June 21, 2011 - Msg 84494: Looks great, MDC, and the rates aren't bad, either. Glad you had a great time but glad you are back.

Thanks for those prayers for Erin. I heard from the sponsor that she is with today and Erin is having a great time.

Better go finish dinner.


June 21, 2011 - Msg 84495: Good camping trip!...good food ,good fun...will go back and read....good sweep Boo....you cooking tonight?...whats on the menu?...SPOT

June 21, 2011 - Msg 84496: Welcome home SPOT! I'm making baked ravioli and garlic bread with some buttered veggies as a side. Chocolate pie for dessert.


June 21, 2011 - Msg 84497: Andy:"Want a bottle of pop, Otis?"
Otis:"No, its bad for my liver".

June 22, 2011 - Msg 84498: Morning porch!...more storms here for this afternoon in Ga...whew...will have a busy evening and night here im sure...fixing to head home and back at 2pm...Boo I did not eat all of my fine supper ya shared with me ...got it for my lunch in a tupperware....breakfast menu: 2 eggs yer way,country ham,bacon,hashbrowns,bisquits and gravy,oj,milk,coffee and a morning paper of your region....Prayers for all...have a Mayberry Day!...SPOT

June 22, 2011 - Msg 84499: Mornin' SPOT. I'm up early to go get some new tires on the Yukon...groan. Not my idea of a good time but it has to be done. See you all later.


June 22, 2011 - Msg 84500: Mornin all.
Boo, you sound a bit..... TIRED! (boy I crack me up)

Welcome home MDC. Glad you had a good time. Hope you tipped the violinists well. They can get moody yoiu know.

I slashed my finger open yesterday. Had to go get stitches in it. Index finger on my left hand. Fortunatley it's not my trigger finger. I'm right handed. So all of your money in the Mayberry First Security Bank is still safe! :)

Better get going though. I need to stop at the hardware store and get some new screws for my gun. New Glenn Ford picture show playing at the Grand, and we all know how that affects Barney.


June 22, 2011 - Msg 84501: Spot your breakfast sounds alot better than what I had: 2 whole chicken dinners (2 hard boiled eggs) & sweet tea......

June 22, 2011 - Msg 84502: Mornin' Y'all! Asa,you make me laugh! Sorry you cut your finger,but love your take on the whole thing.

(Hey, Spot is treating us to breakfast- we must have slipped that party at his house right past him-LOL)

Welcome back,MDC- that looks like a nice,relaxing place you & the Missus visited. Hope you had a nice anniversary!

Well,I think I just might go sit in the frozen foods section at the Piggly Wiggly-another hot day here-or as Rev says, " DANG Hot!"- gonna be about 106! I kid you not- around 2 pm yesterday, I checked & it was 95 in the SHADE!! Good grief!

Y'all stay cool- have a good hump day!

possum under a rock

June 22, 2011 - Msg 84503:
Hello my porch family.....Able to check in real quick.....I'm in La right now and things are going great. Thinking about you folks and know I'm praying for ya. The tour is going really good. Will be heading out of La late Sunday night after my concert heading north. May not get to check in a whole lot for a while. Super busy.
Love and prayers for all my porch family!

June 22, 2011 - Msg 84504:
115 in Phoenix today! Just a reminder to all
to check on the elderly as the heat continues around the south. It's SO hot that the cows are giving EVAPorated milk! haha
ABP for TOM. Hope all is OK with ya.
Welcome back SPOT.

June 22, 2011 - Msg 84505: Well ASA, I'm now "tired" in more ways than one. ;) Sorry about your finger.

When we went to the tire place, I had to leave the car for a couple of hours so Sean, his friend Alaina, and I walked to the nearby IHOP and had breakfast and then we walked to the mall to waste some time until the car was finished. When it was time to walk back, it had started raining and Sean slipped and fell flat on his back in a mud puddle. He just lay there like a slug. Now Sean doesn't cuss (even with Tourette Syndrome!) but there he was, out flat and I heard him say just one word..."S**t". People, I know I should have corrected him but I was laughing so hard I nearly aspirated my chewing gum and couldn't catch my breath. Poor kid was covered in mud and had to ride all the way home that way. I'm telling you, though, I haven't had a laugh like that in years. His friend Alaina had to sit on the ground to catch her breath. Most hilarious thing ever! Poor Sean. We were laughing so hard we couldn't even help him up.

Possum it was still 84 degrees here last night at 9pm, and with the high humidity it felt even hotter...just not natural! This heat can't last forever..at least I hope not.


June 23, 2011 - Msg 84506: Morning all. 112 to 115 again today, but all is well. Saw dad last night and he was doing OK.
Our two big fires are STILL burning , but they have really slowed and almost out now. Thanks for the prayers!
Have a good safe day.

June 23, 2011 - Msg 84507: Gosh, MDC, it's been just you and me on the porch since early yesterday. Wonder where everybody got off to?

Mr. Limpitt was on TCM today but no time to watch it. I don't think I have ever seen it...just a few bits and pieces.

Erin comes home today so I am happy.


June 23, 2011 - Msg 84508: Boo, that story is just too funny! As for Sean's expletive, once in a great while, it seems like not much else fits. My Dale was not a cusser either, and I'm certainly not, but one of Dale's favorite picture cartoons involved that word. It showed several men in 1800's attire, long-tail coats and stove-pipe hats. They're standing on the rim of a ravine, looking down at a huge old locomotive (the iron-horse kind) that's nose-down in the ravine, with its back end about a foot below the rim. The caption was simple: "Oh, ----!" Just classic. Dale laughed at that for days. As he said - what else was there to say? I mean, think of the implications. The thing weighed many tons. All they had to pull it out in those days was horse and mule power. It would have to be lifted straight up first. Get it on land, and the wheels would just cut in, it wouldn't roll. I'd say they had a problem worthy of that particular expletive. Well anyway. Poor Sean! And in the presence of a young lady friend at that. Bless his heart!

If you haven't seen "Mr. Limpet" in its entirety, you need to do so. It's a classic, so sweet and funny.

I watched a "Matlock" episode last night, and Ben and his friend Les (Don Knotts) did the familiar old scene from TAGS, where Barney is demonstrating his karate skills to Andy, has Andy come at him with the ruler, pretending it's a knife - well, you know the drill. Anyway, they did the old scene perfectly. Things like that are one big reason why I enjoy "Matlock". He's always throwing in old references to TAGS.

Well, I'm fighting vertigo today, came on yesterday and hasn't left yet. Hasn't progressed to nausea and extreme dizziness yet, and I'm hoping it won't. It hits me three or four times a year, but about half the time I can stop it with Meclizine and Lasix. I hope this is one of those times, because I'm supposed to work tonight. I'm okay as long as I make no sudden moves, and don't turn my head much.

I see my beautiful rust-colored dragonfly is back. He (or his progeny) hang out around the pond every summer. Such a pretty thing! Big, with a heavier body than most dragonflies. His body is covered with a rust-colored velvet, and his wings are copper-colored filigree. Just beautiful! He's not only pretty, but he's a mosquito-catcher as well. I've seen him do it. If the light is right, you can see a mosquito in the air, and I've seen Rusty dart over to the spot and then there's no mosquito, so I'm pretty certain he's eating them. May his tribe increase!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

June 23, 2011 - Msg 84509: Afternoon, y'all! Boo, I would have had to cut Sean some slack too,poor guy! I think his cuss word was well justified! Oh, and I know what you mean about it still being so hot in the evenings. It's ridiculous!

I wanted y'all to know that I sent sterling a message at his YouTube account.I remembered that he used to post videos,so decided to contact him to let him know we miss him here on the Porch & to please let us know how he's doing. If I hear anything from him,will let y'all know ASAP.

Ro, hope you can shake off the vertigo. That is a terrible feeling- feel better!

Oh, yeah, Boo, you should watch Mr.Limpett. I bought the DVD for my husband some time back-cute movie!
Y'all take care!
possum under a rock

June 23, 2011 - Msg 84510:
Are you guys talking about "The Incredible Mr Limpett"? Yes, a good one. Also, "The Relunctant Astronaut."
Wish i could think of some more Pappabear "hot" jokes. His fav is that it's so hot that the dogs are still chasing cats alright, but now they're just both walking! ha Any other hot jokes?
"50 dollars is a lot of money for a little fella."
"That's a lot of money for ANY size fella!" (:

June 23, 2011 - Msg 84511: Guess I will try to get a copy of Mr. Limpett on Amazon. I don't think I have seen the reluctant astornaut, either...I Have only seen The Apple Dumpling Gang, Shakiest Gun in the West, The Love God, and the one about the haunted house...forget the name right now.

Well, Erin is back and I took her and Sean for lunch at the chinese place to celebrate but now she already wants a peanut butter sandwich...where's Leon??


June 23, 2011 - Msg 84512: "astornaut"?? funny


June 23, 2011 - Msg 84513: Funny you should mention The Incredible Mr. Limpet. I watched it today on Canadian cable television.

Boo, the Don Knotts movie you are thinking about is The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

For those of you who are considering purchasing any Don Knotts movies, to find the best pricing, try http://www.thefind.com and use Don Knotts as the search words.

from Poor Horatio

June 23, 2011 - Msg 84514: Hello sweetie Pie........Oh, hello Frank!
MDC It's so hot, Calvin Coolage is not taking any more calls from Mark Twain....
gotta go up to the hospital, I'm low on wheel chair bolts!
Goober-Fife at large......

June 23, 2011 - Msg 84515: Poor Horatio!! Where have you been??!! Great to see you back and thanks for the info.

"Hey" to Goober-Fife.


June 24, 2011 - Msg 84516: Morning Porch, Happy Friday. Working a little this morning and then off to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning. Guess, then I will do some grocery shopping and maybe a little housework.

Beth comes home tomorrow from camp and then things will be back to normal for us (whatever that is).

Not too hot on my end of the porch, the rain and storms have stopped for now. thank goodness. seemed like everyday we were having several pop up storms all around the area.

Boo, I know you are glad to have Erin home. I am sorry Sean fell in the mud but I had to laugh at your recap of the incident. Bless his heart.

Well guess I had better get busy. Maybe I can get Malcom Merriwether over for a little help at my place.

Breakfast menu will be: eggs your way, bacon, sausage, ham, tenderloin, biscuits, gravy, sliced tomatoes, fresh cut fruit, waffles,syrup, cinnamon rolls. coffee, tea, orange juice. somebody bring a paper please.

Have a blessed day.
Big Maude

June 24, 2011 - Msg 84517: Good Friday morning all. We just about have the week whipped. Hope you are all fine and dandy.

Boo, your story of Sean was very good. You must have some British in you. My wife always tells me my sorry British sense of humor will get me in trouble some day. She sspeaks on how the British tend to laugh at someone who has had some kind of misfortune like that. And I usually will do that. Hey, I figure you can cry, get mad, or laugh. And laughing just seems to make more sense, most of the time at least.

Hey Poor Horatio. Good to see you.

Well Sunday our high temp was 62. Yesterday it was 97. I'd say summer has arrived.... finally. The next few days will be critical for flooding here, but it looks like we may get by ok. I hope so. These poor farmeres have got to get some corn planted by July 1st or they will have no feed for their cattle come winter.

MDC, How's the fire situation?

Sorry about your vertigo Romeena. I know how rotten that is. If you recall, I was suffering with that off and on for a couple of years after my head injury. But it would seem to have moved on finally, I hope. I haven't had a bout of it for a while now. But my poor wife is getting it more and more often it seems. It has to be from her M.S. Boy and when she gets it, she is very sick. Throw up sick. And she has to be dang sick to throw up. She hates that. Me, I'd rather let it out of me rather than hang around. Well, I hope I didn't grose anyone out with that. hee hee hee

Better get. Tons to do.

Prayers for everyone.


June 24, 2011 - Msg 84518:
Asa, well at least you didnt call her skunk face! ha My prayers for her, that ms is tough. God's hugs for you both.
The fires are almost out, but many acres of prime forest lost!
Boo, glad all went well at camp for Erin. With Sean, if it had been an F bomb, then dif story, but one sh--, I'd just say "next time sean, please use another word" or something like that!
Thanks for the breakfast Maudie, and hey to PH!

June 24, 2011 - Msg 84519: Lunch menu:Grilled Cheese sandwiches,tomato soup(salt and pepper)....work for me at 2....SPOT

June 24, 2011 - Msg 84520: Good morning, folks! Yes, Asa, I do remember when you had that accident, and the back problems and dizziness that followed. I'm glad to know it has resolved, at least mostly. I am so sorry that your dear wife is having to deal with the MS - that is such a hateful condition. Lots of research on it, though. I pray someone will have a breakthrough soon.

MDC, your advice to Boo to suggest that Sean use another word next time reminded me of an aunt of mine, my dad's sister. She would never, ever use a questionable word. She just used "sugar" instead. However, with the inflection and spin she could put on that innocent word, she could make it sound worse than the real word. As my dad said, he quit putting sugar in his coffee because of her!

When we moved to Springfield, MO, in 1971 the people we bought our house from left a birdbath behind, said we could have it. It was the kind with three concrete seahorses back-to-back, and the bowl sat on their heads. I loved the thing, and we moved it to San Antonio when we returned in late 1972. When we moved here in late 1973, we brought it with us again, and it has remained in my back yard ever since. I guess all the moving had stressed it a bit, because one by one the seahorses popped their little bellies off, so you could see the re-bar that supported them. I didn't care, I still loved it, and it has stood outside my window for 38 years, gradually losing more bits and pieces. Well, yesterday as Eddie was mowing, he stepped back and bumped it, and the whole thing collapsed. The re-bar bent over and that extremely heavy concrete bowl hit the ground. It didn't break, but the poor little base is a goner. Eddie felt so bad, but like I told him, I'm glad it happened that way, and didn't fall on a grandkid, or a small animal. Come to think of it, grandkids ARE small animals! (heehee)

So, my mission now is to find another birdbath base. The grackles have turned their attention to the fountain rock at the pond, and are bathing in it, pooping in it (I'm sure) and dunking their dog food chunks in it, only to stare dumbly as the current carries it into the pond. Sure as God made little green apples, one of them is going to try to retrieve his kibble chunk, and will not be able to get out of the pond. That's all I need, dead birds floating in the pond! So, a replacement is in order. I'll fill the old bowl in the meantime, where it sits on the ground, but they probably won't use it. They prefer their water sources to be elevated - insur@nce against predators, I guess.

Well, I'm going to take lunch over to Eloise's - she saw the doc yesterday and he eased her restrictions a bit. She can take the brace off at night, and she can now start to put her foot flat on the floor and bear a little weight, but not much. He still advises her to use the walker, but at least she can walk a bit more normally and she won't have so many sore muscles from the unnatural gait. God is good!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

June 24, 2011 - Msg 84521: Romeena as far as finding a bird bath base, I have a idea.....you call Winkin, Winkin will call Blinkin,Blinkin will call Nod, Nod will call Barney and Barney can call you. Somewhere along the line someone should be able to help you find one.

Just tring to help........


June 24, 2011 - Msg 84522:
Goober-fife, and the trees will be nice and FULL! ha
RO- I guess those Dallas grackles are different from our Phx grackles, because i will sometimes run the garden hose on the ground in the backyard
and a whole gaggle of grackles (as opposed to rubber baby buggy bumpers) will arrive and have one h of a time gracklin' and foot stompin etc! AND, that is even with our cat hiding nearby in the bushes ready to pounce!! haha, it is always quite a sight! Sorry about the birdbath tho. Try Lowes or maybe walmart.
Prayers for all, have a good weekend. hey to spot!

June 24, 2011 - Msg 84523: Good afternoon, folks! MDC, I think I can explain the difference in the behavior of the grackles here and the ones in your area. Water around here is pretty plentiful and they can afford to be choosey, whereas in Arizona, you take your water where you find it! Or at least that's my impression - I could be wrong. As for finding the birdbath, I think it's going to be a problem. Lowe's and Walmart don't carry anything like I'm looking for. They have little cute pedestal-type baths, with a 12 to 15" bowl, more decorative than functional. I'm looking for one that's heavy, very substantial, re-bar reinforced, at least three feet high and the bowl (which I have) is about 26" across. I have seen them in those roadside yard-art places, usually about an acre of pots, planters and birdbaths. I'll find one. It may take a while, but I'll find one. The internet will help.

Well, I feel a nap calling me. I think I'll answer. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

June 24, 2011 - Msg 84524: RIP Peter Falk ( Columbo )

June 24, 2011 - Msg 84525: Amen. -Romeena

June 25, 2011 - Msg 84526: I do have some Brittish ancestory, ASA...maybe that explains my lack of self-control in laughing at the misfortune of others! I was thinking about it and I realized that the last time I laughed that hard was about 2 years ago when Dad was asking about how he could get a "sling" for his private parts (to keep them out of the toilet water). Remember that story?!! He finally stopped asking, thankfully.:)

Yes Maude, its nice to have Erin home but she has already made a big mess of her room playing with legos and such. She will have to clean up tomorrow. Prayers for Beth as she returns home.

Ro, you need to come down here for a visit. There are two places in my area that have every imaginable concrete birdbath and statue! One is just a few miles up the road from us. I'll bet they would have one of the old seahorse bases...if not there, maybe at the one just past Sinton. You could always come visit your granddaughter and me! :) You know, kill two bird(baths) with one stone. ;)

Good one, Goober-Fife!

Time for bed...


PS-I was watching part of an old movie on TCM tonight with Jack Lemon. I think it was called Good Neighbor Sam...or something like that. Anyway, there was a scene with one of the fun girls, Skippy. She played the part of a rather low-class prostitute. I guess she is just good at playing "fun girls".

June 25, 2011 - Msg 84527: Well gang storms are running wild here in Ga....covered up here at work.....will someone bring me a breakfast plate in the morning please....SPOT

June 25, 2011 - Msg 84528: Happy Birthday REV!

possum under a rock

June 25, 2011 - Msg 84529: Happy birthday to you, REV! I'm sorry you have to be on the road on your birthday, but God will make it up to you. Blessings! --Romeena

June 25, 2011 - Msg 84530: Good luck, SPOT.

Happy Birthday, REV!!


June 25, 2011 - Msg 84531: Romeena, I was at a big flea mkt. this morning and saw a bird bath alot like the one you were describing yesterday, they wanted $25 for it. If it was not such a hike from Ohio to Texas I would have picked it up for you! Mayberry folk always look out for each other. It's the thought that counts. Maybe Winkin's cousin lives in Ohio and had passed the word?

June 25, 2011 - Msg 84532: Thanks, G-F. As you say, it's quite a hike from here to Ohio, but at least it proves that they're out there. Actually, one of my daughters has a line on one near where she lives in south-central Texas, and can even bring it to me next time she comes this way, which will probably be in the next few weeks. I have no doubt that I'll soon have a bird bath again.

Sooo-- you like flea markets? Me too! I really enjoy poking through all the junk in search of the occasional "treasure". My Dale enjoyed them too, though I think most of his fun came from watching me! He would follow me around for an hour or two, chuckling at my reaction to my "finds", and doling out the dollars - or talking me back to reality in some cases. When he got tired, he'd get a huge cup of lemonade, find a shade tree and park himself there. Sometimes he even brought along a couple of little cushions so he could get really comfortable against that tree! I'd continue shopping, and would bring my purchases back and leave them with him. At the end of the day, depending on the size of my stash, he might carry part of it to the car, then come back for me and the rest of it. As I think I've said before, he was very indulgent of my whims, perhaps overly so at times, but he just found it hard to refuse me. Fortunately, I realized that, and tried very hard not to abuse that trait in him.

Yesterday, a female grackle flew headlong into my window, hitting very hard. She dropped to the ground, and was lying where I could see her. She was alive, breathing very hard, but lying on her back, tail bent up beneath her, wings all bent and crumpled. Her feet were drawn up to her body and her beak was open. She was obviously injured and appeared to be dying. I was so distressed! I knew she had to be suffering, and I wanted it to end, but didn't have the courage to bring it about. So I just prayed to God to take her quickly. I couldn't stand watching her, so I left the window, but returned in a few minutes. She appeared worse, feet clenching up and eyes closed, but still breathing. I renewed my prayers, and left the window again. Returning in about ten minutes, imagine my surprise to see she was over on her side, tail properly extended, and eyes open, breathing slowing a little. A ray of hope? I changed my prayer, asking for her recovery. Another five minutes, and she was upright, wings properly folded, but still huddled to the ground. Broken legs, I feared. Five minutes more, and suddenly she flew away. I didn't get to see her initial take-off, as I was seated by the window and she was too far below the sill, and I didn't see her land anywhere, so am not positive that her legs were okay, but I think they must have been. She's a good-sized bird, with long wings, and I don't think she could have gotten airborne from a ground-based position - I think she'd have to be standing on her legs. She had some shrubbery to maneuver around too, but she did it. Godspeed, little bird.

I'm hungry, and don't have much around here to eat. There's stuff in the freezer, but nothing very interesting. I was watching Rachael Ray, and she made a soup with Italian sweet sausage, onions, carrots, celery, potato and diced canned tomatoes, then added lentils and chopped kale. The liquid was chicken stock, and she seasoned it with garlic, rosemary, a little basil and a smidge of nutmeg. It looked delicious, but it takes a while, and of course I don't have all those ingredients on hand. I'll bet I'll have them by tomorrow, though. Just let me get to the grocery. It really looked good, made a tubful, and would feed me all week. Fortunately, I love leftovers, even second and third and even fourth generation leftovers. I don't get tired of them.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up something. I do think I've got one of P.F.Chang's frozen Chinese dinners in the freezer, and I have some rice. That'll work! Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

June 25, 2011 - Msg 84533: Happy Birthday Rev! Hope yo have a great day.
Big Maude

June 25, 2011 - Msg 84534: Happy Birthday Rve.


June 25, 2011 - Msg 84535: You bless my heart, Romeena. I know just how I would feel in that situation. It seems like I have been in many of them and sometimes all you can do is pray for God's mercy. Glad the bird was able to fly away! :)

Took the kids to see a movie tonight and was absolutely bored nearly to tears! It was "Cars 2" and that is 2 hours of my life I will never get back. Don't waste your money. It was so boring that the theater full of kids was almost chaotic at times because the small children were bored and moving about making noise for most of the movie. I had the same guy and his little boy squeeze past me to get out at least 8 times and I wanted to run after him and escape! The last two kid's movies I have gone to have been such a waste of money. Discouraging.

Better get to bed. Have to get up for preachin'.


June 26, 2011 - Msg 84536: Boo & Romeena,
Just got a text from my daughter, she is heading to your side of Kelsey's woods. She is seeing some military friends at Lackland AFB. I told her my "Mayberry informants" say it's REAL REAL HOT there now,she said: you have Mayberry connections there too? I told her we are EVERYWHERE! and you thought it was just me lol....If I'd known I could have got Romeena that bird bath yesterday and had it dropped along the way Ha!!!

Have a GREAT day ALL Goober Fife.....

June 26, 2011 - Msg 84537: Ahhh, dear old Lackland AFB! The starting place for those entering the US Air Force. San Antonio is home to me (though I've been in the Dallas area for nearly forty years). My dear husband was from Michigan, joined the USAF and did his basic training at Lackland. He then went to Ft. Belvoir, VA for technical training, and was sent back to San Antonio, to Randolph AFB. He said he even offered to trade with another airman and take his Japan assignment to avoid going back to Texas! He did his basic during the heat of the summer and I can well understand why he didn't want to go back there. However, he and I met just a few weeks after he got to Randolph, and the rest is history. He ended up as an adopted Texan and wouldn't have lived anywhere else, once he got out of the Air Force. I could still hear a tiny touch of Michigan in his speech, but his brothers really teased him about his Texas drawl when we would go up there to visit, and in truth, he really did sound like a Texan. For a while, he even had a bumper sticker on his car that read "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!"

Yep, we TAGS folks are pretty widespread. And have you noticed how we seem to recognize each other? I was at a 40th anniversary celebration a couple of years ago, and the couple's son was there, a young man of about 35, whom I hadn't seen since he was about twenty. I don't remember what he said, it was just a small remark, but it resonated with me, and I said, "Troy, you're an Andy Griffith Show fan, aren't you?" He lit up with a big old smile and said, "You bet! Obviously, you are too. No one else would have picked up on what I just said." Well, we went off in a corner and talked for quite a while, just had a good old time. His wife joined us briefly, then said, "You people are nuts!" and left us. Though I was twice his age, it didn't matter. We had TAGS in common, and that was enough. I think it's because people who love and appreciate TAGS tend to think alike on a lot of things. Conservative, grassroots America, patriotic, good family values, usually Christian though certainly not always, just a lot of similarities in the core values and beliefs. I guess when you have TAGS in common, you just automatically have a lot more than that.

Well, a nap is in order, I think. I went to lunch with friends after church, we had Mexican food which always makes me sleepy. It's hot outside but cool in here, the a/c is humming softly, and Toye Starr is curled up at my feet. I'll just make myself some iced tea, get in my big old chair, and pretend to watch TV, when really I'll be sleeping! Ha! Sounds like a good Sunday afternoon to me, what do you think? Blessings! --Romeena

June 26, 2011 - Msg 84538: Yes, G-F, we are EVERYWHERE!;) It is pretty hot here but not unusually so, at least here on the coast. It is only in the low 90's today.

Preachin' was good this morning. The sermon was about Nicodemus and being "born again". The preacher did a good job on the subject.

MDC, Bruce took us to Whataburger for lunch and I just had a plain burger, nothing fancy. I am getting kind of washed-up with Whataburger, though.

Both kids are visiting friends this afternoon so I think it is time for a sunday NAP! Yay!


"Slow down....what's your hurry?"...

June 26, 2011 - Msg 84539: Hey there Romeena...you sneaked in on me.

You are so right about TAGS fans. We all usually have alot in common, as far as values.

Ro, refresh my memory; just how did you and Dale meet? You've told us but it's been a long time. I know you were pretty young when you married but can't remember anything about the courtship.


June 26, 2011 - Msg 84540: ok gang....yall want to pot luck dinner tonight?....Maude recon what you could bring :-)...for me its BBQ briskey...slow smoked....SPOT

June 26, 2011 - Msg 84541: Boo, I believe Dale was working as a traveling handyman and stopped in to spray aphids that he had spotted on Ro's rose bushes.
The rest is history.
At least thats how I remember the story of their meeting. :)


June 26, 2011 - Msg 84542: Oh mercy, Boo. Are you sure you want to hear that story again? By the way, Asa, that wasn't me that took up with the handyman. I think it was possum.

Well, here goes. I was 17, had been out of high school just a year, and had just broken up with a boyfriend (nothing serious). My best girlfriend had been dating a guy named Jim, but there was no chemistry. He called her one Saturday morning and suggested that he'd get her a date if she would get him one. Charlotte called me and I reluctantly agreed to go. I had sworn off of men, you see. Anyway, the guys wanted to go swimming, and I agreed, but only if we girls took my car, so we could leave if we wanted to. So, off to the Alamo Heights swimming pool we went. Charlotte and I got there first, and were already sunning ourselves on our towels. Now I had not met Jim, so when Charlotte said "there they are, coming out of the locker room" I said I hoped the tall black-haired one was Jim. She said no, he was the stocky redhead. I said, "Too bad!" The guys walked up to us, Dale never even gave a second look at Charlotte (to my surprise, because she was quite beautiful) and held his hand out to plain-vanilla, country-girl me. I never took my eyes off of him, he pulled me to my feet and we hit the pool, where we stayed all afternoon. When we were finally water-logged and sunburned, we got out. The guys suggested getting a burger, so Jim and Charlotte (who was barely speaking to me) got in the guys' car, and Dale and I got in mine and we went to the Bun-N-Barrel on the Austin Hwy. I wonder if the old Bun is still there? Anyway, we sat in the cars until the carhops made it obvious that we had been there too long. Dale got in the car with Jim, Charlotte got in with me and we left, the guys back to the base and Charlotte and I headed home. Charlotte was still in a snit, and asked me if I enjoyed "her" date. I told her I sure did, and in fact would be marrying him. Well, that got her talking! She let me know that she didn't believe I could make that assumption based on a few hours in a swimming pool. I told her to watch me. And I did marry him, of course - eight months later, when I was 18. And I can truthfully say, that initial enchantment really never faded. My room still lit up when he walked in, right up until the day he died, and I'm confident that he felt the same way. Love at first sight really can happen, and some marriages indeed are made in heaven, I believe.

Well, that's the story. True - every word. --Romeena

June 26, 2011 - Msg 84543: I'm so glad I asked you to tell the story again, Ro...so sweet! By the way, I saw your picture and you were not "plain vanilla," Girlfriend.

What every happened to your friend Charlotte? She didn't end up with Jim, did she?

You know, I didn't used to believe at love at first sight but then I met Bruce. It really happened that way to me, too. Twenty-one years of loving him every, single day. Sometimes I want to pinch his head off, but then I get over it and want to put it back on again. ;)

Asa, you never fail to crack me up. It's a gift.


June 26, 2011 - Msg 84544: PS-Loved the "briskey," SPOT. Did you like my baked beans?


June 26, 2011 - Msg 84545: "Bun N Barrell"...hmmm....That's either a bar and grill, or a plus-size shop for rednecks.

June 27, 2011 - Msg 84546: The Bun-N-Barrel was neither of those, thank you very much! (heehee) It was a drive-in, with carhops on rollerskates (really!) and served big old burgers and mugs of rootbeer. I guess that was the "barrel" part - a keg of rootbeer. It was classic. Think "Arnold's" on "Happy Days". This was in the '50s, so why not?

Thanks, Boo, you're very kind. Honestly though, Charlotte was drop-dead gorgeous. Surprisingly, not very photogenic. I have a couple of pictures of her, and they don't do her justice. In person, she was really beautiful. As for what happened to her, it's really a sad story. Three marriages, first two obviously divorced, not sure about the third. Three suicides within her family over the years. Very sad, tragic life. I haven't heard from her in many years. I've thought about searching the net for her, but don't know her third married name. I could probably find her if I really tried, but am not sure she would want to be found. I strongly suspect she's not beautiful anymore, and for her, that was what mattered most. So sad.

Yep, love at first sight can and does happen. I think it only happens once in a lifetime, though. Some people are just meant to be together, and God works it all out. Gosh, he put Dale in the Air Force and moved him to Texas in order to get us together!

Blessings! --Romeena

June 27, 2011 - Msg 84547: Good Monday morning all.

I declare Romeena, I'm about to cry. What a great story about you and Dale. Beats the tar out of my version of the bug sprayin. :) I'm taken by your comment that "some marriages are made in heaven". I couldn't agree more with you. In fact I think it may be more than we realize, but for many we let the ways and the worries of the world come in and take over, and it ends up often times with sad results. And I'm sure that you and Dale had your bumps and bruises along the way, but managed to ride them out and make things better. It will indeed be a great reunion some day.... way down the road. We ain't done with you yet you know.

Boo, thanks for the nice words. I'm glad I can make you smile a bit now and again. Life needs more smiles in it I say. Life is to be enjoyed and lived to it's fullest, not just endured. Likewise, I'm glad you and Bruce are still in love after all these years. And that Bruce still has a head on him. :)
I look at MDC and his sweetie who have just celebrated another anniversary as good examples. I'm sure they have had their moments, but have made it all work out.
I can't help but remember a number of years ago when my Wife and I were having some serious problems. We had our Bishop come to our house to give us some mediation. He mentioned something that has stuck with me. Selfishness is so often the problem with so many marriages. If both couples would put the needs of their partners first in their lives, and commit to serving their partners, chances are the marriage would flourish. I think there is a lot of truth in that.
And he went on to assure us that ALL couples have moments. He used his own marriage as an example. He and his wife had at that time been married for 40 years. They were a delightful couple. His wife was as quiet, petite and shy a person as you would ever want to meet. Very sweet, very kind, and very soft spoken. But he mentioned one day when they were younger, he had gotten home from work and she had dinner waiting on the table. It was ravioli I think. Anyway, it wasn't his favorite dish and he made some kind of dispariging remark about it I guess. Well, she had had a very bad day, and wasn't in the best of moods. He said she got up, grapped the bowl of ravioli, walkd over behind him, and dumped it on his head, and then walked out of the room. You would probably need to know this couple to really appreciate the story, and how out of character it was for her to do something like that. But it was a great illustration of how even the best of relationships can have it's challanges at times.
Whew, not really sure why I told all of that. I am teaching a marriage class next month in Church so I guess I've been thinking a lot about it.

Well I best get my rear in gear. Lots to do.
Prayers for all.


June 27, 2011 - Msg 84548: I guess my post about Lackland stirred up some old memories? GREAT stories!Love for the long haul what a concept! Alot of people need to get the memo on that one!

Goober Say's HEY!

June 27, 2011 - Msg 84549: hey guys ,just catching up on the porch ,been down a few days now .I had Hernia surgery THursday ,that took the wind out of my sail for sure .The cure seems worse tahn the problem .Prayers for all

June 27, 2011 - Msg 84550: Mornin'. Had a fair night's sleep and ready to tackle the list of chores (after my coffee). Been feeling a bit "fuzzy-headed" so I am hoping there is not a headache in my future.

Very sad about Charolotte, Ro. Sometimes I think great outward beauty can become a curse to some. They become so dependant on it to be accepted and loved.

True, ASA, even the best of marriages has it's difficult times but some people are more selfish or demanding and the marriiages don't end well. I remember when we first joined our church and the pastor and his wife were still young, she was 5 years younger than he was and still had some growing up to do. I really had my doubts about them staying together because she treated him really badly but over the years and five kids later, they have stuck it out and things improved dramatically. I think she just finally came to reality about her unrealistic expectations and we all know that as your raise children, you generally become less and less self-focused.

"Hey" to Mayberry Deputy. Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope things are better soon. :)

"Hey" to G-F


June 27, 2011 - Msg 84551: PS- I wanted to share a website that a friend told me about yesterday. It is a great resource for bible study..lots of good commentaries, videos, etc. It's called Blue Letter Bible.



June 27, 2011 - Msg 84552:
Hey Folks

Love the stories. Me and Mrs auh2o have been married 26 years this year.

Boo-Thanks for the link. I've already got it bookmarked.


June 27, 2011 - Msg 84553: Good morning, porch. I've already been to both rent houses with the insur@nce adjuster. He's coming here to my house next, but had a couple of stops to make first, so I've got time to sit and rock a spell. He hasn't said for sure, but I'm fairly sure I'm going to get new roofs for the rentals - not sure about this one. It had less damage than the other two. We'll see.

Asa, you spoke a lot of truth up there, especially "If both couples would put the needs of their partners first in their lives, and commit to serving their partners, chances are the marriage would flourish." I can truthfully say that Dale did that, to a T. I can only hope that he could say the same about me. I do know that I loved that man beyond all reason, and my part of heaven will be brighter because he'll be there. I have no fear of death. First of all, Jesus will be there, and that's enough. Then there will be a host of people who have loved me, to make it even sweeter. Why would I fear going there? I confess to some fears about dying - the process, the journey - but I don't fear the destination.

Talking about how even the best of marriages have their ups and downs - I love what Ruth Graham said about the Rev. Billy Graham. Someone asked her if she had ever, in all their years of marriage, considered divorce. She very promptly answered, "No, certainly not! Murder, yes. But divorce, no." I thought that was classic, and probably very true.

Once I remarked to Dale that I'd bet he could just wring my neck sometimes. He said, "Yes, I could. But then who would wash my socks?" He followed that with a big old bear hug. Typical Dale response.

Just in case I've never said this before - I love you, folks. All of you. Isn't it amazing how you can have friends that you've never really met (well, in most cases) and still feel as though you've known them forever? Now there's another reunion in heaven that's going to be a lot of fun! If there's anybody on the porch that isn't absolutely sure you're going to be there - well friend, git 'er done! You would be missed!

Blessings! --Romeena

June 27, 2011 - Msg 84554:
Morning honeys and dears.
Well the REAL forecast for the next 5 days here is 110,111, 112,113, 114! Really! Dang hot!
APB for TOM, RO or someone, could you check on him, thanks.
Great marriage stories! Asa, one of our main things is following the proverb "do not let the sun go down on your anger. " Not that we're angry a lot, just when we ARE, we settle it before bed.
In 35 years, we have had 3 times when we were up til 3 AM, but it was finally settled.! ha Also, one time I heard marriage author Kevin Leahman say "Ask your spouse how you think the marriage is going on a scale of 1 to 10." Well I did! and she said a "6." I said Really? So then found out would needed to be done to make it a 10. Little things like that are hard to say at FIRST, but the pay-off is great. What worries me right now however is what places like NY just did. I'm very concerned for our society!
Well, have a good day and God bless,

June 27, 2011 - Msg 84555:
MDC-It's only 72 degrees here but we pay $3.92 for a gallon of gas which makes it feel much warmer. Funny, turns out the humidity has nothing to do with it.


June 27, 2011 - Msg 84556: Good grief, MDC. That's just ridiculous. I know, I know, "it's not the heat, it's the humidity" and all that. Be that as it may, it's not very humid in my oven, but it sure will bake biscuits! 114? You can bake a meringue at that temperature, it just takes a while.

I'm worried about us too. When I look around, see what passes for entertainment, how permissive we have become, the way people dress, the freakish things they do to their bodies, the drug culture, and now the recent NY decision, (which will spread) - I can well understand why the Muslims call us the Great Satan - infidels. We act more like Satan's children than children of God. No wonder they're confused. OK, no more soapbox. I'm sorry, I guess I'm just old enough to remember when things were a LOT different!

Tom, are you out there? Don't make me come a-lookin' for you now, you hear? I'm much too old and stiff to be poking into hidey-holes, hunting for runaways.

The insur@nce adjuster just left, and it looks like I'll get all three roofs replaced, and quite possibly won't be out any money myself. On each house, he listed a couple of things, like a dented gutter, or a ding in the a/c compressor housing, and said "whether you choose to replace that is up to you, but we're allowing payment for it." The implication was clear - take the money and run! So, I guess that's how you end up not having to pay a deductible. The roofer will work with those "wiggle-room" items, and absorb the deductible. Suits me, because I had a total of almost $6k in deductibles. I definitely do not have that kind of money lying around.

Well, guess I'll go put my feet up for a while. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

June 27, 2011 - Msg 84557: Hey y'all! Loving the stories! I am going back & forth between tears & laughter-y'all are just the best!

Ro,I second what Boo said. I've seen your pictures too- you were a beautiful bride! Vanilla, no way! More like Heavenly Hash!

MDC,I heard them mention the temps out your way on the news this morning & thought about you. Dang hot is right! We had weather close to that last week- I feel your pain!

Y'all have a good evening- anybody wanna go to Mt.Pilot for a Chinese dinner? Meet me in front of the drugstore!

possum under a rock

June 27, 2011 - Msg 84558: Possum, you need to send MDC a care package of ICE COLD Cheerwine, that'll get him right! That will take his mind off the heat, while you are at it Romeena & Boo could use some to!! Sort of like the episode of MASH when they sent to Chicago for some of "Adam's ribs". Maybe Radar can help you pull it off?

June 27, 2011 - Msg 84559: auh2o, What part of New York are you from? The city? Goober-Fife.........

June 27, 2011 - Msg 84560: Asa, I can tell you have a large collection of wheel chair bolts too!lol
Goober-Fife AGAIN........

June 27, 2011 - Msg 84561:
Hello porch family....this weekend has been so busy. Finished up La last night around midnight. Packed the motorhome up and headed out around 2am. Drove through the night and today straight through to TN. Haven't been to bed since Saturday night so I'm wiped out right now. Once I hit that motorhome bed tonight I'll be out like a light:)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes....you folks are so special!
Love and prayers for all my porch family

June 27, 2011 - Msg 84562: Hey Rev. I plum forgot to holler Happy Birthday to you when I was on this morning. A thousand pardon my friend. I hope it was a good one.

Goober-Fife, yes, many a wheel chair bolt. I love that episode of MASH. Can't believe he forgot to order coleslaw though. :)

Ha, that's funny Ro. Divorce? Never. Murder, I thought about it. hee hee hee.


June 27, 2011 - Msg 84563:
Rev-Have a good rest.

Goober-Fife I'm a "hick from the sticks." I live on the Great Lakes side on NY. Not much of a city person. The only real large city in NY is NYC. The rest, Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Syracuse, Schenectady, and so forth are all pretty small.


June 27, 2011 - Msg 84564: MDC, I've been in Arizona when it was 110+ and it doesn't matter how dry it is, it's HOT!

I hesitated to join in on the subject of what happened in NY, but I, too, am very concerned. I happen to be reading in Jeremiah and Lamentations about the judgements of God on Israel because of her sin and worship of God's like Baal and the Goddess Ishtar. Such suffering because they refused to turn back to God. When I read about it, it scares me to think of this country and the tragedy and natural disaster we have been seeing. I'm not typically the kind of person who tries to say everything bad is God's judgement but I can't help but wonder if He is trying to get people's attention, at least.

Thanks for checking in, REV. :)

You're right Possum...I'll bet Romeena looked like Heavenly Hash down at the Bun N Barrell!

By the way, Ro, we love you, too (I'm sure I can speak for all of us). You should ask Bruce and the kids how often I speak of you. You're like one of the family by now. You're right, it is neat how some of us have been on here so many years, most everyday and have become very important to each other (all are important, new or old).:) You just gotta love this place.

Well, I will be getting up early to take the crew to the lake tomorrow for some swimming and picnic-ing. I won't go explorin' any caves, though. :)