August 21, 2012 - Msg 89903:
Morning porch family.....Cloudy here on my end of the porch.

Boo....praying you get feeling better soon. My daughter is fighting the cold crud now. She's going today to get an x-ray to see if it's pneumonia. She's been battling this stuff for the last couple weeks.

Spot...our Braves need to whip up on the Nationals to be able to gain some ground.

When I came in yesterday morning from my tour, I thought my little buddy Jake was going to tear down my house front door waiting on me to come in. I couldn't get out of the motorhome fast enough for him. He was going crazy jumping all over me when I got in. So funny....that's my little buddy:)

Hey....let's all meet down at the Chick-fil-A for lunch. I love their lemonade.

You all have a Jesus filled day!
Love and prayers

August 21, 2012 - Msg 89904: Thanks REV, feeling better today. Praying your daughter will be well soon.

So cute about Jake. :)


August 21, 2012 - Msg 89905: Prayers to all....Lunch time....BLT sandwiches,chips,pickels and Coke....have 2....SPOT!

August 21, 2012 - Msg 89906: Good afternoon, porch! REV, glad you made it home safely, and I can just imagine how glad little Jake was to see you come in. Aren't they just a big old ego-booster though? Toye Starr acts as though someone had just rescued her from certain death, when I get home. Sure hope Erica doesn't have pneumonia, and gets over that stuff soon.

Boo, it must be nice having freshly-laid eggs available all the time. By the way, did you all see that little video about separating an egg? Fascinating! You break an egg into a dish, then get an empty plastic water bottle, compress it a little and put the neck of the bottle gently against the yolk, and release the compression on the bottle. The yolk will just hop right up into the bottle. You move it over to wherever you want the yolk, gently squeeze the bottle and the yolk hops out. Amazing. Reminded me of something Opie would have learned from that book of his.

Eloise and I took Hudson out to the Lego store today. He had gotten some money for his birthday, so we let him shop and choose what he wanted. The kid is a Lego whiz, just turned nine, and puts kits together that are designed for 14 and up. Just whips them together in no time. His current life goal is to get a job in the Lego store when he's old enough!

We ate at the food court, and I got mine from the Panda Express. My stars, what a lot of food! When I saw what they were serving to the people ahead of me, I just asked the girl to put mine in a to-go box instead of on a plate. She did, I ate what I wanted, and brought at least half of it home. Now lunch tomorrow is covered. I've got a cold roast chicken from the grocery store and three ears of corn that I got yesterday, so need to eat that tonight. The Chinese will hold until tomorrow.

I about wore myself out at the mall, though. Even with my handicap sticker, to let us park at the door, it was a lot of walking once we got inside. I'm good for about ten minutes, than I start to wear out. Right now, I really would like a nap, but I've got Hudson. Eloise went to visit a friend in the hospital and he stayed with me. His dad will pick him up later.

Boo, it's very pleasantly cool here, just 73. We had a lot of rain Saturday, cloudy Sunday, more rain last night, and it looks like it could do it again tonight. Very nice! The grass has grown at least three inches since Saturday, at this rate Eddie will have to bale it on Thursday. The a/c unit is silent for long periods of time, which just pleases me greatly. I hope this holds out for a while. It won't, but I can still hope.

Well, better go. I'm thinking I might bake some cookies later, and need to see if I've got everything I need. I think I do. I'm just hungry for some good cookies. Blessings! --Romeena

August 21, 2012 - Msg 89907: Hi All
Nice day here nt hot or cold just right.
I am asking for prayer for my siss son who had a tree fall on his back, he was working cut down tree for a friend.


August 21, 2012 - Msg 89908: Wish we could get some rain! It just teased us this weekend and got cloudy, but nothing else. :(

I had never see the thing you mentioned with the bottle and the egg yolk, Ro. Maybe I will try that one day.

Well have a meeting to attend so better get going...something about a girl's softball team (just kidding).


August 21, 2012 - Msg 89909:
Howdy porch family.

Tom...we will surely be praying for your sister's son. That is terrible. Did it back his back?

By the way....My daughter didn't have pneumonia. They gave her some more meds and told her to drink plenty of water.

You all have a good night.
Love and prayers

August 21, 2012 - Msg 89910: Evening porch, getting ready to hit the ole ironing board. It's been a busy day. Work was busy, came home fixed dinner, walked the dog for about 45 minutes, washed 2 loads of clothes, ironed, mopped the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom.
Kids went to the fair and Mr. Maude is working til 9 pm.
Guess, I need to slow down and relax, take it easy.

Hey, Romeena toss me a couple those cookies!

Prayers and blessing.
Big Maude

August 21, 2012 - Msg 89911:
Romeena and Boo, speaking of egg yolks, I think you will enjoy the video at

TOM, so sorry to hear about your nephew's back problem. I'll say a prayer for him.

from Poor Horatio

August 21, 2012 - Msg 89912: Hey Boo,Ro,Rev,Tom,PH,Maude and all...well its back to work for me tomorrow...things still going good over here...just lots of busy work but fine...the Porch plants are all potted thanks to my Mom!...looking good....took 5 pots! to plant roses tomorrow...well I got the grill lit and gona solo frill me a late night chicken breast...well 3 really...will have them for my work meals the next few days.....ok...peace once again Porch thanks so much for you Love and suppore.....Its just me and the Cat!...hey animal lovers ...Sherry has had this cat for 11 yrs since birth...Austin is so confused....and yea a gir named austin.....but her and I are fine....peace Love and prayers to all and to all a goodnight....SPOT

August 21, 2012 - Msg 89913: Hey, Spot. It's good to hear from you. I'm glad the plants worked out, and I know you'll get the roses settled, too. The azaleas can probably go outdoors as well, if you have the right location for them. You might check with the florist. So you have Miss Sherry's kitty? Are you going to give her a forever home, or does someone else want her? I hope you keep her, she can be some comfort to you. You sound good. I'm proud of you. I know how hard it is.

Tom, I'm sorry about your nephew. I hope he's not hurt too badly. Please keep us informed, and we'll be praying for him.

REV, I'm so glad Erica doesn't have pneumonia. Some of those respiratory infections can be a real boogerbear, even if it isn't actually pneumonia. You keep an eye on that girl.

Well, I've got a little watermelon that's just begging to be cut. I think I'll just go do that, and have some before I head for bed. Of course, I'll be up and down all night, but that's okay, I guess. I just love watermelon.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

August 22, 2012 - Msg 89914: Morning porch. HOT here already! Hope it is cooler where you are. We are all so ready for fall down here. I don't think I have ever heard as many complaints about the heat.

I was in a fall mood yesterday and baked an apple pie...I used a different recipe than usual..I usually don't use a recipe, I have made so many apple pies and they are fairly simple, but did things a little differently and it was the best apple pie! I peeled and sliced up 7 good-sized granny smith apples, with just a little lemon juice on them...then in a bowl, I mixed up 1 C sugar, 1/4 C of cornstarch (I usually use 1T of flour instead), a pinch of salt, 1/2t of cinnamon, and a few shakes of nutmeg. I added to the apples, stirred to coat the apples and put in a pie shell, placed another pie crust over it, crimped the edges, vented the top, brushed on an egg wash, then put on a few sugar sprinkles and baked at 325 for an hour. wow...really good. wish I could share some with you. Asa you could make this, but substitute 2T of flour for the cornstarch, since you are allergic. Usually I do, but the cornstarch was better...the pie wasn't runny. I don't usually use nutmeg but it really made a difference.

Well, now that you all are hungry for apple pie... ;)


August 22, 2012 - Msg 89915: Sounds good Boo. Yep, I would have to use flour instead of the cornstarch. Boy they hide that stuff in so many things. My daughter invited me over for a grilled hamburger last night and boy it was delicious. This morning I woke up with a splitting headache. So I'm going through my head, "what did I eat yesterday?" I couldn't imagine, so I called my daughter to ask her if there might have been anything she cooked with cornstarch. She said she didn't think so, then stopped and said "wait"! She remembered she had mixed some lipton dry onion soup mix into the ground beef and looked on the ingrediant list. Sure enough, cornstarch. Rotten stuff. I wonder why I'm like that> Oh well. I'm glad I finally traced down what was doing it. I went for a lot of years fighting these things almost daily before I finally discovered the culprit. Anyway, the pie sounds good. You do a scoop of ice cream with it? Hey, if you're gonna sin, might as well go all out. :)


August 22, 2012 - Msg 89916: Sad day on Goob's end of the porch..We had to put our cat Mya to sleep last night,she was 15+.
Alot of sadness! Mrs. G-F was the one who took her to the Vet, so she is a real mess..We gave her a proper burial,our Grandaughter is taking it very hard too..Bless her heart! I am not a big cat person but it was hard on the Goob too...

August 22, 2012 - Msg 89917: Oh, G-F. I'm sorry to hear about the kitty. Cat person, dog person, whatever - when an animal has been a part of your life for so long, it hurts to lose them. It can be very hard on a child, but still it's a learning experience, and helps in a small way to build strength for bigger losses later on. So they say, anyway.

Just got home from physical therapy. Didn't do much today, so I'm not as sore. I can't believe I have to do this for the next three months, at least. Three times a week, drive out to the north end of nowhere, for an hour of therapy. I do think it's helping some, though. I guess time will tell.

Boo, that pie sounds wonderful, and gives me ideas. Asa, I guess I didn't know you are allergic to cornstarch. Yet I know you eat corn. I wonder what the difference is? Interesting.

My DIL was able to reschedule Hudson's swim/birthday party for next Saturday. Something of a miracle, since the aquatic center stays booked solid, but they had Saturday open, so she grabbed it. She's not telling Hudson until they're ready to go out there, because if it should rain again, he would be one wilted little boy. He dealt with it, but he wasn't happy.

Well, better go. I never did bake those cookies, might consider it this evening, but have a doctor appointment at 2 pm, Maybe when I get back, I'll think about the cookies. I bought some turbinado sugar, and am going to try it instead of regular sugar in the recipe and see what happens. I'm thinking it might be pretty good.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

August 22, 2012 - Msg 89918:
G-F.....I'm so sorry to hear the sad news of your cat having to be put to sleep. But as you know, that just shows the love you all have for her to do the right thing by putting her out of her misery.

August 22, 2012 - Msg 89919: No Asa, not ice cream with the pie. There are two things i never is ice cream, the other is Oreo cookies. If I buy them, I will eat them. Boy, I never would have thought that Lipton onion would have cornstarch in it! Guess you are going to have to be diligent about reading lables and finding out what is in everything you eat. Bummer. I ate a frozen potpie for lunch and I am feeling really funny...cloudy headed and feel a headache coming on...probably some MSG in that thing...didn't think to look.

G-F, I am very sorry to hear about your kitty! 15 years is a long to time and I know she was a member of your family. Lord comfort you and your family. I have lost alot of animals in my 50 years but the toughest one was my cat of 11 years, Bo. It was incredibly painful and my first experience with that kind of grief at age 15. I'll never forget it and I still carried some of the pain all these years later, until I got my current cat, Tig. He looks exactly like Bo and reminds me so much of him. Having him somehow healed the pain of the past...strange. Maybe in time, you can find a little kitty who needs a loving home and it will help heal your heart.

Ro, let me know how those cookies turn out with the turbinado sugar. I am making sugar cookies with Erin and her friend Caroline today. I am going to let them trace the outline of their hands and paint on nails with a colored egg wash (kind of like we used to make stained glass cookies at Christmas time, if any of you remember those). Anyway, the dough is chilling now. I won't be eating any, though. I age a piece of apple pie last night so no sweet for me today. I am still doing pretty well in limiting the sugar in my diet. I love unsweet tea, thankfully, or occasionally have a little stevia in it if I am in the mood. I never drink sodas or juice. I am more realistic now and allow myself an occasional sweet treat but certainly shouldn't every day. Now I am working out taking the wheat out of my diet...a much tougher prospect than sugar!!

Well, better get back to the chores.


August 22, 2012 - Msg 89920: No, come to think of it, I was older than 15 when I lost Bo, because I remember driving to the vet's office to pick up his body. I brought his favorite little flannel blanket that I had washed in downy. To this day, the smell of downy makes me think about him. Well, enough of that...


August 22, 2012 - Msg 89921: I'll surely let you know how the turbinado sugar works out, but be aware that it's a brown sugar, so your cookies won't be the lovely creamy color that you expect from sugar cookies. The kind I make, it won't matter. --Romeena

August 22, 2012 - Msg 89922: Mrs. G-F is taking having to put the cat to sleep REAL HARD, I guess since she had to make the decision. Her daughter is upset with her for doing it, but we all know it was for the best! The poor thing was suffering so. Brooklyn our Grandaughter helped me bury her, she said all the things she was thankful for as we filled the dirt in. I was proud of her she cried but was also thankful for the years she had her,other than when my Mom passed away this is the first time she was old enough to understand. As we were walking back to the house she said: "Now Mya can see Andy & Barney & Goober"....Bless her heart,she is very wise for a 8 yr. old...G-F..

Boo..Wheat vs. Sugar that's a Tough one! I do like my BREAD! The last time I went on a diet I lost 28 lbs. and it was a darn loaf of Italian bread that broke me! I was doing so good too. But I know that is what I have to cut out BREAD & TATERS.Sugar is not as much of a problem & I drink mostly water so soda isn't much of a problem & I don't do diet drinks most of them are yuk!...Diets are nothin but heartachs!

August 22, 2012 - Msg 89923: Aw, that is so sweet about Brooklyn, G-F. I'm so glad you had that time with her. She will always remember it. I feel for you wife...bless her heart. It will get easier. Prayers for her tonight.

I can totally see a loaf of italian bread breaking me, too, G-F... :) Heartaches!


August 22, 2012 - Msg 89924: By the way, those of you who are on facebook, make sure you take a look at REV's daughter's engagement photos. That girl of his is about the prettiest thing I have ever seen in my kidding. I am glad she is getting married to a nice young man. He's good-looking too, but I don't think anyone could measure up to the bride in the looks department, although Jake is pretty darned cute (he is in some of the photos, too).



August 22, 2012 - Msg 89925: Boo Boo? How'd I do that?


August 22, 2012 - Msg 89926:
Thanks Boo
That is such a sweet post above...and yes I'm a proud dad:) She's my baby girl and will always be!

August 22, 2012 - Msg 89927: I know she will, REV. :)


August 23, 2012 - Msg 89928: Morning all.

G-F, So sorry for your loss. Some folks don't understand how a pet can become such an inportant part of ones life. Well I don't understand people who can't get that. Having lost a few beloved pets in my day, I truly feel your pain and understand your loss. My prayers for you and your family.

Rev, having two Daughters that have wed in recent years, I know how hard that is to see them grow and "fly the coop", but I guess they must do so. In both instances my Daughters have married well and are loving life. My youngest loves kids and now has 4 of her own, is just in hog heaven being a full time Mom and Wife. And they are not done. They both want a large family. Both of them live less than 5 minutes away which is a great blessing also. I love being a grandpa, more than I ever thought I would.

Boo, is Sean still doing well on the new job? How's the rest of the visit going? No new drama?

Well I best get rolling. Still pretty warm here, but not as bad as a few weeks ago. You can feel the change in the air though as summer is winding down.

Prayers for all.


August 23, 2012 - Msg 89929:
Morning porch a lot of running around to do today but just wanted to check in real quick.

Asa...that's the next thing I'm looking forward to.....grandkids:) My daughter is buying a house only 15 min away so like you.....I feel so blessed!

Well I better get moving. You all have a very BLESSED day and be sure to shine Jesus into someone's life!
Love and prayers

August 23, 2012 - Msg 89930: Good morning, porch! I have to agree, grandkids are one of life's blessings, and really help to offset the difficulties of old age. REV, after looking at the pictures of Erica and Jon, I predict that their children will be absolutely beautiful. We know they'll be raised right, in the light of the Lord, so they'll be beautiful inside and out.

It's just gorgeous here today. Clear skies, bright sunshine, only 76, very gentle breeze blowing, and all my little critters are present and accounted for in the back yard. A squirrel has flattened himself on top of a nest box, surveying the world, the hummer is busy at the feeder, a dove is delighted with the pile of cracked corn, a pair of cardinals are reveling in a pile of sunflower seeds, and a mockingbird is singing his little heart out from his perch on a wire. I think everyone is enjoying the cooler weather. I know I surely am!

Joe came on Tuesday and fixed the pump that drains the excess water from my back yard. The pump was less than a year old, so was still under warranty from the manufacturer, so no cost there. Then when I asked Joe what I owed him for the labor, (he spent two hours working on that ting, and drove to the supplier for the new one) but he just grinned and shook his head. Said it was "on the house." He does that with a lot of things he does around here. He's a good guy.

Well, I hear Eddie's mower out front, so had better go get out of this ratty gown and into some clothes, if I'm going to be sitting at this window. Also, I need to go feed little Toye Starr. She has scampered in here and nudged my ankle about three times, clearly inviting me to the kitchen. I'm not much of a breakfast person, it's not the first thing on my list in the morning, but it definitely is Number One on her agenda. I guess if my stomach was the size of a golf ball, I'd get hungry pretty often too. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 23, 2012 - Msg 89931: Tomorrow Brooklyn and I are are going to make a memory garden for the cat. She wants to pick out something to plant that will bring butterflies she said Mya would like that. So we will do it right...I think this is helping her thru the rough days..She is so thouthfull...She said we have to put a flat stone to put nuts on for the squirrles if they come to visit the garden..Go figure she is only "8" and is making sure it is all being covered..Theu the eyes of a child....
Don't be suprised if I would have to build a bench for the squirrels too when they come to visit, we wouldn't want them to be uncomfortable now do we?

August 23, 2012 - Msg 89932: That's so sweet, G-F. Children can be so sensitive at times, and it's always good to encourage that. Maybe you can plant a little catnip over the site, as well as something for the butterflies. Or show Brooklyn how she can put a few pieces of over-ripe fruit on those stones. Butterflies love it, the gooier the better! As for flowers, nothing attracts butterflies like lantana, but it grows very large, sprawly and rowdy, so you'd have to be prepared for that.

A few years ago, my grandsons were here, about age 2 and 4 at the time. A dove flew into my window, was badly injured, and died just as I got out there to it. Of course, the older boy had followed me out and saw it all. Fearing he would be upset, I decided to make a production out of burying the bird, telling the child that the bird's spirit had flown back to God and we would put its body in the ground to return to the earth. I got a shovel and went to an area by the back fence. It had been raining, so the ground was very soft and I quickly dug a hole, gently laid the bird in it, and covered it. A quick little prayer, we were done, and I was feeling very good about it all. Then we returned to the house. When my son asked where we had been, Landry replied, "Oh, a bird hit the window and died, and Nonnie took it out back and stuck it in the mud." So much for sentiment.

He's older now (nine) and I'll guarantee you there would be a much different reaction. As they get older, they begin to feel things much more deeply. To him, at four, I just stuck the bird in the mud. Now, he would want to have a part in the "funeral" and would probably be concerned about it for days, would likely construct a little marker and the whole nine yards. Kids - ages and stages.

Well, maybe I'll go and actually make those cookies I've been threatening to make all week. They sound good. Blessings! --Romeena

August 23, 2012 - Msg 89933: Asa, reading your post about your daughters just blessed my heart! Thank you for sharing that.

No further drama from the relatives, Asa..sis-in-law went home today. We did have a problem on Tuesday because it was 100 degrees here and first she thought she was having a gallbladder attack and got scare...she then burped a few times and felt fine. Later in the day she decided to go through some boxed in her storage unit....big mistake in the heat. She ended up nearly having a heat stroke, called Sean to come and help her get home and then mom-in-law wanted me to come over and check on sis-in-law to make sure she was ok. She was, of course but she did nothing the rest of her visit and now I have to take mom-in-law to the store for her grocery shopping this week. I was very happy to see SIL go back home again because, people, it is always something and MIL always seems to drag me into it. They are both very anxious individuals and something like gas quickly turns into a heart attack in their minds!

Ro, how is it only 76 degrees there? It was about 100 here today...horrid weather and now we have this high pressure area sitting over us keeping any rain from coming our way, too.

How sweet about the memory garden, G-F. Great idea.

Ro, that is hilarious about the dove in the mud! My goodness, kids are so funny sometimes. Made me laugh out loud...I can just picture the scene, and your face when Landry said what he did. It reminded me of the time Sean was about that age and my Aunt Della died. I talked him through the whole process before the funeral to be sure he would be ok. I told him about how the spirit goes to be with God and we bury the body, etc. I will never foret standing near the grave before the graveside was so quiet and peaceful...people standing around waiting, and Sean crept a little closer to the hole in the ground and said, rather loudly, "Is that where they're gonna put Aunt Della's old body?". Ugh...I felt like Andy when he told Opie, "And to think I was glad when you started to talk". hahaha


August 23, 2012 - Msg 89934: Oh, and Asa, Sean is doing fine at his job and already just loves his co-workers. It is a nice environment to work in. I think his new best friend there is a middle-aged, asian woman who he tells me is the nicest, sweetest person he ever met. :)


August 23, 2012 - Msg 89935:
HI all. GF- my condolences also on the passing of your kitty. The little memorial sounds great.
SPOT- good to see you back on the porch. God bless you and yours.
RO- I sure hope you take a little iced tea or lemonade out to Joe! he sounds like a great guy.
We had a huge t-storm roll thru the Phx area last night. Really helped to drop temps for a little while.
My dad continues with the good day bad day situation, but is now actually having more and more good days. It is amazing how he keeps
springing back.
Love and prayers to all,
Floyd:Hah! Haircut! I can't give you a hair cut. I just haven't got it this morning, that's all! Give me a haircut, he says,(looking into mirror) Floyd Lawson, you're a miserable,
deceitful old wretch!!

August 24, 2012 - Msg 89936: Barney: "Next time i want a haircut, I'll stick my head in a pencil sharpener!"
Floyd: "And it would fit, too!"

August 24, 2012 - Msg 89937: Good evening, porch. Just passin' by on my way to the ironing board. It's late, I stayed up watching Perry Mason, and then watched the intro for the new Jeff Foxworthy show, the Bible Challenge game show. That looks very interesting! The actual game show hasn't started yet, it will be another week, but the introduction looks like it will be fun. They just gave some background, and little snippets of the show. Apparently Jeff Foxworthy is a Christian, and proud of it. Very refreshing in this day and age. The show I watched (I had recorded it) will be shown again at least three times over the next week. Just check your guide and find it, and watch if you can.

Yes, MDC, Joe is a very good guy. I would be happy to take him a cool drink, but it's not necessary. He has been around here for so long, if he wants something, he just comes in and gets it. He's not just someone who works around here, he's a friend. Also, I keep the fridge in the garage filled with sodas and bottled water, and anyone who works around here knows they are welcome to go in there and help themselves. Eddie, the yard man, helps himself, and I want him to. These folks take good care of me, and I try to show my appreciation. Even the mailman knows - if the garage is open when he passes by, he is welcome to get a soda or some water. Joe and Ted (who does repairs and such in the house) both have the codes to get in my garage when I'm not home, and to turn off the alarms in the house. Sometimes they need to get in when I'm gone, and it's better than leaving a key out for them, that someone else could find. I've known them for years, and trust them completely.

I'm glad your dad is rallying a little. Enjoy these times, they're a gift from God.

Well, guess I'll pack it in. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for me. I see the back surgeon tomorrow morning, then have physical therapy tomorrow afternoon, so it will be a full day for someone who wears out in about fifteen minutes. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

August 24, 2012 - Msg 89938: Good Mornin' Mayberry! Y'all have a wonderful Friday & remember.. Act like somebody!

love to all~ possum under a rock

August 24, 2012 - Msg 89939:
Romeena, we did watch The American Bible Challenge on the Game Show Network last night. It aired at 8pm Eastern and was repeated at 11pm Eastern.
It was refreshing to view something that the entire family could watch without getting offended or hearing inappropriate language. Even the host (Jeff Foxworthy) was tame with his humor. The singing choir that would lead into the commercial breaks was a surprise. And although some of the questions were easy to answer, I was surprised at how much I did not know and others did know. My only complaint is that the one hour format seemed to long.
p.s. Did you receive the envelope I sent you?

from Poor Horatio

August 24, 2012 - Msg 89940: Yes, I did, Poor Horatio and thank you. Very creative with the scribbles!

You actually saw the real game show? What I watched was just sort of an introduction, not a real game. I've got my DVR set up to record the shows as they're aired, so I won't miss anything. I like Jeff Foxworthy, always have, and I think he was a good choice to host a show like this.

Well, gotta run. I'm due at the doctor's office in twenty minutes. However, in Irving, that's do-able. Gotta love a small town. (Well, relatively small, that is.) --Romeena

August 24, 2012 - Msg 89941:
Prayers for the victims of the New York City shooing near the Empire State Building.

from Poor Horatio

August 24, 2012 - Msg 89942:
Romeena, the program we saw did seem to be a regular version of The American Bible Challenge since there were two three-member teams competing. One team was composed of three young adult females, and the other team was composed of three older gentlemen. The winning team (I will keep it a secret) won $10,000 and would be allowed to return to win a larger amount that escapes me at the moment.
Maybe we here in Canada got to see something ahead of the USA.

from Poor Horatio

August 24, 2012 - Msg 89943:
Prayers for the 19 victims who were shot during a 12 hour period last night in Chicago.

from Poor Horatio

August 24, 2012 - Msg 89944: Ps ro, be expecting some mail from me too.


August 24, 2012 - Msg 89945: Daggum, I plum forgot. Me too Ro.

I'm glad you SIL was able to burp and feel good about life again Boo. (you crack me up girl) :)


August 24, 2012 - Msg 89946: Boo, that is just hilarious! She thought she was having a gallbladder attack, and all she needed to do was burp? God forbid she ever has a real gallbladder attack - she'll probably call the undertaker!

Well, I've got some watermelon rind that needs to go out to the feeding stones. Birds and squirrels, and butterflies, will just have a wonderful time with them. It's so much fun to watch. Those rinds really draw a crowd. After the critters have eaten all the red part off of them, the remaining rind just shrivels up and gets all leathery. The day before Eddie comes to mow, I kick them off the stones out into the grass, Eddie mows over them, and presto! They're gone. Easy clean-up, and the tiny shreds are down in the grass, where they'll compost. Eddie uses a mulching mower, he doesn't bag the clippings unless there is a very heavy leaf load. Light to moderate leaves are just mulched along with everything else. I never put commercial fertilizer on the lawn, just mulched clippings and an occasional application of dry molasses and cornmeal. The grass is thick, green and beautiful, so I guess it works.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 24, 2012 - Msg 89947: HAHAHA....that's funny, Asa. She never feels good about life, though. She is already trying to stir up trouble but Bruce and I are giving her the BIG FREEZE.

Better go check on the stew....


August 24, 2012 - Msg 89948: Oh hey, Ro, you snuck in on me. Hope you are having a good day. How is your back doing?


August 24, 2012 - Msg 89949: Boo Stew? Knock, Knock...Who's there? Stew, STEW WHO? It's Stew early to go to bed yet...hehehaha!
REMEMBER,....>>>>THE BIG FREEZE<<<<<<<....

It's a good thing G-F has a day job....Not quite ready for prime time yet! ya'll concure? G-F...
I know TOM does.....

August 24, 2012 - Msg 89950: Hi All.
Now look here G F you are ready as canbe for show biss.


August 25, 2012 - Msg 89951: Yes, I made Boo stew...and enough to have leftovers tomorrow.

Just finished watching the Hitchc0ck (oops the censor got me on that one) movie "Rope" of my favorites. Anyone else seen it? It stars Jimmy Stewart.

Hope SPOT checks in soon...I am wondering how he is doing today.


August 25, 2012 - Msg 89952:
Boo-I like Jimmy S in Rear Window, but I've never seen Rope.
Glad to hear that Sean's job is going well, and
remember, he could always be a vacuum cleaner salesman! haha
PH- your dollar is now worth more too! (per your TV show comment above)
Do you all think it's time for a quote-a-thon?
"This is a Mayberry Bank security check."

August 25, 2012 - Msg 89953: Good late evening, folks. Boo, I finally made those cookies I've been threatening to make, and I used the turbinado sugar. Since the recipe calls for brown sugar anyway, I really don't notice much difference in the flavor, but the texture is slightly different. They're a bit more crunchy. Not hard, just a pleasant crunch to them. They're not supposed to be chewy cookies, they're crunchy anyway, but the turbinado sugar gave them a little more delicate crunch. Very tasty. I'm going to continue using it in other things.

I had semi-homemade soup for dinner. I drained a can of Steam-Crisp niblets corn, and stirred in a very generous dollop of sour cream, at least half a cup, maybe 3/4. Then I added a large can of Campbell's Chicken Corn Chowder and stirred that all together. Then - here's the good part - I had some leftover roast chicken (bought at the grocery store, already roasted) and just diced it into the soup. Heated it all in the microwave and when it was very hot, I added about a cup of shredded cheddar cheese. Stirred it in and it melted, then added a few shakes of Tabasco and stirred. Goooood! It made enough for two meals, so I'll have the rest tomorrow. I have fancied up that canned corn chowder before. Once I really embellished it, with some sauteed green onions and a little garlic in addition to all the other stuff. I tripled it all, so it made a lot. I served it to the bunco girls, along with some little sandwiches, and it made a great group meal. It makes up in about ten minutes!

Well, I'm off to bed. Pleasant dreams, everyone. --Romeena

August 25, 2012 - Msg 89954: "Don't do that, Ollie!" --Romeena

August 25, 2012 - Msg 89955: Beautiful day on The Goobs end of the porch, so, off to the flea mkt. Goobs getting low on fleas!Alot of good produce now, so maybe I'll get some corn and try Romeena's "Chawda" as they call in in Boston.ha The cherries have been good this year from Washinton St. BIG & sweet they must have had enough rain up there...G-F..

Call out for Auh2o where are you!!

August 25, 2012 - Msg 89956: Hey Y'all- Boo, I've heard from Spot. He's doing fairly well-busy at work. He says he still reaches for the phone to call & check on Sherry at night. Guess that's a natural reaction,though I've never been in his shoes. He has been a champ through this all and we should be proud of him.

Y'all have a great weekend- love to all!

possum under a rock

August 25, 2012 - Msg 89957:
MDC, I am puzzled by your comment about "PH- your dollar is now worth more too! (per your TV show comment above)". As I read it, I initially thought you were referring to the Canadian/US dollar exchange rate. But the words in the parentheses seem to indicate otherwise. Could you please elaborate?

Floyd: You know, everyone complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it. Calvin Coolidge said that.
Andy: No, Floyd, that wasn't Calvin Coolidge that said that, it was Mark Twain.
Floyd: Then what did Calvin Coolidge say?

from Poor Horatio

August 25, 2012 - Msg 89958: Good saturday morning, porch.

Thanks for the update on SPOT, Possum. We are indeed proud of him.

Plenty to do today but first, finish the coffee. I always sit down at 9:30 to watch one of my favorite TV shows, "Pioneer Woman Cooks" on Food Network. After that, clean up and laundry. See you all later. :)


August 25, 2012 - Msg 89959: PS-the soup sounds good, Ro. I am always looking for a short-cut by combining processes and homemade. Yesterday I had some leftover sugar cookie dough from the other day. It was made from a mix by Betty Crocker and was very good. I used the leftover dough by rolling it into balls, rolling in cinnamon and sugar and making Snickerdoodles. They were very good and so much easier than making from scratch. I also decided to roll some in shopped pecans and then in powdered sugar after they baked. They tasted just like the pecan sandies my mom always made at christmas time..only even better. So easy.


August 25, 2012 - Msg 89960: "procecessed" not "processes"...might have been confusing.


August 25, 2012 - Msg 89961: On this day in history:
Nineteen years ago today Floyd punched Mr. Foley in the nose.


August 25, 2012 - Msg 89962: Five days of visitin' sure gets this porch cluttered!
Maybe I'm took much of a neat freak.


August 25, 2012 - Msg 89963:
Heading out with the wife today. She wants to go to the mall and a few other stops and then to Olive Garden. So off we go. Just wanted to check in real quick.
Love and prayers!

August 25, 2012 - Msg 89964: Hey, porch! Eloise and I had lunch at Big State Drug Store today (best hamburger around), and took our Hudson along. He never seems to mind hanging out with his grandmothers. Good kid. Anyway, I think I've told you about Big State before - it's a local drug store in "beautiful downtown Irving", that dates back nearly a hundred years. I wanted to go there today specifically to get a picture of an old TV set they have on display, dates to the 40s or 50s, and is exactly like one my grandma had. Anyway, guess what else I found there! Along the back wall, they keep stacks of different, hard-to-find sodas, and today they had several cases of Cheerwine! I've never, ever, seen it in Texas before, but there it was. Since our discussion about it a while back, I've been curious, so I bought a six-pack of it. Guess I'll have a little glass of it in a bit, with a couple of those cookies I made last night. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Boo, that soup really is good, but if you're concerned about fat grams, that may be a problem. What makes it so good is the sour cream and the cheese. It's good without it, but much, much better with it. Also, the diced leftover chicken was a big plus. There's chicken in the canned soup, but not a lot, and the roast chicken really gave it a good flavor. I usually buy one of those chickens about once a week, and just use them in all sorts of things. I make a meal with the sliced chicken first, then use the leftovers in other things.

Well, off I go. Hudson's swim party is tonight (we hope, it rained here earlier but has cleared up for now) and I need to leave around six. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 25, 2012 - Msg 89965: OK, I tried Cheerwine. It's good. Not spectacular, but good. Not something I'd drive many miles to buy, but it's good. It's basically a cherry soft drink, not much more. I think it's one of those things you would crave if you had grown up with it, sort of a taste of childhood, or something like that. I'm glad I tried it.

It's still clear, so I guess the swim party is on. Of course, the kids live out north of Ft. Worth, and the weather can change dramatically in that 25 mile difference. Still, looking to the northwest, it looks clear over there, so I think things will be okay. I sure hope so, because that would be one disappointed little kid if his party got rained out a second time. Kids have a hard time looking beyond the moment. --Romeena

August 25, 2012 - Msg 89966: Ok, I'll bite, Romeena. What is "cheerwine?" Sorry I must have missed the discussion on it before.

Rev, I hope you make it out of the mall ok. You know what they say about malls, "husbands go in(with the wives); but they don't come out."(at least not for half a day. Is that like half a boy? Poor Horatio?) ;)

I was mowing my parent's lawn today, and after I finished doing that, I sat down, all hot and sweaty, on one of their lawn chairs(in the shade).
And I started to think about wind, and what a great gift it is. There I was sweating, and all of a sudden there comes this woosh of wind, cooling me off. I thanked the Lord right there for that. First you hear it coming from far away, sounding sort of like the surf in the ocean. Then the limbs and leaves on the trees herald its coming. And then, Wooossshhh! There it is, cooling you off. It was almost as if He made that wind just for me. God is good. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

Oh yeah, Boo(and for anyone else interested), Noah has four teeth now. Two upper and two lower. He is "almost" walking, and he is already climbing up... just about anything.

August 25, 2012 - Msg 89967: Oh, hey Romeena. I didn't see you there. I guess you answered my question about cheerwine. I have never seen it around here. Maybe it is a Southern thing. We have something like it. It is called Cherry soda. ;)
Actually, black cherry soda is really, really good.
Is there any alcohol in that cheerwine? I am guessing not, since you said it is a soft drink, but I could be wrong. I have been before. :)

-Sterling Holobyte
-Sterling Holobyte

August 25, 2012 - Msg 89968: Oh, I see my evil twin was there in that last post.


August 25, 2012 - Msg 89969: The Cheerwine discussion was awhile back PH, it IS a Southern thing mostly in the Carolina's some in Georgia. Everytime I go to the Carolina's I stock up. The secret here is to get the "original" formula it has cane sugar rather than "corn sweetners". REV,Possum,and the rest down there know about it. I think Romeena is right tho it just reminds us of home & growing up. It reminds me of all the years I have gone to Mayberry Days. (same thing as feeling at Home). RC Cola & Peanuts,Moon Pies is another one of those Southern things to learn too. Us that live in the North can't claim it but we can enjoy it.
Romeena...I think if you put a glass of the Cheerwine out for the bats they would drink it....hehehaha...G-F

August 26, 2012 - Msg 89970: Great to see you, Sterling...thanks for the update on Noah!

Well, I've out sitting in the porch swing. Bruce finally got it hung up today. I felt just like Sterling as I sat out there enjoying the breeze...felt so nice...not hot, but a comforting kind of warm breeze. Sitting there in the quiet and gently swinging felt like being rocked to sleep. Very relaxing. I have a feeling I will log lots of hours on that swing. :)

Hope the party went well, Ro.

Chuck, are you our old buddy Chuck?


August 26, 2012 - Msg 89971: Hey there, Sterling! It's good to see you on the porch. We miss you! Yes, Cheerwine is a soft drink, you can count on that. Ol' teetotalin' me wouldn't be buying it if it wasn't. Oh, and G-F, I got the cane sugar kind. We have the same situation around here with Dr. Pepper. In most of the world, it has the corn syrup sweetener, but there are a couple of local bottlers that still use cane sugar, and people will drive a long way to buy it. Some mom-and-pop retailers, such as Big State Drugs, will actually send someone on the hundred-mile drive to load their car or truck with the cane sugar kind, and bring it back, where it's sold in whatever outlet they have. We had a little family-owned produce market that used to do that, and I think Big State does it too. The mark-up is high, about $5-6 for a six-pack, but for some of us, it's worth it. The Dr. Pepper really does taste different. I don't know about the Cheerwine, because I haven't tried the syrup kind. The sugar kind is pretty good, though.

Good grief, I can't believe Noah is already trying to walk. Seems like he ought to be just a few weeks old. They sure do grow up fast.

The swim party was so nice. The weather was perfect, cool breeze blowing, and if you placed your chair just right (we did) you could catch the occasional drift of mist from the pool area. The little water park is great. It's small, max of 500, according to the sign, but that would really crowd it. Ours was a private, after-hours party, and there were about twenty kids, with about the same number of adults. Only about eight adults went in the water. Anyway, there is a big colorful "mushroom", with water flowing out of the top and cascading in a curtain down to the surface of the pool. There's a winding slide, with water flowing through it. Also, there's a tower that has a huge bucket on the top, probably holds about 200 gallons, with water flowing into it. Every thirty seconds or so, it tips over and dumps the water onto a platform, where it spreads out and splashes back into the pool. There's a lap pool, with lane markers, and in the other pool, the bottom gently slopes down, from dry to about a foot deep at about fifteen feet out, so it's a safe area for little kids to play. There are several lifeguards, always watching, and of course the parents are watching too. All in all, it's a great place to have a kids' party. Dave and Brittney just brought in pizzas and a cooler full of sodas and water, and a birthday cake, and everyone had a great time. We older folks just sat in chairs at poolside, and enjoyed the fun, and the misty breeze. Very nice.

Yippee, don't have to be at church until 9:30 in the morning. Sure beats that 8:15 service. We're having another "mosaic" Sunday, with all of our congregations meeting together. Our home congregation will be joined by the Hispanic group, the Thai group, and the Kenyans. Our pastor will preach the main sermon, and the other pastors will preach briefly in their language. We'll sing several hymns in the other languages, with the words displayed phonetically on screens. We've done this before, and it's just really nice. Then we'll all meet in the gym for lunch. I may not stay for that, we'll see how I'm doing.

Oh, something wonderful! Tonight, someone remarked about how beautiful the half-moon was overhead, and without thinking, I just tipped my head way back and could see the moon! Three months ago, I could not have done that. I couldn't look straight up. Now I can. Thank you, Lord.

Well, guess I'll head for bed. My little roommate is ready, judging by the cold little nose that keeps nudging my ankle. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 26, 2012 - Msg 89972: Hey, that's great about your neck, Ro! Hope you have a great day today. Let's wear our dangly earrings to preachin' about it? You neck could handle the weight of the heavy ones now. ;)

Well, speaking of preachin', I had better get ready for sunday school. Wish it was cool outside already but that won't happen for awhile. i will just have to wait until evening to sit in the porch swing again...see ya all later.


August 26, 2012 - Msg 89973: Romeena, Speaking of the beautiful half moon last night, How fitting that the family of Astronaut Neil Armstrong asked that you just look up and wink at the Moon to honor his passing yesterday..He was a humble, private man, and may I add, he was from Ohio..Truely one of many of our National Heros. It truely was a moment frozen in time when he stepped onto the moon. Just a little urban myth on what was really said at that moment: I was suppose to go like this: "That's one giant step for "A" man one giant leap for mankind". Some claim he forgot the "A" others say it was garbbled by the radio transmission. Neil has always stood by his claim that he said it right and did not forget the "A". To me it didn't matter we should be proud of EVERYONE involved in making that flight happen!! or is it just me?...
Ro you are also right about the Dr. Pepper the Orginal is better Smooooth...

Boo, Great to hear you got your swing up, nothin like front porch rockin & swingin!! (As long as there's no mosquitoes!) ;) haha.....G-F