August 28, 2010 - Msg 80548: Afternoon gang!..weell im off today and got to get busy in the yard..hey JM,Boo,Possum,Rev...good looking day here in ga...I will try to catch up on the archives tonight...Maude you made lunch yet?...if not lets have ham and cheese sndwiches...slaw, pickels and tea....will have a big grill out yall just eat one....SPOT

August 28, 2010 - Msg 80549: "and away we go!"...SPOT

August 28, 2010 - Msg 80550: I don't think Maude was up to making lunch, Spot.She's got a bad back and a daughter suffering with kidney stones. Prayers, Maude!
If I was Maudie, I'd tell you to "make yer own danged lunch"- ha ha! But.. I see that you did, so that's a good dawg! You even swept!
How about we take this group out to Morielli's tonight, Spot? If you'll pick 'em up, I'll pay the tab- how's that?
See y'all at Morielli's!
possum under a rock

August 28, 2010 - Msg 80551: Hey, porch. Maudie, it's hard to say how long it will take Beth to get rid of that stone - the time varies greatly from patient to patient. Once it finally makes it through the ureter and drops into the bladder, the pain will probably disappear. From there, the passage outside the bladder often goes unnoticed, unless you're straining her urine, and it will take an extremely fine strainer to catch it, like one with an outlet made of cloth, not wire.

Sure am glad I got the pond tended to this morning. It's now 96 degrees out there, and so humid you think your fingernails are going to sweat. I am so looking forward to what passes for fall around here. The only things blooming are some periwinkles, lantana, pentas, moss rose, and one diehard rosebush. Even the knockout roses have quit - not just mine, but all over town. They just look exhausted. Oh, the chive is blooming! I planted a couple of little slips of chive several years ago, just to snip for baked potatoes and such, and it has spread and taken over one end of the bed it's in! It's about 18" tall, and the bloom stalks are nearly three feet tall. I never even knew chive bloomed, until this stuff started doing it. The blooms are not especially pretty, just little balls of tiny white flowers, but at least they add a little interest. I've got crape myrtle all over the place, but it's blooming so feebly that it might as well save its energy. I'm tempted to drench the trees' roots with Super Bloom, though I prefer to keep things all-organic out there.

I had fun watching a squirrel this afternoon. I have a goldfinch feeder out back, one of those wire-mesh tubes, with a perch surrounding the bottom and a roof that slides up on a length of cable, to allow me to fill the tube. The squirrel has figured out that he can push the roof up with his head, wiggle the upper part of his body over the rim and drop down into the feeder, with the lower part of him still hanging outside, and the roof resting on his back. From that position, he has eaten about half the seed in the tube, the little rascal. I declare, squirrels are the most determined, ingenious little critters I've ever seen. I just love to watch them figure things out and triumph over the obstacles. He's welcome to the seed. A little flock of goldfinches came through a few weeks ago, ate some of it and then moved on. If the squirrel wants that stale seed, so be it.

Well, speaking of feeding critters, there is a small critter sitting behind my chair, staring a hole through my back, waiting for me to feed her. Guess I'll answer her request. Gotta love her! Blessings, porch. --Romeena

August 28, 2010 - Msg 80552:
Hey Folks

The cooler nights have started to show up here. Dropping into the lower 40's is such a treat. I love it.

Maude-Prayers have been offered.

Romeena-Thanks for the mosque discussion, lots-O-fun.

We finally got a digital camera and we put it to good use at Letchworth State Park today. It is one of my favorite places in the whole world, just beautiful. And, it's right in my backyard. It's how I see New York, no asphalt or sky crappers. I'll send a couple of pictures to Romeena.

Here's a question, is Glenn Beck playing with a full deck? Hey a rhyme! I next to never watch his show but I stopped on it while clicking around the other night and, I don't know, there is something funny about him. Not the funny ha-ha type of funny.


August 28, 2010 - Msg 80553:
oops!! No need to put your helmets on. I meant skyscrapers. Yikes! Although, that does remind me of one of my college Professors, he'd quite often use an analogy about what would happen if pigs could fly.

Sorry about turning the Porch from a "G" to a "PG" rating.


August 28, 2010 - Msg 80554:
Hello porch family....leaving out early in the morning for my ship reunion. Will be back on Wednesday so may not get to check in much.

Love and prayers for all my porch family!

August 29, 2010 - Msg 80555: Have fun, REV. What a neat thing! Memories.... --Romeena

August 29, 2010 - Msg 80556: Oh, my goodness. A friend and I are going out to Roanoke this afternoon, to attend a 25th wedding anniversary party, for the CHILDREN of some of our other friends. Of course, some of my own kids have been married that long, and I accept that easily, but the children of my friends should still be teenagers! I suppose that's because they were teenagers the last time I saw them. Time sure does fly by.

Beautiful day here, hot as usual. Tacky-looking, molting birds are walking around with their beaks open, trying to cool off. There are several big butterflies enjoying what's left of my flowers, and as a sure sign of hot weather, there are several dragonflies around the pond. There's always at least one big velvety orange one with those gorgeous copper-lace wings. Sometimes a big blue one comes in - it's very pretty too, but my favorite is the orange one. Ha! I just turned on the water that fills the birdbath, and boy, has it drawn a crowd. One grackle has practically turned on his back to roll in it! Poor things, maybe it will help them cool off a little. You know, I just noticed that the verbena I planted here and there is doing well. Maybe net spring I'll do a bit more with it. It's still blooming, and just about everything else has given up. Verbena is one of those plants that's not very far removed from the original wild plant, so maybe that explains it. Our little over-cultivated pansies and petunias and such just aren't that hardy. Compare a nursery-bought verbena with one out in a field somewhere, though, and there's really not much difference. Tough little plants!

Well, got to go pick up my friend, and head for the anniversary. Should be fun, will see a lot of old friends there. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

August 29, 2010 - Msg 80557: Uh,that's "next spring", but you knew that. --Romeena

August 29, 2010 - Msg 80558: Good Sunday evening porch! just checking by before I hurt the ironing board for the night.

It's been a looong week end at my house this week end. Beth is doing better today, hasn't had any pain at all so she has not needed her pain meds. She wants to go to school tomorrow. I am not sure if this means her kidney stone is gone or just "lurking" somewhere.

My back is feeling some better today as well. We didn't go to church today as Beth as still groggy from the Percocet she took last night and not sure how she would be able to sit though sunday school and church (9-11:45) so stayed home. I used the time to do some much needed household tasks and managed to even cook dinner for my husband. He had to work this week end
so I made him a dinner of turkey and dressing casserole, cranberry sauce and peas. he seemed to enjoy it and we will have enough for left overs tomorrow.

night time snack: warm chocolate chip cookies, cold mayfield milk.

enough rambling from me for one night. prayers and blessings to all sleep well.

Big Maude

well, enough rambling from me . Have a great evening and sleep well.

August 30, 2010 - Msg 80559:
Hi All, just checking in. Only 97 today in Phx, unhearded of for August! Must be that "global cooling!" ha.
Sleep tight!
PS: Thank you auh20 for that clarification on the sky doodoo! ha
And Glen is an OK dude, just loves God and America, which to many these days may seem strange. With so many out there putting US down, including BO, for me he's a breath of fresh air.

August 30, 2010 - Msg 80560: I think it was 97 here yesterday, MDC. We had a breeze so not so bad. I have noticed the mornings are getting cooler and there is a little touch of fall in the air when I get up.

I envy you, AU2O...the 40's? That sounds really wonderful. My poor old dogs would love it. They go out to the back pasture and take a dip in the water trough now and then to cool off, then find a place in the shade. BTW, when you hear "sky crapper" around here everyone thinks of seagulls...been bombed by them on more than one occasion.


August 30, 2010 - Msg 80561: Morning dears.
Boo, our high today is gonna be 68. With showers. (sorry, just had to tell ya) ;)

Hey Maude, glad Beth is doing better. I hope it passed. I've never had one of those but everyone I know who has speaks of the horrific pain they cause. Glad your back is doing better. Sounds like a nice Sunday dinner you had.

MDC, did you see where they caught the cop killer this morning? Sure glad he got nabbed.

Rev, I hope your reunion went well buddy. Time moves right along, don't it?

Good to see you Auh2o. Sounds like summer is winding down for you up there. Better get your snowblower prepped. That's what I'm doing this week. Ughhh! As far as Glenn Beck goes, MDC spoke well about him. I never get to see his tv show, but listen to his radio show a bit. He is convinced, as am I, the only hope we have of getting out of the mess we are in is by turning back to God and restoring honor to him and to the Nation again by living Godly principles. If that makes him a nut, I guess I'm one as well. But with the turnout he had at the weekend event I'd say there are a lot of us nuts out there. (at least that's what the main stream news media would have us believe)

Romeena, I have a furkid question for you. There is a neighborhood dog here that when she goes into heat, our little Barney ain't fit to live with. I mean he loses it. He is whimpering, crying, sometimes howling into the night. Short of going to the Vet and having him get the big clip (just saying it makes tears come to my eyes) is there anything we can give him to calm him down that you are aware of? It only lasts for a couple of weeks twice a year, but lawww, they are some long weeks. Any thoughts you or anyone else might have would be appreciated by me... and especially by Barney. Cause if we don't find something quick, he has him a Vet trip on his agenda.

Well better get going. Got the window open Boo, with a cool 50 degree breeze softly blowing in and the smell of fresh rain. Awww!


August 30, 2010 - Msg 80562: AUH2O: You're trying to get me in trouble, aren't you?

Good morning to you all. Hope all is well.


August 30, 2010 - Msg 80563: Good morning honeys!!!

A long weekend behind me and a long week ahead. Worked outside all day Saturday and went out with the inlaws yesterday. We celebrated the MIL birthday yesterday and they want to celebrate it again on Tuesday evening. They don't seem to understand what long days we put in around here. I thought Sunday would have covered it. But no - hope that it isn't rambling too much. The inlaws are fine people but sometimes over the top on some things.

Three weeks until Casey's surgery. . .and the countdown begins.

AUH20 - don't get MT started with another moulage. . .however, I like the moulage's every now and then.

Asa - do you like the color of your rocker? I went with that patriotic theme, thought you would like it!


August 30, 2010 - Msg 80564: Good morning, Porchsters! *Yawn* Sorry about that. Little sleepy today. better watch sittin' in this here rocker....'fraid it'll put me ta' sleep again!

Hey Maude, dont mean to be a buttinski here, but you might get a strainer from a medical facility and have Beth go through that strainer so you know if have that stone or not. When I had mine, they were just a bit smaller than a BB. The doctor always had me use a strainer so I could know when I passed it. He had told me that I may not even know it since it was so small. Know what? He was right! I passed them into the strainer and never felt them comin'. So you might want to do this so you all have closure!

Sterling - Thanks for the kind words. I just passed on to Boo the way I handle things in my life. Wasnt tryin' to be a "know it all", just passin' on what I thought was useful advice.

Sorry I am not real caught up folks! Just getting to the porch for the first time since Friday. Better get to some research and try to get something done! Good to see you all again! Looks like I missed out on some pretty good meals here.

John Masters

August 30, 2010 - Msg 80565:
GOOD Morning Porchsters! Happy Monday!
I'm dodgin' the sky crappers, but still having a
good day!

August 30, 2010 - Msg 80566: (:

August 30, 2010 - Msg 80567: Yes Asa, there is something you can give Barney to calm him's called a "girlfriend". Other than that and "the big clip", I don't think there is anything else to be done (besides a cold shower...hehe). If he is registered, you could always let him sire some offspring. Oh, and about the cool weather you are having, "Why don't you just go up an alley and holler fish!!". :-(

Funny, MDC!


August 30, 2010 - Msg 80568: Good afternoon, porch! It feels a bit odd to be sitting here like Miz Thing on a Monday afternoon. Seems like I've worked every Monday night for a month of Sundays now, so I'm enjoying the fact that I'm NOT working tonight! Tomorrow night and Wednesday night, now that's another story.

Jerry is still doing well after his pacer placement. I took some Spring Creek barbecue and tater salad over there last night, and we all had a nice visit. Toye Starr is a welcome guest, so she went too. Eloise would love to have one like her, and Jerry likes dogs, but doesn't want one, so she just enjoys Toye Starr and Bentley. Not a bad deal for her - she gets the fun without the responsibility. For me, though, I've got to have my sweet baby all the time.

Asa, in answer to your question, in my opinion the kindest thing you can do for Barney is to take him to the vet. You have never mentioned any plans to breed him, so I gather that's not the case. So - keeping him intact just sentences him to semi-annual, three-week spells of unrequited love and longing, and causes your ears much distress. The poor guy! Just imagine what he's going through! Besides, it's not a Big Clip, it's really a very Little Clip, and he'll be his old self by the next day, minus the spells of misery. My personal belief is simple - unless you're a serious breeder, in it for the preservation and improvement of a breed, then neuter! Male or female, neuter! Don't listen to Boo, she's putting you on. Shame on you, Boo! Getting him a girlfriend will just confirm in his mind what he's suspected all along, and the crying spells will only get worse. Oh, and shame on your neighbor, Asa, for not neutering their little female. She's no special breeder, or her owners would have her so safely confined that Barney would never know she was around. Makes me wonder how many litters of puppies she's birthed, for someone to have to find homes for.

Don't get me wrong, I have no quarrel with responsible breeders - that's where I got my sweet baby, after all. But the backyard breeders, the "let's see what the puppies would look like" variety, I'm a'gin 'em! I can say that, because to my shame, I was one for a few years. Back when Dale and I were young and foolish, we raised C0cker spaniels, and I must say we raised some beautiful puppies. I did do a little research into the background of the studs we used, and my own two little mamas had impressive pedigrees. Still, I realize now how little we really knew. I'll never do it again.

OK, that's a lot more than you asked for - I'm sorry. Still, that's my opinion. Trust me, Barney would thank you for it in the long run.

Maudie, I'm glad things are going well at your house. Hang in there!

Well, guess I'll go cuddle my little (neutered) furkid. She's such a sweetheart, loving little old thing. Don't know what I'd do without her. Be blessed, friends! --Romeena

August 30, 2010 - Msg 80569: Andy: "And take that gun outta yer pants!"


Andy: "Are you hurt?"

Barney shakes his head "no".

Andy: "You wanta give me your pants? I'll take 'em to the Artistic Weavers."

Hahahahahahaha! That last line just cracks me up! --Romeena

August 30, 2010 - Msg 80570:
Or at the begining of the reunion ep:
Andy: I heard a rip. turn around Barn.
Andy: Your Ok, now check me.
Barney: ten-four.

Please say a prayer for Papabear. he goes in for "exploratory" surgery on the 1st. He didnt tell me for what, so i wrote him back and asked if Lewis and Clark were his doctors' names. ha
Prayer for KY girl also. Saw on facebook that she had to take in her pet dog.
God bless. good to see MT, AUh20, asa and all!

August 30, 2010 - Msg 80571: Afternoon everyone! Believe I'll rest here a spell and drink a little sweet tea in the rocker before dinner.

Well, gearin' up to go to Arkansas for a visit. Gonna go see mother and grandmother over the Labor Day weekend. Since I didnt get moved down there, the wife and I thought we might get down there to see 'em. We're leavin' Friday a.m. and gonna take our dear sweet time gettin' down there so we can take in some sights and just enjoy the scenery as we go. I sure miss that part of the country. We'll be headin' back on Labor Day itself (my birthday) and settle back into the daily grind on Tuesday. I gotta make sure I take my goosedown pillow and a bag of sandwiches for the trip!

Asa - our feudin' gets mighty closer! Since you bein' an Oakland Wakefield and me a Kansas City Carter, I 'spect we'll be a shootin' at one 'nuther soon!

MmmmMMMM...this is right good tea. I believe I'll just leave y'all a couple pitchers here.


August 30, 2010 - Msg 80572: Sorry I didnt see ya, MDC. Seems we posted at the exact same time!

Bestest wishes for Papabear and KYgirl!


August 30, 2010 - Msg 80573: In case you all are lookin' for a good laugh tonight, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is showing a tribute to Thelma Todd. At 8pm eastern, 7pm Central, they are rolling consecutive Todd movies with the Marx Brothers and Laurel & Hardy. Might think about pulling the TV out on the porch and watchin em' in the rocker.
Kinda sounds pleasant, doesnt it?! Sittin in a rocker on the porch, nice cool air, big ol' sweet tea in one hand and some comedy classics on the tube.

Just thought ya' might be interested.


August 30, 2010 - Msg 80574: Yes, I was only kidding Asa...I am a huge supporter of spaying/neutering...I have never owned a dog or cat that was not and I would never consider bringing more kitties and puppies into the world. Go have poor Barney's gonads removed...hehe...sorry, couldn't resist. ;-) I agree with Ro on all points but one; I wish people would stop breeding dogs, period, until all the unwanted ones had loving homes. Pound puppies are wonderful and if folks would stop buying dogs, the puppy mills would go out of business. Of course, buying from a reponsible breeder as Ro did, is better. Poor Barney...he'll be barking in soprano! ;-) BTW, I bought a dog ONCE in my life from a reputable was even an award winning wienie dog and that crazy dog was the strangest, most neurotic dog I ever had. She wouldn't play, she was terrified of anyone but us and is still a pain most of the time (my dad loves her beyond understanding, though, so i am glad I bought her way back then).

Prayers for Pappa Bear, thanks for letting us know, MDC.



August 30, 2010 - Msg 80575: I hear ya, Boo, I really do. Unfortunately though, the only way to get a sure-nuff Maltese is to buy one from a good breeder. I know, there are breed-specific rescues, and that might work, but you don't get a puppy, and that's what I wanted. As I said at the time, I felt hypocritical to a degree, but if everyone stopped breeding Maltese, soon there would be no more of them, and that would be a shame. Same goes for other breeds as well. Indiscriminate breeding, intact animals allowed to run loose, and worst of all, the evil puppy mills, these all need to be stopped. Don't support the pet shops and such that sell puppies from the mills. Starve the stores out of business, and support local efforts to shut the mills down. Report them when you happen to spot one.

I just watched the ep about Warren and his ESP, where he and Goober ruin Andy and Helen's picnic. That's a pretty funny ep, except for one thing. When Andy is smashing everything in the trunk, trying to get it to shut, I want to just yell, "Put some of the stuff inside the car, knothead!" I'm surprised Helen didn't suggest that, instead of just standing there like a mushroom. Oh well - guess it was part of the story.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 30, 2010 - Msg 80576: Just a quick trouble check...prayers Maude for sure...any leftovers..possum you got any/...ok...back to the barn to piddle...I know Boo..I know...SPOT

August 30, 2010 - Msg 80577:'re right, know what i was thinking.

Ro, are you still harpin' on that trunk scene?! really bothers you, doesn't it? ;-)

I watched the Mountain Wedding ep with the kids last night and I had forgotten how funny that was! Loved it, loved it when Dud screamed, "She's already been plighted!" and when Mr Darlin' said, "Stop that, boy. You want your face to freeze thata way?!". That last scene when Earnest T tries to dance with Barney is a killer, too. This time when Charlene came out of the bedroom wearing her mother's wedding dress, Sean piped up and said, "Hey, that's Barney's dress!"...haha.

Better get Erin to bed. I have to take her to the dentist bright and early to have a tooth removed. They are going to use some sedation so please say a prayer for her. As a nurse, i get nervous about some of that stuff. Goodnight.


August 30, 2010 - Msg 80578: Prayers that Erin is safe, Boo. And for her nerves, and yours. I know going to the dentist is not a fun thing, especially when you are going for something like that and when you are a kid as well. I'm an adult(well, technically), and I don't like it either. That's why I floss every night and brush at least twice a day, if not more.

No, you didn't sound like you were trying to be a know-it-all, John Masters. It was just sincere, sound advice.

Hit a big bump in the road on Kai's school. Seems the school secretary(who is also friends with my wife) told her that Kai's lunchbox, which has a drawn cartoon kitty on it, wasn't acceptable per the school rules. So this caused my wife to get very angry, and want to pull Kai out(again). I talked to the Pastor, and he said he thought it would be fine and would take care of it. This helped for a little while, but then when I saw him again and asked about it, he said he decided to defer to the new principal, and not allow it, based on their "no characters or worldly fads" rule. So the principal would not be spending time judging what is ok and what is not, and to have a uniform policy across the board. Now, I can see that "fair to all" side, but I don't know, it seems to be going a little too far. Especially with little kids. The pastor said it is not about the kitty, and it is not a moral issue, but that they just decided to follow this rule more this year.
I still think it is a nit-picky rule. Though not enough to pull a kid out of school for. Sometimes I think my wife is just looking for any reason to pull her out. She hasn't been talking to me very much, and it is straining our relationship. I did let it out to her last night about why I thought it was important that Kai go at least a little longer to this school, and then last night I wrote her a note as she was hinting that I am just thinking about Kai and not her.
She did call me at work today to tell me she loved me(something I mentioned in my note), though she is still giving me the cold shoulder at home. Kai and I pray that God would soften her heart about the school and strengthen our family. I hope so anyway.
She is making me get Kai's clothes ready in the morning(something she always liked to do) and says if I want Kai to go to that school I can pay for it, even though she knows I don't even make enough money to pay most of our bills, which is why she has to get a job and I have to get a better one. She did take Kai to school today so I could go to work so I guess that I should be glad for the small things.
I am kind of nervous as I have tomorrow off and will be home with her, and don't know what kind of day it will be.
I just pray God can heal some of this bitterness she has.

Well, that's enough of my "drama" for one night. Boy, we should really get our own reality show. There's a money-maker! ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

August 30, 2010 - Msg 80579: oh, brother, it's getting pretty bad that a kid can't even have a cartoon kitty on their lunch pail. I don't even know how to comment on that situation, Sterling. And good luck at home tomorrow.
Asa, I hate to "pile on" to what Ro said, but being a member of our local spay/neuter association I feel the same way as she does. It's so much healthier for pets. And yes, there is a time and a place for the folks that want to breed their pets, and that's fine, but so often that is not the case. It just breaks my heart to think of all the over-population we have of dogs and cats (especially cats) in our country. And again, that's great to not get your pet fixed if you plan on breeding him or her, but rarely is that the case. I know, it's a tough decision, but I think it's worth thinking about anyway...
Speaking of TAGS quotes, I was thinking about a Floyd one from a color episode the other day. The one where Goober grows a beard and suddenly becomes an expert in all subjects.
Floyd: "You've got to let him finish his thoughts! 'Cause he's got some zingers!"
- Hazel

August 31, 2010 - Msg 80580: Breakfast menu: 3 eggs yer way,bisquits and gravy,hashbrowns with cheese,grits,bacon,center sliced country ham,sliced fruit and coffee and h20....ready at 7:00 est...Rev look for the truck...SPOT

August 31, 2010 - Msg 80581: Thanks Hazel. To be fair, it was technically a "character", from the Sanrio line(the same people who make that Hello Kitty character), but still.

I just sent off an earnest email to the pastor, expressing my views on the subject. I copied it below, but blocking out names(except Kai's of course) and her old school names. What do you think?
I just needed to say something to him about this.

"Dear Pastor *****,

I am writing to you because that is what I do when I feel strongly about something or have a problem with something. I wrote many times to the school board when we had Kai in public school-which my wife would want Kai to be in right now-but was generally met with inaction and indifference.

As this "kitty-gate" fiasco has unfortunately been causing me strife in my married life, I felt compelled to write you. Not to try and change the school's philosophy or mission, or anything like that, but to put down my thoughts for you on this issue.

Let me start by saying, I really like TBA. I was so glad two years ago when my wife brought up sending Kai here and having me research the school. I had been so tired of having to always go into Kai's public schools(*********) to inquire about the latest note they sent home which always stated that "under WI statute such and such, parents have a right to examine the curriculum for the health class..." or etc. I always thought, if you have to send a warning note home to parents, what exactly are you going to try to feed into my little girls head? I really don't want to go back to those days.

I remember the days I went to TBA to check up on the school. Some days Mr. **** knew I was coming, and some days he didn't and I would just show up. I did this because I wanted to see the "real" school. I think the thing that impressed me most(even though the complexity of the curriculum did as well) was how happy the children were. And it was a genuine, childlike happiness that I saw. Which I think was due to the fact that the children were allowed to be children, not made to think they were little adults. They knew their place, and were happy and secure in it.

Now, these are my thoughts on this policy of "plainness". Children are full of wonder, and color, with visions of birds and butterflies fluttering around in their heads. It is one of the innocent, God-given joys of being a child. Their world is not rigid and plain.
I understand the want to be "fair" all around. But fair to whom? The principal or teacher who may have to make a judgment call one day on something? It should be pretty easy; a celebrity or worldly figure on a shirt or bookbag, not acceptable; a picture of a bird or a drawn kitten on a lunchbox;) , acceptable(though maybe not on a teenage boy's items). If you would need a "judger" to free up the principal or staff for other things, I would be more than happy to lend my discerning eye to the cause.

Sometimes things can be taken too far, and this is one of those times I feel.
When I told my wife your decision, and tried to explain to her the reasoning I was given, that the principal doesn't want to be making judgments on things the kids bring in. She actually had a good point in saying that "isn't that what they are there for? To let the kids know what is acceptable in life and what is not?" I didn't really have a good answer for that.

Pastor, you told me when I first called you, that while we want to adhere to Biblical mores, we don't want to be telling people we all have to dress the same drab way, like the Amish do. Well, isn't that what is going on here but maybe on a slightly smaller scale, this call for "plainness"?

I appreciate the gesture to buy Kai a lunchbox that is more acceptable, but I have already told **** to cancel that, as in an effort to just be through with this whole unnecessary mess, I will be just be sending those boxed lunchables with Kai for the week, until the hot lunch program starts. And I see no need to waste the school's/church's money on something that we won't use. But I do appreciate the thought.

I hope none of my words offend you. I have great respect for you and I have seen and heard many thought-provoking and moving words from you in your messages on Sunday. I also haven't forgotten you and Mrs. **** coming to see and pray for Kai during her surgery. Though I knew from God that Kai was going to be ok, it was reassuring to have two familiar faces from home to be there with us and comfort us.
Though I don't believe that you "just happened" to have a free hotel room in Rochester for your visit.... I thank you.

God bless you and your family. And I hope the rest of the school year goes more smoothly for everyone involved. "

-Sterling Holobyte

August 31, 2010 - Msg 80582: "Every head a walking testimony." (:

August 31, 2010 - Msg 80583: I like it, Sterling. I'm glad you sent it. You know, I was thinking about Erin's school because they have strict dress code, etc but they tend to ignore it when it isn't followed completely. I am pretty sure "Hello Kitty" would be fine there. Like you said, for the little ones, who cares? In fact, Erin had a Hello Kitty backpack her first year there and took it everyday. Nothing was ever said about it, so I do think Kai's school is overreacting. Of course, if you wife is looking for any excuse to slam the school, that was just one more thing to flame the fire. It reminds me of my SIL who doesn't like my church just because she doesn't like the pastor "for some reason"...silly. Sunday I mentioned something about how I wish the music were softer at the altar call at the end of service and she said under her breath, "Well, there are other churches out there.". My response was, "Well, that would be a pretty lame reason to leave a church that you love and have served for almost 15 years, wouldn't it?". That is just the kind of mentality she has, though. If you don't like some little thing, run. I told her that there is alot to be said for faithfulness.

Hope things smooth out for you, STerling and thanks for your prayers.

Hazel, you always have the perfect quote to share. I just love you!


August 31, 2010 - Msg 80584: TO: The Porch
FROM: Barney the Doxie
SUBJECT: My cajonies
Well well well. I snuck onto my masters computer this morning and see that I am the subject of a delicate discussion. And I must say, all these women of the porch who are soooo willing to have me see the Vet. I see no men of the porch has weighed in on this subject. This bothers me because my master is so easily swayed by females. So much so that I call him "cream puff" (under my breath). I can only hope that he will use common sense in making this importa..... whoops, I hear him comimg. Gotta go. WOOF!

August 31, 2010 - Msg 80585: Hi All.
Did someone have some rain ? If so send a little this way , I can not sand all this heat ben up in the 90 this pass weekend and the week do not look to good.

WOOF it for your own goodto have it besizd can you up what the up keep take on the little one.


August 31, 2010 - Msg 80586:
Dear Barn, O-o-o-o-ou-u-u-u-u-c-c-c-c-c-h-h-h-h!!! (:

August 31, 2010 - Msg 80587:
"Fluffy and me have been friends for years."

August 31, 2010 - Msg 80588: Hahaha! Tom, you are a caution! He's right you know, Asa. Is Barney prepared to pay "pup support" in the event the object of his heart's desire should mysteriously produce some little ones who look suspiciously like sausages? I know you keep him well-supervised, but it's amazing how creative and resourceful a lovesick little boy dog can be. I know of one situation where the dog literally tore through the screen door of his house, then did the same to a window screen to gain entry into a neighboring house, where the object of his affections was confined!

Yep, Boo, that scene irritates me every time. It's so out of character for Andy, who is always so sensible and resourceful, yet in that ep he stands there like an idiot and just keeps smashing the trunk lid down, oblivious to the damage he's causing. Doesn't compute!

Sterling, I think that's an excellent letter. You stated your case clearly, without being argumentative, and found your own solution (the lunchables.) I agree that banning poor little Kitty seems a bit extreme. However, what I'm hearing from you is that you're willing to comply in this case, because there is so much that's right about the school, but you will be watchful, lest the school become too legalistic. Matthew 23:24 comes to mind. Prayers, my friend, that your family can find the middle of the road, and not let little things overshadow things of great importance. Also, deep in my heart, I'm grateful that I don't have to try to administer an organization like an elementary school, and try to satisfy the vast expanse of opinion that's bound to exist in such a place. Some see a little cartoon kitty as threatening, others think some bloody horror on a shirt is acceptable....

Well, got things to do. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 31, 2010 - Msg 80589: Hey Y'all! had a busy weekend & need to catch up on all the Porch "doings"- hope all is well.
I skimmed through a bit and saw MDC's mention of Pappa Bear's surgery I also heard from him recently,and he told me about having exploratory surgery tomorrow. He also said that he has a respiratory illness-not sure if that is connected to the surgery or not.
Anyhow, please keep Pappa Bear in your prayers-thanks, friends.
possum under a rock

August 31, 2010 - Msg 80590: Poor Barney! He's caught wind of this thing and now he is worried...who wouldn't be? :-) It's ok Barney, you won't even know a thing until you wake up and your backside feels somehow "lighter".

Well, speaking of dog trouble, I got a truckload right now! My two bone heads are 7 months old now and are good sized dogs. They are steel teething and very distructive. Well, I found out yesterday that they have been squeezing under the neighbor's fence (about 1/2 acre from the house) and tearing up some of their stuff! I have never seen them over there but had noticed that dog toys were mysteriously appearing in our yard in the morning. The neighbors have a year old lab that my dogs like to play with, naturally, but they have been sneaking over there during the night hours and reeking havoc, turns out. They stole the remote control to the outdoor fan and destroyed it, they tore of the seat on one of the kid's bikes and just nearly tore up part of the new trampoline and guard over there. I was mortified! For some reason the neighbors had not come to talk to us about the damage the dogs were doing and since I had never even seen them over there, I didn't know until one of the kids said something about it. I sent Bruce over immediately to talk to them and the man of the house (Steve) met him at the fence and about took his head off, yelling, threatening to shoot the dogs, etc. Well, certainly cannot blame him for being very upset but I can't figure out why he didn't come talk to us before things escalated to this level. Bruce managed to calm him down long enough to tell him that he was over there to compensate him for any damages and is going to do whatever he has to keep the dogs out of the man's yard. He said, "Steve, you are going to have to tell me when something like this happens or how would I know to do something about it?". So last evening we tied up the dogs and they slipped out of their haltars so I had to go up to Walmart last night and buy new, smaller ones and some cables to hold them because they chewed right through the ropes we tied them with. I got home, put the new haltars on them that were nice and secure, believe me and tethered to the new cables to keep them in our yard for the night. I got up at 6am and went out to check on them and they were missing! One had managed to slip out of the haltar and one had somehow chewed completely through its haltar and no dogs to be found! &*$^#@!! I called for a few minutes and here came the dogs from the direction of the neighbor's yard, where they had been. I can only hope they didn't tear up anything else. So Bruce had to take a day off a very important government project at work and buy a dog kennel to put in the yard. I don't even know where he is right now but I know he is not in a very good mood! haha. Anyway, if it were not for the kids I would get rid of the dogs. I like them but they are just a nightmare of destruction!!! When do they grow out of the tearing-up stage, if ever?!

Well, Erin's trip to the dentist went well but she is still biting on guaze to stop the bleeding. Hopefully she will konk out for a nap soon. She is watching Little House on the Prarie right now. Better go check on her.


August 31, 2010 - Msg 80591:
"Such goings on, such goings on..." (:

August 31, 2010 - Msg 80592:
Boo- you may just have to inform the kids that the dogs keep causing damage at the neighbor's,
so you may have to give them away. Give them a few "pre-give away" talks and I bet they'll understand. Just a thought.
Prayers for all-

August 31, 2010 - Msg 80593:
Hey Folks

Yup, warm days and cool nights.

Never owned a pet and have no desire to but Hazel's response sounds right to me.

MDC & Asa-Thanks for the info on Beck. I see his name come up all the time and I guess he's a Conservative. I just can't bring myself to watch those political shows. I try and then I hate myself for it. I miss "Firing Line." I really have nothing in common with today's conservative leadership. I think we've been hijacked by the GOP.

Me-They What, you don't like the idea of pigs flying? I miss our give-an-take, buddy. (I'm sure nobody else does)

Tom-No rain here either.

Floyd: "Ya move too fast Andy!"
Playing checkers with Andy. At least I think that's the quote.


August 31, 2010 - Msg 80594:
Wow! Can I clear the Porch or what?


August 31, 2010 - Msg 80595:
AU-h20 wierd huh? Guess everyone's workin' or sleepin' cuz it's dang hot!
Hang in there,
"That certainly aint a boy!"

August 31, 2010 - Msg 80596:
BTW, I love the line in Prisoner of Love when the
prisoner says: "Really Barney, you couldnt tell me from Adam?" to which Andy has a great follow up line.

August 31, 2010 - Msg 80597: I'm here, MDC. It is dang hot outside here and very humid. Poor Bruce is out in the heat putting in a dog run. He is currently digging a trench around it to bury some chicken wire so they can't dig out. Its a big enclosure and is under some trees for shade. He will have to put a covering over it somehow and we will have to put in a doghouse or two before it gets cold...of course that could be months away or never. Is seldom cold here. The poor dogs look like they know they are in trouble and have been laying around with long faces.

I sure wish there would be some cooler weather soon.

Well, my old friend who was arrested for s#xual assault of 4 minors starts trial this week. They had something about him on the local news this week that just didn't look good. We'll see how the trial comes out.

Tired this evening and dealing with a backache. Think I will take a warm shower, some tylenol and find the heating pad.


August 31, 2010 - Msg 80598: Well gang fot the AC fixed the other day and guess what the water line busted from house to road! my jugs filled up and cut it off at meter and gona dig it up tomorrow....gona be kinda tough...put it in 13 years ago with a back hoe from work...its about 5 ft deep...better take my vitamins in the morning me and the post hoe diggers will be busy...the good thing is that I know where it is leaking ...about 6 ft from the house...prayers pappa bear....hey MDC,auh20,powwum,maude,Romeena....ok...back to brush hauling....SPOT

August 31, 2010 - Msg 80599: Wow, what's going on with your house, SPOT?! Hope nothing else will go wrong know what they say about things happening in 3's. ;-)


September 01, 2010 - Msg 80600: Hey, Spot, didn't you have a broken water line a few years back? Seems to me I remember that, but I could be wrong. I don't think it was near the house, though. I seem to remember you were going to have to track it down.

Got canceled at work tonight, much to my delight. I wasn't looking forward to putting on that monkey suit and going in for a 12-hr shift. Got to work tomorrow night, though.

Instead, I spent the evening cuddling Toye Starr, and eating a nice bowl of homemade strawberry ice cream. Yum! Double yum! It's really good, and so easy with that Cuisinart freezer. No ice, no salt needed. The little tub/bowl is frozen, and the ice cream mixture goes into that, then it revolves while paddles keep the inside wall scraped down as the mixture freezes. In about 15 minutes you have soft-frozen ice cream. I prefer it more firm, so I spoon it out into a covered container and put it in the freezer. Makes about a quart and a half. So far, I've made vanilla, peach, pineapple and strawberry. My mom used to make banana ice cream - I may try that one of these days.

Well, I'm off to bed. Be blessed, all. --Romeena

September 01, 2010 - Msg 80601: Nighty night

September 01, 2010 - Msg 80602: Only 15 minutes to homemade ice cream?...somehow I wish you hadn't told me, Ro. ;-D

Wish I could crawl back into bed this morning and sleep for awhile. I am really looking forward to the time change this year. As it is, it is still pitch black when I get up every morning and that just ain't natural.

Plenty to do today so might as well drink up the coffee and suck up the attitude. Be back when i get a break.


September 01, 2010 - Msg 80603: Mornin' Y'all- Spot, what is going on at your place? Busted water line?? Yep,Ro, I recall him telling us he had a leak or something not too long ago.I remember Spot saying that he and his daddy had to dig up the driveway in order to fix it. Now this! Hope your barn don't burn down next! Good grief, man, it's one thing after another!
Oh, and I ain't no "powwum" ( msg 80598) Spot!

Boo, my back has been bothering me too. I did the heating pad thing last night and it seemed to help. Hope you feel better soon.

Well, I need to get up from this computer ( that might be part of the problem-sitting too long!) and do something around here. Y'all take care!
possum under a rock

September 01, 2010 - Msg 80604: Thanks Possum, the heating pad works but ever since Farrah's heating pad caught fire and burned her patootie, I am kinda nervous about it. Never fall asleep on the thing, that's for sure.


September 01, 2010 - Msg 80605: Ouch! I'd forgotten about her heating pad accident-poor thing! No, I never fall asleep with it, that's for sure.
Prayers that all goes well for Pappa Bear today.
possum again

September 01, 2010 - Msg 80606: Morning porch, checking in for a minute from work. Things are pretty much back to normal at my house. Beth is better and has not had any more pain with her kidney stone issues since Sunday so hopefully that means it has moved on out. My back feels almost 100% better so guess I can get back to be the assistant cook around here. :)

thanks for all your prayers and kind words. It means a lot to you all are here,

Better get back to work.

Blessings all around.

Big Maude

September 01, 2010 - Msg 80607:
Maudie, glad things have simmered down at your place, but from what I see ole POSSUM better get
under her rock with EARL bearing down.
I hope and pray that situation wont be too bad!
Have a good day,

September 01, 2010 - Msg 80608:
Powwum? looks like SPOT had a "paw" problem! ha

September 01, 2010 - Msg 80609: Good morning, porch. Sorry for all the sore, aching backs around here. Believe me, I understand! In fact, I will be going back out to the Spine Team facility tomorrow afternoon, for more steroid injections. Not the lumbar spine this time. We're going after the intercostal nerves on the left side this time, to see if it will free me from the misery in my left side anytime I sit for more than a few minutes. The doc thinks it's a left-over from the chest tube I had several years ago. I know the nerves in that area are messed up, because if I scratch the skin in the front of me, I feel it in the back of me! Now, that ain't right! Doc agrees, and tells me it's not uncommon after a chest tube. There are big nerves underlying each rib, and they get torn up when the tube is pushed through. They don't like that, and often go on to cause "the misery" I've been experiencing. They may reconnect with the wrong ends, and that causes the weird sensations I experience. Anyway, we're going to try to fix it. If it works, I'll be grateful. If it doesn't, well - it could be worse, and I'm still functional, so I can't complain.

I have a huge stack of saved newspapers in my garage, to be taken to the Humane Society. They shred them for pet bedding. There are a couple of sacks of crushed soda cans as well - they recycle them for money. I usually take them in every couple of weeks or so, but the facility has moved, and is now quite a distance from me, so I've let the stack build up. I'm not sure I can get it all in my car now, and not sure my back will let me even if it will fit. Wonder if they pick up? I think I'll call them!

Three squirrels are in a swirly chase around a tree trunk out back. Two boys and a very speedy little girl. Guess what that's all about! Then there's the hummer at the feeder just outside my window. She comes and hovers at the glass, looking in at me. I love this window and the yard. Never a lack of something to see out there. God is good.

Be blessed, friends. --Romeena

September 01, 2010 - Msg 80610: MDC, it sure looks like Earl is bearing down on us, but the meteorologists all say it is going to turn and head up towards the Outer Banks of NC. They had better be right!
I'm tracking Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel! He usually sets up operations right at the "bullseye". If I turn on the tv and see him reporting from Charleston I will have a major "FIT"!!

Ro, Boo & I will give you our heating pads if those injections don't help you any! Feel better!

Glad Beth is doing better and you too, Maudie!

Y'all take care- love to all!
possum u. a. r.