February 02, 2012 - Msg 87269: Hmmm. That's "pinch her little empty head right off" up there. Don't know what happened to my "off." It was there last time I looked. Has anybody noticed The Count around here lately? --Romeena

February 02, 2012 - Msg 87270: Well, that explains it. I guess I swept it away without realizing it. --Romeena

February 02, 2012 - Msg 87271: Maude, the "other" Big Maude took credit for the complement I gave you on your Breafasts,lunches & dinners,but mabe she's a good cook too!..haha
Romeena the count? 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 did I do good?hehe G-F..........

February 02, 2012 - Msg 87272: Ro, I wonder if those researchers are going to try and put a higher tax on fruit since it contains sugar. If you don't know what I am talking about, read this: http://news.yahoo.com/sugar-regulated-toxin-researchers-180605186.html
I don't see them calling those fake sweeteners like Aspartame a toxin, and those really are! I swear, it is a crazy world.

You mentioned Honeycrisp apples. Yes, I love them! I wonder if you have heard of another kind of apple, called a Grapple. It looks like an apple, but it has a subtle "grape" taste to it, hence the name. I like those as well, even though the grape flavor is added to it through some means I don't know.

Good sweep, Ro.

And good counting, G-F. Your education was worth every penny. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

February 03, 2012 - Msg 87273: Well I am at my sisters house and it about twelve pm. Dad became unresponsive today and is now in a coma. It all happened suddenly. He was still walking and talking yesterday. Hospice nurses have been here twice today and are so helpful. St. Susan and I are sitting with him holding his hand. The nurse said it could be tonight or in a couple of days, we are holding up ok though. Thank you forr your many prayers. I will be back when I can..

February 03, 2012 - Msg 87274: Twelve am, rather...


February 03, 2012 - Msg 87275: Oh Boo, I'm so sorry. I'm glad you are there with him though, to hold his hand, and guide him through the veil. My prayers go with you all as you face the situation. May the Lords presence be in your midst.


February 03, 2012 - Msg 87276:
Boo-Think of ya and praying for you. Take care friend.


February 03, 2012 - Msg 87277: Dear Lord, thank you for making it possible for these sweet daughters to be at their father's side at this moment. Please be very close to our friend Boo and her precious sister, and hold them in your all-encompassing hands as they sit beside their father, holding his hand and encouraging him as he makes this journey. Give them courage for the day, strength for the task, and peace as this event plays out according to your plan. We know that it is not all of life to live, nor is it all of death to die. There is so much more, and my deepest prayer is that their dad's soul is reconciled with you, and that when it passes over the river, angels will be there to usher him into your presence with joy. Please hear this humble petition in the Name that is above every other Name, Jesus' blessed name. Amen.


February 03, 2012 - Msg 87278: Sorry to hear about your dad my prayer are going out to you all


February 03, 2012 - Msg 87279: Boo, Add G-F's prayers to your list too...Will will all get together and give you a BIG "Porch prayer bomb" today :) G-F....

February 03, 2012 - Msg 87280: I couldn't have said it better than Romeena, Boo. A nice prayer. We are all there with you in our thoughts and prayers.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 03, 2012 - Msg 87281:
Dearest Boo, as you hold your father's hand please tell him of the love of Jesus, and in your dad's mind he may see the importance.
God bless you all in this difficult time.

February 03, 2012 - Msg 87282: Thank you my porch family. You are so dear to me and such a comfort. Dad passed peacefully at 8:50 this morning. His family was at his side and there was no struggle. God was so obviously in control. Your prayers are being answered and we are going to be ok. My mother is having a hard time, as expected but seems to be better than I thought she would be at this point. I will say that the hospice nurses where a tremendous help and blessing.

MDC, we had all been talking to him about the lord more lately and Jeanette, my friend and dad's hospice nurse, spoke to him more about it before he was totally unresponsive. She seemed to think that he indicated to her that he would ask Jesus to save him. Some things we just don't know, but I have no doubt that God was guiding everything that happened so I will just trust Him with all outcomes. To say that being with someone at their time of passing can be a blessing sounds strange, but it was true today. I was sitting up with Dad and St. Susan was taking a nap. Mom was awake so I asked her if she wanted to sit by dad's bed and talk to him again because I could tell that things would be over soon. Mom talked to him about how much she loved him and we saw the first response we had seen for hours and he tried to say something to her for just a second. I felt his pulse and knew he would be gone soon so I woke Susan and she was with dad and just as he breathed his last, his beloved grandson Matt came and was able to say goodbye. The timing was all so perfect it had to be God. Be encouraged that our God has all things in His hand. Oh, and MDC, I did spend time with dad in the night talking to him about just that thing, the love of Jesus and his forgiveness.

I am going to try to lay down for awhile. I have relatives coming in at some point. Dad had already asked me to make all of his arrangements months ago so everything is done. Now I can rest for a bit.

Love to All,

February 03, 2012 - Msg 87283: My deepest sympathy to you and your family,Boo. Holding you in my heart,friend.I love you dearly.

possum under a rock

February 03, 2012 - Msg 87284: Thank you, Possum. I love you, too.


February 03, 2012 - Msg 87285: Boo, I am deeply sorry for your loss. My prayers to you and your family. We are all here for you.
Big Maude

February 03, 2012 - Msg 87286:
Boo, may your dad now rest in the peace of Jesus.
As i read your post above i felt in my heart that he had accepted the Lord.
I will keep you and your whole family in my prayers.
Prayers also continue for Sherry and all.
God bless,

February 03, 2012 - Msg 87287: Boo, I add my sympathies to you and you family for your loss. It sure sounds like the Lord was in charge though. That's the way it ought to be. Prayers for your family, especially your Mom over the coming weeks.


February 03, 2012 - Msg 87288: Sorry for your loss, Boo.

This verse came into my head as I was trying to think of something of comfort I could say to you.
Psalm 46:10 - Be still, and know that I am God.

He sure is.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 03, 2012 - Msg 87289:
God bless ya Boo, your faith and strength are inspiring. Your Dad was a lucky guy to have a daughter like you. Get some rest friend.


February 03, 2012 - Msg 87290: My dear friend! I am so sorry to hear this, but we knew that it was coming. I'm so grateful that all those who were dear to him were with him in that moment. That is indeed a blessing. Thank you, Lord, for guiding and directing as this event unfolded, and we are now trusting that the necessary surrender had taken place in the heart of this man. Comfort his family with that hope, and the promises that were given to us so long ago. As Boo and her family commit their loved one into your hands, remind them repeatedly that they are loving hands, and their loved one is safe within them. In Jesus' name - Amen. --Romeena

February 03, 2012 - Msg 87291: i don't know what to write. I am so comforted. Thank you so much. How do you all know exactly the right words to say? I love you so.


February 03, 2012 - Msg 87292: Bo, so sorry for your loss,take care Dr P

February 03, 2012 - Msg 87293: Boo, Sorry for your loss....Keeping you & your family in my prayers..stay strong, We porchsters will will keep the light on for ya if you need to talk...G-F...

February 03, 2012 - Msg 87294: Boo,
You have my deepest sympathy, love, and prayers. I hope your Mother and the rest of the family have peace. May God wrap his arms around you. I would if I could! Here's a big cyber hug, friend. As everyone is saying, we are here if you need anything.

February 03, 2012 - Msg 87295:
Boo, the following Bible quote comes to mind during times of mourning:
Jesus said unto Martha (sister of Lazarus), "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die."
JOHN 11:25,26

from Poor Horatio

February 04, 2012 - Msg 87296: Good morning all.

Boo, we love you too, and it has been shown here wonderfully. I pray all is well for you and yours today.

Lucy, I talked to New Neighbor back at Christmas time. She is really busy with her work as a nurse and doing volunteer work. She sounded like she was doing well.


February 04, 2012 - Msg 87297:
Have a blessed day all!!

February 04, 2012 - Msg 87298: Thank you, thank you my dear porch family. Today is a much brighter day and your prayers are being answered. I don't have time to go into all the details but I have an assurance through some things that have happened today and some confirmation from the Lord, that Dad was ready and is in heaven waiting for the rest of us. It is really an amazing set of events that I will have to share with you later. I am at peace and i would even say that I have a deep joy at this time. We have decided that we will have a "time of remembrance" in honor of Dad next Saturday at my church. The ladies will prepare a meal and we will all just meet and have supper and be together to share memories of our life with Dad. I think he would approve of this. I have been going through some pictures of dad for a slide show presentation Bruce will be working on this week and it is giving me so much joy to remember him and all that he has been to us.

Be assured that i feel you prayers carrying me and my family and it's like being held in a nice, soft blanket. Everything really is ok. Mom is having a tougher time, of course but is a little better today. She is the type to "let it out" and not hold it in so that is good for her.

Better get some things taken care of.

Love to All,

February 04, 2012 - Msg 87299: PS- The obituary that Bruce and I did for Dad will be in Corpus Christi paper tomorrow and there should be a link I can share so you all can read it. I will try to do that.


February 04, 2012 - Msg 87300:
Boo-I mean it, you're a rock. I know you probably don't think of yourself that way but it's true. People like you make the world a better place. I'm glad to hear the news about your Dad. What PEACE that must be! Praise God!

Take care,

February 04, 2012 - Msg 87301: I'm sorry for your loss, Boo. Peace be with you and yours. I'm sorry I wasn't able to say anything yesterday, my computer has been down and I haven't been on-line for several days. I agree with auh2o, you are a rock.
- Hazel

February 04, 2012 - Msg 87302: Well Auh2o and Hazel, if you were here I'd give you both a big hug and a kiss! Thank you for those words. If there is any strength in me, it is God's work and being raised by a man who was as leveled headed and capable as they come. :) Love you both.


February 04, 2012 - Msg 87303: Prayers Boo...prayers...hello yall just about the same here at the dog house...just praying and living!...yall got anyleftovers..?..will go back and read now...SPOT

February 05, 2012 - Msg 87304:
Spot-Hey buddy! You and Miss Sherry are never far from thoughts friend. We have some left over beef on weck here. I recommend it with a little horseradish, enjoy.


February 05, 2012 - Msg 87305: PRAYERS (:

February 05, 2012 - Msg 87306: Thanks auh2o we are doing ok...just weaving our way through the wicked roads of cancer but taking some good forks when we come to them!!..hopefully the right ones!..hey Boo,Possum,hazel,asa,Rev,Lucy and all!...slow here at work...will check back in just a bit...SPOT

February 05, 2012 - Msg 87307: Good Morning Porch!

Boo, I am so sorry for your loss. I am CERTAIN that your father is walking the streets of gold and has begun his residence in the mansion that Jesus has provided him! My prayers go out for all who are "left behind", including your mother, and that she will take comfort in knowing she will one day be reunited with him and all who have gone on before her. With daughters as wonderful as you and your sister I am certain she has many joys in her future as she watches her family continue to be a blessing in this world!

Spot, I am praying for you and Miss Sherry as well. May God's healing hand and the stripes that Jesus took for Miss Sherry bring her complete and total healing.

Things on my end of the porch have been pretty peaceful lately. Here in Michigan the winter has been so mild.... Some of my neighbors have even been washing their cars on their driveways which I can assure you doesn't happen too often in Michigan!!

I wish you all a perfect Mayberry Sunday!!!
Mary Wiggins

February 05, 2012 - Msg 87308: Good Sabbath my porch friends. I hope and pray your day is going well. And my prayers continue for Boo and her family, and for Miss Sherry and Spot. Boo, I am so glad you found a peace concerning your Dads passing. But that doesn't surprise me. You are a woman who is tuned into to Gods frequency, and the reception is clear. That, I believe, is one of the great blessings of living a Godly life. You gain those insights and those comforts that the Lord has in store for all of us, if we but reach out to Him. And that is no more true than during times of distress. As other have already so beautifully alluded to Boo, you are a rock indeed. Or at least a shining example of an embracer of "The Rock". I look forward to you sharing the events of the last couple of days, whenever you are ready to share them. No rush. You'll know when the time is right. :)

Mary Wiggins, it's funny you said that about washing the cars in the driveway. That is what I did yesterday in my driveway. Sun was shining, temps in the upper 40's. Just not often we get that in early February here either. Been a very mild winter here thus far, as is noted by my lack of whining and crying about the cold and snow. :)

Well I better get rolling if I'm going to preachin.

Prayers for all.


February 05, 2012 - Msg 87309:
SPOT, I'm hoping to hear some good news soon regarding Miss Sherry's condition.

Mary Wiggins and Asa, funny you both should mention people washing cars. Yesterday, I saw someone washing his pickup truck here near Toronto in Canada! It is also strange not to see any snow covering our lawns.

from Poor Horatio

February 05, 2012 - Msg 87310:
Hello porch family.....yes I made it home from my tour.

Boo...I just read about your dad. I am so sorry and please know that you're in my heart and prayers!

Love you all

February 05, 2012 - Msg 87311: Mary Wiggins! How wonderful to see you on the porch and thank you for those sweet words of encouragement. It never fails to amaze my how my porch family seems to have just the right words to bring me comfort. :)

Aw, Asa, you are so kind. Yes, I guess you could call me "an embracer of the ROCK". :) So many times your words of encouragment humble me and make me feel loved. Thank you, my friend.

Thank you, Rev for you kind words and for your prayers. They mean the world.

SPOT, you and Sherry are on my mind throughout my days and I am praying! I want so much for God to comfort you and surprise you with His amazing way of working things out just the right way. He loves you both so much more than you can even comprehend and we love you, too!

Today was a good day. Went to preachin' and was the receiver of many hugs, "I'm sorry"'s and "I love you"'s. :) Went to visit with mom after church and she was doing better than I expected. God is getting her through it.

Something unexpected happened to me today that was an incredible blessing. Before I left St. Susan's, I went into Dad's office and was doing some cleaning up because of my brothers coming in and I know they will be going through things in the office. It was a comfort seeing Dad's things and I felt very close to him in that room, but it did make me feel sad. I thought I had better go home and I needed a good cry. When I got home I received a call from my childhood friend, Cynthia. I have mentioned Cynthia on the porch before because she is going through cancer treatment. She called me the day Dad died and at that time she was on her way to the hospital to get a hefty dose of chemo (9th in the series of 12) and that day she would receive a new drug that was stronger than the previous treatments. She took the time to call me as soon as she found out about dad and she said that she wanted to bring by some food or something. I really was speechless but managed to squeek out "Well, lets see how you feel after the chemo". We talked for awhile and I told her I would be in contact with her in a day or so. When I got home today, she called and told me she wanted to come over because she had put together a basket for me. I was floored. She had just gotten back home from chemo treatments, baked us brownies, made us chicken salad, and went to the store to get some other treats to put in the basket for us. When she pulled up to the house, I have to admit that I was shocked. I had not seen her since she started treatment. She was very tired and weak and I barely recognized her. To say that she looked like she had been waging a very aggressive war with cancer would be an understatement. I wanted to weep right then and there but gave her a big smile and a hug instead. She came inside and we visited for over an hour as we snacked on the items she had painstakingly put together and I thought my heart would burst. In those moments, I guess you could say that I felt love for her just about as strongly as I have anyone in my life and I have seldom felt as loved by anyone. I couldn't fathom that she in her pain had done something like that for me in my pain. I think it was one of those priceless experiences in life and I wanted to share it with you. I will certainly be doing all I can for Cynthia in the days to come. :)

Well, better go get a nice warm bath and talk to Jesus. I have alot to thank Him for today.


February 06, 2012 - Msg 87312: Wow Boo! God be with you both!

February 06, 2012 - Msg 87313: Just stopping by for a minute with prayers for everyone today.
Hope Miss Sherry, SPOT and BOO are all going okay.

Big Maude

February 06, 2012 - Msg 87314:
Boo, I just read your father's obituary online. He was a very handsome man.
I would have liked to post a direct link here for others to visit, but I would not do that without your permission since it includes personal information.

from Poor Horatio

February 06, 2012 - Msg 87315: When you're a lawman and you're dealin' with people, you do a whole lot
better if you go not so much by the book---but by the heart.

February 06, 2012 - Msg 87316: Good afternoon, folks. I've been having trouble with my Firefox browser, or rather with an incompatible toolbar that was interfering with Firefox, but it's fixed now. Every time I'd open Firefox, it would open briefly, then crash, with a little message box from Firefox, apologizing and asking if I wanted to send a report. Anyway, as I said, thanks to a very savvy friend who hooks up with my computer remotely, it's fixed now.

Boo, you have been in my prayers these last few days, as you deal with your dad's homegoing. I'm looking forward to reading the details of the events to which you referred earlier. Sounds like a very positive and affirming thing. Please share when you feel ready to do so.

Spot, my prayers are for you and Miss Sherry at this time as well. It's times like these when we realize what is meant by the phrase "pray without ceasing." I think we've mentioned this before, but to me, that doesn't mean that you wear out the carpet beside your bed, with constant verbalized prayer. No, to me it means an attitude, an undercurrent that's in your heart at all times, when your inner spirit is in touch with God and the needs that are on your heart all the time are constantly being presented to Him. That doesn't exclude the focused, verbalized prayer, of course. That's needed too, but there is such an inner warmth that comes from having that spiritual connection made and active. It's an awareness, a state of mind, an acknowledgement of God's presence. I guess it's a bit like a non-verbal little child feels when he is unhappy or frightened, and a parent picks him up and cuddles him. He just "knows" that his needs are understood and will be met, even though he can't yet put them into words. God is so good.

Well, I'm off to meet the family at Crystals (a neat pizza place that has games and things for the kids and a surprisingly good pizza buffet) to celebrate my grandson's birthday. I simply cannot believe that child is now eleven, but he is. Five more years, and he will be driving. Good grief.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

February 06, 2012 - Msg 87317: PH, I would love you to post that link for me. I would be honored. :)

Thank you for your prayers Ro. I am certain you know how much it means to my family and me. I will share more about last hours of Dad's life soon. Maybe even later tonight..we'll see. I agree with you totally about prayer. SPOT and Sherry stay on my heart throughout the day and today I am thinking constanly of my friend, Cynthia, and carrying her in prayer. I went to the store today and bought ingredients for some healthy cookies that have ingredients that help with healing and I am making her a care basket like she made me. I guess we will just give the basket back and forth as needed. :) Happy Birthday to your grandson. Time flies, doesn't it?!


February 06, 2012 - Msg 87318:
Howdy porch family.....just stopping by to check in. Will be in the recording studio for the next two days so won't be able to check in.

My prayers are with you all and maybe I'll get to sneak by here during the studio breaks.
Love you folks

February 06, 2012 - Msg 87319: Play it pretty REV.....GF

February 06, 2012 - Msg 87320:
With BOO's permission, the link below is where you can read her father's obituary.

from Poor Horatio

February 06, 2012 - Msg 87321: Thank you Poor Horatio! ((((BIG HUG))))


February 07, 2012 - Msg 87322: Hi All
G F I see where two man wae out on the lake and had to be save


February 07, 2012 - Msg 87323: Good morning porch family. YAWN!!! Stayed up too late last night going through pictures for the slideshow for Dad's memorial. I find it interesting that I can look at picture after picture of Dad and only find comfort in it. I thought of so many wonderful memories and I guess I still have this feeling that he is around and nearby...hard to explain but I'm sure you (or most of you) know what I am talking about.

I wanted to share a dream that my mother had yesterday night. She said she dreamed that there was Dad standing in front of her and he told her that he is happy where he is and that he wanted her to take care of herself. As he started to walk away, he stumbled and fell. She yelled for susan or me to come and help him but he leapt up quickly and began to run and jump, saying, "I don't need any help now". Isn't that great? I'm sure that dream will comfort mom in the future. What is interesting, though, is that in the same dream she also saw my sister-in-law's ex husband, Chris. Now Chris didn't know my mom well and has been out of the family for years, so it is unusual that she would dream of him. He has been battling cancer off and on for several years but is now in remission, last I heard. In her dream, Chris was outside the house and Bruce's family were inside the house having dinner. Mom told Chris to come in and have something to eat but he told her, "I can't. Nobody in there likes me". Mom said she knows that Chris is going to die soon. Hmm..interesting. I am wondering if Chris being in her dream is a message to Bruce's family to find forgiveness before he passes. There are some members of the family that hate him, particularly my mother-in-law, because he left my sister-in-law for another woman. Of course, after having lived nearly a year with my sister-in-law, I don't know how he hung in there as many years as he did. (glad she doesn't know about The Porch). ;) Anyway, I thought it was interesting. I guess we'll see. I remember years ago just before my grandmother passed (mom's mom), she had a dream in which she said she was in heaven and a man in a scarlet robe held up two fingers and told her, "First your son, and then you.". When she woke up, she told us that Robert (one of her four sons) was going to die. Well, Robert was only about 50 and wasn't ill so everyone kind of just thought it was just a dream. Well, the same week, Robert went into the hospital for some routine tests, and died (had a blood clot, as I recall). Not long after, Grandma passed. I think maybe the dream was God's way of preparing her for the shock of Robert's death. Poor Grandma, she was such a sweet soul. Well, I know where she is and she is happy now.

Well, better get to the laundry. Dirty laundry never takes a vacation!


February 07, 2012 - Msg 87324: Oh, another thing...I found out that my Uncle Hobby will be coming down on Friday and will be staying with me! He was always my favorite uncle (and I love the ALL dearly) and I haven't seen him in several years. He is the uncle I told you all about who is a blind preacher. He was the black sheep of the family when he was young, was in an accident that left him nearly brain dead and in a coma for a long time but his praying mother stayed at his side. When he awoke from the coma, he told her "Jesus was with me". He gave his life to the Lord and went into seminary as soon as he was able. He recovered fully excpet that he never got his sight back, but he didn't let that stop him from doing the Lord's will and God gave him a wonderful wife that has been by his side all these years. Uncle is 80 now.

Better go...


February 07, 2012 - Msg 87325: I'm sorry I'm talking so much!!


February 07, 2012 - Msg 87326: TOM....Nobody said that people from Cleveland had common sence...haha LADY LAKE ERIE has taken many souls over the years....G-F...

February 07, 2012 - Msg 87327:
Prayers continue for you Boo. I just read about your dad, and wow, i dont think
you ever mentioned the mayor thing, etc.
In all this i wanted to mention to you all that
Pappabear's birthday is coming up soon, so if you
have his current address, you may want to drop a card to the ole boy.
Good day honeys and dears,

February 07, 2012 - Msg 87328: Good Afternoon Porch,
How is everyone today? It's a gorgeous day in Atlanta. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and it's warm enough for our windows to be open. It's slightly nippy, but nice for February. We had our car washed this weekend as well!

Boo, I am so proud of your strength, but also knowing its good to cry. I pray for continued strength for everyone.
Hazel, I hope you and your husband are well.
Asa, thank you for the New Neighbor update.
Mary Wiggins, it's so incredibly nice to see you back rocking again. Don't be such a stranger now.
MDC, can you send me a message on facebook with pappabear's new address? The card I sent him at Christmas came back. Thank you.
Ph, are you still traveling back and forth between Canada and America?
Hey to Tom, G-F, Big Maude, Possum, and John Masters, and any other porchsters I missed.
Oh, by the way, I got my pink cast off and into my huge gray boot. Sartorially speaking its a bad change, but hygenically it's a good thing. The doctor said it looks good, but I'm still only light weight bearing. So, maybe 6th time is the charm?

Have a wonderful evening!

February 07, 2012 - Msg 87329:
Lucy, I know this is terrible of me to forget,
but please give me your "real first name" again!
All I need is the first to jog my memory.

February 07, 2012 - Msg 87330:
Oops, sorry for the double signature.

February 07, 2012 - Msg 87331:
Hello Lucy. Glad to hear you are on the mend even though you are on light weight bearing status.
And yes I'm still commuting between the USA and Canada. I'm getting tired of the long drive, but until I sell or rent my USA home, the commute is necessary.

from Poor Horatio

February 08, 2012 - Msg 87332: Morning porch, just checking in on this cold cloudy rainy/snow flurry day on my end of the porch. Temps were in the 50's yesterday and now supposed to be in the 20's and 30's next few days. weird weather.

prayers continue for Sherry, SPOT and for Boo and her family.

Good to see everyone! keep coming back.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage, french toast, bacon. syrup, apple butter, jelly.
coffee, tea, juice to drink.

prayers and blessings all around.
Big Maude

February 08, 2012 - Msg 87333: Thank you, Lucy. I had a good cry when I went to bed last night. I was busy all day and couldn't think about it so when the lights went out at bed time it all kind of hit me hard. I know there will be those times and that's ok. It feel right and healthy to cry when its time to cry. :)

Thank you for those prayers, Maude. :)

Can you believe Erin woke up in the middle of the night with an earache?! Now i have to take her to the doctor to see if she has an ear infection, which I am sure she will.

Better get going.


February 08, 2012 - Msg 87334: Hi All.
a little cold here with all this rain and snow.

TOM :(

February 08, 2012 - Msg 87335: Hi All
Will it look like all this gold will stay
for sometime.
Prayer for everyone who can used thim.


February 08, 2012 - Msg 87336: Wow, slow day on the porch. Hello to TOM.

Busy day here so I think I will head to bed to prepare for another busy day tomorrow. I finished Dad's eulogy today, so that was a load of my mind.

I'll be back in the morning with my coffee. Hope to see some of my porch friends here.


February 08, 2012 - Msg 87337: Hello porch friends!

Last nights episode was when Andy meets Helen. Question: who is your favorite of Andy's girlfriends?

Had a busy day and am ready to take a hot bath and relax for a bit. Have a good rest of the night and a very blessed day tomorrow!


February 08, 2012 - Msg 87338: Oh, MDC, I will msg you on your Facebook.


February 09, 2012 - Msg 87339: Hi All.
Look like all rhis bad weather we is keeping eveyone off the porch and in the house (hehe)
Stepdad is doing fine but well not git his weit back?
Doc do not like that!
Prayer for everyone and a hug.


February 09, 2012 - Msg 87340: Morning. Here I am with my coffee like I said I'd be. Where's SPOT? I thought I might treat him to Cracker Barrell.

Lucy, I used to think Peggy was my favorite of Andy's girlfriends and there seemed to be a real spark between them as they were playing their roles, but as the years go by, I tend to favor Ellie and her humorous ways. I love when she makes andy the ice cream soda with milk-of-magnesia in it!

Glad you stepdad is doing fine, TOM. Maybe you can fatten him up a bit. Try coconut cream pie. I have the recipe if you want to try it...I used to make my dad the kind of scratch and it was his favorite thing to eat.

Well, plenty enough to do today. One of my good friends, Dianne, is coming over this morning to help me get the house ready for company. She is about 5 feet tall and 95 lbs, but she's a Texas girl and can outwork most anyone.

Better finish the coffee and get started on more laundry. Had to wash bed sheets for company because I am one of those who doesn't buy alot of sheet. I am doing well if I can find all the pieces to one set for each of our beds! The set I am using now has two different colored pillowcases. Can't figure out where on earth the one of them is...probably in the land of lost socks.


February 09, 2012 - Msg 87341: You know, I was thinking...maybe if I would buy more sheets I wouldn't have to wash as often...naw, guess it would work out the same because when it's sheet changing day, I throw them right in the wash and then put them on when they are dry. I like the smell of freshly washed linens and sometimes they lose that when they are folded and put on a shelf.


February 09, 2012 - Msg 87342: I'm with ya on the sheet thing Boo, I love the smell of Downey in the morning...smells like laundry victory!hehe (Bob Duval's wife said that I think). Doesn't hurt to have at least 2 dozen pairs of underwear either...The rest is just laundry Judo...Goober-Fife....

February 09, 2012 - Msg 87343: But G-F, You put on clean underwear and you can't have a whim. You gonna be whimless buddy. Live a little. :)


February 09, 2012 - Msg 87344:
Howdy porch family....Well I got in late last night from the studio. The new cd is going great. A lot of work and still a lot more to do but it's coming along. Just pray that God uses it to touch lives.

Continued prayers for Miss Sherry, Spot, Boo (and family), possum and all of my porch family. Love you folks!

February 09, 2012 - Msg 87345:
By the way G-F.....don't pay any attention to Asa...Go ahead and change the underwear...you may not have a whim but at least you'll have friends...lol

February 09, 2012 - Msg 87346: I'll remain whimless, thank you. For the love of Mike, G-F, change your underwear.

Thank you for those prayers, Rev. :)


February 09, 2012 - Msg 87347: Good evening, porch. Been working, so not here the last couple of days. Sounds like things are about the same as usual around here - nutty! I love it.

January and February are my "doctor months" when I try to get all the annual visits done. You know how it is - if you don't get in once a year they won't renew your prescriptions! Anyway, my primary care doc just emailed me all the lab results (and there were a bunch!) and they look very good. However, will someone please explain to me why she wants me to take Zetia? Cholesterol 188, Triglycerides 115, HDL 55 and LDL 110. Everything is normal except the LDL is a little high - they like it below 100. Still, the risk ratio is 3.4, with the desired level at less than 3.6. So for that one little thing, the LDL a tiny bit high, I'm going to take Zetia and feel bad all the time? Hardly. I refused, asked her not to call in the Rx because I wouldn't take it. She had her assistant call me back and try to convince me! Because of my diabetes, she said, which puts me at increased risk of stroke.

I took Zetia once, long ago, to please my diabetes doc and felt so bad while taking it that I told him I'd rather live a shorter life and feel good, than take that stuff, live longer and feel awful the whole time. So there! Besides, I think heredity plays a big role in this, more than diet. My dad ate red meat, cheese and all the good stuff, took no drugs and his cholesterol was always around 170. My mom counted every gram of fat she ate, and took a statin for the last couple of years of her life, and if her cholesterol went below 250 she was thrilled.

I take no cholesterol drugs at all, and I'm still at 188. I eat sour cream, butter, use half and half on my cereal, put cream cheese on English muffins, and eat cheese like a mouse. I do not buy low fat products. I think the additives they use to try to make it taste good are worse for you than the fat. Same for artificial sweeteners. I don't like what I read in the literature about them, and besides, they taste awful. Nope, I'm a natural-foods gal all the way, and judging from my lab results, even with diabetes, I'm doing just fine. She can keep her Zetia.

Tom, have you tried giving your stepdad those milkshake supplements? Carnation Instant Breakfast is pretty good, and it supplies a lot of nutrition and calories. Other than that, just give him lots of carbs - potatoes, rice, noodles, and as much fruit and vegetables as he'll eat. Does he like cottage cheese? If so, get the good "regular" kind, not the low fat. Lots of protein nutrition there, and calories as well.

Well, guess I'll go watch a little TV. Prayers continue for our friends, and I've put Spot and Miss Sherry on the prayer list in my SS class. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 10, 2012 - Msg 87348: It's FRIDAY Gang! yaba-daba-do!Going tomorrow to a big antique show at the fair grounds (indoor)usually is pretty good..I'm having flea market withdraws since it's winter time so it may help.
Love looking at the old stuff sorta of sad tho when the stuff you had as a kid is now being sold as "antiques" :(....
Ro...I'll keep an eye peeled for that propeller ya been looking for ok?
Boo, If I see one of those old wooden chicken cages I'll hook ya up! You can use it as a table for those romantic evenings behind the chicken coop;)..I got your back sister!...To bad you guys are still going thru the drought,still think ya need to dig a duck pond! Romeena knows all about making ponds...better get to work..GF..

February 10, 2012 - Msg 87349: I think you're right, Ro. Heredity plays a bigger part in cholesterol than diet. My doc told me that years ago. Both my parents had high cholesterol and mom is 86 and never had a heart attack. I believe the stroke she had while we were in colorado was related to the change in altitude and her pressure increasing. Dad never had a heart attach or bypass, either. I have been taking Zetia for nearly 10 years and have never had any side effects from it at all but if I were you, I would do exactly what you are doing. No way would I make myself miserable when my labs looked like yours. Maybe the doc feels the need to put you on something due to the diabetes. I have been on Lipitor and Zetia for years but my cholesterol is around 300 without it and hdl/ldl ratio not good, either, and high trigycerides my whole life. When I started on the Lipitor/Zetia combination, all my labs went to normal (total cholesterol is at about 180 now) and I had no side effects. Guess I'm lucky. I know the statins are controversial but I guess I'll go for what is working right now since my nuclear stress test last year was good. Both my parents have been/were on statins for years.

I also think you are right-on about going natural. More and more studies show that. Fat is not the enemy they once thought it was, but hydrogenated fats like margarine are the villians, and who knows what those artificial sweetners are doing to people? I saw on the news recently that people who use artificial sweetners are actually gaining more weight than those who use sugar in moderation. They say that somehow the artificial stuff confuses the brain...the taste buds taste the sweet but because no sugar actually goes into the blood stream, the brain causes sugar cravings. Strange but true, according the report. You know, I was in the grocery store not long ago and Sean picked up a bag of Splenda and said, "Mom, hold this...it feels like a bag of styrofoam!"...and it sure did. That stuff is not going into our bodies!

Well, I have family coming in for Dad's service tomorrow. My friend Dianne came and helped me yesterday, like I mentioned and she did a fantastic job..even got on the floor and cleaned the bottom of my kitchen cabinets and baseboards without being asked (i certainly would never have asked her to do that!). I really couldn't have done everything I needed to do without her. I am STILL working on laundry!...one load to go.


February 10, 2012 - Msg 87350: Hey, G-G..we must have been posting at the same time. Yea, hook me up with a wooden chicken coop/table for those romantic evening in the chicken pen. :)


February 10, 2012 - Msg 87351: G-F, that is...sorry.

February 10, 2012 - Msg 87352: Good morning, porch! Boo, isn't it wonderful to have a friend like that? Eloise would do the same for me, and I for her. I think God invented friendship!

About the cholesterol/statin thing - if my cholesterol was 300, I'd have to take a second look at my decision, but the highest it's ever been was 217. At that point, I began using more olive oil, and made it a point to eat an avocado at least twice a week. I also quit using margarine and switched to butter exclusively, and the cholesterol dropped below 200 in about three months. It now hangs in the 180s all the time, sometimes goes a little lower. Triglycerides dropped as well. They were over 200 at one time, but not since those changes. Why do people think they can invent something that's better for them than what God made? I refer to natural processes as well as food. At work, our C-section rate is much too high. It's not uncommon to have more sections that normal deliveries on any given day. Some are necessary, and life-saving. Things do go wrong, and a section can save the baby and even the mother. However, the majority of them are done for "failure to progress", meaning the mom labored for hours bot nothing was happening. Look a little further back, and you'll find she was brought in for induction, she didn't go into labor spontaneously. She and her doctor decided a certain date would be a good time for her to deliver - maybe that's when Mama can come for a few days - she an induction is planned. Unfortunately, her body isn't ready, maybe the baby isn't quite ready either, and it just doesn't work, but they've gone too far to turn back, so she gets cut. Most of the time, a woman who comes in with spontaneous labor will deliver without incident, and usually pretty quickly, too. Hmmm. Isn't that strange? (haha)

You're right about the artificial sweeteners, I've read some of those studies, and there seems to be pretty consistent evidence that they are useless for weight loss. I wouldn't use them anyway, because they taste horrible, like cough syrup, but the deal is sealed against them with all the evidence Im reading. Why would I force myself to use something that tastes bad, when it's likely to make me gain weight in the long run? Nasty stuff!

Well, guess I'd better run. My kitchen looks like there has been a party in there, and there hasn't. I just need to empty the dishwasher so I can put dirty stuff in it again, instead of in the sink. I hate emptying that thing, don't know why, I just do. Lazy, I guess.

Blessings, everyone, and prayers too! --Romeena

February 10, 2012 - Msg 87353: Oh, sorry! G-F, I'd be very grateful if you were to find a propeller. I finally broke down and bought a replica for him, but he'd still love to have the real thing, I'm sure. The price would have to be right, though. I couldn't pay more than $200 for it, and all the ones I saw were $800 and up. --Romeena

February 10, 2012 - Msg 87354: Gosh, Ro, I am going to have to eat more avacados. Really good and good for you but I forget about them for some reason. I love making guacamole...one of my favorite things and I make it without out adding anything unhealthy to it.

You are so right about the c-section. It sounds like they have increased since I worked L&D 13 years ago. It was bad enough then and so true about waiting until the body is ready. I was lucky with my 2, they both came early on their own so things went smoothly and they were small, which helped...each one barely 6 lbs. I had terrific birth experiences and epidurals with both (but not too early to risk slowing things down). I smiled and joked with my co-workers all through Sean's delivery and didn't even have to push more than twice...talk about lucky (or blessed, I should say). Erin was a little tougher but still a stroll in the park. With both I was up, showered and helping to clean up my own room within 2 hours. Of course, I am a Texas girl, right G-F? *wink*

Well, I have some beef veggie soup simmering on the stove and most everything is done. Now to wait to see my favorite sweety uncle. I can't wait until he gets here. I know I'll cray! You know the saying that every cloud has its silver lining? It is true in this case. Too bad the circumstances are what they are but I am so looking forward to being with my extended family. Both my brothers and their wives, a nephew I haven't seen in over 20 years, uncles, aunts, cousins. How wonderful. I have the best, most loving family in the world (besides all of your's, of course).:)

Think I will take a break. I am reading a book right now that I loaded on my Kindle and it is really good. I chose christian fiction, for a change (you all know I usually only read non-fiction...I'm just that kinda girl) but I am enjoying this one.

Better git!