June 20, 2012 - Msg 89028: Hi All.
RO- I can send you my 90dEGRE


June 20, 2012 - Msg 89029:
....and TOM sweeps the porch! Good job Tom, in in the heat no less! Prayers continue for your step-dad.
A real scorcher in Phx today along with a high pollution warning! We take them in stride now, but I remember the days of my youth, when we were only 400,000, so not nearly the polution. haha (about 4 mil here now)
Well, I'm off to visit pop.
God bless your day.

June 20, 2012 - Msg 89030: I hope you folks had a chance to hear the two part series called "Mayberry After Mid-day" on the Two Chairs No Waiting podcast. http://bit.ly/KFuCTi That link will take you there. I think you'll enjoy it!

June 20, 2012 - Msg 89031: *** Baked Alaska (a.k.a. Photos our trip to Alaska) ***

I promised several folks that I'd give 'em links to the photos of the trip so here they come in several "albums." If you visit the link below, you'll see links to the albums and you can go to each one to see the photos of that day of the trip.


Seattle, WA; Alaskan Cruise Day 1 & 2; Alaskan Cruise Day 3 - Juneau; Alaskan Cruise - Day 4 Skagway; Alaskan Cruise - Day 5 Dawes Glacier & at Sea; Alaskan Cruise - Day 6 - at Sea; Alaskan Cruise - Day 7 Victoria, Canada Butterfly Garden; and our final day.

Jan did a great job documenting the trip. Be on the look out for "Mayberry" stuff in the photos (t-shirts worn by me mostly).

June 20, 2012 - Msg 89032: That last post was from me and the links are on bit.ly...don't be afraid. :)


June 20, 2012 - Msg 89033:
Hello Floyd. Thanks for those links you posted.
The podcast was interesting mainly because I enjoy listening to old time radio over the internet. However, as I began to skim through the cruise photos, I soon lost interest because there were no captions. Sorry about that.

from Poor Horatio

June 20, 2012 - Msg 89034: Please remember to pray for Erin and those coming home from camp tomorrow. That is a particularly unsafe stretch of highway they will be on. Thanks! :)


June 20, 2012 - Msg 89035: Prayers Boo!...hey will you cook breakfast in the morning?.Picked a big mess of greenbeans again today..SPOT

June 21, 2012 - Msg 89036:
PH- it reminds me, when we were kids, of the "dreaded" slide shows we had to sit thru over at our next door neighbor's! ha "Now here we are going DOWN the grand canyon..."
Floyd, nothing against you, my friend, it just brought back that memory!!! haha

June 21, 2012 - Msg 89037: "Well not greenbeans for Breakfast"...But do like that country ham and bisquits...SPOT

June 21, 2012 - Msg 89038: Raining with thunder and lightening here and along the coast today. We need it.

OK SPOT, breakfast is ready...waffles fresh from the waffle iron, warm maple syrup or fruit, bacon cooked crisp or bending at the waste (the way Ro likes it). Coffee, milk or orange juice.


June 21, 2012 - Msg 89039: Sounds delicious Boo. I like my bacon limp also. And a nice large glass of o.j. on the rocks. :)


June 21, 2012 - Msg 89040: may the longgtime sun shine upon you,
all love surround you,
and the pure light within yo
guide you on your way.


June 21, 2012 - Msg 89041: Quiet on the porch today. Wonder if Romeena is hanging in the closet?

Erin made it home from camp and was tired, dirty, hungry and cranky. She will be getting to bed early tonight.

Well, I took Dad's old weinie dog to the vet and had her put to sleep today. It was sad but it was time. This experience was harder than the last couple, though. It was hard to find her vein at first and it didn't work immediately like the last dog. It's over now, though and I kept thinking about what you said, Ro, and had a talk with mom about how I am sure the dog is with Dad now. It is hard on her now, though. I feel sorry for her. Please say a little prayer for mom today. :)


June 21, 2012 - Msg 89042: METV tonight on "The Twilight Zone", George Lindsey will be on...............Not as Goober!

June 21, 2012 - Msg 89043:
Boo-a prayer indeed my dear! So sorry you had to let him go. Hope Erin re-coups OK. When I would get home from
boy scout camp, my mom would make me strip to my skivvies OUTSIDE, and then it was right into the shower! ha Of course my clothes were absolutely filthy and smelled like campfire. ha She'd immediately empty my pack of everything, which usually included a dead frog or two and maybe even a snake. Ah the good old days of boyhood!
To- 89042---I love ME TV. I hope it stays that way and doesnt go the path of of TV Land!!
Prayers for all,
Hope REV is well,

June 21, 2012 - Msg 89044: Prayers for Boo's mom in the loss of the old doggie. That's always hard, but it is inevitable, if we're to enjoy the pleasure of their company at all. They just don't live long enough.

I woke up this morning in crushing pain - not in the neck surgery, but in my lumbar spine, where I've had issues in the past. I called my spine doc, he said come on down, and Eloise drove me out there. After some film studies, he asked me how long I was willing to hurt. No more, I said. So, next Tuesday, I will have more surgery to correct a defect in the lumbar spine, which is expected to just fix the problem. Otherwise, I will forever be in pain, coming at intervals which will get more and more frequent. This isn't "owie" pain, friends. This is bite the blood out of your lip to keep from screaming-type pain. I want no more of it. Two days in the hospital, about four months off work, and should be good as new. I can hardly wait!

Well, back to my chair. I'm pretty good right now, thanks to a steroid injection in the offending area, but that won't last. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

June 21, 2012 - Msg 89045: Gee wiz Romenna, What what more do you have to endure? With all the work they are doing to you, the least they could do is throw in a set of tires for free...This does not sound like a good way to spend a summer..We'll pray you'll come out of all of this like a spring chicken...
Boo, Glad to hear some rain came your way. Maybe now Thelma Lou can eat some GREEN grass...
Was Bernie "Singing in the Rain"?....Do ya think we should call in Colonel Harvey for Romeena? Sounds like she needs something to sing about. Just a thought...G-F....

June 21, 2012 - Msg 89046: Thanks for those prayers, Ro. I am very sorry to hear that you are having pain in your lumbar spine. I pray the next surgery will be a success. I am sending you a very gently (((cyber-hug)))...did you feel it?

Thanks, G-F, the rain was wonderful! Cloudy most all day and much cooler. Thelma Lou was out eating what green grass she could find today.

I need to head to the ironing board. We are planning a little trip tomorrow to New Braunfels, Texas...which is north of San Antonio. They have a river park there with 5 springs that feed the swimming area. Its called Landa Park and is on the Comal River. Have you and the kids ever been there, Ro? It looks like alot of fun. They have a water slide and tube chute. Better git


June 22, 2012 - Msg 89047:
ROmeena-my prayers also for you! My goodness, such goings on in your bones!
89042--I watched the Twilight Zone, and not only was Goober in it, but also the principal ftom Room 222, and Marshall Micah Torrance from the Rifleman! ha
Boo- have a good trip, prying that nobody gets sick!

June 22, 2012 - Msg 89048: Prayers for your condition, Romeena.

Boo, I am glad Erin got home from camp safe and sound(if not a little dirty). I remember the times Kai went to camp it was always a relief to have her home safe.

MDC, I finagled(sp) a homemade antenna from instructions I got from Youtube, and am able to get about four channels(well, we live in a small town. Reception might be better in bigger places), and one of those channels is METV. I love it! We don't have that channel on our cable lineup even. Two of the other channels are in HD(another thing we don't get from our cable company, because we would have to pay extra for them). I am sure I may be able to pick up a couple other stations if I put the antenna outside on the roof, but for right now it is just upstairs in our bedroom.
I would love to be able to get rid of our cable totally. I just have to convince my wife to do it. I can't stand the hundreds of channels we are paying for that are just junk. I think that having the over-the-air antenna combined with our ROKU box, we would be pretty well set up.
Oh yeah, if any of you would like to make an antenna like that, that will pick up HD stations, just go to Youtube and put in the name babblin5. A video for an "wire hanger HD antenna" should pop up. Actually a number of antenna tutorials should pop up, but that is just the one that I used. All you need are 6 wire clothes hangers, a 2 by 4, and some screws and washers and you are all set. It is pretty easy to make as well.
This is for all of you who, like me, want to get out from the cable, or satellite, company's grasp. I wouldn't even mind just having the four channels anyway. Heck, it is what I grew up with, and I could probably get more done instead of flipping mindlessly through one junky station after another, and finally "settling" on one of the slightly less junky ones.

Good Night all!

-Sterling Holobyte

June 22, 2012 - Msg 89049: Sounds interesting, Sterling, but I don't know if I would want that contraption on my roof (As Joan Crawford would say, "NO WIRE HANGERS!!"). ;) Hope it works for you and you save some money in the process. We have basic cable so not alot of channels but I only watch about three of them at any given time so it is kind of a waste for me. I do like getting the inspiration channel and Hallmark since they both show Little House and Waltons (and Wind at My Back). Do any of you like Winda at My Back? I think it's good but they keep showing the same eps over and over so I am thinking of buying a season or two of it.

Well, need to finish the coffee and finish packing. Guess I will give Thelma Lou and Bernie some extra eatin's and make sure all has plenty of water, although St. Susan will check on them later.

Better git a move on. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Oh, and thanks for the prayers for wellness, MDC, you know us pretty well! ha


June 22, 2012 - Msg 89050: GOT A GOOD ON FOR YA GANG....

Stand tall and be proud...
Sink your roots into the ground....
Be content with your natural beauty...
Go out on a limb......
Drink plenty of water.....
Remember your roots.....
Enjoy the view...

We can learn ALOT from a tree!
yourtruenature.com Check it out they have several "You can learn alot froms" on their site G-F....

We can lea

June 22, 2012 - Msg 89051: And G-F, as a tree you are a dogs best friend! :)


June 22, 2012 - Msg 89052: Asa I'm not sure if I should take it as a complament or not......Alot of times at work I feel like the fire hydrant...haha...G-F...

June 22, 2012 - Msg 89053: hi all
Asa he are all right abuckeye tree that is


June 22, 2012 - Msg 89054: Hi All
Asa he is a buckeye tree of OHIO right G F

Sorry for all the miss on that one


June 22, 2012 - Msg 89055: Garden looking Good...But I need rain!..My 30 mater plants are Loaded! (still green) but loaded...corn head high...peppers coming in...done picking beans and peas...ok...Last Radiation treatment over today...Doc said a break for 2 wks...whew we are both glad for the break....ok...I got fresh veggies so whos gona Cook the MEAT..hey Romeena Asa,possum,Boo,hazel,Tom and all..."MEAT" ha ha...SPOT

June 23, 2012 - Msg 89056:
G-F-- "...like a tree that's planted by the waters..." (from a good Christian hymn)
OK, trivia time... What ep is this quote from: "He was slicker than a firehouse pole."
(Hint: a well dressed dude.)
STERLING-do you have a radio shack in your town or nearst by? I got a $49 HD antenna from there,
and get over 40 free channels! Of course, were a big city, but the cool thing is that you can "set" the antenna for each channel to get the best reception, then use an included remote as you go thru channels with the regular remote, and it clears up that channel to peak sharpness.
ME-TV is the best thing to come along in the last ten years!
Well, sweet dreams all!

June 23, 2012 - Msg 89057: Breakfast?....where yall want to eat?..Cracker Barrell...Possum is buying...(she dont know it)....SPOT

June 23, 2012 - Msg 89058: Howdy, porch! Back is feeling well enough to let me sit here at my dear old window and enjoy the squirrels and butterflies and the sunshine. Actually, it's really not bad at all right now. Those steroid injections help a lot. Just wish the relief wasn't so temporary.

G-F, you are a hoot! A set of tires? Actually, I could use them. My service manager tells me I've got about 5-6k miles left on my old ones. Of course, that's nearly a year's driving for me. My car is eight years old, and has only 66k on it. It looks new, because I baby it like it was a pet, and when something needs repair, it gets it. I may just keep this car forever. I really enjoy it.

Boo, to answer your question, yes - I've been to Landa Park many times. It's been many, many years, but I used to go several times in a summer when I was a teenager. Beautiful place, wonderful clear, cool water, and it's flowing through, so you don't have to worry about thoughtless people contaminating things, like in a confined pool. There are so many pretty rivers in the San Antonio area, within a hundred miles or so. The Comal, the Guadalupe, the Nueces, the Sabinal, the Frio, even the San Antonio River has some pretty spots. You probably won't see this until you get home, so I hope you and the family had a wonderful time.

Hey, Boo. I'll probably see you in August. Robbi is getting married on the beach down there, on Aug. 11. I'll be there, staying at the Casa Condo, and will try to get loose long enough for a little visit. Can't wait to see how the kids have grown, and to meet Thelma Lou.

I'm so looking forward to getting this surgery done. I have to say, I'm getting pretty sick of chronic pain, and am so grateful that something can be done about it. I just have no fear of the procedure at all. I know that my surgeon is very well-qualified, and I also know that God is ultimately in control. So be it.

Spot, prayers for rain for your 'maters! Gotta have those good 'maters. You keep Miss Sherry fed up on good wholesome veggies, and give her an extra hug every day, from the porch. Hang in there, old doggie.

Well, my little fluffy friend is in here nudging my ankle, which means "leave that infernal machine and come get in your chair and snuggle me!" She's still a little miffed that the neck brace is in her place on my neck and shoulder, where she usually tucks herself in. However, she has made peace with it, and found herself a different spot, where she settles after a couple of injured sighs. Little drama queen - but I love her! Blessings, friends! --Romeena

June 23, 2012 - Msg 89059: Wow, hope we see you in August, Ro. That would be great. We had a nice trip to Landa Park and I'll bet the spring fed pool is the same as when you went there. They have a giant water slide that they call "Wet Willie", a zip line and swing but the pool itself is the same and the water so cold and clean. We enjoyed it but you know, I asked Erin today what she like best about the trip and her answer was eating at Saltgrass Steakhouse yesterday evening! She got baby back ribs and that is her favorite dish.

Thanks for the update on Miss Sherry, SPOT. Hope things go well these next 2 weeks. Give her a hug from us, will you?

I got home today to some really horrific news that has just turned my stomach. We had a homicide (possible double homicide) today in our little town where we attend church. This morning an elderly couple were walking near the park and discovered the naked, duct-taped bodies of two girls (ages 12 and 13). Both were shot in the head. One pronounced dead at the scene and the other still alive, I believe. I was afraid one might have been Erin's friend, Ali because she is 12 but the names haven't been released. This is such a crushing blow to a small town. I hope it isn't anyone we know but it is still too horrible no matter. God help the families of those children.


June 24, 2012 - Msg 89060: Found out the girls that were shot were 18 and 19. One died and one is in critical condition. I hope and pray they find out who did this terrible thing. I didn't know either of the girls but one was from my small hometown and one lived in a small town near here. So terrible.


June 24, 2012 - Msg 89061: That is just horrible, Boo. Prayers for your town,the girls families & loved ones. What is the world coming to? My gosh..
Hope you feel better soon,Ro.
Happy Sabbath- love to all.
possum under a rock

June 24, 2012 - Msg 89062: Possum....You get out from under that rock and enjoy some of the Summer weather i'ts ok to get a little sun on your nose...Don't be a hermitized creachster, there's a big wonderful world out there! (watch out tho there ARE some crazy one's to watch out for!) So be the possum on top the rock for awhile...
Boo, I Googled Saltgrass Steakhouse..How's about sending SPOT and I a few left-overs? The food looked Goooood!.....
Romeena, Tell that Dr. of yours that Dr. Fife said if he couldn't swing the free set of tires at the least he should put a few grease fittings in your joints so when ya get froze up we could give ya few pumps (sorta like the Tin Man on the Wizard of Oz....

June 24, 2012 - Msg 89063: Good morning, porch. Didn't make it to preaching today, for obvious reasons. First of all, I'm not allowed to drive, and three of the people I would feel free to call upon are out of town. Another is under the weather herself. Second, getting dressed in anything other than jeans and a t-shirt involves more physical contortions than I feel like attempting right now. So here I sit, in a ratty old gown, at my window, thanking God for the beauty I see out there. He understands.

Boo, that's a terrible thing that has occurred in your area. What, indeed, is the world coming to? I hope they had a very professional forensic evidence team on the scene. From what you described, I'd be willing to bet there will be a lot of DNA present. These days, that can be extremely important, not only in getting a conviction, but in identifying a suspect in the first place. If he's a repeat offender, and he probably is, his DNA is on record somewhere. I pray not only for the immediate comfort of God's presence with the families of those young women, but for the swift identification and capture of the killer or killers. Then I pray that justice will be swift and sure, and may God have mercy on his miserable soul. I don't think I could. That's why He's God, and I'm just me, in need of forgiveness myself.

I read recently about a philosophy that some folks are supporting - that of raising "free" children. It sounds so good. "Free" in the sense of unrestrained, unrestricted. Not necessarily in their behavior, they're not advocating disobedience, but rather children that feel free to wander in their environment, to explore, follow their noses, so to speak. Supposedly this will produce adults who are not fearful, who are adventurous, who will reach out and extend themselves later in life. They will be citizens of the world. It sounds good, maybe it appeals to me because back in my day, children were pretty free. We took off in the morning, and often weren't seen again until dinnertime. Maybe we came home for lunch, or more often, we packed a sandwich. I raised my children in much the same way, maybe with just a touch more restriction. But folks, I'm convinced we just can't do that these days. Maybe in some areas you can, but with this happening in Boo's quiet, small-town habitat, I just don't know. I think it's not worth the risk, and I pray that those parents who are following that line of thinking won't have to learn a hard lesson.

Well, guess I'll go try to get decent. I would imagine there will be a visitor or two today. If so, they'll be welcome. If not, I'll welcome the peace. Either way, I'm happy. Physically feeling pretty good. Low back in no pain at all right now. Love that Decadron! If it would just last a few months, rather than a few days, I could probably survive on it pretty well without surgery, but then, it does mess with my blood sugar, and that's not good. So, the surgery is the answer, and I'm grateful for it. Blessings! --Romeena

June 24, 2012 - Msg 89064: G-F, you crack me up. Grease fittings? Hahaha! I'll have to mention that to Dr. S. He'll look at me funny, then he'll get it, and he'll laugh too.

I just noticed that the pumps were off in the pond again. They were off last night, because the GFI had tripped when the sprinklers came on. Fortunately, the GFI for that circuit is in the house, easily accessible. I waited for things to dry out a little, then reset it, and I thought it had stayed on. Evidently it didn't, because they were off again. I just reset it, and it's staying on now, because it's dry back there. I think I know what's tripping - I think it's in one of the big globe lights we just installed, and I could probably fix it, but I can't get back there and climb around on those rocks right now. The light source in each globe is a string of twinkle-lights, and I had noticed one little light peeping out of the bottom of the biggest fixture, and it should be up inside. I'll bet it took a shot of water from a rotor, and off it went. So, guess I'll give Ted a call. He's so kind, he often does these little trouble-shoot things for me, and half the time, won't even charge me. He will this time, though, because I just realized he's going to need to install a photo-sensor to control that light. I just rigged it with a little holiday timer, secured inside the globe, but once the power goes off, the timer gets out of sync, so that's not going to work. Another small expense, but I guess it's "in for a penny, in for a pound". The lights are pretty, they're a safety feature as well, and if I have to invest a few dollars more in them, I will. I've gone too far to turn back now!

Well, once again, guess I'd better to get dressed. Blessings, all - and Possum, G-F is right. You stay up here in the sunshine for a while. Your nose is looking a bit pale. --Romeena

June 24, 2012 - Msg 89065:
Hi All
Possum stay up here and I will go under the rick!


June 24, 2012 - Msg 89066: I know, Possum. Really tough but I guess no place on earth is immune from such terrible acts...not since Cain killed Abel.

Ro, I am always careful with my kids...well, now that Sean is 17 he has alot of freedom but I am protective of Erin and it makes me sad. I had so much more freedom growing up. I know the odds are that nothing like that would ever possibly happen to Erin and I try to give her more and more independance and not limit her so much with my own insecurities (of course until whoever murdered the girl near here is found we have to be very careful). Sometimes I think the best thing is to try to educate the kids on what to do if they are even in a terrible situation or how to avoid being in one. If I think back about it, terrible things happened in my neighborhood when I was little, too. I remember a case in which a young boy was killed by a mentally disabled teen who hid the child under his bed for a week. That happened on the street over from us...of course we were living in Corpus Christi at the time, which was much larger. It can happen anywhere, and in fact, Portland (where the girls who were shot were found) is considered to be a more upscale area and there have been some of the most horrific crimes committed there in the last 20 years...things I wouldn't go into here on the porch. No community is immune. You know, the little town of Ingleside where I grew up, was even on the A&E program, "City Confidential" years ago when the young mayor, Mark Crawford murdered a former business associate by locking him a tool box and feeding carbon monoxide into the box. Crawford is serving a life sentence, I think.

Anyway, enough of this cheerful topic on a relaxing Sunday afternoon! Anybody wanna make some ice cream? How about fresh peach?


June 24, 2012 - Msg 89067: I was hoping for a band concert....Forget that idea....There's just too much to deal with... broken gazabos,spiders,rotten wood,and mildew!
Let's just go down to the drug store and buy some!...Just a thought, should'nt the drug store have been closed on a Sunday?? I guess when you are law-men in Mayberry ya just get the key from above the door and help yourself..Since you're sweet on the owner your credit should be good....
Just a thought.....G-F....

June 24, 2012 - Msg 89068: Hi All.
Is REV out on the someway?
Maybe we can catch him and give him a birthdat party on the rido?


June 25, 2012 - Msg 89069:
Wow, such topics...my prayers for the whole situation Boo.
G-F--I often wondered about that line myself...that is the drugstore open on Sunday in Mayberry. Of course. they could get gas on Sunday. And I dont mean from the diner! ha And also, that's GAS, not "gassed!" ha again.
Happy birthday REV.

June 25, 2012 - Msg 89070: I'm old enough to remember when almost everything was closed on Sunday, but I do recall that the drugstores were open. However, in some stores, whole sections were blocked off with little bands of tape, or had a sign in the aisle or something. Those who didn't do that wouldn't ring up certain items. Basically, only necessities were sold. Prescriptions were filled, of course, and certain personal items were available. I remember a brief debate over baby formula, bottles and such. --Romeena

June 25, 2012 - Msg 89071: Breakfast?....will someone bring me a plate by work?...Thanks...Prayers porch...will check in when things slow down here!...SPOT

June 25, 2012 - Msg 89072: Morning Porch. Hope all are well.
G-F, I have often wondered about that Sunday thing with the Drug store also. It seemed most of Mayberry Commerce closed down for the Sabbath (the episode with Malcom Tucker comes to mind). I know here in Utah, many places are closed on Sundays still. With the large percentage of L.D.S. population, and the L.D.S. church placing great emphasis on keeping the Sabbath day holy by not making it just another day, it's interesting to watch. Of course, as Romeena mentioned, essential services are available, but most folks realize with a bit of planning ahead, they can usually refrain from making any purchases on the Sabbath.
I remember a few years ago I felt like I was Mr. Tucker. My wife and I had taken a long weekend and gone down into southern Utah for a few days. We had planned on driving back on Saturday (a trip of about 340 miles) but couldn't get our business done in time. So first thing Sunday morning we were headed out. As I was putting our luggage in the Jeep, I noticed something stuck in my tire tread. It was the head of a rivet. I wasn't sure if it was just wedged between the treads or if it had penetrated the tire. I got a pair of pliers and began gently prying on it, and sure enough, heard it start to hiss. Well I was glad I saw it before we hit the road. Rather than change the tire out, I decided to see if I could get it fixed. Drove all over this small town called St George, but couldn't find any stations open. Driving by one station, I spotted a feller sitting inside at the desk, so I whipped in there and asked him if he could fix a flat for me. He said he couldn't, he wasn't open for business, had just come down to pick up some papers and was headed for church. I aske him if he knew anyone in town who could help me, and his response was classic. "Son, this is just a small church going town. You might as well plan on spending another day here and geti it fixed in the morn." HA! It was uncanny. I might have stayed had he offered me to his house for fried chicken, but alas, he didn't. Well, feeling rather Mr. Tuckerish, I decided to drive to the next town and see what I might find. But just before the freeway on ramp I found a station that was opened and able to help me out. Anyway, not sure why I bring all this up. It was just one of those Mayberry moments I had in real life that I imagine we have all had.

Ro, prayers for your next sugery to go well, and for you to recover fast from them both.

And prayers for Sherry and Spot.

Boo, so sad about what happened in your town. There is no escaping evil I reckon. It's all around us everywhere.

Prayers for all for a good day and a good week.


Oh, and Happy Birthday Rev. Thanks for telling us Tom.

June 25, 2012 - Msg 89073: I enjoyed your story, Asa! Very mayberry-ish. :)

Ro, growing up in a town as small as Ingleside, I remember that nothing was open on Sunday...and I mean nothing...not even the drugstore. If you needed anything that you didn't purchase on Saturday, you were outta luck...of course, you knew the pharmacist and his home phone so if something serious came up, you could call. That happened once when I was 3 or 4 and I consumed an entire bottle of Bayer children's aspirin while my dad was supposed to be watching me! ha Luckily, as soon as mom returned home I told her what I had done. Mom called Ollie Stewart (the town pharmacist who also sang bass in the church choir) and he instructed her on what to do to get the aspirin out of me (poor mom). There was also none of the eating out after church like you see today. Everyone ate lunch at home after church and it was typically the best meal of the week. Mom made roast alot on Sunday or fried chicken. She also made alot of fresh-grown green beans and lots of corn. Those were the days...alot of times I was bored, though. After church if your neighborhood friends couldn't play there wasn't much to do. Only three channels, sports on all three on sunday and no computer, of course. I did love to read...biographies mostly, and The Happy Hollisters (anyone remember those books?). We almost always took naps on sunday, which was great. I still try to do that but it doesn't always work out here at Grand Central Station. ;) I try to make sunday's like they used to be at my house but I am unsuccessful most of the time. I did manage to cook a roast yesterday, though...AND take a short nap while Erin was next door. But THEN Monday arrives and the real work begins! After going on our little vacation and having everyone home all weekend, there is laundry and cleaning to do. I am going to try to get mom over here this weekend to spend a few days. She has had a tough time with losing her dog last week but last night she seemed better and her room is already smelling much better without the dog urine being deposited on it daily.

Well, since the identity of the girl who was killed this weekend came out, i am finding out that I have friends that knew her and I actually know her mother...not well, but she helped us open Sean's first checking account at the bank where she works and she was a wonderful, friendly woman. Just makes me so sad for her and her family. The girl was graduated from the highschool here last year and was well-liked, friendly, a member of the band. Such a pretty little thing, too. The surviving girl is considered stable now and is able to communicate so they may be arresting whoever did is soon. The cops are saying that they think it was someone who knew them and planned the murder.

OK, SPOT...I'll send you some breakfast. How about homemade biscuits with cream gravy and pan sausage? I like to use a little Tabasco sauce in my gravy, if you can take it...

Better git at the chores.

Oh hey, Ro...Bruce is going to start painting my porch swing and hang it on the front porch soon (it is what I requested for my birthday), so if you get to come for a visit we can sit on the porch swing (if its not 100 degrees!). Maybe you can come in the evening and we can slice up a cold watermellon or something.


June 25, 2012 - Msg 89074: Wow, hope you were all up to reading a novel! sorry


June 25, 2012 - Msg 89075:
Howdy porch family.....sure have missed you guys. I have been so busy on the road. Hopefully when I get to the New England area I'll get to chat a little more during the week. And of course we will have a big ole Maine lobster cook out so Spot get the cooker ready.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!
Love and prayers for all my porch family

June 25, 2012 - Msg 89076: Happy Birthday REV,
The porchs own "Rocky" Star...SPOT say's put him down for 2 lobsters he's a hungry buzzard ya know!...Boo I thought you were the painter of the family...haha...G-F...

June 25, 2012 - Msg 89077: Hi All.
Just about at the end of my rope?
Stepdad keep calling to help him all the
time and I can not git thing I have to do
Have not hraed about the M R I test to see what
wrong on his back that keep him in pain all the time.

TOM :(

June 25, 2012 - Msg 89078: Great to hear from you REV!

Oh, you know how I love to paint, G-F..NOT! ;)

So sorry to hear about your difficulties, TOM. It must be very hard for you. I pray the Lord gives you strength and help.


June 26, 2012 - Msg 89079: Good evening, porch. Just passin' by on the way to the ironing board. Got to get up pretty early, and be ready to head out to the surgery center a little before noon. That is, if the insur@nce company decides to approve of the scheduled surgery. Can you believe they're dragging their feet on it? I'll bet my surgeon wishes he had known that all he needed to do to practice medicine was get a BBA from anywhere, and go to work in an insur@nce office, and he could immediately start making medical decisions. It's really frustrating. We're going ahead as planned, but still waiting for clearance before the actual procedure is done. If they don't come through in time, we'll have to postpone until next week. Robbi can't come then, so guess what? I'll just tell the doc that I'll need home nursing care for a few days, he will gladly approve it, and the ins company will wish they hadn't played games with us. Donkeys. (Sorry, Thelma Lou.)

I actually got my desk cleaned off today. I can't believe it. Found some things I'd been hunting for a very long time. It's amazing how the pile grows. I promise myself I'll deal with every piece of mail that comes in, and not just put it on the stack, but in a few weeks, there it is again. Why do I do that???

Well, off I go. I'm tired, back is hurting, and I'm going to bed. Tom, I'm so sorry your stepdad is dealing with back pain. It can really be miserable. I wish I could fix it for him. Hang in there, my friend. After all, I guess it's nice to be needed, right? --Romeena

June 26, 2012 - Msg 89080:
RO- I think St. Paul said that same thing..."Why do I do the things that I do..." ha
Some of you may recall that at the beginning of 2011 I said I was going to try to not buy anything on Sundays. Well, guess what, I made it thru with only one exception! So it IS possible my friends with, as ASA said, a little planning. Ever try to go to a Chick-Fil-A or a Hobby Lobby on a Sunday? You can't-- their closed, yet no worse for wear. Can you imagine if all Christians took the commandment seriously? And just think
if that day truly was as it once was, ... once again. I'm just sayin'...
RO - prayers that all works out on the surgery OK.
Boo- Sounds like fun to have a porch swing!
Add some sweet lemonade, and ya got a real doozie of a day! ha
REV- Saw your FB post about the concert on the 24th. How did it go?
Blessings friends,

June 26, 2012 - Msg 89081:
Here's a good one of times gone by...

June 26, 2012 - Msg 89082: Ro, prayers for all to go well for you today. Hopefully the insu-rance co. will quit the games and get it approved today.

I'm the same way with mail Ro. I always have good intentions to file it the same day as I get it. But you know the road to you know where is paved with good intentions. I do pay all my bills the moment they arrive. Almost all are paid on line. But the statement gets set on the desk "for later" and just seems to grow like a weed on steroids. Oh well, thats life through and through.

MDC, I remember a few years ago talking to a co-worker about keeping the Sabbath day Holy, and he mentioned how much he liked that idea. His comment surprised me because he wasn't a church going kind of guy at all. So when I asked him why, he laughed and said he could go shopping, golfing, just about anything on Sundays and not have much of a crowd to deal with. But as you said, if we all lived it fully, most businesses would find it unprofitable to be open on Sundays.

Anyone been watching the "Next Food Network Star" show? I have. My favorite was eliminated this weekend. Too bad. I thought she had a great persona for tv. And it appeared she could cook good.

Boo, how is Sean doing? The tummy settled down?

Well I better get. I'm doing my daily battle with wasps. Don't know why they like my a/c units so much. Gone through an entire case of wasp spray already.

Prayers for all.


June 26, 2012 - Msg 89083: Good morning, porch! I'm up relatively early, waiting for a call from the doc's office. Still no word, so am proceeding as though it will all happen today. Nothing to eat or drink, and of course, I'm hungry. Typically, I'm not much of a breakfast person, but tell me I can't eat, and I'm hungry. Why are people so perverse?

Yes, I have pleasant memories of the old "closed on Sundays" times, too. In those days, Sunday really was a day of rest. Not much choice, with everything closed. Some folks complained, but most of us liked it. I was even criticized by one busy little lady at church, when she learned I had gotten my license and was working as a nurse, which of course, meant working every other weekend. She chided me "gently" on several occasions, stating that it "wasn't a good witness, for a Christian to be working on Sunday", until one day I got enough of it. I just smiled at her and said, "You're right, Miss Jones. Msybe we can get that changed, and then when you're in the hospital on a Sunday, you can be assured that all the Christian nurses are at home resting, and you're being cared for only by non-Christians." That produced a big-eyed stare, and I heard no more from her.

Just heard from the doc's office - all is settled, and the surgery will happen today. Guess I'd better start stirring around here and get ready. Not much to do, just pack a toothbrush and a little warpaint, and snuggle little Toye Starr a lot. She's not going to be a happy puppy. My neighbor is going to come in and feed her until Robbi gets here tomorrow. Oh well, all will be forgiven when I walk in on Thursday.

Dratted little squirrel is out there right now, literally climbing up in my hibiscus plant, nibbling the new buds off of it! Why does anything so cute have to be destructive? Oh well. He has to make a living too, and the plant will produce more buds.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

June 26, 2012 - Msg 89084: Asa....The WASP fighter?.haha try some of those karate moves on them...Then we can call you The Wasp Ninja.....Comes with the territory of being a HVAC man...That's the first thing they teach in HVAC school...how to bee a bee buster!...G-F

June 26, 2012 - Msg 89085:
Morning porch family....This is the day that the Lord has made so let's just get out here and rejoice in it:)

MDC....the concert on the 24th went great. Had a very good turn out but most of all the Lord was there:) My new concert for this year is being received VERY good!

Ro....praying that everything goes well today with the surgery. (Praying even as I post this)

Tom...remember, even when we are at the end of our rope, God is there to hold us up. Hang in there buddy!

Well I better get going. Got some things I need to get done.
Love and prayers for all my porch family!

June 26, 2012 - Msg 89086: Glad are systems are go, Ro! Prayers for the surgery and results. :)

That's great, REV...glad things are going so well!

This week is VBS week at our church and I volunteered to help out with the 5th and 6th graders (well, my pastor called the night before and asked if I could help...I didn't even know it was VBS week. He laughed and said, "I just thought I would let the deacon's wife know what was going on at church this week". haha). Last night the kids seemed to have a great time so hopefully the rest of the week will be the same.

It has been so, so hot here the last few days. There is an area of high pressure hanging over us that is making it 100+ here on the coast and it feels just awful. I pray we will get some tropical storm activity this summer to keep us from drying up like last summer.

Better get moving...


June 26, 2012 - Msg 89087: Ok, SHAKEDOWN, this is a shakedown! (:

June 26, 2012 - Msg 89088: I was hoping for a Milkshake extra thick....Then drink it so, I guess that would be considered a "shake down" then...Bring it on!! G-F....

June 27, 2012 - Msg 89089:
Morning porch family

Hope we hear from Ro soon and find out how the surgery went.

MDC....the Braves had a slug fest with the DBacks last night.

Boo....I'm sure the kids at VBS will have a great time all week.

Well gotta get going....Ya'll have a Jesus filled day!
Love and prayers

June 27, 2012 - Msg 89090: Mornin' REV. I am wondering about Ro, myself. I'm sure she will check in when she is up to it.

VICK! (somebody had to say it...it's been too long).


June 27, 2012 - Msg 89091: VICKS, that is...


June 27, 2012 - Msg 89092: Please remember to pray for the people of Colorado Springs...terrible fires forcing people from their homes and temps in the 100's.


June 27, 2012 - Msg 89093:
Yes indeed Boo! Prayers for Colorado Springs, one of my favorite spots! Dear Jesus, please send your refreshing rain to Colorado Springs. Thank you Lord.
REV- yup, and we may have lost Hudson too. D-Backs very inconsistant this year.
Prayers continue for RO, Sherry, and all.
APB for BIG MAUDE and others.

June 27, 2012 - Msg 89094: Mine, too, MDC...I have wanted to like in that area for years. We have so many great memories of trips to Colorado Springs in December.


June 27, 2012 - Msg 89095: By the way, MDC, it seems the entire country has turned into Arizona in the summer! What gives??


June 27, 2012 - Msg 89096: Blame it on Al Gore....

June 27, 2012 - Msg 89097: On the other hand we have to thank him for inventing the internet...How else would we be able to talk back and forth..People would actually have to sit down and write a letter, WOW what a concept!. Anyhow, Thanks Big Al, I would not have found the cools folks here on the porch with out you...G-F

By the way: "I'm Goober-Fife and I approved this message!"...
(Disclaimer): The views of Goober-Fife do not necessarly refelect the views of all the Porchseters, nor does it confirm or deniy the compantancy of the above mentioned person..

June 27, 2012 - Msg 89098:
Whew, I think the heat is getting to G-F!! haha

June 28, 2012 - Msg 89099: Happy Thursday porch, sure is hot on my end of the porch. supposed to be 98 degrees today and about 100 degrees the next few days, no rain in sight.lawns and gardens are pretty dryed out.

working today, been busy the past few weeks which is a good thing for a self employed therapist!

hope everyone is doing okay. prayers for everyone, Tom, SPOT, Miss Sherry, Romeena, Boo and family, MDC, ASA, Rev,G-F.

Lunch menu will be: ham and cheese sandwiches with fresh tomatoes, pickles, SLAW, chips and a dish of Mayfield vanilla ice cream with Hershey's syrup, whipped creme, (cherries and nuts optional).

ya'll have a blessed day.

Big Maude

June 28, 2012 - Msg 89100: Hi, porch. Brief visit. Pretty uncomfortable, and sitting is not my favorite thing. For that matter, neither is standing or lying down. Having a hard time getting comfortable anywhere. They let me come home on Wednesday instead of keeping me until Thursday. Doc said since I wasn't taking pain med, they weren't doing much for me, so I could go home. I've been taking
Tylenol about every six hours. It doesn't control the pain, but it does take the edge off just a little. This surgery is waaay different from the first one. That one - no pain. This one - pain. However, this too shall pass.

Robbi and Richard are here again, and I'm so grateful for them. I could not have come home alone. Bless them!

Well, I think I'll try to lie down for a little while. Blessings, all. --Romeena

June 28, 2012 - Msg 89101: I'm sorry, Ro, but glad the surgery is done with...I pray it does what is expected, bless your heart. Also glad Robbi and Richard are there for you. What's the expected recovery period for this last surgery?

Well, they found the body of another teen girl a couple of miles from where I live today. She is 16, a beautiful young girl who went missing on Monday and was found dead alongside the highway here today. Folks around here are getting pretty anxious, of course. Don't know if we have a serial killer in the area.

Off to VBS...


June 29, 2012 - Msg 89102: Glad your home and recouping from the surgery Romeena. I pray your pain will subside and your recovery will be quick and complete.

Boo, that sounds horrible. 3 girls now? How is the injured one doing?


June 29, 2012 - Msg 89103: Morning Asa. The injured girl is consious but can't speak. She has been communicating with sign language and gave a description of the shooter as being a white male in his 20's...140 lbs. She is still in ICU and is paralyzed on her left side. It is insane how much of a circus has been created in the small town they were killed in. The two girls were in a lesbian relationship and that information has led to gay-rights groups flooding the area and holding vigils, etc. They are expecting hundreds of people to show up at the deceased girl's memorial service, causing traffic problems and so on. Her memorial is being held at a small funeral home (the only one in town), and I can't help but wonder how this all makes her family feel. Meanwhile, the girl that was found dead yesterday near here is barely making headlines and cops are saying there is no connection between the homicides...that seems like quite a coincidence, though, considering I don't remember there ever being a teen girl killed in the area. I do know some of the family of the girl found yesterday and I feel so badly for them. The girl was at home Monday night, got a text message and told her younger sister she would be back, left the house and went missing until her body was found yesterday out in a desserted area near the water. No information was released about how she was killed but they say she was murdered. I was in the grocery store yesterday and heard people talking about it and I heard one man talking about his daughter saying, "We don't let her go anywhere alone!"... I hate to think of how this kind of thing effects folks in a small town. Hopefully (and prayerfully) this will end and there will be some sort of justice for the families involved. It just all seems to closely related to be random incidents.

Well, it is finally cooling off here. Yahoo! It's only going to get up to about 95 instead of 105. I'll take it!

It's been very quiet on the porch since yesterday. I am wondering if it has anything to do with people's discouragement concerning the passing of the health care reform? On facebook people are expressing some extreme opinions on the matter. I just started reading up on it but don't know enough yet..

Better go get something done around here.