July 05, 2011 - Msg 84636: Well Ro, I was surprised by the Casey Anthony verdict. I have kept up with the trial pretty well and I think she is guilty. They found her guilty of the 4 or 5 counts of lying to the police, which I consider obstruction of justice, but they are saying she will probably be out on Thursday since she has already served so many months in jail. I just want to know why, according to our system of justice, is the truth is so cheap? Why is it so easy to lie in an investigation and only get a hand-slap if you're caught? The truth, because of the very nature and sacredness of truth, should be upheld, and those who trample it for their own or purposes or lack of integrity, should be punished and punished well. There! I said it and I'm not takin' it back.

Ro, one of my dogs, Hank, is proving to be a pretty good watchdog. He is very sweet-natured, normally but I have seen him get pretty serious when someone comes in the fence unannounced. I like that. If I am around, he is fine, but if someone opens that gate that he doesn't know, and I'm not around, he acts aggresive. He nipped a person or two that did that, but so far has never really bitten anyone. I like that he is gaurding our home. We have had some break-ins on our street.

Well, it is HOT here in south texas, that's for sure! Sure will be glad when fall comes again.


July 05, 2011 - Msg 84637:
Hello porch family....still on the road. In Maine now. A little cooler up here...in the 80s during the day and low 60s at night.

Will try and stay in touch as much as possible.
Love and prayers!

July 06, 2011 - Msg 84638: Morning. Up early this morning...have to go get the routine lab work done and then take dad for an appointment. We are haing to sell off his money market accounts to pay a large credit card debt he built up (12,000 dollars!). He has maxed out his credit limit and is just getting more and more confused and unable to handle things so we are at the point of having to take over completely. Sad thing for Dad, but has to be done.

Wish I were in Maine, REV...would enjoy those cooler temperatures. I have never been to Maine but here it is very nice.

Better get moving.


July 06, 2011 - Msg 84639: Oh, I have a question for you...maybe some of you who know the law better than I, will know the answer. Yesterday, my neice Amy was sitting under her carport, letting Emily play in a little wading pool. The carport is a good 30 or 40 yards from the road. Emily was not wearing any clotes, but she is only 3 years old. The neighbor across the street called the police to complain about a child swimming naked. The police questioned the woman and she said, "I don't think my kids (who are about 9 and 12) should have to look across the street and see a naked child!". The cops came over to Amy's and told her to put some clothes on Emily but they seemed to think the situation was pretty silly and said they didn't realize the child was only 3. Amy put some clothes on Emily, but she was pulling them off again in about 5 minutes. Anyway, do any of you know what the law says in such a case? Surely there aren't any laws saying a three year old can't be unclothed under their own carport while playing in a wading pool?! Amy has a very big yard and in order for the kids across the street to even see Emily well, they would have to have a set of binoculars! I know that I used to be a real law-breaker if there is a law against little kids in pools, naked. ha. Back when Sean was little, every evening during the summer, i would fill his wading pool with bubbles and he would take his bath in the front yard. Never any complaints, but I guess that was back when people were actually sane.


July 06, 2011 - Msg 84640: " back when people were actually sane."

Boo, hope you don't mind that I borrowed part of your post,but to me, that pretty much says it all about the whole Casey Anthony mess. Guess all sanity flew out of the window in that deliberation room yesterday!

I don't know what the laws would be regarding what happened with Emily,but good grief! To me that is a ridiculous complaint.

Maybe Rev will bring some of that cool Maine weather back home to SC- it's still DANG hot down here!

Well,y'all have a good day-love to all!

possum under a rock

July 06, 2011 - Msg 84641: Morning, Possum. :) It is so hot just about everywhere..and we need rain so badly. Hard to think about how long it will be until we get some cooler weather here. At least there are no hurricanes brewing out there right now.


July 06, 2011 - Msg 84642: Boo & Romeena,
My daughter just got back from her trip to see military friends @ Lackland AFB. She said your Mayberry sources were right...it was HOT HOT!
Told her you can always trust what Mayberry folk say!!!
Goober say's Hey to all....

July 06, 2011 - Msg 84643: Hey gang ...a quick trouble check...Possum may have touched on this...I had a good friend (co worker)"s brother drown at the lake Sunday...been helping he and his Pop out...will be layed to rest most Likley Friday...he was 42..prayers welcome...hey Boo,Romeena,MDC,Rev and all....still cleaning up this mess here at work from all these storms....we are gona get away from it all Tomorrow!Lake and camping bound...all packed up and when I get off today at 2 im off for a week....ok..lunch will be at longhorn steak house...on me...SPOT

July 06, 2011 - Msg 84644:
Morning porch family

Spot....so sorry to hear about friend's brother. Prayers for that family.

Possum....I'll try and pack some of this weather up in the motorhome and bring it down our way. Want be back till August so you'll just have to hang on until then:)

Boo....yes Maine is a very pretty state. Of course a lot of fishing villages up in the northern part of the state. Still a lot of remote area in the northern part also. And plenty of moose.

Well gonna get back to "work". I'm doing some writing today.....hoping to get a couple songs written while on this tour.
Love and prayers for each of you!

July 06, 2011 - Msg 84645: That's for sure, G-F, and I think it is even hotter in Ro's area than in mine. At least we have the sea breeze, although the humidity is a killer!

SPOT, glad to hear you are taking some time off at the lake. Have a wonderful time and think of us.


July 06, 2011 - Msg 84646: Good morning, porch! Well, as I figured, I see I'm not alone in my reaction to the Casey Anthony trial. The law calls for "beyond a reasonable doubt" in determining guilt. I'd say their doubts were pretty UNreasonable. Her behavior, and her lies, were absurd, just as the prosecutor said. Another good word is "Preposterous." One thing can be said for her - she has a very vivid imagination. A nanny named Zanny? Please! How she must be laughing now, at the scam she pulled off. The only thing I can say for those jurors is, they must have been worn out and so sick of the whole thing that they just gave up. I really expected a guilty verdict, or at least a hung jury. I'll admit, even an UNreasonable doubt would have caused me to week life without parole, rather than the death penalty, but to set her free? Good Lord in heaven!

Well, while I'm standing on this box, I'll voice another opinion, though. I'm tired of hearing people denounce her defense attorneys, with comments like "How on earth could a self-respecting lawyer defend her, when she's obviously so guilty?" I would hope that there will always be LAW-respecting lawyers who are willing to present the best defense they can, even in the face of such obvious guilt. That's the foundation of our justice system. First of all, many times those lawyers are assigned to the case, they have no choice. If they are allowed to refuse, using the "obvious" guilt of the accused as their excuse, then the trial has already taken place in their own mind, and that's not what our system expects. Everyone - even Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson - is entitled to a trial, with the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You have to admire a lawyer who will defend such a person to the best of their ability when it becomes their responsibility to do so. To do otherwise is to deny that person due process of law, and in that direction lies the destruction of our legal system. Every time a case such as that is tried, regardless of the outcome, our justice system is on trial as well.

Well, gotta run. Several errands today, starting with picking up Eloise and Michelle, her "sitter" who has become a friend. We're going out to Hobby Lobby to pick up a jewelry cabinet they ordered for me, and find some lunch. That's the neatest little cabinet - actually it's a small chest of drawers. I have one, but have filled it (too many trips to Charming Charlie's) and need another one. It's just under four feet tall, has eight small, shallow drawers and two larger, deeper drawers. It's perfect for storing bracelets, watches, necklaces and such. Also good for earrings, with little dividers placed in some of the drawers. At 50% off, I couldn't resist buying another one, but the only one they had was damaged, so they ordered one for me.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 06, 2011 - Msg 84647: Make that "SEEK life", not "week life." Good grief! --Romeena

July 06, 2011 - Msg 84648: Romeena, you're like the "queen of bling"!


July 06, 2011 - Msg 84649: Hello Porch Family. John Masters checking in again. Just wanted to say HI and hope you are all doing well.

Much blessings for all,


July 06, 2011 - Msg 84650: Good evening Porchsters....Check out this link it sort of explains what most of us Mayberrians already know, "The Andy Griffith Show and Comedy's Healers". http://www.transparencynow.com/andy-griffith.htm That's why we get it and the others don't!! I know I'm preachin to the choir here, meetheyy meethayy.....Barney & John Masters can't do it all...ya know! Even tho others still may be from somewhere's else, ... they "HAVE TO BE SHOWN!"
10-4 Over & Out Goober-Fife......

July 06, 2011 - Msg 84651: Oh my, GF! That really said it all! I loved reading it and added it to my favorites. So beautiful...I was especially touched by the author's referring to Andy as, "..a parent to the world". Wonderful. He really had an amazing way of describing how we all really feel about TAGS. Thanks for sharing. :)


July 06, 2011 - Msg 84652: Boo, do your neighbors know how religious you are? Maybe they just think you are some kind of hippie chick who has no shame when it comes to nudity or something.

I won't say too much about that Casey Anthony thing, because it has all been said, except for that I can't stand to look at that woman. Even before the trial I couldn't stand to look at her, especially after seeing those pics of her partying while her child was missing. She should be glad I am not God because if I were I would throw her right now in the deepest pit of h&ll where someone like that belongs.
Ok, I'll stop there.

Have a good day tomorrow and a good night tonight, porch folks!
-Sterling Holobyte

July 07, 2011 - Msg 84653: That's me, Sterling...a hippy chick who has no shame when it comes to nudity. haha..


"She's BEEN plighted!!"

July 07, 2011 - Msg 84654: Morning Porch. Hope you are all well.

Well Boo, you're a hippie chick huh? I should of known. How many Tide dye shirts to you own? :)

It looks like MDC got out of town just in the knick of time. Did anyone see videos of the wall of dust that hit Phoenix the other day. Holy cow, that looked terrible. I need to invest in Arizona Car Wash I ndustries. I imagine they are raking it in this week.

I'll have to look at that link tonight when I get home G-F. My work computer is pretty restricted. Won't let me in.

Well I have not followed the Anthony trial at all. And that's not easy because it has been wall to wall coverage. But it seems like all these high profile cases that the media like to follow end up being a three ring circus. That would seem to be the case here as well. The only thing I can do and pray for that sweet little innocent girl. It sounds like at least she is now where she is wanted.

Ro, Boo, tell me some about Rick Parry. What's your views on him as your Govenor? It looks like he may run, but still don't know much about him. If you'd rather do it by e-mail than here on the Porch, that would be fine. I am getting mixed signals about him though, at least concerning his fiscal consevatism. I understand he is very much a social conservative, which I am glad to hear.

Hey to John Masters. The next week or two should be pivotal to the NFL season. I sure hope they get something worked out. If they don't, shame on them. A 19 billion dollar industry and these greedy $#&^$#@ can't divy it up fairly? Give me a break. I'm as big a fan as ther is, but if they go on strike I'm done with the bunch of em.

I better get rolling. Pulenty to do today.


July 07, 2011 - Msg 84655: Well Asa, I'm not the best person to ask because I generally don't like politicians. I do think it is really funny that some people refer to him as, "Governor Good-hair". I get the feeling he would buckle under pressure if he was playing in the big leagues. Of course I would most certainly vote for him over "Obozo", as I recently heard someone call our president. ;) Oh, and while I may mostly wear shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops, I own no tye-dye and probably wouldn't qualify as a hippy...well, maybe. ;)

Boy, it is HOT and humid here in south texas today. I went out to the road to get the mail and feel like a washrag by the time I got back to the house.

Asa, you are so right...this Casey Anthony thing is a circus alright. Americans have such a fascination with court drama, don't they? I think this Casey person is going to get lynched the first time she is caught in a public place.

Better get going with the chores and such. I stayed up too late with Erin watching TAGS dvd's but it was fun. We were watching "Mountain Wedding" and just laughing at that ep! It really has some funny lines in it. I just love when Earnest T says to Dud, something like, "If you don't treat her right, I'm going to get that lady sheriff..." The look on Barney's face! Also love when Barney says, "I wouldn't marry you if you were the last man on earth!" hahaha


July 07, 2011 - Msg 84656: Good morning, porch. It's only 82 here, at ten in the morning, but it will get hotter. Much, much hotter. My car was registering 103 yesterday as Eloise and Michelle and I were mousing around. That's dang hot, and there was plenty of humidity to go with it.

Regarding toddler nudity,, Boo, I think your niece's neighbor has very little to keep her busy, if she has time to be worried about a three-year-old in a wading pool in her own carport, a hundred feet or so back from the street. I could make a whole laundry list of what that woman taught her own children, when she displayed her shock and went so far as to call the police. I'll bet those officers could have wrung her busy little neck, for calling them out for such as that. I would suggest to your niece that she buy or make an inexpensive, movable screen, put it up so that it interferes with the woman's view when Emily is out there. This could even be just an old bedspread strung between two posts. I would not talk about the incident to the other neighbors, but if asked, I'd explain, very briefly. I would not confront or approach the woman, I would acknowledge her if I met her outside, but that's about all. I would not, under any circumstances, get into a discussion with her about what she did. People like that are generally willing to go much farther than I am, and will usually behave like er, donkeys, so I avoid them when I can. A side note - in this day, with the nuts and perverts running unchecked, it might be wiser not to allow even a toddler to be seen nude, even at a distance. If that woman saw her, others could too.

Gov. Perry - now that's a good question. He's something of a mixed bag - has done some good things and some that I must question. However, if in 2012 the choice is between him and the one who occupies the Oval Office right now, then Gov. Perry will get my vote. For that matter, of course, so would Elmer Fudd. Seriously, my preference for the Republican candidate would be an older, experienced, conservative person with no ties, either personal or familial, to Islam, and with a solid personal background of living and being educated in America. One final qualification - I would like it very much if that person were black. I believe that would go a long way toward healing some of America's wounds, and silencing the pot-stirrers who just can't let go of the race card. The election of Obama didn't do that, because he really doesn't represent the black community, not like they thought he did. If you're interested, this link will tell you how I really feel: http://romeena-viewsfrommywindow.blogspot.com/2010/03/open-letter-to-black-americans.html. I think I've posted this before, some of you may have read it, but I mean every word of it, so here it is again.

Well, I'm off to pick up some lunch and take it over to Eloise's house. Visit for a little while, then back home for a nap, then have to work tonight. And Saturday night. And Monday night. Did you ever see such a screwy schedule? Oh well. Saturday night carries a great week-end bonus, and every little bit helps.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 07, 2011 - Msg 84657: Thanks for your thoughts on the toddler nekkidness (Texas term...hehe). Good advice and I am going to talk to Amy because she is saying she might confront the woman when she gets over being angry. I agree with you that it would be pointless. I also talked to Amy about how these days it is probably not a good idea to let her be seen outside without clothes, sad to say. Amy agreed. Amy said that when the cops showed up, Emily trotted out to the patrol car to meet the officers and when they got out, they just shook their heads and said, "She's just a baby!". I hope they went back across the street and had some stern words for the woman who drug them out there for nothing.


July 07, 2011 - Msg 84658:
Hello porch family....in the 50s tonight here in Maine....wow it's nice. This is spoiling me.

Well I guess Spot is catching us some fish for a big fish fry:) Hope you're having a great time.

Ro...I'll agree with ya on the 2012 Republican candidate.....anything is better than what we've got now but republicans better be careful in their choice because there are still alot of $*&^# out there that will vote for Obubba. And yes I too would vote for Elmer Fudd before that "excuss" we have in there now.

Well gonna go get in bed and watch a little TAGS before going to sleep. Got 3 concerts over the next 3 days in 3 different towns so won't be able to check back in till Monday.
Love and prayers to all my porch family!

July 08, 2011 - Msg 84659: Wow, sounds great REV...enjoy that cooler weather as much as you can...sleep outside in your boxers, if possible! haha...I would. I would be soaking that stuff up night and day. ;)


July 08, 2011 - Msg 84660: Uh..but I don't wear boxers..well, I have one pair...

Nighty-Night Mayberry.


July 08, 2011 - Msg 84661:
Hey Folks

Good to see you all again. Oops, sorry, ya'll again!

We have had a whole bunch of family from down south, Boca Raton, in town for my mom's funeral.

MDC-I was gonna ask ya how much water ya drank the other day after that dust storm blew through but Asa mentioned you were out of town. So, I guess you just have to sweep the yard when ya get home.

Rev-Glad you're enjoying the nice weather. One of the best features of the Northeast, in my mind anyway.

As for Casey Anthony, she'll be a star and make a very nice living being Casey Anthony, which is nothing new. Jesse James was a hero to some, as was the Klan, Dillinger, Roman Polanski and too many to name. Sad but true.

I'm not sure how to take Gov Perry either. As for the current leader one of his own staffers said he prefers to lead from behind!? Lead from behind! Does that not sound like a community organizer? Yeesh, let's start chipping away at Mount Rushmore.

Sterling-Good to see ya and Congrats.


July 08, 2011 - Msg 84662: "Lead from behind?"...what? Good to see ya, Auh2o! Loved the "sweep the yard" comment. hehe
Roman Polanski is somebody's hero? yuck.


July 08, 2011 - Msg 84663:
ut oh! Did I do that? I sure am a conversation killer at times.

Boo-Johnny Depp, Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Scorcese, Emma Thompson, and Natalie Portman all support Roman Polanski. That's right, Nanny McPhee! I guess it's no suprise, just take a look at all the politians and criminals Hollywood supports.

I'll hush now. hehe


July 08, 2011 - Msg 84664: Just because they are "Stars" they think they are above all others, the sad part is all the delusionals who worship them think so too. sooooo sad.....It's time for them to get RIGHT and realize who they should follow, and i'ts not those Hollywood clowns.....And I'll end with a Forrest Gumpp quote: "THAT'S ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT" + ps stupid is as stupid does!!
Goober- Fife........

July 08, 2011 - Msg 84665: You are so right, G-F. There is so much darkness in the world. So sad to think about because the darker it gets, the more blind the sinner becomes. The upside is that the darker the night, the brighter the light. We need to make every opportunity to shine the light of Christ.


July 09, 2011 - Msg 84666: The porch has been so lonely lately. It is really sad. Sure wish more folks would come around. I know MDC is on vacation and SPOT is at the lake, but I miss those who used to be here and aren't anymore.


PS-I am very happy for the newer porch folks who visit now, though. :)

July 09, 2011 - Msg 84667: Went to the flea mkt. this morning (mainly I go for the great biscuits & gravy they have there in the morning)Then, I go treasure hunting. (I think they must have BIG MAUDE working back in the back) sounds alot like the breakfasts she discribes!
I did hit paydirt I got a signed Don Knotts item real cheap $10= happy camper! Boo you are right, everyone must be somewhere's else, as for me I'm on vacation for awhile (Not with Howard) so I check in often.....
Time for me to... R-U-N-O-F-F......(Oh brother where art thou? quote)Funny movie, either you like it, or you don't get it....Depending on the level of FUNNY you have.

July 09, 2011 - Msg 84668:
Hey Porch ...err G-F & Boo

We just can't stray too far from cyber meals and the weather I guess.


"We'll catch you on the flip-flop.
This here's the Rubber Duck on the side. We gone. bye bye."

July 10, 2011 - Msg 84669: Hey Boo & everybody! I'm here- barely! I have Miss Laci this weekend & y'all know the child doesn't sleep! LOL So, I'm one drowsy possum this morning,but I'll manage. Always do, somehow!

Boy, MDC will be sorry he missed the " Convoy", auh2o!

Well, let's all meet at I- Hop for pancakes this morning-see ya there!

possum under a rock

July 10, 2011 - Msg 84670: Good Sabbath morning porchters. Hope you are all well.
It has been a bit quiet as of late. But we have been behaving good, so I don't think we have run anyone off, have we?
Good to see you Auh2o. How's your summer treating you?
I was wanting to have a whim today, but I put on clean underwear this morning, so that's out. What was I thinking? :)
Maybe we could discuss the things we learn from Mayberry. Such as:
It ain't a whim if you wear clean underwear.
If you want a good suit you have to go to Mt. Pilot.
A lot of people lie at lunch, what of it?
Mark Twain didn't say everything.

What have you learned from Mayberry?


July 10, 2011 - Msg 84671: You snuck in on me Possum. I bet your enjoying having Laci there, even if your pooped.
IHOP it is. I'll make you proud. :)


July 10, 2011 - Msg 84672: Asa, we could call it "Mayberry Wisdom-isms".
Here's one: "Somethin' just don't smell right in Mayberry on Tuesdays...because they are serving cabbage at the diner."...or...
Barney: "A silk purse does not a sow's ear make!"
"Giraffe's are selfish!"

Better git ready for preachin'. I probably have nursery duty with toddlers this morning...help.


July 10, 2011 - Msg 84673: I learned what a moulage is and how to make one!

Oh, and if you put a horsehair in stagnation water it'll turn into a snake ( I ain't trying that one!),and that oregano really jazzes up spaghetti sauce!

Pooped is a good word for what's happening at possum's rock- that's all I'm saying! LOL

possum again

July 10, 2011 - Msg 84674: Well, I got out of nursery duty...the assigned people showed up. Good sermon by a visiting theologian named, "Dr. Somebody-or-other"...reminded me of Dr. Breen except he was wearing a bow tie (strangly). Good sermon, though, about heaven.

Well, my friend Terri brought me a new goat today. I don't know if I mentioned it or not but we have been having alot of trouble with two of our goats not getting along. Two of our females are both dominant and there is alot of aggression. It had gotten to the point that Erin couldn't even go in the pen without getting hurt. So, I decided it was time to get rid of one of the females. Bruce has a favorite (the one that survived the dog attack) so we kept her but I could seperate the other from her daughter so I gave the mom and daughter goats to my friend Terri, who has acres and acres of grazing land and they will be very happy goats on her place. In return, she brought me a little pygmy goat named "Elvis" and he is the cutest goat I have EVER seen. He has a hair-do on top of his head that looks like Elvis' hair..no kidding. It really is so funny! Our remaining female, Raspberry seems to like him so things are good at this point. Maybe we will have some Boer/Pygmy babies one of these days.

It is SOOO Hot here today! I am staying indoors until evening.

Think I will make a pound cake (having company later) and then will take a rest.


July 10, 2011 - Msg 84675: Oh, and perk up, Possum!

"There's more than one way to skin a buzzard!"


July 10, 2011 - Msg 84676:
Hey Boo,possum, an Asa

Asa-So far so good this summer. The local corn crops have recovered quite a bit from all the late spring rain and snow melt.

Boo-Raspberry has fallen under the King's spell!

possum-I think we all can use a good Convoy every now and a again.

"Well we laid a strip for the Jersey shore
Prepared to cross the line
I could see the bridge was lined with bears
But I didn't have a doggone dime..."


July 11, 2011 - Msg 84677: Well, Auh2o...I think Raspberry is no longer under the "spell". She tried to beat up Elvis at dinner time. Poor Elvis.

Been a busy day. We ended up having lots of company that we really weren't expecting. It went on all day until almost 11pm. Mom-in-law dropped by to tell us some insignificant thing, then one of Sean's friend's and her mother. The word got out about Elvis and soon St. Susan, Amy, and her kids were here, too. Everyone finally left except for one of Erin's friends and I was able to get a quick dinner on the table by 8pm. We didn't get it eaten yet when Erin's friend's family came to get her. This is a sweet family with four children..the youngest are 4 and 19 months. Those kids were all over the place and it didn't bother me a bit. They all ended up staying and visiting for hours until the 19 month old was about to fall asleep. Boy, was he cute. They were such sweet little ones. The mom homeschools and they are just really good-natured, and communicate so well with adults.

So...I have had my late dinner, my shower, and now I'm ready for my bed. Guess I will see you all in the a.m. with my coffee. G'night Mayberry. :)


Andy to Barney: "I thought you said there was nothing to fear but fear itself."
Barney: "That's what I got, fear itself!"

July 11, 2011 - Msg 84678: Morning Porchsters...We have 2 of the 3 grandkidders for a few days, #3 coming tomorrow,then we will have the trifecta! All 3 love TAGS (we already watched dogs, dogs, dogs, 3 times, i'ts their favorite) They don't understand why giraffs are so selfish tho. Guess I got some splaining to do!! They are 6,7,& 8
As Papa & "Grandpa Airplane" as they call me, I have to get em right at an early age! They don't fully understand my compelsion yet but I'll get em there. Got to go for now, time to feed the hungry little buzzards! They like my "GREEN" scrambled eggs. They say the green ones taste beter than the boring yellow ones! Quicker then making faces on the eggs..They have not seen that one yet....

July 11, 2011 - Msg 84679: Good for you for training those grandkids to love TAGS, G-F! My kids adore it, too, especially my Erin. She is about as much of a "nut" as I am. Her favorite episodes are "Bloody Mary" and "Loaded Goat". Do your grand kids like those eps? I am not sure why Erin is so fond of "Bloody Mary" but she gets a big kick of it.

Well, it is 11am here in south texas and so far it has been just me and G-F on the porch. Hope someone else shows up soon. :)

Better go check on "Elvis" the goat and see if Raspberry is treating him right.


July 11, 2011 - Msg 84680: "I'll take the Mr. Potato set".


July 11, 2011 - Msg 84681: Good morning, porch. Just a quick check-in. I worked Saturday night, came home and fell into bed, slept most of the day yesterday, was up a few hours, and back in bed, slept late this morning. I have to work again tonight.

My friend Carol from Missouri called yesterday evening, she is arriving tonight with her husband, on a business trip. He'll be staying at a hotel, and she'll stay with him tonight, then come over here tomorrow after I've gotten a nap when I get home, and will stay the rest of the week with me. I do have to work Thursday night, so she'll spend that night with another friend of hers over in Dallas. It all works out. My house is not really company-ready, but Carol won't care. I'll provide a clean bed and bathroom, and my kitchen is clean, so we won't worry about the rest. A little dust never hurt anyone, and clutter is a way of life around here.

The back yard is just FULL of birds! Looks like Grand Central Station out there. Evidently the hawk isn't in residence at the moment, because the other birds are just freely sunning themselves in the grass, perched around on the rocks and generally living a carefree life. The squirrels are pretty casual, too. I saw three at one time out there. When the hawk is around, all is quiet, deserted. The critters are there, they're just holed up under shrubs, in the nest boxes and in the hollows in the trees, or perched within thick foliage areas in the trees. Fortunately, the hawk's MO is a free-fall dive, so he needs clear space around his target. I've got enough trees and shrubs and vines and such around here that cover is plentiful.

Well, guess I'd better get busy. I could wish I didn't have to work tonight, but then my paycheck would be skinny, and I can't afford that, so off to work I go. Blessings! --Romeena

July 11, 2011 - Msg 84682: Oh, hi, Boo. I'd love to see little Elvis, and I hope Raspberry will warm up to him soon. You can't imagine how I envy you, having those little critters around you, especially Thelma Lou. I hope my mansion in heaven has a stable and a pasture.

I wish Otis was here. Then I could say, "Have you changed the linens on that bed yet? Get to it!" Hahaha! --Romeena

July 11, 2011 - Msg 84683: No more care-free days,.... no more doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, no more peanut & butter and jelly sandwitches......cause their is NO peanut butter in prison!! All 3 love PB&J so you got to be good and stay out of prison! One of the MANY lessons you can get from them watching TAGS......NIP IT IN THE BUD!!!
Do I get an AMEN?
They don't quite get why Otis is always in jail and what for....That's a future lesson..The 8yr.old is 1/2 way there he'll be driving in 8rs. Better start saving up for that cow???? I just have to keep him away from Gilley Walker!

Goober-Fife....On duty.....

July 11, 2011 - Msg 84684: Ro, I wish you had been out there with me a little while ago. I was literally sandwiched between Thelma Lou and Elvis. Looks like I now have two very affectionate and attention-seeking animals! For now, I am having to go out and let the dogs out of the kennel and then sit in back with the goats to make sure Hank won't chase or hurt Elvis. He went after him once and I whacked him with a stick. He used to chase our baby goats now and then but never hurt one, but just to be sure I have to keep them apart for now. Raspberry is doing ok with Elvis as long as there is no food in the picture. If I take food out, the sparring begins but nothing major, just a little round and round goat dance and a little butting. I am getting the feeling that Raspberry might be interested in mating with him...we'll see. That old Thelma Lou got on my nerves out there, getting right in my face and laying across my shoulders, if you can picture that! She's sweet but it gets annoying after awhile. Sometimes I look out there when Bruce is working on his tractor and Thelma Lou's head is right next to his! hahaha...very funny picture. Elvis seems very interested in people and let me pet him as long as I wanted to. I like him.


July 11, 2011 - Msg 84685:
Boo-I wish you would have spoken to me first, I would have definitely recommended a goat that looked more, like say, a Bobby Vinton or a Neil Sadaka. To bring a goat that resembles the King, in anyway, into a situation like that is really just inviting turmoil.

"If you're looking for trouble
You came to the right place..."


July 11, 2011 - Msg 84686: Hello Porch friends!....just got back from a Great camping trip....Sat night e had on our camp site at my last count 42 Good friends family and kids!...other camper were waving and giving us the thumbs up!great BBQ grilled corn,taters and slaw.....ok...let me get this truck unloaded....prayers....SPOT

July 11, 2011 - Msg 84687: Welcome home, SPOT.

That is SO funny, Auh2o! Poor Elvis is getting dominated badly by Raspberry. Hope he gets some confidence.

Been a real hot day here in south texas. I went to do my grocery shopping at aroun 2pm, which was a mistake. My the time I got all of that unloaded I was wrung out! I still haven't finished putting it away and its almost 9pm.


July 12, 2011 - Msg 84688:
I'M B_A_A_A_CK !
Had the greatest time in Santa barbara running the reunion! The weather was just this side of heaven, and the fun and fellowship was second to none! I'm tired and bushed and back to work tomorrow. (Tuesday) Will have to read archives.
You may have heard about the big dustorm of biblical proportions here! My wife called me tuesday evening and told me what she was experiencing! It was 5000 feet high and 100 miles acreoss!!! More later, thanks for the prayers!

July 12, 2011 - Msg 84689: Glad you're home, safe and sound MDC, and that you had a good time. I saw the video of that storm. Wow! That sure left a mess I'm sure.

Boo, your place sounds a lot like my neighbors. The wife is an animal lover and she has one of everything I think. I call her place "half an arc". But everyone of her critters are people lovers. I was over there a few days ago, helping her repair a sprinkler pipe she had broken, and one of her pigmy goats just couldn't get close enough to me. I had to stop and keep petting him, or he would push me over. It was a hoot. She loves her animals, and it shows in how affectionate they are.

Welcome back to you as well Spot. Hope you are doing ok.

Hey Boo, you got any amazing crock pot recipies for me? With this hot weather using the crock pot more makes sense. The and the bbq out on the patio.

Well best get moving. Another busy day ahead.


July 12, 2011 - Msg 84690: Oh, and Goober Fife, good on you bringing them Grand kids up the right way. I do the same here. We gotta keep this compelshin going through the generations you know.


July 12, 2011 - Msg 84691: "Keep the compleshin going"...that should be our new porch motto!

Asa, that is so funny about the neighbor..."half an ark"...haha...at least it was just a pygmy goat leaning on you and not a donkey. That can get pretty annoying. I don't think I will ever have that many animals..not enough grazing land for them on just 5 acres. All we have now is 2 dogs, 2 goats, a donkey and an evil cat. It's enough for now, but if Raspberry and Elvis "find love" we will have some babies, hopefully. I am wondering what Boer/Pygmy babies will look like.

OK, here is an easy crock pot recipe, and economical and you will have leftovers. Buy a couple pounds of stew meat and brown it up a little in a skillet. You can actually skip that step but I don't recommend it..it is better if you brown it some first. Put it in the crock pot and add a can of beef broth (or 2 cups of red wine, if you have it...if not, I'll bet you can borrow some from Otis), a large can (or two of the small cans of cream of mushroom soup), and a package of Lipton Beefy Onion soup mix. Cook it on low for all day, or on high for 4 or 5 hours. Serve over rice or egg noodles. You smell this stuff cooking, you will not be able to wait to try it...especially if you add the red wine. So good.

Better get to the chores.


July 12, 2011 - Msg 84692: Asa, you need to get a facebook account so you can see my pictures or the critters.


July 12, 2011 - Msg 84693: Hi All.
Will someone stop sending all this wate this way?
Gooder fife at time I miss Cleveland but hot wined it come to winer and the lake is not ice up!
Rom I m not found just busy sometme what the stepdad wind it cometime for his meds.

Deepwithin an acom,
Is a graceful oak tree
Just waiting to be born.
For everyone to see.
Deep within an oyster,
A rare pearl lies concealed,
Until someone finds it,
Its beauty then revealed.
Deep within every heart,
There is an empty place
That only God can fill
With His love and grace.


July 12, 2011 - Msg 84694: look lik no one home


July 13, 2011 - Msg 84695: Slow day on the porch today but so good to see those who were here (all three of you)..heehee. ;)

Sure would love to see the porch nice and full again but very thankful for those who are here.

Been a busy day today but a pretty good one. I had to take dad to the doc again. They want to start him on testosterone injections once a month, with the idea that since he is so low, it will give him some energy and make him feel better. I can give him the shots, myself but had to go in to the docs and give it in front of them the first time so they could put some kind of documentation in his record about it. I am not sure if it is what he needs but we will see if he gets any benefit from it. Remember, he is the one that has an eye for the ladies! Of course he is all talk and no action at this point, regardless.

Mom-in-law came for a visit and had supper with us. She seems to be doing better these days.

Well, my melatonin is kicking in and I had better get to bed. Will be back in the morning..hope some of my porch friends will too. :)


July 13, 2011 - Msg 84696: Good morning porch. Another day, another dollar. Hope you are all well.

Boo, I'd love to see some pictures of your critters. Maybe you could e-mail them to me?
I hope the shots help your Dad without any naughty side affects. (hee hee hee)

Great to see you Tom. How is your summer going?

Boo, thanks for the recipe. I have sooooo much to learn about cooking. It really is a science, isn't it?

Better move on out. Lot's to do today.

Prayers for all.


July 13, 2011 - Msg 84697: Mornin' Y'all! I hope Rev hurries back home with that RV full of cool Maine air- it is gonna hit 115 today!
DANG hot!! Possum is staying under her rock for sure today!
Y'all stay cool-looks like most of the country is sweltering.
Welcome back,spot and MDC! I saw a picture of that dust storm you mentioned, MDC- man,scary stuff!
Take care, Porchsters!

possum under a rock

July 13, 2011 - Msg 84698: Morning porch! Hope all is well today. It's been hot on my end of the porch as well 95-99 degrees.

We are supposed to have storms later today and the weather people said some could be severe. which means possible power outages, trees down and who knows what else. Night before last we had a bad storm about 3 am, I heard the thunder, rain and lightning for quite a while. When I went to get the paper yesterday morning, I noticed a tree had fallen on the edge of the neignbors roof,pulled down the gutter, soffett (sp?) and facia (sp?). Looks like they will have to get a new roof as well as some other repairs. The tree is still laying over on the house as it is a big tree which will need some pros to help take it down.

I have been making zucchini bread. someone gave us 4 really big zucchinis. I gave 2 of them to my Mom and then shredded the other 2 to make 14 loaves of bread. I have frozen some, gave about 1/2 of them away. It is good bread but time consuming to make so many loaves at once. Guess I will be greatful when I can take one out of the freeze in a few weeks and have it for breakfast or a snack. I felt kinda like Aunt Bee having to make all those cakes in the Bloody Mary episode.

Well, I had better get to work. Lunch will be:
club sandwhiches, chips, SLAW and Zucchini bread for dessert.
Prayers and blessings all around.
Big Maude

July 14, 2011 - Msg 84699: Hey MDC, glad to see you back safe from your trip. I saw video of someone driving into that dust storm, and it was pitch black when they got inside of it.

Sorry to hear you are having bad weather, Big Maude. Not to rub it in or anything, but here today was just beautiful, and cool. Unfortunately I had to work for most of it, but I still enjoyed what I saw of it. Stay safe with those storms, Maude.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 14, 2011 - Msg 84700: No time to check in on the porch today, just one of those busy days but will try harder tomorrow.

Been real hot here, too, Maude..but usually is this time of year. Heat index will be in the 100's tomorrow, as it was today. The poor dogs have been spending lots of time in their wading pool. The heat doesn't seem to effect the donkeys or goat, though.

Well, I had better turn in before I fall asleep.

Love to All,

July 14, 2011 - Msg 84701: Donkey or goats, that is.

July 14, 2011 - Msg 84702: Good morning...where is everybody? Hope you are all having a great day.

Back to the chores!


July 14, 2011 - Msg 84703: Good morning, porch. Just a quick howdy-do. My friend Carol is here from Missouri, and we've been having a good old girl-time - lots of talk, out to eat, made a delicious mess last night trying to make smoothies in a small food processor, since I don't have a working blender. We finally got them made, and they were delish! I may go get a blender, so we can do it right. It was an AWFUL lot of trouble doing them in the food processor, and we had liquefied fruit all over the kitchen. Fun, though!

Sterling, I'm happy you're enjoying nice weather. It's hotter than Hades here, almost all of my flowers have totally given up. Petunias are all fried, roses are dried on the bushes, even the coneflowers are drooping. The crape myrtles are okay - they like the heat, and the begonias and impatiens are holding their own, because they're in the shade, but that's about all that's left. Oh well. Another two months of this, and it will start to cool down. Then the reblooming iris will put on a little show, and it will be pansy time again. Life goes on.

Gotta run. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 14, 2011 - Msg 84704: Morning Porchsters, Down to 1 Grandkidder, the other 2 went back home. We watched many TAGS while they were here. I think we saw Dogs,Dogs,Dogs, at least 6 times... a favorite with my Mayberry gang! Had a great time with them all...And as a added bonus also had their pictures (all 3)taken together. I feat I have not been able to pull off in the past! Time to go
being paged to go to the park...
I'll check back later....

July 14, 2011 - Msg 84705:
G-F, those dogs take care of their own! haha
Been swamped here at work, so that's why I've been scarce. Watched the ep about cousin Gloria last night, and heard a Floyd line that they may have cut out of the TV eps. Andy and Floyd are on a bench waiting for the bus to come, and Floyd says:"Busses are a lot like life Andy; the bus bringeth, and the bus taketh away." Just struck me funny! ha
prayers and good day to all,

July 14, 2011 - Msg 84706: Asa, I tried emailing you a few pictures but I am so ignorant of that sort of thing I don't know if you will get them. I didn't know how to send them in one email so I sent them one at a time (sorry).


July 14, 2011 - Msg 84707: Good afternoon, porch. Carol has gone to meet another friend of hers who lives over in Dallas, and will spend the evening with her, as I have to work tonight. We'll get back together tomorrow, probably will pick up Eloise and do some totally unnecessary6 shopping, but we'll have fun.

Boo, I don't know how your email handler is configured, or wht picture manager you use, but I don't think there's a lot of difference. You should be able to hit "attach", and that will put you on the path toward your pictures. Once there, click on one you want to send and click "open". That should attach it. Then just repeat the process until you have as many attached as you wanted to send. Actually, by holding down "Ctrl", you might be able to click on multiple pics, which will highlight each of them, then click "open" and it will attach them all. At least that's how mine works.

Well, I'm off to catch a nap before going in to work. I'll need it, especially since I probably won't go to bed when I come in tomorrow morning.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

July 14, 2011 - Msg 84708: I don't know what "unnecessary6 shopping" is. Where did that come from?? Maybe I need to file my nails? --Romeena

July 14, 2011 - Msg 84709: I'll see what I can do, Ro. I will send you a picture of the goats and Thelma Lou.


July 14, 2011 - Msg 84710:
RO-Your finger just hit the Y and the 6 at the same time.
All have a pleasant evening,