May 04, 2011 - Msg 83789: ^^^^^

May 04, 2011 - Msg 83790: Wow....I didnt know I would break out the broom! LOL!

And "Whoosh!", the porch was clean!


May 04, 2011 - Msg 83791: Good sweep of the porch!

May 04, 2011 - Msg 83792: Thanks, JM!


May 04, 2011 - Msg 83793: And a good job you did too, JM. Thanks!

Welcome, Adam. Do you plan to continue using "Adam", or would you prefer to choose a TAGS-related name? The choice is yours, we don't care either way. As you can see, some of us is, and some of us ain't TAGS-related.

The actor who played the pickpocket and Otis' lawyer was Jay Novello, a rather strange little character actor who was just great at playing nervous types. He played at least three different characters on eps of "I Love Lucy" as well. He was "Mario", the Italian gondolier who came to visit (and stayed) and he was the nervous witness to a murder who wanted to sublet Lucy and Ricky's apartment in order to hide. He was also the henpecked little guy who came to the Ricardo's apartment for a seance, to contact his beloved "Tillie". Lucy thought he was referring to his wife, so she was the voice of "Tillie" just to make him think he had made contact. Later it turns out that the man's wife, who had indeed passed on, was named Adelaide, and Tillie was the man's deceased spaniel.

As for the Taylor's back porch, that raises the question of the kitchen door. Most of the time, it's on the side of the house, which is where it was in the Mr. McBeevee ep, when Opie was riding the imaginary Blackie, and embarrassed Barney who thought Blackie was real. In that case, it was barely a porch, more like a landing at the top of the stairs leading to the kitchen door. In the freezer episode, it was a full back porch, with freezer, washer, mops and brooms, all that porch stuff, and was in the back yard. The door moves around accordingly. Sometimes it's on the same wall as the kitchen sink, sometimes it moves around the corner and is on the wall with the china cabinet. Another wandering door is the one from the kitchen into the dining room. Sometimes that's a 90-degree corner and the door opens directly into the dining room. At other times, the door appears to be in a 45-degree wall, that faces partially into the dining room and partially into the living room. Of course, if you look very carefully, you'll see that in TAGS and just about any other stage set, the rooms are not square. They are usually a little off-square, being more narrow at the back and widening toward the front. Think of a stage set. This is done to open up the field of action and eliminate a crowded impression, but is usually not all that noticeable. I think that mitred doorway was done for that reason - it eliminated a big old corner poking out into the room. Not a bad idea, and is often used in real construction. My dad employed the idea often in the homes he built. Eliminate dead corners in the inner room, and eliminates intrusive walls in the outer room. Incidentally, I think it's interesting that in Spanish there are different words for the inner part of a corner and the outer side. The inner side is called "el rincón", and the outer side, like a street corner, is "la esquiña". Much clearer. Why don't we have words like that in English?

I wish Me-They would come home. Where did he run off to, anyway? I'll bet he went to Mt. Pilot with one of those fun girls.

Boo, everybody needs to take a day now and then. Not just the Sabbath - God told us to do that, but I think now and then we need another day. My Dale used to work with a manager who told the employees "once in a while, take a day and waste it. Just waste the heck out of it. Don't do a single constructive thing. Just fritter it away, doing nothing but exactly what you want to do. Then the next day, get back to work." Pretty good advice, in my opinion.

Well, speaking of getting back to work -- I must! Blessings, friends! --Romeena

May 04, 2011 - Msg 83794: Hey Y'all! Welcome to Adam!

MDC, that was the episode I was gonna guess (about the back door)-the one with Gomer on the roof with the gun. I knew it wasn't the pick pocket one that Rev suggested because the pickpocket was outside of a store when Andy lit his cigarette.
As far as actors playing multiple parts, I can think of two- Jean ?? (can't recall her last name right now) played both Daphne/ Fun Girl and the Convict Naomi. And of course, Howard Morris as Ernest T and George,the tv repairman.
I have never noticed the tomato splotch and a few of the other bloopers y'all named. Will have to be on the lookout for all of those things next time I watch TAGS.
Well.. gonna skeedaddle. Do possums skeedaddle? This one does- LOL
possum under a rock

May 04, 2011 - Msg 83795: I really enjoyed my day, Ro. I will be doing this more often. :) By the way, I am in contact with Me-They now and then and he is doing fine and staying busy with work and the kids (who are growing like weeds). I believe he said they are also in the process of doing some remodeling/expanding of their home and adding another bathroom and bedroom or two (he is especially excited about the bathroom).

Lovely night here in south out but some mosquitos...don't know how since it hasn't rained in ages.

Better get Erin tucked in for the night.


May 04, 2011 - Msg 83796: SHAZAAM!

May 04, 2011 - Msg 83797:
Hello porch family

It's a nice night here in SC also Boo. Good cool sleeping weather. Windows open and listening to the it.

Possum....."I knew it wasn't the pick pocket one that REV suggested" think you are so smart don't you.... just because you are from down around the coast?....hehe Speaking of the wife and I are taking a few days next week and heading to Myrtle Beach for a few days before I head out for my summer tour. So possum make sure you have some good weather down there all next week.

Spot....two big wins tonight for our Braves.

Well gang I better get some sleep. You all have a good night.
Love and prayers!

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83798: Another cast member who appeared in two roles was Jack Dodson. Most of us will know him as Howard Sprague, but he was also Ed Jenkins, the insur@nce man whom Andy called when Aunt Bee thought she had lost Aunt Martha's brooch. --Romeena

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83799: Is anyone else having problems with delayed posts? I just posted one, and it's not here. This has happened several times over the past few days, and if it does what it has done before, the post will be there the next time I enter the site. I don't like to leave and re-enter because that causes problems (expense) for Floyd, so I just wait and see. I'm guessing this post will do the same thing. I guess I'll know tomorrow. --Romeena

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83800: Happy Birthday Big Maude!

possum under a rock

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83801: Have not had that problem, Ro (concerning delayed posts)...not yet anyway.

Happy Birthday to Maude...aka Ralph Henderson!

Shaping up to be a nice day here in south texas. REV, it got a bit too humid here last night to leave the windows open but wish I could have. Bruce actually got called into work for an emergency at around 11:30pm and worked all night so I would have closed and locked the windows anyway, I guess.

Ro, do you remember many months ago we were discussing Bruce getting new hearing aids? His employer was supposed to purchase them for him...part of a personnel agreement with the union or something...they are supposed to provide equipment to employees who have a disability and Bruce is at the point of almost complete deafness now, even with his hearing aids and it is obviously going to affect his ability to perform his job. The digital hearing aids he needs cost several thousand dollars, which is terrible in itself, but he has been getting the run-around from a girl in personnel who is supposed to be getting the hearing aids approved for him. She is one of those employees that doesn't seem to get along with anyone. Bruce has been requesting status updates and trying to get the wheels in motion since last September and she doesn't even bother to return his emails. He didn't get much help from her supervisor, either so he finally sent out a request to her boss and his, for a meeting. When his supervisor found out about what was going on (the woman quickly tried to send out old emails that she was supposed to forward months ago, and was deceitful, trying to pass them off as having just been received), he about had a fit because he was afraid Bruce would file a grievance with the union and they would all be in a pickle. Anyway, the boss got on the project himself and it looks like Bruce will be getting what he needs....I hope and pray, finally!

Better get Erin to school. Talk to you all later...


May 05, 2011 - Msg 83802: Morning all.

Big Maude is having another birthday? My goodness, they are coming quicker and quicker, huh Maudie? I hope it's a grand one.

I've not noticed any delayed posts here but I usually only post once a day right now because of time limits. Maybe it was your amenninies you posted Ro, and couldn't see them. lol

Have fun on your little trip Rev. And drive safe.

Boo, good call on Jean (Carson I think is her last name). Another one was the lady who played Annabelle Silby. She was also the shoplifter. Remember, the little old lady who clanked when she shouldn't be? And even old loveable me, Asa Breeney, or in another episode was called Asa Bacoumb, or later in the color episodes was old Doc. Roberts. (I knew my edjumakashin would pay off one day.)

Well I better make like a Possum and skeedattle. Lots to do today.


May 05, 2011 - Msg 83803: Oh, I also thought I would mention today is the National day of Prayer. I know most of you here Pray morning, noon and night already, but I thought I'd mention it just the same. Our Nation surely needs the Masters influence right about now. Maybe we could all petition Him for that today.
May 2nd also marks the 400th Anniversary of the first publication of the King James Version of the Bible. What a blessed day that was to have Holy Script in the hands of the common man. Maybe we could include a thanks for that in our prayers today.


May 05, 2011 - Msg 83804: Happy birthday, Big Maude!


May 05, 2011 - Msg 83805: Good morning to my Porchster family! LOL!

Ro - I never notcied all of the changes you pointed out! Wow! I guess I am looking right through the different episodes! Of course, the kitchen door changing from the B&W episodes to the color ones is a gimme. But the angles and right by me!

Boo - Taking days away are sometimes just what is needed! I know I have to back away from my history work and just act like I never knew who Quantrill was. My brain gets going so much that everything starts to blur and mix together. Whatever your case or situation, getting away is always a good thing. Next time, maybe go up to the mountains, do a little fishing! LOL! Glad to hear Bruce got the upper hand and came out on top with his hearing aids! I am sorry to hear he is almost deaf.

REV - Have a safe and fun trip. And good luck to you and yours!

Maude - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Maybe I'll have the choir strike up a quick round of "Happy Birthday" and I'll make sure Barney sings into the "special" microphone!

Asa - Amen, brother! By the way, from what I am hearing on NFL Network, sounds like the Raiders aren't real interested in getting any big names in free agency (if it happens). They have sunk so much money into Richard Seymour and others, that they wont really hit it.

Adam - You have some great names to pick from if you decide to have a TAGS name on here! You could be Rafe or Nate Bracey, Tom Silby or Mr. Goss, Fletch or of course the ever famous and beloved Mr. Schwump! LOL!

Have a great morning, folks!

John Masters

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83806:
Asa- Thou has wrought greate things with thy JKV, thou hast spake the truthe! (:
Yes, I will be praying today for our nation and the world, thanks for the reminder.
RO- one "explanation of the set changes is that the Taylors' just did a lot of remodeling! ha
And with changes in names like Emma, she could have remarried, or legally just changed the name. ha
Did i mention that i got a nice Easter letter from pappabear. finally thawing out!
Happy Birthday maudie!

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83807: Don't forget Hodie Snitch! ha

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83808: Good afternoon porch, just dropping in for a minute to say thanks for all the birthday wishes. Ole Maude is getting OLD, turning 52 today. not sure how that happened so quickly.

a sunny but cool day today on my end of the porch! had frost this morning. maybe we will warm up over the week end.

lets celebrate my birthday by having a party at O'Malleys. I hear he is out of town so he won't be bothered by all the music and dancing. We can cook up some hamburgers with all the fixins' and have cake and ice cream!

Guess I'd better get back to work.
Prayers and blessings to all!
Big Maude

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83809: Sounds good to me, Maudie! Who's got ky girl's fancy skirt? I wanna wear it to the party- unless MDC plans on wearing it- LOL I'll swing by the Morrison Sisters and get some celebratin' elixir!

possum again

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83810: JM,

Rafe sounds good to me. I always liked how he and Andy stuck it to the mayor and the society matron. So going forward, everyone just call me Rafe. Again, JMn thanks for the choices. Everyone on the porch, have a blessed day.

Rafe (aka Adam) :)

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83811: Well...welcome Rafe! LOL!

Hey everyone, Rafe Hollister has come down to join us on the porch!

Now remember, no moonshining (at least not any where we'd be able to tell) and we might just ask ya' ta' favor us with a song or two!

Maude - Make sure you put away the heater and if'n anyone needs some water, I'll go fetch it. Keeps you from being seen!

I'll see if I cant track down Colonel Harvey and see if he is has any elixer too.

John Masters

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83812:
Did O'malley head up to DE-troit again?

There is another name change. In season 1 about the hollister still, his first name is Ben.
Then in the musiCAL ep, it was Rafe. Boy, they sure kept the county clerk busy! ha

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83813: Anyone know where I can get a good quality pair of overalls? I may need to dress real purty for all my friends. You allk know I promised Andy I'd stop moonshining.


May 05, 2011 - Msg 83814: Just wear your suit of clothes,Rafe! Good name choice,by the way!
See y'all at O'Malley's for Maude's party!

possum again

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83815: I'll bring the ice cream freezer and fresh strawberries to bring and make some good ol' homemade ice cream!


May 05, 2011 - Msg 83816:
...and greazze up yer shoes! (:

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83817: Don't do that, Rafe! The cats'll all foller you if you grease yer shoes! -Romeena

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83818: Nah, then he'll have the cats following him out to O' Malley's and then Spot will go crazy- ha ha!

possum again

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83819: See- Ro agrees with me!

possum under a rock

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83820: Wouldn't mind seein a good old cat chase


May 05, 2011 - Msg 83821:
Prayers continue this day.
OK, let's see if we can name all the characters that Allan Melvin played, God bless 'im.
I'll start with the army recruiter, and the hotel house dectective. Others?

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83822:
Happy Birthday Maude.....have a great day!
See ya'll at O'Malley's

JM....Harvey's Elixer can sure bring out the musical skills in a person.

Love and prayers!

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83823: Rafe, Spot's an old doggie, it would wear him out running after all them cats- LOL

What did y'all get Maudie for her birthday? Rev & I chipped in and bought her a nice dress so she doesn't have to wear that prison uniform all the time. Bet she'll look as good as Eleanora Poultice once she puts it on!

Allan Melvin played Fred,the guy who threatened to sock Barney if he caught him out of uniform.That's 3 characters so far-keep guessing!
Ok, see y'all at O' Malleys!
possum under a rock

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83824: Allan Melvin was one of the two farmers that Barney had to chase away from selling their farm produce on the street. --Romeena

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83825: Thanks, JM. :)

Good thoughts there, ASA...the bible certainly is something to be thankful for...and for the men who risked their lives (and even gave their lives) to translate it.

Party at O'Malley's for there or be square. Who wants to dance the Tango?

Rafe, "you look good enough to bury"! Tell us more about yourself, Rafe...married? Children? Hobbies? Whatever you want to share.

And don't forget that Barney had two different middle names in two different eps...I know one was Barnard P. Fife, but forgot the other one.

Had a nice evening. Had friends for dinner then sat out on the back porch near twilight and watched the goats and Thelma Lou (that's my donkey, Rafe). One of my friends that was meeting Thelma Lou for the first time must have said several times, "What a sweet donkey!". I saw him walking with her and he had his arm around her old neck. I must say my donkey would be voted, "Most likely to become charmin'"!


May 05, 2011 - Msg 83826: I think one of Barney's middle names was ' Oliver', Boo.
And with Ro's guess, we've named 4 of Allan Melvin's characters. I thought of one more- he was Millie's old boyfriend Clyde.
Boy, what a wild party! Maude seems to really be enjoying herself,but how did Asa end up in Old Man Kelsey's "Crick"?!
possum again

May 05, 2011 - Msg 83827:
Howdy porch family

That purdy dress Possum and I bought for Maude...well now my wife wants one just like it. Possum you gonna have to help me find another one real quick:)

It sure is loud in here at O'Malley's....Spot must have brought all his 70's records.

OK Boo....that's not Bruce you're doing the Tango with!

Somebody needs to go get Asa out of the crick.

Well I've got to leave the party. Ya'll behave and don't tear up the place:)

Love and prayers

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83828: A little about myself...I am a single parent of 3 wonderful kids. 2 girls and a boy. I love TAGS of course (my favorite ep is "The Pickle Story"). I love the Lord Jesus and bless His name everyday! I enjoy reading and working in the yard.


May 06, 2011 - Msg 83829:
Morning Porch

Well, it looks like Spring has Sprung here, nice.

Rafe-Thanks for sharing. It sure does look like you fit in very well on the ole Porch. What type of books do you enjoy reading?

I gotta share a little something. On the way home from dropping the kids off at school this morning, outside of town a little boy was trying to cross the road, I guess on his way to school, and traffic in both directions stopped for him and let him cross. I don't know way but I thought that was so neat. Ya gotta love small towns.

Asa-I didn't realize it was the National Day of Prayer yesterday.

MDC-Good one, spake the truthe! What a great idea.

"No I cannot forget where it is that I come from.
I cannot forget the people who love me.
Yeah, I can be myself here in this small town.
And people let me be just what I want to be."


May 06, 2011 - Msg 83830: Yep, Auh2o...gotta love small towns. The one I'm in is getting to be too large for my liking.

Thanks for telling us something about yourself, Rafe. What part of the country are you from. I live in south texas, near Corpus Christi on the coast.

Better get Erin some breakfast and make her lunch for school...speaking of school, I wish Sterling would come by..I want to talk to him about Erin's school and some of the changes that are taking place. I am wondering if his little girl will be going back to the church school next year....APB for Sterling...


May 06, 2011 - Msg 83831:
Hey Folks,
I just read this article and I think ya'll will like it. I found it to be very apolitical.


May 06, 2011 - Msg 83832: I am from a small town called Cameron in south central NC. I enjoy history books (the Revolution and the War Between the States (US Civil War) and my Holy Bible. I also enjoy spending as much time as I can with my kids (ages 14, 10 and 10 - yes twin girls!)

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83833: Last post from Rafe

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83834: My heroes in history are George Washington and Robert E. Lee. I also really enjoy bluegrass music. Really love hearing the Darlings (aka the Dillards) when they appear on TAGS.


May 06, 2011 - Msg 83835: Hey gang!...lunch will be grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with maude slaw,chips and kool-aid!...headed down to south Ga for the Ga Linemans Rodeo this morning till Sunday!...will holler from there....SPOT

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83836: Gooood morning, my fellow Porch sitters! A bright, blue and sunny day here in Indep. Mo!

Well *crosses arms* sounds like a good time was had by all last night at Maude's party! So did anyone get a little "tiddly" last night? Hmm? Sounds like Asa got gassed the way he fell into the crick like that! Sorry I couldnt drop in. I couldnt get away from the Mayberry hotel.

Rafe - Civil War is right up my alley! The Kansas - Missouri border wars actually! I live here in Independence, Mo. Dead smack in the middle of Quantrill country!

SPOT - Mmmmm...that sounds like a nice light lunch. I believe, I believe I'll get some of that later on!

I have a fifth Allen Melvin sighting. This one kinda sneaks by cause you dont see him that about "Jake", Mrs. Lesh's sidekick?

Okee dokee, folks, I better split, chicky baby! I gotta make the scene! Y'all have a great and wonderful day and I will see ya later!

John Masters

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83837: Good morning, porch! I finally finished with all the "surprise" on-call shifts, scheduled shifts, and the rest of the things that were keeping me busy and wearing me out. I was up for 42 hours straight, "fulfilling my duty", but I went to bed at ten last night, and slept until 8:15. Boy, do I feel better! My back is in a knot, but I'll work that out. My bedroom is clean, got to clean my bathroom. Maria is coming in a few minutes, and she'll finish cleaning the rest of the house. Gotta run to the store and get the groceries for the party tonight - the bunco group meets here at 6:30. Somewhere in there I have to bathe Toye Starr. Will have to spend a little while hunting her, because she'll go into hiding the minute I bring out her towels. As little as she is, believe me, she's a real good hider. This is going to be a busy day, but with some sleep behind me now, I can handle it.

Rafe, I think you fit right in here, like a hand in a glove. I like the gardening part - I love gardening, and spend a LOT of time in my yard. What do you grow? I'm all flowers, just a few herbs, no veggies.

Folks, the website that houses our photo album notified me that they're shutting down. They are not planning to migrate us to any other site. For a fee, I can have all our photos transferred to a CD and sent to me, and then can find another host and re-enter everything. I'm not sure I want to do that. I will, if there's enough interest in it. Incidentally, I have the photos on my computer already. The only reason I'd get the CD is that they would be in the same grouping and order that they're in now. The ones on my computer are just random, stored as they came in. Please let me know what you think. The fee isn't that much and I don't mind doing it at all, but loading them all into another site may get to be a chore. Again, I don't mind, if people are really interested in it. I enjoy anything that I do at this keyboard, so it's not a problem. Please - just give me your thoughts on the thing, and help me decide. Do you want another album, or does it not really mean that much? I've enjoyed doing it, and don't mind doing it again - it's just up to you. Thoughts, please??

Well, gotta run. I'm still in an old sleep t-shirt and no make up, hair sticking straight up like Don King, and Maria will be here shortly. Don't want to scare her, I need her! Have a great day, everyone! Blessings! --Romeena

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83838: Ro, I vote to keep a Porch album. Perhaps we could all help with the fee. I just don't want it to be too big of an undertaking for you though. But it sure has been nice to put faces to names,watch our Porch kids as they grow,and just peek in whenever we feel like seeing a friendly face!

Rev, we've gotta head back over to beautiful downtown Saluda (SC)then if your wife wants a "Maudie dress"- ha ha! I'll meet you at the Traffic Circle!

Spot, how about go fetch Asa out of the Crick before you head off to the rodeo?!

Y'all have a good Friday- love to all!
possum under a rock

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83839: Ro,

I'm the same as and herbs - yes, very little on the veggie side.


May 06, 2011 - Msg 83840:
Morning porch....raining right now on this end of the porch. certainly fit right in. You're my northern neighbor.....I'm down in SC. Just outside of Columbia about 35 miles.

Ro.....I enjoy the photos of the porch family. Let us know the expense.

Possum....OK...see ya at the Traffic Circle and then on to downtown Saluda.

Gotta go for now....You all have a very blessed day!
Love and prayers

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83841: Awww - you folks are the cats! It's gratifying to know that you've enjoyed the album, and that certainly makes it more attractive for me to do it again. You're very kind to offer to help with the cost, but truly, it's nominal. Not enough to bother about. If I divided it up among all the porchsters, the postage to send it would be more than your share! Seriously, I'll take care of it. As for the actual keyboard work to get it done, I'll have to decide on a host, and then I'll just get them entered a little at a time. It won't be too difficult, because there will be some - folks we haven't seen in years - that I probably won't actually post. I've still got their photos, and if they return to the porch, it would be no trick at all to put them in. So - while we have a small sampling of voters here, there definitely appears to be a majority (like 100%) in favor of keeping an album. Good! I vote the same way, so unless there's a landslide voting against it, then "the will of the people" shall prevail! Thanks, friends.

Now - got to get to work. Just heard from Maria, she'll be here in ten minutes. I'll get her started on what needs to be done, then I'm off to the grocery store. I'm so happy I got to sleep last night. I had been up so long I was just worthless. No way could I have functioned today without that long rest. Eddie is here, he brought his best helper, my yard will be gaw-jus, and Maria will help me get the house shining. I'm going to serve some good cold cuts and artisan breads, and let folks make their own sandwiches. Some ambrosia and a couple of dips, some good chips, and that's a meal. We'll eat, then play for a while, then have dessert. I made some pineapple ice cream last night, will make some strawberry ice cream in a few minutes and get it in the freezer to "cure", and that's that. No muss, no fuss. I've known most of these old gals for nearly forty years, so nobody's kidding anybody. We just relax and have fun. There's nothing like comfortable old friends - one of God's many blessings as we age. Have a great day, folks! --Romeena

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83842: Hey Porch. I vote to keep the cannon.... whoops I mean to keep the album Ro. And if you do need some financial help, you have my e-mail.

I'll just echo everyone elses comments Rafe and say you fit right in. You look good enough to take to the fireworks show even. :)

Good catch on Alan Melvin being in the episode with Mrs. Lesh J.M. I always forget that one.

Wasn't he also a State or Fed man in another episode?


May 06, 2011 - Msg 83843:
AUH20, ya make me wanna sing the Mayberry Union High song!! (:

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83844: How about Emmitt's wife from the color episodes? She was the same woman in the B&W episode that sold Opie the ladies' stockings after he went through all of the hankies!

Then, of course, there's Rance Howard....he was one of the Feds that briefed Andy on the arrival of the gold truck (We'll wait) and he drove the governor's car when Barney tagged it for illegal parking.

And...I believe, I believe that the same actor played both Parnell Rigsby who lost his $50 and he was also "Fletch" who got run into by Bailey's bad boy.

I'm on a roll, folks! LOL!

John Masters

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83845: HI ALL.
I vote to keep the porch album go for who keep come here.


May 06, 2011 - Msg 83846:
RO, I also vote to keep the "cannon." I admit that every once in a while i look at it. Seeing Millie gives me inspiration! Besides, how will Rafe know that we have faces! ha

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83847: Man, Ro is certainly do belong here, Rafe. Hope you stick around. Unfortunately, lots of folks stay for awhile and then leave. You will find other civil war buffs here, that's for sure. I prefer ancient history to American history, but the civil war is main interest in civil war history is with the Buffalo Soldiers.

Romeena Wiley, I've got a bone to pick with you! You need to slow down and let that old hospital deal with the nursing shortage without you. Am I gonna have to drive up there and pull a "Bloody Mary" on you and put you on house arrest? Get some rest. ;) know I love you.
I am in favor of keeping the album, by the way.

Well, speaking of characters that appear from TAGS...I was watching a movie on TCM yesterday called, "Room For One More" with Carey Grant...lovely movie about a couple with three children who take in two troubled orphan kids. I counted at least 5 characters in the movie that were in TAGS, it was fun looking for them! If you ever get a chance to see it, it is time well-spent. I think they offer it on DVD on TCM site.

Hey, I forgot about "Fletch" and Parnell Rigsby...good catch, JM.

Better go...have to get ready to take my parents to a dr's appointment, then later this evening, I am taking Erin to a mother/daughter banquet given by her school. Better scoot.


May 06, 2011 - Msg 83848: Afternoon porch, just checking in before I start some home chores.

Romeena, I vote for keeping the album and will gladly help with the fees. You do a wonderful job with it. I enjoy loooking at the pics and it helps making a personal connection with my porch family. You do what you think is best and if you need to start a "Save the Album fund" I will gladly contribute.

Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83849:
ok, THE REST OF THE CHARACTERS PLAYED BY aLLAN MELVIN WERE, Jailbreak-covict Malloy, Andy's Vacation-the convict, and in a color ep,Howard's Main Event-Claude. And, yes, I cheated and found them on this site!! ha
Prayers for all, and for RO to slow down, take it easy...(:

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83850:
He also was Sgt. Carter's sidekick throughout the series Gomer USMC.

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83851: I believe that Hudge, the owner of the loaded goat had a different name when he paid his parking ticket while Uncle Ollie was there. And wasn't he the SAME man who was almost deaf and couldnt hear himself play his instrument when the band was practicing for the "concert under the stars?"

JM shoots, he scores!

Take that, MDC! LOL! LOL!

John Masters

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83852:
You folks are good with these characters.

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83853:
Maude.....are you gonna be able to make it to the Pigeon Forge concert on the 29th? Would love to meet ya!

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83854:
Good one JM!

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83855:
Well, a busy weekend coming up, so you all have
a good one, and be sure to hit the early service to hear Dr. Breen!
god bless,
MDC (Oh, Rafe, that's for Mr Darlin's Cuz)

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83856: Boo,

I plan on sticking around with all you good people. I like ancient history too. I was a history major in college at NC State. You all make me forget my worries for a time. Maybe talk to some of you beyond the porch sometime.


May 06, 2011 - Msg 83857: Rev, I am hoping to get there. Where will you be preforming and what time is the concert scheduled? I am trying to work on a plan.
Big Maude

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83858:
Maude...I will be at the Riverbend pavilion. Coming in from Sevierville you turn right beside Ruby Tuesday - Henderson Chapel Road -(traffic light #1)'ll see Music Road Hotel on left...just past the hotel you'll see the entrance to Riverbend (in the curve)(Riverbend Loop). Go straight through the Riverbend park and you'll see the pavilion on the left just past the office. (It's only a 1/4 mile off the parkway...very easy to find) The concert starts at 8:00pm.
Hoping you can make it...Looking forward to it!

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83859: Rafe, the people on this porch have done me so much good in the last 8 years I just don't know what I would do without them. There is something so wonderful about having good, true friends all over the country. They have encouraged me, prayed for me, given me great advice, compassion, and yes, made me forget my worries for a time. Stay, and you will be blessed. :) As far as history, what I really love is the history of the first Christians and the Roman world. The emperors were so fascinating to me. We have a friend here on the porch named Me-They who was a history major and now works in a historical museum, I believe you would call it. Unfortunately he just doesn't come around anymore but I can't help thinking how you two would get along if he did. Maybe he will be back one of these days.

JM, you sure have a good memory with those characters! That Melvin guy really got around, didn't he?


May 06, 2011 - Msg 83860: well porch, off to the ole ironing board, been a long weeK! oh and welcome to Rafe.
Big Maude

May 06, 2011 - Msg 83861: Well, the bunco party is over, everyone had a good time, all have gone home, the house is neat again and the kitchen is clean. I'm tired to the bone, but it's not the fault of the party tonight, it's the week that led up to it. I'm glad it's over.

Maria and Jorge got here this morning and hit the ground running. Maria cleaned everything in sight and the house is shining. Jorge waded into my garage while I was at the grocery store, and when I came home, he had stacked everything very neatly, giving me nearly three feet more width for my car - I already had more than enough, but the extra space is nice. He had swept it all out, and was washing the floor down when I drove in. He just can't sit still, always finds something to do. Their extremely well-behaved little 5-yr old watched TV and barely spoke all day. Cute little thing with her chubby little cheeks. When it came time to pay them, they tried to refuse the money! It seems their church has a thing going, (so does mine) whereby you're supposed to perform an act of kindness for someone and accept nothing in return. They had both worked very hard for nearly five hours, and didn't want me to pay them?? I think not. I very carefully explained to them both that I admire and respect what they wanted to do, but that my church has asked me to do the same thing. Therefore, I couldn't accept their work without paying them. I told them I would rather they find someone who cannot pay, and do something for them. Since I can pay, I think God expects me to do so. They understood, were very appreciative, and everyone was happy. Speaking of appreciative, I could lead the parade. I couldn't have pulled this off without them.

Now - even with their help, I realized about 5 pm that I wasn't going to be able to get the food laid out and all the "hostess" things done before my friends started arriving. So, I remembered a gal who subs whenever she can, loves to play, but we haven't had a permanent opening in the group. I called her, she was delighted, and came to play in my place. That left me free to work on the food after everyone got here. They played two games, we stopped and ate, then they played the last two. Then I served the homemade ice cream, and everyone loved it. I'm in much better shape than I would have been if I had been trying to play and be hostess at the same time. I think I'm just going to plan it that way from now on, when it's my turn, and I'll bet some of the others will do the same.

Well, now I'm going to put my weary, hurting body to bed. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

May 07, 2011 - Msg 83862:
Rafe-I knew I liked you. I majored in History and Poli-Sci also, at SUNY (State University at New York). I just flat out love discussing the Civil War, Revolutionary War, or Politics. As for historical heroes, ya can't get much better than George Washington. I also love reading about John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and Abraham Lincoln. Boo mentioned Me-They to ya, he's a good guy. He was mister moulage here on the Porch for quite awhile. I guessed we moulaged once too often though. I do wish he'd stop by more regular.

Ro-I gotta tell ya, you make every together sound great. Always, always sounds like fun.

Boo-Roman history hmmm? I never knew that about ya, interesting.

John Masters-I saw your, "He shots. He scores" and for a sec I thought another hockey fan had wandered in.

Spot-You working tonight? We had piazza and wings and, somehow, have some leftovers, you interested?


May 07, 2011 - Msg 83863: Boo and auh2o,

I'd be glad to talk history with y'all any time. I do feel at home on the porch with every one. I hope everybody has a blessed day!


May 07, 2011 - Msg 83864: Auh2o, I'm sorry I forgot that you are a history major, too! I know you must miss having Me-They around to make moulages with but maybe you can make some moulages with Rafe now. I'm trying to think of a Roman history moulage we could get into but nothing comes to mind that we wouldn't agree on. ;)

Rafe, I don't always have much to share when it comes to history but I love to learn. I find that the older I get, the less I remember about such things.

Why on earth was i wide awake at 6:15 on a saturday morning. I think I jinxed myself but telling Bruce right before bed, "I want to sleep in in the morning so please don't wake me!"...well, he is still snoring and I am up. :(

Maybe I'll get a nap in later.


May 07, 2011 - Msg 83865:
Morning Porch

Hey Rafe & Boo

Boo-I must have just missed ya. I was here a minute ago and went to pour some coffee. Sorry? That's silly. I didn't feel slighted. I don't really think of it as a badge of honor. In hindsight, it was more like a waste of money & time. A Roman moulage? That sounds... naughty somehow. Or, maybe it sounds like a mixed drink, like I would know, ha! We could discuss Latin again? Yeesh, NERD ALERT!! Maybe, we could have a frank discussion on that little Roman Dude in the movie "Night at the Museum." My wife loves him.


May 07, 2011 - Msg 83866: As Aunt Bee once said. "History is a lot harder for me now than when I was younger. Maybe thats because there is more of it." Not an exact quote perhaps, but I like the thinking behind it.:)
I enjoy history but I do get "tense" sometimes when trying to get a true historical account of an event as opposed to someones "enlightened perspective" that they want to promote. I guess it's just the sceptic in me.
How do you students of history deal with such things?


May 07, 2011 - Msg 83867: Good Morning porch! Hope all is well this saturday morning. Busy day ahead. a bright sunny morning on my end of the porch.

Rev, we are trying to work out a plan to come down to Pigeon Forge to meet you. We will need tickets and if so how do we go about getting them?

Prayers and blessings to all today!
Big Maude

May 07, 2011 - Msg 83868: HAHA...funny, Auh2o.:) Better stay away from the "Roman Moulage"...I guess the little Roman dude is worthy of discussion, though, but it would be a "short" one (pun intended). Did you see part II of Night at The Museum? I loved that egyptian guy with the lisp!! So funny.

Well, Asa, I don't generally get tense over history but now I probably will...thanks alot. ;)


May 07, 2011 - Msg 83869: Asa,

I try to find as much material on a subject as I can. We all know everyone has an opinion they will share. It's hard sometimes to "true" historic facts,especially in today's PC world. I just keep on reading.


May 07, 2011 - Msg 83870: The actor that played Mr. Hendricks, the butter & egg man also played the man they bought the organ from in one of the color episodes.

possum under a rock

May 07, 2011 - Msg 83871: Boy, we have a lot of trained noticers on this porch! Good catch, possum. I think one reason I enjoy watching "Matlock" so much is that they frequently use former TAGS people in the cast. Of course, I really enjoy Andy as Ben Matlock - he has just the right blend of smarts, wisdom, apparent bumbling, and the crochety-ness of an old widower. He's very wealthy, and still gets upset if he thinks somebody is over-charging him, even if it's just a bit too much for a hotdog. Great show! I see old TAGS friends there all the time. Miss Rosemary was a near-sighted murder witness a while back.

Well, I slept like a rock last night, and sure do feel better this morning. I've got a ton of leftover sandwich meat in there, guess I don't have to worry about lunch. I declare, some of those women eat like little birds. One, who is about as fat as a broomstick, was moaning last night because she has gained three whole pounds! I could have slapped her. Honestly!

Well, I'm off to get in my big chair, with a big sandwich and a tiny dog, prop my feet up and do precious little today. Sounds like a plan to me! Have a blessed day, friends. --Romeena

May 07, 2011 - Msg 83872: Check out the first season of Gomer Pyle USMC- LOTS of TAGS folks ( not the big name actors) in there. You'll be surprised at some of the folks you'll see!
possum again

" Some butter & egg man! Chicken coop Casanova is what he is!"

May 07, 2011 - Msg 83873: Thought of another- Jimmy,the young guy everyone thought was stealing from Wally's garage and Lucy Matthews' brother were played by the same actor.

I think that oughta get me a ceramic pelican or a celluloid Kewpie doll or something as a prize for all that good guessing- LOL

possum again

May 07, 2011 - Msg 83874: Possum,
You are so impressive with your knowledge! Makes me blush.


May 07, 2011 - Msg 83875:
Asa-I think High School history tends to teach facts much much more than college history courses. Although, that "enlightened perspective" is everywhere. I agree, for example, the whole Oliver Stone-Michael Moron approach to historical movie making is simply for those who have no sense of history or care to learn it.

Boo-Yes, we have both of the "Museum" movies, I really enjoy those.


May 07, 2011 - Msg 83876:
Hello porch family....It was a great day today. Had a date with my sweet wife. We just walked around the mall, got us a Starbucks and bought her a new dress. Possum it was so funny when I thought about we were just posting about going to get her a new dress in tickets needed. Just wear your shorts or jeans (whatever you want)....very casual. It's a big outdoor pavilion (with a roof). One of my board of directors and friend owns the park. Very nice park. I do about 3 concerts there a year for him. Certainly not my biggest concert but I have a great time and love it up there.

Love and prayers for all my porch family!