July 03, 2012 - Msg 89183: The above link won't take you directly to that page but it gives you the option to click on the home page and that will bring it up for you.


July 04, 2012 - Msg 89184: Sad day for Mayberry. RIP Andy. ~New Neighbor

July 04, 2012 - Msg 89185: In honor of Andy its breakfaast at the diner....SPOT

July 04, 2012 - Msg 89186: Tell everyone that Tony said "Hey".

July 04, 2012 - Msg 89187: Will miss you always, Andy. But as Sp00ky said, Sheriff Taylor will live on forever.


July 04, 2012 - Msg 89188: Morning...breakfast at the diner, SPOT...sounds like a good idea.

Very good to see NN and DES...please come back and see us.


July 04, 2012 - Msg 89189: Evening porch, stopping by for a minute. My heart is so sad today as well. Thanks to Andy and all the folks in town for giving me a place called Mayberry. I have felt so connected to the town and the folks there for much of my life. Guess some folks wouldn't understand but all of the porchesters do. Because of Andy Griffith and Mayberry I found the porch and all of you... My porch family. Rest in peace Andy and thanks for giving us so many years of great morals and family value

Prayers all around
Big Maude

July 04, 2012 - Msg 89190: Just me, stopping by again to see who else has turned up in the last few hours. So good to see old friends, and nice to have the unknown visitors who stop by to offer a comment. It just proves it - Andy was loved by all. I wish there could be another show on TV these days, that would carry the same message of love and fair play, but it just seems like nobody knows how, or cares to try, to do it these days. Thank God for DVDs and re-runs. Without them, I wouldn't watch TV at all. The news is biased, the comedies are mostly suggestive and not funny, there are no more big production shows. So I watch re-runs, TAGS DVDs, Hallmark channel and the cooking shows. That's about it. I'm just glad we have those things. I wish we really could return to Mayberry. This porch helps a lot in that respect. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

July 04, 2012 - Msg 89191: I'm with you, Romeena. I watch TAGS, Waltons, Little House, Wind at My Back, and some Hallmark, Old classic movies and that's about it. I did enjoy watching The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic channel the other day.

Bruce has got some chicken on the BBQ grill and I am making some beans and potato salad and fresh sweet corn. Watermellon for dessert. Wish you could all stop by for a spell. TVLand has been doing a little tribute to Andy this morning and they just showed the pickle story. It think the little marathon is over now...wish they would show TAGS all day today. If it was up to me, that's all I would do today is watch TAGS but it is fitting to celebrate the 4th of July with family.


July 04, 2012 - Msg 89192: Back at work today...Miss Sherry with DNL"s parents at my house... double time and a half for me today...just hard to turn down...get off at 10 tonight then off till next wed night at 10!, hey Romeena,Possum,Boo,Tom,Rev,asa,MDC,Spooky,des,NN,new commer debbie and all....lets have a cook out late tonight Mayberry style...I got some fire crackers...dogs and burgers!...SPOT

July 04, 2012 - Msg 89193: andy was always the patient non jugemental person you could always count on being there. thanks for the memories andy, you will live on in our hearts. happy fourth of july to the porch.... here in illinois everything is dang hot. 112 heat index dew points around 76. i took some steaks out of the freezer and by the time they got to the grill they were cooked with grilled onions on them. prayers for everyone pappa bear m

July 04, 2012 - Msg 89194: mdc prayers for your dad. i woulf have posted but floyd changed the site id ( moved and didnt tell me, ha) pappa bear

July 04, 2012 - Msg 89195: Rest in peace dear friend Andy.Dr P

July 04, 2012 - Msg 89196: RIP Andy Griffith. Haven't been on the porch nearly as often as I would like. Good to see so many of the folks from the "old" porch checking in.

Best of luck to you and yours!


July 04, 2012 - Msg 89197:
Hi all, MDC here. My, where to start? First, conderning my dad..he is declining. It has been an up and down week. He was discharged from the Hospital yesterday and he is now in a rehab-care center, and they hoped to do PT with him, but he is still not recovering well from the fall. He is good for a bit, then goes off in a distance etc.
This could be it, but no one knows at this point how things will go. Thanks for the prayers. Will keep you all posted.
Now...to our dear Andy Griffith. I heard about it on a TV as the transport brought my dad into the new place. The quote above about the "tears on my pillow..." sure says it all!! Is the Lord giving ME a sign?
TO Pappa Bear and all others, good to see you again!
In my last letter to PB I mentioned about the change to "imayberry" because he mentioned that he had been trying to get on recently, but couldnt! Then I thought , "does he know that Floyd moved us 'down the block' recently?"
The porch is indeed "nice and full" and that is so great to see. We need to stop by possum's cracker barrel and get a few more rocking chairs! (:
And of course today is 4th of July, Independence day! Thank God for our great statesmen to have decided "to have us a revolution!" Another great Andy story tellin' moment!
God bless you all, the Griffiths, and all new folks too,
Mr. Darlin's Cuz (MDC)

July 04, 2012 - Msg 89198: What is this Retired at 35 on TV land?.oh my...SPOT

July 04, 2012 - Msg 89199: Sorry you are having to work, SPOT, but glad you are being well compensated for it. I like that idea of a late night cookout. I still have leftovers and I'll bring some sparklers.

SPOT, I have never seen Retired at 35 but the commercials alone make me cringe. I don't watch any of the newer TV Land shows. I was sure hoping they would do a 24 hour TAGS marathon today but they didn't.

Well, we had a pretty good 4th because it was relatively quiet. Instead of the usual herd of people, we only had my mom-in-law and Bruce's older brother (Rick) and his wife. They brought their newest little member of the family and boy was he cute! They recently got a tiny little chihuahua pup named Max and he is the cutest puppy in the world. So sweet...has his own little blanket and toys and likes to be held in his blanket like a baby. Right now he is only 2 lbs and is 6 weeks old. I'm so glad they brought him along.

So glad you checked in MDC. I know this is a tough time for you and we will keep praying. I think what you are going through is only compounded by Andy's passing...kind of like how I have been feeling because it is making me think of my dad. You know, my dad was born 5 months before Andy and died 5 months before him, to the day. When I see the later pictures of Andy he just looked so much like my dad and it is all very sad for me. I can take comfort in the knowledge that they are both with the Lord, though.


July 04, 2012 - Msg 89200: Forgot to say that it is wonderful to see you again, Gomer.


July 05, 2012 - Msg 89201:
Morning porch family......been pretty nice here in Maine A lot cooler than it is back home:) Nice sleeping weather.

MDC...praying for your dad (and you) brother as you go through this tough time.

Spot....did you guys send out any workers to the storm areas?

OK porch family.....I saw yesterday that the Maine lobsters are plentiful this year so the prices should be down.....let's load up while the getting is good:)

Well I gotta get going....I'll try to get back by later today.
Love and prayers

July 05, 2012 - Msg 89202: Good morning, porch! I just loved that picture of Andy and Barney, on "Heaven's Front Porch", and so appreciate Robbi sending it on to me. Her friend Rozzie found it, and knowing that I'm a TAGS fan, he sent it to her. People can be so kind. I sent it to as many of you as I have email addresses for - I hope you enjoy it too.

There is a great deal of traffic in my back yard today. I've seen three squirrels so far, and for some reason, there are five bluejays back there. Of course the grackles and sparrows are out in droves, especially the sparrows. I don't know what the big attraction i9s, because I haven't put feed out since Robbi and Richard left last week. Maybe I'll try to get that done today. I have to be very careful, because with the neck brace on I can't see the ground directly in front of me, and all I need to do now is take a fall. That would just about finish my back off, I think. Oh, I hear Eddie's mower out front. He'll help me. He'll also remove that huge limb that fell last Saturday, which will greatly irritate the squirrels. They have had more fun chasing each other around in the branches and foliage of that limb. The novelty of it being on the ground attracts them like a magnet.

Oh, REV! Send some of those lobsters this way. I absolutely love lobster, dripping with lemon butter - just the most delicious thing. With a fresh ceasar salad and some steamed veggies - yum!

Well, guess I'd better go lie down. I've been up for a while, walked around outside a little, and now I'm hurting. Drat. I'll be glad when this all is over. I'm a very impatient patient.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 05, 2012 - Msg 89203: "i9s"?? I think I need to cut - not file, flat out cut my fingernails. They're over 3/8" long now, and they hang on the keys above the ones I'm trying to hit, so I end up with goofy things like that. I don't usually let them get this long, but just haven't felt like messing with them. I'm going to take my clippers and file to the table by my chair, and maybe I'll get them done today. Or not. --Romeena

July 05, 2012 - Msg 89204: Ro, you may have to follow Andy's lead and use hedge clippers on them if they are that long. :)

MDC, I know you are going through some tough times right now, but I know you are right with the Lord and he will see you through this. Prayers buddy.

Rev, that lobster sounds great. Load me up.

Good too see everyone posting. I had to do a fireworks show last night so I didn't have time to pop in and say hey, so hey!


July 05, 2012 - Msg 89205: o

od afternoon porchsters. well here in illinois on my porch the heat index is 122 degrees. i just set my dinner outside and it was cooked in 1 minute. ha. prayers for everyone in need. is anyone going to mayberry days this year? pappa bear

July 05, 2012 - Msg 89206:
pappa bear, I soon will be returning to the Chicagoland area for a visit. But I'm worried about the excessive temperatures you have been reporting here. When I return, I won't have any central air conditioning because it is down. And I can't get it repaired since someone stole the entire outdoor condenser unit.

Asa, speaking of fireworks, did you folks hear about what happened in San Diego on 4th of July. They had a technical malfunction with their fireworks show. It triggered the fireworks all at once about 5 minutes early. And the expected 18 minute show was over in just 15 seconds. Awwwwww.

from Poor Horatio

July 05, 2012 - Msg 89207: Ya'll have to see this video that our Floyd posted on facebook today. It is on a CNN website and our Floyd is in it. :


Hope that got it!


July 05, 2012 - Msg 89208: no, let me try it again:



July 05, 2012 - Msg 89209: still didn't work...not sure why but maybe if you type in the address you kind find it.


July 05, 2012 - Msg 89210:
MDC-I wanted to check in and tell ya I'm thinking about ya buddy, and praying for you, your family, and your Dad. Peace be with you friend.


July 06, 2012 - Msg 89211: Rev we sent 3 full crews out.....yall got any late night snacks?....SPOT

July 06, 2012 - Msg 89212:
Well folks, the Lord works in very mysterious ways...after a week of grogginess in the hospital, my dad perked up at the rehab, and today when i was there, the PT got him up from bed and he walked with a walker and gait belt for about 20 feet and then sat in a wheelchair (all tight bolts GF :)
and we wheeled him in to the dining room for lunch. He needed assistance eating, but did about 6 mouthfuls all on his own! Thanks for the prayers,
as it has been draining me too; but i am finally feeling better tonight! We'll do this day by day.
I also think my that retirement on May 31 was an amazing "coincidence" because I have been able to do all this as other family works, but have been very helpful after work.
BTW, it was only 97 in Phx yesterday and today! Go figure. A regular cool spell while the rest of you are frying eggs on the sidewalks.
God bless,

July 06, 2012 - Msg 89213:
PS: If any of you have your browser take you right to the porch, you may want to check out the imayberry homepage as Allan has a great tribute to Andy along with a page like this to leave a message about Andy. mdc

July 06, 2012 - Msg 89214: Thanks for the link MDC. I just went there and posted my thoughts. I'm glad your Dad had a good day yesterday. And am really glad you are getting help from other family members. I don't know why, but it seems that often times the caring of parents when they get older fall in the lap of just one of the kids. That's too bad, because in my case, being able to care for my Dad in the last 8 years of his life was a true blessing. We got closer than we had ever been. And I really feel bad for my sister, who pretty much abandoned him. I know she is carrying a bucket load of guilt around. Just a shame.

Boo, how's everything going? Haven't heard any Thelma Lou stories as of late.

Good to see you auh2o. Hope all is well for you up in the great northeast.

Ro, hope and pray you continue to mend and heal. They say patience is a virtue. Be virtuoes. :)

Well better go get some work done. I wonder how G-F is enjoying his room at the Y. I hear the breakfast special there is really special.


July 06, 2012 - Msg 89215: Whoops. I meant virtuous. I thought that didn't look right.


July 06, 2012 - Msg 89216: Great news about your dad, MDC! I know that is a load off your mind to see him doing better.
Hey, you and I are in some of the coolest places in the country...can you believe it? I was between 90 and 95 here yesterday. So strange since Texas and Arizona are usually the worst! Crazy weather...wonder if we will have the world's largest hurricane this year that will blow us clean off the Texas coast?

Hey Asa, you are so right about the blessing of being able to care for parents at the end of their years. It is its own blessing...very difficult at times, though. We have been doing much better since Bruce's brother stepped in and began doing things for my mom-in-law. It has been such a big load off my shoulders.

Well, Thelma Lou has been up to some mischief but nothing serious...she is mostly peaceful and well-behaved. She does try to steal the dog's food when she is out, though... ;)

I was thinking about Auh2o yesterday and wondering if we would hear from him. Glad to see he checked in. Come on back more often, Auh2o.

Well, they made an arrest in one of the shooting..in the case of the 16 year old girl in my area, but there seems to be some conroversy about that arrest. Her 18 year old boyfriend was arrested but on the news they said he is seen in a video at a party miles away at the time...of course, who knows. I have my doubts because it turns out that the man who shot the other two girls 15 miles away was unknown by the victims. I think in the beginning the cops thought it had to be someone they knew, but it wasn't. A witness was able to help the police put out a description and a drawing to help identify him but I am thinking it just seems so likely that the same guy shot all three girls. We are all just hoping another girl doesn't end up dead because the guy is out there somewhere. Of course, he may have moved out of the area and my start killing somewhere else.

Well, better finish the cofee and the laundry.


PS-thanks for that tip about the home page, MDC. I will go there now...

July 06, 2012 - Msg 89217: I just went to Floyd's memorial to Andy and enjoyed reading people comments. Some sweet stuff...especially one from a man who grew up in Macon as a boy...


July 06, 2012 - Msg 89218:
Howdy porch family....just a quick check in before hitting the road for my concert tonight. Got one tonight, tomorrow, Sunday morning and Sunday night (all in different cities)so may not be back on the porch until Monday.

MDC....so glad to hear your dad is doing better...I rejoice with you!

You all have a great weekend and know that you'll be in my heart and prayers.
Love and prayers

July 06, 2012 - Msg 89219:
In the evening on Wednesday July 18, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will be airing a tribute to Andy Griffith by showing four of his movies. They include Face In The Crowd, No Time For Sergeants, Hearts Of The West, and Onionhead.

from Poor Horatio

July 06, 2012 - Msg 89220: So good to see everyone coming out in light of things, coming here is helping with the sadness of it all, reading all these posts. I guess it dont make sense to most people being so sad over someone we didn't know. But thankfully there are people who understand. Dont know if ya'll have heard or not, but TV Land will be doing a 2 day marathon this weekend from 11 am until 8 pm. So I know what I'll be doing tomorrow with tissue box at hand. I hope you all are having a good Friday, love and prayers to everyone--Salty Dog

July 06, 2012 - Msg 89221: Thank you Poor Horatio and Salty Dog for those dates and times. I will be sure tune in.
So good to see you posting Salty Dog. You've been missed.


July 06, 2012 - Msg 89222: Good afternoon, porch. Boo, thanks for posting that link. It's a great video, and it was such fun for me to see Kenneth Junkin, our own Floyd, and several others who are tribute artists on the Mayberry cruises. Eloise and I have met these folks, and they're all just what you'd expect - kind, friendly and just regular down-home folks. I'd strongly recommend the cruises to anyone who might be able to swing it. I think it's not too late. Oh, and on that link? If you'll remove the "s" in "https", it will work. Let's see if I can do it here:


This video is well worth watching, believe me.

I'm feeling a bit better every day. Still very sore, and can't stay on my feet for very long at a time, but I'm going to the bunco gathering tonight. Eloise will pick me up, and I'm not going to play. The hostess's sister is in town and I'll let her play in my place. I'll find a comfy chair and just sit and enjoy all the fun. There will be good food and a lot of laughter, and that just has to be good for what ails ya!

Right now, I think I'll go find a nap. Well, in a minute, anyway. A little bird just perched outside my window and sang the sweetest little song. Also the squirrels have found the over-ripe peach and the watermelon rind I put out on the feeding stones. One is really enjoying the peach, and another has his nose buried in the melon. I always leave at least a half inch of pink melon on the rind, because the wild critters love it so much. It attracts butterflies, too. It was one of those little dark green, very round melons, about eight inches in diameter, called "sugarbaby". Really sweet, and almost seedless. Ha! The squirrels just traded treats! They are so funny.

MDC, I'm so glad your dad has rallied a bit. Enjoy these days, they're a gift. --Romeena

July 06, 2012 - Msg 89223:
OK gang, I need a little comic relief from all that has happened lately, so here goes:
Could you imagine Andy reaching the gate,
but who should be there but HELEN CRUMP waving him in,... "Oh NO, I've gone to the wrong place!!!" haha

July 06, 2012 - Msg 89224: Miss Sherry is in a coma and on life support....prayers please.....SPOT

July 06, 2012 - Msg 89225: Yep, MDC, but I like to think that we all lose our "nastiness" when we get there...even Helen "Grump"! ;)

Thanks for that info, PH and Salty Dog. I will be watching TAGS off and on this weekend. I told Erin and Allie I may take them to the pool tomorrow.

Hope Ro has fun at Bunco...and stays out of the way of those crazy Bunco women! ;)

Been a fairly quiet day here. I went to Walmart and did laundry..ate leftovers...whoop-T-doo.


July 06, 2012 - Msg 89226: SPOT sorry to heard that


July 07, 2012 - Msg 89227: Prayers going up for Miss Sherrys behalf and for Spot too. Please keep up updated as you can.

July 07, 2012 - Msg 89228: Prayers & love being sent to Spot & Miss Sherry.
possum u.a.r.

July 07, 2012 - Msg 89229:
I just saw SPOT's post. Oh dear.
Yes indeed spot, I didnt realize how bad it was right now or else I would have held off my helen post. So sorry.
Dear Jesus, please take SHERRY into your arms and hold her tight Lord. Also be with our Spot.
This is a tough time for so many of us, and we just ask your peace to enter our hearts and our very beings as we pray for Sherry in Jesus' name. Thank you Lord. Amen

July 07, 2012 - Msg 89230: Spot, I'm so sorry my friend. You and Sherry have my prayers for sure.


July 07, 2012 - Msg 89231:
SPOT, I'm saddened to learn that Miss Sherry is in a coma and on life support.
Please remember something I learned a long time ago; people in a coma can sometimes hear. So continue to talk with Miss Sherry whenever you are in her presence. Tell her how much we all care about her.

from Poor Horatio

July 07, 2012 - Msg 89232: We love you,Spotty, and Miss Sherry too. Prayers and Peace, my friend.~ possum

July 07, 2012 - Msg 89233: Oh, dear Lord! This is not what I expected to see when I stepped onto the porch today. Spot, my heart is breaking for you and for Miss Sherry's family right now. PH is absolutely right. It's entirely possible that she hears and understands what you say in her presence. In fact, it's quite likely. Oh, my dear friend! I just hate this.

Dear Father in heaven, we ask You right now to give strength and support to our friend, whom we know as Spot, and to all who know and love his beloved Miss Sherry. We ask that You will give comfort and ease to her body, and if it fits your plan, awaken her, heal her, and give her many more years with those who love her. However, we know that our time is not Your time, and if the time has come when You are ready to take her home, then let the passage be easy. Welcome her into that unimaginably beautiful and glorious place You have prepared for us, and relieve her of all her pain. If there are any within the circle around her who have not given their heart to You, oh Lord, please use this time to draw them to You, so they might have the assurance of a reunion with her in due time. All this we ask in that Name that is above every other name - the name of Jesus. Amen.


July 07, 2012 - Msg 89234: Prayers for our dear friends SPOT and Miss Sherry. May God grant you all peace and comfort.
With love,
Big Maude

July 07, 2012 - Msg 89235: Oh my, so sorry to hear about Miss Sherry. Praying for Miss Sherry, SPOT, and their family. May God's grace carry you and comfort you.


July 07, 2012 - Msg 89236: Beautifully perfect prayer, Ro. Thank you.

possum again

I lit a candle early this morning for Sherry.Y'all might want to join me & do the same.

July 07, 2012 - Msg 89237: Prayers for SPOT and SHERRY ... may God be with you during this time

July 07, 2012 - Msg 89238: Prayers for Spot and Sherry,I am so sorry to hear what you all are going through.Also,RIP Andy Griffith.When I heard that news,I wanted to stop by the Porch and visit with all my Porch friends.Pappa Bear,I am not going to Mayberry Days but I understand about the dinner being cooked outside,I believe I could do that at my house too!You all take care.I will try to stop by more often,I miss you all-ky girl

July 07, 2012 - Msg 89239: Been thinking about you all lately and all the fun hours I used to spend on this porch--back before life got crazy. Here's hoping a happy day to you and yours!
Charlotte Tucker

July 07, 2012 - Msg 89240: Oh dear, my prayers for Spot and MIss Sherry! Godspeed dear friends.
Charlotte Tucker

July 07, 2012 - Msg 89241: Prayers for you and Sherry, Spot. Take care, my friend.
- Hazel

July 07, 2012 - Msg 89242: Charlotte, when life gets crazy, that's when you need the porch the most. Keep coming back. We missed you.

You too, KyGirl...come on home more often. The porch has been getting pretty lonesome this past year.

Praying for SPOT and Sherry off and on through the day as they come to mind (which is often). Today I was remembering when SPOT had his terrible accident and how Sherry took care of him and reported to us on his progress, bless her. I am thankful that SPOT is there for her now.


July 07, 2012 - Msg 89243: Haven't heard any news from Spot today-just wanted y'all to know.
Prayers continue for Sherry & our Spotty.

possum under a rock

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89244: Amen

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89245: Praying for Spot and Miss Sherry as I toddle off to bed. Have been able to think of little else today. See you good folks in the morning. --Romeena

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89246: **Sherry Update**

Just heard from Spot- he told me that they are going to try to bring Sherry out of the coma today. He is headed to the hospital now. He asked me to let the Porch know.

I'll be away from computer today,but hopefully he will update the Porch as things progress.

Let's continue to hold them in our thoughts & prayers.
possum under a rock

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89247: Going to try to bring her out of the coma? So was this an induced coma? There's a big difference. That leads me to believe she might have been having big trouble breathing, and needed the ventilator, so they put her in a chemically-induced coma to reduce the physical and emotional stress of being on the ventilator. If they're now going to try to bring her out of it, it's possible that they think she might not need the vent and are considering removing it, to allow her to breathe on her own. Please remember that all of this is strictly conjecture on my part, or as Andy would have said, just some of my "if'in". However, if I'm right, it can be good news. Let's all continue to pray for her, and for those who love her, especially our dear Spot.

Toye Starr and I slept late this morning. I knew I wasn't going to try to go to church. I'm not really ready to get in crowds yet, I look ridiculous with this turtle neck thing on, and I tire too easily, so opted to stay home and not trouble anyone to come pick me up. It will be at least three more weeks before I can drive.

I do need to buy groceries, though, and Eloise has offered to take me to the store. I don't need much, and will make a list so I'm not just wandering around. Eloise suggested I use one of the sit-down, motorized carts, but I think not. I'd run over somebody for sure, or at least knock down a display or something. I'd hate to get a ticket for reckless driving inside a grocery store! I'd be like Barney on his motorcycle.

I declare, there are several memorable funny visual scenes in TAGS, and that one where Barney puts on those goggles and the helmet, and then Andy turns and sees him for the first time, looking like some sort of big bug - that one just cracks me up. Another favorite is the cow thief scene, with that cow high-steppin' it along behind Luke Jensen, big old muddy army shoes on - that one makes me laugh out loud every time I see it, and I must have seen it at least two hundred times. Sheer comic genius on the part of everyone involved in the show.

My beautiful furry orange dragonfly is back, and he brought a friend. There's a pair of them out there, doing all sorts of aerobatics, darting and swooping around. They love mosquitoes, and I can only assume that's what they're after. I'm pretty sure it's not the same dragonfly that returns every year, but I like to pretend it is. Sure does look the same, anyway. Beautiful thing, with lacy copper-colored wings. They look like copper filigree. So pretty. If I wasn't on so many physical restrictions, I'd be out there with my camera, taking close-up shots of the pretty things. They're easy to photograph. They always perch on the very tip of some tall reed or iris blade or something, and they're not shy. I can get very close, actually right over them with the camera and they won't fly away. Lovely!

Well, guess I'd better rustle up something to eat. Not really hungry, but should eat something or my blood sugar will be low. Continue to pray for Spot and Miss Sherry. --Romeena

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89248: Back from church and wanted to check in and see we had any news from SPOT and Sherry. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with them.

Lunch menu: BBQ chicken, SLAW, potato salad, fresh green beans, rolls. Pound cake with fresh berries for dessert.
Tea,lemonade to drink

Blessings for a good Sunday and prayers all around.

Big. Maude

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89249: Good Sabbath, Porch
Charlotte Tucker

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89250: If somebody suggested this and I missed it, please forgive me, but when Don Knotts passed away, I believe we had a quote-a-thon of Barney quotes. Would anyone be interested in doing that for Andy?
Charlotte Tucker
"Eatin' speaks louder than words."

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89251: "Call the Man"

Big Maude

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89252: hi mayberry i am fine gizzmo.....................

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89253:
Yes, Charlotte, we need a little relief.
BTW, my dad is having good days and bad days,
so right now that is one day at a time. Please
keep up the prayers for him.
Prayers also continue for Sherry.

OK, a few "one-liners":
"Way to go, Casenova."
"The FBI said the truck was just a decoy."
"Barn, you need to get yourself a room." (:

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89254: Outstanding idea Charlotte Tucker.
"Why there you are, cooler than the center seed of a cucumber".
"You're more nervous than a long tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs".
"That's slicker than a firehouse pole".
"Ain't we a pickin our peaches before they're fuzzed up good"?

Continued prayers for Sherry and MDC's Dad.

That lunch sounds good Big Maude.

Well better get.


July 08, 2012 - Msg 89255: Good idea, Maude.

Prayers for your Dad and YOU, MDC.

"I believe in Opie..." (from Me. McBeevee)

"Good plan, Barn...win your girl, lose your eye".

"But don't the trees seem nice and full?"

"Winkin'll tell Blinkin...Blinkin'll tell Nod...Nod'll tell Barney, and Barney'll tell you!"


July 08, 2012 - Msg 89256: "Mr" Mcbeevee, excuse me..

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89257: "From your head down to your feet...there is nothing quite so sweet...as the beautiful Jaunite....That's beautiful, Barn." heehee


July 08, 2012 - Msg 89258: Juanite...spelling error again..


July 08, 2012 - Msg 89259: "'Bout one loaded goat at a time is all we can handle!"

Folks, please pray for my Robbi and Richard. Robbi called a little while ago to tell me that she and Richard had been out in East Texas at Richard's brother's ranch, and Richard went out to the car after dark for something. Suddenly he was bitten on the foot, twice, by what evidently was either a cottonmouth or a copperhead. He's in the hospital now, in a lot of pain, foot and leg very swollen. He's on an anti-venin IV drip, and is expected to recover in time, but for now, he needs prayers. Robbi, too. She's just beside herself with worry. Thanks, friends. --Romeena

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89260:
Prayers for my Porch Family.

God Bless Spot and Miss Sherry & Robbi and Richard.

Peace friends,

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89261:
"Don't you know that his name would be DON."

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89262: Ok gang..firat prayers Romeena for Robbi!...they brought Miss Sherry out of her coma!..they were amazed!...NO life support,breathing on her own...knows everybody...VERY weak...blood count good and talking...still a little confused...they eanted us to let her be so she can rest...and Let me Tell ya one thing Porch...PRAYERS WORK!...you all are such a special family to us...and yes Dherry knows about the concern of everyone....ok got to get the old dog some rest...back to her early in morning....Love ya Gang!...SPOT

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89263: My wife and I went to church this morning and one of the songs we sung was Leaning on the Everlasting Arms. We looked at each other and smiled. What better way to remember Andy and Mayberry than one of their songs we so dearly love.
Sp00ky Benson

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89264: Oh, Spot! What wonderful news! Very encouraging, and we will continue to pray that she will get stronger every day. Being off the ventilator is VERY good news! You get some good rest now. You've got to be able to take care of her, so don't run yourself down.

We've got a very strong wind blowing here right now, whipping the trees around, and about to lift my beach umbrella right out of the pipe sleeve that holds it. I could just see it sailing over the treetops like Mary Poppins, so I went out and cranked it down. Its purpose is to shade the pond part of the day to reduce the algae growth and keep the water from heating up too much, but a high wind like that will ruin it. Fortunately, it's easy to collapse with a little hand crank, so it's safe now. The weather sure does look threatening, though, and the forecast is for thunderstorms.

I've watched the TAGS marathon on TVLand all weekend, as probably most of us have. I do wonder one thing though. They ran twenty episodes a day, or forty time slots for the weekend. With 249 eps from which to choose, why was it necessary to repeat anything? Even if you leave out the color eps, still they had plenty. Yet they repeated quite a few. Go figure. Oh well. I'm just grateful that they acknowledged Andy's passing at all.

Have we mentioned before that in the early eps, there was no window to the right of the front door of the court house, as you faced the door from the inside? Well, today I noticed that in the same ep (The Christmas Story) there IS a window in that place from the outside, but it's not there when seen from the inside. At least that's how it looked to me. Hmmm!

Blessings, all - prayers for Miss Sherry! --Romeena

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89265: Hey, Sp00ky! I think you left the bold turned on. No problem, I'll fix it.

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89266: Wonderful news, Spot!
- Hazel

"Yeah, I'll brang him."

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89267: Wow, something to be very thankful for today! Lord thank you for Sherry coming out of the coma so well...

Thank you for the update, SPOT. We love you, too.

Romeena, I was thinking the same thing about the TAGS marathon..bummer that they repeated eps from yesterday. Please! How difficult could it be to come us with some different ones?


July 08, 2012 - Msg 89268: Great news Spot. Makes me smile.

Ro, I'm sorry to read about Richard. He and Robbi will be added to my prayers for sure.

I had the same gripe about TV Land rerunning the reruns. At the very least they could run all the cut parts on day 2 and cut out the parts they ran on day 1. With all they cut, they could have gotten away with it, don't you think?


"No dadgum, there's more than one way to pluck a buzzard!"

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89269: Try puttin' a Poo at the end of it, Asa.

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89270: Oh what wonderful news about Mrs Spot. I too said a prayer for her this morning at church. I guess we just cant be pleased, we finally get a tags marathon on tv land, and they cut out some of the best parts of the shows. Some of my favorite scenes in Barneys Side Car was cut. Hope everyone had a blessed Sunday, Ro prayers for Richard that sounds awful-Salty Dog.

Well you dont have to carry the thing that far.

He aint gonna die, he's just gonna nasty away.

What looks like fightin to one, is dancin to another.

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89271:
Good news SPOT! Thank you Jesus!
RO- to answer your question, yes we have discussed that here before. The set designers
didnt think that anyone would notice, but CBS got so many calls that first season about the inconsistancy that they knew they had to get it right for season 2.
The "outside" window had always been there,
but the "inside" window showed up there in season 2. (and the "closet" door, or "door to nowhere" disappeared, and the radiator heater under the b-board disappeared and the gas heater showed up.)
Regarding TV Land's marathon, maybe they are under certain constraints from Paramount on
certain eps, etc. Just a guess.
Also, just a side note...I sometimes watch reruns
of King of Queens. Not a big fan, but some eps are pretty funny. Anyway, the entire run of the series showed a house from the outside, but the windows on the inside NEVER matched the outside view! I guess no one called! ha
"it was better than a mule's nose, yes." (the kiss from nurse mary :)

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89272: Amen sp00ky!

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89273: MDC, I don't watch King of Queens but Everybody Loves Raymond is an occasional guilty pleasure of mine. Not exactly wholesome but absolutely hilarious. I've never seen an episode that didn't make me laugh out loud. Of course TAGS will always be my very favorite.

Forgot to say I will pray for Richard, bless his heart! That has got to be so painful and scary. Oh, and prayers for Robbi as well.

I sure am enjoying these qoutes by Andy. Ya'll keep 'em comin'....


Here's an Andy Griffith quote some of you will remember: "Good cracker...good cracker!" ;)

July 08, 2012 - Msg 89274: Hi All.
Will we got some rain today that help some
from the heat?
Due you think TVland will have a marathon for Ernest Borsnine.
He passed away on Sunday .


July 09, 2012 - Msg 89275: Probably not, Tom. He was a fine actor, and did some very good work, but mostly in movies, not much TV work.

Thanks for the prayers for Richard and Robbi, friends. Rob says he may be discharged from the hospital in a day or two. --Romeena

July 09, 2012 - Msg 89276:
Romeena, so sorry to hear about Richard's injury. I'll offer some prayers.

SPOT, that is great new about Miss Sherry. I believe that to awaken from a coma is very rare. Now keep your fingers and toes crossed.

TOM, thanks for that information about Ernest Borgnine. For those not familiar with him, he became famous on television when he starred in the television series McHale's Navy between 1962 and 1966, and is still seen in reruns. That program was not only a favorite of mine, but it influenced me to join the Navy. In fact, I volunteered for duty aboard Patrol Torpedo (PT) boats just like what Ernest Borgnine's character served on. These were also the same PT boats that President John F. Kennedy served on during World War 2. Unfortunately for me, the Navy got rid of all PT boats after World War 2. So I ended up serving on another ship.

from Poor Horatio

July 09, 2012 - Msg 89277: Thank you for that, PH. I can't believe I had forgotten McHale's Navy, because I always liked that show too. Off hand, I don't remember him in any other TV series, at least nothing that ran for very long. He did some great movie work though, especially the unforgettable Marty, for which he won an Oscar. It was perfect casting, and he played the role to the hilt. I always liked him. He just seemed like everyone's neighbor.

Well, guess I'll head for bed. I just checked in to see if there was any further word on Miss Sherry. I guess no news is good news. --Romeena

July 09, 2012 - Msg 89278: Good morning everyone and prayers for all here on the porch. I was without power for five days last week due the monster storm that hit he East coast. What I missed most was hot water and not being able to iron my clothes for work. RIP Ernest Borgnine....I've seen the movie Marty several times, great movie.

July 09, 2012 - Msg 89279: Morning all. Just checking in to see if there are any updates on Sherry.

Ro, It sounds like Richard is recovering well. Great news.

I never really saw much of Ernest Borgnine movies. But years ago I was aquainted with an older gentlemen who could have been his twin. And what was weird was his name was Ernie.

Fighting a migraine this morning, bad one. I am trying to figure out what I ate yesterday that might have done it. I think I mentioned before that I have a problem with corn starch. It took me years to pin point it, but finally did. And that stuff is in so many processed foods it's not funny. I see a lot of foods label their stuff now with "modified food starch". I'm not sure what that is exactly, and if that gives me headaches as well. But I have no doubt this one is a result from something I ate yesterday. G

July 09, 2012 - Msg 89280: whoops, hit something wrong. Guess I better go do some label reading.
Prayers for all.


"Mr. Tucker says he's got plenty of gas Gomer." (that line always cracks me up)

July 09, 2012 - Msg 89281: Glad to get the positive news on Sherry! Yes, prayers DO work,Spotty! We're all continuing to lift Sherry's name up in prayer. Stay strong & know that the Porch loves y'all

Sorry to hear of Ernest Borgnine's death-back when he was on Facebook,he was a friend of mine,which I deemed quite an honor. RIP Mister Ernie.

Prayers for Richard. How is he doing,Ro?

Y'all take care- peace & love to all!
possum under a rock

July 09, 2012 - Msg 89282: " Who's Malloy?? "

July 09, 2012 - Msg 89283: Happy to hear Richard is doing better. I hope this injury won't upset any of their wedding plans for August.

PH, McHale's Navy was one of my dad's favorite shows and he probably rarely missed an episode. Dad served in the navy, also, in WW2. He told me a funny story about how he ended up in the navy. He was drafted as soon as he turned 18, had to leave high school without getting his diploma even. He remembers being in line waiting to have his papers stamped to see where they would send him. He wanted the navy but he noticed that the guy ahead of him in line was asked what he wanted and when he said, "Navy", they stamped his paper with "Marines" so when they asked dad he said, "Marines" and they stamped his paper with "Navy" and off he went into the navy. He hated military life and couldn't wait to get out and home again after 4 years at sea. He was never on one of those big ships like you see in the movies. He was on smaller ships and he was the one of the guys who dropped the marines on the beach out of one of those small square boats that had the door on the front that dropped down and then the marines ran out onto the beach. My dad had a soft heart and it was hard for him to send those young men out of the boat. He said sometimes they had to be forced.

Hey Frankie, sorry you were without power. I know how miserable that can be. You mentioned "Marty". I love that movie...such a sweet guy that Marty was. I hope Turner Classic's will show it this week in Ernie's memory.

Asa, I had the same problem yesterday after I ate. Terrible headache and that has happened twice in a week. I am going to have to be more careful about what I am eating. Funny thing is that last week I made some chicken and dumplings. I got a horrible headache after I ate some but I thought there was no way it was that but the next day, I tried it again to see, and sure enough another whopper of a headache. Now I have to try to figure out what was in it that caused the headache. The only thing in it that was processed was a can of cream of chicken soup I added to it. Maybe there was some msg in it. I am going to have to read the label.

Funny you should mention that line about gas, Asa, because I watched that yesterday and really noticed that line for the first time. Sean and I got a laugh out of it! ha

Better get the chores going. Monday is always my busiest day trying to catch up from the weekend. Seems like we always have extra kids here during the summer...extra washing, extra messes.