March 17, 2011 - Msg 82983: Get up gang!...b-fast menu;all kinds of eggs,all kinds of meat,all kinds bread,coffee and oj...hee hee....prayers for all and Japan...SPOT

March 17, 2011 - Msg 82984: well well...aint done that in a while!...ker-chew...SPOT

March 17, 2011 - Msg 82985: I'll have green eggs, Spot. And ham. Thank you.
- Hazel

March 17, 2011 - Msg 82986: Hazel, you just never miss a beat, do you? I never knew a chicken could have such a great, sharp wit. You are a "bird" in this world! Heehee!

Good morning, porch, and thank you, Spot, for the good sweep and especially for the breakfast. I'll skip the green eggs, but I'll take some bacon and scrambles, please. Yes, thank you - you always know just how I like my bacon, and this is just right! My goodness! Smart chicken, smart dog - how this porch is blessed!

Well, I'm off to that miserable unit conference. Please, please, Lord - let me keep my mouth shut! They talk about "interaction" and "dialogue" but what they really mean is sit down, shut up, and listen while we tell you how it's going to be. I just hope I can do it. It's almost enough to cause me to play the lottery! So - here I go. Blessings! --Romeena

March 17, 2011 - Msg 82987:
Hey Folks

It's kinda... sorta...looking like spring here. We are about 10 inches, or so, from terra firma!

Spot-Agreed, prayers for Japan.

Isn't it great that the McMedia is not over reacting to all that's going on in the Far East. Yeesh, you would think a tsunami, earthquake, and death in the thousands would be devastation enough for them. But, you can almost see them drooling over the nuclear situation there. The media has done nothing but let us down over and over down. Where's Charlie Sheen when you need him?

Hazel-I'm with you Haze. Green eggs and ham for everybody.

Lucy-Yes, lousy people have been with us forever.

Romeena-Prayers for ya. Keeping my mouth shut, at certain times, has always dogged me.

Boo & JM We are big zoo fans on this end of the Porch. We have a really nice zoo here and before it became such a hassle we used to go up to the Toronto Zoo quite a bit. Now getting into Canada can be crazy. Well, let me rephrase, getting into Canada is easy getting back into the States can take for ever. If ya have the money it might be faster to take a flight to Mexico City and ride a burro to the Texas border get in line there and sneak in during the night.


March 17, 2011 - Msg 82988: Mornin' y'all and a Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!
Green eggs & Ham? LOL That's a fitting breakfast for today!

Yes, Prayers for Japan. That is all just so unbelievably tragic.

See y'all over at Spot's doghouse!
O'possum under a rock

March 17, 2011 - Msg 82989: good morning everyone, i hope everyone had their green eggs and ham. recently i recieved a clipping from a dear friend of ours it told about jefferson davis in 1855 then secretary of war talked congress into spending $3000.00 to buy a pair of camels. they were to be stationed in arizona as the army camel corps to transport stuff in the dessert and hopefully deliver the mail across the country. well needless to say that fizzled. now days congress spends billions on needless programs. some things never change. ha. well it is 55 degrees in sunny indiana- a heat wave, folks are going to have a heat stroke. ha. prayers for all in need. catch you later. o' pappa bear

March 17, 2011 - Msg 82990: Good morning, Porchsters! A fantastic high of *75 degrees today in Indep. Mo. and hardly a cloud in the sky!

Green eggs and bacon....I believe I'll dish some of that up!

Ro - So sorry to hear about what you're going through at work. I have had plenty of moments with employers that made me want to come unglued! I hope there is resolve coming sooner than later!

This is just a thought I figured I might throw out here. Last night, I watched a performance by Johnny Cash on tv. And...I just recently watched John Wayne's True Grit. Wouldnt it have been really cool if John Wayne and Johnny Cash could have starred together in a Western?! Gives me chills just considering it! Talk about two bad hombres bearing down on you! *Sigh* If only a movie executive or big shot could have come up with the idea. But........

auh2o, SPOT, Possum, Hazel, Lucy, REV, Boo, have a great morning!

John Masters

March 17, 2011 - Msg 82991:
Happy St. Patty's day to ya all. Maybe barney can play his french harp and drive out all the snakes from the porch! ha! Oh,you're right, then there'd be no one here! ha! Hey to pappabear! Yup, ole Hi Jolly's camel idea would have been perfect for the Arizona heat, but his timing was off just a bit, sorta like the pony express! LOL
AUH20, your eduaction was worth every penny, and I
dont care what plain Claude says about ya! teehee
RO keeping her mouth shut, now I've heard everything! ha
Prayers continue for all the world,

March 17, 2011 - Msg 82992: Hope Romeena doesn't end up in jail after that unit meeting! Ro, I went through the very same thing at the hospotal I worked out and it is just awful. I remember at one of those meetings a friend who was standing near my, who had one of those strong Texas "drawls" couldn't stand it anymore and said loudly, "Well bend me over and run me around the block!!". That about summed up how we felt about it. That was years ago but I can still here her saying it. Hospital administration can be the toughest kind of stupid....sorry if any of you are in hospital administration. hehe..

Auh2o~"Where's Charlie Sheen when you need him?"!! haha...good one. Thanks for making me laugh out loud (at the riding a burro to the Texas border)! You are somethin' else, you know that?

With all the tragedy out there, I have made up my mind to pray, and then to try to laugh as much as possible today. You people are giving me a good start! haha..


March 17, 2011 - Msg 82993: I really should proof read...but then again, who cares?


March 17, 2011 - Msg 82994:
Howdy porch family.....the weather is so nice today. Supose to be like this all through the weekend here in SC.....and I'm loving it. I've got this weekend free so the wife and I are going to really enjoy it!

Good sweep there da man!

Well today is my mom's birthday. She is a twin and of course my grandmother named them Patricia and Patrick for St Patties Day. She's 72 and does everything so wants to do. She just loves getting on that riding lawnmower and just cut away.

You all have a great day and don't be pinching anyone:)
Love and prayers!

March 17, 2011 - Msg 82995:
That was supose to be "everything she wants to do".

March 17, 2011 - Msg 82996: Hey Y'all!
How's everybody doing today? It's just gorgeous here in GA! Love this weather! Wish it was Saturday so I could spend the day with my family.

Nick and Michaela had their first visitation with their mom and it did NOT go well. Michaela told her she was a terrible and abusive mother and that I'm her mother now. Nick said he wishes she'd leave them alone. Apparently the f-bomb was used quite frequently. Poor Michaela feels so torn because that's still her mother, yet she doesn't want to live in that abusive environment anymore. I'm taking her to a psychologist appointment today so she can learn to cope with these trials. I hate it for them and wish their mother would just realize what she's done (she believes they are being ridiculous and lying and she's done nothing wrong and she was high most of the time and just didn't remember). She needs help!

Boo- I totally understand what you meant and I really like Romeena's reply.
Ro- You're so wise!
Rev- Sorry but the chitlin's ate all of the pudding in 1 day! I have two teenage boys remember? And a teenage girl that is an emotional eater, so it wasn't going to last. However, did you see that Chick-fil-A has banana pudding milkshake now?

Hey to everyone else! I have to get a few things done. Y'all take care now!

March 17, 2011 - Msg 82997:
JM-I think the Duke and JC WERE in a film together, trying to think. mdc

March 17, 2011 - Msg 82998:
Rev-see 82993! (: ha

March 17, 2011 - Msg 82999: Wow Lucy, heartbreaking stuff. I am glad that the kids are out of such a bad atmosphere, but so sad to hear the emotional roller coaster ride they are on. I have seen my share of situations JUST like that. You have to lean hard on God and pray that they can gather the same strength, if not moreso, to heal and cope as they can to unleash it. I think I said that right. I have seen drunken dads, mentally abusive mothers and parents that couldnt parent their way out of a wet paper bag. You have my utmost hope in their recovery!

No, MDC...dont think they were


March 17, 2011 - Msg 83000: Well, I'm back from the meeting, physically and emotionally intact, and still employed. I had asked the Lord to help me be quiet, and He did. It was easy. When our manager spoke up to get everyone's attention at the start, I noticed that she took a deep breath, and closed her eyes for just a second. I know her to be a Christian, and I'm sure she was praying. God gave me some insight, or at least illuminated some that I already had. I know she didn't want any of this mess we're dealing with, it wasn't her idea, but it was her responsibility to implement it. So, out of respect and understanding for her, I kept my big mouth shut and didn't make it any harder for her than it already was. She presented each point, dealt with the inevitable arguments and ended the meeting just a few minutes over the allotted time. I stayed behind, and when everyone was gone, I simply said "It's hard, isn't it, when management is p-ing on us and it falls to you to convince us it's raining." I thought she was going to hug me. Her eyes puddled up a little, and she just said, "Oh my. If you only knew, but then, maybe you do." We then had about a fifteen minute private conversation, and while it helped me, gave me a stronger resolve to ride this thing out, I think it helped her just about as much. At least she knows someone is in her corner, and not blaming her for the mess. She's a good person, and to the extent that upper management will permit it, she's a good unit manager. So - tomorrow is another day.

Lucy, prayers for you and those kids. How much longer before they're old enough to decide for themselves? Is it 16 or 18 when they have that right? I know you've been dealing with this for quite a few years now.

Well, I guess when it rains it pours. I just took my car to the dealership because the driver's window made a terrible grinding noise when I tried to put it down, and also, there has been a smell of hot oil or hot metal around the car for the last few days. Result of the visit - it needs a new window assembly, and there is a leak in the transmission system that MUST be repaired. Total - $1900. Yuck, and ouch! I'm beginning to wish I had traded it a year ago. Still, I would have been out considerably more in payments over the past year, so I guess it's okay. I sure hope this is the end of the repairs, though. At least they provide a loaner car at no charge. I'm driving a little Saab with 29,000 miles on it. Very cute, very energetic little car, but it's about to beat me to death. It definitely doesn't have that Cadillac ride! Young people would love it, though. It's a cute, sporty little car and sprints like a rabbit.

Well, I've got to get a haircut this afternoon, so guess I'll go. Blessings, friends. -- Romeena

March 17, 2011 - Msg 83001: Ouchie, ouchie, ouchie....Oooo Romeena, that hurts! That's a hit in the ol' pocketbook for this day and age! I hope that this IS the end of the repairs and you have one less worry. Your work is enough, I believe!

Looking forward to tomorrow night. Gonna' curl up with some snacks and watch some good movies I taped. John Wayne's "The Searchers" and Chaplin's "City Lights!" Sounds like a good one, two punch. Wish I coulda shared it with everyone!

Gonna go cruise the internet now and see how the first day was at Silver Dollar City, Missouri. For those of you who are familiar with SDC, today was day one of the season and I am in touch with several people that were supposed to go. If any of you are interested in the SDC fan site, I'll give ya' the address. They are like you guys. A good bunch of people with families and their morals all in a row.

Hope to see you all later. If not, have a great and wonderful night and I will see y'all tomorrow!

John Masters

March 17, 2011 - Msg 83002: Hey there, John Masters! I'm quite familiar with SDC, or at least I was, years ago. We lived in Springfield, MO, moved there in early April of 1970, stayed two years. The first summer we were there, we took the kids to SDC, and had so much fun that first day that we bought a family season pass. For the rest of the summer, every Sunday after church we ran by home and changed clothes, then went to SDC for the day. We ate fried chicken at the restaurant down in the cavern almost every Sunday, and walked through the park, rode the few rides they had then, ate candy from the candymaker's shop, and generally had a great time. I've been wondering, do they still have the young folks in period costume who just wander through the park and interact with the guests? There was a young girl in a long prairie dress who would gather up a little gaggle of small children, sit down on a bench with the kids at her feet and tell them stories. There was the "undertaker", a tall, slender young man in a black frock coat and stovepipe hat. He carried a 6-ft measuring stick, and would just quietly slip up beside a guest and hold the stick close to them as though he was measuring their height. My husband was quite tall, so when the undertaker came to him, he would frown and murmur something like "need to order more lumber" or some such. It was just hilarious. The young man was quite handsome, and all the young girls were in love with him. He was very mysterious with his dark curly hair, dark eyes, his black clothing and hat, and his silent, somber demeanor. Such fun! I would buy cornmeal at the grist mill, and actually cooked with it. I never bought cornmeal at the stores for the whole time we lived there. That fresh, stone-ground meal made wonderful cornbread! I liked Springfield a lot, and would live there again if I ever decided to leave Texas (not likely!) We lived on Montclair, near Battlefield Mall.

Just got home from a fish fry at church - wonderful fried catfish and hush puppies, and plenty of green tomato relish. It just ain't catfish without green tomato relish! Yum!

I picked Bentley up from Eloise's - she had taken Landry back to his folks so they can go on their little camping trip tomorrow, and she brought Bentley back with her. I got him from her, and will have him for the weekend. Toye Starr is in heaven. Bentley is her "big brother" and they play together very well. He's exactly ten times her weight, and could squash her if he chose to, but he treats her like she's made of glass. He's a good boy. If he just wouldn't de-squeakerize all her toys.....

Well, guess I'd better go feed them. They're sitting here side by side, looking at me with such patient expressions, bless their little bones. God knew what He was doing when He made dogs. They surely can steal your heart. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

March 17, 2011 - Msg 83003:
Hey Folks

JM-I'm not aware of SDC days but you and RO make them sound fun. However, I do have some Missouri memories. Well, I have memories of my teen years sitting out in our car, while it was parked in our driveway, and listening to the St. Louis Cardinals. Our drive was about 800 miles away but boy was it fun. I can remember Bob Gibson, Joe Torre, Ted Simmons, Lou Brock and all the other Cards. I have always been a Giants and Cards fan.

Boo-If I may offer some advise. Quit listening to the news. Maybe, just check out your local news in the morning but forget the rest of it. These clowns in the media are bottom feeders. These are not the end times. We have had times worse than these, by far. Gas lines in the 70's. Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba, 90 miles from FLA. Disco. The arms race. The cold war. Hitler marching across Europe. Dust Bowls. Disco. Stock market crashes. Pearl Harbor, and many many more events. You're too good of person to let MSNBC and their ilk get you down. Hope that came across as well intended as in was meant to be.

I did even mention those multicolored Houston Astros uniforms.


March 17, 2011 - Msg 83004:
auh2o, regarding your experiences with border crossings. I'm having no problems crossing to the USA. But crossing to Canada, I always get chosen to meet with immigration officials where I have to prove that I won't be staying permanently.
And although I have been coming to Canada for many years, I have yet to visit the Toronto Zoo.

Romeena, I am impressed by your sense of self control and ability to realize how difficult this matter is for others besides your co-workers.

from Poor Horatio

March 17, 2011 - Msg 83005: Thanks Aush2o. You're a good friend. I have not been watching the news about Japan. I watched some the day it all happened and I cried. Then I determined to watch no more of it. My mother-in-law came over today and began discussing what was being said in the news and I respectfully got up to hide my tears and said I really couldn't talk about it and went to finish dinner. I pray, and I care, but watching the news is not the answer, I agree completely.

Good job today at the meeting, Romeena. God answered prayer.


March 17, 2011 - Msg 83006:
Well porch just checking in before bed. that's a hit on the pocketbook. But it's a very nice car and as you said it's a whole lot cheaper what payments would have been.

Lucy....I haven't tried that new milkshake but a guy in the studio the other day got one and he loved it.
Also continued prayers for your situation with the kids. You are a strong lady!

You guys talking about SDC....Dollywood in Pigeon Forge used to be Silver Dollar City until about 25 years ago.

Well gotta get ready for bed.
Love and prayers!

March 18, 2011 - Msg 83007: Hey Lucy,Rev,Romeena,Boo,Possum,MDC...where has Mavis at Bristol this weekend...well its work for me tonight and double again tomorrow and then off for 6...ok...back to work....will meet at I-Hop in the morning on Me and Boo....dont be late!...Boo I will bring the newspapers.....SPOT

March 18, 2011 - Msg 83008: Good morning, All! Kind of a blah day today. Cloudy, not much moving outside. Just overcast and still. Ho hum....

Ro - Yes, they still have the people in period clothing and the undertaker is still measuring people! LOL! SDC celebrated it's 50th anniversary last year!

auh2o - Good advice given to Boo. We have to keep an ear to the news, I will say that. But we need to not follow it so hard. We can be thankful that as much as we have to gripe about gas and the government (and I am one of them), at least we dont have tanks running through our streets, neighborhoods piled on top of one another from a tsunami and thousands of guerrillas hiding in mountains! Your baseball memories bring back mine of listening to Denny Mathews and Fred White call the Royals games back in the day! George Brett, Willie Wilson, Frank White, Dan Quisenberry.....*sigh*.....the days when Royals baseball actually MEANT something. Now?.....Pbbbbffftt. Oh, yeah....and in those Astros uniforms....J.R. Richard on the mound!

REV - Yep, there are still some shreds of SDC left at DollyWood. But not much.

Dang it, SPOT...I missed breakfast. Well, maybe I'll be up sooner tomorrow. No....wait....scratch that....Saturday sleep in! LOL!

Boo - I am not a news watcher either. I turn it on, make sure I am safe and there isn't another 9/11 happening, listen to what's happening in the world and then turn it off. Like I said to auh2o, check out the news for your own welfare and safety, but dont follow it. It will lead you right into sadness, depression and a feeling of "What next?" On a M*A*S*H episode, Hawkeye and BJ were trying to prevent a pilot from selling war souvenirs. The pilot responded by asking if they were trying to change the whole country. Their response was "No, just our little corner of it!" I think anymore...THAT is what we have to focus on. Enjoy what we have, where we have it and be thankful for being here for the blossoming spring and your friends and family.

Have a wonderful Friday, folks. Here's a pitcher of tea for anyone who wants it! Unsweetened and I forgot the cups this time! LOL!

John Masters

March 18, 2011 - Msg 83009:
AUH20- You just made me laugh out loud at work!
The way you stuck disco in there so non-chalantly with world crises!! (: Thanks, I needed that!
Ya all have a good weekend.

March 18, 2011 - Msg 83010: Good morning, friends! Auh20, you are a caution. I liked the "disco" touch too, not once, but twice! Too funny! And PH, you're too kind. God was pulling my strings. He's amazing. Not only do I think my manager benefited, but so did I, immensely. I have a new determination to shut my mouth when a negative comment comes to mind, and to just ride this thing out. I do believe it will eventually go away, or will be morphed into some other care model, because the physical structure of the unit does not permit what the CNO is trying to do, and it's not possible to change it. The supporting structure, the bones, of the unit are what they are and we can't change that. So, time will tell. Meantime, I'm going to try to be more of the answer and less of the problem, with God's help.

I couldn't agree more about not watching the news. We're not really getting the "news" anyway, we're getting whatever spin the talking heads want to put on it. I never watch TV news, and I'm usually at least a week behind on my newspapers. By the time I read the week-old laments, I know from bits I've heard that whatever disaster or high-profile transgression I'm reading about has already been resolved, disproven, disputed, or whatever, therefore it's not worthy of my concern. Much easier on my nerves that way. As for Japan, as terrible as the destruction is, they will survive as a nation. They will rise from the rubble, they always have. I look at this as an opportunity for Christian aid and assistance to make a difference, and maybe the Japanese will notice.

Well, gotta run. Taking Eloise to the eye doctor - a little lunch first, then a little shopping afterward, if I can keep her from bumping into things. Her eyes will be dilated after the procedure. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

March 18, 2011 - Msg 83011:
Good start to the tournament. Good games last night. REV, Ohio State plays tonight. Let's see
if my prediction has any merit! ha
Spot- you bet-Bristol Days!

March 18, 2011 - Msg 83012:
Hey Folks

I just thought we could all agree on disco.

RO-That is it exactly, spin.

Here's a little something. Ya'll have noticed how the media wringing their hands and hyperventilating about "another Three Mile Island." Well, the number of people killed at Three Mile was...ZERO. And, the number of people injured at Three Mile Island... yup, ZERO. What most of them, I believe, are remember is that B movie, "China Syndrome."

PH-You must not reenter in through NY. The Peace Bridge can turn into a parking lot on some weekends. If you like zoo's T.O. has a mighty fine one.

JM-For sure, those were some good ole days.


March 18, 2011 - Msg 83013: The sun has broke out, robins have invaded the backyard and it has warmed up a little! A complete *360 compared to this morning! Tonight is my movie night. The wife is in St. Louis seeing step family and I am going to watch The Duke go get his niece back and Chaplin fall in love. I also taped some Looney Tunes from Cartoon Network and will probably wind down with those before hitting the hay. My favorite of them all, "Duck Amuck" was one of those taped!! So I guess you could say that is an extra bonus! LOL!

Hey MDC, I used to be into the men's college basketball really heavy! I never missed a Kansas game and was in the middle of the celebration in 1988 when they took out the Sooners for the title. But, in recent years, I have fallen far away from it. But I will throw you one memory....remember the Jerry "Shark" Tarkanien and the UNLV Runnin' Rebels when they were virtually unbeatable in the late 80's!! They were like the old Magic/Kareem/Rambis/Wilkes/Worthy fast break Lakers! I cheered for them about as hard as KU.

auh2o - I agree with you and Ro! It is a crisis. But NOT a catastrophe until it actually happens. I think the greatest scare of all time was after 9/11 when the government kept telling us that "something was going to happen......someday......sometime......somewhere." Nice to keep the nation completely locked down! It was like the beginning of AIDS all over again!

John Masters

March 19, 2011 - Msg 83014: Well, guess they should have been talking about Chernobyl instead of Three Mile Island, Auh2o. It seems like they are just spewing frantic ideas to try to whip the viewer into a frenzy and keep them coming back. By the way, I think that "disco" things was hilarious, too, and so was the thing about the Astro's uniforms!

Good thought there about doing what we can in our corner of the world, JM. There is always so much to be done right where we are.

Good day today. I caught up with some old friends that I haven't spent time with since last summer. They recently bought a house in town that they are doing some remodeling on and it is quite a place. 3500 sq feet, gorgeous, granite in kitchen and baths, lovely tile and wood floors, like something in a magazine and they got it for only 280,000 which really is a great price for this particular house. I wonder what real estate prices are like in everyone's part of the country? I know out in California the same house would have been MUCH more expensive.

Went and ate some good Texas bar-b-que at a family-owned place in, it was some kinda good. Hope it doesn't lay on my chest tonight.

Better get to bed. Got to go to El Campo tomorrow for a cousin's surprise birthday party. I can't believe he is turning 60! He doesn't look it. I had a studio portrait of his father as a baby...probably made in 1922, and I had it custom matted and framed in a lovely, oval fram that looked like an antique. It just turned out beautifully. I don't think he has ever seen the picture so he will be surprised. His dad has been dead for over 20 years. Goodnight sweet Mayberry. :-)


March 19, 2011 - Msg 83015:
Howdy porch family.....check before I hit the sack. Went to a ballgame tonight so I'll check back tomorrow.
Love and prayers!

March 19, 2011 - Msg 83016: Boo, what an original, lovely idea for a gift! I would never have thought of such a thing, but that will be a real winner, I'll bet. Good on ya, luv!

Guess I'll mosey to the ironing board myself. Getting up a little early, Eloise and I are going out to north Irving to a gathering of Mongolia trippers. There is a crisis with the ministry there. Seems there's been a change in the people in government there, and an anti-Christian, anti-foreigner contingent is in power. They have revoked the licenses under which the mission was operating, and are even seeking to seize some, if not all, of the property. Years ago, in the face of some criticism, the missionary made sure that the property was in his personal name as well as the name of the mission organization. I don't understand all the legalities of it, but apparently that fact is now all that's preventing the seizure of the land, at least for a while. The visas for the missionary and his wife have been revoked, and they can only spend two weeks a year in the country, on a visitor's pass. The faithful, loyal staff at the mission compound are doing their best to keep things running, and the missionary is still at the helm, thanks to the wonder of email. There is still hope, if there's another power shift in the next election, but that can't be counted as a done deal until it happens. So, plans must be made. Thus, this meeting and several others in different locations. Please, friends, pray that God's will be made plain. That's all it will take, because there is no doubt that Jerry and Susan will faithfully follow where He leads. They've done it for 16 years, and have taken the ministry from a few rescued orphans, housed in a couple of apartments, to a sprawling compound on over a hundred acres, with greenhouses, livestock, a little school, feeding stations around the nearby town for children who still have their parents but are hungry, a growing and thriving church that draws about 300 people on a Sunday morning - well, you get the idea. God is not going to just let that disappear. It's just up to the participants to discern His will and follow it, and it's up to us here at home to pray, and to continue to provide financial support. It's called Change the World Ministries. Please pray.

OK, I'm off to Sleepy Land, taking my furkids with me. Such sweet little things they are. Blessings! --Romeena

March 19, 2011 - Msg 83017: OMGosh, Ro. When I first read your post I thought you said you and Eloise were going to north Irving to a gathering of Mongolian strippers! No kidding..haha. Of course it only took a split second to read it again and see I was wrong. On the serious side, though, it sounds like they are doing such a wonderful ministry to the children and God has blessed it. I think we will be seeing more and more of this kind of thing in the world in the months to come and it is discouraging but God is still in control. I will pray for Jerry, Susan, and the children.


March 19, 2011 - Msg 83018: Good afternoon, Porchsters!
It's about 50 degrees with t-storms and rain on the way. In fact, just as I wrote that, I heard the first rumble of thunder! Now that's timing! LOL!
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I started my day with "The Undefeated" with John Wayne and Rock Hudson and am taping "The Comancheros" for later tonight. Gonna go grab some lunch while I watch TAGS. Specifically, "Man In A Hurry", "The Bed Jacket", and "Opie's Rival!"

Have a great day, all!

John Masters

March 19, 2011 - Msg 83019:
Hey Porch

Romeena-Yes, prayers for sure. Now that's important.

JM-I am a real big Johnny Cash fan. I miss him.

Boo-Chernobyl is not a good match either. There was no containment vessel at Chernobyl and there is a very, very thick one in place at the Fukushima plant. There is really no chance of a Chernobyl repeat. I think what's playing out here is Rahm Emanuel maxim, "you never want a serious crisis to go to waste." And, those who hate nuclear energy are taking every opportunity here.

As long as I'm stirring the pot, going into Iraq was wrong but attacking Libya is OK? uhh?

I better go before Me-They shows up and tells me how wrong I am. hehe (I hope he does)


March 19, 2011 - Msg 83020: Good evening, Folks.

auh2o - Yeah, I miss him too! I watched him on Ovation channel the other night and June did a couple of songs with him. It's hard to believe they are side by side in a cemetery. The pictures I have seen of John standing at the side of June's casket are just painful. You can feel the emotion through the pictures. I got the chance to see him twice here in Kansas City. First time was at Worlds of Fun amusement park. Second was at a casino (that is longed closed down) called Sam's Town. When he let loose of his "Hello....I'm Johnny Cash", we went nuts! My mother met him in the 50's at the old TownHouse Hotel in Kansas City, Kansas. She got his autograph on a TH postcard and I now own it. It is one of my greatest treasures!

I am wondering if this whole Japan nuclear plant crisis will get as far as it can go and then....nothing happens. They save it all at the last possible moment and all of this hype and overdoing it goes right out the window. I know there has been radiation leaks and detected radiation in food and cars and different merchandise, but I am wondering if that's the worst it'll get. I've said it before here and I'll repeat it again here....these insane leaders of other countries just better be extremely happy that Truman, Patton and McArthur isnt in control now. I think many problems would have been solved long, long ago. That's just my two cents!!!

If anyone is interested, the Silver Dollar City fan site is If you know of or are familiar with the park, go there and peruse the site. It's fun and entertaining. You might remember that the Beverly Hillbillies taped a few episodes there in the late 60's. The plot was going back to the hills and finding Elly a man.

In viewing TAGS and another John Wayne western, I bring up two points....first, has anyone else noticed just how much Andy copied stuff out of books while sitting at the desk?? Seems like every few episodes, Andy was copying something down from a book or other papers.

Second....has anyone noticed how much Kansas City comes up in John Wayne westerns?? I was born, raised and lived here all 42 years of my life and I cant figure out why?? Never heard of any reason why KC gets mentioned in one JW western after another!?

Have a great and safe night, everyone! Hey and Howdy to Boo, MDC, REV, Lucy, PH, Romeena, Possum and everyone else! Might check in way later before bed.

John Masters

March 19, 2011 - Msg 83021: Never really thought about Andy copying stuff at his desk, JM but did you notice the Barney is missing a tooth in the first season?

Hey Auh2o. I hope your post draws Me-They back for a moulage.

Just got back from my cousin's birthday party and he was suprised. I just can't say how wonderful it was to get together with family from out of town (there wasn't a Cousin Ollie-type in the whole bunch). I have a great family on Dad's side. Romeena, when I gave my cousin James the picture I had framed of his Daddy, you should have seen him. He is this big, tough police officer and it brought tears to his eyes. He is so much like his Daddy was...tough on the outside and a sweet marshmallow on the inside. I am so glad he liked his gift and I saw him carrying it around for awhile as he walked among the guests. It really blessed my heart. I have some A-1 Texas gentlemen in my family, and some good southern women, too. I am very thankful.

Think I will turn in for the night. See you all tomorrow.


March 20, 2011 - Msg 83022:
Boo-waht a neat idea. Glad it went over so well!
JM- I guess the show's writers needed andy to do some "busy work" and the old "term paper" copying from book to paper fit the bill! ha
I watch b-ball today! Ohio state still in it. And yes JM, those days of KC were something.
RO- my goodness, my prayers are with the mongolia ministry! May the proclamations ofpsalm 91 be with those missionariesand all!
Have a good Sabbath all. Thank you Jesus.
Oh yes, I'll just come out and say it:
"Welcome sweet springtime, we greet thee in S*NG!" (:

March 20, 2011 - Msg 83023: JM- I meant KU of course!

March 20, 2011 - Msg 83024: Mongolian Strippers? I love it! Hee Hee

I just skimmed the latest posts and that sort of jumped out at me. I need to catch up on things- hope all is well. I was out of town all yesterday attending the memorial service for my high school band teacher. Such a fitting tribute to a fine man.
Happy Spring!!! Let's sing good ol 14- A!
possum under a rock

March 20, 2011 - Msg 83025: Good morning! Finally, the clouds have lifted and it looks like a sunny and upper 60's day today on my part of the porch!

So the U.S. and allies have hit Libya. Are you wondering like I am when these idiot and nutty leaders are going to come around and figure out that they wont get away with the way they rule?

Have a great morning, all!

John Masters

March 20, 2011 - Msg 83026: Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you...choir practice will be tomorrow. Please remember to bring good ol' 14-A!

John Masters

March 20, 2011 - Msg 83027: Do we have to JM? I'm gettin' tired of 14-A.

"Hey" to Possum..I knew you would say something about the Mongolian Strippers. ;-)

Mornin' MDC. "We will NOT sing! We will NOT sing! We will NOT sing!"


March 20, 2011 - Msg 83028: "Ya' darn long-eared galoot!" - Yosemite Sam

"Not me, you slop artist!" - Daffy Duck

"Ho, ho..that's dandy!" - Daffy Duck

"I'ma gonna blast ya!" - Yosemite Sam


March 20, 2011 - Msg 83029: Good afternoon, porch! Just got home from preaching. A group went out to lunch, but I just came home because I didn't want to go where they were going. It's a place called Aspen Creek, a fairly new restaurant that opened in a complex of pricey motels. The food is pretty good though a little over-priced, but the service is painfully slow and inept, and worst of all, if you want a roll with your meal, you have to order it and you pay extra for it! Can you believe that? My gosh, even the diner gives you that little roll, even if you just order the hollowed-out tomato filled with avocado. So I just told my friends I had some leftovers I needed to use up, and came on home. It was true, though I probably won't eat them until tonight. I stopped and got some take-out Mexican food on the way home.

John Masters, it appears there is no end to the parade of madmen in control of many of the world's countries, past and present. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Kim Jong Il, Saddam Hussein, Gadhafi, and the list goes on. They all seem to have the same persona. Astonishing narcissistic characteristics, all with the nose-in-the-air poses when before a crowd, many were/are very charismatic speakers, all convinced they're invincible, all totally unconcerned about the plight of the people, many with very defiant attitudes, all display amazing arrogance - you get the picture. There is no reasoning with people like these, because they're 100% convinced that they, and they alone, are right, and they simply do not care what the rest of the world thinks. That crazy little gargoyle in N. Korea is going to figure into things in a big way one of these days. True, he's sick and seems to be handing the reins over to his son, but he will still be pulling the strings as long as he's alive, and frankly, I'm not sure but what his son is worse than he is. God help us! He's the only who can.

It's beautiful here today, warm and sunny, breezy and so pretty. My wisteria is in full bloom, the spirea is starting to burst out, will be solid white in a day or so. Pansies are just ridiculously beautiful, and the iris/irises (both are allowed) are starting. A purple and a red are blooming out front, and a creamy white and a deep yellow are blooming out back. Soon I won't be able to list them, because I have at least 50-60 varieties in the back, and they'll all bloom at some point. So pretty! I do love iris!

Well, guess I'll go eat my lunch. It's probably already cold, but that's what microwaves are for. Yes, I'll put it on a plate, won't nuke it in that styrofoam thing. Blessings, all! --Romeena

March 20, 2011 - Msg 83030: Hey Ro.. got an email from Spot. He's piddlin' in the barn again! I told him I was gonna tell Mama Ro on him! What are we gonna do with that dog? LOL

Na,na, na,na, na, spot! She's gonna get ya now! Ha!

possum again

March 20, 2011 - Msg 83031: Afternoon Porch. Thought I'd pop in and see how y'all are doing. Good to see you back John Masters. I feared you went into hiding after my boys kicked you around this past season. Not once, but twice! Ha, just pickin at ya. Hope you are well.
Boo, Seems to me life in general is about like how Barney told his Deputies in training how life was gonna be for them. Tough, and then it's gonna get tougher! But fear not. The antidote for fear is faith. And I know you have a heaping amount of that.
And who would be so brazen, so uncaring, so unkind, so hostile as to belittle disco? Disco! Why if you listen close you will still hear ever so faintly the Bee Gee's singing Night fever night fever yeaaa. And look, there is posuum and Boo starting to sway to the music just thinking about it. :)
Hope evryone is well.


March 20, 2011 - Msg 83032: Well Race fans its a clean sweep for Kyle at Brystol!....prayers for Japan and all....just a quick trouble check...gona lite the grill....steaks tonight for all....SPOT

March 20, 2011 - Msg 83033: Afternoon, one and all.

Ro - I fully agree with your analogy of the madmen. You'd almost think they have the same mentality as drunk drivers and druggies. Drunks and drug addicts hear of or see a person overdose and die or have to be rushed to get their stomach pumped or crash in a car wreck and they say "Oh, well, they didn't take it right" or "I've never been in a wreck" or "He doesnt know how to hold his liquor / drugs" and figure it will never happen to them ever. Saddam is gone. Hirohito flat backed down and surrendered. Hitler was beat and committed suicide. They just dont LEARN, do they?!?!?! You know what the saying says....those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it! What a colorful report on your flowers! *Sigh* I swear I'd just pitch a lawn chair in your yard with a cold drink and take in all of the color!

Hey Asa! - How ya' been?! Ok, I concede. others here found out some time ago, I have jumped off of the Chiefs bandwagon until they get to a divisional playoff game or AFC Championship. I know that sounds fair weathered, but I have stuck with them through SOOOO much and have been heartbroken too much. They cant win with youth, they cant win with vets, they cant win despite Scottenheimer, Vermeil, Edwards and now, Haley. I used to sit in empty Arrowhead win they were a joke and I have supported them ever since. But enough is enough. I want to see another great round of draft picks, some more big name free agents and an attitude that they can actually back up! I will watch all 32 teams equally until I see something change! I have forked out enough dough and paid rising ticket prices amidst all of the shortcomings! I think I've earned how I feel! I think the Raiders made a mistake letting Cable go. I really believe they were on the rise again. Al Davis has GOT TO realize it is time to turn over the reins and take his head out of the 60's and 70's! Yeah...disco did give us SOME good music. Bee Gees had some good stuff and so did KC and the Sunshine Band!

SPOT - Mmmm...sounds good! Gotta get some tater salad and maybe some slaw to go with that!

Some of the folks at have been actually going to the park and giving some good trip reviews so I believe I will go read some. Have a great end to your weekend and I will be back at ya' asap!

John Masters

March 20, 2011 - Msg 83034: Well hey there, ASA. Been missing you and that tool belt of your's. ;-) You still doing the floor show at the Gigolo Club? Seriously, good to see you on the porch and how right you are about faith being the antidote for fear. We are going to need ever-increasing faith in the days to come. Now, about that disco music...there are a few old songs I kind of like but I'm ain't swayin'! Now how about taking me to Mt. Pilot next weekend to the picture show to see that Glenn Ford movie? I'll buy the popcorn and drive, so's you can hang your head out the window.

By the way, does anyone know what a "lemon phosphate" is? When they mention that on TAGS it always makes me wince. It sounds like something you get from the drugstore for constipation.

Oh, hey, wanted to ask you all about something. Things have been dragging alittle her on the porch. We never seem to do any quote-a-thons or quizzes anymore. I was thinking of an idea that might spice things up a bit. I was thinking about starting a story..kind of like writing our own TAGS episode and everyone adds to it. Kind of like that game when you start a story and then the next person has to add alittle to it, and so on. I think it might be fun. Like, I could start off with a paragraph or two and then someone else could add their paragraph to the story and so on.. Are you all game? It would be a way to get the focus back on Tags some.

Let me know what you think.


March 20, 2011 - Msg 83035:
Howdy porch family.....such a nice day today on this end of the porch.

Didn't get to see much of the race but saw the outcome.

Spot....make mine med-well. Sounds good bro!

Love and prayers!

March 20, 2011 - Msg 83036: Why Boo, that's the exact idea I had. I was just gonna mention that. :) I think thats an outstanding idea. Could be a lot of fun. And the trip up to Mt. Pilot next week sounds like a blast. I always figured the Lemon Phophate was some kind of lemon drink with carbonation in it to make it fizz. I hope it ain't what you thought. Sounds dangerous, especially if we are going to Mt. Pilot.

J.M. I agree with your thoughts concerning A.D. Although I understand he pretty much ran the teams draft last year, and they by all acoounts had a very good draft. But he seems to have lost his edge to say the least. You seen him lately? My goodness, he looks like their logo on the side of their helmet. I hear the Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is not in to good a shape either. That might explain the whole Josh McDaniels fiasco. But I understand your feelings about KC. What was it, the 70's was your last Superbowl with Hank Stram? Thats a long dry spell.

Had an easy day here and have just been reading some of the archives a bit. I see AUH20 is the Disco disser huh? Rebel Rowser! J.K. Auh20. A little disco goes a long way. But it got me to thinking of some of the songs from that era. Anyone remember Leo Sayer? SuperTramp? The Cars?

Congrats Hazel on becoming a Grandma. Ain't it great? Our youngest Daughter just announced a few weeks ago she and her hubby are expecting again. She is a wonderful Mom and her Hubby is a pretty good Dad. But I admit I am a bit prejudice on the matter.

Well better go get myself ready for another week of work. I've been dealing with a few health issues the last few months and getting to work regular like has been a problem. But doing better now, I hope.


March 20, 2011 - Msg 83037: Quick drop in here to say Hi!

Boo - Love the story idea! Let's do it!

Asa - Super Bowl IV when we beat the Vikings in old Tulane Stadium. How in the name of all that's 70's could you leave out Peter Frampton! Congats on your new news from your daughter!

Ok, gotta go. Wife is due to roll up any minute now from St. Louis. Have a great night and restful sleep and I'll see ya back here asap!

John Masters

March 21, 2011 - Msg 83038: Congratulations on the new grandchild that is on the way, Asa. What a blessing. :-)

Well, since two of you thought it was a good idea, and because the kids are in bed and it's finally quiet here, I will begin the first part of the new TAGS episode.

Title: Andy Ditches Helen

It was a warm, spring day in our beloved Mayberry and everyone seemed to have a bit of spring fever. Andy was alone in the courthouse; feet casually propped on his desk as he observed the world through the courthouse window. He watched Miss Emma Watson crossing mainstreet and heading for Walker's drugstore for her "pills", no doubt. He had to smile as he watched her hobble across (jaywalking, as usual), but the truth was Andy didn't feel much like smiling. He had alot on his mind these days, particularly his failing relationship with Helen Crump. He was troubled by the length of their courtship but just couldn't bring himself to ask Helen to marry him. The truth was, he just wasn't sure about how he felt anymore. There wasn't anyone else but it seemed that he was having a much harder time dealing with Helen's jealous nature. She was becoming more controlling and demanding and he felt the noose tightening around his neck more and more these days. Just last week they he had taken her for Chinese food in Mt. Pilot and Helen had been very rude to the attractive waitress that served them. Andy barely noticed her and would never even think of paying her any mind, but Helen was furious, accusing him of flirting with the waitress. She didn't attempt to hide her behavior in any way and Andy was very embarrased by it. It didn't matter what he said, she just wouldn't see how irrational her behavior was and it was a very silent trip home from Mt. Pilot. He had not seen Helen since and it had been four days. In times past, Andy would have called her and apologized to smooth things over, even though he had nothing to apologize for, but he just didn't have it in him to fight this battle again. He was in a tough situation.

As he contemplated his decisions, he saw Aunt Bee approaching the courthouse. She had obviously been to the market and was carrying a brown bag in each arm as she entered the courthouse. "Hello Andy, I wanted to drop by and tell you that I invited the new neighbors to supper tonight so I had to go by the market for some things. I think you will like our new neighors, Andy. The woman's name is Caroline Marsh and she is a widow with a young boy named Johnny who happens to be Opie's age and they are hitting it off just fine! Opie is there now, helping Johnny unpack his toys."
"You say she's a widow, Aunt Bee?"
"Yes, she was married to a preacher in Silar City. He died two years's very sad because she is still a young woman...she's about your age, I imagine. Anyway, I have to get going to have supper ready on time, Andy. Will you be coming home soon?"
"Sure, Aunt Bee. Barney is at the diner having a Lemon Phosphate with Thelma Lou, but as soon as he gets back here, I'll head home. What'r we havin' for supper?"
"Oh, nothing fancy, just my fried chicken, mashed potaotes, sweet peas and rolls..oh, and I made an apple pie this morning."
"Mmm, that sounds like some KIND of good eatin'. I can't wait."
Aunt Bee turns to leave and then remembers something, "Oh, Andy, one more thing. I told Caroline next door that you would help her when you got home. She's been trying to hang her curtains in the front room and she needs help."
"Sure, Aunt Bee, I'll go over and help as soon as Barney gets back. Bye now."
Soon Barney returns from the diner and offers to take over while Andy goes home early. He leaves the squad car with Barney and walks home. It is such a lovely day for it anyways. Before going in the house, he decides to go introduce himself to the new neighbors and see what he could do to help. There are several unpacked boxes scattered on the front porch and Andy has to step over one to press the doorbell. Seconds later, the door opens to reveal a woman who is the picture of loveliness. She is standing in bear feet, with a broom in one hand. She is tall and statuesque in her yellow cotton dress and apron tied around her delicate waist. Her blonde curls are unruly from the work she has been doing and Andy thinks she is about the prettiest thing he has ever seen, as he has the sensation that his stomach has just fallen into his shoes. Poor Andy just stands there, and tries to get the words out of his mouth. He finally manages to say, "Hi, I'm Andy Taylor", but it takes a few seconds.