April 08, 2012 - Msg 88106: A great and glorious night to my entire Porch family. Happy Easter to all and I hope tomorrow is filled with laughter, fellowship and warm hearts.

Myself and the wife are going to FIL and G'ma-IL's house for outdoor cookin'! Cheeseburgers, cubed potatoes, cole slaw and, for dessert....strawberry cake with triple fudge frosting! As they used to say on Hee Haw, "Yum! Yum!" Bottomless tea to drink as we set out on the back porch and watch the day pass us by!

Health and happiness to everyone that resides on this porch! May you all have a great Easter!

John Masters

April 08, 2012 - Msg 88107: See....now we got a clean porch to come back to for Easter! I even got everyone's rockers!

John Masters

April 08, 2012 - Msg 88108: Good Sabbath Easter morning porch.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Good News! He, has overcome death, that we all may likewise overcome death. He, the only perfect one to ever walk the earth, took upon him all our sins, and washed us clean, if we but take upon us his name. His invitation is to all. "Come follow me." Is there better news anywhere than that?

Prayers for all for a wonderful blessed and thoughtful Easter day.


April 08, 2012 - Msg 88109: I boiled some eggs last night and let Erin and Allie color them. I did some brown and they put them in the red die and they were beautiful!

Well, Happy Easter to all. I have to go fix the baked beans and slow cook them while we are at preachin'. I really tried to make food that my mom would enjoy and even made homemade yeast rolls that are rising in the frige overnight. They look wonderful. I know this will be a hard holiday for mom because its the first one without Dad. Yesterday while I was cooking, I would think, 'Dad will like this' and then realize he won't be there. It is right to rejoice, though, because today we are reminded that death has lost its sting. :)

Better get going...


April 08, 2012 - Msg 88110: Good word, ASA!!


April 08, 2012 - Msg 88111: red "dye" that is!


April 08, 2012 - Msg 88112: --Romeena

April 08, 2012 - Msg 88113: I see we still have our glitch. I just throw my hat in first, to make sure I can see everyone before I walk onto the porch.

Boo, I'm glad you like the brown eggs with the red dye on them. Aren't they pretty? Did you try any other colors?

Services were so beautiful this morning. I almost didn't make it - back was tight, but I could get around. Then when I tried to get in the shower, there was no hot water. The pilot light is out on the heater that serves the bathrooms on this end of the house. I tried to re-light it, and it would light, but even after I held it for fifteen seconds per instructions, it would go out when I released the button. Oh well. So, I washed my hair at the kitchen sink, which is served by a different heater, and just did a little "bird bath" otherwise. I think a cold shower would have thrown my back into some serious spasms. Anyway, I made it to church, and that's what matters.

I stopped and got three boxes of some very good-looking strawberries. Gonna clean them and put them in a pretty dish, then mix some powdered sugar and a little tad of brown sugar into some sour cream for "dippin' sauce" and take it all over to Eloise's. Will cut a bouquet of irises too, I see some real beauties out there. Oh, and must wash Toye Starr's little grubby face too. The rest of her looks and smells nice, but her face looks like a street urchin. She'll fight me like a tiny tiger, but I'll win. Can't take her visiting with a dirty face!

Have a Happy Easter, friends. He IS Risen! --Romeena

April 08, 2012 - Msg 88114:

Amen! Asa


April 08, 2012 - Msg 88115: Just wanted to stop by and wish my porch family a very Happy
And glorious Easter.
Big Maude

April 08, 2012 - Msg 88116: update

April 08, 2012 - Msg 88117:
Trust you all are having a great Easter Sunday! It's been so nice here with my family. Just ate too much though:)
Love and prayers for all the porch family!

April 08, 2012 - Msg 88118: Just wanted to stop by and wish my porch family a very Happy
And glorious Easter.
Big Maude

April 08, 2012 - Msg 88119: --Romeena

April 08, 2012 - Msg 88120: We do seem to have a problem with the porch. Now it's taken to cloning what Big Maude says! Interesting.

Just got home from a very good afternoon spent at Eloise's house. Good food, good fellowship, and now I'm home to relax and watch a little TV. I brought Bentley home with me, because Dave and Brittney are taking the boys to a Ranger game (almost rained out, but it finally cleared off) and of course Bentley couldn't go. They'll get him from me tomorrow. He's such a good old boy, I never mind bringing him home, and Toye Starr is thrilled. She loves him.

We had a very hard rainstorm, just as I was leaving to go over to Eloise's. The rain was coming down so heavy, I was driving about 35 on the freeway, and literally plowing through water, even up on the highway. I'm guessing we got at least two inches, because it was just pouring, and it rained for at least half an hour. Good - we need it!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Sabbath. May God give us each a new attitude for the coming week, an "attitude of gratitude" for what He did for us. --Romeena

April 08, 2012 - Msg 88121: Folks...I'm trying to see if there is a problem, as reported, but the description of the problem isn't possible. If you aren't seeing the "latest" posts, you can try doing a "Force Refresh" of your browser.
•Windows: Ctrl + F5
•Mac/Apple: Apple + R or Cmd + R
•Linux: F5

I don't know if that will help you but the problem has to be with the browser end of the world OR you ISP caching the page for you.

If it were anything else, the posts you didn't see when you can on the porch would be lost and would never show.

April 08, 2012 - Msg 88122: .

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88123: Thanks, Floyd.

Well, had a very nice Easter with family. One of the nicest in years, actually, which was a wondeful blessing since it was our first holiday without Dad. It was a smaller gathering, which has its merits. Bruce and St. Susan's husband watched a gold tournament and St. Susan showed the rest of us some old video footage of some Christmas past when Erin was a toddler. Boy, we laughed so hard at Sean when he was little! He was a goofy kid, for sure. Anway, the food was good but I didn't overeat so I felt fine, even without a nap. :) We didn't get back home until nearly 7pm and then went out to feed the critters. St. Susan sent some cake for Thelma Lou but she wouldn't eat it. Guess who ate it?...Bernie the chicken!! Crazy bird.

I let the little goats out to frolic for awhile and they were hilarious. My all-white little goat (Goober) is the sweetest thing. I was playing with him by taking my fist and pushing on the front of his heads (little goats love the game), and he gently put both front legs on my chest and looked into my eyes....I was a goner. I had to hug him. What a cutie pie! Gomer is still more active and mischevious, though. I like him too, though. So funny how two little goats born at the same time can have such different personalities.

Well, its late and I am tired so its off to bed for me! See you all in the morning.


April 09, 2012 - Msg 88124: "GOLF" not gold!


April 09, 2012 - Msg 88125: "Head" not heads! Goober has only one head! Sheesh I just need to go to bed.


April 09, 2012 - Msg 88126: No ASA, I have NOT been hittin' the squeezins' or sampling the recipe (even though it is a holiday).


April 09, 2012 - Msg 88127: Happy Resurrection Day!

Thank you all for the prayers. So sweet of y'all.

Asa, Amen! How's Amy?

Romeena, I'm glad you were able to get up and out.

Boo, poor Thelma Lou.

John Masters, quite nice of you to clean today.

Big Maude, I hope you had a great day!

Floyd, I have to refresh each time I visit lately.

Auh20, did your girls get fancied up?

Rev, it's great that you enjoy spending so much time with females.

Tom, I do hope your stepdad gets well.

Possum, I hope Miss Laci enjoyed her Easter.

Spot, it's so good to hear that Miss Sherry is doing well.

Sterling, did Kai enjoy herself?

Hey to everyone! We had a great day today. My parents gave us gift cards for Cracker Barrel. We had good food and then rocked out on the porch for it was so beautiful! Stopped by a lake for awhile. I had to do some homemaking things when we got home. Such s nice day!


April 09, 2012 - Msg 88128: --Romeena

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88129: Sounds like we're having browser problems. I don't think it's the computer caching the page, because it's happening to all of us, evidently. These computers and the internet - weird, weird, weird!

Toye Starr looks absolutely gaw-jus after her bath. She is so white and her coat is so shiny and soft. I should bathe her a lot more often, but the poor little thing hates it so, and since she never smells bad, I just let her get away without it. Bentley sat in the kitchen and watched the whole thing, clearly sympathizing with her, the sweetie. He's such a good dog. Very polite, very obedient, just wants to please everyone. Brittney has a real talent for choosing a dog, then training and socializing it so that it's a joy to have around.

Boo, I'm so glad things went well for your family. The "firsts" are always hard, but now you have this one behind you. Hang in there.

Lucy, it's good to see you. You're always such a friendly little "bright spot" in the day when you come around. Take care of yourself!

Well, guess the pups and I will head for bed. The tree guys are coming back in the morning to finish the job, so I'll have to be up fairly early. I have to work tomorrow night, AND Tuesday night. Two in a row - I never schedule that. Guess the assistant manager changed my bid. Oh well. It's just this once, I can do it. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88130: Howdy Folks! Boo, your Bernie is a piece of work did he eat the icing too? You better get him checked out if he starts liking chicken nuggets too! As for Gomer & Goober sounds like they act more like cousins than brothers, at least they still can borrow each others tools. G-F.....

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88131: Hey gang!.on net book at cancer center...3 hr Chemo day!...but we are doing fine...hey to all...yall gona have Lunch?...SPOT

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88132: Good morning....where is everyone????

Nice morning here in south texas. Lots of dew on the ground and about 70 degrees...will get up to near 90, though by afternoon.

The house looks a bit like we had a party here, though we didn't. I had two extra kids all weekend and plenty to do. Now begins the clean-up and I am making cookies and cupcakes today for the girls at the drug rehab. Haven't been out there for awhile so will enjoy going tonight.

Better get at the laundry, and cleaning, and baking and schooling...I'm tired already! Anyone wanna lend a hand?


PS-Bruce gives his big presentation to the officials on Wed. Please remember him in prayer. It will be alot of pressure for him.

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88133: Well, darn it, I fell for it again and thought i was the only one here!! haha


April 09, 2012 - Msg 88134: Good morning, Porch family!

Looks like everyone had a great Easter! Glad to hear it! I have a fast start to the morning, so everyone have a wonderful and safe day and I'll try to drop in a bit later!

John Masters

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88135: My guess is most of you, who are having the problem, are using Internet Explorer and it has updated itself on the first Tuesday of the month. Something in the update may have stopped the no-caching function to stop working. Ctrl+F5 should fix it when you come up on the porch. I'm not seeing the problem but I'm using the Firefox browser.

Sorry for the problems but at least you have a work-around. Let me know if it works for you.


April 09, 2012 - Msg 88136: Floyd, I use my iPod touch to access the porch. I have to refresh too. Does that change anything?

Thanks Romeena for the compliment.

Spot, best wishes for Miss Sherry today!

Blessings dear friends!

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88137:
Howdy porch family....it is such a great day today here on this end of the porch....love it!

Lucy....so glad you had a great day with your family at C.B.

Spot....praying that the treatment will be an easy one on Miss Sherry this go-round.

Floyd....thanks for all you do for us buddy! Because of you we have a brand new family:)

J-M...."fast start to the morning"...don't get caught for speeding by going too fast:)

Contined prayers for Bruce!

Well I better get busy doing something around here.
Love and prayers for all

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88138:
Mornin' Honeys and dears! Happy Easter!
We had 15 family folks over yesterday, from dad on down. Lots of fun, but very tiring. Draggin at work today. (:
Easter blessings to all!

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88139:
and ASA, your education was worth every penny! (:
I'm in full agreement bro.

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88140:
Are we still doing "I learned?"
If so, I learned that when delivering ice cream
to Thelma Lou's, do NOT answer her phone! haha

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88141: I learned never to eat a peanut butter sammich if you wanna whistle.

Prayers for Bruce and Boo.


April 09, 2012 - Msg 88142: Hey, my Porch family folk!

Droppin' in at the end of the day. Boy, this research can sometimes make you wanna put your head through a wall!

REV. - Yeah, I put the brakes on a little. I didnt want to get caught at Checkpoint Chickee!

Boo - Throwing good thoughts and best of luck to Bruce for Wed.! Give 'im a couple pats on the back and tell him "Go get 'em, Tiger!"

SPOT - I second REV's wishes for Miss Sherry to have a good outcome with her treatment!

I have also learned that the "petulla obongolla" isnt in the leg, it's in the brain! And sometimes you wanna kill someone, but you kinda hate to go that far!

Greetings to MDC,Lucy,Mary,Possum,Ro,Asa,Maude,TOM,auh2o and the whole bunch of nuts! Have a great night!

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88143: Just checking in, got to go lie down now and see if I can sleep an hour or so before going to work.

I found I can refresh the page just by hitting the "refresh" circular arrow at the top of the page. Oh, and Floyd, I'm using Firefox too - have for several years now, but this is the first time I've had these refresh issues.

Blessings to all you folks - wish I could stay and visit, but along about three in the morning, I'll be wishing I'd gotten a quick nap, so guess I'd better go do it. --Romeena

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88144: Boo

April 09, 2012 - Msg 88145: I can't stay up, either, Ro. Very busy day and I am tuckered out. I think I made 40-something cup cakes and 4 dozen cookies for the girls at the rehab and went out there to deliver them. It was a good evening. I miss being out there and plan to go more often, when I can.

Thanks for the prayers and good thought, friends.

Oh, remember I had a TAGS question. Remember in the giraffe episode when Barney tells Andy not to give his sandwich to the dog because it is made with "salt-rising bread"? Well, what is salt-rising bread, anyway?? Always wondered.

See ya in the morning.


April 09, 2012 - Msg 88146: Oh, almost forgot to mention...G-F, today Bernie the rooster attacked Sean! Sean was trying to keep Bernie from getting out of the coop and Bernie bit him and scatched his leg with his talons. I know it isn't funny, but I couldn't help but laugh. Poor Sean. It was the first time Bernie has attacked and I hope it doesn't continue or Bernie might end up being sunday dinner!

April 10, 2012 - Msg 88147: Boo, You better send Bernie to refinement school before he becomes Sunday dinner. Birds can be aggresive sometimes, especially mommy birds when they are nesting. I remember one year going out on my daily jogs. There was a seldom used dirt road that went through a farmers field that I would run on. About halfway down this road stood one lone cottonwood tree. Well there was a blackbird that must have been nesting in that tree. When I would get within a fe hundred yard I would hear her start squaking. The closer I got, the noisier she got. And then after I passed the tree, when my back was too her, she would commence to dive bomb me. She would fly down and swoop past me, almost hitting me. The stupid little thing would scare the life out of me. She always came at me from behind. Sounds silly I know, but it's true. :)

Hope your back holds up ok for work two nights in a row Ro. When you getting the neck done?

Boo, I heard once what salt risen bread was, but I don't remember now. I'm sure PH or somebody will come along with an answer.

Well off to work. Prayers for all.


April 10, 2012 - Msg 88148: Boo, I just googled it.Salt-rising (or salt-risen) bread is a unique bread that was widely made by early settlers in the Appalachian Mountains in a process that involves no yeast. Instead, the leavening agents are wild organisms ubiquitous in nature. Salt in the name is a misnomer, as the salt levels in this bread are relatively low, around 20mg per slice. It is thought that the salt used in the starter is used to suppress yeast growth and provide an environment more conducive for the microbes to grow, which enhance the delicious cheesy-like flavors to predominate over the more typical yeast flavors. Another assumption regarding the name is chunks of rock salt were heated and used to provide a warm, stable temperature in which to incubate a "starter" overnight. Salt-rising bread is made from wheat flour, with a starter consisting of a liquid (water or milk), either corn, potatoes, or wheat, and some other minor ingredients. The starter distinguishes itself from a sourdough starter by working best with an incubation period of 6–16 hours at temperatures ranging from 38–45 °C (100–113 °F); a sourdough starter will usually work best at or below room temperature. The resulting bread is of a dense crumb and favorable cheese-like flavor.

The exact origin of this bread is unknown, but evidence suggests that it was the pioneer women in early American states that discovered how to make bread without yeast. Commercial yeast was not available until the 1860's. Currently, the tradition of making Salt Rising Bread is kept alive by relatively few individuals and bakeries that tend to be clustered in the mid to eastern United States. It is particularly popular in West Virginia, Western New York, and Western Pennsylvania.

One of the main rising agents in Salt Rising Bread is a bacterium Clostridium perfringens, along with lactobacillus and other wild microbes, as opposed to mainly yeast or baking soda. There is no implication of Salt Rising Bread ever causing any human disease.[1]

April 10, 2012 - Msg 88149:
Rommeena- I can concur with your research. Western New Yorker here
who loves Salt Rising Bread.


April 10, 2012 - Msg 88150: Sounds like alot of work for making bread! I think I'll just get mine from Barney, And I'll get his Mr. Cookie bar too...as Andy said: "I'll get ya another one..G-F gets those sinking spells too..
Boo...That Bernie...he sure is a study he keeps that up and he will be turned into a McNugget!
Getting back to BREAD salt risen sounds alot like I think they call it "Friendship Bread" where you start the process and pass a portion to a friend so they can start their own too. I seem to remember something like that...But I could be wrong...G-F

April 10, 2012 - Msg 88151: Thanks for the history lesson! (was that Romeena or Auh2o?). Those bacteria sound kind of risky to me. Oh well.

G-F, as big as Bernie is he would be alot of McNuggets.

Better git...got to go into town and get some shorts for the kids today...


April 10, 2012 - Msg 88152: Good morning, All

Another beautiful day on my end of the porch. But...we are supposed to get rain tomorrow and all through the weekend! So much for catching my FIL's lawn again! Wife and I hired a man to do it the first time because I was so busy and never could catch a break to get over there. Now, looks like it will become a jungle again before I can get back to it! IF the rain stays that long.

I wanted to briefly mention that Msg 88142 was me. I thought sure I signed it, but I guess I forgot.

Better scoot. A bright and cheery morning to all of you! Have a great day! I brought some lemonade in one pitcher and tea in another. Sweeten to your liking. Cups are between the pitchers!

John Masters

April 10, 2012 - Msg 88153:
I learned from tags how NOT to say "soup ladle!" ha
Boo- I so much miss your rehab reports. Hope God is still doing wonders out there.
God's blessings,

April 10, 2012 - Msg 88154: Hi All
A liitle cold today going to git some rain and highrup will git some snow and all this week it going to be cold.
Stepdad is doing some good but he take a sle at time,


April 10, 2012 - Msg 88155: I've learned that if you soak a wishbone in vinegar, it'll turn rubbery.

I've learned that there's no better time than "tomorrow."

I've learned that the man who fights is the man that's right!

But....I still haven't learned where Barney took Phoebe?!

Hope you're all havin' a good day so far!
John Masters

April 10, 2012 - Msg 88156:
John, and I lernt that THAT saved Andy a trip to the World's Fair.
I also learnt that you should never give a metalcraft set to a prisoner! haha


April 10, 2012 - Msg 88157: ..and that you should always let Miss Peggy "have some fun" in the kitchen. And also,that a kiss on the jaw from Nurse Mary is much better than a nudge from mule's nose! teehee

April 10, 2012 - Msg 88158: ....AND that all God's children got a uvula.


April 10, 2012 - Msg 88159: REV.. How's the new CD coming along? Have not heard any updates lately so I thought I'd ask..

Anybody have any Col. Harveys elixer? Been fighting tooth ache all weekend. I suppose I'd have to send it to the boy at the lab first. Or I just may have to go out and get me some tar...Johnnie Paul Jason says it's good for your teeth! At this point I really don't care if he is married or not!....I'm not a drinking man but may have to ask Otis for a snort..or start looking for a flower making machine at least..G-F

April 10, 2012 - Msg 88160: G-F, I learned that if there is a tooth Doctor in town, we are obliged to get a tooth ache now and again. :)
And if the Town employs a street sweeper, we are obliged to keep the streets a bit dusty.


April 10, 2012 - Msg 88161: Thanks, MDC. I will probably be going back out to the rehab now and then and will fill you in...or I really should keep in better touch with Ashley (the young woman who took over that ministry for me). Things have loosened up at the facility and they have been letting her bring some of the girls to church to be baptized about once a month.

Well, been a long day. I had such trouble finding appropriate summer clothing for Erin. She is in that inbetween stage where she can no longer where clothes from the girl's department and is still too young for most of the junior clothing. I couldn't find shorts for her in the junior girl's that were not indecently short. They looked like underwear and the tops were see-through or very clingy to the body and low cut. I ended up bringing home one pair of jean shorts for her that came to the knee (found them at Target and they cost me 20 bucks!) and one mickey mouse t-shirt. Guess I will try Sears next.

When we were in town near the mall today, those Budweiser clysdale horses were on display in the mall parking lot. The kids and I took a look at them and they are absolutely huge. I didn't know horses could get that large. Beautiful things! You know what the tour around the country in? This huge, red Budweiser 18-wheelers. I couldn't see inside but I'll bet those horses travel in style, certainly in air conditioning.

Think I will grab the Kindle and head for the ironing board. I have to have my blood drawn in the morning to see if my cholesterol is ok and my liver enzymes are back to normal after being off the Lipitor. If not, I will have to have a liver sono. I am also hoping I am less anemic so no further testing needed there, either. I have been taking iron for 6 weeks so hopefully that took care of it. Prayers appreciated.


April 10, 2012 - Msg 88162: Sorry for the typos...I'm tired.


April 11, 2012 - Msg 88163: Hey Gang!..just a quick trouble check!..Miss Sherry has had a great past 2 weeks!..Gulf Shores on Vac and she hit the beach and we eat good!..last round of step 2 Chemo was Monday..pet scan comong soon to see where we are at...ok...hey Boo,Rev,JM,Romeena the Rose os so pretty...4 large blooms have opened up so far...got a pic to send you!...hey Lucy,MDC, asa possum and all....ok at work till 2 today and then Plowing the Garden...B-fast?..hum...Waffle House!...prayers...SPOT

April 11, 2012 - Msg 88164: A bright and warm Good Morning to you all!

Yeesh! I sit here and the lawn is staring back at me. So, I'll be crankin' up the mower and givin' it a good goin' over! I wanted to go roller skating in my friend's new drive way, but...gotta mow first even though it's not Saturday!

Boo - HAAA! Sears! I remember going school shopping with my mom at Sears in the 70's. *Snicker*...yeah, those maroon, tan, red, colored striped, long sleeved "Brady Bunch" shirts with the long striped "Brady Bunch" pants! LOL! When you said "Sears" and "clothes", that brought back some color blind memories! Always loved wearing a vanilla colored shirt with green pants! HAAAAAAAA! Prayers appreciated and prayers comin' at ya'!

SPOT - Good to hear Miss Sherry is on a roll!

G-F - My sympathies! I had a wisdom tooth that brought me down! I mean WAY down, some years ago. Hang in there, buddy!

MDC - I've also learned that people complain about the weather, but never do anything about it! And if someone digs you, be sure and dig 'em back!

Hey to Possum,Maude,Ro,Asa,TOM,auh20,Lucy,Mary,Frankie and all y'all! Have a safe and wonderful day!

John Masters

April 11, 2012 - Msg 88165: Hmmm.....seems quiet here on the Porch. Like when Malcolm Tucker walked into Mayberry as church was just beginning to let out!

I've learned that Mayberry is almost a ghost town during Sunday services! LOL!

John Masters

April 11, 2012 - Msg 88166:
I learnt that a trouble check isn't REALLY a trouble check! (:
And that you don't really go out to the duck pond to see the ducks!! teehee

April 11, 2012 - Msg 88167: Ok, Everyone...time to wrap it up and call it a day! Hope everyone had a good day!

Have a good night, take care and I'll see ya' here tomorrow!

John Masters

April 11, 2012 - Msg 88168: Is there a problem with the porch, the last post was April 5th
by Possum

April 11, 2012 - Msg 88169: Wow...after I posted above all the posts appeared, I was stuck. I have a lot of posts to catch up on.

April 11, 2012 - Msg 88170: Asa, Never thought of a tooth Dr. that way before, I forgot that Mayberrism...
I guess that is why we ALL have tax collectors in our towns..Maybe we could just send them all somewhere's else...Just a Idea!....G-F

April 11, 2012 - Msg 88171:
...and I learned that clean AND reverent is a
combination that's hard to come by!
and i also learn'd that brisco don't like being
hit with no spoon! LOL


April 11, 2012 - Msg 88172: To JM--"hey, hey, hey, hey, stayin' alive..."

April 11, 2012 - Msg 88173: and to JM- I'm more interested in Myra Koontz than Phoebe! (:

April 11, 2012 - Msg 88174:
Oh, and i also learned that rich girls' bikes have SIX or SEVEN red reflectors!

April 11, 2012 - Msg 88175:
Howdy porch family....a little cool here today...feels nice. My internet was out here for the last two days. I ported my home phone number over to a cell phone and it caused my internet to go out. They had to reset it so it took a couple days.

G-P....they just called me today about the new cd and it is being shipped tomorrow.

Spot....praying for a great report for Miss Sherry's upcoming scan.

I'll check back later.
Love and prayers!

April 11, 2012 - Msg 88176: Finally taking the time to check in and its 10 pm! Busy day with lots of work to do around here. Just wanted to let you all know that Bruce did his presentation and did well, but now we wait to see what will happen exactly. His boss tells him he will keep his job there but with some changes. Not sure what to believe at this point...but for now we are thankful he has his job to go to. He was just exhausted this evening when he came in at 6:30. The man really needs a few days off and I am going to try to get him to at least take off Friday for a three day weekend. Anyway, thank you for the prayers for my family. I love my porch friends.

Very happy to hear that Miss Sherry is doing well...prayers for the scan results.

Would talk more but wiped out. Won't even need the Melatonin after today's spring cleaning.


April 12, 2012 - Msg 88177: Good morning, Porch family!

A dreary and overcast day with a very crisp breeze on my end of the porch! Rain headed this way. It's not all bad. We kinda need a good downpour here!

To the "Stayin' Alive" post - I say "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" LOL! We better be careful here, we're entering "other show" territory! LOL! I completely forgot about Myra! Yeah, I'd like to learn that too!

Boo - Is there something really relaxing Bruce could do? Could you all go on a picnic or go fishing? I think you need to do something where you throw the clock out the window and forget time for a day! I know sometimes the wife and I go fishing and I could care less what time it is, what day it is, or what planet I'm on! Just my friendly advice...since he's had EVERYthing to think about, might be time to give him NOTHING to think about!

SPOT - Keeping a good thought for Miss Sherry's results!

Today, I am putting off research and putting together big, thick notebooks that will contain the Confederate pension and Confederate Home applications of fifty two of Quantrill's men. I have a teacher in NW Arkansas that is very excited to see what all my project has to offer! I will be heading down there on the 20th to get the last things put in place and make sure the head librarian and I are on the same wave length. I am extremely anxious to get this collection open, but will be very relieved after it is.

Gonna git' now! Y'all have a pleasant and safe day. And if you get a chance, getcha a SONIC drink on me!

John Masters

April 12, 2012 - Msg 88178: Huddy folks!

April 12, 2012 - Msg 88179: Hi All,
A nice day here warm up some.

There's nothing like a nighbor,
Who's kind, and dear, and warm,
To talk with over coffee,
And make you feel at home.

If you want to kick your shoes off,
They wouldn't mind at all.
And if I ever needed help,
It's on them I would call.

Their hearts are full of compassion,
If I should shed a tear.
They'd to hold my hand so tenderly
To let me know they cad,

Oh, thank You, God, for neighbors,
Yuor blessings right next door.
This special gift of friendship,
I could not ask for more.


April 12, 2012 - Msg 88180: Nice poem, TOM. :)

JM, I am going to suggest to Bruce that he take a day and just go do whatever he wants. We are on the coast and good fishing is literally down the street. He may want to fish or go golfing.

Well, its a warm day here in south texas but not terribly warm. Typical spring here.

Well...Erin is here wanting help with fractions so I better go..


April 12, 2012 - Msg 88181: Hey! HEY! Boo, I got an idea. I'm giving you and Bruce the gift of Saturday. You two go up to Myers lake, go fishing, go boating, wade around, just go and spend the day to yourselves! I'll help Erin with her fractions. That's my subject. I'll let the tv repairmen in Boo. I'll take Sean to the movies. I'll do it all. What do you say? :)

Nice poem Tom. Good to see you.


April 12, 2012 - Msg 88182: Nice job, TOM. Very nice read!

HAAAA! Asa was right on top of it! Good pick up on giving the gift of Saturday! I wish I had thought of it!

Boo - Hmmm, fishing sounds great, but I hope Bruce doesnt come back with bent gold clubs from shanking a few! Golf can be very relaxing. But it can also frustrate the heck out of ya'!

I learned that if you go fishing, dont go whipping the water into a froth!

I also learned to stay together in the woods and dont out tryin' to pick berries!

Y'all have a great night! Hey to MDC,Maude,Lucy,Mary,auh2o,REV,Frankie,Possum,Ro,
GF and the whole gang!

John Masters

April 12, 2012 - Msg 88183: Boo,Asa I'm really impressed.....you know how to do fractions. I must have erased it from my memory along with how to diagram a sentence. Great poem Tom!

April 12, 2012 - Msg 88184: Forgot to sign my name again......it's me, it's me....Frankie

April 12, 2012 - Msg 88185:
Busy day today, and off tomorrow, so I'll be checjking in
from time to time.
In the meantime, since I learned from tags about how to "quaf some ale", I'll "quaf some ale." ha
And I also learnt that hobos like weenies and rootbeer!
God bless, prayers,

April 12, 2012 - Msg 88186: Boo, since Asa forgot the picnic basket I'll pack it for you and Bruce. Crab cake sandwiches with lettuce and tomato, pickles, potato chips, bottled water and ginger snap cookies. Or you can send me your request.

April 12, 2012 - Msg 88187: I will send the ants too


April 12, 2012 - Msg 88188: Boo, I'll chime in too for a "AWSOME" Saturday for you guys! How's about I take care of the Funny Farm for the day, I'll have Bernie acting like somebody before you guys get home. I bring all kinds of Kentucky Fried Chicken Buckets & Boxes Bags ect. and some McNuggets boxes...I'll to the "Scared Straight" routine to him like they do to those troubled kids at the prison.
I can bring a fender off an old Chevy for those Goober & Gomer Kids to head butt all day long. It will give Elvis & Thelma Lou some "AWSOME" time too! ;}
Only thing, I'm a city boy so I don't do poop!
Sorry, but I have to draw the line some where you guys! So I think you guys are all covered!
That's our gift for you guys....Goober-Fife..

April 12, 2012 - Msg 88189: P.S. Where's that Possum been? You still on top the rock? Just watch out so you don't get a sun-burn on your nose!....G-F....

April 12, 2012 - Msg 88190: P.S. Where's that Possum been? You still on top the rock? Just watch out so you don't get a sun-burn on your nose!....G-F....

April 12, 2012 - Msg 88191: Good evening porch. Just checking by. Noticed there have been no posts since April 7 th so wondering if ths porch has some loose boards. Hope all is well. Will check back tomorrow.
Big Maude

April 13, 2012 - Msg 88192: I'm right here,G-F! Been kinda scared to climb up on the Porch,with all the weird technical issues of late. Decided to take a chance & come out from under my rock long enough to say "hey!"
Hey y'all!

Things I learned from Mayberry:

I learned that Al dances with Sally & that if you put a horse hair in stagnant water,it'll turn into a snake.

Have a good weekend,y'all!
possum under a rock

April 13, 2012 - Msg 88193: Great to see you Possum. I heard about that horrible shooting at a Cracker Barrel and got worried about you, but then I saw it was in Ohio. Hope you are doing well.

Boo, what about it. All these offers from all us folks to give you and Bruce the gift of Saturday. You in? :)


April 13, 2012 - Msg 88194: Good morning, Family

The weathermen / women made good on their forecast of rain. A very overcast and wet morning on my end of the porch. Looks like much more is in the near future!

Well, not too much to do today. Looks like some of my research is hanging on by a thread as some leads I had to some great history is falling like dominoes. Turns out, some things that have been written and recorded as fact just might not be exactly true. But I am still chasing it.

I've learned that dogs dont like them whistles. And you shouldnt go Glenn Fording all over town!

Have a wonderful and safe day, everyone! Since I am earlier than usual, I'll leave some grape juice and Orange juice here on the table. Cups are on the table too.

John Masters

April 13, 2012 - Msg 88195: I'm in, I'm in. Thanks for giving me Saturday...I'll take it. Frankie, the menu sounds fine (ginger snaps are my favorite). G-F, Thelma Lou is my donkey so I don't think she and Elvis will have an amazing time together. ;)

Better get to the chores so i will be free on Saturday!


April 13, 2012 - Msg 88196: I keep forgetting that rule! E before Y in Donkey and I before N in chicken...I'ts hard to keep the cast of charaters at the "Funny Farm straight at times..or you could end up with a "Donkin"? Elvis is a hunka hunka "Burnin LOVEmachine"!......G-F....

April 13, 2012 - Msg 88197: Howdy, porch! Sure glad I learned to mash that "refresh" button when I step up on the porch - it pulled up about three days worth of conversation for me. I don't understand what the glitch is, but I don't have to. As long as we can just do the "refresh" thing when we come here, it will work. Those who haven't been here in a while may be a bit confused at first, but they'll figure it out.

I've been pretty much flat in bed since yesterday, but am getting up some now. After a myelogram, you have to lie flat for 24 hours, or risk getting a spinal headache. I've never had one, but have had patients who did, and they're awful. It's not been quite 24 hours, but I'm doing okay. Think I'll go lie back down for a while, though, just for good measure. I'm planning to go play bunco tonight, so don't want to take any chances.

So glad to hear that Miss Sherry is having some good days. They're well deserved, and I'm glad it's happening. I hope this is a preview of things to come, and that she just keeps on getting better every day.

Tom, that poem was lovely. I'm blessed with some neighbors like that. Actually, we're not the "walk in the house and visit" kind of neighbors, but we all know we can call on each other if we need help, and everyone kind of watches out for everyone else. It's a good feeling.

Boo, believe me, a rooster can be a mean motorscooter. We had one when I was a kid, and one day I tried to pick him up, and the hateful thing raked the front of my bare leg with his big old spur, and laid my shin open for about four inches, down to the bone. I still have traces of the scar. I got no sympathy from my parents, because my dad had told me to leave the rooster alone, but of course, I didn't listen. Anyway, roosters can be very aggressive, and they can hurt you!

Lots of interesting posts, and I'd like to respond, but am feeling a trifle woozy, think I'd better go lie back down before I develop one of those vicious headaches. See you good folks later... --Romeena

April 13, 2012 - Msg 88198: What's this world coming to when ya have to worry about getting wacked at a Cracker Barrel! [Asa's post #2012.] I go to that Cracker Barrel all the time when I go to see my Son & Family (they live about a mile from there. (Suburb of Cleveland)3 killed 1 critical. They have friends who work there, was a scary situation there last night, a guy shot his family inside and shooter got shot by the police. They were having a B-Day party for one of the kids when the wife told him she was leaving him, and he did not take that news to well I guess...Sooo Sad!

John Masters, Tell your "Boys of Summer" to take it easy on our Indians tonight! Word on the street is we are getting Johnny Damon as soon as he gets in game playing shape. At this point the Tribe can use any help they can get!!...G-F..

April 13, 2012 - Msg 88199: Let's all sing: "Grandpa, tell me about the good old Days"............g-f



April 13, 2012 - Msg 88201: I'll take your word for it, Romeena. I am keeping a close eye on Bernie. I think I figured out what has been bugging him. Our hen started laying her first eggs and that was the day he started showing some some meanness. Maybe he is trying to protect the eggs or something. If he gets to be too much trouble, I will take him out. I brought him into this world and I sure as heck can take him out. All I have to do is put a bag over his head, pull and snap...chicken dinner. I don't put up with mean critters forever.

Well, my mom came over today for the first time since Dad died. I made her some lima means and cornbread (her request) and some apple crisp. She visited for awhile and I took her out to the back porch to see the little goats. It wasn't long, though, until she was ready to go back to the security of her home and recliner. It was a start, though and hopefully it will be easier for her to come over the next time.

G-F, how horrible about that poor family at the Cracker Barrell. Sounds like that man's wife was probably trying to leave him because he was an abusive control freak and she chose a public place to confront him, thinking she would be safe. So sad.

Well, Ro, are you sure Bunco is a good idea already. I know those women's Bunco games can get downright violent (at least around here!). Have fun if you go, but take it easy. ;)


April 13, 2012 - Msg 88202: Good Evening Porch!

Haven't had much time to visit, so please forgive me for not checking in! Romeena, I hope you are feeling better and that you can get out and have some fun at bunco!

Boo, glad your mom could come for a visit. It's a step in the right direction!

Tom, I hope the Indians have a better season than you seem to be expecting!

Goober, I like your plan for Bernie the Rooster! I think it ought to "scare him straight!"

I read a bit about that Cracker Barrel shooting. I have a friend, a man in his late 50's. He's never been married and he has been dating a woman in her 40's for a year and a half or so. My husband and I have been worried sick about him dating her! She is mean to him, insults him, picks on him, won't let him see his friends or family. He has a beautiful home, he has worked at Ford's for more than 30 years. Drives a nice car. She has 2 children, they're both young adults. The son doesn't work, go to school or anything. My friend bought the son a mustang on the condition that the son gets a high school equivalency diploma. After 2 weeks the son quit going to school. My friend tried to take the car back and his girlfriend wouldn't let him! They had a wedding date in a couple weeks. We were really worried. We told him to get a prenup agreement. She has been telling him to get his insur ance changed to name her and her children as his beneficiaries! We just got a call that the wedding is off!! I cannot begin to say how relieved we are, but we are still a bit worried because everyone we know is concerned what she is going to do now that her "mealticket" called the wedding off. Prayers for that situation would be very much appreciated!

Well, now that I wrote a book, I guess it's time to hit the ironing board for some adventure sleeping!!

Have a fine Mayberry Night!
Mary Wiggins