February 27, 2012 - Msg 87530: Spot, Prayers for Miss Sherry and for you as you begin a new round of treatment. How about a breakfast burrito from Carls Jr's. They are pretty good.


February 27, 2012 - Msg 87531: Oh, and I'll go ahead and sweep while I'm at it.


February 27, 2012 - Msg 87532: Nice sweep Asa...It was all that practice you did this past summer helping MDC keep up with the dust storms!
Rev & Spot...."NO RACE FOR YOU!" looks like today may be a wash out too?.....
It gives Danica Patrick another day to do her hair & nails..haha...Goooo #55 "Old school!"...GF

February 27, 2012 - Msg 87533: Hey, Spot! Gift rose?? Should have been an amaryllis! If you received a rose, someone else sent it, or the nursery substituted, which I don't think they'd do. Prayers for Miss Sherry as she goes into this day. Could be pretty rough, but we'll pray that God makes it as easy as possible.

Forgive my recent absence, but my keyboard died. Couldn't revive it no matter what I did, so finally had to go buy a new one. They come in sets these days, keyboard and mouse, and I'm not too happy with the new mouse. The keyboard is one of those ergonomic things, all hills and curves, and takes some getting used to, but I'll manage. The mouse, however, is clearly designed to be used right-handed and I mouse with my left. There are buttons on the left side of it, which are rubbing on my left ring finger, and which I hit now and then cause weird things to happen. I don't even know what they're supposed to do, but whatever it is, it causes catastrophic events. Oh well.

Lucy, prayers for you too, friend. You have indeed been dealing with that foot for a long time. I hope it gets all healed up very soon.

Mary Wiggins, please keep us posted on the progress of your daughter's pregnancy. We care.

Tom, prayers for your stepdad. I know he has been ailing for a long time, and it wears on your nerves after a while. I pray for healing for him, and for strength and patience for both of you.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some lunch, then try to get a nap before I have to go to work. I'd much rather sit here and watch the courtship between a pair of robins out back, but duty calls. Barney would say my back yard is getting to be a regular Peeton Place! Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

February 27, 2012 - Msg 87534: Thanks for all the prayers for my daughter. They did another ultrasound today and she was really hoping to see some of the amniotic fluid returning. Unfortunately that was not the case. Still very low. Their plan is to send her home from the hospital for two and 1/2 weeks and then she will return and they will start giving her steroids to help develop the baby's lungs. Very scary time for us right now so the prayers are especially welcome!

Tom, that was one of the most beautiful poems I have read in a long time! Thanks so much for sharing it. Prayers for your stepdad continue.

Prayers for you too Lucy. I didn't know you had an issue with your foot. I hope you have complete healing and can go dancing with your husband soon!!!

Prayers for Miss Sherry as she begins her new round of chemo. I hope it's not too hard on her. She is fortunate to have Spot there with her to see her through!! Good on you, Spot!

Boo, I hope time is beginning to help soften the loss of your dad. I am sure you and your whole family miss him, but he truly is in a better place and someday we will all be gathered up there in the clouds to meet him and our Glorious Lord, Jesus Christ!

It's been one of the roughest weeks in my life, so I appreciate all the love and prayers from everyone here on the porch!

May you all have a blessed Mayberry evening!!
Mary Wiggins

February 27, 2012 - Msg 87535: Thank you, Mary Wiggins. I am indeed missing him now. The shock has worn off and it has been weeks since I spoke to him and I feel more sad...I know it's all part of the process but I am still able to smile and laugh and even rejoice in just what you mentioned...I'll be with him again. Thank you for the reminder. :) I know it must be a very difficult time for you and your family while you wait on pins and needles. I know you feel very helpless but remember that your prayers do so much, even when you don't feel like it. Love you, friend.

Glad to see you Ro. I figured you were just working a stretch or something.

Been one of those days for me...feeling stressed and mom-in-law dropped in while i was in the middle of a thousand chores. Guess I will get my shower and head to bed. Hope there is someone here to greet me and share my coffee in the morning.


February 27, 2012 - Msg 87536: Hey gang just a quick trouble check....Chemo went well today....Sherry NOT sick...watching the Daytona 500!...Hot wings and PJ"s!.....SPOT

February 27, 2012 - Msg 87537: I found this interesting bit of trivia about Mr. Airey that I'll bet some of you don't know. I was surprised.



February 27, 2012 - Msg 87538: Mt. Airy, that is.


February 27, 2012 - Msg 87539:
Howdy porch family....just got in the hotel from a long day in the studio. Vocals going really good. Gotta get some rest for another long day tomorrow.

Spot....so glad to hear Miss Sherry is not sick....continued prayers!

Love and prayers for all my porch family

February 27, 2012 - Msg 87540:
Wow Boo.....just read that link....I never had heard anything about that. Thanks for sharing.

February 27, 2012 - Msg 87541: Great news that Miss Sherry isn't sick Spot. PTL!
Hang in there Boo. I know how hard it is when reality sets in. I'm glad you are so strong in your faith.
Rev, don't go straining your larnyx buddy. That sounds painful for sure.
My Prayers for your situation will be in full force Mary Wiggins. We all love you and are pulling for you and your daughter and grandchild.
How ya doing Possum. April is getting close. :)

Better get to bed.


February 27, 2012 - Msg 87542:
One good thing about being in AZ and waiting for the final 40 laps...it's only 9:45!! ha
Spot and Sherry---super news!
Asa, ya suppose Rev has any uvula left? ha
Course, all God's childern have one, and some
dont even speak south american. tee hee.
Prayers for all ailing porchsters, families and friends!

February 28, 2012 - Msg 87543: I'm glad you corrected your post, Boo. I was beginning to wonder who Mr. Airey was, and if he was related to Mr. Schwump. ;)

Glad Sherry is not feeling sick, Spot!

-Sterling Holobyte

February 28, 2012 - Msg 87544: MDC,SPOT,GF...what a crazy race last night lucky there was no explosion and everyone escaped any serious injuries .
Prayers for SPOT and SHERRY ,and all others in need of them .Everyone have a great day

February 28, 2012 - Msg 87545: MDC You are lucky us on ET did not see the end of the race until 1 something yawn! I need EXTRA coffee this morning! Montoya can truely say he lit up Daytona this year!! At least no one got hurt...The "Go Daddy" girl got schooled & she has alot of dues to pay this year first.IMHO as any Rookie driver does...SPOT ya save us any hot wings?....G-F.....

February 28, 2012 - Msg 87546: Hi.
G F I see where Cleveland High had a shooting in a school?


February 28, 2012 - Msg 87547:
Morning porch family....Can't believe I stayed up until that race was over....but just couldn't turn it off:) It was wild but now I'm paying for it...lol Maybe I can take a nap between songs in the studio...hehe

Asa....I'll have to spray that larnyx real good today:)

MDC.....the NASCAR boys are on the way to your neck of the woods. Ready to rumble in the cactus land:)

G-F...you're right, Danica had a tough weekend but she is a tough little cookie. And like you said...she has a lot to learn on the NASCAR track and dues to pay as with all rookies.

Well gotta go...they will be waiting on me if I don't get there.
Love and prayers for ALL my porch family....You guys are the best!

February 28, 2012 - Msg 87548: Mornin'...sleepy...lots to do....see ya later.


February 28, 2012 - Msg 87549: Yes TOM that is true 2 dead 2 critical it was in Chardon. I'm sure all 4 families need prayers..So sad they are not sure why yet, I think it was a bulliling thing. What happened to the days when it was settled out in playground after school maybe a bloody nose was the worst result!....
REV..Danica Patrick a tough cookie?....She must be from Texas..right Boo & Rommena?..or a Spoiled Brat? Time will tell.....G-F....

February 28, 2012 - Msg 87550:
Well, pretty heavy stuff on the porch lately,
so let's all sing one chorus OK? Ready? OK...
"John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt,
His name is my name too.
Whenever we go out,
The people always shout,

Thanks Porchsters, i feel a little better already.
But believe me, prayers for all continue!

February 28, 2012 - Msg 87551: I smell gas

February 28, 2012 - Msg 87552: Of course you smell gas-what do ya think this car runs on? Coal??

February 28, 2012 - Msg 87553: Dadburn it, did you just HAVE to sing that song? Now it's stuck in my head and I can't get it out! DogGONE ya! --Romeena

February 28, 2012 - Msg 87554: Romeena, One more time...John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt!......Double Dog Gone Ya!!hahaha....
Or....Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O....With a chick, chick,Ehaw,Ehaw,Bah,Bah,here...Sounds like Boo's place!...I crack myself up...G-F

February 28, 2012 - Msg 87555: Boo...Oh, by the way I ordered (4) "Watersaver" elongated toilet bowl thrones today from Home Depot Supply...Thought of you..haha We have to save our precious water ya know...opted for the standard white ones tho...G-F

February 29, 2012 - Msg 87556: Watersaver? Them are the ones you gotta flush three times to get the job done, right G-F? Oh yea, mandated to us by the same folks who have mandated CFL's. Trust me folks, in a few years when the CFL is the norm, and everyone has them and are using them, suddenly disposal of them will be a big big issue. Then not only will you pay to buy em, you will pay to get rid of them. It's already the case in industry, and will soon be the case for all. Hopefully sanity will enter into the equation, but for some strange reason I have my doubts about that. HA!


February 29, 2012 - Msg 87557:
Hey Folks

A wintery mix in the weather today snow/ice/rain.

Spot-Hope you and Miss Sherry enjoyed the race... and wings.

I have to agree with Rev, I think Danica is a tough little cookie. I follow Indy more than NASCAR but I enjoy both.

Mary Wiggins-Prayers for you daughter.

I read this the other day on Facebook and it struck a cord with me and brought a bit of peace. We've had some "stuff" happening here and it helped. The word prideful gave me pause. I'll post a link below it.

"Feeling inadequate and out of control of any number of life stresses, I feel small and weak. Instead of being humbled, I tend to reject the discomfort of my need, and become prideful. I demand control, believing that if I regain control, I will be restored. My wandering, grumbling heart searches for some end to my familiar fatigue."



February 29, 2012 - Msg 87558: Asa.....You do live in my world too!!...haha.
We have purchased HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of CFL bulbs from Who you ask? Our local Power Supplier..and where are they made you ask?....CHINA! GOD BLESS THE USA! (Only in America). We install them in our Public Housing units..so the residents can steal the $4 bulb instead of the regular old 25cent incandesent bulb! But it's make me feel good that we are providing suck a service....

Auh2o..Heavy rains & thunderstorms heading your way suppose to get up to 60 today so tornado's are possible too..stay alert buddy!..G-F..

February 29, 2012 - Msg 87559: Sorry, that was suppose to be "such a service" not service sucks....G-F...

February 29, 2012 - Msg 87560: Good morning, porch! I just have to chime in on this commode topic. A few months ago, I had a new toilet installed in my bathroom. There was nothing actually "wrong" with the old one, except it was a low-flow, and as Asa said, took three tries to finish the task. I accepted that as the norm, but it was standard height, and as my arthritis worsens, I have found that the taller ones are much better for me. So, an American Standard, tall, elongated, low-flow was installed. I figured all the low-flow designs would have the same problem, but I'm here to tell you, this one does not. It appears to use about a gallon or so of water, and whoosh! It's done! No swirl, no hesitation, just whoosh! Beats anything I ever saw. My suggestion to any man who is still planning to have a family, would be to stand before flushing. Sorry, but you get the picture. Boo,> your dad would have had a biiiig problem!

Well, I see Joe and Jorge walking into my back yard, and I'm sitting here in my nightgown. Guess I'd better go get dressed. They're early, wasn't expecting them until nine. Oh well, we've got a lot to do so early is good. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

February 29, 2012 - Msg 87561: One more thing - as I have said before, I have no intention of using those CFL bulbs. I hate the things, and do not plan to subject myself to the aggravation of trying to dispose of them. I tried one package, and learned more than I wanted to know. So, every time I go to the store, I buy one more package of bulbs. I have a few 40-watt, a lot of 60-watt, and a very large supply of 100-watt. I'm also buying the ceiling floods, to use in the can lights which are all over my house. Buying them a little at a time, and watching for sales, it hasn't been a burden, and I've got enough light bulbs to last for the rest of my life. Besides, if I get more than I need, maybe I'll just "scalp" them to people who didn't buy up a supply. Hahaha! --Romeena

February 29, 2012 - Msg 87562:
RO- Have you noticed in stores that the 100s are no longer any where to be seen, so the countdown has begun! :(

February 29, 2012 - Msg 87563:
As Monty Python would say "And now for something completely different."
To make the banner ads disappear, click on the X in the upper right corner of the ad.

from Poor Horatio

February 29, 2012 - Msg 87564:
Hey Folks

Just wanted to rock-a-spell.

PH-Thanks for the links. I couldn't get the second one to connect. I'm sure it's this computer and not the link.

We have about a foot of snow on the ground and rain starting in, sounds link Spring.

Hope to stop by later.


February 29, 2012 - Msg 87565:
auh2o, I verified that both links work for me. So try again another time.
We got just enough snow to cover the ground. But with the temperature slightly above freezing, it should not last long.

from Poor Horatio

February 29, 2012 - Msg 87566:
I just heard about the passing of Monkee Davy Jones. Only 66 years young. May he RIP.

February 29, 2012 - Msg 87567: Hahahaha! Those links are hilarious! The little chihuahua in the blue sweater, with the bladder problem, just had me rolling. I've transferred the links to emails and am sending them to family. Too funny!!

Joe and Jorge were here again today, and we really got a lot done. The big island flowerbed is now cleaned out and awaiting the planting of petunias when they're available, probably next week. I did get 20 Gerbera daisies and planted them around the yard. I love those things. The flowers are showy, and around here, they return the next spring, at least most of the time. I have some out front that are four years old. Next week will be Pond Week. The pond is in miserable condition, very dirty, lots of muck on the bottom and lots of string algae proliferating, though the actual free water is clear. It has gone too far for chemical management, and hand-pump cleaning. So, I've got a couple of guys from the Water Gardens store coming next week. They'll bring a big vacuum, which will pull all the muck up off the bottom. We'll start by removing the fish to a tank, then drain the pond and vacuum the bottom, and scrub the string algae off the walls and components, refill, and start over. We'll acclimate the fish gradually, and they should do fine. We also need to raise the topline along one side, where it has slumped a little, costing about three inches of pond depth. Sometimes I wonder....

Gosh, I can't imagine having snow right now. It's 73 here, at 7 pm. Was about 80 this afternoon. Trees are budding, my tulips are up, daffodils and hyacinths are blooming, irises are starting to bloom, it's really quite lovely. Now, mind you, the mesquite trees haven't leafed out yet, so we could still get a freeze, but if we do, I don't think it will be a hard one. This has been an extremely mild winter so far.

MDC, to answer your question, so far I've not had a problem buying the 100-watt bulbs. I get them at Kroger, bought some last week. Maybe I'd better start buying two packages instead of one, though, if they're getting scarce. Nanny government!

Well, guess I'd better go feed little Starr. The little imp just weighed 4.3 pounds at Dr. Mike's yesterday, when he weighed her to calculate the sedation before he cleaned her little teeth. I asked him what he used for a cleaning tool - he said "a bent pin!" Hahaha! Little rascal sure does build the dental tartar, though. I guess most small dogs do, and it can be life-threatening if not controlled. So, I control it. She's worth it.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 29, 2012 - Msg 87568:
Howdy porch family....just a quick report......the mix is going great. Should have it done in a few more hours. Thought I would be here through the night but it's going smooth....THANK YOU JESUS.

Ro...I'm with you....I've buying a stock pile of bulbs:)

Gotta go.....Love and prayers

February 29, 2012 - Msg 87569: Hey Auh2o, you have GOT to friend me on facebook. Do a search for Julie Herrington-Guenter. By the way, for those who wonder, my last name is pronounced like the word "beginner" without the "be". I thought it would be ok to go ahead and share my name on here since I already shared Dad's obituary and most of you know my name anyway.

Thinks for thinking of my when you bought the toilets, G-F. :)

Well, I bought 4 chicks today because Bruce wants more laying hens. I gave two to one of Erin's little homeschool friends who wants to try and raise them until they are a few months old and then give them back to me. I told her I would share the eggs. We are trying to keep with the Mayberry theme and she named her two Emma Watson and Ellie Walker. We kept two that we have named Juanita and Hilda Mae. So, we will have five hens and one happy rooster.

I'll have to check out those links when I get off the porch.


March 01, 2012 - Msg 87570:
Morning Porch

Boo-I will send you a friend request and it will be the first one I have ever sent. I tend to use Facebook as a news source. We have a cap on internet usage of 5 gigabytes. So, I discovered I can save quite a bit by having one web page bring up many of the sites I enjoy. I've never played any of the games (not much of a gamer) and I'm not even quite sure how to communicate with others on FB. I did use my real name awhile back (my current name is close) and... I don't know it just got to be a little much for me keeping up with everyone. I'm not even sure if I remembered who some of my "friends" actually were but I think a lot were old high school/hockey chums.


March 01, 2012 - Msg 87571: Boo, Speaking of Friending, I sent in a request to you & Romeena on Floyd's new iMayberry site don't know who else on the porch has joined?
That young kid Bernie will soon be busy in the hen house tell him to pace himself!;)..G-F
Ya may have to add a "Goober" to the flock to help Bernie out..haha he could do inpressions:
Cluck,Cluck,Cluck, (that's chicken talk for Judy,Judy,Judy,).....

March 01, 2012 - Msg 87572: Hi All
Dad Will thing are not going to god!
Dad is in the hosp now and the M R I came back
what some bad new the pain that he has is canc in the back.
Auh2o Im on fb too.
The weather is nice for today but are comming Friday!


March 01, 2012 - Msg 87573: Thank, Auh2o. I figured you had changed the name a little for security reasons. I don't play games, either. I use facebook to keep informed on what my friends and family are doing and to communicate with them through private message when needed. I took a look at your info page and was surprised at the things we share in common (shouldn't be, I guess). For instance, you listed "Rope" as one of your favorites and I absolutely love that movie. I have never known of anyone else who really liked it. I have seen it four or five times and could watch it again today. Auh2o, you do realize that by friending me, you will get things that I share on your wall? You can always delete posts if that gets annoying. I do tend to share things that I think are interesting or funny.

G-F, I joined the Mayberry site but haven't been on in a long time. Do you do facebook? If so, send me a friend request. Yes, Bernie will be busy. I am wondering if I might need to seperate him from the girls in time. I guess it doesn't matter if the eggs are fertilized as long as we gather them the same day and put them in the frige. I wish it worked that way with goats. I am going to have to seperate Elvis from Raspberry or get rid of him. I do NOT want an entire flock of goats around here!

Very sorry to hear about your Dad, TOM. My prayers for both of you.

Just heard from Bruce. He had to work all day and all night last night and is finally coming home to sleep. This job is getting CRAZY!

Better go start fixing him some breakfast.


March 01, 2012 - Msg 87574: Good morning, porch! You're right, Boo, about the eggs. As long as they're refrigerated within a few hours of when they were laid, they'll be fine. And, anytime you want more chickens, you can just start leaving them in a nest box, and see if one of the hens gets "broody". The only requirement when using potentially fertile eggs is not to break them directly into something you're making. Always break them individually, into a little dish, so you can see them and make sure they're okay. Then just slide them into your batter or whatever, one at a time, after you've checked them. That's really a pretty good practice, even with store-bought eggs.

About the goats, if you were to arrange for a visit to the vet for Elvis, it wouldn't be necessary to separate him from Raspberry, and Raspberry would probably appreciate having a friend without "benefits." Elvis's temperament would improve significantly, too.

My yard looks so pretty this morning. It's all clean and tidy, overgrown things have been pruned, all the leaves which were left in the beds as mulch have been blown clear (not much left, most of them had composted down and are now part of the soil) and everything is so fresh and green. The little ranunculas we planted a year or two ago are up and blooming, so there are little clumps of cheerful red and purple poppy-like flowers just dotted everywhere. Neat little things, ranunculas. You may know them as windflowers. More irises are sending up buds, and the spirea bushes are budding. They'll be all dressed in white very soon. The redbud out front is showing color, too.

Tom, I'm sorry about your stepdad, and am praying for you both. I know this is a very hard time for you. Have you spoken to the doctor about arranging hospice care for him, when he reaches that point? It can be so very helpful.

I've been to the iMayberry site, and signed on, and I like it, but am having trouble finding my "place" there, for some reason. Maybe if I had some experience with Facebook, I would be more comfortable navigating and following "threads" and such, but I don't do Facebook, so I'm pretty clueless. I keep meaning to go back and explore some more, but I just find myself here on the porch when I have time. Just stuck in my ways, I guess.

Well, got to leave this comfortable chair and get busy. David will be here later to get the Christmas roof lights down (finally - he's been traveling so much with work that he just hasn't had time to do it) and I need to spruce the house up - considerably. Heather and her family are coming tomorrow night, and I have to work tonight, will need to sleep tomorrow morning, and will be playing bunco tomorrow evening, before they get here, so I don't have much time to get things done. Oh well. She has seen dust before. I just need to make sure the beds have clean sheets, the bathrooms are clean, and the kitchen is clean (it is.) Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

March 01, 2012 - Msg 87575: I thought about that, Ro (concerning Elvis) but he is grown now and...how can I put this delicately....very well endowed, and I am wondering how complicated and costly it would be to fix him at this point. Guess I could google it and find more information on the subject.

I agree with Romeena, TOM. Please consider hospice. They made the world of difference for my Dad (and for us).

Wish I was nearby to help you spruce up the house, Ro. How old is Heather's little boy now?
If you remember, tell her I said hello.


March 01, 2012 - Msg 87576:
Howdy porch family.....Another summer like day here in SC.

Tom....will certainly be prayering for your stepdad buddy....and for you!

Ro....I can imagine how nice your yard looks. It's so peaceful in your back yard.

Little Jake was so glad to see me this morning when I finally got home. He's such a spoiled mess. Now he's laying in the sun on my porch loving every minute of it:)

Well you all have a very blessed day.
Sending love and prayers to all my porch family!

March 01, 2012 - Msg 87577: RUN....ELVIS....RUN......!!OUCH.!.!.!.!.

March 01, 2012 - Msg 87578: Boo, I think it's time for one of you to have "The Talk" with Bernie & Elvis! Your pens & coops may runith over...Or Bruce will have to get his tool-belt out and add on more additions!
That would be "AMAZING"!...tehehaha..;)..G-F....

March 01, 2012 - Msg 87579: Boo, just call your vet and ask him. You may be surprised. If they can geld a grown horse (and they do) I would think a goat would be no problem. You're going to have to "fix" one of them, or be up to your eyebrows in goats eventually. The only alternative is to spend a lot of time and effort keeping them separated, and think of how miserable poor frustrated little Elvis will be. As for Bernie, no problem. Eggs are eggs, as long as you gather and chill them quickly, and a little flock of baby chicks now and then is a nice thing too. You can let them get up to frying size, then take them to a processing plant where they'll turn them into nice little plastic bags of chicken, and it's not that expensive. Probably no more than what you'd spend buying chicken at the store, and you don't know what they were fed or what antibiotics they had. Or you can keep the little hens, gather lots of eggs every day and sell them to the neighbors!

REV, I know little Jake is happy you're home. There's just nothing like a happy puppy, greeting you when you've been away. Sure builds your ego!

Well, gotta go lie down for a little while. I'm going in an hour early to work tonight, to let a day nurse off early so she can attend a function at school with her daughter. As if twelve hours isn't long enough.... Oh well, she's a friend, I don't mind.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

March 01, 2012 - Msg 87580: Nothing like an adoring doggy to build a man up! :)


March 01, 2012 - Msg 87581: Asa, how is your dog, Barney? Haven't heard anything about him in a long time.

Yes, you are probably right, Ro. I am comtemplating seperating him and getting a female pygmy goat. People pay good money around here for pygmy babies as pets. Just something I am thinking about since Elvis is such a fine specimen. He really is a beauty, as far as pygmies go and he fathered babies the first time he ever tried (not sure if that is uncommon, though). Maybe I'm prejudiced but I think he is something special, as far as goats go. This porch is beginning to sound like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom...Yes, G-F, things around here are pretty AMAZING, and you know how it is in the spring..new life abounds (of course my days of reproducing are over!).

I went and got a manicure today (it's been years). I finally got tired of my hands looking like an old farm woman's hands...now they look like an old farm woman's hands with nice nails. ;)

Asa, I am still off the sugar but this is the first day I have had any kind of sugar cravings. I resisted, though. Been eating right, except for eating out at a local mexican restaurant that was exceptional! Not real good for my cholesterol but sure was a treat....best cheese enchiladas ever and the tacos were the best, too. They weren't made with the usual ground meat but shredded beef that was slow-cooked and spices added to it. You can't believe how good it was. Wow. Can't do that often, though.

Well, think I will pick up the old Kindle and do some reading. I am still reading alot but not quite as much as when i first got it. I think I have finished about 8 books since Christmas. Some weren't very long, though. I have read a few non-fiction accounts of life within the FLDS, which were interesting. I read two fiction novels, which is unusual, but I enjoyed them.


March 01, 2012 - Msg 87582:
Goodnight porch family!
Love and prayers

March 02, 2012 - Msg 87583: Hi All.
Will it starting as a good day but it's going to git bad tonight.
Will Stepdad come home today but I have to take him for the next four day his shot?
Boo - Rom I have hospice comming in from the last time.
and there are going help me out more now.


March 02, 2012 - Msg 87584: Good to hear, TOM. You hang in there, friend.


March 02, 2012 - Msg 87585: Where us everybody today?? It's lonesome here on the porch...


March 02, 2012 - Msg 87586: RAIN RAIN GO A WAY AND DO NOT CAME BACK


March 02, 2012 - Msg 87587:
Howdy porch family....storms brewing again today around different parts of the south. Prayers for safety of all.

Tom...so glad that you'll be getting some help. Know that we're prayering for you and your family!

Well my little buddy Jake is at work with his mommy today. They love him so much there and look forward to him coming every week. Of course he loves the attention too.....since he gets no attention here at home....YEAH RIGHT. That little mut gets more attention here than I get..lol

We've got all kinds of empty rockers here on the porch today.
Love and prayers for all the porch family!

March 02, 2012 - Msg 87588:
"It's me, it's me, it's MDC! ha
Boo- I was thinking that concerning any male's "huveos", I think I'd contact a doc as opposed to google! (:
Good to see AUH20- I wonder if GF has figured out your handle?
Racing at PIR this weekend. I've mentioned in the past that i have worked concessions there,
but am skipping it this year! Hope it goes better than Daytona!
But I am going to opening day of spring training ball tomorrow! Indeed one nice "concession" about living here, even if it is a split squad game.
Ya all have a good weekend.
Prayers for Tom's stepdad and all!

March 02, 2012 - Msg 87589:
Oh, and a trivia bit that I think we've talked about here before, but I'm not sure:
If Ernest T. Bass had no educasion, who wrote all those notes that were attached to his rocks?? ha In fact, I was watching the education ep, and he says, "I even attached a note that says 'I love you miss Crump.'"

March 02, 2012 - Msg 87590: Maybe Elvis just wants to go uptown with Fletch for a while. (:

March 02, 2012 - Msg 87591:
MDC.....have fun at spring training.
Also as for Ernest T's notes....maybe they were "best guess" spelling where you had to pretty much use your imagination to figure out what it said:) Just a thought.

Love and prayers for all

March 02, 2012 - Msg 87592: "no huntin no fishing no trespassin no credit open closed" (:

March 02, 2012 - Msg 87593: MDC, Your right I have not figured out Auh2o's handle keep forgetting to ask...Figured it had something to do with water? Maybe all the Finger Lakes in upper NY?
Yep, Hope this weeks race goes better Daytona,it was strange this year...Hopefully no dust storms kick up..Just Keep Montoya away from the Jet dryers!
Boo hope ya reconsider Elvis's delma, "KINDA MAKES ME SAD" being of Male gender....


March 02, 2012 - Msg 87594: Hi, porch! Sorry, Boo, when I suggested taking Elvis to the vet, I was forgetting what a classy little dude he is. Guess you wouldn't want to do that. I can only imagine his frustration, however, as you keep him isolated. Animals can present us with dilemmas, can't they?

Heather and her family will be here around ten tonight (Boo, Trip is four now) and I've got to finish putting away a mountain of groceries, powder my nose and head for bunco, which starts at 6:30. I'll barely beat them back here tonight, and I'm going to try not to stay up talking all night, because I'm pooped! I slept an hour and a half when I got off work this morning, have been gone all day (but my toes are pretty and the groceries are bought) and I'm tired. Tomorrow we're going to the OSU/TCU baseball game, because my nephew will be playing for OSU. Freshman rookie, and he's in the starting lineup. Last week, he hit a grand slam and I think three more RBIs. The kid has talent! I would imagine the Rangers will be talking to him again.

Well, gotta run. Y'all be careful out there, with all the storms prowling around. Blessings! --Romeena

March 02, 2012 - Msg 87595: Yes, Ro, I know it would be sad for Elvis to be seperated without a girlfriend. I will have to think this one over. MDC, check your spelling, and I meant I would research Google to see the possible side effects/risk of infection for the procedure on a grown goat, not that I was thinking of doing it myself. I could if I knew how, I guess. I am a Texas girl and pretty tough. ;)

Ro, I simply cannot believe that Trip is already four! My goodness! Seems like he was just born. Hope you have a great time with your family. Really neat about your nephew.

Well, Bruce came home bummed out because they are going through with the job changes and he doesn't know where he stands yet. It is out of his hands and in the Lord's, so we will trust Him with it. Please pray for peace for Bruce. :)

Better go.


March 02, 2012 - Msg 87596: i just realized that I had not shared anything with you all about Bruce's job status. They are making some big changes in his area and he may have to move to another job or lose his. He is worried because of his being hearing impaired and trying to learn a new way of doing things. Hopefully he will find out something on monday.


March 03, 2012 - Msg 87597: Prayers for all those in the way of those storms. Up here we have been pretty lucky so far as far as mild weather goes. Isn't homemaker from Indiana? They had some bad ones down in the southern part.

-Sterling Holobyte

March 03, 2012 - Msg 87598: May God give Bruce some peace to relieve his anxiety, Boo.

March 03, 2012 - Msg 87599: Boo, I second SH's post...I've been there too! 2 years ago I had to assume all of the duties of a fellow Supervisor who was retireing...so my work doubled...Luckey Me!...
So I feel his frustration...Not to make a joke out of his situation...But you still have Elvis!
He could be your "Golden Goat"! If not, just take the boy down to the corner drug store and get him some "supplies"..haha (Elvis not Bruce that is)....GF....

March 03, 2012 - Msg 87600: Just had another thought....In the past 3 years my workload has doubled twice...Is that what's known as "Doubleing Down"...Just a thought....GF

March 03, 2012 - Msg 87601:
Morning Porch

G-F I gotta tell your weather forecasts for my neck of the woods have been spot on. It is WINDY!

Boo-Prayers for Bruce. That is a tough row but I know you two will always land on your feet. Your faith and determination shines bright.

MDC-Thanks, it feels good to be rocking again. Sometimes you need to put one foot in front of the other and just keep moving. That post I had at the top of this page, about being prideful, has helped me put somethings more in perspective.

Oh yeah, G-F my handle is in remembrance of Barry Goldwater. It does not have much to do with Mayberry, other than the '64 campaign fits nicely in with the series run. I'm a simple backwoods, revenuer fearing, country bumpkin so I sign a lot of my post auh2o. MDC, of course, zeroed right in on the connection. He can spot a bumpkin a mile away. I guess I didn't plan on sticking around the Porch too long so I never came up with a Mayberry handle but here I am. I follow some sites on Facebook but this is really the only "social networking" I do.

Peace & Prayers,

March 03, 2012 - Msg 87602: auh2o, Would have never guessed that one! I'm sure all the Porchsters have been thankful you stayed around..
The winds have been high but we faired alot better off than those to the south, much damage..Spring is coming with a vengence this year!...G-F.....

March 03, 2012 - Msg 87603:
Morning porch family.....PLEASE EVERYONE CHECK IN SO WE WILL KNOW YOU ARE OK FROM THE STORMS....Prayers for all the folks that have been affected by the storms....so sad.

They were mostly a little north of us.....really no problems here.

Spot.....you folks have much line damage? If not I'm sure ya'll will be sending crews to other areas.

Boo.....I sure will be praying for Bruce's situation!

auh2o.....good seeing you back in your rocker buddy!

Well I've got to get moving. The wife and I are spending the day out together.
Love and prayers

March 03, 2012 - Msg 87604: Hi All.
Just had a little rain here .
The hit all arounld us!
G-F it called a God kicking and saiding it to laet about you all forgiting about in your life.


March 03, 2012 - Msg 87605: Aw, thank you my friends for the prayers and encouragment. You all are the best! ((Hugs))
Interestingly, God sent a unexpected messenger to Bruce today to encourage him. He had made an appointment for a man who owns the local nursery to come by and give him an estimate on installing a sprinkler system. Well, the man began to talk to Bruce about God and his provision. He told him about how he had lost his business and LOTS of money and God had a plan and has made everything work out for the best. The guy was full of wisdom and Godly encouragment....just a coincidence?...hardly. See, your prayers are already being answered!

Guess what? I have two new goat babies this morning. Elvis is a proud new father of two very cute baby boys. I really didn't want boys but I guess I will get them castrated when they are older and just keep them as pets. They are already very strong, fiesty little things and were immdediately after birth. Both are white and one has a little black on his head like Elvis.

Well, have to go take care of mom today. St. Susan and her husband took a much needed trip to San Antonio for the day.


March 03, 2012 - Msg 87606: Oh, I am now open for goat name suggestions. Mom is Raspberry and Dad is Elvis, so see what we can come up with. Either berries or rock legends, I guess. :)


March 03, 2012 - Msg 87607: How about "Huckleberry Smash", Boo? :)

-Sterling Holobyte

March 03, 2012 - Msg 87608: Well...Goober-Fife is a Grandaddy again! Step-Son & his wife had em a 7#+ Boy...Makes #4 for me..(2 Boys & 2 Girls) Feeling old today...
Granddaddy,Granddaddy,Granddaddy, as the Ol'Goob said when Opie had his young'in...Off to see them at the hospital..
Boo, How about Elviberry & Gooberry to bad one isn't a girl then you could call it Booberry! I'll study on some more names while I'm at the hospital, maybe seeing other babies will inspire me with some good goat names...Baaaah,Baaaaah..
(thats goat for see ya!) G-F.....
"Elvis your the Man!" Take care of Raspberry!

March 03, 2012 - Msg 87609:
Congrats G-F on your new grandbaby! Man I cracked up on your comment "maybe seeing other babies will inspire me with some good goat names"....lol Man you are nuts:) Enjoy your visit with your new grandbaby!

March 03, 2012 - Msg 87610: Congrats G-F!...just a quick trouble check...started new Chemo monday...rough week...but hanging in there...will read when I get to work at 6pm....storm damage anyone?...close but none here on the farm....prayers Porch...SPOT

March 03, 2012 - Msg 87611: Congratulations, G-F! Great news about grandbaby no 4. I like Huckleberry, SH. I think Bruce has already named them Gomer and Goober unless I can change his mind. He typically likes to name the boy animals and I guess I'll let him.

Gotta go check on the baby chicks. I am sure they are needing food and water about now. I was just out in the barn with the goats and I was so surprised by Elvis. He seems positively devoted to those offspring already. He has been staying in the barn and keeping watch over them all day, right along with their momma. So cute. Both babies seem to be doing just great and are having no trouble nursing. I was a bit concerned because Raspberry has a "double teat" on one side and sometimes that causes a problem if there is more than one kid. Things seem ok, though.


March 03, 2012 - Msg 87612: Good Saturday Porch family, been busy this week so not much porch sitting for me.

Just checking in for a minute before I start supper.

Patrick is home for Spring Break (its that time already). Beth will be off for her Spring break the following week. then she will be on the down hill slide for her senior year.

We have had bad storms on my end of the porch! Lots of damage around. Beth and I had traveled to near by Knoxville, TN last night( about 1 hour and 45 minutes away)with her friend and her friends Mom to see Brad Paisley in concert. We had a grand time and missed most of the bad weather. Got there and back safely.

On a sad note, my other Aunt passed away this morning about 7:30 am est. She was 86. Will be having the services on Tuesday I believe. Please remember our family in your prayers. This is the second aunt I have lost in 2 weeks. The aunt who died this morning was my Dad' sister and probably my favorite aunt. I spent lots of summers with her and my cousins. She always spoiled me and because I was the smallest in size of all the cousins she petted me and never made to do chores like she did her own kids! She was the last one in that generation to pass. makes me sad but I know she is not suffering and has been reunited with all of her family that has gone on before her.

Prayers for Miss Sherry, SPOT and everyone else.

Supper menu will be: chicken with crusts, macaroni and cheese, peas, corn, green beans.coffee, tea or cola to drink. Come on over.

Congrats to G-F. Lots of babies to spoil!

Prayers and Blessings to all

Big Maude

March 03, 2012 - Msg 87613:
Howdy porch family....Good day out with wifey:)

Maude....so sorry to hear the news of your other aunt. Prayers for your family.

Spot....praying that Miss Sherry will be feeling much better soon.

Boo....like those names...now they fit in with the porch:)

Got a concert tomorrow in the town that I grew up in. Will be nice seeing alot of ole friends that are planning to be there.

You all have a great night's sleep and a very blessed worship day tomorrow.
Love and prayers

March 03, 2012 - Msg 87614: Thanks gang! Everybody's doing fine..Got to get another fishin pole..Let's see we already have a Spiderman,Dora the Explorer,Cinderella,so I have to get another Boy one...maybe an Opie model?
My "Mayberry Gang" loves to go fishing at the local Park pond. We always look out for "Old Sam"..it keeps them occupied when the fish arn't biteing! Thay always say: Papa this is awsome! We always end up feeding the ducks too. (That's what a grown man and 3 kids do at the duck pond incase you were wondering!)haha Not AMAZING but alot of fun!..

Glad everyone is safe & sound from the storms, keep those who are not in your prayers..

I see #55 Mark Martin is sittin on the pole for tomorrows race in Phoenix...55 is a good number for us older farts!...

By the way,...Boo I vote for Goober & Gomer too but then again I'm partial..They don't have to be cousins ya know they can be brothers too!!haha
Goober-Fife and to all a good night!