August 02, 2010 - Msg 80079:
Was at the hospital most of today.
Dad is actually responding to the treatments!
He was much better today, but of course, still
not out of the woods.
Tghanks for the continued prayers, and say Hi
to the beamons!

August 02, 2010 - Msg 80080:
Was at the hospital most of today.
Dad is actually responding to the treatments!
He was much better today, but of course, still
not out of the woods.
Thhanks for the continued prayers, and say Hi
to the beamons!

August 02, 2010 - Msg 80081: Well Howdy good neighbors....good to be here on the porch again. I had a wonderful experience this morning. My fiance's son has been in and out of trouble for about 10 years and is now at a place called Indiana Dream Team Ministries, and today he gave his testamony at church. It was touching to hear him talk about how his life USED to be and how he is now that the Lord had got a hold of him. He has such potential...I am proud of the man he is becoming.

I am still living in our little town of Martinsville and have been engaged for a year to my feller, who I have been dating for 3 years. We shore could use some prayers as we BOTH have bipolar disorder and at times its rough going.

Good to see Boo, Romeena, MDC, Asa, Maude, Spot, and the gang....we outta get a band concert together!!

Oh and how is the softball team doing this Asa still the coach....I assume you ARE still playing.

Much love and affection,

August 02, 2010 - Msg 80082: Good job a sweeping MDC....

August 02, 2010 - Msg 80083:
Well, I guess I swept too!

August 02, 2010 - Msg 80084: Mornin' Y'all! Hey to fungirl!! Good to see you back here- sure have missed you!
MDC,that's encouraging news about your dad. Continued prayers,my friend.
Had a blast at the high school reunion. There are pictures of my backside all over the Internet! Wait- that don't sound right!! What I meant is... people took a lot of group pictures and seems like they shot me from behind in most of them! At least my hair looked nice! LOL
Oh gee.. let me just shut up and crawl back under my rock!
Y'all have a good day!
possum under a rock

August 02, 2010 - Msg 80085: Morning porch, just checking in for a minute. I am back to work after my girls week end with Beth and her friend Molly. We had a wonderful time. I took the girls school clothes shopping a couple days, they swam, ate and just relaxed. Both had a great time and seemed to enjoy the getaway. Now back to work for me. School starts next Monday for Beth but many schools around our area started today.

Good to see Fungirl back on the porch as well as everyone else.

Breakfast menu will be: scrambled eggs, toast, jelly, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit. tea, coffee, chocolate milk to drink. see you at breakfast.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

August 02, 2010 - Msg 80086: Great to hear your father is responding well to the treatment, MDC!

Good morning fungirl...really great about your fiance's son. We don't seem to play softball anymore....been a few summers ago.

So you enjoyed the reunion, Pam...did you forget anyone's name?..."Nate Bracey, Nate Bracey, Nate BraceY..".

Morning to Maude. Welcome home, glad you had a nice time with the girls.

Where's SPOT with our breakfast...he must of been up late talking to old friends or something. ;-)

Better get this old rusty body moving and get to some chores.


August 02, 2010 - Msg 80087: Yer funny Boo!...lwt just have a ham and cheese sandwich and tomato soup for lunch!...SPOT

August 02, 2010 - Msg 80088: that "Lets" fat paws!

August 02, 2010 - Msg 80089: OK...lets toast 'em, though.


August 02, 2010 - Msg 80090: Hello Porch, good to see everyone again! Boy, it's a beautiful day, huh?!

Well, where to start?! Over the weekend, on July 31st to be precise, I got married to my girlfriend/finacee of six plus years! We were married at the Truman Memorial Bldg. in Independence, Mo. by a judge. Was a nice small ceremony with her father and g'ma as witnesses. We were bonded by vows and an indian prayer at the end to pronounce us as man and wife. We're happy and feel that a new horizon dawns in front of us!

Along with that, I am preparing to make that move to NW Arkansas to help my mother out with my g'ma and to start catalogging and preparing inventory to start the Quantrill Special Collections research in Gentry, Arkansas. I am very excited to open the collection to the public in 2011! Much moving and taking inventory of everything I want to take with me. Wife is staying behind to tend to matters and save moolah as I will and then we will get a place down there early next year. If anyone gets a hankerin' to head for NW Arkansas next year, you might come by the Gentry Library and see the Quantrill info we'll have!

Prayers to MDC for the recovery of your father. Hope he comes out of the woods and can make his way miles away from them!

I hope to be back on here fairly regularly as the stretch run to Arkansas begins. Once there, I will have to start setting up life and learning the territory as it has changed a bunch since I lived down there in the mid eighties.

Hopefully, I will get to some breakfast or lunch here before I get going. I got some tea here if anybody wants some!

John Masters

August 02, 2010 - Msg 80091: Congratulations JM!!! Did you hear that, SPOT? John got married to his girlfriend of six years...isn't that neat? hehehe...sorry couldn't resist. That's the last I'm gonna say..."tick-a-lock"! (do you believe that?).


August 02, 2010 - Msg 80092: Thanks Boo!

Hmm...seems there is a joke on SPOT that I dont know about!


August 02, 2010 - Msg 80093: ♪ ♫ Spot and Miss Sherry sitting in a tree
First comes love, then comes marriage,
Then comes ol' Spotty with the baby carriage!♫ ♪ ♪

I ain't signing my name to this one! I'll betcha a dollar spot knows who it is- LOL
Thank goodness I have a good hiding place- heading back there now!

JM, We tease Spot all the time about getting married to his long time girl friend. Feel free to encourage him! Ha Ha!

See y'all later! Well, that's if spot doesn't see me first!

August 02, 2010 - Msg 80094:
Possum-did the original tigercats play at your reunion, and did sharon despain show up?? teehee

August 02, 2010 - Msg 80095:
oops, me, and thanks for all the prayers!
Dad still doing better today.

August 02, 2010 - Msg 80096: OH NO, what have I done? I don't run SPOT right off the porch! Sorry SPOT. Possum, behave. ;-)

Will be spending the evening with the girls at the rehab. Please remember us and them in your prayers at around 6pm, central time. I am going to be sharing from 1 John. Thanks for the prayer support! You people are the best. :-)


August 02, 2010 - Msg 80097: I don't WANT to run SPOT right off the porch, that is.


August 02, 2010 - Msg 80098: Hey folks.....was in a bit of a hurry here (guess I should slow down, take it easy) ans just thought I would let you know that you can see my mug on a site called
That's the fan site of Branson, Missouri's Silver Dollar City. You can find me as "Andymeets1880's" if you look around the forums. I chose that username because I thought Silver Dollar City was a perfect mix of "if The Andy Griffith Show met the the 1880's decade."

Well, better go. I have a craving for Swiss Indian Mocha Delight ice cream.

John Masters

August 02, 2010 - Msg 80099: Rest in peace, Mitch Jayne. Prayers for the family.

August 03, 2010 - Msg 80100: I was blessed to have heard him play many times and even got to speak to him on a few occasions. One of the bigest thrills was seeing them all together for one last time in Nashville last fall when they were inducted in to the Bluegrass Hall of Fame. He was a great musican, story teller and writer. Rest in Peace Mitch.
jennie boone

August 03, 2010 - Msg 80101: barney made the show (nip it in the bud)

August 03, 2010 - Msg 80102:
Another wonderful cast member leaves us.
May Mitch indeed rest in peace!
Good to see you jennieboone. Hey to John too.
Thanks for the continued prayers.
Pop was doing good tonight. Prayer is
the strongest medicine around.!
Love ya,

August 03, 2010 - Msg 80103:
I never realized that he wrote "There is a time..." that Charlene sang! I just did a little searching. A true blue Darling, go with God!

August 03, 2010 - Msg 80104: Morning all.
My prayers to the family of Mitch Jayne. Gosh it's hard to see these folks get older and leave us, isn't it? Thanks for sharing that personal touch Jennie Boone. That is neat you got to see him in person so recently.

MDC, So glad to read your Dad is improving. You're right. Prayer is a great force indeed. I think the hardest part of any prayer is the lines we hopefully say, or at least feel during the prayer of not my will, but thine will be done. That can really test us sometimes, can't it?

Boo, hope your event at the rehab went well last night. Any good stories to share?

Congrats John Masters. I hope your new bride is clean and reverent. Thats a wonderful combination to have in a female human being (according to Briscoe Darling)

OK Spot. Possum ain't gonna rest till she gets you married off buddy. HA! You gotta a lot of shoe leather invested in her now, don't you? ;)

Hey FunGirl, how's everything going? Sure good seeing you around here again. We had to quit the softball team. These women wouldn't take it seriously enough and my blood pressure started to climb, so I disbanded them and took up dancing on weekends at the Gigilo club up at Yancey. I work totaly off of tips though. And most nights the place is full of Emma Watson types. They think that dime goes a long way. Brother! :)

Well better get going on my day job. It don't pay much better but at least it's regular.

Peace to all.


August 03, 2010 - Msg 80105: Good morning, porch. Just got home from work, got to get a shower and some clean clothes on, then Eloise is picking me up to drive me to my appointment at the spine center, to get the steroid injections in my lumbar spine. With God's help, that will reduce or eliminate the problems I've been having. Maybe I'll even quit walking crooked! It will be done under conscious sedation, probably Versed, so I can't drive myself home. Therefore, my good buddy is driving. What would I do without her?

Sorry to hear about Mitch Jayne. Those folks and their music brought a lot of joy to a lot of people. Vaya con Dios, Mitch!

About that softball team - I do believe one reason we disbanded it was the loss of our little mascot, Sugarplum. There certainly were other reasons, but without her to pull the refreshment cart, and retrieve lost balls and such, it just wasn't as much fun. Took the heart out of it for me, for sure. I've thought about seeing if Toye Starr could "step up to the plate", so to speak, but I doubt it. She's so little, I don't think she could get that cart moving, but she'd try, I'll betcha. She's a spunky little thing. For somebody that just weighs four and a half pounds, she sure is rowdy!

Well, I'm off to the shower. See you folks later today, I hope. Blessings! --Romeena

August 03, 2010 - Msg 80106: RIP Mitch Jayne. Sorry to hear of his passing.

That's because I wanna be the Flower Possum at Spot and Sherry's wedding, Asa! Bet ya never saw a flower possum before,have ya? Plus,I think we might be able to borrow Otis' cow -have Miss Sherry ride up the aisle on her. That would make for a real elegant wedding, don't ya think?!

I need to go hide from Spot- bye y'all!
possum under a rock

August 03, 2010 - Msg 80107: Yes Asa, but JM is not about to be beat to death with no spoon!

The drug rehab went well. The first group was just a little hard to control but we got through it. The second group was a different story. We had a roomful and all were attentive, searching. We had three of them that were crying by the prayer time and needed comfort. One was a sweet little short girl named Brianna who asked us to pray for her afterward. She had this look of fear on her face and told us that she found out from her caseworker that she wouldn't be going home but would have to be placed in care of child protective services because her mother chose what I am assuming is her abusive boyfriend over the girl and now she has no place to go. It just killed me to hear her say, "My mom doesn't want me to come home because of her boyfriend and I have no place to go." She is only 15. Can you imagine being in a place like that, your only hope being that you would get to go home someday and then find out that mom doesn't want you? Of course she is scared. All we could do is encourage her to trust in the Lord to take care of her and to pray. If she was 18, one of us could take her, but getting through the system to help someone like her is like pulling teeth (we have been there before). Please remember Brianna in your prayers today, and that she would be placed in a Christian home with people who will disciple and love her.

Romeena, your body has been fighting you alot lately, hasn't it? You are absolutely an Energizer Bunny, though and just keep going and going. Hope the injection takes care of the current problem. I can't wait until you can quit that job but I guess maybe in some ways its good for you...we wouldn't want you sitting around staring at squirrels ALL the time, would we? haha...just kidding.;-)

Ro, I think you are right about the disbanding of the team. That was my first thought, Sugarplum, no team. That's kind of how I have felt about it, anyway.

Possum, notice that SPOT has been suspiciously absent since the marriage dialogue? Hmmm...maybe we better change the subject to something he likes like good food or trips to the lake.

Haven't really said much about it but wanted to say that God has been answering some prayers in my family lately. I think I mentioned that Bruce has been discouraged with church for awhile and thinking of visiting other churches. Well, the kids hate to leave the church they were raised in and so do I...I just love the people so much. Bruce has been going through a real spiritual dry spell for about 4 years and then he was dissapointed by the way the pastor handeled things back when we were having difficulty with the "difficult" woman in the church not long back. He has just been closed off for a long time and I began really praying for him about a week ago about all of this. Last sunday the preacher did a great sermon on forgiveness and it got to Bruce. We had a long talk afterward and he decided to meet with the pastor and other deacon and get some things off his chest and seek reconciliation rather that leave and hang on to the bitterness he was feeling. That is a big step for him because it would be easier to just run away. I am very thankful. Just wanted to share that. I can see God at work and it is exciting to see.

Guess I will finish my coffee...I have a headache this morning...first one in a month so guess I will go check my blood pressure. Be back later today.


August 03, 2010 - Msg 80108: Afternoon, Porch! I figured I might come up here and set a spell.'s a blow to hear we have lost yet another member of TAGS. Yeah, Asa, it gets harder and harder to watch the great actors and personalities that made tv and movies so great pass on and leave us with the [CENSORED] we have today. Prayers to Mitch's family and I think it would be respectful to say that we, at the Porch, are "all keyed down" from the news.

Boo, your story of the frightened girl was quite a eye opener. It is sad that we have to hear of stories like this and, worse yet, that we have to pray for those who suffer through it. Not that it is bad to pray, but it would be better that we didnt have to pray at all for situations like this. I think I said that right?!
I also understand about being discouraged with church. I havent been to church in quite a spell. I got frustrated with people being two faced or judgmental when judgment is supposed to be left up to God. I have found God through a personality I wont reveal here because I dont want to start a debate on it. But I will say that my frustration has also come from pressure to do things. As an example, when you go to church and someone will shake your hand and say they were so glad to see you this morning, but then start applying pressure for you to show up at the Sunday night service, Wed. night service, helping with dinners, helping with events and so on. They keep ahold of you and keep shaking your hand saying that they'd really love to see you and keep applying pressure until they get a commitment. I have dealt with it and dealt with it and it sent me right out the door. I am preparing to go to Arkansas, my mother has told me that her church is super friendly and %100 pressure free! I guess what I am trying to say is I dont like "pushy" congregations. I am glad to see Bruce got his feelings out and was able to overcome. But, in my case, it doesnt help when the preacher is the exact same as the congregation. I think I might have found my church in NW Arkansas. I am sad to say also that my church from my childhood has just fallen apart from WAY yonder too much finger pointing and opinions that clashed like a train wreck. anyone serving lunch today?? This tea sure is good, but I could use somethin' to eat.

John Masters

August 03, 2010 - Msg 80109: Yes, JM, I understand what you are would be better if those terrible situations requiring prayer never occured in the first place, wouldn't it? I have seen and heard things in that teen drug rehab that I didn't even realize could happen. Very sad and shocking.

I know there are alot of problems in many churches, too. My poor sister is a church secretary and is tough enough to know all the problems and stick them out. They are going through a time of trial right now since losing their pastor...there is a church split right now and it is very hard for her. I think we would all do well to do a long, hard study of 1 John, as John the apostles speaks to Christians about what a true Christian should exhibit in his/her life...namely love. Unfortunately there is alot of self-centeredness and even envy and hatred among church members sometimes. I pray that your mother's church is a good fit for you and I am glad you are willing to go and find out. I am blessed to be a part of a church that is very friendly and loving. I sometimes think they don't apply enough pressure as we have a few people doing all the work, it seems.

Well, I'm too late to serve lunch, JM but I will send some dinner to the porch. How about a wonderful chicken and rice casserole with cream-style corn, rolls, a nice salad and sweet tea...SIL made some great chocolate chip cookies for dessert!


August 03, 2010 - Msg 80110:
Hello my porch family.....Sure have missed you guys. I got home in the wee hours of this morning. Boy was I beat. I had concerts all day Sunday in northern Maine. After the concert Sunday night and after everyone cleared out, I packed up and made the 26 hour trip nonstop to SC. So good to be home for a week with my family.

I'll have to check out the archives because I haven't had internet on the road for about a week or so.

You all have a good night. I heading to bed early to try and catch up on some sleep.
Love and prayers to all my porch family!

PS....Maine lobsters for all the porch...come and get'em

August 03, 2010 - Msg 80111: Good evening, porch! I had the steroid injection procedure this morning, Eloise brought me home and I very quickly settled into my big chair to "rest" a while. That was at about 1:30, and the phone woke me at 7 p.m. I think I'm pretty well "rested", don't you? Right now, my back feels fine. No soreness, no stiffness. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

You're right, Boo, I've been having some major arguments with my body for some time now. There's a vast difference from the "me" I think I am, the self-image I hold, and the "me" that's represented by this crumbly old shell. I can close the gap somewhat by losing some weight and getting into better shape, but the years take their toll, no matter what you do.

About the problems and unhappiness with church congregations, please let me say, with all respect and love, that it is indeed the congregation that causes difficulties, not the church. It has been said, and rightly, that a church is not a country club for perfect people, but rather a hospital for sinners. There are bound to be difficulties and disagreements, because we're human. Our challenge is to seek out points of agreement and build on those.

Now, having said that, I'll add that one person can't reach those agreements alone. It takes two or more to agree, and there are times when that just doesn't happen, for whatever reason. In those times, it's usually best to remove one's self from the battle and seek another home. We did that when we first moved here. We immediately joined a relatively small church near our home, one that reminded us of the church we had left back in San Antonio. The pastor was a good man, and there were good people there. However, we had teenagers, just trying to fit into their new teenage bodies, and wanting desperately to belong. The tiny youth group was headed up and controlled by the pastor's son, who was a year older than most of the kids, and held the only driver's license in the group. Unfortunately, his judgment was not the best, and his father just didn't realize or recognize that fact. The boy was wild, and was leading the kids into dangerous waters. Ours had the choice of going along, or standing alone. Dale wisely decided to remove them from the situation and we changed churches. We chose a larger church, with enough young people so that there were choices. I'm still going to that church today, 37 years later. The other church didn't implode because we left (ha!) and is still viable today. Still small, but still going. Problems arise, disagreements come and go, but through prayer and committed effort, most things can be solved. If you just reach an impasse though, it may be because God wants you somewhere else. Just listen for His voice. Remember Paul and Barnabas, and their famous disagreement over whether or not to take young John Mark with them on their travels. The dispute was so great that they parted company, thereby multiplying the spread of the gospel through the division of their efforts. God has a plan, always. I will pray for Bruce and the rest of you, that you will find that plan, and I ask that you do the same for me.

Well, I think I'm going to go find a soft place to land for the rest of the evening. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 03, 2010 - Msg 80112: Prayers MDC..LOBSTER! there Rev..Boo my friend thanks for supper...Mand gona pick my boat up sat morning....gona go look at pontoons I guess next week...well possum where are you?...sports fans braves are tied 2 to 2...back to the game....SPOT

August 03, 2010 - Msg 80113: Thanks, have my prayers, too. :-) Good point about Paul and Barnabas.

As far as the church being a hospital for sinners, it is that but it is always good to have plenty of mature, loving Christians to staff the hospital. hehe ;-)

"Hey" to REV...great to hear from you again. Lord bless you in your spread of the gospel!


August 03, 2010 - Msg 80114:
First of all, a howdy to John Masters from Poor Horatio. I've been posting around here for over 12 years now, although I've been known to disappear for a spell or two.
I'm living up in Canada now, although my permanent home is still in the USA (midwest).

With all this talk about the passing of Mitch Jayne, I'm trying to recall just what he looked like. In the video at, is he the pipe-smoking musician standing up playing the upright bass instrument?

from Poor Horatio

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80115: Excellent observation, Boo. Mature leadership is crucial. That's what was so interesting in the story of Paul and Barnabas. They were both strong and mature in the faith. Their disagreement had very little to do with that - they just differed in their assessment of the value and dependability of John Mark, and both had good reason for their beliefs. So, God let them separate, John Mark went with Barnabas, and both of them were powerful evangelists, carrying the gospel twice as far as they would have done together.

My own church was born out of a difference of opinion in another church. It wasn't a question of doctrine, rather more of a secular question, I think, but one group of good and godly folk decided to separate and go their own way. They met for a while in a tiny building that had been a donut shop, and I think even received some support from their former church for a short time. It wasn't a bitter break, just a disagreement, and it ended well.

Well, guess I'll go to bed and try to sleep. After sleeping all afternoon when I got home from that spinal thing, now I'm wide-eyed. TV is pretty boring right now too. Maybe I'll read a while. Blessings, all. --Romeena

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80116: PH, I think you're right. I saw Mitch Jayne's picture on the homepage of this website; him standing with some oldies from the cast and it looks like the guy you mentioned and he is holding a pipe.

All good points, Ro. Last night Bruce and I had a talk and he is just miserable in life on just about every level. What it all comes down to is that he really just worries about absolutely everything and cannot enjoy life. He is harboring some ill feelings about some things and he needs to find spiritual peace. He decided to meet with the pastor, talk things out and then take a type of sabbatical and get things right between God and himself. Its time to come to that place. When his priorities are right, things will begin to work out for him. Until then, he is "beating the air", so to speak. You know the old saying, "I am third. God first, others second, and I am third". Thank you for your prayers for him. Although it is an uncomfortable time for us, it is time in which I can see the hand of God and that's enough for me.

Better finish my coffee and get things cleaned up around here. SIL Vicki has been really helpful and been cooking for me most every night, and cleaning the kitchen but there is still much to do. Vicki decided to start making cakes again to sell. She used to own a cake shop and is very good at decorating cakes and making baked goods. I took her to get some supplies that she needed to get started...hope she does well.

Carpe Diem!


August 04, 2010 - Msg 80117: Lunch menu: Sub sandwiches from subway on possum!...that right break out the check book possum!..ha ha....hey horatio and Boo....SPOT

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80118: Mornin' Porch! Good to see everyone today! I kinda like this rocker here. Sure feels nice to just rock slowly and sip on this orange juice. That's goooOOOOD!

Romeena, I sympathize with your battle of the mind and body. I am about to turn 42 and I look in the mirror wondering where my thirties went! I still mentally feel like I can go out and run top speed and play softball and flag football like I used to. But, alas, the physical part of me whispers quietly to my mentality that those days are over. I wrestle with a bad back now and again. Though I am very lucky I am not bed ridden by it or having to take treatments, it can sure make me hit the bed or couch for awhile! Your statement of a church being sinner's hospital was quite original. I have never thought of church like that.

Hey to Poor Horatio! Thanks for the greeting! I'll keep my eyes open for ya' when you reappear!

Hmm...SubWay sounds good. Is Possum going to take us there? Or is he picking up for all of us. I'll take a footlong Cold Cut Combo on wheat bread with American cheese, spicy mustard, extra mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, black olives, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper! Boy, that sounds extree good!

John Masters

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80119: I'm a SHE, John Masters!

I'm not feeling like going to Subway,but y'all go right head- my treat! Spot, swing by the rock and I'll give you a check. Hope it don't bounce- ha! Make sure you have your credit card just in case. Oh wait.. I still have your- NEVER MIND! Right, Boo? Cha-ching! $$ LOL

Nah, y'all go on to Subway. I'm feeling kinda poorly today. Mr. Possum was sick the past few days and I think I've caught his bug. Not much of an appetite. Yes, Asa, you can have my share of the food! Enjoy and I'll check in later!

P.S. Horatio, that's who I think Mitch Jayne is. I'm not totally sure,though. Perhaps Alan will pop in and enlighten us. I'm sure he'd know.

possum under a rock

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80120:
Hi all, dad was transfered to a SNF yesterday.
He's a little confused by it all, but still doing well. Thanks for the prayer. MDC

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80121: Yes Mitch is the bass player,pipe smoker and a very good story teller.He will be missed.

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80122: Good morning, honeys and dears! Wow, do I feel good this morning! My back hasn't felt this good in a month of Sundays. Sure hope it lasts. They told me that I can expect improvement over the next few days??? Improvement from what? If it gets any better than it is right now, it just might be illegal, or fattening or something.

Joe and Jorge will be here this afternoon to plant some more irises, and do a little weed control. No, I won't be pulling weeds. I may be old and fat, but I've got just a little too much smart for that. I plan to do exactly what my doctor told me to do - rest and take it easy for a few days and let the injections finish their work. There's a fractured facet which is the source of a lot of the pain, and they injected it pretty heavily, and a couple of other trouble spots as well. I want full benefit from this, so will be pretty much just an observer today. It won't be easy. When I see a weed, I just automatically reach for it. I've even been known to yank out a few in a flowerbed I pass by at the hospital, and at church, and friends' yards.....

Boo, I'm sorry Bruce is having such a hard time. Bless his heart, he's such a Type A personality. However, as I think we've discussed before, I can't help but believe that his problem is, if not caused by, at least is aggravated by his deafness. I know he has effective aids, but they're not 100%, and that can be frustrating. I'm becoming more and more aware of that fact as my own hearing is diminishing somewhat. I get very tired of saying "What?" all the time, I feel like people are put off by it - they get tired of it too. I know I don't get everything that's said, and it makes me feel a little insecure now and then. The problem is much worse for Bruce, I'm sure, and that probably has him in a tense and defensive mood most of the time. I have a dear friend of about 35 years, who has lost most of her hearing and now wears two aids. We have talked about it, and she says she really has to work on not being defensive and sometimes impatient with people. Understandable, for sure.

Well, gotta run. I'm still sitting here in an ancient old nightshirt, guess I'd better get dressed before Joe and Jorge arrive. The way I look right now - law, I'd scare 'em to death! Blessings! --Romeena

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80123: My most sincere and direct apology, Possum! LOL!

Three cheers for MDC's father's recovery "Cheer! Cheer! Cheer!

John Masters

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80124: Add another "Cheer!" to that, John Masters. Pray that each day will be better than the last.

Folks, our dear Possum sent me a photo, and it's in the album, on page two, I believe. Check it out. Once you see that picture, John you'll know for sure she's a girl possum. She don't look anything like a boy!

And now I'm really going to go get dressed, I promise. --Romeena

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80125: Thanks, Ro! It's a pic from my high school reunion- thought I'd share it with y'all.
Glad both you are feeling better, Ro!
Yay for MDC's daddy!!!
possum again

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80126: Both you? Good grief! There's only ONE Ro!
I got tangled up there because I was thinking of both MDC's daddy & Ro.

possum once more

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80127: "Ring a ding ding!"

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80128: Romeena, thank you again for reminding that Bruce's hearing problems could be a big source of his frustration. I get so used to it that I forget that. I need to be reminded now and then and I thank you. The hearing aids he has now are not very effective anymore and he needs new ones. He probably hears about 30% of what an average person hears, with the aides. Without them, completely deaf. The hearing aides will cost several thousand, which is not covered by insur@nce. I have told him not to worry about it, put it on the credit card if you have to, but do it! It would probably greatly relieve his stress. Thanks for the reminder, I will talk to him about it tonight. You're a good and wise friend, Ro. Very happy to hear that your back is doing so well.

John Maters, you're still young...don't fret, just enjoy your youth. :-)

Possum, hope you are feeling better soon. Get plenty of rest and lots of fluids.

Great news about your father, MDC..thanks for sharing it. :-):-)


August 04, 2010 - Msg 80129: Good evening, porch. Joe has come and gone, didn't get much done, mostly just a friendly visit. His helper wasn't with him, he was tired from working alone the first half of the day, and I think he was afraid if he started pulling weeds I wouldn't be able to keep from joining in, so we spent most of the afternoon sitting in the swing in the arbor and talking. He did fix three sprinkler heads that weren't performing properly, moved a couple of heavy pots that needed more sun than they were getting, and put my new composter in a more discreet location. He won't charge me for today, but he's coming back on Friday with Jorge and they'll deal with the weeds. I'll see to it that he charges me for that day.

Boo, I can well understand that you could lose awareness of Bruce's deafness on a daily basis. Over the years, I'm sure you've learned a lot of coping mechanisms, and "shorthand" for communicating, and it's second nature to you. I think the fact that ins@rance doesn't pay for hearing devices is absolutely stinky, and guess what? Medicare doesn't either. My father-in-law was getting fairly deaf in his last years, and Dale was determined he was to have hearing aids. Dad had VA benefits, and Dale wrangled with them for a while, and eventually they paid for a simple hearing aid, which actually helped him a lot. His loss was not profound, just enough that he couldn't hear his beloved birds anymore, and couldn't hear little children's high-pitched voices. I'm not sure how Dale got it done, but I think it had something to do with the fact that while in the Army, Dad had worked in an area where there was loud and constant noise, and Dale pursued that as a possible cause of his deafness. I think they agreed to pay for a hearing aid just to make him go away before he started asking for more - like compensation or something. Anyway, I think it's really a shame that something that important to a person's well-being is not covered by ins#rance. The bloomin' things are so terribly expensive, if you're going to get good ones. You stand your ground, though, and make him do whatever it takes to get them. Put it on a card and pay it off as you can. That's much too important to let him put a price tag on it and not get them.

Well, I haven't eaten all day, and I'm still fighting high blood sugar. It's staying in the upper 200s, nearly 300. It's due to the steroids that are sitting in a pool in the muscles in my back, and gradually being absorbed. Steroids, of course, will raise your blood sugar. I'm taking insulin ten units at a time every few hours, but it stays high. I guess without the insulin I'd be comatose. I haven't been hungry, so haven't eaten, but I guess I will tonight. Something, anyway, maybe not much. As badly as I need to lose weight, when I'm not hungry I take advantage of the fact, and just don't eat. I know, that's not a good plan, but it's about all I've got the willpower to carry out.

Oh, I've got tadpoles in the pond! What fun! Of course, the fish are eating most of them, but there's enough vegetation in there to provide them with a little cover, so I think some of them will survive. I saw one little group of them, about eight or ten, and they seem to be growing. Pretty soon they'll be too big for the fish to eat, and they'll be the survivors. I may try to catch two or three and give them to my grandsons so they can watch the metamorphosis. I did that when I was a kid, and it's just fascinating! There are two beautiful yellow swallowtail butterflies back there on the lantana blossoms, have been there all day. I got some pictures. Now my gorgeous russet-colored dragonfly is back too. He's so pretty, with his bronze-colored lacy wings. Nature is just fascinating!

Guess I'll go scratch up some dinner. It's hard to do when you're not really hungry. I'm surprised that I'm not, because steroids usually pump up the appetite, as well as the blood sugar, but mercifully, it hasn't done that to me. More appetite, I don't need. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80130: Romeena will you fix me a small of what ever ya have?...Im watering the garden and I will eat it just before at 6am in the morning...And Guess What ..Miss Sherry just called me and got us Eagles Tickets for Oct in Atlanta!!!.."Welcome to the hotel CalIfornia!"...ok back to my watering....JM have not read back but just how old are ya /..Im 50 ..possum,Rev and a few others are right there with us....ok...Possum will carch ya on FB at about 9:30 ok...peace out...Eagles tickets!!so cool....SPOT

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80131: You got it, Spot, but you might not want it. It's an old family concoction. You heat a few good, fresh corn tortillas in a little bit of hot oil, just a few seconds in the oil, don't want them getting hard. Blot on paper towel, then put a little shredded lettuce and some diced tomato (or drained canned diced tomato if fresh ones are out of season), a little chopped onion and some shredded cheese. Just a bit of each, or it gets too big. Spoon some heated canned chili over all, and roll it up, then eat like an enchilada. Quick, cheap, easy, and just delish! I could make that meal when I was ten, and often did. Had dinner ready for my folks if they were working late. History repeated itself with my kids, as they could and did make it for us if we were late. The whole family loves it, and my kids still make it today for their families. Don't know where it originated, but everybody likes it. The key is to have nice fresh corn tortillas, and heat them quickly in fresh oil. A small saute pan, like you would make a crepe in, works well, and only requires a few tablespoons of oil, unless you're heating a lot of tortillas. Anyway, with good tortillas, the flavors all blend well and that nice soft tortilla just makes it so good. A little salsa is nice, too, if you like it, and I do.

Well, guess I'll go make some. Holler when you start this way, and I'll have the tortillas hot and fresh for you, Spot. --Romeena

August 04, 2010 - Msg 80132: You are scaring me with that blood sugar, Ro. I wish someone could stay with you until the steroid was absorbed and your sugars were back to normal. Please be very careful.

I did have a talk with Bruce about the hearing aids and he said he would get new ones and just put them on the card and pay them off. His response:..."Well, I wanted to spend that money on digging the well but I'll get the hearing aids instead"! Typical but at least he is listening to reason. He seems in a much better frame of mind today and has been doing some thinking. Thanks again for the prayers for him.

Ro, the dinner you describe sounds alot like I make tacos. I use the fresh corn tortillas friend the way you mentioned but I fill them with ground beef that I cooked with taco seasoning (McKormick) and a can of tomato sauce...I cook that down, add it to the tortilla and then add the lettuce and tomatos, etc. Wow, really good. I will have to try them the way you that is some good, messy eatin'!

Be careful SPOT! You know that..."You can check out anytime you like, but you can NEVER leave!"..(the Hotel California, that is). Is it really true that on the cover of the Hotel California album, there is a picture of Anton LeVey (author of the Satanic bible) in one of the windows???...ewww.


August 05, 2010 - Msg 80133: Good evening, all. Boo, thanks for the concern, and you'll be happy to know that the sugars are subsiding. It was just 147 when I checked before I ate dinner. Ten more units of short-acting insulin on board before eating, plus my routine 50 units of long-acting Lantus insulin to cover through the night, so should be fine. I'll check once more before going to bed, though. I knew that the steroid would do that, and the discharge nurse warned me too (good job) so I was prepared for it. Checking sugars about every three hours, insulin hit if indicated. No problem!

I'm so glad that Bruce is going to get the new aids. I'm betting you'll see a big difference in him after that's done. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be, to know that there are things going on around you, conversations and comments, and you can't hear them. That would drive me over the edge of paranoia, I think. I commend Bruce for handling it as well as he does.

Well, I think I'll hit the hay. A little early for me, but I'm sleepy. Yay! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 05, 2010 - Msg 80134: Hey Romeena that quick meal is something I will try here at work one night...ok...Morning Dears!..breakfast menu: Cracker Barrell!..Boo bring a paper ok...Asa will buy or at least get the bill....SPOT

August 05, 2010 - Msg 80135: Mornin' Honeys! Spot,quit making me jealous! First the mountains, now the Eagles? Wow! That will be one awesome concert!
Boo, I've never heard that about the Satanic leader on the album cover.Gotta check that out-strange.
Well,I think I'm feeling up to having some breakfast,so I'll meet y'all at Cracker Barrel-see ya!
possum under a rock

August 05, 2010 - Msg 80136: Morning everyone, hope all is well this morning. hopefully, I can stay busy at work and be able to stay awake, seems like the heat + just being older makes me tired!

looks like most everyone is having some of this heat wave.

SPOT and Rev. I have send facebook friend requests to you both so hopefully you will make the connection that Jo Ann Cox is Big Maude.

Lunch menu will be: grilled ham and cheese sandwhiches, chips, pickles, little debbie cakes and tea or lemoaade to drink.

Ya'll have a great Thursday and see you at lunch.
Big Maude

August 05, 2010 - Msg 80137: That's how I feel every summer, Maude. We just never get a break from the extreme heat and humidity down here until about November; not even one day from May to November, usually. I really hate it. I would love to try putting up with the cold instead for living way up north or at a high elevation in Colorado. I like to visit Cloudcrofft, New Mexico in the summer. It is always the perfect, fall-like temperature up there. Some folks are so lucky!

I checked out SNOPES concerning the Anton LaVay thing and they say its a rumor. The writers of the songs say it is not about a real place but symbolizes the corruption that success in the music industry brought people in the 70's.

Well, have to get ready to take Hank to the vet. I think he might have a broken leg. I don't know if Thelma Lou kicked him or if he got out of the fence and got bumped by a car or something. I just spend a hundred getting the cat de-clawed (which he handled well and is back to his nasty self) and now the dog's got a hurt leg. Between these animals and the kid's dental bills!!

Better git.


August 05, 2010 - Msg 80138: Got it Maude..cant get on facebood here at work they have it blocked...will probably be to double today and tomorrow...and Thanks for lunch..I will have tea please....SPOT

August 05, 2010 - Msg 80139: Goooood morning, Porch. *Yawn* Well, I did a little sleepin' in today. I have a ton of lawn work comin' up as I haveta do my own lawn (mowing, weeding, trimming, pruning) before I head for Arkansas. But tonight, I am doing my father-in-law's yard. I have to mow it twice as it has gotten a little long and then I am going to "baseball" it. Meaning cut it WAY down. My wife is going to have someone come in and do ours while I am gone. My father-in-law is kinda left to figure it out. I thought I would get er' down as far as possible to give him more time to get some help. I have been torn between parent and in-law with this move. My mother is 73 and watching after my grandmother (her mother) who is 89. It is wearing my mom down and she needs help fast. father-in-law is diabetic and has extremely bad knees. So either way I turn, someone is going to get left. *Sigh* Not an easy situation and it is tearing me right down the middle.

Boo, I am enjoying my youth and know I have a lot of years ahead of me, God willin'. But, as everyone goes through, you get those reminders that youth isnt what it used to be.

Hey SPOT, I am creeping up on 42. Will be that on September 6.

Ro, I am sorry to hear about your health problems. Prayers and blessings at you and do everything the docs tell you to! Be careful and pay attention to what your body is saying!

MmmMMMMMM, that sounds like a right good lunch. Beats the diner's chicken croquet! I think I'll change up and have some lemonade with it!

John Masters

August 05, 2010 - Msg 80140: My goodness, JM...your mom must be under such a load, bless her heart! My heart just hurts for you in this situation because believe me, I can relate. I find myself wondering how on earth I will take care of everyone. My parents are still living at 83 and 84 and my mom-in-law is living but starting to have problems. My parents live with my sister and her husband because they have no children and a large enough home (and because they are dear saints!). I lived with them for a couple of years and almost lost it. Talk about a tough couple of years...these porch folks helped get me through it. My sister needs help, though, and is pretty stressed because mom is a stroke patient and needs alot of attention that poor dad is just too worn out to do anymore. Mom does get home health aids out a couple of times a week to help with baths and we hired a part-time caregiver three mornings a week to come in and do their cleaning and laundry..that girl is worth her weight in gold and she is modestly paid. To her its a ministry and she has a way with the elderly. My parents adore her (Kim) and my sister and I tell her she is really the "good daughter"! ;-) She is a God-send and I don't know what we would do without her. Mom-in-law has bad tremors that are now beginning to effect her whole body and she is getting shaky on her feet. Don't know when she will be needing more help but took her to the lawyer yesterday to update her will and medical power of attorney. I can tell you that if those things are not taken care of with your parents and in-law, you may want to do that before you leave. Check into hiring a part-time caregiver to take some of the load off your mom. Don't involve the government for help unless you have to and if your parents have assests, check into a living trust to protect them. I made an appointment a few years ago with an attorney that specialized in law for the elderly and he was a wealth of good information. The first consultation was free and he was reasonable when it come time to do the wills, etc. We found that there was alot of bad information out there and people spouting stories that were just not true...go to someone who knows the law and protect your parents, if you haven't. Not trying to be bossy, just sharing our own situation and what we learned. Lord bless you in your efforts and please feel free to share with your friends here on the porch...they are a pretty darned, good support group with alot of experience with elderly parents and in-laws. God speed!

Well, happy to report that Hank's leg was not broken and he is doing better. That crazy dog just howled in the vet's office waiting was so funny. He was ok until a man, who was picking up a gigantic pitbull dog, passed by us on his way out and the dog went berserk trying to get at poor Hank...looked like he wanted to kill him. It was a small waiting room and that dog got within inches of Hand and my little girl. I was frozen! The owner gaines somesort of control over him but it was struggle getting him out of the office door. It was just crazy and I am going to call the office and tell them they should make people with aggressive animals take them out the back exit. Ridiculous. Why would anyone even want an aggressive dog like that?!

Well, someone from Gospel for Asia called me today and said a speaker should be available for our women's conference in January, so that is encouraging. Onward and upward!

Better go check the laundry (back to earth).