January 25, 2011 - Msg 82439:
Oops, meant "Macho Man." Randy Savage, that is.


January 25, 2011 - Msg 82440: Here's the paper, SPOT, and here's your coffee TOM.

Little bit chilly here this morning but the skies are clear and it will surely be a lovely day in south texas.

Woke up at 3:30 for some crazy reason and couldn't go back to sleep so just got up..now I am feeling like I have cotton in my eyes, and the day begins. Plenty to do today, thats for sure but maybe I will be able to sneak in a quick nap.

Had Erin's parent/teacher fellowship last night and the priciple and pastor of the church announced that he was leaving for new mexico in three weeks and they have yet to find another pastor/principle for the school. They are also in need of a teacher for next year so...while he says the school will continue next year I am hoping her is right. Its a small school but a good one.

Speaking of...better get Erin out of bed for school. Talk to you all later.


January 25, 2011 - Msg 82441: still a lot of snow on thr ground here in indiana. good morning porchsters. boo- have you tried adventure sleeping/ mdc- do you want some of my snow and 19 degree weather/ ro- i should be going to texas around july 30. taking a friend to her sons morther- in- laws 96 birthday bash. rev- can you send me info on ordering some of your cds? nothing new this way just waiting for spring. my birthday is feb 16 and my friends feb 20th. older, slower, but do not need a rocking chair, ha. prayers for all in need. pappa bear

January 25, 2011 - Msg 82442:
Not that often that goldwater sweeps the porch!
Good job auh20!
Hey to Boo and pappabear. PB, send us the snow in July, and then we can have an instant flood! haha
have a good day all,

January 25, 2011 - Msg 82443: Good Tuesday porch, hope everyone is " A OK" today. working today, been busy yesterday and this morning. hope this trend continues.

supposed to snow again possibly tonight and tomorrow. I am about ready to take a trip, somewhere tropical I think. :)

Hey too Pappa Bear, MDC,Boo, Auh20, SPOT and everyone else sitting around.

Better get back to work and am about ready for lunch. lets all head over to Olive Garden for soup, salad and breadsticks!

have a great day.
Big Maude

January 25, 2011 - Msg 82444: Hey Y'all! Just checking in-not a whole lot to say today.Kind of tired- I think I could use a shot of Colonel Harvey's elixir!
We're expecting heavy rain today & tomorrow-hope my rock don't float away! Ha!
Well, maybe a good lunch at Olive Garden will perk me up -thanks, Maudie!
Y'all have a good day- love to all!
possum under a rock

January 25, 2011 - Msg 82445:
"Juanita, Juanita,
Lovely, dear Juanita,
From your head down to your feet,
There's nothing half so sweet,
As Juanita, Juanita, Juanit.
Oh, there are things of wonder,
Of which men like to sing.
There are pretty sunsets and birds upon the wing,
But of the joys of nature,
None truly can compare,
With Juanita, Juanita, she of beauty beyond compare.
Juanita, Juanita, lovely dear Juanit."
Quoteman strikes again (:

January 25, 2011 - Msg 82446: neat ! what part of indiana are you from.
iam from northwest indiana. BOY ITS BEEN COLD HERE.
LARRY landcgranzow@yahoo.com

January 25, 2011 - Msg 82447:
Hi to larry. welcome to the taylor porch.
We just sit and jaw and pass the time of day.
Click on "Archives" below and see some of our past chat.
I see that Quoteman did a run past. Wonder who that is? (:
prayers for all,

January 25, 2011 - Msg 82448:
Barney: "Didn't you ever hear of a person with a compelsion complex?"
Andy: "A what?"
Barney: "Compelsion complex. You know, like when folks gotta be washin'
their hands all day long? That's a hand washin' compelsion. What you're
lookin' at there - it's a case of hair cuttin' compelsion."
Andy: "All three of 'em?"
Barney: "Well, all three of 'ems got the compelsion. ...Listen, you find
compelsion nuts all over!"

Quoteman's cup runneth over(:

January 25, 2011 - Msg 82449: Wow, loved the Juanita poem, Quoteman!

"VICKS!"...just thought it was time that somebody said it.

I think I have a Vicks compelsion.


January 26, 2011 - Msg 82450: Good morning..hope everyone is staying warm wherever you are.

We had a difficult evening with sis-in-law and I am ready to call it quits. I have not been talking about some of what we have been dealing with the past month but it is getting worse and worse and she has refused to get the help she needs and her anger is affecting my family in a very negative way. I told her it was time for her to find another place to live. I am trying to use some tough love but Bruce is having a harder time with it because she is his sister. Also he is gone alot and I am the one here with her everyday and having to deal with the problem much more. Please pray for us for direction and that things would work out for the best. I don't feel like she is my responsibility and I feel I have done all I can for her and things will just go from bad to worse if she stays. It is hard on the kids, too, and I just think I am done dealing with it. She is mentally ill, and in denial, and impossible to deal with. I hate making her leave but I feel like I have to at this point. Bruce didn't want it to end like this but it is what it is and we can't fix her problems. Bruce wants to give her a week to find another place to go and I am submitting to that for his sake but i feel the sooner the better and until she hits "rock bottom", so to speak, she will not get the help she needs.

Better finish the coffee and wake up Erin for school.


January 26, 2011 - Msg 82451: Happy Birthday New Neighbor!

Mornin' Y'all! Welcome to Larry and to Quoteman! Wonder if Quoteman is kin to Lyricman!?

Boo, praying that things work out for the best-hang in there,friend.

Let's head over to O' Malley's cabin later today- heard he was back in Detroit and we can throw a birthday party for New Neighbor! Everybody bring a dish- Maude make some slaw, Spot, bring your record player & old 45s, I'll bring the birthday cake! See y'all there!
possum under a rock

January 26, 2011 - Msg 82452:
Morning porch family...still on the road. One more concert tonight before heading home.

Welcome Larry....good to have you here!

Possum...hope that rain clears out before I get back to SC. I will probably get home around 3am.

You all have a great day and I'd appreciate the prayers as I travel tonight after the concert.
Love and prayers for all the porch family!

January 26, 2011 - Msg 82453:
Mornin' all.
Boo, good for you! Since this is now a "kinder, gentler" porch, I'll hold it at that! ha But i will say one thing about the BO speech last night: TRAINS, really? Trains? The US has built the finest network of airports and airlines in the world. Somebody has been influenced by lobbyists! haha
Well, ya all have a good day.
God bless,

January 26, 2011 - Msg 82454: Email me MDC, if you have some more advice you don't want to share here on the porch. I am in need of moral support because I don't want to start second-guessing my decision. My sister, St Susan, has been a good, strong voice for reason and is helping me today. I decided to stay at her house today and cook some chicken and dumplings for mom and dad. I just don't want to be in the uncomfortable situation that will exist at home today. I will face it later this afternoon but for now, I need a break. I did hear from my mother in law and said she would take Vicki back for a week or so until she makes other arrangements. So, for now the main obstacle I see is potentially Bruce. I believe he will do the right thing but I am upset about how it will make him feel and I determined to do the right thing for my family and I that once she is gone, and things are peaceful and less stressful at home, he will feel better about the decision.

Better go check the chicken.


January 26, 2011 - Msg 82455:
Andy: "Barney, you're gettin' all steamed up over this. Why don't you just
take the rest of the day off? Go on over to the drug store and have a nice
lunch. The business man's special is a hollered out tomato stuffed with
avacodo and raisins. It's good too! Then top things off with a lemon
phosphate and you're right in business... Take a walk on over to the Grand,
watch 'em change the marquee... Well you always enjoyed that!"

Quoteth the Quoteman, evermore (:

January 26, 2011 - Msg 82456: Good afternoon, porch! I'm sitting here trying to stay awake, because the TV repairman is supposed to be here between 4 and 6. I worked last night, then stayed for an hour-long "employee forum" where various honchos tell us how wonderful things are, and if they aren't, they encourage us to "do better". Do I sound cynical? Maybe I am, or maybe I'm just beat to the socks. Came home for a brief time, long enough to pay some bills, then had to go get an echocardiogram done. Now I'm back home, and am tempted to call and cancel the TV man, because the dratted TV has not done its "thing" since I called him! Of course.

It is so weird. I'll be sitting there watching something, and suddenly the TV gives its little "deedle-deedle-dee" and turns itself off. The sound continues, because my dish box runs through a separate surround-sound system, but there's no picture because the TV is off! Using the remote, I can turn it back on, it chirps and comes on, and may play for hours or a day or so, or maybe five minutes, but sooner or later, it goes off again. However, it has performed perfectly for the last three days. I think it heard me call the man. Very strange.

Boo, my dear girl - you will indeed have stars in your crown. You have exhibited infinite, Godly patience with that girl, and I hope you will NOT feel guilty about what you're doing right now. Your children absolutely must come first, and if SIL is a toxic influence on them and the rest of the family, then she needs to live elsewhere. It's not like she's a strung-out teenager. This is an adult, who has had periods of lucidity, but for whatever reason chooses to continue to shift her problems onto anyone who will carry them. I know, that's all a part of her illness. I get that, but still, you have a responsibility to Sean and Erin that just has to come first. If she stays around long enough, she can destroy the tranquility of your home and leave those kids with less-than-happy memories of life at home with you and Bruce, and that's not fair. If Bruce is wrestling with guilt now, imagine what he will feel when one or both of those kids walks out at age 18 and declares they can't stand it there any longer. They're growing up fast, and that's not all that far down the road. So Bruce could end up with his kids alienated, and still have his parasitic sister on his hands, because she'll live there forever if he lets her. You said, "Bruce wants to give her a week to find another place to go and I am submitting to that for his sake but i feel the sooner the better and until she hits 'rock bottom', so to speak, she will not get the help she needs." Girl, you are so right! Stick to it. Bruce may think he's helping, but truth is, he's enabling, nothing more. It's impossible to help someone who refuses to try to help herself. So sad.

Well, I wish that man would come on. I'd like to go putter around in the back yard - it's 59 and just beautiful - but I wouldn't hear the TV man.
Joe and Jorge were here yesterday, pruned everything, trimmed the eleagnus on the fence, I cut back and cleared away some badly overgrown clematis vines, the last of the leaves are gone and we took the net off the pond - boy, does it ever look great out there. Pansies blooming madly, giant clusters of red berries on the nandina, bright green blades coming up from the iris - buds will soon follow. I love this time of year. I'm kidding myself, I know. This is a false spring, we'll have more icy weather, but for now, I'm really enjoying it.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 27, 2011 - Msg 82457: GOOD MORNING Porch!..hey Romeena Rev,Boo,Possum,Lucy,auh20,hazel,MDC and welcome Larry!...ok...24 degrees here in Ga...starting my work day...breakfast menu:Flapjaacks,sausage pattys,bacon,fruit,coffee,milk,h20,real maple syurp and fresh blueberrys!....prayers to all...SPOT

January 27, 2011 - Msg 82458:
Hey Folks

Looks like the current storm is gonna miss us here completely. We're due to get only 4 or 5 inches of snow today, not bad at all.

Spot-Once again, a great breakfast. You must be a culinary dog.

Romeena-I know what ya mean about the "false spring." We usually get a January thaw around these parts, although I don't think it's gonna happen this year, and I was fall for it. Typically, for a few days it looks and feels like spring, then wham-o. I do in enjoy it while it's happening.

Boo-Prayers for your situation.

Asa-Have you thawed out yet from that deep freeze you folks had?

Here's a 16 second clip guaranteed to make ya laugh.


January 27, 2011 - Msg 82459: Thanks for the advice, Ro. I know other people who have gone through the same kind of thing with a relative who goes from relative to relative until they can't deal with them any longer. I see things clearly but I feel like Bruce is blaming me for the problem in a way. Like others who "enable" I guess he just wishes everyone could get along and just ride things out...what a joke. He had better wake up. There is nothing more I can say to him and have made my case very clear. I have to go to Houston today and will stay overnight with my aunt and uncle there because Sean has an appointment at Texas Children's in the morning. At least I will be out of the house for a couple of days. Yesterday evening SIL stayed in her room all evening and never came out so I have not even spoken to her since Tuesday night. Erin has been sleeping on a mattress in mine or Sean's room because Bruce doesn't want her in her own room where Vicki is. I asked him "why?" and he said he didn't want to risk anything else happening. Now, I'm not going to live that way in my own house. I am hoping he will come totally to his senses soon.

Well, better finish getting my stuff together for the trip and get Erin going. I might not talk to you all again until Saturday. Have a blessed rest of the week.


January 27, 2011 - Msg 82460: Thanks, Auh2o~


January 27, 2011 - Msg 82461:
Boo- I was going to say basically what Romeena said. Have a good trip to Houstaon, pray along the way. I will ask the Lord to heal your whole family this day. He is an interactive God, not a God from a distance, so expect things to happen! (:
Good to see spot, auh20, possum and others.
APB for all missing!

January 27, 2011 - Msg 82462:
Hello porch family.....SO GOOD to be back HOME. It was a great tour. Now got a couple weeks home before I start working in the studio on a new project.

Boo...continued prayers for your situation and I fully agree with Ro's advice.

Possum...Last night (early this morning) traveling up I-95 at the inter-section of I-26 in SC, thought about you when I saw the sign to Charleston. Said a little prayer for ya!

Well I better get busy unpacking some "stuff" from the motorhome. Every year when I'm in south Florida I always have to get boxes of oranges from the local groves for folks around here.

Love and prayers for all the porch family!

January 27, 2011 - Msg 82463:
Andy: "Now Barney, don't have a spell. I think ya did fine."
Barney: "You do?"
Andy: "Yes. A fella parks his car illegally he gets a ticket."
Barney: "Right!"
Andy: "A parkin' violation's a parkin' violation."
Barney: "That's it!"
Andy: "'Course, since it was the Governor's car some folks might feel the
diplomatic thing woulda' just been to kinda' overlook it..."

January 27, 2011 - Msg 82464: You left out the last line.
Barney: "That's right, jump all over me."
- Hazel

January 27, 2011 - Msg 82465: Thanks auh2o....just a quick trouble check...hey anybody wana buy a cannon?...SPOT

January 28, 2011 - Msg 82466: Morning porch, hope everyone is good today. At work for a while today and the off to the Doctor for an annual visit. Though I never look forward to those guess it is best to keep up with them.

glad you are home safe and sound Rev. good to see SPOT, Hazel, Boo and everyone else.

hope to have a quite week end, not much going on which will be a nice change of pace at my house. Mr. Maude is working this week end, Patrick has to work tomorrow 12-9 so Beth and I may just be lazy for much of the day.

Breakfast today will be: french toast with maple syrup or jelly, sausage, bacon, eggs, fruit. tea, coffee, chocolate milk, orange juice, cranberry juice to drink. somebody please bring a newspaper.

have a blessed day.
Big Maude

January 28, 2011 - Msg 82467: Maude thanks for b-fast!...Thank you God for such a great day here in Ga...60 and sunny,that means work outside!..Lunch crock pot beef stew and corn bread....SPOT

January 28, 2011 - Msg 82468:
Hello porch family....nice day here in SC.

Maude...prayers that your drs visit goes well.

Spot.....enjoy this nice weather while getting your work done outside today. Man I love it!

You all have a great day!
Love and prayers

January 28, 2011 - Msg 82469:
Hazel, when I copy/pasted I missed that line! oops!

January 28, 2011 - Msg 82470:
Hi all, hope you all have a nice weekend.
Gonna board the high speed train for South Dakota! (: OK, sorry, I cant let it go.ha
Boo- hope the doc appt went well in houston.
Big maudie, thanks for the grub! TATERS! ha

January 28, 2011 - Msg 82471: Well MDC, God answered our prayers just as you said and talk about fast. Last night while I was in Houston Bruce called and told me that SIL's friends (the pastor and his wife in Killeen) told her to move in with them and that they have a car she can use and have already arranged an appointment with a Christians counselor that is willing to counsel her at no charge. Two of her children are coming down on Sunday to take her up to Killeen to live. This is a major answer to prayer. Bruce told me had was so concerned about her and was just sick about it so he started really praying for the Lord to provide a solution for her and He did. So, hurray! Things are going well and she is in a much better mood right now. Thanks to all of you for the prayers and words of wisdom. I was sticking to my guns and God worked it all out. Bruce is feeling good about it now, too, which is good.

Well, Sean's appointment went well and he will be starting on a different med than what he was on. We had a really nice visit in Houston with my aunt and uncle..such sweet people and I took Dad along so he could visit with his brother.

Guess I will go to bed. I hardly slept last night (I have a hard time sleeping away from home for some reason) and then had to do alot of driving in Houston traffic and then the 3 hour drive home. I think it should take about 15 seconds to fall asleep once my head hits the pillow. There will be NO adventure sleeping on the ironing board tonight!


January 29, 2011 - Msg 82472:
Boo- It's all the Lord's doing! All i did was pund on the door for bread. ha (See Luke 11 if youre puzzled!)
Sweet dreams,

January 29, 2011 - Msg 82473:
pund? pOund!

January 29, 2011 - Msg 82474: Where is everybody today?? Its 3pm and nobody has been here all day. Hope you are all enjoying a relaxing Saturday.

Hugs and Kisses,

January 29, 2011 - Msg 82475: Aw, c'mon...I need someone to walk with me uptown to see a Glenn Ford movie!...we can go to the diner afterward. My treat. Ho hum...I'm bored. Speaking of Glenn Ford, where in the world is ASA?? I've really been missing him (and several others, too). I was just remembering the days when we would all pile up in the car and drive to mount pilot to the picture show. Well, I guess ASA is too busy with his floor show down at the Gigolo Club...I sure miss his toolbelt *sigh*...what I wouldn't give to see it again.


January 29, 2011 - Msg 82476: Good evening, Boo, and anyone else who might have wandered in. I'll go with you to the movie, and then we can come back here and have some of the chocolate ice cream I just made.
It's goooooood!

Good news on the SIL front. Thank goodness! You and Bruce, and the kids, all need a break from her toxic influence. I pray that the poor thing can find some peace, but a lot of that depends upon her being willing to accept help. God doesn't usually just drop "peace" or whatever on our heads, out of the blue. He usually works through the minds and hands of others, often people who are trained to provide the help we need. It's up to us to reach out and accept the help that's available to us.

I heard from my doctor yesterday - the CT scan found nothing amiss, so I can only conclude that he's right, and the pain in and around my ribs on the left side is from intercostal nerves that are still inflamed from that chest tube several years ago. Good grief. Have I been putting up with this that long? I thought I had better sense than that. Anyway, next Friday we will do another steroid injection to confirm that we're working on the correct nerves, then in another week or two they'll do the RFA and kill those nerves. That should stop the pain, and believe me, I'm ready. If it doesn't, I don't know what would be next. I'm just going to trust that it will do the job.

Once that's done, maybe we can concentrate on the low back pain, although I really don't think there's much we can do about that. It's just arthritis, age, and mileage. Fortunately, most of the time, a muscle relaxer helps significantly.

Gosh, I'm just a little ray of sunshine, aren't I? Sorry! On a happier note, it's a beautiful day here, temp in the 70s, sun shining, squirrels out in force (so funny!) and pansies blooming madly. The back yard just looks beautiful, even though there's not that much color back there, mostly just the pansies and the berries on the nandina. The grass is green, of course, thanks to the fescue we planted in the early fall. At this moment, the sun is low, and the rays are golden, slanting across the yard, lighting up the little waterfall. So pretty. It's supposed to turn nasty next week, but for now, it sure is pretty!

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 29, 2011 - Msg 82477:
Good Evening porchsters. Hope all are well.
Booand Ro- it was a lovely day here today too. Cecile and i try to do a walk around our alma mater, Ariz. State U once a year, and so we did thaT today. The campus is about 5 miles from us, and so we walk, talk, and we see any newly built buildings or the fixing up of old ones etc.
It was about 72 today, but by Wed is suppose to be 58 and rainy!
Well, have a good evening all,
Preachin tomorrow,
Hope it aint dry as dirt (:

January 30, 2011 - Msg 82478: Glad your CT was good, Ro. Lets pray and believe that the next procedure will do the job.

Yes, I am very relieved that sis-in-law is moving out today. She has been in much better spirits and is actually talking sense the last couple of days. She is still hesitant to go to Killeen because she knows she will have to behave there and control her temper and tongue but she is going. You know, I was remembering when she first moved in here, we decided at that time that we would finish the upstairs or buy a travel trailor that she could live in while she was here but finances were such that we just couldn't. We never really intended that she would live here with us in the house every minute because we knew that would be distater eventually. I have decided that we will be taking in no more long term guests until the upstairs is finished. While this is a good-sized house, we only have three bedrooms, which means someone has to double up or sleep on the couch or something. That gets hard after months and months and the person staying here really has no privacy either. Its like you have no place to go to get away from each other!

MDC, I hope the weather is good there week after next. My nephew (St Susan's son) and his wife are driving out to Phoenix to go to some kind of conference at a church. I think its called "The Dream Center?"...I'm not familiar with it but apparently they are going to get some training there they might need for the ministry they are involved in. They go to a very large church in Corpus Christi that has many outreaches to the commnunity and they are ivolved in the homeless ministry there.

Well, better go dry my hair and get ready for preachin'. I have nursery duty again today and we have a business meeting and luncheon after church so might be a long day!


January 30, 2011 - Msg 82479: B-fast before preaching...eggs yer way(as many as ya want)county ham and bisquits-n-gravy,hashbrowns,toast,bacom,grits(for the southern end)...coffee,milk,h2o!....Thank you Lord for this great day!!....SPOT

January 30, 2011 - Msg 82480: Good Sunday evening porch, just stopping by for a minute. Hope all is well.

I wanted to let you all know that my uncle passed away yesterday. I had asked you guys to pray for him a few weeks ago. He was 81 years old, was diagnosed with lung cancer about 2 months ago.
The situation with his family has not been a good one (much too long of a story for me to go into here) so please pray that we can get through the next 3 days. I will have to take my Mom to the funeral home tomorrow night and then to the graveside service on Wednesday.

Big Maude

January 30, 2011 - Msg 82481: I'm very sorry, Maude. My prayers for you and your family.


January 30, 2011 - Msg 82482:
Hello porch family

Maude....so sorry to hear the news about your uncle. Praying for you all!

Boo....now maybe you and your family can have some peace in your home. God hears our prayers!

Ro...praying these procedures will give you relief from the pain. I know that sure wears you down.

MDC...we had AZ weather today here in SC.

You all have a great night. Remember Jesus loves you!
Love and prayers!

January 30, 2011 - Msg 82483: He certainly does hear, REV. He is such a wonderful God and I love Him alot...not just for answering my prayers but as the bible says, because He loved me first. :-) I am also very thankful that He loves all of you, too, because I sure love ya lots.

Been a nice evening here in south texas...in the 70's today and just very pleasant. Spent some time on the porch and fed Thelma Lou and the goats some treats of oranges and apples. That sweet Thelma Lou will just stand at the fence looking at me until I come out there to see her...darling donkey and my favorite pet ever. I am going to tell you something about those critters that you are just not going to believe, but its the truth. Yesterday morning Bruce and at i were at the kitchen table and we saw some activity out by the stable. Thelma Lou was running and all three goats were running behind her...she ran into the stable and they followed, then a second later the goats came running out single file with Thelma chasing them...they would run around the stable and back in and then repeat the process. If Thelma Lou stopped for a break, the little goat would walk up and stand right in front of her until she started chasing them again. Those darned animals were playing chase, no kidding. What a show! Ro, you have got to get down here soon.

Better go get ready for bed...busy day tomorrow. See ya in the morning with my coffee.


January 30, 2011 - Msg 82484: Good evenin' Porch,
How's everybody this evenin'? I hope all are well. I hope everybody's not feeling like Miss Emma with her pains from head to toe. I'm a middlin'. My stepdaughter has moved in, so we now have all three children here in this 2 bedroom apartment. Needless to say we are needing to move when our lease is up in March. I'm searching for a new car and rental home. If y'all don't mind I'd appreciate a prayer that these come our way. I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but I'm homeschooling Bryson 3 days a week, so life has just been busy. When isn't it though? I need to heed that pastor's advice at the All Saints Church in Mayberry to just relax a bit...:0).
Auh20- How are your girls? Are you still snowed in? I apologize that I haven't had a chance to read much of the archives so you may have answered that recently.
Boo- Sounds like some big changes for Erin's school. Are you still homeschooling Sean? I love what you named your goat! You submitted to your husband and God rewarded your efforts with finding help for your SIL. Awesome!
Pappabear- Heaven's to Betsy! How are you? I didn't know you had moved to Indiana. I suppose that's why my Christmas card was returned. I sent it to your address in Illinois. MDC, will you forward me his address through Facebook?
Possum- I'm tuckered too. Though I've found out it's because I'm very anemic. I hope you've become more energized since then. Grandma has to look after Miss Laci!
Quoteman- Thank you! Lovin' the quotes! Especially the Juanita one. I must say that is one of the things that bothered me about Barney. He'd "cheat" on poor Thelma Lou with his infatuation with Juanita.
Spot- How's my fellow Georgian? Are the kids fairin' well?
Rev- I'm sure you're glad to be home whenever you are able.
Ro- Glad to hear your test went well. How's little Star?
Big Maude- I'm so sorry! You have my condolences and prayers.

I'm sure I'm missing some. Hey to those that I missed! Y'all have a blessed week! Remember to smile!

January 31, 2011 - Msg 82485:
Evening all.
Maude, my sympathies. May your uncle rest in peace.

January 31, 2011 - Msg 82486: Morning...good to see Lucy on the porch. Prayers that you will find the car and home you need for your family. Yes, I am still homeschooling Sean and it is still a real challenge. He is in the process of changing his medication and I am hoping it will help. He seems like a nervous wreck most of the time these days.

Can't chat long this morning..busy day ahead and have to get Erin up for school.

Hey, guess what? The weatherman is predicting possible snow flurries for us this week...expecting a big cold front on Tuesday. Hope he is right. :-)

Talk to you all later.


January 31, 2011 - Msg 82487: REV! You weren't far from me at all! I-95 and I-26? Dang! Missed ya! I'm just gonna have to find you next time I go up to see my Saluda relatives.

Sympathy to you and your family, Maude.

Talk to y'all later-take care,everyone!
possum under a rock

January 31, 2011 - Msg 82488:
G'day all.
Just checking in. Boo- love the story about Thelma
Lou and the goats. God sure gave them a sense of fun! ha Just like Ro's squirrels!
All good here, wheater is about to change however,
part of that same cold air coming down from the north taht you all are about to get. Only to be 50 for a high on Wed.!
I know, AUH20, that AINT cold! haha
Prayers for Egypt and for all who love freedom,

January 31, 2011 - Msg 82489:
Hello porch family.....a chilly and dizzly day here in SC

Lucy....so good to see ya back in your rocker. Miss ya but we know you're real busy. Prayers that God provides ALL your needs.

Possum....I may be down in Georgetown this spring (still trying to finalize it) so maybe you can make it to the concert.

MDC...stay warm out there in COLD AZ....lol

See yall in a little while.
Love and prayers!

January 31, 2011 - Msg 82490: Good evening, porch! Just stopping by on my way to work.

Lucy, as I live and breathe! I was thinking about you just this morning, and here you are! Good to hear from you, and you have my prayers that you'll get your living arrangements and car problems solved soon. That can be rough!

Boo, playful animals are so precious. They have no other agenda (except in the case of little boy squirrels), they just play for the sheer fun of it. Little goats are especially prone to do that. Too cute! I do want to get down there. It will happen, eventually.

Maude, I'm sorry to hear of your uncle's passing, and will pray that the family will "act like somebody" and not cause any problems. Maybe this event will lead to some healing??

Well, gotta go. It's cold (only 51, but feels colder) and drizzly, and the roads are wet. I want to leave a few minutes early. Gotta get through tonight and tomorrow night, then will be off for five nights, with the spinal procedure taking place on Friday. I'm surely hoping for some relief from this constant nagging pain. Thanks for the prayers and good wishes, folks. Blessings, all! --Romeena

January 31, 2011 - Msg 82491: Read on facebook that Homemaker's son Casey is still sick and is in the hospital for some tests. Let's remember him in our prayers. He's been through alot lately.


January 31, 2011 - Msg 82492: Good Evenin' Porch,

Thank you all for your sweet prayers! It is a transition having Michaela here. Poor thing is sleeping in a trundle bed of her brothers bunk bed in a tiny room. Her vanity is in the closet!
Boo- I hadn't seen that about Casey. I know he's been through a lot as I had surgery a few weeks before him and it was not fun. His wasn't as severe as mine, but still, no fun. I'll be praying for the poor little man. Oh and enjoy the flurries!
Wow, it's been quiet on the porch today. So many people don't check in anymore do they? I suppose I can't talk.
However, I have made up my mind to stop using so much technology. I'm cutting back my Facebook big time! I took it off of my phone. It felt weird today. However, I'm glad I did for it made me realize how addicted I was to it. I think it's because 5 days a week I'm home with just Bryson and sometimes by myself and I'm such a social butterfly that I told myself that it's okay that I spend so much time blogging and Facebooking. See, I could do those on my phone no matter what type of physical calamity I was enduring. I don't have a laptop. I hope that my withdrawls aren't too bad!
Well, I'm tired. Y'all have a blessed day tomorrow!
Oh, MDC- thank you for sending me the address!

February 01, 2011 - Msg 82493:
Goodnight to all my porch family.....Jesus loves you so much!
Love and prayers

February 01, 2011 - Msg 82494:
Amen rev, and welcome February!

February 01, 2011 - Msg 82495: morning porch, just checking in for a minute. Thanks for the kind words and prayers regarding the loss of my uncle. We attended the visitation and the funeral services last night and will attend the burial on Wenesday. Not sure why they waited til Wenesday to have the burial but they did. He is being buried in Mountain Home Veterans Cemetary in Johnson City (not too far from us). They may of had to coordinate things with the VA. Things went pretty well last night. Guess I acted as peacemaker with his wife which seemed to go okay. She was very plesant to me and I feel good about my efforts. Hopefully she will too. The services on Wednesday will be military services so I think they pretty much take care of the entire service. I will let you know how that goes.

In the mean time I am trying to work today, take off tomorrow and then back to work on Thursday.
better get busy.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

February 01, 2011 - Msg 82496: Good luck with the withdrawals, Lucy. ;-) I don't heve a laptop, either so I check in on facebook and the porch a few times each day but I don't spend much time on FB while I'm there, mostly just answer a few responses that need an answer. I did get a response to one of comments from Me-They yesterday so he is still alive and kicking. I need to email him now and then.

Been a busy morning already and plenty to do this week! We are having our women's mission conference at the church this weekend and I am right in the middle of all of that. I have to do a presentation for the rehab ministry and reside over communion on Friday night. I really need to get it together soon and finish preparing.

Good for you for being the peacemaker, Maude. I'm sure you are the woman for the job. Hope all continues to go well this week.

Better scoot...


February 01, 2011 - Msg 82497: I'm glad, Big Maude!
Boo, why isn't M-T coming on here? Did I miss something?

February 01, 2011 - Msg 82498: Oh hey Lucy. Well, not really sure. I don't think you missed anything. Why don't you send him a message on facebook?


February 01, 2011 - Msg 82499: Hi, all -- just flying by. On my way to work, have called a cab, but doubt it will show, so guess I'll take my car. Oh - the reason for a cab? Ice!! It's 19 degrees here, we have had sleet and light snow all last night and today. Roads were bad enough coming home from work this morning, I hate to see them now, but I have to get there. Usually when it's like this, I leave my car and my $250 deductible in the garage, and blow $10 each way on a cab. The math works for me. However, it seems everyone has the same idea, so I'll probably be driving.

Got to run - be sweet, everyone! Would love to chat longer, but can't. See you tomorrow! Blessings! --Romeena

February 01, 2011 - Msg 82500: Hey gang I need some leftovers for lunch tomorrow ...anybody got any?....SPOT

February 01, 2011 - Msg 82501:
<>Lucy<>, Me-They last posted here on December 23, 2010.

We here in the midwest are experiencing a winter snow storm. Chicago has closed some major roads and there have been over 3000 departure cancellations from Chicago's two major airports. The snow and wind is predicted to continue through the night, and two feet accumulation is expected when it ends.

from Poor Horatio

February 01, 2011 - Msg 82502:
Hey Folks

Wow, looks like we all having a bit of weather. On this end of the Porch they're calling for 18 to 24 inches of snow and thunder storms tonight and tomorrow. I have never gone through that before. I'll let ya all know how it is.

Romeena-Ya could always ice skate.

MDC-Everything is relative, I guess. No, 50 is not cold around here but I bet 80 isn't hot in AZ. When it hits 80, I am a whining and a sweating.

Big Maude-Continued prayers.

Lucy-The girls are doing great, thanks for asking. We do have quite a bit of snow still. But, spring is a coming. Lucy, is really nice to see ya rocking.

spot-Sorry, we didn't have much of a sit down dinner tonight so there are no leftovers here. I could score ya a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese. That's what I had tonight. It's one of my daughters favorites and, I gotta say, very tasty.

MDC-I agree with ya, "Prayers for Egypt and for all who love freedom." I just hope there's more than a single "free" election. My fear would be that there is an aboveboard election than that's it.

Boo-I wish Me-They would stop back.

Rev-Thanks friend.


February 01, 2011 - Msg 82503:
Hey PH!


February 01, 2011 - Msg 82504:
auh2o, after reading that you are also being affected by the same winter storm we are experiencing, I'm surprised to learn that this is your first time! For me, this is my third in the midwest.
I thought this was more common for your area. I checked with my wife, who is north of you in Canada, and she is also experiencing similar conditions. This must be a very wide storm.

from Poor Horatio

February 02, 2011 - Msg 82505:
Morning Porch

PH-I didn't mean to say a couple of feet of snow is new to me, it's not, we've had 180 inches so far this winter. What was new to me were the reports saying we could get a couple of feet and a thunder storm. We get thunder snow every winter. But, a rain storm and a snow storm on the same day, I don't believe I've seen that. I heard they're calling this storm the 2000 Mile Storm. Any who, we didn't get 2 feet of snow or a thunder storm. We did get about 6 or 7 inches of snow and some freezing mist, all very manageable. We didn't even come close to getting what you folks got.


February 02, 2011 - Msg 82506: well it sure is cold here in south texas this morning...cold for us, anyway...in the low 20's I think.. and very blustery.

Better finish the coffee and drag poor erin out into the cold.


February 02, 2011 - Msg 82507: Good Mornin'!
It is mighty chilly here in Atlanta. Though I must say that I'm quite happy we don't have ice again like we did a few weeks ago. This time, y'all can have the ice and snow. We can't recover from it like those in the north.
Auh20- I'm glad the girls are doing well! I remember how much they used to love Little House.
Spot- I have some leftover soup, homemade biscuits, and can make some peanut butter cookies in 15 minutes if ya'd like.
PH- Be careful there! I was about to say that I thought you lived in Canada and you mentioned your wife is there. I hope you are both safe and warm!
Boo- See you're trying to get me going on my Facebook addiction! ;0)
Romeena- Taking a taxi sounds like a good idea.
I need to get Bryson started with school. Y'all have a fabulous day! Remember to smile because Jesus and I love ya!
Blessings to you and yours,

February 02, 2011 - Msg 82508: Mornin'y'all- good luck to all who are in the midst of the blizzard. Ro, you take care out on those roads!
We lucked out weather-wise- just had rain and some thunder. Not used to hearing thunder this time of year-strange!
Wonder if that danged old Groundhog saw his shadow or not? I'll tell y'all what- if it was POSSUM DAY, instead of Groundhog Day, I would predict an early Spring for all!
Spotty, you're begging for scraps again!? I can fix ya a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios- that's what I had. That might not suit you though, so why don't you go over to the Diner,order a big breakfast and put it on MDC's tab? ha ha
Y'all take care-stay warm!
possum under a rock

February 02, 2011 - Msg 82509:
auh2o, yesterday, the weather forecasters also predicted thunder during our snow storm. But I never heard any. Back in December, we did have some thunder and lightning mixed with light snow. That I did witness.
In order to look out my snow covered windows, I have to open the inside double pane and pound on the outside screen to knock off some of the snow stuck on the screening. And what I see is not good; drifting snow that comes up to the door handles of my garage and the cars parked on the street. Light snow is still falling and blowing in the winds. But it is not as bad as yesterday.
Portions of Lake Shore Drive, a major highway in Chicago, is now a parking lot filled with abandoned cars and trucks stuck in snow drifts.
With all the reports of what is closed today, they could save time by just reporting what is still open.

from Poor Horatio

February 02, 2011 - Msg 82510: Never mind,Spot. Lucy will feed ya! Hey Lucy- didn't see you there!

possum again

February 02, 2011 - Msg 82511: Hey to PH too! I'm rocking on everybody's toes this morning- let me scoot back under my rock before I hurt somebody!

possum once more

February 02, 2011 - Msg 82512:
Lucy, I still maintain two homes; one near Chicago and one in Canada. I'm in the USA on business and my poor wife is in Canada. And unfortunately both of us are affected by this winter storm!

I'm expecting to sell my current USA home to end this long commuting once I get my new business established. Then I will be able to work from home no matter what country I may be in.

from Poor Horatio

February 02, 2011 - Msg 82513:
possum under a rock, my toes were clear so you didn't rock on them.

TOM, I'll trade you about 2 feet of snow for some of that rain you complain about.

from Poor Horatio

February 02, 2011 - Msg 82514: HI
PH Nokeep all the snow .
I'm not complain about the rain.


February 02, 2011 - Msg 82515:
Morning porch family....wow all this snow talk is making me enjoy this SC weather better and better today:)

Went to the eye doctor yesterday and wow didn't know I was so blind. Gotta get glasses. But the big thing they were really concerned with was the very high preasure (I think that's what it's called) on the eye. They say it was suppose to be at 15 and mine was 48. Not good at all. They had me to come back 5 hours later after putting some drops in and it had dropped to 30. That's good news but the bad news is now I've got to put them in everyday for the rest of my life at $100 for a tiny bottle that last 30 days and we don't have vision coverage. The fun of getting older:) But God is good!

Gotta get busy working on things for next week in the recording studio. Will check back in later.
Love and prayers!

February 02, 2011 - Msg 82516: Thanks for the soup Lucy!..hey to all...busy here at work (wind got us going)...blowing trees down..not real bad but with all the rain...hey Boo,Rev,Tom,PH,hazel,Romeena,possum and allX!..let me get lunch at the diner...see yall there at about 11:45 (early) im hungry...prayers....SPOT

February 02, 2011 - Msg 82517:
Br-r-r-r-r-r. Just listnin' to ya all makes me cold. ha!
POSsum,It's so cold that the ground hog told his keeper that he'll only come out in Florida instead of PA! ha
Hey, for all of you with PAPPA's address, his birthday is Feb 16. Would be nice to flood him with cards, but send em now, cuz these modern-day mailmen don't do snow so good! ha
AUH20- I suspect that RO's deductible would be much higher on the skates! haha
It was 28 in Phx this AM. Our airport looked like a shelter housing folks who could not fly east! There is a "chilling" 20 mph wind today as well.
Boo- did you get any flurries?
REV, sounds like glaucoma. Did they say anythig about that. If you went to an optomitrist, I suggest that you see a MD Opthamologist before settling. A second opinion might be good in your situation! Prayers for you.
Lucy- thanks for the "ID." (: