June 29, 2012 - Msg 89104: Hi All.
Boo keep the heat here
We hit 95 yestday and about 97 and all exte
week in the 90-100.
Prayer for the family of the girls.
Stepdad test came bcak canca had stop for now, but the casjh dish is from old ye.
and I m tire from being up half the night what him,


June 29, 2012 - Msg 89105: Tom, I pray things will improve for your Stepdad buddy, and that you will have the ability to care for him.

Boo, I had a long post all made in regards to the fiasco yesterday, but decided to delete it. Folks here pretty much know my leanings so no need to stir up stuff. I am stunned at the ruling though.


June 29, 2012 - Msg 89106: Well gang its gona get over 100 here in the south...Boo make us some of that sweet tea?...supper?...how about COLD cut sandwiches!...pryers...SPOT

June 29, 2012 - Msg 89107: Good afternoon, porch. I guess we were all shocked at the ruling by the Supremes yesterday. However, I received an email from a friend, that to me at least, put a slightly different slant on it. It may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I forwarded it to some of you, just FYI, and because I'm interested in your take on it. I don't pretend to understand the whole situation well enough to have a strong opinion. I was horrified at first, but after reading that email link - well - I guess we'll just wait and see. I have to believe that to make it to the Supreme Court, a person can't be totally stupid. I know, "corrupt" figures in there, but I guess time will tell.

Still pretty uncomfortable, but it's getting better. If I could take even a mild pain reliever like Vicodin, I'm sure it would help a lot, but I just can't. Violent vomiting would result, and it's just not worth it. So, Tylenol is my friend, and it does help a little. They sent me a back brace that I'm supposed to wear except when lying down, or in the shower. It's a farce. I put it on, and it immediately rides up under my arms, and does my back no good whatsoever. Plus it adds several pounds of dead weight that I have to lift when trying to rise from a chair. So, I'm not wearing it. Oh well.

I'm getting cabin fever. There are so many things that need to be done in the yard, and I can't do any of them, and it's making me crazy. I guess this will be "the summer of the shaggy yard." Again - oh well. This too shall pass.

Boo, I agree, that sure does sound like a big coincidence. The shooting of the first two girls sounds like a hate crime to me, after it came out that they were in a lesbian relationship. I think we're going to see more of this. When gay people kept it low-key, and the issue wasn't being shoved in everyone's faces, people for the most part just went their way and let them alone. Now, with the courts forcing everyone to bow down and worship the lifestyle, Home Depot employees in their orange aprons, dancing in gay-rights parades, JCPenney pushing it in their ads, and all the other oh-so-politically-correct stuff that's going on, volatile people are going to respond. So sad. I know gay people, some are my good friends, and I love them. They don't prance around proclaiming their homosexual lifestyle, any more than I walk around touting heterosexuality from the rooftops. I don't condone the gay lifestyle, but I can easily love the person in spite of it. It used to be that way, we were allowed to just live and let live, but no. Not any more. Now instead of co-existing, we are expected to support and celebrate, and folks are just not going to sit still for that. When will our government learn?

Well, I think I'll go try to lie down for a while. Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

June 29, 2012 - Msg 89108: HI ALL, sorry I havent been around, but my 94 year old dad fell in his apt. Wed. evening, had the presence of mind to press his emergency button, and then I was called, medics came etc.
But after a day od CT scans and x-rays, thank God no broken bones, but now we have big decisions to make as a family regarding assisted-living apt or 24/7 care.
Please keep all in your prayers, more later,

June 29, 2012 - Msg 89109:
I see so many complaints here about the hot weather in the states. Well here up in Canada, we are having the same thing. Tomorrow, with the humidity added in, it is expected to feel like 100F.

Romeena, so sorry to hear about your post-surgery discomfort. Also, your comments reminded me of what is happening up here. Toronto is having a week long gay pride celebration this week. And on Sunday, they'll be having a gay pride parade that has been in the news because the mayor refuses to make an appearance. He was a no-show last year as well.

MDC, sorry to hear about your father's recent fall. Glad to hear he broke no bones.

TOM, although that is good news that your step-dad's cancer is not spreading, I am sorry to hear how difficult caring for him has been for you. Do the best you can.

from Poor Horatio

June 29, 2012 - Msg 89110: It's funny Asa, I had gotten a "T" shirt 2 years ago that says: Taylor/Fife 2012 "Time to Nip it in the Bud". I had not gotten much reaction to it until lately...Many have commented on it saying things like: "It sure is time to nip it in the bud"...Andy & Barney in Washington? It would be a improvement! We need Andy on the bench now! But mostly the "Nip it in the Bud".
Barney sure made an impact with that line..
Aunt Bee for Secretary of State she'd be better than the one we have now...Pickles for everyone she'd even make some kosher ones, to bring peace to all sides...Send Goober & Gomer over to stableize oil prices. I think Floyd just needs to give them guys some good hair cuts, seems like nobody does hair cuts over there, and they are getting cranky having all that hair when it is so hot out...Butches & Flat-Tops for all!
Instead of shooting & bombing let's just drop them some hot dogs (with ball park stadium mustard)pizza,some RC Cola's & Moon Pies...(and peanuts for those of you who like them in their RC's)..Peace on Earth & Goodwill to Men! I say...
Or is that just the Mayberry comming out of me? It HAS been a long hot day working in the sun, maybe it did something to my brain? haha...G-F

p.s. Sorry Floyd, did not mean to get political here on the porch...But Lord knows Washington sure could use some help & ideas! What they are doing now sure isn't working!! IMHO

June 30, 2012 - Msg 89111: I like your ideas for Washington, G-F!

Prayers for your quick recovery, Romeena!

-Sterling Holobyte

June 30, 2012 - Msg 89112: Prayers to all!..hey Romeena,MDC,PH,Sh,possum and all...well we are doing good over here...Sherry just weak...her son and dnl and grandson will be hee tomorrow afternoon to stay till wed..I work 12 tomorrow 12 Sun and 16 mon,tue and wed....well lets try I-hop in the morning for b-fast...Boo bring a paper to read ok....and yea-yea I will buy...prayers porch and thanks....SPOT

June 30, 2012 - Msg 89113: Hi All
Will all this weat we had may a bad
storm last night wind hit about 60 grs at time and rain bad.


June 30, 2012 - Msg 89114: Hey Porchsters! Thought I'd better check in before y'all thought I got jabbed to bits by a long poinky stick or something!

Dang, it's HOT!!

Hope everybody is doing good & staying cool-love to all!
possum under a rock

June 30, 2012 - Msg 89115:
Hey Folks

Good to see The Porch clicking along.


June 30, 2012 - Msg 89116: 106 new record here ig HOT Lanta!Ga....whew ...what are we gona eat tonight?..will someone bring me a plate...Jeff sherrys son and dnl are with here while I work my last weekends for a while...she is having a good day!...weak but hungry...they are gona grill...got a deal on another tractor...1949 Ford 8n...were some 8n"s in some Andy ept...remember when Sam was disking at night when his wife was gona have a baby!..ok...HOT..dang HOT...SPOT

June 30, 2012 - Msg 89117: Oh Spot, I had an 8N about 20 years ago. Mine was a 51 I think. Pretty much useless to anything but look at it and remember all the farmers who had them when I was a kid. Seemed like every farmer in this area had an old 8N or 9N Ford tractor (course they weren't so old back then, a John Deere "popper" and a 51, 52, or 53 chevy pickup. And I think that was an 8 or 9N Sam was discing with. I just bought a Kabota LS3700 for work, with a front end loader on it. I like it pretty fine. I'm glad Sherry is having a good day. You two are in my prayers every morning and night, as is Ro for a speedy recovery.
Hot here too, and wildfires burning all over the place. Non real close to us, but the air quality is terrible. I've been coughing like a chain smoker in a Honky Tonk.


June 30, 2012 - Msg 89118: Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it. Who said that? I think it was Calvin Coolidge's Great,Great, Grandson on his Mother's side, Alvin Coolidge Gore. He wants to do something about the weather, but nobody takes him seriously and let him...Good Thing! Sometimes ya gotta take matches away from a fire-bug,and cheese away from a mouse...G-F

June 30, 2012 - Msg 89119: No, G-F, Calvin Coolidge didn't say everythang. Mark Twain said some things too.
- Hazel

June 30, 2012 - Msg 89120: Good evening Porch!

How's everybody? As Spot said, it's hotter than blazes down here in Hotlanta. I try not to complain about the weather as I always think there's a reason for each season. We'll see how long that lasts.

Romeena, I'm sorry you're not up to snuff after your surgery. Hopefully you will be soon.

MDC, I'm sure y'all will make the best decision regarding your father. I have 1 grandmother in an assisted living facility (she's 90) and another that stays in her own home (she's a few weeks shy of 93). What does your father want to do? I dread this stage of life!

Boo, how's Sean?

Tom, prayers for your stepdad.

We are headed to my in-laws in Ohio for the next few days so I will be taking another absence from my rocker.

Last night I was listening to The ep about Andy's broken heart when Peggy has another gentleman over. As much as I love Andy, he was wrong in demanding Peggy leave her guest. I would have stayed and got to know the guest. Also, that Fungirl with that deep voice is quite annoying. I think I'll listen to the Pickle Story tonight to help me relax.

Have a wonderful week!

July 01, 2012 - Msg 89121: Good evening, porch. Robbi and Richard went home this morning, and my other daughter, Heather, arrived about an hour later. She had one of her big strong sons with her. I was glad, because I hadn't seen him in a while, and because a very large limb had fallen just a few minutes before and was lying across every line that comes into this house, except the main power line. Travis moved the limb, and now the wires are all about five feet off the ground, but at least everything is working, no wires were broken or dislodged. I'll call on Monday and get someone out to tighten them.

Today has been a good day, pain level down to about a 3 or 4, and that's tolerable. I'm pretty sure tomorrow is going to be even better. God is good.

Spot, prayers continue for you and Miss Sherry. I'm glad she's feeling a bit better, and happy that her family is with her while you're working those outrageous hours. One day at a time, sweet Jesus, that's all we're asking from you....

Well, I guess I'll head for bed. I've got a system worked out now for getting in and out of bed, and it works well, doesn't hurt much at all, and once I get in I can get pretty comfortable. That's more than I could say that first night! It gets better each day.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

July 01, 2012 - Msg 89122: Oh MDC, I forgot to tell you I was sorry to read about your Dad falling. I'm glad he wasn't injured to bad. And I will pray for you to be directed by God in knowing how to best tend to his needs. Just a thought in what I went through with my Dad a few years ago. He was having a hard time getting around but refused to come live with us, refused to allow anyone to move in with him, and would not consider for one second about going into any kind of assisted living. I didn't know what to do. He had been in the hospital for a few days, but was going to be released. I expressed to the treating Doctor my concern, he said he could sign a release giving me power to be able to put him in a home. I went in to talk to my Dad, to try and convince him to come live with us, or do something other than go home alone. He would have no part of it. He actually got angry with me about it. I prayed for help in knowing what to do, and finally felt the prompting to allow him to go home. I felt it wasn't in his best interest, but I wanted to respect his wishes and follow the promptings I had asked for. So we took him home. He passed away less than a week later, in his own bed, in the home he built himself, just as he had wanted. I had a great peace at his passing that I had done the right thing.
I know it's a hard thing, but I know the Lord will direct you, and I know your close to the Lord. Prayers for you my friend.


July 01, 2012 - Msg 89123: Lucy, Comming up Ohio way? Where abouts? Honk as ya go by, I'll leave the light on for ya. G-F..

July 01, 2012 - Msg 89124: You know, Ro, something kind of dawned on me when I read your "One day at a time..." quote. I sometimes have much too much anxiety concerning the future. If today is good, I should be thankful for that...afterall, God can only give us one day at a time and the future is left best in His hands. :) I hope things keep dropping on the pain scale and you are a 1 or 2 by today or tomorrow. You really do amaze me with your fortitude (and positive attitude).

MDC, I am very sorry to hear that your precious Dad took a fall but am very glad to hear that nothing is fractured. Bless his heart, I just hate to think of elderly people falling. I will pray for him and your and your family as you make decisions concerning his care.

Thank you for sharing your story of your Dad's experience, ASA. I know it encouraged me and I'm sure it will MDC, too. I know its time to start praying now for decision concerning my mother. I feel like I end up having her here in my home before long because it is getting hard for her to get around. She was depressed and missing Dad yesterday and I had a went to visit and had a good talk with her. I am so thankful that she still has her right mind (mostly! ha) and I can talk to her. I told her that I knew that it would be hard for her to lose dad but I always felt that she would handle it because she is strong, but if it had been the other way, and she had gone first, Dad would not have done well at all. I think it brought her some comfort to know that Dad would not have to go through losing her. She is a trooper, that's for sure. I think losing her dog this past week took some of the wind out of her sails, though, bless her.

Great to see you, Lucy. Sean is doing much better, thanks for asking. He is having a tough time finding another job with all the kids out for summer and most jobs taken. He is also going through a difficulty in an unhealthy relationship with a girl who won't give up, but that's a loooong story and I will spare you. :)

SPOT, sorry things are so hot in your neck of the woods. We are actually one of the cool spots in the nation down here. I never thought I would say that in my lifetime! It was actually in the 80's off and on this weekend because of the clouds and rain we have had the past 2 days. I woke up to a LOUD thunderstorm during the night and could hear the rain pounding. I wish I could send you some for your garden.

Well, time to get ready for preachin', then chicken and dumplings I made yesterday and will reheat for lunch. They were some kind of good!


July 01, 2012 - Msg 89125: sorry about the typos...its early here and I guess I am still half asleep!


July 01, 2012 - Msg 89126: Sorry I didn't take the time to comment on your Dad earlier, MDC. I've been so busy lately and I don't pop by the porch for long any more. I'm in the same boat with my mom. She's 82 now, and she falls down a lot. (not as much as Charlotte Tucker's husband though, haha) She fell in her kitchen a couple weeks ago and hurt her wrist. Before that it was in the garage and she hurt her knee. Seems like it's about once a month. She makes light of it, but it's very concerning. Expecially in this weather. I told you we made a container garden for her, right off her patio, so she can sit in her solar room and look out at everything. So I worry that she'll go out to water something, and fall down and not be able to get up and lay out there in this heat and I don't even like to think about it. I would like to convince her to get one of those things that you wear around your wrist that you can press and it sends out an alert to a call center or something. I talked to her about it once but she wouldn't hear of it. I know they're kind of expensive, but it would totally be worth it. Good luck with your Dad, MDC and I'm sure God will help you make the right decision.
I hope you recover fast from your surgery, Ro. Yes, One day at a time...
- Hazel

July 01, 2012 - Msg 89127: Good afternoon, porch. My daughter has made a run up to the store for some things so I'm taking the moment to stop by for a visit.

MDC, I'm sorry about your dad's fall, and Hazel, apparently your mom is having the same problem, just maybe not as severe - yet. I hear you on the idea of wanting her to have one of the life-alert devices. My kids have been talking about it, and Heather finally just said she was going to order it, and hopes I will do her the favor of wearing it. They're right, of course. I think the advertising has made us all think "old person", and that's not really who they're for. The little old lady or man sitting in a wheelchair in a care facility doesn't need it! I need it - your mom needs it, probably MDC's dad needs it. It's the active people, who happen to be alone, who need it. When I'm out back climbing on boulders, or working around the pond, an unexpected fall could turn into a disaster. A woman in Fredericksburg fell recently in her back yard, broke her ankle or leg or hip (not sure) but she lay out there for over twelve hours before someone finally found her. In the Texas sun and heat, imagine the sunburn, heat stroke, dehydration and worse that could have resulted. Fortunately for her it was late in the afternoon, so that part wasn't as bad as it could have been, but it still makes the point. The girls presented it to me that it's for them, not for me, it's so they don't worry. I finally agreed.

I'm getting better every day, though the lumbar/sacral surgery is still very sore. The brace I'm supposed to be wearing for that area is a ridiculous failure and I'm not wearing it. Will call the doc tomorrow for further instructions.

Well, guess I'll go lie down for a little while, until Heather gets back. A nap sounds like a good plan about now. Blessings, all! --Romeena

July 01, 2012 - Msg 89128:
Asa, your final experience with your father brought back some memories for me. When my father was released from the hospital after surgery confirmed his cancer was terminal, he made us promise to allow him to pass away at home. I was on active duty in the military at the time, so I could only participate minimally (I would fly home on a weekend if I didn't have duty, and at other times, I would keep in touch by telephone). But my mother and sister were there full-time and did the best they could do to keep him at home. Luckily my sister was attending nursing school at the time. The care we were all able to provide him sure helped ease our pain when he passed away in his own bed with mom and sis present.
Also, when mom was nearing the end of her life, I lived with her and became her caregiver. But for those times when I was at work, I gave a trusted neighbor the key to the house. This neighbor would also visit mom everyday for a one hour gossip session.

Hazel, your story about your mother wanting to sprinkle her garden also brought up some memories. We have a front porch (with a railing) on the same level with our front door.
So my handicapped mother could walk out onto the porch to sit and enjoy the outdoors. Since she also loved to sprinkle the front lawn and garden, I extended the water pipes up to the top of the porch railing. This way, she could either sit or stand holding the railing as she sprinkled without having to leave the safe front porch area.

I also provided my mother with a cordless telephone and a life alert button. The telephone was in a bag attached to her walker and the life alert button was also attached to the walker. The telephone proved to be troublesome as it would bang into her legs as she walked.
Also, if you do get a medic alert type button, be sure to notify your local paramedics about the details. Also provide them with instructions about what do to if they respond and no one meets them. I gave them permission to break the window.

from Poor Horatio

July 01, 2012 - Msg 89129: Hazel, it is very sad to hear about your mama falling so often. That is just one of those things that bothers me so much..to think of these elderly ones falling and getting hurt that often. I remember several years ago my poor mother took a terrible fall (even while using the walker). She was trying to go down the two steps into her living room and fell, landing on her shoulder and fractured so badly that she had to get a prosthetic shoulder implant. I think those devices that can be worn in case of emergency are more than worth the cost if it is possible to get your mom to wear one, Hazel. My mom-in-law has one since she lives alone but she keeps the darn thing under her pillow instead of on her person, no matter what we tell her. Not long ago she fell face first into the flowerbed and lay there for over an hour before someone in the retirement complex found her. Luckily she was fine but it sure was hard for me not to laugh when she told me about it (shame on me)...hehe. Ro makes a good point, it's the people who are alone and still active that get into trouble and might need something like that if they fall.

That was very kind what you did for your mother, PH. :)

Well, had a good time at preachin' and then went out for lunch with Bruce. Both the kids had something to do so we had the afternoon to ourselves and ate lunch and went for a drive. Now I think I am about ready to take a short nap before having to go pick up Erin. Hope you all have a good sunday and hope none of you was effected by the storms and power outages in the north. I have a dear widowed aunt in Michigan that I am afraid may be without power in the terrible heat they are having.

Take care of yourself, Ro, and enjoy your time with Heather. Have her sing to you...she sings so pretty. You both could sit on the porch and sing "Church in the Wildwood" and peel an apple without breaking the peel!


July 01, 2012 - Msg 89130: By the way, Ro, say "Hey" to Heather for me.


July 01, 2012 - Msg 89131: Thought you might enjoy this. It's not Raife Hollister but it's "endearing".. :)



July 01, 2012 - Msg 89132: Yesterday, I went to Lowes to pick up a few things for my garden. A lady at the store was passing out snow cones to the customers. She asked me if I wanted one, I said ok, as long as you arn't one of those girls who bites off the bottom and sucks out all the juice. She said: No, I only do that to Barney!..My Mayberry hat must have given me away!...Us Mayberrians are everywhere....Hope everybody has a better upcoming week...Have to work 2 days then on vacation for a week & half :)....G-F

July 02, 2012 - Msg 89133: Just beautiful, Boo. Thanks! And on that lovely note, I think I shall retire, and get a good night's sleep. Prayers for all my porch friends. --Romeena

July 02, 2012 - Msg 89134:
HI all, thanks for all the prayers and great comments. Dad was doing well, but then took a turn today. Doc ordered an in-room chest x-ray,
as he suspects pneumonia. Wow, so this could
be a downer, but we are all prepared, prayed a good sinners prayer with dad today. All I can say is God's will be done in this wholething. Thanks for all the
prayers. Will try to check back later.
GF- your sno-cone thing was the smile that I needed. Great story!! thx.
God bless,

July 02, 2012 - Msg 89135: MDC, I'm sorry your Dad is not doing so well. I pray for him, you and your family. I know you are close to the Lord, and are good with whatever direction He may go. But I know still how difficult it can be. Sometimes those simple words of a prayer, "not my will but Thy will be done" can be the most difficult to say.

What are you gonna do with a week and a half of G-F? Get a corner room at the y? Remember the breakfast special for 95 cents, but it's only good between the hours of 5 and 6 am. Or you just gonna stay at home and read your National Geographics? Whatever you do, be safe and have fun.

Better get. Short week means more to do while I am here.


July 02, 2012 - Msg 89136: Hi All.
To all the old time are little girl of five yer a go had a wood annversary this pass weekend and we all miss it?
Look like more storm may be come all that rain but we can used it!
I will see if I can send it to boo and ro there in tx

July 02, 2012 - Msg 89137: You're welcome, Ro. Hope you slept well.

Very sorry to hear about your Dad, MDC. So glad you are there for him. My prayers will continue.

Watched a wonderful movie last night on Turner Classics called "Goodbye, Lady" from the late 1950's, I believe. I'll bet alot of you have seen it but I never had. Bruce, Erin and I watched it together and it was so sweet and touching. It starred old Walter Brennen as an elderly uncle to an orphaned nephew. They were practically penniless, living in an old cabin on a swamp. The old guy sold cut wood and sometimes alligator skins or something. Anyway, he was raising the boy by himself. The boy discovers a very strange dog in the woods that doesn't bark (turns out to be a lost African Basenji dog) and the boy and the dog become best friends...won't tell the rest, but if you haven't seen it, if you get the chance please do. It was very, very good. I think I'm going to look for it on Amazon.

Had a terrible headache last night...you should have seen me with ice bags on my head! I was a sight. It was gone when I got up this morning, though..sure hope it stays gone.

Better go get some things done around here.


July 02, 2012 - Msg 89138: Thanks Tom, I'll take more rain for sure!


July 02, 2012 - Msg 89139: Good Idea Asa! Corner room & the National Geo's I will be incogneto Think I'll register as Dr. Pendyke so people won't know I'm there!..G-F..
Thanks for the Idea....Think I'll go walk-about for a week and half....

July 02, 2012 - Msg 89140: Hi all - I just joined.
debbie dayle

July 02, 2012 - Msg 89141: Welcome Debbie Dale!..we just hang out here on the porch and chat and eat...Hey Romeena Boo,Possu,asa,Tom,MDC,PH...bush here at work...lets head to subway to eat tonight then to Boos to watch TV....holler back...prayers....SPOT

July 02, 2012 - Msg 89142: Welcome to Debbie Dayle. We enjoy newcomers on this porch. Guidelines are simple - we try to keep it clean and friendly, and have learned through experience that political discussions sometimes take us places where we don't want to go. Outside of that, it's just mostly good friends sitting around on the front porch, enjoying good conversation. These folks have pulled me through some difficult times, others are in hard times right now, and we just offer prayerful support and love. If that sounds like your kind of place, then just grab a rocker and set a spell.

David and the boys just left, Eloise came by for a spell, and now it's just me and Toye Starr. I've got a fridge full of leftovers, much more than I can eat, y'all come on by and help me clear some of it out. It's all good, but needs to be eaten.

I'm pretty comfortable at the moment. No pain at all in my neck, just very tired of this brace. I've got three more weeks with it. I think I mentioned that the brace for my lower back is useless and I'm not wearing it. I called the doc's office today and told them. He wasn't there, but the nurse said she felt he would tell me to just be very careful and not bend or twist, and it would be okay. I hope so, because wearing that thing is just not going to happen. Anyway, as I said, I'm pretty comfortable. When not moving, the pain level is about 2-3 out of 10. When I move, it goes up to 5-6, but drops back down as soon as I get settled and get still. I can deal with that. I take two Tylenol when I first get up in the morning, and two more when I go to bed, and that's it. It's enough.

Well, guess I'll go get in my chair for a spell, then later get up and warm some of those leftovers. I've still got about a dozen of those incredibly delicious Fredericksburg peaches, too. Mercy, those things are good! Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 02, 2012 - Msg 89143: Hey to the Buckeye newbe Debbie...Welcome to the porch sit down and rock a spell..Good folk here..Ya already met The Mother Figure of the porch Roomena, as for SPOT as long as ya feed him he won't bite..As for the rest of us we're a real study...
Rommena, glad to hear you're still improving, Remember, NO Bronco Busting until at least August..haha...Goober-Fife...

July 02, 2012 - Msg 89144: welcome to the porch, Debbie. Our porch is a great place to be!

Just stopping by for a minute. home from work now, finished the supper dishes and now doing some laundry. Supper was pasta with alfredo sauce and turkey sausage. Mr.Maude stirred this one up.
It was pretty good. I don't complain cause I didn't have to cook it and not much mess for me to clean up.

another hot day in Northeast Tenn today. in the upper 90's. We had some pretty nasty storms last night, not much rain though.

Better get my laundry done. Snack tonight: homemade ice cream with strawberries, blueberries and cookies.

Prayers for SPOT and Miss Sherry. Prayers for Romeena, TOM, ASA, MDC, Hazel, G-F, Rev. and everyone else.

Big Maude

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89145: Good middle of the night porch...got a broke pole here at work..crews changing it out so I have to do my thing in the control center watching amps and system load...sure hope Debbie returns and if ya do deb im from Ga the southern end of the porch...whar-bout U B?..well got coffe made...but hey wait a miniute all yall in the bed!..Miss Sherry had a good day at her sons and dnl..still very weak walking...cat scan tomorrow to see where we are with the cancer..still in good spirits...well thanks for the prayers and she gets told about all of them fron the porch!...will be back with the breakfast menu in a bit...2am...hum let me find a movie....SPOT

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89146: Hi All.
Welcome Debbie.
Will my brother in Ohio can uesd some prayer he had a heart a att last night.
And s n l is not hepling be going crazy and where the hosp had to called stepsiss to come there and may snl leave.


July 03, 2012 - Msg 89147: Morning porch...up early. The neighbor called to tell me Thelma Lou the donkey was out in the street. Crazy thing knows how to unlatch the gate and let herslef out of the back pasture now and the front gate to the street was open, so out she went for greener grass or something. There I was out there luring her back in with a piece of bread while people passed by a stared.

Did I tell you all that I took our newest pup, Ollie to the vet for the rest of his vaccines and (he is only 3 months old, mind you..) he just about attacked a great big dog in the waiting room. I guess he felt threatened and I think he was trying to protect Erin. I had never seen a dog that young do that and after what we went through with the last aggressive dog we had, I was concerned. I can tell now that he is half Heeler and then can be very protective of their owners so I guess I will just have to work with him and take measures when he is around other unknown dogs. Anybody have an experience with this sort of thing? I have been learning some things on the Dog Whisperer website. Ollie is a very attentive, intelligent and calm pup so he learns easily..hopefully we can curb any aggressive behavior. He has never shown any at all up until the vet's office.

A big WELCOME to Debbie! Hope you will pull up a rocker and tell us about yourself.

Good to see ya, Maude.

Glad you are holding your own, Ro. Wish I was close enough to come and share your leftovers. The kids and I were in Corpus Christi yesterday and they wanted to eat at a BBQ place called "Rudy's". I'll bet you have one in your area. It is a restaurant chain that serves really good chopped beef sandwiches. It was goo-oood and filled me up full the rest of the day.

Prayers for Miss Sherry and her scan tomorrow. Glad she is in good spirits!

Prayers for your brother, TOM. Sure hope he is ok.

Sean is sick with a virus/cold and cough today, poor kid. I keep telling him his body is like a car..it will peform according to how to fuel it and care for it. He is a very picky eater and getting him to eat what is healthy is not easy!

Well, better go get started on the chore.


July 03, 2012 - Msg 89148: "chores" rather...I wish it was one chore!


July 03, 2012 - Msg 89149: Oh, and prayers still going for MDC and his dad. Hope he gives us an update today.


July 03, 2012 - Msg 89150:
Hello Debbie Dayle. Welcome to the Front Porch. Everyone here has an expressed interest in The Andy Griffith Show (TAGS). And almost everyone one of us has chosen a username that is somehow related to that show. Many have chosen the names of characters who have appeared on TAGS. In my case, I chose a person mentioned on TAGS but was never seen because a half a boy can't exist. Watch the first 1.5 minutes of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eI689Qxaao&feature=related for an explanation about my username.
Finally, I'm up in Canada near Toronto.
Please tell us how you found us.

TOM, so sorry to learn about your brother.

SPOT, I'm glad to learn that Miss Sherry had a good day.

Romeena, I'm also glad to learn that your pain is diminishing.

MDC, I'm sorry to learn that your father is not doing well.

Boo, what is the latest news regarding Sean's eating problem?

I'll offer up some prayers for everyone who needs them.

Finally, looks like we could use some cheering up here. How's about reminiscing with some reunion videos? Get yourself comfortable, turn up your speakers, and let's watch

from Poor Horatio

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89151: HI

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89152: Tom I just saw that too. Oh my..

RIP Andy Griffith.

Ang & Barn are together again.

possum under a rock

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89153: So sorry to hear about losing Andy. Sad day for us, but doesn't the heavens seem nice aqnd full.

Welcome to Debbie. Hope you stick around.


July 03, 2012 - Msg 89154: The Greatest Sheriff who ever lived - I'm sure glad I have every show in the series and I will watch all night long tonight ! And I will remebr one of teh all time great casts in the history of television...

John F., Southampton Bermuda

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89155: There was one episode of TAGS titled "Goodbye, Sheriff Taylor." With sadness, we have to say that for real.

RIP Andy Griffith

John Masters

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89156: Oh, my. I just learned of Andy's passing. Some folks might not understand why I can sit here and shed tears for someone I never met, but that's what's happening. I've always felt like Andy was my brother or something. A good man, one who took care of his friends. Think of his other shows, such as "Matlock", and how often you would see old TAGS cast members on there. He was a classic. And yes, Asa, I agree. Heaven is an even better place today. I hope he and my Dale get to meet, and Dale will tell him how much we both loved the show.

Well, the home health nurse was out, changed the dressing on the incision in my back, said it looks great and is healing nicely. One more week with this itchy dressing, and then I can remove it entirely. Pain level today is around 2-3, and that's less than it was on many, many days before the surgery. God is good.

To John F. - welcome, friend. If you just stopped by to honor Andy, thank you. If you wish, you would be most welcome to join our little family here. Any friend of Andy's is a friend of ours.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89157: God bless to you, Sheriff Taylor! RIP Andy Griffith!


July 03, 2012 - Msg 89158: Well said, John F.

I understand, Ro. I have shed a few tears, too. Andy always reminded me so much of my Dad. They were born the same year and have also passed in the same year, six months apart. Both 86. God be with with Andy's family and friends in their time of grief. It is going to be a very hard thing to lose someone like Andy. I always kind of felt that as long as Andy was still around, Mayberry was still alive and well.


July 03, 2012 - Msg 89159: RIP Andy....and thanks...SPOT

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89160: Rest in peace Sheriff Andy

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89161:
Morning porch family......my heart and prayers go out to the Griffith family.
Thanks Andy for all the memories and allowing us to live a "Mayberry life" through TAGS. AND it's because of what you created (and of course our very own Floyd)that I have some very special friends that I call my "Porch Family" here on the porch! Rest in peace Sheriff Taylor and thinking of all the cast that have gone before you, I know there's a Mayberry gathering in Heaven:)

Just to let you all know.....I made it to Maine safely. Getting some rest now before the concerts start.

Love and prayers for all my porch family!

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89162: My heart hurts today, we've lost Goob, Doug, and now our beloved Sheriff. Love, prayers and a huge group hug to everyone here--Salty Dog.

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89163: Sad, Sad Day in Mayberry, You will be missed Andy..Tell the rest of the gang Hey for us. G-F....

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89164: Andy and Barney together again, singing about that little brown church in the valley...

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89165: My condolences to Andy Griffith's family and friends.I know he is in heaven.Good man and very religious. John 3:16 says it all.

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89166: I saw the news about Andy and immediately knew I had to stop by the Porch. As dragonflies will, I've been here and there but remember you all fondly. So glad to see you still have an extra rocker for me to sit a spell & have a glass of iced tea. An important and much love part of my childhood has passed and I can't help but visualize Andy with a fishing pole over his shoulder walking down that dirt road to the lake. May God welcome home a "good and faithful servant" who brought so much joy and peace and gentle laughter. Ro, SPOT, Asa, Salty, Possum, Boo and all the rest... good seein' ya! -Dragonfly

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89167: Love and friendship-- That's what makes a person rich. So much wisedom from one character. Miss ya, Ange!
Miss Peggy~from back in the day.

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89168: the tears on my pillow bespeak the pain that is in my heart
miz lesh

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89169: There's a Mayberry Reunion in Heaven Today...

We shall meet in the sweet bye and bye, Ang.

~ Mrs. Wiley

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89170: Wow, so great to see so many "old timers" post. Mrs. Wiley, Miss Peggy, Dragonfly, Salty Dog, miz lesh. So wonderful to hear from you. I do hope you will stay with us. WE NEED YOU! :)


July 03, 2012 - Msg 89171: I will miss you Andy Griffith but Andy Taylor will be with me forever. Prayers to you and yours.

Sp00ky Benson

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89172: sorry to hear of andys assing and my prayers are with his family.his passing though sad we can takee comfort in the andy griffith show.sh ow.sorry that its been so long since i posted but i just learned of thee new log on. pappa bear

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89173:
Mrs Wiley, yet it is true there is a Mayberry Reunion in Heaven today. But there is also a Front Porch Reunion right here. And I'm loving it.

Thank you Andy Taylor. Although we have TAGS videos to entertain and teach us, we also have this http://www.hlntv.com/video/2012/07/03/town-where-andy-griffith-grew-real-life-mayberry.

from Poor Horatio

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89174: Sad sad day. Had to come grieve with others who share the same loss. It has been a few years since I have stopped by. That, too, is a shame. I should spend much more time on the porch. I'm far too busy. How about we break out those old band uniforms and get the spiders out from under the bandstand? Nicely put, Asa, the heavens are nice and full now. Great to see many of you still here, Salty, possum, Tom, Spooky, Boo, Poor Horatio, Mrs. Wiley. I hope ya'll haven't forgotten me.
Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89175: Oops, forgive me for chewing my cabbage twice. ; )


July 03, 2012 - Msg 89176: Sad day, and I too shed some tears. I was at work when I heard the news, and I guess it shows how I wear my TAGS on my sleeve, because so many people stopped by to give their condolences. I have Andy and Barney posters on my wall, and I am always quoting something from some episode or other. So people were stopping by and e-mailing, telling me how sorry they were. What a great man Andy Griffith was, and what a wonderful character of Andy Taylor that he gave us. I shall miss him.
- Hazel

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89177: Of course we remember you, Charlotte Tucker! (you married that man who fell down a lot, right?) haha. Yes, we have missed you! And Mrs. Wiley too, and Spooky and Dragonfly and Miss Peggy and all the others that have popped in today. Thank you for stopping by, please come back.

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89178: Thanks, Hazel. Good to talk with you again!
Charlotte Tucker

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89179: Yes, Hazel, I guess I wear my TAGS on my sleeve, too because the first person to give me the news about Andy was my sister (St. Susan). She called and said, "I have some sad news for you. Are you sitting down?". I thought that was sweet of her to be so understanding.

Even though it is a sad time I am so comforted by seeing my old porch buddies come by who have been missing for so long. If you realized just how much you mean to us and how you are missed I think you would come on back and make this porch complete.

Welcome home, Dragonfly, Salty Dog, Pappa Bear, Miss Peggy, Mrs. Wiley, Spooky Benson, Miz Lesh, John Masters, Rafe, Mayberry Deputy, and Charlotte Tucker...missed ya!

I guess it's kind of like when family members pass...it is bittersweet when you have to say goodbye but what a comfort to see other family members and friends at a time like this.


July 03, 2012 - Msg 89180: My goodness, the porch is buzzing with old friends stopping by. Even Salty Dog! So good to see all of you. I'm always fascinated by how this porch reflects real life. The same thing happens in families and extended families - people get busy and involved, and time goes by without them getting together. Then someone passes, and everyone comes together again, and always wishing they had done it sooner. I hope we'll see more friends returning in the next couple of days, and hope everyone will try to make it a point to visit more often. We've missed you so much.

I forwarded a precious little cartoon-type remembrance to those for whom I have email addresses. My daughter sent it to me, and I knew everyone would get a bittersweet smile from it, as I did. It pretty much says what we're all feeling, I think.

Well, my son took me out to dinner tonight, it was good, and we stayed out just the right length of time, then he brought me home. I'm tired now, and heading for bed. Tomorrow is another day. I think Eloise is going to make ice cream from some of those wonderful Fredericksburg peaches my girls brought up here, and I want to be rested. I think the family is going to the 4th of July parade here in town, but I'm not about to go get in that crowd, in this heat, with this turtle suit on. I'd trip on a curb and fall, or do something else equally stupid, and I'm just not anxious to do that. So I'm staying home where it's safe and cool until the ice cream is ready! My mama didn't raise any dummies. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89181: Evening porch, stopping by for a minute. My heart is so sad today as well. Thanks to Andy and all the folks in town for giving me a place called Mayberry. I have felt so connected to the town and the folks there for much of my life. Guess some folks wouldn't understand but all of the porchesters do. Because of Andy Griffith and Mayberry I found the porch and all of you... My porch family. Rest in peace Andy and thanks for giving us so many years of great morals and family value

Prayers all around
Big Maude

July 03, 2012 - Msg 89182: Well said, Maude...I understand perfectly.

I found this link that Floyd posted over on Facebook and it is very, very good. It contains some clips of interviews from Andy and some who worked with him...very sweet and I think you all might be comforted by it. :