February 02, 2011 - Msg 82518:
Oh, Spot, thank for keepin the lights on.

February 02, 2011 - Msg 82519:
And with that I SWEPT the porch with spot's tail!

February 02, 2011 - Msg 82520: Flurries aren't predicted until tomorrow, MDC...we'll see. I had to go break the ice on the goat's water tank a bit ago and the dog's water bowl was frozen. This is crazy for us. I don't remember the last time it was in the 20's here all day. My critters only left the stable once today to eat some feed I put out. They are huddling in the shelter near the hay bale.


February 02, 2011 - Msg 82521: Well, good evening, porch! Brrrrr! It's 21 here, and I think that may have been the high for the day. To review - I ended up driving my car last night, as the cab I had ordered for 6:20 did not show up. I called, the dispatcher said they were running "a little late", and I told him to cancel it. When I got in this morning, there was a message on my phone, timed at 7:30, saying my cab had arrived! By 7:30, I had already been working for 45 minutes. Anyway, I just drove it. Slowly, and veeerrry carefully, but I drove. No problems. The roads were like greased glass, but I stayed at about 10-12 mph and had no trouble. Naturally, I stayed on residential streets and off the highway. I'm blessed in living so close to my work. Coming home this morning was challenging. There's one area that's a long, slow decline that bottoms out beneath a railroad track, and a corresponding incline on the other side. When I started the descent, I just took my foot off the gas and never touched the brake, but I really picked up speed on the way down. The speedometer showed 7 mph, but I was moving much faster, probably at least 25. I guess the wheels were turning slowly, but sliding at the same time. It was weird! Then when I hit the incline, the car slowed down immediately. I was afraid it would stop and start sliding backward, so I gave it just a little gas, and made it to the top! Fun - my big winter adventure!

REV, you are almost certainly describing glaucoma, as MDC said. His advice is right on! If you weren't seeing an ophthalmologist (an MD) then by all means do so. Glaucoma can steal your sight - take no chances!

So good to see some of the gang returning - I hope the trend continues. Me-They, where art thou? All of you wanderers - come on home!

I'd love to stay and chat longer, but my back is hurting too much to continue sitting here. I'm supposed to have that second diagnostic steroid injection on Friday. There's more snow predicted for Friday, and my doctor is out in Southlake, a fairly long drive from here over really bad, under-construction roads, so I don't know. I won't be driving, my son is taking me out there, but he's not Superman. If it's too bad, we won't go.

Hey, PH! Once you get that business established, and can work from home, do you need a representative in Texas who can do the same thing?? (hint, hint) I'm really sick of the hospital, and would looooove to work from home!

Well, stay warm, everyone! Blessings to you! --Romeena

February 02, 2011 - Msg 82522: Good evening porch, wanted to check in for a minute. Went to the graveside service today for my uncle. It was very cold and windy and the military service was very short (11 minutes). Things went as well as could be expected. My Mom did pretty well considering the situation. Now she is the only one in her family of origin living. She has some cousins around here and there but everyone else has passed on.

Everyone be careful out there. stay safe and warm.
Big Maude

February 03, 2011 - Msg 82523:
To be 21 here tonight in Phx. That has happened in, like, NEVER! ha
RO- good thing barney wasnt around or you wouldnt have gotten that 7 MPH for that "turner's grade" Glad all went OK.
Maude, you and all continue in my prayers.
REV, having worn specs since 1st grade, I get my eyes checked every year, and i get that puff test, now it isnt a puff anymore, but still mucho importante!
Be careful out there all!

February 03, 2011 - Msg 82524: Ha! I'll bet I'm the first one on the porch this morning, since it's 4:02 a.m. After working all night last night, I slept all day, and now can't sleep tonight. It gets to be a vicious circle. I live in a perpetual state of jet lag, I guess.

Anyway, I'm sitting here at my window, looking out on a world where it's 18 degrees (in TEXAS??) and there is enough snow and ice on the ground to just about cover everything. My pretty little bronze fish that Eloise gave me is faithfully spitting water into the pond, keeping the water agitated enough that there's still an unfrozen opening about four feet across, and providing aeration. How on earth those fish survive in that frigid water, I don't know, but they do. I guess if they can live in the rivers and ponds up north, they can live in my pond too. That bronze fish is the only thing working back there. The waterfall was shut down when my grandson stepped on a component of one of the filters and broke it. I'm going to eliminate that filter and re-route the lines, but haven't gotten it done. I need help with it, because the broken thing is too heavy for me to manage, and it's too cold right now to mess with it. The umbrella fountain quit sometime last night, not even visible. I guess it froze up and toppled over. I'll retrieve it later. My little bronze friend is providing enough aeration, bless him.

Even though I know it's so terribly cold out there, it still looks very pretty from here (where it's toasty). The ground lights make a beautiful glow - floods on the fences and little low-voltage things in the flowerbeds, spotlighting some of the boulders. There's even one that shines on the little bronze fish, so I can see him easily from my window. I love it! Also, there is a street light on the utility pole at the back of the property, and it makes sort of a moonlight effect on the snow. Very nice. My neighbor and I requested that light, and we share the cost. There's a $10 a month charge for it, because there is no street or alley, and we requested the light. It's billed to her, so every January I give her $60 to cover my share. It's really quite nice, not bright enough to be intrusive. I think it's a smaller light than the regular street lights, but it does serve as a security light for our back yards. Hmmm. You know, that light has been up for about twelve years, and I can't remember it ever being out. Amazing!

Well, guess I'll head for bed. Toye Starr thinks I've lost my mind, and has taken her indignant little self to bed long ago. She can't actually get ON the bed by herself - she's too short - so she goes under the bed until I finally arrive, then she comes out and waits for me to pick her up. And of course, I do. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 03, 2011 - Msg 82525:
Hey Folks

3 degrees sunny and a little bit of snow falling. It kinda looks like a snow globe out there with the sun hitting the flakes as they fall.

Romeena & Boo-Who would have guessed that Texas was a winter wonderland? Also, glad you made it to and fro yesterday.

Big Maude-Have a good day.


February 03, 2011 - Msg 82526: Auh20...it is SO cold outside right now (relatively speaking, I guess). The goats and donkey aren't even sticking their ears out of the stable this morning. The cat was acting like he wanted out but one cold blast in his face when I opened the door convinced him otherwise.

I just hope we don't lose water and power again today and I'll be happy. I think the problem we have down here when it gets cold is that we just aren't prepared for it. I haven't seen weather like this since 1981. We don't have winter coats or gloves around here and if you went to the local walmart everything would be sold out right now. I am really beginning to wonder how you folks in the north tolerate this kind of thing for months at a time (yes, ASA, I said that if you are reading this). I guess its the same way we tolerate the heat and humidity here every summer. Yuck.

Better finish my coffee and get a fire going in the fireplace this morning.

Can you believe Erin's school is out till monday because of all the power outages?


February 03, 2011 - Msg 82527:
Romeena and Boo, today the Chicago news people are bragging that at one point yesterday, Chicago was warmer than Dallas.

Good thing I'm in no hurry to go anywhere. I haven't been outdoors since Tuesday. I did try opening my side door, but there is too much snow preventing that. Good thing my front door is elevated on a porch.
Glancing out my back windows, I noticed some of the siding from my garage has pulled away and bent over from the high winds Tuesday night.
Although it is sunny right now, the temperature is in the single digits, and the wind chill makes it below zero.
Hey TOM, would you like to trade homes?

from Poor Horatio

February 03, 2011 - Msg 82528:
WOW! Looks like the chill is on. It did indeed get to 21
at our suburban Phx home last night. Our 4 inches of water in the backyard birdbath was frozen solid this morning. It is so funny to see everyone bundled up coming to work.
Boo- I actually love this weather. Sure it's a novelty, but it feels so refreshing.
Even The Phoenix Open has been delayed because the greens are frozen!
RO- your yard sounds breathtaking. Any chance of a photo of it? Was that light pole the one that was "leaning" a few years ago? I also heard that a lot of SuperBowl activities were cancelled.
AUH20- I'd love to be in 3 degrees at least ONCE! ha
Prayers for all the world today.
God bless,

February 03, 2011 - Msg 82529:
"I remember the big nor-easter that come a barrelin' thru back in 19 ought 6..." teehee

February 03, 2011 - Msg 82530:
Hey to PH! mdc

February 03, 2011 - Msg 82531: Lunch menu: Subs from subway (I got some coupons)..busy at work...will someone pick me up a club?...SPOT

February 03, 2011 - Msg 82532:
Morning porch family....thank you all for your concern for my eyes. I will surely take all your advice serious.

Got one other prayer request....My dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer. He's 72 and will be having surgery next Wednesday. They believe it is contained to one lower lobe (sp?) Thanks for your prayers as always.

Spot....Subway sounds good. I'll pick them up.

Love and prayers for all my porch family.

February 03, 2011 - Msg 82533: Good Afternoon!
How is everyone this fine day? I hope all are inside and warm! It's chilly here, but will be even colder tomorrow. I actually like the cold as I swell really bad in heat and humidity.
Spot- I'd like a meatball sub with Doritos, but I'll be good and get the veggie with Sunchips. You can have my cookie.
Rev- I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. Definite prayers headed your way.
Poor Horatio- One of my besties lives in Aurora. I texted her and asked if she's okay and she said yes overall, but she hates having to go to work. She's in retail.
MDC- That's funny about your pond!
Boo- Just put on lots of layers and you'll be alright if you need to leave the house. Bryan and I still have our coats from when we were married 13 years ago because we only use them for a month or two every year. I'd rather have some on hand just in case. I buy the boys a new one every other year in a size too big that's in the clearance section at the end of winter. I have to say that LLBean has the best though as they have 3 layers.
Auh20- That's a good analogy about the snowglobe!
Big Maude- I'm glad the funeral went as well as expected. Hugs to you and your Mama.
Romeena- Did you take the taxi to work?
Tom- Hey! You be warm there!
Well, I need to call my student loan people. Loads of fun!

February 03, 2011 - Msg 82534: Good afternoon, everyone! It is COLD here - 19 degrees. However, there's very little wind, so that helps a lot. I went out back to put out critter feed just now, wearing just one of my old t-shirt gowns, and didn't even put on a jacket. It actually was quite refreshing, and felt pretty good. I wouldn't want to stay out for long, but I was out for about ten or fifteen minutes and it wasn't bad. If the wind was blowing, it would be quite another matter, I'm sure. The pile of feed I put out has really drawn a crowd. There are pigeons, sparrows, starlings, grackles, cardinals, bluejays, one lonely little dove, redwing blackbirds, and of course, squirrels. I had some peanutbutter/cheese crackers that had gone stale, and smelled rancid. I crumbled them a little and put them out. The squirrels sniffed them and ignored them, but the birds, who have no sense of smell, are devouring them! The squirrels aren't being slighted, though. I put out some shelled pecans for them, and they're practically euphoric, carrying pecan halves up in the trees and munching away. Now there are two more doves. Wish I had some cracked corn. All I have is whole kernels, and they can't manage that too well. I'm out of the cracked corn, will have to get some for them. It's their favorite.

Now there's a funny sight! I put a couple of handfuls of Starr's food in the critter pile, and the grackles found it. They always take it to the birdbath and drop it in, so it will soak up and soften. Naturally, this fouls the water pretty quick. Well, just now old Mr. Boat-tail carried a chunk of kibble up to the birdbath, perched on the edge and dropped it. When it landed on the ice and just sat there, he actually, truly, looked surprised! How a bird can look surprised, I don't know, but he did. Too funny!

MDC, I'm not sure I'd describe my yard as breathtaking, but it is pretty and I do enjoy it. If you go to the photo album, and go into the "Yard Wildlife" album - I think that's the title - there are a lot of pictures of the yard, from the early years up to about a year ago. You can see the changes and progress year by year. The original "pond" was more like a puddle, just a little rectangle lined by stones, with a big rock fountain in the middle. About four years ago, we expanded it considerably, and incorporated the original fountain rock into the new arrangement. We took out part of the pathway and when the new pond was finished, we placed a six-foot slab of stone across it to form a bridge, reconnecting the path.

I took a couple of pictures when I went out just now, got what I hope is a good shot of the little spitting fish. The battery was dying in my camera, so I can't even see what I got, but I'm recharging it now. If it's any good, I'll put it in the album.

No, Lucy, I didn't take the cab. He didn't show up, so I drove it, and had no trouble at all. Slow and steady, stay off roads with overpasses, and make no sudden moves. It helped that schools were closed, so there was very little traffic. I saw one idiot in a pickup truck, barreling along like he never heard of ice. I hope he made it home, but if he didn't, I hope he didn't hurt anyone else. Dummy.

Well, I just remembered I've got an apple that's a bit shriveled, I think I'll chop it up and go add it to the pile. Maybe I'll put a little peanut butter and some grape jelly on a paper plate too. Some birds just love it! Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

February 03, 2011 - Msg 82535:
RO- i meant your yard with the light layer of snow
shimmering in the "moonglow" of the street light must have been breathtaking. I would sure like see that current photo.
REV- prayers for your dad, you bet bro.

February 03, 2011 - Msg 82536: Funny about the bird, Ro! It is a little warmer here but there is some wind and the humidity is up from yesterday and it feels colder. I was just out there with the critters, breaking up the ice so they could get some water and boy, it felt colder than yesterday. The goats have been lying in the hay inside the stable all day and only came out once for some feed. I am giving them extra feed while its cold to help them stay warm. I'm not sure what the wind chill is but I expect it is in the teens...cold for us but I am enjoying it, too. Like you said MDC, it is refreshing and much better than the high humidity we so often suffer with here on the coast.

REV, just noticed your post concerning your father. Bless his heart. I will pray for him.


February 03, 2011 - Msg 82537:
"Everyone talks about the WEATHER, but nobody does anything about it" (:

February 03, 2011 - Msg 82538: Good evening, all. Still cold, cold, cold! I need to take my trash out to the street, but have about decided not to risk the trip down that icy driveway, just to put a sack of trash out for a collection truck that may not show up anyway. In the morning, when my son comes by to pick me up for the trip out to the spine doctor, if the trucks haven't been by, maybe I'll put it out then. (Gosh, such important news. I'll bet everyone was really concerned, huh?)

Speaking of the spine doc, I had been wondering if they were even going to be working tomorrow. Everything else is closed - all the schools, many businesses, etc. About six p.m., I got a call from them, saying that they WERE going to be working, and wanting to know if I was planning to be there. I told them I figured if they could make it in, I could, so I'd be there! That's the reverse of what nurses are told who try to call in and not work when the weather is bad. "The patients are making it here, I think you can too." I've never done that, but I know some who have tried.

REV, I'm so sorry about your dad. Certainly I'll be praying for him, and on Sunday I'll mention him in Sunday School. That will get him on our class prayer list, and he will have about thirty women praying for him. Would you mind telling me his name?

Well, better get busy. I've got a stack of papers to fill out for the doctor tomorrow. I'm going to leave the date blank and make some copies after everything else is filled in. Then next time I can just date a copy and I'm done!

Blessings, all. Stay warm! --Romeena

February 04, 2011 - Msg 82539: Well Rain here in Ga...hey Boo,possum,MDC,Rev,maude,Romeena,Lucy and all my friends...well lets have Cracker Barrell since its Friday!....Boo get us a paper and I will drive the porch bus....prayers for the world...SPOT

February 04, 2011 - Msg 82540: Mornin' Y'all! Rain, rain at the rock.All last night, all day and into tomorrow. Not complaining though- I keep thinking if it was colder what a mess we'd have on our hands!

Concerned about our Texas Porchsters- hope everyone makes it through the ice storm ok.

Rev, I'm sorry to hear the news about your dad. Sure will keep him in my prayers.

Spot, come pick me up for breakfast. I'll be standing out on the curb- don't ya dare hit a puddle!

Y'all take care & have a happy Friday!
possum under a rock

February 04, 2011 - Msg 82541: Thanks Possum. It is very icy here but not snow..lots of frost and ice in the trees and the roads are iced over, all highways closed..BUT have electric and water. Won't be going anywhere for most of the day. The sun is supposed to come out at noon and it will actually get up to 40 degrees, according to the weatherman.


February 04, 2011 - Msg 82542: Hello Porch! I waiting on that porch bus to come by. I can not wait for Cracker Barrell. One of my favorite places to go eat!

Cold today on my end of the porch with a 75% chance of rain.

Please pray for traveling mercies for my son Patrick and 2 of his friends. They are traveling to Nashville today for a concert tonight and then back home tomorrow. They are all 20 years old but this is the first time they have gone that far from home without a parental figure with them. They are all responsbile young men and I am sure will be fine BUT the Mom in me still worries and probably always will. I know he is 20 but still....growing up is hard for me to LET him do. but I will.

I had better get busy at work. Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

February 04, 2011 - Msg 82543: Good morning, everyone! No, I'm not on my way out to the doctor this morning. They called about 7 a.m. and said they were closing down, staff couldn't get in and they didn't want to ask their patients to risk it either. Boy, was I glad! I had been up a few minutes and had just walked past my window, and looked out upon a beautiful white world - a thick blanket of snow, probably at least five or six inches, and it's still coming down. There were big fat flakes falling last night when I went to bed, and now it looks like sugar sifting down. So beautiful! So treacherous for driving though, so I was glad they canceled. I called my son, and caught him just in time. He had already started his Tahoe to let it warm up, he was coming on! I'm so glad he can stay home with his family and play in the snow with his little boys. They live one block from the kids' school, and that huge parking lot will be full of kids, I'm sure, with their dads dragging them across the snow on all manner of devices - trash can lids, pieces of cardboard, and there will probably be at least one snotty little kid who actually has a real sled! Come to think of it, I have a sled! I bought it several years ago for $4 at a garage sale. I dress it with greenery and ribbons at Christmas, and stand it on the front porch as a decoration. It hides all the timers and things in front of the electrical outlet. Wish I could get it to my son, then my grandsons could be the "snotty little kids with a real sled!" Hahaha!

I looked out and saw a little squirrel literally burrowing through the snow, trying to find the remnants of the food I put out yesterday. Poor little thing looked so cold! Several doves had taken refuge on my windowsill, which I assume is a relatively warm place, and though I couldn't see any other birds, I knew they were out there. So, I found a big old shallow plastic container and filled it with old cereal, kibble, shelled walnuts and pecans, a crumbled suet cake and some sunflower seeds and carried it out there. Everyone disappeared momentarily, but by the time I got back in and got my shoes off, the tray had drawn a crowd! Pretty much the same mix of birds as yesterday, and of course, squirrels. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal are out there, and they are so beautiful against the snow. What a treat this is! I feel like Dr. Doolittle. Oh, the "sugar" that was falling is changing to larger flakes! This isn't over yet!

Prayers for Patrick and his buddies, Big Maude. I know how you feel. Kids grow up, it's true, but we never stop being mothers.

Well, everyone stay warm and be safe. Blessings! --Romeena

February 04, 2011 - Msg 82544:
Morning porch family.....cold and rainy here in SC.

Thank you all for your prayers for my dad. And Ro his name is Calvin.

Gotta get going for now...love you folks!
Have a Jesus filled day!

February 04, 2011 - Msg 82545: Wow, you are so lucky Ro!! It never did snow her, darn it...just ice on everything. Oh well. Glad you are getting to enjoy it.

We are trying to figure out what to do about our mission's conference this weekend. The airport is still closed and speaker is supposed to be flying it..can't reach him to find out if he is stuck at the airport in Dallas. Guess we will have to cancel tonight and see how things go tomorrow!~ man, what a mess.


February 04, 2011 - Msg 82546:
Ro- I just Googled "Dallas snow storm" and got quite an eyeful! Wow! I wonder how many will watch the bowl NOW from the parking lot for $200! haha
Glad you do not have to be out in that!
BOO- did you get any?
Our bird bath was frozen again, but only 25 last night, not 21 again.
Weird weather folks. Poor Australia too!! My goodness.

February 04, 2011 - Msg 82547: No snow here, MDC...just ice and that is melting now. Supposed to ice up again tonight, though. Sounds like you are having weather like ours.

I was able to get a hold of our conference speaker and he is stuck in Dallas so we cancelled and will reschedule soon. I am happy to be spending a nice weekend at home with my family.


February 04, 2011 - Msg 82548:
The leader is Big Maude Tyler...5 feet 6 inches, tall, dark hair, weight 175 pounds...known as Big Maude Tyler, Clarice Tyler, Maude Clarice Tyler, Annabelle Tyler, and ....Ralph Henderson.

February 04, 2011 - Msg 82549: Hahaha! Slightly surprised "take" by Andy, looking briefly at the radio, then returns to business. I love it! --Romeena

February 04, 2011 - Msg 82550: Still snowing here, big old flakes but not a lot of them. Just drifting around and slowly settling. It looks like somebody has shaken out a feather pillow. Still just 25 degrees, so nothing is melting. Apparently the pond water is warmer on the bottom (where the pump sits) than it is on top, where there is about a half inch of ice. My little bronze fish was wearing a big pile of snow, but it has melted off now. I'm guessing that the somewhat warmer water running through him has caused the snow to melt, or more likely, to loosen and slide off. At any rate, he's still gamely circulating water in the pond, bless his little bronze heart. Without him, the pond would be full of stagnation water, and the neighborhood kids would be trooping through my yard carrying hairs from a horse's tail, to see if they would change into snakes!

Thanks, REV. Now that you've told me, somehow I think I already knew that, but would never have remembered. I'm going to email our "keeper of the prayer list" with the request, just in case I can't get to SS on Sunday.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

February 04, 2011 - Msg 82551: LOVE, LOVE that quote..."Ralph Henderson"! Bwa-ha-ha! Hey, I think today is a good day for a TAGS marathon...or I could watch one of the old Fred MacMurray and Claudette Colbert movies I ordered from TCM. We watched "Family Honeymoon" the other night and it was so cute...made me laugh out loud a few times. If you ever get the chance to see it, you will love it. I bought a set of three comedy movies by macmurray and cobert (they are my favorites together..remember "The Egg and I"..one of my favorite movies).

Better go get a few chores done. The sun is actually out and feels pretty good. :-)


February 04, 2011 - Msg 82552: Good Evenin' Porch,
I hope all are well today. Been busy watching movies with my stepdaughter, who was home with a sore throat today. I love having another girl here to watch Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2!
Boo- A TAGS marathon is always a good idea in my book. Lately I've had trouble sleeping. I pop my headphones into my blackberry and listen to TAGS on youtube every night while hubs is snoring away. Last night was "A Wife for Andy". I'm doing season 3, but am about ready to go to season 4.
Big Maude- I hope Patrick has fun and is safe. I'm dreading that time with Bry!
Romeena- what did you mean in msg 82549?
MDC- Oh I've thought about Australia too. Egypt as well. Do y'all think that God is telling us something with this weather or is it just another cycle?
Spot- CB sounds amazing! Extra hasbrown casserole to go too!
Rev- just keep us up to date with what happens with your daddy.
Sorry this is short y'all. I'm needed to help the almost 17 year old pack for a weekend church trip...seriously.

February 04, 2011 - Msg 82553:
Howdy porch family....still rainy and cold

Boo....good idea....TAGS it is:)

Ro...thank you for sharing the prayer request with your SS class. Power in prayer!

Lucy.....I will certainly keep you all posted...thanks!

Just saw on the news where 5 people were hurt today from ice falling from the Cowboy stadium roof.

Speaking of Cowboy stadium......ok sports fans...who's going to win the big one Sunday? Should be a good one and will be in a controled climate stadium.
Ya'll come over for a Super Bowl party. We'll cook up something and have a big ole time!

Love and prayers!

February 04, 2011 - Msg 82554: Good evening, all. Wow, does it look pretty out back. Almost all of the low-voltage lights are covered with snow, and there are spots of "golden glow" all around the yard. Neat!

Lucy, I was following the quote about "Ralph Henderson." Remember how Andy was listening to the announcer on the radio telling about the escaped convicts, and he read off all of Maude's aliases, ending with Ralph Henderson? At that, Andy turned and looked at the radio with surprise, then just went back to what he was doing. So natural. The more I watch the DVDs and the reruns, even after all these years, the more I realize what a great actor Andy was (and still is.) He never seemed to be acting, once you get past those first few eps, where the "country boy" thing was a bit overdone - but I blame that on directing, not the actor. Anyway, the more I watch him, the better he gets!

Well, I've had a real "snow day" today - have folded a couple of loads of laundry, and tidied up the kitchen, and that's about all. Lazy me! Sure has been nice. I've spent most of the day in my big old chair, and welcomed my little Starr to my lap about every fifteen minutes. She's like a toddler, Wants to get down and play, but doesn't stay away long. She plays for a while, then here she comes, hopping into my lap, or up on my shoulder, where she cuddles for a few minutes, then down again and back to playing. She spends a lot of time moving her toys around the room - pick up this one and put it there, pick up that one and put it here, endlessly. I can't imagine what she's doing. Every now and then, she takes off running, and runs about ten laps around the coffee table, then flops down and pants for a minute, then back to the toys. Funny little thing.

Well, I think I'm going to bake a potato. Yep, that sounds good. I've got a big old baker potato, and I've got butter and cheese and sour cream and some chives, and even have some leftover real bacon. Yum! I think I'll splurge and bake it in the oven too. They just taste better than the microwaved ones, though I confess in the summer I do use the micro, rather than heating up the kitchen. Right now, heating up the kitchen sounds like a good idea! I've got some Tabasco too, to really liven it up. Yep, that's what I'm gonna do - bake a potato!

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 04, 2011 - Msg 82555: Well for the love of Mike, do it!~ Bake a potato...do it! ;-)


February 05, 2011 - Msg 82556: I did! --Romeena

February 05, 2011 - Msg 82557:
Good Morning Folks

Rev-Continued prayers for ya buddy.

Lucy-It is really good to see ya rocking more.

Romeena-That potato sounds great! Enjoy the weather.

Folks, could I ask ya'll to send a prayer my mom's way. She is in very rough shape and things don't look good. She's in a hospital over an hour away and ... I don't believe she's coming home. Thanks.


February 05, 2011 - Msg 82558: Prayers, auh2o. Keep us posted please-we care.

possum under a rock

February 05, 2011 - Msg 82559: Prayers auh2o for sure..hey gang...still raining here in ga...what cha"ll want do for lunch?...SPOT

February 05, 2011 - Msg 82560: Good morning, friends! What a beautiful day! The sun is out, sky is a brilliant blue, and the snow cover is still holding up. It's just 27 degrees, but the sun is melting the surface, which then freezes into an icy crust. It puzzles the squirrels, because sometimes they can run on it, and sometimes they break through, and they can't figure it out. You have to remember, for much of the wildlife around here, this is the first snow they've ever seen, and may be the only time they'll see it. My yard is criss-crossed with tracks, large and small. I'd love to know who made them all. There's one set that bothered me a little - they look like a person could have made them, except they're in a straight line, not offset like footprints would be. Then I saw a squirrel bounding across the yard, and he was breaking through with each leap, leaving an identical trail. If he walks slowly, he doesn't break through, but if he leaps, he does. Anyway, it sure is pretty out there. The snow sparkles like diamonds.

auh2o, your mom will be in my prayers. Would you mind sharing her name? First name will do. I know God knows who she is, with or without her name, but it helps me if I can pray specifically.

I was thinking about going to the grocery store this afternoon, but have changed my mind. It will be so crowded, with everyone stocking up for their Super Bowl party. Tomorrow, after church, the store will be deserted because everyone will be watching the game. Maybe I'll go then. The store is about a block from my church, very convenient. Yep, that's a plan.

Keep on staying warm, friends. Blessings! --Romeena

February 05, 2011 - Msg 82561: So sorry, Auh2o. Prayers going up for your mother (and you). (((HUG)))


February 05, 2011 - Msg 82562:
Thanks friends. My mom's name is Betty. We were at the hospital today and not much has changed. I suspect soon family from down south will start showing up.

Rev-I use to be a die-hard Raiders fan so I'll have to hope the AFC wins. Although, the Raiders-Steelers rivalry was legendary back then. So, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the Packers won. Wait, Green Bay beat the Raiders in Super Bowl II. Then again, the Steelers obviously cheated during the "Immaculate Reception" game, that cost the Raiders. Oh well, maybe the game will be "snowed out."

Romeena-I'm enjoying your enjoyment that the snowfall has brought ya. Keep us posted. You're suppose to get some more on Sunday, right?


February 05, 2011 - Msg 82563:
Hello porch family....had a great day out with my wife. So nice!

Auh2o....your mom and you will surely be in my prayers. Bless you brother!

Love and prayers for you all!

February 05, 2011 - Msg 82564: auh2o, I'm sorry about your mother, I will pray for her. Betty. I have always loved that name.
- Hazel

February 05, 2011 - Msg 82565: Good evening, porch. Still in the 40s here, Weird weather, even for Texas. And yes, auh2o, snow is predicted for tomorrow evening, right about game time or shortly thereafter. People will enter the stadium with temps in low 40s, and come out to snow! That is, if the predictions hold up. Again - weird.

Oh yes, snow is a picnic around here. I'm going to let my grandsons have my little sled, as long as I get it back by next Christmas. They'll enjoy it and right now, it's just in the way in the garage. As a Southerner, I look at that thing and wonder how on earth those skinny little runners manage not to sink into the snow, especially with a kid or two on board. My son was telling me he had wondered about it too, but some kid in their neighborhood had one, and was just flying all over the place on it, so I guess they do stay on top. Beats me how they do it, though.

Well, I think I'll turn in. It's only 10:30, early for me, but I'm ready. Got to get up early for preachin', so here I go. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

February 05, 2011 - Msg 82566: Praying for Betty tonight and keeping you close to my heart, Auh2o. Lord be with you and your family.

I hate to say it Romeena because I love you, but I am getting really jealous! ;-) We never got any snow...(sniff)...Seriously, very glad you and your family are enjoying it! It was back to 60 degrees here and sunny today. The critters were happy campers. This has been the first day that the goats and Thelma Lou have ventured out of the stable for more than a minute or two.

Think I will turn in with a book. I have been re-reading Max Lucado's book "In The Grip of Grace" and it is so good. I am also reading a recently published book called, "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels", written by my favorite blogger Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman). It is the story of the romance and marriage of Ree and her husband (which she refers to as Marlboro Man). Such a cute story, funny and touching, too. I read it once before on her website and it was so good, she had it published. So, any of you who enjoy a sweet romantic story now and then, look for it in your local bookstore or Walmart.

Better hit the hay...preachin' tomorrow and I don't have to work in the nursery! :-):-)


February 06, 2011 - Msg 82567: All


February 06, 2011 - Msg 82568: Ok gang its a Super Bowl party at the Red Barn at my Pad!..Hot wings and Pizza and Yes Maude slaw!...I will get the porch bus fired up around 4 or so to pick yall up...that will give us a little time to throw some horse shoes and play on the 4-wheelers before the game....yall be ready cause they might even be an post game wing ding dance!!...prayers to all and Good Sunday!...SPOT

February 06, 2011 - Msg 82569:
Super Bowl time! Here I come Spot:)
Love and prayers for all the porch family

February 06, 2011 - Msg 82570:
On the computer in the 4th quarter cuz I have heard that the net gets slammed when the game is over, and it's hard to get on. I hope the Pack holds on.
AUH2O, prayers for you, your whole famly's safety and for your mother. If this is indeed her time,
the Lord will be right there with you. Prayers friend!
The Big Freeze (Barney-ism) is over! Four nights of 25 and below is a big deal here! A lot of citris is grown here and they really suffered.
I enjoyed the cold, plus, and this may be kinda funny to some of you, it also wipes out black widow spiders for a while! Yup really, we have lots here! ha
Well, hang in there all.

February 06, 2011 - Msg 82571: We had to turn on the air conditioner this afternoon...how sick is that?! South Texas and its scizophrenic weather!

Well, looks like the Steelers have fallen from the heights...better luck next year.

Well, MDC, I was thinking about all the bad critters our freeze was going to kill and then this evening I saw a BIG mosquito in the kitchen...those hungry buzzards never die.

Better get to bed...long day but a pleasant one.


February 07, 2011 - Msg 82572: Hi All.
Will it going to be one of this day all miss up!
Lucy I;m staying good and warm sitting on top of the hatedr.
PoorHoratio No way will I trade home it to cold there.


February 07, 2011 - Msg 82573:
"Maude will know what to say."
"There's nobody here!" (:

February 07, 2011 - Msg 82574: maybe hiting from the lost of the game last night.


February 07, 2011 - Msg 82575: Lunch menu:Grilled burgers with all the trimmings,Maude slaw,chips,hot peppers,bread and butter homemade pickels,tea....qill dire the grill at high noon....prayers...SPOT

February 07, 2011 - Msg 82576: "Will Fire"...sorry fat paws

February 07, 2011 - Msg 82577: Make my burger rare, Spotty. Al is the one who likes 'em hard. Got any Tabasco? --Romeena

February 07, 2011 - Msg 82578:
"Al likes his rare." (:

February 07, 2011 - Msg 82579: Sorry I couldn't make your Super Bowl party,Spot. I am keeping Laci. If it's ok, I will bring her along to your next party- can she dance with Al!?
possum under a rock

February 07, 2011 - Msg 82580:
Possum, did you see the Geico commercial about the two guys living under a rock??
I thought of you right off! ha

February 07, 2011 - Msg 82581:
"well, we usually don't just come out and SAY IT like that." (:

February 07, 2011 - Msg 82582: Possum...I have a report to pass on concerning Jubi. Please be praying for her because this week when they were doing her scan, they found a lump in her breast. They don't know yet if it is the cancer returning but they will be doing a biopsy very soon. It could be nothing but with her history, they have to check out everything.

Been a beautiful day here in south texas..sunny and cool.

Would like to chat longer but have to get Erin off to bed. Had bible study at the rehab tonight and had a little girl name Breanna who was crying alot but wouldn't open up and talk to us. Send up a prayer for her if you would, please.

Love to All,

February 08, 2011 - Msg 82583: Oh my gosh, I hate to hear that Boo. Will ramp up the prayers,for sure. God Bless Jubi.
Yeah, I've seen that commercial, MDC. The Geico rock pales in comparison to mine- LOL
Y'all have a good day- love to all!
possum u.a.r.

February 08, 2011 - Msg 82584: Morning
Nice way to start the day SUN.
Possum doing commercial for Geico how much are you giting or free ins?haha
Hope all are porchsit from the west are o k from all the storm?
I saw where somepart of text had no water because of freepips.


February 08, 2011 - Msg 82585: just got out between snow storms and thought i would drop by a minute. thanks for the card mdc. good to see all of you again. possum that breakfast wsounded good. did you go to the blue bird diner/ hi tom, boo, rev, spot, asa, ro, rev, hazel, auh20, have a great day and i will catch you later after hybrination is over. prayers for all. pappa bear

February 08, 2011 - Msg 82586: Good morning, porch! I'm looking out at a beautiful world, clear blue sky, golden sunlight, bronze fish faithfully spitting water into the pond, grass is green, pansies are blooming, birds and squirrels everywhere. It's hard to imagine that just a few days ago it was all buried under a thick blanket of snow, and possibly will be again tomorrow. It's 46 degrees out there right now, but will be in the teens tomorrow and tomorrow night it's supposed to get down to 12. However, there is no active prediction for snow, just "partly cloudy", so who knows? Gonna be cold, that's for sure.

Boo, I'm so sorry to hear about Jubi's latest scare. Praying that a scare is all it is, that she'll get an all-clear from the doctors.

Well, gotta run. Am picking Eloise up for lunch, then we're going to get beautiful. I need a pedicure, she needs a manicure, so we'll get it done while the sun shines, so to speak. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

February 08, 2011 - Msg 82587: Funny, Tom! I wish I could get some free insur@nce! Better yet, some $$$! Just a broke little possum is what I am- ha ha!

possum again

February 08, 2011 - Msg 82588:
Prayers for Jubi and breanna.
Thanks again for all you do for them Boo.
OK, soap box for just a sec: I wish from this
point forward that these singers must sing our
National Anthem in the tempo that it was written in. Period. If you dont want to do that, dont sign up to sing it to the world! OK that's it from me about that.
"Maybe he's coming down with a touch of the pip."

February 08, 2011 - Msg 82589:
Oh, and hey to Pappabear!

February 08, 2011 - Msg 82590: And a big bravo, ditto, and you go, boy! to MDC. The song should be sung as it was written. All this "artistic interpretation" absolutely turns me off. When they quit singing and start caterwauling, they lose me completely. The blues, wailing, scat, jazz and all that is fine in its place, and I enjoy it to some degree. Ella and Della and Lena and the rest - right on! In the right place! The National Anthem should be sung straight up, as written, by those who have the pipes to perform it. It's difficult, but it's beautiful when it's performed correctly. The impression I have is - when you ain't got the pipes, then you "improvise". And that's my two cents' worth.

Well, I'm off to work. Argh. Then I'm off until next week. Going to the eye doctor for a routine exam tomorrow, and then if the weather holds up, I'll finally get to the spine doctor for that steroid injection. We'll get this thing licked yet!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

February 08, 2011 - Msg 82591: Hope yer burger was ok Rommena..Hey has anybody got any supper leftovers? ...got a fire going ...cold here in ga...SPOT

February 08, 2011 - Msg 82592: I might have said this before, but I remember in high school band that our band director required that we be completely alert and play the national anthem exactly as it was written and we were to be silent and respectful before and after. If we messed up in any way, we were punished by staying late at the band hall practicing it over and over. It sent a strong message and I appreciate him for it.


February 08, 2011 - Msg 82593:
Hello porch family....Only a quick check in. I'll be gone for the next couple days. Will be in the recording studio so won't be able to check in. Some very long hours!

As for the National Anthem....that was a poor attempt at trying to sing it. As soon as I heard who was going to sing it, I said then that she would be all over the place with her voice. My gosh what are they thinking?

Love and prayers for all my porch family. See ya'll in a couple days!

February 09, 2011 - Msg 82594: Anybody have an incant for a bad sore throat? I don't sound like a possum this morning- more like a bullfrog!
Y'all take care & stay well!
possum under a rock

February 09, 2011 - Msg 82595: Hey Ro, next year they should get those "Cactus Cuties" to sing it...the little girls who sing so wonderfully together.

Sorry about your throat, Possum. You should stop chewing on tar and it might get better.


February 09, 2011 - Msg 82596: Morning porch, checking in from work this morning. cold with snow predicted for later this aftenoon and tonight, 1-2 inches possible, according to the weather people.

Hope your throat gets better Possum. maybe you should try some of Barney's throat spray, didn't help his singing voice much but might help your sore throat.

breakfast menu will be: scrambled eggs, bacon, eggs, sausage, biscuits, toast, jelly, apple butter. coffee, tea, chocolate milk or white milk to drink. somebody can bring the paper.

better get to work. have a blessed day.
Big Maude

February 09, 2011 - Msg 82597: Good morning, porch! Well, it was in the 50s when I left here last night, and it's 18 right now, with sleet on the ground. Schools and many businesses are closed, of course. Cars were sliding all around on the roads, but I took it slow and steady, and my car just walked right through it like it was on dry ground. I love that car! More snow is predicted today and tomorrow, and I don't even care, because I don't have to go back to work until Monday night! I can stay home with my little fluffy friend and just enjoy it. I do need to go put out some critter feed, though. Poor little things are already checking the feeders, which are completely empty. I've got seed now though, so the little guys won't be left out, and my sweet DIL sent cracked corn from Amazon, which should arrive today if the trucks can get through. The doves will be happy.

Well, my back is killing me, I've got just about enough left of its strength and my patience to get that critter feed out, then I've got to lie down. Blessings, friends! --Romeena