January 24, 2012 - Msg 87174: Thanks for the update Possum. Sherry and Spot, I will cerainly amp up my prayers for you two.


January 24, 2012 - Msg 87175:
Morning porch family.....such a nice day here in Florida. I've got a little over a week left on this tour then heading home!

My heart and prayers go UP for Sherry and Spot....We pray these prayers in the Name of our Almighty Jesus...the Name that is above ALL Names!

You all have a blessed day!
Love and prayers

January 24, 2012 - Msg 87176: I'm sure there are those who would not understand how I can be sitting here, tears falling into my lap, as I try to pray for someone I've never actually met. I say "try", because this is one of those occasions when the gravity and urgency of the need is so great, that I find it difficult to frame the words. That's when the Holy Spirit so kindly prays in my place. He knows the need, and He can present it to the Father much more eloquently than I can. No, it's not a "tongues" experience - that has never happened to me, though I don't question the validity of it for those who do experience it. It's just a peace that comes, and a sense that the mission has been accomplished, though I didn't speak the words. At other times, I do have the words, like when I awoke in the middle of the night last night, with Spot and Miss Sherry on my mind. The words came then. So, whether by my words, or those of the Holy Spirit, prayers are going to the father from this house. Please Lord, bless and strengthen them both, and give them courage for the battle.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 24, 2012 - Msg 87177:
Amen, Ro, Amen!
and I'll just say it, this brings to my sorrowful mind our dear porchster Millie, and her passing. This is a very tough thing. Lord help us all, but especially our dear spot and his Sherry. Dear Jesus, you are our intercessor to the Father. We plead our case before you, and like the man knocking on the door for bread, we do so for Sherry. May you find it in your infinite mercy to spare her, dear Lord God.

January 24, 2012 - Msg 87178:
I think dr. Breen's message really does speak to us this day, that indeed we need to stop and smell the roses. So often we are like Gille with the speed,speed, speed, letting everything pass us by.
I stepped out of the office today at lunch and took a little walk, and prayed, and observed nature, etc, and it did me good.
God bless ,

January 24, 2012 - Msg 87179:
Prayers are with ya buddy! Like Romeena mentioned, "prayers are going to the Father from this house." I struggle for the words Spot but know you folks are loved here. I hope you two can feel it.


January 24, 2012 - Msg 87180: Prayers continue for SPOT and Sherry. Lord bring comfort and healing, and a big helping of your peace.


January 24, 2012 - Msg 87181:
This is a very special place...A VERY SPECIAL PLACE
Love you all

January 25, 2012 - Msg 87182:
Morning Folks

MDC-I love praying outside. I often pray after I drop off the girls at school in the morning, right in our driveway, under the trees. Living in the sticks has a few advantages and that's one. A yard full of trees and God's work.

Spot-I'm not one for telling people what to do, and you may very well do this already, but you have that big beautiful yard, I bet that's a very relaxing place to pray. Thinking about you two and praying for Peace. Take care buddy.


January 25, 2012 - Msg 87183: Morning porch, just stopping by for a minute. Praying for SPOT and Miss Sherry today, Please Lord give Sherry and SPOT peace, strength and endurance.
Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

January 25, 2012 - Msg 87184: Love you too, REV.

The Lord is good and full of grace and mercy, no matter the circumstances. He can do more than we can even imagine.

My porch family is the best.


January 25, 2012 - Msg 87185:
Morning porch! "We are new every morning!"
A clear crisp morning here in Phx.
Hope everyone is doing well.
Possum, how about breakfast?

January 25, 2012 - Msg 87186: Good morning, porch! I was wondering, is it safe to pray while standing ankle-deep in water, or might the contact with the Power of God frazzle you where you stand? (heehee) Sorry, no disrespect intended. I think God has a sense of humor, too. If He doesn't, why did He create a camel?

Actually, I have the answer to my first question. It's perfectly safe to pray while standing in water, because I was doing it this morning. We had a torrential rainstorm here last night, which I mostly slept through, thanks to a well-insulated house. Barely heard the thunder. However, when I looked out back this morning, the water is about six inches deep back there! It has been quite a bit deeper, because it has come underneath the wall and run into my sunroom, wetting the rugs. The floor back there is two inches lower than the rest of the house, as it was built on an old patio. Obviously my drainage system has failed. So I slogged my way back there to the intake points, and found nothing blocked there. So, over to the first catch basin. Water just standing over it, at least three inches deep at that point. So, in the house, get dressed and go to the front yard, where the pump basin is. Water standing there, too. The pump is not working. Out to the street, where the water would be coming out in a foot-tall geyser if the pump was working. Water is welling up, like from a spring, but no force behind it. No question, pump has failed. Now, why? Went to where it's plugged in, in a GFI plug, but it's not tripped. OK, obviously this is beyond my ability to fix, so I called my friend Ted. Bless his heart, he heard my little story, and said, "No problem. I'll be there in a few minutes." What a guy! I'm sure he was looking forward to a quiet rainy day at home, since his current job was halted by the rain, and then he gets my SOS. His restful day has turned into a wet, cold job messing with electricity. I realized a long time ago that not all angels have wings.

I could have run an extension line and tried the two plugs from the pump in it, and maybe found the problem, but I don't have insulated boots and Ted does. Besides, even if I isolated the problem - pump or switch - I can't repair or replace it, so there was no point in taking that risk. Ted will be equipped for it, and can do it safely, and can finish the job. I think this comes under the heading of "Call the man!"

Yes, REV, this porch is quite a place, quite unlike most social sites. Thank you, Floyd! You're quite a guy, too.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 25, 2012 - Msg 87187: Well, my angel in rubber boots has come and gone. Ted came within a half hour, isolated the problem (the switch) and just plugged the pump in directly. It kicked in immediately and started pumping water at the street. A welcome sight for me! Then Ted explored the source of the water on the sunroom floor. It was not water coming in under the wall, it was coming from overhead. The gutters on the entire west side of my house are channeled into the catch basin where the pump lives. Once that basin was full, with the lid clamped down tight, the water in the gutters had no place to go, so it simply backed up in the downspouts and then in the gutters themselves, and ran over the back wall of the gutter, with some of it going into the soffit. That's what was dripping into the sunroom. Ted says it won't be a problem with it happening just once, because the material the soffits are made of will stand quite a lot of water before they start to soften. So, apparently all I need now is for Joe to come and replace that switch on the pump, and I'm good to go. I have to go plug the pump in once more before I leave for work, to empty the basin, then unplug it. Without the switch to tell it to turn off, it would just sit there and burn itself out. More rain is expected tonight, but not a lot, so maybe it won't back up again before I can get home in the morning and plug the thing in again. Ah, the joys of home ownership!

Please don't construe any of this to be a complaint about the rain. It's not. We needed it so badly, I'm delighted to have such a problem. I'll handle it, and will praise God for the much-needed rain, as well as for trustworthy and capable "angels" who help me when I need them.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 25, 2012 - Msg 87188: Romeena, see what happen when ya "Call the Man"

January 25, 2012 - Msg 87189: We only got a little rain, Ro...very little, unfortunately. We need it so badly. The weather is very pleasant, though, sunshine with dry, cooler temps...just right for running around outside in my shorts and rubber boots. In fact, I just finished helping get the critters put away and feeding the chickens, then I took a little walk around the place with the dog always 10 feet ahead of me, turning around now and then to make sure I was still following. I stopped along the fence line for a minute and when I turned around, there was a donkey in my face. I never even heard her sneaking up on me. Not sure what she wanted, just curious, I guess. I was brushing her earlier and maybe she just wanted me to do it again. I am fairly certain my female goat is expecting. She just keeps getting larger and larger. I am very curious to see what these babies will look like, being half pygmy.

Much to be thankful for today but feeling a little bit unsettled. I have been reading through the gospels with Sean and sometimes the words of Jesus move us out of comfort zone. I have been so busy with the things of life that I have been forgetting about some of the eternal things. Let's just say I have been kind of spiritually sloppy lately. I'm sure you have all been there at one time or another. ;)

Well, better see about finishing up dinner. Be back later.


January 25, 2012 - Msg 87190: Boo, Good luck explaining where baby goats come from, better bone up on the episode where Opie & Arnold find a baby then you'll know what to do with the situation haha...Who's the father? One of Bernies goat friends?...G-F....Or is it one of Romeena's hybrid's a "Goatkey"....

January 25, 2012 - Msg 87191: That Boy,...he just ain't right!.......

January 25, 2012 - Msg 87192: No explainin' needed around her, G-F. We have had goat babies before and we are all old enough to know where they come from. ;) Elvis is the father. He is still the king.


January 25, 2012 - Msg 87193: Sorry I'm not able to stop by much, but my prayers continue for Sherry and Spot.
- Hazel

January 26, 2012 - Msg 87194: Hi All.
slow day I see.
The storm is keeping everyone bust today.
going to ain all dat here :(


January 26, 2012 - Msg 87195:
Good day everyone!
Bright sunny day here today.
RO- glad you found out the problem.
Is Joe going to wait for the official verification the switch? (:
prayers are continuing for Sherry and spot.
Hope rev's concerts went well.
God bless,

January 26, 2012 - Msg 87196: Afternoon y'all-just checking in-hope everyone is fair to middlin' or even better than that!
I am doing very well-have peace of mind & peace in my home now.Thank God I took a leap of faith & got out of a bad situation!
Well, how about we all go over to Mt. Pilot for Chinese tonight? I'll drive,so I'll sit in the front.Will swing by later & pick y'all up!
possum under a rock

January 26, 2012 - Msg 87197: Hooray for you, Possum. I'm so sorry for the whole situation, but so happy for you that you finally were able to extricate yourself from what was obviously a hopeless situation. It has been well said - "it takes two." So simple, but so true. One person cannot do it alone, it takes two to make a relationship work.

Does anyone have a Kindle Fire, or know anything about them? I'm considering getting one. I have thought I wanted an iPad, but they're so expensive, and from what I can tell, the Kindle Fire does just about the same thing at less than half the cost. I would be interested in anyone's opinion or experience, for or against.

Well, guess I'll go lie down for a while. Haven't been to bed since working last night, and I'm pooped! Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 26, 2012 - Msg 87198: And somebody bring a cake- it's New Neighbor's birthday!

Happy Birthday, New Neighbor!!


possum again

January 26, 2012 - Msg 87199: Good evening Porch,
I hope this finds you all well. I dearly apologize for my absence. I finally just got my new itouch as a gift from my honey for Christmas and can finally have a visit. I'm still in my cast/wheelchair so going on anything that I couldn't use my phone to access was out.

Spot, I am so sorry for you and Miss Sherry. Y'all are in my prayers. If there's anything I can do as being a local, please ask.
Possum, you go girl! Hugs to you and little Laci!
Romeena, not sure what to think about your dream.
Auh20, so glad to "see" you!
APB, Sterling and Mavis
Boo, I'm homeschooling again. Most unexpectedly.
Tom, hope you are a hanging. The porch is definitely a lot slower lately. I'm partly at fault.
Homemaker, I hope Casey is healing better.
MDC, thanks for wondering about me and checking in. Very nice of you!
Ph, saw your episode the other night. It's so funny!
John Masters, I think the second season is one of the best, and includes your episode.

For me, I am doing well. Busy (and terrifyingly) homeschooling Bryson. My bonus kids are just wild and in public school, which is why we won't let Bry go. I'm still recuperating so at least I'm not lonely anymore. Makes me think of Aunt Bee not having a purpose anymore in a few shows.

Blessings to you and yours,

January 26, 2012 - Msg 87200: Ps homemade ice cream for all!


January 27, 2012 - Msg 87201: Hey there, Lucy! Good to see you, and glad you're on the mend, even if it is slow and tedious. At least it's happening.

Uh - what dream?

Well, the anticipated visit of my daughter and her family this weekend has been postponed! My grandson has come down with a strep throat, high fever, etc., so they're staying home, which was a very wise decision. I'm sorry they won't be here, but it can't be helped. Actually, I was so tired, and still had so much to do preparing for the visit, that when she called, it was almost a relief. In a couple of weeks, perhaps I'll be a bit more rested and will enjoy the visit even more. All things work out, it's best to just relax and let God's timing prevail.

You moms who home-school - you cannot imagine how much I admire and respect you. That would absolutely terrify me. I can't imagine even attempting it. Overwhelming! God bless you all.

Well, I'm going to bed, and it's not even midnight. Toye Starr will be shocked, but my body will be grateful. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

January 27, 2012 - Msg 87202: Thanks Romeena!

I am not happy about homeschooling, but he wasn't doing well academically in the Private school and our public isn't an option. We are going to find a tutor to catch him ip for 9th grade if we can find one we can afford. But, thank you for the compliment!

Guess what?! I'm ashamed to say I took one of Miss Crump's quizzes and I got a 70! How humiliating! I guess that means I need to watch more.


January 27, 2012 - Msg 87203:
Hello Folks.
Welcome back to Lucy. I'm glad you enjoyed the "Poor Horatio" TAGS episode. For those who are curious about how my username is related to the Andy Griffith show, watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6L70BwsjUk&feature=related.
LucySince you are involved in homeschooling, I've got a few questions for you. Do the parents require a certain level of education in order to teach their children? I know teachers in schools require some kind of state certification. Is this waived for parents? Also, are all the tests provided by some kind of agency? And what kind of documentation does the student receive for completing their studies ... a diploma?

from Poor Horatio

January 27, 2012 - Msg 87204: As far as homeschooling, Ro..."Be afraid....be very afraid.." hehe....Seriously, it is hard, but rewarding, too. For instance, yesterday I took the kids on a field trip because it was such a pretty day here. We went to a great historic cemetery and saw the graves of some civil war veterans and such. It was a good days between all the "When will we be there?"'s and "Can we stop for ice cream?"...you know how it goes.

Well, busy day...better get breakfast and get started. Good to see you on the porch Lucy.


January 27, 2012 - Msg 87205:
Well, on the chance of getting too political, I suppose you all saw our fiesty governor on the tarmac. I say Good for Her, as you have to be here to really understand the situation! On the other hand, barney could ticket her car, and she would have been just like the gov in tags ep.
BTW, I was watching the CLubmen, and one of the
guys who barney tells that the US Steel stock is up,is none other than Mr. Jackson, the mean publisher! ha Any one else ever notice that!?
Prayers continue for Sherry.
Hey to Lucy Matthews.

January 27, 2012 - Msg 87206:
On this date in 1880 Thomas edison received a patent for his "incandescent electric lamp."
"Long live the IEL! We defy the CFC!" (:

January 27, 2012 - Msg 87207: Hello porchsters!
It's a lovely day here in GA. I hope it's lovely where you are.

PH, the rules are determined by each state. Here all we have to do is turn in attendance report. There are not any rules for degrees or anything. Some states do require testing.

Speaking of which, Bry is ready for a spelling test. I hope you all have a great day!


January 27, 2012 - Msg 87208: MDC, I'm with ya on the CFL's buddy, my main problem is almost all of them are made in China!
Barry want's us to change, then he should see to it they are made in the USA! Then maybe we could embrace them. Or is it just me again....DARN BULB SNATCHERS!..I Don't think I made a political statment, just stating facts ya all! I don't want to get busted by Floyd...G-F....

January 28, 2012 - Msg 87209: Mornin' Dear(s)!

possum under a rock

January 28, 2012 - Msg 87210: Mornin', honey(s)! --Romeena

January 28, 2012 - Msg 87211: good day you all

January 28, 2012 - Msg 87212: ANYBODY HERE!!

January 28, 2012 - Msg 87213: no by home ?

January 28, 2012 - Msg 87214: Hey, Tom. I'm here now. Had just dropped in briefly this morning. Looks like everyone is busy, getting Saturday errands done. Personally, I've totally wasted the day. Took a nap, played on the computer, played with Toye Starr, took another nap, and am now thinking about eating a bowl of some really good soup I made a day or two ago. Homemade soup gets better as it ages!

I hope everyone has had a day as peaceful and relaxing as mine was. A wise man told me once that everyone should take a day now and then, and just waste the heck out of it. Don't do anything productive, and don't feel guilty. Just waste it, and enjoy doing so. I think he was right. Oh wait - isn't that what God was talking about when he established the Sabbath? Interesting thought.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 28, 2012 - Msg 87215: I had a pretty relaxing day too, Ro. The weather hear was beautiful! I did go to Erin's basketball game but other than that, just hung around at home and ate leftovers. I sat in the chicken pen and visited with Bruce earlier (we are still working on the chicken pen, in case you are wondering why we were in there). It's actually a nice place to be right now because we can shut ourselves in there with our lawnchairs and we are pestered by goats and Thelma Lou.

Hope you all had a good day. Preachin' tomorrow!


January 28, 2012 - Msg 87216: are NOT pestered by goats, that is.


January 28, 2012 - Msg 87217: Wooo doggy Boo. I'm glad you clarified that. It sounded like you and Bruce was locking yourselves in the chicken coop with the goats and Thel for pestering purposes. I was thinking, such goings on! :)


January 28, 2012 - Msg 87218: You're too much, Assa. HAHAHA


January 28, 2012 - Msg 87219: Oops!! Sorry for the typo!


January 28, 2012 - Msg 87220:
How'd you get that by the censor Boo? haha
C and i went to the zoo today and did exactly as RO said, just "wasted" the whole day. Fun time, perfect weather.
Stopped at the CB and got some of Possum's new
Pinapple Upsidedown Cake there for dessert. Mmm good.
Pappa bear says hey, and in his letter was some GOOD news, but like Opie's tiger club, I can't tell ya what it is, least not for now. However, it may come out in Mayberry After Midnight! ha
Prayers for all, and especially Sherry.

January 29, 2012 - Msg 87221: Boo, Is that what is known as being cooped up? I thought it was when ya had to stay in the house and couldn't get out, like being snowed in. haha
You guys were working on the chicken pen...Right!
Bernie knows the truth..;)....G-F..

January 29, 2012 - Msg 87222: Don't ya have a duck pond around your place?
"What do you do at the duck pond Barney? Opie asked....haha Did you really think you would get that post past Asa,MDC or I? heheh..G-F

January 29, 2012 - Msg 87223: Y'all folks ain't right! LOL
possum under a rock

January 29, 2012 - Msg 87224: Yer right Possum. I think Boo and Bruce may need some professional help! ;) I suspect G-F would second that opinion.
Possum, I pray you are still doing well.
And continued prayers for Sherry and Spot.


January 29, 2012 - Msg 87225: Hey, watch it! hehe...no, we don't have a duck pond, we have a chicken coop and this is the truth of the matter: since Bruce is hearing impaired, we go way out back behind the barn to the chicken pen and sit in our lawnchairs when we want to be alone to talk. I have not yet tried necking in front of the audience of farm animals and probably never will! ;)


January 29, 2012 - Msg 87226: Thelma Lou: "Barney, Andy's gonna talk to the hawk!"
Barney: "That's HIS problem!"


January 29, 2012 - Msg 87227: Hey gang..latest petscan results in the morning for Miss Sherry,keep yalls fingers crossed...turned off cold here in ga...freezing at night...slow here at work tonight..hey Romeena,boo,Maude,Rev,asa,MDC,G-f and all...ok...I watched a movie tonight "Asmile wide as the Moon"...wow a great movie ...look it up and somehow watch it...ok...prayers and good thought ...b-fast will be Cracker Barrel on Possum and a Friend...SPOT the talking dog!

January 30, 2012 - Msg 87228: Spot, buddy, I got everything crossed that I can cross for good news.


January 30, 2012 - Msg 87229: I may not be able to cross everything like Asa, but I'll cross what I can! God bless you and Miss Sherry, SPOT. Prayers. I have never heard of "A Smile as Wide as the Moon" but i will look it up, SPOT. See ya'll at Cracker Barrell...go ahead and order me some biscuits with gravy..and make sure to ask the waiter for some tabasco sauce. I'll bring the paper.


January 30, 2012 - Msg 87230: PS-I love, love, love you all. :)


January 30, 2012 - Msg 87231: Hi All.
I will pray for us to


January 30, 2012 - Msg 87232:
I watched it too, Spot. A very good Hallmark film.
But, as i missed the beginning, I kept saying to myself, why doesnt anyone use their cellphones? Then i finally realized that it was set in the year 1989! haha
A good week to all!

January 30, 2012 - Msg 87233: Good morning, all! I'm praying for Miss Sherry - will be watching to hear the results when Spot comes by. Please, Lord......


January 30, 2012 - Msg 87234: Hey Porch!
Spot, I hope the scans are clear! It sure did get chilly over the weekend, but it's going to warm up the next few days. We'll probably open the windows again.
Boo, it sounds romantic sitting in the chicken coop with your hubby.
Tom, I guess it was slow this weekend around here.
MDC, I like your quotes.

We are doing pretty good. I'm just dieting and edgy so pray for my family! Ha!
Lucy Matthews

January 30, 2012 - Msg 87235: Hi-ho, and off to work I go.... --Romeena

January 30, 2012 - Msg 87236: Friends,Sherry's scan showed that it is now in her hip,right femur & lung. Spot says she's real tired,but not in pain.Going to fight it with more chemo & some radiation. That's pretty much all the details I have. Continued prayers for Sherry & for our Spotty too.
possum under a rock

January 30, 2012 - Msg 87237: Hey there Lucy. So you think its romantic in the chicken coop? Let me let you in on a little secret (this is girl talk now, you so guys close your ears)...Since Bruce has been having increased hearing loss and it is getting so hard to communicate, we were really drifting apart. I decided I would get a journal and begin communicating to him in writing. It has done amazing things in our relationship just to be openly and honestly communicating again. I leave him an entry and put it on his pillow at the end of the day, and he answers back and puts it on my pillow. Yesterday, we read the journal in the chicken coop and yes, believe it or not, it was romantic and while I can't suggest you snuggle with your honey in a chicken coop, I can suggest you communicate deeply and honestly and if you have trouble saying some things, write them. It has been wonderful. (ok, you guys can listen again).

Well, day one of the sugar "smack down" and it went well. No real cravings yet. Asa, pat me on the back. :)

Better get dinner on the table (chicken and broccoli stir-fry tonight. Ya'll come and get it).


January 30, 2012 - Msg 87238: Oh my, I just read Possum's post. Bless Sherry's heart. We have to keep those prayers going!


January 30, 2012 - Msg 87239: hey to the Porch~ anybody know where I could get a reproduction of the haircut poster as seen in Floyds barbershop?

--Jelsik T. Bulkhead

January 30, 2012 - Msg 87240: Jelsik, It shows up from time to time on e-bay

January 30, 2012 - Msg 87241: Praying for peace, courage and strength for MIss Sherry and SPOT.

Big Maude

January 31, 2012 - Msg 87242: That's sure discouraging news about Sherry. My prayers continue for her and Spot, and I am grateful that she is not in pain. Bless them both.


January 31, 2012 - Msg 87243: Yes, that is certainly something to be very thankful for, Asa. Lord be with them and carry them through this. His grace is able to do.


January 31, 2012 - Msg 87244:
Boo and RO- did you hear about the baby being born in a CAR in Waxahachie?? Wow, that was pretty amazing! It sure put Waxahachie on the map! ha
Big prayers continue for Sherry. Lord we ask for a miracle!
God bless you all! Love you guys.

January 31, 2012 - Msg 87245: Hi All.
Will it going to a little warm today up in the 60 drg.


Give me strength, oh precious Lord;
Uplife my soul today.
My heart is full of sadness, Lord,
And painful is the way.
Give me strength, oh precious Lord;
Come fill my life with hope.
Bestow on me Thy gentle faith,
And help me, Lord, to cope.
Give me strength, oh precious Lord,
My life I give to thee,
Hold me, dear Master, ih Thy hand,
And set my spirit free!

My strength and my courage is Lord, and
He has been my Savior.
He is my God, I praise Him; the God of my Father, I extol Him


January 31, 2012 - Msg 87246: Tom, that poem is the prayer that each of us could pray right now, as we share with Miss Sherry and Spot during this time in their lives. Please, dear Lord, hear each prayer that is offered, and meet our friends at their deepest point of need today. Give them comfort, both physical and spiritual, and please give them the strength to meet whatever this day may bring. Let them know that they are loved, by us and by You, and remind us all of the words of Isaiah, in 26:3: "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee."

MDC, I didn't read about the Waxahachie baby, but that happens more often than you would think. In the last couple of months, we've had two babies born outside the hospital - one born at home unexpectedly, with no medical person in attendance, and one born in the car. The dad had to pull over and deliver the baby on the side of the road! Mom and baby doing fine, in both cases.

Well, gotta run. My daughter is on her way here, and I'm still dragging around, after working last night. Wish I could lie down and sleep for an hour or two, but there isn't time. Oh well.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 31, 2012 - Msg 87247: Thank you for the poem, TOM. I prayed it for SPOT and Sherry. Perfect. :)

Take care of yourself Romeena. I worry about you working so hard.


January 31, 2012 - Msg 87248: Hey Porch,
Spot, I'm so sorry. Continued prayers for you both.
Boo, see, I was right. It is romantic.
Possum, thanks for letting us know.
Romeena, are you going on the cruise again this year?
G-F, do you often look up TAGS memorabilia on eBay? I need to do this.
MDC, I thought about you and Mayberry Deputy tthe other day. My husband has a signed Ryan Newman car that he won at the races in Phoenix. He's selling it if you know of anybody who might be interested.

Last night I was watching the Pickle Story and Aunt Bea said she entered the contest 11 times, but she just moved to Mayberry the year before. Hmm.


January 31, 2012 - Msg 87249: Wow! Lucy, we need to award you the title of Miss Trained Noticer. Good catch! And yes, Eloise and I will be on the cruise again this year. Really looking forward to it, and I sure do wish some of you would join us. It's really a lot of fun.

Thanks, Boo, but I'm okay. Just old and getting a bit rickety, but as long as I can keep going, I guess I will.

Well, I took the plunge and ordered a Kindle Fire and some accessories just now. I've talked to so many people who have one and just love it, and only one who said she didn't care much for it. No surprise, that person is one who rarely likes anything, so I don't count her opinion very much. So, I ordered it, for better or for worse.

I found a new detangler spray to use on Toye Starr to make her comb-outs easier, and I really like it. She combed out so easy, only took about fifteen minutes, she looks beautiful, and smells like baby powder! You can't beat a deal like that.

Well, guess I'll go feed the little angel, and myself as well, then maybe I'll go to bed early. I haven't slept since I got up yesterday morning, so maybe it's about time. Prayers for Miss Sherry! --Romeena

January 31, 2012 - Msg 87250: Hey yall from Miss Sherry and I...and Thanks yall...we are watching a movie and hungry?....leftovers?...SPOT

January 31, 2012 - Msg 87251: Lucy, I've noticed that before in the "Pickle Story", but I never thought it was a blooper. I just figured that since Aunt Bee had ties to Mayberry and she probably visited Andy since he lived there, and she went to school with Clara, that even if she lived someplace else before she officially moved in with Andy and Opie she may have still entered the pickle contest for 11 years. A lot of people go to other towns for fairs and what-not, and that's what I figured she did. I guess I just never thought of that as a blooper, I just deduced an explanation for it.
What I always thought was odd about that episode was the jars. They take all the pickles out of Aunt Bees jars and swap them for the pickles in the store-bought jars. Well, I'm no canner, but wouldn't the seals be broken then? Seems like Aunt Bee would have noticed when she brought the pickles out of the cupboard that the seals were broken. Same with the guy from Nova Scotia that Barney gave some to. He would have noticed the seal was broken. (Not that he would have eaten any of the keroseen cucumbers anyway).
Prayers for Spot and Sherry.
- Hazel

"They were pickled tink to see me."

February 01, 2012 - Msg 87252: I didn't know what was going on with Sherry and Spot. That will teach me to not visit the porch for a while!
Lord, I am not worthy to ask this, but we are asking you to grace Sherry and her family with your special love and attention.
God can still do miracles, Spot. And he does. I have seen them in my own life, things which I never thought in a million years could happen, that did. Although God doesn't always answer our prayers in the way we would expect, sometimes he does. Just when you think something is impossible God lays his hand on you and says, "No, it's not!"
I witnessed one of these miracles last year. One of the employees where I worked suddenly stopped showing up for work. I knew him pretty well and he was not the kind of guy to skip out of work(though we did have plenty of those kind of people there, he was not one of them, and I ought to know because I was the one responsible for keeping track of their attendance). After a couple days of "no shows" and not getting anyone on the phone at his house we finally learned from his father that he was in the hospital because he had collapsed and was convulsing due to a brain aneurysm. I prayed right there at work after I heard that, as the co-worker who talked to his father on the phone said he didn't sound very hopeful. And I wasn't very hopeful for recovery because, although I am not in the medical field, from what I knew, brain aneurysms weren't an easy thing to recover from. And that is if you survived it.
But, weeks later, I found out that he was going to be ok. And months later, he was back at work, still the same funny, weird guy that I knew before. It was incredible to me that just not so long ago, I was thinking he was not going to be alive much longer. But there was that hand of God, proving that we don't know very much, and that He still does miracles. Which is what that was, a miracle. And I told that co-worker that when he came back to work.

Thanks for the APB, Lucy.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 01, 2012 - Msg 87253: Morning porch, working today as usual. supposed to be a rainy day on my end of the porch. so far we have had had a mild winter. some cold spells but for the most part we have been spared snow and ice (much to the chagrin of the schools kids and teachers).

Prayers continue for peace, courage and strength for Miss Sherry and SPOT.

My friend Terrie finished her last treatment last Wednesday so now she will see wait until her next appointment with the oncologist toward to the end of the month and will go from there.

well guess I should cook breakfast: scrambled eggs, biscuits, gravy, bacon, sausage. jelly, apple butter, coffee, tea, juice to drink and kristy kreme doughnuts!

Prayers and blessings all around

Big Maude

February 01, 2012 - Msg 87254: Good morning, porch! I finally went to bed about 11 pm, and just got up at 9:30! Ten and a half hours of solid, restful sleep! Boy, do I feel better! I was absolutely whipped last night, after being up since Monday morning. The kind of tired that caused me to fall into bed without setting the intrusion alarms, and I just NEVER do that! Anyway, I'm all rested and feeling wonderful this morning. I have an appointment with the pacemaker doc this morning, then will pick up Eloise and we'll go have some lunch somewhere. Got to go to Target later, as I opened Starr's last little tub of Beneful this morning. That will feed her until Friday night, so I've got to get a supply. It's about fifty cents per tub cheaper at Target than it is at Kroger, and when you buy twenty tubs at a time like I do, that's ten bucks!

Well, off I go. Don't want to be late for the doc. It's just a routine thing, but it's important. Anyway, I have to try to make myself presentable enough that I won't scare small children. Wonder how much paint and powder it'll take this morning - maybe I should try some spackle. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 01, 2012 - Msg 87255: Lucy, I have gotten alot of Mayberry stuff from e-bay but be careful on the autograph stuff ther a lot of fakes out there, especially Andy's autograph he did not sign much his manager did most of the signing. By the way I do have a authentic Andy autograph thank you very much. Not braggin just stating facts....
Big Maude, nice chattin with ya Monday on Floyds pod cast chat room...
SPOT, Racing season comming soon..so what's your take on Danica Patrick? Real deal or NASCAR wannabe?...Goober-Fife.....
Crock-a-doodle-Boo.. where are you?? Still in the chicken coop?

February 01, 2012 - Msg 87256:
G-F Spring training almost here also. Pitchersand catchers will be here soon, scent of the freshly cut grass, and away we go!
We may have discussed this before, but last night i had in the dvd with "Cousin Virgil" on it, and gave it a try, but i just cannot get thru that episode, just gives me the willies.
HAZel- one explanation is Andy could had said he opened them all so Bee wouldnt have to fight with the lids, and i have left opened picle jars out and still eat the pickles. I figured not much can get past that brine! ha
Sterling, good thoughts and prayer!
Prayers for Sherry and Spot and terrie too!

February 01, 2012 - Msg 87257: Sterling, thank you for that encouraging post. It made me feel better about things. Great to see you. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I miss you very much.

I didn't want to post anything about this yesterday but I went to see dad and he is really struggling. He told me he wanted to end it all yesterday and was using his oxygen and having trouble with shortness of breath. I have him some morphine, and "presto", he was a happy camper. I told my sister to stop being stingy with the stuff and give it as needed. Morphine is a wonder drug when it comes to difficulty breathing. He isn't looking good at all, though and I am getting myself mentally ready. If you are apt to pray, please pray for my sister (St. Susan). I know its getting harder for her and part of my pain is watching her go through this. She's my buddy and when she hurts, I hurt.

Better go face Pike's Peak waiting for me in the laundry room. darn it.


February 01, 2012 - Msg 87258: "If you are apt to pray?..." what does that mean?! haha...you know how to pray...and how! Love ya.


February 02, 2012 - Msg 87259: Morning all.

Boo, I'm sure sorry to read about your Dads struggling condition. I will certainly add you all to my prayer list. I know how hard this is for you all.


February 02, 2012 - Msg 87260: IT"S GROUNDHOG DAY.....Do they tast like chicken?

February 02, 2012 - Msg 87261: Same here, Boo. Gosh, our prayer lists are growing long. What a blessing, and a privilege, to be able to pray for one another. God is good. --Romeena

February 02, 2012 - Msg 87262: I was watching a documentary on the spread of feral hogs in America, and it's really scary. We have a colony of them here in Irving, too. Big ugly things, mean and dangerous. They roam at night and root up people's yards, doing a lot of damage. I shudder to think what would happen if a resident were to step outside during one of their forays. It could get very ugly. I'm thankful that, so far, they haven't entered my neighborhood. They're mostly in the southern part of town, near the landfill, but there is one colony in the Trinity river bottom, and that's just a mile or so from me. They roam over the landfill at night, eating the garbage, and the city officials estimate that there are several hundred of the things. Occasionally they live-trap one of them. What they do with it after they catch it, I don't know.

My question is, why don't they send a squad of police officers out into the landfill at night, and just shoot the things on sight? I suppose PETA would have a fit, but under certain circumstances, it's legal to hunt them, so why can't that same policy be extended to allow the police to protect the citizens around here? I guess it's going to take a tragedy, like a child being attacked (they've already killed some pets) before somebody will wake up and get real. One thing I'll say for sure. If I ever find them in my yard, I'll get the Judge and take out as many as I can before they run away. I'll be arrested for discharging a firearm in the city limits, but I'm not having my property destroyed by a bunch of wild pigs. If the city won't control them, then I will, at least to the extent that they're threatening me or mine.

OK, that's my rant for this morning. Got to get busy and get over to the hospital for a pulmonary function test. My pacer doc wants one done, just as a baseline. I have some old lung damage, done by the radiation I took in 1979, and he wants to see just what my respiratory status is. I'm not concerned, I never get short of breath or anything. He's just being cautious, and I can't fault him for that. So, off I go. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 02, 2012 - Msg 87263: Thank you Asa and Ro. You are both precious to me. :)

Ro, I saw something about the hogs recently and I think in some places they are killing them off. I know that it is legal to fire a gun in the city limits to protect your livestock from wild animals, so I would think protecting yourself would rank right up there. It might just get to that point. I had not seen any in my area until recently and there was one dead on the road about a block from here so they are out there. I'm hoping my fence will keep them out.

Better get to the chores.


February 02, 2012 - Msg 87264: Good morning porch, just stopping by for a check point chickie. working today, busy, busy, busy. I may take the day off tomorrow, seems like I need to take a corner room at the Y.

G-F, that was not me over at Floyds pod cast Monday. Must be another Big Maude floating around.

Paryers for Miss Sherry and SPOT and everyone else.

Lunch will be: grilled cheese, tomoato soup, crackers. tea. kool aid to drink and a Mr. cookie bar for dessert.

Big Maude

February 02, 2012 - Msg 87265:
Wow, TWO Big Maudes and wild pigs too!!!
I am definitely staying away from O'Malley's place!! haha
Godd day all!

February 02, 2012 - Msg 87266: Good Afternoon Porch,

Boo, I'm sorry to hear ghat about your daddy. Getting older isn't always fun. Prayers!
Hazel, I thought about that as well, but if you think about the first episode, Aunt Bea was acting as if she had never even seen Opie. I'm sure that's not true, but that's the way it was presented. I never thought about the jar seal. Good observation!
G-F, that's awesome! I'm definitely going to check eBay out for some products.
Asa, I believe New Neighbor is a friend of yours. Is she okay? She rarely posts here or on Facebook.
I hope the dude in YouTube gets season 3 finished with the whole show at one sitting like he did the first two seasons soon.
Has anyone heard from Dixie Belle? I miss her. She was the only other younger viewer of TAGS on the porch.
I hope that everyone has a great day!

February 02, 2012 - Msg 87267: Hey Big Maude and MDC! Sorry I missed ya.
I would love some tomato soup and grilled cheese, but I'm dieting and get to eat nothing but fruit today. Ugh!


February 02, 2012 - Msg 87268: Ugh? Ugh?? How I would love to be able to just stuff myself with fresh fruit! I love it, but as a diabetic, I have to limit my fruit intake. I eat it, never doubt that, but not to the extent I'd like to. Too much will send my blood sugar over the top. Fruit is very high in sugar and carbs. I've got a mango lying on the counter right now, and it feels about right. If it's not ripe and sweet, I'm going to be very disappointed. Speaking of fruit, have you all tried the Honeycrisp apples? Delish! Sweet and a little tart, and snappy crisp. Very good!

I had a Christmas card from New Neighbor, so she's still around. I wish she'd come back to the porch. So many of our good friends are AWOL, and I wish they'd come home, at least for a visit.

Well, my carpet cleaner friend just left, so my bedroom doesn't smell like a rainy day at the zoo, at least for now. Darn that little Toye Starr - she uses her piddlepads faithfully when we go visiting, and uses them here when I'm at home, but when I leave her and go to work or wherever, the little brat wets on the carpet. I think she does it for spite! I'm going to have to take that carpet up and trash it, and I guess I'll put down some sort of hard surface - either tile or, more likely, a warm-looking wood laminate, with big fluffy (washable) rugs. If I didn't love her so much, I'd just pinch her little empty head right

Praying for Spot and Miss Sherry. --Romeena