November 15, 2012 - Msg 91076: Sorry for the problem today. The web sites storage was 110 percent full so nothing could write to the site.

November 15, 2012 - Msg 91077: Just making sure that things are working now. It seems like everything's Mayberry. :)


November 15, 2012 - Msg 91078: Whew Floyd. I was stressed. Glad everything is ok in Mayberry.


November 15, 2012 - Msg 91079: Oh dear. Just watching the news and heartbreaking thing that's happened in Midland Texas. Prayers for all who have been affected by this.


November 15, 2012 - Msg 91080: I logged on several times and I thought the Myans were getting an early start and had wacked the porch..We know better, when the roll is called up yonder we'll be there (on the BIG porch).
My quote was a Thanksgiving quote from the movie "Trains,Planes, & Automobiles.. Dell Griffith was John Candy & Neil Page was Steve Martin..It was about Neil Page trying to get home for Thanksgiving Dinner..


I may have mentioned it last year, The "A Christmas Story" House is less than an hour away from me. I think TOM mentioned that he lived in that area when he lived in Cleveland. That is one the few things Cleveland can boast about.
check out the link I posted..

November 15, 2012 - Msg 91081: hey to the porch.

--Jelsik T. Bulkhead

November 15, 2012 - Msg 91082: Sorry for the Myan calendar scare, G-F. :) It was just too much stuff on the web site. I had to do some house cleaning and add a little storage to cover us if it gets full again.

November 16, 2012 - Msg 91083: FRA-GI-LAY

November 16, 2012 - Msg 91084:
I guess some of those old planks just needed to be propped up.
I hope you didnt get bit by no spiders whilst you were under there.
You are just too good to us!!

November 16, 2012 - Msg 91085: That's neat, G-F. Thanks for the link. You'd have thought though that they could have found a suitable house in Indiana since the movie was based there. Well, that's Hollywood for you. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

November 16, 2012 - Msg 91086: Thanks Floyd...good morning all..hey MDC,Possum,Jelsik,asa,Boo and all...lets hit waffle house this morning...double hashbrowns all the way for me...and some Tums....nice here in ga...lows 40 or so and high 60 or so...ok..lets get started here at work and yall act like somebody!...SPOT

November 16, 2012 - Msg 91087: Good morning folks! I hope you all have a great, Mayberry filled, day.

November 16, 2012 - Msg 91088: Thanks for fixing things, Floyd, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your's! :)

I enjoyed watching the video, G-F. They have the place looking just like it did in the movie, that's for sure.

Well, St. Susan and I went over our lists and did our grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner last night. I'm glad to be able to cross that off my list.

See ya later..


"My old man wove a tapestry of obscenities that, to this day, is still hanging somewhere over Lake Michigan."

November 16, 2012 - Msg 91089: Hi all
Stepdad is doing fine and no he is eating like a brid.
G F that mover was mayed but where the mill was.
and closed some of the street to make it.
Will fb have the something going on there too can not get on?


November 16, 2012 - Msg 91090: All I can say is to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


November 16, 2012 - Msg 91091: And pray for America if we do not support Israel. --Romeena

November 16, 2012 - Msg 91092: TOM I think they have something going on either this week-end or it was last week-end where some of the cast come back. The house is open year round I think...G-F

November 16, 2012 - Msg 91093: Amen, Boo and Romeena. I don't see that happening too much under the current administration though, Romeena. I think Obama must be playing golf right about now.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 16, 2012 - Msg 91094: Sadly, Sterling, I think you're right. God help us.

Tom, try to find some peace with your stepdad's tiny appetite. It's natural, and normal. He doesn't move around much or burn up many calories to cause him to be hungry. He's old and his health is bad, and folks in that situation typically don't eat much. And trust me, the more you try to push him to eat, the more he's going to refuse. It's about the only thing he can control these days. So, try to serve him things he likes, give him very small portions (he can always have more if he wants it, and a big plate of food will look sickening to him) and don't talk about it. When you prepare his food, sneak calories in. Use butter, forget the low-fat stuff, use real sugar and if he wants ice cream for supper, give it to him. At this point, no one cares about his cholesterol level. If your doctor is making it an issue, tell him to get real. OK, that's free advice from a nurse with seventeen years experience on a medical floor with lots and lots of old folks who didn't want to eat.

Well, speaking of supper, guess I'd better go find some. Not particularly hungry, guess I'll just hit some leftovers. I love leftovers! Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

November 16, 2012 - Msg 91095: Romeena, Leftovers?..How about a big plate of "Rejoyments" instead? It's not having something that is "Leftover", it's the act of having a "RE" enjoyment of the dish...
How's that for a fancy new phrase?...G-F

November 16, 2012 - Msg 91096: Feel like rocking on the porch for while...wish there was someone here to rock with me. I would go sit on my own porch swing but can you believe there are a ton of mosquitos out there tonight? Boo.

Got back from putting boxes of food together for the Salvation Army and tomorrow they will give out turkeys and food to folks in a very need area of town. I think I will go and help. Its a blessing. We have something like 100 turkeys to give away, maybe more...not sure. Maybe it will get me out of this depressed feeling I have over the day's events in Israel.

I am continuing to pray, especially for the civilians who are suffering. How hard it would be to know that at any time a missile could land right in your home.

Well, think I will head to bed early and read. I am reading a good Kindle book right now about the life of Brother Lawrence. Anyone familiar with him? He wrote the well known book called, "Practicing the Presence of God". He was a monk who lived many years ago who made it his goal look live each moment in the awareness of God's presence. He has some things to teach us.


November 16, 2012 - Msg 91097:
Just a quick hello tonight.

November 17, 2012 - Msg 91098: Oh, my goodness! "Rejoyments?" I love it! Thanks, G-F. I agree, "leftovers" always had sort of a sad, melancholy connotation for me, until Dale pointed out one day that having leftovers only indicated that you had more than enough. That changed my viewpoint a bit, but still, the word itself is a bit dismal. I really like "rejoyments" and can't wait to spring it on my family. Thanks!

Boo, the mosquitoes are vicious here too, the miserable things. I keep my birdbaths washed out and refilled every two or three days, the pond isn't a problem thanks to the fish, and I've eliminated any other sources of standing water, but still there are zillions of the critters. I think some of my neighbors aren't as zealous about eliminating their breeding sites as I am. Bless their hearts.

Toye Starr and I are going out to David and Brittney's in the morning, will probably be out there all day. David didn't get to fix my car on Thursday, as he had planned. He's minding Jerry's a/c business while Jerry and Eloise are gone, and someone called with a broken furnace, so he had to go fix it. So, I'm just going out there and will have some time with Brittney and the boys while Dave fixes the car. I'll be glad to get it fixed, that racket it's making is making me crazy. It doesn't last long, but it sounds like the whole dash is going to explode while it's doing it.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 17, 2012 - Msg 91099: Wait a minute! It is the middle of November and you guys are talking about mosquitoes? Our mosquitoes flew South a long time ago. In fact, the ones you have are probably from here. Say hi for me, would you? ;)

Well folks, now I have two channels that I love. One is a channel I have enjoyed for a long time, Hallmark. Of course, right now they have been playing a little too many Christmas movies, at the times my favorites Little House On The Prairie and The Waltons are usually on. But hey, it could be worse. They could start playing their own raunchy tv shows like TvLand does.

The other channel I just found by chance when I made my own antenna and noticed it on there, is called MeTV. I thought at first that we didn't get it on our cable channels, but then I found it there as well, stuck way up in the nether regions of the 900 range of the dial.
I love that channel because they play some good old shows like The Bob Newhart Show, Twilight Zone, Wild Wild West, Remington Steele, Columbo, and other shows I like and used to watch. And some I haven't even heard of.
What I really like about it is they play both the starting AND ending themes in their entirety. No scrunching, no hyper-speed, and no promos for other shows during the credits. It's nice seeing that again.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 17, 2012 - Msg 91100: Yea, Romeena Leftovers are sorta like when you make to much "Hamburger Helper", Rejoyments are kinda like when ya make a pie, and your get to "RE" enjoy it the next day with a scoop of ice cream and a cup of coffee..See there is a big difference!..Alot of times the "Good stuff" is even better the next day after the flavors get together and work their magic...
That's what I'm thinking...G-F..

Oh yea, I agree with ya SH on the TV stuff, I think TVLand has lost their focus, & MeTV understands what the Retro folks want. There is a local cable Co. (I don't get it) they have a channel called "Retro-TV" alot like MeTV folks love it. I wish our Cable Co. would carry it.

November 17, 2012 - Msg 91101: I know one thing...I don't like leftover Hamburger Helper much. ;)

Sterling, we are in Texas, and in Texas, mosquitoes never fly south. We have them off and on all year long. It really stank yesterday because the weather was perfect in the evening and would have been great for porch sitting but in order to do so, one would have to spray mosquito repellant all over oneself....kinda takes some of the fun of it. By the way, Sterling, I get MeTV and watch some of the morning programs on it but there never seems to be anything I like on in the evenings. I like Hallmark, too, but there is nothing christmas movies now.

Better git..getting ready to go give out the salvation army food.


November 17, 2012 - Msg 91102: Forgot to as prayer for a good friend, Kim, who has been helping out with my parents for 5 years (she comes twice a week to clean mom's room, do her laundry and other odd jobs) and is so good to mom. She has had bad R Arthritis since she was young and is crippled from it. She has had 3 hip replacements now and is in the hospital in ICU right now after hip surgery. Because of the damage the arthritis has done to the vertebra in her neck, they had a hard time intubating her and caused so much trauma to her trachea that they are having to keep her in ICU in case swelling should cause a problem with her ability to breathe. Kim is probably the toughest person I know and has endured a world of suffering in the years I have known her but she just keeps going. She is in alot of pain and seems to be giving up right now. She is only 51 but her body is much older due to the RA. Please remember Kim today. I am going to go see her today.


November 17, 2012 - Msg 91103: Good morning, porch! Sterling, I discovered MeTV back in June when I was in the hospital - it was on their channel lineup. Came home and found it on Dish Network, but for me, it's Ch. 47, just above the double-digit list of local channels, just below the 100s, where everything else begins. I made a "favorites list" a long time ago so I don't have to scroll through 900 channels, and it wasn't in that list. I went into "all channels", found it, and put it on my list. I agree, they show a lot of good stuff. Boo, you might want to check it again, because there's some good reruns on there in the evening. Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke, Bob Newhart, and of course, at 10:30, there's Perry Mason. TVLand has lost their focus for sure, but they still come through now and then. I do like Cosby, and MASH, and of course they show TAGS from time to time. I just surf, and pick and choose.

Will you yankees please keep your mosquitoes to yourselves? We have enough of our own, don't be sending yours down here. They might cross with ours and create some sort of scary mutant mosquito, with long pointy teeth and hairy legs. That's about all we'd need.

Boo, I'm sorry for your friend, Kim. Sounds like she just got a bad deal all around, healthwise. I creak around here, fussing about little aches and pains, which are getting better every day, and that poor lady has no such light at the end of her tunnel. Arthritis bothers me some, but it is NOT rheumatoid, not crippling, just annoying. I will surely pray for her, and I'll try to remember the words of this poem:

And now, I will walk unaided, and put my "creaky" body and my faithful little companion, Toye Starr, into a decent car and drive the twenty miles out to Saginaw, where my talented, sweet and willing son will repair that clicking part in the dash. Oh, and he just called me to tell me not to eat before coming out, as he's cooking "Saturday breakfast" for everyone. God forgive me when I whine, I have a good life, the world is mine. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

November 17, 2012 - Msg 91104: Thanks, Ro. As for that poem...Amen. :)

I had such a nice time giving out turkeys with the salvation army! We were at a park and gave out 100 turkeys, plus some canned goods and desserts. We also served free hotdogs and hamburgers and boy scouts handed out doughnuts to people waiting in line. The best part is I made a new friend...a 3 year old little boy named Ricardo, who was, I am quite certain, the cutest kid I have ever met. He was one of those really chubby little kids with a shaved head and the chubbiest cheeks you ever saw. That little angel just kept looking up at me with a big smile as I talked with his dad. He was perfectly behaved and never tried to wander off or misbehave, even though they stood there in line for an hour. Ricardo wanted to hold my hand, too. I found out from his dad, who was laid off work, that he wanted a tricycle for Christmas so I told his dad to come to my sister's church and fill out an application for the big toy distribution in Decemeber and he said he would. I got his name and info and will be absolutely sure that little Ricardo gets his tricycle from Santa. I think it will need to be a pretty hefty one. ;) That little boy really made my day and I am going to make sure he gets what he wants this year!

I think I could use a little nap this afternoon. See ya'll later.


November 17, 2012 - Msg 91105: Romeena, Come on now...Do we need to erect a big mosquito net at the M-D line to stop them from crossing over...We just need to hire some Border Bats..We up North like to spread th love around Right SH & PH & auh2o?
Speaking of Auh2o where have ya been Buddy? I think he is getting ready for all the snow I'm gonna send his way, since I'm NOT allow to send it to TOM anymore!..ha!...G-F..

November 17, 2012 - Msg 91106: Border bats? I love it. They'd probably be declared unconstitutional, however, or politically incorrect. A big mosquito net, huh? I'm sure that wouldn't get past the hospitality police either. Nice idea, though.

Boo, bless you. I hear what you're saying about little Ricardo's tricycle, and if you need anyone to share, let me know. That's the stuff Christmas is made of.

Well, Dave wasn't able to fix my car, not yet. He got the old part out, but in putting the new part in, he discovered that the power harness doesn't match up. The part that interfaces with the car's computer has four pin receptacles, and the computer lead only has two pins. So, which pair of receptacles do you use, and would that even work? He now has to take the old part in, and get one exactly like it. He thinks he'll have to go to the GM place to find it - he had bought the part he has at O'Reilly's. They assured him it was the right part, but it obviously isn't. There's another small discrepancy in the configuration of the housing as well, it doesn't fit snugly in its little place. So, my car has no covering over the lower part of the dash, and the a/c doesn't work, but that's not a problem. He'll get it fixed on Monday. He's all in a lather about it, but I tried to tell him that Monday will be fine, or later, whenever he can do it. Also, if all fails and he can't fix it, I'm no worse off than I was. I'll just go toss it in Cadillac's lap, and they'll fix it. It's not going to cost any more than it originally would have. By that time, I'll have my income tax refund, and all will be well. I still think he'll be able to fix it, though.

What a beautiful day! It's 64 and sunny, and that yellow iris blooming out back looks like some of that sunshine melted and dripped in my flowerbed. Such a beautiful thing. It has two big gorgeous blooms fully open, and two more about to open. I'm tempted to go out and cut it for the house, but then I wouldn't have the joy of looking at it from my window. So pretty!

Well, I have a ring of sausage and a jar of sauerkraut. I think I'll go cut the sausage into manageable pieces, brown it off, sweat a little onion in the drippings, and dump in the kraut. Let it all simmer for two or three hours, and I'll have a really good supper. Those who don't like kraut won't understand, but those who do will be thinking about maybe doing the same thing. I love kraut, and get hungry for it now and then. It's just so easy, and so good. Sometimes I simmer it with leftover spareribs, sometimes with pieces of leftover pork roast, sometimes just with some weiners. Great way to use up any leftover grilled weiners from hotdogs, but like I said, you gotta like kraut!

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 17, 2012 - Msg 91107: So very sweet of you to offer to help out, Ro. I am quite sure it won't be a problem for me to get the tricycle, and there will be other donated toys to give him a good Christmas. Our Christmas For Kids organization only collects and distributes new toys, like Toys-For-Tots does and they always seem to have more than enough, thank the Lord. What is great about it is that the whole reason the organization started up about 20 years ago is that Toys-For-Tots does not donate toys to this particular county, so we needed something for kids here. Its a lot of work for my sister and her church each year but it is a blessing. I will be helping out when i can and taking applications, but they do the bulk of the work each year, for sure.

Well...on my way to go see Kim. I hear she is out of the ICU and doing much better. Thanks to those who prayed. :)


PS-sorry you didn't get your car fixed yet, Ro.

November 17, 2012 - Msg 91108: Romeena, Dave gave it the good old Gomer try, now it's time to "CALL THE MAN!"..$$
Sauerkraut? Grow'in up Dad always made the kraut in the fall and it would stink up the house while it was cureing, Mom would always gripe about it but he would make (2) 40gal crocks of the stuff. Then Mom was the lucky one to have to can it. let's see...80gal x 4qt. to a gallon do the math, Mom had to do alota quarts. At our house "Kraut" time was a family event you were a washer,cutter-corer,shredder,cabbage to crocker, and then you were a stomper. You had to put the cabbage in layers with alot of salt and stomped each layer to pack it tightly. each of the 5 of us had our job, ya know you were grow enough when you graduated to the "knife" and to the the "shredder" board. when my Dad passed, my brother got the crocks & I have the 200 year old kraut shredder board, the blade is still good and still works the best. My Brother tries to make the kraut but no way...yuk!!! If people would see it as it "cures" they would not eat it but that's the way with alot of things tho.
Mom would cook it on top the stove and steam some dumplings on top of it...Needless to say with 5 kids + M&D we ate alot of kraut over the years. Looking back now I could tell when times were hard we had weenie's with it, and in better times were pork roast or ribs with it.
WoW thanks Romeena for the flash back, usually I think about it only at New Years!!..
Once you have "Homemade" the store bought stuff just does't measure up!! Just the opposite of those Kerosene cucumbers..

November 17, 2012 - Msg 91109: p.s. Come to think of it, with all 7 having kraut there were neither left-overs or REjoyments

November 17, 2012 - Msg 91110: p.s.s. Doing the Math, I think Mom had the hardest job of all!

November 17, 2012 - Msg 91111: I love Kraut dogs!...hey gang till 6am to keep the lights on...hey G-F,Romeena,Boo,asa,Possum,sterling,MDC,Tom and all...MeTV is good....and I love boiled cabbage eith sweet onions...makes the house smell GOOD....ok...back in a bit....SPOT

November 17, 2012 - Msg 91112: "Hey" SPOT...what you been up to?

G-F, the ONLY way I eat kraut is on a grilled reuben sandwich. I like it right fine that way. I've never tried it on a hotdog, SPOT. Do you put mustard and kraut on them?

I can't believe it is 49 degrees outside tonight...haven't seen that since last winter. I have a pumpkin pie in the oven for tomorrow evening's church Thanksgiving supper. Hey, I caught an episode of "Unwrapped" today on the food network and it was so much fun...they showed how they make Jiffy cornbread mix, Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix, Ocean Spray cranberry sauce, Ready Whip whipped cream, Marie Calander's Apple Pie, and Tur-Duck-Hens!


November 17, 2012 - Msg 91113: Wow! Homemade kraut! I'm sure I have eaten it, but have no memory of it being made, or how it tasted. Grandpa always had a huge garden - about two acres, and I do know he grew cabbage. I also have a faint memory of some large crocks that were kept out in the "wash house" - where the wash tubs lived. So I'm pretty sure there's a history of kraut-making there, but it ended before I was old enough to remember it. I'm also even more sure that I would love homemade kraut! How nice for you and your brother to have those things as keepsakes. Some dollar value there, I'm sure, but the sentimental value would far outweigh that. Treasure those things!

As for the car, I still think Dave will fix it. He's as stubborn as a Missouri mule, and doesn't let go of a project easily. I'm going to give him all the time he needs, because I really want him to win this challenge, and believe he will.

Boo, I think it's great that your group does that for the kids. My SS class adopts a couple of families each year, and makes sure they have a meal and that each child gets some new clothing and at least two new toys. It's so easy to get involved in buying for our own kids and grandkids, but when you think that some kids get nothing, it's just heartbreaking. I remember one year when I learned by accident about a family that had three little kids, no money, little food, no tree or decorations, and no gifts. It was about three days before Christmas, we had completed our Christmas projects, and there wasn't time to get the whole class together to provide for another family. So, with Dale's encouragement, I went to Target to get a little tree, a few decorations and some simple gifts. God must have thought it was a good idea, because when I started looking at the trees, a man walked over and asked if he could help. His name badge said "manager". I explained the situation to him, he listened carefully, then went to a cute little four-foot tree on the display and disconnected it. It already had lights on it. Then he said, "Come with me" and we went to the ornament aisle. There he pulled about four boxes of pretty ornaments off the shelf and plopped them in my basket. He told me to look for him when I was ready to check out, and he took the tree to the front. I picked up some t-shirts and socks for each child, and some simple toys and books. When I got up front, the man was there and passed the tree and ornaments through without charge, then instructed the checker to deep-discount the rest of the stuff. I left there having spent only about $20, and had a car full of stuff! I got to the house, the mom was there, and cried the whole time as I brought the things into the house. I told her she had God and the Target manager to thank, I was just the delivery person, which was absolutely true. It made a very nice Christmas memory for me, and only cost me $20.

Well, guess I'll turn in. Preaching comes early in the morning, though not as early as it used to. I surely do like our new schedule of services, with everything starting at 9:15 instead of 8:15. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

November 17, 2012 - Msg 91114: Hey SPOT, ya need to send Boo a carry-out bag from the Varsity...What'll ya have? Arn't they known for their kraut dogs too? Or is it their slaw dog? Be sure to send a Frosted Orange too...

Boo, Do those "Skeeters" need to put their little sweaters on tonight? Unless it's those Yankee Skeeters, they are used to the colder weather..
A Turduckin? That just doesn't sound right!! that must have been invented by one of those people who can't make up their minds what they want: "Indecisive Klepomeneracs", I think that's what Barney called them...
I got all my "fixin's for Turkey Day today, had to Battle with all the "Wall-Martians"...I'm tucker'd out!...G-F..

November 18, 2012 - Msg 91115:
Hi All,
Well, I got a story that has a little kraut and a little bit of Ro's "deep discount." My wife and I were at a place called Ted's Hot Dogs a few nights ago. They make the best open fire grilled dogs on the planet, so we are there at least once a month.
Anyways the other night I had ordered my favorite kraut dog, huge onion rings, Cecile had here favorite hot dog, fries and drinks and as we went to pay, the girl at the register told me that the guy bfore us had used a gift card, and proceeded to tell her to just use up the card on the next few people in line! How cool is that!?
Now, if only I could only have a Twinkie for dessert! ha
And a lot of upsets in College football today!
Last race coming up!
BOO- prayers indeed for your friend. So sorry to hear. Praying that all goes well for her recovery.
And yes, please pray for Israel. The mideast is boiling once again. Lord be with us.

November 18, 2012 - Msg 91116: Thanks MDC! My friend is doing so much better. Bruce, Sean and I went to visit her in the hospital last night and I was very relieved and thankful to see that she was doing so much better. She will be on the rehab floor for several more days and will probably have to stay through Thanksgiving, but we will make sure she gets plenty of good food. :) Neat story about the guy with the gift card!

Ro, I love that story and I don't remember you ever sharing that one. How nice of that manager to do what he did. Doing things for others is what makes Christmas special, isn't it? I wish you could be here to see the "operation" we have when its time to give out the gifts to the children. We have a christmas fest in the lot behind the church and there are free games, food, pictures with Santa, stocking that the kids can take to different booths and get candy. They show an outdoor Christmas movie while folks sit on bales of hay. Last year there was a bounce house but I think this year they are going to rent a little train for the kids to ride. While all of this is going on, folks are lining up with a copy of their application. In order to get in line and get their bags, they are encouraged to attend a little Christmas program inside the church that always includes the giving of the gospel and music or a play. It is a great time for everyone. Last year I worked at the administration table and took people's applications while volunteers found the right bags to give to each family. All the toys are bagged up in big black trash bags so no curious little eyes can see their presents before Christmas. The week before the event, much time is spent going over applications and filling the bags but its fun. I didn't help with that last year but I will this year. They get toys and donations from the schools, scouts, even the Good Morning America show has been sending donations for years. Sharing the love of God, especially with children, is always the best, isn't it? :)

Speaking of...I had better get going. I am taking care of toddlers in the church nursery today.


November 18, 2012 - Msg 91117: Boo, what a lovely idea! Sounds like you take it all the way down to "where the rubber meets the road", as my former pastor used to say. Yes, you have gifts for the children and their families, but the greatest gift of all is offered first. I'll bet you never have anyone who is unwilling to listen for those few minutes, because that's all you're asking - just listen. Surely out of all those people, there will be a few who will actually accept that gift. What a wonderful approach! I may copy your description and email it to our pastoral staff, just as a suggestion. It might not work for us to have it outdoors, because of unpredictable weather, but we could always shift it to the gym if necessary. Thanks for sharing it, and I can just imagine how much fun you have, being a part of it.

Well, guess I'll go heat up some of my sausage and kraut. I was hungry when I first made it, so naturally I made waaay too much. I like it, but it's something you can get tired of pretty quick. I wish it would freeze better, but it doesn't. For some reason, it seems to get too salty when it's been frozen. Can't think why or how that would occur, but it does. I don't like a lot of salt anyway, so that's a downer for me. So - anybody want some sausage and kraut? I'll be happy to share!

Blessings! --Romeena

November 18, 2012 - Msg 91118: I believe I'll let the kraut go on by Ro. But thanks for asking.

I'm loving these stories of sharing and giving you folks are sharing. I have a real nice one, although it's not Christmas oriented, and I really don't like to mention it much because it makes me sound like I'm bragging on myself, which I'm really not. But it's just ory flows I guess. I'll think about it.

After last week with snow and cold, this week is going to be warm. The snow is melted so I was able to spend some time on my riding mower cleaning up leaves. I have 4 quaking aspen tree's that just refuse to let go of their leaves until late in the season.

Boo, sure glad your friend is out of ICU and doing better. Hope she gets better soon so she can get out of the hospital.

I'm off work all next week. I am up to use or lose on vacation, so I choose to use some.

Well better see what I can come up with for eats tonight. Might be a good old tv dinner. I like em! (not really( :)


November 18, 2012 - Msg 91119: Asa, the bible tells us to spur one another on to good works. We who know and love you, know you are a humble person who would never, ever share something that wouldn't bring glory to the Lord. I am encouraged when I hear stories about the good works of others. It makes me think of the verse...can't remember where it is but I think of it often, about how we should walk in those good works that God has already ordained for us to walk in. And also, to the pure in heart, all things are pure, so share away friend! :)

Asa, sound like you will have the kind of weather you like for Thanksgiving. It is going to be in the 70's here and that is good because the kids will want to be outside playing instead of running around inside the house. Mercy! This past week a co-worker of Bruce's bought a house and there is a wooden swing set in the back yard (which she does NOT want) so she offered it to Bruce. He will be getting it this week and assembling it in the back for the younger kids who will be here. That should help keep them out playing happily (I hope).

On our way to our church Thanksgiving in a minute. You all know how I always look forward to that more than anything else we do as a congregation. It just feels like family and it is a time that people have a chance to share about how the Lord has blessed them this year.

Better get going...


PS-Sorry about the tv dinner, Asa...wish you could join as at church tonight. There will be some good eatin' going on there, for sure!

November 18, 2012 - Msg 91120: Oh, and Ro, I am glad you are considering sharing those ideas with your own church and you're right...everyone who comes attends the little service. We don't get any complaints about that part. :)


November 18, 2012 - Msg 91121: Consider it shared, Boo. I just copied excerpts from our entries above and included it in email to the pastoral staff. I know nothing will happen this year, it's too late to try to pull something like that together now, but maybe for future reference?? I hope so, I think it's a great idea. --Romeena

November 18, 2012 - Msg 91122: Well the Cleveland Heartbreakers didn't let us down this week, they lost in overtime to Romeena's Dallas Cowboys..
Asa, I'm in th same boat as you, I still have alot of vacation time to use also. So I'm taking next week off too, especially since I'm cooking the big Feast but NO Turduckins..Just a regular one.
RAOK stories..I love it when folks "Pay it Forward" with out needing to show who it comes from. It gives hope that there is still goodness in the world...
Boo, you better keep a good watch on Bernie so somebody doesn't mistake him for a Turkey! I say..Son, I'm warning ya Son,better lay low this week Son..(Foghorn Leghorn)

November 18, 2012 - Msg 91123: HA G-F. I didn't know what y'all were talking about with Turduckins till this afternoon. I was watching an episode of "Chopped" on the Food Network and thta was one of the mystery items in the basket. Who came up with this mess?
I saw that heartbreaking loss to the Cowboys. Big lead early, let them come back late, took the lead again late, then let them tie it up, and then let them win it in o.t. Whew, talk about an emotional rollercoaster.

Thanks for those kind words Boo. I'll post my story some time this week. I got an aching back so I don't think I'll be doing much around the house. I hope your dinner went well.


November 18, 2012 - Msg 91124: Well hello gang!asa,G-F,Boo...and all...I like TV diners! there GOOD...well at work all night tonight then off till friday...Im picking Mr Cayden (sherrys grandson) up from Gym class tomorow night and he is spending the night with me...we will get the tractor out after dark and ride and build a barrell fire and shoot bb-guns at gallon jugs full of water! night...he just loves coming over...he will soen the day tue with me also...gona be great weather...60ish..ok...let me get some things going here at work...back in just a bit...SPOT

November 18, 2012 - Msg 91125: SPOT, Be carefull with that BB gun! You remember what happened to Ralphie don't you?...G-F

November 18, 2012 - Msg 91126:
SPOT/ REV- good game today with Cards/Falcons, but your guys came to play! I think you can stick a fork in the Cards season now. :(
Anyone see the race?
ASA- bet it's one of them Hungry Man dins! So with both you AND G-F off, who's gonna fix my hvac? No man to call! ha
BOO- good to hear about your friend, and the whole church thing sounds really nice.
Sweet dreams all,

November 18, 2012 - Msg 91127:
How many different "Wallys" were there?
There was the "rockin' forward" Wally,
and there was the "Gas Station robbery" Wally, and the "Gomer gets fired" Wally. Any others?
MDC (think about it whilst your dreamin' tonight)

November 19, 2012 - Msg 91128: SPOT that sounds like a whole lotta fun! Like G-F said, be the words of Ralphie's mom, "We wouldn't want anyone shooting his eye out!"...heehee.

I agree, Asa, that Tur-duck-hen (the actual spelling, believe it or not) thing looks pretty gross to me, but I guess alot of folks love them because they sell thousands and thousands of them every thanksgiving.

The church supper went great, but boy the place was full! Ended up setting up every table in the church, including all tables from all the sunday school rooms. There were 160 plus people there, which is more than we even have at most church services. We were crammed in there like sardines but it was fun. I made a new friend, too. :) A really nice, funny lady named Sharon just started attending our church and I sat with her and her family. She was one of those people who seems like an old friend as soon as you meet her. She has a 30 yr old son who has many of the same issues that Sean is dealing with and has some good information to share about education, etc. So, it was really a good time with my church family, old and new.

So much to do this week to get ready for company. Better finish the coffee and start moving in that direction.


November 19, 2012 - Msg 91129: PS-yes, G-F..I am keeping a close watch on Bernie. ;)


November 19, 2012 - Msg 91130: MDC, I will be teaching the girls at the rehab tonight, so prayers appreciated. :)


November 19, 2012 - Msg 91131: Boo, Just be sure to take along the Mr.Potato set,the Leather crafting set,the Wood working set, and the Metal crafting set..So they can go down the path of Rehabilation...ha!(Don't mean to joke about what yo do with those girls) I think what you do with them is Great! they need to know someone out there cares about them and helps them down their path of recovery. So prayers to you, because sometimes you never know what "seeds" you'll plant with them :)
MDC....A good HVAC man is always on duty...Right Asa?...It was nice to see someone new win the Cup championship..& good to see SPOT's & REV's Falcons get back on track...G-F...

November 19, 2012 - Msg 91132: Happy Monday porch, hope all is well today. just checking in from work. I am working today, Tuesday and part of Wednesday then will be off until Monday.
Yeah for me!

I will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family, my husbands brothers, his aunt and my Mom. so should be about 8 of us. We will have more than enough to go around so if anybody wants a plate let me know so I can fed ex it to ya.
Mr. Maude has to work til 2pm so we will eat after he comes home. I think his hours will be
8am til 2pm.

Prayers for Boo and the rehab girls. you are a great role model for those young women Boo.

better get to work. lets meet at Burger King for lunch today.

Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

November 19, 2012 - Msg 91133: Good morning, porch! Boo, I'm glad things went well last night, and it sounds like you made a valuable new friend. I suspect you have as much to offer her as she brings to you, not the least of which is your friendship. God is good, and don't you just love it when you have that instant "click" with someone, and as you said, they seem like an old friend right away. That was my impression the first time I met REV. I felt like I had known him forever. He's just that open and easy-going.

Well, better scram. I have PT this morning, and am debating whether to go grocery shopping afterward or leave it until tomorrow. I may go ahead and get the things I need to make what I'm taking to Terri's on Thursday, and also the things they typically run out of, like cranberries and canned fruit and such. I can then order my turkey (I'll get a fresh one) to be picked up on Friday, and I'll get everything else for Saturday's meal then too. That way I won't hit my dwindling resources too hard right now, and I have a paycheck coming on Friday. A small one, just over half what it normally is, but a check nevertheless. Also, that divides up the unloading and putting away chore, which I hate and which wears me out.

Oh, my goodness! I just spotted a splash of color in the far back yard, in the main iris bed. I got my binocs and checked it out - it's a gorgeous purple and white iris, with at least four blooms open! I'll be taking a pup from it and putting it in the rebloomer bed, up closer to the house, but I'll leave the parent plant where it is. It's just beautiful! Gotta get a picture of that pretty thing.

Well, off I go, for sure this time. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

November 19, 2012 - Msg 91134: Hi All.
G F send just a little snow this way!
and it time to fine a new tram for Cevelad the brown are not cutting ?
I'm geting ready to do me list of cards so is the list up dat Rom.
G F would you like to be on the card list just send me your adress.


God You make us prosperous
In each way, type and form.
You provide great bounty
Each evening and at morn.
Yuor goodness abound to us,
Much thanks is always due
You give substance to all thing,
We offer thank to You.



God, You make ua prosperous
In each

November 19, 2012 - Msg 91135: Tom, as far as I know your list is up to date, but if you want to wait a little bit, I'll check that out.

Folks, on my Porchsters snail mail list, I have addresses for: Possum, Mavis, Spot, REV, Mayberry Deputy, Hazel, Salty Dog, Tom, Homemaker, New Neighbor, Lucy Matthews, Romeena, Big Maude, Boo, Kentucky Girl, and Mrs. Wiley. I also have one for Pappa Bear, but I'm pretty sure it's not right. If any of you folks I listed would prefer that your name be removed from the list, you can either say so here on the porch, or you can email me. Anyone who isn't listed here, if you'd like to be, just email me your information. My address is Romeena at. See the next sentence for the rest of it. I'm trying to foil the web crawlers. The rest is tx dot rr dot com. Just put it all together, you know how it works.

If you want the address list after it's updated, just email me, and I'll send it to you. I'll give this a few days for anyone who wishes to answer to have time to do so.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 19, 2012 - Msg 91136: Thanks for the prayers and kind words. I think they would love the Mr. Potato set, G-F. ;)

Gotta go get some cookies out of the oven...making chocolate back soon.


November 19, 2012 - Msg 91137: Romeena I sent ya an e-mail hope I got it right..

November 19, 2012 - Msg 91138: I would like to stay on the list. Will you be updating the current one and sending it to all of us?


November 19, 2012 - Msg 91139:
I watched tags today with dad, and it was the one about the female prisoner, but they left out
the line by Barney "i wouldnt know her from Adam" which is a very funny line. I wonder why they DO that?
HI MAUDIE! Glad all is well, thanks for the BK!
More later,

November 19, 2012 - Msg 91140:
Will be praying BOO, mdc

November 19, 2012 - Msg 91141: Yeah,it's Porchster Christmas Card time again! My address is the same,Ro. Please send me a list once you get all the updated info-thanks a bunch!

possum under a rock

November 19, 2012 - Msg 91142: That was supposed to be "Yay!" I'm tired and got my "Yay" & "Yeah" mixed up- LOL

possum again

November 19, 2012 - Msg 91143:
Howdy porch family.....sure been enjoying my time home with the family even though my daughter has been working me like crazy at her new home getting things but I'm loving every minute. She's already informed me that once again she expects me to hang with her Thursday night AND Black Friday. She loves it and she knows that ole dad will be right there with I crazy or what fighting that crowd....But that's what dads will do for those "little" girls:)

MDC....didn't see the race but saw the postrace shows. Not a Brad K fan but he is a very good driver and he earned the championship.

Spot....our Falcons are back rolling!

Ro....I echo what others are saying....when you get the address updates I sure would love to have a updated list. THANKS for keeping up with us:)

You all have a good night and remember that Jesus loves you all so much....and so do I
Love and prayers

November 19, 2012 - Msg 91144: You got guts, REV. I went out on the eve of black friday last year (for the first time), and I will never, ever do THAT again. Absolute lunacy. Good luck to you and your's and if I never see you again, Godspeed. ;)


November 19, 2012 - Msg 91145: Please remove me from any snail mail lists you may have, Romenna. thanks
- Hazel

November 19, 2012 - Msg 91146: Hey, porch! Been out at David's all afternoon, and he got my car all fixed and put back together. Everything works fine, and looks factory-new. Saved me over $600!

Consider it done, Hazel. Please bear in mind, however, that the list has gone to folks in the last few years, some may still have it, and if they didn't see your request here, you may still receive some correspondence. I can't control that, but I have definitely removed your information from the list I'm working with now.

REV, Possum and Boo, I wrote you down, and as soon as I feel like the list is as up to date as it can be, I'll send it to you.

My nephew is here for the week. He's from Michigan, but is attending college at Oklahoma State, and playing baseball on a scholarship for them. He's such a nice kid, fun to be with, very easy-going and nice. My little baseball player grandsons are just standing around slack-jawed. Talk about hero worship! He's the one that received a draft call from the Rangers, but it was late in the draft rounds, the sign-on bonus was a little less than the figure he had been advised to stick to, the decision point regarding whether to go on to school, or play ball. So he decided to at least start his education, play ball for the school, and the Rangers said they would be watching him at OSU, and likely would be in touch again. Whether they do, or they don't, he's having fun.

Well, guess I'll turn in. I'm pretty tired. I still don't have much stamina, and wear out easily. It will improve. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 19, 2012 - Msg 91147:
Ro- I emailed you PappaBear's current address, and he is good with it being on the list still.
Hazel, very cool pic on FB!
REV- when Cards draw five interceptions and still
cant win, I am one disgruntled Cards fan! ha
TOM- Great poem! thanks.

HEY ALL, when Boo said that Sean would be 18, I realized that I have been here on the porch for 9 years! Yikes.
So let me say this Thanks to you for being here and listening to my corny jokes, my soapbox moments, and my prayer requests!!! This place has been one of those little respites where I can come to and feel at home. I thank God for you all!
Mr. Darlin's Cuz (love ya)