November 17, 2010 - Msg 81734:
Thanks for finding that site for Boo Poor Horatio.
"kinda hard to forget that pa." mdc

November 17, 2010 - Msg 81735:
Didn't think the porch was that dirty, but not only did I sweep, I also put out lap blankets and
hot chocolate for everyone. Enjoy! (:

November 17, 2010 - Msg 81736:
MDC....those lap blankets sure feel good in this cool night air. And nope I've never tried the Tapitio hot sauce (I don't think....I've eaten so many different kinds)
And yes I had a fire extinguisher that worked great for a short time but it ran out pretty quick at which point I started beating with a wet towel. By the time the fire department got there I was completely exhausted.

PH....the coach filled with smoke but the fire was on the underside and then started burning through the outside walls of the underside. So the fire damage was underneath and outside wall. The smoke damage was inside.

Ya'll be blessed!

November 18, 2010 - Msg 81737: Morning porch, hope all is well this morning.
Thank God! you are okay Rev. so sorry about your fire and so glad you are okay!

working today so better ge back to it!
Have a blessed day.
Big Maude

November 18, 2010 - Msg 81738: Hi All.
REV it look like the Lord eyes was on you .
PH all this rain is a runoff from the high hill and it not cold to trun it in t snow.


November 18, 2010 - Msg 81739: Good morning, porch! REV, I was just horrified to hear about the fire! That's just so scary. Thank God for His mercy and protection. I'm sorry for the damage to the motorhome, but so grateful that your injuries were relatively minor. Will keep praying for speedy repairs to the motorhome so that your ministry will not be compromised at all.

Boo, I didn't realize that Bruce's sister was hearing-impaired too. That does make things tough for her. I can understand how she could get discouraged. Will keep her in my prayers.

I'm having a good time, for sure. It's so beautiful out here. It's too cool for swimming, but the pool is lovely, a great place to sit and read in a comfortable lounge chair. Also sooo nice to go down on the dock and watch the herons fishing over the lake - even see the occasional eagle - magnificent! In the evening huge turtles will come up to the dock for bread. They're just enormous - shells about two feet from front to back.

Well, I think I'll go fill all the candle holders with tealights - we're having some friends over for dinner, and I know my DIL will want candles everywhere. That's one little thing I can do ahead of time. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

November 18, 2010 - Msg 81740: Hi Everyone - I have not fallen into the deep abyss although at times it sure feels like it. Still no word from the Attorney General in Indiana nor the ACLU. We should be hearing from the Att Gen anytime now.

I should let you know that this is affecting our old house and not the new house. So - we aren't out of a home per se but the stress is still there. Many afternoons and evenings with tears. . .it is soooo hard and sooo stressful. As if marriage isn't strained enough at times.

I need to read the archives to catch up with thins. Our computer as you know is on the fritz. At times, I can't pull up this website yet it will allow me on FB. Go figure.

Prayers for the Rev - you are such a blessing to so many. Thank Jesus that you were not harmed.

Must go for now -

November 18, 2010 - Msg 81741: Boo - has your SIL been in contact with Vocational Rehabilitation. Their job is too help disabled people find employment. She needs to be signed up if she isn't on it. Not sure where to tell you to look in TX but every state has one. They will also help her with schooling and training, also provide tutors and learning aids. As with everything - funds will be limited as to what they can offer but they should be able to offer something. Just a suggestion from the ol' hearing impaired teacher!


November 18, 2010 - Msg 81742: Today is Mickey Mouse's Birthday Nov 18 1928.. 82 years old.
Say....Cheese !


November 18, 2010 - Msg 81743:
Happy birthday Mickey Mouse.
IMAGINEER, I'm curious about the origin of your username. Is it related to Disney or TAGS?

TOM so you live near a high hill? Now I know why you complain about the rain.

hm, thanks for reminding us about Vocational Rehabilitation. Boo, have your sister-in-law check out for the state of Texas.

from Poor Horatio

November 18, 2010 - Msg 81744:
Hello porch family...thanks for all the thoughts and prayers....God is so good!

Happy Birthday Mickey and thanks IMAGINEER for informing us.

HM.....stay strong and keep your eyes on Jesus....praying for you!

Came home off the road and my wife already has her Christmas tree up. She just loves putting the tree up each year. She says since it's so much work she puts it up early so she can enjoy it. 2900 lights on it this year.

Well I'm going to bed early tonight. You all have a good night and a Jesus filled day tomorrow. HE sure loves you!

Love and prayers

November 19, 2010 - Msg 81745: You folks are so kind and helpful. I think we have been in contact with each organization mentioned. I DARS, for sure and she has applied for disability twice, and unemployment benefits...neither has come through for her so far. Her schooling is paid for through Texas Rehab and they do alot for her. They are providing alot of what she needs but not housing. She also gets some foodstamps. She talked to her counselor at Texas Rehab and he offered to pay her tuition to an online course to get her medical coding certification and it would probably take less than a year. Hopefully that will go through for her because being hearing inmpaired, it is a real bummer to try to sit through lecture classes and take notes. The department at the college that is supposed to provide note-takers and such for hearing impaired have done a terrible job. Thanks for the prayers and suggestions.

I have to drive Sean to Houston for his usual appointment to have his meds adjusted so it will be a long day. I heard they are doing construction near the hospital so it is not going to be any fun at all. Please pray for safe travel and that Sean would get on the med that is right for him.

Ro, so glad you are enjoying your visit in Florida. Think of us when you are lounging by the pool!

2900 lights, REV?!! She is like another Clark Griswold! haha

Love to All,

November 19, 2010 - Msg 81746: Mornin' y'all! Well, the ol porch dog Spot has taken off again-this time he's gone down to South GA to visit some of Miss Sherry's folks. He asked me to let y'all know where he is and to make sure I feed the Porch. So.. you know what that means?? Time to pull out Spotty's credit card again!
Where do y'all wanna have breakfast? how about Cracker Barrel? I'll see y'all there!
Continued prayers for hm and all who need them.
possum under a rock

November 19, 2010 - Msg 81747:
Thanks Possum!
Boo- Not to throw a wrench into the deal, but my experience here with people I've known who get free schooling, pell grants etc, is that they usually dont do as well as those who come up with the money or who actually get a loan to go. They seem to apply themselves more. I'm not saying that's your sil 's case, and from what youve said about her, I dont think it is; but it's just what I've seen here in several such situations. They often get that "I'm entitled" attitude. Just a thought.
Hey to Tom, rev, PH and all!
My prayers continue for all. God bless,

November 20, 2010 - Msg 81748: Slow Porch- can't believe nobody has posted since MDC!
Well, if anyone happens along,meet me down at the Diner- breakfast is on spot!
Y'all have a great day.. wherever you are!
possum u. a. r.

November 20, 2010 - Msg 81749:
Morning porch family......A day out with my sweet wife.
Be a "mirror" today so that someone will see God's love in your life!
Love and prayers to all!

November 20, 2010 - Msg 81750:
OK possum....I'm on my way to the diner.....bringing the wife with me. See ya there.

November 20, 2010 - Msg 81751: Good afternoon, porch! I'm home, sitting here on my very own end of the porch, regular keyboard and all. Yay. I had a wonderful time, really a great visit with my son and DIL. Easy, relaxed, comfortable - just a great time. This morning we got up early, and he flew me to Orlando, landing at a small light-plane strip near the main airport. From there I got on a shuttle that took me and Toye Starr over to the main terminals, where we had no trouble getting through security and onto our flight. Evidently there is a collective "oops!" going up across the nation, as everyone is having hissy fits about that back-scatter thing and the "enhanced patdowns." None of that was in evidence in Orlando, I just walked through the metal detector as usual, cleared right throughg, and we wer on the plane in no time. I'm glad, because I had my own opinions about the whole thing. I was prepared to submit to the back-scatter, but not the other. Sorry, Ms. Napolitano, when you come and pass through that pat-down ahead of me, then I'll consider it. I'm not thrilled about the back-scatter either, after what I've been reading about it. No one is reeeeally sure that it's safe. I was really uncomfortable with the idea of tiny Starr going through it - was prepared to question it on her behalf. Not meaning to start a moulage (and I don't think this will, I think everyone pretty much agrees) - if they do decide to knuckle under to the Muslims and allow their women to pass through un-scanned and un-touched, shall we say, then I'm buying a burqa and that will become my traveling clothes. Don't even imagine that I'm kidding, because I'm not. I doubt that it will come to that, though. From the chatter I'm picking up, Americans have just about had it, and November was only a sample. If they start pulling things like that, we're going to see a backlash like you wouldn't believe.

Joe and Jorge were here while I was gone, cleaned out my big island flowerbed and planted it full of pansies. Just beautiful! They also pulled those two stupid tomato plants out of the rose island (I picked two golf-ball sized tomatoes - hardly worth the effort) and now I can see my rose bushes again. The yard really looks good, and my "rebloomer" iris bed is doing exactly what I had hoped it would do. Several of the older plants are indeed blooming again, after blooming in the spring. The younger, newer ones aren't blooming, but they will bloom in the spring and then likely will rebloom next fall. It surely is pretty, having them grouped together like this, instead of scattered around the yard.

Well, guess I'd better go tow that enormous suitcase in out of the garage and start unpacking. Yuck. I hate this part of a trip. Sure is good to be home, though, and tonight I'll sleep in my very own bed. There's just no bed anywhere like one's own bed.

Blessings, friends~ --Romeena

November 20, 2010 - Msg 81752: Howdy Porch, we had a good storm today. Lots of lighting and thunder. Should be getting another wave this evening and tomorrow. Time to stay inside and watch some good movies. Have a good weekend all.

November 21, 2010 - Msg 81753:
Boy, looks like everyone is still at the diner!
Musta been more than three vienna sausages on special! ha
Welcome back RO. I don't want to get too political, but I do agree, and I'll let it go at that.
Well, nite all,

November 21, 2010 - Msg 81754:
Hey to Frankie Flint.
APB for Sterling, ASA, Auh20 and others.

November 21, 2010 - Msg 81755: Mornin' Y'all- must be the time of year that has the Porch slowed down. Miss seeing it all nice and full!
Well,as per spot's wishes, possum is here to see to it that we EAT! So.. where do y'all want Spot's credit card to take us this morning? LOL
How about I-HOP??
Hope everyone has a wonderful day- love to all!
possum under a rock

November 21, 2010 - Msg 81756: Hi All
Look like everyone out injoying this nice weather we are having or watch the football came.


November 21, 2010 - Msg 81757: Well, hello there Tom! Wow- nobody else has showed up all day,huh?

good to see you on the Porch,Tom. You take care!
possum again

November 21, 2010 - Msg 81758: look like everyone gong some way for the holiyday week.


November 21, 2010 - Msg 81759:
Howdy porch family

Everybody resting up the Thanksgiving week. I spent the day after church putting the Christmas decor up outside. We had fun doing, wife, daughter and her boyfriend.

OK race fans.....Jimmy is unreal...5 time (in a row) Champion

Spot....SC Gamec@cks and Auburn for the SEC Championship. Hope we can pull it off.

You all have a good night.
Love and prayers!

November 21, 2010 - Msg 81760:
Hey REV, I'm sending you some Tapitio hotsauce to spice up the turkey! Just doing it on a whim, and am also sending you another little surprise!
I promise it aint made in New York City! haha
So watch that mailbox!
Great church service today, all about Christ the King! A big thank you Jesus.
Well, John Master's Chiefs tore up my Cards today! We aint the same without Warner, Boldin, etc. It will take a while.
by and say HI. Pappabear says Hey.

November 22, 2010 - Msg 81761: Hey there MDC. Been a mighty busy weekend but here I am. I took Sean to Houston for his appointment and then drove him to camp for the weekend on Friday. I was in that car from 8am until 10pm that night. The youth at our church had a a spritual retreat weekend at a camp about an hour from us so I took an alternative route home from Houston to drop him off and ended up on these couty roads in the middle of nowhere trying to find the camp in the dark. I googled the directions on Mapquest but they were wrong! Finally made it. Sean had a great time at the retreat and they were all back home by the end of church yesterday.

We had our annual church family thanksgiving dinner at church last evening and it was a blessed time, as usual. We have lots of new faces around the tables this year and that's great to see. I am so thankful for my church family (as well as my immediate family and porch family). :-) I know I haven't been around as much but I just don't get on the computer much anymore. I haven't even checked in on facebook in days but had to come here and check in.

Its going to be a busy week with Erin off school for thanksgiving and all I have to do to prepare for all the company on Thursday. The big turkey is defrosting in the frige and the shopping is done but now the detailed cleaning and then the cooking.

Good for you, REV, for getting that christmas stuff up early. Bruce and I went and bought the garland and lights for the front porch at Lowe's on Saturday and we will start the decorating on Friday...if we can still move around! hehe...not sure yet if I am going to get in on any of black Friday sales or not.

Well, tell us about your thanksgiving plans if you haven't already. You all know what I will be doing with a houseful of family. I really can't wait! It is supposed to be cold on thanksgiving, which is a treat for us here in south texas. Only trouble is the kids won't be able to play outside, darn it.

Better get the coffee finished and get to work. Love to All.


November 22, 2010 - Msg 81762: Happy Monday morning porch family, just stopping in for a minute. A usual Monday working day for me, going to work Tuesday and then Wednesday morning til about noon and the off to start my Thanksgiving.

I will be cooking for my Mom, my own family and my husbands family. Should be about 8 or so of us. Then on Friday, we hope to get out Christmas Decorations up. I have already done some shopping and should be able to finish in the next week or so. I like to finish up as early as possibe so I can enjoy the week before Christmas.

better get busy. lunch menu will be: chicken salad sandwhich, chips, oatmeal creme pies. tea or soda to drink. brown bag lunchs to go if needed.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

November 22, 2010 - Msg 81763: HAPPY TAGSGIVING to All ! Have a Great and Blessed HOLIDAY


November 22, 2010 - Msg 81764:
Thanks Imagineer! very clever, and the same to you.
I guess everyone is busy with preparations. I cant believe that thanksgiving is here already!
2010 is sure going fast.
God bless and have a good day,

November 22, 2010 - Msg 81765:
Hello porch nice here on this end of the porch.

MDC...that hot sauce will fix that turkey up:) Yum yum!

Boo....sounds like a wonderful time you had at the church Thanksgiving dinner. It's so great to fellowship with friends & family!

Maude...thanks for lunch and don't work too hard.

You all have a blessed day and know that I'm praying for you all!
Love and prayers

November 22, 2010 - Msg 81766: We got a letter from the Attorney General and they found merit in our complaint and to make a long story short - it is now under investigation. Now I need to find a good lawyer in Indiana (not one of the hometown boys) to fight for damages - not only to our home but to our reputation. This was suggested by the Attorney General - they can carry out the Indiana law to its full extent but cannot award damages. We have been slandered in the paper and through the small town gossip. I finally had some good sleep on Saturday once I got the letter.
Keep us in your prayers - the fight is far from over.

November 22, 2010 - Msg 81767: Good afternoon, porch! I have been lazy as a hibernating bear since I got home from Florida. Can't exactly call it jetlag, since there's only an hour's difference in time, but I just haven't wanted to do a thing! Have been sleeping a lot. Kind of a letdown, I guess, after the great time out there with my son and DIL. That's one dubious advantage to living alone - no one here to have any expectations of me, except Starr, and all she wants is to be fed somewhere near on time.

My goodness, I can't believe it's time to put up the Christmas stuff already. I haven't spoken to David (my "local" son) but he'll probably be putting the lights up this weekend. I have to work Wednesday night, so won't be cooking on Thursday, but will cook a traditional meal on Saturday, for anyone who can come. The bird will be huge, at least 20 pounds, and there will be plenty for anyone who can come. Eloise and Jerry will be here, Dave and Brittney and the boys, Brittney's sister and her family, my brother and SIL, and any strays that might happen by.

Well, gotta go clean out pond filters, I guess. It's about time to put the leaf net over the pond too. I haven't checked, but I have an idea that leaves have clogged the filter. There are a lot on the ground, so they're certain to be in the pond as well. Oh well - just part of the season.

Blessings, all! --Romeena

November 22, 2010 - Msg 81768:
HM-how about that attorney who also sells alumninum siding, he's a real good barrister! ha
Seriously, prayers continue!


November 22, 2010 - Msg 81769: hm, I tried to send you an email, but it came back as undeliverable. Apparently the addy I have for you is no longer valid. If you still have mine, would you email me so I can get yours? --Romeena

November 22, 2010 - Msg 81770: Im Back!..great trip to Miss Sherrys daughter and son-n-laws place we went ahead and had Thanksgiving ...Good Food!..Possum thanks for feeding this bunch...Rev Gamec@cks! Yea!...for sure!..Jimme J. well Nascar fans ya have to tip yer hat...class act I think....ok let me get un packed...hey guys Miss Sherry let me drive the Camaro all the way back...(5 hrs)..she fell asleep some of the time...hee well It will Run!...dont tell...G-forces rocked her a bit but did not wake her!...prayers to all...SPOT

November 22, 2010 - Msg 81771: Don't forget your "OPIES and CARROT's" for Dinner.......


November 22, 2010 - Msg 81772:
Hello porch family

Homemaker....prayers continue!

Ro....get all rested up from your trip. That jetlag can be rough.

Welcome back Spot...we won't tell Miss Sherry about your fast track driving.

You all have a great night.
Love and prayers!

November 22, 2010 - Msg 81773:
That's a good one IMAGINEER


November 22, 2010 - Msg 81774: In response to msg.81743 from Poor Horatio.
My user name came from my position at work at WDW. I worked there for many years in as a sort of creative, and building person..
Imagineering is somewhat ; daydreaming, creating, designing,
trying new ideas,turning imagination into reality, architecture.
engineering and..................lots of other stuff,,,
Most of my work was in the Magic Kingdom. Designing and Building various attractions,themed areas, parades shows etc.
Did the same at EPCOT and Studios..Worked in Entertainment.
Show production, Central Shops.Special events...and a large list of other departments and Divisions.
Not that I was just transfered around, but as an IMAGINEER you
have to be aware, and have knowledge of just about everything.
Besides Disney, I always had a Love for The Andy Griffith Show.
Not only the stories but the props and Actual layout of the Town
of MAYBERRY, and it's buildings. If you ever visited the Magic Kingdom at WDW, You walked through my resume,,,,,,,,,,,

November 22, 2010 - Msg 81775: I'm right'chere, MDC. Just hanging back.

Tomorrow my mom, dad, and I are going to Kai's school for their annual Thanksgiving lunch with the kiddies. I am so glad I have Tuesdays off and am able to go. Of course, this week I have only one more day of work on Wed. and then I am off until Sunday. Yay! Of course, I will have a mountain of work on Sunday but who cares.

Imagineer, I was almost sure you were planning to build a real-life Mayberry as kind of a real community, where people could buy a house there and live. Was I just "imagining" that? If not, whatever happened to that?

-Sterling Holobyte

November 23, 2010 - Msg 81776: Through the many years I have collected a mountain of original TAGS props. I have spent YEARS of referencing pictures, photos etc.
I have spent Thousands upon Thousands of dollars to develope the actual blueprints for the entire Town and Myers lake. Drawing upon drawing of the exteriors and interiors of the buildings. Some converted from FRONTS to Actual Buildings.
To support the project, I created a Neighborhood with Taylor style homes, for permanent and vacation housing.
The bottom line is that although people would like to have such a place to go to, the reality is that there is not enough monetary
support. The infrastructure of the town, buildings, utilities,just to name a few requires a great deal of income. plus employees, services, operations, taxes etc.
There were to be only 74 homes on 1/3 acre lots. price range
375,000 to 675,000. This was necessary again for the infrastructure, roads, landscaping, construction of Myers lake.etc. You must understand, that this project was to be an exact duplicate of Mayberry, Not just like Mt. Airy
I contacted Andy Griffith's people and a variety of others, but no real support.Maybe one day when the economy turns around.
Many times I think about sitting in the courthouse, behind Andy's desk, with a cup of coffee, and visiting with TAGS friends

November 23, 2010 - Msg 81777: Boy, that would be great, Imagineer. Keep the dream alive.

OK Romeena, time to perk up and get that Christmas tree know how long it takes you to get all the ornaments on it. :-) I still have boxes to go through in the barn to find all my christmas stuff. Big task there.

Found out on the news last night that the cold front we were expecting for thanksgiving is delayed so thanksgiving will be in the 80s...poo! not supposed to cool off until late that night. Well, at least the kids can play outside. I was starting to worry about how to stuff everyone in here with all the kids, too.

I have a question for you turkey cookers; I have a friend who cooks her turkey in a big roaster instead of in the oven. She brines her turkey and cooks it in the roaster and she says it turns out very moist that way and it frees up the oven to bake other things. Anyone else use a roaster or know anything about it?? were slandered in the papers! That is hard to deal with but remember what I always tell my kids and my sis-in-law who is being slandered by her ex inlaws, when it comes down to it, all that ultimately matters is what God thinks of us and He knows the truth and will vindicate his own. Try to let go and let God do what we cant. Prayers, you have a blessed thanksgiving with your dear family because you have so much to be thankful for. Rest in the Lord. Love ya!

Better get started on the chores. I have my appointment with the cardiologist this afternoon. Prayers please. :-)


November 23, 2010 - Msg 81778: Imagineer - please help me - WDW is that Florida or California. Not to sound stupid but I have been to Florida Disney only once and loved it. My husband isn't into theme parks or Florida so doubt that I will get there again anytime soon. I think it is fascinating what you do - my son would love to meet you! He is very creative and someday wants to go to film school. Thanks for sharing what you do!

Prayers for all - - Boo, take care of that heart!

Ro - will send you an email.

Love and blessings to all -

November 23, 2010 - Msg 81779:
Prayers continuing for you all!
Did i ever tell you all that
we went to Disneyland during its opening year
of 1955, and it was then that I first heard about the tunnel system running underneath it! Sure it was for
utilities etc, but also so that, for example, Frontierland people wouldnt have to walk thru fantasyland justn to get to their positions!
Couldnt have that, ya know! (:
Now that took imagination! ha
Hey to Sterling!
Boo- you could use a Ron Popeil Showtime oven, "just set it and forget it!" haha Sorry, I'm no help there!
God bless,

November 23, 2010 - Msg 81780:
Hello porch family.

Imagineer...sounds like you have had a lot of experience in your field and obvious very good at it. The Mayberry project sure sounds nice but I know it would be very costly. I've also thought about a Mayberry theme park for paid visitors. A place you could just take the family, maybe a hotel to stay over night, a resturant, and a old timey carnival. Have the layout like Mayberry so you could walk around town with shops. An old time drugstore soda fountain. Even have a theater with a history lesson of TAGS.
Guess it don't hurt to dream:)

Prayers for the situation in Korea.

You all have a great day.
Love and prayers!

November 23, 2010 - Msg 81781: In response to msg.
WDW stands for Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida, It's actually in Lake Buena Vista........

I haven't gone there, or know to much about it but there is a company that teaches film making, video production, etc.
I know that they just expanded their facility in orlando.
It is expensive, has some overly creative students, but it produces some great talent. It's also on line.
It's called "FULL SAIL" you may want to check out the web site
but I would call them for a COMPLETE catalog of classes.
The catalog itself is great to have. Cal- tech I believe is another great production school. Good Luck And All the Best.

November 24, 2010 - Msg 81782: Hi All
Boo I think I will there for the winte it going tobe to cold me!
I just fined out the a good friend of the family pass away about this time last year!My prayer are with the family at this time!

Thank You, Lord, for the Summer days
The beauty of the floers, warmth of the sun,
And for the last pale blossomn
That stayed till the season was done.
Thank You for theAutumn days,
Of sapphire skies, trees on parade
In brilliant colors that I know,
The Msdter Artist has made.
Thank You for he;ping me cope
With the trials that came my way,
Thank You for this passing year...
For every hour, for every day.


November 24, 2010 - Msg 81783:
Beautiful Tom!! Thanks. To quote Andy "I don't believe I've heard it said any better!"
Prayers for all porchsters, both present and missing, may the good Lord above see our gratitude for His love and care.
Have a wonderful day all!!

November 24, 2010 - Msg 81784: Good morning, porch! Tom, thanks for that lovely sentiment, so beautifully expressed. It describes exactly what's in my mind as I walk through my yard. It's just beautiful right now. A bit shaggy, grass could use mowing, leaves are lying everywhere. Those that remain on the trees (and there are still a LOT) are a beautiful mixture of yellow, gold, red and still quite a lot of green). The crape myrtles are almost finished, but the leaves that still cling are a brilliant red, except for the biggest tree (the one the cat got stuck in) which is now completely bare. There are "surprise" roses blooming in brilliant clusters, and of course, the planned-for reblooming iris are putting on their show. The impatiens on the back fence haven't felt the nip of winter yet, so are still blooming brigbtly, and the periwinkles I put around the pond last spring are nearly two feet tall and blooming madly. Of course, the pansies and snapdragons Joe just planted are blooming, and will continue to do so, even after winter hits. The lantana beside the path is still covered with yellow blooms, to the delight of the last stragglers of the butterflies that moved through here for the past few weeks. There are mums blooming in random placement, the result of potted gifts after some occasion or maybe an illness - I always plant them after their initial bloom is done - just find a place and stick them in the ground. Then, of course, all the nandina bushes (about fifteen in all, scattered around both front and back yards) are wearing great huge clumps of bright red berries, like Christmas ornaments. So pretty! I love this time of year. Spring, I guess, is my favorite, when the yard has been cleaned up and groomed, and new bloomers planted, and all is bright and colorful and tidy. Summer is a struggle, with the heat, but the roses and lantana and a few other things thrive in it. Winter is a time of rest and repose, with only a few things popping up with a bit of color here and there. But Fall, that transition from summer's heat to winter's chill, is such a lovely, carefree time. Weeds have given up, neatness doesn't seem to count anymore, and the yard is just a somewhat untidy place of leaves and random flowers, where kids and dogs can romp, squirrels can dig with impunity, and the gardener can just relax and enjoy the casual beauty of it all. God is good.

Boo, I have an electric roaster, bought by Dale for me one year, in the mistaken belief that it would be easier for me to cook my usual huge turkey. Unfortunately, I didn't like it at all. The bird tasted good, was juicy and all, but it never browned. Not even a little bit. It was just sort of, well - poached, or something. As I said, it was good, but it didn't taste like the traditional roast turkey. One thing we found it works well for - you can bake a ton of potatoes in it all at once! If you're having a very large gathering, and want to bake three or four dozen potatoes - the electric roaster can do the job!

Well, Eloise is on her way over, I have been assigned to buy new icicle lights for the house. My son put the roof lights up yesterday, but he said the icicles are about shot, so guess I'll pile them at the street (they'll be gone in ten minutes) and get some new ones. The old ones work, but he thinks they're going to quit soon, and he's probably right. They're several years old. So, off to Elliot's hardware store we go, and probably will find some lunch along the way. Then I have to work tonight. Yuck.

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

November 24, 2010 - Msg 81785: Since my computer is on the blink - I will say Happy Thanksgiving to you all now. Not sure when I will be on again.
You are all in my hearts and thoughts -
Blessings to all


November 24, 2010 - Msg 81786:
Just stopping by real quick...not sure if I'll make it by tonight so I just wanted to wish all my porch family a very blessed THANKSGIVING DAY and know that this REV loves you guys!

Love and prayers!

November 24, 2010 - Msg 81787: HAPPY THANKSGIVING to one and all. Just about to get into my monkey suit and head for work - will be home around eight in the morning, sleep for about three hours, then head over to Eloise's daughter's house (Brittney's sister) for a lovely Thanksgiving meal, carefully prepared and beautifully served. I'll be cooking on Saturday, my usual holiday meal (too much food, probably an hour late, very casual and haphazard serving, etc.) but plenty for all who might come by. If you're in the area, drop in!

Well, off I go. Please Lord, just get me through this night. --Romeena

November 24, 2010 - Msg 81788: Happy Thanksgiving porch...hey Possum,Ro,mdc,Rev,Tom,Boo,Sterling and all....well I have to work tomorrow but Mom brought me down a big plate for tomorrow...all the goods!....ok...prayers and I got new carpet put down in my bedroom today ...smells funny!....back before bed time...SPOT

November 24, 2010 - Msg 81789: Happy Thanksgiving to my porch family. Prayers and blessings to everyone. You folks are among my blessings and I give thanks for each of you. Have a great day.
Big Maude

November 24, 2010 - Msg 81790: Happy Thanksgiving to my porch family and no I've not fallen off the edge of the earth, I'm still around. You are all on my list of things I'm thankful for. I hope and pray God blesses each of you and your families. Trying to get a head start on my cooking for tomorrow, got two dinners to go to but I think I'm up to the challenge lol. Love you all--Salty Dog

November 25, 2010 - Msg 81791: Happy Thanksgiving to the Porch

November 25, 2010 - Msg 81792: Ro, I am going to try the roaster this year. I have been reading up on it and I think what I will do is cook it in the roaster until about the last hour and I will but it in the oven to get it good and browned. I will let you know how it goes. Also, I won't put any liquid in the roaster with it, which might help it not be so "poached".

Had to smile at the "haphazardly" comment, Ro. Thats the way it is here. The food will be layed out on the counters and served buffet room on the tables for all this stuff. I will put an extra table up in the living room and there will be tablecloths on the tables...that's about it...nothing fancy. I am even using the everyday dishes.


Love to All,

November 25, 2010 - Msg 81793: Happy Thanksgiving, dear Porchsters!

I count you all among my many blessings. Love to all from
possum under a rock

November 25, 2010 - Msg 81794: Happy Thanksgiving to all! Like everyone else, I count the porch and all of you among my many blessings. Sure would be lonely without you.

I have a question. Do atheists celebrate Thanksgiving? If so, to whom are they grateful? I believe that "to be grateful" implies that there is a recipient of the gratitude, don't you think? So, again I ask - to whom are they grateful? Just wondering....

And on that note, I'm off to bed for a couple of hours, then up and over to Terri's, where I will very likely eat too much, because it will all be very good. Saturday, like I said earlier, I'll more or less do it all again here, my style. I wish you could all come by - there will be plenty!

Blessings on this Thanksgiving Day! --Romeena

November 25, 2010 - Msg 81795: Happy Thanksgiving!!
I truly am thankful for all of you!! ~New Neighbor

November 25, 2010 - Msg 81796: Have a blessed Thanksgiving, porchsters!

-Sterling Holobyte

November 25, 2010 - Msg 81797:
Happy Thanks Giving! Thanking God that our Pilgrim forefathers (and mothers) knew the importance of
putting the Lord first! May we all do the same this day, and He will respond!
Love you all,
"The salsa man" MDC (:

November 25, 2010 - Msg 81798:
Happy Thanks Giving! Thanking God that our Pilgrim forefathers (and mothers) knew the importance of
putting the Lord first! May we all do the same this day, and He will respond!
Love you all,
"The salsa man" MDC (:

November 25, 2010 - Msg 81799: Romeena, I think those atheists are thankful to the turkey farmers.

Been a lovely thanksgiving here. Had a happy houseful of family and lots and lots of good food. I think we had about 18 adults and several children. Ro, my turkey was the best I have ever made. Putting it in the brine and then cooking it in the roaster made it very moist. I just took it out of the roaster, brushed it with maple syrup and put it under the broiler for a few minutes. It worked good and the dressing..well, it was the best ever. Instead of using canned chicken broth, I made my own turkey stock and used that and some of the dripping from the turkey and it was so much better than when I used canned stock. Besides that, I made my broccoli-rice casserole and others brought candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn casserole, cranberry relish and who knows what else. It was quite a feast. One of my nephews on Bruce's side came from Ft. Worth and brought his family and they were just so sweet. I loved having them. I don't know if you remember but last year at thanksgiving I was visited by an old childhood friend tha i had not seen since I was ten. She found me on facebook and it was such a blessing seeing her again. Well, guess what?? The same thing happened again with another childhood friend of mine named Cynthia. I had not seen her since high school and we were like siamese twins for years. She was my closest friend for most of my growing up years but we lost contact for years. Her daughter found me on facebook and Cynthia moved back here to care for her aging father. She came by with her two daughters this afternoon and I can't tell you how wonderful it was to be with her again. It is like time stood still and we just picked up where we left off. I am so thankful this year for so many things.

Hope you all had a wonderful day, too. Wish we could all sit down together for a feast. Lord bless all my porch family and their loved ones!

Love to All,

November 26, 2010 - Msg 81800: Hey gang just a quick trouble check before work...Lunch will be grilled slaw dogs and chips....SPOT

November 26, 2010 - Msg 81801: Thanks for lunch spot! Thanksgiving leftovers for supper,ok?
possum under a rock

November 26, 2010 - Msg 81802: Good afternoon, porch. Boo, I'm delighted to hear that your turkey turned out so well. You obviously hit on a solution for the browning. However, that wouldn't work for me, because I cook my dressing in and around the turkey. There would be no way to get the turkey out and into the oven for browning. It always just falls apart. I've never been able to serve a magazine-cover turkey, all intact and sitting on a platter. We scoop out the dressing that's inside the bird, then spoon out the "moat" of dressing around it, and then just remove the turkey the best way we can. Usually I can loosen a breast half and remove it intact to a platter for slicing, but the dark meat is just lifted out in chunks and pieces. Tender, dripping with juice, and delicious!

Many people avoid stuffing the turkey because they fear it won't get done. Believe me, mine is done. First of all, the turkey is a "fresh" one, not frozen. Before I put it in the roaster, I run hot water into the cavity to warm it up. Then I rub the cavity with salt and herbs, and put the bird on his back in the buttered roaster pan. The dressing is blistering hot when I spoon it into the cavity and into the hollow behind the neck skin, so it continues the heating of the inside of the bird. The rest of the hot dressing is spooned into the pan and packed lightly around the bird, several inches deep. Then it all goes into a pre-heated oven and is baked until it's brown and I can twist a leg bone free easily. Of course, it's basted about every thirty minutes. I cut little slits in the breast skin, next to the center bone, and let the basting juices run down inside. The dressing gets brown and crusty along the sides of the pan (my DIL's favorite part), the bird is done to a turn, and the dressing is incredibly good, having absorbed any juices that left the bird. This year, I have two extra turkey thighs that will be pushed down into the dressing and cooked along with the rest of the turkey, so we'll have enough dark meat. Most of my family prefers the dark to the white, and it always seems to run out first. Not this year!

How lovely that your friend caught up with you on the holiday. Old friends sometimes are the best, aren't they?

Well, gotta run. I'm headed for the grocery store to pick up my turkey (pre-ordered) and the rest of what I need. I bought my fresh cranberries, and canned pineapple and mandarin oranges on Monday, because they always seem to run out of those things. Defensive shopping, I call it.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

November 26, 2010 - Msg 81803: Anybody want leftovers for supper? plenty!..SPOT

November 26, 2010 - Msg 81804: Have you all been getting the emails with the videos of the "random acts of culture"? I got a few through the year, with some great music, and one with a little impromptu string quartet - very nice. However, the ones I've received in the past week or two have been just outstanding - the Philadelphia chorus, another one called Flash Mob, all doing the "Hallelujah Chorus", which of course is one of the finest pieces of music ever composed. It's just lovely! It all occurs in random places - a train station, a shopping mall food court, one was inside a Macy's store - just a big old surprise to all concerned. The singers blend in with the crowds, looking just like everyone else, and suddenly someone starts it off and soon dozens, maybe even a couple of hundred, are singing. It's well-rehearsed of course, and beautifully done, but it's made to look entirely impromptu. What really thrills me is when you see people joining in, and you know they're not part of the group. At first they look surprised, then pleased, then they sort of mumble along, and finally just stand up and sing, and you just know they're from some church choir, have sung that magnificent composition at some time, and just can't resist joining in. What an inspired idea, and I hope it continues. Lovely. --Romeena

November 26, 2010 - Msg 81805: Well hello Porch...kinda slow off work at 8 and back at 6am..been watching football all day!..Rev and all the sport fans what about the Alabama game! Oregon and Ark now...another good one..hey Romeena,sterling,Tom,MDC,Mavis Lucy,possum,Maude,Boo,NN,Frankie,Hm and all my friends...been eating good!...lets have a light b-fast at I-Hop in the morning...flapjacks and fruit....ok...let me get my alarm set and clothes ready for work....prayers gang.....SPOT

November 26, 2010 - Msg 81806:
Spot-time to get out the three crosses.
I was working on my NEW display today.
Will do more tomorrw.
It's thought-provoking, yet timely.
I'll get a pic to RO when its all up.
Dont eat too many turkey sandwiches!

November 27, 2010 - Msg 81807: You are right MDC...I got the Crosses out of the barn and got to do a little bulb repair on them but tomorrow should be a good day to put them up...COLD here this morning...just below work till 6pm....lets go to waffle house and get breakfast....Possum and I will buy...well gang let me get started here and will holler back in a bit...Rev you on the road?...hey Boo will you bring a paper this morning....will pay you back the 2 bits!...SPOT

November 27, 2010 - Msg 81808: Happy Birthday to Lucy!!

love from possum under a rock

November 27, 2010 - Msg 81809: Hi All,
Just a gold start to the dat brrr.
Hey little possum said it your birthday Lucy so on that note, HAPPY BIRTJHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.


November 27, 2010 - Msg 81810:
Morning porch family.....chilly and sunny here on my end of the porch this morning.

Happy Birthday Lucy your package...thanks that was so nice. I sent you a message on Facebook.

Yep Spot...that was some good games. I thought it was over for Auburn but they came back big time. Now we (Gamec@cks) have to face them.
And nope I'm not on the road right now. Have a local concert tomorrow and then down in Jacksonville, Fl next weekend then off for the CHRISTmas holidays. Won't go back out till January for a 30 day tour. are so would be great if we could all sit down together around a big table and have a huge dinner together. Maybe not here that will happen...oh but one day we will!

Ro...that dressing sounds great. YUM

Well I better better start getting and the wife is doing some Christmas shopping today.

You all have a blessed day and show someone Jesus today.....with a word or just a smile. They just maybe looking for THE answer.

Love and prayers!

November 27, 2010 - Msg 81811: Good afternoon, porch! I got the big old bird in the oven, all nicely nestled in his stuffing. He's already starting to smell good. Cranberry sauce is made and chilling, sweet potatoes are cooking, fruit salad is made except for the dressing, neck and giblets are boiling for gravy stock, assorted veggies are in their bowls, waiting their turn to be reheated in the micro if necessary, and everything is on schedule. Eddie is here to mow and clean up the shaggy yard, and after dinner David will finish putting out the lights - my deer and twinkles and all that stuff. I'll have to make Eddie a plate - he loves my dressing - even had his mom call me for the recipe a couple of years ago, if you can believe that! Talk about feeling honored and flattered!

Folks, I know I send out an abundance of emails, political stuff mostly, and I know and understand that you probably get tired of it all, and maybe just delete. That's your right, and I don't blame you. I do the same thing sometimes. However, I sent one today that you will want to watch. It will make you feel proud, and it will stiffen your spine and strengthen your resolve, to keep this country intact and not let it be destroyed from within. With God's help, we can do it.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena