August 25, 2010 - Msg 80493: Great to see you Homemaker It's been so long though dusting ain't gonna do it. I'll hit it with the pressure washer. Great to see you.

Possum,I see many headaches in your future. I will make you up that drink concoction that Andy made Otis. I hope you like raw eggs. :)

Boo, I love those Thelma Lou stories. She really sounds like a hoot.

Ro didn't check in this morning. I hope she didn't go off the deep end and find herself a little inarculated. lol

John Masters. We can be cheering for the same side whenever your team or mine is playing the Broncos or the Chargers. Of course those two times a year when we face each other will be a blood letting between us brother. lol

Well lunch is done so back to work for me. This bank don't guard itself you know.


August 25, 2010 - Msg 80494: And allow me to sweep. What a guy.


August 25, 2010 - Msg 80495: Asa 48 degrees would be welcome here...AC man came and he has to order a blower moter will be friday...(sweat)....hey possum,Boo.JM,Rev,Lucy and all...ok to hot to cook...who is taking me out to eat in a COOL resturant....SPOT

August 25, 2010 - Msg 80496:
ASA- you aint much of a night watchman, but you are one
heck of a sweeper! I see that you pressure-washed the whole porch! Those folks in the back corner
never knew what hit 'em! haha
Homemaker-thanks for gracing us with your presence! ha Just jivin with ya. Hope all is well.
Possum, if it gets any hotter here, then there aint a chile pepper i cant eat, ha, because eating them will be like eating a sno-cone! haha
(Hey, and don't ya dare bite off the bottom and suck out all the syrup!! LOL)
BTW- Classmates now has old yearbooks online.
Wonder if the Mayberry Union High is there?
...and when the victory's won
you'll be our favorite son,
Proud waves your banner in
the SKY!
Mayberry Union High!


August 25, 2010 - Msg 80497:
And I meant the heat comment for Spot not Possum, but either one is ok I guess (:.
Spot, sleep in the barn! ha

August 25, 2010 - Msg 80498: Good evening, porch. No, I didn't go off the deep end, at least not yet. That particular patient and her evil mother had been discharged by the time I got to work. I wouldn't have taken her as a patient anyway. We do have some right to choose, so long as it's not making a hardship on other staff. Usually it works out fine, because as a general rule, once a patient or family member has shown their (ahem) with one nurse and had time to think about it, they will be syrupy nice to the next one, just trying to make it appear that the problem wasn't with them but rather with that first nurse. However, in this case it didn't apply, because she had already had big problems with the nurses before me, and her daughter's doctor used words to describe her which wouldn't survive the censor here, and I wouldn't repeat anyway. Poor woman, she must be very unhappy. I can't imagine that she has many, or even any, friends. Sad.

Spotty, I can't imagine being without a/c, although if it was going to happen around here, today would be a good day. It was 73 degrees this morning when I left work, and now at almost 6 p.m., it's only 81. 81 degrees!! And it rained a little. What a wonderful respite this is from the brutal heat we've been having. It's temporary, of course - will be getting hot again - but it surely is nice right now. It would have been a lovely day to work in the yard, but after a 12-hr shift and an hour-long meeting, I was too tired.

After I got home, I changed clothes and took food over to a family my SS class is trying to help. The dad passed away a little while back, the mom is in the hospital with a broken leg, and the late 20-something daughter is alone with her out-of-wedlock son. This girl is well over 300 lbs and doesn't work - says she can't find a job. Well, a haircut, some soap and shampoo and a little gumption might help in that respect. Meantime, her job at home is neglected as well. House is filthy and cluttered, and her explanation is "I just don't know how to keep house." My stars! What is there to know??? Pick up, put up, dust, sweep, wash, etc. Simple enough. Nor does she know how to cook, so she and the little boy survive on junk food. My class decided, once again, to take food to them. I decided I wasn't going to heat up my kitchen and stand on my tired feet to cook for that girl, when she's perfectly able to do it. If she doesn't know how, then learn! So, instead I bought five good-quality frozen dinners for four, (I hope she can figure out how to heat them), some frozen pound cake and some fresh strawberries and took it to her, not so much for her but for that poor little boy. She expressed gratitude and pronounced me "an angel" along with several other syrupy superlatives. Ha! I'm glad she couldn't read my mind.

Boo, I love the Thelma Lou story. What a treasure she is! Every home needs a mischievous donkey, just to keep everyone on their toes. Oh, and we're still waiting for pictures!

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some supper. I had an avocado and some strawberries for lunch, and that's long gone. And yippee, I don't have to go back to work now until next Tuesday! Yay me! Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

August 25, 2010 - Msg 80499:
Howdy porch family

Boo...liked the Thelma story:) Good one

Asa...mam you washed that porch off like never before. But your got my rocker wet and I sit in it:)

Spot....stay cool brother....maybe you need to hook up the camper and sleep out there.

MDC....didn't know you could sing that good.

Ya'll take care and I check back in later.
Love and prayers! Remember.....Jesus loves you!

August 25, 2010 - Msg 80500:
Hey there Ro....didn't see ya sitting there.

August 26, 2010 - Msg 80501: Glad you had a better night, Ro, and that cooler weather sounds like heaven! It was 100 degrees here yesterday, with our usual high humidity so I can't even describe what it was like. We need a break, badly!

Can't rock long this morning. Have to get Erin up and going for school and then comes Sean's schooling. He has been doing so well so far and I am proud of him. I found a new curriculum for him that seems to be working and he likes it.

I will try to stop back on my break later. Ya'll have a good day!


August 26, 2010 - Msg 80502: Good morning, Porchsters! MmmmMMMMM, this is some kinda' good orange juice! It is in the low 60's on my part of the porch, folks. Makes for a nice morning with a good rocker under your backside!

Ro - The young woman sounds like one of those you see on the daytime trash talk shows like Springer or Steve Wilkos. I am thinking she wants everything handed to her and God help her if she gets faced with a real crisis or emergency! The words "common sense" seem to apply here. I agree with your jaw dropped attitude. What is there to know about keeping house? Excuses, excuses. Well, dont get to frazzled over it. Taint' worth it.

REV - Asa completely missed MY rocker! LOL!

SPOT - I'll go outside and try to fan a little cool air your direction.

Asa - Thanks for missing my rocker when you washed the porch. Oh, by the way.....I imagine your beloved Raiders will be firing the same rusty bullets that's in your gun belt. LOL! And your beloved leader, Al Davis, will probably be nodding off like you did in Weaver's! LOL! It's ON!

Well folks, time to get some research done! I'll try to get back up here a little later today. Y'all have a great Thursday and may it be stress free!

John Masters

August 26, 2010 - Msg 80503: Morning all.
Sorry about your wet seat Rev. I tell ya though, when I get started with that pressure washer I can't seem to stop. :)

Glad you had a better night Romeena. Yer jaw muscle needed a reprieve.

Spot, hey buddy, sorry about the a/c problem. I have an office full of angry people because last week when I was in training we had a 5 to condensor unit on an a/c system go out. I couldn't do anything with it until Monday when I got back to work, and the unit is 25 years old and beyond repair so I have ordered a new one. But we have to go through a bid process and that takes time. I know there is one sitting in a warehouse in Kansas City, and I am sure that will be the low bid, but there it sits until all the "procedures" have been complied with. In the mean time I get dirty looks and snide comments everytime I step foot in the building. And it has not even been all that hot as of late. Oh well, such is life. Folks can sure be a PITA sometime though! (huh Ro)

Glad Erin is doing well with his studies Boo. You're a good Ma for the boy. How's Thelma Lou doing today?

MDC, I saw McCain won pretty strongly. I also saw what he spent. Hmmm, what was that McCain Finegold act again? lol

Well better go get going. Another day, another dragon.


August 26, 2010 - Msg 80504: You snuck in on me John. 0Oh don't get me started on Al Davis. The man was something back in the day, but I do believe the game has passed by him. But lets see, we have three Rings to your one. Is that right? Hmmm, Hank Stram was a lot of years ago buddy. hee hee hee.


August 26, 2010 - Msg 80505: Hi All.
This had ben a bad week!
My Siss- dil lost her brother and my brother xwife lost her brother to.
All I git this week is bad new from the family.


August 26, 2010 - Msg 80506: Erin's my daughter, ASA..hahaha. Thelma Lou was honking at me this morning from the back fence. I am going to have to go out there and give her a carrot. Talk about a surprise this morning...the breeze was actually from the North and the humidity was lower...nearly felt like fall. I spent a little time outside with the pups (if you can call them that). They are only about 7 months old but they are getting pretty big, especially Hank. You guys would love Hank. He almost acts like an old hound dog, slow, never gets excited about anything just sort of lumbers around and falls down for a nap most of the time. I love him. The other dog is more excitable and tried to jump up, which I am working on correcting. They are a pair!

Good to see you rocking, JM and great to see TOM this morning, although I am sorry to hear about the tragedy in your family. My prayers for them today.


August 26, 2010 - Msg 80507:
Morning porch family....another day the Lord has made. sorry to hear the news of your family's loss. My prayers are with you all.

Boo...I'm sure I would love Hank.

Gotta get the grass cut and yard cleaned up....see ya'll later!
Love and prayers!

August 26, 2010 - Msg 80508: Good morning, porch! I got a great nine whole hours of sleep, interrupted only once with leg cramps. A spoonful of mustard soon quieted them down, and I was back to sleep in just a few minutes. Very refreshing, and I feel wonderful today. Guess I'll call Eloise and we'll go get some lunch and mouse around in a couple of stores for a while.

Yeah, JM, it's hard to understand why some people are content to just sit on their fannies and let someone else take care of them. I think in this case it's a matter of her drawing the wrong conclusions from what she observed as she was growing up. Her father was actually a sick man for many years, barely able to work now and then, and relied on assistance a lot. Thus the habit of dependency was fostered in the daughter. At least that's my theory. The girl is waaay obese, slovenly in her appearance, and has a perpetual hang-dog facial expression. No wonder she can't find a job. She is raising her mixed-race son, whose father apparently disappeared before the little boy was born. He's a handsome child, and apparently bright, but he's learning the dependency habit. The girl's mother has a defeated attitude as well, and is pretty quick to let the SS class know when they need help. We've pitched in and paid their rent more than once, kept their car from being repossessed, and provided boxes of groceries quite often. This time, the request was for meals, since "I don't know how to cook" and the mom is in the hospital. I don't mind helping out, and would happily have taken some groceries, but I'll be darned if I'm going to sweat over a stove myself, cooking for someone less than half my age and twice my weight, who has no reason beyond laziness for needing the help. So - frozen dinners and some fresh fruit. If she can't figure out how to heat up those dinners, with the directions on the box, then heaven help her. I can't. Actually, some good came from it - it caused me to really examine the choices in frozen dinners, and you know what? The ones I chose for her look pretty good! Next time I buy them, they'll be for me! I bought the kind with lots of veggies in them. I wonder if she'll even bother to heat them up - she doesn't look like a person who is partial to veggies. Oh well. That's her problem.

Tom, I'm sorry to hear about the losses in your family. Life does get difficult sometimes, doesn't it? Glad you're back - we've missed you.

It's 75 degrees right now, at nearly 10 a.m. Looks like another pleasant day. Maybe I'll get the pond filters cleaned. They've been needing it for days, but it's been so brutally hot, and with working two nights in a row, I just haven't gotten it done. My little "spitting fish" has kept up his stream, so there is aeration at least. Eloise did a good thing when she got him for me.

Well, guess I'd better go feed little Toye Starr. She has soft-pawed my ankle several times now, which means "I'm hungry, Mom. Leave that little box and come and feed me." Sweet little old baby. Amazing how much you can love a little creature like that. Right, REV?

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 26, 2010 - Msg 80509: Sorry Boo. I meant Sean but it came out Erin. Look, you was a boy when you first started posting here so I have an excuse for being confused. :) (jk, it was early when I posted)

Tom, so sorry for the losses in your family. It has been a rough week for you friend. Stay strong. You're in my prayers.

Next Romeena will be sayin "what's wrong with tv dinners? I like em!" And Boo will say "no you don't!" Maybe somebody will come out with a leg of lamb tv dinner that will make everyone happy.

Maudie, you still walking crooked?

HM, Now I cleaned your rocker. You better be using it.


August 26, 2010 - Msg 80510: Hey gang "The Man" is on his way to fix my AC....whew.back when im about COLD cut samdwiches for lunch...SPOT

August 26, 2010 - Msg 80511:
RO- a spoonful of mustard for leg cramps? reallY?

August 26, 2010 - Msg 80512:
Asa- don't get me started about McCain!
I'll restrain myself here. (grrrr) (:
AZ voters were pretty dumb this time around.
All I'll say is that I did my "democratic duty"
but as barn would say... haha
ASA- btw, did you get the "official verification" for the new AC unit?? ha
TOM- so sorry about your family losses. My prayers and condolences.
Take care all,

August 26, 2010 - Msg 80513: Oh yes, REV, one look into those sweet eyes and you would love Hank. :-)

Oh no, now you've done it, ASA...John Masters is going to think I had a s#x change!...Funny comment about Ro and me! I can just see that in my mind.


August 26, 2010 - Msg 80514: LOLOL! Naw, Boo....I think I got it under control! LOL! Although, it's a funny thought! is a sight to see!!

You know, Boo...I been a thinkin'....I think you oughta' have one of those big "Erin and friends" parties for us Porchsters! We could have the whole porch and even Mr. Schwump!


BTW, folks....I brought ya' up two honkin' big pitchers of sweet tea. Help yourself and fill em' up!

August 26, 2010 - Msg 80515: And y'all accuse ME of being in the elixir! Geesh!

Y'all have really got the genders mixed up here- I even noticed where Rev called Asa "mam" ( msg 80499)- LOL

And there goes MDC getting me & spot mixed up!
Spot= boy dog
Possum= girl o' possum

Ha Ha!
But.. Asa is right Boo! You sure did start out here as a boy/man/male! hee hee

Wonder if Maude is feeling any better? (She's a girl, BTW!)

Hope you get your A/C fixed soon, Spot!

Sorry to hear of your family troubles, Tom.God Bless.

possum under a rock

August 26, 2010 - Msg 80516:
'Possum- So what do you call a Barney in a wedding dress!? LOL haha
(never mind, I'd rather NOT know!) teehee
Just kiddin wit ya all.
Or as briscoe would say, "yer words say no, but yer eyes say yes. (:

August 26, 2010 - Msg 80517: dern squeezins, always good fer 'leven hatfuls

August 26, 2010 - Msg 80518: Well JM, lets just say I dropped in and started posting right away 7 or 8 years ago, before I knew just how things worked, and I pretended to be a man...I fixed that pretty quick. Sure had some folks confused, though.

Barney in a wedding dress...haha...loved his response to Earnest T: "I wouldn't marry you if you were the last man on earth!".

Been a pretty good day except for taking Dad to the vet (well, his weinie dog, that is). She had to have a dental check-up because the dog has the breath of the walking dead. It was pretty funny because I realized as I was listening to the vet, that dad and the dog have alot in common. Both are old, missing some teeth and in mild congestive heart wonder they are soul mates. hehe...Dad loves that old dog, that's for sure. We are going to have to take her back in a week or so to have her under anesthesia to have some teeth worked on and it is risky for her. I certainly hope all goes well, for Dad's sake. I thought I was going to have to bury Dad the last time he lost a dog companion.

Better get some more chores done...the laundry awaits!


August 26, 2010 - Msg 80519: Good evening, porch. To whom it may concern - I have met Boo, and she definitely ain't a boy. You can believe me, 'cause I'm a nurse!

Boo, I'm sorry for your dad and his concerns for his beloved old dog. We do get attached to them, don't we? Little Sugarplum had to have her teeth cleaned about once a year, and always under sedation. You hate to do it, but if you don't, the teeth can get abscessed and lead to all sorts of problems, even death, so you have to weigh one risk against the other. If your dad's dog needs some teeth worked on as well as cleaned, then there's really no choice but to do it. The Plum built tartar badly, but so far, Toye Starr's tiny teeth are pristine. I hope they stay that way.

Please offer a prayer for Eloise's husband, Jerry. He's having a pacemaker installed tomorrow morning. I'll be up at the hospital with Eloise by 7 a.m. Jerry is very anxious about the procedure, and Eloise is worried too, I know. It should go well, but still, we'll all be glad when it's over and successfully completed.

I should have stayed home today, instead of going shopping with Eloise. We went to Tuesday Morning, which is one of those last-chance outlet stores, where you can sometimes find serious bargains, or something that's hard to locate. What I found was more Annalee dolls. Drat! They are so cute, I just can't resist them. I have forced myself not to buy any that are generic, I only buy holiday-themed ones. Mostly Christmas, but I have some Easter dolls, and a few Halloween. Now Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, but these little dolls are so cute, and make such a light-hearted statement that I couldn't resist. They poke fun at the spooky side of Halloween. I also got some absolutely adorable Christmas figures - a couple of elves, some snowmen, reindeer, and a Mrs. Santa. If you don't know what Annalee dolls are, just Google the name, and you'll find all sorts of links. The charming thing about them is that their faces are hand-drawn, and while some are very similar, no two are completely alike. There's always some little variation. I don't buy two of the same expression, but I do try to choose the one with the face I like best. If you do Google them, and check some of them out, please be aware that I paid waaaay less than the price that you'll see listed, usually about 1/4 to 1/3 of the price. Tuesday Morning is a cool store!

Well, guess I'll go hunt up some supper. I've got an avocado and some leftovers from last night. Not too shabby. Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

August 26, 2010 - Msg 80520: If I don't use it Asa - whatcha gonna do??? Ha Ha By the way - when you pressure washed it. . .you stripped off the paint. Now I bet you expect me tor repaint it. Well - I just might and if I do, I will repaint yours too.

toodles. . . .


August 26, 2010 - Msg 80521: I don't want to bring everyone down tonight but I need to talk. I am having a tough time dealing with my parents (Dad especially) getting closer to the end of life. I have expressed some of it before and you all have been so gracious to encourage and pray because many of you know what I am going through. I just feel so grieved sometimes. I was on the phone with my dad tonight and he must have told me five times that he loved me...he will say, "I love you more than you will ever know" and I love him so much, too and it really hurts sometimes. Life is so hard when you have to lose people you love and he seems to be going downhill so fast. I know its just a fact of life but I hate it. If I knew he was ready to go and meet his maker, I would have some peace about it but when I hear him say that he wants nothing to do with the Jesus that I love, I am grieved. Those of you who are Christians will understand, I think. Please remember my dad when you pray today. Surely it isn't too late for him...I wish I knew that.


August 26, 2010 - Msg 80522:
Hello porch family....Got the yard all cleaned up. Sure was hot out there.

Yes mam Ms. Possum....I know that Asa is not a "mam". It's called not being able to hit the right key. Was supose to be "man" not mam:) got it right....they just steal your heart away. My little Jake is sleeping in my lap right now.

You all have a good night!
Love and prayers

August 26, 2010 - Msg 80523: Regarding the 300 plus woman who needs help, I'm so thankful that I just can't seem to be judgmental about her. My family's always called me kind of naive, but that's just the way I am. Ro's comment "...she doesn't look like a person who is partial to veggies", I guess I don't see people like that. If someone needs help, I try to help them, with no judging. Yes, they could help themselves more, but how do we know until we've walked in their shoes. People stare and laugh and judge overweight people; that's a burden I wouldn't want to tote around all day, knowing that people thought that about me. Yes, she could maybe go out and get a job, but how do I know what kind of job she's tried to find or tried to do, and thank God, it's not my place to judge. Again, as Barney would say, I'm probably "nave". I've always danced to the beat of a different drummer anyway, so I guess I think differently about stuff like that.

Asa, are you still waiting for the "official verification" on that air conditioning?

Later taters, it reached 105 here today, and I better go out and water something.

- Hazel

August 27, 2010 - Msg 80524:
Wow, boo and hazel, two "heavy" postings.
Boo- I can really say that "I know how you feel, because ever since my dad's pneumonia, he hasnt really been 100%, and I see the same in him.
My prayers are with you and your dad tonight! God bless you.
HAZEL, I hear you too! A while back a man asked
me for some cash, and i begrudgingly game him some mumbling under my breath about how hard i work and that I hope he was looking for a job...well, I was convicted on the spot! I know that you arent necessarily religious, but for me,
I got a big dose of "the Lord loves a CHEERFUL giver!" Ever since then I just give without question knowing that the Lord knows the situation about a 1000 times better than I do! (:
Nite all, love ya,

August 27, 2010 - Msg 80525: Thank you for those prayers, MDC and so right..."The Lord loves a Cheerful giver". I was just reading that verse on Sunday and thinking about it. Its all about the state of the heart when we give. You have probably heard this before but my study bible says the word "cheerful" is is translated from a Greek word that means "hilarious". Don't you just love that? ha...ideally, we should be so moved by love that giving gives us that much joy. Of course, circumstances someimes make us less than hilarious, as in Ro's case, and to her defense, I think Ro had been dealing with a very difficult situation at work and that probably effected her attitude that day. She does many good deeds and that is the first time I have ever heard her say something like that about someone she was helping.

Hazel, if walking to the beat of a different drummer means being compassionate and understanding, well, that's a real good thing. I remember times in the past when you helped others even when it was a big sacrifice to you.

Better finish up the coffee and get things going.


August 27, 2010 - Msg 80526: PS-I am feeling better today. I think getting a good sleep helped clear my head and make me feel emotionally stronger. Thanks for those prayers. I will face what life brings, by God's grace and I am thankful.


August 27, 2010 - Msg 80527: Boo - I am so sorry for the separation you are beginning to feel with your mom and dad. My parents are around the same age (maybe older) so I do understand.

My boys transferred to a different school this year so they catch the bus at my mom and dad's. This has lifted their spirits tremendously. They get to see the boys almost daily. It gives them something to look forward to.

I am out to buy paint for Asa's and mine's chairs - what color do you think????


August 27, 2010 - Msg 80528: How about baby poop yellow? ;-)

Thanks for the encouragement, HM. I'm glad your parents get to see the boys daily. I am sure that does them a world of good.


August 27, 2010 - Msg 80529: Morning all.
Hey HM, What ever color you choose will be fine with me dear. (as long as it ain't meatball colored) Good to have you back posting.

Boo, I am so sorry for what you are facing with your Dad. I went through this a few years back as you may remember, and was really dreading it. I so did not want to be there in the room at the end. (very selfish of me) And without going into great detail, because of what I feel was a very sacred and special thing, I was right there with him, in a very special way as he drew his last breath. The thing I had been dreading turned out to be a great blessing as I was with him. I knew he was out of his pain and suffering, and was reunited with my Mom and others who had passed on. Other people who were in the room and saw this all had tears in their eyes. Not tears of sadness but tears of joy. We all felt a very close spiritual confirmation that all was well. It's hard to put into words Boo, but your faith will carry you through. I don't know all the particulars about your Dad and his thoughts concerning God, but try not to stress to much about it. All I can tell you is it's never too late. Your family is in my prayers during this difficult time Boo.

Hazel, no confirmation yet on the a/c. I wish they would. These folks are getting hostile with me. I'm starting to believe them myself about how rotten I am. And here just when I thought I was something. Sheesh! And don't be to harsh on Ro. As Boo said, she had a tough week. And those of us who regularly attend or are members of congregations become aware of some folks who will take advantage of charitable situations. Certainly we try to give, and do so without judgement. But when you have situations where it is being abused, it will cause some problems. If those contributions are squandered folks who are giving get upset. The idea of give a man a fish and you've fed him a meal, teach him to fish and you have fed him for life comes into play here. At least thats my 2 cents.

MDC I am hearing a lot of catter about Linehert getting dumped before the season starts even? The Cards maybe looking for a Veteran qb. You hear anything like that?

Ro, prayers for Jerry as he has his pacemaker done today. I pray it will go smoothly.

Well it's Friday and not a minute too soon. If I can get through the day without getting eggs chucked at me it will be good.:)


August 27, 2010 - Msg 80530: Thank you for those very comforting words, Asa. They were just what I needed. :-)


August 27, 2010 - Msg 80531: morning porch, just stopping in for a minute this am. trying to catch up at work today.

missed work altogether Thursday as we had Beth at the ER at 5 am. She woke us up right before 5 complaining with extreme pain on her lower right side and was cold and clammy and very pale. I thought it might of been her appendix but turned out to be a kidney stone. They did blood work and at CT scan and found a kidney stone, pretty much sent her home (finally) with pain meds and something for nausea. She finally passed the stone sometime yesterday evening and wanted to go to school today so that's where she is. Hopefully she will call me if she needs to come home.

My back is still not up to par and certain movements are very painful, standing up from a sitting postion or rolling over and getting out of bed but other than that I am okay!

better get to work. breakfast will have to be
sausage biscuits, hashrounds and fruit today. coffee, tea and juice to drink

Have a blessed day.

Big Maude

August 27, 2010 - Msg 80532: Poor Beth! Must have been scary.

Hope you back gets better, maude.


August 27, 2010 - Msg 80533: Hi All.
Thing are going crazy this week everyone want to fight all the time.
I thing about running away to mayberry for some r r and the family fight it out.


Friendship come in many forms
And grows as time goes by.
It's never from"coincidence",
But from a place on high.
It's God who causes paths to cross,
And He who builds the bridge.
It reaches clear across the earth;
No mountain is too big.
Those special friendships we all know
Were seasoned with a plan,
Formed and gathered by His grace,
And safe within God's hand.


August 27, 2010 - Msg 80534:
Boo- how'd you get THAT past the censor? haha
And I was not putting Ro down by my comment,
didnt mean it that way at all. Heaven knows I was
not trying to do any moulages!
ASA- I dont know about "catter" but there has been some cHatter! haha Maybe up there in Utah
ya all have a bunch of catter all the time, maybe catter is the high point of summer! lol OK, i guess I milked that one for all it's worth!
But yes, his contract jumps him to 15 mil next year,and the cards arent ready to spend that on a guy who hasnt learned a thing from 5 years under Warner's tutaledge.
TOM- This is the place ,you bet. And thanks for those great words of wisdom.
Maudie- sounds like a compressed disk, my prayers for you. My chiro uses a laser and it does wonders.
Well, have a good day, prayers,

August 27, 2010 - Msg 80535: Good morning to my extended family! My, my...such heaviness on the porch today.

Boo - I am right there with ya'! My mom is 73, my father is 81, my g'ma is 89 and I am gritting my teeth at the passage of life. I have seen diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Parkinson's and Crohn's diesease take close members of my family. And even though you know they are out of their pain and misery, it doesnt get easier. I guess the best I can tell you is that you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings. Be it old age or life threatening problems, you feel your life pass you by and you fall back into your youth and when everyone was around and healthy. Fall into God and find your peace wherever you can find it. Dont be afraid or guilty to laugh when you can or smile throughout the sadness. It can be your friend when no one is around and it will see you through your rough spots. Take those deep breaths and look inside yourself for strength. God and Jesus can be your strength, but, as the saying goes, you cant be right for someone else, if you're not right for yourself. And remember....they wouldnt want you to grieve for them. They want you to live your life and accomplish all that you can. Parents know they will be outlived and they wouldnt want you to put on the brakes for them. Find your peace and happiness where you can and, if the tears fall, let them....let them drain empty so you can relieve your heart.

Maude - My sincerest of sympathy to Beth. I have been through kidney stones not once, not twice, but thrice! I have been in so much pain that I slammed a phone down once trying to call for help and I busted the phone. I have been dehydrated and in the hospital from it, so I know, I know the pain. May she never have another! As I have said to you before, pay attention to that back and what it tells you. I have back problems too and know what that's like as well. My prayers to your healing and I hope for your well being for the future!

Ro - I dont know this Jerry you talked about, but a big thumbs up for his surgery and his recovery!

Happy Friday to you all and I hope throughout the weekend happiness is spread throughout the porch!

Now....what's for lunch?! LOL!

John Masters

August 27, 2010 - Msg 80536:
Hello porch family.....stopping by to see who wants a glass of fresh lemonade?

A lot of prayer needs here today. Praying for all these as I post this.

Going to a football game tonight with my sweet wife and our daughter. Will check in later.
Love and prayers!

August 27, 2010 - Msg 80537: Thanks for that sweet advice, JM. I had a good cry today. One of my best friends lost his wife to a lung disease 4 years ago and he just finished a book about their journey. He gave me the rough draft to read on Sunday and I just finished it. It was truely beautiful but also very sad at points. The account of the end of Linda's life was so painful to read about but maybe it gave me the excuse to cry that I was needing. I think I am going to have to put my pillow in the dryer before tonight! How I love my friend and now that I know the details of his devotion to God and his dear wife, I am so proud of him and so thankful to a loving God who never leaves us. We prayed for them both here on the porch when they were going through the worst of it. I am going to post something from the book that he wrote in one of his darkest hours, when it looked like Linda's fight was nearly over (and she certainly gave new meaning to the word "fight"). He talks about how someone's prayer helped him through it. It could of been the prayer of one of my porch friends, who knows but God?:
"I have struggled to find another way of communicating my sorrow, pain and loneliness that exceeds man's feeble attempt to express. The emotions run together in a twisting, squirming roller coaster that spirals out of control into the deepest part of my soul.
They wrestle in an undending battle for my attention through my consciousness and just when it seems one is on top and can overpower the others, they all tumble out of control.
Crashing in the pit of my stomach they rise and fall over and over again until my wits are challenged just to breathe. Sometimes reasoning is unattainable and the simplest task seems impossible.
The fluttering wings of the emotions can be felt in my heart and the darkness can't cover the ugliness residing inside.
What possible purpose does this never ending torture have? What possible profit is all of this? Why the maddening life?
Wait..What is that?...A flicker of light? I can't make it out but it beckons. I approach with caution for fatigue has clouded my judgment. What if it's more pain, sorrow and loneliness disguised as hope?
I can feel the warmth now as the flicker has grown into a blaze. Still not sure what it means or how it will influence me. Then before I can completely comprehend, it engulfs my spirit.
The darkness is blasted out by the brilliant light of the hugest bonfire bright as the sun over the earth. The heat singes the wings of despair and all its attendants and they fall to the bottomless pit with no power over me.
Appreciation, grattitude, humility and peace are abundantly multiplied by Love.
I sit back and drink in the newly found peace and realize I am blessed by a merciful God who loves me and has always wanted and always will want the best for me.
I had allowed all those terrible ugly emotions to spring up from a willingness to enjoy pity. who am I to allow pity when God paid such a price?
How did such a miracle of relief find me when I was so lost to reason?
What was that flicker of light, I ask God?
In the simplest purest form of communicating he makes me understand that it was a caring person's prayer that He would use to console me.
Someone unidentified to me had asked the Creator of the universe that He come and comfort me. Humbly I bow, asking forgiveness. How could I forget?
God just says, "trust in me", "never let love and faithfulness leave you". Love that surpasses understanding. "~Keith Lawrence.

Remember, the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. :-)


PS-thank you for your prayers today.

August 27, 2010 - Msg 80538: Good afternoon, porch. Boo, that's absolutely beautiful. I'm sure many of us here can identify with Keith's words. I certainly can. I lived in that dark place for several years, as I lost first Dale, then my mom, then a grandson, then my dad. Losing them was out of my control, but actually giving them up took a lot longer. I'm not sure just when my "flicker of light" came, or when I became aware of it, but it did come, and thanks be to God, I now live in the light once again. I'm so happy to know that Keith is finally there, too.

Hazel, I'm so sorry that I came across as being "judgmental" in your eyes. I appreciate Boo and Asa trying to cut me some slack, but I really can't blame my attitude on a tough week. Asa was very close to the truth when he mentioned the effect that a history with some people can have on your viewpoint. Being about 40 pounds overweight myself, I have no room to "judge" this girl for her size, and I don't, because it's just a matter of degree. Yes, I can see where my mention of her weight sounded harsh and judgmental. Perhaps I should provide a bit of the backstory. I cannot help but have an opinion, when she has in the past issued instructions to those who were to bring food, explaining that she doesn't "care for" veggies, but loves pasta. We have been helping these people for about six or seven years now, and nothing has changed. I have personally taken food over there many times, as has everyone in the class, except two little ailing sisters who need help themselves, and even they have done what they can. In this most recent case, the girl specifically requested that people not bring groceries, but to bring already-cooked meals instead, because "I don't know how to cook." As for not having a job, I don't expect her to lose 150 pounds in a week, but she could wash her hair, put on a clean shirt and a smile and find something - anything! Someone from the church gave her a job a while back, and ended up having to let her go because she was habitually late, wore dirty clothes, expected to be allowed to leave early or have a day off whenever she wanted one, and was lazy on the job. When I delivered the bags of frozen meals the other day, she stood on the porch and let me lug the bags in out of the car, and as she took them from me at the door, she told me she would invite me in for a cold drink, but "the house is too messy, and with mom in the hospital, there's no one to clean it up." Then as I was getting back in the car, she yelled, "Oh, and thanks! You girls are just my angels." But perhaps you're right, Hazel. Since I can't seem to find it in my heart to "help her without judging", maybe it would be better if I just left her alone, and let her learn to shift for herself. After all, Jesus forgave the adulterous women for her sins, but followed it up, in essence, with "Now go home and clean up your act!"

Jerry is doing beautifully. I stayed with Eloise all morning, until he was safely back in his room. Of course her daughters were there as well, (one is my DIL) and a couple of other friends. His pacer is working just fine, and he says he already feels much better, has more energy than he's had in weeks. So, prayers were answered. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 27, 2010 - Msg 80539: Boo - Glad I could help!

Ro - Wonderful news about Jerry!

Hey everyone, I think y'all need a little "pick me up"! Tonight for treats....SONIC Sundaes and Route 44 drinks on me!

Here in KC, it is 79*, sunny and not a cloud to be found. Remember folks, sometimes,it's just the little things!

Have a great night, folks. Whoever gets a chocolate sundae, get some extra chocolate for me!


August 27, 2010 - Msg 80540: Yay! So glad Jerry did so well. :-)

I like that comment, JM, "sometimes its just the little things"...good reminder. Speaking of little things, I guess this will be date night for Bruce and me and we will probably be keeping it cheap. We are trying to have a date night each week since SIL is living here and I don't want to spend a fortune each time we go out. Last time we ate at a chicken place but it was really good and then took a drive in the country. Tonight..who knows but i am wearing my shorts and flip-flops. I might put on some make-up and some dangly earrings. :-)

Guess what, Ro?? Bruce ordered new hearing aids this week! I can't wait for him to get them...I am very excited. They are some really good, strong digital ones that should make a big difference. It is several thousand dollars well-spent.

I have known people like the girl you are talking about Ro. Hard to know just what to do to help them. Kinda sounds like she might be a product of really bad parenting.

Better go get a shower and get ready.


August 27, 2010 - Msg 80541: Really, Boo? That's great news! I'm guessing you're going to see a new Bruce before long, when he can actually hear what's going on around him. As you said, money well spent.

I think you've assessed the situation correctly. The girl is a full-grown adult, with a son about eight years old, and she doesn't even dream that people might wonder about her, when she announces that she doesn't know how to cook or clean a house. Her father always projected a sort of "poor me" attitude, and the church was always helping them out before he passed. Her mom was always just, well, quiet. Now she just seems sort of clueless, helpless and dependent. I'm sure they're on whatever social aid is available, but apparently it's not enough, because the church continues to help, especially our class. I really don't think the girl sees a problem with the way they live. I believe she's just following the lifestyle she learned from her parents. Maybe we're only compounding the problem with our attempts to help them - enabling them, maybe. I know I'd feel a lot better about it if I could only see even a little effort on her part to help herself, but it's just not there. It seems like the more we give, the more they seem to need. Oh well. I guess it's true that you can't help someone who will not help himself, or in this case, herself. I think, however, that the next time the "help me" call comes, I'll just send the money to the missionary in Mongolia instead.

Have fun on your date night. That last date sounded like something Dale and I would have done. I love those drives in the country! You're smart, dressing very casually, so that Bruce won't be tempted to turn it into a more expensive date. Good thinking.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 27, 2010 - Msg 80542: I actually did not mean my words to sound harsh, Ro, and I apologize. Sometimes my fingers get to typing my thoughts and I really don't stop to think how it might sound. Again, sorry.
- Hazel

August 28, 2010 - Msg 80543: I loved your post to Boo, John Masters. It was very moving and heartfelt.
I can't imagine my mom and dad not being around, or even going downhill healthwise, as it seems my family is and has always been pretty long-lived and pretty durned healthy. Though I see the age creeping up on them now, and I wonder how I would handle their passing on.
But from what I read of how you are handling your situation, I think you will do just fine, and are also a model to me and probably others, for handling something so painful and mysterious, with the grace in our heart that the Lord provides us.

Sorry for your troubles, Tom. I know what you mean about running away to Mayberry. I think we all wish we could do that at one time or another.
I wish I lived in Mayberry right now. Then I wouldn't be having this school trouble with my wife because there would be only one school and would only have to contend with old lady Crump. :)

Have a good night!

-Sterling Holobyte

August 28, 2010 - Msg 80544: Sorry, Boo, that part of "handling your situation" was directed at only you initially, but it looks like John Masters has a good handle on things as well, so it may as well be for both of you.
My prayers for you both, and your parents.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 28, 2010 - Msg 80545: Thanks, Ro. We ended up eating the dinner special at my favorite little diner in Aransas Pass...up the road from the ferry to Port Aransas. It is the coolest old cafe..been there since 1927 and still mucht the same. I had a really good meal of mesquite grilled chicken, baked potato, corn and a salad. With drinks and all the total bill for us both was only 20.00. We were pretty tired so we just came home and went to bed after. We had a nice visit at the cafe, though and had some laughs. Bruce is one of those guys who isn't a big talker and with his hearing loss it seems we seldom communicate at home so going out is important.

You know, Ro, that situation with the family at church sounds like Bruce's sister in alot of ways. I can remember her and her husband making terrible financial decisions, even taking money that didn't belong to them and they always expected family to bail them out. They took and took and still had that "give me" attitude. Their lives were a mess, the house was deplorable..falling down around their ears, literally holes in the floor, bugs crawling on you when you sat on their couch, absolute filth and stench and none of them was disabled. They had three kids who were perfectly capable of pitching in but nothing got done. Bruce wouldn't take me over there the first few years we were together because the smell was so bad you couldn't stand to be in the house. Seems like they didn't care, though. Anyway, that is the same sister that is living with us now after her husband left her for another woman. She got addicted to pills and went downhill for 4 years. Finally she hit bottom, got off the pills and was in her right mind again after moving in with us. She had nowhere else to go but the streets. Her kids would have nothing else to do with her. It is interesting so see what happened when she started living here. Let me say that she is not the brightest person but does have a childlikeness about her that is endearing and she has been trying hard. She is finding out that the lies her ex had been telling her all these years are lies. She is seeing what it is to live in a normal family, with chores and responsibilty and a clean enviroment and it has done wonders for her. She starts at the local community college on Monday. Texas Rehab services is paying for her education, new hear aides and even giving her gas money to get to and from school. She still has some issues but the change has been pretty amazing. So I guess being in a different environment in which some self-discipline is required can do wonders. She is not exactly a go-getter and i worry about how she will do with her classes but for now, things are going pretty well.

Hazel, I didn't really think your words sounded harsh, just expressing your opinion.

Thank you for those kind words, Sterling, and hopefully I can be an encouragement to you as your folks age (as many on this porch have been to me). Lots of combined experience and wisdom here on the porch, isn't there?

Better get going..


August 28, 2010 - Msg 80546: Good morning, porch! It's only 82 here at 11:20, so I'm about to make a "pond expedition" and see how much I can get done out there before it gets too hot.

Hazel, you had every right to express your opinion, and as I read back over my little hissyfit about the girl to whom I took the food, I can easily see why it came across to you as judgmental. The comment alluding to her weight was uncalled for. Even though I didn't mean it quite like it sounded, it was still unkind. However, my assessment of her as being lazy and having a "give me" attitude still holds, and that's an objective opinion, based on what I've seen her do or not do. She uses her son as a prybar, to get people to help her. "I don't care for myself whether there's food in the house, but there's Johnny (not his name) to consider." Sooo - we keep helping, or enabling actually. Anyway, no apology needed. I asked for it, with the comments about her weight. As for the rest of it, I'm just relating the facts, ma'am!

Just talked to Eloise, Jerry's pacer is firing about 94% of the time, so I guess we could say he needed it! His heart was just not keeping up, most of the time. My own pacer only fires about 5% of the time, which is very little. Sure is nice not to have my heart rate drop down to 38 anymore, though. As tunnel vision sets in, you wonder if it's going to pick back up or not. It always did, but as the doctor said - one day it might not. Thus, the pacer. Medical technology is a wonderful thing, as Jerry is finding out. He can't believe how good he feels already.

Well, I'm off to clean the pond filters. It will soon be too hot to be out there. It's already up to 86, just in the few minutes I've been at this keyboard. Be blessed, friends! --Romeena

August 28, 2010 - Msg 80547: MOrning porch, hope everyone is having a good week end.

Apparently Beth did not pass her kidney stone as we had thought. She started having pain again yesterday afternoon and has been having a hard time since. NOt sure how long it takes to pass these things but I surely wish it would move on.

Her pain meds make her very sleepy but I guess it is good for her to just sleep rather than be awake and deal with the pain.

Will keep you posted. Thanks for your prayers.
Big Maude