested and for those who may be close enough to come to my neck of the porch, you can check out the activities at Kingsport Fun Fest on the internet.

Guess I had better quit my rambling and get to work.
Lunch will be: chicken salad sandwhiches, chips, pickles, (Clara's not Aunt Bee's). brownies and sweet tea or lemonade.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

Big Maude

July 14, 2010 - Msg 79889:
Morning porch family....can't stay but just wanted to check in and dust off my rocker.

The tour is still going great up here in New England. Rainy today. Got a concert tonight in the Kennebunkport, Me area.

Gotta run.....Love and prayers to all my porch family. Stay real close to Jesus.....HE will sure make your day go easier.

July 14, 2010 - Msg 79890: Asa, I believe Lucille is the one who left.
Big Maude

July 14, 2010 - Msg 79891: You got it Big Maude. Remember who sung it?

Glad things are going well for you Rev. Send some rain my way if you would. Been dry for a spell here.


July 14, 2010 - Msg 79892: Dang! Maude beat me to it! Oh well, that's ok (Good Job, Maudie!)- I'll name who sang it Kenny Rogers. What do I win, Asa? LOL

Thanks for the video, PH. America is one of my favorite 70s groups.
OMy computer screen has shifted somehow- I'm leaning to the left & my words are cut off! Let me go see what I did and try to fix it! Be back later!
possum under a crooked rock

July 14, 2010 - Msg 79893: Okay,I fixed whatever I did! I'm straight now!

Are we playing 'Guess the song' ? Oh boy!

Here's one: " Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine..."

No Googling!
possum again

July 14, 2010 - Msg 79894: Joy to the world
All the boys and girls
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me

3 Dog Night.

How about this one?
I ride my bike, my rollerskate, don't drive no car
don't go to fast but go pretty far....


July 14, 2010 - Msg 79895: Oh, yea Possum. Kenny Rodgers is correct.


July 14, 2010 - Msg 79896: You got it,Asa.That's one of Laci's faves!

Melanie sang it.. oh, what's the name??
Brand New Key!
Whatever happened to her, I wonder?

I still wanna know what I won,Asa ? A ceramic pelican? Kewpie doll?? LOL
possum u.a.r.

July 14, 2010 - Msg 79897: MDC is picking up your gift in S. Cal as we speak Possum. I'll let it be a surprise. But just a hint. It will remove crows feet. :)
Melanie and Brand New Key is correct.


July 14, 2010 - Msg 79898: Howdy, porch! My, aren't we musical today! Actually, that first song brought back a sweet memory. About the time it came out, my SS class had an overnight retreat, and I went, leaving Dale with the four kids. They weren't babies, the youngest was 6 or 7, but still, there were meals, laundry, whatever. He never complained, but when I got home, I noticed he was humming a little tune whenever I was around. I finally realized what it was - and yep, you guessed it. He had a wicked sense of humor, that man.

Poor Horatio, thanks for your concern. You're always willing to put yourself to work to try to help us solve a problem. Actually, I have one of those nets, bought it to use during falling-leaf season, to keep the leaves out of the pond. It works, too. And it would work to keep the bird at bay, but it's also a terrible nuisance. I have flowers and other vegetation all around the pond, which is roughly figure-8 shaped. The net has to be spread over everything and pegged down. That means the flowers are scrunched down, and sometimes grow through it, which makes problems down the line. Also, I have to un-peg and roll it back to reach the intake filter, which lies on the bottom and has to be pulled out to be cleaned - almost daily in the summer and every couple of weeks in the winter. Also the pump that powers the smaller fountain, and the one that supplies the little "spitting fish" have to be pulled and cleaned about once a week. That net reeeally gets in the way!

Because of the configuration of the pond, the net also lies across the stone bridge, making for hazardous walking, as shoe heels tend to catch on it. Believe me, though, I've considered it. Remembering how happy I always am when the leaves finish falling and I can remove the net, though, the idea doesn't linger long. Check out this link to see what I'm dealing with: http://www.romeena.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album01&id=April_5_2008_27 (I wish I knew how to make one of those simple "go here" links. Hint, hint.)

Well, guess I'd better go rustle up a bit of lunch. I have to work tonight, so need a little nap - sure makes the twelve hours easier if I'm not fighting sleepiness. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

July 14, 2010 - Msg 79899: Asa, Kenny Rogers?
Big Maude

July 14, 2010 - Msg 79900: Supper Menu:Southern Fried Chicken,fresh garden greenbeans,fried okra,fried squash,silver queen corn on the cob fresh from the garden,maude slaw,BIG bisquits with good white milk gravy,cream taters,Ga. Peach cobbler with fresh homemade ice cream,jar of hot peppers setting on the table and fresh green onions sliced garden maters...tea both ways...and Boo I got a evening paper ...yall just bring yerselfs....6:45 est....SPOT

July 14, 2010 - Msg 79901: Dang,spotty! That'll lay on our chests! What a fabulous supper- guess we'll forgive you for running off on us as much as you've been doing lately.
MDC is bringing the prize? Let's just hope he manages to bring himself back from CA,what with all the "hanging out" he's been doing!

Here's another tune: " Giddy up a oomph pompa oomph pompa mow mow, my heart's on fire for----------."
Headed to spot's doghouse- see y'all there!
possum again

July 14, 2010 - Msg 79902: "Elvira", right Possum? And I am not talking about the mistress of the night Elvira. At least I don't think The Statler Brothers wrote that song for her. I could be wrong, though. ;)

Had some big storms here. I stayed much later than I usually do at work because of all the tornado warnings going off. Finally made it home though, singing hymns along with the radio all the way.
I really do worry about Kai's well-being though, since they are supposed to get the same storm system that we did. Kai does not like storms. And is terrified of tornadoes. I hope my card got there today, maybe will calm her a little. It was a sound card that does that little hamster song. You know, the "dee da dee da dee da doe doe, da da dee da dee da doe...."
Well, maybe you don't know it, but they play some of it during the promos for that cats and dogs movie that is coming out. Kai would always laugh when that part came on.

I am hoping the camp has somewhere to go in the event of a tornado. And also flooding. Camping and flooding don't mix.
And here in my email to them the other day, I said I wouldn't call them everyday to see how Kai was doing. I just wish I would hear something back from them. They never replied to my email so I don't know if they got it.

Heres praying that everyone in the path of this storm system is ok.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 14, 2010 - Msg 79903: Sterling, years ago, when my 2 kids were little, I babysat. (for a brief 2 year period, before I had to go out and find a job with a steady paycheck and benefits...) I started out with one neighbor kid, for about a year, then I took on more, and ended up with about 7 kids that I watched, plus my own two. Anyway, I can still totally remember how I felt when I was watching those kids. I watched them like a hawk. If they were outside, I was outside. Inside the house, I was right there, reading to them or playing games or whatever. My attitude was that NOTHING would happen to other peoples children, not on my watch! I just bring that up to try to help you not to worry so much about Kai. You've got to trust the responsible adults that are in charge at her camp, and remember that not only don't you want anything to happen to your daughter, but they don't want that either. I'm sure they know how to handle situations that might come up. They want to make it fun and safe for all the kids, and I'm pretty sure that all the adults know how to deal with stuff that comes up with kids. Try not to worry! (As Gomer says, thin people ought not to worry!)

- Hazel

July 14, 2010 - Msg 79904: Ha ha! Thank you, Hazel. Though I am not as thin as Barney(that's who Gomer was referring to, wasn't he?).
But yes, I am trusting God on this one.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 15, 2010 - Msg 79905: Morning gang!..hey possum bet yer still under that rock!..hey Sterling,Romeena,Rev...ok Breakfast menu:3 eggs your way,grits,toast,bacon,sausage,country ham,bisquits and gravy,haashbrowns with cheese,coffee,milk,water with lemon....ready at 7:30 est ...Boo will you bring a paper?...Rev will say grace.....headed home from work at 6 and sleeping till about noon then a full day of 96 degree yard work...will have to take breaks and fill the water cooler up!...SPOT

July 15, 2010 - Msg 79906: Mornin' Y'all- Yep, it's "Elvira", Sterling!

Hey to Hazel!

Spot, you be careful out there in that heat today-we don't want you "fallin' out" as we say down South. That's different from MDC's "hanging out"- LOL

Sterling, try to relax. Easier said than done, huh? Bet Kai is having a blast,so try not to worry.

Ok, spot, save me a plate- I'm on my way over!

possum under a rock

July 15, 2010 - Msg 79907: 'Mornin', porch! Hazel, you're a treashuh! What kind and insightful words to share with Sterling, and how right you are. Bless you!

I'm a pooped pup. Worked twelve and a half hours, then attended a meeting that lasted an hour and a half, and I'm ready for my bed, with my warm puppy beside me. My po' ol' back is killing me, and I need some rest. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

July 15, 2010 - Msg 79908: Okay, had a few hours of sleep, and am about to go back to work for another twelve - then am off until Monday. Oh, how I need to win a lottery or something. Oh well. One day at a time. That's all we're promised, and that's all I ask. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

July 15, 2010 - Msg 79909: Well, I'm back in one piece...can't say it was real exciting meeting dead relatives but I did enjoy the live ones I was with. ;-) My Aunt and Uncle from Houston went with us and I got to meet a couple of dad's cousins in Beaumont that I had never met. Really liked them, too! Ended up going to four different cemetaries (how do you spell that again?)...some really old ones where I saw great-great grandparent's graves. Pretty neat. Got to go to Welsh Louisianna, my dad's boyhood home and it was a lovely little town...very much like Mayberry with quaint houses and big shade trees. I really loved it there. Dad enjoyed the trip and I am very glad I made the time to do it. I certainly feel more connected to my roots. I am glad to be home, though, and will sleep well in my own bed next to my old husband tonight. ;-)

Did I tell you he bought one of those big zer-turn radius lawn mores this week? He's like a kid with a toy and has been mowing everyday since. It sure is hot, though, and so many mosquitos!

Hazel, I really like the point you made about how other people want to keep your kids safe when they are in their care. So true for most people...I am that way. I watch my own but I REALLY watch other people's children who are in my care. I don't know what I would do if anything ever happened to someone's child that I was responsible for! Terrible thought.

Thanks for the trip down memory land, PH.


July 15, 2010 - Msg 79910: "zero"-turn radius, that is...sorry.


July 16, 2010 - Msg 79911:
Ro, my little kindergartners are now officially college students. Everything you advised 13 years ago turned out just as you said it would. Thank you for being there.

No time to catch up. I can't convey how busy these past few months have been. I'd better NEVER hear anyone say the 'hard work is over' once your kids reach adulthood. LOL!! Honey, lemme tell you, the end of 12th grade is INSANE.

Love to all.


July 16, 2010 - Msg 79912: Amen to that Des. I think of hoe nave I was a few years ago thinking about how nice it would be when my young-uns were grown up and you didn't have to fret over then so much. HA! Getting older is just like starting a new chapter of a book, isn't it?

Welcome home Boo. I'm envious of Bruce's new machine. I am thinking next year I may buy one. My old rider is needing a lot of repairs done to it. I do the repairs myself which really makes if affordable, but I'm still getting to the point where it may be worth considering retiring it. What brand did he get? I used a Walker brand a few years ago and was impressed with it, heck even slightly aroused perhaps. (It's a guy thing Ladies)
Glad your trip went well and you got to meet some family.

Ro, my goodness, an hour and a half meeting after a 12 hour shift? Your management team don't think much of you it would seem to me. You poor dear. I hope you got some rest last night.

We are supposed to hit 100 today for the first time of the summer. I just hope all my A/C units stay working. People get nasty when one breaks down in this heat. I have to listen to them yell at me like I broke it, then get on top of a hot sun baked roof and fix it. Waa, waa, waa. Don't you feel bad for me now? LOL

Well best get the day started. Glad it's Friday.



July 16, 2010 - Msg 79913: Hi All.


Whenever things look gloomy
On a dismal day of rain,
We know the sun will shine again
And glisten on a pane...
And when the mist does cover
The countryside to hide,
It won't be long befor we see
The weather's other side...
For the sun is always shining.
Though wesee it not some days,
But it's waiting to enfold us
With its golden warming rays.


July 16, 2010 - Msg 79914: Hey Asa, Bruce got a "Bad Boy"...are you familiar with that? I think it has a Briggs motor. It is the commercial-grade and the deck of the thing is 1/2" steel. I forget how wide the cutting area is but it has three blades. The dang thing has an arm chair and a drink holder, can you believe it? Bruce tells me he will be able to cut 4 acres in and hour and a half with it....maybe its just a dream...ha. Anyway, he is having alot of fun with it. He was going to get a regular riding mower but heck, out here it wouldn't have lasted long and he would have spent alot of time repairing it. Our place is not exactly well-manicured at this point...lots of sand and still on the rough side.
PS-Loved the "aroused" comment! ha...I'm sure Bruce has experienced the same phenomenon...heck, he spends alot more time with the "Bad Boy" than he does me at this point. ;-)


July 16, 2010 - Msg 79915: Oh, here is a little website you might enjoy, Asa...might want to watch it alone. ;-)

check out: www.badboymowers.com/


July 16, 2010 - Msg 79916: Hey Gang...gosh just been busy here at work with these cotton-pickin thunder storms..they have passed now..hey Boo,Maude,sterling,possum,Rev,Tom,hm,nn,lucy,des and all....hey did anyone cook?..anybody got any leftovers?..im starved....SPOT

July 17, 2010 - Msg 79917: Hey SPOT..hasn't been anyone here on the porch besides you and me since yesterday morning. That's how it is sometimes on weekends. Is it hot in your area? It is horrid here...really hot.


July 17, 2010 - Msg 79918: Stay cool, Asa(in more ways than one, apparently ;)).

Well, Kai comes home today, in a little more than an hour. Will be very glad to see her! And I hope she will be glad to see her room, which we did a makeover on. Wife did most of it while I was at work, but we did both work on it last night til about midnight.

See you all later, with the Kai! Yay!

-Sterling Holobyte

July 17, 2010 - Msg 79919: Good morning family:
Just stopping by with breakfast for everyone. Even fresh fruit for those in the heat zone. Gotta have something cool to nibble on.
It's supposed to be in the high 90s today with severe thunderstorms...
Have a good weekend. ~New Neighbor

July 17, 2010 - Msg 79920: Hi All.
nice cool day a little rain.
Boo I stop by yesterday and there is a pome too.


July 17, 2010 - Msg 79921: Afternoon Y'all! Dang, it's hot! Just checking in-hope all is well. Sterling, I'm happy Kai is returning home today- I know you've missed her.Have a happy reunion!
I've got Laci,so busy,busy! Gotta go- y'all take care!
possum under a rock

July 17, 2010 - Msg 79922: Good afternoon, porch! Sterling, I know how happy you'll be to have Miss Kai home again, and under your watchful eye. She'll be glad to be home too, but I'm betting that the separation has been good for both of you. You have probably learned to relax a little where she's concerned, and she has grown and gained a little strength and independence. Both are good things. Now you can settle into a slightly altered groove, and get on with your lives.

Tom, it's good to see you, and your poem yesterday was lovely, and timely as always. Thanks! I'm glad you got some rain. Our rain is gone, and today I had to turn my sprinklers back on because things were already wilting. It's very hot, 99 degrees at 5 p.m. It may hit 100 before the sun goes down.

Dadburn it, I'm down in my back again. It's been ailin' since I carried those heavy bags to the street last Monday night, but was tolerable. Today I went out to clean pond filters, which would have been okay, but I spotted some weeds that needed pulling, and got involved, not really thinking. One clump was more young tree than weed, and required some hard tugging to get it out. Once I did, I found I couldn't straighten up. I managed to get to a friendly boulder a few feet away, and it helped me up. Now I'm walking crooked. I hope a night's sleep will help, otherwise I'll have to explain a zillion times at church tomorrow, and I'd really rather just ignore it. People are kind though, and ask questions out of concern.

Well, guess I'll go lie down, I've tried to keep going with little things here in the house, but I think it's time to stretch out. As for supper - Spot, if anybody shows up with leftovers, and they have enough for two, send 'em my way, please. I really don't feel like cooking. Otherwise, I guess it's soup for me. Oh well, I like soup. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 17, 2010 - Msg 79923: You're walking crooked again, Ro?!...poor dear. Hope rest makes it feel better.

Hey Tom, thank you for the poem.

I had a good day and met with a few old high school friends at the local Dairy Queen today. One was here from out of town and having a little birthday party. It was great...I saw people I had not seen since high school.

Well, should go start on supper.

Ya'll keep cool!


PS-Glad kai is back, Sterling!

July 18, 2010 - Msg 79924: Good deal Sterling!...oh..HEY PORCH!..happy Sunday!...supper menu:Sunday southern fried Chicken,cream taters,greenbeans,fried okra(for the south end),maude slaw,cornbread,tea,sliced sweet onions,hot peppers...Rev will be sending you a plate...Boo will you bring a Sunday paper?....SPOT

July 19, 2010 - Msg 79925: Morning porch, Monday has rolled around again! It is raining on my end of the porch. I am not going to complain because everything is very dry and the ground has been "crunchy" when you walk on it.

busy week end, My husband had to work all week end, Patrick worked on saturday and Beth and I did some of the Fun Fest activities and then yesterday my church celebrated its 65th anniversay. "Homecoming" as we call it, had some of the charter members there (3-4 folks) and then some folks whose parents were charter members. We had a BBQ lunch afterwards. Our deacons smoked about 600 pounds of pork butt and brisket, pulled the pork, sliced the brisket, add chips, slaw and bbq beans. dessert, kool aid or tea to drinl. Probably fed about 320+ folks. Good fellowship and great food.

hope your back is feeling better Romeena.
Hope Kai had a good time and glas she is back safe and sound.

Breakfast will be: ham and cheese omletts, toast with applebutter or jelly, fresh sliced peaches, sausage, bacon. coffee/tea.
see you then.
Better get to work, going on 9 am, (I rather sit here and rock).

Prayers for all.

Big Maude

July 19, 2010 - Msg 79926: Thanks for breakfast, Maude.

Quiet weekend here on the porch..hopefully things will get a little more lively now that it's Monday.

Not much to report on my end of the porch. It's really hot outside and there are still mosquitos but they are thinning out some. I am starting to really look forward to fall and some cooler temps. Can't wait to hang up my fall wreath and put another fire in the fireplace...make that first pot of chili and start planning for Thanksgiving! Our first Thanksgiving in the house. Hope it's cold out by then.

I was out looking at Thelma Lou last night and she has lost her winter coat and looks much prettier that way...not so wooly-looking. She seems to be doing pretty well with the goats. Just thought I would give you a Thelma Lou update since its been awhile.

Guess I will finish my coffee and get started on the daily chores. Hope you all have a good Monday.


July 19, 2010 - Msg 79927: Morning all..thanks for the grub Maude....happy Monday :)...SPOT

July 19, 2010 - Msg 79928: Morning gang.
Is it Monday? Oh well. Glad I have a job to go to. If you get tired of the raim Big Maude, send out west. We could use some for sure.

I love that name for your Donkey Boo. Not sure why but it makes me lol whenever I hear you post about her. Thanks for the link btw. Farmer porn. LOL

When does MDC return? Last I heard things were hanging out for him. Could be dangerous.

Hope you get walking straight again soon Ro. Them backs can be a pain sometimes huh?

I guess we are gonna have to send old Blue out to get some of our missing posters. Where you guys at? Auh2o? Get your proggresive hiney in here! (that might make him speak up lol)

We are near 100 all week so they say. Dry but hot. I don't know how you folks with high humidity take it. Unless we get tropical moisture come up from Mexico, we are pretty dry most days.

Well gotta get going.
Stay cool.



July 19, 2010 - Msg 79929:
Hello porch....another quick drop in. I'm in Fryeburg, Me right now. Concerts still going great but not much internet service so can't check in much.

Praying that you all are doing great and staying real close to Jesus.
Love you guys and my prayers are always with you!

July 19, 2010 - Msg 79930: hi porch friends! just passing through-ky girl

July 19, 2010 - Msg 79931: Hi Porch family:
Just checking as I run by...It's so hot here, and yes ASA- the humidity is almost unbearable! Especially on days like today. We had rain this morning early ( PTL) and then when the sun came out it was horrible. When you go out your skin actually feels tacky. Don't you just hate when that happens?? Gonna go get a cool shower. ~New Neighbor

July 19, 2010 - Msg 79932: Good evening, porch. My tail feathers are draggin', sure enuf! I'm back to furniture surfing, just hobbling around, holding onto things. Sure is annoying. Weeds are sprouting and laughing at me, and I can't do a thing about it. It's about all the pain I care to tolerate, just to move around in the house. I guess I'm like Lydia, who couldn't bowl. If I tried to pull weeds right now, I'd be in traction for a month! I did manage to get some seed out for the critters, bless their little hearts. I can't stand it when they're nosing and pecking around out there and there's nothing for them. I put out an over-ripe banana, just peeled one side, leaving the banana intact in the other half of the peel. The birds peck the banana out of the peel, like they were eating from a little trough. Now the whole thing is gone, peel and all. Squirrel, I guess. The pond filter is clogged with dead algae and needs to be washed out, but it's not going to happen for a day or two, at least. My little bronze "spitting fish" is performing well, so he keeps the water aerated somewhat. Beyond that, the fish are just going to have to cope until I'm better.

REV, I'm glad things are going well with the concerts. Just keep on proclaiming the love of Jesus, as you do so well. We're really looking forward to your visit here. It would be so lovely if your dear wife could be with you. If your schedule permits, we'll spend an evening with my friends Alan and Donna, and you two guys can have a big old jam session. We girls can be the audience.

Well, guess I'll go try to get comfortable somewhere. I feel like an arthritic old hound dog, trying to curl up for a nap and just can't find a comfortable place. Oh well, this too shall pass. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 20, 2010 - Msg 79933: You're welcome, Asa. Boy, it sounds like Utah is as hot as Texas right now...we would sure have you beat on the humidity, though. Tonight is a pretty nice night, not too humid.

Been a busy day of house chores and had bible study at the drug rehab tonight. It was a really good couple of sessions. We went to two different halls and had some very attentive girls. Remember a girl by the name of Christine in a prayer, please. She is struggling in her faith and tells us she has no place to go when she gets out of rehab. She is a angelic-faced little blond girl who would break your heart with her words. I took a friend from highschool with me. Her name is Teresa and she is a very sweet christian single mother. She is my age and her husband died several years ago. She remarried right away out of fear of being alone, mostly and that marriage didn't work out. She works and raises her kids alone now. I think she is just one of those very precious individuals with a kind heart and I think she would be a good match for my friend Keith. She was asking alot of questions about him after the rehab tonight. I'm am generally not a matchmaker, but I think this could work out. They both have a heart for God and for youth ministry. I am just going to stay out of it and let things take their course and see if anything developes between the two of them. I would be very happy to see them end up together.

Well Ro, i was afraid you might be down in your back again. I'm very sorry and prayer you are much better soon. Be careful with your back and let it heal.

Think I will turn in on the fine evening. God bless the porch and everyone on it, and especially bless Floyd for making it possible for this porch family to stay together.