January 09, 2012 - Msg 87012: Gosh, been slow on the porch for awhile now. Wish everyone would come back home. Sniff.


January 09, 2012 - Msg 87013: Oh, don't even get me started on the SS fraud. That's exactly what it is, a huge Ponzi scheme. It makes me sick when I think that all the money my Dale paid in over his lifetime - mandated, enforced pay-in - was just lost when he passed away. Oh, I could have drawn it, when I reached retirement age, but by then I had worked eleven years longer than he had, so my own account was slightly larger, and I took that. His went into the Nancy Palosi Vacation Fund. If he had been putting that same amount of money into an ins#rance policy, that would have converted to an annuity if he lived, or been paid to me when he passed, things would have been vastly different. My expenses went marching on, with the exception of the costs of keeping his truck, which I sold, but my income was cut in half. SS is no different, I only get half. It has been a bumpy road, let me assure you.

Work wasn't too bad last night, would have been a breeze if I hadn't felt so rotten. I'm really having a hard time shaking this stuff, but I'm not alone. About every third person I talk to either has it, or is just finally getting over it, and it appears that it hangs on for a couple of weeks, no matter what you do. No, I haven't been to a doctor. She would give me an antibiotic I don't need, since this is viral, and would put me on a steroid pack, which would send my blood sugar into the stratosphere. From talking with other people, here's what I've observed. Some people, in desperation after a week of feeling horrible, give up and go to the doctor and get on all those meds. Sure enough, within another week, they're coming out of it and feeling pretty good. Others, like me, refuse to take the meds and instead, just ride it out. Sure enough, in the same two weeks, they're feeling pretty good. Hmmm. Do you see a pattern here? It's like a physician whom I respect greatly once said. With a cold, if you take your medicine, you can get over it in just a week. If you don't, it will take a full seven seven days! Yes, his tongue was firmly in his cheek when he said that. So, I've chosen to just ride it out. This too shall pass.

Boo, I know just how you're feeling. We all have those little dips in our mood. Mine last longer these days, and the guilt I feel is much lighter, but it happens to all of us. Take a day, waste it completely, just waste the absolute heck out of it, and then get back to work. It helps. Not a lot, but it does help.

Blessings! --Romeena

January 09, 2012 - Msg 87014: Sorry, that's "Pelosi". I know better. --Romeena

January 09, 2012 - Msg 87015: And that's only one "seven" days. Guess I'm still sick, can't even see straight. --Romeena

January 09, 2012 - Msg 87016: Ro, I take it your not a "Pelosi fan either? :(
Saw ya on Floyd's new site. I hear you speak of your puppy often...she's a cutie....We may check out "Diamond Jim's" but we all come back to Mr. Foley's end of the porch...right?....G-F

January 10, 2012 - Msg 87017: Good morning porchters. I pray you all have a good day today.

Glad you survived the night Ro. And hope you get feeling better soon. You got something we can loosen to speed up your recovery? :)

I hope that you are able to retire MDC. I hope I am able to as well, but I'm still 10 years away from it, the Lord willing. With the misery I get in my back, and because of the nature of my work though, I don't know if I can keep on doing it. I hope so though.

With that in mind, if I could ask for your prayers in my behalf for tomorrow. I am having a medical test done, and I pray the results will all be good. If you could remember me in your prayers, I'd be mighty grateful to you. Thanks.

I need to go check out Floyd's new site I guess. Sounds like lots of you are joining up there. I sure hope it doesn't leave a bunch of empty rockers here though.

Boo, is Bruce feeling better?

Well I better get rolling. I pray you all have a safe day.


January 10, 2012 - Msg 87018: Mornin' Y'all- Just popping in to let you know that I'm doing ok. Busy with work & life,but doing pretty good.

Heard that Miss Sherry is really sick. Spot says she couldn't get her chemo treatment this week because she caught one of these nasty "bugs" that's going around. Plus,she hasn't been doing well overall.

Continued healing thoughts & prayers for her.

Y'all have a good day-love to all!
possum under a rock

January 10, 2012 - Msg 87019: Good morning, porch. No, G-F, I'm not a fan of Ms. Pelosi, nor of Harry Reid, Barney Frank or any of the other members of the Goon Squad. I'm absolutely shocked at the way we have allowed the criminals to take over this country. My parents would be appalled, and my grandparents, who were staunch Democrats, simply wouldn't believe it.

Yes, the little dog I'm holding in my iMayberry picture was a sweetie. That's not my present baby, Toye Starr - that's my dear little Sugarplum, whom I lost four and a half years ago. The oldtimers here will remember her very well. Little Starr looks a lot like her, but is about half her size.

Thanks for making me an iMayberry friend. I'm not sure just what I'm supposed to do about that. Not being on Facebook, I don't know all the etiquette and procedures, but I'm sure I'll learn. I know I'm supposed to respond to the email notice if I accept the "friend" offer. Of course, I will. Now I have to figure out how to reciprocate. All of you who are more "techie" than I am - and that would be about everyone - please bear with me as I catch up.

I'm so very sorry to hear that Miss Sherry is going through a rough patch. Spotty, you know we will all be praying for her - please tell her so, and give her our love. Those drugs can be so rough, making one feel just horrible, and they lower the body's resistance to infection. Skipping a treatment will let her bounce back a little, and fight the bug off. I remember I had to skip one treatment back there so many years ago, because my white count just almost disappeared. I couldn't have fought off a gnat, and I was working full time in the hospital, on a medical floor! Not smart, but that's the way things worked out. Anyway, my count came back up, I resumed my treatment, and here I am, almost 33 years later. So hang in there, dear old doggie, and keep the faith.

Well, guess I'd better go feed La Starr. I've received three ankle pats. Next thing, I'll be barked at! That's really scary, of course. She sounds like a squeak toy. Oh well - I love her! Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

January 10, 2012 - Msg 87020: Oregano! (:

January 10, 2012 - Msg 87021: Bruce is well now, Asa, thank you for asking. I will certainly pray for your test results.

Hope you are well soon, Ro. I will try to take your advice and find a day somewhere to waste. Don't think I'll find one this week, though. Yesterday was very busy but went surprisingly well. The kids did their schoolwork without griping and their attitudes were generally good. I got alot accomplished but worked from sun up to practically bedtime. I did sit down last night and watch a couple of TAG eps before bed, per Erin's request. That's always a nice way to end the day. I went to be around 10:30 but the crazy dog was barking her head off at 2:30 and woke me so I was awake for an hour or so before I could go back to sleep. Hate when that happens.

Mom-in-law had her cataract procedure yesterday and came to my house for the day afterward because of her tremors. The sedative they gave her and having her left eye covered made her very unsteady. It was not an easy evening. She is getting more confused and it just takes so much patience to take care of her. It is getting worse and Bruce really gets impatient with her. She is not exactly one of those sweet little old ladies. She gets kind of bossy and hard to deal with but its easier for me for some reason. Bruce has a tougher time...seems I remember it being that way when his sister lived here, too. I think he needs an anger managment class or something to deal with his relatives.

Speaking of relatives, I have to go see mom and dad today and get dad cleaned up for his appointment tomorrow with the cardiologist. I hope I can get him lined up with some help and possibly with hospice, though I am getting discouraged after seeing how medicare cuts are already affecting mom. They cut out her nurses aide that came twice a week to help her shower and that was a blow to mom because she is still modest and doesn't want her girls helping her with that. It was also good for her to have someone come in and visit with her too. She would grow fond of the aids that come to see her and some of them were just so good at lifting mom's spirits.

Better git!


January 10, 2012 - Msg 87022: Possum, I missed your earlier post. My prayers for Sherry today.


January 10, 2012 - Msg 87023: Grrrr! When I read something like Boo just wrote, it just makes me so mad. How dare those fat cats sit up there and vote themselves big old raises and other perks, take obscenely expensive "vacations" and all the other outrageous things they do, and then have the nerve to vote in a bill they haven't even read, that ends up doing the kinds of things Boo is dealing with. I have a new mantra - "REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!" We need to boot them all out on their fannies, and the American people need to absolutely INSIST on reform regarding the payouts and perks allowed for Congress. I'll bet if a bill that mandated some cuts for them was introduced, they'd darn well read that one before they passed it! This country is being hoodwinked, robbed and ravaged by those miserable bums, and we're just sitting around letting it happen. REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!


January 10, 2012 - Msg 87024: A good afternoon to everyone! I hope you are all well and in good spirits! Will try to get back here more regular and post more as time progresses. Have a good day everyone. Blessings all around!

Hey Ro - I see your comments just above mine and I'll tell you what need to happen in America (even though I am not very political). We, the people, need to do what is done with sports teams. Clean house! Walk in to the American govt. as a whole, point your finger and say "You're fired, you're fired, you stay, you're fired, you stay, etc, etc,"

That's just my two cents. LOL!

John Masters

January 10, 2012 - Msg 87025:
OK, but who would we get to replace them? That's the rub in all this. Who? I'm not at all happy with the current choices. We need statesmen.
I feel like Abraham asking if god would spare the country if he finds just ten good ones in it. There i said it, and now i'm sliding my soapbox back under the porch.
Man, now i need a quote-a-thon! ha
OTIS: Go out Route 22 past Wainsboro, Medville, Thorndike, Hobson.....
BARN: A little slow-w-e-er, please......
OTIS: ...thru Vir-gin-ia, Pennsylvania, O-hi-o.....
BARN: He's makin' for Canada!
OTIS: .....back through West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, into Mayberry on
Route 10....to Elm Street...Four-One-One Elm Street."

Prayers for Sherry and all,

January 10, 2012 - Msg 87026: Good question, JM. Who? Anyone, that's who. I make no apology for my little rant up there, or for my slogan of "REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER" because it's strictly non-partisan. My disgust extends over both sides of the aisle. I'm not thrilled with anyone in the Republican stable for election, but, well, I won't go there. The point I'm interested in right now is that the only way we're going to fix Congress is to dump them all, just clean house. Then no matter who ends up in their place, they'll be minding their p's and q's for sure, because they know America is watching. That's something we haven't really done up until now. Just look at the shameful, disgraceful behavior of some of them, yet they keep their congressional seat year after year. Look at the voting records of most of them. There may be one or two on either side that would be worth keeping, but it would take a real political scholar and a lot of research into voting records to determine who they are, so I think the only thing to do is just sweep the place clean, and start over. One thing is for sure, it couldn't get any worse. Of course, one sure way to fix it all is to eliminate all the special perks and exorbitant lifetime pensions, etc. and put them all under the same rules and regs that the rest of us live under. Specifically and especially Obamacare and Social Security. When they have to live with it, they'll make sure it's a good deal, or they'll fix it. Right now, the attitude in Congress is "Let them eat cake!", and the cake is pretty dry.

There, I said it, and like MDC, I ain't takin' it back! God bless America? Maybe it should be "America, bless God!" Not new, not original with me, but it sure has a ring to it. --Romeena

January 10, 2012 - Msg 87027: By the way, the picture of Sugarplum with me, on the iMayberry site, was taken right after she pilfered a tube of lipstick out of my purse, took the top off of it, and ate the whole, entire thing. I had used it twice. She just held it between her little paws and ate it like a popsicle. Somehow, she even twisted it so that the whole tube was accessible. She had it all over her face and chest, and her front paws, but she didn't get a single smidgen on the bedspread she was lying on when she did it. Oh, she had unzipped my purse to get to the lipstick too. She looked so funny I couldn't even scold her. --Romeena

January 10, 2012 - Msg 87028: Ro, I'm trying to understand Floyds new site too I'm sure no techie either! Guess we can both learn new tricks. I don't do the facebook thing so that is as good as it gets. I still like the Porch the best!
Check out my profile picture its a Goober/Barney morph it goes with my handle...G-F...

January 10, 2012 - Msg 87029: I sort of wondering what the color around her mouth was from..that's funny!..G-F...

January 10, 2012 - Msg 87030: Well Ro, I did get what I think is some good news today. I called a church friend who is the director for the largest hospice agency around here. I wanted to ask her some questions so I would know what to ask the doc tomorrow for Dad. After I filled her in on our situation she said that just from what I had told her, Dad would qualify and that I just need to have the doc order a hospice evaluation. She said, once in hospice care, Medicare would cover all his expenses, 100%. I hope she is right and that things don't change any time soon, although I am not holding my breath. From what she told me about the kind of service they would provide, it would be such a help and a blessing that we really need right now. I went over and shaved dad today but he was too weak to get in the shower. I will go back tomorrow before his appointment and help him get his shower but I think I will have to use mom's wheelchair to get him to the office. He just gets so tired out from nearly everything now. No matter how he is suffering, though, he keeps that sweetness about him. Today before I left he told me, "I love you more than you will ever know. I need you and appreciate everything you do for me." What a sweet, sweet Daddy. I want so much for his last months to be as comfortable as possible. Please pray that all goes as it should for him, and most of all, please remember to pray that he is ready to meet the Lord. Thanks and love you all.


January 10, 2012 - Msg 87031: I agree with you guys on the SS issue. They act like we shouldn't count on it, should have enough in savings, etc. to live on after retirement - but it's our money, we gave into it all these years, we have every right to expect it when we retire. Grrrr. But I can't blame the current administration (not that anyone did), or even the one before, it's been going on for so long. They've been threatening for years that there wouldn't be any $$ left by the time most of us retire that we shouldn't count on it. I also agree that both sides have a lot of nerve (Fat cats, I believe Ro described them) to sit back and pass laws for us little people. Most of us will have to work 'til we drop, while they get big retirement checks and pensions. It's been escalating for years and years, no matter what party you side with.
I signed up for the new community board too, but haven't had much chance to look around yet. Can't really figure it out yet.
Prayers for Asa tomorrow, and Sherry too.
Ever since I bragged on my mom's health, she's gone downhill. I've been to the emergency room with her twice in the last week, and now she's got another issue that's cropped up. Prayers please?
- Hazel

January 10, 2012 - Msg 87032: Your post snuck in on me, Boo. Prayers for your dad. ((((hugs)))))
- Hazel

January 10, 2012 - Msg 87033: Thank you, Hazel. I am very sorry to hear about your mother's health. My prayers for her and you. (((hugs)))


January 11, 2012 - Msg 87034: I am just afraid that there won't be an America(well, one we will recognize anyway) by November. And/or the demonrats in power now will do something that will keep them in power. Don't ask me what that something would be, but being as how they like to sidestep the constitution on everything - and besides they know a b*tt whipping is coming - they may not be adverse to doing something REALLY radical, to ensure their continued power.

The pastor at our church mentioned something Sunday that eased my mind a bit on these political matters. He touched briefly on all the turmoil and happenings going on in the world, and he said, "No matter who wins the White House, they are not going to stop Jesus from coming back."
Because as we all know, it is going to get worse before it gets better.
Even so, come Lord Jesus!

Goodnight, porch!

I know, Boo. I haven't forgotten your comment. I will tell you what's been going on with Noah later. But right now you have to take care of your dad. Prayers for you and you too Hazel with your mom.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 11, 2012 - Msg 87035: Well good middle of the night gang...Hadf to skip Miss Sherrys Chemo this week...she has had a touch of congestion so they gave her antibotics and we will start pump week monday....she is doing ok...just week and back hurts...after the next pump (one week long) we will have another pet scan and see wher we are at...I think she is leaning toward not ever going back to work at the power company...out on Long term now..just dont have the stamina...but anyway thats a quick up date..I stay busy with laundry and house work!...get off at 6 am then off till sat night...gona try to get some leaves burnt....hey Sterling,asa,possum,hazel,JM,Romeena,Lucy,ky,MDC and all...prayers welcome and are given...Boo and Maude lets hit I-Hop this morning...on me...Boo you bring yer local paper and me mine...SPOT

January 11, 2012 - Msg 87036: I-Hop it is, SPOT. I'll bring the paper. Think of Miss Sherry and praying for her (and for you).

Hey there Sterling. I think it is the hope of Christ's making things right someday that keeps me going and not freaking out over everything I see in the news. I know he will never leave or forsake us. This country may have some real difficulties to endure but God is still on the throne.

Well, better get off here and get some work done.


January 11, 2012 - Msg 87037: Good morning, y'all. I'll meet ya over at I Hop-thanks,spotty!

Prayers for Asa, Sherry, Boo's dad, Hazel's mom & the entire porch family.

Y'all have a good day- gonna be a rainy one here,but we can use the rain.

Catch y'all later-back under my rock I go!

possum under a rock

January 11, 2012 - Msg 87038: Good morning, porch! I slept very late, since I have to work tonight, and got up to find a perfectly beautiful day, clear skies and bright sunshine. It's a little chilly at 45 degrees, but there's almost no wind. I'm so glad it's such a lovely day, because Ray's funeral is today. The burial will take place about half an hour from now, out at the Veterans National Cemetery. I'm not going to that. The memorial service will be at the church at 1 pm, and I will go to that. I just about can't handle a military burial, with the bugler playing TAPS and all. Just tears me up, so I usually just go to the memorial. The reverse order thing happens because at the National Cemetery, you are assigned a time for the burial, and it is often pretty early in the morning. To try to have the actual funeral service beforehand could mean having it at 7 am, and obviously, that's not good. So a lot of families opt for the reverse order. The burial is usually attended by family and very close friends, and the memorial is for everyone. In Ray's case, his wife has encouraged anyone who wants to, to attend the burial, but I'm not going to do so. I'm just glad for everyone's sake that the sun is shining. Few things are sadder than a funeral in the rain.

I need to go put out some more cracked corn. A flock of doves descended yesterday, and picked the feeding stones clean. There must have been fifty of them - pretty little things. There's one lone dove out there right now, pecking around, so I guess he's finding something, but it can't be much. This calls for a visit from The Corn and Seed Lady!

Guess I'd better feed myself and my little four-footed companion as well. This is going to be a long day, and then I have to work tonight.

Prayers for all - blessings! --Romeena

January 11, 2012 - Msg 87039: Vicks! (:

January 11, 2012 - Msg 87040:
Howdy to my porch family...Been missing you folks but staying busy on this tour. The concerts are going great with great crowds.

Wanted to let you folks know that my concert this Sunday morning will be streamed live at the Salvation Saloon website @ 10:00am eastern time. If you can, be sure to check it out. It's the same place that some of you watched a couple years ago. It's the Biker Church....different type of church than anything I do but I have a blast with these folks. Remember now...they meet in a "real bar" so those that didn't see it the last time...don't think I've "lost my way"....lol Even though it's a bar, they will still hear about Jesus in my concert....I promise that! These folks are reaching bikers for Christ that the traditional church couldn't do. Like I said check it out Sunday morning if you can.

A lot of pray needs on the porch....Please know that you are all in my heart and prayers!
Love and prayers

January 11, 2012 - Msg 87041:
REV, is there anyway you can post a link to the site? Would love to "tune in."
BOO- That would be a blessing if hospice could start visiting your dad. They did that with my mom at the nursing facility, and set her up with a pressure pad etc. They also provided a rolling plastic-pipe chair that they placed in the shower for her to sit on during showers. HOWEVER, I should warn you that, at least with my mom's, they kept trying to take her OFF important heart meds, etc, and i had to really put my foot down and tell them ,"No, she stays on them!" So just be ready for something like that.
SPOT- prayers for Sherry continue buddy!
HAZEL, that is why I am considering taking the "reduced amount" NOW as opposed to whatever it becomes later!
Posssum- prayers also for you my dear!
All the best!
Stoner: "Sheriff, I am a patient man but I've heard enough. I have heard enough! I am not going to permit the entire law force of Mayberry to sit around in somebody's parlor on some impossible theory while those crooks could be cleaning out every farm in the county."

January 11, 2012 - Msg 87042: "I'm waiting for the official verification."

January 11, 2012 - Msg 87043:
MDC...the website for the concert will be www.salvationsaloon.com
I think all you will have to do is once you're on the site Sunday morning just click on "Watch Live" button.

January 11, 2012 - Msg 87044: Well, all went well at the doctor today and the doc gave the order for a hospice evaluation. The nurse, who also happens to be my friend, will be out tomorrow afternoon to evaluate dad and see if he qualifies. Thanks for that warning, MDC. It so happens that she and I have already discussed that to a point and he can take whatever we feel he needs to take. I am very happy that his cardiologist listened to me and was willing to do as we wished. He could see how far downhill dad is going and how thin he is. Dad was 170 today, down from 200-something 6 months ago and he told me that he is still having the pain in his ribs off and on and that sometimes it's like he has been "hit in the side by a freight train" (guess it gets pretty bad). Thanks for the prayers on his behalf. Things seem to be going in the right direction for him.

I have finally started using my Kindle that santa brought me and I really like it. Do any of you have one?

Better run Erin out of the shower and make her get ready for bed.


January 12, 2012 - Msg 87045: Good morning to everyone on the porch! I hope you all have a blessed day!


January 12, 2012 - Msg 87046: Rafe? Rafe Hollister? Our old friend, long-time-no-see Rafe? If it's you, we ain't laid eyes on you in a month of Sundays, and if you're a new incarnation of Rafe, welcome to the porch!

Boo, I've been considering a Kindle. Can't decide whether to get one, or wait until I can afford an iPad, which might be never. Tell me about your Kindle. What do you like about it? Anything you don't like about it? I prefer to get my information personally, first-hand. I've never put too much faith in advertising copy.

Well, I'm pooped. Just got home from work, was the "nursery nurse" last night, and even though our plan is that the babies stay with their parents all the time, of course it doesn't work out that way. New moms are exhausted, and will just flat insist that the baby go to the nursery for the night. I had five with me all night. One was a screamer. There was nothing wrong. She was full, burped, dry, clean and had her pacifier. She just wanted to be held. Pick her up - silence. Put her down - screams. Finally about 5:30, after listening to her shriek for hours, I could stand no more. I called her floor nurse, and told her to come get the kid before I sold her to a passing band of gypsies. She came after her, I gathered up the shattered pieces of my sanity, and managed to make it until quitting time. If it hadn't been for that one leather-lung'd kid, I'd have had a great night.

I'm going to go boil a pot of steel-cut oats, make some toast, pour some juice and have a great breakfast. Then I'm putting this weary body to bed for a while. See you folks later! --Romeena

January 12, 2012 - Msg 87047: "...before I sold her to a passing band of gypsies"! haha...funny, Ro.
The Kindle I have is the most basic, no-frills Kindle and is very easy to use. All I had to do was follow the instruction and was able to download free books off Amazon, and some of them are really good...classics and so on. Some books you have to pay for, but the Kindle price is lower than what you would pay for a copy of the book (about half from what I can tell). What I like is the ease of being able to load books in seconds. I like that my Kindle is small and lightweight, but it is very easy to enlarge the font size to make it easy to read. It is easy to carry in your purse and take along to appointments. What I don't like is that the screen isn't lighted. Its just like reading a regular book, not like a computer screen, so you have to have good lighting is you use it. You can purchase covers with LED lights but there are about 50.00. The other thing I don't like is that when you go on Amazon to the free ebook list (of which there about 46,000!), you have to wade through alot of junk. There are some pretty offensive books offered and sometimes a small photo that you don't want to see. Lots of junky romance books, etc...but if you take the time to search you can find some really good books. Today I found Martin Luther's "Concerning Christian Liberties" and "Grace Abounding to the Christian Sinners," by John Bunyan (the author of Pilgrim's Progress). I also found some "Chicken Soup for the Soul" stories and some free kids books for Erin.

Better go get something done.


January 12, 2012 - Msg 87048: What about PAUL Bunyan and his ox Babe? teehee

January 12, 2012 - Msg 87049: "Mornin' HON-ey. Mornin' DEAR!" teehee again. (:

January 12, 2012 - Msg 87050: It's the same Rafe, from NC. Comin by to see everyone and catchup on the news. HOpe all is well and everyone is enjoying their time on the porch.

January 12, 2012 - Msg 87051:
Still going strong here RAFE! good to see ya.
Been a little slow here lately, REV is on the road, TOM stops by now and again, same with Poor Horatio and Lucy Matthews, RO when she's not coming off 14 in the nursery, BOO between lessons, SPOT once the power is up and runnn', etc etc.
Others too..hazel, big maude, sterling, JM, G-F, asa, auh20 and someone that i'm sure i missed and will hear about it! haha
All my best to you and yours.

January 12, 2012 - Msg 87052: Big snow comming my way again.. won't send it to TOM this time, he got mad the last time, I think he needs an early spring in WVA. :)
Auh2o it's comming your way....(I think he hibernated already, have'nt heard from him for awhile),
Boo, you like the Chicken Soup books? I do, I got alot of em' good short stories with soul for the soul!....G-F.........

January 12, 2012 - Msg 87053: Good evening, all. I slept all day! Fell asleep in my chair after I ate my oatmeal, which is not a good thing to do. Sure does put a kink in an already-painful old body. I guess I'd have slept there all day, if Eddie hadn't called me. He had done his magic in the yard, and naturally, wanted his money. I barely remember pulling on a robe, meeting him at the door with his pay, and heading for the bed, where I was out like a light immediately. I set an alarm for about two hours later, slept right through it. The phone finally woke me at about 6 p.m. Guess I was really tired, and I still haven't shaken this virus thing, so don't have much reserve to call on. Oh well. Tomorrow will be a better day, except I have to work tomorrow night. Now I've got to go round up something to eat.

Blessings! --Romeena

January 12, 2012 - Msg 87054:
Howdy porch family

Ro...you needed that good day of rest. Pray you can kick that ole virus soon.

MDC...if you retire early, maybe you can come on tour with me and be a roady..lol

G-F....get that snow blower warmed up but just don't blow it south:)

Boo...I've read a couple of the Chicken Soup books also. Some very good little stories.

Well guess I'm gonna go back here in the motorhome, jump in bed and watch some TAGS. Yep that's what I think I'll do...go back here in the motorhome and watch some TAGS................YYYYep (with a long stretch) think that's what I'll do.....

Love you folks and prayers for all!

January 12, 2012 - Msg 87055: Can someone PLEASE tell my the story of Myra Koontz and that Tennessee salesman???

January 12, 2012 - Msg 87056: Because inquiring minds want to know!

January 12, 2012 - Msg 87057: Hi All.
Hello Rafe how are you.
MDC I haveben busy what me stepdad !
He is not doing to good tht why I m not here.
G F all that snow that going to hit here well be here tonight to so I will send it back up to can.


January 13, 2012 - Msg 87058: Hi All.
G F will the snow is here and so is the f cold


January 13, 2012 - Msg 87059: Chuck? Is that you?? Boy,spot will sure be happy to see you back rockin' with us!

Kinda nippy at the rock this morning,but no snow.I think Tom is hanging on to that- LOL

Sending extra love & hugs out to Spot-bless his heart,he's really hurting over Miss Sherry. Prayers continue for her-friends,she is in a good deal of pain & not doing well.

Gotta go iron the ol work uniform-y'all take care!

possum under a rock

January 13, 2012 - Msg 87060:
Hey Folks

We have gone through a bit of a "situation" here. It's kinda of hard to speak about without raising my anxiousness levels. I had to take my daughter to an Emergency Room on Christmas day and we just came back home a couple of days ago. Things have been crazy but I think I can see "normal" down the road a stretch, boring, ho hum, normality has never sounded so good.

If you folks could say a prayer for my girl I'd appreciate.

G-F We did have some weather move in this morning, thanks for the heads-up. So far, about 6 inches of snow maybe 18 when it's all done.

Peace & Prayers,

January 13, 2012 - Msg 87061:
Morning porch family.

Chuck...good to see ya man....welcome back!

Prayers continue for Miss Sherry and Spot. We love you both buddy!

Possum....keep things in order up there in SC while I'm away this month. How bout running over to the Midlands and making sure they are behaving.

Auh2o....I'm so sorry you are facing this "situation" brother. You bet I'll be praying for your daughter!

Well I've got a "free" day today so I'll be tucked away in this motorhome working on new songs.
Ya'll have a Jesus filled day and be sure to share HIS love with someone along the way!
Love and prayers

January 13, 2012 - Msg 87062: Good morning, porch! What a beautiful day we have here. It's 32 degrees, but the sun is shining and there's no wind, so as long as you stay in the sun, it's not bad at all. Eddie was here yesterday, the lawn is clean and free of leaves, and the flowerbeds are still fairly well-mulched with them. The pond water is clearing up, about the color of weak tea now. It looked like strong coffee a couple of weeks ago, from the tannins in the leaves that blew in. I dipped most of the leaves out. That nasty slime that was fouling the pumps has disappeared as well, so two of them are running. The main one is still just a dribble, but I have hope. Why the brown color from the leaves fades out after a while, I don't know, but I'm glad it does. A partial water change would be good and would help, but with the main pump barely running, that would mean I'd have to resort to dipping the water out, and I just don't have the strength to do that. I need to replace at least 200 gallons, and at a gallon per dip, that would take until next summer!

Tom, I hope the snow changes its mind and passes you on by, because it sure doesn't bring out the best in your attitude! We miss our cheerful, poetry-loving Tom! Try to look at it this way - maybe God thinks your area needs the moisture, to set the stage for a pretty Spring! I'm sorry your stepdad is doing poorly. I know you care about him a lot, and feel the responsibility for his care so heavily. I'll be praying for both of you.

auh2o, I'm sorry you're having concerns with your daughter. Whatever it may be, God knows what is needed, and we'll be praying for a quick resolution of the problems.

Well, got to go feed my little friends. The one who lives in here with me is huffing around and hinting that I should move on to the kitchen. The ones who live in my trees and nest boxes have made numerous trips to the feeding stones out there, only to find nothing. A flock of redwing blackbirds came through yesterday, at least a hundred of them, and they stripped everything clean. There's not so much as a grain of cracked corn out there! Fortunately, there's more in the garage, so I can fix that problem in a few minutes. Got some old bread that can go out there too, and some cherries that have gone soft. I don't like them that way, but the birds and squirrels don't mind. No need for anything to go to waste around here - too many little mouths and beaks that are grateful for what they get.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

January 13, 2012 - Msg 87063: Romeena, As Malcome Merriweather would say Arn't ya kind! I'm sure you critters love ya for it....

REV..Got a start for a new song for ya to work on: Snow day, Snow day, Gobber-Fife wants it to go away, especially in WVA...So TOM can have a sunny spring daaay...hey hey, O'God please find a waaaay tooodaaaaay! That's a start you can finish the rest. But if it goes platinum I want co-writer credit on the CD....G-F....

January 13, 2012 - Msg 87064: Hi All.
The season of love is upon us
Witg its spirit of joy and good cheer,
When loved ones and friends surround us
And kind, little gestures are dear,
The season of love is upon us,
We can see it and feel it each day;
There's no time like Christmas to practice
That harmonious, true Christian to practice.
The season of love is upon us
Enhanced by the pleasures it brings,
And memories now in the making
Can one day make lonely hearts sing.
The season of love is upon us,
And as we spread love far and wide,
We will rejoice in God's blessings,
Which forever with us ill abide.


January 13, 2012 - Msg 87065: Could some of the porch family send some snow our way up here in NC? Really would like to see a little of the white stuff. Could sit on the porch all day and watch it fall...


January 13, 2012 - Msg 87066:
Rafe, there's plenty "snow' a comin' to SC as in grey-haired politicians! ha Look for the little circus car and all the clowns will be climbing out! haha So maybe some will "drift' up your way!
AUH20, prayers for you and yours my friend, you bet!
TOM- very nice!
Is that our CHUCK with the 5 beautiful daughters? welcome back bro!
Possum- prayers also continue for you.
HEY ALL, I was watching the "Woman Speeder" last night, and got to thinking without a radar gun, how did they know she was ACTUALLY sppeding? ha
Just a thought for us simple-minded hicks 'round here.
"Barney, lock her up, and buy some pink towels."
(Love that line)

January 13, 2012 - Msg 87067:
OK G-F....that's a hit....we will sing that one on one of those super high powered mics...lol

Everyone have a good night. See ya'll tomorrow.
Love and prayers

January 14, 2012 - Msg 87068:
Morning Porch

Thank you so much for the prayers. The last few weeks have been rough.

Still snowing here, at least 18 inches so far, and cold. Our high today is gonna be 11 degrees, which is the present temp at 8:40 am.

G-F & Rev That is a nice ditty you guys are collaborating on, kinda like Rodgers & Hammerstein, Lennon & McCartney, or maybe, Stiller & Meara.


January 14, 2012 - Msg 87069: Hi All.
G-F keep that snow in Cleveland and REV I will wait to you are home to send all this snow to you! hehe


January 14, 2012 - Msg 87070:
Morning porch family! It's even chilly down here in Florida where I'm at now.
And Tom....you better not send that snow to SC. But if you do, go ahead and send it now before I get back home:)

auh2o....yea the song may not go "platinum" but it's a good chance it may go "tin"....that means it's sold three copies.....if me, G-F and you buy one that will put us there...hehe

Everybody stay warm today.....and don't forget to check out the concert online in the morning if you get the chance @ 10:00am est...www.salvationsaloon.com

Love and prayers

January 14, 2012 - Msg 87071: Laurel & Hardy?....I guess you guys are saying maybe I should not give up my day job yet??
Man, I was looking for a good reason to retire.
These days even the price of tin is good...G-F

January 14, 2012 - Msg 87072: I think I might have found a blooper in the bulbsnatcher episode. Remember the scene when Andy and Opie walk into the courthouse at night and turn on the light to suprise Barney and Thelma? When Andy is leaving the courthouse, Opie is in front of him and as he gets to the door, he opens it, steps out and sticks his head back out to tell barney to get a room. Well, what happens to Opie? I don't think he had time to get out of the door ahead of Andy. Someone else tell me what you think when you watch it next time.

Been busy...wasn't even on here yesterday and still need to read back over what was posted. Wanted to tell you, though, that Dad is now under hospice care and is even getting the oxygen he has been asking for already. They work fast! The nurse told us that as of yet, Medicare isn't cutting back on hospice funds like they have been home health. We'll see how long it takes...as for now, though, Dad is getting some great care already. They are even sending someone in each week to give him a message! MDC, I am in the process of looking at Dad's meds to see what he needs and what he doesn't, but it was my idea and never pushed by the nurse. They are very "whatever the pt. and family want" oriented. I think they are going to be a huge help to us. Thanks for your prayers on Dad's behalf.

Great to see you, Auh2o. Sorry that your daughter had to be in the hospital over the holidays and will pray for her.


January 14, 2012 - Msg 87073: sticks his head back "IN" I mean..


January 14, 2012 - Msg 87074: hI All
Cold day and snow for the weekend.
Boo we have hospice helping out me what stepdad and it help.
Come in two time week.
Everything is paid what his medicarre.


January 15, 2012 - Msg 87075: will it look like everyone movre out of town to the new town.

January 15, 2012 - Msg 87076: Rev's on now! I just tuned in so I missed the first 30 minutes.
- Hazel

January 15, 2012 - Msg 87077: I see there is some sad news here since my last visit.
TOM and Boo, I'm so sorry to hear that you both need hospice care for your fathers. At least hospice care will help to make your own lives a little easier by knowing your fathers are getting good 24/7 care.
Boo, in your last posting, what did you mean by "... sending someone in each week to give him a message"? What kind of message?
auh2o, I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's hospital "situation" over Christmas and New Years. Truly sad while others are celebrating.
SPOT, I'm so sorry to hear that your Sherry has taken a turn for the worse. I went through something similar with my father so I can understand what you are experiencing.
Hazel, I'm so sorry to hear that your mother has also taken a turn for the worse.
Asa, I hope your medical tests gave you the results you expected. And if they did find any problems, I hope they are minor ones that can be corrected or controlled easily.
I hope I didn't miss anyone.
Prayers for you all.

Welcome back to Rafe. Where have you been?

And a hello to Chuck.

Well folks, I just returned from watching our own REV offering his spiritual testimony in music and voice at the Salvation Saloon. WOW, what a great performance. I love his styles of music (country, cajun and rock). And listening to his verbal testimony made my eyes misty. I am still amazed that he writes the music and lyrics for all of his songs. I have to pay a visit to his web site to purchase his newer CDs and add them to my collection of his older stuff.
When I play his CDs, I love to accompany them on my guitar. And my wife loves to sing along with them, even when she does housework!

from Poor Horatio

January 15, 2012 - Msg 87078: REV, Thanks to modern technology I went to church today @ The Salvation Saloon, your stream was was really good. Can't say I ever went to church at a saloon, but folks need to hear the word no matter where they may be. You have a great message that you share with all...
Keep it up....G-F....
p.s bring some of that warm weather up to TOM...

January 15, 2012 - Msg 87079: Just had a chance to read thru the posts and wanted to let auh2o know I am praying for his daughter. As well as the other prayer needs on this porch.
- Hazel

January 15, 2012 - Msg 87080:
Have you heard about the latest design for the new World Trade Center buildings that collapsed on 9/11?
Check it out at http://joe-ks.com/MultiMedia/InAPerfectWorld.gif

from Poor Horatio

January 15, 2012 - Msg 87081: I've had alot of trials, but the Lord has been so good to me and been a blessin me! I hope to be here more consistantly now. What's the latest from you all? I know I got alot of catching up to do...


January 15, 2012 - Msg 87082: Howdy Rafe and everybody. Sorry about your many trials and I want to encourage you to keep on coming back to the porch because we will pray for you and encourage you in any way we can. These are a great bunch of friends here.

PH, good to see you here. To answer your question, therapist will come in to message Dad's neck and shoulders to help relieve the pain he often has there. I need to call him when I get off here and found out how the oxygen is doing for him. I wish you all could know my dad. He was always a sweet father but time has mellowed him into quite a sweet man, in general. I never fail to get a big "I love you more than you know" every time I see him and always a "thank you". He never seems to have an unkind word for anyone anymore. Now mom, on the other hand is giving my sister fits and has not been in good spirits lately. I know she loves dad, but I think she is getting less attention now that he is more ill than she is and that is bugging her. Of course my poor sister has to deal with it on a daily basis. It is a tough situation for both of them. I can't even imaging being an invalid the way mom is for 13 years now.

TOM I am really happy to hear that you have hospice helping out with your step dad. What a blessing.

I have not been on the porch much the last few days and it is because of that Kindle! I downloaded a book written by one of Brigham Young's wives back in about 1860 and it has been fascinating. Every spare minute I have I am reading it. I am about 90% finished with it. It is a piece of history I certainly never knew and I would venture to say I know more about mormonism than the average non-mormon. The mormons in the time of Brigham Young are very much like the mormons of the FLDS are now in modern america only they had their own laws and could do as they pleased for years.

Well, I am trying to push on through a bad headache today. Took some advil and tylenol awhile back and it is taking the edge off but I think I will go lay down for a bit. Hope you all have a great evening.


January 15, 2012 - Msg 87083: Boo, Don't be spending all your time at "Diamond Jim's Book Store, we like to hear from ya here at Foley's Porch too...haha ya keep up with that and you'll get Barney bug eyes but you'll be smarter tho....G-F

January 15, 2012 - Msg 87084:
Boo- glad to hear that about the meds, and I'm
guessing that you meant "massage", not "message." HA Since your dad has mellowed,
maybe next time he says that, you could say,
"and Jesus loves YOU that way too!" Just a thought.
I'll check out the scenc of tags that you mentioned.
REV, sorry I missed your service, as I was driving into Phx to visit with dad today.
Glad it went well.
Rafe, not much to report here on my end.
All pretty much the same.
My earlier trivia about the woman speeder was kinda a "test" but no one bit. Oh well, that's OK, lots going on here lately. But they actually
could have gotten her speed when they were chasing her down the road. That's what I thought someone might have said.
"I still say you have a strking resemblance to Frank Sinatra." (Love that line too!)
I will continue to pray for all our current porchters.
God bless,