August 20, 2010 - Msg 80420: Well gang im home and its back to work at 6am...bed for me..Rev the Braves are one fun team to watch....Mr Lee at first will help!..ok..night all my friends...yall sleep in and I will set up breakfast for yall payed for at waffle house at 9am....hey auh2o! to get to bed ............SPOT yer talking dog of your porch..

August 20, 2010 - Msg 80421: And a Sweep before bed....."cough"....SPOT

August 20, 2010 - Msg 80422: Good evening again, porch. MDC, thanks for the reminder. Actually, I did get the backup thing going. It's Carbonite, costs about $55 a year, and it's all saved there, securely, and available to me should I ever need it. In addition, I've got a 16-gig stick plugged into my computer, and an automatic backup is done every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. Actually, I have two of those sticks, and every couple of weeks I swap them out, and put the most recently-used one in my purse. I don't intend to ever, ever again be hit with the loss of practically everything on my computer. I say "practically" because when the crash occurred in January, I did have a stick that had a backup from November of 2008. Therefore, what I lost was recent pictures, email addresses, saved emails, my recent scribbling, and my entire phone directory and calendar, because they weren't included in the backup for some reason. They are now. Anyway, for $55 a year, less than $5 a month, everything is backed up. It's well worth it.

auh2o, of course it's legal. That doesn't make it right. I've written more, but have decided to cut and paste it into an email to you, lest I escalate this into a moulage. You're welcome, porch!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 21, 2010 - Msg 80423:
REV- Ha, you and Sam Adams would get along well, but not
so much with Mr Case! (Ya gotta know the ep "The Inspector.) I'm refering to the frog giggin' of course.
Ro- good for you on the back ups!
Well, it's still 103 outside at 11 PM and as sticky as a jar of bees' honey out there.
I got the lawn mowed, but that done me in for the night!
Good sweep SPOT, thanks, I couldn't have even lifted the broom!

August 21, 2010 - Msg 80424:
APB TIME : AFD, TOM, MAVIS, MD, MT, and all!

August 21, 2010 - Msg 80425: Mornin' Mayberry! How about some bacon and pancakes for breakfast? Let's head over to IHOP- Spot,pick everybody up!
possum under a rock

August 21, 2010 - Msg 80426: hey gang ,Im still on the porch daily .I just spend a lot of time rocking and listening and not posting ,May God be with everyone today

August 21, 2010 - Msg 80427: Humid in Arizona, MDC?...what in the world is going on with this crazy weather?!

Frog legs?..yuck. I don't take to eatin' amphibians. Glad you enjoyed yourself, though, REV. Wonder why they don't serve "Hoppin' John" at the Hopping festival?

Another sweltering Saturday morning but headed towards fall. Won't be too long for most of you..a little longer for me down here on the coast. I have noticed a little change in the evening air..just a little smell of fall to keep us from giving up and dying in a hot pile. ;-)

Mornin' everyone I didn't mention...I saw you, though. Hey to Mayberry Deputy..why so quiet?


August 21, 2010 - Msg 80428: Possum thanks for the b-fast...kinda busy here at work...Hey MD,My good friend Boo...and by the way where are we on the house?..Brother Rev where do I need t dend food?..ok...phones ringing...SPOT

August 21, 2010 - Msg 80429:
Boo- August is usually quite humid here!
We get rain clouds that come up from the baja mexico side that keep the air pretty moist,
along with SOME rain. That famous "dry heat"
is usually just may, june and july.
Growing up, we just had swamp cooling, and August was as miserable as Maycomb County! ha
REV- I meant Sam ALLEN, not that founding father of ours! ha
MD- hey to you and your family!
Possum- can I still get the routey tooty fresh and fruity? lol
Have a good day.

August 21, 2010 - Msg 80430:
Hey Folks

Cooler day on tap here but, I guess, to the rest of the Porch they're all cooler here. Not Fonzie cool, of course.

MDC-I thought ya meant the Founder and there was an inside joke somewhere.

Spot- Hey to you too, buddy!

Romeena-Thanks for the email. But, I never meant to imply that just because it was legal made it right, just that it made it so.


August 21, 2010 - Msg 80431:
Hello porch family.

Wife and I are getting ready to head for a day out together. Enjoying these couple weeks home.

MDC....I knew who you were talking Love that ep.

Boo....don't knock those legs till you tried em. Taste like

auh2o.....cooler weather.....sounds nice...real nice.

Got a big concert tomorrow in my hometown. Looking forward to it. I only do a hometown concert maybe once a year.

Well better sweet bride is waiting on me and if I don't get going she just might not stay sweet...hehe
Love and prayers for all my porch family!

August 21, 2010 - Msg 80432: Does anyone know how a sunflower just shows up in our front yard? It is in a little patch with some other plants, and we have never had sunflowers. I like it, but I just don't know where it came from.

I believe I will just let the frog legs hop on by. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

August 21, 2010 - Msg 80433: I believe I do know the answer, Sterling. The Birds do it. I've got 4 sunflowers that came up without me planting them this year. And not the various Sunflower "flowers", but the actual Sunflower, that produces sunflower seeds. I havn't planted those for 15 years. Anyhow, I think the birds eat them from other peoples yards, and drop them all over the place, and they grow where you don't expect them. At least that's my theory.
- Hazel

August 21, 2010 - Msg 80434: And you would be right, Hazel. Also, squirrels often transport things. One year I planted tulips out in the frontmost bed in my yard, about a dozen bulbs. Only three came up. However, to my surprise, right in the middle of the rose island in the back yard, there was one lone red tulip. I certainly didn't plant it there, so there was only one answer, which also explained why I got just three out front. Mr. or Ms. Bushytail dug up and either ate or transplanted the rest. It's quite possible that a neighbor or two had a surprise tulip as well. The little rascals move things around all the time. I have two peanut vines out back right now, compliments of the squirrels. I will harvest no peanuts however, because they'll come back and dig them up as soon as they're ready. In the case of Sterling's sunflower, it's probably a bird, but could also be a squirrel. They love the seeds!

My DIL just called - they're getting off the highway into Irving right now, coming home from Destin. They're coming to pick up Bentley, so guess I'd better get some clothes on. This gown won't cut it! Later, taters. --Romeena

August 22, 2010 - Msg 80435: Well somebodys fur kid planted what appears to be a tootsie roll in my yard! (actually it's a neighbors dog in heat wanting Barney to come out and "play".)
Had the week from he double tooth picks here. Been in a certification class all week. A very intense one. Had the test on Friday. Passed with a very respectable 88%. But there is also a "hands on" component to the test in which you are allowed only one mistake. I was failed by a very picky proctor on a very minute technical procedure call that I am going to fight. In fact I have a call into the State of Utah official who heads this thing up and am waiting for a return call. I am not a whiner as a rule on these type of things, but everyone in the class who heard what they had failed me on were P.O'd also. I think I have a pretty good case. But I may have to call upon Neil Bentley for help. Anyone have his number?
Anyway, thats my week. It was a long one.
I hope all is fine and dandy with everyone.
I'm off to the ironing board.


August 22, 2010 - Msg 80436:
Greetings from Canada. Things sure have gotten much comfortable here. Our daytime highs reach 80 and our nightime lows get down in the 60's. Now that is the way I like it. I sure wish I could send some of this fair weather south of the border to those of you experiencing triple digits.

from Poor Horatio

August 22, 2010 - Msg 80437: I wish you could too, Poor Horatio. I'm happy for you, glad it's cooling off where you are. It's a little cooler here tonight, only 93 at 11:53, so that's a bit better. Still awfully hot, but our time will come eventually.

The kids have come and gone, taking Bentley with them. He was one happy pup when they walked in. He normally never jumps up on people, but he was about to knock them all down! He's such a sweet old boy. There are some pictures of him in the album, under "Porchsters' Pets" - old ones of him and Sugarplum. I just added a few of him and Toye Starr. They're on the third page, with one being the last picture on the second page.

Asa, that really sounds like a bad deal you got. All it takes is one person who is a bit too impressed with his or her own importance, and everybody gets grief. You hang in there, we'll pray for you, and maybe somebody with some common sense will make it right.

We had a somewhat similar situation at the hospital a while back. Somebody get a bee in their bonnet, wanting all the nursing staff to be "certified" in IV starts. We were supposed to schedule a time in the ER or in Day Surgery, show up and be responsible for starting five IVs, while being observed by another nurse, who then would decide whether it was done right or not. That hit me like a slap in the face, and I told my manager exactly that. I think I said something like "I've been starting IVs for 31 years, I do it with one stick about 90% of the time (much higher success rate than the average), the IVs run, they stay in place and keep running, and they don't get infected. I resent having to prove to some first-year RN kid that I know how to do it properly." She just said "Don't worry about it, and don't schedule yourself anywhere." Later I learned that she had just marked me as having passed. I should think so! I pray that someone will do the same for you.

Well, Starr is a bit lonely without Bentley. I think she needs some cuddle time, poor baby. Blessings, all. --Romeena

August 22, 2010 - Msg 80438: Er, that's "somebody GOT a bee, etc." --Romeena

August 22, 2010 - Msg 80439:
Asa, if it was a weight issue, you could just wear a big
chain around your neck, but hmmmm, not sure what youre talking about, so yer on your own, just
dont hollar fish! ha
PH- that weather sounds great, sounds like Calvin Coolidge was wrong! ha
Sweet dreams to all!

August 22, 2010 - Msg 80440: Good for you, Romeena...that was really has too much time to sit around and think of things to make those who really work have to work harder. You know, someone sent me a news article yesterday that scared me. It was about the number of medical errors made because of people mistaking this tube for that example was a young pregnant girl who was having to be tube fed. The tube going to the feeding tube to deliver the liquid nutrition substance somehow got confused with a central line tube and well, the poor girl died in agony soon after her baby died inside her. According to the article, this happens alot...some sort of error having to do with tubes happens about 16% of the time. The article said because everything is interchangable..the luer locks are the same, same syringes fit, etc. They are talking about color-coding and changing everything. The stories they shared were horrible. Much of those mistakes probably have to do with understaffed, overworked nurses, too. Makes me afraid to go to the hospital or close my eyes while I'm there! I remember a friend of mine who works at the children's hospital here saying that if one of my kids is ever admitted, never to leave them unattended, watch everything that is done to them. Scary.

Be back later...have to get ready for preachin.


August 22, 2010 - Msg 80441: Hey, Boo. That's terrible about the pregnant girl dying because of a mistake. Sadly, human errors happen all too often, and not just in the hospital. Careful, caring parents have a lapse of memory and a child dies in a hot car. It happens, and it's tragic, and no one can console the parent. It can happen to anyone. Likewise, an overworked nurse on an understaffed floor can make a mistake. Offhand, I'm a bit puzzled as to how a central IV line could be confused with a feeding tube, because in my experience they are significantly different, but perhaps this case was an exception. Personally, whenever I'm about to deliver any substance through a tube, if there is more than one tube present, I choose the one I think is right, then follow it to its insertion point before I ever start an infusion or push anything. I also label each tube at its origin. Not everyone does these things, and I know a couple of horror stories, too. It's not a perfect world.

Years ago, when my dad-in-law was in the VA hospital here in Dallas with lung cancer, I witnessed a shocker. He was in a five-bed ward, and everyone was receiving the same antibiotic, on the same schedule, delivered through heprin locks rather than flowing IVs. The nurse came in, disconnected each antibiotic from the locks, and proceeded to flush each lock with heparinized saline, drawn from a multi-dose vial. This would have been fine, except she used the same needle and syringe each time. Eeek! Yep, the needle that had just been used in one man's lock was then inserted back into the bottle, few cc's drawn up, and inserted into the next lock. Double eeek! I was horrified, but said nothing at the time, because I didn't want to upset my MIL. I knew my FIL was dying anyway - he only lived two more days - and I didn't want MIL to know about the bad practice, because in her emotional state, she would have blamed his death on that. However, I caught his doctor in the hall later and told him. I got as far as "She was using a multi-dose vial" and he interrupted me with "So what's wrong with that?" I said, "Nothing, as long as you change needles each time, but she didn't, she used the same one for all five men." He was defensive, mumbled something about the locks being flushed each time, so they were "clean" and there was no problem, and mentioned a shortage of supplies. I asked him if I could quote him on that, and he said, "OK, you're right. It shouldn't have happened. I'll fix it." I can only hope he did.

Yes, it does pay to be alert, and don't be afraid to ask questions. If someone brings you a pill you don't recognize, please ask what it is and what it's for. Chances are, it's a generic form of something you're used to taking, but there's no guarantee of that. So - ask!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 22, 2010 - Msg 80442: Supper time....Sunday pot roast with all the trimings....sweet tea and good talk...SPOT

August 22, 2010 - Msg 80443:
Hello porch family.....I just got home from my hometown concert tonight. Went great but I'm very hot, sweaty and tired so think I'll go shower and get ready for the ironing board. So good to be able to be home for a change after the concert. Not use to being this close to home. Love it.

You all have a good night.
My love and prayers are for each of you!

August 22, 2010 - Msg 80444:
Spot.....thanks for supper! Good!

August 23, 2010 - Msg 80445:
So REV, did you have your car repoed whilst you were in your hometown? ha I also heard the druggist saying that you didnt pay your "tab"! ha
RO,BOO, when my dad was recently in the hospital,
thanks to comments on this porch, I really watched things carefully, ie what drugs, dosages, intervals etc. His nurse was an angel, very careful, thorough, and explained everything to me as she did it etc. I picture you two as that kind of nurses.
Well, another Sabbath comes to a close.
God bless,

August 23, 2010 - Msg 80446: Good Monday porch, hope all is well today. cooler today and no rain forecast for the next couple days on my end of the porch. YEAH!

I am at work but will have to push to get through today. Seems I have "wacked" my lower back out of kilter. I was leaning over the bathroom sink yesterday morning in the process of getting ready for church and when I stood straight..well I couldn't. Not sure what I have done but I am walking crooked. unable to roll over in bed last night and had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. hopefully it will wear itself out soon. I am not much on going to the doctor unless I have to. I have been taking naproxen (sp?) but it is not helping much. Oh well, enough complianing from me.

Breakfast menu will be: sausage biscuits, cheddar hashbrown potato cakes and coffee, tea, orange juice. I am going to get us a drive through breakfast today as I don't think I can stand up to the stove. :)

Prayers and blessings to all today.
Big Maude

August 23, 2010 - Msg 80447: Hi All.
Now look here! I would never leave here,becaues you are all my friends here.
I just hate used comp there are just trouble at time.

tom :)

August 23, 2010 - Msg 80448: Yep, Ro...hard to believe but things like that happen. I remember once (I didn't see it happen but heard about it later) when i worked in a little 6-bed ICU, there was this strange nurse who had no business around patients and was finally fired. She did some crazy almost killing some man by living his heparin drip wide open. She was just a nut case. I remember once she hung some blood on someone and accidentally punched a hold in the bag..she covered it with scotch tape. While most nurses are good and know what they are doing, there are some dingbats out there and you have to watch for them. Much of the time it is just mistakes from not being careful enough, as you said, following the tube to its insertion site...always!!! I was absolutely paranoid about things like that and to my knowledge i never made a medication error, even under the worst stress and working conditions. I think the Lord was looking over my shoulder all the time. When i think about all those night shifts over 10 years and the lack of staff and so on, I'm surprised I never killed anybody!

HEY TOM!! Where ya been?? Good to have you back.

Better get moving..first day of school here. :-)


August 23, 2010 - Msg 80449: Oh, sorry you are walking crooked, Maude.


August 23, 2010 - Msg 80450: Good morning, porch. Tom, it's good to see you, buddy. You have been missed! You're right, these computers can be a real beatin' sometimes. Just don't ever forget that you're loved on this porch, and missed when you're not around.

Maudie, I'm so sorry your back is messed up. How well I understand that! The steroid injections I had a couple of weeks back do seem to have helped, but I'm thinking if it comes back I may try a chiropractor. That might be an answer for you, if you can find a good one. Then again, sometimes it will just resolve on its own - depends on what's wrong. If you think it might be muscle spasms, try alternating heat and cold packs.

Boo, that's awful! Tape over a hole in a blood bag?? Good grief! I once punched a hole in a blood bag - if you don't line the spike up perfectly straight, it can do that. Of course it was evident immediately, and I removed the spike, held the bag so the hole was at the top so it wouldn't drip, and took it back to the lab for proper disposal. Got a new unit, and all was well. Tape? My stars! And a free-flowing heparin drip? Yep, that could kill the patient. How do these people get a job? They have to be licensed, which means they graduated an accredited school and passed the state boards. Some people managed to forge licenses in the past, but that's pretty well impossible now. We don't even have a paper license anymore, it's all online. When you apply for a job, they can pull up your license and your record online, can see if you've had any disciplinary action, remedial training, etc. Of course, I guess someone could fake an ID and get through on somebody else's license. Dishonest people can usually find a way, but if you don't know your stuff, somebody is going to notice pretty quick.

Well, I slept late, since I'm working tonight, just got up. I'd better go feed my little furkid, I'm sure she's hungry. Sweet little old thing. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

August 23, 2010 - Msg 80451:
MAUDE- Asa has a great sling that he'll set up inside your closet! ha
Seriously, my chiropractor says we need to stretch that spine out. Lay on the floor flat on your back with a small pillow in the small of your back, arms stretched out on the floor over your head. Hold that position for a bit. Should help. (Call me in the morning, ha) Also a couple ibruprofin may help.

TOM- Welcome back! i let a message on your facebook page.
Have a good day in the Lord,

August 23, 2010 - Msg 80452: Afternoon Y'all!
I'm sorry you're ailin' Big Maude. Hope you feel better soon so that you can get back to dancing with Al.No wait.. Al dances with Sally. Well, anyhow, feel better and you can dance with whoever ya want!
Hey to Tom!
Spot's got Sloppy Joes for lunch- let's all bust in over at the Power company and eat with him!
possum under a rock

August 23, 2010 - Msg 80453:
Hello porch family.

MDC....nope, I got out of town before the repo man could find me. And I asked for an extention on my bill at the drug store. You know I'm expecting a big ole royality check any day so I'll pay it then. hehe

Maude....praying you get feeling better soon.

Tom....well it's about time you get back....we missed you buddy. We been keeping your rocker dusted off cause we knew you would be back soon.

Possum....sloppy joes sound good. Here we come Spot.

Love and prayers!

August 23, 2010 - Msg 80454: Hello to my fellow Porchsters! Just a quick duck in to let you know I'm still around and still breathing! Sorry I have missed so much rockin' time, but I am doing some historical research and it's taking a lot of the time. Prayers and best wishes for you all and I'll be back just as fast as I can be! Here's two big ol' pitchers of sweet tea for ya' in case anyone wants some! Miss ya' guys!

John Masters

August 23, 2010 - Msg 80455: Well gang just got home from work and the house is about 90 .AC has went out 'Joy Joy"..blower not blowing...gona "Call the Man" tomorrow...Pop told me I could come out there and sleep but I just opened the windows and cut all the celing fans on....gona tuff it out.....gona call him in the morning and see if he can get to it tomorrow "I hope" to work a double but Pop will be around...I grew up in a house with NO ac not even window units till I was about 15 so its Retro Flash back for me tonight...night yall...SPOT

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80456:
Hey SPOT, you are spot on buddy! I grew up with evap "cooling" and wet sheets, so I hear ya!
Well, time for my melatonin. Tellin' gomer that no cars that
fixin' can come by during the night! ha

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80457:
Oops, missed ya there John! mdc

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80458: Ro and Boo, with those stories you two are making me want to never go to the hospital.
Just kidding. I know mistakes can happen. I think I'd want to go to Mayo though. I can't say enough about how good they were when Kai was there, from the doctors and the great nurses all the way to the people who brought her the food. Top notch!

Thanks Hazel for solving the mystery of the sunflower for me! I never thought about birds dispersing the seeds. Or squirrels, Ro. We have a number of those around.

And just like in your roses, Ro, they planted it right in the middle of some flowering plants that are in little square sections at both sides of the front yard. I love the sunflower. My only complaint would be that I wished they would've planted one on the other side of the yard to even things out. :)

Tomorrow is Kai's first day of school. They start a week earlier than the public schools. But then they also get out earlier for summer so that makes up for it.
I need to ask for your prayers for my wife though. She still is trying to get me to put Kai back in the public school. I don't understand why totally, but I have an inkling it has something to do with the traditional stance they take on things like spanking and modest dress. Though I have never heard of anyone spanked in that school, and the (new)principal has said, when asked about it, that discipline begins at home with the parents and it would have to be something very serious to warrant it, but even then the parents would have to be involved and would be the ones that would have to agree to do something like that and be the ones to do it.
She has complained about not being able to find clothes that fit the requirements, which I agree takes a little effort, but it is not impossible. We had the same problem when we first started sending Kai to the school, but we found the clothes and did it with no complaints back then.
Money is another issue. We couldn't pay the whole tuition right away like we have done in years past, So I'm hoping the wife will get a job soon to help pay that along with our other bills of course. The school is actually not a major payment compared to our other bills. It's a bargain for what you get in fact, I feel.
I wish my wife felt the same way. I still wish the Lord would soften her heart to the school and church. She has been going out with the ladies from the church more, and liking it, saying that she likes being around women who talk up their husbands instead of complaining about them like women at her old job would do.

I hope I don't sound like I am complaining about her. She even asked me the other day about becoming (official)members of the church, so it just perplexes me of why she would want to subject Kai to the worldly-ness of the public schools(which she would be going to anyway in 6th grade per our agreement) and start to dissolve that foundation that she herself wanted Kai to have in the first place.

Sorry, I always just want to make one comment about my problems, but I always seem to run on more that I should.

Asa, hope things get cleared up for you. And Maude, praying for your back.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80459: Oh, and I also pray that Kai has a great first day at school tomorrow.


August 24, 2010 - Msg 80460: Prayers for Kai and your situation, Sterling. I had a little trouble getting Erin's skirts for school this year. I found two on the sales rack at the sporting good store for 2 dollars. They were the last two...they don't sell them anymore. They are the kind that come down below the knee. Now I will have to order them from a website called "French Toast". You might try that...they sell the more modest uniforms for girls and they the price is reasonable.

Have to go get erin up for school but will be back later to day to talk more to you, Sterling (and everyone else).


August 24, 2010 - Msg 80461: Just got home from work, tired to the bone, mentally and physically. Prayers for Sterling and Kai, and for the missus. Sounds like she's on the right track, just struggling with it a bit. Prayers also for Maudie's back, and for that matter for my own. Hurting something fierce right now, but not the crippling low back pain I had. This is just a tired old back.

Prayer of thanksgiving to God for restraining my hand and preventing me from choking the mother of a patient last night. A meaner, more sarcastic, hateful woman I've never met. I won't bore you with the details, but just let me say that the patient's doctor dropped by around 7:30, planning to just look in on her, and when I told him the mother was in the room, he said, "Then I'm outta here. I'd rather meet the devil than that woman. She's nuts!" The poor little patient is a sweetheart, and when her mother was treating me like a piece of garbage, the girl was hanging her head and crying, she was so embarrassed. Witch.

Off to feed Toye Starr, and maybe myself, and then to bed!! Thank you, Lord! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80462: Morning porch, checking by for visit, trying to avoid some things I need to do here at work. I am usually not much to procrastinate but for some reason I am today.

Thanks for the kind words and prayers for my poor ole back issues. It feels some better today and I did sleep better last night, but still hurts and some movements really hurt. makes me tired and frustrated at the same time. I have been unable to do my daily walk on the treadmill as it is too painful and that is how I relieve my stress. Hopefully in a day or so I can get back to my routine.

Hope your back feels better as well Romeena.
Prayers for Kai and her new school year.

Breakfast menu: cheerios with bananas, mixed berries for toppings, english muffins with homemade jams. coffee, tea, orange juice to drink. see you at breakfast.

better get to these work tasks. have a blessed day. Prayers all around.

Big Maude

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80463: HAHAHA! "Prayers of thanksgiving to God for restraining my hand and preventing me from choking a patient last night"! OMGOsh, that is so funny, Romeena. Thanks for the laugh...I needed to wake up! LOL Terrible situation, though..poor girl. Why didn't you inject her with some Pavulon and shove her in a closet or something? least just fantasize about that for a few minutes and it will make you feel better. ;-)


August 24, 2010 - Msg 80464: I mean "the mother of a patient"..sorry for the typo.


August 24, 2010 - Msg 80465:
Morning porch family....busy day ahead. Gotta get somethings done around the house.

Ro...sorry you had such a bad shift. I can't understand why some people are so mean. I kinda like Boo's idea to the problem. hehe Get you some well deserved rest.

Prayers for Kai's new step in life. Growing up on you Sterling:)

Maude...praying your back keeps getting better.

I had not thought about what Hazel said about the sunflowers popping up. Makes sense though. I've seen them coming up where I knew nobody had planted them but now I know. Hazel....your education was worth every penny:)

Spot...hope you get that a/c working today. Gotta stay cool over there in Ga.

Ya'll have a Jesus filled day.
Love and prayers!

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80466: Mornin' Y'all! LOL @ Ro! Sorry you had to deal with a witch like that,but it IS funny!

Best wishes to Kai for a great school year!

Maude (and Ro too) I hope your back feels better soon!

Spot, it is a lot hotter here in the South now than when we were kids! Hope the "man" comes to fix your A/C pronto- if not, take Daddy Talking Dog up on his offer and go stay where it's cool!

Rev, did you hear about that man going to his ex- wife's house and shooting her boyfriend and then killing himself? Think this happened in the Columbia area. Anyhow, turns out the boyfriend was the stepson of a high school classmate of mine. Such a senseless act-such a shame.

Can somebody do an incant for a headache? I've got a doozy of one today! Took two Tylenol,but it ain't cutting it! Better go lie down a while.

Y'all have a good day- love to all!
possum under a rock

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80467: Try Excedrin Migraine, better than the prescription migraine medicine my doc gave me.


August 24, 2010 - Msg 80468: It's actually the blouses more than the skirts, Boo, but I will try that website anyway, thank you. They started a new rule that no t-shirts or what looks like t-shirts can be worn, and those "looks like t-shirts" are what Kai wore a lot last year and what we had a lot of this summer. And it is pretty tough nowadays to find school blouses for 9 year olds, with no pictures of Disney Channel celebrities anyway.
Anyway, thanks again for the prayers everyone and for the website, Boo.

Ro, sorry about your back as well, and for that mean-spirited patient's mother.

Sorry Possum, I don't get many headaches myself, so I can't really recommend anything other than the Tylenol that you've tried. I will offer my prayers though.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80469:
Excedrin- "Mother please, I'd rather do it myself!" (: Anyone remember that commercial?
Prayers for you and the famuly STERLING.
I hope all comes around to the Lord's will being done.
RO- blessings to you for staying calm and collected, OK... at least calm! ha
have a good day all, prayers,

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80470: It isn't nice to fool Mother Nature! Anyone remember that one and what they was selling?

Ro, so sorry for the difficult night you had. But I'm glad you refrained from having us read about a situation of a Nurse going beszerk down in Texas. You would have been sharing headlines with that Jet Blue dude. Hee hee hee.

Sterling, I'll pray for your situation there buddy. I admire and respect the the love you express here for your Daughter. The world needs more Fathers (and mothers) with that level of caring. I know the Lord will smile upon you as you are always trying to do His will.

Possum with a headache huh? Hmmm, I notice the "martini skirt" has been worn recently. And didn't I see you leaving the Morrison sisters house yesterday toting some heavy bags? Veddy interesting! lol

Boo, it was 48 degrees this morning on my porch. I ain't bragging. I'm just saying....

Spot, I hope you get your a/c running quick. Don't need a hot dog.

Rev, don't work too hard there. Maybe you should hire a handyman to help out. Just make sure he don't have soft hands. :)

John Masters, glad you are feeling better. How's your team looking this pre-season?

MDC, I watched a little of the game last night. Oy, I think your red birds are gonna miss Warner. Not pretty.

Well better get going. STILL waiting for the return call on my test. Thanks for all who offered prayers and good wishes. I'm still working my jaw muscles over this.


August 24, 2010 - Msg 80471:
No it was NOT pretty, but the coach didnt give Leinart a chance. Let him mess up some plays, throw some interceptions, it's pre-season, time to give him that on-field experience, but what do i know, and who am I to say! haha

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80472:
Oh, and was it Bluebonnet margarine?
Everything's better with bluebonnet on it.

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80473:
Where's the beef?

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80474: Margarine, Asa!!...I don't remember the Excedrin one, MDC. Love what you said to Ro, haha...I was thinking about the Jet Blue thing, too!...Let's could Ro go out with a bang? How about putting that patient's mom in a wheelchair and shoving her out a window while screaming obscenities and then grabbing a couple cans of Ensure and jumping down the laundry shoot?!...

48 degrees>?!! I love you and I HATE you (I'm so confused).


August 24, 2010 - Msg 80475: That last comment was for ASA.


August 24, 2010 - Msg 80476: You're confused? What do you think I am? :)

When we were kids we changed that lyric a tad to 'Everythings better with blue vomit on it!"
Man we were disgusting. lol


August 24, 2010 - Msg 80477: Evening, all. Just got up, heading back to work. If God loves me at all, (and He does) that little patient and her Satanic mother will have gone home. I'm sure I'll be hearing about it after she vents her venom to the "rounder" before she leaves, but fortunately, I have a manager who does listen to our side of things. Also, I'm not alone. Other nurses as well as the patient's doctor have felt her hateful wrath, so I have backup. The problem is, I think, that her little daughter escaped her domination long enough to get "in the family way" and she's really mad at HER, and taking it out on everyone else. At the same time, she's playing the put-upon, "exhausted" but still devoted and long-suffering mother. Poor little patient is so embarrassed, I really felt sorry for her. Oh well. I did nothing wrong, so I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

Asa, could you box up some of that cool air and send it down here? Maybe you could fax it. Can you fax air? Just a thought....

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80478: The commercial with "It's not nice to fool mother nature" was for Imperial margarine, not bluebonnet, right?

Sorry to confused you, Asa. I have had time to cool off now and I don't hate you now (until you give me another weather report tomorrow).


August 24, 2010 - Msg 80479:
Hello porch family. wife won't hire a handyman because I work free:)

Possum.....yea I saw that story on the news. So sad. Are still incontact with the classmate? Prayers that your headache is better.

Went for a long walk early this morning (me and Jake) before it got too hot. It felt so nice before that sun popped out.

You all have a good night.
My love and prayers for all my porch family! You folks are so special!

August 24, 2010 - Msg 80480:
Boo, the "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature" commercial is for Chiffon margerine. Watch it at

And who remembers this one?

from Poor Horatio

August 25, 2010 - Msg 80481:
Big rainstorm here tonight! But we needed it.
Sleep well.

August 25, 2010 - Msg 80482: Mornin' Y'all! By all accounts, I should just be waking up,but I couldn't sleep and have been up for about an hour now. I still have this headache thingy. Thanks for all the tips and concern- seems like it may be a sinus headache. It has rained/stormed here now for 10 straight days! All the damp muggy weather is to blame for how I'm feeling,I think. I'll find some relief somewhere. Maybe I need to stop by the Morrison Sisters again-ha!

48 degrees,Asa? I can only dream!

I am having a good chuckle picturing Ro going out in a blaze of glory as Boo described! Cans of Ensure? LOL

Rev, yes,I'm still in contact with my friend from High School. He is how I found out about the killing- he posted a tribute to his stepson on his FB page. Just such a shame.

Well, I wonder if Spot made it with no A/C? Maybe he'll check in later.

I am off to grab some breakfast & see what I can come up with to make me feel better.
Y'all have a great Wednesday!
possum under a rock

August 25, 2010 - Msg 80483: That's right, PH! Now I remember...the one for Imperial Margarine was the one where the crown appeared on the head of the person who ate it...hahaha.

Possum, the Ensure was the only thing I could think of that is usually hanging around the hospital somewhere.

Tired this morning! Had one of Bruce's nephews in town and he came for dinner and we celebrated MIL's birthday at the same time. Some good eating but I ended up being the one who did everything and I am just beat to the sox. I'm "no spring chicken anymore"!

I have some new Thelma Lou stories for you all but will have to tell them later. We let her out of the back to wander and eat fresh grass in the yard and she is up to her old antics and then some.


August 25, 2010 - Msg 80484: Check this one out, PH:


August 25, 2010 - Msg 80485: Well, that didn't takes you to youtube but not to the video i wanted you to see for Imperial Margarine.


August 25, 2010 - Msg 80486: Well I for one am anxious to hear some new Thelma Lou stories Boo. She sounds like a treasure. Ye, you're right about the Imperial crown, along with the sounding of trumpets, appearing on the persons heads. "Fit for a King" I think was the slogan.
I can't get youtube here at work PH so I'll hsave to wait until this afternoon when I get home to watch your link. It is fun to watch the old commercials. TV Land used to air some of the old retro commercials. I didn't mind them cutting out chunks of TAGS for those. It's like a stroll down memory lane. I wonder if our kids will be saying that in 30 years about the current crop of commercials for Enzyne with smiling Bob or the numerous other ads dealing with "when the moment arises will you be able too?" Sheesh!

MDC I agree. Your coach needs to leave your starting q.b. in there and get some game time under his belt. I can only imagine he is not looking good even in practice so the coach is groping for a quick answer there. Not a good place to be with the season opener just a couple of weeks away. But I really like Wiser. I think he's a good coach. Guess we will see.

Ro, if I could send you some cool air I'd surely do it. It does feel wonderful. Such a nice break from what it's been. But you know me. I'll be whining like a spoiled pup come Jan for warmer weather. I hope your night was better and your problem Mother was not there.

Possum, you stay away from the Morrison's. Ain't no holidays for another week and they make no claims that their elixir is for medicinal purposes. (hiccup)

Well Rev, your hands must be hard. Good thing you take care of things around the house. I do that, but there is gonna come a time (way way down the road) that I ain't gonna be able to do as much. That will be a real struggle for me. I think that is the case with a lot of fellers though.

Maudie, I hope your not walking crooked anymore. Them darn backs can really take it out of you, can't they? Mine has been doing a bit better with the exercises my P.T. gave me. But now that I've said that, watch. I'll be hunched over and whimpering again. I'm just like Aunt Bee. My back goes in and I get c-ocky and then it goes out and I'm no good to anyone for weeks. :)

Well better go see if I can get some work done.

Y'all be blessed and have a great day.


August 25, 2010 - Msg 80487: Nobody will ever want to look back and stroll down memory lane with Bob, Asa. I hate those commercials (I don't want Bruce to get any crazy ideas...I got enough trouble);-)

Well, I promised you a Thelma Lou story. I told you that Bruce let Thelma out to roam on Saturday. Well, my sister in law, Vicki, who is one of those nervous-types anyway, was busy cleaning the windows in one of the front rooms. She turned to pick up her window cleaner and when she turned back to the window, Thelma Lou's face was pressed against the window, looking back at her. Scared her half to death because she wasn't expecting it. Later that evening, Bruce and the kids and I went out and Vicki was home alone. She decided to do some laundry so there she was in the laundry room and she didn't bother to turn on the lights because there was enough light shining in from the kitchen. The back porch light was on and the back door that leads out to the porch from the laundry room has a big window in the top half of it. Well, there was Vicki folding clothes in the dark when she had this creepy feeling that she was being stared at. She turned and there was Thelma Lou right outside that big window, staring at her. Again, almost scared her to death. AND...that same night, Vicki went out into the garage to get a bag out of ice from the freezer and the garage door was up. She opened the door back into the kitchen, which you have to take two steps up from the garage. Well, she left the door open and carried the ice to the kitchen counter, when she turned around, there was Thelma Lou coming through the door. Vicki stopped her when she was half-way in but the donkey was determined and wouldn't budge. Poor Vicki pushed and pushed on her but you know how hard it is to move a donkey. All Vicki could think is, 'Bruce is going to kill me if he comes home and there is a donkey in his kitchen!'...After bribing Thelma with carrots, she was finally able to get her to budge and managed to get her out of the kitchen and the garage.

Better go...working with Sean on his schoolwork..


August 25, 2010 - Msg 80488: Well Good Morning, Everyone! My, I sure have missed this rocker! Good to sit down on the ol' porch again! Nice weather here on my piece of the porch. 70s this morning with a nice, cool, refreshing breeze. Makes you wanna skip life and just sit back and watch the birds fly by. yes sir, it was quite a morning!

Ro - My condolances for what you put up with concerning the patient and her mother. Wow!

Asa - The Chiefs offense is looking sharper, but I am not so sold on the defense yet. Romeo Crennel is our def. coor. but he doesnt have a whole lot to work with. I'll tell ya' though....KC is absolutely fired up and estatic about MNF coming back to Arrowhead! We host the Chargers in the second game of week one.

Maude - I truly hope your back feels better! I have a bad back and I know what it's like to hit your knees in pain or to be curled up on a bed wishing someone would shoot you in the spine to take the pain away. It can be very rough and I hope the best for your healing!

Sorry, I have been away, folks. I am trying to get some gumption up to do more history research and actually sit down to write a book on other history from a couple years back. I am a BAD procrastinator! Bad, bad. Sometimes I get all built up to do it...and other times I feel like "What's the use?" Right now, I have papers all over my desk and the floor of my "office" area and I need to do some sorting. But, again, I just dont have the "umph" to get up and do it. Maybe inspiration will come at some point.

Ok, gang...good to see you all again. I'm gonna see if I cant get back here on a more regular basis. May you all have luck and love and the Lord watch over you and yours. I believe...I believe I'll just go down to Wally's and grab me a bottle of pop. Maybe I'll coax Goober into doing some Cary Grant.

John Masters

August 25, 2010 - Msg 80489:
Boo- ole Blackie would be proud. Want to really creep her out, just say "Donkey? what donkey?" HAHA
A glass of Ensure all around! teehee
Possum, you have to wait til Mohammed's birthday
before you get to visit the Morrison sisters again! ha In today's climate, I'm surprised that line is still in the episode, but it's a great one.
We had our primary yesterday. No big surprises,
but some very close state races. Attorney general republicans only 300 vote difference between em.
One of those "your vote counts" situations!
Great day to all.

August 25, 2010 - Msg 80490:
Judy, Judy, Judy, ha, didnt see ya there John.
Maybe you could print all your papers in GREEN ink! lol

August 25, 2010 - Msg 80491: Asa - could you please dust off my rocker?


August 25, 2010 - Msg 80492: Love the latest adventures of Thelma Lou- poor Vicki! Ha Ha

Welcome back,John Masters! Now, we need Spot to check in.Hope the heat ain't done him in. Last we heard,his A/C was busted. Check in,Spotty!
Labor Day is coming up before Mohammed's birthday, MDC! And the day after Labor Day is Laci's birthday, so I will really be hitting the celebration elixir! Ha!
Gotta scoot- y'all take care!
possum again