July 20, 2010 - Msg 79934: Oh forgot to mention something else about Teresa...on our way home on the highway we spotted two dogs about to get hit. One was a great dane mix and the other a boston terrier. They were wearing collars and tags but before I could get the words out, she said, "We've got to get those dogs!" (sounds like Barney in "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs"). I put on my flashers and pulled over and she hopped out and got the dogs safely across the highway. One took off down a country road towards a house and the other followed closely after Teresa as she led him back home. There was nobody home but the dogs had fresh water and didn't try to follow us when we left. There was no fence around the place so I guess they and a few other dogs that lived there just roam free. The house was a good 100 yards from the highway but they wandered down there for some reason. That little boston terrier came so very close to being killed. I think tomorrow I will drive out there and see if I can find anyone at home and tell them what happened.

Well, better go...goodnight.


July 20, 2010 - Msg 79935: hey gang ..hope everyone is well .Just got back from our annual beach trip ,had a great time .prayers for all ,Im going to read the archives and catch up .Have a blessed day

July 20, 2010 - Msg 79936: Good afternoon, porch! Thanks for the kind words, Boo. Yep, it's the same old problem. I've got an appointment in a couple of weeks to have a steroid injection, but I may not do it. The pain is easing up a lot today, and if it cools off on its own, I'm not sure what I would gain by getting an injection in the area. It's just old, crumbly discs, and there's not much that can be done about it. I asked about a fusion, and the doc said it would cause more harm than good, because the vertebrae would not hold the screws that a fusion would require. So, forget that.

Hooray for you and Teresa, stopping to protect those two dogs. And a big bouquet of onions and stinkweed for the owners, who let them roam and put them in such jeopardy. It just makes me so mad when people do that. First there's the cruelty to the animal, when it gets hit and suffers so much, or is killed outright. Then there's the poor driver who hits them, and feels just terrible about it. I know, the best-cared-for pet can get loose sometimes, and it can happen to anyone, but when you see the same animals, just about every day, that's just care-less-ness. There are two little dogs three houses down from me, who roam the street every afternoon. Cute little fellows! You'll remember that one of them fell in my pond one day. Well, they're still roaming, and sooner or later they're going to get hit. I just hope I'm not here to see it, because what I would be tempted to say to the owner would not be very comforting. Too many people view dogs and cats as a disposable commodity.

Mayberry Deputy, it's good to see you! Don't be such a stranger. How are things on your end of the porch?

Well, it's lunch time. Guess I'll go see what's here. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 20, 2010 - Msg 79937:
Ventura Highway, in the sunshine
Where the days are longer
The nights are stronger than moonshine!
you're gonna go, I know ...

More later, swamped at work, plus i gotta pay the bail-bondsman! haha love ya all!

Cause the free wind is blowin' through your hair
and the days surround your daylight there
seasons cryin' no despair
Alligator lizards in the air
in the air

July 20, 2010 - Msg 79938:
Lean to the left, lean to the right,
stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight! haha

July 20, 2010 - Msg 79939: Well Welcome back MDC,MD...hey Romeena you been working any nights?...im on nights this month...just cant seem to get much done around here..most of the time I work the doubles but with with the new man they asked if I just work nights with him his first month in full rotation....I said ok...next month day shift mon-fri...well gona go pics peas....lets see ..Supper Menu: Pownded Cube Steak with good milk gravy,little green english peas,cream taaters,boiled cabbage with little carrots in with them,sliced tomatoes from the garden,green onions,peppers,sweet tea and water with x-tra lemon,apple pie.....Boo will you pick up yer local paper...wana catch up on stuff in yer neck of the woods...ready at 6:45...Rev watch for the truck..prayers SPOT

July 20, 2010 - Msg 79940: ROMEENA... hot on this end of the porch ,but suppose to be cooler the next few days ,down to the mid 90s

July 20, 2010 - Msg 79941: Wow where is everybody?...nap after my supper or early bed or what!? SPOT

July 21, 2010 - Msg 79942: Yep, its been pretty lonely on the porch lately, SPOT. Wish some folks would come back. I miss them.

Glad you're back MDC...have you been hittin' the squeezin's by any chance cause you sound "gassed"!

You are so right, Romeena. Just yesterday poor St. Susan saw a dog get hit on the road. People immediately stopped to help but she felt terrible having seen it happen, as you can imagine. Just terrible.

Busy day today. Had to go to town to find something for Sean to wear to his cousin's wedding this weekend and the kids had a dentist's appointment. Erin has a back permanent molar that has practically rotted away in the span of several months. The doctor told me that she has this weak enamel and some teeth are actually missing enamel. He explained it like a "manufacturer's defect", saying she was born with this problem and it will just have to be taken care of throughout her life. So, we are going to have to sedate her and remove the tooth and her second molars should come down and take the place of the one removed (hopefully). Anyway, with the sedation, and extraction of the tooth, it is going to cost me over 6oo dollars! Sean also has some small cavaties to fill that will cost about 5oo. Seems so wrong because those costs are after insur@nce...well, our dental plan is lousy with blue cross but to buy better insur@nce costs so much it would not even be worth it at this point. Oh well, might as well grin and bear it. Bruce just sighed and said, "Everytime I work some over time and have plans for the money, the car breaks down or the kids get a cavity"...hehe. Well, thank God we have the money to pay for it. Its all in your perspective. I think about all the folks even in this country who can't afford to fix their rotting teeth. Its a shame that dental care is not included in our medical insur@ance.

Well, think i will get to bed so i will be ready for a new day tomorrow and plenty of things to do!


July 21, 2010 - Msg 79943: Good evening, porch. Boo, your description of Erin's teeth sounds terribly familiar. My grandson Landry has the same problem. I don't think any of his teeth are totally without enamel, but he has a lot of thin spots and a few bare places. He has already had trouble, lots of fillings, and is about to have a crown on one molar, because it's a permanent tooth. He's only nine. If memory serves, the dentist told his mother it had to do with him having a high fever at some point before the teeth finished developing, and it caused him not to lay down the enamel on those teeth. He did have a lot of ear infections and high fevers when he was very small. Who knew?

I'm sorry your sister had to witness that dog getting hit. That would upset me terribly. I saw a squirrel get hit on my way home from work one morning, and I cried all the way home! It is unavoidable most of the time, but still it seems so cruel. Cars are so big, and the animals are so small and helpless. God gave me a heart for the animals, I suppose. I love them, and really hate to see one get hurt. If I'm the one who causes the hurt, however unavoidable it may be, it just devastates me.

Years ago, my mom and dad were on a driving trip through the western states. They were following a pickup truck that had two dogs in the back - one big dog and one much smaller one, a half-grown pup. The big one appeared to be tied, but the little one wasn't, and kept climbing up on the tailgate and looking over the top. Naturally, he eventually fell out, right in front of my dad's car. Daddy swerved and managed to avoid hitting him, and the dog flipped and rolled into a ditch just beyond the shoulder. Daddy turned around and went back, of course, and found that a young man in another truck had also stopped. He was behind my parents at the time so he saw it all happen. When Daddy got to the dog, the man was already there, saying over and over, "Oh, poor little pup, poor puppers." The dog had a lot of road rash and bruising, but no apparent broken bones, no bleeding from his ears or nose, and was breathing okay, both sides of his chest moving with each breath, so that was encouraging. Daddy said he would take him to a vet if the young man could direct him to one. The man said, "No, I have a ranch at the next turnoff, and the local vet is a friend. I'll take him there, and then he is mine. Poor little Puppers." Daddy mentioned that the owner might come back looking for him, and the man said "That would be a big mistake, because the only thing he'll find is my fist or maybe a tire iron. Imagine letting this little dog ride back there and risk something like this happening." My dad offered him some money to help pay the vet, but the young man refused. He said, "Nope, Puppers is mine now, and I'll assume full responsibility for him. As Daddy went back to his car, the young man wrapped the little dog in his jacket and took him to his truck. My dad left the scene feeling so good, and so happy for the little dog. God was watching out for Puppers that day.

Well, guess I'll turn in. Back still very stiff and sore, but I can walk without holding onto something now. I guess it will eventually ease up. I'm supposed to work tomorrow night - not sure if I will. We'll see. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

July 21, 2010 - Msg 79944:
Boo, I'm just still on that california high! haha
Are these her baby teeth or are those long gone?

July 21, 2010 - Msg 79945: Hey Romeena,MDC,Boo...setting here watching a movie called Hard Luck...aint to good....well will be back for breakfast....slow here at work but got my neck pillow and feet up....but all lights are ON!....SPOT

July 21, 2010 - Msg 79946: Ok good morning gang...hope all slept well...im headed home to snooze till about noon then pack...we have decided to go ahead camping thu. around noon when I get up..get a day jump on the rest..they will be up fri...but more about that later...In the mean time breakfast menu; any amount of eggs yer way,as much bacon and ham and sausage as yall want,unlimited bisquits and gravy,pounds of hashbrowns,gallons of coffee and oj and milk...swing by and get a sack full of to go plates!!....peace and prayers....SPOT

July 21, 2010 - Msg 79947: BUURRPP! Good breakfast Spot. In fact it was spot on!

Nice to have you back MDC. Why don't you try singing real low into this sensitive microphone buddy. And I mean reaalll lowwwww! :)

Good to see you Mayberry Deputy. Sounds like your staying plenty warm.

Hope your back continues to improve Romeena.

Boo, It sure is hard to get ahead ain't it? Seems like anytime I get a little extra cash something pops up to grab it. Wonder what causes that.

Anyone heard from Homemaker? I wonder how her goat trip went.

Anyone here going to 8/28?

Well better get going. We have a State Holiday this Friday so I need to try and fit 5 days of slee.... uh work into 4.


July 21, 2010 - Msg 79948: BTW. Where's Possum?


July 21, 2010 - Msg 79949: I'm right cheer, Asa! Had Laci over the weekend & I've just been busy catching up on housework and rest these past few days.

Yay! MDC is back! What'd ya bring me? LOL

Ro, sure hope your back starts to feel better soon.

Dang it, spot- we just got MDC back home to Mayberry and here you go running off again! I know where you are headed to and boy, am I one jealous possum! Bring me something! Ha!

Y'all want some Rice Krispies? C'mon over- I'll share breakfast with ya!
possum under a rock

July 21, 2010 - Msg 79950: That is such a good story, Ro. It sounds like you learned to care so much about God's critters from your Dad. My mom was the biggest animal lover I knew and we learned to respect animals and other people from her. She got it from her dad who was a poor man who decided to raise a pig for food once...mistake. It caused him so much trauma when he had to kill it that he said he would never do that again! Her family was a soft-hearted bunch and there was never a sweeter grandma than mine. :-)

Time to come down to earth, MDC, and what Asa said...do that too.;-) Erin's tooth is a permanent one...the very back and most recent molar. Guess we better see about some better dental insur@nce. I also need to monitor her brushing habits. I always just send her to brush her teeth but I have a feeling she is doing a half-way job and could use some more instruction. My dear old dad taught me how to brush when I was little and believe me, I do a thourough job. I guess I need to pass that on to her.

Biscuits and gravy SPOT?..now you're talking my language, man.

Asa, I hear from Homemaker on facebook, and Mavis too. don't know how the goat show went, though. I think Possum has had Laci so she is probably in an exhausted heap somewhere. ;-) What is 8/28??


July 21, 2010 - Msg 79951: Oh, there you are Possum!


July 21, 2010 - Msg 79952:
Boo, with her enamal problem, see that she uses only a "soft" brush, but change it more often.
That will be easier on the enamal, but still good at cleaning. (My cuz is a dentent) .
god bless,

July 21, 2010 - Msg 79953: Good evening, porch. I stayed home from work again tonight - back still very stiff and sore, muscles in spasm, etc. Flexeril helps a little, but also makes me a bit dizzy and nauseous, so have to limit its use. It's better than it was though, so I'm hoping another day or two will see improve a lot.

Boo, you're right, my dad did love animals, and so did my mom. Still, they were country folk, "old school" I guess you'd say, so dogs and cats stayed outdoors, I never h ad a dog in the house until I had my own home. My mom cried for two weeks when my little Taffy was killed, and my normally forgiving dad would have nothing to do with the man who hit her. My grandfather witnessed the incident. Taffy had followed him to get the cow from where he had staked her out and he said the man saw her, but did absolutely nothing to avoid hitting her. He was going much too fast on our little gravel road, and just hit her and kept on going, didn't even stop to check on her. He was the father of one of my friends, lived about a half-mile from us. My poor grandfather was a puddle of tears for days. He just kept saying "He never even tried to miss her, the sorry ---." My grandfather's language could be a bit salty at times. After the strike, my dad took her limp little body into town to a vet, knowing full well she was dead, but "just in case." He brought her back and we buried her under an oak tree in the pasture. The whole family grieved over that little dog. She was a small white spaniel, just beautiful, and the sweetest little thing you could ever imagine. Yes, I guess I come from a line of animal-lovers. I'm glad. I can't imagine my life without my furkids.

Well, guess I'd better go. I've got two big boxes of iris rhizomes sitting in the kitchen, delivered yesterday. I need to sort them into groups, according to where I want them planted. Joe and Jorge will come tomorrow and get them in the ground for me. I could never do it right now, and they need to be planted before they start drying out. Yep, just what I need - more irises!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

July 22, 2010 - Msg 79954: Well good Morning gang!...well pray for us a safe trip...will be going home this morning and sleeping till about noon then its hooking the camper up and heading to Murphy NC for white water rafting and fishing..41 people total in our group going(7 campers I think) will meet new friends and fun..Miss Sherry and I are going up a day early to relax,our two friends will be up Friday afternoon along with the others.....big cook out at the pavilion Sunday after the river ride...yall stop by!will be home late Monday..Maude you and Possum cook for this bunch and dont forget Rev"s plate!...ok yall they do have wi-fi so I may be able to get on and holler...but in the mean time ...breakfast menu: scramble eggs,toast,sausage pattys,flapjacks and real maple syrup!...yall be cool now ya hear!..SPOT

July 22, 2010 - Msg 79955: Alright...where is everybody??

Good morning SPOT. You have a safe trip and have FUN!!...Like I always say, that SPOT and Miss Sherry sure know how to have fun. Think of your poor old worn-out, crooked-walking, hard working porch buddies while on that river.;-)

It's a rainy day here today and I love it..really cools things off. I slept in until 9am!! It was wonderful...I got to bed by 12 so I got nine hours, which is great. I should be able to conquer the world AND the laundry!

Thanks for the dental advice, MDC. I certainly take it. I made sure and watched ERin brush and floss yesterday and she did real well...just have to keep my eye on her.

Better get going...


July 22, 2010 - Msg 79956: "I made sure and watched..."..what kinda hick grammar is that?...I'm slackin'. I think I need to move north.


July 22, 2010 - Msg 79957: Mornin' y'all! Spot, It's too danged hot to cook,so unless Maude wants to slave over a hot stove,you'd better just leave your credit card with me. I'll make sure this bunch gets fed! You can trust me with your credit card- Boo will "monitor" me,won't ya, Boo? Heh heh
I've been trying to conquer my laundry today too,Boo. I'll bet the first garments I hung out were dry by the time I got finished hanging everything out- Dang, but it's HOT! Supposed to be near 110 today with the heat index!
Ok, I'm gonna quit grumbling and call Morielli's and make lunch reservations for us all- see y'all there-Spot's treat! LOL

Oh, and have a good time,Spot. I am jealous beyond words!
possum under a rock

July 22, 2010 - Msg 79958: We better eat first, before Possum and Boo go to the Mall with spots c.c. :)


July 22, 2010 - Msg 79959: Good morning, porch! Spot, it sounds like you've got a wonderful weekend ahead of you. I'd like to try that white-water rafting myself. I've done a lot of tubing on water that was anything from a gentle drifting flow to flood-stage, with wild rapids carrying us over newly-created channels, where we had no idea what to expect. Wow, what a ride! On one of those trips, we made a run that normally took a couple of hours - in twenty minutes! We were flying!

You be sure you get enough rest and sleep before you take off on that trip. Don't you be driving that rig if you're sleepy! And - the rafting requires a clear head too, my friend. Don't you go taking any chances.

Hey, Boo. I'm glad you got some much-needed sleep too. Our bodies just have to have a break now and then. As for your "hick grammar" - it sounded okay to me. You know what I think? I think if we all heard a recording of our verbal conversations, we'd be surprised at some of the things we say. Language is just a tool, and we use it to express our thoughts, not to impress anyone. However, here on the porch, we can "see" what we're saying so we notice little things that would just fly right on by in normal speech. There's nothing wrong with that. What really matters is what we said, more than how we said it. I know a very fine man, heart as big as Texas, loves his Lord and everyone else, and would give you the shirt off his back. He also says "I seen" and "I done" and "the wind blowed his hat off" - you get the picture. However, no one even notices, because the thoughts he expresses are kind and loving, and somehow, the grammar just doesn't matter.

Well, enough of that. Joe and Jorge will be here shortly to plant irises, so I've got to get moving. My old back is still giving me fits, and I'm moving pretty slowly, but I'll get there. I was supposed to work last night, but didn't. I don't think I could have made twelve hours, especially not if it was busy.

The yard is just full of birds, and a tackier-looking lot I've never seen. It's mostly grackles and starlings out there right now, and they're molting. Skinny little bare necks, bedraggled tail feathers, and they're walking around with their beaks open because they're so hot. The birdbath is a popular spot, and has to be refilled several times a day because they splash the water out. Fortunately, I can do that from my desk, by turning one of the sprinkler zones on. It has a side line that fills the birdbath, and I don't have to go out there and drag the hose around. One of Joe's imaginative little touches.

Well, gotta run - or hobble. See you later, friends. Blessings to you and yours! --Romeena

July 22, 2010 - Msg 79960: Afternoon, everybody! Thought I would come on up to the porch after gettin' a soda at Walker's and a quick haircut at Floyd's. I just moved into Mayberry here and am a newbie as of this afternoon. I look right forward to settin' a spell and seeing what's goin' on. If things get slow, I'll bark and see if I can't get the neighborhood dogs worked up. Look forward to visitin' with ya!

July 22, 2010 - Msg 79961: Lots a luck to you and yours!

Huh, huh, huh

July 22, 2010 - Msg 79962: Howdy there, newcomer! We're happy to have you join us, I believe you'll find an empty rocker over there by the porch rail, just drag it on up and join the group. Just a suggestion - down there at the bottom of your screen you'll see a little "Archives". Mine's purple, don't know about yours. Anyway, if you mash that you'll see that it takes you to a looooong list of dates. Those are porch pages going back to when Hector was a pup. If you've got time, you can just quickly read through a couple of those, and that will give you a good idea of how the porch operates. First thing you'll notice is that we all have a porch name, and use it when we have something to say. It sorta keeps the record straight. So pick yourself a handle - usually something porch-related but doesn't have to be. Yep, we'd be proud to have you join us. Most of us have been together for years, we're pretty much a big family and we operate like one, warts and all. So - blessings to you and yours! --Romeena

July 22, 2010 - Msg 79963: Welcome to the new porch-sitter! Pick a name and keep coming by. :-) Tell us about yourself.

Its been raining here all day and on my way back from town I saw a terrible accident which sure resulted in a fatality. Very sad...wish folks would ease up on the speed when the roads are wet.

I am watching after Little Emily tonight while her mom goes to a women's conference at church. Her dad works evenings. I just took her out to feed Thelma Lou and the goats. She is so cute with them and treats them all like puppy dogs...they all get alot of pats on the head and a few hugs.

Better go make sure she isn't burning down the place...


July 22, 2010 - Msg 79964:
Greetings to everyone from Ottawa, the federal capital of Canada. Although Ottawa is located in the province (state) of Ontario, it is actually on the border of Ontario and Quebec. The province of Ontario is primarily an english speaking province, whereas Quebec prides itself on being a french speaking province. Although we are staying on the Ontario side, we took a drive over into Quebec. Since Canada has two official languages (english and french), throughout Ontario, traffic signs appear in both languages. But here in Quebec, all signs are in french. So trying to adhere to local traffic laws was pure guess-work.

from Poor Horatio

July 23, 2010 - Msg 79965:
OUI! ha! Parlevous Francais?
Prayers, (:

July 23, 2010 - Msg 79966: I hope you didn't accidently order snails and brains from the french menu, PH...
- Hazel

July 23, 2010 - Msg 79967: Happy Friday porch, looking forward to the week end of R&R. Hot and humid this morning with temps expected to be about 96, not as hot as where some of you all are but for us it is HOT and muggy this time of year.

work has been busy this week and will be busy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week then I am off to Pigeon Forge with Beth and one of her friends for a few days. Hoping to get some "girl" time in with them before school starts back on Augu 9th.

We plan to do some of the Fun Fest activites this week end. Zack Brown ( primarily a country music group) will be the entertainment Saturday night, about 20 hot air ballons go up about 7 am and then again about 6pm with fireworks at 10pm. Lots of food vendors with relatively cheap food from some of our local resturants to eat. Ya'll come if you can.

Lunch menu today will be: steak sandwhiches, chips, pickles, brownies for dessert. tea, kool aid to drink. lunch at noon.

Welcome to Huh, Huh, Huh, glad you have you rocking with us.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

July 23, 2010 - Msg 79968: Where ya been PH?

Your weather sounds about like ours, Maude...about 96 and humid...yuck. Have fun at Pigeon Forge.

Didn't sleep well and lots to do to get everyone ready for the trip tomorrow. Better finish the coffee and get started.


July 23, 2010 - Msg 79969: Well...ahhh...it's good to sit down here and spin the ice cubes in my iced tea. Thanks to Boo, Big Maude and Romeena for that welcome. I 'preciate it! Just wanted to let you know that I changed my username from Huh,huh,huh to John Masters. See, the name "Huh" didnt seem to flow very well, so I had to do somethin' different.

Later on tonight, it's mowin' the lawn and more mowin' the lawn. Rather be down at the theater seein' the latest Glenn Ford picture or sendin' off for more music all the way from New York, but chores must be done!

Thanks again for your welcome and prayers and blessings to all in return!

John Masters

July 23, 2010 - Msg 79970:
Big maude,
I see "fun" and "girl' in the same post up there, so watch yerself!! haha
I wonder if Huh huh huh is our old Warren ? (:

July 23, 2010 - Msg 79971: Well, Boo...I am a male living in Independence, Mo. with my fiancee' and two dogs. I am 41 years old and creeping up on 42. I am getting ready to make a move from Mo. to Siloam Springs, Arkansas where I will be putting together a library project for a little town west of Siloam called Gentry. The project is called the "Quantrill Special Collections Research" and it is a collection of materials, books and information on William Quantrill and his civil war guerrillas. I hope to find work down there, hopefully on a farm or in an office. I used to do warehouse work, but I cant quite do it anymore due to a bad back.

I have lived in the Kansas City area all of my life with the exception of 5 years in the aforementioned Gentry. I am destined for the country of NW Arkansas and also hope to get season passes for the 2011 season at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Mo. I absolutely LOVE Branson and the Ozarks!

I am a huge Andy Griffth Show fan and though I am not a lover of the color shows, I break up when watching Warren get Andy flustered with his "Huh, huh, huh."

Hmmm....seems my tea has run a might low. Better go refill! I look forward to comin' by the porch every chance I get to talk about first one thing then another!

July 23, 2010 - Msg 79972: Afternoon Porch. Thought I'd come in from the heat and cool down a bit. It's a State Holiday for us today so I'm home fussin with this and that.

Welcome John Masters. Nice to have a new voice here on the porch. You know my old voice teacher use to tell me "be sure to always be nice to new folks, you never know how they may be a help to you down the road". Yep, my old voice teacher use to say that. The lady I studied music with. (hint)

I must have missed your post Boo. What big trip you taking?

Hazel, whats wrong with snails and brains? I like em! Especially the Swanson ones. :)

Well better go see what the fridge has in store for me. A nice salad sounds good for lunch.


July 23, 2010 - Msg 79973: Good afternoon, porch! John Masters, I think you're just going to fit in very nicely around here. You sure do seem to be a pleasant feller, and we're glad to have you. Do try to get in the habit of signing your posts, though, so's we know who's talking. I like your name choice very much. Bad back, huh? Boy, do I understand that! I've been hobbling around here for the last few days, just can't seem to get it to quit hurting, unless I'm seated or lying down. Standing up is really not comfortable.

One of my daughters is on the way up here this afternoon from Fredericksburg, with her family. The house really needed cleaning, and I just flat-dog didn't feel like doing it, so I called Maria and she and her daughter came over. In about three hours, they had the place shining. I always pay them a little more than they expect, but I try to consider what it's worth to me. Believe me, today it was well worth what I paid them. I wouldn't have been moving at all by tonight if I had pushed that heavy vacuum around, let alone mopping the kitchen and sunroom. Jorge (Maria's husband, Joe's helper) has been off work with surgery, and Joe told me he knows they're behind in a car payment, so I was glad to be able to offer them a chance to catch up a little, and it helped me tremendously too. God does provide.

Well, Toye Starr needs a bath. Guess I'll go fill the sink and make her all "clean and purty". Leaning over that sink isn't going to be fun, but I can bathe her in less than ten minutes, so I guess I can stand that.

My goodness! Just in the few minutes I've been sitting here, the sky has grown very dark, and it's raining! I'm not complaining, we need it, but it sure did sneak in. Weird!

Blessings, everyone. Since REV isn't here to say it, I will - Remember that God loves us all very much. --Romeena

July 23, 2010 - Msg 79974: Welcome John Masters! When do I get to audition for the choir??? Thanks for filling us in on some things about you. The library project sounds interesting. We used to have a couple of guys on here that liked to discuss the civil war but we seldom see them anymore. Maybe if they come back you can talk with them.

Asa, I am going up to north east Texas for a nephew's wedding is all...will go up on Saturday and back on Sunday. It's about an 8 hr trip so it gets tedius, if not downright treacherous with kids in the car fighting over the DVD player and such. Help! I'm afraid I am going to have to open me up a big can of whoop-"something" before its all over!

Good for you for hiring some help and not over-doing the back, Ro. Thanks for that reminder about God's love. I need all I can get. ;-)


July 23, 2010 - Msg 79975: Well, I am off to bed. Have to leave by 5am for Tyler. Please remember us in your prayers; that we will be safe on the road. Thanks...love to all.


July 24, 2010 - Msg 79976: Hi All.
Did someone aske for some heat?
It to hot here we was in 100 deg yesterday and to day back up there !
Romeena send some of your rain this way we can uesd a cool down righr now.
I heard from my brother in Cleveland ; he is in the hosp what a bad heart ;so can you all prayer a little his name Mike.


July 24, 2010 - Msg 79977: Hey Tom.

Drive safe Boo. Hurry back.

Happy Birthday Romeena. (I think it's your Bday today ain't it? 42 and holding? :)


July 24, 2010 - Msg 79978: Afternoon Y'all- Welcome to the Porch, John Masters Good to have you here!

It's hot here too,Tom. Sorry to hear about your brother. Prayers for Mike. Please keep us posted on him,ok?

Hope Boo stays safe on the road. I would've given her my penny that's been run over by a train,but I loaned it to Spot for good luck on his trip!

Gonna go find a good book to read- y'all enjoy the day and try to stay cool!

possum under a rock

July 24, 2010 - Msg 79979: Welcome to John Masters. (Please don't ask Asa to sing)
- Hazel

July 25, 2010 - Msg 79980: Yes, welcome John, and I wouldn't accept any tv dinner meals from Asa by the looks of things either. ;)

Have a safe trip, Boo.

Kai started summer school last Wed. For the life of me I don't know why anyone would want to go to school in the summer, but then summer school is not the same as it was when I went to school. I HAD to go to summer school one summer because I was doing poorly in math. I hated it. Kai's classes she is taking this year are puppetry, crafts, dance, and beginning piano. Not exactly "nose-to-the-grindstone" stuff there. In fact, I don't think I saw one "school-type" activity in the booklet(well, piano maybe, like being in music class).
Ah well, at least it gives her something to do for a couple weeks(it ends a little after August begins).

Prayers for your brother's heart condition, Tom.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 25, 2010 - Msg 79981: Evenin' everyone! Well, after moving from place to place so Barney didnt know we were practicing, it's time to have a seat here on the porch!

The mowing never got done due to the rain and t-storms that moved into the Kansas City metro. Nothing serious, just some good gulley washers and thunder to rattle the windows. So, I will wait for the drying out and tackle it again!

My library project is on a good roll and is getting great response. My hpes are that it will become a formidable ally ineducation for the students, teachers, genealogists and general public in NW Arkansas!

My thanks for the welcome from Hazel, Possum, Asa and Boo.
Prayers to Boo and that she has a safe trip and to Tom for his brother, Mike.

July 25, 2010 - Msg 79982: My apologies to you, Sterling. My thanks for your welcome also.

John Masters

P.S. Sorry I didnt sign the above post. I'll get the hang of this yet!

July 25, 2010 - Msg 79983: Good Sunday morning all! Nothin' like a good rocker and some orange juice on a sunny mornin'. Hope all is well with you today and I do believe I will tune into TAGS marathon on TV Land today!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

John Masters

July 25, 2010 - Msg 79984: Hi All.
Wishing for some rain all this heat is bad.
My brother wife git thing wrong wined she called, he say that his heart is ok just keeping a eye on it he in there becaues of a cold and asthma .


July 25, 2010 - Msg 79985: Forgot to say hi there John Masters


July 25, 2010 - Msg 79986: Afternoon Y'all! Guess it's too hot for most folks to be Porch sitting today. I see our newcomer was enjoying himself here this morning- sorry nobody was here to rock with ya,John Masters! Sundays are usually kinda slow.

Tom, that is better news on your brother! Much better. Thanks for the update.

Well, I still have spot's credit card,so if anybody's hungry, meet me over at the Diner- we'll put Sunday dinner on spot's tab!

possum under a rock

July 25, 2010 - Msg 79987: Apologies? Well, whatever for, John?
Did you try one of Asa's snails and brains tv dinners? :)

That's good news, Tom!

-Sterling Holobyte

July 25, 2010 - Msg 79988: Good evening, porch! Well, the party's over, the "storm" has passed, and it's now just little Toye Starr and I once again. My daughter and her family from Fredericksburg came up on Friday evening, and left this afternoon. We had a great time! One teenage son had to stay home, he couldn't get off work, but the rest of the kids came, including the one who will be three in December, and trust me, that kid is a little dynamo. He is never still when he's awake. However, he loves his nap, and he goes to bed at night with no problems at all. Cute as a bug, talking a blue streak, and almost always remembers to say "please" and "thank you", without prompting.

Last night we all went out to my "local" son's house (David) and had pizza and lots of good conversation and fun. Today David picked up a bunch of fried chicken and the trimmings from a place called "Babe's" in Roanoke, not far from where he lives. Daphne knows the place, she and I have met there and had lunch in the past, and will again. Anyway, you can't get better fried chicken anywhere, and they serve wonderful biscuits and mashed potatoes and gravy, creamed corn and lettuce salad. Great food! Dave just picked it up to go, and brought it here, and we all ate waaay too much! Sure was good though. I'd invite everyone for leftovers, but I sent them home with David.

Anyway, it sure is quiet around here now. Little Starr is a bit mopey. She loves it when we have company, and is always a little droopy when everyone leaves. Kinda like me, I guess. It's going to be nice to sleep in tomorrow, though.

Yes, Asa, my birthday was yesterday. Thank you for remembering, even though I try to forget. However, it's getting a bit hard to convince people that I'm only 42, when I have children who are 40, 44, 49 and 51. Still, I do try. If Emma can say she's in her forties, I guess I can too.

Tom, keep us posted on your grother's progress. I'm glad things are getting better.

Well, I think I'm going to go curl up in my chair, and enjoy the peace and quiet. That's been in short supply for the past two and a half days! Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

July 25, 2010 - Msg 79989: Oh, good grief! That's what I get for not proofreading. That's Tom's brother I was talking about up there. I don't have any idea what a grother is. --Romeena

July 25, 2010 - Msg 79990: Happy Belated Birthday ROMEENA! I was in your neck of the woods today at around 2pm. We ended up leaving Tyler and going to Dallas to visit one of Bruce's nephews in Forney, so we ended up taking 35 and going down through Waco. I sure thought about you and wondered if your family was still visiting.

It was a good trip but lots of time in the car. The kids did pretty well, though. Thank you for your prayers, we had one very near miss that would certainly have ended in a fatal crash, if not for us, for the other driver. An elderly man in a truck pulled out in front of us from a side street. We were on a highway going 70 at the time and I would have plowed right into the old guy broadside if I had not been paying attention. Thank the Lord we did not!

The wedding was short and sweet and the reception was very nice. We were back to the Hotel and in bed by 11, then up and out of there the next morning. Not much else to tell. We are very glad to be home and not in a car. :-)

I know what you mean about summer school, Sterling. When we were kids, summer school was the ultimate torture and the only kids who went were those who had flunked out of something and had to go.

Better go get some sleep...


July 26, 2010 - Msg 79991: Maybe a "grother" is a good brother, Ro. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

July 26, 2010 - Msg 79992:
Sterling, Mrs Poultise would be proud of Kai!! (:
Remember, a little larnynx spray goes a long way however! ha
Prayers for all! Hey to John

July 26, 2010 - Msg 79993: Dang it! I forgot Ro's birthday! And I have my little notebook right here next to the computer and have looked in it enough to know that Ro had a birthday in July. And I missed it-shoot!

Happy Belated Birthday, Romeena!!

I know the next one coming up is Boo's on the 31st. I can keep up with hers because mine is the day before. Boo, we should go out on the town and have a double celebration! We can bring something back for Ro,even. ( I still have Spot's credit card- maybe he'll forget to ask for it back- heh heh heh Cha- ching! $$$$)

Well,speaking of spot's credit card, y'all meet me at the Diner for breakfast and I'll (well,actually Spot!) will hook ya up!

possum under a rock

July 26, 2010 - Msg 79994: Gooooood morning, everyone! First off, let me say my Happy Birthday to Romeena. Hey, it's ok to be stuck in your 40's! My grandmother just hit her thirties! LOL! She has been in her twenties for about,oh, let's see, thirty years! LOL!

Sounds like "Babe's" has it all! I was smacking my lips just reading all that scrumptous food that you listed, Romeena. Although, I have never really cared for chicken that much. Shhhh, ok, quiet down.....Ok, ok let's not make a big moulage out of it. But the other food...Yum! Yum!

Finally got to the lawn today! It doesnt make it easy when it is still wet from the morning dew, but that's better then being drenched from a t-storm!

Since I am new to the porch, can you tell me where you all are? Like your states or cities (if you want to tell that much). You all know I am here in Independence, Mo. heading for Silaom Springs, Arkansas. Are any of you in the southern Missouri or northwest Arkansas area?

Well....better go see what Juanita has at the diner. If I dont like anything there, I'll go grab some sandwiches and a Mr. Cookie Bar. See ya soon and lotsa luck to you and yours!

John Masters

July 26, 2010 - Msg 79995: Whoops...Hey! right back to you, MDC!

John Masters

July 26, 2010 - Msg 79996: Good morning, porch! Thank you all for the birthday wishes, e-card and everything. Sure does make me feel special. What would I do without this porch?

John Masters, I'm especially glad you have chosen to join us. You're just a treashuh, even if you don't like chicken all that much. You might change your mind if you ever tried Babe's chicken, but if not, guess what? They also have chicken fried steak, and it's goooood! Actually, I could make a meal from their biscuits and gravy, even if I had nothing else. Wonderful! Shoot, now I'm wishing I hadn't sent all those leftovers with David last night - should have kept at least a drumstick and a biscuit and some gravy for myself. Oh well.

Sure is quiet around here, with everyone gone. John, how about getting the dogs barking? At least it'll wake Toye Starr up, she's all mopey today. Probably just tired! After all, she had a 2 1/2 yr old, her canine friend Bentley, and two more boys ages 6 and 9 here all weekend, so she stayed pretty busy. Just staying out of the little one's clutches kept her hopping! She spent a lot of time in my lap.

Well, guess I'll go find some lunch, then maybe a nap is in order, since I have to work tonight. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

July 26, 2010 - Msg 79997: Boy, the sun sure is bright today! Got a great view from the porch and an iced tea next to me. Hang on here, Romeena.....*RRRRRUFFF, RUFF, RUFF, RUFF, RRRRUFFFFFF*.....Hmmmm...still pretty quiet. They must be asleep or maybe their owners got them inside today. Well, no matter, just makes it that much quieter to hear the tress rustle and the breeze blow by.
My many and grateful thanks and I'm much obliged for your kind words and sentiment. Shucks, makes one feel rightly good inside.

I might just have to have some of that chicken fried steak with some gravy slathered on it. Sounds better than Andy's weenies and beans!

Hey Ro, you never said whereabouts you are.

Have a great day, everyone!

John Masters

July 26, 2010 - Msg 79998: Im Back...possum how come my credit card bill is so high?...hum...ok ..un packing before the storms...great camping trip and river ride...SPOT

July 26, 2010 - Msg 79999: John Masters, I'm from Boise, Idaho.
Boise was mentioned by Barney in the "Three Wishes for Opie" episode. He talked about Dr. Merle Osmond, who is the head of the College of Psychic Phenomena from Boise, Idaho. So that's my claim to fame, from TAGS, anyway.
Asa lives in Utah, about 6 hours south of me. (unless Asa's driving, then it takes about 3... speed speed speed, that's all he does). And MDC's from Arizona. So us 3 are your westerners.
- Hazel

July 27, 2010 - Msg 80000: I'm from South Texas, on the coast near Corpus Christi, JM (John Masters). Romeena is also a Texan (Dallas/Ft Worth area). We also have a porch member named DES who is from San Antonio...I think that covers all the Texans I can think of.

Yes, Possum, I turn 48 on Sunday. My mom's birthday is tomorrow and she will be 84. We should celebrate together...how about Morelli's for dinner..no, mabye the Gigolo Club in Yancey...you bring the squeezins and I'll grab ASA so he can do the floor show. Wonder if he still has that toolbelt?

Better get to bed...sweet dreams.


July 27, 2010 - Msg 80001: And I would be proud to have Mrs. Poultice teach Kai, MDC! :)

Happy Birthday, Romeena! And a Happy Birthday coming up for you too, Boo!

John, I hail from a little town in Bethleh..., er, sorry, got carried away with Christmas in July there. ;) I guess because our church announced that they needed branches for the Christmas cantata this year, got me thinking about it.
As I was saying though, I hail from a little town in Wisconsin. I'm one of them Northerners, don't cha know! :) That's "Yanks" for all those Southerners. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

July 27, 2010 - Msg 80002:
Yes, Ro's in her 40s and admits it! ha (and Boo too!)
But watch it or we may have to call the "bunco" squad! (inside joke!) Congrats Romeena!
Yup, I'm in the Phoenix AZ end of the porch.
Hotter than the business end of a winchester right now however! ha
Sterling, and besides, Mrs Poultise IS a reformed con, ya know! LOL
Sweet dreams and God bless,

July 27, 2010 - Msg 80003: Get up gang!...good to be home ...camping and rafting was great...good friends,new friends,good food..happy B-day Romeena...speaking of food...breakfast menu: Kelloggs corn flakes with mayfield whole milk,nanners cut up in them or strawberrys..oj,pop-tarts....SPOT

July 27, 2010 - Msg 80004: Morning gang. Good for you all to see me. LOL

Hey Possum and Boo, I will shine up the tool belt for this weekend for sure. Boy these birthdays roll around fast anymore.

Hazel, you know fine good and well it takes me 12 hours to travel to Boise. Thats because I pull over every 20 minutes to allow the car to rest. Unless of course I'm driving the maroon. Then all bets are off. In the maroon I figure I'm getting 23... maybe 24 miles to the gallon out on the open road.

Hope your back is doing better Ro.

Sterling, You want one of my frozen dinners? Good stuff buddy. French tv dinners. What will they think of next?

Good to have you back Spot, although that breakfast is a bit timid for you. Did Possum drain your account? Is that why we are subject to corn flakes? Hope you get some overtime soon. I need my protein you know.

Hey John, there is a porchter from your neck of the woods. AFD is her name. She doesn't get here often but when you see her here, holler at her.

Well I have to spend some time on the roof today so I best get at it before it gets too hot. Maybe I'll sing a James Taylor tune while I'm up there. Just for Possum.



July 27, 2010 - Msg 80005: G'morning, porch! Just got home from work, and I'm whupped! It was a long night, but I had a good aide and that sure makes a difference. Got to go back tonight for one more, then off for five nights, hooray!

Yep, John Masters, I'm from the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. Irving, to be precise, formerly the home of the Dallas Cowboys, until King Jerry decided to move the 'boys away to Arlington. Well, they can have 'em, as far as I'm concerned. The old stadium was within walking distance (if you feel spry) of my house, and the post-game traffic could get annoying.

There are two other Texans here - Daphne lives over in Weatherford, and Rafe Hollister, whom we haven't seen in a very long time, lives in North Dallas - somewhere up there, I think.

Well, I'm gonna go have a bowl of cereal, and maybe one of those "bagel thins" with some cream cheese on it, and then I'm going to bed! The old back has had about all it's going to take, I think, until I get some rest. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena