December 08, 2011 - Msg 86526: You got it, was Clark's father-in-law, while waiting for the lights to come on. Your quote is from "Home Alone"..."Keep the change you filthy animal!". ;)

How about this one: "He's an angry elf..."

Cold when I got up this morning! Love it, love it, love it. :) Looks like it will be another beautiful day with the sun shining and probably highs in the low 60's. Yay! I feel all "bubbly-wubbly".

Gotta go start some laundry, darn it. Always plenty of housework to do and have to go to the store later (boo). I am going to spend time outside, though, if it kills me. I have had my chickens in the garage because of the cold but they are so messy I am going to take their cage outside today. It is a real pain to clean that thing but it has to be done and the chickens could use some time to scratch around in the sand awhile. They are so cute now and as soon as I open their cage, they are ready to perch on my arm or fly out. I like them alot but sure wish they weren't so messy. I know its time to build them a real coop...something else for poor bruce and sean to do! He is still trying to get all the outside lights up. He spent hours on the front porch and I noticed last night that half of them are out for some reason so, like Clark Griswold, he will be out there working on them tonight and kicking the santa (ya'll know what I mean if you've seen the movie).

We are having the annual deacon's Christmas party tomorrow night so have to get ready for that. I kept my word and didn't overdo it. I made a reservation at a local seafood restaurant on the water and after dinner we will come here for dessert. I bought a cheescake from "The Cheescake Factory" and will serve that with coffee and a few cookies or something..easy. I am looking forward to it, as always. I love hanging out with this particular group of people because of their great senses of humor. We always laugh ALOT. You know, it's funny how most people would think deacons would be the most boring people on earth but couldn't be further from the truth around here. haha.

Better get to the chores.

Hope Ro has fun on her mystery lunch trip...can't wait to hear about it.


December 08, 2011 - Msg 86527: Boo...What's good on a cold day???>CHICKEN SOUP! problem solved!!tehehaha
You can be like the kid on the Campbels soup commercial where he come in like a snow man and melts into a kid as he eats his chicken soup.
I have a friend I kid him all the time when we go out to eat on "Lodge Night" @ the Cracker Barrel. He comes in as a "grump@ss" and as he drinks his coffee and starts his meal you can see the grumps melt off of him. C/B will do that to a guy right Possum? she'll tell you i'm right.

December 08, 2011 - Msg 86528:
Boo, it looks like Asa answered your movie quote question correctly. Listen to the first five seconds of for confirmation.

from Poor Horatio

December 08, 2011 - Msg 86529:
I have another moview quote for everyone. It is a favorite of mine.
"Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to."

from Poor Horatio

December 08, 2011 - Msg 86530:
Hey Folks

Winter Storm warnings here until Saturday, I think. Something like that anyway.

MDC-Ok, smart alec. Of course You smell gas. What do you think this car runs on, coal!

GF- Well, I don't know if I was the Aunt Bee of the jury but I don't think I'll be getting any Christmas cards from my fellow jurors. There was way too much "social engineering" going on in that jury room. A guy was hurt and a corporation was held responsible for it, wrongly held responsible. Of course they all thought I was the corporate shill. I like to think of it as 5 Robin Hoods against 1 John Adams. Remember Adams successfully defend the British Solders during the Boston Massacre. Somewhere Me-They just choked a bit when I referred to myself as John Adams.

PH-I give up on the quote sounds familiar though. And, nice jury story.

Boo-Have fun at the Christmas Party!

Oh yeah, we bought the car not brought the car.

Let's go for a ride!

December 08, 2011 - Msg 86531: PH, I'm thinking Miracle on 34th street but not sure. I know I just heard it recently but forgot which movie I was watching at the time.

G-F, Cracker Barrel is pretty good for the morale, especially this time of year. :)

Thanks, Auh2o...I'm sure it will be fun because I won't be worn out from cooking a meal for that many.

Thanks for the clip, PH! :)

Well, got the chicken cage cleaned, did 3 loads of laundry (more to go), cleaned the bathroom and bedroom and the guest bath. Now the kitchen and make some cookies. Be back on coffee break...


December 08, 2011 - Msg 86532:
"Well I'll be, how'd them roller skates get in there? I musta mistaked 'em for a 'lectric razor..."
BOO- YOU told your sister that SHE is trying to do too much?? haha Just ribbin' you dear.
Get Bruce one of those light zappers. Ace has them and they save a world of time with burnt out lites and lines!
And have a good deacons' party, and you can talk about all the bulletin bloopers. ha
Possum, prayers for you continue.
Spot, same for you and Miss Sherry.
AUH20--and I AINT pushin that thing back, neither! ha


December 08, 2011 - Msg 86533: Hey porch, hope all is well this Thursday afternoon. Sunny but cold on my end of the porch. guess winter is on its way.

It has been a busy week for me.. I am ready for the week end.

Prayers for Possum, SPOT and Miss Sherry and everyone else.

afternoon snack is in order: oreos, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

December 08, 2011 - Msg 86534: Oh, are so predictable. I knew you would say that. ;)

"Hey" to Maude....pass me an Oreo, please.


December 08, 2011 - Msg 86535: "You...You...You used up all the glue on purpose!!".......
Boo....You are one domestic working machine! Since I've been on the porch I have noticed that the women south of the Mason-Dixon sure arn't whimps ya'll need to send out a memo to the spoiled ones North of the M-D..Whooooo I think I may have gotten myself in BIG trouble? I'm just telling what God loves the best....The Truth!
Be sure to check the Obituaries tomorrow I may be in it....Another one of my mottos: "Sometimes it just has to be said"....G-F

December 08, 2011 - Msg 86536:
Boo, your guess is correct. My quote is from the Christmas movie "Miracle on 34th Street".

from Poor Horatio

December 08, 2011 - Msg 86537: How-do, porch! Back from the Mystery Lunch. We had a great time. Went over into Dallas, and had lunch at the last remaining Highland Park Cafeteria. It was a Dallas landmark, and eventually they opened several other locations, then gradually closed them, all but this last one. The food is wonderful, line service is relaxed and friendly, and in the dining room they had a very talented man playing Christmas carols on a grand piano. Just lovely!

Then we went over to White Rock Lake to the Bath House Theater, and saw a performance of "Greetings!" It was hilarious, a very talented cast, especially the young man who played the retarded brother, Mickey. All in all, a very enjoyable day, spent with good friends, and we had a lot of laughs.

Now, I'm back to reality, and have to go to work. I hope I can stay awake, considering I've been up since 8 a.m., and it will be at least that time tomorrow before I see my bed again. Toye Starr is probably going to be in a big old snit when I start to leave in a little while. To leave her all day, and then turn around and leave her for the night - she is not going to be a happy puppy. Still, it pays the bills.

Tomorrow night is free, as is Saturday, though I do need to do a little shopping for the younger grandsons. I'll just give the older ones money, I would have no idea what to buy for them, and they love to get the money and shop for themselves. The little ones (4, 8 and 10) are still easy to shop for, and I enjoy doing it.

Well, guess I'd better go. Got to get the trash out for tomorrow, as the trucks come before I get home. It's recycle day too, so that big old blue bag has to go out. Hope I can lift it! Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

December 08, 2011 - Msg 86538: Well, G-f, if you think that was a long list, you wouldn't believe how the rest of the day went...I'm exhausted! For one thing, I went out to the back pasture to give my donkey and goats a little treat..some leftover pumpkin pie that got pushed to the back of the frige, and the chickens saw me from their pen and decided I might have something for them, too. Before I knew it, they had found a hole big enough to escape from and here they came. Problem was, the dog took out after them and there I was trying to get ahold of the dog before it got ahold of the chickens. I called for help from the kids but they were in the house and couldn't hear me. I managed to cable the dog, after some dragging and yelling, then I had to get their cage and get them in it somehow by luring them with food. If you chase chickens, you can forget about it...they will run regardless. Finally got them put up safe and sound, let the dog loose, and Thelma Lou the donkey got her pumpkin pie. :) I am still working on the laundry and have to put clean sheets on my bed...and I went to the grocery store and just put away the groceries...and I made a really good beef potpie for Bruce...and..well, never mind, you get the picture. That may sound like alot but its nothing compared to poor Romeena having to go in to work and do without sleep for 24 hours! Hope she has an easy night.

Now to put away the dinner leftovers and straighten up the kitchen, then a nice warm shower, jammies, and a book.


December 08, 2011 - Msg 86539: By the way, Dad's dog started eating again today, so who knows?...she might perk up and live awhile longer. Sure hope so for Dad's sake.


December 08, 2011 - Msg 86540: Man, I need to wear my glasses when I sign on this thing, I think. Boo's line about "I have had my chickens in the garage because of the cold but they are so messy I am going to take their cage outside today..." when I read that I thought it said "children" instead of "chickens", and I was a little confused. I was thinking, goodness sakes, she's strict!
I wonder if I've ever told my chicken story on here. I think I have, but never-the-less, I'll tell it again.
I've told you all that I was raised on a farm. Well, it was my sister's and my duty to feed the chickens. We had a lot of chickens, because we sold the eggs. Anyhow, we would have to open the gate and walk thru the chicken pen to get to their feeding pans. The chickens just ignored us but the rooster was mean. He pecked at our feet as we walked thru, and would sometimes hit our shins, and it hurt. He was real agressive and we hated him. So we were talking one day about him and came up with our way to get even. All the chickens loved dogfood, and if they ever escaped from their pen they went straight to the shed and got into the dogs food. So we decided we would load up a piece of dog food with pepper, and give it to the rooster, just so we could get even. (we were pretty great thinkers for being about 10 and 12 years old). One morning we carefully took a chunk of dogfood, and standing in the kitchen we hollowed it all out, then we loaded it up with the pepper. Then we got it wet, so it would be soft, and swished it together so it would mold back into the original chunk. Later that afternoon when we were feeding the chickens we carefully threw the tampered chunk of dogfood into the pen, where we knew he would force himself in front of the others to get it. And that's exactly what happened. He saw that dogfood and pushed his way in front of the others to get to it. He then pecked at it and then ate it and then swallowed it. Boy, did we ever enjoy watching him all the sudden pop his head back in surprise, then start shaking his head, then ran straight for the water bowls. hehe
I shudder to think what I've just revealed about myself. I have a mean streak!
- Hazel

December 09, 2011 - Msg 86541: Good COLD moring gang from the southern end of the porch!..Hey Boo,asa,mdc,lucy,maude hazel and all.....whose gona cook b-fast?...I got to hit the shower and head to work.....SPOT

December 09, 2011 - Msg 86542: Happy Friday morning all.

Hazel, Ha, you little rebel you. I don't ever recall you telling that story. Remind me to never peck at your feet though. :)

Ro, hope you survived your night ok. Hows your back doing?

Boo, I'm glad your Daddys dog started eating again. Hopefully they will both be around for a while longer, with a quality of life also.

I am enjoying the movie quotes. BTW, What version of Miracle on 34th Street do you like best. The original, or the newer one? The Santa and the little girl in the newer one are sure good.

Well better get. Lots o do.

Prayers for all.


December 09, 2011 - Msg 86543: Morning porch, cold on my end of the porch 27 degrees with a very heavy frost!

looking forward to the week end, nothing special going on just glad for the 2 days off.

I will take care of breakfast since SPOT is off to work already: french toast with powdered sugar and maple syrup, bacon, sausage. fried cinnamon apples. coffee, tea, juice to drink.

Gotta get breakfast ready so I can go to work!

Prayers and blessings all around today.
Big Maude

December 09, 2011 - Msg 86544: Putting the "children" in the garage...hmmm, now there's a thought Hazel. hehe Love, love, love the rooster story!...I'll have to remember that trick in case Bernie gets outta line. Too bad you didn't have one of Homemaker's meatballs at the time. ;) Interestingly, my donkey and goats love dog food, too. We give it to them for a treat. Now I guess the chickens will be wantin' it, too. Everything loves dog food except the dog.

Keep warm, SPOT.

Thanks, ASA, I hope they stick around awhile, too. Dad actually started eating again, too this week and was in better spirits, all because my nephew Matt (St. Susan's son) is taking dad on a little overnight trip to a place they visited together years ago and enjoyed. I don't know if he will go through with it..sometimes he starts worrying about mom or the dog and backs out but he sure has been happy about it so I hope he will go.

Here's the plain, hard truth about "Miracle on 34th St."...I never have like it much. It bores me. If I had to pick, I would prefer to watch the newest version. There, i said it and I'm not taking it back. ;)


"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear!"...what movie??

December 09, 2011 - Msg 86545:
Maudie, that is cold! (for me at least!)And thanks
for the breakfast!
OK, I'm gonna vent for a bit because i havent in a while! ha But if Hazel could think of putting a "pepper bomb" in the middle of a pice of dog food when she was 11, why couldnt our govt put a self-destruct mechanism in the middle of a top-secret drone which is now in the hands of Iran! I just want to run up an alley and hollar FISH! (or something worst!!) Grrr
OK, now back to the porch!

December 09, 2011 - Msg 86546: MDC I think the drone should have been built by the people who designed the PINTO? Then there would be no problem....RIGHT??? G-F.....

December 09, 2011 - Msg 86547: Maude thanks for stopping by with b-fast!...Lunch on me...grilled ham and cheese sandwiches,chili-cheese free-toes....tea and a pickel...SPOT

December 09, 2011 - Msg 86548: Good evening, porch. A long, long night last night. It seemed like it was raining babies. Our unit finally filled up, which meant we couldn't get any more admits, and then the last deliveries filled up the main side. If anyone else had come in and delivered, they would have had to remain in their labor room, because we were out of beds. We all worked together though, and got through it. I actually got off only fifteen minutes late, which was amazing.

Boo, I'm surprised you don't like "Miracle on 34th Street", but to each his or her own. Personally, I love it, and I prefer the original, B&W version. I like the B&W version of "It's a Wonderful Life" best as well. Kinda like TAGS, I guess. By the way, I watched "All I Want For Christmas" a couple of days ago, and it's a good movie. The usual story line - two kids who want to get their parents back together - but it has some different twists, and the best surprise was the department store Santa. He was absolutely charming. Very impressive, beautiful costume - not the usual cheesy, fake-looking red velvet and fur - but a tall hat, brocade vest, rich red coat, all very classy. The actor was handsome, with slightly rugged features with a patrician influence, the voice was gentle and refined, and he was so, well, believable! He also looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. Right at the end, it hit me. It was Leslie Nielsen! Of all people! He did a superb job with the role, and I gained a new respect for a man who was always a favorite of mine. It will be run again, if you haven't seen it, it's worth watching.

Boo, the chicken story is hilarious. I know what you mean about roosters. They can really be mean, and they can hurt you! Our chickens had gotten out one day, and it was my job to get them back in the pen while my dad fixed the hole they had found. I was able to herd the hens back in, but the rooster wouldn't go, so I chased him down and picked him up. That's when he kicked back with his old long spurs, and laid my shin open with a gash about three inches long. I still have the scar, after about sixty years. Hateful bird. After that, my dad said if he got out again just to leave him alone and if a coyote got him, good! A broody hen can give you a pretty good peck too, if you're trying to take the eggs she's wanting to sit on. I learned to wave one hand above her head to distract her, then dart in with the other, grab the egg and run. She'll squawk and cluck, but she'll lay another egg, and then you get it the next day. And so it goes...

One day, I'll tell you all about Teddy (dog) and the hot beans. Funny story, but I'm too tired tonight. I think I'm going to go feed my little friend, and myself, and settle in for another good movie. I'm sure there's one on somewhere. I love this time of year! Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

December 09, 2011 - Msg 86549:
Howdy porch family

MDC...I agree. I said the same thing when we turned the ship that I was on over to the Paki navy. Put a secret bomb in it and when they turn against's over.

Well I'll be honest with you all about the movie subject....I am not a movie person at all. Never have been. My wife and daughter loves movies and I will watch them with them but normally don't care for them. There have been a couple movies that I enjoyed but not many. Just give me an old 30 min sitcom or a good western and I'm satisfied:)

Well gang you all have a good night. I'm praying for all my porch family!
Love and prayers

December 09, 2011 - Msg 86550: Goober-Fife's Christmas List:
Romeena,1 years subscription of Mother Earth News Magazine.(she's our own "Mother Earth")
MDC, Got to be a Joke & Quote book!
Poor Horatio,Years supply of Tim Hortons coffee & donuts.
Maude, Her own book deal "Cooking with Big Maude"
TOM a Goulardi shirt & signed picture of Dick Goddard (Channel 8's longtime weatherman).
SPOT, 2 Atlanta NASCAR tickets + Hula skirt for the Hawaii trip. **BONUS** from God...answered prayer for Miss Sherry.
REV,Gas card for the REVmobile and a "Barney" model "Hot Mike".
Auh2o Snow tires for his new car....
Boo..A weekend for HERSELF! NO goats,donkey,kids hubby,chickens,chores,ect....A complete "What's your hurry" package.
Asa, A turbocharged shop vac for all the dust storms.
Hazel, A larger bag of tricks haha!
Possum..PEACE & HAPPINESS..So she can be called possum "ON TOP OF THE ROCK"!
Sterling, Membership to "Cheese of the Month Club".
Lucy, Dinners @ the Varsity "What a ya have!"
Mavis, Stained Glass for you!
Others, I have a Leather making Kit,a Metal working kit (no keys though)! a Mr. Potato kit and a wood burning kit.
Ben Weaver suppose to bring some more things over too! (His eyesite is not as good as it use to be).Merry Christmas Porchsters...
Remember.....The Reason for the Season...:)

December 10, 2011 - Msg 86551: OK, you have a deal, G-F..I will take a weekend off as a gift to you and as your gift to me! ;)

Tonight one at the deacon's party, my friend Keith gave a donation to missions to help widows and orphans in Africa in our name. I loved it and gave him a kiss on his big, bald head.

The party was a success, for certain. We had a good dinner, then a nice time having desserts here at my house. Se played a little game called "toss the fruitcake" in which you have to share something about yourself that nobody else knows about you. My pastor friend Mark told us he met and shook hands with Prince Charles when he was in college. That sure surprised me. Would share more but Erin and Sean both are waiting to use the to you all tomorrow.


December 10, 2011 - Msg 86552: Just passin' by on the way to the ironing board, with a little note for you all. It seems there is a second movie with the title "All I Want for Christmas" - not nearly as good as the one I was describing. Here's a link to a trailer for the good one, and you can see Leslie Nielsen in this:

REV, it doesn't surprise me that you're not that interested in full-length movies. You are accustomed to a faster-paced life on the road - gotta hurry to make it to the next concert on time - and you probably have a song forming itself in the back of your mind most of the time. So, I would imagine it's hard for you to just sit still and give your attention to something like a movie for an hour and a half, or two hours. Probably for different reasons, I'm not really one to sit and watch movies a lot either, except at Christmas. I love Christmas movies. Also, if the movie is something really good, an old classic or something, I'll enjoy it. Anyway, y'all check out that link, and when you see "All I Want For Christmas" listed, check the little summary in your guide. If it talks about one kid trying to find a husband for his widowed mother, that's not it. The good one involves two children, trying to reunite their estranged parents. Corny, I know, and as they say, "it has been done to death", (The Parent Trap?) but still it works this time, at least I think so.

It's 46 outside, will get colder, has been down to 27 this week at night. The water in my pond is bone-cracking cold. I don't know how those poor fish tolerate it, but they do. Makes me want to go add some warm water to the pond, but the abrupt change would probably kill them. They survived last year, when the whole thing froze over about an inch thick. Amazing. I guess God gives them some sort of protective mechanism. Fish in the wild sure don't have anyone warming the water, and they make it. Still, I feel sorry for the poor little things.

G-F, you sure do have some imagination. I love your Christmas list.

Well, I think I'll turn in. Toye Starr has been hinting, even came and dropped one of her little soft toys at my feet, one of the things she likes to sleep with. I think that was a clear hint, wouldn't you say? She is such a precious little gift. I do love that puppy!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

December 10, 2011 - Msg 86553: 'nite

December 10, 2011 - Msg 86554: 'nite

December 10, 2011 - Msg 86555: Since we're into confessions lately, I agree with Rev. I'm just not that into movies. As far as Christmas movies go, I haven't watched but one or two. If I had my way, TV Land would play the Christmas episodes of all the old shows every weekend in December. Like the old "Merri-thon" they used to do. I love Christmas time. Our cable TV package comes with the music stations. There's one called "Sounds of the Seasons" and I could just leave that on all December too, I really love Christmas music.
MDC, I think you're on to something with your comment on how at 11 years old I was able to invent a pepper bomb. I should have gone to Washington! I agree with you about the drone, and it seems like they could have somebody that was "ept" think of a better plan for that situation.
Goober Fife, thanks for putting me on your Christmas list, but not to sound ungrateful, I don't want a larger bag of tricks. I'll take the Mr. Potato Set!
Well, today's my day to babysit my grand daughter. (I do it every other Saturday) She crawls around so fast it's a chore to keep her out of mischief! She now pulls herself up to stuff and stands there, and occasionally isn't holding on to anything so is just standing there all on her own. When she sees people looking at her, she claps. (she's impressed with herself too!) I think she'll be walking soon, and she's just 9 months old!
I'm still limping around, rarely use my walker anymore. It's not that I don't need it, I'm just sick of it and want to move on with my life. I'm still in pain everyday, and can't walk without limping, but I am trying to just accept that this is perhaps the way it's going to be for a long long time. I don't know how long it's suppose to take fractures to heal, but it sure seems like mine are taking forever. It's very discouraging, and if you could all keep me in your prayers I would so appreciate it. Sometimes happiness is something I pretend to have, just to carry on. It's amazing what pain can do to your attitude.
- Hazel

"Try puttin' a "Poo" at the end of it"

December 10, 2011 - Msg 86556: I love movies...but not the current ones. I love the old classics like you find on TCM. My kids think its funny that I know all the old stars and so much about them. My favorites are anything with Bette Davis, Jimmy Stewart, or Joan Crawfod, but I love alot of the oldies. If you get a chance this season, watch the old Christmas favorite, "The Shop Around the Corner"...great movie and voted one of the all-time favorite classic movies. You'll love it. It is usually shown more than once on TCM in the month of December. It stars Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan.

I agree about the old "Merri-thon" Hazel. I was thinking the same thing yesterday. Wish they would do it again with the old shows! Hard to believe that grandbaby of your's is already 9 months old! They do grow up so fast. Enjoy every minute. :) I'm glad you have her around to help lift your spirits. Being in pain everyday for weeks and weeks on end can certainly bring you down. My prayers for you, Hazel-Poo.

Ro, I have seen the movie you are talking about and it is cute.

Better finish the coffee and go sit in my easy chair and look at the birds on the feeder. I put a big feeder about 10 feet from my back porch and it has been loaded with birds for the past 2 weeks. I have the cutest redbird couple that is there everyday and many others, including the big, fat doves that eat the seed that has spilled on the ground. I just love watching them.

Better 'git! We have a christmas festival at our church today and I have to go take care of mom and wash the one million pound weinie dog for her (my back!).


December 10, 2011 - Msg 86557: Oh, and did I mention that my dog, Madea, is the best dog ever in the entire world? It took losing Hank to discover that but I have never in my life had a dog as good and sweet (and obedient) as this one. She doesn't even bother the birds that come to the feeder. Last night when we had company, she didn't jump on anyone or cause any trouble. Bruce told her to go to the back porch and she went and stayed there the entire evening and when our guests came out to get in the car, she sat there watching from the porch but never moved until I called her. I just love that dog. She is so sweet-natured. She gets lots of affection and lots of treats, needless to say. :)


December 10, 2011 - Msg 86558: Happy Birthday Salty Dog!

December 10, 2011 - Msg 86559: And I think today is our dear Floyd's birthday too! Happy birthday, to Floyd. Thanks for giving us the porch!

December 10, 2011 - Msg 86560: Goober Fife yer the cats...great list, thanks...hey Romeena,Boo,asa,mdc and all...quite here at work...SPOT

December 10, 2011 - Msg 86561:
Howdy porch family....had a great day out with my family. Had cedar plank hickory grilled salmon for dinner and man was it great! I'm stuffed. you are something...that list was so neat:)

Boo...that was so nice of your friend Keith....but you deserve it!

Hazel...I'm sure you had fun with that grand daughter:)'ve probably hit the nail right on the head as to the reason I'm not much for movies.

Well gang I think I'm going to hit the sack and get some sleep.
Love and prayers

December 11, 2011 - Msg 86562: Mornin' y'all- just wanted to say hello & let everybody know I'm hanging in there. Gotta get through next week-papers being served. Will share more once that's done.
Thanks again for the prayers-love to all.

possum under a rock

December 11, 2011 - Msg 86563: Morning all.

Possum, bless your heart as you go through the challenge your facing right now. Stay strong and close to the Lord. We are all here for you.

G-F, What a nice Christmas list buddy. Thank you for sharing that. Maybe we should add a little bug spray on the Rev's list. Y

December 11, 2011 - Msg 86564: Dang, I hit the wrong button again. I was about to say in case his larnyx gets dusty.

Hazel, it sounds like you are still in a fair amount of pain. I know how that can wear a body down. Try to keep your spirits up. I'm glad you are so close to your daughter and grand daughter.Hang in there. Things will get better.

Happy Birthday Floyd and Salty Dog. I hope it was a good one.

Boo, Madea sounds like a wonderful furkid. I'm glad you have her in your family of critters.

Spot, hope and pray all is still well with Sherry and you buddy.

I have started my yearly reading of Charles Dickens "Christmas Carol in Perose." If you have never read this work, I

December 11, 2011 - Msg 86565: Dadgummit, I keep hitting something thats posting before I'm ready to post. Anyway, if you can, read the story as written by Dickens. It's great to read and is a part of my Christmas tradition.

OK, I'm gonna go now before I get mad at me.

Prayers for all.


December 11, 2011 - Msg 86566: It's called the "enter" button. Asa, has your cider turned hard?


December 11, 2011 - Msg 86567: BAHAHA...I typed "Noo"! Maybe my cider turned hard.


December 11, 2011 - Msg 86568: Welcome Noo, have you met Boo? She used to be a feller. lol


December 11, 2011 - Msg 86569: Welcome to Noo. Pretty name, it's french, ain't it?
- Hazel

December 11, 2011 - Msg 86570: Think ya both been nippi'n on the squeezings!

December 11, 2011 - Msg 86571: You people are nutty! I love this porch! You can always count on a laugh, or a warm "hug" or something that makes you feel better. I wake up laughing every day, thanks to Toye Starr, and then I make my way in here to the keyboard, and check the porch to see what insanity reigns at the moment. I wouldn't take a dollar and a quarter for this place!

Did I tell you all that my ailing fish has apparently recovered? Yep, she's swimming straight and no longer floating to the top, looking dead. I don't know what was wrong, or what fixed her, but something or Someone did, and I'm grateful. She's such a beautiful little thing. About eight inches long, bright red/orange body and long, flowing tent-shaped tail fin, which is white with orange dots. She's a fan-tail comet, and she's gorgeous.

There are three squirrels chasing each other out back right now. They are so funny! I think it's two hopeful little boys after one very reluctant little girl. She knows, and apparently the boys don't (or they don't care) that it's not time yet. Along about February, she'll be a lot friendlier. Then in March, she'll den up in one of the nest boxes, and raise a brood of the cutest little things you ever saw. I love squirrels!

Well, I have a bunch of tulip bulbs in the garage and need to put them in the fridge until about the middle of January, when they'll be planted. In this part of the country, tulips have to be artificially chilled, or they won't bloom. Guess I'd better go clear some room in the garage fridge, and get them in there. They really need about six weeks of chilling, but they need to be planted by early to mid-January, so they won't get quite that much. Oh well.

Boo, I'm glad Madea turned out to be a good fit for your family, and sorry that Hank didn't. That's the way it is sometimes. I once had a little dog named Teddy, that I absolutely could not keep, and finally surrendered to the shelter. It's a no-kill shelter, and I thought I'd keep checking to see if he had found a home. If not, I don't know what I'd have done, but I really cared what happened to him. Well, he was adopted within two days, and the people who took him called back in a couple of weeks to see if there was another one like him, because their daughter wanted one too! Teddy was a roamer, and was miserable here, but happy as a little pig in the sunshine with the country people who took him. You just have to find the right "fit".

Well, guess I'd better go find some lunch. I didn't make it to preaching this morning because my back was locked down tight - took me five minutes and a lot of creativity just to get out of bed. It's loosening up some now.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 11, 2011 - Msg 86572:
Howdy porch family...pray you all are having a great worship day!

OK Asa.....It's Sunday...don't you think you could lay off the squeezing just one day of the week?

Want to welcome Noo to the porch:) hehe glad your little fin friend is doing good now. keep hanging strong. You always know you have a porch family here.

Well I better get going for now. Jesus loves you!
Love and prayers

December 11, 2011 - Msg 86573: Howdy, porch! Maybe now is a good time to tell you about Teddy. The sister of one of my son's friends had little Teddy, and asked if I could keep him for three weeks, until she moved from her apartment to a duplex. I agreed. Of course, she never came for him. I called her, and she said the duplex owner wouldn't let her have him so "could you find him a home?" I asked if maybe SHE could, and she said she had already tried, no luck, so guess he would just have to go to the pound. Yeah, like I would let that happen. So I kept him. Cutest little scruffy-looking fellow you ever saw, great personality, friendly and playful. Also possessed a remarkable talent for escaping from a fenced yard. (This was back in my unenlightened days, when I still thought dogs had to stay outside.)

Well, Teddy would get out, and Teddy would roam. Far and wide. We would get calls from people five streets away, people we had never heard of, who would ask "Are you Teddy's family? You'd better come get him, he has eaten my garden hose and four pot plants." I never did figure out how they knew his name, or how to call us, but they did. I guess word-of-mouth travels. He was no respecter of persons, everyone experienced his attention, next-door neighbors and people half a mile away.

My husband fixed the holes Teddy dug under the fence - many, many times. Short of pouring curbing the whole way, there was no keeping him in. He'd wander all day, then come home at dusk and sit on the front porch and bark. He pulled other dogs' bedding out of their houses and shredded it. He tore up hoses and welcome mats, he enlarged holes and released other dogs from their yards. I finally realized it had to end when a man called and told me that if Teddy came in his yard once more, he was going to shoot him. I couldn't let that happen, so I took him to our local no-kill shelter, told them the truth about Teddy's habits, and asked that they not do anything with him besides adoption. I told them if that didn't happen, I would come back for him, though I had no idea what I'd do with him.

Two days later I called to check on him, and they told me that an elderly couple who lived on ten acres out near Canton in East Texas had taken him. They had told the couple about Teddy's ways, and they said it would be no problem. They planned to keep him in their mobile home at night, and let him roam during the day. They said if it didn't work, they would return him. Well, I called back about three weeks later to see if he had been returned. He had not, in fact the people's daughter had come by, to see if maybe Teddy had a litter-mate that was available. Seems everyone loved him to pieces and he was doing fine. So, ever since, for the last thirty years, I've taken bags of dog food by the shelter now and then, just out of gratitude for them solving my problem with the lovable, irrepressible, impossible Teddy.

I told you I would tell you about Teddy and the hot beans, and I shall, but not tonight. This grows too long. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 11, 2011 - Msg 86574: Since he roamed alot "Teddy" must have ben a Kennedy kind of dog...
Sorry, I could'nt help myself...G-F...

December 11, 2011 - Msg 86575: Asa, Good idea on the bug spray for REV, but with the "Hot Mike" my thoughts were maybe he would not have to sing to hard when he is tired.
What the heck he gets BOTH.....G-F..
And by the way Hazel gets the Mr. Potato set in place of the big bag of tricks, so the tricks are back on the table...If no one wants them we'll send them to Washington DC, they sure know how to use them there! do I get an Amen??
These ideas just come to me while I'm just sittin around studyin on things...(never was much of a studier in school, thought it was time to start as I get older?)
G-F over & out for the night..Good night John-Boy

December 11, 2011 - Msg 86576: Boy Ro, I read that whole story waiting to hear about the hot beans. Hope you tell that one soon. ;) Teddy reminds me of our Jingles the escape artist who eventually was killed by a car. So sad.

Been at home all day because Erin has been sick with a cold. I enjoyed the rest but am getting a little antsy. Hope she is well tomorrow.

Better brush my teeth and take some Melatonin. Hope Erin doesn't wake me up with a fever again at 3am.


December 11, 2011 - Msg 86577: Sean is sitting here next to me and read my post and when he read my name he said, "You left a 'B' off of that"!! Mean.


December 12, 2011 - Msg 86578: Well good morning gang...fixing to get off work and sleep for a couple of hrs and then its weekly Cemo for Miss Sherry this morning. Total visit is about 3 hrs...back home to rest for her but me ...well got to get some wood hauled up to the barn and split up!..getting cold at night here in the South!..hey Boo,possum,Asa,Rev...hey Rev we will be in Piegon Forge the 27th for 6 night aint gona be there singing by chance are you?..ok..Maude lets whup up some b-fast...I will get the meat and hashbrowns if ya want to throw a couple of dozen eggs in the big frying pan...Boo get a paper and fix coffee...prayers as always to all you good people...SPOT

December 12, 2011 - Msg 86579: Barney Parney POO! (:

December 12, 2011 - Msg 86580:
Mornin' honeys and dears. it is a "cold" rainy day in Phx today.
RO- great story! not exactly a Christms story, but it sure could be! In our paper last week there was a story of a dog who ran off during a big AZ forest fire this past June. Well, 6 months later he walks up to the door of his home! A bit weather-worn but otherwise OK! Amazing cret-shures!
RO-did you see my post about the timers?
GF- Good observation of us all, I must say! But i "learned" all my jokes from Pappabear, who sends his love to all, by the way.
Possum, tough time of year to go thru what you are! Tough ANYtime really! Prayers continue.
I'll dig up my 12 days of "merryberry Christmas"!
PS- Hazel, the Hubacher brothers say hello from State prison! (:

December 12, 2011 - Msg 86581: MDC, my cousin Dan, who is in this 30's has two German Shepherds that are his children. He is divorced and never had actual kids so his dogs mean so much to him, anyway, he uses an isulin pump and if he is without insulin at any time, his sugar get very dangerously high. His pump went out awhile back and he ended up in the floor hallucinating, then spent a week in the ICU. Well, one time he was in his bedroom and his blood sugar got very high to the point that he was beginning to be unconsious. One of his dogs, who had never bitten before, bit him on the foot hard enough to wake him to the point that he knew something was wrong. The dog then helped him into the living room by allowing Dan to put his arms around the dog's neck and then the dog dragged him into the living room where Dan's mom was. The dog knew something was very wrong and did what he could to wake Dan up enough to get help, so he saved his life. Shepherds are smart dogs and seem to reason well. My dog is half shepherd and she is a smart cookie.

Well, didn't get good sleep last night due to erin. She woke me twice because she was having bad dreams, which is always does when she is sick with a fever. I gave her medication before bed to prevent it but it didn't help. She seems to be alot better this morning, though, so hopefully it will go better tonight.

Praying the Miss Sherry does well today.

Last night a watched a great old episode of The Lucy Show from 1960-something. It was black and white and Lucy and Viv were sharing a house. Lucy had two children and Viv one. They were having Christmas together for the first time and boy, did they get into some disagreements about Christmas traditions! Viv bought a white tree, Lucy wanted a green one so they had one of each. Viv wanted goose with oyster dressing, Lucy wanted turkey with chestnut dressing, Viv wanted to open gifts on Christmas Eve, Lucy on Christmas morning. They ended up in such a fight while decorating their trees, that they started destroying each other's ornaments and then cutting whole branches off of each other's trees! It had a happy ending of course, but it was pretty funny to watch. Anyone else seen that one?

Better finish this coffee and think about doing something productive.


December 12, 2011 - Msg 86582: Good morning, porch! I didn't have to work last night, got canceled at the last minute. I had put my name on the "cancel me" list, and it worked! I surely was glad, just didn't feel like working. Now I'm free until Wednesday night. Going to the church tonight to hear the Christmas music presentation, and tomorrow night there's the deacons and wives' Christmas dinner. Widows of deacons are included, and we're even picked up by one of the deacons. Very nice.

Teddy and the hot beans, huh? OK. Well, actually, it wasn't beans, it was black-eyed peas, but Teddy and the hot black-eyed peas is sort of cumbersome. Anyway, here's what happened. I bought a couple of cans of Ranch Style Brand black-eyed peas with jalapenos. I liked them, the kids didn't, and Dale wasn't overly fold of black-eyed peas in the first place, and the jalapenos didn't enhance them in his estimation. So, they were left over. I found them a couple of days later in the fridge and was going to throw them out. Dale decided Teddy might like them, so he put them in his food dish in the back yard.

Well! What followed should have been filmed. Teddy wasn't a picky eater, would eat anything and everything (including garden hoses and flower pots) so the peas were no exception. Dale, who was a bit of a prankster, was watching to see what poor Teddy would do when the first jalapeno hit his taste buds. We didn't have to wait long. He stopped, licked his chops a lot, and ate some more. He stopped again, ran over to his water bowl and drank, made a swing by the sycamore tree and "watered" it a bit, then back to the peas. Ate some more. Stop, run to the water bowl, anoint the tree, and back to the peas. He repeated this circuit at least six times. Meantime, I thought Dale was going to hurt himself, he was laughing so hard. He said he thought that with the stops at the tree, Teddy was trying to put the fire out! Anyway, that crazy dog ate ever last black-eyed pea in the dish, emptied his water bowl, and about killed the sycamore tree, he wet on it so much. He then was licking at the end of the garden hose, (what was left of it) so I refilled his water bowl. Still, he would return to the food dish every few minutes, just checking to see if maybe some of those "magic beans" had appeared, I guess. The crazy dog apparently loved peppers. My kind of pup! So that's the story of Teddy and the hot beans.

Yep, MDC I did see your post about the timers. Sorry, should have replied. I haven't bought one though, suspect they're a little pricey, but will look for them. I probably won't replace my existing, working timers, but when I need a new one, or one of the old ones dies, I'll most likely go with the battery-backup kind. We're supposed to get more rain starting tomorrow, so I know after it passes I'll be out there resetting timers again.

Well, the squirrels are nosing around the feeding stones, guess I'd better go put some groceries out there for them. I've got some dry rolls, and an apple to cut up for them. They love apples! Might find some pecans, too.

Prayers for Miss Sherry in this next round of chemo, and for our dear Spot, as he supports and cares for her through this time.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 12, 2011 - Msg 86583: Drat. That should be "Dale wasn't overly fond", not "fold." Why don't I proofread? --Romeena

December 12, 2011 - Msg 86584:
TOM- I just got your Christmas card! Very very nice! Thanks bro.
"Now Ben, you know that that bench is county property."

December 12, 2011 - Msg 86585: Hey, friends. A little question has been turning in my mind for a while, and I finally sat down and wrote it out, along with my conclusions. For what it's worth, if anyone's interested, you can find it at: Probably not everyone will agree, and that's certainly your right. (No, it's not political.) Anyway, read it if you wish, and feel free to comment.

Blessings! --Romeena

December 12, 2011 - Msg 86586: FUNNY story about Teddy, Romeena. Too bad you couldn't keep him, you would have had quite a few of those stories to share.

I will read you blog when I get back from the store, Ro, and render an opinion (for what it's worth).

Guess what?? Speaking of dog came within a second of getting sprayed by a skunk! I yelled at her stop just in time and she stopped in her tracks, giving the skunk just enough time to get away without spraying her. Whew!

Better go to the store.


December 12, 2011 - Msg 86587:
RO- concerning your blog, "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus," comes to mind!! ha
In my own experience, recall it being no big deal, in fact I had suspected it around the "age of reason' of 7 or so, and then woke up one Christmas night, and spied my dad putting together the tricycle I had asked for. In the years that followed I told him about it, and he said that he had also "sensed" my presence doing the spying, and said that he was prepared to tell me, if asked, that Santa had left it unas-sembled, and that he was just finishing up the job! ha Dads, always quick on their feet!

December 12, 2011 - Msg 86588:
Howdy porch family...just got home. My wife and I had a day out to ourselves. Finished the day with a meal at Cracker Barrel. We both just got a veggie plate.

Spot....praying Miss Sherry made out well with the treatment today. And nope I won't be in Pigeon Forge until May 2012. Sure would have loved to see ya'll.

Boo...also praying Erin is feeling better.

You all have a good night!
Love and prayers

December 13, 2011 - Msg 86589: Ro, I remember believing in Santa and being so dissapointed at age 7 when I finally came to the conclusion that it was a myth...but...I do believe in Santa (or St. Nicholas). Before you all think I'm crazy, let me explain. When Sean was little, I just never started the Santa thing. I wanted to focus his attention on Jesus so I just opted not to focus on Santa. I certainly never did forbid it or anything but the kids just never showed much interest in it. what I did teach them is that contrary to what many adults believe, Santa (St. Nick) is a real person who lived in this world years ago and he was a follower of God who did good works and I believe he is still alive today in heaven. That always satisfied them and they never asked too many questions about it but sometimes I think they missed out on something by not believing the "myth". I do remember, though, when Sean was still very young that he told me that he believed that Jesus is real but not Santa and the Easter Bunny because I never "lied to him" about those (those were his own words). So, maybe for some kids it can be a good thing. I don't however think that believing in Santa ever shipwrecked any child's faith in God. :) I am just one of those people that is more focused on reality and I don't have a great imagination. I hate telling or making up even bedtime stories (my poor kids are deprived);). I think I would describe it as laziness of mind. I also HATE to play, board games or any of that. (In my best Lydia voice:) I don't mind Pictionary, but I HATE other games!

Thanks REV, Erin is doing much better.

Off to bed!