October 06, 2010 - Msg 81234:
I agree boo, but then again, I am pretty hard-headed! HA!


See if this link works. It was a very strange day.
Even one reporter used the term "biblical proportions!"
But no injuries were reported, so that was a blessing!

October 06, 2010 - Msg 81235:
And just like the storm...s-w-i-s-h!!!

October 06, 2010 - Msg 81236: No hard cast for Casey - some of the stitches were not ready to come out. So he is back in his boot until next week.

Will report more later. . .


October 06, 2010 - Msg 81237: checkpoint chickie

October 06, 2010 - Msg 81238: 10-4, over and out, roger that!

October 07, 2010 - Msg 81239: Hello Porchers you all have a Mayberry Day.

October 07, 2010 - Msg 81240: Mornin' Dears and Honeys! I've had Laci all weekend,and a husband with back problems home from work all week. FUN! (yeah,right!) Hopefully he'll make it okay at work today.
I have a lot of catching up to do-hope all is well with the Porch Family. Love to all!
possum under a rock

October 07, 2010 - Msg 81241: Morning porch, wake up! got a busy day at work today. Hopefully, I will get done and can take off tomorrow. plan to spend time with Patrick and Beth hanging out and shopping.

supposed to warm up today and then be nice the next week or so. It was 42 degrees this morning and supposed to warm to about 72. no rain in the forecast so the week end should be good.

lots of fall festivals around here this time of year.Hopefully I can check some of them out. Folks making apple butter, making BBQ and fall crafts for sale. my kind of fun.

better get ready for my day.
Lunch menu will be: grilled ham and cheese, potato soup, chips, chocolate turtle brownies, tea, kool aid to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

October 07, 2010 - Msg 81242:
Yes maude, always fun at our county fair here too, and
people really do still bring in pickles to be judged!!
Hey to FRANkie.
Possum- good your'e Ok. i was about to do an APB.
Missed ya on FB too. Love your comments wherever you pop up your head! (:

October 07, 2010 - Msg 81243:
Hello porch family. Another fall feeling day here on my end of the porch. Feels great.

Maude....have fun at all the festivals. Some good food at those places normally.

Possum.....prayers Mr Possum's back.

hm....continued prayers for Casey

Spot....Braves kicking off the play-offs. Looking like the NY Yankees are going to put the Twins two games down. In the 9th now...... 5-2.

Well gotta get off here....You all have a good night sleep.
Love and prayers to all my porch family!

October 08, 2010 - Msg 81244: While on my way home today I noticed an old ford pickup in front of me with the license plate
GOOOBER Made me think of Gober at the gas station.

October 08, 2010 - Msg 81245: Hi All.
Going to bea nice today wamring up to 70 .
Have to keep a eye on the creek with all this rain it starting to git to flood line!


The hills of life are steep to climb
When burdened with defeat;
Broken dreams like shattered glass
Lsy heaped there at our feet.
Gd did not promse life would be
All sunshne and no rain,
But that he'd give us strength anew
To climb life's hills again.

S do not fret and worry
And think all hope is dead,
With God's help you'll reach the top
And wear a smile instead.


October 08, 2010 - Msg 81246: Mornin' y'all! Thanks for the prayers,Rev. Hubby went to the doctor on Wed. and got some meds that are helping. he made it through work yesterday,so that's good.

Y'all, I just saw on Facebook that Mavis lost one of her pet pooches,so please keep a kind thought or prayer for her,as we know how she loves her pets. Thanks.

I made pancakes, come on over to the rock- there's plenty for everyone!
possum under a rock

October 08, 2010 - Msg 81247:
Hey Folks

Good to see ya'll. Morning Frankie, Tom, and possum.
Another nice poem Tom, thanks.

Is it just me or does the Porch seem to be going through a phase or adjustment or something. Feels a little different, just about everyday.

The hills are looking just beautiful on this end of the Porch.

MDC-Thanks for the link. Our local news covered your weather problem. That was some crazy hail.

Rev & Spot- Lincecum is a very good pitcher.


October 08, 2010 - Msg 81248: Possum, I don't think Mavis lost one of her dogs, but a bird.

Thanks for the poem, TOM. :-)

Not much to report this morning. Just chillin' with my coffee and thinking about what has to be accomplished today.


October 08, 2010 - Msg 81249: Oh, was it a BIRD? I had just woken up when I read it,Boo- coffee hadn't kicked in yet! Thanks for correcting me on it.

Prayers for Mavis.
possum again

October 08, 2010 - Msg 81250:
AUH20- I just think it's various things kicking in: "law of averages", other "social networking" places, and even the whole general feeling around the country, especially like afterthe federal ruling by that michigan judge yesterday, etc.
Prayers continue for all.

October 08, 2010 - Msg 81251: Good afternoon, porch. Thanks for the poem, Tom, it's beautiful, and no doubt just what most of us needed today. We do seem to be climbing a lot of hills these days, and often when we get to the top, we find the view isn't what we thought it would be, because someone has piled another hill in front of us. My heart is breaking for America. Maybe it's just my age, but friends, things just ain't like they used to be. Yes, a few changes are positive, but many are not, and it scares me to death. What frightens me the most is the way traditional values are being eroded and ignored, even outlawed in some cases. To me, "traditional" strongly suggests "Christian", but that may not be everyone's view. However, most of the erosion and breakdown of "traditional" values seems to arise outside the Christian community.

As for that Michigan judge's decision, all I can say to that is - the fight isn't over yet. There's much more to come, and one judge's decision isn't going to be the final word. I'm betting that there are still enough constitution-supporting people left in this country to carry on the struggle. It won't end here. You do have to wonder whose favor that judge is trying to gain with that decision. Might he have his sights set on a higher position somewhere? Kinda makes ya thank, don't it, even if you don't have a bucket on your head. Might be interesting to follow his career for a while.

Just got home from taking my car in for an oil and filter change. The service advisor came back in the waiting room and 'bout knocked my socks off with what all is wrong. Nothing serious, just a whole pile of little "approaching 60k miles" stuff. Total of $1700 worth! Since I opted not to trade it when the warranty ran out, all of it is now my responsibility. Had it still been under warranty, about half of it would have been paid, like the leaking airbag assembly in the rear shocks. Still, I'm not making that mule-choking car payment each month, so I can handle it. Not all at once, though. I'm having about $400 worth done today, will get the rest done as I can. Fortunately, none of it was critical. I can't complain, this is the first time I've spent a dime on that car, other than oil changes.

The one repair that really bowled me over was $390 to replace the in-dash ashtray assembly. It has come out, and the little piece that holds it in is broken off. Friends, I don't even smoke! I'm not about to pay nearly $400 to fix an ashtray! Thought I'd be smart, and called Car Toys. They said to take it back to Cadillac, that they can't do it any cheaper. Called Pep Boys, pretty much the same response, except the nice young lady did suggest I might scout some junk yards. I might just do that! $400 for an ashtray - that's insanity, and I won't pay it. I'll wedge the thing in place with a popsicle stick first.

Well, got errands to run, and want to email Mavis about her lost pet, so off I go. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

October 08, 2010 - Msg 81252:
Yes, RO, I'd just let the ashtray be, and not give it a second thought. Or you could call the "CEO" of GM who resides at 1600 Penn. Ave
and tell him about it!! haha (OK, so that was a
real s-t-r-e-t-c-h at some humor!) ha

October 08, 2010 - Msg 81253:
Hello porch family.

Sorry to hear of Mavis' bird passing.

Ro....$1700.....wow..that's unreal. But as you said, you've had great service with this car and really it's as good as a new one so you're still ahead of the game compared to buying a new one.

Thanks Tom for that timely poem.

auh2o....yes Lincecum is a great pitcher. He pitched a great game last night. But if not for the bad call at second base, it would have been 0-0 in the 9th.

Well gotta get ready for the Friday night football game tonight. Gonna be chilli but good football weather.
Love and prayers!

October 08, 2010 - Msg 81254:
MDC-You're probably friend.

Rev-That sure was a bad call but I dread the day they mess up baseball with instant replay. Ya know, I sure hope my post above didn't seem pointed.

Hope to stop back later. Maybe, I'll bring my Tom Jones records. That's right! I said it.


October 09, 2010 - Msg 81255: You all have a great weekend!

October 09, 2010 - Msg 81256: Thanks for that poem, Tom, I did need that today, as Romeena stated.
Wife did one her ultimatum-message-hints again. She had asked me if I made a payment on Kai's tuition(she had said she didn't want any of "her" money supporting Kai's school, and that I would be responsible for it. Though she goes and does buy, like, plastic balls for the school that she found at a discount at Goodwill).
So I told her hesitantly that, yes, I made a payment, but I didn't really have to as I had paid more upfront initially. Though I also told her that I used a refund check from my eye doctor appointment as well.
So she just grunts and says, "I was hoping either for a divorce or that Kai would go to (the public school that she wants her to go to). Either one, I'm not picky."
See what I told you about the ultimatum thing, and always when she is not getting her way.
Of course, then after she gets ready for bed, not 10 minutes later, she is back to talking normally and discussing with me possible videos that Kai could do.
So Tom, that was a very nice and timely message. Thank you.

I was just going to post on here about Kai's video she did just make with her mom, but sorry then that had to happen.
Anyway, my wife's mom had wanted Kai to do a video on how to make a "Princess Leia-like" wrapped towel that they tend to use on Korean dramas that my wife and her mom watch all the time. So, if you want to see the Kai growing up and not in puppet form, just go to youtube and put in my name, sterlingholobyte, like it is here with no space in between, and you should see the Korean towell tutorial. She did pretty good, and there are even some outtakes at the end.
I would like to ask though that if you want to comment on it there, to not use Kai's name. I know, seems kind of silly since you know her name on here, but we are still trying to have a modicum of privacy around her, and there are a lot more weirdos on youtube(not that there are weirdos here ;))
Anyway, hope you like it if you watch it.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 09, 2010 - Msg 81257: Well Rev the braves Just pulled it off at 1:30 am..5 to 4 win...and now back home to finish them off I hope...hey Sterling,Romeena,Boo,Frankie,MDC,auh20 and all...Possum you and I will be treating this bunch for breakfast (bet ya didnt know that)...I will swing by and pick you up in the truck...we will be headed to I-Hop...Boo will you get a local paper and I will pick a USA today...ok...Go Braves...back to work.....SPOT

October 09, 2010 - Msg 81258: Mornin' Y'all! Ok, Spot, I'm in! Just hand me your credit card when we're all done eating and I'll take it up to the register and pay the tab- how's that? Ha!
possum under a rock

P.S. Will check out Kai's video, Sterling and I understand the privacy concerns. Thanks for telling us about it. Sorry your wife is giving you such a hard time- hang in there,friend.

October 09, 2010 - Msg 81259: Oh,gosh, Kai is so cute! Sterling, that video made me smile! Boy, has she grown up on us, or what? And I saw another video if yours in which your dad played the piano- precious! Both made my day-thanks for sharing.
orchsters, check out Kai on YouTube!!
possum again

October 09, 2010 - Msg 81260: That's " OF" yours, not "IF" yours- sorry!
possum once more

October 09, 2010 - Msg 81261: Tom Jones...oh no...Hey Auh2o, I have a DVD of 2 Tom Jones Christmas specials from the late 60's and I show it to people for laughs. Hilarious stuff.

Who you callin' a wierdo, Sterling...I hate it when you talk about me like that! ;-) Hey, what if you walked sweetly up to your wife and say, "Well, I decided on the divorce", and hand her the papers? (kidding, of course) but those games she is playing are just ridiculous and uncalled for.

I'm going to watch Kai's video..


October 09, 2010 - Msg 81262: HAHA...really cute, Sterling. Kai is a very smart, articulate little squirt, isn't she? The outtakes made me laugh! You should make more videos with her. I think she really has a talent for it...maybe a TAGS one. Have her do the "We the People" sketch with you from TAGS or something!


October 09, 2010 - Msg 81263:
Sterling Holobyte, thanks for the info about the YouTube tutorial. It is quite obvious Kai is not shy in front of a camera, especially with the way she smiles all the time. Even her dance routine shows talent. Don't be surprised if she ends up becoming a movie star.
Unfortunately, I noticed one of the comments at YouTube went against your wishes and did post her name. Is there anyway you can edit or delete that?

from Poor Horatio

October 09, 2010 - Msg 81264: Thanks for the comments on the video. I can't take credit for it though. I actually had nothing to do with it as it was all Kai's and my wife's idea. My wife did the filming and even wrote the description. I did help choose the first song used, but Kai really was just dancing to her own music in her head because all the music was added later.

Yep, Poor Horatio, Kai is a happy kid. I am probably going to delete that other comment. My wife thinks it may be one of her mom's friends as she knew Kai's name.

Good idea about the video sketch, Boo. Though I don't know if I would have the comic talent to pull it off. I know she does.

Thanks Possum. I still have a couple more videos of my dad playing I haven't put up yet. And I still want to have my mom do kind of a "singing storytime" video and sing the children's songs that she used to sing to us when we were kids. And do it with some kids around(like Kai and her cousins).
You would never hear those type of songs today; some of them are pretty morbid, one talking about the search for a kid's kitty that ends up dead. But I don't think it "traumatized" us too much.
I think that one was called, "Kitty Oh Kitty". Maybe some of you may even know it. It went, "Kitty oh kitty, my little grey kitty, I've hunted the house all around. I've looked in the stable and under the table, but nowhere could kitty be found."
You wouldn't have thought that something like that would've helped a child get to sleep, but it did.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 09, 2010 - Msg 81265: Sterling, my Mama used to sing "Scarlet Ribbons" to me when I was little. I think it was about someone dying too. What was with our folks and those morbid songs?? Maybe we went to sleep because we didn't want them to sing all the verses- ha!
possum again

October 09, 2010 - Msg 81266:
Hello porch family.....the wife and I just got home from Olive Garden. I am stuffed.

auh2o....brother, NO you didn't sound "pointed" in your post. Not at all....just hope I didn't make you feel that way. I knew what you were saying and I fully agree.

Spot.....the Gamec#cks took down the #1 Bamma.

Serling....gotta check out the YouTube

Well back to family time.
Love and prayers!
Remember....Jesus loves you!

October 09, 2010 - Msg 81267: Ya'll are lucky...my mom used to try to sing me to sleep "Go Tell Aunt Rhody the Old Gray Goose Is Dead"!...and she told me stories like "Sleepy Hollow" (about headless riders...yikes!). Sterling I never heard the Kitty song (or Scarlett Ribbons)and I'm glad of it. ;-) She did, however tell me stories about some woman who was buried alive and they dug her up later and found out she tried to claw her way out of the coffin. It's a wonder I ever slept as a child.

So you got stuffed like a ravioli, eh Rev?

Been a busy day but pleasant. Not enough rest for a saturday, though. Bruce and Sean worked on the animal shed today. See, our barn is not really a barn, even though it looks like one. It is more of a storage/shop, whatever, so Bruce is building a sort of barn for the critters. Part of it is open in the front and part closed in and the back is closed to the North winds in winter. Should take him a few more days but Thelma Lou will be very happy when he is finished. Yesterday while he was taking a break and sitting on a bucket, Thelma stood by him with her head on his shoulder two different times. Is that sweet or what?!

Better git.


October 09, 2010 - Msg 81268:
Yep Boo...I'm stuffed. I got the chicken alfredo with wheat pasta.....same thing I always get. My wife always says, "you need to try something different". But hey if I really like something why change? If I get where I don't like it....I'll change then:)
Love and prayers!

October 10, 2010 - Msg 81269: just saw your vito I like it


October 10, 2010 - Msg 81270: Good evening, porch. Sterling, the video is charming. Kai is cute as a bug, and quite talented. No wonder you're so proud of her!

About the song "Scarlet Ribbons", it's a beautiful song, not at all morbid. It's about a father who happens to overhear his little girl saying her prayers at bedtime, and realizes she's asking for some pretty ribbons for her hair. He goes out to buy her some, but finds all the stores are closed. When he returns, in the predawn time, feeling defeated, he looks in her room and sees that miraculously, piles of scarlet ribbons have appeared on her bed. It's really quite a lovely little song. It was done most notably by The Browns in 1959, and later Belafonte did it as well. I've always loved it. For more information about it, just Google "Scarlet Ribbons."

Boo, that is so sweet, Thelma Lou nuzzling up to Bruce like that. Little gray donkeys are so precious. When I get to heaven, I'm going to have several! Can't you just imagine how proud Mary's little donkey was, carrying her to Bethlehem, and no doubt it was present at the birth of Jesus. I can just picture it standing there beside the manger, gazing at the newborn Christ. What a picture! For those who have no experience with barns or stables or livestock, it might sound strange to you, but to me, I think a stable was a perfectly lovely place for Him to be born. I love the warmth of the air in an enclosed place with large animals, and have always considered the scent from their bodies to be very pleasant indeed. To this day, when I have the opportunity to get close to a horse, I'll put my face against that powerful, smooth neck and just breathe in the sweet scent. It's like a perfume to me. I like tiny puppy breath, too. I know, I'm probably a little nutty, but I love that smell. After they start eating dog food - not so much, but until they're weaned, their little breath is so sweet.

I heard from Mavis. It was her English budgie (parakeet) that died, and she's looking for another one, as his mate is very sad. One of her Bullies had an ear infection and was going to the vet with it, so that may be where the confusion came from. He's okay now.

Well, I guess I'd better put Toye Starr and myself to bed, if I'm to get up for preaching in the morning. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

October 10, 2010 - Msg 81271:
"It's not unusual to be loved by anyone..."
Mystery Tom Jones (:

October 10, 2010 - Msg 81272:
RO- you are a true Texan! next time ole Blackie sticks his head in the kitchen window during a jello pudding commercial, I'll think of you! ha
Sweet dreams all!

October 10, 2010 - Msg 81273: Oh, maybe it was the way my Mama sang "Scarlet Ribbons" that made it sound morbid, Ro! She can't sing,not a lick! LOL
Thanks, I will have to look for it on YouTube.
Boo, maybe I can find a cover of Tom Jones singing it!!
Y'all have a good morning- love to all!
possum under a rock

October 10, 2010 - Msg 81274: I know what you mean, REV. Bruce and I sometimes go to this old, family-owned Italian place in town and I always get the "Chicken San Marino". I tried other things there years ago but I just love the chicken. Its a simple dish of a chicken breast with mushrooms cooked in a white wine sauce and topped with mozerella. Can't beat it. By the way, I watched a video someone posted of you on facebook..really thought it was touching. You have an incredible voice, REV.

Very sweet sentiment, Romeena...but have you ever smelled goat breath?...don't ever try it. Its a real far cry from puppy breath. ;-) I had no idea donkeys could be such pleasant animals. You always hear about them being stubborn but they are really smart. I don't know if all are as affectionate as my Thelma but she is something else. When I am out there in the pasture doing something, she just stands right beside me, waiting for me to drape an arm around her neck. She can be headstrong, but she isn't very often. The other day she was out in the front grazing and she went in stood in front of the gate when my mother-in-law drove up. Thelma wouldn't move to let her in..."good donkey"! hehe

Better get ready for preachin'. Got a full day ahead.

Hey Mystery Tom Jones: "What's new, p*ssy cat?"


October 10, 2010 - Msg 81275: Howdy, porch. Home from preaching - pastor was right on the mark, as usual. He just gets better and better. Never "dry as dust" - not our pastor!

Yes, Boo, I've smelled goat breath, and it could be ranked right up there with dragon breath, I think. It's bad! I'll bet the little kids' breath isn't unpleasant, though - just the big goats. As for all donkeys being sweet, I would imagine that like any other animal, including the human animal, some are nicer than others, and some may be downright nasty, but all the donkeys I've met have been sweet little characters. One individual can be sweet and at the same time be your worst nightmare, if you happen to be a coyote, snake or other threatening critter. Hmmm. Maybe that's why Thelma Lou blocked your MIL's entry??? (heehee)

Well, guess I'll go scare up some lunch. I hate to leave my window, though. Butterflies are out in abundance, honeybees are enjoying the absence of the hummingbirds and are feasting at my hummer feeder, squirrels are having a hoedown, chasing each other from tree to tree and claiming squatter's rights to first one nest box and then another. I guess they'll settle the boundaries before too long. For some reason, I don't see any birds at all, which makes me think Shamu - my neighbor's cat - may be on the prowl. I think I'll stay at the window a little longer and see if he appears. If he does, I'll wait until he's in just the right spot, use my remote to turn on a sprinkler zone and water him real good. He'll hightail it for home, wet and spitting mad, and my neighbor will think it's as funny as I do. I have her full permission to water him whenever I can. Dumb cat. He never learns.

Well, blessings, everyone --Romeena

October 10, 2010 - Msg 81276: Pizza and hot wings!SPORTS all over the tube! SPOT

October 10, 2010 - Msg 81277:
Hello porch family.....been a busy church day today but a good one.

Spot....the Braves gave one away today. Man that was a tough loss.

Thanks Tom and Boo for the comment on the video. I think that was taken last year when I was in LA. I just saw it posted also. Didn't know it was there.

Well my wife has a big pot of homemade clam chowder that's calling me so I'll chat with ya'll later.
Come on over and get you a bowl....there's plenty here.
Love and prayers!

October 10, 2010 - Msg 81278: Rev "dad-blam them braves"...SPOT

October 10, 2010 - Msg 81279: Cats are real hard to train, aren't they Ro. They pretty well do what they want, no matter what. My cat actually killed a bird the other morning and dropped it at my feet when i went outside. He no longer has claws but I guess he pounced on it. I had been letting him on the back porch when he wanted out in the morning but I think I will stop that. I don't have a bird feeder out and seldom see birds in the yard but he managed to get a little dove because they are slow.

Been a busy day..preachin', then dinner at some friend's house, play practice for Erin, a birthday party for Sean and the boys, then a youth fellowship! Whew, haven't had a sunday like that in, well, maybe never.

Possum, Jubi goes in tomorrow for a scan to see if that spot in her lung has gotten larger. Please remember her in your prayers. I will let you know something as soon as I find out. I saw her mom tonight and I could tell she was a little anxious, bless her heart. Pray for Amy, too.

Well, tomorrow is another day so better get to bed and get some rest.


October 11, 2010 - Msg 81280: Speaking of donkeys and goats, since my wife was watching the niece and nephew this weekend, we took them, Kai and her friend who was staying over and helping us babysit the rugrats, to a petting farm. Saw all sorts of creatures big and small, from yaks to African geese. One of the cutest ones was this little baby goat who followed us around everywhere like a little puppy, even well after we had run out of feed for the animals.
It was a good time, except for all the Japanese beetles. Man, they were everywhere. And they bit too. A pestilence they are.

Boo, my brother had a declawed cat that had just showed up on his doorstep one day and wouldn't go away. And she used to go killing birds as well. That's got to be hard without those claws.

My prayers for Jubi and Amy.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 11, 2010 - Msg 81281: Thanks, Boo. I will be praying. Jubi crossed my mind last night and I was going to ask you about her.
Grits, anyone??
See y'all later- gotta get to Foley's Market.
possum u.a.r.

October 11, 2010 - Msg 81282: I am so upset this morning. Two pitbulls from the neighbor behind us, somehow got into our back fence this morning and killed one of goats and mangled the other one. Thank God our babies were safely put up in another pen with their mama. Our biggest mama goat is dead. Her baby, Raspberry, who is about 8 months old, has her ears torn up pretty badly and I have to treat that. Pray for me today...this is hard for me. Bruce is on his way to the police station to have them come out and take some pictures.


October 11, 2010 - Msg 81283: One more thing...the people behind us with the pitbulls are somehow involved in drug trade, we think, so pray that they won't retaliate.


October 11, 2010 - Msg 81284:
Morning porch family.

Boo...I am so sorry to hear this. That is terrible. Praying for that situation and that God place a hedging around you, your family and your property.

Love and prayers thoughout this day that the Lord has made!

October 11, 2010 - Msg 81285: Prayers Boo...hey possun and Rev and all...lets have grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch...its work for me at 2....will holler from there...SPOT

October 11, 2010 - Msg 81286: Good Monday POrch. Prayers for Boo and that horrible situation. keep us posted please.

working today and wish I could be home. It is a beautiful fall day so I would much rather outta here.

Lunch sounds great SPOT! thanks.

better get to back to work.

Big Maude

October 11, 2010 - Msg 81287: Oh my! OH, Boo, how horrible! That just breaks my heart. Poor little goats. They're such harmless creatures, and virtually defenseless against brutes like that. My knee-jerk reaction is that the pits are fighters, doing what they have been trained to do. If the police are on their toes, they'll suspect that as well and will act on the suspicion. Are you inside the city limits? If so, there's not much you can do personally. If not, then you may have to get a good rifle and keep a close watch. If the dogs return, take them out. Put the remains in a trash bag and take the bags far, far away. If they're trained fighters, you would be doing them a favor, because their future is not pretty. They'll just end up chewed up and suffering, or killed in some gruesome way. Think of Michael Vick and his practices.

Another thing - I know secure fencing around the whole property is a tall order and probably not possible. However, a chain-link enclosure that encompasses their shelter is do-able. It doesn't have to be all that big, since you would probably only put the animals in there at night. Concrete footing at least six to eight inches deep beneath the fence, six-foot fencing, and a one-foot outward-slanting cap to keep a dog from climbing over is what it would take.

I just hate this! I can only imagine how terrified those poor little goats were. It just breaks my heart. There's is something very, very sick about anyone who feels the need to own a vicious dog, one that's capable of doing something like that. A hungry animal that kills for food - that's nature. A pair of dogs that just wantonly terrorize and kill, and then go on their way - that's not natural. That's the result of training, an encouragement of bloodlust, and make no mistake - they'll take out a human as easily as they did those goats.

Some cities have tried to fix the problem by outlawing pitbulls, but that's not the answer. The cruel idiots who conduct dog fights will have them anyway, legally or not, or they'll just train other breeds. The answer lies with locking up the people who foster this blood "sport", and keeping them locked up for a very long time.

Boo, I'm so sorry this happened, and will be praying for you and Bruce as you confront the situation. You're right to enlist the help of the police. You are very likely dealing with some very unsavory people. Blessings, my friend. --Romeena

October 11, 2010 - Msg 81288: Once these dogs have tasted blood - they will be back. I am sorry to say. We had neighbor dogs do the same here a few years ago. They returned in a few days and wiped out a few more goats. Be careful Boo - I am surprised Thelma Lou didn't alert you - donkeys are very good protectors of goats. We did have a goat that we nicknamed Scarface because the dogs basically ripped her face off - she survived with a lot of TLC from me and shots. It's a good thing you are a nurse so that you can do this.

Heed Romeena's words - she is a very wise woman.


October 11, 2010 - Msg 81289: Thanks, friends. All I can think is how thankful I am that my babies weren't out there and I have you, HM, to thank for that. You told me to keep them put up for awhile longer. I was tempted to put them in the back last week because they did so well back there during the day but Sean told me I should wait longer...so glad I listened. After going out and examing the scene, I think we figured out what probably happened. Raspberry tends to run (and fast) from our dogs and she probably took off and the dogs went after her...there were three of them from what we can tell. They caught and attacked her and mama Strawberry came after them. They attacked her swiftly because the only real marks on her are at the neck. Probably while they were killing her, Rasperry ran for the shelter of some plywood that was propped against the barn and that is where Bruce found her this morning. When I got home from taking Erin to school at around 8, I noticed that there were two or three other dogs in the fence so I went to tell Bruce, who was off from work today (thank God). When he started toward the back, one of the dogs ran immediately but he got a pretty good look at it. The other two hung around till he got in the fence and then they took off. He said that the biggest pitbull had been sitting by the dead goat's body. After he found her, he noticed blood on the barn and discovered Raspberry under the wood. Thelma was out there but we never heard anything during the night and our dogs were ok. When the animal control officer came out and heard the description of the dogs, she knew whose they were right away, and they did not belong to the people behind us. Turns out they lived down the the road and had been reported roaming the neighborhood. She had been out to the house last week giving the owners a citation already. She said it was a woman who's husband was working off-shore and she was letting the dogs roam. The animal control officer went to the woman's house this morning and the woman told her the dogs were out last night..no attempt to keep them up, I guess. The officer gave her a citation and is supposed to be back later to talk to us about it some more. The officer told us that all she could do by law was give them the citation but that even though we are in the city limits, we are within the law to protect our livestock by shooting them if they come back. So, Bruce is going to get a gun out of the safe but chances are, they will not show up again until the night. According the officer, when she informed the woman of the damage the dogs did, the woman was surprised and "never thought they would do something like that"...oh, brother. I can only hope this gets her attention. If we see those dogs loose again there is also the option of a civil suit that might make them more willing to comply. I hate to do that but that goat could have been someone's child.

We ended up taking Raspberry to the local vet because we noticed she also had some deep puncture wounds to the neck and she was in shock. The vet cleaned the wounds, gave her a steroid injection, antibiotic and pain med. Gave me instructions and said try to save her so we brought her home. She is still in shock, just standing in one spot and having some trouble breathing but she might make it. Romeena, we have a chain-link enclosure that we have been keeping our baby goats and mom in so they are all in there right now. Bruce took the tractor when he installed it and dug down about 4 week and put in chicken wire so the dogs coudn't dig out so I think it will be ok for now. Such a pain, though, trying to keep everything safe and now to deal with wound care on this goat!

Better go..just got a call from sis-in-law and she got her car stuck in some soft sand down the road. Boy, won't Bruce be pleased!


October 11, 2010 - Msg 81290: By the way, my very sweet vet cleaned the goats wounds (and she has alot of trauma to her ears and neck), gave her a few shots, gave me injections to give her here at home, and only charged me the cost of an exam. What a blessing!


October 11, 2010 - Msg 81291: That is a very good vet to be that sweet to you. I am sure you are giving her Banamine. That is a good pain relief for goats. Just make sure she eats and drinks. When they are in shock they may not do this. Keep an eye out for this. Welcome to farming!!!


October 11, 2010 - Msg 81292: Ha, thanks hm! Yes, i think that is the name of the med they gave me in injection form. They said to only give it once per day, though. Sean tried giving her some food and she actually ate some out of his hand. Bruce said it was a good sign but I told him that no goat would refuse food unless it was dead...well, it seems like it anyway. haha

Yes, welcome to farming!


October 11, 2010 - Msg 81293: Prayers, Boo. that is just horrible and I'm so sorry it happened to your innocent goats. Doesn't it just make you sick? Hang in there,friend.
possum again

October 11, 2010 - Msg 81294: Man, that's terrible Boo, how sad and depressing and scary. I can't even think about it.
Hang in there!
- Hazel

October 11, 2010 - Msg 81295: It is good too that you have her with Holly Berry - goats cannont be alone when they are sick or down. They need the companionship of the herd or they really will go down. You will see that her and Holly Berry will become inseparable.


October 11, 2010 - Msg 81296:
Prayers for Boo's family.

October 11, 2010 - Msg 81297:
Prayers for Boo's family.

October 11, 2010 - Msg 81298: Aw, I'm happy to hear that, hm. That was what got Raspberry up and going. She saw Holly and her babies out in the yard and got up the strength to follow them. She is standing around still looking a bit dazed but she has eaten a bit of grass.

Now for part 2 of the story...Bruce drove past the home where the dogs live and they were still loose..no fence, nothing. The animal control officer came back to have us positively identify the dogs from some photos and we did. She told us that the woman was going to tie up the female dog and the others would stay put if she was tied..what?! The officer admitted that once the dogs kill and know the taste of blood they will try to come back so why is it ok to only chain one of the dogs? Bruce took pictures of the goats and is going to take matters to the city and demand that the city ordinance be followed and all the dogs be chained. To tell you the truth, I am surprised that the dogs weren't confiscated when we identified them. I mean, its not like the owners had not be warned. What does it take, the death of a child? It was such a brutal thing...such a horrible thing to see the aftermath of. It is just crazy. The animal control officer did contact the man in the family and told him that we wanted to talk to him. He has offered to compensate us but that is not what we are concerned with. We want him and his wife to see the photos and realize that those dogs are like a loaded gun and they have to know that we will shoot the dogs if they ever threaten our goats again. Hopefully they will step up and get rid of the dogs. i don't think I will ever really be at peace with the situation if I know there is a possibility of this happening again. I suppose we will have to find a way to keep them up at night, as Ro suggested. What a pain from start to finish! Poor Erin cried and cried when she found out today. I told her that Strawberry died a noble death, defending her baby and she did, too. Her baby survived. Erin said, "I guess it was her time, then". Yep, and she would do it again, too. Aren't animals amazing that way? I think I said it recently but it is really something that animals are such good parents and many humans aren't.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. This is such a great place here among friends.


October 11, 2010 - Msg 81299: Boo, it sounds like you're doing everything you can do. It is really a shame that the consequences for the owners who exhibit such carelessness are so trivial, but that's the way the laws are. Your only recourse is to be sure the people understand that if the dogs come on your property again, you will shoot them. And then do it. I know, that's easier said than done, and I would find it hard to pull that trigger myself, but I would. As you said, it could be a child next time, but aside from that, those little goats have a right to protection too. To die that way, in terror and pain, is just criminal, especially since the people had been warned. If it was a first offense, one could understand, I guess, but since the people have been warned before, there is no excuse. That's scriptural, by the way. The Bible is very clear on the subject. So, just warn the owners, and then follow through.

Well, gotta run. Have to work tonight and tomorrow night. This week is going to be wild, trying to work, take my SIL to have eye surgery on Wednesday, get the house presentable, do laundry, pack my luggage, and get to the airport at dawn Friday morning for the flight to Jacksonville. Our cruise ship sails Saturday, and we're going a day early to be sure there are no hangups. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

October 11, 2010 - Msg 81300: Ro, I had a conversation with the dog owner today over the phone. He is in Louisianna or something with his job and told me that he has not been home in a month. He sounded young, and not real informed about his dogs. He told me that they don't believe in tying dogs up but had used shock collars in the past to keep them on the premises! I don't know why a good fence was never considered. He did seem very sorry about what had happened to the goats and offered to compensate by paying for new goats but I explained that what we wanted was to know that our animals are safe. We had a good, long conversation and I told him what I thought he should do. I said that if I had a dog that had done what his dogs had done, I would put it down and I also told him that I know that i will never be at peace because I will always be worried about his dogs getting loose and coming back to kill my baby goats. I told him very straight and told him about the brutality of what happened to those goats. He asked me to email him horrible photos because he is trying to decide what should be done and said he wanted his wife (who has been letting them run) see the photos. I also told him that my husband is a hunter and that if the dogs showed up here again, I know Bruce would shoot them. The owner said, "If you ever see them on your place again, shoot them immediately...don't wait for them to get a second chance at your goats". So, I think that the wife is the hold-up. I asked him if he was very emotionally attached to the dogs and he said his wife was and that he had been on the phone with her all day and had sent his brother over to the house to make sure the dogs were secure. Bruce sent him an email and the pictures so I will wait. I asked him to please let me know what he decides to do as soon as possible and he agreed to do that. That's all I can do right now. I have the goats put up in a chain link enclosure for the night and hopefully all will be well tonight. If the owner is smart, he will rid himself of the dogs that his wife obviously can't handle when he is gone.

Sorry to monopolize the porch over this all day.


October 11, 2010 - Msg 81301:
Boo....you've pretty much done everything you can and hopefully the man will take charge and do what is right. My prayers continue!

October 11, 2010 - Msg 81302: Thanks REV. Pray for the man and his family, too, please. This isn't easy for them either, I'm sure.


October 11, 2010 - Msg 81303: So sorry about your goats, Boo, and for little Erin. I remember Kai crying when she found out her kitty had died, and I know how heartbreaking it can be to watch your little child hurting.

Guys(and girls), I am in need of some prayers, again, big time. My wife threw a fit today after I got home from work because Kai's school is planning a "spirit week" and on one of the days they are having a "cowboys and indians" day. This never bothered her last year when they allowed the kids to dress up like a pilgrim or an indian. In fact, she was proud to dress Kai up as an indian(in actual indian garb).
But of course this year is different where she is looking for any and all reasons to hate the school. And her sister and her are just adding fuel to each others fire discussing it via text messaging. Her sister saying that this "is a lawsuit waiting to happen", and them talking about getting in touch with the indian justice system in their tribe.
I let loose on her, especially when she brought up the Hello Kitty thing again. I tried to appeal to her reason, but I don't think I go through. To add to that, I am extremely tired today and don't look forward to tomorrow since I don't work. To make matters worse, this argument happened in front of Kai, with her mom stating how much she doesn't like the school. Now, I ask you, what kind of mother(or even person) tries conciously to make her own daughter uncomfortable about her school?! I know she is probably thinking divorce, but I am too. I hate the way this is hurting Kai. And the reason I stay with this vindictive person is because I don't want Kai to hurt even more.
I will try to keep it together, and I will tell my wife that I don't expect that Kai will be going to this school next year, that I have been thinking about that, and hope that calms the waters a bit. I just wish her family would stop fueling more anger in her. She was just fine when I came home today, but that quickly changed, especially after she started talking to her sister.

Please pray for us, and especially for Kai.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 11, 2010 - Msg 81304: Kai is scared. I know it. She was getting upset when we were arguing. I am in real need of what I should do. .

-Sterling Holobyte

October 12, 2010 - Msg 81305: well hello gang...shure hope all works out Boo...slow here to work...its ablut 12:15 am tue...has anybody got any leftovers?..was a little busy at supper time...hey Rev our braves are out!..errors just done them in...hey sterling,MDC,hm,Lucy,Tom,Maude and all....well let me get the reoprts ran and jobs put on the comp....SPOT

October 12, 2010 - Msg 81306: Hey Spot. I am still up. Just wrote a letter to the wife conceding about next year, and hoping she will give Kai and I a chance to enjoy this last one. And to forgive me for our fight tonight.

I hope for a better tomorrow. God willing. But if He wills more suffering for me, I will suffer. for God, and for Kai. But may he help me(and Kai who is an unwilling participant) get through it.

Sorry, no leftovers, Spot. I ate all my ravioli. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

October 12, 2010 - Msg 81307: Wow, very tough situation Sterling and I wish I had just the words to help. I don't know what to say except I am very sorry you are going through it and I will pray. You are right that fighting in front of Kai is going to do so much harm. Whatever it takes, don't let that happen anymore. Make a committment to find a way to walk away or shut it down. Only a couple of times in our marriage did Bruce and I ever lose control and fight in front of the kids and the fear and pain I saw in those kids made quite an impression on me. It does some real damage. Lord be with you in your actions and decisions concerning your family and you know you have a family here on the porch that cares and wants to help. By the way, is Kai's school having cowboy and indian day or pilgrim and indian day? I would think this would be a great opportunity to show some pride in her Native American heritage. I was thinking about the opportunity that your wife might even have to do some educating on that day...maybe give a special presentation or something, concerning native american culture/history.

Sterling, you have mentioned divorce twice recently...do you really think that is where this is heading?

Well, it is still dark outside and I am waiting for the sun to come up so I can take a look at my goats and determine if all is well. I am a bit nervous to take that first look. I woke up a few times and listened for any noise last night and all was quiet. I'm not looking forward to cleaning Raspberry's ears and neck this morning. Been dreading it. I will give her a pain shot first and let it start working before I attempt it. I've treated lots of human wounds but a goat is more difficult (for the most part;). She has alot of damage to those ears and its not going to be pleasant. A couple of puncture wounds on the neck are about an inch deep and actually look like knife wounds and I am concerned about those and keeping them flushed out. Like HM put it..."welcome to farming". I was not raised on a farm but am getting a quick education.

Ro, one more thing I wanted to share that I shared alittle about on facebook but I thought you would like hearing; the little goat that was injured yesterday was bruce's little pet and he really likes her. When he is out in the back pasture working on different projects she is out there with him, climbing on whatever he is doing, climbing up on the tractor and turning on the flashers (twice last week Bruce had to go out in the dark, in his robe and turn them off! ha). He told me that when he saw that goat hiding under that wood he felt literally sick. He picked her up and carried her to the other pen and it really got to him. He said he started examining her neck for wounds, discovered the puncture wounds and thought about how much it would cost to take her to the vet and then thought "I don't care how much it costs. I want to save her." so he told me to go get the Yukon and he picked that goat up (she wieghs about 80 lbs I imagine), and climbed in the back of the Yukon and rode with her to the vet. I even heard her call her "Baby", but he would probably never admit it. He puts on this appearance of being a tough guy sometimes but it seems to me that he was the most affected by all of this. Interesing.

Better get erin going...today is picture day so we have to make sure her wild and crazy hair is in place. :-) Imagine having a tomboy like her with long hair...not easy.