May 28, 2011 - Msg 84193: Happy (belated) birthdays to Asa and Tom! I did wish Tom a Happy Birthday on facebook, but I clean forgot about Asa. Asa, I would have remembered your birthday, but my foreman sent me around looking for a spindle wrench just at quitting time, and so I forgot. :)
I've got lots and lots of Mayberry stories too, my whole family uses quotes from the show all the time. I'll post some tomorrow.
- Hazel

May 28, 2011 - Msg 84194: oh, my, I swept! Haven't done that for a long time. I guess it was my turn!
- Haze

May 29, 2011 - Msg 84195: And you did such a nice job, too! --Romeena

May 29, 2011 - Msg 84196:
Morning Porch

Hey friends!

John Masters-That is truly something you folks in the Heartland of been going through. I couldn't quit watching the coverage. I felt like a rubbernecker after a bit. Glad to hear your family is doing well.

Wasn't Merriweather from The "Show Me" state? Hope all is well with her. I miss her comments.

Romeena & Boo We just moved 5 hydrangea plants from the backyard to the front this week. I love those, 3 blue and 2 pink.

Gotta run.

May 29, 2011 - Msg 84197: Hey there, auh2o. Good to see you! I miss Merri Weather, too. She was always so nice, so much fun and so witty. I wish she'd come back - if not to stay, at least drop by and let us know she's okay. Matter of fact, if there are any other stray porchsters out there who might be reading - just drop a little comment to let us know you're okay.

About those hydrangeas - what are you feeding them to control their colors? I recently learned something about them that I thought was interesting and fun. If you have a large bush, with a wide-spread root system, you can add the different feed (for blue or pink) in small zones around the bush, and the colors will change on the blooms in different zones as well. In other words, you can have a bush that bears both blue and pink flowers, and blends of the two. I've got one that's pretty big, so I think I'm going to try it. I just read about this, have no personal experience as proof.

It's just beautiful here today. Clear skies, very breezy, but already 84 before noon, so it will be hot this afternoon. The pond filter is clogged again (surprise!) and I guess I'll take care of that before the heat sets in. You may remember that my grandson stepped on and broke my old outside-the-pond biologic filter a year or so ago, and I didn't replace it because I really didn't think it was accomplishing much. Well, I've changed my mind. I'm fighting a terrible battle with algae right now, so I bought another biologic filter. I just need Joe's help to install it, as it involves moving some topline stones to get to the water lines, and they're too heavy for me. The old filter was extremely difficult to open for an occasional cleaning, but the new one just has a couple of easy snap-clamps. I have an idea it's going to help a lot. I'm going to experiment with leaving the pre-filter completely out of the setup. That's the one I always have to clean. It's at the far end of the intake line, and as the water enters the intake, it has to pass through that box filter. That's why the old biologic filter wasn't doing anything - nothing got to it! The pre-filter caught everything. So, leaving that off will allow the biologic filter to function as it's supposed to. All I need at the entry point is a little cage filter to keep larger pieces of debris and adventurous little fish out of the line. Does anyone else on the porch have a fish pond? If so, I'd love to talk off the porch and share and compare experiences.

Well, guess I'll go clean that silly filter before it gets too hot out there. Blessings, everyone! Have a wonderful, peaceful, restful Sabbath. --Romeena

May 29, 2011 - Msg 84198: My Dear Romeena, are you quite certain that the pond is worth the time and effort it takes?...Just asking. :) I hope you get much enjoyment from it but if it were me I think I would have lost my patience by now, but as Briscoe Darlin would say, "More power to ya."

Hey there Auh2o. I'll bet the weather is nice in your neck of the woods.

Went to sunday school and learned some things about forgiveness. We have a great group of middle-agers in the class and lots of experience and bible knowledge in the group, which makes for some lively discussion. It was really enjoyable. I had nursery duty again because I traded with a friend who wanted to go out of town this weekend. It was easy because I only had one sweet little boy to look after.

Threw together an assortment of leftovers for lunch and cut up some fruit and veggies. I have some watermellon in the frige for later. Ya'll come on over and have some!


PS-Thanks for sweeping, Hazel. :)

May 29, 2011 - Msg 84199: Hahaha! Boo, believe me, I've asked myself that question. The time, effort, aggravation and expense are at times almost enough to make me want to fill it in, but not quite. When it's working well, the water is sparkling clean, the bright little fish are at the surface waiting to be fed, it's worth it. When I'm sitting in the swing in the arbor with a good book, and I can hear the water gurgling around the three aeration sites - spitting fish, umbrella fountain and the waterfall - it's worth it. When I hear my grandsons giggling as they sit on the bridge and let the fish nibble their bare toes - it's worth it. If it ever gets to the point that it's not worth it, trust me - I'll give the fish away and fill the thing in, and Eddie can just mow that area! I don't see that happening anytime soon, though. It's a lot of trouble, it's true, but it gets me up and out there and often once I'm out I stay a while and get a lot of other things done as well, things I might otherwise have neglected. Besides, I just love it when a guest says, "Wow, you have a pond? It's so pretty, and aren't the fish beautiful? Can we sit out here and listen to the water?" Makes it worth it when someone else enjoys it too.

Well, guess I'll go eat some more of that sausage and cabbage thing I cooked last night. It's really quite tasty, and low calorie. The sausage was a lean beef variety. If you wish, potatoes can be diced into it, to provide carbs and to stretch it further, but I didn't do that.

Blessings, everyone - have a great week! --Romeena

May 29, 2011 - Msg 84200: Well, I'm glad you enjoy it. :)


May 30, 2011 - Msg 84201:
Hope all are having a good Memorial Day weekend. I watched the National Concert on PBS, and as usual, it was patriotic, God-loving, country-loving, moving, and it made me proud to be an American! God bless our soldiers who gave their all!
RO- Hazel's spindle wrench may help with that filter. ha
I heard from pappabear. He moved again, back to Ill. to be closer to VA facilities. Prayers for better health would be appreciated. Ro, I will send you his new address.
Blessings everyone!

May 30, 2011 - Msg 84202: Thanks to all serving and who have served...God Bless You all...I am proud to be an American....and in the same breath...B-fast at Waffle House on Boo and I.....SPOT

May 30, 2011 - Msg 84203: Happy Memorial Day! See ya at Waffle House.


P.S.-SPOT, I can't get that stupid "Fat Bottomed Girls" song out of my head since you posted it on facebook. I hate it!

May 30, 2011 - Msg 84204: Good morning Porch & Happy Memorial Day. Busy with Laci and family visiting from Wyoming,but wanted to pop in and say "Hey!".
MDC, please email me Pappa Bear's new address-thanks!
See y'all at Waffle House!
possum under a rock

May 30, 2011 - Msg 84205: Happy Memorial Day porch family, just got back from our trip to Pigeon Forge! Had a wonderful time and had the privilege of meeting and hearing Rev perform lst night. It was such a blessing to me and Mr. Maude. Thanks Rev.! You are awesome.

Well, gotta get unpacked but will check back later.

Ya'll gotta meet Rev and hear him sing if you ever have the chance!
Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

May 30, 2011 - Msg 84206: Happy Memorial Day Porch Family:
Sorry about not rocking much any more. A lot happening and busy, busy here. We have been dealing with the tornado from Thursday and rain that has slowed field work.
Sorry to have missed Asa's birthday, but when ya get as old as him, ya just want to quit counting!! Love you Asa.
Glad to get caught up on the postings. Later. ~New Neighbor

May 30, 2011 - Msg 84207: Glad you got to meet Rev, Maude! He lives just a few hours from me,so I'm hoping to catch him in a concert around this area one day.
Hey to New Neighbor- hope all is well with you & yours following the tornado.Take care!
Spot, fire up the grill! We need to have a Memorial Day cookout!

possum again

May 30, 2011 - Msg 84208: Yay! Maudie got to meet REV. Isn't he just the nicest guy you ever met? First time I met him, after two minutes I felt like I'd known him forever. His concerts are wonderful, so Spirit-filled and encouraging, you feel like you've been in church.

Just got home from lunch at Eloise's house. Jerry had cooked a couple of briskets (falling-apart-on-the-plate tender) and we had tater salad and SLAW, though it wasn't Maudie's slaw. It was still good. Some baked beans, and cake and ice cream and we were all set. Sure was good. After eating, I felt a nap calling me, so came on home. I think Eloise was tired too, and needed to get out of that wheelchair and lie down for a while. She's still got several more weeks in that chair, then another six or eight weeks in the leg brace. You know, it sure would have been nice if that woman who was driving the pickup that hit them had not been trying to beat a light. Still, no one was killed, so I guess it's okay.

Well, that nap is calling louder, so guess I'll answer it. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

May 30, 2011 - Msg 84209: Possum burnt some doga but heck I like a little black and busted open!...slap the mustard on and wee-hee....SPOT

May 30, 2011 - Msg 84210: "burnt some "doga"?...fat paws

May 30, 2011 - Msg 84211: I'm with you, SPOT. I like my weinies over-cooked, which is just how I had one today at St. Susan's. We ate good, though...hotdogs and roasted sweet corn off the grill. I had to make my famous baked beans as usual. Everyone wants "Aunt Julie's baked beans" at every family gathering. I am getting tired of them myself. We took the ice cream freezer over to St. Susan's (for some of you new-comers, St. Susan is my sister). I made some homemade vanilla ice cream and let me tell was some kinda good! I had made some peach topping, using fresh peaches and some strawberry topping that I cooked on the stove. Wow...I ate two helpings, which was very bad for my diet but it was the only meal I had today so maybe it won't put any pounds on me. It sure was good.

Sounds like you all are having good times, too. So glad Maude got to meet REV. I wanna meet REV, to...sniff! He comes pretty close to my area sometimes so I will have to get to a concert one of these days.

Boy, the longer I know you people, the more I wish i could spend time with you all in person. Someday we are going to HAVE to have a porch gathering somewhere!

Better go spend some time with the young 'uns.


May 31, 2011 - Msg 84212: Good morning porch family! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I pray you all have a blessed day! God bless!


May 31, 2011 - Msg 84213: Good morning to you, Rafe, and to the rest of the porch as well. A beautiful day here, and I'm about to mess it up with a trip to the dentist, but we must do what we must do. It's a molar, with a large filling that's almost thirty years old. My trusted dentist says the filling is failing, and the tooth needs a porcelain crown. When I commented that it wasn't bothering me, he just smiled and said, "Well, we can postpone this until it knocks the top of your head off one of these days, if you wish." He has been taking care of my teeth for 32 years, I have all but one and it was lost due to some inept repair work done when I was sixteen. I have every reason to trust him, and no reason not to, so off I go this morning. Even with dental insur@nce, it's going to cost over $600, and believe me, that hurts a lot more than the dental work will! I don't expect it to hurt at all. Dr. Westmoreland has a feather touch.

Well, off I go. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

May 31, 2011 - Msg 84214: Well, 600 dollars hurts but not as much as having "the top of your head blown off". HA Our dental bills for the kids are outrageous even with dental insur@nce. I hate it.

Woke up too early...the kids are still asleep so I think I might go back to bed for a nap. I have to take both parents for dr's appointments today and that will take the entire afternoon.

Possum, I thought about you yesterday. We are having some problems with my mother-in-law that sound alot like some of what you go through with your mom. She is trying to manipulate circumstances and not being honest with some of her kids (playing one against the other) to get things the way she wants them. We figured her out on this one, though, and she didn't get away with it. It is so hard to try to deal with people that won't tell the truth. It can cause such problems in a family.

Better git while I can still get a short nap in.


May 31, 2011 - Msg 84215: Excuse me, "the top of your head KNOCKED off" mistake. ;)


May 31, 2011 - Msg 84216: Good morning, All!

Good to see everyone again after a long time away. Was not the best of Memorial Day weekends on my end of the porch, I'll tell ya'! I wont go into it because's waaaaay too long and wouldnt believe it if I DID tell ya'! An absolute train wreck! Yeesh!

The website for my Quantrill project is updated with the quiz answer, new quiz and a new post.

I will try to get back later on. Have much to catch up to. Y'all have a great day and give the ol' larnyx a few squirts with a SONIC Route 44, of your choice, on me!

Have a great day!
John Masters

May 31, 2011 - Msg 84217: Hi All.
It to hot for me and it going to stay this way
all week :(
Stepdaf wait to the sun go drow befor fishing because to to hot just to sat there.


May 31, 2011 - Msg 84218: Getting close to 100 here in Ga...Lets eat supper inside. Cold cut sandwiches,Cold Pasta salad and Ice Cold Tea!...SPOT

May 31, 2011 - Msg 84219:
Hey SPOT, we're 100 here today too! ha
Diamondbacks have also been "hot" lately, now
first place in their division.
Hey to John, Tom, Rafe and all.
BOO- funny how you had to explain "St. Susan!"
but apparently she still IS! ha
A request to keep pappabear in your prayers.
having those health issue again. thanks.
RO- would you believe that my dentist's name is Dr. Gentle. For real, that's not a nickname, but he IS! ha
Well, good day to all,

May 31, 2011 - Msg 84220: Hmmm....doesnt seem to be many of you out on the porch today!

TOM, sure to get your SONIC Route 44 on me. I figure Boo and REV will be along to make sure they get theirs! LOL!

Hope everyone is having a good day!

John Masters

May 31, 2011 - Msg 84221: Hey MDC, you snuck up on me. Good to see ya'!

There is a chiropractor here where I live named Dr. Boring! I kid you not!



May 31, 2011 - Msg 84222: I'm here, JM. Been a busy morning but I made it by again.

MDC, thanks for keeping us up to date on pappa bear. I will pray for him today. Wanted to tell you that I tried the new grilled chicken honey mustard club sandwich at Whataburger today and I thought it was very have to tell them to hold the bacon though (pork just isn't good for anybody).

JM, I used to have a doctor when I was a kid named, "Dr. Achin" and a dentist named, "Dr. Needleman"!


May 31, 2011 - Msg 84223:
Do you have Prince Albert in a can? (:

May 31, 2011 - Msg 84224: Hey again, Folks...

Thought I would drop in once again before I got outta here. The wife and I get the first night off in five nights. Had to get a ton of things done on Thursday night to get ready for out of town company on Friday night, my wife "hosted" a big bbq at the Confederate Park on Saturday, went out and around with company and visited FIL's on Sunday, went back to FIL's for a dinner with other company last night and now.....gaaasp....nothing to do finally. She's going to wrap herself in a LifeTime movie and I believe I will catch a WW II movie I taped or maybe some "King Of The Hill." LOL!

Hey, anyone here play or compete in washer tossing?? I was introduced to it about a year ago and have kinda picked up on it. We got a really slick washer toss set three days ago and I cant seem to stop playing it. I have even been looking it up on the internet to read more about it. Anyone else do this??

A quick TAGS note... I was watching "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs" and something hit me. Andy, Opie and Otis left Barney with the dogs in the courthouse at one point. Barney gets rid of the dogs by taking them in the squadcar out to a big open field and letting them loose. While Barney is gone, Andy and Opie come back and Andy starts shouting "Barney?! Hey Barn?!" ....... wouldnt he have known Barney was gone if the squad car was missing from in front of the courthouse?? LOL!

Think about that thang and y'all have a peaceful and good night! See ya' tomorrow!

John Masters

May 31, 2011 - Msg 84225: No, Msg. 84223, but my refrigerator is running. ;)


May 31, 2011 - Msg 84226:
Hey Folks

Boo-The weather on this end of the Porch has been a scorcher, all things being relative. Most of would probably just call Tuesday. We hit 90 degrees three days in a row, which can only mean one thing ...yup. I've been whining like a pup. I'm just not a big fan of summer. Hands down my least favorite of "THE GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGES". I don't think we can call them seasons any more, now that George Bush has set into motion his maniacal plan to destroyed the planet. But, other than the last few days things have been great.

Romeena- We just use the Miracle Grows stuff to help with the color with the hydrangeas. The two tone color idea is pretty neat.

JM-Is Sonic like Dairy Queen?


May 31, 2011 - Msg 84227: Ain't it great having auh2o? I love those little sneaky comments, designed to amuse - and they do.

No, I've never played "Washer Toss" but now I'll know who to ask first of mine goes missing!

Well, gotta get to work. Ugh. Work is a four-letter word, had you noticed? Blessings! --Romeena

May 31, 2011 - Msg 84228: Laawwww! I just noticed that last question, auh2o! You mean you don't have a Sonic? I thought anywhere in the U.S. of A. you could find a Sonic! And mercy no, it's nothing like a Dairy Queen. Not knocking DQ - they have their place - but comparing Sonic to a DQ is like comparing a racehorse to a plow mule. OK, really gotta run! --Romeena

May 31, 2011 - Msg 84229: You're so funny, Auh2o. :) Have you heard of a documentary called, "Stormaggedon"? Might want to check it out.... hehe

By the way, you don't know what SONIC is?...GASP! Sonic is one of those places that you used to have back in the 50's and 60's when you parked your car and girls came out on roller skates to serve your food. They have the usual burgers, hotdogs, ice cream, slushes etc. and the Route 44 that JM is referring to is a HUGE drink (44 ounces). I prefer it to Dairy Queen, where the service is pretty bad around here anyways.

Wonder where ASA has gotten off to? I have another easy recipe for him that I tried today. Here it is if you are out there ASA (and if you have a crock pot). First you take your chicken breast (or thighs if you like) and you sear them on the stovetop (an iron skillet works best). Sprinkle them with garlic salt and brown them on all sides, then put them in the crock pot after you spray it with non-stick spray. Put in about 1/4 cup of red wine vinegar and about the same amount of worchestershire sauce. Sprinkle on a bit more salt, if you like and some pepper. Cook it on low for several hours..I think I cooked mine for five. I also cut up some potatoes and onions and put them in a foil packet with s sprinkling of garlic-infused olive oil and some salt and pepper. I then set the foil packet on top of the chicken and cooked them both together. Really quick and easy and very good. Another idea for an easy side dish (the kids love this) is to melt a couple of tablespoons of butter in a skillet and add about 1/3 cup of brown sugar..let the butter melt and the mixture cook on low-medium heat for a minute or two, then add baby carrots (about 3 cups), stir and cover and cook for 15 minute, stirring occasionally. When cooked, add a pinch of salt and a very sprinkles of pepper (fresh ground is best). It's really very good.

Better go...gotta go get mom-in-law from the airport.


May 31, 2011 - Msg 84230: I've got a real sweet watermellon chillin' in the frige for later. If anyone wants some, I'll meet you on the porch later tonight. We can eat watermellon and spit the seeds at the dogs.


May 31, 2011 - Msg 84231: Just one more thing...I have a sweet friend that I grew up with named Herbie and he is very sick in the ICU tonight in liver failure. They say he needs a miracle. Please remember Herbie and his family in your prayers tonight. Thanks. :)


May 31, 2011 - Msg 84232: Evening porch folks, just checking in for a minute. Its about 95 degrees and about 8:30 pm, very humid as well. Busy day at work so I didn't have time to stop by until now.

I have another addition to our prayer list please. My husbands pharmacy partner's husband. His name is Jerry, and is probably in his 40'. He had a cereberal aneurysm yesterday affecting his frontal lobe. He had surgery and is in a medically induced coma, on a ventilator. Apparently he will be on the vent for several days and then in ICU for about 2 weeks. I don't know much about these type things, but I know enough to know this is not good at all and recovery is tenous. Please pray for him and his family. They have no children and are a very close couple. Thanks.

I will pray or your friend as well BOO.

I will bring some homemade ice cream to go with the watermellon.

Ya'll have a good night. Prayers all around.

Big Maude

May 31, 2011 - Msg 84233: Back to work this week....What was it Floyd said about the weather???? I think he was right!
Hey from Goober....


May 31, 2011 - Msg 84234:
Boo & Romeena-I'm surprised you can even read my post, given all the typos. As for the Sonic, I meant no disrespect comparing it to DQ, we don't have one of those either. Well, I know there is a DQ about an hour North. Which, come to think of it everything we have is about an hour North. Never been to it though.

Big Maude-My mom had a cerebral aneurysm when she was 66 years old. It was very scary but it sounds similar to Jerry's, induced coma and ventilator and she survived it. I hope and will most certainly pray for Jerry that he has the same result. There is hope!

Prayers have been offered for Herbie and Jerry.

Peace friends,

May 31, 2011 - Msg 84235: p.s from Goober-Fife I'll share my funny story about meeting ET Bass (Howie Morris)tomorrow.

June 01, 2011 - Msg 84236: Thanks Maude and Auh2o. My prayers for Jerry and his wife.

Better hit the ironing board. Plenty to do tomorrow.


June 01, 2011 - Msg 84237: Morning porch. Hey Boo, I'm here. Just been busy as all get out. Thanks for the recipies. They sound good, and even doable maybe. But you cooks make them sound so easy. I get in the kitchen and it's like being in a foriegn country. It kind of reminds me when I was a young apprentice electrician. The first year or so of doing jobs was tough. I was always worried I would mess something up. Well, I did. It was inevitable that I would. But you know what. Thats where and how I learned the best. I think cooking for me is going to be the same kind of deal. I need to just roll up my sleeves and commence. I'll burn a few dishes along the way no doubt, but what a better way to learn. As long as I don't burn down the house in the process. And that is a real possibility. LOL But tha nk you for the easy sounding recipies. And prayers for your friend Jerry.
All this talk of hot temps are something. No kidding, I woke up to two inches of snow on my lawn on Sunday. Almost 2 feet at the local ski resort. Crazy weather here. We still have a base of over 110 inches of snowpack in the higher elevations. That is very serious for this late in the season. We already are under a flood watch as most riveres are at or above flood stage. The next couple of weeks are going to be very rough I think. Not much concern about loss of life, but much concern about loss of property. Our farmers are losing land and time as more of their fields are under water. Unless they can get something planted by July 1st, they are in real trouble.

Thanks for the holler Hazel and New Neighbor. Hope you are doing ok Sandy. Miss seeing you here.

Prayers for PapaBear. Hope he gets better soon.

I love those Doctor names. I had a colonoscopy a few years ago. The Doctor who did was was Dr. Pugh. (pronounced pew). My Daughter had a podiatrist named Dr. Walker. When I was younger I had a Dentist, Dr. Rimchisel. And another one called Dr. Bone. And this was the funniest. There is a Gynocologist (Groinocologist as A. Bunker would call it). Her name is.... and I am not making this up, Dr. Fillerup. Weird huh?

Well better get going. The word around here for the next few weeks is SANDBAGS!


June 01, 2011 - Msg 84238: I think you win on the name game, ASA. Those are some bad names! haha

Just jump in and try the recipes sometime. You can do it, especially if you have a crock won't burn anything that way! What you are describing with the snow situation does sound worrisome, Asa. I sure hope things don't go as badly as it sounds like they might.

Better finish the coffee and get on with the day.


June 01, 2011 - Msg 84239: By the way, when I said that you "sear" the chicken on the stovetop, I meant you hit the skillet until it is pretty hot, then you just cook the ckicken on all sides until it gets a little brown (this seals in the juices and gives it a better flavor).


June 01, 2011 - Msg 84240: HEAT the skillet...oh my, I had a picture of poor Asa standing at the stove, hitting his skillet!


June 01, 2011 - Msg 84241: Morning porch, just checking in from work. still hot and humid on my end of the porch... another record breaking day. I can't believe it is already June.

We have a Doctor in our town who is an dermatologist: Dr. Rash, a urologist named Dr. Littlejohn. and a surgeon named Dr. Payne. seems to fit. :)

We haven't had an update on Jerry since yesterday but will keep you posted. thanks for the continued prayers.

Lunch menu will be: tuna or chicken salad sandwhiches, pickles, chips and Mr. cookie bars for dessert. tea or lemonade to drink.

Have a blessed day.

Big Maude

June 01, 2011 - Msg 84242: Good morning, Porch family!

Wow...I am truly sorry to hear about the suffering going on with Boo and Maude. Such terrible news. You both have my prayers and well wishes too! I'm dang sure sorry I missed the ice cream and watermelon last night. mmmmMMM, that sounded extree good!

Ro - Nah, it's ok.. I think I might special order some washers for my game.

Here around Kansas City, there are NUMEROUS Dairy Queen and Sonics! You cant avoid them! LOL! Why, there are four Sonics around me here in Independence and two Dairy Queens that are all minutes from me! In SEVERAL directions!

Hey Goober-Fife, I 'll look forward to hearing your story!

A big Howdy to New Neighbor! We've never been formally introduced!

Hey to Asa, auh2o, REV, SPOT, TOM, Hazel, Possum and all! Have a great and peaceful day!

John Masters

June 01, 2011 - Msg 84243: Hi All.
Asa send the snow this way by the time it here it will be rain and boy we used some right now.


June 01, 2011 - Msg 84244: Happy 85th Birthday Andy Griffith!



We need to pitch in and get him a stainless steel watch with 85 on the back! LOL!

Ok, choir...let's sing him Happy Birthday. I will conduct. Ready? 1.....2.....

John Masters

June 01, 2011 - Msg 84246: Are we singing a cappella? A-cappella A-cappella...

June 01, 2011 - Msg 84247:
Hey Folks

Asa-I sure hope that melts slowly. We had over 260 inches of snow this winter than we had a ton of rain. The farmers around here are hurting a bit, virtually no lettuce. The old saying "knee high by the fourth of July," I think the local corn growers are expecting something more around the calf area. I will include your area in my prayers.


June 01, 2011 - Msg 84248: Happy B-day Mr AG!...hey JM,possum,Boo,maude,auh2o,asa,Ro,Lucy...Maude thanks for lunch..I saved some to take to work some grilled ham steak and cornbread and milk left over from supper....yall er welcome 2 it....SPOT

June 01, 2011 - Msg 84249:
Just a quick hello to "mark my spot" will be bac later.

June 01, 2011 - Msg 84250: Hey Y'all- was typing a nice long post earlier today when my nephew Andy (the one who moved to WY with his family) showed up at my door! Haven't seen him in about a year & a half. We had a great visit!

Been enjoying spending time with my WY sis and nieces too. Just wish they could stay longer.

Prayers for Boo & Maude's friends. I know that homemaker has a relative who is in VERY serious condition- please pray for her nephew's wife. Her name is Jennifer. I'm sure hm would appreciate it
Ha! Boo,Asa would stand there and hit that skillet,don't ya know? I had that mental pic also!

Well, gonna scoot-just wanted to pop in and say "Hey!"- y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

June 01, 2011 - Msg 84251: Oh... Happy Birthday Andy G.!

possum again

June 02, 2011 - Msg 84252: Happy belated birthday to Mr. Griffith! Hope everyone is staying cool on the porch. Suppose to be around 96 here for the 3rd day in a row. Got some cold lemonade available when anyone wants or needs some. God bless you all.


June 02, 2011 - Msg 84253: Morning Porch. Hope the new day finds you all well and dandy. Hey Rafe.

Boy Boo, I was just about to go fetch my hammer to hit my skillet. I thought "hmm, a hammer in the kitchen. Now we're talking." Maybe I need to move my roll away toolbox into the kitchen and try using my tools to cook with. At least I'd feel more comfortable. :)

Happy belated Birthday Andy. You will always be 35 and in black and white in my mind.

Boo, I sure will add Jenifer to my prayer list. Tell Boo I miss seeing her here. I'm guessing you see her on facebook. Tell Mavis hey also if you would. I miss them all.

Hey MDC. How are you planning to "mark your spot"? All we have here are brooms. No hoses, so be mindful. lol

Good to see you Auh2o. How's things in western New York?

Tom, I wish I could send you some snow that way. We sure have more than we know what to do with.

Hey to John Masters. Hope things are going better for you.

Well better get moving. Another busy day.

Prayers for all.


June 02, 2011 - Msg 84254: Howdy All...Did not get in until late last night was at weekly lodge meeting at the Cracker Barrel
was to full and went to bed.All that front porch rockin tends to wear a guy out!Now for my ET Bass
story, Was at my 1st Mayberry event where you get to meet the cast. Howard Morris was there, I was in line waiting to meet him and get an autograph, The guy in front of him made the mistake and complained to him about charging for a autograph, he said to him "WITH ALL THE MONEY YOU HAVE YOU SHOULD DO THIS FOR FREE!and called him a cheap SOB and to get the %#@* out of his line.
(sorry for the cuss but it was what he said).
Needless to say I was next in line (with money in hand)so I got him to autograph a garden rock for me,it had a flat smooth bottom so he said he like to sign those kind because it is hard to sign round rocks & the bricks.I paid the man and
thought i'd go all in and ask for a picture. he looked at me and stuck out his toungue and I cherish that picture. A few years later after he passed away I met his son David at Mayberry Days and told him the story. He said "Howie" was a unique father and you always knew where you stood with him and was not afraid to tell you.
But when he stuck out his tongue at you he was just being "Ernest T". Have a Great day!

June 02, 2011 - Msg 84255: Asa, I had this mental image of you standing in front of the stove with your toolbelt on...hmmm...strangely appealing. HAHAHA. I always tell my husband there is nothing more appealing to a woman than a man doing housework. Of course, I might as well save my breath because he isn't doing any.

So Andy Griffith had another birthday. Yay! That made me think of one of those "Mayberry moments" we were talking about the other day. On Monday, when we were eating at my sister's (St. Susan), somehow Andy Griffith came into the conversation and Susan said, "What? I thought he was dead!" and Sean and I at the same second said (loudly), "NO!". haha...My sister looked at us like we had three heads and said, "OooooKaaaaay".

Stay cool Rafe and stay warm, Asa.

You go to the lodge, Goober-Fife? Ever been black-balled? Interesting story about Earnest T. Sounds like "Howie" had a lot of of Earnest T in him. ;)

Better get to the chores. The kitchen needs cleaning and last night I had a dream that some old friends AND a bunch of people from church dropped in on my and my house was a mess. Good grief, can't even relax when I'm sleeping!


June 02, 2011 - Msg 84256: Oh my goodness...ya'll are gonna think I am crazy but I just remembered the rest of that dream and I think the Melatonin I took caused me to have some wild ones. I remember in the dream that after everyone left, i was standing on the front porch waiving goodbye and this old station wagon like the one that "Bobby Fleet and His Band With a Beat" used drove by and it was full of musicians. Weird.


June 02, 2011 - Msg 84257: Hey folks! Quick drop in to tell you that there is a new post on my site and there will be an even bigger one tomorrow!

I hope to catch up a little later.

Have a great day and I'll see you later on!

John Masters

June 02, 2011 - Msg 84258: Ok...*whew* I can set a spell and visit!

Rafe - Just might grab a glass of that lemonade you have. That sounds like it just might hit the spot. ....whoops!....the "thirst" spot, not you, SPOT! LOL!

Asa - Thanks for the well wishes. Everything seems to be back on track. Glad that weekend is over!

Goober-Fife - That is a great story. I would have had him sign a rock too! LOL! When I got Don Knotts autograph, I had him sign a videotape box. The video was "The Best of Barney!" LOL! I saw him at a radio station in Kansas City and handed him the box (I flattened it beforehand). He put it under some papers he was signing and when he got to the box and saw his likeness staring back at him, he grinned and signed a flap of the box. I'll never forget that!

Boo - I havent had any Mayberry type dreams, but sometimes I have daydreamed about just walking up in front of the courthouse and sitting on the bench with Andy and Barney and chatting the day away. LOL! Is THAT strange??

My prayers to Jennifer as well and the best of wishes to homemaker!

Hey to Romeena, TOM, Spot, Possum, Hazel, auh2o, MDC, SPOT and the whole gang!

Anyone gets a might parched, drop by McDonald's and get a sweet tea on me!

John Masters

June 02, 2011 - Msg 84259: Saw on facebook that Homaker's neice, Jennifer coded last night and is on lifesupport, bless her heart. It may be time for her to go on to heaven so remember her and her family.

No JM, I don't think you little Mayberry fantasy is strange at all. Sometimes when i go to bed at night and can't fall asleep right away, I imagine I am on Andy's porch, rocking and visiting with the gang. If you are strange, i am too. :)

I'll take some tea...but unsweet, please.


June 02, 2011 - Msg 84260: Uh, you folks do realize that most of the world thinks all of us porchsters are a little strange, don't you? Could be, could be, I wouldn't argue the point, but if we are, then so be it. I'll bet we have more good clean fun than a lot of "un-strange" folks, don't you think? --Romeena

June 02, 2011 - Msg 84261:
Here all this time I thought WE were the normal ones! ha
Prayers for all the folks, especially Jennifer.
God bless,

June 02, 2011 - Msg 84262:
Asa, you are at it again! ha mdc

June 02, 2011 - Msg 84263: How's the best way to check some of you on facebook? Be nice to have face with the name?


June 02, 2011 - Msg 84264: God bless, Jennifer and best wishes to them.

Rafe - I, for one, dont have a facebook page. But...if you go to and look up andymeets1880s, you'll see my pic. I picked that name because I believe if The Andy Griffith Show met the 1880's, Silver Dollar City theme park would be the result! LOL!

mmmmMMMM, this tea is mighty good!

John Masters

June 02, 2011 - Msg 84265: Good afternoon, porch. Rafe, I'm another non-facebook person. I just haven't gotten into it. I know a couple of people who have had bad experiences related to the Facebook thing and it doesn't interest me that much, so haven't gotten involved. I know, there are safeguards, etc., but still it happens. If I was really interested, I'd take my chances, but I'm not, so I don't. That's not to say I never will. I learned long ago to never say never.

I just wasted part of an afternoon., and I do mean wasted. Have any of you ever watched a movie called "Frozen"? Well, I just did. It is arguably the most boring thing I've ever seen. The acting is bad, the makeup and special effects are hokey, the whole premise is lame. and it doesn't so much end, as it just sort of stops. It's about two men and a girl who get stuck on a ski lift, and the resort closes for the winter, leaving them stranded. Like that's going to happen! I'm pretty sure the resorts have some systems in place to prevent that. Anyway, one guy drops off to try to find help, breaks his leg in the fall, drags himself a short distance away and ends up freezing to death. The other two dangle up on that lift for a couple of days and nights and miraculously don't freeze. Still talking and everything, just some ice on their eyelashes and such. There's one dramatic scene where the girl's bare hand freezes to the safety bar, and she pulls it off, leaving some skin behind. Finally the other guy drops off, doesn't break anything, but wolves catch him and eat him. Again - hokey and bad press for the wolves, because they generally will not attack humans. Then the girl drops off and manages to drag herself to a road, where a driver spots her, picks her up, puts her in his car, assures her that she's going to be alright, and she very dramatically closes her weary eyes, and that's the end. "The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" was a tremendous dramatic effort, by comparison. Why did I watch the thing? I don't know, just fascination with the sheer idiocy of it, I guess.

Well, gotta run. Much to do, what with leaving for Fredericksburg tomorrow. Blessings, all! --Romeena

June 02, 2011 - Msg 84266: :-P Sounds Awful, Ro ... LOL! You have a safe and good trip!

Well, gonna call it a day! Hope everyone is doing well and had a great day! I will see y'all back here tomorrow. Same Bat time, same Bat channel!


Sorry...that was hangover from the Adam West "Batman" series from the 60's. Hub TV had a marathon over the weekend. LOL!

Night All!
John Masters

June 02, 2011 - Msg 84267: Hey Rafe,Asa,JM,Romeena,Boo Mdc,auh20,Goober Fife,possum prayers to Boo and Maudes friends and HM"s family...ok...HOT here IN HOT house is just about 35 miles North in Kennesaw Ga but No cooler....just wwatched the news and we hit 97 doing good but we have to sneek it a drink a water at about dark..JM I like the "hit the spot" with the Lemonade..ok...supper menu:crock pot pinto beans with ham chunks,cornbread,grilled hamber steaks w/onions and mushrooms,mack/n/cheese,tea and apple pie....ready at about 7..running a bit late tonight...peace out porch!..SPOT

June 02, 2011 - Msg 84268: Hey y'all- been busy with visiting family and haven't been able to rock much. Just checking in to say "hey!"
I did see on Facebook that homemaker's relative Jennifer has passed away. Prayers for her husband, little girl, homemaker, and all her loved ones.
Y'all take to all!
possum under a rock

June 02, 2011 - Msg 84269: Rafe, unless you are willing to share your name or email here, the only other way you could hook up on facebook with us is to send your information to Romeena and she could email it out to whomever you want to contact on facebook. She generally is kind enough to act as a go-between for the porch members.

What'cha planning to do in Fredricksburg, Ro? Going to visit family or is a grandchild graduating, perhaps?

Very sorry to hear about Jennifer's passing. Thanks for sharing it with us, Possum.

I had to take my mom to the doctor today and they had to biopsy some lesions on her private area and do a cervical biopsy. The doc spoke with me privately and told me she thought it could very well be cancer but we will know in a few days. At age 85, we will have some decisions to make about how much to treat her if it is cancer. The doc mentioned sugery in which they would "scoop out" the area with the cancer, which sounds really dreadful and I would hate to put her through that. Please remember mom in your prayers that she won't have to endure such a thing. She is so afraid of cancer. I am thinking at age 85, maybe the best thing would be to not even tell her and leave her alone. She is a stroke patient and has been suffering with that for over 10 years.


June 02, 2011 - Msg 84270: You're welcome, Boo. My heart hurts for hm's nephew & that tiny girl.
Hate to hear that about your mom.Tough call..will certainly pray for her. My mother in law just turned 85 today-can't hear well,but other than that she's healthy as a horse. I am trying to see her in your mom's shoes and sort of tend to agree- maybe not telling her would be best.Take it a day at a time, friend.Prayers..
What's the latest from Jubi, Boo?
Night, Mayberry!

possum again

June 02, 2011 - Msg 84271:
Hello porch family.....finaly back on the porch. My computer crashed on me so had to get a new one today.

Maude.....THANK YOU so much for coming to the concert. You and your hubby are so nice. Seems like I've known you forever now:) Boy was it hot that night though!

Well I need to check the archives and catch up on all the news.
Love and prayers for all!

June 02, 2011 - Msg 84272: Thanks, Possum. I thought of you when I was in the dr's office waiting room today because my parents were embarrassing me (I remember some of the experiences you have had with your mom)! There was a woman sitting across from us and she was in her 60's and had a rather large abdomen and was wearing some short shorts. Dad looked at me, raised his eyebrows and pointed at her. I tried to ignore him but he did it again. I was holding my breath, hoping he wouldn't say anything that she would hear! Mom kept asking me personal questions in a very loud voice since she is hearing impaired. Twice I had to shout, "Mom, can we talk about that later, please?". haha The good thing is, it is a geriatric clinic so I guess that kind of thing is nothing unusual.

Jubi is doing fantastic. Her last scan showed her lungs to be clear of everything. Next week she will be going with the youth group to Oklahoma to spend the week at World Changers, which is kind of like camp but the kids spend much of their time serving needs of people in the community they are in.

Think I will turn in. I have been fighting a bad headache all evening. See you all in the morning with my coffee.

Welcome home, REV. So glad you got to meet Maude and Mr. Maude.


June 03, 2011 - Msg 84273: Hi, porch. Just passing through - headed for the ironing board, hope to get some sleep before the trip in the morning. I'm not driving, but still, I'd like to stay awake. I'll take my car and go out to David's, leave my car at his house and he'll drive us and the two boys in his Tahoe to Fredbg. You guessed it, Boo - a grandson is graduating. Brittney is staying home, because her sister's son graduates Saturday morning, here in Irving.

Sorry to learn of Jennifer's passing, and prayers for those of you who are dealing with elderly parents, ill or otherwise. It can be a challenge. I was talking with a dear friend this evening, who has the same problem. Her mom is failing fast with Alzheimer's - doesn't want to do anything but sleep, won't eat, all the typical stuff. Her dad is a good man, but very controlling, and he cannot understand why his wife won't just "shape up" when he tells her to! His mind is slipping as well, so he really doesn't understand the problem, and gets very frustrated and a little angry with her. Looking at all of these situations, I realize more and more how blessed I was in the way my parents left this world. My mom was fine up until the last few weeks of her life, and her death was peaceful. My dad did have Alzheimer's, but he never got belligerent or hard to handle - stayed sweet until the end. Thank you, Lord!

Maude, I just know you and Mr. Maude had a wonderful time, meeting REV and hearing his concert. I'm looking forward to October, when he'll be here at my church again. REV, I do hope you had your computer backed up, so restoration wasn't a problem. Boy, did I ever learn my lesson on that! I subscribed to Carbonite, about $55 a year, and supposedly they have me covered. I imagine they do. However, I do a manual backup weekly just to be sure. I'm not going through that again!

Well, to bed I go. Lots to do in the morning, then on the road by nine - at least that's the plan. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena