November 25, 2011 - Msg 86368: Hope y'all had a nice Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty good,even though I worked. Ran into two of my friends from High School,so that was nice.The Thanksgiving meal that Cracker Barrel served was really good-enjoyed it. What did you think of it,MDC?

I told spot that I'd give y'all the update on Sherry.He said that he guessed the scan was ok-all that medical lingo can be confusing,but the doctor told them that two places had gone down and one had stayed the same.Sherry asked if she would be here this time next year and the doctor said "I don't know."

And she(doctor) was right- she doesn't. None of us know how long we have-all we have is today.I believe Sherry & Spot are going to stay positive,keep the faith,and take each day as it comes and live each one to the fullest.

Let's continue to lift Sherry up in prayer,friends. Thanks.

Happy Black Friday-if you're shopping today,watch out for the crazy people! LOL

possum under a rock

November 25, 2011 - Msg 86369: Thanks for the update on Sherry, Possum. Bless her heart.
I didn't get a chance to sit at the computer yesterday, but I am thankful for all of you.
- Hazel

November 25, 2011 - Msg 86370: Oh, I forgot to say: "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!"
- Hazel

November 25, 2011 - Msg 86371: Someone had to say it, Hazel. :)

Thank you for the update on miss Sherry, Possum.


November 25, 2011 - Msg 86372: Morning porch. hope all is well this Friday morning. No black Friday shopping for me. I will just stay home and enjoy the peace and quite with my family. Enjoying having Patrick home. We had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday with my Mom, my neighbor and My 2 brothers in law. Hope everyone had a good day as well.

Prayers for Miss Sherry and SPOT. Thanks for the update Possum.

Hey to Hazel, Possum, Boo and everyone else .

Ya'll have a good day.

Big Maude

November 25, 2011 - Msg 86373: Todays Menu: We have, Turkey stew,Turkey gumbo,Turkey tacos,Turkey sandwitches,BBQ Turkey,Fried Turkey,Turkey salad, Turkey soup,Turkey wraps,creamed Turkey,Turkey & noodles,Turkey burgers,Turkey jerky,Turkey & biscuits,Turkey nuggets,Turkey tetrazini,Turkey balls,Turkey AlaKing,and I think we have some plain ol' Turkey too!......
I think I'll have spaghetti..with my secret spice......I'm ATO!! (All Turkey'd Out)..G-F

November 25, 2011 - Msg 86374: Good morning, porch! Just got home from work, after a stop at the grocery store for the "cold" stuff I didn't buy at the first of the week. I prefer to get the dairy products just before I'm ready to use them. So now I've got all that to put away, and the fridges and freezers are already full. Guess I'd better clean some of the stuff out. Shouldn't be hard - anything that stinks or has a beard goes in the trash. Am I the only one who has stuff like that hanging around? Little dibby-dabs of this and that, gradually getting pushed to the back until there's no more room to put anything in there, and I have no idea how old those peas are, or that half-sandwich from Subway, or whatever. Why do I do that? I just can't make myself throw anything away while it's still edible, I just have to wait until it molds, then I don't feel guilty. I think my mother did this to me, with her dire tales of the Starving Armenians or whoever.

Had a great shift last night - I was in the nursery, no patients specifically assigned to me, the other nurses just brought their little patients to me to bathe, or do a PKU, or babysit while the mom slept, whatever. Pretty easy gig! Anyway, I'm off now until next Tuesday, will start cooking this afternoon, big meal here tomorrow with all the local family coming, should be fun. As for right now, as soon as the cold stuff is secure, I'm going to bed! I need about three hours, and then I'll be good to go.

Blessings to all of you, my dear friends. I ditto Boo's sentiments above. Many, many prayers for Miss Sherry. May God send down a special blessing of healing for her, and strength for her and for Spot as well. --Romeena

November 25, 2011 - Msg 86375:
Hi All!
Possum, I just posted the CrackerBarrel pic on FB.
Yes, ours was delish too!
Well, out to the shed to pull out the Christmas lights! (:

November 25, 2011 - Msg 86376: Soooo Mr Darling's Cuzin has kin that was a Griswold??? if ya need help, give a shout-out to Romeena she has skills in that area!....G-F

November 25, 2011 - Msg 86377: You can keep the turkey, G-F...we're having Whataburger for lunch (how does that sound, MDC?). We will have leftover turkey for dinner.

Been a restful day here today. I ended up with to extra kids, though. My deceased friend Karen's kids spent thanksgiving here and are still here. I love having them because they are family and the house just seems "nice and full". I am going to talk the boys into helping me get some christmas boxes from downstairs so I can start on that later. We get a real tree so we can't do that yet, but I can start the other decorating. I promised Erin that I would take her and Allison to see The Muppet Movie tonight and I am as excited about it as they are. The Muppets are back! :)

Ro, I never grow mold but I sure had a mold-growing mother. Wow..I remember that growing up. We were afraid to lift the lid on anything in the regrigerator. I keep mine pretty up-to-date, though. Glad you had an easy night. You know, doing PKUs was the one thing I hated more than anything and when we were doing that stupid mother/baby care, I would be expected to do it so I would trade favors to the nursery nurses and do baths for them if they would do a PKU for me. It just killed me to poke those little heals and make them bleed!

I saw your cracker barrel pic, MDC. Nice picture.

Where's Asa...probably somewhere passed out with a guy full of turkey, I'm guessing.


November 25, 2011 - Msg 86378: That is supposed to be "a GUT full of turkey," not "a GUY full of turkey," but I think I like the typo better! HAHAHA


November 25, 2011 - Msg 86379: The guy has a gut full of Turkey What typo????
we all knew where you were going with it....
"TURKEY POISONING!"....................
Call the Waaaaaaambulance the only antidote:
Pumpkin pie with whipped cream...Hurry!...G-F..

November 25, 2011 - Msg 86380:
Howdy porch family.....My daughter talked me into going shopping with her this morning (of course she didn't have to talk to Just great to be with her and so tickled that she wanted her dad with and daughter day.

I love turkey but didn't think I could handle another turkey meal today:)

You all have a great night and remember Jesus loves you!
Love and prayers

November 25, 2011 - Msg 86381: Hey gang!..thanks for updating Miss Sherry Possum!...we are doing fine..she has decided to not to return to work aany time soon...doc said just do things ya want to!..we may plan a Hawaii trip this summer she said she allways wanted to go ..Me, I dont fly but told her sure where do I board the plane!...she dont hurt just gets tired quick...will have to keep the Cemo going once a week for now...another 3 rounds of the take home pump starts Mondsy...but we are positive and have a great Doc...ok..camping was great just weat the last night but fun..fried a Turkey for Thanksgiving...It was enough to eat on here at work till tomorrow..hey Rev When do you go on the road?..hey Boo,Asa,Mdc,Lucy,hazel and all...Lord Sherry and her DNL was out last night shopping...whew Not me...glad I had to work...ok..prayers to all and getting colder here...freezing tonight!...SPOT

November 25, 2011 - Msg 86382:
Prayers for your brave Miss Sherry, Spot.
God love ya both!
G-F- Griswald, not really, but I have done some pretty big displays! Always about the reason for the season...Jesus!
BOO- a whataburger always sounds good!!
and glad you made it thru yesterday OK!
Maudie, Rev, and everyone, good to see ya,

November 26, 2011 - Msg 86383: Good morning all. Hope and pray you are all fine and dandy and 5 pounds heavier than you were a few days ago. :)

Spot, my dear friend, Miss Sherry and you are in my prayers as you go through this trial. Keep the faith brother. I know you will. It will get you through it.

MDC, your post reminds me of a neighborhood in a city close to us. There is a house that is truly a Griswold house. They have the place decked out with every kind of light and secular decoration you can imagine. It attracts a lot of visitors from around the area. The next door neighbor, in contrast, has one simple decoration. A cross, with a strand of white lights on it, prominently displayed on the front lawn. That's it. I often wonder how many folks driving by to see the big display, never even really see the cross. But for me, it really stands out. Not that I'm being critical of the first house. But it does show how we can sometimes lose our focus.

Rev, you're a brave soul for going out there yesterday morning. You too Boo. Not this fellow. I avoid going anywhere near a store this weekend. But I hate to shop anyway. I'm not fond of crowds. My Mother was the same way. :)

Well Boo and G-F, a guy full of turkey it was. We went to my daughters house. Her husband hates turkey, mostly because he said his Mom didn't know how to cook them. He says her turkeys was as dry as could be, so he has a bit of an aversion to the birds. So he and his wife did turkey and prime rib. He did the prime rib, she cooked the turkey, and they both came out top notch. And a gut full it was. Very good indeed.

Hey Ro, glad you got your lights on your tree although it took some effort and modifying. Hope your wrist and your back will calm down. Sorry your wrist hasn't done as well as the first one. Hopefully in time it will improve.

Possum, glad you survived the day having to work. Did you run into your old friends at the store?

Big Maude, I hope you enjoy your time with Patrick. I know you will.

Well better get. I'm making the Grandkids a few things this year and am spending some time in the shop. I enjoy it. I hope they do too.

Prayers for all.


November 26, 2011 - Msg 86384: Mornin' Y'all- No,Asa, I wear that Cracker Barrel apron everywhere I go since it's so stylish-ha!

I'm only kidding,you know-yes, I ran into my friends at Cracker Barrel. One came in to eat with her mom,while the other was picking up a dinner to take home. One of the perks of working there is I see a lot of old friends & folks I haven't see in a long time. Plus,I meet some nice "new" folks too!

I'll bet Spot was the "guy" with the gut full of turkey that was lying down near Asa- LOL

Rev,who's it gonna be tonight? Clemson or Carolina??

Nice family pic at CB,MDC! You can see a pic of Possum AKA Cracker Barrel lady & my friends on my FB page.

Y'all have a good Saturday-love to all!

possum under a rock

November 26, 2011 - Msg 86385: Good morning, porch! Much to do this morning, but much has been done. There are two cherry pies and two pumpkin pies already baked, the fruit salad is made, the cranberry sauce is made, I'm about to stuff the bird and get him in the oven, and family will start arriving soon. Brittney is bringing green bean casserole (she makes a really good one), Eloise is bringing baked pineapple (yes, it's delish!), Terri is bringing a chocolate pie, and I've got the rest covered. So far, with the aid of the Advil I'm not supposed to take, my back is holding out. Aching, but tol'able, tol'able. As for the wrist, Asa, I saw the doc last Monday, he said the surgery recovery is actually going well, but there's a lot of arthritis, and there's not much that can be done about that. I refuse to take those high-powered drugs that make the pain go away but have the potential to do all sorts of weird things to your body, let alone what they can do to your mind. I take the heart meds I need, and my insulin, but don't take much else if I can avoid it. My kidneys deeply resent Advil, but they're just going to have to cope for a couple of days.

Sounds like things are going well for most of us - Spot, congrats on overcoming your distaste for flying, and being willing to take Miss Sherry to Hawaii. You're the cats!

Well, gotta run. That old turkey-bird isn't going to stuff himself and fly into the oven, so I guess I'd better go back to the kitchen. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

P.S. I just forwarded an email to most of you - it's a video - please watch it. You'll be so glad you did. It's incredibly beautiful.

November 26, 2011 - Msg 86386: Good morning to all. Its warm and humid here in south texas but I am not whining about it, as usual.

SPOT, thanks for letting us know that Sherry is feeling ok. I am glad that she is taking off work and not pushing herself.

Possum, I don't know how I'm going to get out of doing so much cooking next year, but I am going to try. I got so worn out this week that I was having heart palpatations today. So...time to slow down and rest. I didn't get as much rest as I should have yesterday but did take the time to go see the Muppet Movie and enjoyed that. It's really cute. I planned to take it easy and never leave home today but my sister called me and said Dad isn't doing well and I think I should go see him today. He told her last night that he didn't think he had "much longer" and I have never really heard him say that before. He is barely eating and is in pain but refuses to let us do anything about it. He is taking Aleve now and then but that's it. I think what may be happening is that he the asbestos in his lungs may have turned into cancer after all these years, but he has told me before that when that happens, he doesn't want to know or have any treatment for it. He even refuses an xray to find out. I guess if his pain gets bad enough, he might let us get him diagnosed so he we can manage his pain better. I feel so sorry for him. He is just too old and weak to fight this thing. So, for now, I will just spend more time with him and when and if he decides he wants help, I will get him what he needs. I think hospice would do wonders for him, but he has to be willing to be diagnosed to get that kind of help. It is getting really hard on my sister and her husband since he lives with them. I am going to have another talk with him this weekend and see if he will consent to get some treatment. I don't have much experience with end stage of disease so I don't know just how long he has but I am trying to be prepared. It's strange how I seem to have finally come to an acceptance recently. A few weeks ago, my Erin asked me to go up with her during the altar call at church and asked the pastor to pray for my dad (her Pop) and during that prayer, hard to describe, but I felt such emotion. It was like something kind of "let go" in me. Maybe I was finally able to turn dad over to God. I have felt much less burdened since then. I know I will have to be strong and help my mother and children when the time comes and I feel like I can do that now.

MDC, I was only able to eat a Whataburger, Jr. yesterday...still bloated from thanksgiving! I think its about time to go on a cleansing fast and get rid of this sluggish feeling. Distilled water with lemon juice should help.

Better migrate to my easy chair and rest. :)


November 26, 2011 - Msg 86387: Hey there, Romeena...hope you have a wonderful day!


November 26, 2011 - Msg 86388:
Hello porch family....kinda cloudy here today.

Possum.....hope the GameC@cks whip those Tigers. My daughter is a Clemson fan but the rest of us pull for Carolina. Since her fiance is a coach he was able to get free tickets to the game. wasn't too bad shopping yesterday morning:) good to hear that you both had a good time together. As for me on the road.....I'm taking a few weeks at home. Got a local concert tomorrow then I'm home till the first of the year.....loving it! I pretty much always take the month of December off. Then in January I'm on a 30 day tour.

Boo....out of all the years I've been doing concerts out in La & Tx, I've never ate at Whataburger. Every year I say I'm going to but just never do.

Well I better get going. You all have a blessed day!
Love and prayers

November 26, 2011 - Msg 86389: WHAT? You never ate at Whataburger, REV?! For the love of Mike...just DO it!


November 26, 2011 - Msg 86390:
OK...I will Boo...I

November 26, 2011 - Msg 86391: Me either Boo, no Wataburger's over my way. Feeling sluggish??.....Try some of Colonel Harvey's elixer Aunt Bee say's it works wonders and will make ya wanna sing something about tootsies & to to's. So if I hear in the news about a woman in S.Texas running around howling at the moon and dancing with the chickens I'll know who it is haha....G-F....

November 26, 2011 - Msg 86392: If a man says something funny and noboby is there to listen....then is it still funny?? sort of like the tree falling in the woods thing...
better go off and study on it some!..ltm...
(laughing to myself)G-F........

November 26, 2011 - Msg 86393: just stopping by to ask you all to keep my daughter jamie in your prayers,she is in the hospital again with the neuropathy problem.Spot,i will keep you and miss sherry in my prayers.Hope you all had a blessed thanksgiving.-ky girl

November 26, 2011 - Msg 86394:
Possum...Well the Gamec@cks put a whipping on those Clemson Tigers...or should I say Clemson

KY Girl....good to see ya rocking on the porch. Prayers for your daughter...please keep us posted.

G-F....those questions are too deep for me:) I would rather have the test that Miss Crump gave Ernest

I've got a concert tomorrow....I'll save a whole row of seats for the porch...come on out:)

Ya'll have a good night.
Love and prayers

November 27, 2011 - Msg 86395: Good evening, porch! Well, the storm has passed. Everyone has come and gone, all full of turkey and the trimmings, and we had a great time. I made the bird and dressing, cranberries, fruit salad, a potato casserole, and pies. Everyone else brought something, and we had waaaay yonder too much food. David and Brittney and the boys were here, and Eloise (Jerry is home with a bad cold and didn't want to come over and share it) and Brittney's sister and her kids and granddaughter, and of course, my nephew from Michigan. We all ate, and then later my brother and SIL came in after they closed their jewelry store, so we all had dessert while they ate. Lots of conversation and laughter, and a lot of fun. Not nearly as much work as it could have been. Dave and Brittney helped me get it all on the table at the same time, Dave "carved" the turkey, which mostly consisted of pulling chunks of meat off the bones. It was so tender and juicy it just fell apart - really good. Then after everyone was finished, they pitched in and helped put the food away and re-load the dishwasher, which they had loaded for a first run before we had dessert. Those two are all any mother or MIL could ask for. I am so blessed!

It's finally warming up in here again. It's 51 outside, but David is part polar bear, and we have a running thermostat war going. We fight that battle every time he's over here - it has become a running joke.

Boo, you have definitely got a challenge there, with your dad. I had a pretty similar situation with my dad, as I'm sure you'll remember, but with one big difference - I had the assurance that he was a Christian. I know your dad has skirted that issue for a long time, and am sure that's your chief concern. That aside, it's still very hard to watch them go downhill, but as we all know, it's inevitable. At least, with my Dale's early death, our children didn't have to go through that with him, nor did I. That idea would have been small comfort at the time, but now, as I watch some of my friends at church dealing with a husband's failing health, or even worse, failing mental capacity, I can be grateful that not only was I spared that, but he was spared the indignity that comes with it. In my mind, he will always be 58, strong and vital, full of life and laughter, my friend and playmate, never my dependent and responsibility. He would have hated that. God is good.

ky girl, it's nice to see you. Be assured, we will pray for Jamie. Neuropathy can have so many causes, and can be very difficult to treat. Please keep us informed.

Well, my bed is calling me. I am very tired, but can only imagine how tired I would be if my sweet kids hadn't pitched in and helped like they did. David and Dale, Jr. were brought up that way - by their dad! I can hear him now, saying to them when they were just young boys - "Go in there and help your mother. She cooked the meal for you, now please let her know you appreciate it by helping her clean up." Then he would pitch in himself, leading by example, and would direct me to go sit down and let them do it. Can't beat a deal like that. The girls usually helped me cook, so they usually got off light on the clean up. End result - girls who can put a great meal on the table in a flash, and boys who fully understand that a dishcloth won't bite them. Both can clean a kitchen better than most women.

Well, I'm off to bed. Sounds like a wonderful idea. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 27, 2011 - Msg 86396: G-F, have you been hittin' the squeezins?

Prayers for your daughter, KY Girl. Why is she have neuropathy? Do they know yet?

Sounds like a great time, Ro. I meant to ask you how you make your cranberries. I made homemade cranberry sauce for the first time this year and it was just ok. I got the recipe out of a Ball canning book. I made two kinds, actually...the kind with orange in it where your use the whole cranberries and I also made the kind you run through the food processor that is more of a jellied cranberry sauce but it didn't gel right and was kind of sticky/gloppy. I probably cooked it too long or not long enough.

Ro, there were no men helping to do anything in the kitchen over here on Thanksgiving! Bruce carved the turkey and took out some trash but it was the women doing the work, as usual. I have decided that I am not having Christmas dinner here this time. I will let someone else do the bulk of the cooking. We always have Christmas Eve at st. susan's but i want to have it here this year and have Christmas dinner at her house or at Amy's (her daughter-in-law). Everyone wants to come her because the house is big enough for everyone to be comfortable but I am tired of always hosting every family get-together. I worked too hard last week. By the way, you make a good point concerning Dale. It is a very hard thing to get old and unable to take care of yourself. I saw what Bruce's dad went through and now what my parents are going through and it is very, very tough. If I could have chosen what i wanted for my dad, I would have chosen that he would be ready spiritually and have passed away at about 80. Things are just too hard for him at 86.

We went and bought our tree last night. Nice, 8 footer but the branches need to fall a bit.

Better get ready for preachin'!


November 27, 2011 - Msg 86397: Mornin' Y'all- Yeah, Rev,Carolina whupped up on those "kittens",didn't they? I know some mighty happy Gamec*ck fans around my neck of the woods!

Prayers for your daughter,ky girl.

Hope everyone has a nice day- gonna be a day off and a "Laci Day" for me!

possum under a rock

November 27, 2011 - Msg 86398: Prayers for your daughter, ky girl. That's got to be so hard.
- Hazel

November 27, 2011 - Msg 86399: Good Sabbath all my porch family. Hope and pray you have a great day. :)

KY-Girl, I'm sure sorry to read about your Jamie, and I will sure keep you all in my prayers.

Boo, I'm glad to see you putting your foot down concerning doing to much. It always seems to me you have way yonder to much on your plate. I'm glad to see you realizing that and doing something about it. You just can't push yourself like that for too long without having things come undone somewhere. It sounds like to me you're entering a period with your Dad that will consume you physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Maybe deep down inside you recognize that and are preparing for it. Please know that you, your Dad, and your whole family is also in my prayers.

Sounds like you had a good night Romeena. Glad for you. Sure hope your back will ease up on you. I hate it when my back is being a pain. Sorry about the arthritis issue in your wrist. But I agree with not taking the meds if you don't have to. I just went through an experience this weekend with some medication reaction that just blew me away. Thank goodness I realized it for what it was and stopped taking it. The stuff I was taking for a particular problem was actually making it worse. Crazy but true. Oh well, lesson learned.
Well better get to preachin.

Prayers for all.


November 27, 2011 - Msg 86400: Hi All.
just a little cold here.
Will thing are going bad my S I L and STEPDAD are going to have surgery this comming thursday. so say a prayer for thim.
I'm working on my christmas card list .
G F if you would like the to send you one we have to know where to send one.


November 27, 2011 - Msg 86401: Good Sunday Morning Porchsters! It's me! I've come back home! :)
Been missing you guys something terrible and it's been way yonder too long since I've sat in my rockin chair here! Thanks for keeping it dusted for me.
Hope everyone is doing well and had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I haven't gone through much of the archives, but I've read some of them. Prayers for Miss Sherry and Spot for sure! And for Jamie KY Girl and a big ol' "How do" to some new faces I've never "met" before!
I've been busier than a one-eyed cat watchin 9 mouse holes lately. What with my dog shows and working on my stained glass. I've been commissioned to do trophies for quite a few dog clubs lately. Yeah me!
Those of you on my FB list have probably seen some of them, but those that aren't on FB. Here's a link (I hope) to the album of trophies I've done.

Any old who, everyone here is doing great and we are trying to get into the Christmas Spirit. I still have trouble with the holidays without Mom, hard to believe she's been gone 7 years now. I often wonder if I'll every enjoy this season again.
I'll do my best to check in more often, but for now, I'm off to foil some glass pieces that need to be put together and shipped out.
Later taters!


November 27, 2011 - Msg 86402: MAVIS!!! By golly it's good to see you sweetie. I'm feeling bubbly wubbly all over. :) Welcome home and if I have to I'm gonna tie you up in your rocker to keep you here.

Tom, Prayers for your Sa, Sister in law and you for this week especially.


November 27, 2011 - Msg 86403: Mavis...Goober-Fife here..Nice to meet you.I do stained glass too. You do nice work! Looks like you do the foil & solder method? I like that way the best. I got a project I'm going to start to lay out, birds & bird houses in a tree. I'll start to work on it after the Holidays when the weather here in N.E. Ohio gets bad and I have to "hermitize" myself. Where do you hail from?
KY Girl I assume your from Kentucky? I've been pestering folk here on the porch since early summer? A "pestilence" at times??? (don't answer that porchsters)....G-F

November 27, 2011 - Msg 86404: Whoo-hoooo! Welcome back, Mavis! You've been away far too long, and it's great to see you. Please stick around, the porch is not the same without you. If you know the whereabouts of any of our other delinquents, I wish you'd tell them that they're missed, and we want them to come home, too.

Those stained-glass trophies are beautiful! You're so creative, and obviously have developed quite a skill-set there. Really pretty things.

Boo, I agree, it's time you added your own name to your list of people that you take care of. If you don't, you're not going to be able to do anything for anyone else much longer. You've got to take care of you first.

About the cranberry sauce - I mostly follow the directions on the bag. They're pretty much the same, regardless of brand, but usually I use Ocean Spray. One bag of berries calls for one cup of water and a cup of sugar, but I usually cut the sugar to about 2/3 cup. My family likes them a bit more tart, and it's better for me if the sugar is reduced a little. If I have orange juice or an orange on hand, I sub a little juice for some of the water, and put some orange zest in, but I don't always. I don't notice that it affects the flavor much. Some orange-peel curls are pretty on the top of the bowl of sauce, though. Anyway, you just start the water heating, stir in the sugar until it dissolves, then add the berries. Boil it (stirring a lot) until the berries have about stopped popping, then two or three minutes longer, and that's it. Don't worry about the foam you'll see, just stir it in. It dissipates as the sauce cools. The sauce will not be jelled solid, there will be some syrupy liquid in it, but that doesn't matter. That part just runs down into the dressing, or into the white meat, and makes it all the better. It takes about ten minutes to make the sauce, and I always do it early on the day before, then that's out of the way! My family loves it - in fact, last night David got a little bowl and put just sauce in it, and ate it plain! Actually, I think he put a dollop of Cool Whip on it. So don't worry about consistency, and all that stuff, just boil some berries and sugar, and enjoy!

Tom, we'll be praying for your family as they face these health problems. Please keep us updated on how they're doing. And now - how are YOU feeling? Are you doing okay?

Well, guess I'll go dig in the leftovers and have a bit of lunch. That's the good part about having a "do" at your own house - you get the leftovers! I sent some home with my brother and SIL last night, and a little bit with Terri and a little bit with Eloise, and I've still got lots of food in there. I always cook much too much, but there's a method in my madness. I love leftovers! Turkey and dressing are always better the second day.

It looks like summer in my back yard as I look out my window. Clear blue skies, bright sunshine, leaves only starting to turn, not falling yet, roses are blooming, and periwinkles, pentas, and mums doing the same, and the iris bed nearest the house is full of blooms, bless their re-blooming little hearts! Just looking out there, one would never suspect that it's 45 degrees, but it is! I love it!

Blessings, everyone, on this beautiful Sabbath day! This is the day the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! --Romeena

November 27, 2011 - Msg 86405: That sounds alot like what i did with the cranberries, Ro. I liked the fresh taste the orange gave mine but I used a whole cup of fresh oj instead of water, and some orange zest.

We have been eating the leftovers for days and enjoying it every time. I am about turkied-out, though.

TOM, I am sending up a prayer for you and your relatives. As far as the christmas cards go, I am not going to do cards this's just one of the things I am going to cut out because it was beginning to feel like "just one more thing I have to do" and I wasn't enjoying it like I used to. Seems very few people I know send cards anymore and the only folks I got them from was my porch friends (which was nice, of course). I am really trying to scale back and have a relaxing christmas season this year.

Asa, thank you for the prayer and encouragement. I think you nailed it with what you had to say.

Better get going...


November 27, 2011 - Msg 86406: Happy Sunday evening porch, just stopping by for a minute. Been a good Thanksgiving, nice weather, spent with family and friends, pretty good food as well.

Hey Mavis, good to have you back! I look forward to hearing from you more often. We were kinda near Bristol yesterday.. we went to Bluff City and had BBQ at Ridgewood. My husband, and kids had never been and they throughly enjoyed themselves. We got there about 3:30 and had to wait in a line of about 10-12 folks in front of us for the 4:30 openining. It was well worth the wait, I must say.

Patrick left going back to Cookeville this afternoon. He will be gone about 3 weeks and then back home for Christmas break.

Hey to Boo, Tom,G-F,Asa, KY Girl Rev, Possum, Romeena, SPOT and eveyone else.

Continue to remember my friend Terrie, she finished her 3rd round of chemo this past Wednesday and is struggling with severe fatigue and not eating much at all. she is drinking fluids which should help some. continued prayers for Miss Sherry and SPOT.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

November 27, 2011 - Msg 86407: Happy Birthday to our Lucy !!

November 27, 2011 - Msg 86408:
Howdy porch family....just got in from my concert. Really good crowd. good to see ya back. Been missing you!

Tom....prayers buddy for all your needs.

Maude...continued prayers for Terrie

Update on Jake....he gets his stitches out tomorrow. He's coming along great.

Well got to answer a few emails then I'm off to bed.
Love and prayers

November 27, 2011 - Msg 86409: Thanks for the welcome back!
G-F I hail from NE TN, right next to the NASCAR track in Bristol. I've been rockin on the porch now for about 14 years. Wow! That's a long time, I hadn't really stopped to think about it until now!
I'm actually in Bluff City TN, you should have throwed your hands up & waved at us Big Maude Ridgewood is just down the road from us! And boy howdy it is some gooood eatin!
Tom Prayers going up for your family, hope things go well with the surgeries.
Rev sorry to read about little Jake, glad he's on the mend though, that must have been scary.
Asa!! I'm so glad to see you haven't changed a bit :)
and Romeena You either lady, just reading about your Christmas lights makes me smile :)
Well best get off here and go act like somebody before bed.
Later taters

November 28, 2011 - Msg 86410:
MAVIS! Good to see you again!! I have seen you make a few comments as A.C. on FB, but not much lately. Glad all is well.
BOO- After 9 years, I KNOW you! You'll be doing Christmas! haha But serious prayers for your dad, for sure!
To everyone, good Sabbath. Sleep well.
APB for John Masters. His Cheifs lost a heartbreaker.

November 28, 2011 - Msg 86411: Yes...probably, MDC (sigh)... we'll see, I might actually make my sister do it because of my dad. Since he couldn't even make it for thanksgiving this year, I don't know what shape he will be in for christmas. Anyway, you will be happy to know that I have kept my word about scheduling too many christmas events here at the house. I will still be hosting the deacon's christmas gathering, however, I will NOT be cooking. We will meet at a nice restaurant and then come to the house for coffee and dessert. Last year the deacon's gathering was the one thing I enjoyed the most. I also will be having nothing to do with the planning or implementing of the youth christmas party (remember last year I orchestrated the whole event, which consisted of a progressive dinner). I also bowed out of helping with our churches christmas festival this year because i chose to help out with my sister's children's charity event for underpriveledged kids. I will be doing the live nativity for that festival, which will be to bless the children who have it tough this year. I already have a lovely Mary and a baby Jesus, who is 2 months old (named Jaxon), and a little angel for the scene. I will be bringing Thelma Lou the donkey. :) I think it will be alot of fun and something I want to do. The only other thing I have on the calander for here is that I decided to have a "drive in movie night" for the youth group. I can't is going to be so much fun. The weather here is alway temperate enough for outdoor activities here (well almost always). We can park several cars on the carport faceing the garage door and we will show a christmas double feature, along with intermission vintage cartoons and drive-in adds. I found the neatest DVD on Amazon of the old-time drive-in intermission adds to show. I will provide concession-type refreshements like popcorn and hotdogs and hot chocolate. The youth leader asked me, "Are you SURE we should let them sit in cars? Remember what we did at the drive in at their age?"..haha...I said I will be checking cars with my flashlight!

Anyhoo, I am looking forward to a good month.

Thank you so much for those prayers for dad, MDC. It means the world to me.

Better go put in a load of laundry. Haven't done any for two days! hehe


November 28, 2011 - Msg 86412:
Morning porch family.....looks like rain around here today.

Boo....I've got a pile of laundry here if you want some more...since you enjoy it so much....hehe. Of course I'll tell my wife I did it so I'll get the

MDC....I was watching a program the other day on the building of the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon.....Just wondering if you have ever been on it?

Well just got a call from someone that I've got to go meet so better get off of here.
Love and prayers

November 28, 2011 - Msg 86413: Good morning, porch. It's another chilly but beautiful day here. The reblooming irises in the bed near the house are just really putting on a show. Here it is, almost December, and I've got irises blooming. Yellow, lavender, purple and white, deep purple, and a pure white will open tomorrow. So pretty! Roses are blooming too, would have bloomed even better if I had pruned them properly. Oh well. I love it!

When I walked into this room, after sleeping late, I looked out back and there was my friend Ted, working on a little project we had discussed a while back. I never know when one of my friends will show up around here. They just let themselves in and go to work. I love it! They take good care of me.

Well, off I go. Have a great week, everyone! --Romeena

November 28, 2011 - Msg 86414:
Boo- the drive-in thing sounds like it will be a lot of fun! I remember when the announcement would come right over the movie dialogue..."the refreshment stand will be closing in 15 minutes!" ha
And remember, St Francis was the first to do a live nativity around 1220. You're keeping up an 800 year old tradition! haha
REV- Ive never been to the skywalk. It is on the rez, cost quite a bit, and frankly, it scares me to death! ha (Yet I'll fly in a plane that isnt attached to ANYTHING!) go figure.
We need to get a good rumor started like possum runnin off with the dishtowel salesman! (:
G-F, seems you asked something of me too, but i cant find the post.

November 28, 2011 - Msg 86415:
TOM, how about a good poem.
I am praying for your SIL and stepdad
that all will go well on Thursday.
Hang in there bro,

November 28, 2011 - Msg 86416: LIGHT A CANDLE

Light a little candle;
In your heart today;
Say a prayer for Jesus
Born on Christmas Day.
Then open up your heart
To all those hurting so-
Spread love, and joy, and happiness
Everywhere you go.


Little donkey, the road was lighted by a Star
That shone so big and bright,
And it guided your weary footsteps
To the stable on Christmas Night.
Rest, little donkey, your journey is done
As your eyes with happiness light,
For you carried the Baby Jesus
To His birthplace this Holy Night.


November 28, 2011 - Msg 86417:
Wow....I didn't know Possum ran off with the dishtowel salesman. I thought that was her cuz she had in the car. Thanks for reporting that to us MDC:)

Tom....Thank for the poems

You all have a great day!
Love and prayers

November 28, 2011 - Msg 86418:
Rev-tisk,tisk, that darn Mayberry After Midnight! ha
TOm- wonderful! Thanks. Boo's Thelma Lou will be pleased too!

November 28, 2011 - Msg 86419: Hey gang!...busy here at work...just a quick trouble check...any leftover grub from supper?...SPOT

November 28, 2011 - Msg 86420: Boo, Don't you have a spot in the nativity scene for Mr. Chicken "Bernie"? There had to be a chicken running around somewhere in the stable?
Thelma Lou shouldn't have ALL the fun! to close to the Christmas cut-off for his sheep herding training?....You thought I forgot about the deadline didn't ya....haha..
Spot's trolling for some grub can't someone help him out? at least a leftover turkey leg! G-F....

November 28, 2011 - Msg 86421: I stopped running with the dishtowel salesman long enough to stop by & say "Hey!"

possum under a rock

November 29, 2011 - Msg 86422: Dishtowel salesman?! It was no dishtowel salesman, it was the short guy that sold junk out of the trunk of the car....or was it the butter and egg man?

Very cool about St. Francis, MDC. I think I will leave the chickens at home, though, G-F.

Been doing some more decorating here in the house. Got the lights on the tree but still have to put on most of the ornaments. I am ready for a day off. Maybe I will slow down some, tomorrow...after I finish REV's pile of laundry so he can impress his wife. ;)


November 29, 2011 - Msg 86423: Boo Griswold is at it again. :) Just don't go sliding down no hills in one of them saucers with that spray on it Boo.

Possum and the dish towel salesman huh? Well land sakes alive. She ort to be careful. Them salesmen have histories you know.

Prayers continue for all our porch family folks who need them.

Love ya all.


November 29, 2011 - Msg 86424: Hi All.
Look like the sout gitting ehe snow.
and we aew having rain all day.

November 29, 2011 - Msg 86425: I won't Asa...(holding can of lubricant spray behind back)....I only wish we had some snow to sled on! It is a beautiful day here, though. Cool with sunshine.

Better go see what my fool dog is barking her head off back later.


November 29, 2011 - Msg 86426:
Howdy porch family.....kinda damp and chilly here today. So little Jake is snuggled up in my lap sleeping like a baby:)

Tom...stay dry up there. You're right, some of the south is getting snow....Temp in the 70's last week and now snow in places. staying warm up your way? careful with that lubricant spray can behind your back.....if that thing happens to go off you'll be sliding out the chair every time you sit still at work? If you are I'll bring up a breakfast plate over.

Speaking of plates...Possum now has some of the cleanest dishes on the porch now that she has open access to all the dishtowels she wants:)

Well I better get some things around here done. You all have a very blessed day and remember to tell someone that Jesus loves them.
Love and prayers

November 29, 2011 - Msg 86427: True, REV...true (putting up the can).


November 29, 2011 - Msg 86428:
Hey, just a quick hydee ho neighbors.
May the blessings of the good lord be upon you and yours.

November 29, 2011 - Msg 86429: Boy howdy what a day it's been here on my ridge. First we had a cold, nasty rain, then a mix of rain and snow, then snow, then back to cold rain with wind and did I mention COLD? My old bones don't cotton to it a bit!
Then the UPS dude delivered us 2 new TV's, ours died on Thanksgiving day & I ordered a new on from Amazon a 40" LED (got it on one of those black Friday lightening deals they have) anyways, UPS dude brings the TV, 30 mins later, he's back with a SECOND one, this time a 42" job! I checked my Amazon account and our credit card account and we've only been charged for one! I'll be on the phone first thing in the morning to figure out how to get the one I didn't order back to them. I've had so many people on FB tell me to keep the extra one, it was their mistake, but I can't do that and live with myself, keeping it would be the same as stealing as far as I'm concerned. I haven't even opened the box.
But boy let me tell you, watching the new TV is soooo much nicer than that 25 year old job we were watching! And just in time for my all time favorite movie of the season "It's A Wonderful Life"
Now, how is THAT for an interesting day? LOL
Awww Andy, he pulled out the hat size!

November 30, 2011 - Msg 86430: Rev yea still here at work till 6am..Hurry!...32 here in Ga...hey Boo,Mavis,MDC,Tom,asa,possum and all...ok...about to wrap it up here at work...back at 2pm...anybody get snow latley?..we just had flurries....prayers...SPOT

November 30, 2011 - Msg 86431: Goos morning all. Hope you are all fine and dandy this morning.

Mavis, just think, now you can watch the Skins lose in crystal clear crispness. (jk sweetie, you know I had to welcome you back though). A couple of years back I ordered a front axle as -sembly for my riding mower. A week later I came home from work to find this huge box on my porch delivered by UPS. I thought, wow, what a huge box for such a little part. Well when I tried to pick it up I could hardly manage. I said to my self, self, what have you done? Ordered an entire mower? Well I got it in the garage and opened it up and found not one, not two, not three axles, but 20 of them. Wow. Anyway I called the company back and really had a hard time getting anyone to understand what I was saying. After being handed off to about the fourth person I had a gut full. I told this one I was happy to send it back, but I was not going to pay the shipping. Well a few days later I get mail from them with a letter of instruction and a pre-paid UPS sticker good for 12 pounds. 12 pounds? I've got at least 50 pounds of axle here. I called back to the company, again tossed around like a ceasar salad, and finally just hung up. I wrote them a letter telling them all that had transpired, and that I had the items, but they needed to get in touch with me if they wanted them back to pay for shipping. I never heard back from them so they are still in my possesion. Anyone needing a right axle as-sy for a John Deere riding mower, I'm the man to see. Good luck Mavis. And good on you to try and do the right thing.

Howdy Spot. Good to see you buddy.

MDC, You doing your Wilson impersonation? :)

Boo, what you got going on this week? You got any good bread pudding recipes? I love bread pudding.

Well Rev, it's been not to bad here so far this winter, but that changes for us tonight. They are predicting a canyon wind event for tonight and tomorrow. Thats when we get winds whipping through the mountain canyons at hurricane speeds. I just hate it. Combined with temps in the 20's, it's miserable. And to top it off I am supposed to drive to Salt Lake in the morning for a training class, driving right through the worst of it. Whaaaaa. Call me a whaaaaaambulance. :)

Prayers for all today. Have a good one.


November 30, 2011 - Msg 86432: Goos morning? Whoops! Good morning. I wasn't goosing y'all. LOL


November 30, 2011 - Msg 86433:
Morning porch family.....rather chilly on this end of the porch.

Mavis.....thanks for trying to do the right thing...Jesus has a smile on His face!

Spot....get you some rest before having to head back to work brother. Give Miss Sherry a hug from the porch family:)

Asa....Be safe on your drive this morning and stay warm....Strong winds and 20's...that makes me cold thinking about it.

You all have a blessed day
Love and prayers

November 30, 2011 - Msg 86434:
Mavis, you are absolutely doing the right thing!
Asa, too bad it wasnt 20 flat screens! haha
I've run into that also. Try to do what is
right, only to get that sort of treatment, and
finally throw my hands up, and said "Lord, I tried, I really DID! ha
Blessings to all. Happy advent season.