November 02, 2012 - Msg 90884: Crazy that they would refuse any help in NJ, isn't it? Wow...seems to me it would be "no questions asked".

Thanks for those prayers, Asa. Erin is still coughing but Sean seemed to be doing better last night. I am very concerned for a niece who has been in the hospital. Her name is Tara and she is 30. She has been vomiting and unable to keep food down for about a month now. They scoped her and did some kind of a biopsy but no results. The poor girl has been suffering terribly and her mom is beside herself, of course. Please say a prayer for Tara and Vicki if you are so led today. Thanks.

Praying for today, hopefully.


November 02, 2012 - Msg 90885:
Asa, boo, actually, when it comes to electricity,
I would want to make sure the workers really know their stuff! I've mentioned in the past the extensive, on-going classes that my lineman brother takes just to keep up. Now, on the other hand, general clean up, etc, etc, you bet... send us all you can would be my cry!
I cannot belive that in 5 short days I wont have to listen to any political ad for a while!!! haha
But seriously, you bet my prayers for making right decisions are going up!

November 02, 2012 - Msg 90886: WE want Ellie!,We want Ellie!, We want Ellie!,...
I wonder how much money wa spent on those TV ads?
Or is it just me?...Bet those folks on the East could have used some of it to rebuild. That's what I'm thinking...
MDC, is your brother a lineman for the Arizona Cardnals? I bet he HAS to do alot of studying to keep up with all the plays..tehehaha (I know what you were talking about really)...
Boo just make sure one of those "chads" arn't hanging on ya....
My Son turned "33" today the Goob is feeling kinda old today especially since I went and got a hair-cut and nothin but gray on the floor! :(

November 02, 2012 - Msg 90887: What, G-f? Chads?


November 02, 2012 - Msg 90888: Hi all.
A nice day here !
The sun out warm up to 50.
I heard from a good friend back home and he told me that he lost his brother this week!


November 02, 2012 - Msg 90889:
GF-if he was a lineman for the Cards, I FOR SURE would not want him in NJ!! haa
Boo- the hanging chads of 2000.

November 02, 2012 - Msg 90890: Come to think of it Boo, if I recall the problem was in Florida, I guess those seniors must have had a hard time punching clear thru the voting cards.
Not the problem in Texas, they have plenty of punch down there right Boo? haha
REV, I just got done watching a program on History Channel they were talking about the McDonalds "McGriddle" breakfast sandwich, and low & behold the Maple pancake "bun" is made in REV's home town! Good thing, Your singing is MUCH better than the McGriddle, and you work for a FAR BETTER BOSS! Do I get an Amen?...G-F..

By the way MDC if he was a giraffe his job would be a lot easier he would not need a bucket truck!
About the selfish part, I don't want to pry into family business..haha

November 02, 2012 - Msg 90891: Right, wouldn't happen here. ;)


November 02, 2012 - Msg 90892: Amen!

November 02, 2012 - Msg 90893: and Amen!

November 02, 2012 - Msg 90894:
BTW, why do we end some prayers with "forever and ever?" Doesn't "forever" pretty much cover it? (:

November 02, 2012 - Msg 90895: Evening porch, checking in before I hit the ole. Ironing board.
I have been in a continuing education seminar all day so I
didn't get by earlier.

The training was on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety and Worry Disorders, A pretty good seminar but a very. Long day. Kinda tiring having to sit still for 7 hours. But it finished up my required hours for the year !

Bedtime snack will be : chocolate nor white milk and a warm oatmeal walnut raisin cookie. I have some just plain oatmeal cookies as well.

Prayers and blessings and a good night to all.

Big Maude

November 02, 2012 - Msg 90896: I don't think I have ever ended a prayer with "forever and ever" MDC. :)

Oh boy, Maude...I wish you lived near me so I could take Sean to see you. Did I tell you we tried a new counselor/therapist on Monday and Sean didn't like her one bit? She was very "new age" and strange. He said, "She told me to find my inner strength and I was thinking that I don't want to find my inner strength, i want God's strength"...He is very, shall I say, "evangelical" in his theology and when people start talking like she did, it doesn't set well with him. She was saying something to him about him having a "dark side" and something about a crystal ball and that he could make his anxiety arc through his body and come out his toes! HAHA...that did for sean. So, we are without a counselor at this point and I am trying to find resources to help him. Maybe you could suggest something I could look into (a book, perhaps? Thanks and love ya. Cookies and milk sound wonderful. :)


November 03, 2012 - Msg 90897:
TOM, so sorry to learn about your friend's brother. Was he ill or did this happen suddenly?

Boo, so sorry to learn about your niece Tara. Thirty days of symptoms and still no diagnosis? How sad.
Also, do you think Sean's new age therapist has been smoking some wacky tobacky?

Asa, your union story reminds me of a personal incident. An elderly co-worker of mine was attempting to move some heavy furniture by himself. When I saw him struggling, I offered to help. He said he wish he could accept my help but had to refuse because I was not a member of his union.

from Poor Horatio

November 03, 2012 - Msg 90898:
Boo- you may want to seek out, up front, a Christian counselor for Sean, I'm just sayin.. (:
MAUDie- I had to laugh inside about your Anxiety workshop lasting SEVEN hours!! I mean, think about it. Anyone catching my drift?? (:
TOM- prayers for you and your friend.
God's blessings all,

November 03, 2012 - Msg 90899: Big Maude, I bet if you didn't have an anxiety and worry disorder before that training, you did after. :)

MDC, These guys are fully qualified and professionally trained lineman. Just because they are non-union doesn't detract from their skills and knowledge. Most of these guys are going on their own time and own dime just to try and help, and if you heard any of the audio of the names they were being called, and how they were treated by the union people, well I'll just say shame on them. If this is how union's are run, it's no wonder we are in the mess we are in. I know it's mostly a vocal few that make it look so bad, but there was no call for that behavior. Again, shame on them.

Poor Horatio, I have encountered that same mindset on the job site. Just plain dumb in my view.

Boo, I will add Tara to my prayer list. I hope they can find what ails her, that it is not serious, and they can treat her effectively.


November 03, 2012 - Msg 90900: Boo, Have you heard the line in Forrest Gumpp that said:"Run Forrest Run!" yep I think you did the right thing with that counselor! I think PH was right in his diagnosis of that guy! I'm open for fresh ideas but a crystal ball & arching is a bit much...Was he trained in ESP too? (Extra Sensitive Precipation)..haha
Keep trying, it takes awhile sometimes to find the right match for Sean with one he can be comfortable with & trust..

Forever and Ever?...Sorta like Done & Done as Brisco would say, Maybe Brisco's GrandDaddy was a Preacher? Just a thought, I'll let ya study on that one a bit...G-F....

November 03, 2012 - Msg 90901: Precipatation or Participation either ones will work for the "P" part....

November 03, 2012 - Msg 90902:
Howdy porch you all are having a great weekend. I'm still in a concert here tomorrow.

G-P....yep that's where the McGriddle bun is my little ole "Mayberry" town. When you ride by the plant you can smell them:) I've never eaten one cause I heard they were not too

Praying for all the needs mentioned here and those that are in our hearts.
Also continued prayers for the elections this Tuesday.

Love and prayers

November 03, 2012 - Msg 90903: Boo, you may already know about this particular resource but if not it is pretty good. It is a workbook teens can do on their own, or with a parent or therapist. You can check it out on line before ordering. "The Anxiety Workbook for Teens" by Lisa
M. Schab. LCSW. Hope thar helps.

Big Maude

November 03, 2012 - Msg 90904: REV, Did not want to hurt your town's feelings but I never had a McGriddle either, I heard the same thing. I like all the things that are in them sausage,egg,cheese,pancakes & syrup but not all together. (or is it just me?)
Maybe you can have some with your Crawdads & Gumbo since you are in the neighborhood...
Goober-(P)hife..I caught that one REV...haha

November 03, 2012 - Msg 90905:
Asa-i did a little research...and stand corrected! I see now what you mean.

November 03, 2012 - Msg 90906:
Those sausage, egg and cheese McGriddles sure do taste good. However, after I learned that each one contains 12 grams of saturated fat, 15 grams of sugar, and 1.36 grams of sodium, I gave them up.

from Poor Horatio

November 03, 2012 - Msg 90907: Mdc, Sean has been to 4 different counselors in his life, all Christian. This was the first time we took a chance on one that wasn't one, specifically, and you see what happened. I think there are good counselors out there of other faiths, and there are bad Christian counselors, you have to find the right fit. We had a great one for awhile but he has an office in Corpus Christi and one in Colorado and goes back and forth. It was getting really hard to schedule appointments and such and we were having trouble getting our insur@nce to reimburse us so we stopped. I might have to rethink that decision.

Thanks, PH, it is very sad. I was in tears over it last night after talking to Tara's mom. My heart just hurts for her. I am waiting to hear how things are going for her today. I think they transferred her to another hospital in Dallas to get her under the care of a better doctor.

Thank you, Asa, for adding Tara to your prayer list (and thank you to all who have prayed for her).

Thanks Maude, I'll check it out. :)


November 03, 2012 - Msg 90908: Hey, porch! Just got back from the cruise - we had a great time! More later...

I see just from the post just above me that there have been a lot of "happenings" on the porch. I've been concerned about all of you while I was gone - thinking of Tom in the snows that hit W.VA, and wondering about PH in the disaster along the east coast.

I'm too tired right now to go back through the archives, but tomorrow I will. Meantime, I'll just say howdy, and boy, is it good to be home! --Romeena

November 03, 2012 - Msg 90909:
Hey there Ro....glad you made it back safely. I know ya'll had a great time. Get some rest. didn't even notice that (G-P) until you posted it.

Ya'll I had some gumbo tonight that was soooo good. I am so full now that I feel

Think I'll go back here in the motorhome, hop in bed and watch TAGS till I fall asleep.

Love and prayers for all

November 03, 2012 - Msg 90910: Yay! Romeena is back! Missed you.

I got some news concerning Tara and the results of the biopsy were negative, so no cancer. They sent her home but she still is sick. They told her she has some broken blood vessels in the small intestine and there is some swelling but they didn't know why? I guess they will take her to Dallas for a second opinion. Do you know anything about this sort of thing, Ro? My neice has been sick for a month and has not been able to eat, barely keeping down any fluids, in pain...has lost 50 lbs in a month. Some sort of inflammation from something...they say no chron's or no diverticulitis but her WBC is 20,000. She had a scope but no infection seen, I guess. I don't know what to think.

REV, I noticed you had to cancel a concert due to a tragedy in the church in Louisianna. Sorry to hear that.

It is raining cats and dogs here and thundering! I love it. It has been hot here, still...90 degrees yesterday and today. Not supposed to cool off for awhile so the rain is good.

Sean got over his sickness but now he has a terrible sore throat..I think it is from the vomiting he did the other night. Its always something with kids.


November 03, 2012 - Msg 90911: Zz-zz-zz-zz-zz I think that's Romenna & REV I hear they both had a long day. Ro did ya wave at REV as ya flew over La? He would have waved back but he had his head buried in a bowl of Gumbo..
I wonder who missed who more Ro missing Torie or Torie missing Ro? I bet it was a TIE! That's what I'm thinking, we want a FULL report after you get some sleep + ya gain a hour of sleep and your back from Eastern time to Central so ya should be ok I think...Spring Forward & Fall Back? Falling or not we're glad you are BACK!...

November 04, 2012 - Msg 90912:
BOO- 90 here as well lately. The weather has been "teasing" us by dipping into the low 80s, but then right back up to 90!
RO- glad you are back safe and sound.
GF--we mavericks don't do either! ha
Prayers for all,

November 04, 2012 - Msg 90913: Sooo MDC You're saying you guys in Az. live in the "Twilight Time Zone"? I hear they are going to change the States Motto to: "We Will Not Conform!"..Or "Never bring a knife to a gun fight". That Old West way of life is still alive in AZ.
I bet the President does not come out your way to often right? ha He has been in Ohio every other day hopeing to shoooewing voters his way. I'll stop right there, I don't want Floyd booting me off the porch.

Romeena wake up! Ya had an extra hr. of sleep, we want a full report!....G-F...

November 04, 2012 - Msg 90914: Where is everyone today? is the porch experiencing technical difficulties today or is everyone just occupied elsewhere? :)


November 04, 2012 - Msg 90915: I'm right cheer!..I checked in this Morning..G-F

November 04, 2012 - Msg 90916: Hey, porch! I'm here, and still very glad to be home. Toye Starr was very happy to see her mom, and I was pretty thrilled to see her! She ran circles around the coffee table (her celebration dash), carried first one toy and then another from here to there and there to here, just mixing them up. She jumped in my lap and out again, and just basically celebrated!

We had a great time, or at least I did. Eloise got sick Tuesday night, was sick all day Wednesday, a little better Thursday and Friday, but still not top-notch. When we got home Saturday afternoon, she found out her husband had gotten sick on Tuesday also, and was still feeling bad, so evidently they had picked up a virus somewhere before we left on the cruise.

As for me, I felt fine. I rarely get one of those things. When I do, it's a doozy, but they usually pass me by. My problem was in being unable to walk very far, or stay on my feet for very long at a time. So between that and Eloise feeling so bad, we never left the ship. Not a problem, though. We had toured Nassau two years ago on that year's cruise, and I remembered it was a terrible lot of walking, steps, hills and such. We had toured the Atlantis Hotel also, and as beautiful as it is, it still would have worn me completely out, and I knew better than to try it. The good news was that our ship was docked in the very last position at the pier, with nothing between us and the Atlantic but the very picturesque peninsula that shelters the harbor. The Atlantis is located on that peninsula, and we had a full view of it, as well as the lovely cottages and absolutely gorgeous homes and palm trees on the peninsula. That was in the foreground of our view, and the background was the rolling Atlantic, with ships on the horizon, and magnificent cloud displays. We had an upper deck stateroom, with a balcony, so our view was spectacular. I was perfectly content to sit out there with a glass of tea and a book, and just soak up the beauty. We were on the shady side of the ship, too! Our situation couldn't have been more perfect.

The food was wonderful. I had lobster, prime rib, Chateaubriand, asparagus vichyssoise, cherries jubilee, and other wonderful dishes in the dining room. At the breakfast and lunch buffets, I just reveled in fresh fruit, great scrambled eggs, bacon, and even grits! Yep, grits. A little runny, and needed salt, but still good. Lunch included things like sliced fresh tomatoes layered with slices of mozzarella cheese and marinated in a wonderful tangy pesto. So good! Of course there were staples like roast beef and mashed taters, and an especially tasty dish made with diced sweet potatoes, butternut squash and pumpkin, all seasoned with brown sugar and spices and baked. Amazingly good! Anyone who left that ship hungry had no one to blame but themselves.

Part of the entertainment in the Mayberry group sessions was provided by three young men from the band called Monroeville. Some of you may know of them. I had not heard them before, but sure did enjoy their music. I think there are five in their full band, but we had just three with us. Matt Muncey, Carl White and Eli Johnston. Eli was seated next to me at dinner each evening, and I found him to be a very nice young man, polite and kind, and I really enjoyed his company.

Boo, I hope you can finally find the right counselor to help Sean. Poor kid, he really struggles with that problem. I think you're right to stay with a Christian counselor. Not that someone else can't be just fine, I don't mean that, but for Sean I think that's an important point and a non-Christian will have a hard time gaining his trust. Also, please keep us posted on Tara's progress. With a white count of 20k, she's got an infection somewhere, for sure! Has there been a left shift, or did you get the differential count?

I'm glad the porch folks survived the storm so well. I was really concerned, but had no way to find out. A few folks tried the internet cafe on board, but it is expensive, and some said they had run up quite a bill before they even got a good connection, so I just didn't try. I just went on and prayed for everyone anyway!

Well, I need to go settle down and make a lap for my baby, so she can cuddle for a while. She's been pretty clingy since I got home. Yep, she's spoiled, and I don't care. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

November 04, 2012 - Msg 90917: That was a nice report Ro. Glad you are home safe and that you had a nice time. I'd love to take a cruise some day, and that Mayberry one sounds like a blast. Someday maybe. (sigh) Did you get to see Alan?

Boo, at the risk of upsetting you, I've been spending as much time outside this weekend as possible. The weather here has just been fantastic. We had some snow last week, but now we have temps in the mid 60's, blue skies, with the snow capped mountains in the background. I'm soaking this up while it lasts. Been golfing, working in the yard, golfing, mulching leaves, golfing, putting things away for the winter, oh, and a little golfing. :)


November 04, 2012 - Msg 90918: Thanks for sharing your trip, Ro! I am very sorry that Miss Eloise was sick, bless her heart. I got to see several pictures that Floyd posted on facebook and everything looked so beautiful from the ship...that blue water, wow. He had a few pics of passengers but didn't see you or Eloise yet. I left him a comment asking where you were. I said, "I know Romeena and Eloise aren't hanging out in the bar"...were you? *wink* Well, glad you are home safe and sound with Toye Star.

Tara is still sick. I couldn't get a diff on her so don't know if there is a left shift. They sent her home, but last i heard she was going back in to the hospital again. I am waiting to hear from her mom again. Whatever she has, it's rough!

We had some nice rain this weekend, still pretty warm but not so bad. Can't wait for a real cold front to make it feel more like fall.

I finished a book this weekend that I could tell you all about, it was so good, but I won't do that. It was the autobiography of Fredrick Douglass, written in the 1830's....his account of slavery. Amazing book! Only took me a couple of days to read it and I got it on my Kindle for 99 cents. I'm sure some of you have already read it at some point but if you never had, consider getting it. We talk about how bad things are in this country now, morally, but after reading this book and seeing what was condoned in those days, you will feel better about present-day Americans. :) I could go on and on but I'll stop now. Think I need to hit the ironing board. This time change makes it feel much later than 8:45pm.


November 04, 2012 - Msg 90919: Yes, Asa, I saw quite a lot of Floyd (Allan) and his wife, Jan, who is a charming lady and so nice to spend time with. Both of them are just so easy to be with, funny and kind, just lovely folks. I wish you could make the cruise sometime, you'd really enjoy it. All the tribute artists are so talented, and have re-created the characters beautifully. Of course we have Floyd, and then there's Ernest T. Bass, Howard Sprague, Otis Campbell, Briscoe Darling, and Andelina (Maggie Peterson didn't want anyone to portray Charlene), so the artist changed her name to Andelina and says she's Charlene's daughter, and calls Briscoe "Grandpa". Too cute! There was a Mr. Foley this year (looks like him, too.) In the past, we've had Gomer and Goober, and Barney and Thelma Lou, but they weren't with us this year. There has also been an Opie, but he outgrew the part. Anyway, it's really a lot of fun.

Well, I'm off to bed. Still tired, I guess, from the trip, Blessings, everyone, and please pray for America on Tuesday. --Romeena

November 04, 2012 - Msg 90920:
Boo- I hear ya, just think of the wild west for example! I have also heard that as bad as political ads, etc, are today, some of the 19th century races were pretty wild! Prayers continue for Tara and Sean.
GF- I see that you figured out how to get a row of "Zs" past the censor! ha
Also the main reason we dont do DST is because "more sunlight and heat here in the summer, really?" haha
ROMeanna, good to have you back.
Prayers continue for America!

November 04, 2012 - Msg 90921:
Oops, Ro, you sneaked in there. I see that we are both thinking the same with our closings! (:

November 04, 2012 - Msg 90922:
Oh, and watching the Dallas-Atlanta game.
Sorry Ro, I'm pulling for Atlanta!

November 04, 2012 - Msg 90923: Atlanta now 8 and 0!...sorry Romeena...this is bird country!...let me get back to work...busy here...back with breakfast....SPOT

November 05, 2012 - Msg 90924: Y'all don't need to worry about offending Ro concerning the Cowboy's losing. She is no lover of Jerry Jones. Now if gentleman Tom Landry was still coaching you might have a fight on your hands.

Boo, My prayers for Tara will continue, and also for Sean. I hope they can diagnose her quick, and treat it.

MDC, I didn't know DST kept y'all cooler. LOL That's govt. thinking, ain't it?

G-F, You got all you a/c equipment put to bed for the winter? I got all mine buttoned up last week. Still gotta prep some heating units this week. Will be making a few visits to Johnstone Supply. You got any of them in your neck of the woods?

Prayers for all, and as Ro and MDC said, for our Nation tomorrow. It's an important one.


November 05, 2012 - Msg 90925: Asa, Alot of my units have heat pumps & P-tac units that do both heating & cooling so there is not much let up on the compressors, and I have a 134 unit high-rise that has Geo-Thermal system. As I said before Geo-Thermal may be ok for south of the M/D line but not so good for north of it.
It just does not keep up especially in our elderly buildings. My Family sites have mostly gas furnaces and some all electric so I'm good there. But as RoseanaDana us to say, "It's allways something!"...ha

Romeena, Did you get to meet the Hinkley's on the cruise? They are from my neck of the woods (south of me actually). Glad ya had fun and the weather was nice. Wasn't "Opie's Mom there? I think they were on their honeymoon, she married the "Howard" tribute artist Jeff Branch.
Just Remember: "What go on at the Mayberry cruise stays on the Mayberry cruise". ;)

November 05, 2012 - Msg 90926: Hi All.
Boy was the frist of the monr was bad new for mr ! 1)friend pass on friday and 2) a friend of the family pass sometime on the weekend!
Weather here is coldbut by satreday we are going to back up to 60 deg.

TOM :(

November 05, 2012 - Msg 90927: Asa, ya'll are so lucky...I have never, ever in my lifetime been able to put an air conditioner "to bed". :( Thanks for the prayers for tara and sean.

G-F I think I saw some pictures of "Howard" and his she a pretty blond?

So sorry to hear about your friend's passing, TOM. That is such a sad and lonely feeling to lose friends.

LOTS to do today..!! I am about to put roast in the crock pot if ya'll wanna stop by for supper later.


November 05, 2012 - Msg 90928:
Tom- so sorry to hear of your friends' passings.
Our prayers have been with them. You hang in there and I'll send you our 92 degrees that we will be having today and tomorrow!
ASA-GF- you two ever open the gas line and let Gomer save your life? ha Or was it Goober?
Anyways, maybe we need a Quote-a-thon.
God bless,

November 05, 2012 - Msg 90929:
Oh, ASA, no DST was the result of gov. giving us a voice in the 60s. We voted agin it because,
as stated above, why would we want another hour of heat and sun HERE! ha

November 05, 2012 - Msg 90930:
Howdy porch family....chilly and damp today on the road. sorry to hear about your friend buddy.

Ro...sure hate Eloise was sick.

Boo...continued prayers for Tara

Spot...roll on Falcons.

Folks tomorrow could be the biggest day in election history.....PRAYING

You all have a blessed day and a wonderful night!
Love and prayers

November 05, 2012 - Msg 90931: Thanks, REV.

Nervous about the election tomorrow...just don't want it to come.


November 05, 2012 - Msg 90932: Howdy, porch. Came home from physical therapy today, and just haven't done much else. Still tired, I guess, and therapy isn't exactly restful.

Yep, G-F, I know Jeff (Howard Sprague) and his lovely bride, Tammy. We visited a little one day over some tea and snacks on the Lido deck. That's where you'll see everyone, sooner or later. Tammy is so nice, and everyone is just delighted that she and Jeff got married. The night before we sailed, at the motel where many of the group were staying, Tom and Kathy Rusk had a big old cake and some sodas, to celebrate the marriage. We all sat out around the pool and ate cake and visited for a couple of hours. It's such a congenial group, all tied together with a big old Mayberry ribbon, and it's just good clean fun. I wish the whole porch could go. Honestly, if you sign up now, and pay a little along each month, it's practically painless.

Well, guess I'll go put the trash out. I had a little watermelon in the fridge when I left, Deanna didn't eat it, and now it's looking pretty bad, all sunken in one spot. It's still in its grocery bag, and I'm glad, because I think it would disintegrate if I tried to pick it up without the bag. Yuck! Anyway, I need to get it out on the street for the trucks in the morning. Gross!

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

November 05, 2012 - Msg 90933: Did Mr Schwump ever speak? thanks

November 05, 2012 - Msg 90934: No, Mr. Schwump never spoke. He did smile a lot. But never uttered a word.

G-F, We have a few, very few heat pumps on the buildings I deal with. The winters get so cold here they have limited success. We have a lot of "packaged rooftop units", I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Ref. unit with a Nat. gas burner. But we have bunches and bunches of evap. coolers. And they all have to be dealt with every fall. And some of them suckers are huge.

I think we all need to have a big ol Porch Prayer for the election. Who's with me?


November 05, 2012 - Msg 90935: Asa, I think you are right, he never spoke. But he did nod his head a few times if I recall. ;) That's about the closest he got to speaking.

I'll second the prayer for the election. May we all vote prayerfully as well.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 05, 2012 - Msg 90936: I've been praying about how I vote, Sterling and I will vote tomorrow. I will also join my prayers with my porch friends. Lord guide our nation!


November 06, 2012 - Msg 90937: Amen to that. I voted before I left town, but I will continue to pray that God will guide the whole election process. --Romeena

November 06, 2012 - Msg 90938: Well, it's 7:30 here, the polls have been open for a little while in some areas, and already reports of illegals voting are coming in. Imagine that. The dead folks will start voting too, as soon as someone wakes them up. I don't wish to start a moulage, and anyone who wants to chastise me by email is welcome to do so. I will read it with an open mind. If you don't have my address, I'll see that you get it. Now, how does this voter fraud happen? If we had a consistent voter ID system, it wouldn't. For the life of me, I don't understand why that's a problem. People expect, and manage, to provide ID for everything else. Why is voting an exception? I think I know, and I'll bet you do too. Read on.

Illegals voting? Why? What stake do they have in our future? I think we could all answer that. It's the same reason that many of our own generational welfare people will try to vote twice, or take part in ballot-box stuffing. "I'll help you win, and you keep feeding me." They want the party that fosters their dependency to win, so the handouts will continue. I won't list the freebies they receive, you all know what they are. Let me say once more, as I have before - I'm fully in favor of assistance for the old, the sick, the disabled, anyone who isn't able to work. I'm for limited assistance for those who could work but cannot find a job. (Note - if the illegals vanished, there would be about thirteen million jobs immediately available.) What I resent is being on my feet at three in the morning, working when my back is killing me, taking care of someone who has just given birth to yet another anchor baby. Or the one who just delivered the newest paycheck baby, is perfectly able-bodied but has never hit a lick of work in her life. Then in waltzes daddy, full of expensive tattoos and piercings, and smelling of pot smoke, and you know he's never hit a lick either. Which brings up another pet peeve - why don't they have to pass a drug screen to get their checks? I had to pass one in order to earn the money that the government taxes away from me, to give to them. Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

With this election, we have a chance to correct some of this. There's no guarantee that it will improve, no matter who wins, but the last four years have compounded the problem several times over, with now 43 million people on food stamps, so there's a clue.

So, search your hearts, pray, and listen for the answer. Review the facts (if you can find them) and vote according to your true conscience. If you think things are better now than they were four years ago, then say so with your vote. If you think we're worse off, and headed for even more of the same, then vote accordingly. If you think a change at least offers hope of improvement, then vote for it. Just VOTE! If you don't, someone may do it for you.

Blessings! --Romeena

November 06, 2012 - Msg 90939: Hoping for the best.... VOTE, y'all!

possum under a rock

November 06, 2012 - Msg 90940: Morning porch family.....this is the day that the Lord has made...let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Asa....I'm with you on the election prayers brother!

Ro....Voter ID is a no brainer....What LAW ABIDING AMERICAN would want to oppose this. I can not for the life of me understand why this has not always been in place. I think I'll go today and apply for a social security check and when they ask for my id I'll just tell them you don't need to see that, just take my word. Let's see how far I get. As stupid as that little scenario sounds, that's just what we are doing now with voting. OK I'm through:)


November 06, 2012 - Msg 90941: I went early and voted this morning, Ro. I was surprised that there was no line...I just walked right in and did it. I think that might be a bad sign. Kinda surprising since the county I live in certainly has it's share of welfare recipients. I heard that stat on TV yesterday, Ro (about the 43 million) and I about choked on my tea. Crud...this is a sinking ship. How do we get outta this one?

I have wondered about the tattoos, myself. I found out from my nephew that they are very expensive. Luckily, he works and can pay for them. Seriously, hundreds of dollars sometimes, just for one. My sister's organization that helps needy kids in our county has a month in november/december in which they accept applications from people who need help. They have to give ID and a pay stub, etc... she said that so many times she accepts applications and then sees people drive off in vehicles that she could never afford to own. Heck, I am driving an old Yukon with almost 200,000 miles on it and my husband makes a good salary...he works his tail off for it, too. It just shows you how out of balance that whole entitlement thinking can get.

What do you mean about voter you mean people should have to show a form of id such as a driver's license? Something more than a voter's registration card?

Ro, as far as drug testing for welfare, I read something about that a year ago that talked about how so many children would go without if that happened. Crazy dilemma is that if the drugged-out parents can't pass the drug test, no food...hungry kids. Drug testing would be great in the long run, but there would be some serious problems for the poor kids. Imagine all the people who wouldn't be able to feed their kids...crime would increase, an already over-burdened CPS wouldn't be able to find enough places to place the children who needed placement. Big problems either way because we have gotten into this place in our country.

Where are the TUMS?


November 06, 2012 - Msg 90942: I'm with ya Asa... I cast my votes before work. I'm Voting for Ellie! "WE WANT ELLIE!, WE WANT ELLIE!"....
Romeena, I talked to Floyd last night on the pod-cast he said I came up on your talks with him I bet he said ..."That G-F he's a real study" ha!
I have talked to him many times over the years, so now he could finally put a face with a name.
He did say ya'll had a great time..

Boo, Don't get mw started on the entitlement thing...Or I'd need some of your TUMS too..

All I had to show was a reciept from Wal-Mart and I got to vote....G-F..

(just kidding) it's about that bad though...

November 06, 2012 - Msg 90943: I hear you, Boo, and that thought had gone through my mind as well, but I have to ask. Are the kids really any better off with the parents not being tested? Do we really think that the checks are spent on food, or do they go for drugs and the kids are still hungry? I've even heard of people selling their food stamps, or food card or whatever it is, for less than the value. They get the cash, and somebody else gets food for just whatever they paid for the stamps or card.

As for the voter ID, you can vote without a voter registration card. When I voted before we left on the cruise, at first I couldn't find my card in my wallet. The woman said it was no problem, she would just look up my name on the list and I could sign beside it! I did find the ID card, but apparently I didn't need it. My impression is that you can just walk up and vote, basically on your word alone. One of my SS friends was waiting to vote early, and a woman ahead of her was told that her name was already marked off the list, someone had voted already, using her name. Don't you just know who that person was?? Probably someone from the same group as the one who filed an income tax return and got money, using my identity. It's enough to make you want to walk up and kick somebody. We have coddled and tolerated these lazy, cheating do-nothings long enough. It's time somebody did something about it. Just re-read what you wrote, Boo, and it will make you mad. That "entitled" bunch has us backed into a corner that we can't get out of, and they're using their kids as weapons against us. Basically, they're saying "you have to keep taking care of me because if you don't I'll throw a big old tantrum and then you'll be sorry!"

Lord, please help this poor, confused, misdirected and hurting country of ours. --Romeena

November 06, 2012 - Msg 90944: Romeena, The "entitled" throwing a fit?


November 06, 2012 - Msg 90945: Boo, if you live in a county with a lot of welfare recipients, then the small lines at the voting place might be a good sign, since we pretty much know who they would be voting for(gotta keep the gravy train coming, you know). Don't know how long the lines are in my little neck of the woods because I am waiting for the wife to come home before we vote, but I've read that other places have some looonnnngggg lines for voting.

I'm with you on the voter ID, Ro. I can't understand why any decent American would be against it, unless they believe the lies put out by "others" that it would "suppress" some people's vote, which is just ridiculous! Here in Wisconsin, when we had voter ID before a "judge with an agenda" put a temporary stop to it(of course it couldn't be looked at again before the Presidential election - go figure), the city staff here went out of their way to explain it and to accommodate everyone, and there wasn't any problem or complaints about "not being able to vote".
I don't see the people who are against voter ID speaking up about the U.N. sending people to the U.S. to "oversee" OUR elections, supposedly to make sure there isn't any fraud. Well, you know what?! If we had voter ID, we wouldn't have as much fraud to worry about!!!
Btw, look for the U.N. to play a bigger role in telling us what to do should Obama get a second term.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 06, 2012 - Msg 90946:
AZ has a very strict voter ID law. We MUST show a picture ID that is offficial, such as a driver's license. Then we sign next to our name.
Today we are all voting for state reps too. After the election is over GO TO THEM, CALL THEM, etc, tell them you you want a voter ID law like AZ's! Thats who we are voting for today, our REPRESENTATIVES in state government too. It may die in committee, and if so, try again, and again, or vote the bums out next time around! (:
Prayers for the USA, (:
"that's very democratic of you Barn."

November 06, 2012 - Msg 90947: Well, in the last presidential election, I couldn't find my voter's registration card and was allowed to vote AFTER showing my driver's license. Hmm...

Yes Ro, we are backed into a corner for sure..."D***** if we do, and d***** if we don't".

Sterling, that statement about the UN sure gave me a chill. :(


November 06, 2012 - Msg 90948: Isn't there anyone around to comfort me in my agitated state of mind??? Don't make me turn to Mr. Jack Daniels...please! ;)

NOT watching the election returns...too nervous...but don't call me sensitive...I'm NOT sensitive.


November 07, 2012 - Msg 90949: Hey Boo,
I imagine you either went to bed or are curled up in a corner with your bottle of Jack Daniels. ;)
Yeah, from the looks of things Obama is going to be ruler for another four years. I don't hold out much hope that we can survive as AMERICA, the America of old; the America which was founded on Biblical principles; the America most of us were lucky enough to grow up in, for those four years, but we will see I guess.
As bummed about this as I am; thinking about my kids and the America they may grow up in being vastly different than the one I grew up in(Where the majority of people still had a big sense of love of God and country); wondering how many more freedoms we will lose while the immoral majority gain their desires; having to look at/listen to Barack and his wife tell us what to do and how to live for another four years at least, and, looking at my Noah sleeping on the floor-which he usually falls asleep on until I take him upstairs- and I actually started to cry. But I cried not only for the things I perceived we just lost as a country, and not only for my kids. But as I opened up my Bible to gain some peace and comfort, I realized that I was crying because worrying about those things meant that I was not right with God. I was not trusting totally in Him!
I tell you, sometimes God has to smack me in the head and say, "Wake Up!" And He just did.
Will I never worry about this situation again? Of course I will; I am a fallen man who has to live on this world. But it is precisely those times of worry when I HAVE to lean on Him. He is there for me, and He is there for you. Trust Him.

I go on some conservative websites, like or, which always have a lot of political talk going on. And sometimes some of those people are so consumed by the workings of their politics. I feel for those people right now. The people who put all their trust and energy into their political leanings. They need God right now because I am sure a lot of them are feeling the same way as a lot of us. I pray that they call on Him to give them reassurance and comfort. And maybe even to smack them on the head and say "Wake Up! And trust me." :)

Tomorrow is another day. And it is a day that the Lord has made. And I feel a bit better now. :) Still pensive, but trusting.

Oh, to maybe help lighten your spirits, and if you want to, go on over to Youtube and put in my screenname(sterlingholobyte) and then watch the video called "Spread a little aloha around the world". It is a video my wife thought up for Noah's first birthday party. She was going to play the Ukulele, but she thought she wasn't doing too good so she had me play it while Kai sand and held Noah. She had asked friends and family on Facebook to submit a picture of themselves doing the Hawaiian "shaka" sign(which pretty much means, "hang loose" I think, and a sign from wherever they were. See if you know any of the people, because they are from all over so someone here might(no I am not in the pictures). My Ukulele playing is not that great either. But it is only two chords so I couldn't mess it up too bad I guess. :) Anyway, you'll get to see Kai and Noah and how much both of them have grown.
Here is the video address if you don't want to search on Youtube. Sorry I don't know how to do a link here. I think I might have known before, but that knowledge has long left me so you will have to cut and paste this:

-Sterling Holobyte

November 07, 2012 - Msg 90950: Oh, well I guess you won't have to cut and paste it because it looks like it is "self-linking". Good! :)

-Sterling Holobyte

November 07, 2012 - Msg 90951: Just reread my post. It is supposed to be "while Kai SANG" not "sand", and "and HOLDING a sign" from wherever they were.

Eh, long night.
Goodnight Mayberry.
-Sterling Holobyte

November 07, 2012 - Msg 90952: Well, friends, welcome to the USSA. The United Socialist States of America. I never thought I'd see the day, but here it is.

Sterling, I love the video, can't believe how grown-up Kai has become. You have every right to be proud.

I'm in a very uncomfortable place spiritually right now, however. I wish I could just wake up and trust God, like you said. Oh, I trust Him all right, have never stopped that. I just wish my country could say the same. The Bible says the rain falls upon the just and upon the unjust, and I think we're about to endure a period of time as a nation, where the wrath of God at worst, or the neglect by God at best, will be falling upon the just as well as the unjust. The scriptures are full of occasions where God has allowed whole nations to suffer because, as a nation, they turned their backs on Him. I think it's reasonable to assume that in those times, there were those in the nation who were not guilty of falling away, but God does not put a bubble over individuals, when they're a part of the whole. As a nation, we have turned our backs on Him, and are permitting our leadership to cut out every tiny mention of His name from our public consciousness. While you and I may not be guilty personally, the nation as a whole is, and we're all going to see the consequences.

If we manage to survive four more years of what we've just come through, it will only be by God's merciful hand. Let me see, what number comes after "trillion" - I wonder if our "president" even knows.

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land." II Chron. 7:14.

What too many of us miss is the condition that God requires of us, the action we must take, the attitude we must assume, before He will respond. America has become too smug, too arrogant - at least our "president" was right in that accusation, though he meant something different. We have taken God's protection and blessing for granted, and have forgotten that we have a responsibility too. Well, I think tonight God has shown us that since we have as a nation abandoned Him, and broken our covenant with Him, He can just leave us to deal with our choices. Hold on tight, friends. It's going to be a very bumpy ride.

Right now, the scripture that is most comforting to me is this: “For whom the Lord loves he chastens, and scourges every son whom he receives.” (Heb. 12:6) God is going to allow us to endure our "scourging", but in the end, if we learn from our mistakes, and turn to Him in faith and humility, our nation can rise once again to be what she was before we collectively decided we didn't need Him anymore.

Forgive us, Lord. We know not what we have done. --Romeena

November 07, 2012 - Msg 90953:
For those of you who are disappointed about the outcome of the Presidential election, there is still some hope for you. Please remember that although the November election determines the popular vote count, it is the Electoral College, which meets in December, that "elects" the President. And although 26 states legally require their electoral votes to be awarded to the winner of the popular vote for their state, 24 states do not have such a law. So it is possible that the official Electoral College count could change. Three times in U.S. history, the person who lost the popular vote was elected President of the United States. The most recent case was the 2000 election where Al Gore won the popular vote but George Bush was elected by the Electoral College.

from Poor Horatio