July 26, 2012 - Msg 89482: Well thank you, Ro! I was just about to look up an online recipe for frying porch chops but decided to check in here first...so glad I did. :) I'll let you know how I do tomorrow.


July 26, 2012 - Msg 89483: Boo, Ya Fry and ya Try, Ya Try and Ya Fry ,and whatta ya get??? Well ya dont get "Heartachs"... unless ya burn em then,then ya get critifrieded!
by Mom....At least ya tried to get'em fried, Your're a good Daughter to Try to Fry!Tehehaha!!...G-F...

Stepped outside and thought I was in Texas today dang hot on my side of the porch today....

July 26, 2012 - Msg 89484: Romeena, I use "Kentucky Colonel" seasoned flour for mine..Just the right ammount of seasoning & makes good gravey too...I use it for alot of things..Good for Chicken too...G-F

July 26, 2012 - Msg 89485: Thanks G-F. It's hot here today, too, but not as hot as some folks. It is only supposed to be 95 with a heat index of 105...not bad for July. It is windy, though, so that helps some. Hot air in one's face is a small consolation but at least it isn't hot and still.

Ro, my mom called to say that she wants her pork chops done the way she used to do it "when you still lived at home, Julie"...no clue how that was done...I just ate 'em. She said she wants me to bake them in the oven. I might do some in the oven the way she wants them and fry some in the skillet and see what everyone likes best. Kind of a pork chop "throw down" with myself. (do ya'll watch Bobby Flay or are you wondering what on earth I am talking about?).

Ro, I am getting very nervous about my new Bouginvilla plant...it is looking a little sad already...leaves turning yellow and starting to fall off, darn it all! You plant, you tend, you water, you fertelize, you fight bugs and what do ya get?...HEARTACHES, NOTHIN BUT HEARTACHES! My roses got attacked by cutter ants, too!

Just finished grocery shopping for a few household items, a birthday cake and ice cream and the things mom needed for her birthday dinner...cost me 145.00!! Ain't nothing cheap these days.


July 26, 2012 - Msg 89486: Oh, did I tell you what i am getting for my birthday?...A porch swing! A friend from church made it...sturdy enough for this family of heavyweights...and sean and bruce are putting a coat of white paint on it and will hang it this weekend...can't wait....BEEN waiting for over two years!


July 26, 2012 - Msg 89487: Ooh,goody! A porch swing! Maybe we can sit in it and visit while I'm down that way in August. I love porch swings!

Yes, I watch Bobby Flay, and know exactly what you mean by a "throwdown". I t5hink that's a good idea. I like baked pork chops, but I promise you, if you fry some as well, and make gravy, they'll be the hit of the meal. Put some of that gravy over noodles, or mashed potatoes, or rice, (or a fluffy biscuit) and you've got a winner!

Ted is about 2/3 finished with my bedroom floor, and it's looking absolutely gaw-jus! I'm really loving it. He is laying the planks at a 45 degree angle, and it really looks nice. Also, I decided to go ahead and take up the old tile floor in the bathroom and just carry the wood laminate right on in here. Ted warned me, my son warned me, and probably some of the guys on the porch would warn me - wood laminate in a bathroom is risky, because if there's even a tiny leak, it will eventually cause the base layer to swell. I understand, but it's just so much prettier, I decided to take the chance. I had grown to just hate the tile that was in there anyway. Now I'll have the pretty wood, and if it sustains damage later on, we'll just put down another tile floor, something pretty instead of the blah gray stuff that we just took up. Besides, there hasn't been a leak in there in nearly forty years, why would I have one now? I just decided to roll the dice and enjoy the wood while I can.

Thanks for the tip on the seasoned flour, G-F. I've never seen it around here, but then I haven't been looking. If I can find it, I'll surely try it.

Well, better get busy. All this furniture that has to be moved back into the bedroom needs to be wiped down and polished first. I can't do too much at a time, but I can do a little, and eventually I'll get it done. I want everything in that room to be fresh and clean when it's all done. I've been looking online for some pretty, fluffy WASHABLE area rugs, but haven't found a thing I like. Guess I'll keep looking. I'm not buying until I find one that really grabs me!

Have a great evening, everyone. --Romeena

July 26, 2012 - Msg 89488: i didnt realise that doug dillard had passed away in may. noy many left. well another hot busy day but wanted to say hello to all the porch . just opened an antique shop so been busy. prayers for all in need. hang in there. pappa bear

July 26, 2012 - Msg 89489: I love pork chops and prepare them the same way you do Romeena except when they are almost done I add a layer of sliced onion on top..Yum! I had my living room carpet shampooed yesterday and it looks so good I find myself walking on tip toes. We got rid of a sectional sofa and replaced it with a sofa and love seat that we had in another
room. My husband and I did the moving and my back is bothering me today. As soon as I walked in the door from work he asked are you ready to move the furniture, without thinking we started and realized I still had on three inch heels, he said why are you breathing so hard and I said I forgot to change my shoes, he said well we can't stop now this sofa is heavy to put down.

July 26, 2012 - Msg 89490: Hot diggity dog. I love pork chops but have been afraid to try cooking em in fear I'd kill myself. But your little explanation Ro has given me the gumption to try it. It sounds like getting the correct cut of meat is important. So my next trip to the market, I'll be looking for some. Just a couple of questions Ro. How much oil do you use, and I'm kind of odd, but I like to use a meat themometer. What is pork supposed to be?


July 26, 2012 - Msg 89491: BBQ'ed pork chops smothered in BBQ sauce are also dang good! (:

July 26, 2012 - Msg 89492: Since we are on the subject of pork chops, I usually bake mine, Mrs. G-F likes them baked the best so the customer is usually right...or at least this one! haha..When I bake them I coat them with Miracal Whip or just Mayo then I coat them with crushed BBQ potato chips and S&P the M/W or Mayo keeps the chop real moist especially if you do a cutlet don't worry as I tell her, ya can't taste the Mayo! (works good on Chicken breasts too.) Sorta the reason why I carry extra lbs. I think the solution is to have Mrs. G-F do the cooking "That girl cooks up a mean pot of water!" haha.. Don't rat me out but I tell what God loves the best..."The Truth"...But she does keep the books in good order that's more her talents, which I hate to do...But a guy would like to come home from work to a little salt & pepper in his water from time to time...G-F__;)

July 26, 2012 - Msg 89493: Gosh, Boo, we started a discussion with the pork chops, didn't we? Asa, I like to have enough oil in the pan so that it comes up the sides of the chops, but doesn't slosh over the top of them. That's usually about a half inch, but don't start out with quite that much, because the chops will make the level rise when you put them in. As for using a meat thermometer, that would be hard with something only a little over a half inch thick. I don't think it would be very accurate, and quite honestly, I have no idea what the desired temp for pork would be. You'll be able to tell when they're done. As for the cut, the best ones are the ones with the little "7" bone in them, like a tiny T-bone. You can also cook pork steaks the same way, but they're big, and sometimes have gristle in them. Pork loin chops are what you want.

pappa bear, I want to hear more about your antique store! How exciting!

Well, I'm off to bed. Ted will be here at 7 again in the morning - he's an early bird! I need some sleep, tomorrow is another big day. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

July 27, 2012 - Msg 89494: pappa bear, will you still have time to be our mayor, with all your duties at your shop?
It is good to see you doing well!

Don't much care for pork chops. But the ones I do buy have to be the lean kind with no fat. I know the fat adds flavor, but it just grosses me out. I imagine it is kinda like eating whale blubber. Although I don't know, because I never tried that, and I never will. Pork chop fat was bad enough. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

July 27, 2012 - Msg 89495: Darn, I just realized my pork chops don't have the bones in them...I didn't pay attention to that in the store...I know they are pork chops, though. I sure am pork chop ignorant.

Sterling, you show up out of nowhere and all you can talk about is pork chops?! What about the kids? hehe

Better finish the coffee and get the day started. I had one of those nights where you toss and turn and I feel like I wrestled a bear.


July 27, 2012 - Msg 89496: Hi All.
Hope everyone are o k from the STORM that came in last night?
so you and pappe bear was out wrestled lastnight so who win! hehe.
Tell your mother HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have a good day.


July 27, 2012 - Msg 89497: Oh my stars, Sterling, are you one of those fat-o-phobes? You poor thing, you just don't know what you have missed. Get that "blubber" notion out of your head, relax and enjoy! I'm not talking about huge chunks of fat, of course, just enough to add flavor and keep the meat from being dry. Loosen up, son, and enjoy life! Put some real butter on a baked potato, and some sour cream and chives and cheese, and enjoy! Put a nice dollop of real whipped cream on a piece of pie made with real sugar, not those powdered chemicals. Relax! Take it easy! WHAT'S your worry! (Pardon the paraphrase.) Anyway, give a good old fried pork chop a try. You'll love it!

Well, gotta run. Ted is here working on the floor, and Eloise will be here shortly to drive me to the doctor, then to a pedicure, and I wouldn't be surprised if we found some lunch somewhere. I need to get out of the grubbies I threw on when Ted arrived, and into some clean clothes. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 27, 2012 - Msg 89498: Sterling, the way my mom used to make pork chops when I was a kid, there was not a speck of fat left after she baked or fried them into shoe leather...you woulda love them. ;)

TOM, pappa bear won.

Have mom here and she is resting and getting ready to watch her daily soap opera (Days of our Lives) yuck. I'll take care of some more chores while she watches it.


July 27, 2012 - Msg 89499: Oh no, Romeena, don't get me wrong. I am not someone who believes in "better living through chemicals". I only use real butter, real sugar, real milk(have you ever tried that non-fat chocolate milk? It tastes like someone added a little cocoa to some water and mixed a little sand in there for good measure - yuck!).

Nope, my "fatphobia" if you want to call it that, is just of the meaty kind. Now, I won't turn away from some marbling in meat, because I know that will make it cook and taste better, but as for that strip of fat around the pork chops, I believe I will just let that one pass on by. Or maybe I should just send it to your house. ;)

Oh, and Boo, the kids are fine.
How's that? ;)

Just kidding. I will talk more in depth some time. I just don't seem to have much of it. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

July 27, 2012 - Msg 89500: Boo, Ro, The pork chops will have to wait. I'm eating out at the local Chick-Fil-A joint, maybe several times this weekend. What has happened to America? :(


July 27, 2012 - Msg 89501: Good on ya, Asa! Have a chicken sandwich for me too, would you? We have a grand total of ONE Chick-Fil-A in Wisconsin. And that one is 4 1/2 hours away from me. Otherwise I would be eating there plenty. Shame people aren't allowed to have opinions that don't meld with some other's own distorted view of the world, isn't it?!

-Sterling Holobyte

July 27, 2012 - Msg 89502: Hey TOM, Just heard that the Cleveland Browns are up for sale! I got a Dollar & a Quarter you put in a Dollar & a Quarter and we could be Minority Stockholders....Naw I'll just buy me a Coke and save the heartaches what ya think? haha

July 27, 2012 - Msg 89503: Hi.
G F that show you how the tear is run and no one want to own him. hehe.


July 27, 2012 - Msg 89504: Well, thank goodness, Sterling. I knew you were "one of us", although I don't mind that strip of fat, as long as it isn't too heavy. Non-fat chocolate milk? Argh. That's kind of like fat-free sour cream. Now there's an oxymoron if I ever heard one. All this fake cream stuff - they just take "blue john" milk (as my daddy called it) and add a bunch of chemicals to it to try to give it the "mouth-feel" of real cream, and it just doesn't work. When it turns your coffee gray instead of caramel-color, you know there's something wrong. I don't drink milk, simply because I don't like processed milk. If I could find fresh-from-the-cow milk like we had when I was a kid, and it could be in a glass pitcher in the fridge, with about a half-inch of cream riding on the top, now that I would drink! Actually there are dairies where you can go and buy "raw" milk, but it's not that big a deal for me. I love buttermilk, and will drink that, and I just buy half-and-half for my cereal. As for drinking milk, it's not worth an hour's drive to get a gallon of the unprocessed product.

My new bedroom and bathroom floor is finished, and it's just beautiful. Ted did a great job on it, and I love it. David is coming in the morning, and they'll put all my furniture back, and Toye Starr and I will have our bedroom back. Poor little confused thing, last night when I got out of my chair and said "Let's go to bed", she trotted in here and stood and looked through the door into that empty room, then back at me, like "Are you kidding?" So one more night on the couch for us, and tomorrow night, we'll be back in our pretty new room, all clean and non-stinky, and that will be so nice. My job between now and tomorrow morning is to wipe down and polish all the furniture before it goes back in. Big job, but I'll get it done.

I saw the doc today and the neck brace is history. Also, I can now drive. He says the healing is progressing very well, but I'm looking at several months of physical therapy, to get everything back to full unimpeded function. He's thinking I may be off work through the end of the year. Not sure how that's going to set with the hospital, but it is what it is. I'm good right now, and functional, but for very limited periods of time. Fifteen minutes on my feet, and I have to sit down. Thirty minutes, and I'm fighting tears. However, this too shall pass.

Asa, I'm with you. We have a Chick-fil-A in Irving, and Eloise and I will be eating there on August 1. We eat there anyway, it's very good food, but I want to show support. This isn't really about gay rights, it never was. It's about the government pushing its current pet agenda, which is trying to paint the entire Christian community as hateful bigots. It's about the rights of an individual business owner to conduct his business as he sees fit. It's about government not having the right to tell that businessman how to run his business. All of this because one store manager declined to cater a function for a particular group. Suppose it had been a meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, or the Knights of Columbus, and Chick-fil-A declined the contract. Would the government be telling him he had to serve them? I don't think so. Anyway, I'll be there on Wednesday.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 27, 2012 - Msg 89505: Oh thanks alot, Sterling...I ask about the kids and all I get is HEARTACHES...nothin' but HEARTACHES!!

We have a couple of Chik-fil-a places in Corpus Christi but they are always super busy so I don't think I would be able to get near the place. Not threat of them losing business here in the south.

Glad you got rid of the neck brace, Ro...should make sleeping on the couch a little easier.

Well, my pork chops didn't turn out too well, I'm afraid. The ones I put in the oven were better. For some reason the fried ones curled up like shoe leather! Not very appetizing. I don't know what I did wrong. Everyone ate them anyway...AND to make matters worse, I burned the gravy. :( Oh well, mom enjoyed her dinner anyway.

I'm tired...think I will retire to bed with a book...

G-F, my crazy little niece Macy, who is 11, couldn't wait to tell me that she and Erin went out to the chicken coop and she walked right up to Bernie, picked him up and started petting him. I was very surprised. I told her she needs to be careful because he might now be friendly the next time but I couldn't believe she was that brave and that he let her. He is a pretty good rooster. :) He has been getting more gentle with all of us except Sean. He never warms up to Sean...not sure why. Maybe he thinks he is out to steal his hens or something. One thing that rooster does that is funny is that when his favorite hen, Skippy tries to boss and jump on the other hens, Bernie will jump on her and hold her down by the neck until she submits. It always works and when he lets her up, she is very well-mannered to the other hens.


July 28, 2012 - Msg 89506: By the way, Ro...glad you are going to take plenty of time off to recover...enjoy it because you really, really deserve it.


July 28, 2012 - Msg 89507:
All this talk about chocolate milk has got my mouth watering. I make my own using skim milk and the no sugar added version of Nesquik. Mix it up and mmmmmmmmm. It goes down smooth with a pleasant cool chocolate after-taste. I can drink an entire half gallon in one sitting!

Romeena, have you considered placing transparent floor tiles over the wood laminate to provide moisture protection while allowing the laminate to be seen? You can seal the tiles along the edges with clear grout.

from Poor Horatio

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89508: Good early morning gang!..update..Miss Sherry done her Chemo Thu and red blood count down (not good) had a blood transfusion today and resting at home..Very tired..hope today is a better day..Im here at work till 6am..Her daughter and SNL are with her, they came up from south Ga to help out for a few days..gets completely exausted from bed to couch..we still pray everyday..she is developing pain in hips now..garden doing great..put up 17 quarts of tomatoes the other day,corn,beans,peas..Miss Sherry sits in her wheel chair with a tray and helps!..tons of peppers put up..well let me get some reports ran..hey pappa!Boo,MDC,possum,Romeena,TOm,sterling,Asa and all..Rev where ya singing?..well lets Meet at Cracker Barrell with possum for B-fast!...well just wanted to say thanks for all the prayers porch..Love ya all...SPOT

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89509:
Didnt we appoint someone as Mayor pro-temp? Now who was that? ha
RO- glad to hear that you are free of the neck brace, but now i will be out
all those quarters from my friends for the chance take a look at ya! haha
Also to ALL, my point again about Sunday buying.
I was actually influenced by Chick-fil-A's policy of being closed on Sundays. They are not in any kind of dire straits for doing so, in fact ar blessed, and that fact is what started my thing about not shopping, etc on Sunday. It really does make me feel like Dr Breen's sermon, and it is a commandment after all. I'm just sayin' that if ALL Christians tried it, and saw that they could still survive even tho they missed a 10% off sale, etc,
that day, THEN we might actually be a "people set apart" once again.
SPOT- thanks for checking in. My prayers continue for Sherry.
My dad did pretty good today. I wheeled him all around the building, and he was laughing and enjoying the ride!
God bless,

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89510: Boo, Funny Story..Sounds like Bernie is "The King" of the hen house! He makes sure they all know the pecking order in "HIS" coop! haha...
Sorry to hear about the "chop flop",just get back up on that pig and try again! (at least ya tried) Don't give up! I sorta like my gravey burned, it gives it extra flavor. Mom made great gravey she always "seerd" the roast she said ya have to burn the outside first to get the flavor for the gravey.

Romeena, Glad to hear you're out of the brace are ya any taller? haha...

MDC, "Your a FINE Son...I put the kind of wheels on his wheelchair with the flat spots on them like the ones you get at the Wall-Mart, makes him feel like he's riding his bike down a old dirt road as he did in the old days as a kid. I guess it worked,sounds like he had fun!! I'll send ya a pack of Baseball cards and some clothes pins to put on the spokes so it will also make it sound like a Hot Rod..Ok?..G-F

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89511: Thank you for the update on Miss Sherry SPOT. She remains in our thoughts and prayers. How good of her to help you with the canning! See ya at Cracker Barrel...my treat this time.

Hey PH...where you been hiding?

MDC, I don't do much on Sunday. After church we just usually hang around the house. I hate going out to resaurants on Sunday because of the crowds. I am going to make more of an effort on Saturdays to make sure we have something fixed at home after church like when I was a kid. People used to prepare for sunday on Saturday. Mom always had a good sunday lunch prepared after church. Glad you had some fun with your dad yesterday. :)

I don't know that I'll be trying the pork chops again, G-F..not unless mom requests them.


July 28, 2012 - Msg 89512: Gosh, Boo, I'm sorry the fried chops didn't turn out well. From what you described, it sounds like they were either cut too thin, the oil was too hot, or both. Also, if they were center-cut loin chops, they may have had a strip of fibrous tissue surrounding the little medallion of meat. You have to cut that in two or three places with a sharp knife, or that center piece will curl. Trust me, when I fry pork chops, they lie flat, they brown beautifully and I have to stand guard to keep them from disappearing from the platter before it ever gets to the table. As for the gravy, there's not much you can do with burned gravy. The secret is to never leave its side once you start making it, because it will burn easily. G-F, I think you're talking about roast gravy, which does not contain milk. When I sear a roast, I let it brown to the point juu-ust before it burns, then add the liquid to stop the browning process. It does give it a rich flavor, but like anything else, if taken too far, it spoils it. Charcoal taste in gravy is not good. My Dale taught me to put about a cup of coffee in the roast gravy. Sure does make it good, and you don't taste the coffee flavor.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal are out on my feeding stones this morning, taking advantage of the sunflower seeds I put out yesterday. Boy, do they love those things! There's also a dove, eating the cracked corn, and one of my silly squirrels is hanging upside down from the roof of the bird feeder, twisting himself up to scrabble in the tray, then hanging back down to munch what he scooped up. Of course, seeds are showering on the ground, which will delight the other birds when they arrive a little later. It really is a little symbiotic ecosystem back there, with many different "critters" lives overlapping the lives of others. Such fun to watch!

MDC, it makes my heart happy to hear you tell of the good times you're enjoying with your dad right now. I'm so glad. These are precious days, and it's wonderful that you're not letting them get away, but instead you're filling them with joy, both for your dad, and for yourself. May God bless you both.

Spot, more power to you, buddy. You're an example to us all, the way you're consistently there to support Miss Sherry. You include her wherever you can, and stand with her when she reaches her limit. Prayers will continue, every day.

Well, David and Ted will be here in a couple of hours, to start moving my bedroom furniture back into place, and I need to be ready. Blessings, all. --Romeena

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89513: It is a rainy day on my end of the porch,but,we sure need it.Prayers continue for Miss Sherry.Good luck with the antique shop Pappa Bear.My mom is doing good.Thank you all for your prayers.Have a great day-ky girl

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89514: Hey, ky girl, it's nice to hear from you. I'm glad your mom is doing better - please keep us posted, and come around to the porch as often as you can. You're always so nice! --Romeena

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89515: I gotta BIG pot of green beans (picked from my garden just 15min. ago)taters,onions,ham & bacon on the stove ya'all come over...SPOT I'll send ya some over to ya @ work, you guys have been really busy keeping the lights on lately for us all. Wheeew I can really smell those onions cooking......G-F......

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89516: G F stop cooking the onions the smell is killng me.


July 28, 2012 - Msg 89517: TOM...Ya sound like Mrs. G-F!!

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89518: not.


July 28, 2012 - Msg 89519: I love onions, and love to smell them cooking. If you want to make your family's mouth water, just start a few strips of bacon frying, and add some onions. The two aromas just yell "down home cooking!" I have several favorite dishes that start out with bacon and onions.

Well, rest in peace, Sherman Hemsley. Old "George Jefferson" was always a favorite of mine, and I'm sorry he's gone. From a couple of things I've seen and read, Mr. Hemsley was really a nice person, gentle and friendly, and something of a recluse. I will miss him, and will continue to catch his characters in reruns whenever I can.

Well, all my furniture is back in place. Now I have the very daunting task of wiping everything down, putting all the little stuff back in place or ditching it (I've got too much clutter) and I need to clean out my miserable closet, to say nothing of dresser drawers. The good thing is, I don't have to do it all today. Like David said, work in little fifteen minute increments, and quit whenever I get tired, which is often. It will eventually be done. The room looks beautiful, and I'm so very glad I decided to do this.

Guess what I'm having for dinner?? Yep, pork chops! I bought a package yesterday, and will fry them tonight. There's enough there for two meals, and I'm gonna enjoy them! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89520: well i am sitting here watching andy griffith show---- surprise eh? ro - i will still take time to be the mayor cause i know the govener. it has been so dry here that we ought to have a no burn order in mayberry too. what do you think.? antique shop is doing fine so far. i have a lot of 1930s and up. toys, marbles, glassware, old license plates, fill want lists. tom good to see you here.hello to everyone. pappa bear

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89521: Papa Bear, Any Mayberry or Pure Oil Co. items in your shop? That's what I collect..G-F....
Hey Romeena, Good thing onions don't scare off the BATS! haha Only garlic works on bats! haha
TOM...as a kid did ya have to eat onions all the time and it ruined ya for life...haha Just kidding buddy, to each his own..So what twangs your buds if onions don't? G-F...

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89522:
Hey PB--Now I can save 45 cent to say hey, but I can't send
you all those neat car show and wild west articles! ha
RO- glad the room is done. Maybe I could charge Nate Pike, Trey, and Johnny Paul a quarter to see THAT! lol
My brother, whom I will call Saint Bob, is with dad today, giving me a breather.
God blessings to all,

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89523:
G-F--he has old American Bandstand trading cards, cuz he sent me a few "free samples!"

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89524: why tom the mayberry and pure oil cans are right at the front and you should see them fly off the shelf. ha. ro pork chops sound great for supper i sure hope if you move the place for the cook out ( like barney in the choir) you let a fellow know. ha. mdc prayers for your dad and family. well i quess i will go and sit on the porch awile. hang in there. pappa bear

July 28, 2012 - Msg 89525: Pappa Bear, you need to get yourself a website and sell your things.

Glad you like your new room, Ro. I wish I could see what those pork chops of your's look like.

For any of you who have the BYU cable channel, on Tuesday night they are going to be showing "Hot Lead and Cold Feet"...you may remember this one has Don Knotts in it. Tuesday is my birthday and I think I might just stay home and watch it with the kids...maybe send Sean to get take-out from somewhere. That's what I'll do...have a family night on my birthday..watch a movie with the kids....send Sean for take-out...I'll DO IT, for the love of MIKE!!


July 29, 2012 - Msg 89526: Possum, if you are reading this...I haven't seen you in awhile on facebook but wanted to tell you I posted a video that was done using people in my church and I wanted you to see it because Jubi is in it. She is the young woman in the black shirt sitting at the communion table. She is nearly grown up now and so pretty.


July 29, 2012 - Msg 89527: Possum, the video is called, "Thank You"..you can find it on my profile. :)


July 29, 2012 - Msg 89528:
Boo, can you give us a link here?
and an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

July 29, 2012 - Msg 89529: Boo, I had the same thought, and would have emailed you a picture, but would you believe BOTH of my cameras are broken? My phone doesn't take pictures, so I have no way to send any photos.

I've got to take the cameras to Wolf's camera shop next week. A battery corroded in the big camera. I can see the corroded contact and it's not bad at all. I think they'll be able to clean it. I tried, but wasn't getting very far and decided to let "the man" do it instead. My little point-and-shoot camera just quit working. I charged the extra battery and swapped them, but it still doesn't work. So I charged the other battery and swapped again, and still nothing. I find it hard to believe that both batteries would poop out at the same time, but maybe they did. I'm hoping the shop will have a charged battery we can test with. I will pay for repairs on the big camera, but not the little one. If it needs anything other than something very simple, it's toast. I didn't pay that much for it, so repairing it would be foolish.

Reminds me of when my dustbuster's rechargeable battery wouldn't take a charge anymore. I priced a new battery - 18.95. Lowe's had new dustbusters on sale for 19.95, battery included. Guess which one I chose. My mama didn't raise any dummies.

Well, I'm off to bed. Toye Starr and I get to sleep in our own bed tonight, I don't have to contend with that neck brace, and the air is fresh and clean in the room. What a deal! I'm expecting a really good night's rest. Then if I'm not too sore in the morning, I'll get to go to church, because I can drive now, too! Little by little life is returning to normal.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

July 29, 2012 - Msg 89530: Boo, If you wanna look at Ro's pork chops, more power to ya! I'm more interested in tasting them my own self. Ha, you crack me up, hollerin at yourself with the "for the love of Mike" quote. But that's my job you know. So, that being said, "FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE BOO, JUST DO IT! Have family night on your birthday, watch a movie with the kids, send Sean for take out. JUST DO IT!! (there, I feel better) :)

Well I didn't have pork chops last night but I had something better. First picking of fresh corn on the cob. Oh mercy sakes, that's some fine fine eating. I said it before and I'll say it again, I do believe I could convert an athiest into believing with this corn. Now I ain't braggin on me folks. The Lord had a hand in this. But as Andy is a giant with petunias, and Ro with her pork chops, I got me some talent with the corn. :)

Sorry you don't like onions Tom. I like em a lot. Especially raw. I like them green spring onions chopped up and sprinkled on a baked tater. And some folks say I like a little ground beef with mu onion burger. :)

Good to see you posting pappa bear.

MDC, Glad "Saint Bob" gave you a breather. It's good to have a break I'm sure. But as Ro said, these are days you will treasure for ever.

Well I best get moving. Prayers for all.


July 29, 2012 - Msg 89531: I know you wouldn't be able to resist, Asa! :)

Here is the ling, MDC...hope it works. This video was made for the deaf. The woman signing in it makes them for the deaf community.



July 29, 2012 - Msg 89532: It worked. :)


July 29, 2012 - Msg 89533: a quick good morning to everyone. prayers for all in need. not saying its hot but the birds are whispering instead of chirping. where is the cook out today and what are we having? i hope everyone has a blessed day. just pappa bear

July 29, 2012 - Msg 89534: Hi All.
Thank Boo just the right thing for us all to do.


July 29, 2012 - Msg 89535: Beautiful video, Boo. Thanks for sharing that.

Asa, you're making me hungry with your talk of the fresh corn. There's just not much that tastes any better than that. I've been getting some good corn at the grocery store, but it wouldn't hold a candle to something you grew yourself, picked and ate within an hour of picking. Freshness is a big factor, and this week I had the proof. The store where I shop gets their delivery trucks on Wednesday. On Thursday morning I bought some corn there, and it was absolutely delicious. I went back for more, bought it on Friday afternoon. Same shipment, just a little older. I cooked some of it Friday night, and it was good but not quite as good as what I ate on Thursday. I'll finish it off today, and I do not expect it to be anywhere near as good. Age just changes it. The flavor was almost the same, but the texture changes. This was the yellow and white sweet corn from Olathe, Kansas, a very popular commercial variety. Asa, what variety do you grow? I just love corn. As a kid, now and then I'd go into the cornfield and pull an ear, shuck it and eat it right there, raw. No, it never made me sick, and you'd be surprised how good it is. Lots of things are delicious raw, it's just that we have always had them cooked, so don't know the difference. In fact, when I cook corn, I cook it very briefly, just about enough to get it warm and that's all. It's so good!

There is a squirrelly hoe-down going on in my back yard. I've counted at least five by direct sight all at once, and judging from mysterious shaking in some of the bushes, there must be more. They have chased each other up, down and around every tree, and two got into a scuffle in one of my tall, skinny junipers and bent a branch down. It didn't come back up, so it may be broken. The little vandals. Oh well, the juniper will fill in, and the squirrels are worth any damage they do, just for their entertainment value and comic relief. All that feed and seed I put out a day or so ago is gone, and there was about two pounds of it. I'm going to have some chubby little critters back there!

My little hummer has drained the fe4der down by at least an inch. One little bird, all by himself. It's a 2-cup feeder, and it looks like at least a half-cup is missing. That's a lot for one little bird. I know it's just him, because hummers guard their feeders, and if there was more than one out there, there would be a fight. Not much is any funnier than a hummingbird fight! They may not see the humor in it, but I surely do.

I slept like a rock last night. My own bed, no neck brace, no smelly carpet - wonderful! God is good. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 29, 2012 - Msg 89536: "fe4der"? Guess I need to shorten my nails again. They grow so fast! --Romeena

July 29, 2012 - Msg 89537: Romeena, Did ya get that rock from your sweet thing Ernest T. Bass? No wonder you slept sooo good, he must of hand picked it it for ya! haha...G-F...

July 29, 2012 - Msg 89538: Ro, glad you slept good. Hard to beat a good nights sleep. And you are right on the money about corn freshness. The second it is picked it starts turning to starch. My routine this time of year is get a pot boiling, then go out and pick what we will eat for that meal, come in and stick it in the boiling water for maybe 2 minutes. That's it. Delicious. It's criminal to over cook corn, or at least should be. I have experimented with several varieties over the years, and have a couple of favorites. My current favorite is one called Serendipity. Best combination of sweetness and creaminess in my view. And it's multi-colored with yellow and white kernals. Bodacious is another super sweet brand that's good, but it has a pretty narrow window for picking. If it's just a little to long on the stalk, it gets a bit starchy, where the Serendipity will hold a lot longer. But it's spoiled me. I haven't bought store corn in years (other than frozen) cause I just can't eat it. Just like mu uncle in California spoiled me with fresh oranges picked out of the tree in his back yard. My goodness, you gotta eat that over a sink they are so juicy. Now I try one bought out of the store and just wanna cry.


July 29, 2012 - Msg 89539: Hey there Porch Friends!

How is everyone? I hope all are well. We've been out of town off and on all summer and now I have a bad cold. School starts on Aug. 13th here in Atlanta. What about y'all?

Pappa Bear- its so nice to see you! My grandmother was a antiques dealer for many years. Her house looks like a spread in Country Living. Best of luck to you and your business.

Romeena- I'm glad your neck is healing well! :) Someday when we own our own home I want all wood floors.

Boo-How's Sean?

Sterling- Glad you're doing ok!

Tom-How's your stepdad?

Possum, How's Miss Laci?

Asa-How is your grand baby that was in the hospital a few months ago?

Auh20- I hope your girls are doing well!

Spot- I hope Miss Sherry will be pain and illness free very soon. Continued prayers for her.

Can y'all believe that all of the TAGS videos were taken off YouTube? I used to listen to them on my iPod every night to help me sleep. If anyone reads this from CBS or iTunes please allow these online!

Hey to anyone I've missed. I promise to try to be more diligent about rocking on the porch!

Blessings to you and yours,

July 29, 2012 - Msg 89540: well i am kicked back in my recliner watching andy griffith marathon life dont get much better. thanks for all the best wishes . i hope everyone is having a good day. pappa beaqr

July 29, 2012 - Msg 89541:
Hello Lucy. Regarding your claim that TAGS videos have been removed from YouTube, a few hours ago, I watched the "Opie's Charity" episode. And just before posting this, I checked again and it was still there along with others, but I didn't watch them.
Check out http://www.youtube.com/user/OnlineAndyGriffith

from Poor Horatio

July 29, 2012 - Msg 89542: PH, thank you! I did a search and the ones I used to listen to were gone. You made my night! :)


July 29, 2012 - Msg 89543:
I just watched "Bringing Up Opie" on YouTube!
BOO- I also just watched your church video- very moving!! Maybe the rehab girls would like to see it. Just a thought.
Hey to PappaBear, see I just saved yet another 45 cents! ha I'll give it to Opie's charity. (:
Good day with pop today, but they were short-staffed, took almost an hour to get an answer to a call lite to help me put him on the stool.
Sure enough, he had gone, but had his depends on.
But still had to do the clean up. Mom and dad helped me at one time, so i guess it's time to repay the favor.
Love and prayers,

July 29, 2012 - Msg 89544: Hey Y'all- Thank you,Boo-Jubi is a lovely girl. So glad to see her well and thriving after all she's been through.
Been busy,have a lot of archive reading to do-hope everyone is doing okay.
Continued prayers for Sherry.
Love & Blessings!
possum under a rock

July 29, 2012 - Msg 89545: Good idea, MDC (about the rehab). Lord bless you real good for taking such loving care of your Dad. I know how hard that can be...and you are right, we owe alot to our parents who cleaned up our messes in so many ways! :)

Good to see you, Possum! Jubi is thriving...had a recent scan and still cancer free, which is amazing.

"Hey" Lucy! Sean is having his struggles, mostly with his anxiety/OCD kind of things, and there is always the learning issues. He is making spiritual strides, though, and I see this amazing spirit emerging in him...one that wants to put his love for others into action. He isn't content to be one of those Christians who goes to church on Sunday and doesn't live out there faith in service to God and man. The Lord is doing a work in him.

Asa, I think I have been bitten by the green-eyed monster....heave some of that corn down here to Texas, will ya?

Glad you enjoyed the video, Tom and Ro.

We have a humorous new dilemma with mom-in-law that I thought you might get a kick out of. Poor thing cannot sing...not a lick. Being nearly deaf most of her life has made her unable to carry a tune and her voice is, well, putting it nicely...not at all pleasant and sometimes she sings very loudly in church. I just always smile and enjoy it...something about her lack of inhibition is neat. Well, someone told her they like to hear her sing and now she sings at the top of her lungs and she went to the choir director to ask if she could join the choir. Now, you think Barney couldn't sing?....my mom-in-law makes him sound like Pavarotti. Poor worship leader! I don't know what he is going to do. She told Bruce what she was up to and he told her that he didn't want to hurt her feelings but the people who are telling her she sings well are just being nice. I hope she listens to him! Its always something. :)

Well, I should get to bed. Tomorrow is a busy day....you know how Mondays can be.


July 30, 2012 - Msg 89546: Hi all. Can a visitor join this porch talk?

July 30, 2012 - Msg 89547: If I can, let me know and what I need to do.My name is Sal Gal.and I'm from Eastern Ky.

July 30, 2012 - Msg 89548: Nice video, Boo. But now I have to watch it again, because I want to find out how to say "Jesus" in sign language. I already know how to say "Thank You" so I am set with that part. :)

Funny about your MIL, Boo. I can just imagine the scene in the choir. But I understand about that "lack of inhibition" thing. We have a little girl at our church who is the daughter of a deacon who also "sings at the top of her lungs". She doesn't always hit the notes, but she sure does try. I think it is kind of cute.

Hey Lucy!

I'll have to remember to watch TAGS on youtube since I can't bring myself to watch them on TvLand. Hope they don't get taken down, PH.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 30, 2012 - Msg 89549: Well hey there, Sal Gal!
Yep, anyone can sit on this here porch! I don't think you really have to do anything except keep it clean(of course that means language, but it also could apply to a good sweeping now and then) and try not to talk about the weather, because everyone keeps talking about it but nobody does anything about it(I think Calvin Coolidge said that).
You'll find a good bunch of people here if you care to stay. By the way, I'm Sterling and I am from Wisconsin. I've been here on the porch since, well, since I don't know when. Of course I have taken breaks from visiting and just pop in here and there, but I always come back eventually to set a spell and to hear what's been going on.
So help yourself to a glass of cold lemonade(or a huckleberry smash), grab a rocking chair and enjoy your visit. :)

But now it is late, so I will have to say "adieu" to you Sal Gal, and good night. You'll find a lot of good friends and good conversation here.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 30, 2012 - Msg 89550: Good Monday morning all. I pray the new day and the new week is good to everyone.

Hey to Sal Gal. Please pull up a rocker and join. If you want you can pick a Mayberry name for yourself, but it's not required. As Sterling said, good people here, although some have a weird love of bats. But we won't hold that against them. Non of us are perfect. I hope you stick around and add to the "porch experience."

Good to see you Lucy. Yes, my Grand kids are all doing fine and growing like weeds. Thanks for asking.

Boo, wonderful story about your MIL singing. Personally, I don't think the Lord is worried about how we sound, but rather the soundness of our hearts. I kind of enjoy those who "let it rip" when singing. I'll be happy to send you some corn Boo.

Well better go slay the old dragon. Prayers for all, especially those family memebers of the victims in Colorado. Heartbreaking stories.


July 30, 2012 - Msg 89551: A big WELCOME to Sal Gal...hope you stay. Tell us something about yourself. Where you from, etc? I am from South Texas, near Corpus Christi and been sitting on the porch here for about 10 years.

Asa, you are so funny...HAHA...(some have a weird love of bats). Don't you know Sal Gal is scratching her head over that one, unless she has been following the bat dialogue.

Great to see ya, Sterling. :)


July 30, 2012 - Msg 89552: Mornin' Y'all! Welcome to Sal Gal! I think she kinda has a Mayberry name- remember "Sally" who dances with Al? Maybe that's her- LOL

Breakfast at the Diner-on Spotty!

possum under a rock

July 30, 2012 - Msg 89553: Boo, Funny story about your MIL "Make a joyful noise to the Lord!" She's just following directions...Meeee Theyyyy hey hey...
The choir director needs to get out the "HOT" mike for her! And the corn in Ohio is really good this year too. Really sweet they tell me because of the hot nights brings up the sugar in them.
Now Asa. be nice! Romeena & I don't have a compelsion about bats we just don't like having mosquitos. You will have SalGal thinking we are a bunch of NUTS around here!...Waite a second,, we are a bunch of NUTS!..Well at least I am and you guys will concure I'm sure? Goober-Fife...

July 30, 2012 - Msg 89554: Good Morning porch, well it's back to work for me today. came home from my trip to Tampa Saturday afternoon about 5pm. Had a great visit with my friend and did a lot of looking around the area, ate some good food and visited. No problem with the flights there and back. Glad to be home and back to my family.

Continued prayers for Miss Sherry and SPOT and for everyone else as well.

welcome to Sal-Gal, good to have you.

better get busy, lots of catching up to do at work.

Lunch menu will be: roast beef sandwiches, SLAW chips, pickles. sweet tea or lemonade to drink.
chocolate brownies for dessert.

Blessings all around.

Big Maude